King of Kungfu in school 1281-1290


Chapter 1281

Tang Zichen looked at the white ringworm and said, "What the hell do you think I am, a piece of wood?Do I move a muscle and let you get killed?"Tang Zichen felt that she was really naive and wanted to kill Tang Zichen?Let's see who has that ability.

Tang Zichen hugged Bai Ling'er to his body, stroked her hair and said, "Ling'er is not afraid, uncle is here, no one dares to bully you."

"Senior, go away, go away, she'll really kill you."Bai Ling'er cried and said.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen just laughed disdainfully.

The guard behind Bai Ling'er looked at Tang Zichen with a stern gaze, only waiting for the lady to say something, he would immediately go up and kill Tang Zichen.

Bai Ling'er cried, "White Ringworm'er, is it true that if I die, you can spare my guards?"

"Yes. If you willingly jump into the well and die, I'll spare your guards."

"Fine, I'll jump."Bai Ling'er said with a bite.

Inwardly, White Ringworm said, "How naive, spare your guards?Is that possible?If I let it go, wouldn't people know that I forced you to die."

Bai Ling'er really wanted to jump into the well in order not to get Tang Zichen into trouble, but Tang Zichen pulled her back at once.

"Ling'er, stop it."Tang Zichen was no longer holding back and grunted at Bai Jiao'er, "Miss Bai Jiao'er, you said you wanted to kill me verbally, may I ask, what are you going to kill me with?It's a bit ridiculous for you, an Innate Great Perfection, to shout at me." One second to remember to read the book

White Ringworm's loudly said, "Shut up, how can my lady's name be something you can call, Lan Ming, first give me ten slaps for him, and then get him killed."

"Yes, Miss."The guards behind White Ringworm's back immediately came up to Tang Zichen.

"Kid, if you are good enough to stick your face out, I can be gentle."Lan Ming said.

Tang Zichen raged, "Hmph, rampant."

After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed up and took the lead.

That Lan Ming also greeted him.

Lan Ming was confident in himself, because he was at least a strong Ancestor Perfectionist within a thousand in the Golden Silk City, and he could tell at a glance that Tang Zichen was definitely a first-time Ancestor Perfectionist, and killing him would be easy.

As Lan Ming rushed towards Tang Zichen, he seemed to despise Tang Zichen and actually tried to slap him without using any moves, but instead, his palm was extended.

Tang Zichen let out an angry sneer, and with a clatter, Tang Zichen grabbed Lan Ming's right arm.

"Clack."Tang Zichen yanked hard, first twisting the bones of his right arm, then pulling the skin and tendons off with force.

"Ah!"Lan Ming let out a pig-killing yelp, she was the right arm, the whole thing was pulled off by Tang Zichen, who was holding his arm like a baseball bat.

"Ah."Bai Jiao Er was shocked, her five guards, the strongest was Lan Ming, but she was actually torn off her entire arm by Bai Ling Er's guards, in one move.

"This, how can this be, it's impossible for Bai Ling'er to have such strong guards, it's impossible."

Bai Jiao Er was silly, in the family, the more noble the princess lady was, the stronger the guards she had, Bai Ling Er, a slut, where could a powerful guard be arranged for her.

Tang Zichen took the arm that was pulled out of his hand and slammed it into the ground, breaking that arm into several pieces, then continued to rush up, one hand choking Lan Ming's neck.

"Don't, don't kill me."Lan Ming didn't care about the pain in his arm at the moment, his eyes wide open as he begged for mercy.

Bai Jiao'er's face was white as well.

Tang Zichen said, "Son of a bitch, to waste one more word with you is an insult, go to hell."

> "Don't, Miss White Ringworm'er, save me."

However, that white jock's face was already frighteningly white, seeing the situation was not good, pulling her legs out and running, how could she care if her guards would be killed.

"Clack."Tang Zichen snapped Lan Ming's neck in one fell swoop, the entire neck, with only the outermost layer of skin attached to it.

Tang Zichen threw Lan Ming's corpse away, then leaped and flew out of the courtyard, going after White Ringworm.

And at the moment, Bai Ling'er had already lost her color.

Tang Zichen stopped White Ringworm at the door.

"Still want to run?"

"Ah!"A scream was uttered.

In the next second, Tang Zichen flew into the courtyard with White Ringworm's head in his hands.

Tang Zichen grabbed White Jock's hair with one hand and directly brought her head in, and White Jock struggled desperately in fear.

"Let go of me."

Tang Zichen threw the white ringworm child to the ground and roared, "Jump, jump into the well, I don't want to get my hands dirty, jump yourself."

"Don't, don't, oooooh."White Jock's face was now white with fear, how dare she be arrogant, Lan Ming's corpse was right next to her, and Tang Zichen was ferociously forcing her to jump into the well, she seemed to have seen herself being killed.

Tang Zichen shouted again, "Jump for me, do I have to twist off your head myself?"

"Don't, ooooh, don't, I was wrong, I'll never do it again."Bai Jiao Er panicked and threw herself at Bai Ling Er's feet, pleading, "Bai Ling Er, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I was really wrong, please, stop him ah, oooooh."

Bai Ling'er didn't sympathize with Bai Jiao'er, except that if Tang Zichen really killed Miss Bai Liu Clan, surely he wouldn't be able to escape.

So, Bai Ling'er pleaded, "Senior Wind Lightning, please, spare her for once."

Tang Zichen said, "Ling'er, have you forgotten how she bullied you?She tried to force you to die, and you pleaded for her."

"Senior, I don't care if she lives or dies, I just don't want you to offend the White Flow Family because of me, this is my own business, it has nothing to do with you."

"How can it not have anything to do with you, since I am now your guard, I should protect you."

"Senior, spare her, she doesn't deserve to have your hands dirty."

Tang Zichen sighed, in that case, that was all.

"Get out."

"Yes yes yes."Running out of the courtyard in a panic, as soon as White Jockstrap ran out of the front door, a corpse fell from the sky and almost smashed her to death, it was the corpse of her guard, Lan Ming, at the same time, came Tang Zichen's voice, "Take the trash away."

White Ringworm gritted her teeth, dragged Lan Ming's corpse away quickly, and after walking a short distance, threw Lan Ming's corpse away and flew away.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Ling'er, in the future, with uncle here, I guarantee that no one will dare to bully you."

"Well, thank you, Senior."Bai Ling'er was grateful.

"Alas, what a poor child."Tang Zichen said as he touched the top of Bai Ling'er's head.

Bai Ling'er immediately ran to her parents to confess.

"Father, mother, I've been beaten."

"Who dared to beat you."

"It's Bai Ling'er's guards, woo-hoo."

"What? A guard dared to beat you."

Tang Zichen had just fixed the broken door he had kicked in when a few people walked in outside, White Ringling's among them.


Bai Ling'er's body trembled and said, "It's the Ninth Lady, Bai Jiao'er's parents."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be afraid, Ling'er, Uncle is here."

"Mm."Bai Ling'er gripped Tang Zichen's arm tightly, she only had Tang Zichen to rely on now, this feeling of being protected, it was so warm.

"Who is Wind Lightning."White Ringworm's father said loudly.

Tang Zichen: "I am."

"You're the one who beat my daughter?"White Jock's father yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted contemptuously, White Jock's father was only a late Ancestor, but he was actually so arrogant with his status, Tang Zichen believed that even here, he was speaking with strength.

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't hit your daughter."

"Bastard."White Ringworm's father walked up to Tang Zichen and raised his hand to slap Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Zichen grabbed his hand at once.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't look for death with this kind of strength, if you think that you can suppress me with your identity as a White Flow Family, you're wrong, in my eyes, you're just a weakling in the late Ancestor stage, and even your age is equal to mine, what are you scaring me with.I don't care about anyone, whoever dares to let Miss Ling'er get hurt, I won't let him go, get out."Tang Zichen's hand pushed, and in one fell swoop, he lifted the white ringworm's father a few dozen meters away and fell into the grass far away, not giving him any face at all. First URL

"You."White Ringworm's father was depressed, not expecting to come to a person who wasn't even afraid of his identity, so he had to walk away in disgrace.

"Father, my daughter was bullied by him, are you just going to let it go?"

"jock's ah, my father can't beat him ah, what do you want me to do, I don't have much power in the family, otherwise, I command a few grandmasters to kill him, but I don't have the ability ah, I can only rely on my identity in the family, if I encounter someone who scruples my identity, I can still take action to teach him a lesson, but if I encounter this kind of people who don't look at identity, only strength, I can't do anything eitherup."

"Go and tell your grandfather."

"Nonsense, I'm already not much of a person in your grandfather's eyes, if you go to him about this, won't your grandfather think I'm even more useless, do you think your grandfather will dote on such a useless son as I am?"

"Ah, so I'm being bullied by a guard for nothing?"

"Oh, jock, I'll just have to take my time and see if I can find someone better than him to avenge you."

"Oooh."White Ringworm's face was depressed.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen had been in the White Flow Family for a week.

Tang Zichen's fame had also spread in the White Flow Family's circle of guards.

The other young masters of the White Flow Family, had, the formerly humiliated Bai Ling'er, had a guard called Wind Lightning, this guard called Wind Lightning, killed Lan Ming who wanted to harm Bai Ling'er, and afterwards did not give the slightest bit of face to Bai Jiao'er's father, Bai kindness, such a guard, in the White Flow Family is not famous.

This matter was rumored in the White Flow Family for a week.

In the White Flow Family, a certain study room.

An assistant-like early peak realm man was reporting to an old man about the events that had happened in the White Flow Clan during this period of time.

"There's a newcomer, an escort named Wind Lightning, who coincidentally became Miss Bai Ling'er's guard, this Wind Lightning, very much not


"What difference can an escort make?"That old man said carelessly, this old man was the strongest member of the White Flow family, mid peak realm.

"Oh, boss, you are aware, Bai Ling'er is born of a girl, often bullied, one of them called White Jock'er is the most extreme, previously also ordered people to kill Bai Ling'er's former guards, this is not, a few days ago, White Jock'er saw that Bai Ling'er has guards again, once again brought people to kill that wind light cloud, unexpectedly, that wind light cloud a bit of strength, instead killed the other side.Afterwards, White Jock'er approached Bai Goodness, but that Wind Lightning didn't even give Bai Goodness any face, and said that in his eyes, Bai Goodness was just a similar age, late Ancestor, a weakling, and that it would be wrong to think that he could suppress him because of his status as a White Family member.Boss, don't you think this guard called Wind Lightning is being a bit cocky, Bai Goodness is your son after all."

That old man gazed and said, "Although it's true that Feng Qingyun is a bit fanatical, he's not wrong, the Bai Liuyun family isn't an imperial family, what identity does it have, without strength, no one will indeed give you face, even if it's a staff.Let the steward keep an eye on things, I don't care about these fights, and I don't care about the fighting and killing among the staff, but those who have wantonly killed any member of the Bai Liu Family, must be controlled, that Feng Xiaoyun didn't kill anyone from my Bai Family, then let him be, after all, it's his duty to protect his lady."

At Bai Ling'er's residence.

Because the last time Bai Jiao'er's incident had spread in the house, so this week, some of the other servants in the house didn't dare to bully her, and the food rationed to her was also according to the normal standard, no longer like before, when she was only rationed green vegetables and tofu every day.Now she was rationed meat food every day, according to the standards of the other ladies.

Bai Ling'er was happy, feeling like Tang Zichen was her savior.

"Senior, I'll help you serve your meal."Bai Ling'er saw that Tang Zichen had finished his meal and frantically grabbed Tang Zichen's bowl.

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Bai Ling'er's maid, Xiao Cui, had been treated by Tang Zichen and was now healed, Bai Ling'er finally didn't have to do her own laundry and housework, Bai Ling'er felt happy every day for a week, and Tang Zichen also instructed her to practice martial arts.

Bai Ling'er asked, "Senior, how old are you?"

"Why are you asking my age, don't you know age is every old man's secret."

"Go on, what old man, I'm not an old man like you are."

"What's that if I'm not an old man, I thought I was a young guy just like you."

Bai Ling'er sighed, "Also, your martial arts skills are so high, usually by the time you are at your level, your age is almost seventy or eighty years old, senior, are you really seventy or eighty years old?Then why do you look so young?Just like a twenty-seven or twenty-eight year old man."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, I won't lie to you, I'm 55 this year, although I'm not seventy-eight yet, I'm a bit old."

"Oh, it's only 55, it's amazing that you've reached Ancestor Perfection in less than sixty."

"Awesome my ass, I know a guy, he's a Great Martial Empire Emperor Xuan Sun identity, 70 years old, he's already at the beginning of the peak realm."

"Uh, but you're not 70 yet, maybe, when you're 70, you'll have reached Peak Deng Realm as well."

"Alas, hard to say, I can only try my best."Tang Zichen said expectantly.

"Senior, I think you will definitely be able to do it, even if you don't reach the peak when you're 70, it's understandable, because there are countless people who can't reach the peak in their lifetime, and the peak realm is very, very hard."


"Oh, let's eat."

Just at this moment, a lower class maidservant walked in at the door, the so-called lower class maidservant was below the inner door in martial arts.

That inferior maidservant said, "Miss Bai Ling'er, the housekeeper asked me to come and inform you that in another month, it will be the family's young generation clan meeting, so you should prepare well."

"Oh, I see."

"Then I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen asked, "What is the Younger Generation Clan Meeting?"

"It's the clan meeting of other young masters and misses of the same age as me, this is the time to test the martial skills of the various young masters and misses, at that time, the young lady and young master with the strongest martial skills will emerge at the clan meeting and be valued by the family."

"Oh, I see, then you prepare well, and I'll be free to guide you more this month."

"Thanks, but no matter how much I prepare, I'm still in the worst category."

"It's fine, just work hard."

In a blink of an eye, a month passed. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen had been practicing martial arts every day for the past month, and, Tang Zichen had already felt a hint of, the intent of the Ancestor Grand Perfection, which was great news.

"Yay, I just need to work harder, and I'll definitely be able to step into Ancestor Grand Perfection, come on, Wind Lightning."Tang Zichen secretly gave himself an encouragement.

"Uncle Feng."Bai Ling'er came to the door of Tang Zichen's room.

"What is it, Miss."

"That, Uncle Feng, today is the day of the clan meeting of my family, the younger generation of children, can you accompany me ah, I don't dare to go alone."Bai Ling'er said.

"Of course, I'm nominally at least a staff member of the Bai Liu family, receiving your family's salary, or your guards, let's go, I'll accompany you to the clan meeting."

"Mhmm, thank you Uncle Wind."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, although Bai Ling'er calling him uncle was very reasonable in terms of age, but what, Tang Zichen couldn't help but sigh inside, the years were unforgiving.

Tang Zichen accompanied Bai Ling'er to the White Flow family's clan meeting.

Those who attended the clan meeting today, besides some of the early peak realm patriarchs of the White Flow Family, were some of the great perfectionists, mostly the parents of the younger generation of children of the White Flow Family.

The rest were the younger generation of women, and their guards.Tang Zichen was here as a Bai Ling'er escort, but the clan meeting tournament had nothing to do with Tang Zichen's people, that was a matter for the younger generation of their family's children.

When everyone saw Tang Zichen and Bai Ling'er coming, they all looked over and discussed the matter.Although Tang Zichen's reputation had spread in the house, there were still very few people who had seen him.

"Yo, isn't this Bai Ling'er, the one born to that maid?"

"Yo yo, concubine girls also have a spring, Bai Ling'er, I heard that your guard is very grippy, so that the entire Bai Liushi House has heard of his reputation, why don't you introduce your guard ah."A man of about twenty years old said to Bai Ling'er full of banter, his eyes full of mocking expressions.

Although the last time Tang Zichen had made a scene, causing the servants of the Bai Liushi House to not dare to discriminate against Bai Ling'er and the food was delivered as normal, some of the other young masters and ladies did not change their attitude towards Bai Ling'er.

Bai Ling'er bit her lips and lowered her head.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Ling'er, don't bother with these people, just go back after attending the clan meeting."


The young master who had just teased Bai Ling'er saw Bai Ling'er ignoring him and shouted, "Bai Ling'er, brother is talking to you, that's how you treat brother no

Don't you care?"

Bai Ling'er raised her head and said softly, "Ling'er has met brother Bai Cong."

The young master called Bai Cong snorted and said, "Bai Ling'er, did you think that you had a seemingly tugging guard and started to swell up inside, thinking that you could run rampant in the family?"

"I, I didn't."Bai Ling'er was busy shaking her head.

At this time, a girl who looked very pretty, her posture was a little more beautiful than Bai Ling'er came up, Tang Zichen was also a little surprised to see this girl, his first thought was, pretty, so tender.However, her appearance gave a very fierce look, probably not a good person, Tang Zichen felt some regret.

This pretty didn't speak directly to Bai Ling'er, but instead walked up to Tang Zichen and said to him, "Are you Bai Ling'er's guard, Wind Lightning?"

"Right."Tang Zichen looked at this aggressive little girl, a little depressed, a teenage girl, she also dared to speak so aggressively to him.

"Hmph, very good, Wind Lightning, you, a guard, dared to beat up my family's lady, remember this, I will definitely make you eat your heart out."

Tang Zichen didn't act out, as there were also Dengfeng realm powerhouses on the scene, in addition to these ladies and young masters.

The youngest of these Dengfeng realm powerhouses were almost 80 years old, and normally, those who could step into the Dengfeng realm before the age of 80 were already very shiny existences in the Great Martial Empire.

Tang Zichen sneered, "This lady, may I ask how you're going to make me eat my words?"

"Well, you're a guard, I have all the means to make you suffer."

"Yeah?You're a weakling who hasn't even reached the Unity Realm, I really don't believe that you can make me eat my words."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh, another brain-damaged lady who thought that she could do anything just because she was a lady, Tang Zichen was really annoyed with these teenage kids who didn't know the sky's high ground at every turn, Tang Zichen, a person who had come over, was really a bit bored playing with these kids.It's really a waste of this lady, the long posture.

The beautiful one: "Wind Lightning, you don't need to rush, wait until my fiancé comes, you'll know the power.Bai Ling'er, you also give me some peace, I'm not Bai Jiao'er, if I were to make a move against you, you wouldn't have a place to turn over a new leaf, got it?"

Bai Ling'er lowered her head and said, "Sister Xiang Ming, I know."

Bai Ling'er seemed to be afraid of this girl.

At this moment, a rather young looking man came to the door.

When everyone saw this man, they greeted him in a panic.

The lady who called Xiang Ming just now, welcomed him in a panic and shouted, "Brother Chun, why did you come now."

"Oh, Xiang Ming, sorry I'm a little late."

The lady called Xiang Ming looked at Tang Zichen, then busily said, "Brother Chun, you're just in time, I have something to say to you."

However, the man said, "Xiang Ming, wait for me for a moment, I'll go over to say hello to my aunt and uncle, as well as your family elders, and I'll come over to you later."

"Alright, then go quickly."

The man called 'Chun' was busy going to the front of the main hall to greet the elders of the Bai Liu family.

At that moment, the lady named Xiang Ming walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Feng Xiaoyun, did you see that man just now?My fiancé, just wait for me, huh."

Tang Zichen saw her arrogant appearance, he really wanted to slap her to death.

Her fiancé just now, Tang Zichen also saw it, was a Zongshi Perfection, by the looks of it, he was not young, almost 50 years old.Tang Zichen despised in his heart, 50 years old and still engaged to a young girl, really don't know what's wrong with him.


At that moment, Bai Ling'er was busy apologizing, "Uncle Feng, I'm sorry."

"What are you suddenly saying sorry to me."

"Uncle Feng, it's all my fault, I don't know why Bai Xiangming suddenly wanted to attack you, her fiancé is called Liang Yuchun, he's a very famous genius in the Golden Silk City, he's only 50 years old, he's reached the top twenty in the Ancestor Perfection.I'm sorry, Uncle Wind."

"That's just right, let me see how genius he is, I also happen to have reached Ancestral Master Perfection at the age of 50."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen looked towards that Liang Yuchun and waited for him to make his move.

Tang Zichen was very unhappy with that Miss Xiang Ming, but she was, after all, a member of the Bai Liu family, Tang Zichen was not good at beating her, besides, she was a little girl less than twenty years old, Tang Zichen was not good at bullying weaklings, so her fiancé happened to be, Tang Zichen was going to slap him into a pig's head plus a sheep's head to vent his inner fire.

Tang Zichen is really damned noxious inside, the tiger is not fuming, when he is a sick cat.

In front of the main hall, Liang Yuchun respectfully greeted a few old men, "See a few seniors."

"Yuchun, you're here, no need to be polite."

Liang Yuchun greeted Miss Xiang Ming's real parents again, "See your aunts and uncles."

Miss Xiang Ming's father smiled, "Yuchun, there's no need to be polite, you're the Golden Silk City, the famous genius, although I'm fifteen years older than you, I'm not as strong as you, you don't need to give me a salute, we're considered peers." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Liang Yuchun said, "How can this be, although you are only fifteen years older than me, but I have a marriage contract with your daughter, Xiang Ming, after I get married to Xiang Ming, you will be my in-laws."

"Heh heh, you're free to do as you please then."Bai Xiangming's parents laughed somewhat awkwardly, but they were happy with the marriage, even though the man's age was more than thirty years older than their daughter's.

"Auntie and uncle, then you guys sit down first, it seems like Xiang Ming has something to tell me just now, so I'll go over to find Xiang Ming first."

"Okay, you go."

Liang Yuchun walked up to Bai Xiangming and smiled, "My Xiang'er, what is it."

"Brother Chun, you have to help me fight a person."

"Uh, hitting a person?What are you doing here."

"Chun, my sister Bai Jiao Er, you know her, she was even bullied by a guard, Bai Jiao Er has been very depressed these days, I must seek justice for her, you help me teach that guard a hard lesson."


"Are you going or not, if you don't, I won't marry you."

"Ugh, what a childish thing to do, okay, okay, I'll go, can't I."Liang Yuchun was a bit helpless, if it wasn't for Bai Xiangming's posture, someone as genius as he was wouldn't have been engaged to her.

"Where is that guard, ah?"

"Right over there."Bai Xiangming pointed at Tang Zichen who was standing at the entrance.

Liang Yuchun walked up to Tang Zichen and looked at him.

Tang Zichen also looked at Liang Yuchun.

Liang Yuchun had stepped into Ancestor Perfection at the age of fifty, which was an extraordinary talent, and similarly, Tang Zichen had also just stepped into Ancestor Perfection at the age of fifty.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was full of expectations for Liang Yuchun, hoping that this was a worthy opponent for him to fight against.

Liang Yuchun asked, "You are Wind Lightning?"

"Yes, I am Wind Lightning."Tang Zichen said loudly, so loudly that it startled the entire palace at once


The others in the palace, hearing Tang Zichen's voice, immediately looked over.

A few young masters panicked and shouted, "Quiet everyone, there's a good show, Xiang Ming's fiancé, he's going to do it."

"Wow, is big brother Yuchun trying to teach Wind Lightning how to behave?"

"Haha, Chun, fuck him to death, let him still dare to disregard the young masters and misses of our Bai Liu family in the future."

Several young masters and ladies shouted.

A few old men from the Dengfeng realm came over and asked, "Liang Yuchun, what are you doing?Today is the day of the clan meeting, don't make a mess."

Liang Yuchun said, "Senior Bai Tang, I am also helpless, this guard's name is Wind Lightning, I don't know if you've heard his name, I heard that all the young masters and ladies in the entire Bai Liu Clan currently dislike him.Xiang Ming had to ask me to take action to teach him a lesson, I'm helpless."

That old man called Bai Tang, who was at the beginning of the peak realm, looked at Tang Zichen, he had also heard before that there was a new guard who was very wild.Bai Tang thought about it and said, "Since you guys want to spar, let it be, but remember not to spend too much time delaying the clan meeting or injuring someone, after all, he's a staff member of the Bai Liu family."

"Fine, I'll just teach him a lesson, and explain to Xiang Ming."

The old man in the early peak-denial realm walked away.

Everyone in the entire palace looked at Tang Zichen and Liang Yuchun.

Liang Yuchun said, "Wind Lightning, before we do it, I want to say something to you."

"Say."Tang Zichen's eyes gazed.

"Be a man, don't be too cocky, today you are a member of the staff of the Bai Liu Family, I won't do anything to you, I'll spare you by teaching you a lesson, otherwise, you know."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Fine, let me see how powerful the famous genius of the Golden Silk City is."

"Hmph, then I'll show you."After saying that, Liang Yuchun made his move.

The entire crowd cheered, as if seeing Wind Lightning being beaten up all over the place.

"Buzz."Liang Yuchun's sword was pulled out in the blink of an eye, the sword technique was extremely clever and tricky, and all the people watching around, seeing Liang Yuchun's sword technique, were all in awe.

Tang Zichen did not use the sword, Tang Zichen had even defeated the Ancestor Grand Perfection, this same level, even if he was a genius, he was trash in Tang Zichen's eyes.

When Liang Yuchun thought that he could hit Tang Zichen with a sword and Tang Zichen wouldn't even have a chance to connect his moves, Tang Zichen suddenly moved and Tang Zichen suddenly extended two fingers.

"Swoosh."Under everyone's incredulous eyes, Liang Yuchun's incredibly subtle sword technique was caught by two fingers of Tang Zichen in the blink of an eye.

Yes, two fingers clamped.

"Ah."Everyone was stunned, and Liang Yuchun herself was stupid at this moment.

"Clack."Tang Zichen's two fingers battled, and with a click, Liang Yuchun's sword broke into several pieces, spilling onto the ground.

At the same time, Tang Zichen's other hand, instantly whipped out and slapped it with a very, very fierce force.

"Pah."An incredibly loud slap that was probably heard five hundred meters away.

"Ah."Liang Yuchun shrieked, nearly breaking his head, feeling his face unconscious, and his whole body slumped to the ground with a thud.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, spat towards Liang Yuchun and said coldly, "Still a genius, I pooh."

The entire palace, looking at Tang Zichen, their bodies trembled violently.


"Ah."Liang Yuchun's fiancée, Bai Xiangming, was in a dumb state right now, in her life, her fiancé was the pride of the family, but he was actually spiked by a guard.

Bai Ling'er looked at Tang Zichen and felt, at once, that Tang Zichen's body was so tall and majestic.

That Liang Yuchun only got up from the ground after a long time, and when he got up, one side of his face had swollen into a wall, and I'm afraid that Piggy was ten times more handsome than him.

"Ah, how is this possible."Liang Yuchun stumbled to his feet, because Tang Zichen's slap was too hard, causing him to keep getting dizzy and seeing things with several double shadows.

Liang Yuchun felt so ashamed and shouted, "I'll kill you."

"Bang."In the next second, Tang Zichen punched Liang Yuchun in the head, and Liang Yuchun flew away headlong again.

"Enough, stop it."At that moment, an old man from the early peak of Dengfeng shouted.

That old man came out and said, "Point to point, stop fighting."

"Ahhhh."Liang Yuchun, who was very unhappy inside, shouted and got up from the ground, looking at Tang Zichen with eyes that almost ate Tang Zichen.

"Senior Bai Tang, as the fiancé of Miss Bai Liu Family, I'm being beaten up like this right now here, isn't the Bai Liu Family going to seek an explanation for me?Look at my face, how heavy was his shot."Liang Yuchun complained to that old man.

That old man called Bai Tang looked at Liang Yuchun's face, it was indeed a heavy blow, and said to Tang Zichen, "Wind Lightning, your shot is indeed a bit heavy, it's just a cut and thrust, why do you need to lay such a heavy hand, Liang Yuchun at least has a marriage relationship with the Bai family, you beat him so ugly, isn't that a bit disrespectful to the Bai family." First published at

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Senior Bai Tang, you, as the elder of the Bai Liu Family, are so biased in favor of Liang Yuchun right now, it really chills my heart.If Liang Yuchun's strength was above mine, do you think he would have struck lighter than me?Don't forget how he spoke to me before the cut, and what kind of arrogant tone he had in my face."

"Alright, alright, the clan meeting is about to begin, so let's put your business behind us."The old man turned to Liang Yuchun and said, "Liang Yuchun, no matter what, this is a matter of your own lack of strength, let's leave it at that, the clan meeting is about to begin."

"Hmph, wait for me."Liang Yuchun glared at Tang Zichen, then walked away.

The clan meeting began, and after one day, the clan meeting of the younger generation of the BaiLiu family was over.

Although Bai Ling'er had Tang Zichen to guide her, she still didn't get any good rankings, mainly because she was too far behind.

Tang Zichen's defeat of Liang Yuchun with a single move spread in the White Flow Family, and once again, Tang Zichen's name circulated within the White Flow Family, which resulted in Tang Zichen becoming the celebrity of the White Flow Family.

In the evening, the clan meeting ended and Tang Zichen accompanied Bai Ling'er out of the main hall.

Bai Xiangming looked at Tang Zichen's back with a somewhat complicated look inside.

The first time she saw Tang Zichen in front of the family, she earned face for having a genius fiancé, but today, she was beaten so badly by Bai Ling'er's guards, she simply couldn't accept this fact.

On the way home, Bai Ling'er said to Tang Zichen, "Uncle Feng, during the clan meeting today, did you

There's a feeling that the way Bai Xiangming looks at you is a bit different."

"Oh, I defeated her fiancé with two fingers after all, not only her, but everyone here is looking at me differently.When I first went there in the morning, all those young masters of your family were still very arrogant, but today, all day long, there wasn't any young master or lady who spoke sarcasticly in front of you."Tang Zichen smiled.

Bai Ling'er said, "Uncle Feng, I'm a girl, I have a more accurate feeling, and I didn't mean that when I said the eyes were different."

"Then what did it mean?"

Bai Ling'er hesitated for a moment and said, "Uncle Feng, what I mean is that Bai Xiangming looks at you with a bit of fondness."

"Haha, Miss Ling'er, don't joke around, Uncle Feng can even be her father, besides, Uncle Feng is just a staff member in your eyes, an underling."

Bai Ling'er said, "Uncle Feng, you're not a servant, you're like my own uncle in my heart."

"In that case, I'll treat you as your own niece."

"Mmhmm."Bai Ling'er was busy nodding her head, but it seemed like she wasn't very happy inside, could it be that, in her heart, she didn't want to be his real niece?

Bai Ling'er asked, "Uncle Feng, do you have a home?"

"Of course I do, I have a daughter."

"Oh."Bai Ling'er sighed under her breath and didn't ask any more questions.

In the evening, in a certain study room of the Bai Liu family.

"Boss, that Wind Lightcloud from last time is famous again today."

"Wind Lightcloud?Is that the one who's so wild that he won't even give face to my son, Bai kindness?"

"Yes, Boss, you know that Liang Yuchun, his marriage contract with Bai Xiangming is still approved by you.But today, that guard, Wind Lightning, had a cut with Liang Yuchun before the clan meeting."

The head of the Bai Liu Clan was busy saying, "What was the result?Don't tell me that a mere guard is able to defeat Liang Yuchun, a well-known genius in Golden Silk City, if I remember correctly, Liang Yuchun is the 20th ranked in Golden Silk City, the 20th ranked in Clan Master Perfection, how many Clan Master Perfections are there in the entire Golden Silk City, everyone knows what ranking 20th means, that's why I tried so hard to set him up with my granddaughter Bai Xiangming's marriage."

"Boss ah, you're really wrong, today, Liang Yuchun and that Wind Lightning dueled, Liang Yuchun not only lost, it was simply, simply a total loss ah."

"Ah, elaborate."The Bai Liu family's head was surprised.

"Boss, that guard, Wind Lightning, as soon as he did it, he clamped two fingers on Liang Yuchun's sword, collapsed his sword, and then slapped Liang Yuchun's face hard, not even the pig's head is this thick ah."

"Ah, so strong."

"Yeah, that Wind Lightning thought that he was just an unimpressive guard, but he didn't expect that an expert of Liang Yuchun's level would be no match at all.Right now, that guard is famous throughout the entire Bai Liushi House, the last time he was not humble and dared not even give face to Bai Goodness, his name sensationalized the entire family, and this time, there's even less to say.Those young masters of our Bai Family were all upset with him yesterday, but today they've all started to worship him."

"Oh, strength is the easiest thing to conquer, and it's not surprising that such a powerful figure is worshipped by those young masters.Yun, I'd like to meet this guard, so you can help me make an appointment with him tomorrow."


"Uh, okay."

"Go on, it's time for you to rest."

At Bai Ling'er's house, Tang Zichen had already gone to bed, and as soon as Bai Ling'er closed his eyes, his mind was filled with this morning, Uncle Feng's heroic and mighty posture at the clan meeting scene, making him toss and turn and having trouble sleeping.

Similarly, at another lady's residence.

A lady whose appearance was even more beautiful than Bai Ling'er was also lying on the bed, not knowing what came to her mind, and then gave a hee-haw giggle.

Tang Zichen had already gone to sleep, and in his dream, Tang Zichen saw his daughter, and Tang Zichen fell asleep also showed a smile.

Tang Zichen was a family man, Tang Zichen's primary goal right now was to be in this place sooner, settle down, and then bring his family to him.

Tang Zichen didn't want his daughter, who was born lacking a father's love.

As for the others, such as Bai Ling'er saying that Bai Xiangming looked at him with a bit of a fondness, this Tang Zichen didn't even think about it.

The night went on without a word.

The next day, Tang Zichen was asked to meet at a mysterious but quiet place. Remember the URL

There was an old man sitting across from him, looking at his age, he should be around 130 years old, his realm was mid peak Dengfeng, but Tang Zichen couldn't sense his realm.

"Hello, Senior, who are you?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, you're the very famous guard of the White Flow Family, Wind Lightning, right?"

"Uh, junior is exactly Wind Lightning."

"Wind Lightning, no need to be formal, my name is Bai Cheng."

"Ah, it's you."Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Zichen had at least been a guard in the White Flow Family for more than a month, the head of the White Flow Family, and the strongest of all, was Bai Cheng, mid-dengfeng, in the entire Golden Silk City, there were only a few who had reached mid-dengfeng, I heard no more than two hands.

Tang Zichen did not expect that the strongest person of the White Flow Family would ask him out.

"Oh, sit down and have some tea, let's just chat."

"Thank you, Senior."Since people were so polite to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was naturally polite to him as well.

"Wind Lightning, I heard that yesterday, you defeated Liang Yuchun with two fingers."

"Oh, I didn't expect that Senior also knew about this, indeed."

"Then do you know who Liang Yuchun is."

Tang Zichen said, "From what I heard from Ling'er, Liang Yuchun is the top twenty ranked among the tens of thousands of Zongshi perfect experts in Golden Silk City."

"Yes, ranked twentieth, last year because of that, I pledged one of my most beautiful granddaughters to him, although Liang Yuchun's age is thirty years older than my granddaughter, but it doesn't matter."


Bai Cheng suddenly asked, "By the way, Wind Lightning, how old are you this year?How come you still look younger than Liang Yuchun."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not hiding it from Senior, I'm already 55."

"Oh, five years older than Liang Yuchun, yet you don't look older than Liang Yuchun."

Tang Zichen smiled shallowly, "It's just that I'm better at taking care of it, no matter how it looks, age is something that can't be erased."

Bai Cheng laughed and asked, "Wind Lightning, I've never heard of you before in Golden Silk City, are you from somewhere else?"

"Exactly, and as for where it came from, I won't say."

"No harm."Bai Cheng thought about it, coming from out of town, that's someone who didn't have a fixed influence, this kind of genius was best pulled together.<

br />

Bai Cheng asked, "You are now Bai Ling'er's guard, but for you, it is really a humble talent, I do not know if you are willing to, transfer to other places to serve, my Bai family is never stingy with talents like you, you can say any request you have."

Tang Zichen said, "It's not necessary for now."

"Oh, well, what do you think of my granddaughter, Bai Ling'er?"

"What does senior mean?"

"Hehe, I'll speak openly and not in secret, if you are interested in my granddaughter Bai Ling'er, I can guarantee a match and betroth her to you, whether as a wife, concubine or mistress, as you wish."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior's kind intentions are appreciated, Senior already has a family and a daughter, but has yet to bring her to you.Miss Bai Ling'er, who has suffered all kinds of injustices in the house since she was a child, I miss her pity and have made a deal with her to treat her like my own niece."

"Haha."Bai Cheng laughed.

Finally, Bai Cheng patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and said, "Wind Lightning, keep up the good work, I am very optimistic about you, your future, you might be able to surpass me, I look forward to that day, of course, only if I am not dead yet."

"Oh, of course."

Tang Zichen returned to Bai Ling'er's house, and smiled in his heart, the head of the Bai Liu family, actually wanted to recruit himself, it seems to be gold, everywhere will shine, Tang Zichen only came to the Great Martial Empire, in just over a month, he was invited to tea by the head of one of the three great families, this kind of treatment, ordinary people can't get it, not to mention Tang Zichen's kind of only Ancestor Perfection level.

Tang Zichen had now felt a little bit of Ancestor Perfection's intent, which indicated that Tang Zichen would soon be able to step into Ancestor Perfection.

If Tang Zichen could step into Ancestor Perfection within five years, then Tang Zichen reaching this achievement at the age of 60 could be considered a very strong person.

As soon as Tang Zichen returned to Bai Ling'er's house, he saw many of the young masters and ladies of the Bai Liu family in.

"What are you guys doing?Did you come to bully Spirit again while I'm not around?"Tang Zichen shouted.

Those few young masters panicked and said, "Senior Wind, don't misunderstand, we're here to visit you, this is a gift from me."

"It's a gift from me."

"Please smile for Senior Wind."

Each of those young masters and ladies were carrying gifts.

Tang Zichen really couldn't understand today's children, before yesterday, they all had no affection for Tang Zichen, but today they came collectively to give gifts.

"Senior Wind, if I have offended you in the past, I hope you'll forgive me."That young master called Bai Cong said.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I'm not in the mood to talk nonsense with you guys, if there's nothing else, leave quickly, don't disturb my martial arts practice, and don't try to bully Ling'er again."

"What Senior Wind said is true, Ling'er is my good sister, how could we bully her anymore, I swear, from now on, I will never allow anyone to bully Ling'er."

"Right, me too."

Those young masters swore before leaving.

Tang Zichen was a little confused as to why these young masters, suddenly came to worship him, they reasonably couldn't ah, he was just a staff member.

In fact, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that many people in the BaiLiu family knew that the head of the family, Bai Cheng, had sought Tang Zichen out for tea, and because of this, everyone felt that Tang Zichen had been extraordinary, and had been sought out by the head of the family for tea, and all those young ladies and young masters, had come running to worship him.Eventually, they were also very friendly to Bai Ling'er, dear sister ah dear sister.

After everyone left, Tang Zichen asked, "Ling'er, they didn't give you a hard time, did they?"


"No, Uncle Wind, they said that you were invited to tea by the head of the family?"


"No wonder they suddenly came to give you a gift and were so nice to me, I was a little out of it for a while,"Bai Ling'er said.

"Oh, so that's good."

"Uncle Feng, thank you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be having such a good time today."

"No need, you're my niece."

Three days later.

Liang Yuchun arrived at the White Flow Family.

"Xiang Ming, do you see what I have brought you?"Liang Yuchun said with a bag of delicious food in her hand.

In the past, whenever Liang Yuchun came to the Bai Liu Clan, Bai Xiangming would be very happy, and then Liang Yuchun would guide her in martial arts training and woo her along the way.

Today, Liang Yuchun came again as usual, and brought Bai Xiangming's favorite special snacks. One Second Remember to Read the Book

However, Bai Xiangming looked at Liang Yuchun and said with some irritation, "What are you doing here."

"Uh."Liang Yuchun was a bit startled, he thought that Bai Xiangming would be happy to pounce, but he asked what he was doing here with a cold face.

Liang Yuchun thought that Bai Xiangming was angry that he hadn't come to see her for days.

"Xiangying, is it that you're angry that I haven't come to see you in the past few days, don't be angry, I have a reason, that day of your family clan meeting, I, wasn't I that by that garbage guard, so, I'm in a bit of a bad mood, that's why I only came after a few days, all right, all right, don't be angry, I'm not coming here, come, eat something."Liang Yuchun handed the snacks he had brought to Bai Xiangming.

"I don't want it."

"Why don't you want it."

"Sorry, I'm not interested in eating."

"I'm dizzy, Xianming, what's wrong with you?"

"All right, all right, Liang Yuchun, go back, and don't come over here if you're fine in the future."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

Bai Xiangming said, "Just don't come looking for me anyway."

"Bai Xiangming, I'm your fiancé ah, good boy, this is what you like to eat, come and have a bite."

Bai Xiangming pushed in depression, humming, "Can't even beat Wind Lightning with two fingers, I don't want you as my fiancé, I want to withdraw, I want to get engaged to Wind Lightning."

"What did you say."Liang Yuchun was furious, Bai Xiangming was also too immature, it was really like retreating and saying engaged, suddenly Liang Yuchun was on fire.

"I'm going to retreat from you and then get engaged to Feng Qingyun, Liang Yuchun, do you hear me clearly?"

"Bai Xiangming, don't go too far."

"I don't care about you so much, anyway, my heart is full of Wind Lightning's shadow right now, I can't sleep for days, I like him so much that I'm going crazy, alright, alright, you can go."

Tang Zichen was instructing Bai Ling'er to practice martial arts, at this moment, a roar came from outside, "Wind Lightning, come out."

As soon as Tang Zichen heard the voice, he knew it was Liang Yuchun.

"Uh, Liang Yuchun?What does he want with me?"Tang Zichen flew out.

Only Liang Yuchun was standing outside the door furiously.

"Hey, Liang Yuchun, what are you looking for me for?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liang Yuchun said furiously, "Wind Lightning, don't you go too far."

"Uh, you're sick ah, I'm over your sister's share, what did I do me."

"Feng Qingyun, what do you mean by seducing my fiancée by virtue of your martial arts skills being that little bit higher than me, what do you mean, now that Xiang Ming wants to withdraw from my marriage, you are still playing garlic with me."Liang Yuchun shouted.

Tang Zichen sneered, "I'm sorry, I wind someone rely on face value to pick up girls, so I never use my strength to seduce, your fiancée wants to withdraw from your marriage, it's none of my business!


"Wind Lightning, you're still arguing, Xiang Ming told me herself that she was going to withdraw from my marriage and then get engaged to you, and you're still saying that you didn't seduce her, Wind Lightning, you've gone too far."

"Hahaha, I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about, get out, if you don't get out yet, don't blame me for being rude."

"Wind Lightning, you, you."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped him away and grunted, "Liang Yuchun, I really don't have time to hit you, don't make me do it, okay."

Just at this moment, not far away, from a flower bush, came a clapping, cheerful voice, "Yay, good fight, let's quickly fight him off."

Liang Yuchun and Tang Zichen were busy looking, but it was Bai Xiangming.

When Bai Xiangming saw this, he immediately squatted down, not daring to let them see the same.

Liang Yuchun covered her heart and said in pain, "Bai Xiangming, come out, I can see you, don't hide."

Bai Xiangming had to slowly stand up, just now she just accidentally cheered a little, not expecting to be exposed.

Liang Yuchun's heart was hurting, pointed at Bai Xiangming and said, "Bai Xiangming, you, you, you are my fiancée, I was beaten by another man, and you even hid in the dark and clapped your hands, you, you."

Tang Zichen was also speechless at this brain-damaged lady, so I'm sure Liang Yuchun's heart was really hurting.

When Bai Xiangming saw the situation, she could only hum, "Liang Yuchun, don't blame me, I've told you that I don't like you anymore and let you go, but you still preferred to harass my idol, then I couldn't help but clap my hands."

"You, you, you."

"Pfft."Liang Yuchun spurted out a mouthful of blood in a frenzy of anger.

Bai Xiangming ran to Tang Zichen's side and immediately took Tang Zichen's arm and said to Liang Yuchun, "It's no use spitting blood, I don't have you in my heart right now anyway, so you're still not leaving."

Liang Yuchun pointed at Tang Zichen and Bai Xiangming and said through gritted teeth, "You pair of dogs, wait for me."

Liang Yuchun left angrily, she was fifty years old, but she was so heartbroken over an eighteen year old girl, it really made him unbelievable himself.

Tang Zichen shook off Bai Xiangming's hand and said with a cold face, "Bai Xiangming, what do you mean?You're doing this on purpose, are you deliberately trying to irritate Liang Yuchun so that he can take revenge on me?"

Bai Xiangming was busy saying, "No, no, really not, Wind Lightning, I, I, I like you."

"Get lost."

"I really like you."

"If you don't roll over I'm going to throw you out."

"Ooh, why don't you just believe me, I really like you, I haven't slept well for the past few days, I've been thinking about you every day, Wind Lightning, I'm begging you, let me be your woman."

"Bai Xiangming, don't think that I don't dare to hit you."

"Ooh, Wind Lightning, I really mean it, oh, you don't think, I'm not pure anymore, you're wrong, this lady is still pure oh."

Tang Zichen kicked her out of the door.

Outside the door, Bai Xiangming cried out, "Wind Lightning, I will definitely marry you, I will go find my grandfather, you wait."

Tang Zichen was bored, how can there be such a woman, fire up, Tang Zichen just put her out, and then rolled up and ran away.

After that, Bai Xiangming really went to look for her grandfather, that is, Bai Cheng, unfortunately, did not even see the face, if you think that grandfather to granddaughter, will spoil every day on the lap, that is wrong, without absolute talent and strength, even the grandfather is not in the mood to summon, let alone spoil, because there are too many granddaughters and grandsons.The head of this Bai Liu family also had a large number of wives, no less than thirty.If it was a royal bigwig of the Great Martial Empire, the number of women, even more so, less than fifty, would be called sexually incompetent.

After all, the lives of those peak powerhouses were over 160, and those who practiced martial arts, even if they were old, were still energetic, depending on whether there was still interest.


In the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

Tang Zichen's fame was not only spreading in the White Flow family, but also gradually throughout the entire Golden Silk City, after all, Liang Yuchun was a well-known genius.

One day, Tang Zichen was practicing martial arts when a servant walked in.

"Senior Wind, I received a letter of challenge from you."

"Uh, my challenge letter?"


Tang Zichen opened the envelope and it read, "Wind Lightning, I am Jiang Mingcheng, xx day, can you fight me?The location, Golden Silk City's Bi-Cao Lake, is not far from the White Flow Family where you are.If you don't come to respond to the battle, I will personally come looking for you, and for the sake of your face, I expect you not to make me come to your door."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "Ling'er, who's called Jiang Mingcheng?"

"Jiang Mingcheng?A familiar name."Bai Ling'er said.

At that moment, a man walked in at the door, it was Liang Yuchun.

"Even Jiang Mingcheng doesn't know, you're too lonely, Windy, let me tell you."Liang Yuchun walked in and said. First URL

"Liang Yuchun, what are you doing here again?Do you want me to slap you out again."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, don't be arrogant, the person who took care of you has already appeared."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Don't tell me that the person you're talking about is Jiang Mingcheng who gave me the letter of war."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, I'll see if you'll still be laughing when the time comes, I'll tell you the truth, Jiang Mingcheng is the fifth ranked one in Golden Silk City, among all the Ancestor Perfection, 56 years old this year, but he stepped into Ancestor Perfection at the age of 48, one of the few most famous geniuses in Golden Silk City, Wind Lightning, you wait, Jiang Mingcheng will take care of you.You still don't know, I'm best friends with Brother Jiang Mingcheng.I've already told him about you, and he dislikes you very much."

Tang Zichen sneered, "I need him to like me?Funny."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, just talk tough you, my brother Jiang Mingcheng said that he will let you know what strength is."

"Roll."Tang Zichen shouted, and at the same time, he struck out with a palm strike, splitting Liang Yuchun out of the door.

There was no doubt that someone had challenged Tang Zichen this time, and it was definitely Liang Yuchun who had instigated it.

But it didn't matter, Tang Zichen didn't mind playing with that self-righteous person, if anyone thought they had the strength to play with him, feel free to wage war on him.

Tang Zichen threw the letter away and continued his martial arts training.

However, that Jiang Mingcheng was a very famous man, and his challenge to Tang Zichen would surely cause a stir throughout the Golden Silk City.

Tang Zichen threw the letter away and forgot about it as if it was a matter of course, but in the entire Golden Silk City, the matter spread quickly.

The word was gradually spreading in every restaurant, inn, and within the three great families.

Almost a month or so remained until the duel day.

So there was plenty of time to get ready.

But Tang Zichen wasn't preparing for this, Tang Zichen didn't need to prepare at all.

"Ling'er, I'm going to be in seclusion for a month, so don't let anyone bother me during this time."Tang Zichen said to Bai Ling'er.

"Good, is Uncle Feng preparing for next month's duel?"Ling'er asked.

Tang Zichen just laughed disdainfully, with that fifth ranked Jiang Mingcheng, he wasn't worthy.

But this kind of thing, Tang Zichen just needs to understand it in his own heart, no need to tell Ling'er so clearly.


nbsp;The reason why Tang Zichen was in seclusion for a month was because he wanted to continue to feel the great perfection of the mastermind, Tang Zichen had already touched the great perfection of the mastermind twice before, Tang Zichen had to take advantage of this time, once he missed it, there was no telling when he would be able to touch the great perfection next time.

Thus, Tang Zichen entered the closed door.

In the White Flow Family, the news of Jiang Mingcheng's declaration of war against Tang Zichen also spread quickly.

"Wow, Jiang Mingcheng, this is a person who has been wearing a genius aura since he was a child, the fifth ranked super strongest of the ten thousand clansmen perfection in Golden Thread City."

Many people felt very excited and expectant upon hearing this information.

In the blink of an eye, one month was almost up.

Tang Zichen had been in seclusion for an entire month.

During this month, Tang Zichen had felt about three more times of the Ancestor's Grand Perfection intent, and with the previous two times, he had felt it five times.

Tang Zichen felt that as he felt the Grand Perfection state of mind more times, he was closer to it, and he also clearly felt that his strength had increased a lot.Feeling it once more increased his strength by one cut, and he had felt it three times this month, and his strength had increased by three major cuts compared to a month ago.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room satisfied.

"Uncle Feng, you're out of the gate."

"Well, Ling'er, did anyone look for me this month?"

"There were a lot of people looking, but they were all from within the White Stream family, but they understood when I said you were closed, and knew you were preparing for the duel, so they didn't bother you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, who the hell was closed for the duel.

"Alright, what day exactly is the duel?"Don Zichen asked.

"It's the day after tomorrow."


Early in the morning of the day after tomorrow, Tang Zichen took Bai Ling'er, riding the White Flow Family's Black Jiao, to his destination, Bi Cao Lake.

Before Tang Zichen arrived at the Bi-Cao Lake, he saw many black jiao flying in the skies of the Bi-Cao Lake, which were surely ridden by some people who had come to watch the duel.

When Tang Zichen flew close to the Lake of Green Grass, he saw that the surroundings of the Lake of Green Grass were already crowded with people, and when he saw this scene, Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of the original Jiang Hu Conference, perhaps the number of people who came here today to watch the duel was as good as the number of people who came to the original Jiang Hu Conference.

Tang Zichen said, "Why are there so many people?"

Bai Ling'er was speechless, "Uncle Feng, this is a big deal, that Jiang Mingcheng is a famous genius since he was a child, and you, who defeated Liang Yuchun before, are slightly more famous, so you and Jiang Mingcheng will definitely have many people watching the duel."

"Hehe, it seems that no matter where you are, there are no less people for such good things."

At this moment, in a certain sky.

More than a dozen people were sitting around, more precisely, more than a dozen black jiao were sitting around, and on top of each black jiao sat a person, including a fire beast, and the person sitting on the back of the fire beast was a woman.These dozen people all looked very powerful, especially the woman who was sitting on the back of the fire beast, she could afford to sit on the fire beast, which showed that her identity as well as her status was far more noble than the others.

That Liang Yuchun was also among them.

"Yuchun, now that we're on the Ancestor Perfection List, the top twenty are almost here, so tell us all about that guard called Wind Lightning."A man said to Liang Yuchun, this man was Jiang Mingcheng.


The first thing I'll tell you is that this person, this Feng Qingyun, is an average looking person, the most important thing is not this, but this person is very disgusting.Tang Zichen wore a very loose robe today, this robe made Tang Zichen's already leisurely and natural posture seem even more relaxed, Tang Zichen shrugged his sleeves and said, "Aren't you ready to start?After all, my fiancée is only eighteen years old, so she was inevitably seduced by him, you guys, what kind of person is this."

The man next to Liang Yuchun said, "What a despicable and shameless person, this kind of thing is also done."

Everyone nodded their heads, agreeing with this, if Wind Lightning was really this kind of person, then it was indeed a scumbag who relied on a bit of strength to wantonly bully others.

Just at this moment, Liang Yuchun pointed at the distant sky and said, "Everyone, look, Wind Lightning is here."

Everyone suddenly looked and saw a man, with a beautiful lady, flying in on a black jiao, and it was Wind Lightning Cloud.Moreover, Wind Lightcloud's momentum gave a very disdainful look to this kind of tournament, as if it was very contemptuous, which made the dozen or so strong people at the scene feel unpleasant, and they suddenly agreed with Liang Yuchun's words.

The woman who was sitting on the back of the Fire Demon Beast snorted, "I'm most annoyed with this kind of person who has a bit of strength and acts as if she is contemptuous and superior to others."

This woman who spoke, she was very young and beautiful, her name was Hai Qing, she was from the Seagod Family, moreover, she was also the number one beauty in the Golden Silk City, the number one ranked strongest person, and moreover, she was the number one ranked strongest person in the Ancestor Completion List.

Therefore, at this moment, it was undoubtedly very significant for her to say this.

Liang Yuchun was busy saying, "Haiqing, you're the number one strongest person in the Ancestor Perfection Ranking, the number one genius of our generation in the Golden Silk City, if you make a move, I'm afraid that that Wind Lightning doesn't know how to die."

That woman called Haiqing said, "He's not worthy yet."After saying that, she turned to the fifth ranked Jiang Mingcheng and said, "Jiang Mingcheng, teach this Wind Lightning a lesson, this Wind Lightning has never heard of him before, he must have come from abroad, we are all locals of Golden Silk City, he is a foreigner, yet he is arrogant in our place, hooking up with Liang Yuchun's fiancée, such scum, no need to be polite."

"Good, Haiqing, with your words, I, Jiang Mingcheng, will definitely not let you down, hahaha."Jiang Ming Cheng laughed and leapt to his feet, Hai Qing was the number one beauty in Golden Silk City, she was only 46 years old this year, but she had already reached Ancestor Perfection, and she was also the first person to reach Ancestor Perfection in Golden Silk City.Honestly, there was no one who didn't like her, and he was no exception, Jiang Mingcheng certainly wouldn't let her down. Remember the URL

Jiang Mingcheng's gaze was cold as he looked towards the distant flying Wind Lightning.

The rest of them, also yelled, "Yes, Jiang Mingcheng, dry bang him, a foreigner, daring to be so wild in our Golden Silk City, give him some color, don't lose our local people's face."

"That's natural."Jiang Mingcheng's face was stern.

Tang Zichen flew to the Bi Cao Lake, and for a moment, the entire Bi Cao Lake was surrounded by a stir.

"Wind Lightning is here, he's Wind Lightning."

"Wow, he's the Wind Light Cloud who has quietly spread his fame in the Golden Silk City during this period of time ah?"

"Yes, the White Flow family guard, Wind Light Cloud, no one has heard of him before, he came from out of town a few months ago."

"Tsk tsk, a person from out of town is so dragging."

"That time at the White Flow Family's clan meeting, Wind Lightning slapped Liang Yuchun like a pig's head, it was so disgraceful!

, but Liang Yuchun is a local of ours."

"It's really unpleasant for a local to be beaten by someone from out of town."

"Hopefully, today, Jiang Mingcheng can teach this outsider a hard lesson, otherwise, wouldn't it make him think that there's no one in our Golden Silk City."


Numerous spectators, discussing, everyone seemed to be on Jiang Mingcheng's side, not that Jiang Mingcheng was more famous, but Tang Zichen was an outsider, no one wanted an outsider to defeat their local rising genius, right?

Tang Zichen asked, "Miss Ling'er, how do dueling battles usually start here for you guys?"

"It's usually the noon hour."

"In that case, into the countryside, I'll wait until noon, it just so happens, there's still an hour left."After saying that, Tang Zichen flicked his sleeve and ordered Black Jiao to fly to a faraway place, then sat cross-legged on Black Jiao's back and closed his eyes.

Of course, those who liked Tang Zichen would think that Tang Zichen was cool, and those who didn't like him would think that Tang Zichen was pretending with every move, but unfortunately, ninety-nine percent of the people didn't like Tang Zichen, except for a few people from the White Flow family.

Tang Zichen waited for about an hour, then opened his eyes and looked up at the sky, it was almost noon.

Tang Zichen wasted no more time and leapt out.

Standing directly over the Bi Cao Lake.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Alright, who is Jiang Mingcheng, stop wasting time and come out."

At this moment, in the distant sky, a man sitting on the back of the black jiao was very unhappy and snorted, "Damn, it's still half an hour to the noon hour, is he so anxious to find a fight, in that case, I'll fulfill him."

After saying that, that Jiang Mingcheng shouted, "Your grandfather Jiang is here."

Tang Zichen looked towards the place where the voice came from, and a man in grey clothes flew out.Holding a long sword in his hand, his figure scampered extremely fast, arriving about ten meters in front of Tang Zichen in the blink of an eye, truly worthy of being an expert.

The crowd of onlookers at the Bi Cao Lake, seeing Jiang Mingcheng's appearance, yelled and shouted, and some particularly radical people even shouted, "Senior Jiang, kill this foreigner."

Tang Zichen was startled when he heard these radicals shouting, "Out-of-towner?Oh, no wonder I haven't felt welcomed by the crowd since I arrived here, so that's how it is, I'm an outsider."Tang Zichen smiled helplessly.

Jiang Mingcheng sword pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Give your name."

Tang Zichen didn't move a muscle, every move he made appeared very calm and relaxed, and he always maintained a kind of momentum that a strong man would win, it wasn't that Tang Zichen did it deliberately, but rather he exuded from the inside out, because he was very clear in his heart that this Jiang Mingcheng was definitely not his opponent.

Tang Zichen said, "Jiang Mingcheng, don't get caught up in such hypocritical words, all the spectators watching us at this moment, I don't believe that there is no one who doesn't know that my name is Wind Lightning, and you still asked me to give my name, what is the point of this except to show your delusion of wanting to be superior to me."

"You."Jiang Mingcheng was depressed, he asked Tang Zichen to give his name, this was indeed a gesture of the strong against the weak, asking the weak to give their names, trying to virtually oppress Tang Zichen a bit.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's sentence of He Fart Meaning made him lose face.


"Wind Lightning, is it true that I've heard that you've been hitting on someone else's fiancée because you're more powerful than others?"

Tang Zichen wore a very loose robe today, this robe made Tang Zichen's already leisurely and natural posture seem even more relaxed, Tang Zichen shrugged his sleeves and said, "Aren't you ready to start?Could it be that you want me to make the first move, it's not that Feng despises you, if I make the first move, you won't even have a chance to make a move."

"You."Jiang Mingcheng was extremely angry at Tang Zichen's arrogant words.

"Fuck you, then let your grandfather see if you fucking have the strength or not."

"Swoosh."Jiang Mingcheng instantly did it, killing Tang Zichen with a sword, the sword shadow like silk, thousands of strands, unbreakable cuts and tears.

This was Jiang Mingcheng's self-created martial skill, the Green Silk Technique.

Tang Zichen secretly praised in his heart, this Jiang Mingcheng is really quite strong, this strike, the shadow of the sword is like silk, if it were an ordinary person, he would not be able to catch a move.

However, who was Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's endless power, when he made a move, it was more than a thousand or ten thousand threads, unpredictable and endlessly changing.

"Prosperous Flowers."Jiang Mingcheng's move was called Flourishing Flowers, and the sword technique danced like a flower petal.

"Endless, broken."Tang Zichen didn't strike the sword, yes, empty handed.

This made everyone unable to believe, no matter how powerful the empty hand was, when it was at this level, it couldn't compare to a weapon, right, if it was a bottom level martial artist, they could still use whatever palm technique and beat the sword technique. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's hands in one place, as if they were magical, more like the Thousand Hands Guanyin, were fighting against Jiang Mingcheng's sword.

"Tap tap tap."After a series of intersecting sounds, Tang Zichen's body, breaking the gap in Jiang Mingcheng's sword defense, Tang Zichen stood like a ghost, right under Jiang Mingcheng's nose.

"Ah."Jiang Mingcheng was horrified, his sword skills were already clever enough, but Tang Zichen broke the gap in his sword without using his sword, which made it impossible for Jiang Mingcheng to enter the palace, as Tang Zichen was already ten centimeters in front of him.

"Bang."At that moment, Tang Zichen punched Jiang Mingcheng's abdomen.

"Wow."Jiang Mingcheng's body flew out at least five hundred meters in one fell swoop, how much force had to be exerted.

Yes, Tang Zichen, didn't hold back at all, just like that day when he slapped Liang Yuchun, other than not killing him, he could use as much force as he could.

Jiang Mingcheng, who flew out five hundred meters away, his stomach had caved in to his back, and if his mount, Black Jiao, hadn't followed, he would have fallen to the ground.

Horrified, everyone was incomparably shocked.

Because Jiang Mingcheng seemed, like Tang Zichen wasn't on the same level at all, a punch of Jiang Mingcheng didn't have any fighting power.

Tang Zichen's body moved and flew up.

Tang Zichen said, "Jiang Mingcheng, do you know why I don't use a sword?Because, my sword is too strong, I'm afraid that you can't bear it and accidentally die, I, Wind Person, come from a foreign country, it's not easy to make a living here, I don't want to hurt you.Today, you have lost, can I, Feng Mou, leave?"

Jiang Mingcheng lay on the back of the black jiao, blood flowing from the corners of his mouth said, "Wind Lightning, fine, fine, count me as underestimating you, but don't be proud, I have plenty of geniuses in Golden Thread City, someone will be able to defeat you."

Tang Zichen said, "I came to Golden Silk City just to make a living, not to compare myself with any geniuses in Golden Silk City, I don't have the interest, nor the time."

"Hmph, but you're just an outsider."

"Whatever you think, an outsider is an outsider, anyway, if anyone dares to disturb me, I will not let

He's better off, goodbye."Tang Zichen immediately flew away.

The audience was silent, and countless spectators were wondering where this outsider was from, and how such a strong, powerful outsider could have come to Golden Thread City to make a living.

Tang Zichen sat on the black jiao and prepared to leave.

"Wait."At this time, a man suddenly flew up.

Tang Zichen stood on the back of the black auger and looked back at a man.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is your Excellency and what do you want."

The man said, "My name is Yang Fengyin, from the Golden Silk City, Ancestral Master Complete List, I was fortunate to win the fourth place, Jiang Mingcheng just lost to you, but it doesn't mean that no one in Golden Silk City can win against you, I, Yang Fengyin, would like to use my self-created martial art, the Yin Yang Sword to learn your Excellency's high tricks."

"Buzz."Tang Zichen's body moved, in the next second, a sword was pointed at that Yang Fengyin's throat, it was Tang Zichen's sword, yes, Tang Zichen shot out his sword, this Yang Fengyin said that he wanted to learn Tang Zichen's master move, so Tang Zichen shot out his sword in an instant, Yang Fengyin didn't even have a chance to connect his moves, he was pointed at his throat by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."At this moment, Yang Fengyin's body was trembling with cold sweat, one second he was saying that he wanted to learn a thing or two, and the next, he was pointed at his throat by Tang Zichen's sword, this was too much of a punch in the face, at this moment Yang Fengyin felt ashamed, at the same time, he also felt immense admiration for Tang Zichen's martial arts skills, this was too strong, no wonder Tang Zichen had just told Jiang Mingcheng that he didn't use his sword because he was afraid that Jiang Mingcheng wouldn't be able to receive a move, as expected ah.Thought it was him pretending to be a match just now, at this moment, Yang Fengyin realized that Wind Lightning wasn't pretending to be a match.

All the spectators were stunned to see Tang Zichen sword pointing at Yang Fengyin, including the beautiful woman sitting on the back of the fire beast, who couldn't help but look up at Tang Zichen at this moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Yang Fengyin, do you still have to use your yin and yang sword to get the lesson now?"

Yang Feng Yin warily said, "No, it's not necessary."Yes, as soon as people shot out their swords, there was no chance for him to connect moves, even if his Yin-Yang Sword was powerful, it was useless.

Tang Zichen put the sword away and said, "Then, I'll oblige, you can come to the White Flow Family when you're free and ask me for a fight."

"Okay, thank you, Brother Wind."Yang Fengyin said gratefully, people are really wonderful, one moment he was upset with Tang Zichen, the next moment, he was deeply convinced, strength, really is the easiest thing to make people submit.

In full view of the public, Tang Zichen flew away in a black jiao, taking Miss Bai Ling'er with him, and everyone watched as the black jiao disappeared into the sky.

When it was invisible, only then did the crowd rumbled with fervor.

"I go, this foreigner is too strong."

"My my, I'm really underestimating this foreigner, not to mention that Jiang Mingcheng lost to him, the fourth ranked Yang Fengyin didn't even have a chance to make a move with his sword out."

"Tsk tsk, what a terrifying person."

"Feng Yin, I remember this person's name."

The discussion continued for a long time.

On the other side of the sky, the dozen or so people sitting on the back of the Black Jiao, the top twenty people on the Ancestor Perfection List, all looked at the woman sitting on the back of the Fire Demon Beast.

"Hai Qing, what do you think of this person's strength?"One of them asked.

That pretty girl shook her head, "I don't know, I've never fought him before, and I don't dare to make any rash judgments."

"Ah, does it mean that even you don't have confidence?"

"I don't understand, alright, let's go."After saying that, that beautiful woman drove the Fire Demon Beast to fly away.

The people who were ranked second and third were now looking thoughtful.


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