King Of Kungfu in school 1271-1280


Chapter 1271

"Wind Lightning, Wang Rufang, I wonder if I can follow you, you want to cross the ocean and search for opportunities, bring me along."

Wang Rufang said, "I'm fine with it, more people and more companions, Wind Lightning, it's up to you."

Tang Zichen said, "After all, he is the Ancestor of the Divine Dragon Sect, since the Ancestor is interested, let's go together."


Liu Xuan also sat on Little Fire's back, and the three of them left together.

Half a day later, they arrived at the Endless Gate.

"Wow, that was fast, having such a fast flying exotic beast, it really isn't difficult to cross the ocean."Liu Xuan said.

Tang Zichen said, "Two seniors, please rest for a few days, and when I'm ready, I'll start setting off."


Tang Zichen had someone arrange for Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan to stay.

Tang Zichen went back to find his relatives. Remember the URL

"How's it going, Windy?"Shigure was busy asking, before Shigure returned to the Endless Gate first.

"Shini-san, those people believe it, I think they should leave with that chest soon."

"Well, that's good."

"Right, Shini-san, help inform everyone to meet at the main hall, I have something to tell you."


Ten minutes later, all of Tang Zichen's relatives arrived at the main hall, including Qin Ren, who was still holding her daughter in her arms.

Tang Zichen said, "There's something that brought everyone here today, I'm getting ready to cross the ocean."

"What? So urgent."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy saying, "Feng'er, didn't you promise me that you wouldn't go to that continent until you reached Ancestor Great Perfection?In case your enemies find out."

"Sister, nesting here every day, at least I have to wait until I'm ninety years old before I can reach Ancestor Grand Perfection, the only advantage I have now compared to others is that I'm younger, youth is my chance, I can't waste my time on the Endless Gate.Although the Endless Gate was my dream in the beginning, but now I wish even more that I could take another level myself.Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan, they are all ready to come with me."

The teacher's wife looked at Rei Qin and said, "I thought life was going to start stabilizing, but now you're going to start running around again, what do you want Rei'er to do, she's just given birth, besides, running around like this is not conducive to Qin Nui's growth."

Tang Zichen was also torn, family was also a stumbling block, it was impossible for his little sister to carry a child and follow him around, across the ocean, this was no joke, and there was no telling what dangers she would encounter.

Tang Zichen's eldest brother said, "Brother Feng, I can actually understand you, over the years, we have all gradually grown older, we all feel the gradual decrease in life, you want to climb higher, this feeling is understandable, no one wants to reach the big limit so soon.However, Little Sister's current situation is really not suitable for running around.However, I didn't discourage you, I think it's better to let Little Sister and the others continue to stay at the Endless Gate, and when you've settled down on the other side, you can pick us up and come over."

"Yes, after all, the unknown factor of crossing the ocean is too great, all of us following you together will instead be a burden to you, why don't you go with Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan first, I believe that you have Little Black Little Fire, it probably won't take many months to travel between the two places."

"Alright."Tang Zichen nodded, then he would go across the ocean first without everyone else, just him to see what's going on first


After the deliberation, the meeting was adjourned.

Tang Zichen came to Rei Qin's room, Rei Qin was nursing, Rei Qin's eyes were red and seemed a bit sad.

"Rei'er, will you blame me, the baby isn't even a month old yet and I'm about to cross the ocean."Tang Zichen asked holding Qin Rei's hand.

"Husband, I'm not blaming you, I'm just worried about you, you're leaving this time, the road ahead is long, there are too many unknowns, if anything happens, what about me and Qin Nui, the orphan and widow."

"Rei'er, don't think too much, what could happen to me."

"You go to the other side of the ocean, after all, there are enemies there who killed your loved ones, who can guarantee that you will be unharmed, how can you not let us worry."Rei Qin cried out.

"Alas, Rei'er, originally I also thought that I would live here for more than twenty years, and when Qin Nui grows up, I will almost step into the Ancestor's Great Perfection, then I will head to the other side of the ocean, but this time, such a strong enemy suddenly came, which makes me feel like a crisis, this time, we used that chest to get through a crisis for the time being, but what about the next time, just in case there is still aAnd this crisis appears?So, I can't stay at the Endless Gate and sit idly by, I have to fight and struggle for our home and try to go higher so that I can give you, our daughter, and everyone else a stable home."

"Husband, you don't have to say anything, I understand."

"Reiji, the family is going to be counting on you."

"Oooh, Husband, you must be careful."

"Of course, for you, for my daughter, for everyone, I'll definitely be careful in everything."

Little Sister's head rested on Tang Zichen's chest, while her daughter was still sucking on her milk.

Tang Zichen vowed that for the sake of this family, he must strive hard, but of course, he must ensure his own safety and security.Tang Zichen couldn't imagine if he died, what would happen to this family, what would happen to Qin Ren, what would happen to his daughter, and what would happen to his seven beautiful wives.

"When are you leaving?"Qin Ren asked.

"In a few days, Qin Nui will be a full moon, and when she's full, I'll be almost ready to leave, and I also have to make sure that the group of people on the mountain of the Tangshan School must go first."

"Well, then you can still stay at home for ten more days,"Qin Ren said.

Tang Zichen hugged her tightly.

In the evening, Tang Zichen carried two jars of wine to the guest room where Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan lived.

"Let's drink some."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xuan said, "Wind Lightning, seeing that your heart is heavy, could it be that you are reluctant to leave home."

"Oh, my daughter isn't even a month old yet, of course I can't leave, if I could, who wouldn't want to stay at home with me every day.But I can't, I'm only fifty-five, I still have a chance to fight my way to a higher level."Tang Zichen said.

Wang Rufang sighed and said, "I really envy you, you still have almost a hundred years left, while I, less than ten years, even eight, five years."

Liu Xuan said, "People are more angry than people, I am also very envious of Wind Lightning, I am very honored as the ancestor of the Divine Dragon Sect to be able to produce such characters."

Tang Zichen poured a bowl of wine for the two of them and smiled, "I also envy you, without family ties, you can have no worries."

Liu Xuan said, "Actually, I used to have a son, but unfortunately, he died some years ago."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xuan, Wang Rufang, drank until dawn.


Three days later.

A black auger flew in the sky far away from the Endless Gate.

"Huh?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, originally Tang Zichen thought it was Little Black, but after that black auger flew closer, he realized that it wasn't Little Black, moreover, there was a man sitting on the back of that black auger, that man was the one who had come from the other side of the ocean, the son of the Dengfeng realm powerhouse, who seemed to be called some kind of Yuan Linghua.

"Zichen, who is that?"Tang Zichen's senior brother asked vigilantly.

"He's the son of that peak-defying powerhouse, called Yuan Linghua, it's strange, why haven't they left yet and come to our place."Tang Zichen had a bad feeling inside, this one called Yuan Linghua, had previously sat on Wang Rufang's back and insulted when he was in the Tang Mountain Sect.

"Is he the only one?"Xie Yong asked.

"I don't know, it looks like he's the only one."

At this time, Little Blackie was busy flying out and said excitedly, "Brother Chen, I've finally seen my own kind."

Tang Zichen was afraid that Little Blackie was too impulsive, he was busy saying, "Little Blackie, don't be impulsive yet, that black jiao is the enemy's, don't you dare run up there foolishly."

"Brother Chen, of course I understand, hahaha, I'm so excited, I've finally seen my own kind, and it's a female, and it's pretty.".

Tang Zichen and the others watched as the black jiao, from the distant sky, slowly approached the Endless Gate, and finally stopped in the sky above the Endless Gate, and the man sitting on the back of that black jiao immediately jumped down from the black jiao and landed in front of a large hall at the Endless Gate, where Tang Zichen and the others were standing. One Second Remember to Read the Book

The man called Yuan Linghua looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "I seem to have seen you at that Tangshan School place, you were there in that palace that day, right?"

This man, Yuan Linghua, spoke in a superior tone, and although his own realm, was only in the early stages of the sect, he didn't feel the slightest bit afraid.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, it's meeting me, I don't know what you're doing at my Endless Gate.Haven't you already found what you're looking for, why aren't you leaving."

"Dead aborigine, when we leave, it's none of your business, I haven't had enough of this aborigine place of yours, I want to play with all the beautiful aborigine women you have here, do you have a problem with that?"That Yuan Linghua said.

Tang Zichen said, "This is your business, it has nothing to do with me."

Yuan Linghua said, "Alright, I'm tired after flying for half a day, you are the supreme leader of this sect right, hurry up, get me some water to drink, then, bring me the prettiest woman you have here."

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, our Endless Gate, we don't have any beautiful women."

"Kid, you don't seem to be clear about our status ah, the purpose of me coming out to stroll around is to find out if there are any beautiful women, you fucking ate your ambition, you dare to tell me that there aren't any, if there aren't any, then bring your wife out for me to go to the fire."

Tang Zichen clenched both fists, veins bulging in his hands.

And at this time, in the sky, Little Blackie had already flown to the side of that Black Jiao, Little Blackie is really a slut, bag, Tang Zichen told him not to be impulsive, but he flew up impatiently.

"Hi, how are you, can I talk to you?"Blackie said in greeting to that black jiao.

That black jiao looked at, "Who are you?Did you come with us, too?I don't think so, I don't seem to remember you when we were here."

"I'm a black dragon born and raised here, my name is Blackie."


bsp; Little Black fought with that Black Jiao at once.

On the ground, Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan flew out.

"Wind lightly, don't be impulsive."

"Yoho, you guys are also here, what are you all gathering here for?Could it be that you want to plot a rebellion?"Yuan Linghua looked at Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan who suddenly flew out and said with a sneer.

Wang Rufang said, "What are you doing here, now that what you want has been found for you, why don't you leave?"

That man, Yuan Linghua, without saying a word, came up and slapped Wang Rufang in the face with a "slap", then said, "Insolent, what status do you have that you dare to talk to me like that."

"You!"Wang Rufang's anger was almost uncontrollable.

Tang Zichen also couldn't control it anymore, an early clan master, but he was so arrogant here, it was just having a father of the Dengfeng realm.

Liu Xuan was afraid that Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang would fight, he was busy saying, "This lord, I'm really sorry for the poor hospitality, I hope you don't get along with my two brothers."

"Hmph."Yuan Linghua shook his clothes, snorted, and said, "This is still like human words, hurry up, prepare some food for me, and find me some pretty women out, remember, if it's not a pretty woman, then don't blame the young master for me burning your place down with fire."

Liu Xuan busily turned to Mu Yuyao and commanded, "Don't hurry up and order people to prepare."

Mu Xuan bit his teeth.

Just at this moment, Xiao Meng flew over from a short distance away.

"Brother Zichen, what's happening."Xiaomeng asked.

The man called Yuan Linghua turned his head to look at Xiaomeng, and his eyes straightened.

"Wow, a beautiful woman."Yuan Linghua looked at Xiaomeng and licked his lips, as if Piggyback had seen Chang'e.

Xiao Meng suddenly looked at Yuan Ling Hua in disgust, some puzzled Tang Zichen, who is this person, doesn't he know that this is the Endless Gate?Dare to be rude here.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, bad news, Xiao Meng really shouldn't be out at this time, let this Yuan Linghua see, with Xiao Meng's beauty, let this Yuan Linghua see, what's more.

As expected, Yuan Linghua laughed, "Don't look for any other beauties, I think this one is good, well, I want to take this one with me."

Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan both turned pale, feeling bad, Tang Zichen was definitely going to be furious.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen sneered, "You want to take it with you?Instead, you bring me one to look at."

Yuan Linghua looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "What, you dare to stop me from taking it away?"

Liu Xuan was busy saying, "This lord, she is Wind Lightning's wife, I'm really sorry."

"So what if it's his wife, moi, even if it's his mother, I'm on it, I have to take it away."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "Looking for death."

Tang Zichen's eyes flashed with a murderous aura, yes, it is tolerable, Tang Zichen wants to kill this person, don't tell Tang Zichen that his father is a Dengfeng realm, even if his father is a god, Tang Zichen can't tolerate it.

Wang Rufang grabbed Tang Zichen's hand and said, "Wind Lightning, don't be impulsive, it's hard to quell this incident, if you kill him, it will be the end."

Liu Xuan also advised, "Yes, Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen snorted, "A man who tried to hit on my wife, do you think I can still be calm?"


Tang Zichen spoke to the voice, "Little Fire, go help me see if he came alone, and if there's anyone else around."

"Good."After saying that, Little Fire rushed up into the sky and poked around a few hundred miles away from the Endless Gate.

The man called Yuan Linghua sensed the killing intent on Tang Zichen and said angrily, "What do you want?"

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Dumbass, death is near."

"Ridiculous, how dare you kill me?My father is Dengfeng Realm, Great Martial Empire Emperor Xuan Sun, if you dare to touch a hair of mine, I'll make your entire sect bleed."Yuan Linghua threatened.

"Hahaha, where is your father at this moment?Call him out."

Yuan Linghua's face changed a bit, as if he sensed that Tang Zichen was a bit crazy, unthreatened, a bit afraid inside, before he thought that the natives of this place, left to be bullied by him, would never dare to resist.So, this time he was out alone, he had wanted to see if there were any very pretty indigenous beauties in this place, if there were, he would of course be rude.It wasn't easy to come to this indigenous place, he wanted to have a good time, in the Great Martial Empire, although he had a father who was in the peak realm, the beauties were never available to him.

So, right now, seeing Tang Zichen's eyes full of murderous aura, he was a little scared because his dad didn't even know where he was.

"Daring aborigine, you dare."Yuan Linghua shouted, attempting to use his momentum to overwhelm Tang Zichen.

"Hahaha!"When Tang Zichen saw Yuan Linghua's expression, he was basically sure that he must have run out by himself to find a woman, so that no one would know if Tang Zichen really killed him.

At this time, Little Fire, who had gone to find out what was going on, came back, "Brother Chen, within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, there is no sign of his accomplice, this guy should have come out alone." First URL

"Very well."Tang Zichen bit out.

Yuan Linghua's face changed slightly when he saw Little Fire, in the Great Martial Empire, fire beasts were a more advanced species, usually only people with noble status were worthy of having fire beasts as mounts, but he didn't expect that in this small place, an aborigine would have black jiao and fire beasts.

Yuan Linghua shrugged his sleeves and hummed, "I still have things to do today, I'll leave first."

Yuan Linghua wanted to leave.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Where to go."

Yuan Linghua raged, "Don't be too presumptuous."

Liu Xuan advised, "Windy, let him go, don't make things unmanageable ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Ancestor Liu Xuan, you're wrong, if you let him go at this moment, then my Endless Gate, will soon be bleeding to death, do you think, this kind of person will let us go when he goes back?Just now, he's already offended."

Wang Rufang sighed and said, "What Wind Lightning said is also true, it has already offended."

"Ah, then really kill ah?His father is a Dengfeng realm."Liu Xuan's face was white and very scared.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Is there any other way to go now that it's over?Kill, Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, help stop him, don't let him escape, that black jiao of his is fast."

Liu Xuan and Wang Rufang had to help.

That Yuan Linghua was really anxious.

"I won't let you go, all of you will die."After saying that, Yuan Ling Hua shouted, "Green Onion."

Green Onion was the name of the black jiao that he had just ridden in.

However, after he shouted, there was no reaction, and he suddenly looked up at the sky to see that the mount that was just in the sky was now gone, Yuan Linghua wanted to quickly ride away on his black jiao, with the speed of his black jiao, he could have escaped, but, at the critical moment

and went nowhere.

Yuan Linghua suddenly roared, "Green Onion, you fucking dead dog, get out of here."Yuan Linghua was furious, not at the critical moment, going back must be a good way to clean up this black jiao.

At this moment, in a mountain stream in the back of the Endless Gate, two black jiao bodies were intertwined together, that female black jiao, and from time to time, humming and aahing sounds occurred.That female black jiao was a little breathless and said, "Brother Hei, I, I think I heard Duke Yuan Ling Hua calling me."

Little Blackie smiled, "A moment of spring is worth a thousand words, close your eyes and don't speak."

At the Endless Gate, Yuan Ling Hua was really going to cry in a hurry and shouted again, "Green Onion, you come out ah."

Tang Zichen stepped forward, and Yuan Linghua flew back as he was wary of Tang Zichen.

Yuan Ling Hua didn't know where that black jiao of his had run off to, he had the heart to kill it at the moment.

Where did Yuan Ling Hua know that his Black Jiao had been tricked by Tang Zichen's brother, Little Black, into going to the back of the mountain.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was also a bit confused, originally Tang Zichen was worried that the other party riding the black jiao, could surround him, so he asked Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan to help.

But he didn't expect that the other party's black jiao had gone nowhere, and it was good that he couldn't fly with his wings.

"Hahaha, boy, today I would like to see how arrogant you can still be."Tang Zichen dashed up.

Tang Zichen lifted up that Yuan Ling Hua in a flash.

"Don't, don't kill me, if you dare to kill me, my father won't spare you."Yuan Linghua threatened as he struggled.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Your father, sooner or later, I will kill him as well."

"You dare."


"Pah, pah, pah, pah."Tang Zichen grabbed Yuan Linghua and slapped him furiously.

Tang Zichen said to Wang Rufang, "Senior Wang Rufang, you've been insulted by this guy several times, don't you want to take revenge?"

Wang Rufang bit her teeth and said, "Also, if we're going to kill him anyway, then let's give him a few good slaps back."

"Slap slap slap."Wang Rufang also greeted with numerous slaps at once.

Yuan Linghua was beaten by both Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang, and all of a sudden, he looked like a pig's head.

"Oooooh, my father won't spare you, you bastards, my father will exterminate your whole family."Yuan Linghua cried vaguely, as he was swollen and couldn't speak clearly.

Liu Xuan sighed, he was worried about how to take care of the aftermath.

After Wang Rufang slapped a few dozen times, he said, "Wind Lightning, hurry up and kill them, destroy the corpses afterwards."


Yuan Linghua cried out loudly, "Don't kill me, don't, oooooh, Green Onion, you cheap snake, I'll skin you."At this time, he still had the heart to curse that black jiao of his.

At this time, at the back of the Hundred Flowers Gate.

"Brother Hei, are you done ah, I have to hurry back, later Duke Yuan Ling Hua will be angry, then I will have to suffer another skin and flesh pain."

"Shh, hurry up, I was just about to finish, I was disturbed by you, bad, it will take a while to finish again.".

At the Hundred Flowers Gate, Tang Zichen raised his palm and said, "Yuan Linghua, there's a way to heaven and you won't go, there's no door to hell, you're asking for it, you fucking dare to even think about my wife, go to hell today."Tang Zichen struck down with a slap.

Just at this moment, a voice came from the ground, "Wait a minute!"


Tang Zichen's palm stopped for a moment and looked to the ground.

The person who had just shouted wait, was Shangguan Rou.

Shangguan Zou said, "Zichen, after killing him, the ripple effect is so great that if we can't control it, it will kill the entire Jianghu.Even if that won't be the case, we'll have to flee immediately just in case.Zichen, he's only an early clan master, I can use mesmerism on him to make him forget he was here."

Liu Xuan busily said, "Right, right, so much the best."

Tang Zichen snorted, "This trash wants to hit on Xiao Meng give me a reason to not kill him."

Wang Rufang said, "Wind Lightning, if there is indeed a way to make him forget, it would be better not to kill him, after all, we can't selfishly gamble with the lives of the entire Jianghu people.Although he wants to take your wife, but after all, he hasn't brought it yet, even I can be forgiven for being slapped by him, not to mention that his idea of your wife is just an unimplemented one."

Tang Zichen was a bit torn.

However, this son of a bitch was indeed abominable to the extreme, Tang Zichen could hardly quell the anger inside without killing.

Yuan Linghua saw that his life had taken a turn for the worse, he panicked and begged for mercy, "Senior, don't kill me, I was wrong, I'll kowtow to you, I'll make amends, kowtow as many times as you want, as long as you don't kill me, I'll definitely accept the Ecstasy without resistance to clear the memories of coming here."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What if your memory is restored?"

On the ground, Shangguan Zhuo said, "No, as long as he accepts Ecstasy without resistance, it's 100% guaranteed to erase this memory of his, unless." Remember the URL

"Unless what?"

"Unless there's a mesmerist who's better than me to help him revive it, but normally, no one would even know he's had his memory wiped."

Tang Zichen snorted, "That means there's no way to be one hundred percent sure, so I'm sorry, but I still want to chop him up."

Tang Zichen held up his palm.

"Wait, don't, don't kill me, it's useless for you to kill me, my Black Jiao Green Onion, it knows I'm here, do you think this is a seamless affair?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, yeah, that black jiao of his knew, unless Tang Zichen killed his one together, but that black jiao of his was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Liu Xuan said, "Wind Lightning, even though your anger is hard to dispel, you have to think about the entire Jianghu, don't be too selfish, your wife didn't lose a single cold hair, but she just suffered a bout of anger, you have to gamble with the lives of the entire Jianghu, it's too selfish."

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed by Liu Xuan's words, how come he is still pleading for a son of a bitch, now Tang Zichen whether to kill or not.

Tang Zichen grabbed Yuan Linghua's hair and said, "Go down and kowtow a thousand heads to my wife before I consider whether to kill or not."

"Yes yes yes."

Yuan Linghua immediately flew to the ground and knelt in front of Xiaomeng, ready to kowtow.

Tang Zichen thought that he would really kowtow a thousand heads, in which case, forget it and spare him once.

However, Tang Zichen never expected that Yuan Ling Hua was about to kowtow when he suddenly took an arrow step, grabbed Xiaomeng, and used a short knife across Xiaomeng's neck in an attempt to use Xiaomeng as a hostage.

"Don't come over, anyone who dares to come over, I'll kill this woman."Yuan Linghua used the knife against it.

Seeing Yuan Linghua suddenly make this move, Shangguan Rou and the others, sighed, they had no choice, they had wanted to spare his life, but he was looking for death.

Xiao Meng was slashed by him with the knife, but Xiao Meng didn't panic in the slightest, as

Yuan Linghua must have been in a rush and didn't think that this woman was far stronger than him.

Yes, Xiaomeng was a mid Zongshi, and he was only an early Zongshi, how could Xiaomeng be afraid of him.In his haste, Yuan Linghua hadn't even thought about Xiao Meng's strength.

This kind of person really didn't deserve to be forgiven, because this kind of person was a mad dog and would never be grateful.

Tang Zichen walked step by step towards Yuan Ling Hua.

Yuan Linghua roared, "I told you guys not to come over, or I'll really kill her."At the same time, Yuan Ling Hua shouted, "Green Onion, Green Onion."

Yuan Ling Hua thought that he only needed to stall for a little while until his Black Jiao came over and he could escape, so how could he really kowtow and admit his mistake, he was just tricking Tang Zichen into letting him go, then he could pretend to kowtow and take the opportunity to hold Meng hostage and gain time.

"Green Onion, you're not coming out yet."Yuan Linghua hissed anxiously.

Right now in the back of the mountain.

"Brother Hei, are you finished ah, I really have to go, I really heard Duke Yuan Ling Hua shouting at me, if I don't go find him, he will definitely cramp my muscles."

: "Green Onion, don't I make you feel comfortable?"

Green Onion said apologetically, "No, no, I, I'm grateful to you, but, I'd really be cramped by him."

"Green Onion, I've heard from the meaning of your words, in that world across from you, the Black Jiao is just the mount of those strong men, their dog that generally has no status, right?"

Green Onion lowered his head.

"If that's the case, why are you still looking for him, Green Onion, follow me."

"Don't you, in front of your master, want the status of a dog?"

"How can that be, that's my big brother, we're brothers."

"I don't believe your master, treating you as a brother."

"Lying to you I'm not a jiao, green onion, ignore that Yuan Ling Hua, follow me from now on."

"Me, I'll think about it."Green Onion flew away, Little Black immediately chased after him.

At the Endless Gate.

Yuan Linghua shouted as she backed away, "Don't come over, don't force me, I'll really kill her."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You have the guts to kill."

Tang Zichen was convinced that he couldn't kill Xiao Meng, and underestimated Xiao Meng, who didn't resist at all, otherwise he would be able to blackmail Xiao Meng?

At this moment, Xiao Meng suddenly twisted Yuan Ling Hua's body.

"Clack!"Yuan Lingwa's arm was twisted off.

"Ah."Yuan Linghua screamed.

At that moment, in the sky, Green Onion flew in and was frightened to see Yuan Linghua screaming and falling to the ground.

"Lord, master."Green Onion's body trembled and looked at Yuan Linghua.

Yuan Ling Hua looked into the sky and roared, "Green Onion, you cheap snake, come now, I'll smack your tendons."

"Master, I am."

Tang Zichen looked into the sky, to, "Little Black, entangle that jiao, don't let it save Yuan Linghua."


Little Black immediately began to do mental work on Green Onion, saying that even if it saved Yuan Ling Hua away now, it would still be cramped when it went back.

On the ground, Tang Zichen once again held Yuan Ling Hua up by the neck.


"Yuan Linghua, I gave you a chance, you were the one who sought your own death, you really can't blame anyone for that."

"Don't kill me, please, I was really wrong."Yuan Linghua pleaded.

"Ridiculous, do you think, I'll give you another chance?Don't dream about it."After saying that, Tang Zichen said to Shangguan Zuo, "Zuo Zuo, come over and cast a mesmerizing spell on him to see if he has any enemies, and then after I kill him, make some false pretenses and pretend that it's his enemies who followed him from the other side of the river to kill him."


Shangguan Rou immediately cast a mesmerizing spell on Yuan Ling Hua.

"Do you have any enemies in life or death?"


"Who's he."

"His name is Vast Grain, I strong his sister and he keeps trying to kill me, but unfortunately he hasn't succeeded several times."

"What is the strength of that vast grain?"

"Ancestor Grand Perfection." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Tang Zichen laughed, "Very well, it is the vast grain that killed you today."

After saying that, Tang Zichen killed Yuan Linghua with a palm.

"Phew!"Everyone breathed a deep sigh of relief, Tang Zichen eventually shot the son of a bitch, but it was not Tang Zichen's fault, after all, Tang Zichen had given him the chance to die.Liu Xuan and Wang Rufang also had nothing to say.

Wang Rufang said, "Now that he's dead, what are you going to do with him?"

Tang Zichen said, "Let's find a place and end up near the soup mountain, then throw him under a tree, and after using his fingernails, scratch out two words 'vast' on the tree, that's fine, if you're really worried, then scratch out three words, vast grain.

"What if his father doesn't believe it?"

"If you don't believe me, then let him take his time to investigate, that's all we can do anyway, the rest is up to fate."

"Okay, then get ready."

"Wait."Liu Xuan looked at the black jiao in midair.

The black jiao called Green Onion was trembling in midair.

Tang Zichen flew up and said, "Your name is Green Onion?"

"Back to senior, yes."

"I believe you're a smart jiao, now that Yuan Ling Hua is dead, you'll be chopped to death by his father if you go back, besides, I heard Yuan Ling Hua's tone, only treating you as a dog, I'm now giving you a chance to be a man, my brother Little Black, always wanted to find a wife."

The little black beside him was busy being embarrassed, "Brother Chen, what are you doing, hehehehe."

"Don't interrupt, I see you and my brother Little Blackie, quite a match, how about you marry my brother?You'll be my brother from now on, too."


Little Black immediately body wrapped around to the green onions, hehehe smile: "Don't hesitate, just in the back of the mountain what do la, so decided, after that is my wife, hahaha."

Tang Zichen was speechless, Little Black is really fierce, so fast, he hooked up with someone to the back of the mountain.

Tang Zichen no longer cared about that green onion, he believed that Little Black could handle it.

After that, Tang Zichen pulled Yuan Linghua's corpse to a place a few hundred kilometers away from the Tang Mountain School, threw Yuan Linghua's corpse into the woods, disguised the scene, and scratched out a few words on the tree, vast grain.

After that, Tang Zichen let Little Fire lurk in the distance, Little Fire usually does not attract their attention, making sure that Yuan Ling Hua can be found by their people, or be eaten by wild dogs, it is really hard to tell.

Two days later, Yuan Linghua's corpse was discovered by that group of people.

Not long after, that Dengfeng realm powerhouse arrived on the scene.


This is the word that was scratched out on the tree before the Duke died, and it was done by that bastard, General Grain."

"The vast grain?"That Dengfeng realm powerhouse frowned furiously, seemingly in disbelief again.

"Boss, before we even came here, that vast grain tried to kill Gongzi several times, but without success.Gongzi defiled the vast grain's sister, the vast grain must have followed us here and found the opportunity to kill Gongzi."

"Yuan Linghua really defiled the vast grain's sister?"That Dengfeng realm powerhouse asked angrily.

"Yes, boss, not many people know about this either."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"That, the male won't let us tell."

"Bastard."The mountaintop realm strongman looked at his dead son with some annoyance and said in his heart, "You unfilial son, you even dare to touch the woman your father was interested in, hoo."

"Boss, what now?Should we go catch the vast grain, maybe he hasn't left this place yet."

"No need, the corpse has been dead for two days, he's already run away."

"So, let's just leave it at that?"

"When there is a chance to kill the vast grain in the future, that's all I can do, this ungrateful son, I told him long ago not to woo too much, he didn't listen, his enemies are more than the vast grain, even if he doesn't die today, sooner or later he will be killed by someone else.Bury his corpse, and we are almost back."


At the Endless Gate, Tang Zichen and the others burst out laughing after hearing Little Fire's report.

"Haha, I didn't expect, so perfect, they actually believed it, great."Liu Xuan laughed loudly

Tang Zichen said, "It should be said that Yuan Ling Hua has done too many bad things, and it's because he has done too many bad things that he can easily find an opening for others, and even his father will believe that it was an enemy who did it."

"Right, there is no good retribution for bad guys."

Tang Zichen and the others were reassured.

Three days later, Blackie and Little Fire went to Tangshan Sect to find out what was going on, and when they returned, they said excitedly, "Brother Chen, they've left."

"Really gone?"

"Yes, they've left our continent, and I heard from the locals in Tangshan that they flew away on Black Jiao the morning before yesterday.To make sure they had indeed left, we poked around again along the road all the way to the coast, and all along the way, people said they saw them fly away.Chen, this time they're really gone."

"Well, it's good that these sons of bitches are gone, and from then on, our rivers and lakes will be peaceful."Wang Rufang was relieved, and so was everyone else.

Tang Zichen said, "Although they're gone, no one knows if there will be any more people from there in the future, so we can't slack off.Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, my daughter will be full moon in a few days, after drinking the full moon wine, let's prepare to leave as well."

"Okay, I've been waiting for this day for a long time."Wang Rufang said.

Tang Zichen still hadn't decided if it would really be just the three of them departing then, and if they should take one or two people with them, like Xiao Meng, Mu Yihao or something.

About another week passed in a flash.

Tang Zichen's daughter, Qin Nui, had a full moon, and Tang Zichen had set up dozens of tables at the Endless Gate to celebrate.

After setting up the full moon wine, it was almost time to get ready to leave.

Tang Zichen said, "This time to the other side of the ocean, there's no telling how far the journey will be, and there's no telling what will happen on the way, so I'm not going to take anyone with me, just me, Wang Rufang, and Liu Xuan."

"What about Little Black, Little Fire?"

"And don't bring, Blackie, Little Fire, stay here, just in case, and add another Blackie's wife, so that if something big happens, you can escape in time."


"So how do you get to the other side of the ocean?"

"Aviator."Tang Zichen said.

More than fifty flying machines brought from another world, and now there were still more than thirty left that were useless.Moreover, flying machines were more stable, so they could fly continuously without rest.Of course, flying machines could break down halfway, so Tang Zichen was going to bring an extra one to use when he came back later, and it could also be used as an aid in battle.

With that, Tang Zichen bid farewell to his wives, friends, and brothers, and set off with Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan.

"Phew!"Three shadows flew across the sky.

Soon, the three shadows flew out into the ocean again.

"Hey, hey, hey, can you hear me?"

Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan emitted Tang Zichen's voice over the intercoms, each of which was equipped with an intercom.

"Heard it."

Just like this, Tang Zichen's three men flew on the endless ocean, constantly flying forward, but no matter how they flew, the ocean was always endless, making people feel desperate, such a wide ocean could not be crossed if a boat was used.

Finally, after flying for about twenty days, Tang Zichen saw a very small island. The first website

"I'm exhausted, let's rest on the island for a few days and find something to eat."


The three of them landed on the island and worked together to get a picnic lunch.

After eating, all three were very tired and slept for two days before waking up.

"Alright, let's keep going, we don't know how far it is yet."

In fact, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that they had already flown a third of the way, because the speed of the aircraft, at least 1500 per hour, had been flying for twenty days, and they had already flown a long way.

Just like that, the three Tang Zichen continued to fly.

After flying for a few more days, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that there seemed to be something unusual about the ocean ahead.

"Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, you guys look, that ocean ahead, why is there such a large whirlpool?"

"Huh? Yeah, why?"

A huge ocean suddenly appeared in a whirlpool more than ten kilometers in radius, this drawing was too spectacular, this whirlpool was like.

Wait, Tang Zichen seemed to have thought of something.

"Ah, this can't be a passage through to the other world, right?"With a shock, Tang Zichen thought of this first, as passageways usually came in this form.

However, this whirlpool looked really terrifying, if it wasn't 100% sure that it was a passage, no one would dare to rush down.

Liu Xuan said, "Wind Lightning, let's not look at it, the appearance of such a large whirlpool, there must be something under the sea floor, with our kind of strength, in front of such a huge whirlpool, we are completely like ants, let's hurry up and go."

"Well, let's go then."Tang Zichen didn't look much and flew away quickly, if it was really a passage, then the next time he came back, he could check it out, after all, Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian and their parents were still at the other end, they all hoped that they would be able to go back and visit their loved ones before they died.

So they flew and flew and flew for another twenty days, and they stopped at an island again.

Because they were so tired, they were going to rest for ten days before leaving, even if they were strong, they couldn't handle it anymore.

Their hair, all of them had been deformed by the wind, and every single hair stretched straight back like a wire.


"Hahaha."The three of them laughed at the sight of each other.

Wang Rufang said, "There's no way to fix this hair, it's hard as anything."

Since they had to rest for a longer period of time, the three Tang Zichen built a small wooden shack on the island.

After that, the three of them went back to sleep after a full meal.

This sleep lasted for three days and three nights.

Tang Zichen crawled up, Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan were still sleeping, they were older after all, Tang Zichen didn't bother them.

They rested for ten days, and then, they continued to set out again.

Finally after flying for twenty days, they finally saw the continent appear in the distant sky.

"Continent, continent, look, continent, we're on the other side of the river."Tang Zichen shouted in surprise.

"Wow, it really is here."

"Mum, we've been flying for sixty days, two months, and with the rest all the way, it's nearly three months."Liu Xuan sighed deeply, the first time he had gone out this far, but at last, he had arrived across the legendary, distant ocean.

Tang Zichen said, "Including rest, it only took less than three months, it's still reasonable, fortunately we are using a flying machine, if we were to bring the black jiao out, it would definitely not be so fast."

"That's right, black jiao is a creature after all, it's impossible to fly continuously without getting tired.If you bring the black jiao with you, I'm afraid you'll have to add three times as much time, or even five times as much."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

In fact, Tang Zichen was really right, the group of people who rode the black jiao before, they were still far behind at the moment, and it would take them a year to reach it.

Tang Zichen looked at the distant continent, the sky of the continent was filled with the shadows of black jiao.

"There really are very many black jiao here, black jiao is like the horses in our world, just a more advanced form of transportation."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, Rufus Wang pointed to another place and said, "Look, there's a man over there riding a foreign beast that looks like a lion, it looks like your Fire Demon Beast."

"Huh, it does."

"Let's go, let's land and find a place to stay first, then we'll get used to our new life here and see if we can find the chance we're after here."

The three of them, Tang Zichen, immediately flew onto the continent, so as not to cause a stir, they didn't use their flying machines anymore, they just carried them on their backs, and then landed on one of the continent's docks.

The arrival of Tang Zichen's three men did not cause any attention.

Tang Zichen said, "Not everyone here is strong, look, there are still many who are less than innate, so there are ordinary people here as well."

"That's not nonsense, there are ordinary people everywhere."

The three of them walked on the street of the port city, the scene on the street, but it was similar to that side, there was no difference, just more strong people, there were also many black jiao hovering in the sky, of course, there were also horses on the street, but the horses were owned by poor people, and poor people couldn't have black jiao mounts.

The hierarchy here was strict, commoners, rich merchants, lower class martial artists, middle class martial artists, upper class strongmen, nobles, royalty, it seemed that the distinction was very clear, different people on the street could be distinguished at a glance by dressing up.For example, those who were able to have private black jiao mounts were definitely upper class strongmen, or people from the aristocracy and above.

Tang Zichen's three men looked for an inn to stay at first, to hang around here, one must first be familiar with the place, then they wouldn't have to look both ways.


"Guest, what would you like to drink."The liquor store's little second welcomed up, this store's second was only at the Inner Gate realm, and the Inner Gate realm was the lowest commoner here.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Two, let me ask you, where is this place?"

"Uh, a few guests are outsiders, huh, this is the City of Gold."

"Is there a map for sale here?"

"Of course I have."

After eating, Tang Zichen went out to buy a map, they had just eaten and had picked up money, luckily, when they came here, and all three of them thought if this meant a good start.

With the map, Tang Zichen felt less unfamiliar with this place.

"The place we're in now is the Great Martial Empire, a city by the sea, called Golden Silk City."Tang Zichen said spreading the map out.

Wang Rufang said, "Let me see if this place is really huge."

Tang Zichen flipped open a pamphlet, this pamphlet was a detailed geographical introduction of the Great Wu Empire, its customs and so on.

Tang Zichen said, "The Golden Silk City we're in now is roughly equivalent in area to our world, the territory of the two factions of righteous and demonic combined, which means that the continent we came from is only equivalent to a city here in someone else's." Remember the URL

"I go, this is too big, our entire Masamune and Demon factions combined, that's really big, here it's actually just a city under the Great Martial Empire."Liu Xuan was horrified.


Wang Rufang asked, "Does this book say how many cities are under the Great Martial Empire?"

Tang Zichen flipped it over and said, "Of course it says, this Geography of the Great Martial Empire is very clear, for example, about how many people are in each city, what kind of customs, which powerful families and whatnot, which strong people and whatnot, all of them are described in detail.In the entire Great Martial Empire, there are 389 cities."

"Wow!It's not true."


"It really is huge, that continent of ours.In front of others, it really is just a small island."

Liu Xuan also said, "I used to think that that continent of ours was huge, but now I realize that we are really frogs in a well."

"Wind Lightning, then take a look at the Golden Silk City where we are now, what kind of strong people are there and such."

Tang Zichen looked at the table of contents and flipped to the article on Golden Silk City, Tang Zichen looked down and said, "The Golden Silk City we are currently in has three great families, the Seagod Family, the White Flow Family, and the Golden Rock Family.Among them, the Seagod Family is the most powerful, its family business is spread all over the entire Golden Silk City, the entire Golden Silk City, and also, the head of the Seagod Family is a strong man in the middle of the Dengfeng Realm, named Hai Dafu."

"Hai Dafu?Oh."

"Windswept, this book, is there nothing more to it than an introduction to this?We came here to seek opportunities, is there any place here that is more suitable for us to go to, we didn't come here to stay in an inn every day, we need to find a way to get in touch with the strongest people in this place."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course there is, these three families in Golden Silk City are all permanently recruiting staff, to put it simply, to be their family's dog, they will give us a certain amount of wealth, status, and even give us a chance to become their family's backbone.Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, if you want to have more contact with the powerful people in this place, you can only go and be a dog of these three families."

Wang Rufang said, "What dog or not dog, of course I'm willing, I just want to have more contact with the strong people of this place, so that I can improve."


sp; "Me too, Windy, in that case, let's go to these three families."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

After a lunch break, in the afternoon, Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang Liu Xuan headed to the Seagod Family.

Because this Golden Silk City, the area was as vast as their side of the continent, so don't think it was close, if you relied on horseback riding, it would take ten days and half a month to get there.

Tang Zichen's three used flying machines and spent about half a day to find the Seagod Family.

"Wow, this is the Seagod Family, what a huge family."In the sky from afar, Tang Zichen saw the Seagod Family, that area of land was like no one else, of course, it was just that they had seen less.

Arriving at the main gate of the Poseidon Family, the three of them followed the procedure in a regular manner.

"You guys want to be staff members of the Poseidon Family?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

A Zongshi Grand Perfection level man of the Seagod Family snorted and said, "Sorry, our staff of the Seagod Family is restricted by conditions, first of all age, these two old men will not be able to enter the Seagod Family, secondly the minimum realm must be Zongshi Grand Perfection, this young one, only Zongshi Perfection, sorry, none of you three meet the requirements of the Seagod Family, please go back."


Tang Zichen had to leave in shame, it was too much of a trap, the three of them, in that continent of theirs, were prominent figures, but here they didn't even want to be staff to someone.

With no choice, Tang Zichen's three had to go to the next family.

"Let's go to the White Flow Family, the White Flow Family is almost half a day away from here."

Half a day later, the three Tang Zichen arrived at the White Flow Family, but it was already late, so the three of them had to wait until tomorrow and find a random place to sleep.

The next day, the three Tang Zichen arrived at the White Flow Family.

"You guys want to be our family's staff?"


"Oh, but you guys, two too old and one too weak, it's not like the Poseidon family doesn't want you, right?"

"How can that be, we've never even been to the Seagod Family, if you won't accept it, then we'll have to go to the Golden Rock Family."Tang Zichen turned around and left.

"Wait, what's the rush, I didn't say I wouldn't take it, alright, come in with me to the butler."


Tang Zichen, the three of them, followed the man in front of them and entered the White Flow Family, preparing to meet the steward, if the steward agreed, then they would officially become staff members of the White Flow Family from now on, to put it bluntly, they would be dogs.

As he passed a huge garden, Tang Zichen saw a group of girls playing ball on the turf below, but they weren't playing ordinary balls, they looked like iron balls, very heavy, coming from thousands of meters away and then hitting them over, a bit like playing basketball, except the court was wide and long to a distance of thousands of meters.This was the first time Tang Zichen had seen this kind of entertainment.

Liu Xuan frowned, "What's that for?"

Tang Zichen said, "Play ball without even knowing."

The man leading the way looked back at the three of Tang Zichen and asked, "Did you guys run out of the deep woods?Handball doesn't even know."

"Hehehe, sorry."

At this moment, that iron ball in the distance flew towards Tang Zichen and the others, the iron ball flew closer and closer, and when it reached the heel, Tang Zichen realized that the iron ball was twice as big as a basketball.


Tang Zichen immediately caught the iron ball, and surprisingly found that it was not an iron ball, I don't know what it was made of, in short, very, very light, lighter than a basketball.

It was simply too impossible to throw a ball this light, it was like a chicken feather, to throw it ten meters away.

Tang Zichen gathered all his strength and threw a fierce shot towards that shooting frame in the distance.

"Swoosh."The ball flew five hundred meters, then clanked into the basket.

"Yay."Tang Zichen exclaimed in shock, Tang Zichen didn't think he could throw it that far at all, but he actually threw it and hit it.

"Bold."At that moment, a few women flew up and yelled at him.


"Dare, who are you to throw this ball?"One of the flamboyantly dressed women reprimanded Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it just now, but when he saw the ball flying, he picked it up and pitched it.

The man who took Tang Zichen to the housekeeper was busy coming over and said, "Excuse me, Miss, I'm disturbing your elegance."

That lady said angrily, "Who are these people?" One second to remember to read the book

"Miss, they're here as staff, and I was about to take them to the housekeeper, but I didn't think I'd disturb Miss's game, so I'm sorry."

"Come as staff?"That lady snorted and glared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was very upset, this lady looked like a more powerful person.

"Yes, Miss, you continue to play, I'll take them to see the housekeeper right away.Don't leave yet."That housekeeper said to Tang Zichen's three men.

"Wait."That lady suddenly shouted.

"Is there anything else Miss?"

The lady pointed at Don Zichen and said, "Leave her here."

"Uh, miss, you want?"

"If I tell you to leave him here, leave him here, don't ask so many questions."Miss growled.


The man who was leading the way panicked and said to Tang Zichen, "Hey, you, what's your name."

"Wind Lightning."

"Wind Lightning, you stay here and don't go see the butler."

"Haha, why."

"Are you deaf, our Miss asked you to stay, meaning that you are already a staff member, in the future, if Miss has any orders, you can just do it, and you won't thank her yet."

Tang Zichen looked at that lady, although the growth is still okay, but, from the inside feeling uninterested, Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, I came to be a staff member, just want to get in touch with some other strong people, not to be a dude's sidekick, sorry, I can't."

"What? How dare you refuse me."That lady was furious when she heard that.In fact, she had just suddenly realized that this man was quite handsome and had come to be a staff member, so she thought that she would let him follow her in the future, but who knew that he was unwilling.

Tang Zichen said, "Why can't I refuse you, I'm here to be a staff member of the White Flow Family, not to be your follower, anyway, this empire, there are so many families, I can go anywhere."

"You're too big-mouthed for a Sect Master Perfection, since that's the case, I don't care, hmph."After saying that, the lady snorted and turned around to walk away.

"What's up with that."

Tang Zichen was depressed and wanted to leave, however, Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan pulled him back, Tang Zichen was helpless in order to

Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan consider that it's better to stay and hang around, now that they've just arrived here and aren't familiar with the place yet.

Tang Zichen wondered if he had offended that lady just now, and wondered if he would give him little shoes to wear in the future.

After meeting with the steward of the Bai Liu family, the steward saw that they were still strong and agreed to stay on as staff.

The steward said to Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan, "You two, you're older, I'm not going to send you any heavy work, you'll work as family guards in the White Flow Family with an annual salary of 100,000 coins."

"Okay, thank you, that, let me ask, when being an escort, will you be able to come into contact with other strong people?"

"Nonsense, the head guard is already in the early stages of the Dengfeng realm."

"Good, thanks."

Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan happily went to work as family guards.

"What about me?"Tang Zichen asked.

That steward sized up Tang Zichen and said, "You are younger looking and more handsome, and your strength is only a clan master's perfection, if it's a big task, I'm afraid you won't be able to handle it, so you'll be the White Flow Family, some young master's and young lady's guards."

"What? Let me be the young master's and young lady's guards, there's no mistake."Tang Zichen protested.

"If you don't want to, you can leave, since you have chosen to be the staff of the White Flow Family, you have to obey the arrangements and go wherever you are needed.Wang Ping, in our house, which young masters and misses are still lacking guards?"

That man, Wang Ping, immediately put his lips in the housekeeper's ear and said, "Housekeeper, just now on our way here, we ran into Miss Bai Yan'er, unfortunately, this Wind Lightning has offended Bai Yan'er, Bai Yan'er privately hinted to me to arrange Wind Lightning as an escort for Bai Yu'er, it just so happens that Bai Yu'er also needs an escort."

The housekeeper's eyebrows furrowed, this, isn't this harming people?

Bai Yu'er is just a servant, Bai Yu'er currently doesn't even have a guard, also a Miss of the White Flow family, just because she is a servant, the difference is so big, and also bullied everywhere, it was hard to have a guard in the past, but she was also killed by other Misses, the housekeeper somewhat sympathetically looked at the wind lightly.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, I go, what is this situation?

That housekeeper said to Tang Zichen, "Wind Lightning, it just so happens that there is a lady in the family who lacks an escort, Miss Bai Yu'er, you go and work as an escort for Miss Bai Yu'er and protect your master well."

"Could you please not speak so harshly about your master?When the fuck did I become a servant, I'm a staff member, not a servant."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes.

"Alright, anyway, the salary is not less than you, just be faithful to your duties."

Tang Zichen said, "Just look at your faces, is this a utter ah, serving Miss Bai Yu'er as an escort, shouldn't it be some kind of life threatening situation?"

"Nothing of the sort, don't talk nonsense."The butler was busy denying it.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "Hmph, there must be a pit, and lie to me that there isn't one, but who let me be Tang Zichen, the more so, the more I want to go and have fun, if it's no surprise and just a mixed salary, I'm not interested.Fine, then I'll go as Miss Bai Yu'er's guard."

Tang Zichen was taken by a servant, to a humble separate courtyard.

"This is the place where Miss Bai Yu'er lives."

"I'll go, why is this place so humble?Is this still the treatment of a Lady of the White Stream Family?"Tang Zichen said speechlessly, it seems that this Miss Bai Yu'er really has no place in the family.

Tang Zichen decided to hang around here for a while and then leave when there was a better place to go in the future.


"Go inside, we've sent someone to talk to Paiyu, she knows you're coming."

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen walked into that humble guest house.

Upon entering the other courtyard, he saw a person dressed as a maid, washing clothes by a sink in the backyard.

"Hello."Tang Zichen fed, this place was so desolate, Tang Zichen was a little regretful for coming, Tang Zichen's aim was to have more contact with strong people, but he ended up running to a desolate other courtyard, this was too sad.

That laundry maid was busy standing up and asked, "Are you, that one called Wind Lightning, the guard?"

"Yes, my name is Wind Lightning, the family arranged for me to be the guard here, where is your lady?How come you're the only one, hurry up and call your lady out."Tang Zichen said, this maid, who was also pretty looking, which balanced Tang Zichen's psyche, at least there was a beautiful maid who was also a servant for company.

That maid wiped her hands and smiled, "Hello, Senior Wind Lightning, I am Bai Yu'er."

"What, you, you're not a maid?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Oh, I'm Bai Yu'er."

"I'm dizzy, if you're a lady, why are you dressed up like a maid, you're pretending to be a comparison ah you."

"I, I'm sorry, Xiao Cui she's still recovering from her injuries, I only have me and Xiao Cui here, so I have to do all the laundry myself, I'm really sorry, I'm making senior laugh."Bai Yu'er said apologetically. The first website

Tang Zichen looked at how pitiful she was, all a bit sympathetic, this lady, had had such a miserable life, Tang Zichen didn't know what else to say.

"Nothing, that, where am I staying at night?"Tang Zichen asked.

Bai Yu'er hesitated and said, "Senior Wind Lightning, I don't know why the steward has arranged for you to be my guard, but I will go and speak to the steward and ask him to transfer you to work somewhere else."

"What? You're not satisfied with me?To transfer me out?"Tang Zichen was shocked, this lady, who seemed to be quite gentle and kind, was going to transfer Tang Zichen away before she did anything.

"No no, senior you've misunderstood, senior must be new to the White Flow family as a staff member."


"It's no wonder, I won't hide it from Senior, you'll likely perish if you work as a guard for me, I don't want to harm Senior because of me, I'm going to find the butler and ask him to arrange for you to go somewhere else."Bai Yu'er said as if she was about to walk out the door.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Alright, alright, you don't need to go to the steward, it's because of the danger here that the steward arranged for me to come here."

"Ah, why is that?"Bai Yu'er looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

"Oh, because as soon as I entered the White Flow Family, I offended a lady named Bai Yan'er."

"It's her."

"What? Do you know Bai Yan'er."

"Of course, did she ask the butler to arrange it?It's no wonder."

"This Bai Yan'er, in your family, what kind of person is he?It's surprising that she was able to get a housekeeper to listen to her."

Bai Yu'er said, "She's the householder's mother's own granddaughter."

"What about you?"

"My mother was only a maid, and my father was only born in a side room."

"By the way, you just said that there is danger in serving you as an escort, what is the danger?"

"Senior, you may not know that I used to have an escort, but later, I was killed by White Jock's Child.White Ringworm'er said that if I ever have a guard again in the future, come and kill one.Senior Wind Lightning, Bai Yan'er asked the housekeeper to arrange for you to be my guard, so I'm sure that he wanted to use White Jock'er's hand to harm you."

Tang Zichen was depressed, "Another White Jocker popped up, mother, how the hell is this as hooked up with the harem."

"White ringworm er is also the grandson of the main family, I don't know why she is targeting me at every turn, my girl Xiao Cui, a few days ago was beaten by her

Into a serious injury and still in bed, and she won't let me hire a physician, she says, to make sure I don't even have a maid."

"That's too damn cruel."Tang Zichen was speechless.

Bai Yu'er sighed, "Senior, I'm sorry that I got you involved in our affairs."

"It's fine, I, Wind Lightcloud, am just a person who likes to cause trouble, if nothing happens at all, then I won't bother being your escort."

"But, you'll get killed by the white ringworm."

"But, it's not certain who's going to get who killed, White Ringworm'er, as soon as you hear the name, is a fucking ugly girl."

"She, she does look average."

"Haha, it is true, by the way, what would she do to me if White Ringworm'er harmed me?"

"She'll call her guards, and White Ringworm has five guards, and all five of them are senior members of the Ancestor Perfection level."

"Uh, so, the same level as me."

"Well, the guards of the family's young master and young lady are all at most Zongshi Perfection, and those who are above Zongshi Perfection are arranged to work in other, more important places."

"Also, well, Miss Bai Yu'er, no one will dare to bully you in the future with me here."


"Don't but, by the way, what will happen if I cripple White Jellyfish?"

"What."Bai Yu'er was so shocked that she wanted to cripple White Jock'er.

"Never mind, Bai Jiao Er is the grandson of the main family, her parents, and her grandmother won't spare you."

"Are her parents strong?What is her grandmother again."

"Her parents aren't strong, but her grandmother, she's a Zongshi Grand Perfection."

"I go, it's only a Sect Master Great Perfection ah, it's nothing ah, it seems, it's not like you're saying that Dengfeng is full of people here, Sect Masters are like dogs, I thought, you're full of Dengfeng realm strong people."

Bai Yu'er said, "Although my little girl's martial arts skills are meager, she also knows something about it, the Peak Ascending Realm is a realm where martial arts skills are trained to the peak, not everyone can, it's not that easy.In our BaiLiu family, only the head of the family has reached the middle stage of the Peak Deng realm, and the entire BaiLiu family, if you don't count the staff members with foreign names, there are less than a hundred people who have reached the early stage of the peak."

"Ah, there's still a hundred, huh? Oh, well, that's more than I thought."Tang Zichen said.


"Then, if you include the staff members with foreign names, how many of you, the Bai Liu Family, have reached the Early Peak Deng?"

"Probably, about five hundred."

"I go, that's a lot."Tang Zichen felt like retracting his words, there were quite a few Dengfeng too.

However, in the entire Golden Silk City, there were only three big families, one of which, the White Flow Family, only had a total of over five hundred early peak ascents and one mid peak ascents.The three big families together, it was just adding three times, four times the number of people, but the Golden Silk City was as big as the entire continent on the other side, so it wasn't a lot, especially in the middle stage of peak ascension, five hundred early peak ascension white flow families, only one middle stage.

Tang Zichen could only conclude that even here, the peak-denying realm wasn't so easy to reach.

"Senior, you should drink some water."At this moment, Bai Yu'er was busy pouring a cup of tea for Tang Zichen.

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen saw that Bai Yu'er's hands were bubbling with blood, her girl had been seriously injured for the past few days, and she was exhausted from taking care of her girl as well as doing her own housework.

"Where are your parents, grandmother?"

"All, dead."Shirayuki said.

"Oh, what a poor boy, how old is he?"

"Back to senior, Yu'er is seventeen this year."

"Seventeen, huh."Tang Zichen quite liked this child, so pitiful, how about taking her as his goddaughter.


Tang Zichen was staying in Miss Bai Ling'er's courtyard for the time being.

His life as a staff member had officially begun, only Tang Zichen himself didn't know when it would end.

The next day.

At another lady's residence of the Bai Liu family, a maid looked hurried and reported to a young woman dressed as a lady, "It's not good, miss, that bitch Bai Ling'er, she, she, she."

"What's wrong with her?Is it dead?Hahahaha, the bitch is finally dead."That lady laughed.

"No ah miss, Bai Ling'er has a new guard now."

"What? That bitch has another guard?"

"Yeah, the slut's current guard, named Wind Lightning, is also a slut, what to do Miss, the slut has a new slut guard."

That lady's face was hideous as she snorted and said, "This slut, I won't let her have an escort, I've killed that escort of hers before, this time, I'm still going to kill his new escort, I'm going to make her life unbearable and force her to die, hahaha.Gui Hua, go get me Lan Ming right now, I'm going to clean up that bitch Bai Ling'er."


Ten minutes later, a middle-aged man at the Ancestor Perfection level came. Remember the URL

"Meet Miss White Ringwormer."

"Lan Ming, come with me to White Ringworm's residence, White Ringworm has another guard, help me get rid of that bitch's guard."

"Yes, Miss."That guard called Lan Ming nodded without hesitation, in the White Flow Family, the feud between staff and staff, staff killing staff, the White Flow Family wouldn't care, as long as the harm wasn't done by someone from the White Flow Family, the White Flow Family wouldn't dare to say anything.

If Tang Zichen was killed by Lan Ming, White Jock's guard, the White Flow Family would have no right to hold Lan Ming responsible for anything.

Tang Zichen was practicing martial arts in the courtyard, and Miss Bai Ling'er was washing her clothes, just like a maid, Tang Zichen could see it all, Tang Zichen originally wanted to leave, there was no future in being a guard here, but Tang Zichen was distressed that Bai Ling'er would suffer, that's why he decided not to leave yet.

As for Tang Zichen's previous thought of taking her as his goddaughter, this was just a thought within Tang Zichen's heart, but of course, if there was really fate in the future, being her godfather would be fine.

"Miss Bai Ling'er, when do you practice martial arts every day?"Don Zimmer asked.

"When you have time, ah."

Tang Zichen said, "You're only seventeen years old now, your martial arts realm has reached the late Innate stage, that's not bad talent, I was far inferior to you when I was seventeen."

Bai Ling'er pursed her lips, "Senior is talking nonsense, my talent is inferior, I'm much inferior compared to the rest of my family's peers, many of the family's young masters and ladies who are about the same age as me have reached the Unity Realm, even Bai Yan'er, Bai Jiao'er and the others have reached the Innate Great Perfection."Bai Ling'er was a bit frustrated, which was why she was being bullied, her mother was only a maiden after all, so her genetics were not as good as the other young masters and ladies, plus, she didn't have any powerful martial arts secrets to practice, nor did she have a strong person to teach her specifically.

"Bang."Just at this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open with a bang, and the door panels all flew in.

Bai Ling'er was frightened

The jump, panicked, "Senior, it must be the white ringworm that knows that I have new guards and has come to trouble you, senior, you should run."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, we were born from the same root, why should we be too anxious.

In the next second, the door that was blown open, walked in a woman of about seventeen or eighteen years old, the woman's appearance was extremely ugly in Tang Zichen's opinion.

"Yo, unpredictable ah, Bai Ling'er, a few days ago, long skills ah, actually know how to calculate the gossip, I haven't come in yet, even out of me la, still know what I want to do."The woman who came in said sarcastically, the tone and face anyway, making people really want to go up and kick a few feet.

A middle-aged man at the Ancestor Perfection level also walked in, his true age was unknown, he would be a dozen years older than Tang Zichen, but his appearance was at least twenty years paler than Tang Zichen.

That Ancestor Perfection Level man, as soon as he entered the courtyard, his eyes met directly with Tang Zichen, he made a neck wiping motion towards Tang Zichen, the threatening intent in his eyes, Tang Zichen felt it from a dozen meters away.

Tang Zichen's insides surged with a raging fire, he had lived until now and had never been compared to a neck-wiping action.

Death, Tang Zichen at once gave the man a verdict in his heart, even if he offended the Bai Liushi family, he would kill this son of a bitch, a man who followed his master and bullied a weak woman was worthy of Tang Zichen's death.

Bai Ling'er looked at Bai Jiao'er in fear and cried, "Bai Jiao'er, why don't you let me go yet, what will it take for you to let me go?"

Don't look small, but the fierce look on White Jock's face made people shudder.

"Hahaha, bitch, you want me to let you go, fine, isn't there a well under your feet, you jump down, you die, I'll let you go."

"Oooh, white ringworm child, why do you have to hate so much, there are so many ladies in the White Flow family, why do you want to have a hard time with me, my mother died early, I grew up without parents to love me, I've been growing up alone so far, why do you want to do this to me, are you happy if you really force me to die."

"Hahaha, because you're a little bitch, I'm just not happy with you, I'll be happy if you die, now why don't you go die?"White Jocky said grimly, in fact, White Jocky wanted to be jealous of Bai Ling'er so badly because Bai Ling'er was prettier than her, and it was best to bully someone who had no one to rely on in the family.

"Sooooo."Bai Ling'er cried sadly, looking very helpless, her mother was killed when she was born, by whom naturally needless to say, it must be those ladies of the White Flow family, for a girl who had sex with their husbands and also gave birth to little sluts, how could she not be killed.The white Ling'er, after all, is the white flow family seed, those ladies also do not dare to live to death, but also full of destruction, white Ling'er from childhood, no mother love, no father love, lonely and miserable, hardship life to now.When she was young, she was bullied by those ladies, and now that she's grown up a bit, she's being bullied by those ladies her own age, and there are times when she really wants to die.

Tang Zichen walked to Bai Ling'er's side.

Tang Zichen thought of his daughter, Tang Zichen also had daughters, if in the future, Tang Zichen fell prematurely, how heartbreaking it would be for his daughter to be bullied like this.

Bai Jiao'er said, "Bitch, do you think that you have another escort and your life will be better in the future?Hmph, you're dreaming, I told you, no matter how many guards come around, I'll get them killed one by one, hahaha."


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