King of Kungfu in school 1261-1270


Chapter 1261

"Alright, Youruo, let the group of old men cry, let's go play somewhere else."Tang Zichen led Youruo away, leaving the group of old men to cry out for the You ancestors in the main hall.

Tang Zichen brought Youruo to a quiet pavilion.

Youruo's heart was just a little shaken when Tang Zichen pressed Youruo against a pillar and kissed her wantonly until he released her after fifteen or sixteen minutes.Although she said on her lips that she didn't expect to get Tang Zichen, but now that she really got it, she was careful to take care of it for fear of losing it, and even her ancestral foundation could be used as a dowry.Although this was an act of defeat for her ancestors, to Tang Zichen, this was a woman who was willing to sacrifice everything for him, Tang Zichen looked into Youruo's eyes and said affectionately, "Thank you, Youruo."

"Brother Wind, I'm willing to give up everything for you."


"Hehehe."Youruo smiled and buried her head in Tang Zichen's body with deep affection, and with a few sweet words, she forgot all about it again.

After that, Tang Zichen and Mu stayed in Hundred Flowers Valley, Mu took care of the Hundred Flowers Valley disciples' reorganization himself, and Xiao Hei returned to the Endless Gate to report that the Endless Gate was ready for relocation.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, threw everything to Mu Yihao to handle, he and Youruo, enjoying the time alone, before the Endless Gate completely settled in Hundred Blossom Valley, Tang Zichen must first stabilize Youruo, in case she suddenly reneged, so Tang Zichen was with her every moment, while Youruo enjoyed Tang Zichen's tenderness, already polished everything, what ancestral foundation, might as well be happy with the lover for one night.

Three days later, in the back of the Hundred Flowers Valley, a quiet sea of flowers, amidst a large sea of colorful flowers, there is a cluster of flowers is shaking, under the flowers as if someone is doing something, a few minutes later, Tang Zichen and Youruo in that cluster of flowers to look up.Tang Zichen exhaled deeply and laughed, then lay back down in the flowers, Youruo's face flushed with infinite shyness.

These days, Youruo almost made up for all the missing passion over the years, the more you can't leave Tang Zichen.

For a long time, Youruo lay down on Tang Zichen's body and asked Nan Nan, "After we are like this, will I give birth to a child?" First web site


"So, when then?"

"I don't know about that, let's see if it's a hit or not."

"A hit?"

"Oh, it's hard to explain, but one day, you'll get pregnant."


"Alright, Youruo, let's go back to the Hundred Flowers Valley and see how things are going with Muyoung."


Tang Zichen and Youruo returned to the Hundred Blossoms Valley.

"Uncle Yuyao, how's the matter of the Hundred Blossom Valley disciple's identity reformation being handled?"

"Don't worry, it'll be dealt with soon, the opposition was strong at first, but after my persuasion, there's almost no opposition now, even the dozen or so Hundred Blossom Valley Assistant Elders are mostly willing to continue delaying the Endless Gate."

"Very well, hard work, Uncle Easy."

"Haha, just keep your woman company, you don't need to worry about these things."

"Of course, I've been accompanying her well these past few days."

"You kid, Cleopatra is really good, I really don't know if you were a monk in your last life."

"You're the monk."

Tang Zichen and Muyoung flirted a bit, then went back to Youruo's boudoir to find her.

And at this time, at the Endless Gate, it was also done

Having prepared for the migration, the tens of thousands of disciples of the Endless Gate were evacuating the island in an orderly manner before landing and heading towards the Hundred Flowers Valley.

About a month later, the Endless Gate's army successfully migrated to Hundred Blossoms Gate, tens of thousands of men and horses, like an army.

The Hundred Blossom Valley had already done a good job of receiving and settling in, and the Hundred Blossom Valley had even built many new houses on another mountain in preparation for the Endless Gate's arrival.

In this way, it took more than a month before and after, the relocation work of the Endless Gate was completely completed.

Since then, the Endless Gate began to formally settle down in the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Tang Zichen also sent out a wide range of Jianghu stickers, inviting the entire Jianghu sect, including the Devil Sect, to attend the opening ceremony of the Endless Gate next month.

Because of Tang Zichen's fame, many people came to celebrate the opening ceremony, even Bony Old Man and Wang Rufang.

After the opening ceremony, the Endless Gate was considered to be completely recognized by the entire Jianghu.

The Endless Gate was a rising scene at the moment, and every day there were people who came to worship the Endless Gate, and the Endless Gate decided to accept them or not based on their talent and roots.

The Endless Gate was completely on an orderly track, and no longer needed Tang Zichen to deal with any problems personally.

Apart from accompanying his ladies, Tang Zichen spent the rest of his time every day cultivating martial arts in the back of the mountain, hoping to step into the Great Perfection of the Ancestor Realm as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, three more years passed, and Tang Zichen was already fifty-five years old.

On this day, Tang Zichen learned a piece of news early in the morning.


"Shisun, what is it."Tang Zichen said as he practiced his martial arts.

"Feng'er, stop practicing, stop."

Tang Zichen stopped practicing his martial arts.

"Feng'er, good news, Rei'er she, she's pregnant."

"What."Tang Zichen was so shocked that the sword in his hand fell to the ground.

It was really hard for Tang Zichen to have a child now, he had started preparing for it five or six years ago, so many women, and after several years none of them were pregnant yet, Tang Zichen could understand, the more powerful they were, the less likely they were to have offspring, this might be the law of life.But today, it was suddenly learned that Little Sister was pregnant.

"Senior sister, you're joking."Tang Zichen said in surprise.

"Feng'er, how could Shisuniang play such a joke with you, I only just found out that Rei'er is pregnant for about a month."

"Ah, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh and immediately rushed home.

"Wife."Tang Zichen rushed into Rei Qin's room.


"Nympho."Tang Zichen hugged his little sister tightly and picked her up and spun her around a few times.

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er were also in the room.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tang Zichen, be careful."

Tang Zichen put his little sister down in a panic and happily kissed her on the forehead, his excitement unexpressed.Only, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun and the others were very envious, how much they also longed for one day to give birth to a boy and a girl for Tang Zichen, but there was no reaction after so many years, instead, it was Qin Ren, who conceived so soon, not knowing whether it was a boy or a girl.

"Husband, you know it."Qin Ren said shyly and happily, lowering her head.

"Auntie has just gone to inform me, Rei'er, you're really good, hahahaha, I'm Wind Lightning, I'm going to be a father, hahaha."Tang Zichen shouted.


After Tang Zichen's excitement, he suddenly saw Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou and others with a hint of loss on their faces.

Tang Zichen let go of Qin Ren, perhaps he was too excited just now, so they must have felt lost inside.

In contrast, also as Tang Zichen's woman, Qin Ren is the winner, not only with Tang Zichen openly held a wedding, now also pregnant.But they have been with Tang Zichen for decades and have not even had a wedding, so it's only natural that they are lost.Of course, they were also genuinely happy for Tang Zichen inside.

Tang Zichen looked at the room Xu Mei Qian, Qi Xue Yun, Shangguan Rou, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, and Youruo, and said: "The child born of Qin Ren is also your child, and when he grows up in the future, he will naturally call you mother, second mother, third mother, fourth mother, fifth mother, sixth mother, so called."

Shangguan Zuo, "Zichen, what do you mean to say so ah, make us in jealous like, we are not, you think too much."

"Oh, I'm afraid that you guys feel bad, all these years, I was too busy, I was so focused on martial arts, now the Endless Gate is also on track, Qin Ren is also pregnant, and I, still owe you guys a wedding."

Liu Xiangyun and the others' eyes reddened, not that they owed a wedding, but they thought of their relatives in the other world, it had been five years since they had blinked into this world, and the homecoming was hopeless.

Tang Zichen added: "All these years, the reason why I haven't held a wedding with you guys is because there is still someone in my heart, she is Mu Qianji, I originally wanted to hold a wedding after I found her.But now it seems that it's not just a matter of a day or two, and it may even be impossible to find her in a lifetime.I can't keep leaving you guys hanging like this, so how about this, before Rei Qin gives birth to a child, I will officially hold a wedding with all of you, one by one."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Why don't we do it together, one by one?"

"I'm going to do them one by one, so as to do you justice, so I'm going to do them in the order in which they were done with me.Next month, I will hold a wedding with Xuan'er; then the next month, I will hold a wedding with Xiangyun; then the next month, I will hold a wedding with Mei Qian; then the next month, I will hold a wedding with Shangguan Rou; then the next month, I will hold a wedding with Qi Xueyun, and lastly, I will hold a wedding with Youruo.How do you guys feel about holding one big wedding a month?"

Li Xuan'er said, "I have no problem with that, but I want Mei Qian and I to switch the order." Remember the website


"Mei Qian is a few years older than us and shouldn't be in the back of the line, or at least the second house."

"Good."Tang Zichen readily agreed.

Little Sister's first room, Xu Mei Qian's second room, Liu Xiangyun's third room, Li Xuan'er's fourth room, Shangguan Rou's fifth room, Qi Xue Yun's sixth room, and You Ruo's seventh room.

Tang Zichen will have seven wives.

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian suddenly said, "Zichen, what about Xiaomeng?You never mentioned her throughout, she has followed us for decades, she also abandoned her family members and followed you to this world, she doesn't deserve such treatment, you should know that Xiaomeng has always liked you."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Yes, Youruo silently waited for you for so many years, then you married Youruo, but Xiaomeng also silently liked you for so many years, why is Xiaomeng not treated like this.Anyway, you have seven houses, and you're not afraid of one more house, or else I feel unfair for Xiao Meng."

Li Xuan'er: "Yes, Zichen, marry Xiaomeng as well, if you don't, she has no intention of marrying again in this life, although Xiaomeng is a few years younger than us, but now she is over fifty years old, you delay her youth again, she

It'll be really old, and you won't marry her then if you want to."

"I, alas."Tang Zichen sighed and said, "Perhaps you are right, even though I treat Xiaomeng like my own sister, but she does not treat me like my own brother, it is just a matter of time, if I delay her for another twenty or thirty years, even if I am good at taking care of her, she will surely die of youth.Then marry her, she is also the youngest of you, then she will be my eighth wife."

"Mmhmm."Xu Mei Qian and a few others from the other world nodded their heads happily.Li Xuan'er said, "I'll go tell Xiao Meng the good news."After saying that she ran out of the room.

Tang Zichen laughed speechlessly.

And so, every month after that, Tang Zichen married a room as promised, starting with Xu Mei Qian, then Liu Xiangyun, then Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, and Youruo.

Eight months passed in a blink of an eye, and the last house, Xiaomeng, was also married on a day in the first half of the month.

Late at night, Tang Zichen was sent to the bridal chamber.

Once a month to send a bridal chamber, Tang Zichen is also drunk, but every bridal chamber in front of it is already that what, no freshness.But today's last bridal chamber is different, because today's bride is Xiaomeng.

Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng, never had any, Xiaomeng although more than fifty, but still as pure as a white paper.

Tang Zichen enters the bridal chamber, Xiao Meng sits on the bed, wearing a red scarf on her head, adopting the wedding style of this world.

Tang Zichen lifted Xiaomeng's red cover, Xiaomeng was especially beautiful today, as if Tang Zichen had known her for so many decades, the most beautiful day for brides.


"Brother Zichen."

"And call me brother Zichen."

"Me."Xiaomeng was as shy as she didn't dare to speak.

Tang Zichen held, "Xiao Meng, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

"No, no."

"All these years, you've guarded me, decades of your youth spent on me, I can't repay it in this lifetime."

"Don't talk nonsense, brother Zichen, how come."

"Xiao Meng, we have spent decades together since we met as teenagers, from today onwards, you are officially my wife, let's join hands and spend the rest of our lives together, okay?"

"Uh-huh."Moe cried and nodded her head.

"Don't cry, it won't look good if you do, and how else am I supposed to kiss it if the tears go on your lips."

"Pfft."Xiao Meng laughed speechlessly and wiped her tears.

Tang Zichen said, "Come on, Xiao Meng, call out to your husband."


"Call it."

"Lao, hubby."

"Hehe, that's my good wife."

Xiaomeng blushed, her heart beating fast.

Tang Zichen stopped Xiao Meng at the waist, hugged her in his hands and said, "It's time for the wedding."

Xiaomeng blushed and buried in Tang Zichen's arms, not daring to look up.Tang Zichen put Xiaomeng down and smiled, "Tonight, I'll make up for the youth you've wasted all these years, hehehehe."

"Brother Zichen."

"Shh, don't talk."


Tang Zichen exhaled and blew out the candle on the bedside table, the room darkened, and Xiao Meng would be ushering in a new life tonight.

Rei Qin's belly was getting bigger and bigger, and by now, she was already nine months pregnant.

In three more months, Rei Qin would be born, and Tang Zichen would change his identity and become a father.

It was a wonderful feeling to feel both anticipation and a slight panic in Tang Zichen's heart, as Tang Zichen had never experienced it and didn't know how to be a father.

And so, three months were quickly approaching.

On this day, Rei Qin felt 'abdominal pain', she was finally going to give birth.

A few hours later, Rei Qin finally gave birth.

"Master, Master, it's born, the doctor has given birth."The midwife happily came out and said, Tang Zichen and his brothers were waiting outside the door.

There was also something to say here, this year, not only had Tang Zichen gotten married, but all of Tang Zichen's friends, as well as Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, had all gotten married as well.

The only one who was single now was Tang Zichen's teacher's wife.

However, it was obvious that Tang Zichen's teacher's wife would never marry again, so she couldn't be compared to the unmarried ones. One second to remember to read the book

Mu had confessed to Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, but unfortunately, the confession had failed and Yan Xin Yi had rejected Mu, and Mu had been sad about it for days.

"Is it a boy or a girl?"Liu Yue was busy asking.

The midwife said, "It's a lady."

"Ah, a lady, okay."Liu Yue said regretfully.

Tang Zichen hummed, "What's wrong with a lady, a lady is not a human being, if you have the guts, don't even take a wife, hahahaha, whether it's a son or a daughter, I like it."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

Soon, the midwife carried the baby out.

Tang Zichen held the baby in his arms and looked at her without blinking, the baby had just been born very, very small, its head was only as small as Tang Zichen's palm, Tang Zichen smiled slightly and called out, "Daughter."It was a wonderful feeling, Tang Zichen couldn't express how he felt at the moment, it was a process from nothing to something, Tang Zichen's psyche, there was also a hint of a wonderful transformation, which was a shift in representing his identity.

Tang Zichen's friends, teachers and brothers, everyone gathered around to look.

"Wow, who does it look like?"

"It feels pretty much like Tang Zichen,"Wang Xing said.

"I feel more like my little sister."Big Brother Xie Yong said.

"I feel like Tang Zichen."

"Like my little junior sister."

So, Liu Yue Wang Xing and the others, they argued with Xie Yong, Hao Zizhu and the others.

Tang Zichen smiled, "What's the fight, this is the result of two people, Rei'er and I. She has mine and Rei'er's in her."

Yang Yijian said, "Tang Zichen, look at you happy, now you experience, what I felt in the memory stone at first."

"Well, experienced it, I will protect her with my life, my daughter."

"Brother Feng, hurry up and give my niece a name."Big Brother said.

At that moment, Wang Xing asked, "But, what about the surname Tang or the surname Wind?"

"Uh."That question really got everyone.

Yeah, last name Don, or last name Wind?

"Zichen, say something, what's your last name."

"I'm really having a bit of a hard time with that."

"Of course it's surname Feng, isn't it obvious."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "Alright, then her surname is Wind, let's call her Wind Qin Nui."

"Feng Qin Nui?"

"Yeah, the daughter of Wind Lightning and Qin Ren."Tang Zichen said.

"I go, good dirt, so after that you and Xu Mei Qian have another one, is it called Feng Xu Nui again?Having one with Xuan'er Li, also known as Feng Li Nui."Liu Yue said speechlessly.

Tang Zichen said, "Good, it's a good idea, that's how we'll name it from now on, hahaha."

Everyone laughed happily.

With the birth of Tang Zichen's daughter, Qin Nui, the Endless Gate was also filled with more joy.

Until one day a few months later, the Endless Gate suddenly received a heavy news.

"It's bad, it's bad, Windy, it's bad."

"Why are you panicking?"Tang Zichen looked at Mu, Mu would not normally be so panicky and rash, it must be something particularly significant.

"Wind Lightning, it's bad, something big has happened."

"Something big has happened to the Endless Gate?"

"It's not the Endless Gate, it's the Soup Mountain Sect that's in big trouble, we just got the news that the Soup Mountain Sect was tragically wiped out, the entire Soup Mountain Sect, up and down, except for some of the bottom level disciples, almost all of the Unity Realm and above were killed, the mountain where the Soup Mountain Sect is located, blood is flowing directly from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, the entire mountain is dyed red with blood."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, the entire Soup Mountain School was wiped out, oh my god, how tragic this must be, the Soup Mountain School had a hundred thousand disciples, to say the least.

"Why?I remember, it seems like the Tangshan School has two Sect Masters sitting in town, why was it wiped out."Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Mu said, "Those two Sect Master Great Perfectionists of the Soup Mountain School were the first to die."

"Who did it?"

"I don't know, I've heard it's people from across the distant ocean."

"People from another continent?"

"Yes, people from other continents, I don't know the specifics."

Just at this moment, a mid-stage disciple outside shouted, "Report, report."

"Report to the Head Master, a letter has been delivered."

"Present it up."

Tang Zichen opened the envelope, the envelope didn't leave any name, directly a commanding tone said, "Please all the highest leaders of the various sects who received this letter, immediately go to the Tangshan School, if you don't within ten days, you will definitely be exterminated."

Tang Zichen was furious, so arrogant.

"Wind Lightning, it looks like the person who wrote this letter is the one who will exterminate the Tang Shan School."Muyoung said.

"Nonsense, what does this group of people from another continent want?What do you want to do by exterminating the Soup Mountain Sect and then ordering the top leaders of various other sects to find them."

Mu said, "If I'm not mistaken, the extermination of the Tang Shan School is to give a boost to our entire continent's so sect forces, so that any sect that receives this letter won't dare not take it seriously.Wind Lightning, are we going?"

"Didn't you see the letter that said that the sects that don't go there will be destroyed?The strong man from the continent across the distant ocean who exterminated tens of thousands of people from the Townsend Sect with a flip of his hand, such methods are extremely cruel, and I'm afraid that there is no one in our entire continent who can resist it."

"Not even Old Man Boneless and Wang Rufang?"

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I think that group of people from across the distant ocean, I'm afraid that the martial arts realm has already surpassed the Ancestor Realm."

"Beyond the Mastery Realm, I've heard that after the Mastery Realm, it's the Dengfeng Realm, which means that the martial skills have reached the peak."

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded, the Peak Ascending Realm was also something that the Bony Old Man had told Tang Zichen during the previous Jiang Hu Conference, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't have known.


Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "Prepare yourself for a visit to the Tangshan School."

"But."Mu said nervously.

"There are no buts, we have a sect now, not at the beginning of the tsetse, we must consider the tens of thousands of disciples of the Endless Gate."


Muyoung also sighed.

Tang Zichen and Mu Yihao prepared themselves and then set off for the Tangshan School.

The two of them, Tang Zichen and Mu Free, went to let Little Fire help transport them, while Little Black, continued to stay at the Endless Gate, just in case, after all, Little Black was fast, if something embarrassing really happened, at least Little Black was able to evacuate Tang Zichen's relatives first.

Tang Zichen and Mu Yihao, in less than half a day, had arrived at the place where the Tangshan School was located.

However, Tang Zichen and Mu Eungyao did not immediately go up to the Tang Mountain Sect, but instead found an inn to stay at first in the city below the mountain of the Tang Mountain Sect.

Because Tang Zichen and Mu Ziyao came the fastest, the people from the other various sects must not have arrived yet, Tang Zichen didn't need to be the first one to go up, what if the first one to go up was the first to be unlucky, so Tang Zichen had to wait for the strongest people from the other various sects to come before going up to the Tang Mountain Sect.

Tang Zichen and Mu stayed in the city below the mountain, and the smell of blood could still be smelled strongly in the air, and everyone in the city below the mountain carried a terrified heart, including the owner of the inn where Tang Zichen stayed, as well as the fellows. The first website

"Guest, your food has been brought up."Outside the door of the inn room, an innkeeper said.

"Come in."

The innkeeper brought the food into the room, but Tang Zichen and Mu didn't go to the downstairs hall to eat.

"Xiao Er, don't leave yet."Tang Zichen said.

"Innkeeper, is there anything else?"

"Junior, let me ask around, do you know what's going on in the Townsend School?"

"Guest, keep your voice down, that group of people are still living on the mountain, yesterday they even came down to catch a group of girls going up the mountain, now the whole city is on tenterhooks."

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is that group of people on the mountain?"

"No one knows who it was, I heard that it wasn't someone from our continent, it was someone from across the distant ocean, and for some reason, they killed many, many people in the Soup Mountain Sect, a child of a relative of mine was a disciple in the Soup Mountain Sect, but fortunately he was just a very weak disciple and was lucky enough to escape.That relative's child of mine said that all the strongest people in the Soushan Sect have died, including the strongest ancestor, leaving only some female disciples unkilled, but those female disciples were also abused by them.It's really too tragic."

Tang Zichen said furiously, "How many of them are there?"

"Listen to my relative's kid, hundreds of them."

"So many."

"Guest, if you're from out of town, just get out of here, God knows when that group of people on the mountain will come down and slaughter us civilians."

"Well, thank you, you go busy."

Xiao Er walked away.

Mu said, "I didn't expect that there are so many people, it looks like there's going to be a bloodbath in this river and lake of ours."

"It's already happened."

Mu Yiayao.

Dao: "I have a feeling that that group of people on the mountain, who suddenly came to our continent, must be up to something, otherwise why would they call all the sects here."

"Let's wait and see, we'll get here first, while the other sects haven't arrived yet, we can find out what's going on on the mountain first.Did that just happen, they also went down yesterday and caught a group of women, that means they'll have people coming back down the mountain, let's see if we can catch a few weak ones then."

"I think we shouldn't act rashly yet, if we knew earlier, we brought your wife Shangguan Zou with us, she's already reached the mastery of mesmerism, maybe there's a chance to use mesmerism on some weak people."

Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen also knew the art of mesmerism, only, Tang Zichen could only use it on those below the clan master realm.It couldn't be used on people above the clan master realm, because Tang Zichen didn't specialize in this area, he had to also be at the clan master level in mesmerism before he could use it on people above the clan master level.At the moment, only Shangguan Rou is the only one who has reached the grandmaster level in Vertigo, Tang Zichen also tried before, but unfortunately it was too difficult, reaching the grandmaster in Vertigo is just as difficult as reaching the grandmaster in martial arts, Tang Zichen does not specialize in this area, so he did not continue to put time on it.

Tang Zichen said, "It's simple to call Shangguan Rou here, have Little Fire return to the Endless Gate and bring Shangguan Rou here, it's only a day or so round trip anyway."

"Good, then let Little Fire go back and bring Shangguan Zuo."

"Little Fire."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Shh."At that moment, outside the window, Little Fire shushed.

Tang Zichen opened the window, "Brother Chen, don't be loud, look at the sky."

Tang Zichen looked into the sky and said in shock, "Little Black?Why is Blackie here."

"Shh, Chen, that's not Little Blackie."

Tang Zichen took a second look and was shocked, there were at least ten black jiao in the sky, looking exactly like Little Black, or at least almost the same from a distance.

"Ah, so many black jiao."

"Yes, Chen, before, Little Black thought that he was the only black jiao in the world, I didn't expect that so many would appear now, it must be that group on the mountain, brought from across the distant ocean."

"No wonder they could cross the distant ocean to get here, they came on a black jiao."

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed inside, in that case, Tang Zichen had the speed advantage of Little Black and Little Fire, he would lose it.Moreover, Tang Zichen looked at the group of black jiao in the sky, most of the black jiao's body, are faster than Ming, flying not Little Black.Fortunately, this time out, did not bring Little Black, otherwise Little Black will be dealt with at once to discover, will definitely give birth to a lot of unnecessary trouble.

"By the way, Minister, what did you just call me?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Black, you go back to the Endless Gate now and bring Shangguan Zuo here."

"Shangguan Ruo is sister-in-law, why bring her here when it's so dangerous.That group of demons on the mountain, all came down to the mountain to catch women, sister-in-law is so beautiful, just in case."

"Crowsbill, don't talk nonsense, go back quickly, be careful with your ideas, there are so many black jiao on the mountain, once they are discovered, it's easy to catch up with you."

"Okay, I'm going back then."Little Fireton flew away from the ground, not in the sky, just in case, so many black jiao in the sky are bigger than Little Black, they must be faster.

Tang Zichen closed the doors and windows, and Mu said, "So it seems that across the distant ocean, there are many black jiao living there, the people there probably use black jiao as flying rides and transportation for travel."


"Well, it must be, alright, let's eat."

Tang Zichen and Muyoung then ate in their room, and just asked the shop assistant to bring it up.

A day later, Shangguan Zou arrived at the bottom of the Yanshan Sect mountain.

"Zichen, what is it that called me here so urgently."

"Zuo Rou, I called you here, naturally there is something I need your help with, how many stages of your mesmerizing technique have you reached Master?"

"Middle stage of a mesmerizing technique master."Shangguan Rou said.

"Well, I'm going to see the mountain come down and find a weak one, and you help mesmerize him to see what the group is all about."


After another day, Tang Zichen finally waited, only to see more than ten people fly down from the mountain of the Tangshan School, these more than ten people landed on the street, then on the street, when they saw any delicious food, they just brought it to eat without paying, and when they saw a pretty girl, they just dragged her to the corner and pulled her trousers open and did that.

Tang Zichen and Mu Yihao were always paying attention to the more than ten people, all of them were at the Zongshi level, the strongest of which was the Zongshi Perfection, the weakest was the Unity Realm Perfection.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that there were still Unity Realm levels, if he had known earlier, he wouldn't have needed to specially invite Shangguan Rou, the Unity Realm level Tang Zichen could have used mesmerism on him.I'm sure these ten or so people were all at the pawn level of the group on the mountain. Remember the URL

"Windy, find a chance to arrest the weakest one."

"But they stay together all the time, how do we get one of them off?"

At that moment, Shangguan Zuo said, "I'll do it."

"Zoe, don't take any chances."

"It's fine, I'll be careful."

Tang Zichen had to nod, Tang Zichen was really afraid that Shangguan Rou would be discovered by the other party, but with a beauty like Shangguan Rou, it would be the end once she was discovered.

Shangguan Rou came to the street, deliberately wandering in front of the eyes of one of the men who had fallen at the end of the line, and then quickly forked off into the alley next to it.

The man didn't even think about catching up towards the alley that Shangguan Zou had forded into, but of course, those who were ahead of him didn't notice that the man had forded into the alley to go.

"Good chance."Tang Zichen quickly went up and slapped the man who was in the early stages of his clan, then quickly evacuated the scene.

Tang Zichen grabbed the man and went to the inn room, splashed a basin of water on him,, and woke him up.

"What kind of people are you, why are you arresting me, don't let me go yet, or our Prince won't spare you natives."The man woke up and shouted.

Muyoung said, "Windy, don't bother with him, if it takes too much time, let the people on the mountain know he's missing and send someone down to look for him, then it'll be a problem, use mesmerism on him first, then kill him, quickly."

"Good."Tang Zichen looked at Shangguan Rou, Shangguan Rou immediately nodded, then Shangguan Rou's eyes instantly changed color, two eyes shot at each other's eyes, and the next second, the other turned blind.

Shangguan Zou asked, "What's your name."

"My name is San Mai."

"San Mai, tell me, who is that group of people on the mountain?Why did you exterminate the Townsend School?"Shangguan Rou asked.

"It's Mr. Yuanjie."

"Who is Duke Yuanjie?"

"Prince Yuan Jie is the Emperor Xuan Sun of the Great Martial Empire."

Mu snorted, "What the hell, what is the Great Martial Empire."

"The Great Martial Empire is a continent far away from this island .

A huge empire."

Tang Zichen asked, "So, why did the gentleman you call Yuan Jie come here?"

"I don't know exactly, but I heard it was to find out about a man."

"Information about who?"

"I don't know, I've heard from the other brothers that the person to be snooping around is the widow of a certain lineage of the once Great Martial Empire's royal family, a fish of omission."

"Why did you come here to snoop around?"

"Because more than ten years ago, someone said that the fish of that leak came here, and the possibility is very high."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Mu and Shangguan Rou didn't know Tang Zichen's true identity, so they didn't suspect anything, but Tang Zichen had doubts, because someone once captured Tang Zichen's master, just to find out a piece of information, and Tang Zichen heard from his teacher's wife that Tang Zichen wasn't originally from this continent, but floated here on the ocean when he was a child, there was no doubt that Tang Zichen's identity, nine times out of ten, had a connection with this Prince Yuanjie, of course, this was just Tang Zichen's guess.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why would Prince Yuan Jie want to pry into that royal family's leaky fish?"

"This is a Great Martial Empire royal secret, I don't know."

"Well, what strength does Prince Yuan Jie have?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Prince Yuan Jie is in the early stages of the Dengfeng Realm, seventy years old this year, one of the geniuses of the Great Martial Empire."

"Seventy years old and in the peak-denial realm, it's truly impressive.Then, who else is there around Duke Yuanjie?Is he the only one who's at the peak?"

"Yes, every single one of the peak realms is not simple and not very human to reach, and they are also very powerful in the Great Martial Empire."

"What kind of empire is the Great Martial Empire?"

"The Great Martial Empire, with an inheritance of tens of thousands of years, has an extremely large number of descendants, so the imperial power structure is extremely complex, and even if they are the same imperial family, they are often wiped out at every turn.Although Prince Yuan Jie is an Emperor Xuangsun, he only possesses one of the identities of an Emperor Xuangsun, and the one who truly controls the imperial power of the Great Martial Empire today is his great-grandfather's brother."

"Alright, what nonsense, let's not talk about that, let me ask you, how does Prince Yuan Jie want to find that leaky fish?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know, Prince Yuanjie is just here to try his luck, and if he finds it, he will be able to claim credit for the Great Martial Empire's imperial power."

"Doesn't he have any useful clues?"


Muyoung asked, "Then why kill all the Tang Shan Sect."

"In the eyes of Duke Yuan Jie, the people of this continent are too weak, a bunch of natives to be slaughtered, no different from chickens and ducks, if Duke Yuan Jie wants to find someone, he must get the natives here to help him, so he must first make a name for himself, so that he can order the entire Jianghu to do his best for Duke Yuan Jie."

"Fuck the natives."Mu was annoyed.

Tang Zichen asked, "How big is the continent where the Great Martial Empire is located?"

"It's very, very big."

Tang Zichen asked again, "There, are there a lot of strong people there?For example, what level is the one who can control the imperial power."

"It requires a very strong family background, and it has to be backed by at least hundreds of zaibatsu, plus a very strong family composition, as well as one's own need to reach at least the Dengfeng Realm Great Perfection, before it is still possible to have a single breath."

Mu said, "Wind Lightning, why are you asking this so clearly now, it's almost time, stop asking, kill this person and destroy the corpse, then we will evacuate this place first to avoid being discovered by the people on the mountain."

"Alright."Tang Zichen slapped the man to death, there was nothing meaningful to ask anyway.


After Tang Zichen shot the man to death, he immediately used the corpse-cleaning water to remove the traces, then evacuated to a distant location.

After waiting like this for a few more days, the deadline was approaching, and I'm sure the strongest people from various other sects had already arrived.Thus, Tang Zichen entered the Soup Mountain School again with Mu Yihao, and Shangguan Rou returned to the Endless Gate, this was to reduce unnecessary trouble.

"Boneless Senior."

"Wind Light Cloud, when did you come."

As soon as he entered the city at the foot of the Soup Mountain Sect, Tang Zichen ran into Elder Boneless.

"I've just arrived as well."

"Don't you have a black jiao as a flying tool?Why it's only just arrived too."

"Oh, Black Jiao was sick and didn't bring it."Tang Zichen smiled.

Bony Senior no longer asked so many questions.

"Senior Bone Free, when are you going to go up to the mountain?"

"I don't know,"Boneless said. Remember to read the book in one second

"You're the strongest person in the entire Jianghu, so everyone is looking at you."

Bony snorted, "Don't you know that the group of people who came from the mountain had the strongest people in the Dengfeng realm?I count ass."

"Oh, now that it's happened, let's go up."

"Let's go."The boneless old man said with a hard scalp.

Tang Zichen and Bony Old Man flew up to the Soup Mountain Sect together.

In the main hall of the Soup Mountain Sect, there was a group of people living there, and the people of the Soup Mountain Sect who hadn't been killed yet were serving the group like servants.

"Stop."After Tang Zichen and Boneless flew up, there were immediately several Ancestor Perfectionists who stopped them.

"What for?"

Boneless said, "Didn't you say, "Let the leaders of the various schools and sects come here?"

"What sect are you from?"


"What about you?"

"The Endless Gate."Don Zichen said.

"Go in."

Tang Zichen and Boneless walked inside the main hall.

Tang Zichen took a look, there was a group of people kneeling in the main hall, old man Wang Rufang, as well as some other sects' grand masters, even Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon Sect and old witch Wang Yang, had arrived and were kneeling in the main hall, other than that, no one else was seen.

As soon as Tang Zichen and Bony Old Man entered, Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon School said, "Senior Bonyless, Windy Cloud, kneel down quickly."

Boneless's eyebrows furrowed, "Why kneel, where is that group of people?Didn't I say that there is a peak-denying powerhouse, why is it missing."

"Quickly kneel down."Liu Xuan shouted.

The boneless old man snorted, "I won't kneel."

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the side of the palace, "You're not kneeling?Then go to hell."

Old Man Bony turned his head in a panic, but before he could see who that person was, Old Man Bony's head rolled off the ground, too strong, not even on the same level, Old Man Bony, the strongest Ancestor Grand Perfection, didn't even have a chance to see the other person's appearance in front of the Peak Ascension Realm.

"Ah."The Bony Old Man's head rolled right under Tang Zichen's feet, the Bony Old Man's eyes were still wide open and his mouth smashed and moved a few times, obviously not completely dead yet.

Tang Zichen felt a chill on his body, and when he looked up, a man's eyes pressed right into Tang Zichen's and asked, "Aren't you going to kneel too?"

Before Tang Zichen could speak, Mu pressed Tang Zichen violently, Tang Zichen also kneeled down helplessly, if he hesitated for a second, Tang Zichen's head would also roll to the ground, someone as strong as the boneless old man would have to die, not to mention Tang Zichen.

Everyone kneeling in the palace was pale, no one dared to breathe loudly, and the entire air of the palace exuded a palpable pressure.

That strong man sat down on a chair above the main hall, swept a glance at the group of people kneeling in the main hall, and asked, "Which other sects have not come?"

Everyone looked at each other as if there were still a few sect leaders who hadn't come.

"Still, there are a few more."The strongest one kneeling at the front of the group said.

"Fine, then you can continue kneeling until all the sect leaders come together, and if anyone dares to get up, you know the result."After saying that, that man left again through the side door of the main hall.

Once that man left, all of them were relieved, as if the oppressive boulders on their bodies had disappeared.

However, no one dared to stand up.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's face was also very white.

Tang Zichen was filled with anger, not expecting to be insulted in such a way as soon as he went up the mountain, and right now, the head of the boneless old man was still rolling peacefully at Tang Zichen's side, which seemed to remind Tang Zichen not to act rashly.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cursed.

"Shh, don't be loud."The Muyoung beside him was busy.

Tang Zichen really wanted to get mad at the moment, but what could he get mad about when even the boneless old man died in seconds.

"Is it, really, just kneel down?All of you here are in the Jianghu, the ancestors of various schools, how can you endure such humiliation."Tang Zichen said.

An old man kneeling in front of Tang Zichen snorted, "Present?Whoever is seated is clearly kneeling."

"Senior, if the leaders of the few remaining sects never come, do they keep kneeling?"Don Zichen said.

"Or what? Don't you dare get up!Even Boneless is dead, who dares to get up, it's better to put down all dignity in front of the strong.Wind Lightning, you're young and full of promise, it's a pity that you're dead, but it doesn't matter if we're dead, we won't be able to advance to the Dengfeng realm anyway, and the big day will not be long."

"Yes, Wind Lightning, you are so young, you are the most promising, you'd better endure, if we all die, we'll expect you to avenge us in the future, if possible."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "I will definitely take revenge."

Just at this moment, an old man of great mastery came in from outside, not knowing which sect's ancestor he was.

"You guys?"As soon as that old man entered the main hall, he was shocked to see kneeling in the main hall, strong men from various sects.

"Black pupil, kneel down quickly."One of the kneeling old man reminded.

"What, what's going on here?"

"It's too late if you don't kneel down, the boneless old man was just a second too late and ended up dead."

The old man called Black Pupil immediately saw the ground, the skull of the boneless old man.

"Ah."Black Pupil's face went white.

"Swoosh."Just at that moment, a blade flashed.

"Knock."The old man who had just entered this, called Black Pupil, his head rolled off.

The crowd sighed, it was too late to tell him to kneel down quickly, he was still there in a daze and ended up dead.

The old man called Black Pupil, after his head rolled off the ground, rolled and rolled, and came back to Tang Zichen's side.

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was depressed, rolling the head of the boneless old man on his left, and then another one on his right, two heads rolling on his left and right sides.

Although Black Pupil was dead, the hall didn't see the strong man from the peak-denying realm who had just walked in.

Everyone was still kneeling there, and no one dared to get up.


To that group of people, anyone in this Jianghu was just like chickens, ducks, cows and sheep that could be slaughtered indiscriminately, so no one dared to take their own lives seriously.

After about two hours, a man suddenly walked in outside the main hall, this man was about thirty years old.

The clothes this man wore were noble.

"Yoho, still kneeling."After that man walked in, he teased the crowd a bit, and then, that man walked to the front.

The man who was kneeling at the front right now was the old man, Wang Rufang.

That thirty-something year old man sat on Wang Rufang's back on his butt like he was riding a horse.

"You."Wang Rufang was furious, who could stand to be insulted like this.

However, that man sneered, "What, I still can't do your back?Do you know who I am?Let me tell you, my name is Yuan Linghua, that peak-denying realm powerhouse just now is my father, hahaha."

It turned out that this man in his thirties was the son of that peak-denying realm powerhouse, Yuan Jie, no wonder he was so arrogant, he had a peak-denying realm father.

That man called Yuan Linghua, his own realm, he was only at the early stage of the Ancestor Realm, in this hall, he was considered super weak, even the weakest one, Mu, was a complete Ancestor, but unfortunately, he had a Dengfeng Realm father.

That man called Yuan Linghua, probably because Wang Rufang's back is all bones, sitting uncomfortable, stood up, humming, "An old bone, still not going to die, damn, diaphragm of my butt hurts." First URL

After saying that, Yuan Linghua walked away from the side door of the main hall.

Wang Rufang's body trembled with anger, but he was Wang Rufang ah, in the Jianghu, what a position that was, this Jianghu Conference, he was the strongest person who had defeated the boneless old man ah, at this moment he was actually humiliated here.

Thinking of this, Wang Rufang stood up.

"Senior Wang Rufang, why are you standing up, quickly kneel down."Everyone was busy advising.

Wang Rufang said, "Everyone, I'm sorry, I won't take this insult, anyway, my big day is approaching, if I die, it will be as if I've reached my big day earlier."

Tang Zichen also stood up at once and said, "Senior everyone, the more we are afraid of death, the more they will bully us, everyone stand up, have the guts to kill us all, they summoned us here for the purpose of getting us to help them with their business, I don't believe they would dare to kill us all, kill us who will work for them, everyone stand up."

After that, everyone stood up.

At that moment, everyone suddenly felt a strong pressure, and the man who had just reached the peak realm walked in.

"Who told you to stand up?"

Wang Rufang huffed, "I let it."

"Are you looking for death?"

"Hahaha, yes, I'm looking for death, my great day is near, am I still afraid of death?"Rufus Wang sneered.


The rest of the old men were also busy saying, "Yes, our big day is almost up, so what's the harm in dying, you have the guts to kill us all."

The man in the Dengfeng realm laughed, "A bunch of useless trash, only Ancestor Grand Perfection, and you're already nearing your big day, how pathetic.Just as well, I won't torment you anymore, I have something I need your help with now, if I can't do it right, I will exterminate all the clans in the entire continent, if I do it right, I can spare you poor natives."


"Anyone who dares to grunt again, I will immediately send someone to exterminate him

of the clan, you can be afraid of death, I don't believe that your clan can be afraid of death as well."

Everyone didn't dare to speak anymore, even Wang Rufang didn't speak anymore, the reason everyone came here to be humiliated was because of the clan.

"What do you want us to do for you?"An old man for.

The man in the peak realm said, "I'm looking for someone, who this person is, what's his name, I don't know, I only know that about fifty or sixty years ago, someone came from across the distant ocean, the Great Martial Empire where we are."

"You can't find it like that at all."

"Hmph, if it's so easy to find, why would I invite you here, you give me one by one, pour out the power of the entire river, I don't believe I can't find a single child who came here fifty years ago."

"At least tell us what characteristics the person you're looking for has,"Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon Sect said.

Tang Zichen was a bit nervous at the moment, Tang Zichen was very clear that the person they were looking for was him, nine times out of ten, if they were to know that the person they were looking for was standing right in front of them, then Tang Zichen, today, already had a chance of dying, maybe not right away, but definitely he would be captured, and after he was captured, needless to say, he would definitely be dead, and they would have to cut off the root of the problem.

Tang Zichen tried his best to act calm and not let that peak-denying powerhouse see anything, but fortunately he was standing at the end.

"There aren't any characteristics, the only thing that can be confirmed is that that person, now between fifty and sixty years old, if nothing else, that person should not be weak in martial arts, and his talent must be stronger than the average person, after all, he is a famous general.That's all the information I can provide."

"Martial skills aren't weak?Strong talent."Everyone suddenly thought of a person, Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was now breaking out in cold sweat, and although he didn't have any features to offer, being only fifty or sixty years old, his talent for martial arts wasn't weak, which made people think of him.

Several people in the palace thought of Tang Zichen, but no one spoke for a moment.

If it was really Tang Zichen, then Tang Zichen would definitely not be able to escape today.

"Alright, you guys can go now, remember, you only have half a month, after half a month I want you to bring me the person I'm looking for, otherwise, you know, get out."

Everyone panicked and went to the main hall and quickly went down the mountain.

Tang Zichen also immediately flew away.

Arriving at the bottom of the mountain, Mu said, "Zichen, it looks like we can't stay here for long, it's easy for people to think of you, after all, your performance at the Jiang Hu Conference, everyone saw it, you have such achievements at such a young age, it fits with the person they are looking for.Although I know that you're definitely not the person they're looking for, but what if they'd rather kill the wrong person than let go."

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go back to the Endless Gate first."

At that moment, behind him, Rufang Wang shouted, "Young Master Feng, please wait a moment."

"Senior Wang Rufang, what is it?"

Wang Rufang said, "Young Master Feng, can you tell me if the person they are looking for is you?I'm sorry, it's because you're so outstanding that we thought of you in the first place."

Tang Zichen said, "How could it be me, if it was me, why would I be foolish enough to come here, I would have left already."

"That's right."

"Senior Wang Rufang, then we'll go back first, I'll be sure to look for you in my jurisdiction."


Tang Zichen and Muyoung left the range of the Tang Mountain School in flames and went back to the Endless Gate.


Half a day later, Tang Zichen returned to the Endless Gate.

"Windy, how's the situation?"Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy asking.

"Sensei, the situation isn't too good, that group of people really did come looking for someone, saying that they are some kind of leaky fish, if nothing else, they must be looking for me."

"Ah, what then?"

"I'm sure that in the end, when push comes to shove, someone will report it to them, and I'm someone who fits their requirements perfectly.It's fortunate that they didn't ask around on their own when they came to this continent, or else they would have already come to us."

"Then hurry up and think of something, if it doesn't work, we'll have to run first, we have Little Black and Little Fire anyway, they won't be able to catch up."The teacher's wife said.

"It's no use, they have more than a dozen black jiao, and they're bigger and definitely faster than Little Black, and with so many of them, there's no escape for us."

"Ah, wouldn't that be the end of it, decades ago, your parents, both parents, fought so hard to put you in a box and cross the ocean to come here to save your life, and now, they're coming to us."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, now Tang Zichen's biggest worry was the Endless Gate, if he had known that, he hadn't bothered to set up the Endless Gate in the first place, once it happened, it would definitely harm the Endless Gate.

The teacher's wife said, "Disband the Endless Gate before they find out it's you."

"Disband it, easy to say, with so many people, disbanding it would definitely cause a stir in the rivers and lakes, isn't this more suspicious." Remember the URL

"If you don't disband, according to you, sooner or later someone will come to your door, and by then they'll slaughter the Endless Gate clean."

Tang Zichen thought about it for a long time, he thought he could start living a stable life for a while, who knew that the enemies were coming and were in a very passive state.

Tang Zichen gathered all his family and friends together for a meeting.

Tang Zichen said to everyone, "Everyone, I'm sure many of you still don't know what's going on, I'll start by saying something about my identity, actually, I wasn't born into this continent, I was."

Yan Xinyi interrupted Tang Zichen and said, "It's better for me to say it."

Yan Xinyi told everyone everything about the incident that picked up Tang Zichen in the first place.

Mu was shocked and said, "Oh my god, so that group of people from the Tangshan School, what they are looking for, is you?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Not entirely sure, but I think it's pretty close, these bastards must be the ones who killed my parents, but I was only two or three years old when they killed my parents, they didn't know I existed, that's why I got away with it, but there's no impermeable wall in the world, now they still know I exist, I should be the only fish that escaped.The purpose of coming here this time is to find me, the fish of omission, back then my master, nine times out of ten, also lost his life because of this."

"Ah, gosh, it's over."Everyone's face changed, I never thought that Tang Zichen was hiding such a big secret of his life, Tang Zichen hardly told anyone about this, only a few people knew about it.

Yan Xinyi said, "Now no one knows about this matter except you guys, when Ding Ru and I discovered Feng'er, we never told anyone, except for Song Dingtian who stumbled upon it, but Song Dingtian is already dead."

Muyou said, "But Wind Lightning is so famous now, a sensation, sooner or later they will focus their attention on Wind Lightning, I

We must prepare for this early."

Li Xuan'er said, "However, if we think that Zichen is the one they are looking for, surely the entire Jianghu will be looking for him, there is nowhere for us to hide, and with so many of them and so many black jiao, where can we escape to."

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Things have come to this, we have no other way out, there are only two paths."

"Which two paths?"

"First, let them not suspect me; second, disband the Endless Gate and escape as soon as possible."

"If it's possible to avoid suspicion, that's certainly best, but how do you keep them from suspecting you?"

Tang Zichen thought about it and asked his teacher's wife, "Teacher's wife, was that chest still there when you first found me?"


"Where is it?"

"In the Divine Dragon Sect, we hid it in the beginning."

Tang Zichen said, "If I want them not to suspect me, then it must be with the help of this thing, we get this chest back, and then notify the major factions, and make up a story, let's say that a commoner living by the sea found this chest, but unfortunately, the child inside the chest has died, I think it will be more convincing, after all, that chestIt can be proven to be something from across the distant ocean."

Mu nodded and said, "That's an idea that we can try, but what if we find a random fisherman to pose as the person who found the chest, but what if the other party uses mesmerism?"

: "I have an idea, let's find a pair of children's skeletons and pretend we found this chest, and the skeletons in the chest are the ones they are looking for, that way, death is no guarantee."

"Haha, pretty good idea, I'm not sure if it will work, but we can give it a try, if we can really fool them, then Zichen will be safe for now, and we'll have more time to deal with it.After all, at this stage, we can't deal with this kind of enemy no matter what."

Tang Zichen said, "Then me and my aunt, we'll immediately go back to the Divine Dragon School, retrieve that chest, then find other sects and we'll all send the chest up to the Tangshan School."

"Why do we need to find other sects to send it up together?"

"This is to make all the other major factions think they've found it too, so don't let them draw attention to me."

Tang Zichen and Shizun immediately set off on their journey, and made their way to the Divine Dragon Sect in a few hours.

However, both Liu Xuan and Old Witch Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon Sect had yet to return from the Tang Mountain Sect, and they did not have the means to travel as fast as Little Fire and Little Black.

The teacher's wife found that and box in a hidden cave, inside the box, all the clothes that Tang Zichen wore in the beginning were still there, I don't know what kind of fabric they were made of, they are still not completely rotten, of course, that letter, Tang Zichen also saw it, the handwriting was very beautiful, it looked like it was written by a woman.

Tang Zichen looked at the letter, tears flowed down his face, this letter, it was definitely written by his mother, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't even know what his mother looked like, perhaps, his mother was not as old as the current Tang Zichen when she wrote this letter.

"Mother, I will definitely take revenge for you."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth.

"Feng'er, don't be sad, to take revenge, you must first let yourself live, the enemy is too powerful, we can only take it one step at a time."


"I understand, let's go, we're going to find the bones of a three or four year old child now."

"Well, it's just a pity that you can't preserve the clothes that you wore as a child."

Tang Zichen looked at the clothes, which were more than two-thirds rotten, and said, "Forget it, it's already rotten like this."

Tang Zichen soon found the bones of a child of about three or four years old in a local Yi Zhuang.

After Tang Zichen's disguise, it looked quite decent now.

Tang Zichen then headed straight for the Yanshan School, and also sent people to inform the other major factions that they should immediately go to the Yanshan School, which had a clue.

The reason why Tang Zichen went to the Inkstone Sect was because, Tang Zichen wanted Wang Rufang to handle the matter.

Tang Zichen rushed to the Yanshan Sect, but unfortunately, Wang Rufang had not yet returned from the Yanshan Sect, and not having quick transportation was trouble.

Tang Zichen waited in the Yanshan Sect for a few days before Wang Rufang finally returned.

"Senior Wang Rufang."

"Uh, Wind Lightning, why are you in my Inkstone Mountain Sect?"Wang Rufang's eyebrows furrowed, as he had the impression that only a few days ago, each returned from the Tangshan School. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "I possess a very fast ride, I've been to several places, Senior Wang Rufang, I'm looking for you because, I've found some clues about what those people are looking for."

"What, what did you find?"

Tang Zichen said, "Please senior follow me."

Tang Zichen brought Wang Rufang to an inn, and in front of Wang Rufang, moved out that box and opened it.

"What is this?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not sure, this box is absolutely no one in this continent of ours can make it."

Wang Rufang touched the box and said, "Indeed, this is a very, very clever mechanism box, we don't have such a clever mechanism master in this continent, where did this come from, and also, why is there a child's bone inside?"

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter how you found it, what's important is this letter, you can read it."

Tang Zichen showed the letter to Wang Rufang.

"Senior Wang Rufang, do you think it could be what that group of people are looking for?I don't dare to go up to the Tang Mountain School by myself to hand it over to them, so I've come to find you, you are after all the strongest person in the Jiang Hu, I can only leave it to you, of course, before I came here, I've also sent someone to notify the other sects so that they can come here and focus."

Wang Rufang said, "Wind Lightning, you've worked hard, if this is really what they're looking for, then you've really saved the entire Jianghu."

"You think, is it really what they are looking for?"

"I think it's nine times out of ten, the box, and the letter."

"That's wonderful."

"Now let's wait for the other major factions to come and send this up to Tangshan together."

Tang Zichen requested, "Senior Wang Rufang, when the major factions come, please don't say that I found this thing, okay?"

"Sure. I don't have long to live anyway, I don't care if I live or die, so I'll say I found it."


Tang Zichen and his wife waited for about seven or eight days at the Yanshan School, and after receiving the news, all the major factions came to the Yanshan School to find Wang Rufang.

"Wang Rufang, you had someone send a letter to say that you have a clue, where is the clue?"

When the various factions came, they pursued Wang Rufang.

Wang Rufang set out that box.

Wang Rufang said, "When everyone is here, let's send this up to Tang Mountain together."

A few days later, Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang, as well as the other major sects' Ancestor Great Perfection level powerhouses, brought the box together and rushed to the location of the Tangshan School.

After arriving at the Tangshan School, Tang Zichen said, "Senior, I won't accompany you to the mountain, so you can send the box up."

"Wind Lightning, why don't you go, you are the top leader of the Endless Gate."An old man said.

"Oh, please forgive me seniors, I am still young after all, what if that group of people on the mountain see something found and fall down, so I'd rather not go up there."

Everyone didn't say anything, after all, Tang Zichen was the youngest, in case of death was the most unjust, while they were all old bones, death as an early deadline.

Wang Rufang brought the box and walked into the Tang Shan Sect's main hall.

That Dengfeng realm powerhouse had already seen it and was waiting in the main hall.

"Everyone, have you found the person I want?"

Everyone was trembling with fear, not daring to speak.

Rufus Wang said, "People didn't find it, because they really couldn't, but, having found this, I don't know if it's what you're looking for."

"A box?Are you guys playing games with me?"That Dengfeng realm powerhouse snorted.

"This box, is a very precise and wonderful mechanism box, in this Jianghu of ours, no one has made it at all, you might as well take a look at what's inside the box first."

"Open the box."

Wang Rufang opened the box.

In the palace, including that Dengfeng realm powerhouse, more than a dozen people gathered together to look.

"A pair of rotting child bones?What the hell is this?"

"Hey, guys, look at the clothes on this kid, there's a totem mark on this shirt."

"This is, this is, their totem."

That Dengfeng realm powerhouse also frowned, this totem, he knew it.

"Boss, look, underneath this chest, there's also a marker, it's a machine treasure chest forged by the Crow Wolf Narra of the Crow Wolf Clan, this wolf head marker is representative of his work."

A group of people gathered around the chest to discuss.

Wang Rufang and the others stood quietly at the entrance of the main hall, they all hoped that this was really what they were looking for, and then they would turn in from there.

"Boss, this machine treasure chest, which is specially used for storing living things at sea, will not sink to the bottom of the sea under normal circumstances, and will not enter seawater under the premise that air is guaranteed to enter the chest.According to this situation, it seems that they should have put that remnant, who was only a few years old, into this box and thrown it into the sea, but they didn't expect that it would take too long and that remnant would end up dying in the organ treasure box."

The man in the Dengfeng realm half-heartedly said, "Is that really the case?"

"From the traces of this chest, like this, I think, it should be true, these natives, can't even get this kind of chest, and the clothes inside the chest, the patterns on the clothes, all represent meaning, how would these natives understand."

The man in the Dengfeng realm thought for a moment, nodded, and laughed, "It seems that it is indeed so, hahaha, I thought that remnant was really alive, but I didn't expect that it had already turned into a corpse, not in vain I came here.Someone, pack up this chest and take it with you when you go back, it should prove that the remnant is dead, so that the higher-ups don't have any worries."


Wang Rufang and the others were also completely relieved, it was really what they were looking for.

Wang Rufang said, "Can we go now?"

The Peak Climbing Realm man looked at them and grunted, "A bunch of pathetic old bones, I'm sure they won't live long, it's just that I'm in a good mood today, so get out."

Wang Rufang and the others immediately exited the main hall, everyone was completely relieved, finally, this matter was over, otherwise, all the sects in the entire Jianghu would have been bleeding to death.

"Wind Lightning, it's over, you can go back, I'm sure those people on the mountain will leave soon."Wang Rufang arrived at the bottom of the mountain and said to Tang Zichen.

"Good."Tang Zichen was also relieved.

However, Tang Zichen always had a sense of reluctance within him.

"Wait for me, one day, I will find you."Tang Zichen said in his heart.

"Now it seems that I can't stay at the Endless Gate every day, I have to go out more, staying in the Endless Gate every day in closed-door cultivation is not very productive at all, even if there are opportunities, then I have to go out to get them, opportunities are for people who are not afraid of hard work and death and are happy to run around."

Tang Zichen had already decided within himself to set sail once again after this incident.

"Senior Wang Rufang." First URL

"Wind Light Cloud, what else do you want."

"Senior Wang Rufang, I wonder if you are interested in going to sea with me."Tang Zichen asked.

"Go to sea?Where to?"

"Oh, if people from across the distant ocean can come to us, then why can't we go to them?I think that in that place, there might be different opportunities that might even give you a chance to step into the Peak Ascension.Chance is something you search for and discover on your own, not something that comes to you."Tang Zichen said.

Wang Rufang's eyes gleamed and nodded, "Yes, perhaps there are new opportunities across the distant ocean to help me transcend my ancestors, but how can we get through this boundless ocean, throughout the ages, there have been many people who wanted to cross this ocean and travel to distant places to find opportunities.In the past, the previous ancestors of the Divine Dragon School also crossed the ocean to the other side of the sea, but nowadays, there is no news of them long ago, and perhaps they are all dead."

Tang Zichen smiled, in the past, one of the Divine Dragon Sect's ancestors, after reaching the Grand Master's Perfection, went out to the sea not long before the great limit to find a new chance, and there was no news from then on, this matter, Tang Zichen heard from his master and master's wife when he was still young.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Wang Rufang, instead of waiting here to die, why don't you go and expose yourself, besides, in the past, when people went out to the sea to look for opportunities, it was relying on traditional ships, huge oceans, and ships were simply difficult to cross.And now if you're willing to go on an adventure with me, I have the Black Jiao and Fire Demon Beast to assist me, so my speed is naturally extraordinary, and besides, I have dozens of flying machines, so crossing the ocean is no problem at all."


"More true than pearls."

"Good, Wind Lightning, then the old man will go with you, I have always thought that you are a person with great opportunities, otherwise it would be difficult for you to step into the Master Perfection in your fifties."Wang Rufang said.

Tang Zichen laughed to himself, "A clan master's perfection, nowadays, in front of those at the Dengfeng realm, it's only fart, my goal, to surpass the clan master and step into the Dengfeng."

"Hehe, the tone is big, but there is motivation only when there is a goal, in that case, I won't go back to the Ink Mountain Sect anymore, I'll go with you now."Wang Ru.

Fang said, "Indeed, there's no point in him going back to the Yanshan Sect except to wait for death.

"Good, then come back to the Endless Gate with me first."

At that moment, two old men flew in not far away, it was the Divine Dragon Sect's Ancestor Liu Xuan, and Old Witch Wang Yang.

Ancestral Master Liu Xuan seemed to have heard something and smiled, "Senior Wang Rufang, Wind Lightning, are you guys going somewhere?"

Tang Zichen said, "I don't need to report to you where I'm going, right."

"Oh, of course I don't need to, but I just heard Wang Rufang say that he's not returning to the Yanshan Sect and is ready to go with you, what is so attractive that Wang Rufang won't return to the Yanshan Sect to sit in town, and without a Grandmaster to sit in town, he's not afraid of any accidents happening to the sect?"

Wang Rufang snorted, "Ridiculous sitting, how many people, sit in the sect every day, just for the sake of the sect, but I no longer want to sacrifice my time for the sake of the sect, I don't care if something will happen to the Yanshan Sect, from today onwards, I will continue to fight for myself, upwards, although surpassing the sect, sounds incomparably shameful, but if I don't fight a little, howKnowing that there is no possibility."

Liu Xuan and Wang Yang both thought that it was a big joke for Wang Rufang to try to surpass the clan master, but they couldn't laugh because Wang Rufang's words were nothing more than the words of their hearts.

Liu Xuan asked, "Where are you guys going?Is it trying to cross the ocean?To the far side of the ocean?Just like my Master was back then?"

That's right, the one that Tang Zichen knew as a child, the one who crossed the ocean, was Liu Xuan's grandfather, a generation away from Tang Zichen.

Old Witch Wang Yang said, "With our voyage technology, Hugh can't cross the huge ocean."

"There is no need for you to worry about this, don't you know that Wind Lightning is a capable person, haha, Wind Lightning, let's go."

"Good."Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang immediately flew away together.

Liu Xuan watched them fly away.

Liu Xuan hesitated and said to Wang Yang, "Sister, you go back to the Divine Dragon School, I'm not going back."

"Senior brother, you want to go with them?"

"Wang Rufang is right, even though that dream is so unattainable, why not give it a try, I will also go out to the sea to find the chance."

"But, senior brother, back then our grandfather might have already been buried at the bottom of the sea, why do you want to let your old age be so torturous, why not enjoy your old age, this life, it's not easy to cultivate to this extent anymore, it's time to stop and rest properly, we're already old, we don't have a few years to live, why bother."

"Sister, my mind is made up, you should go back, perhaps, this is the last time we will see each other in this life."

"Senior brother."Old witch Wang Yang shouted with a cry, eternal farewell, what a painful thing, this departure of Liu Xuan may indeed be eternal farewell.

Liu Xuan flew away after Tang Zichen Wang Rufang.

Old Witch Wang Yang watched Liu Xuan's figure disappear into the sky and secretly said, "Brother, I wish you a safe journey."

Tang Zichen and Wang Rufang were about to sit on Little Fire's back when someone behind them shouted, "Wait for me."

"Wait for me."

"Uh, it's Liu Xuan, what's he following for."

Tang Zichen had already figured out that it must be Liu Xuan who wanted to follow Tang Zichen as well.


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