Dish Best Served Cold 361-365


Chapter 361

No one knew how angry Qiu Mu Orange was at this time.

  From the time they were planning to build the company, to now opening, the Qiu family has been trying to embarrass themselves.

  If it's just a bystander, the key targeting them Mu Fan real estate, or their own once thought the closest relative.

  "Your grandfather is acting like this, I guess he wants you to retreat knowingly and then go back and apologize to her, right?"

  "After all, the old man is a control freak, and you've made a bad start."

  "If you mix things up, Master Qiu's face will naturally be shameless."

  "If all the other Qiu sons and daughters follow suit again, where will the majesty of the old man remain?"

  Ye Fan looked at the invitation, but he helped Qiu Mu Orange analyze it in a deep voice.

  "So he can wantonly suppress her own granddaughter's company just to preserve his dignity?"Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were red and she retorted angrily.

  In the end, she clenched her palms and said firmly through clenched teeth, "The more they are like this, the more I'll make this opening ceremony a success."

  "Tomorrow, I'll bring my company staff and send invitations to the companies in Yunzhou City one by one."

  "If one business doesn't come, I'll send ten or a hundred."

  "The more invitations we send, the more people will always come to give us a show."

  Qiu Mu Orange said stubbornly, but her beautiful eyes were filled with a fighting spirit that would not be defeated.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, but he lightly smiled, "Mu Orange, there's no need to be so troublesome."

  "Han City just called me today, inviting us to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs held by the city tomorrow night."

  "Hundreds of entrepreneurs will be there then."

  "We can totally take this opportunity to extend an invitation to them."

  Ye Fan's words caused Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows to light up, when he immediately said in surprise, "What?Evan, what you just said is true?"

  "Did Han City really invite us to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was full of joy, but somewhat incredulous.

  She didn't think that with the current volume of Mufan Real Estate, it would be qualified to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs held by the Yunzhou City Government?

  After all, their company had just been formed, and she, Qiu Mu Orange, was even a little-known figure, she couldn't imagine that Han City would invite them?

  For the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, Qiu Mu Orange had also heard of it.

  The ones invited could be the pillars of Yunzhou City's economy, the famous enterprises, the rich and powerful converge, with hundreds of millions of dollars of family assets at every turn.

  Previously in the Qiu family, Master Qiu had dreamed of being invited to participate, but he had failed to do so for many years.It was only because the volume of Qiushui Logistics was too small, they couldn't even reach the threshold of being invited.

  But how could Autumn Mu Orange have never imagined that the long-cherished wish that her own grandfather hadn't achieved for many years back then would be fulfilled by her?

  So, Autumn Mu Orange had to be surprised and happy.Shaking Ye Fan's body, she couldn't stop asking about the authenticity of this matter.

  Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, and said indifferently, "It's true, if nothing else, Han City will probably call you in a little while, so just wait here at ease."

  "Good."Qiu Mu Orange immediately nodded and looked at the phone with anticipation while glaring at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, you better not lie to me, or else you'll never climb into my bed."

  When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled bitterly, "It's as if I'll be able to climb into your bed if I don't lie to you."

  "Eh?What did you say?"Autumn Mu Orange glared.

  Ye Fan quickly shook his head and said that he didn't say anything.

  Then, Ye Fan went back to the study room, read a book on the bed for a while, and fell asleep before he knew it.

  The next day, as soon as Ye Fan opened his eyes, he saw Qiu Mu Orange's furious eyes, looking at him so viciously.A few hints of "killing intent" even surfaced on her pretty face.

  This woman didn't even change her pajamas, and her fierce and vicious look seemed to swallow Ye Fan alive.

  "I'm going!"

  "Autumn Mu Orange, are you crazy?"

  "Are you trying to scare me to death?"

  Ye Fan was shocked, at that time he was still surprised that the mugger came at home subconsciously was about to strike, fortunately he held back, otherwise Qiu Mu Orange that face was afraid that he would not be able to save it.

  "Ye Fan, you bastard, how dare you lie to me?"

  "You're screwed!"

  "I'm going to beat you to death~"

  Qiu Mu Orange ignored Ye Fan's complaints and instead roared in anger, taking the pillow on her bed and fat-footing Ye Fan.

  It turned out that after listening to Ye Fan last night, Qiu Mu Orange waited in front of the phone all night, but there wasn't any call coming.

  She only realized later that she must have been teased by that bastard Ye Fan.

  Empty joy and making her wait for so long, wouldn't Qiu Mu Orange be angry?

  She has the heart to shoot Ye Fan to death now!

  "Impossible, huh?"

  "Han City told me that himself yesterday!"

  "I'm definitely not lying to you."

  "Honey, wait, I'll ask for you."

  Ye Fan immediately picked up his phone and called Han Dongmin.

  Sub-O, it's off!

  Ye Fan's face turned green then.

  "Okay, you can stop pretending."

  "I knew it, you can't count on it when it's critical."

  "It's also me who's stupid, people are busy with their daily lives in Han City, how can they have the time to call you, and how can they invite little people like us to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?"

  Qiu Mu Orange sighed in loss, and after she finished venting her anger, she also walked out of Ye Fan's room.

  But as soon as Qiu Mu Orange came out, she ran into Han Li who was out to use the toilet.

  After Han Li saw it, she immediately screamed.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, you...You slept with that wimp last night?"

  "Bastard, how could you do such a thing?"

  "How can you have so little self-respect?"

  Han Li's old eyes instantly turned red when she saw Qiu Mu Orange who came out from among Ye Fan's room in her pajamas.

  Han Li was simply going mad and trembling all over.

  If she really got pregnant again because of this, how could her daughter marry a rich second generation in the future?

  "Mom, what are you babbling about?"Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face blushed, somewhat shyly, and then hurriedly explained the whole thing to Han Li.

  "Is this true what you're saying?"

  "Of course it's true, if you don't believe me, touch my blanket, it's still hot."

  Han Li's mood only squared off after hearing Qiu Mu Orange's explanation, and then began to blame Qiu Mu Orange for being stupid and too easily deceived.

  "Daughter, you still don't believe me when I say you're stupid."

  "That wimp would have the qualifications to have Han Shi call him personally?"

  "He's obviously bluffing you.Only a brainless one like you would believe it."

  "Besides, don't we have any idea what we're capable of?The annual meeting of entrepreneurs, your grandfather wasn't even eligible to go back then, and Han City would invite you?"

  "Just think good thoughts."

  "Okay, hurry up and eat some food and go to work."

  Han Li scolded Qiu Mu Orange for a while.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't defend herself, changed into her pajamas, and casually ate breakfast before going out to work.

  Ye Fan was also out the door in a short while, but at this time, he was furious.

  "Han Dongmin this old thing owes smoke ah, even dared to play me?"

  In anger, Ye Fan called Han Dongmin on the phone again.


This time, the call went through.

  "Han City, you're really a big man!"

  "Why didn't you make the call last night?"

  "Did you know that Mu Orange waited all night for that phone call from you?"

  Ye Fan suppressed his anger, and his words were thick with displeasure.

  Even though the other party was Han Dongmin, Ye Fan's tone was still not polite in any way.

  "Excuse me, who are you?"

  "The head of the city council?"On the other end of the phone, came the other party's cautious questioning voice.

  "No, this is Ye Fan, I'm looking for Han Dongmin, let Han Dongmin answer the phone!"Ye Fan naturally heard that it wasn't Han Dongmin who answered the phone.

  "Ye Fan?"The voice on the other end of the phone paused slightly, as if recalling who the name was, and a moment later, a cold laugh came from the other side of the phone.

  "Oh, I remember now, Master Ye, right?"

  "But what a face for you, really?!"

  "How dare you, a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, speak to Han City like that?"

  "How dare you call him by his first name?"

  "You think you're somebody after you've seen a rock for Han City?"

  "Han City honored you before, that was being polite to you, otherwise, you're a country bumpkin, a son-in-law on the doorstep, which is nothing in Han City's eyes?"

  "Bastard, I'm warning you, don't give me shame!"

  "Put yourself in your place first in life."

  "Don't think that just because Han City invited you for a meal, you think you're a big shot?"

  "Before you pretend to be virtuous, take a look in the mirror!"

  In the mansion, the assistant Meng Guang answered the phone, and after hearing Ye Fan's rude words, he was undoubtedly instantly angry, and after a few words of anger, he hung up the phone with a snap without waiting for Ye Fan to reply.

  At this time, Han Dongmin had just changed his clothes and walked out of the room, preparing to go to work in the city.

  "Xiao Meng, did you answer the phone just now, who called?"

  Earlier, Han Dongmin was busy changing clothes, so when he heard the call, he asked his assistant to help answer it.

  At this time, Meng Guang was both angry and amused, "Han City, it's that door-to-door son-in-law from last time who called."

  "Door-to-door son-in-law?"Han Dongmin frowned, momentarily confused.

  "Just that so-called Master Ye, he asked why you didn't call last night."Meng Guang faintly returned.

  Han Dongmin slapped his thighs, "Bad, I was busy last night and forgot about it.How did you get back?"

  "Not much back, just let me give him a scolding back."


  At that time, Han Dongmin's old face snapped and his eyes popped out, "You...You scolded him back?"

  "Yeah, that brat, didn't he just watch some broken rocks for us?Bully for him."

  "Han-shi, you don't know that he not only had no respect for you in that tone, he even had the audacity to call you by your name."

  "I was so annoyed that I split my head and gave him a scolding."

  "Let him put himself in his place and know who to mess with and who to respect?"Meng Guang was still talking there, not even noticing that Han Dongmin had turned iron blue and ugly by this time.

  "Han Shi, it's not that I'm nosy, I think you're just giving him too much face, and you invited him to dinner before?"

  "Where is a country bumpkin, a son-in-law on the doorstep, worthy of having you like this?"

  "You see now that you've spoiled him so much that he's sticking his nose in your face and daring to disrespect you..."

  Meng Guang advised to Han Dongmin.

  But in the next moment, only a popping sound was heard, but Han Dongmin smacked Meng Guang directly in the face, and at that time, Meng Guang was blindsided.

  "Han-shi, what are you doing?"Meng Guang covered his face, full of grievances.

  But Han Dongmin was so angry that he cursed, and was frightened out of his mind at the time: "Bastard, what kind of person do you dare to curse?"

  "Do you know who he is?"

  "Are you trying to get me killed?"

  Seeing Han Dongmin's frightened appearance, Meng Guang also panicked a bit, "Isn't he a wimpy son-in-law from the countryside?"

  "Shut up!"

  "You fool, if he's a country bumpkin can he make Second Master Li respectful?"

  "If he's a wimpy son-in-law, can he make the Jingzhou Lei family apologize and beg for forgiveness?"


  "The city will die sooner or later because of your stupidity!"

  Han Dongmin was almost mad at himself for being an idiot assistant.

  After the last incident with Zhou Sheng, even though Han Dongmin didn't know Ye Fan's true identity, just from the reactions of Li Er and Lei Laosan, he was enough to see that this Ye Fan, I'm afraid, had great prestige and power in the mundane world of Jiangdong!

  Han Dongmin was only the third-in-command of Yunzhou now, and if he wanted to go further, he couldn't do so without the support of those worldly bigwigs.

  Therefore, someone like Ye Fan had to maintain good relationships, whether it was for his own career path, or for his son's future.

  What happened last night was his own fault, and it was only natural for Ye Fan to be angry.This kind of trivial matter can be explained away, but now that Meng Guang is so confused, Han Dongmin is afraid that a small matter has become a big conflict, and if Ye Fan is offended by it, that's not what Han Dongmin wants to see.

  In a hurry, Han Dongmin couldn't care less about teaching Meng Guang a lesson, so he quickly called Ye Fan again.

  However, the other party's phone, couldn't even get through!

  Han Dongmin's face then went white with fear, and he was undoubtedly even angrier at Meng Guang.

  "You fool, you wait, if this goes too far, this city will never forgive you lightly!"

  Han Dongmin cursed angrily and continued to call Ye Fan again, still unable to answer.

  In the end, Han Dongmin switched phones to call, which was how he got through.

  "Master Ye, you can answer the phone."

  "The people down there are not long-sighted, I've already taught him a lesson, I'll have him come to the door to thank him some other day, you mustn't take it to heart."

  "As for last night, I was busy and forgot, I was about to call you in the morning, who thought Master Ye you actually took the initiative to call."

  "That entrepreneur's annual meeting, I've taken care of everything, you just bring your wife straight away."

  "But the time has been postponed a bit, someone from the province is coming to inspect these days and the venue is occupied.So it can only be postponed until seven days later.At that time, it will be held at the Yunzhou Exhibition Center."Han Dongmin couldn't stop apologizing, his posture was very low.

  Ye Fan frowned, "Seven days later?"

  "No, we can't wait that long, tomorrow night at the latest."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

  The opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate was going to be held soon, but if this was to wait seven days, the cauliflower would be cold.

  Han Dongmin was a little unhappy then, Ye Fan said this lightly.

  You said that tomorrow night is tomorrow night ah?

  That's someone from the provincial capital Jianghai, even if you Ye Fan are powerful, there's no way he, Han Dongmin, is going to offend the leaders of Jianghai for him.

  "Master Ye, I'm sorry, I can't handle this."Han Dongmin's tone had gone a few points colder.

  Anyone who stirred up trouble wouldn't like it.

  This request of Ye Fan had exceeded the bottom line of what Han Dongmin could tolerate.

  He was trying to maintain a good relationship with Ye Fan, but it wasn't unprincipled and bottomless.

  Some people were worth flattering, but some people who didn't have some compulsion in their hearts didn't deserve his Han Dongmin's friendship.

  "I'll take care of it, just do what you can."Ye Fan returned in a deep voice.

  Han Dongmin had thought that Ye Fan would continue to pester him to do it, but then Ye Fan's reply stunned him, "You...You'll handle it?"

  It's a joke, right?

  You're a commoner, and as awesome as you are in the secular world, can you still be awesome enough to influence the system and affect the provincial arrangements?

  "Master Ye, you're joking, right?"Han Dongmin smiled with sweat, feeling that Ye Fan was a bit of a braggart.

  "Master Ye?Master Yeh?"

  Seeing that there was no sound there anymore, Han Dongmin tried to shout some more.

  However, the phone had been hung up, and Han Dongmin wasn't even greeted.


Han Dongmin also hung up the phone with a gloomy old face, somewhat unhappy.

  Obviously, he was also beginning to wonder if this Ye Fan, was really capable, or if he was just blowing it out.

  After all, this talk was too casual, and the tone was simply outrageous.

  "Han City, I've already said that that Master Ye is completely blowing it, it's not reliable at all?"

  "Feeling like just a middle child starting out?"

  "I don't know where you got the information that he can make Li Er and the others pay respectful homage?"

  "How could he, a fledgling punk kid, be capable of this?"

  "Han City, you don't want to be lulled by a door-to-door son-in-law, huh?"

  Han Dongmin had just pressed hands-free, and Meng Guang had heard all of his conversation with Ye Fan.

  At this time, Meng Guang still had a red mark on his face from the beating he had just received from Han Dongmin.

  Just now, when he heard Han Dongmin's words, he really thought he had messed with some big shot.

  But after calming down, Meng Guang felt that there was something wrong with it.

  After all, if Ye Fan was really that powerful, he would have succumbed to the tiny Qiu family?To be a son-in-law?

  Moreover, Ye Fan was too young, and at this age, what could he be capable of?

  Together with Ye Fan's understated "I'll take care of it" just now, the tone is so big that it makes people think that Ye Fan is bluffing completely, talking nonsense.

  It's like having someone standing in front of you and telling you that he can destroy the Earth, do you believe it?

  Definitely not!

  This was how the two of them, Han Dongmin and Meng Guang, felt now.

  After the bull has blown, it's not a bull, it's a braking pen.

  Therefore, even Han Dongmin had to wonder if this Ye Fan, was really pretending to be a big man to fool himself.

  Thinking of this, Han Dongmin then walked over and helped Meng Guang up from the ground, "Little Meng, I'm sorry, I was impulsive just now."

  "But, I still can't figure it out, if it's really like you said, this Ye Fan has been foxing and deceiving me, then what's his motive?"Han Dongmin asked in confusion.

  There was always a reason for doing anything.

  If Ye Fan was really coaxing himself, there must be a reason as well.

  Meng Guang, however, sneered, "What other reason could there be, mouth-high pretending to be something else.Han City, do you think, if he didn't blow it, you would be so respectful to him?"

  "The head of a city has been treated with such courtesy, and his vanity is undoubtedly extremely satisfying.Moreover, his social status will also rise.Perhaps, he is relying on your prestige to make the second master of Yunzhou, Li, treat him with that kind of respect."

  "Isn't that exactly what a fox faking a tiger's reputation is?"

  Meng Guang's words were as if the purest truth had been enlightened, and many things then dawned on Han Dongmin.

  "Yes, you're right.I've checked Ye Fan's family background, born in the countryside, son of a cold family, superfluous son-in-law of the Qiu family, before that I was always curious, how could such a person be so respectful to Li Er and the others."

  "Now it seems that this brat has been borrowing my name to strengthen his power!"

  "It's really a case of the authorities being on the sidelines."

  "Meng, I have to thank you, if it wasn't for you, I'm afraid I would have had to be used by this jerk."

  Han Dongmin came to a sudden realization and couldn't stop lamenting, and finally thanked Meng Guang even more.

  "Han City, I'm your assistant, it's my duty to help you gain insight into people's hearts and minds and come up with strategies."

  "I reckon that door-to-door son-in-law will have to call you later and continue to give you a chat about the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting.At that time, Han City won't have to save face for him, just tear him apart."

  "This kind of country bumpkin, if you give him a good face, he'll get an inch and stomp his nose!"

  Hearing Meng Guang's words, Han Dongmin nodded his head.

  Sure enough, within a short while, Ye Fan's call came, and just as Meng Guang had expected, Ye Fan was really talking to him about the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting.

  "Han City, everything's set up."

  "Someone will call you later to inform you."

  "And all you have to do is to continue preparing for the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting according to the very first plan and call my wife to inform her."

  "Do you understand?"

  Ye Fan's faint voice came out from the phone.

  But Han Dongmin listened, but he smiled, "Master Ye, is the performance over?"

  "Well?What's over?"Ye Fan frowned.

  As soon as Ye Fan said this, Han Dongmin then blew up, cursing angrily into the phone, "Still fucking pretending with me, right?"

  "You really think I'm an idiot, Han Dongmin!"

  "You say I believe that?"

  "And set it straight?"

  "What are you going to set it up with?"

  "That's a leader from Jianghai, I can't even settle it, but you?"

  "You're a bratty brat with no official position or background, and you dare to brag about it here?"

  "What doggone guts!"

  Han Dongmin scolded angrily, he didn't expect that by now, this Ye Fan would still be here acting with him, and had the audacity to say that he had settled the matter.

  What a joke!

  He couldn't even speak to the people in the provincial hall, but Ye Fan was a brat, could he fix it?

  Naturally, Han Dongmin didn't believe it!

  Only thinking that Ye Fan was teasing him as a fool.

  "Bastard, for the sake of you helping me before, the matter of you teasing me is not going to be left alone."

  "In the future, don't let me see you again."

  "Otherwise, this city will put you behind bars!"


  After he finished speaking, Han Dongmin hung up the phone right then and there.

  With all the anger in his heart spoken out, Han Dongmin only felt extraordinarily free, and even looked at Meng Guang proudly, "How about it, Meng, was the city's speech just now okay?"

  Meng Guang didn't reply, just extended his hand and gave a thumbs up to Han Dongmin.


  "It's a whole lot easier when you get rid of a burden you've been carrying."

  "Let's go, let's go to work."

  After turning the tables on Ye Fan, Han Dongmin stopped thinking about the matter, greeted his assistant Meng Guang, and prepared to leave.

  And at that moment, a phone call came in.

  "That brat, the shade is still there, huh?"

  Han Dongmin almost subconsciously thought that it was Ye Fan calling again, but when he looked down, he was all over the place.

  This was, a call from the province!

  Han Dongmin didn't dare to slow down and hurriedly picked it up.

  However, near the next moment, Han Dongmin's old face went white.


  "Your meeting was postponed?Let's have the annual meeting of entrepreneurs first?"Han Dongmin lost his voice in shock.

  The voice on the other end of the phone was also stunned, "What, you don't know?Didn't you call the province?"

  "But you old boy, the relationship can ah, phone calls to me inside the provincial capital of Jiangdong Province."

  "The deadly order from above, first hold the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, our meeting is postponed."


  Listening to the words inside the phone, Han Dongmin had been completely scared and his brain was blank.

  He wasn't an idiot.

  He guessed almost instantly that all of this was presumably Ye Fan's handiwork!

  But Han Dongmin had never thought to death that this Ye Fan's handiwork was so big?

  If you say it's done, it's done!

  Even the leaders from the province who had come down to inspect had specifically given way just because of a word from Ye Fan.

  Thinking of this, Han Dongmin was undoubtedly even more terrified.

  Heavens, who the hell was the person he just scolded?


"Han City?"

  "What's wrong?"

  "Was it a call from the province, urging you to prepare for the meeting quickly?"

  "I told you that country boy was just fooling you."

  "He's a door-to-door son-in-law, a nobody, and he's still swinging Jiang Hai's leadership?"

  "What does he depend on?By mouth?"

  "Han-shi, you're just too kind and trusting too easily.But it's okay, I'm here?"

  "In the future, if you have anything to discuss with me, I, as your assistant, will definitely help you out and keep you away from the villains."

  Meng Guang had just gotten the documents down from his room at this time, and he hadn't heard the phone call Han Dongmin had spoken about earlier.

  But it didn't matter, he had basically also guessed that it was probably someone from the province who had asked Han City to quickly prepare for the relevant meeting.

  At this time Meng Guang is still flattering smile, a face to take credit for the look.

  However, Han Dongmin is already confused, after hanging up the phone, his brain went blank.

  Now after hearing that Meng Guang was still this credit, under anger Han Dongmin directly kicked over.

  "Stay away from the villain."

  "Stay the fuck away from you!"

  "You fool, I, Han Dongmin, am simply screwed by you!"

  "I'm so blind, why did I just listen to your stupid ass?"

  Han Dongmin was close to tears at this point, his chest exploding with anger!

  He now had the heart to slaughter Meng Guang.

  Originally, the misunderstanding between him and Ye Fan just now had been resolved, he only needed to wait for the phone call to prepare for the annual meeting of entrepreneurs quietly like Ye Fan said.

  However, just because Meng Guang's full of nonsense, moving right and wrong, and finally confused him into it, and really believed all that nonsense of Meng Guang's, resulting in Ye Fan's phone call to give him a raw scolding back.

  Now well, Ye Fan was offended to death by him.

  Han Dongmin was so angry now, he wanted to kick Meng Guang to death!

  "Han City, why are you hitting me, I...I don't understand?"Once again being kicked to the ground by Han Dongmin, Meng Guang was filled with frustration and confusion.


  "You have the fucking nerve to ask why?"

  "And you have the nerve to grieve here?"

  Han Dongmin then a big ear scraping paste up again, directly inciting Meng Guang's face to swell up, cursing as he beat him.

  "Do you know that just now, the provincial government of Jiangdong Province personally gave instructions to postpone the meeting, specifically to make way for the annual meeting of entrepreneurs to be held first."


  As if thunder struck down, Meng Guang stayed there then.

  A pair of old eyes were filled with intense horror and incredulity.


  "Is this, like...It's his handiwork?"

  "But this...How is this possible?"

  "That's impossible?"

  "How could he, a cold disciple, have such energy?Enough to go around, Jiangdong Provincial Government?"

  Meng Guang was no fool, and the instant he heard Han Dongmin's words, he connected it to the previous Ye Fan's words.

  It was just that it was hard for him to believe that this, could it really be Ye Fan's doing?

  While Meng Guang trembled, Han Dongmin was still cursing angrily.

  "Is this the hillbilly you're talking about?"

  "Is that what you call a door-to-door son-in-law?"

  "But now, just because of his words, even the leaders of Jiang Hai have given way."

  "You still think now that he is a fox?"

  "Do you now still think that he was just talking nonsense and lies?"

  "Was I really blind to believe such an idiot fool like you?"

  Han Dongmin was simply furious and kicked over again, knocking Meng Guang right onto the ground.

  But now Han Dongmin couldn't care less about being angry and quickly asked the driver to take him to Ye Fan to apologize.

  Now this misunderstanding is big, but he just took the phone directly scolded Ye Fan, now Han Dongmin only hope that Ye Fan is a big enough person to forgive him this time.

  As for Meng Guang, Han Dongmin directly told him to pack his things and get out immediately before he left.

  "The temple on my side of Han Dongmin is small, it can't accommodate a big Buddha like you!"

  "After today, don't let me see you again~"


  The wheels sped up, and Han Dongmin was already gone in the car.

  Here, only Han Dongmin's angry voice echoed.

  Meng Guang was lying on the ground like an invalid dog, full of misery, and his old face was filled with panic.

  Until now, Meng Guang still had waves of shock sweeping through his heart.

  How could he have never imagined that the humble disciple he had previously disdained would now become his own gravedigger?

  It took him a lifetime of hard work to climb to today's height.

  But now, because of his own ignorance and prejudice against Ye Fan, all his efforts have gone down the drain~!



  Mufan Real Estate.

  At this time, however, Qiu Mu Orange was sitting in her office, waiting with great anticipation for a phone call.

  After arriving at the office in the morning, Qiu Mu Orange thought for a long time.She felt that if she wanted to hold the opening ceremony, this Yunzhou City's annual meeting of entrepreneurs, she had to find a way to attend.

  Only by walking inside this circle would she be able to invite the big names of Yunzhou City's business community.

  But Ye Fan obviously couldn't count on it, and Qiu Mu Orange was still full of anger after teasing her about last night?

  So, after thinking about it for a long time, Qiu Mu Orange could only call her best friend, hoping that Suzy could use her father's connections to help her get admission tickets to this Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting.

  Finally, the call came.

  Qiu Mu Orange then answered it and asked, "XiXi, how is it?Got the tickets?"

  Suzy didn't answer directly, but asked Autumn Mu Orange to come downstairs, "I'm downstairs at your office now."

  "Good!"Qiu Mu Orange immediately agreed and then ran down the stairs in a breeze.

  After seeing Suzy, she couldn't wait to ask about the tickets.

  However, Suzy shook her head, "Mu Orange, I'm sorry, I couldn't get you tickets for the annual meeting."

  "And even if I got them, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to help you.My dad said that the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting has been postponed and placed seven days later.Your opening ceremony will be over by then."


  "In seven days?Not tonight?"Autumn Mu Orange was confused.

  "It's said that the leader of the province has occupied the venue.The annual meeting of entrepreneurs only had to be postponed."Suzy explained.

  Qiu Mu Orange sighed with a lost sigh, her original hope undoubtedly shattered again.

  She had attended the annual meeting only to add some momentum to Mufan Real Estate so that she could prepare for the opening ceremony.

  But now it seemed that there was no point in attending this Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting or not.

  "Mr. Qiu, what's wrong with you?"

  "What's the matter with the listlessness?"

  At this time thought handsome man, suit, but just out of the company, saw Qiu Mu Orange a lost look, and then went up to care and asked.

  "It's fine, Manager Zhang.A little thing, it won't trouble you."Qiu Mu Orange, however, excused herself.

  "Miss Qiu is gorgeous, it's my honor to serve you, how can I say it's troublesome?"The handsome man smiled lightly, a Confucian laugh that was like a spring breeze.


The elegant and handsome person in front of him is none other than Zhang Zhengfu, Zhang Xiaosong's son.

  It's not just one or two days that Zhang Zhengfu admired Qiu MuLiang, but since the last time when Wang Xingduo led his men to seize the company and Ye Fan's prowess caused Han Dongmin to come to pay his respects, Zhang Zhengfu was much more restrained in the company and didn't dare to have any ill intent towards Qiu MuLiang.

  After all, to have the deputy mayor of Yunzhou so respectful, this husband of Qiu Mu Orange must be a big shot.Wouldn't he be looking for death if he coveted the wife of such a figure?

  But only later did Zhang Zhengfu learn that he was completely overthinking, and that Ye Fan was a big fart.This matter was only a favor returned to him by Han Dongmin all along.

  After returning this favor, there is naturally no relationship between Ye Fan and Han Dongmin, and the wind ox and horse are no longer connected.Han Dongmin was still the vice mayor, and Ye Fan was still his son-in-law at his door.

  Therefore, after learning the truth of the matter, Zhang Zhengfu had no more scruples and continued his pursuit of Qiu Mu Orange.

  Now, when he sees that Qiu Mu Orange is lost and worried, Zhang Zhengfu naturally goes up to her to get close to her.

  However, the attitude of Qiu Mu orange towards Zhang Zhengfu has always been indifferent, as if to avoid suspicion, at this time is also intentionally distant from him, always saying that he is fine, let him do his job well.

  Su Xi looked at the scene in front of her and seemed to understand something, and with a smile on her lips, she asked to Zhang Zhengfu, "Manager Zhang, I see your speech and demeanor, you must be the son and daughter of a big family, right?"

  Zhang Zhengfu modestly shook his head, "My father, Zhang Xiaosong, a large family can't talk about it, but it shouldn't drag our Chinese nationals down."

  "Zhang Xiaosong?Why is that name so familiar?"Su Xi frowned, and with confusion in her heart, she quietly used her mobile phone to check online.

  The first thing you need to do is to look up the name of the person you're looking for, but it doesn't matter. When Suzy saw Zhang Xiaosong's personal introduction on the internet, a pair of beautiful eyes were shocked: "You...Could your father be that Zhang Xiaosong who was dying and revived a ten billion state enterprise with only one hundred thousand yuan?"

  "I'll go!"

  "Orange, yes, you still have such a rich young master hidden in this company, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

  "Young Master Zhang's background is no weaker than that brother-in-law of yours, Chu Wenfei ah."

  Su Xi's gaze towards Zhang Xiaosong was undoubtedly different instantly after she learned of his background.

  "Alright, Xi Xi, pay attention to your image.If it's alright, you can go, I won't see you off, I still have to go back to work."Qiu Mu Orange wasn't in a great mood, no matter how strong Zhang Zhengfu's background was, what did it have to do with her.

  As for her father, Zhang Xiaosong, Qiu Mu Orange's opinion of him was even greater.

  After this old thing tricked himself into coming to Mu Fan property, he didn't care.Only his son was sent here with the beautiful name of having full authority to represent him.

  As for Zhang Xiaosong himself, he was still working as a big boss among that state-owned enterprise of his.Usually, he was so busy that Qiu Mu Orange couldn't even contact him.Even the opening ceremony, Zhang Xiaosong did not plan to come, saying that he was on a foreign visit and could not return.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange also thought about it, it was good that Zhang Xiaosong did not participate in the management of the company, it was more beneficial for her to play herself.Otherwise, she was afraid that she would be constrained in every way and would find it difficult to exert herself, but would instead become a foil.


  "How is it all right?"

  "Didn't you want tickets to the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting?"

  "This Manager Zhang's father is the CEO of a state-owned enterprise, and he happens to be in the system as well.With his connections, it wouldn't be a matter of minutes to get a few tickets from the city government?"Susie said to Qiu Mu Orange.

  But Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, "Not going.It's been postponed for seven days, so what's the point of going?"

  Zhang Zhengfu, who was on the side, obviously heard their conversation and suddenly said, "Mr. Qiu originally wanted to attend Yunzhou City's annual meeting of entrepreneurs this year ah?"

  "Don't worry about that, I'll get it for you."Zhang Zhengfu patted his chest.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange was busy blocking it, saying that it was unnecessary, he did not want to attend.

  However, where Zhang Zhengfu listened, he only thought that it was Qiu Mu Orange who was polite to him again.

  It was not easy to come across an opportunity to please a girl paper, so Zhang Zhengfu naturally would not let go.

  Thus, but Zhang Zhengfu then called his father.

  Zhang Xiaosong was in a meeting, so he didn't pick it up and hung up.


  Zhang Zhengfu frowned at once.

  "Manager Zhang, is something wrong?You can't get it either?"Suzy was confused.

  "It's fine, it's fine, since I promised Mr. Qiu, I'll definitely get it for you, don't worry."

  Just kidding, the girl you like is here watching, this ticket said you have to get it no matter what.This pushy is all pretending out, otherwise this face would be a big loss.

  Thus, Zhang Zhengfu called again.Over there, Zhang Xiaosong hung up again.

  "Strange?Why does Dad keep hanging up on me?"

  Zhang Zhengfu was also anxious and paged seven or eight in a row, but the last one finally got through.

  "Dad, you've finally answered my call."

  "Hurry up, hurry up, get me some tickets for the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting, I'm with Autumn..."

  However, before Zhang Zhengfu could finish his sentence, the enraged Zhang Xiaosong on the other end of the phone directly chopped his face in anger, "Bastard, what kind of phone call are you making randomly for my meeting?"

  "And tickets to get your mother's head!"

  "Stay where it's cool."

  "The Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting, that's where you can go?"

  "What did you go there for, to embarrass me?"

  "Look I'll get you when I get back!"

  Zhang Xiaosong angry to death, just opened a meeting, this adversary later a phone call, wooing the soul?

  At that time, Zhang Xiaosong didn't give Zhang Zhengfu a good time and scolded him and hung up directly.

  "How?Manager Zhang?Done?"Seeing Zhang Xiaosong hang up the phone, Suzy blinked her beautiful eyes and asked with anticipation.

  Autumn Mu Orange also looked over at this time.

  "This~" Zhang Xiaosong was embarrassed when he didn't know how to explain.

  Suddenly, Autumn Mucheng Orange's phone rang.

  "Hm?Strange phone calls?"

  "Who could it be?"

  In between her confusion, Autumn Mu Orange also then answered the phone.

  "Excuse me, is this Miss Autumn Mu Orange?"The person who spoke seemed to be in fear and spoke with a tremor.

  "You are?"Autumn Mu Orange was even more confused.

  "I'm Han Dongmin, that, Miss Qiu, sorry for informing you now.Tonight at seven o'clock, Yunzhou City Convention Center, I hope you can come to the Yunzhou City Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting then."Han Dongmin smiled obsequiously.

  "What?Tonight?Wasn't the annual meeting postponed?"Autumn Mu Orange was surprised.

  "There's been another change over here, and the annual meeting is on schedule, so I hope you can attend."

  "Really?Great, thanks Han City."Qiu Mu Orange was overjoyed.

  She didn't think that it would be a real twist to attend an annual meeting.

  But fortunately, it turned out to be a good one.

  "Also, may I ask, is Master Ye with you?"

  "No, he's at home, I guess."

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why Han Dongmin asked where Ye Fan was, but she didn't ask more, she was now completely immersed in the joy of attending the Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting.

  Soon, Qiu Mu Orange hung up the phone.

  "Orange Orange, who called, so happy?"Suzy asked curiously.

  Qiu Mu Orange then gave Suzy a full account of Han Dongmin's phone number.,.

  Susie was shocked when she heard, "I go, Han City personally informed you?"

  "Awesome!Young Master Zhang is awesome~"

  "I've begged for half a day to do something, but I didn't expect Young Master Zhang to get it done with a phone call."

  "Even the date was changed."

  "How much face does that have to do with it?"

  "Mu Orange, why don't you thank Young Master Zhang quickly, if it wasn't for him, you could have gone in for the annual meeting?"


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