Dish Best Served Cold 366-370


Chapter 366

"Manager Zhang, thank you so much for this time."

  "Helped us a lot with Mufan Real Estate!"

  "Thank you so much~"

  Qiu Mu Orange was filled with excitement and joy, and also thanked Zhang Zhengfu repeatedly.

  Originally, Qiu Mu Orange had all but given up.

  However, she never expected that after Zhang Zhengfu made a phone call, there would be a turn of events and the annual meeting would be held as scheduled again, and Han City even called her personally to invite her to attend the meeting.

  At this time, Qiu Mu orange recalled Ye Fan's teasing him last night, and compared the two, Zhang Zhengfu was undoubtedly more reliable than Ye Fan.

  But Qiu Mu Orange didn't blame Ye Fan, after all, Ye Fan's family background was there and was not destined to have much face and skill.What she was angry about was that Ye Fan had teased her last night, causing her to wait all night in vain.

  And looking at the excited and surprised faces of the two girls in front of her, at first Zhang Zhengfu was undoubtedly a little confused.

  Obviously confused as to what was going on.

  Didn't his father promise him just now?Why did you agree to this, or did Han Dong-min specifically inform you?

  "Is it Dad's knife to the heart?"

  "Talking about disagreeing, but secretly getting things done?"

  "But having Han City personally call over, Dad's face can be ah."

  Thinking of this, Zhang Zhengfu was delighted and thought to himself that his old man really still loved him.

  After thinking of all this, Zhang Zhengfu cleared his throat and faintly pretended, "Mr. Qiu, it's just a small matter, so what's the big deal.As long as I can help you, I'll be satisfied."

  "But, Young Master Zhang, you're really something."

  "One phone call, and everything is solved."

  "Not only was the annual meeting held as scheduled, but Han City personally notified."

  "This face is monstrous~" the more Suzy thought about it, the more amazed she became, praising Zhang Zhengfu incessantly.

  Zhang Zhengfu waved his hand, a calm, "It's nothing, it's all my father's face, you know, my father has some fame in the Yunzhou political and business circles.This kind of trivial matter can be settled with a few words.I can't, I'm just a small staff."

  This pushy act.

  It seemed modest, but Zhang Zhengfu's words were full of compulsion.

  It caused Suzy to secretly admire him, and then even more so, she whispered to Qiu Mu Orange to grasp the opportunity.

  "Zhang Da Shao is a talented person, and his family is rich and powerful, wouldn't this kind of person be ten million times better than that guy Ye Fan, and you won't be moved?"

  "Mu Orange, listen to me, I think this young master has some interest in you as well.You just get in touch with him more and try to get a spark early."

  Su Xi whispered to Qiu Mu Orange to advise her.

  But Qiu Mu Orange glared at her: "Xixi, what are you talking about?Why are you just like my mother.I'll tell you again, I have no intention of divorcing Evan."

  "You~" Suzy was helpless for a while.

  But think about it and you'll be relieved, it's probably because you've just met and are still strangers.With more contact in the future, maybe Autumn Mu Orange would change her attention.

  And at this time.

  Han Dongmin finally found Ye Fan, with a bitter face and eyes full of apologies to Ye Fan non-stop apologies to compensate.

  After seeing Ye Fan's skills, Han Dongmin still had the slightest bit of dignity and elegance when he was scolding Ye Fan.He was terrified like a servant who had made a big mistake, and his posture was very low.

  Looking at Han Dongmin's terrified appearance, Ye Fan, however, smiled coldly, "Han City, what's wrong with you?"

  "Wasn't that just okay majestic?"

  "That I'm full of dog guts?"

  "And put me through jail?"

  "How did this change your attitude for a while?"

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, the coldness in his words, but it chilled Han Dongmin.

  Han Dongmin was full of bitterness, and when he heard Ye Fan's words, he was so frightened that he was about to cry, "Master Ye, don't bury me anymore."

  "I really know I was wrong."

  "Just now I was compelled by a villain to speak out against Master Ye.Otherwise, even if you lend me a few guts, I wouldn't dare to say that you're full of dog guts ah?"

  "Master Ye was discerning enough to save me from danger, and had a reclaimed debt of gratitude to me, Han Dongmin.If I hadn't been compelled, how could I, Han Dongmin, have been ungrateful and maliciously slandered Master Ye?"

  Han Dongmin said in a bitter voice, his words bare and sincere.To Ye Fan, he was truly filled with regret and remorse.

  When Ye Fan saw that his apology was sincere this time, he didn't make things difficult for him anymore.

  "Alright, when I see that your apology is sincere, I won't pursue you in this matter."

  "However, I don't want it to happen again."

  "Otherwise, you can't afford the consequences."

  "Do you understand?"

  Ye Fan's faint words were full of majesty contained.

  At this Cloud Lake, all of them blew a cold wind.

  Han Dongmin fell back like garlic and said yes repeatedly.

  He truly no longer had any disrespect for Ye Fan.After all, this man's energy in front of him simply made him feel terrifying!

  "Did you inform about the annual meeting, Mu Orange's side?"Ye Fan then asked.

  Han Dongmin nodded, "According to what Master Ye said, it's all notified."

  "It will be held at seven o'clock in the evening at the Yunzhou City Convention Center."

  "Here's the admission ticket."

  Han Dongmin also left after handing the admission ticket to Ye Fan.

  On the way back, Han Dongmin Fang let out a long sigh of relief.

  He didn't know why, but when he faced Ye Fan, he always felt a great oppression lingering on him at all times.

  This kind of authority, this kind of heart, Han Dongmin had to tremble, this Ye Fan, was he really just a young man in his early twenties?

  "It seems that sometime, I'll have to meet with Second Master Li and find out what Master Ye's background is."Han Dongmin thought to himself.

  Just like this, the day passed quickly.

  At five o'clock in the evening, Qiu Mu Orange left work early and then waited downstairs at the office with Suzy.

  Zhang Zhengfu said that he had gone home to get his entrance ticket and would pick them up later.

  At the same time, Ye Fan also changed into the suit that Qiu Mu Orange had bought for him and prepared to go with Qiu Mu Orange to attend the Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting in the evening, when Ye Fan was holding the admission ticket that Han Dongmin had given him.

  Although there was only one ticket, this kind of admission ticket could carry two family members, so one ticket was completely enough for Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

  But Ye Fan waited left and right, it was six o'clock, and Qiu Mu Orange hadn't come home.

  "What's going on?"

  "The woman's too busy to remember, is she?"

  Ye Fan was waiting impatiently, in his opinion, even if Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to take him along, he would have to go home to get the admission ticket.

  But it was almost seven o'clock and Qiu Mu Orange hadn't come home yet, so Ye Fan had to be a little worried.

  Worried, Ye Fan went directly to Qiu Mu Orange's company.

  When Ye Fan arrived, Zhang Zhengfu also happened to be driving back from home with an admission ticket.

  "Mr. Qiu, be careful?"

  Zhang Zhengfu opened the car door for Qiu Mu Orange and reminded him in a very gentlemanly manner.

  "Thank you."Qiu Mu Orange politely replied and got in.

  At this time, Suzy was also about to get into the car, but when she turned around, she saw Ye Fan running from afar.

  "Damn, what's this hillbilly doing here?"Susie's eyes danced with a scowl.

  "Susie, where's Mu Orange?Where is she?"Ye Fan asked anxiously.


Susie ignored his question and instead just asked rudely, "What are you doing here?"

  "What else can I do?Go to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs."Ye Fan said truthfully.

  Suzy was mad at Ye Fan's shameless words when she heard it at that time.

  "I'm going!"

  "Have you got it wrong?"

  "Did people invite you, Dasho Zhang?"

  "You're licking your chops when you're not invited?"

  "Why are you so thick-skinned?"


  "I, Susie, have never seen such impudence as yours in my life."

  Suzy was simply enraged to death.

  Listening to Ye Fan's tone, it was as if it was a matter of course to go with them to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.

  But the point was, people Zhang Zhengfu didn't even invite him.

  Instead, he licked his own face and came over.Coming up here, he rudely said that he wanted to go to the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting.

  "Are you an entrepreneur?"

  "What are you doing there, a door-to-door son-in-law?"

  "Go to shame?"

  "You're funny!"

  Suzy was full of contempt, and after saying that, she didn't even pay attention to Ye Fan, opened the door and then got into the car.

  Zhang Zhengfu also noticed Ye Fan at this time and scoffed.

  "Heh, isn't this that door-to-door son-in-law of CEO Qiu?"

  "Dressed like a dog, what, is this going to get in my good graces and go with me to the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting too?"

  "I'm so sorry about that, the car is full, love to help."

  "If you want to go, why don't you run along on your own?"

  Zhang Zhengfu sneered and also opened the car door, got in, and started the ignition.

  But Ye Fan frowned, listening to their words, was Mu Orange also in this car?

  Just as Ye Fan went forward to find out what was going on, at this time, Zhang Zhengfu had already started the ignition.The Audi Q7 rushed out like an arrow as the wheels spun.

  Zhang Zhengfu was obviously deliberately trying to prevent Ye Fan from seeing Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Damn it!"


  "Give me a stop."

  "Mu orange, Mu orange~"


  Ye Fan shouted loudly from behind, but Zhang Zhengfu was already carrying the two women and galloping away.The low roar was like the low roar of a wild beast, but it cut through the sky and soon merged into the traffic ahead.

  Inside the car.

  Qiu Mu Orange seemed to hear something and frowned, "Xixi, is Ye Fan here?"

  "Why do I think I heard Evan's voice?"

  In confusion, Autumn Mu Orange was ready to lower the window and look back, but she was pulled back by Suzy.

  "Mu Orange, you must have heard wrong."

  "That door-to-door husband of yours, I guess he'll be at home scrubbing the floor, what's he doing in your company with nothing to do?"

  "Don't get any ideas,"Suzy made up nonsense.

  She had always encouraged her best friend Qiu Mu Orange to kick out Ye Fan and find another husband.

  Now, wasn't this a perfect opportunity, of course Suzy didn't want this great opportunity to be spoiled by Ye Fan.So naturally, Suzy didn't want Ye Fan to come along for the ride.

  "Is it really wrong to hear?"Qiu Mu Orange was still a little suspicious, but eventually broke away from Suzy's obstruction and peeked out to take a backward glance.

  However, there was only the watery traffic and the dim lights in Qiu Mu-Orange's line of sight.Even if there really were people, I'm afraid they would have been buried in the spreading night.

  Thus, Autumn Mu Orange naturally didn't see Ye Fan's figure.

  "Perhaps, it's really me hallucinating."

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange shook her head for a moment and whispered.And then she borrowed Suzy's phone and sent a WeChat to Ye Fan.His phone was out of battery and had just turned off automatically after receiving a call from Han Dongmin.

  "Ye Fan, I'm not going back for dinner tonight.I'm going to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs in Yunzhou City.I hope everything goes well."

  After sending it over, Qiu Mu Orange added a mischievous smiley face.

  Let's just say, forgive that guy.

  Forgive Ye Fan, for teasing him last night.

  Between husband and wife, there would inevitably be conflicts.Understand each other, take a step back from each other, and the contradictions will be resolved.

  "Sub-O, you really went there?!"

  In front of the company's door, Ye Fan looked at the message from Qiu Mu Orange on WeChat and was so angry that he exploded at the time.

  At this time Ye Fan's heart was depressed ah.

  This mother fucker, feeling busy for half a day, let someone else exploit the loophole?

  But Ye Fan also knew that this matter could not be blamed on Qiu Mu Orange.

  After all, Qiu Mu Orange didn't even know that she was still waiting at home to go to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs with her.

  Nor did she know that it was Ye Fan's handiwork to hold the annual meeting as scheduled, nor did she know that Han Dongmin's call was the one that Ye Fan asked him to make.

  It's only because of this misfortune that the party had such a dramatic ending.

  At that time, Ye Fan had a dark old face and immediately called Han Dongmin, splitting his head and questioning for a while, "I'm asking you, what did you tell my wife?"

  "Didn't you tell him to go home and get his entrance ticket?"

  "This...This..."Han Dongmin was terrified, and for a moment couldn't remember what he had said to Qiu Mu Orange at that time, but only shuddered back, "Should...It should be said, right?"

  It should be your fucking head!

  Ye Fan was so angry that he wanted to kill himself by following the wireless signal.

  "Okay, hurry up and come get me."

  "But, it's...It's not even seven o'clock yet?"Han Dongmin whispered.

  "Just let you come, where are all those words."Ye Fan was impatient.

  Han Dongmin had no choice but to rush over early.



  Yunzhou City Convention Center.

  When Qiu Mu Orange and the others arrived, but the outside was already full of cars.

  What Land Rover, Mercedes, Cayenne~.

  The luxury cars, which are rarely seen on weekdays, were all parked outside the venue.

  Not only that, there were even armed police patrols near the convention center, and the security guards on duty alone stood in two rows at the entrance, and no idle people were allowed to approach within a hundred-meter radius.

  "My God!"

  "What's going on here today?"

  "There's a huge number of luxury cars!"

  "And so many big names?"

  "What high-level meeting is this convention center going to host?"

  "Is the richest man coming?"

  The men and women walking by were talking about it, casting envious glances at the inside of the convention center.

  For many people, the convention center in front of them was most likely a place they would never be able to reach in their lifetime.

  "Bunch of turtles!"

  "With your level, how would you know what kind of occasion tonight is?"

  Suzy and Zhang Zhengfu stepped down from the car, disdainful eyes sweeping over those onlookers outside, the wipe of superiority in their eyebrows, how thick is it?

  "Let's go, Sissy, don't be proud, let's go inside."

  Attending this kind of entrepreneur's event for the first time, Autumn Mu Orange was undoubtedly a little excited, and pulled Suzy along with him and headed forward.

  "Do you have an invitation?"

  When they reached the entrance, the staff simply looked at the admission ticket in Zhang Zhengfu's hand, and then released them, and after a polite greeting, they let the etiquette lady lead them to the venue to take their seats.

  And not long after Qiu Mu Orange three people left, outside the convention center, a number of luxury cars came again.

  The car door opened, and only the gloriously dressed Qiu Mu Ying was seen, so she assisted Master Qiu and walked down.

  "Grandpa, how is it?"

  "Your long-cherished wish of many years is now fulfilled for you thanks to me and Wenfei, right?"

  "Your granddaughter me, didn't hurt for nothing, did she?"Qiu Muying said with pride in her eyes.


"It didn't hurt for nothing, it didn't hurt for nothing~"


  Master Qiu was so excited at this point that he couldn't stop smiling.The gazes that looked at Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying's couple were filled with praise and relief.

  "I, Qiu Zhenglun, am most proud to have you, Ying Ying, as my granddaughter."

  "The happiest thing is to have a granddaughter-in-law like you, Wen Fei."

  "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, grandpa really has to thank you."

  "If it wasn't for you guys, I'm afraid that I wouldn't have been able to enter the convention center in this lifetime.In this lifetime, it would also be difficult to attend this Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting, right?"

  As he spoke, Master Qiu was near old tears.

  He had struggled all his life, and now his children and grandchildren were successful in their careers.His biggest regret was that he hadn't been invited to the annual meeting of Yunzhou entrepreneurs.

  After all, this is not just a conference.

  What it represents is more of a glory, a social recognition, a symbol of identity and honor.

  Only after coming out from here, could Master Qiu squarely tell others that he, Qiu Zhenglun, was a great national entrepreneur.

  "Yeah, even uncle me, I'm in your good graces."Qiu Guang was also smiling and lamenting from the side.

  "Then grandpa, can I have that incense burner of yours?"Seeing that Master Qiu was so happy, Qiu Mu Ying took the opportunity to start hitting on the old man's idea of that smoky incense burner again.

  The last time when she had dinner with Wang Xingduo, she should have gotten her hands on this incense burner.

  But then something went wrong and made the old man furious, so Qiu Mu Ying didn't dare to mention it again.

  Now take advantage of this opportunity, but Qiu Muying is reopening old things, and then give Master Qiu want this smoker.

  "You, this ninny, are really born to do business, you don't suffer."

  "Good, that incense burner, go back and give it to you, go back and give it to you~" old man Qiu was generous, smiling and agreeing.

  "Thank you grandpa."Qiu Mu Ying's eyebrows opened up and smiled.

  I thought to myself, the old man's smoker is probably worth a million or eight hundred thousand, so in that case, it would be able to pay off a portion of the debt as well.

  Yes, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were still carrying a debt of four million.

  That day, when Autumn Muyoung broke two vases, Shen Meng asked them to compensate eight million, Zhang Li took one million, and Chu Wenfei and Autumn Muyoung revealed their past, and only managed to raise less than two million.

  There are still five million of the debt, when Shen Meng put down harsh words, not completely paid off will send them to the police station.

  In the event that you are not in a position to get rid of it, you will be able to get rid of it by yourself.

  As for Master Qiu and other Qiu family members, they had no knowledge of this matter.

  The company has a lot of money in the bank, and it's a good idea for the company to be able to offer the money to the public.

  As for the Chu family's side, Chu Wenfei didn't dare to ask for help even more.The events of that night had originally made his mother Zhang Li angry, and asking for money from them again?Chu Wenfei didn't have the face to ask for it either.

  Therefore, he could only go to his friends to borrow it.

  Chu Wenfei was usually a generous person, but he had made quite a few friends since he was a child, all from good families.

  One of them, the son of the mayor of Yunzhou City, Wu Yong, was even more generous.

  The four million, Chu Wenfei mostly borrowed from Wu Yi.

  Today's entrance ticket to this Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting, Chu Wenfei also got it all thanks to Wu Yi.

  "Wenfei, hasn't Brother Wu arrived yet?"At today's Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting, Qiu Mu Ying and the others were counting on Wu Yi to lead them in. When they saw that Wu Yi hadn't arrived yet, Qiu Mu Ying couldn't help but feel a little worried.

  I thought to myself, will there be another leak?

  "Don't worry, Wu Yong and I have been friends for over a decade, the relationship is ironclad, he won't stand me up."Chu Wenfei said confidently.

  Wu Yi and Chu Wenfei could be called childhood friends, when they were kids, the two families were neighbors, and they went to primary school together.

  Later on, because Wu Yi's father was transferred to another job, they were separated.

  Then, Wu Yi's father took charge of Yunzhou and attracted investment to attract Chu Wenfei's father to carry out urban construction in Yunzhou city.There were naturally many reasons why the Chu family was so successful in Yunzhou real estate.

  With this kind of relationship, it could be imagined that the friendship between Chu Wenfei and Wu Yi would definitely not fade.

  Not long after, a silver-white Cadillac drove over, followed by a graceful and handsome man who walked down from the car.

  This person can tell at a glance that his or her magnanimity is extraordinary, must be either rich or noble.After getting out of the car, he took off his sunglasses and looked around until he saw Chu Wenfei waving at him from a distance.

  The corner of the youth's mouth curled up, then he took a low step and walked towards the front.

  "Wu Yong, you've finally arrived."

  "I told you, you bastard, you still dare to stand me up?"Chu Wenfei walked over and patted Wu Yi's shoulder and said haha.

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, poked Chu Wenfei from behind and whispered, "Wenfei, be polite."

  Wu Yi was always the son of the mayor's family, but Chu Wenfei was touching people without any respect, and Qiu Mu Ying was naturally worried.

  Chu Wenfei, however, grinned greatly, "Ying Ying, it's fine.I've been brothers with Wu Yong for over ten years, it's not that big of a deal.Don't say he's the son of the Wu Shi family, even if he's the old son of the emperor, if he does something wrong to me, I should just whip him as much as I want."

  Men, no matter how good a hairdresser is, they must have fought each other when they were young.

  Chu Wenfei grew tall and big, this fight, naturally every time at a disadvantage to Wu Yi.

  Wu Yi shook his head and laughed, "Okay, unnecessary words will be said later, let's go in first."

  Between the words, the group of people headed towards the convention center.

  Along the way, looking at Chu Wenfei who was laughing and joking with Wu Yi, Master Qiu and Qiu Yang and the others were undoubtedly secretly shocked.

  "I didn't expect that ah, Wen Fei still has such connections."

  "It seems that our Ying Ying, has really found a good home."Master Qiu was undoubtedly more and more pleased with Chu Wenfei.

  Qiu Yang also nodded his head and lamented, "Yes, with Wen Fei here, our Qiu family will have hopes in the future."

  "Why worry about the foundation not flourishing?"

  Just like this, Qiu Mu Ying and other Qiu family members followed Useless into the convention center as well.



  At this time, there was still some time before the annual meeting began.

  Take advantage of this gap, all the bigwigs are exchanging ideas with each other.

  Those who come here are not business elites, the entire venue can be called a gathering of celebrities.

  Successful people with straight suits, businesswomen with unconventional temperament.

  People were in groups of three to five, holding glasses of red wine, talking to each other, wanting to use this opportunity to expand their circle of friends and make a few business tycoons.


  "Isn't that the CEO of the Golding Group?"

  "And the chairman of Shingle Entertainment?"

  "And the head of that Wang Clan, the fifth richest man in Yunzhou this year?"

  "They're here too?"

  After Qiu Mu Orange went in, she was filled with trepidation as she looked at the bigwigs from all walks of life in front of her who were usually rare to see at all.


I thought to myself how glamorous it would be to have all these big shots at the opening ceremony.

  At that time, let's see what Qiu Mu Ying and the old man and the others have to say?

  Thinking like this, Qiu Mu Orange's mouth suddenly revealed a wisp of an inexplicable smile, so she took the initiative to take the invitation and send it to every person, inviting them to the opening ceremony, her posture was very low, and she was incomparably respectful to these business seniors.

  However, what made Autumn Mucheng lost was that after half a day of sending them, none of them even accepted them.Almost all of them refused with various reasons.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange then sat dejectedly to the side, almost on the verge of giving up.

  "Xixi, why do you think that's the case?"

  "Why doesn't one person want to go?"

  Before coming here, Qiu Mu Orange had thought that with so many powerful bigwigs present, even if they were really busy, they couldn't all be busy, right, one in ten would always have time to attend.

  But now, the cruel reality was a fierce blow to Qiu Mu Orange's face.

  At this time, Suzy had just finished chatting with a young and rich noble young master, and came over with a red wine cup, looking at Autumn Mu Orange's discouraged appearance, but Suzy didn't show too much surprise, instead she also looked as if she was expecting: "Mu Orange, I've already told you that this method of yours won't work."

  "But why?"

  "Was I not being polite enough?Is it that I don't have enough respect for them?"

  "Why do they all refuse, not even an invitation.Not even a kind word for me?"

  "Why is that?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was puzzled, she had obviously tried so hard, so respectfully, one could even say somewhat humbly, to invite them to come in an almost begging tone.

  But as a result, it was still the same.

  "Mu Orange, you still don't understand."

  "It's because you were too respectful to them and acted too humble, that's why they didn't care to go."

  "That's how people's inferior nature is, the lower you posture, the less they will care about you, and naturally they won't accept your invitation."

  "However, if you act high and mighty, the more they will stalk you and flock to you."

  "Such a simple truth, don't you understand?"Suzy shook her head and lamented.

  Qiu Mu Orange listened, but laughed to herself, "What do I know about what you've said, Xi Xi?"

  "I want to be high, too, and I don't want to keep my stance so low.But what's the alternative?"

  "After all, Mufan Real Estate is a small company, a small business, with no name, and I don't think any of these people here know about it.In this situation, what's the bottom line for us to put up a fight to others, and what's the point of having others clinging to it?"

  When Suzy heard this, she burst out laughing, "Mu Orange, you still don't believe me when I say you're stupid?"

  "No one knows it's just a small company anymore?"

  "Warsaw is big, hundreds of billion-dollar companies without thousands, do you know what they're called?"

  "So yeah, if you don't tell me, who knows if Mufan Properties is a big group or a small business?"

  "It's not like anyone here knows you."

  Qiu Mu Orange was stunned: "Xixi, are you..."

  However, before Autumn Mu Orange could finish her sentence, Suzy was smiling wryly, "Mu Orange, wait for me here and see how I perform.Remember to cooperate with me later."

  "Cee Cee, you~"

  Autumn Mu Orange seemed to have guessed what Suzy was going to do and wanted to stop her, but Suzy was already heading to the very center of the venue.The podium there, was the place where the leaders spoke.

  But at this time, Suzy was already walking up, standing at the highest point of the entire hall, and spoke proudly to the microphone in front of her.

  "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen."

  "I am the Vice President of Mufan Group, Suzy."

  "My Mufan Group is new to Yunzhou to launch its business, and the local branch in Yunzhou has yet to open.It's reasonable to say that under these circumstances, it shouldn't be eligible to attend the annual meeting of local entrepreneurs in Yunzhou.But to no avail, Han Dongmin was so exuberant that he called three times to invite our group to the meeting."

  "With no other choice, our group had no choice but to attend this annual meeting with a great sense of shame and a great honor."

  "Here, on behalf of our Group's General Manager Qiu, I would like to express my gratitude to Han City for its enthusiasm.And also to the entrepreneurs of Yunzhou, I would like to express my gratitude."

  "Thank you all, for your acceptance and welcome to our Mufan Group."

  Suzy's resonant words suddenly rang out, reverberating throughout the hall.

  For a time, many people looked up and listened to Susie's speech, and many people present revealed faces of trepidation and confusion.

  "Mufan Group?"

  "Wang Dong, you have a lot of experience, have you heard of this group?"

  "It seems like a great idea!"


  "No, never heard of it!"

  "But from what this Mr. Su said, it seems like a foreign group has come to Yunzhou to develop locally, right?"

  "It's normal that I've never heard of it."

  "But to be able to get Han City to phone three invitations, this Mu Fan Group, I'm afraid it's a big group, too."

  "Most likely, a second Red Flag group~"


  "I go, so powerful?"

  "Does that mean it's even more awesome than Shen?"


  "Well, I think it's at least equal.Otherwise, why would Han City call and invite you personally?"

  "This face, our Yunzhou City, other than the Red Flag Group and the Shen Group, there is no third one."


  "Another behemoth has descended on Yunzhou."

  "This is an opportunity, it must be grasped."

  "This kind of enterprise is backed by a large group, if we can hug their thighs, we might be able to get our enterprise out of Yunzhou and out of Jiangdong Province ah~"

  Many people's eyes were already flaming with fire, and they were saying in secret.

  That speech that Suzy had just made, it must be said, was extremely beautiful.

  It was simply, a model of the pretending world.

  First, she lowered her status, saying that she was not qualified to attend the annual meeting here.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.

  This posture of Su Xi seems to be very low.

  The mayor's three invitations are tantamount to the Mufan Group's compelling style completely elevated to a terrifying height, causing the crowd to tremble, and even many corporate CEOs have already started the idea of stammering, ready to take the initiative to talk to each other later.

  This is the art of speaking, Suzy's attitude is respectful, right?It was also respectful, but in the eyes of the crowd, it was called humble.

  Whereas Qiu Mu Orange's previous respect was called humble in the eyes of the crowd.

  Human nature was like that, disdaining the humble and trying to suck up to the high and mighty with every intention of doing so.

  And while the entire venue's business dignitaries were all talking about the power of the Mu Fan Group.Not far away, Qiu Mu Ying and the others, however, frowned.


  "Isn't that Autumn Mu Orange's best friend?"

  "And the Mufan Group?"

  "Is it that little shabby company of Autumn Mu Orange, Mufan Real Estate?"

  "Just that shitty company, it's not even up and running, and you have the nerve to call it a group?"

  "What the hell is this Susie up to?"Qiu Mu Ying was full of doubts.

  Master Qiu and Qiu Guang and the others, who had obviously noticed this, also frowned and continued to watch Suzy's performance.


Obviously, they also wanted to see what kind of medicine Suzy was selling in this gourd.

  "Grandpa, this Qiu Mu Orange is really shameless."

  "What kind of company are you in, don't you have any compulsion in your heart?"

  "Still blowing into the group here?"

  "And that Han City personally invited them?"

  "And they're good about it?"

  "I think ah, this Suzy, just got an authorization from Qiu Mu Orange to run this annual meeting and come up here to talk nonsense."

  "If I were to say that, I should go up there and expose her."Qiu Mu Ying, full of disdain, looked up at Suzy as she sneered coldly.

  Master Qiu, however, shook his head: "This Su family is also quite rich and powerful in Yunzhou.Wouldn't you be offending the Su family by going over there now and hitting Su Xi's face?"

  "Let's just take a look and see what this lady friend of Autumn Mu Orange's is up to."

  "It's better not to have any bad blood with it if you can."

  "Moreover, on an occasion like today, Autumn Mu Orange definitely doesn't have the right to come in.So Suzy may not necessarily be under the orders of Qiu Mu Orange, what if what she says is true and our Yunzhou has really had a large foreign group come in recently?"

  "When the time comes, if you expose it indiscriminately, we'll be the ones making a fool of ourselves instead."

  Master Qiu was thoughtful and advised from the side.

  "Well, it's still grandpa who is thoughtful."

  Qiu Mu Ying also nodded and continued to wait and see what happened.

  At this time, the center of the venue.

  Suzy was on the high platform, still speaking.

  It had to be said that this Suzy did have some eloquence as well, and this bluff was a stunner.

  The gazes of the entire audience had peremptorily landed on Suzy.

  Many people were already eager to try their hands at the end of Suzy's speech, ready to immediately go up to make acquaintances and hand over their business cards.

  "I, Mufan Group, have gone through dozens of springs and autumns, and have achieved considerable success in the development of our branches all over Huaxia."

  "Now Mufan Group has five thousand six hundred employees under its umbrella, spread across dozens of small and medium-sized cities in Huaxia."

  "Today, due to the group's business needs, we have come to Yunzhou to open a new branch."

  "As the first meeting between Mufan Group and all the business seniors in Yunzhou, on behalf of the Yunzhou City Branch of Mufan Group, I would like to extend the most sincere invitation to all the gentlemen and ladies present here."

  "On November 11, Mufan Real Estate, a branch of my group, will hold a grand opening celebration."

  "I hereby look forward to the attendance of all local entrepreneurs!"

  "However, due to limited space, I was only able to secure fifty seats for everyone, thanks to my efforts."

  "Therefore, those who are planning to attend my group's opening ceremony can go to my company's president, Mr. Qiu, to receive an invitation letter."

  "At that time, only the VIPs holding the invitation letter will be allowed to enter~"

  Suzy's confident and arrogant voice echoed throughout the hall.

  As soon as she finished speaking, a burst of applause rang out under the stage.

  Many people already couldn't wait to get the invitation.

  "Mr. Su, we, Deppon Logistics, are participating."


  "We, Lehua Hotel, will also go~"


  "And us!"

  "The CEO of my company is bound to personally visit then!"


  "Yes, it's an honor to attend the opening ceremony of the Mufan Group!"

  "We'll definitely be there~"


  "Where do I get the invitation?"

  "Where's Chief Autumn?"


  At this time, the entire convention center was instantly lively.

  Especially after hearing Su Xi say that there were only fifty seats, the CEOs of these enterprises were naturally more anxious.

  They all looked around, looking for the CEO Qiu, who was mentioned by Su Xi, hoping to get the invitation letter earlier, fearing that if they were late, someone else would be the first to attend.

  After all, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many companies present to attend the opening ceremony.

  They might be able to take this opportunity to negotiate a few orders and cooperation with the Mufan Group.

  This was a large group of over five thousand people!

  Assets must be in the hundreds of billions at least.

  This kind of enterprise any list, estimated to be tens of millions of billions of dollars.

  Just like their Yunzhou before an unknown small enterprise Qiushui Logistics, just because they embraced a large enterprise with a strong background like the Red Flag Group, not only did they get tens of millions of dollars in financing, they also got 50 million orders.

  The company's main purpose is to provide a wide range of services and products to the public.

  Very soon, the invitations that Qiu Mu Orange brought today were snatched up by the crowd.

  Not only that, those who didn't get the invitation, also said all sorts of nice things to Qiu Mu Orange, hoping that he would try to get them some more invitations.

  They all shouted one by one, with great enthusiasm and respect.

  This was in stark contrast to the cold treatment that Qiu Mu Orange had just received.

  In just a short while, Qiu Mu Orange received a bunch of business cards.

  Qiu Mu Orange had never thought that this tactic of Suzy's would work so well.

  Just now, she had begged her grandparents, but not only did she not give away any business cards, she was also met with a lot of blank stares.

  But now, these people were even scrambling to beg for it for Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Mu Orange, how is it?"

  "I'm good at your best friend, right?"

  "If it wasn't for me, I'm afraid you wouldn't have been able to deliver a single invitation today, would you?"

  Seeing that her words had worked, Suzy was filled with excitement and said proudly to Autumn Mu Orange.

  Zhang Zhengfu gave a thumbs up to Suzy from the side.

  Apparently, Suzy's cleverness and resourcefulness was admired by Zhang Zhengfu as well!

  But Autumn Mu Orange couldn't be happier.

  "Cee Cee, this isn't good, is it?"

  "This kind of glory woven by lies is not destined to last long."

  "Moreover, once the matter is revealed, it will also greatly affect the credibility of our company."

  Autumn Mu Orange said worriedly.

  But Suzy advised, "Mu Orange, it's fine, as long as we don't say anything, who here will know the details of our company?"

  "Besides, we didn't lie to them much.We're the ones Mayor Han invited, and that's just the way it is."

  "So you, ah, just don't have any mental burden."

  Zhang Zhengfu nodded as well, "Yeah, Chief Qiu."

  "Regardless of the white cat and black cat, the one who can catch mice is a good cat."

  "Now, haven't we achieved our goal?Isn't that a great outcome?"

  At this time, many of the surrounding company CEOs wanted Autumn Mu Orange to go up and say something as well.

  "Mu Orange, what are you waiting for?"

  "Get up there!"

  "Just say a few words to express your gratitude."

  "No need to say anything."

  Qiu Mu Orange was still struggling, but Suzy had already pushed Qiu Mu Orange onto the stage.

  For a while, the applause thundered.

  Many people, were deeply admired and impressed by Qiu Mu-Orange's youth as well as beauty.

  "What a young CEO."

  "And so beautiful?"

  "In the future, I'm afraid that she will become the number one goddess in my Yunzhou City."

  "I don't know if she's married or not."

  "And what lucky man will be cheap later?"

  Offstage, many people were overcome with emotion, and their gazes towards Qiu Mu Orange were filled with admiration and respect.


  "The First Goddess of Cloud State?"

  "Just her?"

  "A wimp of a woman who deserves it?"

  However, at this moment, a sarcastic laughter sounded quietly in the hall.


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