The King of Kungfu in school 1211-1220


Chapter 1211

Xu Yan smiled, "What? You're distressed by me, if you're distressed by me, then why don't, I give you my first time."

Tang Zichen looked at Xu Yan's bloated body, and her dark yellow and obviously wrinkled skin, and his scalp went numb.

Although she was a goddess thirty years ago, that was already thirty years ago.

Xu Yan snorted, "I knew you didn't really feel sorry for me, hypocritical."

"No, I truly want you to live a happy life."

"In that case, do you dare to date me?"

"Hahaha, Xu Yan, our pure friendship can't be messed with."

"Come on."Xu Yan snorted, a little depressed inside, was she really so bad now that Tang Zichen couldn't do anything about it?Tang Zichen put a hold on it or not.However, Xu Yan suddenly remembered that it seemed that thirty years ago, Tang Zichen did not like her, so thinking, Xu Yan had nothing to be depressed about.

Tang Zichen chatted with Xu Yan for not very long before a servant came to call Tang Zichen, "Senior Tang, Senior Liu Xiangyun asked me to inform you that a lady named Song Yu'er is here."

"Uh, Song Yu'er."Tang Zichen was startled, so he said how come she hadn't come, but he didn't expect that she would come.

"Xu Yan, I'm not talking to you anymore." Remember the URL

"Alright, I'll also go with you to meet Song Yu'er, I've heard that she's undergone a drastic change now."

"So you know about it too."

Tang Zichen arrived at one of the palace's main halls.

"Where's Song Yu'er?"Tang Zichen asked, "No Song Yu'er was seen in the main hall, only Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er were there.

Li Xuan'er said, "Liu Yue took her out for a walk."

"Uh, Liu Yue."

"Yeah, don't you know, Liu Yue used to be super fond of Song Yu'er ah, but now that Liu Yue has become a strong Ancestor and Song Yu'er has risen, Liu Yue seems to have ideas ah."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen remembered that decades ago in Linjiang City, Liu Yue had just won the title of Imperial Talent, Song Yu'er's family wanted Liu Yue to marry Song Yu'er so that their family could return to the core of the family, as a result, Liu Yue refused, because at that time, Song Yu'er was still a not very good martial artist, while Liu Yue was an Imperial Talent, the difference was too big.

Unexpectedly, now that Liu Yue had seen Song Yu'er's rise, she was thinking of chasing Song Yu'er again.However, Tang Zichen wouldn't say anything about Liu Yue's power or anything like that, after all, Liu Yue was his brother, so naturally, he hoped that Liu Yue would really be able to regain Song Yu'er.

On a small road within the palace, Liu Yue took Song Yu'er on a tour of the Imperial Garden.

Song Yu'er was wearing a light green plaid shirt, her body was rugged and misshapen, still like the body that made people lust at a glance when she was at Bai Yun High School thirty years ago.Only, what was different was that Song Yu'er was wearing a golden mask on her face, this mask did not cover all of her face, it covered above the middle of her nose, leaving only two eyes, there was no mask below the middle of her nose, you could see her brightly colored lips, and from the skin on her uncovered face, she seemed completely the same as when she was in high school, including her figure.

No wonder Liu Yue was so positive at the moment, swallowing drool at all times.

"Yu'er, why don't you take off your mask?"Liu Yue said.

"Why should I take it off."Song Yu'er said coldly.

"Uh."Liu Yue felt a little embarrassed, Song Yu'er's personality seemed to be completely different from the high school girl he remembered.


Are you still sick of me?"Liu Yue asked.

"Oh, you're just one of my bodyguards back then, I hate you so much it's baffling, you're overthinking it, Liu Yue.You invited me out for a walk, but only for the sake of your loyalty to me back then."

"I'll go, what a loyal and devoted person, can you not belittle me, I'm a strong Ancestor realm now."

"No matter how Ancestor Realm, you're still just a dog of Tang Zichen."

"You you you."Liu Yue burst into rage, Song Yu'er actually said such words.

"Yu'er, that's too much to say, Tang Zichen and I are friends, good friends."

"Che, typical kneeling for a long time, don't know you can still stand up."

"You, forget it, I don't care to discuss this topic with you.Anyway, Yu'er, in the future, if you don't understand anything, you can come and ask me, I am after all a strong Ancestor, I can guide you to reach the Ancestor realm faster."Liu Yue said kindly.

Song Yu'er, however, sneered.

Liu Yue depressedly said, "What are you sneering at, did I say anything wrong?"

"Liu Yue, forget you, I swear, one day in the future, even Tang Zichen will want me to guide him, and you, huh, go to hell."

"You you you, how dare you talk to me like that."

Song Yu'er swept a contemptuous glance at Liu Yue, then quickly walked away.

Liu Yue looked at Song Yu'er's back, although it was so attractive, but, suddenly it felt, this is a thorny rose, Song Yu'er is no longer the same Song Yu'er, and I don't know what she has gone through, why she doesn't even care about Tang Zichen, in the future she still wants to surpass Tang Zichen, normal people wouldn't say that, because Tang Zichen is too hard to surpass.

Not long after Tang Zichen sat in the main hall, Song Yu'er walked in.

As soon as Tang Zichen saw Song Yu'er, he immediately recognized her as she actually hadn't changed in the slightest except for the half mask on her face.

"Haha, Song Yu'er."Tang Zichen walked up with a big smile, wanting to shake Song Yu'er's hand, after all, it was someone who had dealt with many people back then, and now that they were seeing each other again, Tang Zichen was a bit excited.

However, Song Yu'er took a step back and looked at Tang Zichen with a deep gaze.

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked a little embarrassed.

Song Yu'er said, "Tang Zichen, long time no see."

"Yes, it's been a long time, Song Yu'er, you seem to have changed a lot, I thought you were old enough to start square dancing, or at home with your grandchildren, but you're still so young, and seem to have a different temper."Tang Zichen said.

"Heh."Song Yu'er snapped slightly, her eyes had a confidence that even Tang Zichen could surpass.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what kind of strange encounter had Song Yu'er obtained, and why had she reached the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

"Song Yu'er, what exactly happened to you?Can we talk about it?"

Song Yu'er said, "There's nothing to say."

"Yoho, you've actually become arrogant, Song Yu'er, I'm grateful that you came to my wedding, but you're only a unity realm in front of me, and you don't have the capital to be arrogant in front of me yet.Perhaps you feel that you've gone against the grain, are awesome, and admire yourself, so you've become arrogant and unstoppable.Unfortunately, you're still an ant in front of me, Tang Zichen, today."Tang Zichen said somewhat unhappily, as Song Yu'er's appearance made him unhappy, what is a peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, Tang Zichen Ancestral Perfection hadn't even spoken yet.


Song Yu'er said, "Tang Zichen, one day, you'll lower your head in front of me, I promise."

"Hahaha, what the hell have you been stimulated to be so confident?"

"Alright, I'm here today, for the sake of having once been an alumni after all, to send you a happy new marriage wish, nothing else, Tang Zichen.Goodbye, no, never again."Song Yu'er immediately flew away, so fast that she was in the sky in the blink of an eye.

"Don't go."Tang Zichen chased after her, Song Yu'er's speed was so fast that Tang Zichen actually chased after her with some difficulty, and only after flying far out of Wangjing City did Tang Zichen stop her.

"Damn, you have a unity realm, how come you're so fast?"Tang Zichen was incredulous.

"Tang Zichen, what are you chasing me for?Could it be that you still want to invite me to drink your wedding wine, but unfortunately, I'm not interested."

Tang Zichen said, "Song Yu'er, what are you running for, you're insane ah, I haven't seen you for decades and you don't come to me, and when you meet me, you still look like you're speechless, it seems like I, Tang Zichen, haven't offended you, I can understand you hating Liu Yue, after all, he once rejected your father's request for a marriage, but me and you, do we have a grudge?"


"Then what do you mean?"

Song Yu'er's face calmed down a bit and said, "There's no point, back then you looked down on me, now I look down on you, that's all."

"I pooh, what are you so great at, and still look down on me, brother is not afraid to tell you, brother is now at the complete level of Ancestor realm, you want to surpass me, it would take less than twenty to thirty years, what are you proud of ah you." A second to remember to read the book

Song Yu'er said, "I'm not like you, alright, I'm leaving."

"What are you walking away from, stop."

Song Yu'er snorted, "You and I, we don't cross paths."

"Song Yu'er, I see that it's not easy for you to cultivate so far, so hang out with me from now on."

"Haha, that's hilarious."

"What do you mean?Is it funny if you hang out with me?Didn't you see Liu Yue and the others?Those who hang out with me are all clansmen now, and I guarantee that you will definitely be able to go on to be a clan master in the future."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you think you're the only one who has friends?I'm not going to lie, I do too, and you know who I hang out with?Shall I take you to meet and get to know my siblings?"


"My siblings, they're nearby, if you're interested, come with me."

Song Yu'er flew away.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and followed her.

After flying for ten minutes to an unfamiliar place, Song Yu'er landed on the roof of a hotel and flew to a certain floor.

"Sister Rain, you're back."

"Sister Rain, you really don't want to drink Tang Zichen's wedding wine."

Several people shouted at Song Yu'er.It was as if Tang Zichen was the boss.

Tang Zichen flew in through the window and saw nine people, both men and women.

One of the women pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Sister Rain, who is he?"

Song Yu'er didn't reply, but looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, all nine of them are my siblings, and each of them, right now, is above the late stage of the Unity Realm, and they're only between thirty and forty years old."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was incredulous that Song Yu'er was also the leader of a small team, this identity shift was so different from before.

"Tang Zichen, do you think I can leave my brothers and sisters behind and hang out with you?

Besides, I don't think I'd be better off hanging out with you."

"Well, Song Yu'er, I'm the one who underestimated you, it seems that you really have changed a lot."

Song Yu'er's group of friends were very surprised to see that it was the famous Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, since that's the case, I won't bother you, I still have to go back for business."

"No escort."

"When you have time in the future, you can bring your brothers and sisters and meet me at Wangjing City."Tang Zichen said.

Song Yu'er shook her head and said, "No need, there's no chance."

"Song Yu'er, don't say anything so desperate, goodbye."Tang Zichen flew away.

After Tang Zichen left, a woman said, "Sister Rain, you don't seem to have a very good tone towards Tang Zichen, why?Tang Zichen is known as a strong man, we can't afford to offend him."

"It's none of your business to ask less."

"Uh-oh."The woman threw up her tongue.

The other man said, "Sister Rain, when are we leaving this world?To that mysterious world?Did you just say that there's no chance to play with Don Zixon because we're leaving this world?"

"Rain, since you know Tang Zichen, why don't you tell him that we found a passage to the other world?If we travel to another world, with Tang Zichen along, I'm sure it will be much safer."

"Yeah, with a strong man like Tang Zichen there, then there will be less unknown dangers if we travel to that mysterious world."

Tang Zichen returned to Wangjing City and told everyone about Song Yu'er, and everyone found it unbelievable.

"Song Yu'er has changed too much, hasn't she?"

"It's so strange how she's changed so much, isn't it?What kind of adventure did she get?And she has a bunch of her own siblings now, and she's actually the big sister."

At this moment, Liu Yue was very depressed because Liu Yue had fallen in love with Song Yu'er again, and had planned to retrace her steps and thought she had a good chance, but unfortunately, she was not the same nowadays.

Tang Zichen said, "If I'm not wrong, Song Yu'er must have obtained some kind of treasure."

"Nonsense, how else could she backstab it."Everyone gave Tang Zichen a blank look.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Did you all notice that Song Yu'er has been wearing half a mask."

"Yeah, why is she wearing half a mask, I told her to take it off, but she didn't even take it off."Liu Yue said.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you guys want to know why?Because the place where Song Yu'er was covered by the mask has been disfigured."

"Ah, how do you know?"

"Oh, it's hidden, and where her face is covered with a mask, you can already see the bones."

"Ah."A chill ran down everyone's spine.


"Yes. If Song Yu'er took off that half of the mask, I'm afraid that what she saw, was half of a skull and bones' face."

"But, where she didn't cover it up, her skin is still fine."

"That's why the places she covered up are even more terrifying.God knows what she's been through, she's had such backstabbing success, she must have suffered a lot these past few decades.I wanted to be friends with her, but unfortunately, her personality seems to have been twisted and she doesn't want to be close to me at all."

"Alas, how pitiful."

"Forget it, ignore her for now, we'll always meet again in the future."

In the blink of an eye, the next day arrived.


It was the day of Tang Zichen's big wedding to his little sister Qin Ren.

Before dawn, Tang Zichen woke up.

"Qianjie, are you okay now?I'm getting married today."Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

Although Tang Zichen married Little Sister as his first wife, it wouldn't affect Mu Qianji's position in Tang Zichen's heart, and perhaps, Mu Qianji didn't care about such a false name.

Around ten o'clock in the morning, in the most luxurious palace of Wangjing City Palace.

Tang Zichen held a worship ceremony in the presence of everyone.

"First bow to heaven and earth."

"The second worship to the High Hall."The High Hall was Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, yes, just the teacher's wife, because Tang Zichen and his little sister were both raised by their master and teacher's wife.

"Husband and wife pay their respects."

"Send them into the bridal chamber."

Tang Zichen smilingly took his little sister's hand and entered the bridal chamber to go, and Wang Xing and the others immediately started up to make trouble in the evening. The first website

After Tang Zichen sent his little sister into the bridal chamber, the matchmaker threw him out because he had to wait until the evening feast was over before Tang Zichen could enter the bridal chamber again, but the little sister, however, had to sit on the bed covered with a headscarf and wait until the evening when Tang Zichen uncovered her headscarf before she could get up.

What happened after that was the feast, which lasted until the evening.

On this day, Tang Zichen drank lots and lots of wine, it should be the most he had ever drunk in his life, not only him, but all of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, all of them drank lots and lots of wine.

As night fell, Tang Zichen stumbled into the bridal chamber.

"Little Sister, I'm here, hehehehe."Tang Zichen said with a full body of wine.

Walking up to the bed, Little Sister was sitting on the edge of the bed with a red cover on her regular head.

Tang Zichen went up to her and lifted her cover, Little Sister looked at Tang Zichen with a shy face.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Lady, you're so beautiful today."

"Mm."Little Sister nervously hmmed, her infinite shyness making her even more of a mind-blowing moment.

Tang Zichen pounced on her and overwhelmed Little Sister.

Little Sister smelled the strong odor of wine on Tang Zichen's body, and was busy saying, "Husband, you should drink a cup of wine relieving tea first."

Tang Zichen heard Little Sister call herself Husband, as if the relationship between each other immediately upgraded from this moment, busy laughing: "Good, good, is to relieve alcohol, otherwise Husband tomorrow up, do not know how muddled on, on the bridal chamber, hehehehe."Tang Zichen stumbled to his feet.

Little Sister was busy handing Tang Zichen the wine relieving tea, and at the same time, slapped a palm on Tang Zichen's back, forcing the wine out of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sobered up immensely, he had really drunk a lot today.

"Husband, hot water has just been prepared for you, so take a bath while it's hot."..

"Little Sister."Tang Zichen turned back and grabbed Little Sister's hand, his eyes looked at her with excitement, from now on, she was his matchmaker's wife.Although Tang Zichen used to think that the marriage ceremony was unnecessary and meaningless, but now he realized that it was really necessary, because it represented an irreplaceable meaning.

"Well, still calling me Little Sister."Qin Ren Yi gushed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mistress."



"Alright, go take a bath."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I want my wife to undress me."

"Ah, this."

"What? My wife doesn't want to ah, we'll have to have a bridal shower later oh."

"Oh."Qin Ren blushed.

Slowly undressing Tang Zichen, and finally Tang Zichen inching his way out, revealing a strong body, Qin Rei blushed, not daring to open her eyes.

Tang Zichen pulled up Qin Ren's hand, and the next moment, Qin Ren felt her hand touch something and drew back like an electric shock, angry, "You are so bad, Husband."Qin Rei fled back to the bed in a panic.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly and began to bathe.

At this moment in a certain courtyard.

Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Zou, and the others were sitting together, watching the moon being born in the sky.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tonight is the night of Tang Zichen and his sister's wedding night, this guy, he must be overjoyed."

Li Xuan'er said, "Qin Ren is his childhood sweetheart, he started becoming his wife today, he finally got his wish, huh?"

"Let's hope it won't just be new people laughing and old people crying."

"You guys are thinking too much, Tzu-Chen is not like that."

In Tang Zichen's bridal chamber, suddenly, the whole house went dark and the candles were blown out.

In the darkness, came Tang Zichen's voice, "I'm going, why are you blowing out the candles."

"Husband, aren't you going to blow it out, it's so awkward."

"Speechless."Tang Zichen considered his little sister, so he didn't relight the candle, let the darkness be dark.

There were no words for the night.

The next day, as soon as Tang Zichen opened his eyes, he saw that Little Sister was sitting on the bed, looking at Tang Zichen with a happy face, and also, Little Sister had finished combing her makeup, and the hairstyle that Little Sister had combed was completely different, it looked as if it was a more mature young woman's hairstyle.

"Err, mother-in-law, why did you change your hairstyle."

"Idiot, I'm a woman now, I can no longer comb my hair in the bun that I used to wear as a young girl.".

"Nympho."Tang Zichen hugged his little sister tightly in his arms.

"Husband, it's time to get up, we should go and offer tea to our teacher's wife, even though we're not in that world anymore, we can't fall behind on basic etiquette."


Tang Zichen was busy climbing up, Little Sister helped Tang Zichen get dressed, Tang Zichen whispered in Little Sister's ear, "Was my wife cool last night."

Little Sister gaped at Tang Zichen and shook her head lovingly, "It hurts."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing.

Then, Tang Zichen and Little Sister held hands and went to the place where the teacher's wife lived.

The teacher's wife had been waiting for a long time.

As soon as Tang Zichen and Little Sister entered, the teacher's wife looked directly at Little Sister's hairstyle today and smiled slightly, while Little Sister seemed to be embarrassed and lowered her head, her face flushed red, as if the humiliating thing last night had made the teacher's wife see through it.

Sensei said, "Rei'er, Sensei is also a person who has been here, there's no need to be shy."

"Mm."Little Sister nodded her head softly.

Tang Zichen and Little Sister separately offered tea to Shiniang.

"Shisuniang, please drink tea."

"Well, Feng'er, Rei'er, now that you are married, from now on, you must."The teacher's wife nagged for a while, and Tang Zichen could only listen obediently.

Only after a long time of nagging did the teacher's wife stop and say, "Alright, you guys should also go have breakfast."

"Yes, Auntie Shifu."

Tang Zichen and Little Sister retreated.

After leaving, Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Lady, why are you so shy ah, Shisun is over here, she won't laugh at you.You've changed from a young girl to a woman, and your teacher-mother isn't even happy for you."

"You still say that."Little Sister glared at Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen hugged his younger sister and said, "Mother, then let's work hard to have a little baby as soon as possible."

Little Sister looked shyly at Tang Zichen, then nodded gently, "Everything is as your husband says."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen looked at Little Sister's shy appearance and laughed out loud again cheerfully.

Tang Zichen and Qin Ren's wedding, in the blink of an eye, passed several days, these few days, Qin Ren's first taste of a new marriage, Tang Zichen of course accompanied her every day.

Until one day, a man suddenly came.

"Tang Zichen, I have something to say to you."Song Yu'er came to Wangjing City and found Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was accompanying his wife and feeding her grapes.

"Song Yu'er, didn't you say that we won't see each other again, how come you've come to my door before a few days have passed, could it be, you're planning to bring those little brothers of yours to join me."Tang Zichen said without turning his head.

"Tang Zichen, I have an important matter to tell you."

"What is it, go ahead."

"If you really aren't interested, then, goodbye."Song Yu'er turned around and flew away, she didn't want to tell Tang Zichen, but she didn't dare to go to that mysterious world rashly, so she thought for a few days, she'd rather invite Tang Zichen to explore that mysterious world with her, who knew that Tang Zichen had such an attitude. Remember the website

"Stop."Before Song Yu'er had even flown out of Wangjing City, Tang Zichen caught up with her.

"Song Yu'er, what exactly are you trying to tell me."

"Tang Zichen, I don't know if you're interested, but I'd like to invite you to go to a place with me."

"Uh, invite me to a place, I declare beforehand that I'm married, if it's that kind of place, I won't go."

"Go to hell."Song Yueru glared.

"Hahaha, go ahead, what place."

"Can we talk at ground level?"

"Suit yourself."

Landing on the ground, Song Yu'er said, "Tang Zichen, a few months ago, my brothers and sisters and I were practicing in this world, and we stumbled upon a secret passage, that secret passage was very, very deep, we followed that secret passage for a long, long time, suddenly, we hurriedly twisted our bodies, then, with a bright flash, we actually found ourselves in a strange place, we were incomparably sure that theThe back of the mountain where we found the secret passage was absolutely empty of people.I suspect that that secret passageway could lead to a mysterious world that we were all scared to death at the time and back along the road, we never dared to explore."

Tang Zichen said in shock, "What did you say?You've discovered a mysterious world?"

"Yes, if you're interested, come explore that mysterious world with us, I'm doing this for the safety of me and my siblings, one more person for the sake of safety."

At this moment, however, Tang Zichen was dumbstruck.

The passageway that had been undiscovered for more than a decade had actually been stumbled upon by Song Yu'er and the others.

"Where is that passageway?"

"I don't know where exactly, but anyway, in a very primitive, untouched, hidden forest, I'm afraid I'm the first person in the world to find it."

"Hahaha, great, great."Tang Zichen shouted in excitement.

Song Yu'er's eyebrows furrowed, "Tang Zichen, what did you say, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen excitedly walked up to Song Yu'er and said, "Song Yu'er, do you know how grateful I am to you inside at this moment, I really want to kiss and burst you."

Song Yu'er immediately took a step back, wary of the

Look at Don Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, if you don't tell me clearly, I won't take you there."

"Okay, Song Yu'er, do you know, that mysterious world you discovered, what is it?It's where I'm from."

"Are you insane you, your hometown?"

"Yes, that's my hometown, I'm not going to hide it from you, I crossed over, before this passage, in the Thousand Hills Tomb, then the number of people who crossed over and the number of times, the passage in the Thousand Hills Tomb disappeared, we've been trying to find it, but unfortunately we haven't been able to find where the passage shifted to after more than ten years.Hahaha, Song Yu'er, anyway, I want to thank you, if you hadn't found it, we wouldn't know how long we would have been here."

"Uh, we also found it by chance, you, are you really from that mysterious world?"

"Right, alright, Song Yu'er, I'm not going to tell you more, I'm going to go back and tell my teacher's wife and the others about this good thing, remember, three days later, we'll meet at Wangjing City and we'll go to the other world together."

Song Yu'er was wary, "You won't have anything to trap me with, right?"

"Nerves, at least we're classmates, what am I trapping you for."

"So tell me, what's the other world like."

"You'll know then, anyway, if you're going, you have to be prepared to come back if you can't, because with so many of us going this time, I'm afraid the passage will be closed again."


Tang Zichen flew back to the palace.

"Shisuniang, Shisuniang, Shisuniang."Tang Zichen happily rushed to his teacher's wife's residence.

"Feng'er, why are you so rash, what is it."

"Shisuniang, good news, the passage has been found."

"What."The teacher's wife stood up in a clamor.

"Sensei, we can go back, a high school classmate of mine found it by accident."

"Oh God, really."The teacher's wife cried in excitement.

Tang Zichen immediately gathered everyone together.

"Everyone, I've called you here today to say something important, the passage to the other world has been found, Song Yu'er found it by chance, she originally wanted to invite me to explore the mysterious world with her, hahaha, what a treadmill."Tang Zichen announced to everyone.

Tang Zichen's brothers and teachers cried with excitement, but those friends of Tang Zichen's didn't react much.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Then when are we going to the other world?"

Tang Zichen said, "That's a good question, and I told Song Yu'er to meet here the day after tomorrow.However, there is currently a big problem that needs to be solved."

"What kind of problem?"

"Now we've all established that the passage through the two worlds is limited to a certain number of people, and once it reaches a certain number of people, the passage closes.So, this time we go back, we must be prepared for not being able to return."

"Ah, what about my dad."Xiangyun Liu was busy saying.

"Yes, this problem needs to be solved, if we can't come back, what about your loved ones in this world."

Wang Xing nodded and said, "Yes, you guys are back home, but for us, this is the hometown ah, this time there are so many people, it might close again."

Tang Zichen's eldest brother said, "Everyone, you have all reached the Ancestor realm, if you want to develop further, you must travel to another world.Moreover, when my Wind Master returns to our world, he is planning to establish his own clan, and has chosen his address, so why don't you do it this way, you take all of your family members, together, and never come back."



"We'll have to think about this, and also discuss it with our parents, it's not a small matter after all."

Tang Zichen nodded to everyone and said, "Then, Wang Xing, Mei Qian, Liu Yue, Xuan'er, Xue Yun, Shangguan Zhuo, Xiao Meng, all of you, discuss with your relatives if you want to come with me, even if we take your entire family with us."

"Take the entire family with you?"


"Good."Everyone nodded and they all went off to find their respective clansmen.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Little Fire and Little Black, where the hell did these two guys go to play, we've been out of the Memory Stone for over half a year, have they not heard the news of our return?If we don't come back, we'll be heading to the other world."

"Tzu-Chen, what if they never come back?When we entered the memory stone, the two of them weren't human unable to enter, they wouldn't know where to play, this world is so big, the place they play is definitely not a human city, Ken is some mountain and sea, it's really hard to find."

"It can only depend on the will of the gods, the passage was found by Song Yu'er, we can't keep delaying it.It can only depend on the will of God, if they don't come back in a few more days, we'll have to leave first and leave a message for them to come find us themselves after they find the passage later."

"It can only be so."

On the third day, Song Yu'er came, and her nine little friends came with her. One second to remember to read the book

"When do we leave, Don Zichen?"Song Yu'er asked.

"Haha, Song Yu'er, it's likely that we won't be able to come back this time we leave, are you sure you understood me the day before yesterday?"Don Zichen said.

"It doesn't matter that all my relatives are dead anyway, I don't want to come back, my brothers, who are orphans without families, they don't care as much as I do."

"Uh, when did your father, Song Dai Tian, die?"Confused by the question, Tang Zichen had a pretty strong impression of Song Dai Tian in his mind.

Song Yuer's eyes turned red and said, "It's none of your business."

"Uh, okay."Tang Zichen didn't bother to ask, guessing that Song Yu'er had a very sad past.

"Tang Zichen, are you going to leave or not?"Song Yu'er asked aloud.

"Song Yu'er, it's like this, since I may not be able to return from this trip, my people need a few days to prepare to take their loved ones with them, so you can wait for me for a few more days."

"Hmph, how nosy."Song Yu'er spoke in a very unhappy tone.

Tang Zichen wasn't very satisfied with Song Yu'er's attitude, if it wasn't for the fact that she was still begging, Tang Zichen really wanted to spank her, anyway, it wasn't the first time, thirty years ago in school, but Tang Zichen had spanked her, I don't know if the elasticity is still the same today.

Tang Zichen waited for three days, and on the third day, there was a big shout from the sky in the distance, "Brother Chen, we're back, Brother Chen."

Tang Zichen took a look and was pleasantly surprised, "It's Little Black and Little Fire, these two guys, they're only back now."

"Brother Minister, we're back, hahaha."

"Little Blackie, Little Fire, where have you two been?And you know how to come back, do you know that I almost left you behind.Tang Zichen said out loud."

"Chen, after you guys entered the Memory Stone ten years ago, Blackie and I went on a trip around the world, I thought you guys would at least be two

It takes ten years to come out, so we traveled while looking for a passage.However, half a month ago, we went to the human city and heard some strong people talking about your big wedding, and that's how we knew that you had come out.The two of us just flew all the way back, how about it, Minister, we didn't miss your big wedding, right?"..

Tang Zichen gave them a blank look, "The big wedding, it's been ten days already."


"Alas, Brother Chen, sorry, we still didn't make it in time for your big wedding." ..

"Alright, it's fine, you guys aren't human anyway, and you won't be able to drink my wedding wine, so you'll just have to stare dryly at the side."

"Well, then, we wish you a happy wedding, and many grandchildren." ..

Little Fire asked, "Minister, what did you mean when you just said that you almost left us behind?"

Tang Zichen said, "We've found the passage to the other world and are preparing to leave in a few days, if you don't come back, we'll really have to leave you behind, because the passage was discovered by someone else and I can't keep stalling.Besides, you guys don't know what gully you're hanging out in, and we can't find you even if we wanted to."

"Ah, Minister, has the passage really been found?Big Brother Black and I have been looking for more than ten years without finding ah."..

Tang Zichen said, "This is called opportunity, alright, no more nonsense, since you guys are back, that's good, let's leave together in a few days."

: "Big Brother Black, we'll be leaving in a few days, then you've made the Crow Cave's python sister's belly bigger, and haven't even settled it yet ah, what should we do?".

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Little fire, what kind of belly get big?"

"Oh, when Big Brother Black and we went on a tour, at a place called Crow Cave, Big Brother Black made a python sister's belly big."

Little Black suddenly cunningly said, "Brother Chen, don't listen to his nonsense, it's impossible, my noble dragon, how could I mess with a python, slander, this is slander, Little Fire, I will sue you for slander."

Little Fire was very depressed and looked at Little Black.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, Little Fire, don't smear Little Black, Little Black's dragon character, I still understand it, definitely a good dragon."

Little Black snorted, "That's right, still Brother Chen understands me, Little Fire, for Brother Chen's sake this time, I won't sue you for slander."


Tang Zichen definitely knew in his heart, lying, Little Fire was an honest child, but Little Black was a face-lover, definitely would not admit to screwing the python, although he had accidentally enlarged the python sister's belly because of his desire.

Another week passed.

Tang Zichen's friends in this world, finally returned to Wangjing City, after waiting for so long, Song Yu'er was already going to be furious, now they returned, finally ready to leave.

However, to Tang Zichen's surprise, they all came back by themselves.

"Uh, where are your relatives?Didn't you say, "Come with us to the other world?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xu Mei Qian said, "My parents and the others, as well as my other clan relatives, don't want to go with me to the other world.My parents are now in their eighties and don't want to toss them."

"Yeah, my family is the same, they're not young, travelling to another world is not at all attractive, the old people like to return to their roots, and as soon as they heard that they might never come back, they were determined not to go."Wang Xing said.


The same goes for Qi Xue Yun and Shangguan Rou's family.

"It's just that, so, your loved ones don't want to go, and you may never see them again in the future, or they'll be gone by the time we have the chance to return again in the future, how did you decide?"Tang Zichen asked, sweeping a glance at everyone, especially Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian and others, this is a serious question.

Liu Xiangyun cried, "I don't know, my dad is just an ordinary person, I guess he'll be gone in another ten or twenty years, and I'm afraid I won't see him anymore.However, I don't want to leave you."

Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun, it was really a difficult choice, Liu Chenming would be eighty in a few years, as a non-martial arts ordinary person, eighty was already quite old, whether he could live to be ninety or not was really a question.

Li Xuan'er said, "In that case, let's take our parents away, don't care if they want to or not, take them by force."

"That won't do, our parents are seventy or eighty, they simply can't adapt to life in another world, it's too selfish of us to take them away forcibly because of ourselves."

"So what to do, I'm marrying a chicken and a dog anyway, wherever Tang Zichen goes, my home will be there."Li Xuan'er said, Li Xuan'er's parents were already dead, so there were no such concerns.Of course, Li Xuan'er may not have been born to her parents, but nowadays, she couldn't find her real parents, and even if she did, she was afraid that they would have died long ago, so Li Xuan'er didn't have the heart to look for them, so the matter was dropped.

Liu Xiangyun cried, "Marry a chicken and follow it, this is all I can do now, I hope that in my father's lifetime, I will be able to come back to visit him once more."

Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Zou, they also had red eyes, on one side were their elderly parents and relatives, on the other side were the men who followed.

This going might be a forever goodbye.

Tang Zichen let out a deep sigh and said, "I swear, after we go in the other world, if the passage closes again, I will try my best to find a new passage and try to ensure that I can still come back." First URL

Everyone nodded.

After that, everyone gathered their thoughts and prepared to depart.

Tang Zichen and the others sat on the flying ship and followed Song Yu'er's flying ship, leaving Wangjing City.

Little Black was still hovering outside the flying ship, Little Fire's body became smaller as a kitten, and after his body became smaller, his weight could also become lighter, or of course, he could not become lighter, it was all Little Fire's choice.

The flying ship flew for about four days and arrived at a primitive jungle that was devoid of people.

Song Yu'er pointed at the big mountain in front of her and said, "Underneath that big mountain in front of us is the passage, it's very hidden, ordinary people can't find it."

Tang Zichen sighed, "The passage has actually moved to such a hidden place this time, if you hadn't found it Song Yu'er, we really wouldn't have known how long it would take to find it."Tang Zichen was grateful to Song Yu'er in his heart, although she had an arrogant attitude after her sex change.

The group of people arrived at the mouth of the secret passage at the bottom of the mountain and hid the flying ship at the mouth of the secret passage, if the passage wouldn't close, maybe they would be able to use the ship next time.

The secret passageway was very small, only one person's height, and one by one, everyone walked into the secret passageway.

"Song Yu'er, how long is the secret passage."

"Very long, it's about two days walk."

"That long."

"Can't fly?"

"No. There will be a mysterious oppressive force behind us that will press us forward, and our progress will be very, very slow, almost as if we were going against the current."


However, after walking for half a day, all of Tang Zichen felt that a mysterious force was pushing them outwards, and taking a step forward became difficult.

No wonder it took two days of walking.

Thus, they gritted their teeth against the huge resistance and continued to walk forward for a day and a half.

Finally, the pressure suddenly began to lessen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Song Yu'er, how did you find a place like this?And after you found out, with all this resistance, why are you still dead set on going forward?Aren't you afraid of any unknown dangers?"

Song Yu'er huffed, "These past few years, I barely have any will to live, I go wherever it's dangerous because I'm not afraid of death at all, even though I'm begging for death, you haven't experienced what I have, you won't understand, and I don't want to tell you.By the way, you asked me how my parents died, but actually, I killed them myself."

"Uh, you killed your dad, Song Dai Tian, with your own hands?"

Song Yu'er red-eyed, "Yes, I killed it myself, as well as my mother, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles.My family, my direct blood relatives, all of them were killed by me."

After saying that, a monstrous hatred surged out from Song Yu'er's body, and her body emitted a dreadful smell of blood, a dreadful smell of blood that made Tang Zichen tremble.

Tang Zichen didn't know what had happened to her.

"Pah."Tang Zichen nudged Song Yu'er twice, knocking her unconscious, then ordered one of Song Yu'er's men to carry Song Yu'er.

Tang Zichen asked the one of Song Yu'er's men, "Why is Song Yu'er like this?"

"I don't know."

"You, as a friend of Song Yu'er, don't even know what happened to her."

"I, I really don't know."

Tang Zichen asked Song Yu'er's other siblings again, and all the other siblings said they didn't know.

Tang Zichen was a bit confused, was this really Song Yu'er's siblings?How come they don't know anything.

Tang Zichen asked again, "How long have you known Song Yu'er?"

"This, forget it."

"What? This is capable of forgetting."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, don't bother about other people's affairs."

"Alright, Tang Zichen doesn't care, Song Yu'er's business has nothing to do with him anyway."

Just then, everyone suddenly felt as if they were in another world, as if they were in front of a clear and bright sky.

"Wow, really, we're really back."Tang Zichen's big brother shouted excitedly.

"Yeah, hahaha, we're really back."Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters embraced each other in excitement.

Tang Zichen took a glance around and found that it was halfway up a mountain, and many ancient buildings could be seen at the foot of the mountain.

The teacher's wife was also excited, but Tang Zichen's group of friends, who were not excited at all, were too busy looking behind them to see if that passage was still there.

For the time being, it was still there, but they just didn't know, when this passage would also be closed, so they all had a moment of sadness inside, especially Liu Xiangyun, Xiaomeng and a few others, thinking of their loved ones, perhaps never to see again, their eyes red.

Tang Zichen went up to them and hugged them, this might be too cruel for them.However, Tang Zichen can't continue to stay in that world, Tang Zichen is also difficult, his brothers and sisters want to come back, his friends want to accompany their loved ones to old age, this is already a contradiction.


"Don't cry, we'll definitely still have a chance to go back again."

Tang Zichen gave some comfort, Tang Zichen also hugged Xiao Meng on purpose.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife said, "Down there is Wuzhou City, great, we're really back."

"Sifu, isn't Wuzhou City at the border of the two factions of Massive Demons?"


Tang Zichen said, "Since that's the case, let's go down the mountain and find an inn to rest, then we'll stay here first, I'll go to the Demon Sect's Head Temple and see if there's any news about Mu Qianji and his master, back then I asked the Demon Sect's Master Mu to help us find out about his master."

"Good, then let's hurry down the mountain."

The group of people descended the mountain, then chose an inn to stay at.

Tang Zichen and Shisun, however, immediately set off on a non-stop journey to the Demon Sect's Head Temple.

It's been almost fifteen years since then.

I hope that Master, is still alive and well today. Remember the URL

It took nearly ten days, but Tang Zichen and Shiniang finally arrived at the Demon Sect's General Altar.

Since Tang Zichen and Shiniang were both Ancestral Master Perfection, it was quite easy to enter the Demon Sect General Altar.

In this world, there was no danger as long as they didn't run into a Sect Master Perfection, and at the Sect Master Perfection level, with Tang Zichen's strength, I'm afraid there was no opponent.

"We want to see the Demon Sect Master."

"Please follow me."

One of the elders of the Devil Cult obediently led Tang Zichen to the Patriarch, and no one dared to be rude to someone at the Ancestor Perfection level, whether it was the righteous or the Devil Cult.

Tang Zichen arrived in a large hall.

"Patriarch, someone is seeking an audience."

Tang Zichen looked up and saw that the Patriarch was not Mu Yihao, his brows furrowed, "Where is Mu Yihao?Why are you the bishop?"

That Demon Cult Master was stunned, feeling the oppressive pressure of Tang Zichen's vast Qi, and was busy saying, "Free Assist, who is no longer a Master, has suddenly become a successful Sect Master, and has become a Senior Assist of our Cult."

"Take me to find him."


Tang Zichen once again arrived at a hidden place.

"Senior Free Senior is in here."

At this moment, a voice came from inside the cave, "Whoever is looking for me, come straight in."

Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife entered the cave and saw Muyoung.

"Wind Lightning pays homage to Senior."

Mu looked at Tang Zichen, surprised, after all, Tang Zichen was considered to have disappeared for over ten years in this world.

"Wind Lightcloud?How come you've been missing for more than ten years?Also, you've now stepped into Ancestor Perfection."

"Senior Free Senior, I'll leave my prior, that, where's Thousand Extremes?When I came looking for you, she had been missing for a year, how is she now?"

Mu Yi Yao sneered, "You still know about my daughter, I thought you had forgotten."

"How could I forget, I beg senior to tell me, is she alright now, even if she has married another, I can accept it, I just want her to be well."Tang Zichen said anxiously.

Mu Yi Yao said, "You told me back then that you went to find her, where did you go to find her?"

"A hidden place, I was trapped in him for over ten years before returning, I can't say exactly, anyway, that hidden place doesn't even have a single clan master, it's by no means a place you're interested in going to."

Mu looked at Tang Zichen and sighed for a long time, as if he wasn't going to pursue that place any further.

Mu got up and took out an envelope from the stone wall and said, "Three months after you left back then, I received a personal letter from Thousand Extremities, this was her last demise

Rest, I don't know how she is or isn't okay, you can see for yourself."

Tang Zichen was busy opening the envelope, and inside was indeed Mu Qianji's handwriting, because the words were like his own, and by looking at the strength of the writing, he could tell that it was written by the Mu Qianji he was familiar with.

The letter read: "Father, I'm sorry, I ran into a matter that made me feel helpless, I tried to struggle, but I couldn't, and now I've resigned myself to my fate.Father, I'm sorry, my daughter is unfaithful, you can treat me as if I'm dead, I am."

Tang Zichen frowned, "Senior, is that all you have to say?"

"Yes, that's all."

"No way, the letter was obviously unfinished."

"Crap, gotta come out unfinished?At that time when Chichi wrote this letter, he must have been pressed for time, so he couldn't write it again before it was finished."

"Ahhhh, what exactly happened to Thousand Jedi?"Donzie growled up.

"If you ask me, who am I going to ask, I'm more anxious to know than you are."

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen looked like he was in hysterics.

Muyoung said, "Tang Zichen, my daughter wrote another letter back then in addition to this one."

"Where is it?"

"In the Divine Dragon School?"

"Sent to me?"

"Yes, the other letter was sent to you, one for me and one for you.When I received this letter back then, I guessed that she might send you a letter, so I made a special trip to the Divine Dragon Sect, and sure enough, she did send you a letter.Unfortunately, that letter was in the hands of a consummate Ancestor of your Divine Dragon Sect called Temple Yan, and I wanted to see if the letter sent to you said anything else, but who knows, I was almost killed by him back then."

"Where is that letter?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Oh, the temple is burning in front of me."

"What."Tang Zichen hissed out, this was, perhaps, the last message left by Mu Qianji, but it was burned.

A hint of anger appeared in Mu's eyes as he said, "When the Temple Yan burned my letter, I saw that there were almost two full pages in the letter that Thousand Jie wrote to you, if I'm not wrong, when Thousand Jie wrote the letter, he must have written it to you first and then to me afterwards, but unfortunately, there was not enough time to write to me and stopped after only a few sentences.Unfortunately, I could have known what happened by writing to you on the letter, but unfortunately, unfortunately, the letter was burned by the temple Yan, that son of a bitch, I'm practicing hard now, one day, I'll go and kill him."The anger in Mu Yao's body shook.

Tang Zichen also suddenly gnashed his teeth in hatred of Temple Yan, back then, his teacher's wife was imprisoned by Song Dingtian and was almost killed, as a result, Temple Yan ran out to stop it, just punished Song Dingtian to face the wall, even the position of the head of the sect was not cancelled.

"Tang Zichen, go away, and if you have any information about my daughter in the future, please let me know."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "What about my master?Back then, I asked you to help me find my master."

Mu looked at Yan Xinyi and smiled, "You must be Ding Ru's wife, Yan Xinyi."

"Yes, please tell me, my husband him?"

"Oh, worthy of being the number one stunning beauty that stirred the martial arts world back then, even now, you're still so young and beautiful, Yan Xingyi, you might not believe it, I had a crush on you back then ah."


"Oh, unfortunately, the righteous and the devil are not two sides of the same coin, and I could only have a crush on you, and I even ventured to sneak into the righteous territory in order to get a glimpse of your beauty, huh?"

Yan Xinyi said, "Alright, Mu Free, don't talk so much nonsense to me, I'm not in the mood to know, I just want to know if you have any news about my husband, he was just like Mu Qianji back then, he disappeared for a year.The difference is that he was captured by a strong man."

Mu looked at Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi and said, "About Ding Ru, you don't need to ask me about this, just go back to the Divine Dragon Sect and ask around, maybe they'll know more than me."


"Alright, you guys go ahead, I'm going to practice."

Tang Zichen and Shini immediately turned around and walked out of the stone cave.

"Wait."As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the stone cave door, Mu Yi Yao shouted.

"Is there anything else for Senior Free Yao?"

"Wind Lightning, when did you step into Ancestor Perfection?"

Tang Zichen said, "A few years ago."

"I was a few years ago too, do you mind if we have a little tangent?"Muyoung said in invitation.

Tang Zichen thought about it, and seemed to be hesitating, because, Tang Zichen felt that Tang Zichen could defeat Mu with one hand, after all, Tang Zichen had learned from an ancient genius in the memory stone, not to mention Tang Zichen, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen's teacher's wife would be able to defeat Mu easily.

Tang Zichen said, "Are you really going to do it?"

"Tang Zichen, I want to see your strength, and I also want to see my strength, my goal is to kill the Divine Dragon Sect Temple Yan, it would be beneficial to fight more with other clansmen complete."

"Alright, then I'll be rude, give it my all." One second to remember to read the book

"Of course, it's not your modesty I want."


Tang Zichen and Mu stood outside the stone cave, facing each other, both of them emitting their respective martial arts auras, their clothes drumming themselves without wind.

A minute later, Mu was the first to move, charging up to Tang Zichen.

"Buzz."Mu's sword attacked Tang Zichen in a bizarre way, seemingly the best angle he could find.

However, from Tang Zichen's point of view, it was very low-end, as if everyone's understanding of martial arts was not on the same level.Martial arts was something that some times, a random tiny understanding would yield very different results.

Tang Zichen abruptly made a move, not a sword, just a flick of his finger, accurately flicking on Mu's sword

"Dang."Mu's sword clanged, then his body clattered back a few steps, and moreover, even his sword came out of his hand.

"Ah."Mu was stunned there on the spot, looking at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Why did this happen?You're a Zongshi Grand Perfection?"Mu Yi asked in shock.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I'm not a Grandmaster Perfection, I'm only a Grandmaster Perfection, and I'm still a long way from a Grandmaster Perfection."

"Then why are you so powerful?"

"It's not that I'm strong, it's that you're weak."

"This."Mu was depressed, even though he had only stepped into Ancestor Perfection for a few years, he wasn't weak like this.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Getaway, I'd better call you uncle, you still have a lot to understand in martial arts, your martial arts, and even the martial arts of many people in this world, compared to the ancient times, have a lot of deficiencies.I, on the other hand, am considered to be missing less, I have learned many of the martial arts of people from ancient times by chance, which is why I was able to easily defeat you.Also, I'm afraid your martial dao is still at the first level."

"Uh, there's still the first level of the martial dao?"

"Of course there is, all right, Uncle Easy, I should go."

Tang Zichen and Shini immediately flew off.

"Wait."Mu Yuyao shouted again.

"Uncle Getaway, is there anything else?"


; Muyou was depressed, "I've been enlightening in this cave for a few years, and I might as well say a few words to you, hell, quit, Windy, take me with you."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"I'll hang out with you."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was a bit unresponsive, Mu Yihao wanted to hang out with him, this was a former Demon Sect Master, but it didn't matter, because Tang Zichen was no longer part of the Righteous Alliance, Tang Zichen was planning to establish a faction of his own, just when he needed the manpower.

"But, Uncle Free, you are my senior and the father of Thousand Extremes, I."

"Wind Lightning, I am a member of the Devil Sect, the Devil Sect doesn't talk about those messy identities, weak is weak, strong is strong, I want to follow you now, because I feel that following you is definitely more promising than staying blindly in this cave by myself."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Free, if that's the case, come with me, I was planning to form my own sect, and with you, a former Demon Sect Master, joining me, it would also be better to strengthen my Endless Gate.With your martial arts skills, in time, I will discipline you some more, and you will become a great weapon, and we will embark on the glory of martial arts together."

"Good."With that, regardless of his status, Mu Yihao followed Tang Zichen and left.

However, before leaving, Mu took his wife with him, Mu's wife was an elder of the Devil Sect, her strength was in the middle of the Master Realm, and she was called Flower Fairy.

"Hello, Aunt Hua."Tang Zichen greeted politely, after all, it was Mu Qianyao's mother, of course, whether it was her real mother or not was unknown, as it was quite rare to hear Mu Qianyao talk about her mother.

The four of them left the Magic Sect's General Altar.

On the way, Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle Free, about my master, are you really not going to tell us beforehand?Do we have to wait until we get back to the Divine Dragon School to find out more?"

Mu sighed and said, "If you guys really want to know in advance, then I can tell you, after all, this is something that any slightly bigger person in the entire Martial World today knows about, just, you have to be mentally prepared."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife burst into tears, although Mu hadn't said it yet, his sentence of being mentally prepared already said it all.

Tang Zichen hugged his teacher's wife.

Mu Yihao said, "I won't beat around the bush either, Ding Ru is indeed dead."

The teacher's wife cried out in grief, although this outcome had already been foreseen countless times, and she had made such mental preparations before, but after all, there was still a trace of extravagant hope within her heart, and right now, she was heartbroken to receive the information that her husband had died.

Tang Zichen tearfully said, "My master, when did he die and how did he die?Does that strong man who killed my master know who he is?"

Mu said, "Your master died about twelve years ago in the Righteous Alliance, no one knows who killed him, but I've heard that it seems to have something to do with your origins, but of course, that's all I've heard."

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply and hugged his teacher's wife, tearfully saying, "Take care of yourself, teacher's wife, you promised me that if my master is really gone, you have to be strong and brave, because you still have us."

The Flower Fairy was also busy comforting Yan Xin Yi.

It was only after a long time that Shiniang's emotions calmed down, returning to this world with great difficulty, but as a result, her husband had already died twelve years ago, and she hadn't even seen his last face, and even though her emotions calmed down, the grief in her heart was still as painful as a knife.

Tang Zichen asked his wife to ride with her on a horse and continued the journey with his wife, who had no spirit.

After a week of traveling, Tang Zichen and the others returned to Wuzhou City, where they met up with the Shishu brothers who had stayed at an inn.


As soon as Tang Zichen's little sister saw her teacher's wife, she threw herself on top of her and whimpered.

"Shisuniang, Shisuniang he, sob."The little junior sister cried with a broken heart.

Yes, the news of Ding Ru's death wasn't a secret, many people in the martial arts world knew about it, so naturally they had already heard about it.

Tang Zichen's senior brothers, seeing the return of their senior sister, seemed to have each found an outlet for their tears.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "You all stop crying, are you still not satisfied with the tears shed by our Shisuniang these days, Shisuniang and I knew seven days ago that these days, Shisuniang barely has a soul, today it's hard to regain a bit of consciousness, and you guys are here to cry again."

Everyone scrambled to dry their tears, Tang Zichen was right, they cried collectively in front of Shini Nyang again, which made Shini Nyang even more miserable.

Mu said, "The dead have passed away, think past it, look beyond the immediate, take the long view, in a few decades, we will also pass away, by then, what's the difference between everyone, you people of the righteous school are just very afraid of death, not knowing that everyone will die sooner or later."

Tang Zichen's senior brothers looked at Mu and said in shock, "You, you're the head of the Demon Sect."

"Yes, I used to be a Demon Sect Master, you guys still have some eyesight.In the future, I'll be just like you guys, I'll be hanging around with Wind Lightning, I hope you guys will teach me more."Muyoung said modestly.

"You're too kind, Patriarch."

Tang Zichen said to all the brothers and sisters, "Now that Master is gone, let's not keep drowning in grief, we have to turn our grief into strength, one day, I will find out who killed Master, from now on, we will guard Master together, so that he won't be bullied any more, okay?Senior brothers and sisters." First published at

"Well, absolutely not."Everyone nodded their heads with hard eyes.

"Good, now let's pack up and return to the Divine Dragon Sect right away, Master was killed by Song Dingtian, last time I couldn't kill Song Dingtian, this time, I want him to pay for his life."

"Well, kill Song Dingtian and avenge Master's death."

Tang Zichen shouted, "Little Fire, Little Black, can you two carry so many people?Send us to the Divine Dragon School."

: "Shouldn't be a problem, the worst-case scenario is to slow down a bit."

Little Fire: "Me too, the worst case scenario for my body is to get a little bigger."

Originally, Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife went to the Demon Sect's headquarters before, and could have let Little Black or Little Fire carry, but Tang Zichen saw Little Black, his body was so huge that he forced his way through the passageway and came out already wounded, Little Fire took care of Little Black, so Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife rode by themselves.

Now, Little Black was almost recovered.

Tang Zichen suddenly remembered Song Yu'er's group and asked, "Where did Song Yu'er go?"

"She left long ago, a dozen days ago, when you and Sensei went to the Magician's Head Temple, she left with those friends of hers, I asked her to come with us, she didn't want to."

"Then leave her alone."

Tang Zichen's group of people sat on the backs of Little Black and Little Fire respectively, then rushed up into the sky and flew in the direction of the Divine Dragon Sect.

Because there were too many people riding, the flying speed was not fast.

After about three days, they arrived not far from the Divine Dragon Mountain.

Tang Zichen asked Blackie to fly directly to the Divine Dragon Mountain.

It caused a stir on and off the Divine Dragon Mountain, and everyone recognized that it was the

There were many strangers dressed strangely in addition to Wind Lightning and his brothers and sisters, and even Wind Lightning's brothers and sisters were dressed strangely.

After landing on the ground, Tang Zichen asked a disciple of Divine Dragon Mountain, "Where is Song Dingtian?"

"Brother Wind, the Head Master is meeting in the Grand Hall of Council."

Tang Zichen flew straight to the Grand Hall of Deliberation.

Sure enough, a group of Divine Dragon Sect's strongest people above the Sect Master realm were meeting in the Hall of Deliberation.

Tang Zichen flew straight in, and everyone was startled when they saw Tang Zichen.

"Wind, Wind Light Cloud."Song Dingtian immediately stood up.

Tang Zichen looked at Song Dingtian with killing intent, if it wasn't for Song Dingtian's sinister intentions back then, Master wouldn't have died, and Master was completely killed by Song Dingtian.

"Song Dingtian, it seems like you've had a good life, you did so many bad things to my master and master's wife back then, and now you're still able to continue to be the head of the school with such a free and happy life."Tang Zichen snorted coldly.

Song Dingtian felt the strong killing intent on Tang Zichen's body and was in awe, moreover, he found that Tang Zichen's aura was extraordinary, as if he was at the complete grandmaster level, and suddenly his face turned white.

"Wind, Wind Light Cloud, what are you doing?"

"Song Dingtian, you should know that my master has been dead for twelve years."

"What does your master's death have to do with me, it's not like I killed him, you have the ability to go kill the strong man who captured your master, what kind of ability is it to seek bad luck with me."

"Pah."Tang Zichen's body moved, appearing in front of Song Dingtian in the blink of an eye, slapping Song Dingtian to the ground.

More than a decade ago, Tang Zichen had already slapped all of Song Dingtian's teeth, but this slap had slapped Song Dingtian's gold teeth, which had been mended for more than a decade, and the gold teeth spilled out like gold on the ground.

"You, Wind Lightning, you, you are insolent."Song Dingtian shouted.

At that moment, an old man from the late Ancestral Master advised, "Feng Xiaoyun, you are at least from the Divine Dragon Sect, is it too much to openly assault your elders here at this moment."

Tang Zichen looked towards the one who spoke and grunted, "Uncle Tao Bai, I'll call you uncle for the sake of my master's face, I'll rip your mouth off if you damn well say one more word, and you, who damn well say one more word, I'll rip his mouth off."

Suddenly, everyone was shocked and didn't dare to speak again, because Tang Zichen was emitting an air that was just like a master's perfection, everyone was amazed, Wind Lightning actually reached master's perfection, you know, fifteen years ago, Wind Lightning was only at the early stage of master's perfection.

Tang Zichen grabbed Song Dingtian, raised him above his head, and then ruthlessly smashed Song Dingtian into the ground.

"Bang."Song Dingtian grimaced as he was smashed, and the lapis lazuli floor tiles on the ground were also smashed apart, Tang Zichen wanted to kill him alive today, this son of a bitch, back then when he imprisoned his wife, Tang Zichen wanted to kill him, but unfortunately back then, Tang Zichen was still weak, Song Dingtian had a master, an assistant professor of the Divine Dragon School's complete master, in terms of seniority Tang Zichen had to call him Master, so Tang Zichen couldn't kill Song Dingtian back then, but now, Tang ZichenI was already a Ancestral Master Perfection, and those few assistants of the Divine Dragon School, absolutely no one was a match for Tang Zichen.

In the entire Divine Dragon Sect, perhaps only those two Ancestor Perfection level Ancestors were still able to pose a threat to Tang Zichen.

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen grabbed one of Song Dingtian's ankles and swung Song Dingtian around to smash it.

Soon, Song Dingtian was beaten by Tang Zichen with a bloody head and a swollen nose.


No one in the palace dared to speak.

At this time, the teacher's wife as well as Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters came.

The teacher's wife walked up to Song Dingtian and said, "Song Dingtian, you killed my husband and imprisoned me in the Heavenly Prison for a year back then, did you ever think you would have today too."

"Yan, Yan Xinyi."Song Dingtian weakly looked at Yan Xinyi, seeing the strength in Yan Xinyi's body, she was also already at the Zongshi completion level, his heart was shocked and horrified, he hadn't even stepped into the Zongshi completion ah.

"What? Can't believe that I, who allowed you to imprison me back then, have surpassed you, huh?"

"How is that possible."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife said to Tang Zichen, "Feng'er, it's up to you how to avenge your master."

"Good."Tang Zichen slapped a palm on top of Song Dingtian's head.

"Bang."Song Dingtian's head exploded like a watermelon, and blood plasma flew out, shooting almost all the other uncles and teachers throughout the main hall.

Those uncles and teachers were truly shocked and depressed.

Of course, Tang Zichen himself also shot plasma flying all over his body. Remember the website

"Phew."Tang Zichen killed Song Dingtian and exhaled a deep breath.

At this moment, shouts came from outside, "Stop, stop for me."

In the next moment, two Ancestor Perfection level old men flew in, who were already very old.

It was Song Dingtian's master, Zhu Yong, as well as Temple Yan.

Temple Yan was no stranger, he was the one who came out last time to administer justice, and as a result, he only punished Song Dingtian to face the wall for three years, and Tang Zichen was even slapped by him at the time.

Tang Zichen could forgive that, what made Tang Zichen unforgivable to Temple Yan was that he burned the letter sent to him by Mu Qianji, and Tang Zichen's anger burned when he thought about it, today, Tang Zichen would certainly exterminate Temple Yan and even Song Dingtian's master together, even if it meant alerting the two ancestors of the Divine Dragon School.

As soon as Temple Yan and Zhu Yong entered the main hall and saw the headless corpse on the ground, both of them were shocked, judging from the body clothes as well as the size of the corpse, it was undoubtedly Song Dingtian.

Zhu Yong angrily asked, "Where is Song Dingtian's head?"

A man of the older generation pointed to a piece of broken flesh on his own body and said, "On, on us."

"On you?"

Zhu Yong suddenly understood that Song Dingtian's head had been shot to pieces.

Zhu Yong gazed at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "Wind Lightning, is that you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Exactly Laozi, how is it."

"Wind Lightning, you killed the head of my Divine Dragon Sect, if I don't kill you today, how can I face the ancestors of the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Hahaha, Zhu Yong, who do you think you are, just you still represent the ancestors?Not to mention me, even my teacher's wife, you may not be an opponent nowadays."

Only then did Zhu Yong discover that Tang Zichen and Yan Xingyi were both at the complete grandmaster level of martial arts.

"Ah, you guys, how is that possible."Zhu Yong couldn't seem to believe that Tang Zichen, who was two generations younger than them, was actually Ancestor Perfection, and Yan Xinyi was able to understand a little bit when she reached Ancestor Perfection, but how was it possible for Tang Zichen.Under normal circumstances, in this continent, very few people could reach Zongshi Perfection before the age of eighty.

Tang Zichen said to his teacher's wife, "Teacher's wife, Song Dingtian is Zhu Yong's disciple, back then, Zhu Yong knew that Song Dingtian had committed a great crime against his master, but still harbored Song Dingtian, so Zhu Yong is also one of the culprits, so today, you should personally slaughter him.I, on the other hand, will deal with this old dog, Temple Yan."

"Good."The teacher's wife nodded her head.

The Temple Yan beside Zhu Yong was busy saying, "Wind lightly, I only came here with Zhu Yong, it's none of my business, back then, I came out to live in the Trial Assembly, I also had no choice but to


"Hmph, Temple Yan, it's time for us to settle our score, let's settle it somewhere else."Tang Zichen flew towards Temple Yan, Tang Zichen wanted Temple Yan to memorize the burned, Mu Qianji's letter in its entirety, so Tang Zichen planned to grab Temple Yan to the back of the mountain.

But Tang Zichen's teacher's wife went to kill Zhu Yong.

Zhu Yong huffed angrily, "Yellow-haired girl, even dare to attack me, then let me learn from you."

Tang Zichen wasn't worried about Shiniang because Tang Zichen had confidence in Shiniang, after all, Shiniang had entered the memory stone and dealt with the strongest people of the ancient era, her martial arts skills were definitely not weak, and although Zhu Yong and the others were old master perfectionists, they were not much stronger as they nested in this Jianghu every day, behind closed doors.

That Temple Yan saw Tang Zichen flying up and immediately slapped his palm towards Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen easily broke the temple stern's arm, then grabbed the temple stern and flew out of the palace as the temple stern screamed in pain.

"Ah, so strong."The uncles and teachers of the Divine Dragon School who were originally in the main hall were stunned to see Tang Zichen almost spike the strength of Temple Yan, Tang Zichen was their next generation.

Moreover, even Yan Xinyi was incredibly strong, and was currently fighting with Zhu Yong, who was completely down in the dumps after only three to five moves.

Forget about Zhu Yong's battle with Yan Xin Yi, let's just say Tang Zichen grabbed the Temple Yan and arrived at the back of the mountain.

Tang Zichen threw the Temple Yan to the ground.

Temple Yan was busy begging for mercy, "Wind Master Sun?Don't be impulsive."

"Wind Master Sun?Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed coldly, this Temple Yan, at this time of the year, still called him Wind Master Sun, although in terms of generation, Tang Zichen was indeed a disciple.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the Temple Yan with a dizzying slap.

"Wind lightly, I was biased in favor of Song Dingtian back then, it's just that Zhu Yong had greeted him, what do you mean by taking it out on me now."Temple Yan was furious, at the moment he was in no mood to think about why Tang Zichen was so powerful.

"Temple Yan, you're fucking playing dumb with me aren't you."

Temple Yan said, "Are you saying that I slapped you once back then?Then you've just slapped me too, and it's even."

"Bang!"Tang Zichen stomped Temple Yan on the ground and said, "Temple Yan, more than ten years ago, Mu Qianji sent a letter to the Divine Dragon Sect, and the Demon Sect Master Mu came looking for the letter, and you burned that letter in front of Mu Qianji, didn't you?"

"Ah."Temple Yan just remembered that incident.

"Temple Yan, that letter was written to me and you burned it for me, do you have any idea how important that letter is to me?"

"I, I don't know."

"Temple Yan, if you recite to me the contents of that letter word for word today, I can spare your life, otherwise, I will kill you."Tang Zichen said fiercely.

Temple Yan was depressed, "It's been more than ten years, how do you want me to recite it, besides, I didn't even have the heart to read that letter back then, I just took a few casual glances."

"Then you go to hell."Tang Zichen held up his palm.

"Wait, wait."Temple Yan was busy shouting.

"Thinking of it?"

"I, I can only think of a little bit, please, don't kill me."

"Say, what does the letter say?"

At this moment, Temple Yan tried to recall, but in the end, he could only think of a few fragmented words, and Temple Yan said nervously, "I, I only remember what I seem to have written, the Burial Moon Sword stirred up something or other."

"Burial Moon Sword?"Tang Zichen's brows furrowed, the fact that Temple Yan could name the Burial Moon Sword meant he wasn't just talking nonsense, was Mu Qianji's disappearance somehow related to the Burial Moon Sword?


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