Dish Best Served Cold 281-285


Chapter 281-285

The next morning.

  After Qiu Mu Orange finished breakfast, she also went to work.

  Now that the approval was delayed, she had to think of another way.

  Otherwise, their company would have to be dragged to death alive even if they were dragged along like this!

  And not long after Qiu Mu Orange left, Ye Fan also prepared to go out.

  He had an appointment today to attend the Yunzhou Painting Exhibition, and since he had promised Su Yuanshan, he naturally had to go.

  However, who would have thought that Ye Fan, who was just about to leave, would be stopped by that little cousin of Qiu Mu Orange's.

  "Your name is Ye Fan, right?"

  "Don't you feel guilty about being a grown man and having your wife raise you?"

  "Why don't you go out and make money?"

  "I really despise you men who eat soft food!"

  "Everyone else's men are in charge of making money to support the family, and the women are in charge of looking beautiful.But what about you?"

  "You don't talk about supporting your family, but instead you eat my sister Autumn, drink my sister Autumn's, and drag my sister Autumn's hind legs!"

  Looking at this door-to-door husband of her sister Qiu, but Lu Wenjing stuck in her small waist and said angrily.

  That angry appearance, really some cute.

  Ye Fan listened as he wiped his shoes and laughed, "Little sister, haven't you seen too many idol dramas?"

  "Who told you that men are responsible for earning money to support the family and women are responsible for looking beautiful?"

  "That's what all the sisters on Twitter say.They say that women are born to be pampered, that making money to support the family is a man's job, and that we women just need to dress up beautifully every day and then go out with our good sisters to shop and enjoy life."Lu Wenjing said very matter-of-factly.

  Ye Fan asked again, "Oh, is that so?What else did the sister on that blog say?"

  "They say so many things, they also say that a competent husband should not only earn money to support the family, but also wash clothes and cook all the household chores.After all, a woman's youth is very short, how can you waste time on such things, and the kitchen that kind of place is very harmful to a woman's skin, easy to get old."

  "And, the sisters on Weibo also said that women suffer so much in childbirth, it's only natural that the child is born with the woman's surname, and if the man doesn't agree it means he doesn't love you, and it's something that should be divorced."

  "And, those sisters also said that if you want to find a husband in the future you must earn more than half a million dollars a year.A poor man is not entitled to have a wife."

  "Nor can you interfere with our women's lives after marriage, nor can you stop us from going out with our male girlfriends.Making friends is our freedom, you men don't have the right to interfere in our lives."

  Lu Wenjing rambled on and on, saying that in the end, she even used this standard to measure Ye Fan.

  "Look at you, you don't have a single thing that meets the conditions that the sister on Weibo said."

  "You were able to marry my sister Qiu, I have to say that you've had eight lifetimes of luck!"

  Lu Wenjing said angrily.

  After listening to it, but Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

  I thought to myself that these online feminist whores were really doing more harm than good.Even Qiu Mu Orange's little cousin was poisoned.

  "Jing Jing, listen to a word from your brother-in-law, and don't ever associate with the so-called microblogging sisters you're talking about again."

  "They're simply poisoning you."

  "Can you believe it, if this continues in the long run, you're doomed to have no one to want you in the future."

  "Don't look at them online as if they're godfathers of life, but in reality, they're probably just factory dogs working in an electronics factory."

  "Just fooling around with you little girls whose minds aren't yet sound."

  Ye Fan laughed lightly, then didn't talk to Lu Wenjing anymore, opened the door and left.


  "You come back!"

  "I'm not done talking yet?"

  "Are you going to get a job and earn money to support your family or not?"

  "I'm pissed off~"

  Lu Wenjing shouted angrily, but where did Ye Fan pay attention to him and walked away without looking back.

  But the more Lu Wenjing thought about it, the angrier she felt.

  She thought to herself: "Isn't this Ye Fan not working?

  And he didn't leave early or late, but only after his sister Qiu went to work.

  Could it be that this Ye Fan is doing something shameful behind the scenes without telling my sister Qiu?

  "No, I have to keep an eye on him for Sister Autumn!"

  "I'd like to see what this Ye Fan is up to outside when he doesn't work during the day."

  Shortly after Ye Fan left, Lu Wenjing also changed her shoes and followed Ye Fan all the way.

  As Ye Fan walked along, Lu Wenjing also followed quietly behind him.

  Not even a few minutes after Lu Wenjing followed him, Ye Fan stopped in his tracks and looked back.

  Lu Wenjing saw the situation and quickly hid.

  "This nipper, still stalking me?"

  "Let's see how long you can follow."Evan smiled wryly and pretended not to see, turning around to continue his journey.

  "Phew~ Good thing we weren't discovered."Lu Wenjing let out a long sigh of relief and continued to creep up on him

  I thought that the place where Ye Fan was going was not far, but then Lu Wenjing realized that she was wrong.

  This Ye Fan was born walking for two hours, from the east side of Yunzhou to the west side, almost tiring Lu Wenjing to death.

  "This guy, taking a bus would kill him, right?"

  Lu Wenjing was filled with speechlessness, if she had known that Ye Fan had walked so far, she would never have followed on foot, her legs would have broken.

  However, Lu Wenzheng finally knew how poor Ye Fan was.

  Not even willing to take a bus for two dollars?

  Not bad for a country boy!

  While Lu Wenjing was panting and resting around the corner, Ye Fan was not red in the face, not even sweating, like a nobody, he directly walked towards the Yunzhou Art Museum in front.

  Ye Fan was used to it.

  Walking to him, it was like exercise.

  So if there was no urgent matter, Ye Fan would usually choose to walk, even if the destination was far away.

  She was born in a rich township and was picked up from school, but she had never walked so far in her life.She has never walked this far in her life. Naturally, her body quality is incomparable to Ye Fan's, and she is almost too tired to walk.

  However, what Ye Fan did not expect was that this little ninny could still persevere.

  Before arriving at the museum, Ye Fan contacted Su Yuanshan.

  "Uncle Su, I'm here, where are you guys?"

  "Hahahaha, Fanny, be right there, be right there!"Su Yuanshan was extremely pleased after receiving the call from Ye Fan, and hung up the phone after returning a few sentences.

  A few minutes later, a delicately dressed mannish silhouette, but came over.

  "Strange, didn't you say it was at the door, where are my father and the others?"

  The woman is a famous brand, but the platinum necklace on her neck makes her look more noble and charming, and she is holding the latest LV bag this year, just like a luxury dress.This way to find the way to attract many people accosted to show affection.

  However, just as the woman looked around, in the next moment, she met with Ye Fan's eyes.

  For a moment, sparks were flying!

  "Susie!"Ye Fan was shocked.

  Suzy also exploded with it, shouting in shock, "Ye Fan!"

  "Why are you here, you bastard?"

  "Damn, I'm so unlucky to meet you anywhere!"

  "I see, it must have been you who followed me here."

  "Say, what the hell are you up to?"

  "Do you have a crush on my lady with evil intentions of pestering me?"


"Thanks to me, I used to think that although you, Ye Fan, are a good-for-nothing country bumpkin with no money or power, you are at least honest.You're loyal to Mu Orange."

  "Wouldn't fool around outside, and wouldn't even think about other women outside."

  "But I didn't expect that ah, you're now seducing her best friend behind Mu Orange's back."

  "Mu Orange is out earning money every day to support her family, and because of how much you've suffered, she's even turned against her own grandfather, and cried all night at my place at first because she wanted to divorce you."

  "But now you're doing such a sorry thing to her."

  "You bastard, do you still have a conscience?"

  After seeing Ye Fan, Suzy was instantly furious and scolded Ye Fan for splitting her face.

  "Are you done?"

  "Just listen to me for a few words when you're done."Ye Fan, however, was expressionless, his entire body still flat, and he didn't look guilty in any way, looking at Suzy faintly.

  "Doing something so shameless, you still have the face to say ah?"

  "Well, if you want to talk then talk!"

  "I'll see what you can tell me."The first thing you need to know is that you're not going to be able to find the right person to do the job.

  Is he not stalking her?

  "What I'm trying to say, Miss Susie, is that you're purely self-involved."

  "I came here because your father invited me."

  "You're lying!You're a poor country boy. How could my father invite you?Don't think you can use my father as a shield after having dinner with him, I'm warning you, there's no way you can cheat Miss Ben~"

  Suzy was still shouting, and Ye Fan didn't bother to say anything to her, picking up his phone and directly broadcasting back to Su Yuanshan, putting it on speakerphone.

  "Suzy, you girl, what are you shouting and screaming about?"

  "Workplace, a little girlie?"

  "And warn you?Who are you trying to warn?"

  "Little Fan is a distinguished guest I invited, if you dare to disrespect him, see what I'll do to you when I return!"

  The phone then came with Su Yuanshan's angry voice.

  Su Yuanshan had planned to take this opportunity to set up Ye Fan and Su Xi so that they could communicate and get more familiar with each other.But he had underestimated his daughter's violent temper after all.

  "Dad, why did you invite him ah?"

  "If I had known it was him, I wouldn't have come today."

  These words from Su Yuanshan were like a slap on Su Xi's face, and the original arrogance was gone in an instant, complaining to her own father with a wailing face.

  She didn't expect that Ye Fan was really invited by her own father.

  "What's wrong with me inviting him?"

  "Do you still despise people?"

  "What right do you have to look down on Ye Fan?"

  "I'm warning you, don't give me any sex.If you want me to pay your credit card for this month, you're going to spend today walking around the art show with Fanny.Otherwise, you'll be waiting for your credit to go bankrupt!"Su Yuanshan snapped harshly.

  "Dad~" Su Xi was aggrieved and wanted to say something, but Su Yuan Shan had already hung up the phone.

  In the end, Suzy had no choice but to listen to her own father's words.

  After all, now that Su Xi hadn't achieved financial independence, and had to rely on her family for every aspect of food and drink, she had to listen to Su Yuan Shan's words.Otherwise, she was afraid that she would really have to go sleep on the street tomorrow.

  "Hmph, I really don't know what kind of bewitching soup you've given my father?"

  "What are you waiting for?Go on, go inside, you didn't want Miss Ben to accompany you to the painting exhibition, now you've got your way!"

  Even though Suzy was full of reluctance, she had no choice but to accompany him to this painting exhibition, saying nothing good to Evan.

  "No need."

  "I have things to do, I don't have the heart to walk around with you."However, Ye Fan coldly replied back, turned around and walked away, almost not killing Suzy then.

  She didn't expect that she, the daughter of the Su family's daughter, would instead be disowned by a country bumpkin?

  "Bastard, you stop!"

  "What do you mean?Explain that to me?"

  Suzy was so angry that she chased after him and grabbed Ye Fan to prevent him from leaving.

  The tugging and pulling scene, however, was just seen by Lu Wenjing who came over.

  "Ye Fan, so you're not going to work because you're accompanying another woman?"

  "You're such an asshole, you're a complete and utter asshole!"

  "Have you done justice to my Autumn sister who has worked so hard and so hard for this family?"

  "You're not good enough for my sister Autumn~"

  Nearly instantly, Lu Wenjing's pair of beautiful eyes turned red, and tears then flowed down.

  She only felt aggrieved and unworthy for her sister Autumn.

  "Jing Jing, listen to me~"

  "I won't listen, I won't listen!You're just a heartless villain, you're sorry to my sister Qiu~" not listening to Ye Fan's explanation at all, Lu Wenjing turned around in tears and ran back.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he was filled with helplessness.

  What the fuck is all this?

  "Now that it's been misunderstood, are you satisfied?Don't cut me loose yet!"Ye Fan glared at Suzy and snapped coldly, while he hurriedly went after Lu Wenjing.

  "Bastard, he's just a big bastard, he's sorry to my sister Autumn~"

  Lu Wenjing was in tears as she ran, she wanted to go back and tell Sister Qiu to divorce this big pig hoofed man.

  However, Lu Wenjing didn't run a few steps, but she didn't pay attention to the fact that she ran directly into someone.


  Hearing a scream, the man and woman then fell to the ground.

  Qiu Muying and his wife saw the situation and rushed to assist.

  At the same time, they cursed at Lu Wenjing, "Where's the idiot from?Can't you see where you're going?I can't even afford to sell you if I hurt Director Wang!"

  "Director Wang, are you okay?"After they were helped up, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife quickly greeted.

  "Painting, quickly see if the painting is alright?"Wang Xingduo hadn't forgotten the painting in his hand, just now was hit by that little girl, undoubtedly dropped on the ground, quickly let Qiu Mu Ying to pick it up.

  At the same time, Wang Xingduo looked to the little girl who had fallen on the ground in front of him and was crying, and also cursed angrily: "Cry, you fucking walk without eyes and have the face to cry?"

  "Do you have any idea how much that painting cost, and what you'll pay for it if it's damaged?"

  The more Wang Xingduo thought about it, the angrier he got, and finally walked over to the little girl who had no eyes to kick her.


  A low muffled sound, Wang Xingduo's entire body flew out like a dog, rolling several times on the ground before stopping.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person in front of you.

  The majestic and indignant voice instantly echoed throughout the world.

  "To a child, you're also scared to death?"

  The words were eerie and icy cold.

  At that time, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei were frightened and stared at the man in front of them with dead eyes.

  "Ye...Ye Fan?"

  Qiu Mu Ying had never thought that she would still meet Ye Fan here.


  "That hurts!"

  "Son of a bitch, how dare you hit this director?"

  "I declare, you're finished!"

  "You're fucking dead~"

  Not far away, there was an angry roar from Wang Xing Duo.Only to see that old man was lying on the ground while moaning and cursing.

  At this time, Qiu Muying and her husband and wife couldn't care less about Ye Fan and rushed over to support Wang Xingduo.


"What are you two staring at?"

  "Do you still want approval?"

  "Go and beat him up for me yet!"

  Wang Xingduo was still grimacing in pain, and after being helped up by Qiu Mu Ying and her husband, he immediately roared in anger.

  Ever since that crap happened yesterday, Wang Xing Duo had a problem with Qiu Muying and her husband and wife.

  After all, if it wasn't for idiots like Autumn Muyoung sending jade pins to his wife, they wouldn't have been brought into the police station for several hours.

  In the end, they begged their grandparents and used a lot of connections to clear up the misunderstanding and were released.

  If it wasn't for Qiu and Qiu Muying's husband and wife at the exhibition today, Wang Xingduo would have been torn apart by them yesterday.

  But now, Wang Xing Duo still needed Qiu Mu Ying's painting after all, so they saved a bit of face for each other.

  Qiu Muying and the others also knew that they had a guilty conscience, so in order to make up for yesterday's mistake, Qiu Muying and her husband had deliberately accompanied them personally today.

  It's just that they never expected that they would still run into Ye Fan here today.

  In the face of Wang Xingduo's anger, Qiu Muying and the others but where they dared to really fight with Ye Fan.

  "Director, this guy is a country bumpkin, he's been doing farm work on the ground since he was a child, and he's very strong."

  "We don't eat immediate loss, this revenge today, there will be plenty of chances to take revenge in the future, there is no hurry for this moment."Qiu Mu Ying said in a low voice.

  "Eh?A hillbilly?Do you know him?"When Wang Xingduo heard this, he frowned at Qiu Mu Ying.

  Then Qiu Mu Ying told Wang Xing Duo about the relationship between Ye Fan and the Qiu family as well as Qiu Mu Orange, adding to the jealousy.

  "Director, there are no good people in this family.Maybe this Ye Fan hit you because Qiu Mu Orange authorized him to hit you because of his hatred towards you for cutting off their company's approval?"

  "It's just so vicious!"Qiu Mu Ying said coldly.

  Wang Xingduo also got angrier and angrier as he listened, and finally looked at Ye Fan and scolded viciously, "A poor pimp from the countryside, how dare you beat me?"

  "You'll see, you'll see later!"

  "And the approval of that Mufan property, you guys shouldn't dream about it.Even if it's next year, I won't give you guys the approval.Even if I let a dog pass, I won't let you guys pass~"

  Wang Xingduo said coldly, with a wanton smile on his face.

  A look like looking at you to displease you is to screw you.

  And Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to it, all as a dog barking.

  He bent down and gently assisted Lu Wenjing up, "Jing Jing, is everything alright?"

  Lu Wenjing's beautiful eyes were teary, but she shook her head, indicating that she was fine.

  At this time, Wang Xingduo tidied up his clothes, so he also took the painting and walked to the museum.

  But when he passed by Ye Fan, he still cursed in an angry voice, "Still not getting out of the way?Get out of my way!"

  "You want to die?"Ye Fan's face immediately went cold, even if he had a good temper, it wasn't a reason for him to stomp his nose!

  However, just as Ye Fan was about to teach him another lesson, a small hand held him back, "Brother Ye Fan, don't~"

  Although Lu Wenjing was not very old, she also knew that there were some people who could not be messed with.

  The person in front of her was someone with a good status at a glance, and Lu Wenjing certainly didn't want Ye Fan to incur trouble because of her.

  Eventually, Wang Xingduo and his group of three went in towards the art museum.

  Before leaving, Qiu Mu Ying even looked at Ye Fan with a gloating face.

  "Rubbish is rubbish, what kind of person do you dare to offend?"

  "Director Wang is the head of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.Did you offend him?You're just waiting to see your wife's company fail, aren't you?"

  Qiu Mu Ying laughed coldly and quickly disappeared from sight.

  Ye Fan's face was sullen and gloomy, but no one knew what he was thinking about.

  Finally, Ye Fan pulled up Lu Wenjing's hand, "Jing Jing, let's go.Let's go in too!"



  Art Gallery.

  The entire venue covered quite a bit of land, surrounded by art lovers who came and went to watch the exhibition, and the booths were also filled with beautiful paintings that were rare to see in normal days.

  Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing, and Suzy, however, were strolling inside.

  "Brother Ye Fan, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you just now."

  "I thought..."

  At this time, Lu Wenjing's small face was drooping and she was whispering an apology to Ye Fan, her delicate and lovely face full of apologies.

  Apparently, the misunderstanding just now had been explained to her by both Ye Fan and Suzy.

  As for Lu Wenjing, after the storm just now, her opinion of Ye Fan had undoubtedly changed a lot.

  At least, Lu Wenjing felt that the Ye Fan in front of her wasn't as wimpy as her mother saw him.

  In particular, the kick that Ye Fan had just kicked Wang Xingduo made Lu Wenjing extremely impressed, it was simply handsome.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you were really awe-inspiring just now~"

  Speaking of that earlier scene, Lu Wenjing said excitedly.

  But Suzy on the side snorted, "Awesome is also poor awesome."

  "That's the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Ye Fan you kick, I'm afraid how much trouble you have to bring to Mu Orange you know you?"

  "I'll see how you'll explain it back to Mu Orange!"

  Suzy's attitude towards Ye Fan was still one of indifference and dislike.

  If her father hadn't lied to her today, she would never have strolled through the painting exhibition with this kind of person, walking together would have been humiliating.

  After Suzy finished speaking, she didn't pay any more attention to Ye Fan and prepared to find a seat for a while.


  "Yang Qian, why are you here too?"

  However, just as Suzy looked around, she saw an acquaintance in the rest area in front of her.

  "Sissy, what a coincidence~"

  Seemingly hearing the call, a woman in front of her also saw Suzy and got up in a hurry to come over.Delicate high heels struck the ground, the chiffon dress swayed in the wind, and the air was then filled with the scent of high-grade perfume.

  It was obvious that Yang Qian had deliberately and carefully dressed up for today's painting exhibition.

  "Who is this?"

  Suzy then noticed that there was a handsome man next to Yang Qian, dressed in a white suit and elegant, and at a glance, she knew that this person was afraid that he was not an ordinary person either.

  "Oh, I forgot to introduce, this is my friend, Luo Feng.This painting exhibition today is convened by Luo Feng's father, Luo Dahai."

  "What?Mr. Ohai?Is he the most famous calligraphy and painting master in Yunzhou?A calligraphy painting can sell for millions of Luo Dahai?"Hearing Yang Qian's introduction, Suzy was all surprised.

  She didn't expect to meet the son of the Great Sea teacher here.You know, the person that Suzy's father, Su Yuanshan, admired the most in Yunzhou was that Luo Dahai, a contemporary word painter, a thousand words of gold?

  However, surprised, Suzy looked at Yang Qian and Luo Feng and smiled, "Qian Qian, you're not going to fall in love with Young Master Luo again, are you?"

  Yang Qian's pretty face then reddened, "Xixi, don't talk nonsense, I've only known Feng for a few days."

  "Tsk tsk tsk~ This Ah Feng is shouting at you and you still won't admit it?"Susie continued to tease her good friend.

  But Luo Feng on the side was dashing: "Qian Qian hasn't agreed to me yet, I'm in the pursuit stage, so it can't be considered a relationship, it can only be considered unrequited love."

  "Haha, Young Master Luo, don't worry, this lady friend of mine, ah, is just shy, I can see that she has actually fallen in love with you, but is afraid that you won't cherish her if you get it too easily, so that's why she hasn't agreed.This chasing a girl, you have to have patience."Suzy set the two of them up, causing Yang Qian's pretty face to blush.

  "Eh?Does Miss Searle have friends too?Or are you also out with your boyfriend?"Luo Feng noticed Ye Fan behind Suzy at this time and asked with a smile.

  In between Luo Feng's words, Yang Qian also followed the gaze over, however, in the next moment, Yang Qian's entire body was immediately confused and her pupils crumpled.

  "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"


The moment she saw Ye Fan, Yang Qian was shocked then.

  The entire person nearly lost her voice and directly screamed out.

  Of course she will not forget, when in the restaurant in the eastern suburbs of Yunzhou City, Ye Fan in a fit of rage not only kicked over the restaurant manager, even the owner of the restaurant, in the eastern district of the dominant party Xu Bao did not care, and finally even more Yunzhou Second Master personally sent to invite.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

  At that time, the restaurant was silent and the scene was so huge that it shook countless people.

  A few days ago, Yang Qian passed by that restaurant and found that it had changed its name.

  The former Shengtian Restaurant had closed down, and even Xu Bao, who had been making a name for himself in that area for a long time, had disappeared.

  It was said that he was jerked off from his high position by the Second Master Li, and it was unclear whether he was dead or alive now.

  The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at this.

  Even Second Master Li was so sticking up for him, at that time, Yang Qian had concluded that the hick that Su Xi had talked about at the beginning was definitely a hidden superior!

  Now, seeing Ye Fan and Su Xi two lonely men and women strolling together in this painting exhibition, but Yang Qian's heart thumped.

  Could it be that Suzy, who had also learned of Ye Fan's identity, thought of embracing this thigh, so she secretly dug into Qiu Mu Orange's wall, and has now gotten together with Ye Fan?

  Thinking of this, Yang Qian repented.

  Regretting how she didn't think of it.

  She only thought at that time that Ye Fan was already married, and even if she wanted to throw herself into the arms and become Ye Fan's woman, I'm afraid she wouldn't have the chance.

  But thinking about it now, she was really stupid back then!

  Once you're married, can't you still divorce?

  Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange don't have children.

  If I had been quick to launch a love attack on Ye Fan, with my charm and beauty, it might have been her, Yang Qian, and not Su Xi, who was now shopping with Ye Fan at the art exhibition.

  "This is really a wrong step, a total loss.It's rather cheap for this Suzy."

  Yang Qian was remorseful, feeling that she had missed an opportunity to get to the top of her life.

  "Mr. Chu?What Mr. Chu?"

  "Who are you shouting for, Cynthia?"But when she heard Yang Qian's words, Suzy was confused.

  Yang Qian was stunned then, "Isn't he your boyfriend, Mr. Chu?"

  "Don't talk nonsense!"

  "What boyfriend?"

  "He's not my boyfriend!"

  "Just a poor country boy, where is he worthy of my Susie?"

  "Besides, Yang Qian, didn't I tell you that last time I was at the restaurant?This guy is Mu Orange's husband, that door-to-door son-in-law!"

  "After eating soft food for three years, Mu Orange has suffered a lot because of him."

  "This poor kid, ah, was born to be poor.Last time at the auction, it's said that he got lucky and spent a few thousand dollars to find a two hundred million dollar treasure, but as a result, he was robbed before he was warm and fuzzy."

  "As a result, the baby was gone, and a few thousand dollars went in for nothing."

  "So ah, rich and poor, besides being related to one's skills, it's also related to one's destiny.We, for example, are born rich."

  "Unlike some people, who are born poor and just pity Mu Orange, who also suffer from the drag."

  Suzy's words were full of sympathy and pity for her best friend, shaking her head and sighing.

  And when Yang Qian heard this, the remorse that had filled her heart was swept away, and she was so happy then.

  "Sissy, so you and Mr. Chu aren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore?"Yang Qian asked with renewed excitement.

  But Suzy was a little confused: "Qian Qian, what's wrong with you?What's so exciting about that?Besides, this door-to-door son-in-law is called Ye Fan, so don't shout nonsense."

  Yang Qian looked to the side at this time at Ye Fan, only to see Ye Fan smile politely at her, and also introduced herself, "Are you a classmate of Mu Orange?Hello, I'm Mu Orange's husband, Ye Fan."

  "Hello hello, Chu...Mr. Ye, my name is Yang Qian."Seeing that Ye Fan took the initiative to talk to her, Yang Qian was simply thrilled.

  Her heart was even smiling out.

  It looked like Suzy still didn't know Ye Fan's true identity.

  This was good, so that there would be no one to steal from her.

  Yang Qian secretly decided that she must find a way to chase this man in front of her!

  "Qian Qian, why do you care about him?"

  "How does a redneck deserve to be treated like this?"

  "And the country people don't care about hygiene, and they don't know how many days to wash their hands and shake hands with him, don't they get dirty?"

  Seeing that Yang Qian still wanted to shake hands with Ye Fan, Suzy was dissatisfied.

  Apart from Qiu Mu Orange, it was Yang Qian who had the best relationship with Suzy.

  Qiu Mu Orange had fallen for this bastard's ways, she certainly didn't want, her other best friend to be tainted by Ye Fan again.

  "Yeah, Qianqian.Aren't you a germaphobe?"

  "You'd better listen to Miss Su and stay away from him."Luo Feng looked at Ye Fan with a bit more disdain after he learned of his identity.

  He naturally didn't want, the woman he was pursuing to get too close to a country bumpkin.

  What's more, this country bumpkin was a shameless door-to-door son-in-law!

  "Xixi, that's not right."

  "All living beings are equal, rich and poor alike, we are all ordinary people and should be treated equally, so why do you have to use tinted glasses to look at people?"

  "And there's nothing wrong with country people."

  "People who come from the countryside, they have been nurtured by nature from childhood.The mountains are pristine, the water is pristine, and the flowers and trees are pristine.People who are born and raised in such a pristine environment are bound to be pristine as well."

  "Mr. Ye is a simple and forthright kind of man at a glance.I like to be friends with such people.When I was a child, my biggest dream was to find a husband in the countryside, and in the future, we could bow to the fields together, travel to the mountains, and live like a paradise."

  "How nice~"

  Qian Yang said slowly, the gentle gaze, the affectionate words, as if a girl who was thinking of spring was telling love words to her dream lover.

  At that time, Suzy's entire body was lost, staring at the spot, unimaginably looking at this best friend of hers, "Qian...Qian, are you alright?"

  "Didn't you used to say that you hated two kinds of people: the poor and the hick!"

  "And you're saying that the poor mountains are full of unruly people, and you just can't marry for the rest of your life, and you won't marry a country bumpkin like Mu Orange?"

  "Now, why are you still..."

  "You're talking nonsense!"Susie hadn't finished speaking, but Yang Qian was like a fried kitten, shouting directly at Susie.

  "When did I ever say such a thing?"

  "What happened to the poor, what happened to the country people?"

  "Like Mr. Ye, who is rich in spirit despite his material poverty.Only a life of spiritual pleasure is the happiest."

  "Besides, how did the revolution succeed back then, and how was the country established, and not by the vast number of rural people.With the countryside encircling the cities and the armed seizure of power, what right do we, the besieged city dwellers, have to look down on the valiant countrymen?"

  "So Xixi, not that I'm talking about you, this woman ah, can't be too realistic, also can't be too snobbish, and can't wear tinted glasses to look at people."

  Yang Qian spoke freely, quoting from the Bible, the ancient and the modern, rousing.The words were all one set of words, saying that Suzy's entire body was befuddled, even Luo Feng was staying there.


Especially Suzy, when she heard these words coming from Yang Qian's mouth, her mouth was so big with surprise that she could almost stuff an apple.

  Was this still the Yang Qian she knew?

  Is this still her gold-worshipping best friend?

  If these words, had come from the mouth of Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy could still accept them.But what she couldn't imagine was that this speech came from Yang Qian's mouth?

  Having been best friends with Yang Qian for many years, no one could understand Yang Qian any better than Suzy.

  If it was snobbery, among the people that Suzy knew, Qiu Mu Ying could be ranked first, then Yang Qian was second.

  The first thing you need to remember is that you can't be too sure of what you're getting into, and you can't be too sure of what you're getting yourself into.

  The next day, she was told that her sister was depressed and eventually changed schools.

  However, this is such a set of people, now even advised her, to be a man can not be too snobbish, can not be too worship gold?

  It was as if an executioner was telling her that she could not kill.

  It was simply as ironic as it was going to be.

  This was also why, after hearing this speech, Suzy's reaction was so huge.

  "Qian Qian, you don't have a fever, do you?"Susie still felt a little incredulous.

  "Don't worry, I'm healthy as can be.Well, I've said all that needs to be said anyway, it's up to you whether you listen to it or not."Yang Qian didn't seem to want to waste any more words with Suzy, and turned to Ye Fan with a gentle face: "Mr. Ye, it's still your first time coming to this art museum, I'm familiar with this side, let me show you around."


  "Mr. Ye, are you thirsty?I'll go get you some water?"


  "Mr. Yeh, have you had breakfast yet?I also have some tiramisu in my bag, it's especially good, would you like to try it?"


  "Mr. Ye, what kind of girls do you like?A better body or a prettier one?"


  Along the way, Yang Qian was like turning into a sweet good daughter-in-law, booing and asking warmth to Ye Fan.A few minutes later, she asked him if he was thirsty, a few minutes later, she asked him if he was hungry, and finally she asked him what kind of girl he liked, and she was so flattering that she threw herself at him.

  As for Luo Feng, who originally came with Yang Qian, he was completely left out, and Yang Qian didn't even pay attention to him.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

  As for Yang Qian's best friend Su Xi, the treatment was similar to that of Luo Feng.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do.

  In the end, Suzy said she was thirsty and asked Yang Qian if she had any water.

  She said: "You can go buy it yourself.I don't have much water left, and I have to save it for Mr. Ye."

  At that time Su Xi heard this, the whole person was close to dying of anger.

  Thinking that Ye Fan a country bumpkin, poor dirt turtle, what kind of magic power is there in him, not only his own best friend Qiu Mu Orange fell for him and cried all night because he wanted to divorce him.Now even her other best friend, Yang Qian, was completely fascinated by Ye Fan, and didn't even want to be her best friend for him.

  "Crazy, really crazy!"

  "I'm pissed off!"

  Suzy gritted her teeth in anger, thinking that if she met Yang Qian here today, this exhibition wouldn't be boring and someone would talk to her.

  As a result, Yang Qian directly dried her out here.

  "I'm just wondering, this brat, a poor bastard, what's so good about it?"

  "This one's like eating Vertigo!All in his lane."

  Suzy followed behind and said in a huff.

  And at this time, Lu Wenjing, who had been following beside her, was not happy when she heard Suzy's words, "Sister Suzy, you are not allowed to talk about Brother Ye Fan like that!"

  "Although Brother Ye Fan comes from a bad background, but there are still many good qualities in him."

  "Sister Suzy, it's better for girls not to be too realistic and snobbish, or they won't be able to marry."

  Little Lori Lu Wenjing said in an exasperated voice, defending Ye Fan.Finally, she seemed to have thought of something and said to Suzy, "Sister Suzy, are you also being poisoned by the microblogging sister.My brother Ye Fan said that the values conveyed by those sisters on the internet are monstrous, it's better for us to watch less."

  After a kindly reminder, Lu Wenjing also chased after Ye Fan.

  Here, only Suzy was left alone, flabbergasted with a blue face.

  She didn't expect that even this little girl, Lu Wenjing, would now speak up for Ye Fan?

  In the end, Susie stomped her jade feet angrily, her whole body nearing madness.

  "I reality?My forces?"

  "I'm going, pissed off!"

  "Even a little girl piece is teaching me a lesson."

  "Okay, Ye Fan, you're tough!"

  "We'll see~"

  Suzy was holding a full belly of anger, but she had nowhere to spill it.

  After all, it was other people's freedom as to what attitude they had towards Ye Fan.It was useless for Suzy to be angry even if she was angry.

  And just when Suzy was angry, the exhibition hall in front of her suddenly stirred up a commotion.

  Immediately afterwards, a large number of calligraphy and painting lovers who had come to watch the exhibition all converged towards the center of the exhibition hall.

  Naturally, Ye Fan and the others also went over to see what was happening.

  Only when they arrived, did they learn that it was the staff of the art museum, who was introducing some of the most valuable calligraphy and paintings on display today.

  At this time, on the platform, there is a young and beautiful exhibition host, wearing a light blue suit with a black skirt with a megaphone, is on the exhibition hall to tell the crowd about a pair of calligraphy and painting in the hands.

  It was a pair of calligraphy works, the handwriting on it, although occasionally a few a little fuzzy, but the overall is majestic, the brush walking dragon snake, have everyone style.

  "Dear guests who have come to view the exhibition, after the unanimous evaluation of our jury, this calligraphy work will be the most valuable work in this calligraphy and painting exhibition."

  "This calligraphy is a running calligraphy work by Liang Shizheng, a calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty."

  "I believe everyone knows that Wang Xizhi's Lanting Preface has the reputation of being the best running script in the world.And although the work of the Qing Dynasty calligrapher Liang Shizheng is not as good as Wang Xizhi's, it is still called the "most beautiful running script of the Qing Dynasty" by the world!"

  "Therefore, the value of the calligraphy in front of you, the jury valued it at, thirteen million."

  "Honored with the Gold Medal of my Cloud State Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Annual Collection!"

  "Next, I would like to invite the owner of this piece of calligraphy to the stage to receive the award!"

  As the host's crisp words rang out, applause thundered for a moment.

  Then, amidst the crowd, an old man in his late sixties, bathed in the envious gazes and applause of the crowd, ascended the high platform, ready to receive the award.


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