Dish Best Served Cold 286-290


Chapter 286

"Old Li Tou, congratulations~"

  "Collected a baby!"

  "You can't keep us from going when we go to watch later."

  "We haven't seen enough of that?"

  "You old thing, salty fish have turned over a new leaf.The money you lost a few years ago, this piece of calligraphy, I'm afraid you'll earn it back."The surrounding people were congratulating and complimenting.

  After all, Yunzhou was so big, and the circle of calligraphy and painting was small.So most of the people in this circle knew each other.

  Now that this old Li Tou's collection had won an award, everyone naturally envied it and congratulated it.

  And on the high stage, that old head of Li was also a big hit, laughing, unable to close his mouth, unable to say thank you to everyone.

  One of the people in this circle is for profit, and the other is for fame.

  If you are like Old Chief Li, and have an outstanding collection in your hand, it is undoubtedly a matter of great pride.

  The people in the circle, almost every will be sticking to you, good relations in the future so as to go to admire, everyone looks up to you.

  This is also why, Wang Xingduo would rather borrow Qiu Muying's calligraphy and painting, and had to come to this exhibition.

  However, just as the staff of this painting exhibition was preparing to give the old man an award, a cold laughter came from below.

  "District Liang Shi Zheng's calligraphy and painting, and you still treat it as a treasure?"

  "When did our Yunzhou City's painting and calligraphy world become so deplorable."

  "Something in the region of a thousand or so million can get a gold medal for the annual collection?"

  That laughter, with undisguised contempt and disdain, was quietly sounded here.

  Then, the crowd only saw that Wang Xingduo was now standing under the stage with his hands in his lap, laughing coldly.


  "Wang Xingduo, is that you?"


  "I say, Old King.If it's just as well that people look down on the ten million words and paintings, what right do you have to look down on them?"

  "All these years, every year you came to the exhibition, and what happened?Do you have a holdable collection?"

  "Don't say ten million, do you have a million worth of paintings at home?"

  "I'm afraid it's not even a hundred thousand, is it?"

  At first, the crowd was shocked to hear this, but after seeing that it was Wang Xingduo, everyone laughed, completely as if watching a joke.

  This Wang Xingduo, Yunzhou's painting and calligraphy circle also mostly know.

  This guy is an oddball, no money in hand, home is not what to get a good calligraphy and painting to say, but also everywhere poor pretend.Said this painting is not good, that painting is not good, look down on this, look down on that.

  Now even more, even tens of millions of magic works, are not in the eye of the beholder.

  This kind of strange person is not surprising, and everyone treats it as a joke.

  On the high platform, when Old Head Li saw that it was Wang Xingduo, he laughed sarcastically, "Old Wang, don't talk big here.If you despise my calligraphy, you have the ability to take out a more precious calligraphy and painting."

  "If you can't take it out, then shut up!"

  "You're a poor civil servant yourself, and you don't have any precious paintings, and you have the nerve to mock me here?"

  Old Li Tou snorted coldly, but he was unceremonious and directly raged at Wang Xingduo.

  Wang Xingduo laughed then, "It seems that you are very confident."

  "In that case, Old Li Tou, do you think that Tang Bo Fu's calligraphy and painting is comparable to that Qing Dynasty calligraphy in your hand?"



  "You...You mean, one of the four great talents of Jiangnan, Tang Yin...Tang Bohu?"

  Wang Xingduo's words caused the entire audience to tremble.

  For a moment, everyone present lost their voices and looked at Wang Xingduo in horror.

  "Difficult...Did you find Tang Yin's work?"

  "No way!"

  "Fake, right?"

  "The Tang Yin calligraphy painting, that's a rare treasure."

  "People in the collecting world are grabbing for it."

  "Didn't that time it appeared at the auction, it was easily worth hundreds of millions?"

  "You can have his work?"

  "It's a joke, isn't it?"

  After the tremor, but the people simply do not believe, and shake their heads.

  However, Wang Xingduo was the one to take the lead, and walked up to the stage with a scroll in his hand.


  In the midst of the crowd's horror, a pair of Tang Bohu's "Songxi Visiting the Hidden Picture" leapt into view.

  "This...This.... this is real?"

  After a long silence, the crowd looked in front of the "Songxi Visit Hidden Picture", but still some suspicion, disbelief.

  After all, most of the people present were just some small town tycoons, like Tang Bohu's works which are not rare and precious, why they didn't have the chance to see it.

  Now Wang Xingduo took out a painting and said it was Tang Bohu's work, they really couldn't see it, they didn't know whether it was real or not.

  But Wang Xing Duo, who was standing on the platform, said proudly, "This painting is the 'Songxi Visiting Hidden Figures'.It is the masterpiece of painting master Tang Bohu."

  "I'm sure you all remember, last year, this painting appeared in the Yunzhou auction and was bought by the Shen family, the owner of the Shen family, at a high price of 80 million."

  "Later, this painting was gifted by the owner of the Shen family to one of my closest friends, Chu Wen Fei.If you all don't believe me, there are photos to prove it!"

  In between Wang Xingduo's words, Qiu Muying also took her mobile phone and ascended the high stage.

  Even, in case everyone couldn't see it, Qiu Muying asked the staff to use a multimedia projection to enlarge this photo directly to the crowd on the electronic screen.


  "It's really Lord Shen~"

  "And it was really delivered?"

  "So this painting is really still the real Tong Bohu?"

  At this moment, looking at the picture of Shen Jiuyi sending the painting on that LCD screen, the entire audience was in awe.

  Deeply overwhelmed by the grandeur of Shen Jiuyi Shen, the owner of the Shen family.

  Tens of millions of rare treasures were loose when he said he would give them away.

  Seeing the crowd's reaction, the smile on Wang Xing Duo's face became even greater as he continued, "Now, everyone should believe that the painting is real, right?"

  "In addition, Chu Wenfei and I are lifelong friends, like brothers and sisters.In the future, this painting will be placed in my Wang Xingduo's house for permanent storage.If everyone wants to see it, feel free to come to my house to observe it."

  Wang Xing Duo said proudly with the calligraphy and painting in hand, continuing to pretend.

  The two offstage, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, turned green on the spot.

  This Gouri's Wang Xingduo, talking nonsense!

  When did they agree to put the painting in his permanent collection?

  However, if there were opinions, it was hard to say now, and the couple could only hold them back.Wait until after the exhibition is over.

  For now, let Wang Xing Duo finish this pussy-footing first.

  Sure enough, with Wang Xing Duo's words, there were compliments all over the stage for a while.

  Even the old head Li from before was filled with shame and bowed his head to apologize like Wang Xing Duo.

  "Old Wang, this old acquaintance of several years, don't mind the previous unpleasantness, ha."

  "It was our dog's eyes that made a joke."

  "But Old King, you're awesome~"

  "There's such an iron-clad friend!"

  "I've got to keep the door open tonight, I've got to watch and observe this rare treasure!"



  Countless people changed their norm and gave Wang Xingduo thousands of congratulations, almost all of them expressing that they wanted to come to their homes to have a look and take money as well.


  "Don't worry everyone, it's impossible for me to hide such rare treasures from everyone."

  "Come on, let's line up and take our time looking at them one by one~"

  Wang Xingduo was simply happy at this point, he had never been as glamorous as he was today since he had entered this circle, and his spirited appearance was as if he was on the top of his life.

  "Ying Ying, it looks like that approval of your grandfather is steady!"Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying also felt relieved at the sight of the two of them, the things Master Qiu had entrusted them to do were finally not messed up.

  As for the painting, they would give it to Wang Xingduo later on and ask for it.Wouldn't he dare to take it by force?

  "It's just a fake painting, and you have the nerve to show it off?"

  "Fortunately, there are no knowledgeable connoisseurs here.Otherwise, you wouldn't be laughed at?"

  However, just when Wang Xingduo was complacent, a faint laughter was quietly heard from the crowd.


It wasn't a loud sound, but it was so sudden at this time in this museum.


  For a moment, countless pairs of eyes all looked over.

  There was only a thin figure standing just like that where the voice came from.

  He had a teasing smile on his lips, his hands in his pockets, smiling at the four directions.

  The faces of Suzy and the others who were beside him immediately turned green.

  "Ye Fan, what are you doing?Are you crazy?"

  "What are you messing with?"

  "You're trying to get us killed!"

  Suzy was almost in tears.

  She had thought that this painting exhibition, accompanying Ye Fan casually strolling around to muddle through would also go home to deliver.

  But Su Xi never thought that Ye Fan, this idiot, would just speak out and cause trouble, saying that the paintings were fake.

  This bastard, if you don't stir up trouble, you'll die, right?

  Lu Wenjing was also a little scared and pale, pulling at the corner of Ye Fan's coat behind him and whispering, "Brother Ye Fan, don't talk nonsense ah, you'll get into trouble~"

  Although Ye Fan didn't say it, Lu Wenjing knew that Ye Fan's action was probably to give her an outburst.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, but he lightly smiled and stroked Lu Wenjing's little head and whispered, "Jing Jing, it's fine."

  "Ye Fan, you wimp, again?"

  "I think you're tired of living!"

  "Where's the security guard, what's he doing, letting a redneck in too?"

  After seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Ying and his wife exploded.

  It was this guy again, simply a ghastly spirit.

  He didn't even leave just now, but now he's chasing after here instead.

  When Wang Xing Duo saw Ye Fan, his face also sank.

  However, in front of so many people, Wang Xing Duo didn't rebuke Ye Fan and remained calm, only saying in a cold voice, "You just took a glance at it and said that the painting is fake?"

  "I'm curious, why on earth would you say that?Maybe tell us something about the cause?"

  At this time, everyone's eyes were looking at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan to say the reason.

  Ye Fan smiled calmly, "The reason is simple.The owner of the Shen family gave me the real one, so this one of yours is naturally a fake!"

  "Fuckin' bullshit!"As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Chu Wenfei didn't hold back and directly cursed out.

  "Ye Fan, you have the nerve to say that?When the owner of the Shen family invited a banquet, you licked your face and went to scrounge for dinner, but now you don't even know how grateful you are and you're even backtracking, saying that the owner of the Shen family gave you the painting?"

  "So how do you explain this photo, and are you saying that it's a fake too?"

  Qiu Muying was also furious at this time when she heard that she also sent this: "That's right, you're a door-to-door son-in-law, you also have the face to say this?"

  "You're a countryside loser, and Lord Shen is blind enough to send you a painting?"

  "What a joke!"

  In the midst of sneering, Qiu Mu Ying even walked up to the high platform and said to the crowd, "Everyone don't listen to his bullshit."

  "This person is a hick, door-to-door son-in-law, no money, no power, and still relies on women for food, this kind of person, the Shen family owner is crazy to give her tens of millions of paintings, right!"

  "He's just here to mess things up."

  "Because Director Wang Xingduo stuck his wife's company's approval, he harbored a grudge and deliberately came to tear down Director Wang!"

  "This kind of scum, we should just throw him out~"

  Qiu Mu Ying said in a furious voice, and as the crowd listened, this rhythm was quickly brought up.

  "Oh shit, it's a door-to-door son-in-law~"

  "How dare an inbound trash come and cause trouble?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  "Where's the security?"

  "Get him out of here!"

  "One of your own wimps, and you're saying that Director Wang's painting is a fake?"

  "Are all of us worse than a redneck like you?"

  For a time, the crowd was furious.The crowd at the scene raged and rebuked, telling Ye Fan to get lost.


  "It was literally killed by you!"

  Seeing that everyone's spear had been aimed at them, Suzy was angry and scared.

  She was angry because Ye Fan was an idiot who had no ability to show off his abilities and ended up harming others and himself.

  The fear was that the pushing and shouting of the crowd had damaged the copy of Zhang Daqian's painting in her hand.

  Originally, Su Yuanshan brought this painting to Ye Fan to participate in the art exhibition.

  Now it's good that Ye Fan has incurred public anger, they are afraid they can't stay here anymore.

  Lu Wenjing also had a small terrified face, leaning close to Ye Fan, her pretty face was already pale, her voice was choking and trembling, unable to stop saying, "Brother Ye Fan, let's go, they will beat us up~"

  While Lu Wenjing and Suzy were frightened and worried, Yang Qian at the side had a pretty calm face.

  She was secretly watching Ye Fan from beginning to end.

  She wanted to see how Ye Fan would cope with such a scene.

  However, just as everyone was all raging at Ye Fan and the others and telling them to get lost, a cold shout suddenly came from outside the crowd.


  In the midst of the indignant voice, a middle-aged man in a black suit was seen striding in, followed by four or five suit-clad bodyguards behind him.

  Seeing this person, the crowd was in awe.

  "This...This is, Luo Dahai!"

  "The most famous contemporary painter in Yunzhou?"

  "The owner of the museum and even more the organizer of this exhibition?"

  "Why is Master Luo personally here for this small painting exhibition?"

  The crowd was horrified, but they all kept their mouths shut.

  Luo Dahai had quite a reputation in the Yunzhou Book Sea or Collecting World.His face, there was no one present who dared not give it to him.

  "What's going on?"

  "What happened?"

  "What's with the chaos of a good painting exhibition?"

  "Where's Luo Feng?"

  "I put him in charge of security for me, keeping order at the exhibition, where did this adversary run off to?"

  "Get him over here!"

  Luo Dahai said indignantly and coldly, and a few staff members behind him hurried to look for Luo Feng with trepidation.

  "Museum Master Luo, you're just in time."

  "There's a troublemaker in the art museum, not only falsely accusing Director Wang's painting of being fake not saying that, but also having the audacity to say that we all don't know what we're talking about?"

  Quite a few people around them were complaining.

  When Luo Dahai heard this, he frowned, "Yeah, where is that guy?"

  "Curator, that's him!This brat is causing trouble, I hope the pavilion master beats him up and drives him out!"Qiu Mu Ying pointed at Ye Fan and was busy.

  Luo Dahai looked over, "Young man, how dare you, spreading your guts here.Security, throw them out for me!"

  The words were icy cold and contained anger.

  Hearing Luo Dahai's words, Suzy shuddered in fear, and the painting in her hand didn't even grab, dropping on the ground.

  The painting scroll, along the ground, just like this, unfolded slowly.

  When Luo Hai saw this, he was trembling, his pupils shrinking at that time, "This is, treasure ah?"

  Wang Xingduo heard it in his ears and thought that Luo Hai was talking about the painting in his hand.

  Licking his face and smiling, he stepped forward, "Right, Master Luo.I also think that my painting is a treasure, Tang Bohu's work, an absolute rare treasure!"

  Wang Xingduo said as he spread out the painting to show it to Luo Dahai.

  Luo Dahai only took one look at it and directly slapped Wang Xingduo to the side, the painting in his hand fell on the ground, disdainfully saying, "What garbage stuff!"

  "A modern copy of an inferior quality, and you have the nerve to talk about treasure?"

  "Get out of here!"

  Wang Xingduo was stunned.



  A fake?

  Is this painting really a fake?

  In Wang Xingduo befuddled, but Luo Hai pushed Wang Xingduo away, when he went over and bent down to look at the painting that Suzy had dropped on the ground, the more I looked the more shocked.

  "Dead wood like antlers, strange rocks like snails!"

  "The use of the brush seems to be sparse wild grass, not for shape.But the execution of its strokes is prioritized and entrenched."

  "Even the calligraphic script therein, the strokes are so strong that they penetrate the characters!"

  "It's an imitation, but it's more than precious!"

  "The essence of the country, the essence of the country~"

  Luo Dahai had gone completely crazy with excitement, he picked up the painting, his heart excited and his hands trembling, he looked at Suzy like he was his own father.

  "This lady, tell me quickly, this painting, where did you get it from?"

  "Why is this copy of Su Dongpo's imitation in your hands?"

  "What is your relationship with that Mr. Ye Fan Ye, exactly?"


Luo Dahai grabbed Suzy's hand and asked excitedly.

  The eager and anxious look was as if the robber had robbed ten thousand tons of gold.

  Susie was completely shocked, and the others around her were also confused, wondering why this Luo Dahai was so excited.

  Wasn't it just an imitation?

  Why so excited?

  "Miss, talk?"

  "How did you get this painting?"

  "What is your relationship with that Mr. Ye?"Seeing Suzy Light flinching there and not speaking, Luo Dahai was anxious then.Once again, he asked.

  Suzy was frightened by this expression of Luo Dahai's pretty face pale, but between the fear but did not say anything, just stretched out her hand, pointing to the side of the man.

  For a moment, everyone's eyes all followed Suzy's hand.

  Luo Hai Hai even more openly turned around.

  Only in front, a thin figure, faintly standing.

  With his hands in his trouser pockets, his mouth was filled with an inexplicable smile as he looked at Luo Dahai like this.

  "Could it be that you, are..."Luo Dahai's words trembled and he said in a deep voice.

  Ye Fan smiled, "Yes, I am Ye Fan.I don't know what Master Luo Hai is looking for me for?"

  However, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Luo Dahai embraced Ye Fan's arm and fell down in excitement, "Master Gong, my disciple has been looking for you for a long time."

  "Today, three lifetimes of fortune, I finally meet you, Master Gong~"

  Luo Dahai's voice of reverent joy echoed throughout the museum for a long time.



  At the moment when Luo Dahai paid respectful homage to Ye Fan, for a moment, the hall was filled with horror.

  Qiu Muying stayed where she was, and Wang Xingduo's eyes were also huge, his pupils crumpled.

  The rest of the people, similarly trembled and lost their voices.

  Luo Hai Hai?The most famous master of calligraphy and painting in Yunzhou?

  An esteemed senior in the calligraphy and painting industry now honors a son-in-law who comes to his door as his master?


  "This...What's this?"

  "Master Luo, are you crazy?"

  Qiu Mu Ying, Wang Xing Duo, and the others stared at their eyes with dead eyes, filled with incredulity.

  Ye Fan looked at this scene and also raised his eyebrows, "You are?"

  "Grand Master, I am your apprentice grandson.On the Mid-Autumn Festival day, at the Jianghai Club, you, Grand Master, first spotted the fake blue and white porcelain.And then you found a pearl in the sea, and found a treasure for my Chinese civilization among the waste."

  "So capable, so meritorious, it is a great fortune for my Yunzhou art world to have you."

  "My gracious teacher Gulongen honors you as his teacher, so you are naturally my Master Luo Dahai."

  "Master Gong is above, please accept my disciple's worship!"

  Luo Da Hai was filled with respect and esteem.

  Ever since he had heard about Ye Fan's legendary deeds from Teacher Gulong En, Luo Da Hai had been in awe of him.

  He was the most respected teacher in Luo Da Hai's heart, and was impressed by his professionalism and artistic attainments.

  But how could Luo Da Hai dare not respect Ye Fan, who was respected as his teacher by Gu Longen?

  The others around them, however, were filled with dismay as they watched this scene.

  How could they have never imagined that Ye Fan, who they had screamed for him to get lost, would be the famous Luo Dahai's master teacher?

  Thinking of this, many people were livid and lowered their heads.

  As for Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Xing Duo and the others, they were even more filled with confusion and their brains were blank.

  They still found it hard to believe that a door-to-door son-in-law would be a master teacher and grandfather of a national painting master?

  It's... it's...It's... it's a joke, right?

  "Get out of the way!Get out of the way!"

  At this time, outside the clubhouse, Luo Feng came in with a group of security guards running in a breeze.

  "Dad, sorry, I just had a delay."

  "I heard that this redneck is causing trouble here, don't worry, I'll get rid of this ungrateful thing!"After Luo Feng got the report from his men, he knew that Ye Fan was causing trouble and directly rushed in with his men.With a single order, he was going to have Ye Fan beaten up and thrown out.

  Because of Yang Qian, Luo Feng had a hatred for this Ye Fan just now.Now that Ye Fan didn't know whether he was alive or dead and had fallen into his hands, he certainly wanted to take the opportunity to teach this redneck a lesson!

  Luo Feng wanted him to know what it was like to steal a woman from him!

  However, as soon as Luo Feng finished speaking, there was only a bang, and Luo Dahai slapped him right across the face.

  That slap was close to smacking Luo Feng silly.

  At that time, Luo Feng was about to cry!

  Your eyes are more red than your face.

  "Dad, why are you hitting me?"

  "I'm beating you up!"Luo Dahai cursed with a black face.


  "How dare you insult even Master Ye?And call security to kick them out?"

  "You've got the nerve of a dog!"

  "Why don't you apologize to Master Ye?"

  Hearing Luo Dahai's angry voice, Luo Feng had been completely dumbfounded.

  He was startled as he looked at the thin youth in front of him.

  This Ye Fan, wasn't he a poor man from the countryside?

  Not the wimp son-in-law Susie was talking about?

  This...How come he's what my father called me, Master Ye?

  Luo Feng was flabbergasted, only feeling that his brain was not enough.

  And at this time, Luo Dahai looked to the side at Wang Xingduo.

  "The one who falsely accused Master Ye just now was you, right?"

  "A modern copy of a fake painting, and you're the only idiot who's a treasure?"

  "Master Ye pointed it out, it was for your own good.It saves you from being hoodwinked."

  "But you're a fool, and you're backtracking to accuse Master Ye?"

  "You're such an eyeless fool who has the nerve to mix with the world of calligraphy and painting?"

  "Luo Dahai, on behalf of the Yunzhou Painting and Calligraphy Association, I hereby announce that in the city's painting and calligraphy community, you are banned, you fool!"

  "In the future, you are not allowed to enter any exhibition that my Painting and Calligraphy Association participates in!"

  "Get the hell out of here!!!"

  Luo Dahai was condescending, facing Wang Xingduo and the others and exploding with anger.

  The others were in an uproar as they heard.

  "I go, so it really is a fake painting!"

  "Teacher Luo Dahai is a high disciple of Chairman Gu, what he said, he's definitely right."

  "This Wang Xingduo is really a son of a bitch, fooling us with a fake painting, and saying it's a Tang Bohu treasure?"

  "We all got played by him, and nearly offended Mr. Ye for it!"

  "What a jerk!"

  "Why don't you get out of here?"

  "I'll see you later and hit you once~"


  "And those two dogs and couples, who work for the tiger, aren't good people either!"

  "Returning the gift from Lord Shen?"

  "Send your sister!"

  "Who is Lord Shen?What kind of things are you, that Lord Shen is blind enough to give it to you?"

  "Bunch of idiots, and get out of here with your fake paintings!"

  For a moment, the scene flipped.

  The whole hall was filled with people cursing angrily at Wang Xingduo and others, and there were even temperamental ones who kicked Wang Xingduo's ass, directly kicking him in the face.

  And Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei two, seeing the situation is not good quickly ran away.They didn't even want the paintings and ran away without looking back.

  As for WangXingDuo, the couple two did not care.

  After all, they are muddy Pusha crossed the river their own can not protect, how can they care about Wang Xing Duo?

  But after the couple left the art museum, they didn't return to the Qiu family to deliver their business, but ran back to their own home with their tails between their legs.

  When things got messed up, of course they didn't dare to go back to see Master Qiu.

  The Qiu family's old house.

  At this time, Old Master Qiu, as well as everyone from the Qiu family, was patiently waiting.

  Today, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei accompanied Wang Xing Duo to the painting exhibition, and the entire Qiu family knew about it.

  After all, it was a matter of whether or not Qiushui Real Estate could be run, so the Qiu family was naturally extraordinarily concerned.

  What's more, yesterday, because of the jade hairpin matter, it made Wang Xing Duo a little unhappy.

  Therefore, this painting exhibition today was undoubtedly crucial!

  "Old Master, you don't have to worry either.Wen Fei is working with Ying Ying, don't you worry!With Ying Ying's wrist, she will definitely coax Director Wang to be happy at the painting exhibition today."

  "As for yesterday's incident, it was all a misunderstanding.Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up, I'm sure Director Wang won't take it to heart."

  "Besides, that Wang Xing Duo is still acquainted with Wen Fei, so it's good to know people.You just wait, I guess in a while, that director Wang will call and tell us that the approval is done."

  "You'll just wait for the celebration banquet, right?"


  In the hall, the Qiu family laughed with joy.

  Master Qiu nodded as well.Grinning, he said, "That's right, there's nothing to worry about.Tens of millions of things Ying Ying has taken out, I don't believe that Director Wang won't be moved by our sincerity?"

  Suddenly, Qiuguang's phone rang.

  Qiuguang looked down and was delighted, "Haha, old man, this says Cao Cao is here!"

  "It's Director Wang calling."

  "This time, it looks like Ying Ying and the others, they've really gotten things done!"

  Hearing Akimitsu's words, the hall was filled with joy.


  "Yes, when Ying Ying comes back, I'll definitely reward them heavily!"

  Master Qiu said happily, and finally, even more excitedly, he stood up and said at Qiu Guang, "Quick, bring the phone, I'll answer!"


Master Qiu clearly took this matter seriously, and after seeing that it was Wang Xingduo calling, he snatched the phone from Qiu Guang's hand and answered the call.

  "Ah Director Wang, this is Qiu Zhenglun."

  "Did you enjoy your visit to the painting exhibition today?"

  "My granddaughter Mu Ying has put a lot of thought into accompanying you to this painting exhibition today."

  Master Qiu piled smiles all over his face and finally asked directly, "So, you see that approval of our Qiushui real estate..."

  "Look at your grandmother's head!""How did you get this painting?"

  The old man Qiu buzzed at the time, his brain was muddled!

  "Qiu Zhenglun, I've really fucked your Qiu family for eight generations!"

  "I, Wang Xingduo, have not offended you, have I?"

  "But what about you guys, giving away a jade pin was stolen, and inviting me to dinner brought me into the police station."

  "Now, even that painting was a fake!Let me disgrace myself, let me make a fool of myself, let me be banned from the Yunzhou art world!"

  "I'm really unlucky in my life to meet this bunch of idiots from your Qiu family!"

  "And approval?Trial Nima!"

  "Don't dream about it!"

  "That approval, I wouldn't give you the Autumn family even if I gave it to a dog."

  "You old thing, a man who's halfway into the ground, and you're in real estate?Fuck you, man!"

  "Waiting for you to die~"

  On the other end of the phone, Wang Xingduo was cursing furiously, his face livid and a little swollen.Those were kicked by the art museum.

  Today's painting exhibition, Wang Xingduo can be said to be humiliated, not only was he kicked out, he was also beaten up with punches and kicks.

  At this time, he was filled with resentment, and no doubt he had vented it all on the Qiu family.

  The jade hairpin was stolen, the painting was a fake, and the owner of the Shen family personally sent the painting.

  The Qiu family has repeatedly screwed him over, who can put up with this?

  Wang Xingduo was so angry that he wanted to take a knife to the Qiu's house and kill those bastards!

  The phone had been hung up.

  Master Qiu stayed where he was, holding the phone, just like that, dry in the hall, his old face as pale as paper.

  "Old man, how's it going?"

  "Is the approval overdue?"

  "Let me tell you, what kind of person is my daughter Ying Ying?If she comes out, there's nothing that can't be set right."

  After Master Qiu hung up the phone, Wang Qiaoyu then came out and smiled at Master Qiu as if she was inviting credit.

  When she said her daughter Ying Ying, she was even more full of herself, smiling so much that she almost brewed honey.


  "Why don't you say something, old man?"

  "Must be too excited to talk?"


  "Old Master, don't get excited.In the future, your granddaughter Ying Ying will make you happy about many more things.But if you want to reward my daughter, all you have to do is reward that pair of smokers to Ying Ying."


  Wang Qiaoyu was laughing, but had already started to ask for a reward for her daughter to the old man.


  "And you have the nerve to ask for a reward!"

  "I'll be lucky if I don't kick the shit out of you bitches!"

  At that time, the old man couldn't hold back any longer and slapped the paste over.

  It was the first time I've ever been to a place like this.

  "Autumn Water Properties, I've been planning for decades, and now everything is ready and just about to go off, and now, it's all screwed up by you!"

  "The thing that succeeds and fails, I, Qiu Zhenglun, why do I trust you pussies, you fools?"

  "Now, call that backstabbing daughter Autumn Muying right away!"

  "Tell him to get his ass over here!"


  Master Qiu's furious voice was like thunder, trembling the entire Qiu family hall.

  Everyone was terrified, and no one had anything to say.

  Wang Qiaoyu covered her face and spread out on the floor, not daring to say a word out of fear.



  Ye Fan and the others were naturally unaware of this scene that happened in the autumn.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already left the museum under the respectful escort of Luo Dahai and the others.

  However, recalling the previous scene, Suzy and the others, still felt unimaginable!

  Lu Wenjing, in particular, looked at Ye Fan in a completely different way.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you're amazing."

  "Do you still know how to appreciate calligraphy and painting?"

  "Before, I heard my mother say that you're just an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law who dragged Sister Qiu into a piece of humiliation."

  "But after today, brother Ye Fan, I found out that you really weren't that bad like sister Qiu said, ah?"Lu Wenjing blinked her big bright eyes and exclaimed to Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan was smiling bitterly, he didn't know if Lu Wenjing was praising him or damaging him.

  After all, the words that Lu Wenjing had just said really couldn't be considered a compliment.

  At this time, Su Xi also asked from the side, "Ye Fan, how did you know that painting was fake?I thought you said you didn't know anything about appreciating paintings and calligraphy, were you lying to us last time?"

  Ye Fan laughed and shook his head, "Didn't I just explain that the real painting is in my hands, so that painting is naturally fake."

  "Come on, you'll die if you don't brag, right?"The little bit of goodwill towards Ye Fan that was originally accumulated because of this matter, but after hearing Ye Fan's words, of course it instantly disappeared.

  Who is Shen Jiuyi?

  The head of the Shen family, the head of the Shen family!

  Even the mayor of Yunzhou should be an honored guest, right?

  And what about Evan?

  Born into poverty, wanting status without status, wanting money without money, and carrying the stigma of a door-to-door son-in-law.

  Simply a world of difference in status.

  "Lord Shen is sick, huh?"

  "Tens of millions of paintings for you?"

  "You have to be believable even if you're lying!"

  Suzy gave Ye Fan a fierce white glance, but she was angry.

  However, no one noticed that when Suzy said this, Yang Qian, who had been following behind them, was filled with a sneer.

  "Cee Cee, Cee Cee, you're afraid that you don't even know what kind of a big man is standing in front of you at this time, right?"

  "But sorry, I'll never tell you in case you steal a man from me."

  Thinking of this, Yang Qian was full of self-congratulation and pleasure.

  Naturally, Suzy didn't know what was in her best friend's heart.

  Now that the painting exhibition was over, the task Su Yuanshan had given her, Su Xi had also completed it.She didn't need to follow Ye Fan anymore, so as soon as she left the museum, she pulled Yang Qian along to leave.

  But Yang Qian was insistent on waiting for Ye Fan to get on the bus, which was the only way she was willing to leave.

  "Qianqian, what's going on with you?"

  "You don't really have a crush on that Ye Fan, do you?"

  "You can think it through, one is not a rich man, the other is not a government official, he wants money, no money, no power, maybe knows something about calligraphy and painting, but can't eat for a living, and it's not clear if he really knows it or not, so what exactly do you see in him?"After Ye Fan left, Suzy was very puzzled and asked Yang Qian.

  Of course Yang Qian wouldn't tell Suzy the truth, she thought for a moment and then immediately said, "Xi Xi, you've misunderstood.Ye Fan is just a poor loser from the countryside, how could I be interested in him?"

  "Earlier, I was just doing it on purpose to show Luo Feng."

  "This man, the less you can get, the better you feel, the more you want it!"

  "What does Luo Feng think now that I can get close to that dickhead Ye Fan?"

  "He'll definitely feel like he's losing it, and he'll pursue me even more fiercely and burn even more to be nice to me later, buy me iPhones and buy me thousands of bags~"


"So, I'm totally using Ye Fan."

  "Ye Fan he's just a country bumpkin, country loser, Miss Ben is blind to see him."

  "Xixi, I'm telling you, this kind of person you must stay away from him~"

  "And you're very close to Mu Orange, right?"

  "You should persuade her more so that she can divorce this kind of wimp man quickly."

  "Otherwise, it will drag her down for the rest of her life~"

  Yang Qian said to Suzy in a very solemn manner.

  Suzy, of course, didn't know what Yang Qian was plotting in her heart, but nodded her head in deep thought.

  "Well, did I just say that?"

  "Qian Qian how did you fall in love with someone like Ye Fan?"

  "So that's what it was for!"

  "But Qian Qian, I don't think that's good, it's a bit cheating on someone's feelings.But it's your freedom to do what you want, so I don't care much."

  "As for Mu Orange's side, I'll definitely advise more."

  "Mu Orange is such a good girl, she mustn't let Ye Fan, a turtle, delay her."

  The two of them chatted and soon also went far away.

  And Ye Fan also followed Lu Wenjing to her home.

  However, when she passed by a shopping mall in the middle, Lu Wenjing was the one who called out to Ye Fan to accompany her inside to buy cosmetics.

  But when Ye Fan, an old man, took a teenage loli shopping for cosmetics, almost all the people on the road looked at Ye Fan with a different look, which made Ye Fan sit on pins and needles.

  There were even people who gave thumbs up behind their backs at Ye Fan: "Brother, fierce!"

  "But take it easy, Lori is good, but three years to start, maximum death penalty~"

  Ye Fan's face darkened then.

  He finally knew why the passersby would look at him with that kind of eyes, the feelings were treating this little loli Lu Wenjing as his girlfriend.

  To think about it, usually those who brought girls to buy cosmetics, besides their girlfriends are boyfriends, right?

  "Brother Ye Fan, what three years to start, maximum death penalty?"Lu Wenjing obviously didn't understand, and tilted her pretty face up to ask Ye Fan.

  "It's nothing, those people are talking nonsense, just forget about it."

  "But Jing Jing, you're too precocious, how old are you to start using cosmetics?"

  "And buy all these expensive ones!"Ye Fan was a bit startled and asked.

  Lu Wenjing's pair of beautiful eyes, however, glanced at Ye Fan, "Hmph, brother Ye Fan, at a glance you don't relate to my sister Qiu at all."

  "Do you know that my sister Autumn has been out of cosmetics for a long time?"

  "I bought this for my sister Autumn."

  It was only when he heard this that it dawned on Ye Fan.A few pang of guilt also emerged in his heart.

  This husband of mine was even worse than a child.

  In the evening, Lu Wenjing secretly put these things on Qiu Mu Orange's dressing table, she was afraid that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't accept them, so she didn't tell Qiu Mu Orange.

  During the evening meal, Lu Wenjing was still secretly watching Autumn Mu Orange's reaction.It was only when she saw that Autumn Mu Orange didn't seem to notice, that she let out a long sigh of relief.

  When she returned home in a few days, by then, even if Qiu Mu Orange found out, there was nothing she could do if she wanted to stop receiving it, after all, she would have returned to Jingzhou by then.

  Lu Wenjing's home was in Jingzhou, and he had only come over to visit Qiu Mu Orange on behalf of his mother during the school holidays these past few days.

  Previously, Master Qiu had personally issued a ban on any of the Qiu family members from interacting with Qiu Muxiang's family.Even though Lu Wenjing's mother missed them, she didn't dare to openly disobey the old man, so she had to ask her daughter to come over and pay a visit for her.

  After finishing the meal, Ye Fan began to clean up the cutlery and prepare to brush the dishes.

  At this time, however, Lu Wenjing but had to help Ye Fan brush, but also let Ye Fan teach her.

  "Brother Ye Fan, I'll listen to you, in order to be able to marry in the future, I also have to start learning how to do housework."

  "So that I can take some of the pressure of life off my future husband."

  Lu Wenjing hehehe smiled.

  Looking at such a cute little girl, Ye Fan also doted on her and rubbed her head.

  And when it was time to sleep at night, but Autumn Mu Orange suddenly called Ye Fan over.

  "These, are this month's living expenses for the family."

  "Sorry, there's a situation on the company side, the salary hasn't been paid, and I don't know what will happen in the future, so save what you can in terms of living expenses."

  Qiu Mu Orange handed some money to Ye Fan.

  The family needs money for food, drink, and leisure, naturally they all need money, and Ye Fan is in charge of these things during the weekdays, while Autumn Mu Orange will give Ye Fan some money every month.

  Only this time, it was significantly less than before.

  "Mu Orange, is it stressful?"

  "If you don't want to do it, give me the word."

  Under the lights, looking at Qiu Mu Orange who was much more emaciated because of the company's matter, but Ye Fan was feeling a little pity now.

  He didn't know if he was doing the right thing.

  Perhaps it was indeed a bit difficult for a woman to support a company and a business on her own.

  However, before he left himself, Ye Fan really hoped that Qiu Mu Orange would have her own business and the ability to be able to stand alone.

  All these years, he had been succumbing to the curtain.

  Apart from being in the way of not revealing his identity due to certain matters, another reason was that he hoped that Qiu Mu Orange, could become strong.

  In the future, even when he wasn't there, he would be able to rely on himself and live a strong life.

  Yes, Ye Fan would have to leave after all.

  He had planned for ten years and lit countless sparks around the world.

  The day the sparks start a prairie fire would be the day he, Ye Fan, would leave!

  The Chu family, he had to go back sooner or later.

  Even for the sake of his mother, more so for the sake of the humiliation back then, but also for the sake of making the clan brothers who looked down on their mother and daughter.

  Ye Fan knew that the Chu family was powerful.

  So, even after years of planning, Ye Fan doesn't know if he will be able to come back when he really goes to the Chu family to avenge his former humiliation!

  For so many years, Ye Fan had been working towards the brightest future, but, had also been planning for the worst.

  Just like Qiu Mu Orange, even though Ye Fan had the power that could give her the entire world, she still made her, try to learn to be strong and face the storm!

  Instead of keeping her captive in a greenhouse.

  In response to Ye Fan's question, Autumn Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, a smile that carried a bit of inexplicable strength.

  "Ye Fan, I'll be fine."

  "I won't give up, I'll be strong and work hard, I must make something."

  "I don't like to be looked down upon, and I don't like to be pitied and pity."

  "I'm going to work hard, and one day, I'm going to buy the things I like with the money we earn ourselves.And not, by my sister~"

  "And, Ye Fan, when I make enough money, I'll have to make up our wedding again."

  "I, Qiu Mu Orange, can't be looked down upon~"

  Qiu Mu Orange clenched her palms, a determined light flooding in her beautiful eyes.

  In fact, Lu Wenjing's small movements, Autumn Mu Orange had already discovered.She just didn't say it, after all, saying such things would naturally make herself even worse.

  She would only keep Lu Wenjing's goodness in her heart, while motivating herself.

  If she didn't work hard, she would be like now, even having to rely on her own sister to buy cosmetics.

  Afterwards, Qiu Mu Orange continued to amble about, dealing with company affairs.

  Under the moonlight, looking at Autumn Mu Orange's stunningly beautiful face, Ye Fan had an inexplicable feeling of comfort.

  "Mu Orange, there are things that you need to acquire yourself."

  "But what I owe you, I will definitely give you."

  "Wait for it, Mu Orange.It won't be long before I, Ye Fan, will pay you back with a, exuberant and dazzling wedding!"


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