The unknown Heir 911


Chapter 911

"You guys sit here while I go take a look!"

    Chen Hao instructed Brother Chen and Zhen Ji, and then stood up and walked towards the table where the four men were sitting.

    Chen Hao deliberately picked up a plate and walked to the side of the table to pick up the food.

    It was at this moment that Chen Hao deliberately made a careless move and knocked over the water cup that was on the table.

    The cup fell to the floor and all the water in the cup spilled out.

    "Sorry, sorry!"

    Chen Hao hurriedly picked up the cup and apologized towards the four men.

    One of the men also stretched out his hand to take the cup that Chen Hao handed over.

    "It's okay, be careful!"

    This man spoke faintly.

    But at that moment, Chen Hao noticed one thing.

    That point was a tattoo pattern on this man's wrist.

    Chen Hao then returned to his table seat and sat down again.

    As soon as he sat down, Chen Hao's face was somewhat unpleasant.

    "Chen Hao, what's wrong?Did you find something?"

    Zhen Ji noticed that something was wrong with Chen Hao's face and immediately asked.

    "Well, these aren't ordinary people, they're people from the Hunters Organization!"

    Chen Hao then spoke up in a whisper.

    "Hunters?It's them, I didn't expect them to come."

    Zhen Ji was also violently shocked after hearing this.

    "Brother Chen, Miss Zhen, what are the Hunters ah?"

    On the other hand, Brother Chen was very curious and puzzled.

    The Hunters: that was the organization that specialized in hunting ghosts and spirits, and they had special equipment that could detect the presence of ghosts and spirits.

    "These people came to look for the Blood Fiend Clan's territory, they are probably also running to the Blood Fiend Token."

    Chen Hao immediately knew the purpose of these hunters coming.

    If the Blood Fiend Token fell into the hands of the Hunters, then the consequences would be unimaginable, they would be able to rule and control all the ghosts and spirits in the world, and then it would truly be out of control.

    Therefore, Chen Hao absolutely could not let them have their way.

    "Then what do we do now?Should we go out and finish them off?"

    Zhen Ji then immediately suggested towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, shook his head.

    "No, it's only four Hunters, if we make a rash move, I'm afraid it will cause the entire Hunters' organization to retaliate, which is not good for us, we'd better monitor them in the dark first."

    Chen Hao immediately vetoed Zhen Ji's proposal and made a decision.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji could only do what Chen Hao said.

    After eating, Chen Hao and the three of them went back to their respective rooms to rest.

    However, even though they were resting, Chen Hao was not idle, but he performed a soul exit and directly entered the state of blindness.

    After entering the state of blindness, Chen Hao immediately flew out and searched outside.

    Sure enough, it was then that four shadows caught Chen Hao's attention.

    Those four people were the same four hunters that he had met in the restaurant at night.

    So late at night, these four hunters were still sneaking away from the hotel and heading towards the darkness.

    Chen Hao felt sure that things were not that simple, so he kept following them.

    After about a few minutes of following, the four hunters arrived at a forest.

    There was only a man in a hooded cape standing in the woods waiting for the four hunters to arrive, and he looked very mysterious.


    The four hunters walked up behind the man in the head canopy and greeted him with respect.

    Chen Hao hid in the shadows and watched all this, he was also a little surprised.

    I didn't expect that the man in the cape was the leader of the hunter organization, it seemed that the hunter organization was out in large numbers this time, even the leader himself had gone out.

    "You guys weren't discovered by anyone, right?Identities aren't exposed, are they?"

    The cloaked man's voice was cold as he asked towards the four hunters.

    "Rest assured, Chief, we are well hidden and have not been discovered!"

    One of the hunters then spoke up and replied towards the cloaked man.

    "Tomorrow you will leave for the Phosphorus Stone Mountain area right away, I will be the first to get there early tonight, remember!"

    The man in the cloak was again instructing the four hunters.

    "Yes, Chief!"

    The four hunters responded in unison.

    After saying that, the cloaked man directly leapt out and quickly disappeared into the night.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao was also slightly shocked, he thought that the leader of the Hunters Organization was definitely not weak.

    Now, it seemed that it really was just as Chen Hao had said, the Hunters Organization was coming for the Blood Fiend Token this time.

    Tomorrow, Chen Hao's three men's second journey would be to the Phosphorus Stone Mountain region.

    The Hunters were likewise heading to the Phosphorus Stone Mountain region, and it seemed that the two sides were expected to meet there.

    The cultivators and the hunters were two different organizations and identities.

    To be frank, both of them are well water and not offending each other.

    But in front of interests, there was no such thing as committing a crime.

    Since Chen Hao and the three of them and the Hunters organization were both going after the Blood Fiend Token, both sides were bound to fight over it.

    Immediately afterwards, the four Hunters prepared to leave.

    And right then, Chen Hao decided to choose to take the initiative and kill the four Hunters quietly first, so that the three of them would have fewer enemies in the Phosphorus Stone Mountain Region.

    After thinking about it, Chen Hao immediately flew down and landed directly in front of these four Hunters, revealing himself.


    A palm shot out.

    Chen Hao directly shook the four Hunters out of the sky.

    However, this move did not kill the four of them.

    "Ghost Spirit!"

    The four hunters screamed out at the same time, they did not expect to encounter a ghost spirit here.

    Since Chen Hao was in his current state when he was a ghost spirit, it wasn't his real body.


    One hunter then roared out in anger.

    As soon as the words fell, the four Hunters drew their own portable daggers and then they attacked Chen Hao at the same time.

    Hunters were still much more powerful than ordinary people, after all, they were the ones who hunted ghosts and spirits.

    But they were again very different from the cultivators.

    But Chen Hao wouldn't be afraid of these four people.

    Chen Hao's speed was much faster than them, and he directly and quickly flashed past them.

    In the blink of an eye, Chen Hao had appeared in front of a hunter and stretched out his hand and directly squeezed its throat.

    Squeezing with force.


    The clear sound of breaking bones sounded.

    That's right, Chen Hao had easily snapped the hunter's neck.

    Chen Hao then tossed the hunter's body aside as casually as if he was throwing garbage.

    Seeing their teammate dead, the other three Hunters were also shocked, they did not expect Chen Hao to be so strong.


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