The King of Kungfu in school 1201-1210

Chapter 1201

After eating, Tang Zichen said, "You guys rest here, I'll go to the Peach Blossom Source to check it out."


Tang Zichen immediately flew up.

Tang Zichen seemed to be a little unused to it, in the memory stone, he was empowered by the stone spirit a hundred thousand times, so he flew very fast, but now he came out and beat back to his original form.

Tang Zichen was now at the completion of the Ancestor Realm.

The reason why Tang Zichen was able to break through to Ancestor Realm Perfection so quickly was inextricably linked to the many strong aids in the memory stone, and of course, it was also inextricably linked to the memory of the War God Yangtian.

Therefore, in just ten years, Tang Zichen had soared from the mid-stage to the Ancestor Perfection level.

In other people, this might even take a lifetime, any less it would be more than thirty or forty years.

Of course, all of Tang Zichen's Shishu brothers and sisters had all made their mark.

Tang Zichen's senior apprentice sister had also reached the completion of the Sect Master realm, which made Tang Zichen not expect that her senior apprentice sister had also backfired.

Tang Zichen's junior sister, Qin Ren, late Zongshi realm, junior sister was considered one of the people who had gained the most, when she entered, she hadn't stepped into Zongshi, of course, she was fast, when she came out, late Zongshi, it had only been ten years. The first website

Tang Zichen's eldest senior brother, Xie Yong, and second senior brother, Hao Zizhu, were both in the middle of the Zongshi realm.

Third senior brother Xia Chengsi, fourth senior sister A Ju, fifth senior brother Spirit Monkey, and sixth senior brother Zhao Jian, all of these senior brothers and sisters were in the early stages of the Ancestor Realm.

These brothers and sisters of Tang Zichen's were also very rewarding.

Naturally, Tang Zichen's friends were also fruitful.

First of all, the most unorthodox one was naturally Xiaomeng.

Xiao Meng has backstabbed into the middle of the Ancestor Realm in the past ten years, and although she is in the same realm as Big Brother and Second Senior Brother, it should be noted that Xiao Meng's age is more than ten years younger than them.

In the end, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, and Yang Yijian, all stepped into the early stage of the Zongshi realm.

Tang Zichen's group of people, eighteen of them, were all strong in the Zongshi realm.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, this trip to the Memory Stone was so worth it.

When the last one stepped into the Ancestor Realm, Tang Zichen decided to leave the Memory Stone.

Because, the Memory Stone also had limited resources, Tang Zichen felt that if he stayed any longer, he would definitely not be able to continue to improve fast enough, and it would take at least ten to twenty years.

It was just that a faint feeling of sadness arose within Tang Zichen's heart.

The reason was naturally because of one person, Yang Nuan.

Tang Zichen and Yang Nuan, became a pair afterwards, and they were very happy.

In the memory stone, Tang Zichen married two wives, one was the original match, which was the identity of the teacher's wife now, and the other was Yang Nuan.

Only, the teacher's wife couldn't be moved, Tang Zichen was equal to only wanting Yang Nuan as a wife.

As for the others, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, Li Xuan'er, they could only watch Tang Zichen and Yang Nuan live happily ever after.

Tang Zichen couldn't have an affair with them, even though they were Tang Zichen's real girlfriends.Because, their bodies inside, they were all obese women, or ugly women, how would Tang Zichen touch them, they could only watch Tang Zichen and Yang Nuan show their love every day, plus, they could not let Yang Nuan suspect.

And so, Tang Zichen lived happily with Yang Nuan for ten years while practicing martial arts in the memory stone.

The taste of that happiness, Tang Zichen now think of all the aftertaste, Yang Nuan's beauty, Yang Nuan's body, let Tang Zichen fascinated, almost did not that what died.

But, no matter how happy it is, it will end one day.

Ten years in a flash, Shi Ling promised Tang Zichen that he could be with Yang Nuan for ten years, after ten years Tang Zichen must kill Yang Nuan.

So, Tang Zichen had to raise his sword.

Ten years of love, one day raising the sword, the taste...

What a pain.

Tang Zichen really couldn't do it.

Tang Zichen threw down his sword and knelt down on the spot, pleading, "Senior Shi Ling, please, don't remove her."

Shi Ling said, "She is false."

"She and I, at any rate, have been husband and wife for ten years, and I really can't do it if you want me to kill her."

Shi Ling said, "She is now a late Ancestor, you are the only one who can kill you, you have to kill her even if you don't."

"Senior Shi Ling, I'm begging you."

"If you don't kill her, she will become a second Shi Ling, and will most likely replace me, Tang Zichen, you must kill her, if you don't, all of you won't get out alive."

"I can't do it."Tang Zichen looked at Yang Nuan, that magnificent appearance, how Tang Zichen could do it, these ten years, they were loving each other, a scene replayed in his head.

"Tang Zichen, are you sure you won't kill?"

"Senior Shi Ling, why do you just have to remove the aliens?I got rid of the others. She's the only one. Can't you give her a break?Does it really threaten your existence if she becomes a different species?Is it bad that you're so alone and have the company of an otherworldly being?"

"Uh."Shi Ling was stunned, suddenly feeling a general inner touch.


"Yeah, you're so lonely, if Yang Nuan also became a stone spirit, wouldn't you have companionship."

"But, but I've never had a companion."

"No only more me, so many of my brothers and sisters, my friends, aren't we all happy together?You've seen how happy we've been together for the past ten years, and you're all alone."

"Is this, really, okay?What if she swallows me up?"

"Don't worry, Yang Nuan I've been with her for ten years, I know her personality, she won't, and I'll talk to her properly."

Shi Ling hesitated for a long time, and finally, he finally agreed.

"Tang Zichen, I believe you for once, then talk to Yang Nuan properly, if she doesn't devour me after she becomes a stone spirit, I can coexist with her.She is a true spirit, her intelligence is higher than mine, if she wants to devour me, there is no way I can resist, Tang Zichen, I'm trusting you completely on this."

"Fine, I'll talk to her."

Tang Zichen put his sword away and flew towards Yang Nuan, who was practicing his sword not far away.

Tang Zichen had just tried to go up and kill him, but he couldn't do it before he flew up and threw his sword.

"What's wrong?"Yang Nuan stopped practicing her sword and asked.

These ten years, she and Tang Zichen were so happy, so these ten years also didn't even think about the true or false issues of the world anymore, so happy, she was still afraid that it was fake, that would still be questioned.

However, Tang Zichen was going to tell her the truth.

Although she didn't have to kill her, the truth was equally cruel to Yang Nuan.


On Martial Island, Tang Zichen descended from the sky.

When Tang Zichen landed, his face was already full of tears.

Tang Zichen had just told everyone that he went to the Peach Blossom Source to take a look, but actually, this was Tang Zichen lying to everyone.

Why would Tang Zichen go to the Garden of Peach Blossoms when the island master is long dead and there is no deceased.

The reason why Tang Zichen lied to everyone to go to the Peach Blossom Garden, is that he wanted to be alone, right, he wanted to be quiet.

Actually, Yang Yijian wasn't the only one suffering.

Tang Zichen was in pain too, but Tang Zichen had to pretend to look away.

Tang Zichen sat down alone under the tree, with Yang Nuan, ten years of conjugal love, how to help put it down.

"Nuan, I really miss you, in fact, I almost don't want to return to reality, I also want to be in the memory stone and live for the rest of my life."Tang Zichen said with his eyes sightless.


A long time later.

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed bitterly.

"Just, Mu Qianji is my true love, memory stone?What's the difference between him? and love, forget it."Tang Zichen stood up and tuned himself in.The love in the memory stone, just bury it in your memory.

Tang Zichen thought of Mu Qianji.

It had been a long time since he had seen her.

In fact, Tang Zichen had been thinking about Mu Qianji all these years.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't return to the other world.

Tang Zichen had come out three times in these ten years at the Memory Stone.

Tang Zichen's purpose for coming out was to see if a passage to the other world had appeared in this world.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had come out three times.

Of course, the three times Tang Zichen came out, he came out in a hurry to find out if there were any, and then proceeded to return to the memory stone. Remember the URL

Otherwise, how else could Tang Zichen feel at ease staying in the memory stone for ten years, while leaving Mu Qianji and Master alone, before Tang Zichen came to this world in the first place, both Master and Mu Qianji could no longer be found.

"Phew, plus the ten years in the memory stone, my brothers and I have been in this world for almost fifteen years, alas, fifteen years, Master, Qianji, how the hell are you guys."Tang Zichen was deeply worried inside, just now he was still sad about the love in the memory stone, right now, thinking of Mu Qianji and Master, he suddenly didn't seem to be in the mood to think about what happened in the memory stone.

It seemed that within Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji was the status, not comparable to the nothingness of Yang Nuan in the memory stone, Mu Qianji was the true love.

"Let me go, let me go, please let me go."

"Hehehe, little beauty, it's really not easy to meet a beautiful woman in this wild mountain range."

"Since it's so hard, then we brothers, are we going to do something today."

"Nonsense, such a beautiful woman, with us grizzlies, we won't be able to sleep in this life."


At this moment, Tang Zichen faintly heard a mosquito-like small voice, it should have come from a far away mountain side.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, it was obvious that someone was trying to rape.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up, saying in his heart, "I must find the place where the sound is coming from immediately, or else it will be too late and perhaps that unfortunate woman will be defiled."

Tang Zichen flew into the sky and scanned the mountains below him.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen saw a certain mountain forest where three men, who looked to be students of the Martial Academy, were holding onto a woman in green clothes, the woman was about seventeen or eighteen years old and had an innocent and sweet appearance.

"Let go of me."

"Hahaha, shout, it's no use shouting your throat out, no one is coming here at all, we've really picked up some treasure today, hahaha."

"Tear."In the next second, that little beauty's blouse was torn off, revealing the underwear inside, and the little beauty screamed.

Just then, in mid-air, Tang Zichen shouted, "Assistant."


The three boys looked up and saw Tang Zichen, and an inexpressible oppressive force came from Tang Zichen's body.

The three of them had sweaty foreheads.

"Senior spare your life."The three of them were busy kneeling down.

That little beauty cried and looked at Tang Zichen, her eyes seemingly very grateful.

Tang Zichen said, "How dare you rape a beautiful woman in broad daylight."

'Senior spare my life, it's all because we were momentarily confused."


p; "You guys are students from the Martial Arts Academy, right."

"Yes."The three of them nodded busily.

"Hmph, what scum."

"Senior spare your lives, we don't dare."

Tang Zichen said, "Just now I sensed the killing intent within you, after you defiled this little girl, do you plan to silence her?"

"Ah."The three of them were stunned, in fact, that was really what they were thinking, because this beauty had a bit of a background, and letting her go back alive would definitely be a calamity, and besides, they hadn't met this beauty by chance, but they were deliberately stalking her.

"So, since you guys are harmful, I won't let you live."

Tang Zichen slapped his hand and three strong palm winds slapped at the three of them, suddenly killing them in place.

"Wow, so strong, I'm afraid the dean isn't even this strong."That little beauty said inwardly.

Tang Zichen flew down and looked like this, "Wild mountain range, why did one person come here?"

"I, I'm a student of the Martial Academy's Healing Department, I came here to collect medicine, this place is wild and mountainous, no one is out here at all, since I was a child, my mother has brought me here several times, who knew that this time I would meet three bad people."

"Silly child, these three people are eighty-nine times out of ten following you here, you are fortunate that I am nearby, otherwise today you would not only be defiled by them, but also killed."

The little girl didn't kneel down to kowtow, "Thank you big brother for saving my life."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not some big brother, I'm fifty years old, I'm not on the same age level as you, call me uncle."

"Ah."Dao: "But, but you look like a big brother, ah."

"Just because you look young on the outside doesn't mean you're young too, didn't your parents tell you that?"

"Well, I understand, thank you uncle for saving my life."

"No need to be polite, I'm leaving first, you take care of yourself."


"What else?"

"Can you take me back to the Martial Arts Academy?"

"You won't go back yourself?Now you are no longer in danger."

That: "Uncle, I just thought I was going to be tainted, so I took a Drill Heart Corrosion Pill myself, I'd rather die than be tainted, I'm afraid I don't have enough to go back to the Martial Arts Academy.This Drill Heart Corrosion Pill was developed by an Eleventh Grade Poison Master, and I must go back to find him to give me the cure."After saying that, a drop of black blood flowed out of the corner of that little beauty's mouth, as if her body was starting to go weak.

"You."Tang Zichen really didn't expect that she had taken the poison herself, what a chaste woman who would rather die than be defiled.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up and hugged her.

"Hey, don't scare me, although I'm very good at martial arts, I'm not good at antidote poison ah."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen didn't think much of it, immediately hugged the woman and flew to the world village.

"Xue Yun, Xue Yun, come out quickly."Tang Zichen shouted in the sky, then landed on the ground.

Qi Xueyun was busy coming out.

"What's wrong?"

Everyone saw Tang Zichen return with a girl in his hands.

"Who is she?"

"I just met her in the mountain forest, I don't know who I'm talking about, but it's a student from the Martial Arts Academy, she's poisoned, let's save her life first."

"Good."Qi Xue Yun immediately gave that little beauty an antidote to the poison.

Qi Xue Yun took action, naturally, it was needless to say that the poison was quickly detoxified.

"Am I not dead?"That.


"It's not dead, alright, you're safe now, you should hurry back to the Martial Arts Academy."Tang Zichen said.

"Thank you seniors for saving my life."The little beauty climbed up.

Qi Xue Yun said, "With your body, you can't resist such a strong poison, fortunately you came just in time, otherwise your heart would have corroded and the immortals wouldn't be able to save it."

"Mmhmm, thank you."

"Don't be polite."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife said, "Who poisoned you, this is too cruel for such a small child."

Tang Zichen briefly explained, then told that little beauty to hurry back to the academy.

This was just a small interlude.

After Tang Zichen and the others had their fill of wine and food, they left on a flying ship, the flying ship was previously placed here, and during this ten-year period, Tang Zichen returned three times, all using this flying ship to travel between Martial Island and the Yanhuang Empire.

In about half an hour, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at Wangjing City on the flying ship.

They landed in Wangjing City's palace. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Opening the hatch, Liu Yue sighed, "It's been ten years since we've been back."

"Yeah, we haven't been back for ten years, but he's come back three times, Tang Zichen came back once last year."

Stepping off the flying ship, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy saying, "Feng'er, quickly go and ask if there's any place in the world right now that has special terrain that appeared overnight."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded, if there was a special terrain that appeared overnight, it was most likely a passage to another world.During the previous ten years at the Memory Stone, Tang Zichen had exited the Memory Stone every two years or so and returned to Wangjing City to ask.Unfortunately, every time he returned, his men said there was none.If there had been any before, Tang Zichen would not have stayed in the Memory Stone for ten years and would have come out long ago, after all, returning to the original world and searching for his master and Mu Qianji was more important than anything else.

Right now, at the Martial Academy.

"Mum, mum, oooooh."A 17 or 18 year old girl, crying, ran outside a certain classroom.

A woman around 50 years old who was in class busily came out and said in shock, "Huanhuan, what's wrong with you?"

"Mom, I almost can't see you."

"Huanhuan, don't scare mom, what happened?"

"Mom, I went to the Grand Ring Mountain this morning to collect medicine, but I didn't expect to be followed by three students from the Martial Arts Academy, and when I got there, they tried to defile me, and I thought I was finished, so I took the Drill Heart Corrosion Pill.But I didn't expect that after I took the Drill Heart Corrosion Pill, a strong man suddenly appeared, he saved me and killed those three villains.Mom, I almost can't see you anymore, sooooo."The little beauty cried as she hugged her mother.

"Huanhuan, are you okay now?"

"I'm fine now, then that strong man took me to the world village, he had many friends there, and one of them, a very powerful poisoner, gave me the antidote."

"Huanhuan, you scared me to death, you can't run off on your own again.By the way, where is the benefactor who saved you?"

"He should still be in the world village, right, that benefactor who saved me is so strong, I'm sure our dean is no match for him, and he looks like he's only twenty-five or twenty-six years old on the outside, I called him big brother, but he said he's not a big brother, he's an uncle."

"Ugh."Changsun Wu Yan frowned, not knowing who it was, Martial Island didn't seem to have heard of such a strong man living in seclusion.

"Huanhuan, then hurry home, I'll go on the

Back from class."


That little beauty called Huanhuan walked away, and in her mind, she couldn't help but remember the uncle who saved him, smiling slightly with a smile on her lips, feeling like a deer inside for some reason.Huanhuan decided that she would go back to the world village tomorrow, but how would she know that Tang Zichen and the others had already returned to Wangjing City.

At Wangjing City.

Tang Zichen met Yan Qiang, and Long Tianqin.

"Yan Qiang, it's been another year since we last saw each other."

"Zichen, when you came back last year, you hurriedly left again, all of you came back this time, are you no longer going to the Martial Island Memory Stone anymore."Yan Qiang asked with a smile.

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Well, I won't go anymore, I completely withdrew.Yan Qiang, this year, is there any news in this world?"

Yan Qiang sighed, "No, this world still doesn't have any new special terrain or dangerous places that have appeared during this decade."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed deeply, disappointed once and for all.

Could it be that after that passage in the Thousand Mountain Tomb was closed, it would never appear again?

Tang Zichen was going crazy, ten years ago when it didn't appear, Tang Zichen could understand, after all, it had only been closed for a few years.But now it's been ten years and still hasn't appeared, it's been nearly fifteen years since the passage of the Thousand Mountain Tomb was closed before and after.

"Son of a bitch, what the hell does it mean."Tang Zichen cursed in anger, Tang Zichen didn't even know how to tell his teacher's wife, making her disappointed again and again as well.

"Zichen, you have to calm down ah, I believe that one day, the passage to the other world, will still open again."

"Alright, Yan Qiang, thank you for helping me all these years, how are you now?"Tang Zichen asked.

Yan Qiang laughed and said, "It's pretty good."

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is my great nephew?"

"Tianqin has taken him to play."

At this moment, not far away, Long Tianqin came holding a seven-year-old boy.

Long Tianqin called out, "Brother Zichen, you're back again, didn't you just come back last year."

Yan Qiang glared, "Last year, I came back just to poke around for news of the passage, but now they're all back."


Tang Zichen walked up to the seven-year-old boy and asked with a smile, "Yan Infinite, do you still know Uncle?"

"Well, recognize, Uncle Zichen."The little boy called out politely.

"Here, give your uncle a kiss."

"Mmm well."The little boy kissed Don Zichen's face.

"Hahaha, what a good boy."Tang Zichen touched the little child's bones and body, and then said to Yan Want and Long Tianqin, "Yan Infinite's roots and bones are excellent, he must be an expert in the future, I also told you two times before when I came back, I wasn't sure at that time because I was still young, in case he would grow crooked after that, but now Infinite is seven years old, it's very stable, hahaha, you guys wait to have a strong son."

Both Yan Want and Long Tianqin smiled happily.

Their son, Yan Infinite, the name was given by Tang Zichen, seven years ago, when Tang Zichen first withdrew from the Memory Stone and returned to Wangjing City to spy on the passage, it happened to be such a coincidence that Long Tianqin was about to give birth to a boy, and asked Tang Zichen to name him Infinite.After that, Tang Zichen returned to the Memory Stone, and four years ago, Tang Zichen went back to Wangjing City once more to spy on the news, and then last year, he came back again.


Tang Zichen went to look for his teacher's wife after chatting with Yan Qiang and the others.

"Any news yet?"


Sensei was lost for a moment.

"Is it possible that we really have to spend this life in this world."The teacher's wife wiped her tears and said sadly, "Ding Ru, Ding Ru, it's been more than ten years since this turn of events, will I ever see you again in this life?"

Tang Zichen handed a hand towel to his teacher's wife and said comfortingly, "Teacher's wife, now we can only continue to wait here, I believe that one day we can go back.I'm also anxious, I don't know how Mu Qianji is doing, after I killed the ally in the Liang Shan Sect back then, Mu Qianji also lost his whereabouts."

Master Teacher said, "No need to comfort me, I'm fine, after all, it's been fifteen or sixteen years, I've already prepared for the worst."

"Shiniang, if Master is truly gone, I hope you live well and don't think about following him, okay?"

Only after a long time did the teacher's wife nodded her head.

Just like that, Tang Zichen and the others had to continue to settle down in Wangjing City.

At Martial Island. The first website

That little beauty, Huanhuan, went to the World Village every day and then returned lost.

Her mother found out and asked, "Huanhuan, why do you have to go to the World Village every day?And came back looking lost again."

"Nothing."Huanhuan said biting her lip.

Her mother thought for a moment and asked, "Don't tell me, is it related to the mysterious strong man who saved you?"

"Mom, whimper."

"Why are you crying."

"Mom, I don't know what's wrong, I keep thinking of that uncle, when I think of that uncle, my heart beats very fast, I go to the world village every day, I think about whether I can suddenly see him appear, I really want to see him again, Mom, what's wrong with me?Why is that."

Huanhuan's mother sighed sadly, "Huanhuan, you're also seventeen years old, it's the beginning of your love life, it's easy to fantasize about the opposite sex who has a crush on you, but you have to understand that it's not possible for you and the mysterious strong man who saved you, you have to control your heart, otherwise you'll suffer more than you can bear."

"Oooh, Mom, I want to control it too, but I can't.And I'm not overly demanding, I'm just content to see that uncle one more time."

"No, the human heart will never be satisfied.Okay, Huanhuan, it's the seventh anniversary of your dad's death, let's go burn some paper for him."

"The murderer who killed dad is still at large, and I'll be sure to avenge him in the future."

"Don't think about it later, with his strength, we won't be able to avenge him."

"No, the dean said that my talent is actually pretty good, it's not like I don't have a chance to reach that level."

Tang Zichen and the others lived in Wangjing City for half a year.

After half a year, Tang Zichen's big brother said, "Brother Feng, the air here is so bad, let's move to a different place, I'm still used to the kind of living environment where I see grass huts and straw houses, away from the city's hustle and bustle."

"Yes, Brother Feng, although this place is well-fed and well-clothed, and everything is served, but I always feel uncomfortable, let's go find a quiet mountain and build a wooden house, it will be more refreshing to come, and I'll be more energetic to practice martial arts."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters all wished to find a place to live in the middle of a big mountain.

As for Tang Zichen's friends, not so much.

A feeling, it's the same everywhere.

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Don't bother looking for any big mountains, just go to Martial Island, it's close to the Yanhuang Empire, it's on an island, it's away from the hustle and bustle, and the necessities of life are very abundant locally, it's the best place to live, just go to Martial Island, if there's any news, you can return in a flying ship in half an hour."

"Haha, good, I was just about to suggest going to Wulin Island."Big Brother said with a smile.

The next day, Tang Zichen and the others, arrived at the Martial Island.

Tang Zichen and the others didn't go anywhere else, so they stayed in the World Village, the World Village was mostly thatched huts, and there were still the occasional students from the Martial Forest Academy coming and going, so it wouldn't be completely unpopular, but mainly, Lin Bai and Jin Daofu's graves were here, and it felt like a suitable place to live after all.

Tang Zichen and the others, each found a thatched hut to live in, usually most of the time was spent practicing martial arts, in the evening nothing, Tang Zichen and his brothers and sisters drink and chat, now even Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian's alcohol consumption, also rose a lot.

One morning, Tang Zichen and his brothers and teachers were playing chess under a big tree.

Just then, an excited shout came from the distance: "Uncle."

"Ugh."Everyone turned around at once and saw a seventeen or eighteen year old girl, crying and running.

Liu Yue said, "Isn't this the little girl that Zichen saved last time?Such a pretty little girl, why is she here again?"

That little girl ran up to Tang Zichen, looked at him and cried in excitement.

This time, she hadn't come to the world village for a week, and originally thought that she would definitely be disappointed to come to the world village today, but she didn't expect to see the uncle who made her soul haunted.

When Tang Zichen saw the little girl who was crying excitedly, he couldn't help but frown, "How is it you."

"Uncle, I've finally seen you again."The little girl jumped onto Tang Zichen's body in excitement.

However, Tang Zichen pulled her away.

"Why are you so excited?"

"Uncle, I thought I'd never see you again."

"Speechless, what are you seeing me for."Tang Zichen said in his heart, do I know you well.

"Uncle, for the past six months, I've been coming to the world village almost every day, just hoping that one day, I'll suddenly see you here, but every day, I've been disappointed, I didn't expect that this time I had something to do, I haven't been here for a week, and when I came today, you're really here, oooooh, uncle, I'm so excited, I want to cry."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters burst out laughing.

Wang Xing said, "Brother Tang, look at you, you're fifty years old, and there are still seventeen or eighteen young girls who are interested in you, why is it that this kind of good thing is always for you to meet ah."

Tang Zichen with a white eye: "Wang Xing, don't talk nonsense, you are a fifty year old senior, what kind of joke are you playing in front of children."

Wang Xing rolled his white eyes.

Liu Yue said, "Brother Tang, then you two talk, we'll get out of the way, anyway, no matter what, we'll support you."

"Scram."Tang Zichen shouted.

That little beauty shyly lowered her head, her heart thumping wildly.

The group of people suddenly ran away, leaving behind Tang Zichen and that little beauty.

Tang Zichen was really speechless to them, a group of people who were only afraid of the world, Tang Zichen was very firm, he was a fifty-year-old man, how could he still engage in anything with a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, this generation gap can still have any love.In addition, Tang Zichen is not in the mood for that.


"What's your name?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Uncle, my nickname is Huanhuan, my formal name is Yang Huan'er."

"Huan Er Yang, I saved you half a year ago, it was by chance, you don't have to take it to heart, and don't treat me as some kind of benefactor, if you hadn't suddenly come here today, I would have forgotten about it, you know?So don't have any burden on your heart, you don't have to feel like you owe me anything."

"Uncle, I don't have a burden on my heart."

"Then you shouldn't feel grateful to me either, it's really a very insignificant little thing to me.Alright, you shouldn't come here every day from now on, you do your own thing, you as a student of the Martial Arts Academy, you can't be so undisciplined, you can't run around every day, aren't you afraid your teacher will scold you?"

"Uncle, I'm privileged."Yang Huan Er blinked brightly.

"You're such a person, how come you don't understand things, okay, okay, you've seen me today, so you can go back."


"Is there something else you want?"

"Uncle, I'd hate to go back."

"Why don't you go back?If you don't go back, I'll find your dean and have you fired." Remember the website

Yang Huan Er smiled, "Uncle, the dean won't fire me, the dean is my good friend."

"Speechless, you have a teenage child, who is friends with you.Hurry up, uncle I've got something to do."


Yang Huan Er had to leave with a thousand reluctance.

Tang Zichen looked at her back and shook his head speechlessly, now children ah, really.

Tang Zichen felt that perhaps he was really old, although he wasn't old in appearance, his heart, however, was old, after all, he had lived for fifty years.

Time was like an arrow, in the blink of an eye, fifty, and Tang Zichen was no longer young.

Inside Tang Zichen's heart, he even thought that it was time to get married.

Referring, of course, to a formal wedding.

Tang Zichen looked for an opportunity to speak to Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun and others, let's get married, don't delay, if you delay any longer, you'll really be getting older.

Tang Zichen didn't know why he was thinking this way.

At the Martial Academy, Healing Department.


"Huanhuan, why are you so happy today."

"Mom, guess."

"It can't be, you met the mysterious uncle who saved you in the world village, right?"

"Mom, still understand me, hee hee, yes, I saw it, I was really excited to cry."

"You kid, and you cried on, you don't mind the dryness ah."

"Mom, I can't help it, I've been going every day for the past six months, just hoping that one day I would suddenly see that uncle, I thought I would never see him again, but today I suddenly saw him, that kind of feeling, you can't understand, forget it, you don't understand even if I tell you."

"You."The mother of the cheerful one wordlessly angry, then laughed, and said, "Mom I also came from young.Afterwards, she sighed again, thinking that her daughter, perhaps she really had gone into that emotional vortex that she shouldn't have.

That night, Tang Zichen stayed in Liu Xiangyun's room.

The two of them sweated profusely and then lay relatively speechless together.

"Why are you so quiet today?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

Tang Zichen touched Liu Xiangyun's tender face and said, "Xiang'er, do you think we're really old?"


p; "Is it the age or the appearance.If it's age, fifty years old, it's really not young, if it's appearance, we're still pretty young ah, bracing ourselves for death, we're just about the same as those around twenty-five or sixteen."Liu Xiangyun said.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiang'er, time passes very quickly, ten or twenty years, it's all just a snap of the fingers, especially those of us who practice martial arts, we often ignore the time, and somehow we're fifty years old ourselves."

"Zichen, what are you trying to say.Are you afraid of becoming an old man?There's nothing to be afraid of, everyone will."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Xiang'er, I think, it's time for us to get married."

"Ah, get married?"

"Well, having weddings, even, having children."

"But, don't you hate having children so much?Don't you think that you should focus mainly on martial arts?"

"Yeah, that's true, but when I saw those seventeen and eighteen year old girls today, I had an indescribable feeling inside.Besides, we're all fifty years old now, and our martial arts skills have reached Ancestor realm, so we're not considered weak, and although we could still be stronger, but with your talent, it's definitely not going to be a few years before we get stronger again, it's going to take decades.If you wait a few decades, think about it, how old we've become."

"Ah, when you say that, I suddenly feel so scared."

"Xiangyun, when martial arts reaches a level, it's difficult to progress, for example, you, you're at the early stage of the clan, if you want to enter the middle or late stage of the clan again, it'll be at least ten years from now, or even twenty or thirty years from now, at that time, no matter how young we look, we'll definitely be the same as those normal 35 or 36 year olds.Our youth, it's never coming back."

"Well, I'll think about it, and I'll have to discuss this with the others as well."

"Okay, go to sleep."

Tang Zichen went to sleep and had a silent night.

After that, Liu Xiangyun told Tang Zichen's words to Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, and Qi Xue Yun, they also felt very touched, and even, a little tingly inside, after all, being a mother was something every woman wished for.

This matter also reached the ears of Tang Zichen's teacher's wife.

"Brother Feng, your teacher's wife asked you to go there."Big Brother shouted.

"Oh. Good."Tang Zichen was confused as to what his teacher's wife was shouting at him for.

Tang Zichen immediately went to find his teacher's aunt.

"Shisuniang, what is it?"

"Windy, I heard that you're planning to officially marry those girlfriends of yours?Right?"

"Yes, I have told them about it, and I have the same plan in mind, after all, none of them are getting any younger."

"Why did you suddenly have this in mind?"

"Oh, when I used to be young, I always thought I could be so great in the future, so I always thought it wouldn't be too late to wait until the future reached something.But now I realize that time really passes quickly, you see me now, I don't even know when I became fifty, I blinked like, I think I should indeed have a family."

Sifu laughed, "Then wouldn't I be even older, I'm almost seventy, but Sifu started a family in her early twenties, you're fifty now, it's really a little late."

"Shisun, you know how to take care of yourself and your talent is strong, even though you're almost seventy, you don't look much older than Little Sister and the others."

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, the age is in front of you, no matter how young you look, it's just a surface appearance, I called you over this time, in fact, I want to ask you, you are planning to get married, what are you going to do about your little junior sister?You really want her to marry someone else, nowadays, in this world, even if she marries someone else, no one is worthy."

"I, I really want to marry together, but I'm afraid Little Sister won't be willing."Tang Zichen lowered his head and said.


"What's not to like about what's happened, I've sent for her, she should be here soon."Sensei said.


Sure enough, not long after, Tang Zichen's little sister arrived.

"Brother Feng, you're here too, Shisun, what's the matter looking for me."Rei Qin was busy asking.

"Rei'er, sit down."

"Oh."Qin Rei was a bit confused and sat down beside Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't dare to look Little Sister in the eyes at the moment.

The teacher's wife said solemnly, "Rei'er, you're forty-nine years old this year, too."

"Mm."Little Sister nodded her head.

"In the blink of an eye it's almost fifty, now that we're in this world, we may never go back to the original world, anything can happen.Now the marriage of your division brothers result is my main concern at the moment, you are not young."

"Shishu, I."Little Sister was busy lowering her head. One second to remember to read the book

"Rei'er, youth is fleeting and time is hard to come by, so don't delay any longer.Your senior brother Feng has already figured this out and is preparing for the big wedding."

"Ah, Senior Brother Feng."Qin Ren'er was busy looking at Tang Zichen, an unspeakable look in her eyes.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

The teacher's wife said, "Rei'er, I called you over today just to ask you if you'll marry him together, since you've been in love with Feng'er for so many years anyway, and although Feng'er has other women, he also likes you.Of course, if you don't want to, Shiniya won't do anything about it, so let's find one who is devoted to you, but I'm afraid this world will find no one worthy of you."

At this moment, Rei Qin blushed and didn't know what to say.

"Rei'er, there's no need to be shy, boldly say what's in your heart, there's always an end to it."

Qin Ren said in a small voice, "This, it's not like I can decide this, it's also Wind Senior Brother's intention."

The teacher's wife smiled, "Feng'er, tell Rei'er what you mean."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Of course I want to marry Senior Sister Qin very much."

Rei Qin lowered her head, but inside she was happy, before she would have minded that Tang Zichen had so many women, but now she didn't mind anymore, after all, after living with Xu Mei Qian and the others for so long, they were all like good sisters in private, moreover, they were all now Zongshi realm powerhouses, they weren't much worse than her.

Hearing that Tang Zichen very much wanted to marry her, the little sister's heart beat extremely fast, not expecting that everything came so suddenly.

The teacher's wife smiled and said, "Hear that, Rei'er, Feng'er is very willing to marry you."

"Mm."Little Sister lowered her head and very quietly hmmed, as if she was too shy to do so.

The teacher's wife said to Tang Zichen, "Feng'er, even though you are willing to marry and Rei'er is willing to marry, I still have to say something to you."

"You say."

"Rei'er is, after all, my apprentice that I've brought with me since I was a child, so I want her to be your first wife, and there's only one first wife."


"If you don't, I won't allow Reiji to marry you.Although those girlfriends of yours have been with you for many years, but you and Rei'er have been childhood childhood sweethearts, and in terms of seniority, it's much longer than them."

"Auntie, in this world, there's no such thing as a main house or side house, it's all the same."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen was a bit speechless at his teacher's wife's request, but it was understandable, after all, Tang Zichen had to

With so many marriages, Shizuo definitely wanted the youngest sister to be the first wife, the one in the largest position among all of Tang Zichen's wives.Moreover, Auntie Shifu's feudal thoughts have not changed.

The teacher's wife said, "Don't tell me this, you are going to marry so many wives, there must be a distinction between the main house and the side house, my request is that Rei'er is your main house and the elder sister of your other wives.I suppose that's what your master would have wanted, if he knew about it."

"Me."Tang Zichen was speechless, what else could Tang Zichen say when his teacher's wife had moved her master out.

Little Sister was afraid that Tang Zichen would be embarrassed, she was busy saying, "Auntie, it's okay la, I don't mind being small, after all, the few of them have been with Brother Feng for a long time."

The teacher's wife said angrily, "Rei'er, you silly child, what do you know, this thing must be made clear, you still do small, really stupid can, teacher's wife is for your future happiness.Although they have been together with Feng'er for a long time, but you are childhood sweethearts, no matter which point, you have to be big."

The teacher's wife said to Tang Zichen, "Feng'er, you don't have to answer me right away, go back and talk to Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and the others."


Tang Zichen walked out of Aunt Shizuo's house, where Aunt Shizuo was in the house, chattering about what she was teaching her little sister.

Tang Zichen called the five of them, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, and Qi Xueyun, into the room.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Zichen, is your teacher's wife looking for you, is it about your little junior sister?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "I guess your teacher's wife doesn't want you to marry us, she definitely wants you to be with Qin Ren."

Li Xuan'er said, "I don't care, I can marry or not."

Tang Zichen said, "You misunderstand, my teacher's wife didn't stop me from marrying you, my teacher's wife is looking for me to ask me what my little sister plans to do, she wants me to marry my little sister together, but my teacher's wife has another request."

"What request?"

"My teacher's wife wants my little sister to be the main house, and there can only be one main house, but of course, in this world nowadays, there is no such thing as a main house or side house, but in the other world there is."

"That's it."

"Yes, but I didn't immediately agree to my aunt, after all, in my heart, your status is the same, I don't want to distinguish any higher or lower."

Xu Mei Qian said, "You and your junior sister were childhood sweethearts, it's not too much to ask of your teacher's wife."

Li Xuan'er said, "Yes, I remember when we were in Linjiang City, you originally despised us, you only had little junior sister in your heart, so, Qin Ren made it big, I don't have any disobedience.Even if your senior sister doesn't say so, I would still ask for that."

"She has waited for you for so many years, keeping her body for you and enduring loneliness, with that, she should be the main house, we were originally not worthy of you, being able to be your side room is already very satisfying."Shangguan Rou said.

Tang Zichen said, "You, all of you, have no opinion?"

"Zichen, why should we have an opinion ah, we think it's the right thing to do ah."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Good, then I can go reply to my teacher's wife, thank you."

"What silly words."

"Hehe, each of you come up here and let me give you a big kiss."Tang Zichen laughed as five beauties took turns walking up to Tang Zichen and were kissed fiercely by Tang Zichen.

Then, Tang Zichen went to look for his teacher's wife.

Little Sister was still in Shini's room.

"Feng'er, did you discuss it so soon?"Sensei asked.


"Well, it's discussed."

"Oh, I hope the few of them won't resent me, after all, Rei'er is my apprentice, I help my own apprentice unconditionally."

"Sensei is overly worried, they all said that it's the right thing to do, Rei'er has waited for me for many years and endured loneliness for many years, with this feeling, Rei'er should be the main family."

"Alright, since that's the case, then all are happy.When are you planning to hold the big wedding?"The teacher's wife asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Pick a good day, and when it's time, we'll do it together."

The teacher's wife immediately objected.

"I object."

"Ah."Tang Zichen looked at the teacher's wife in puzzlement.

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, although we're living in this modern world now, we're from another world after all, we should still hold it according to the etiquette of my world, or at least, Rei'er's big wedding should still be held according to that world's etiquette, what do you think?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "What Auntie said, I'll listen to everything that Auntie arranged."

"That's not necessary, the wedding between you and Xu Mei Qian and the others, this Shini Niang has no right to arrange it, let their parents or relatives arrange it." The first website

"Um, well.Uh, no, what does Shigure mean?Do it separately?Not together?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Of course, we'll start separately, Rei'er is the main house, the first one to run it, and if they all want to run it together, then it's up to you, I'll only arrange Rei'er's anyway."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded, the teacher's wife preferred to follow the old rules, so let's follow the old rules.

A few days later, Tang Zichen asked someone to look at the date and quickly decided on the date of the big wedding.

On the eighth day of the next month.

Of course, it was the big wedding with Little Sister, the big wedding with Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou and Qi Xueyun, but the date hadn't been decided yet, so we would look for a good day later.

The first one to marry her was Qin Ren, because she was the first wife, and her teacher's wife was very satisfied with this.

On the night when the date was set, Tang Zichen came to the room where Little Sister was staying.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door.

"Who is it."

Little Sister opened the room and was stunned when she saw it was Tang Zichen.

"Wind, Senior Brother Wind."

"Also called Senior Brother Feng, this afternoon, the auspicious date of the Yellow Road has been set, on the eighth day of next month, which is half a month from now, we will have our big wedding."

"Oh."Little Sister shyly lowered her head.

Tang Zichen walked into the room and said, "Rei'er, you're almost fifty years old, and you're still blushing all the time."

"I, I."Rei Qin didn't know what to say.

Tang Zichen took Qin Rei's hand and said, "It's going to be a big wedding anyway, in half a month it will be my first wife that I will marry in name only, why don't we spend the night here tonight?"

"Ah."Little Sister's body was shaking, very scared.

"Hahaha, Rei'er, isn't it a bit uncomfortable."

"Brother Feng, would it be too much of a rush, the first time I want to stay in the bridal chamber on the night of the wedding candle, it's more meaningful."Rei Qin, of course, she wasn't very forceful in wanting it, if Tang Zichen had to stay and stay tonight, then she would have to comply.

Tang Zichen said, "Rei'er, I just said I'm staying tonight, I didn't say what I'm going to do ah."

"Hmph, you're bad."

"Hahaha, alright, Rei'er, I'll sleep with you tonight, but don't worry

I won't do anything, and I also want to save our precious first time for the wedding night."

"Well, as you wish."Qin Ren said shyly.

Tang Zichen went up and took off his little sister's coat, leaving behind only the close-fitting clothes, and said, "Then I'll sleep, and we'll cuddle up in the nest and talk."

"Oh."Little Sister moved stiffly and ohed.

With a lazy waist hug, Tang Zichen carried Qin Ren to the bunk, then Tang Zichen also got into the blanket nest.

In the nest, Tang Zichen hugged Qin Ren tightly, Tang Zichen felt hot all over, for the first time in his life, he was so close to his little sister, as if there was a different feeling, after all, little sister was the woman he loved so profoundly when he was young.

Little Sister, however, was motionless, her heart beating very, very fast.

"Rei'er, don't be afraid, although we are sleeping together for the first time today, there will still be plenty of times in the next hundred years when we will sleep together, and we will grow old together."Tang Zichen said.

"Can we really grow old together?"

"Why not."

"Your talent will surely surpass mine, and you won't be old by the time we're old."

"No, I feel like I'm going to move up, and it's starting to get tougher.With the health we have now, we'll probably be able to live another hundred years or so."

"Time has passed so quickly, we've already gone through a third of our lives in no time."Qin Ren lamented.

"We're already lucky, if we were ordinary people, we'd have already gone through two thirds of our lives."


Tang Zichen said, "In the next two thirds of our lives, the first of us, we have to continue to work hard to break through the martial dao, and strive for all of us to surpass the clan master realm, although it's hard, but surpassing the clan master realm means that we can live to 170 years old, or even to 200 years old, in order to stay together longer, we all have to fight hard."

"Well, I will."

"Secondly, we must have a few children and train them well."

Little Sister blushed, "Good."

"The third thing, I have to find out where I was born."


"When all of these things are done, I'm afraid our great day of reckoning will almost be here, and we'll happily welcome the day of reckoning."

"What's the point of talking about it now, we'll talk about it later, just in case your fate is different and you can go further than us."

Tang Zichen said, "I feel inside, it's very, very hard, after the martial dao reaches the next realm, it should be the ultimate, I'm just guessing, alright, let's sleep."

Tang Zichen and Little Sister, embraced each other in their nest and slept.

Although Tang Zichen was foolish, he didn't have any with Little Sister, because, Tang Zichen wanted to save the most beautiful of everything until the night of the bridal chamber.

The next day, Tang Zichen practiced martial arts for a few hours, then played chess with his senior brothers.

"Uncle."The man called Yang Huan'er, the little girl, came again.

"It's you again, why do you come to see me every day."Tang Zichen was depressed.

"Uncle, I really have something to come here today, my mother said that she wanted to invite you for a meal to thank you for saving my life, I came over to invite you to my house on purpose."Yang Huan Er.

"Alright, there's no need to be polite, I take your mother's kindness, I'm not going, you can go."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

"Uncle, if you don't go, I'll still come and invite you every day from now on."


Tang Zichen said depressingly, "Alright, I'm afraid of you, I'll go, but don't come to me because of this in the future."

"Fine, then go now."

"You leave your address, I'll naturally arrive at noon."

"Okay, no lying."

Yang Huan Er left her address and left.

Tang Zichen didn't want to go, but he didn't want her to bother him every day, so he had to go there.

At noon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Martial Arts Academy and found the house at the address.

Tang Zichen pressed the doorbell.

"It's here."Yang Huan Er busily ran out to open the door.

"Uncle, you're here, come in quickly."

Tang Zichen walked into the house, a woman was cooking in the kitchen, and when she heard the guest coming, she came out in a panic. Remember the website

"Uh."The woman froze at the sight of Don.

"Ah."Tang Zichen saw the woman and froze as well.

"Tang Zichen."

"Eternal Sunless."

Tang Zichen and the other party shouted in confusion at the same time.

Yang Huan Er was busy, "You guys?You guys?Know?"

At the moment, Tang Zichen felt speechless, not expecting that this girl who troubled him every day would be the daughter of his old classmate, Changsun Wuhen.

If Tang Zichen hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it would have been damn hard to believe that Chang Sun Wu Yan's daughter was this old, but counting the days, she was indeed this old.

The mysterious uncle that her daughter spoke of, the uncle that haunts him every day, is actually, actually, Tang Zichen.

When Chang Sun Wu Yan was young, she liked Tang Zichen, and she was dreaming of him, but now that she is old, her daughter is dreaming of him again.

Chang Sun Wu Yan was both sighing and embarrassed inside.

"Haha, Faceless, I didn't expect you to be Yang Huan'er's mother, alas."Tang Zichen laughed, the woman in front of him, compared to when she entered the Memory Stone ten years ago, her body was clearly out of shape, her complexion was dull, and her face was very obviously wrinkled, but compared to the average fifty year old woman, she was again considered well maintained, but no matter how hard she tried to hide it, she couldn't hide the marks of time.Changsun Faceless, was really starting to enter her old age.

"Tang Zichen, so the mysterious strong man who saved Huanhuan is you, hehe, I said who is it.Thank you ah, for saving my daughter's life, you should sit down."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, between our old classmates, why do we need to be so polite, this must be the will of God."

Changsun Wu Yan smiled bitterly, "Yes, it's really the will of God."Changsun Wu Yan looked at her daughter, the providence in her words was another meaning.

Right now, Yang Huan Er's entire body was in a state of shock.

Yang Huan Er had known from her youth, she already knew that her mother liked a person when she was young, and that person was called Tang Zichen.

Yang Huan Er looked at Tang Zichen, he was actually the man that her mother liked when she was young, at this moment, she also had mixed feelings, because, she also liked Tang Zichen, was this really the making of the world?

Changsun Wu Yan smiled, "Tang Zichen, sit down first, I'll fry up a few dishes."

"It's okay, I'll just have a cup of tea."

"All here, besides, I haven't seen you for so many years, what's wrong with having a meal at my place, do you look down on us students who are still at the bottom now that you are powerful."

"Oh, what are you talking about, okay, since you've said that, then I'm embarrassed not to eat a lunch."

Changsun ignominiously went into the kitchen.

Yang Huan Er was dumbfounded there, as if she hadn't come back to her senses.

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Huan'er, I've come to your home, why aren't you happy, hehe, I never thought you'd be the daughter of a deceased, speaking of which, when you were seven years old, I had seen you, but unfortunately, your appearance has changed so much now that I didn't recognize

Here we go, hehehe."

Yang Huan Er looked at Tang Zichen, "Uncle, I know all about you and my mother when you were young."

"Uh, what is it?"Tang Zichen was embarrassed.

"Uncle, what should I do?"

"What are you trying to say, you child."

"Uncle, do you know that I like you so much."Yang Huan Er opened the door and said.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen spewed out a mouthful of water, almost choking to death on Yang Huan Er's words.

"Yang Huan'er, words."

"Uncle, I know you don't like a humble girl like me, but I really like you so much, but you're my mother's young lover again, I don't even know what to do."

Changsun Wuhen came out from the kitchen and said loudly, "Huanhuan, what are you talking about in a mess."

"Ooooh."Yang Huan Er ran into the room in tears, it was probably painful to be hit like this at the beginning of her love life.

Changsun Wuhen apologized, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, my daughter is spoiled by me."

"Oh, it's fine, children are well."

"You're more than responsible."

"Haha, you hurry up and cook your meal, by the way, where is your husband?Didn't you say that he's also a professor at the Martial Arts Academy?"

Chang Sun Wu Yan sighed, "He's been dead for six or seven years."

"What?What's going on."

"Well, let's talk about it at dinner."

"Okay, if you need anything, just call me, I live in the world village."

"Thank you, Zichen."

During the meal, Yang Huan Er was still hiding in her room and didn't come out, and Tang Zichen ignored her.

Changsun Wuhen ate alone with Tang Zichen.

Changsun Wu Yan said, "Huan Er's father was killed by the new owner of Martial Island."


"Huanhuan her father went to pick medicine and passed by his house and picked the medicine near his house and killed him."

"What a jerk, don't worry, I'll go find him."

"Forget it."

"How can you forget it."

"Suit yourself, eat the food."Changsun Wuyoung chucked a bit of food to Tang Zichen.

Chang Sun Wu Yan smiled, "This time we meet, you seem to be a few years older than last time."


After lunch, Tang Zichen was ready to leave, comparing people orphans and widows, it was not suitable to stay here all the time.

"Tang Zichen, I'm so sorry about my daughter."

"It's nothing."

"Tang Zichen, actually, my daughter is really smitten with you, although I know that she's not good enough for you, but if you don't mind, could you?"

"Uh, could what?"

"Oh, Tang Zichen, when I was young, I missed you, now my daughter is grown up and she likes you again, a little bit, I think maybe it's God's will, God is making up for my regret of being you, if you don't mind, can you accept her.Now she's a generation younger than you, so she should be almost as old as you by the time you're old."

Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat, this Chang Sun Wu Yan, what a lot of nonsense.

"Faceless, what are you joking about."

"I'm not joking, I'm serious, it's God's will, she's in love with you, of course I want her to be happy.Don't you think that this is intentionally arranged by God, maybe to punish you for missing me back then."

"Faceless, stop it, you want me to call you 'Mom'?You're hilarious, by the way, to inform you of one thing, on the eighth day of next month, in Wangjing City, my little sister and I will get married, remember to come, oh well, I'll leave first."Tang Zichen flew up.


After Tang Zichen left, Changsun Wu Yan also gave a rather speechless grin.

Tang Zichen returned to the world village, and next, Tang Zichen and the others returned to Wangjing City early, waiting for the big wedding in half a month.

Tang Zichen didn't have a big banquet for the world, but that aspect was left to them to handle.

"Zichen, my father is here."A few days before the big wedding, Liu Xiangyun said.

"Uh, Uncle Liu is here."Tang Zichen hadn't seen Liu Chenming for a long time, having seen him once a few years before he entered the Memory Stone ten years ago.

Tang Zichen immediately went to a large hall in Wangjing City and met an old man, it was Liu Chenming, Liu Chenming was seventy-six years old, of course, in addition to Liu Chenming, there was a woman in her sixties, Tang Zichen could no longer remember her name, but knew that she was Liu Chenming's wife, in addition to that, there was a man who was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, he was Liu Chenming's son.Back when Liu Xiangyun was still asleep, Tang Zichen acted as a matchmaker and had Liu Chenming marry the person who controlled the family in the Tiannan Prefecture and then gave birth to a son.Today, this son was nearly thirty years old.

"Uncle Liu."Tang Zichen busily walked in and called out.

"Haha, Zichen, what are you doing over here, you're so busy, so you don't have to worry about us."Willow Chenming said apologetically.

"Uncle Liu, what are you talking about, although I'm getting married this time, not with Xiang'er, but I'm also already your daughter-in-law, a daughter-in-law and half a son, I'm really sorry that I haven't visited you for so long."

"Don't don't."

"Uncle Liu, sit down, I'll pour you a cup of tea." A second to remember to read the book

"This is how this is good."

Tang Zichen poured a cup of tea for Liu Chenming, who was very grateful.

Tang Zichen also poured a cup of tea for Willow Chenming's wife.

"Thank you."

"Brother Tzichen."Liu Chenming's son called out slightly.

Tang Zichen patted Liu Chenming's son and smiled, "In the blink of an eye, even you're so old, almost thirty."

"Well, twenty-seven."

"Have you started a family yet?"

"Not yet."

"If you need anything, just talk to your brother-in-law."


Tang Zichen knew that this brother of Liu Xiangyun did not have the talent to practice martial arts, which Tang Zichen knew many years ago when he visited Liu Chenming.

Tang Zichen chatted with Liu Chenming before going about his own business.

A few days after that, Xu Mei Qian's parents, Shangguan Zuo's parents, also came.

Of course, Shangguan Zuo's father was the one called Shangguan Salt back then, and Shangguan Salt didn't have a good image back then, so Tang Zichen would perhaps be slightly colder to him than to Xu Mei Qian's parents.

"Zichen, a group of people claiming to be your high school classmates are outside the palace, and the guards just came to report that they want to be released?"Yan Qiang found Tang Zichen.

"Uh, my high school classmate?"

"Yeah, several people, they said they were coming to your wedding."

"Oh, let them in."Tang Zichen laughed.

Not long after, a group of people entered the palace.

Upon seeing them, Tang Zichen was indeed a group of high school classmates, alumni to be precise.

That group of people were somewhat restrained and trembling when they saw Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I wondered who it was, but it turned out that

It's you guys."

That's right, this group of so-called Tang Zichen's high school classmates, they were Wang Qiang, Tang Zichen's high school tablemate, and Wei Ming, who was the tenth ranked genius of Baiyun High School back then, and other people.

Tang Zichen walked up to them and warmly welcomed them and shook hands with each of them.

"Wang Qiang, long time no see, it's been thirty years."Tang Zichen shook hands with Wang Qiang and said, the Wang Qiang that Tang Zichen remembered was a young man, but now he was a man who was about to enter old age.

"Brother Chen, it's been a long time, we heard about your wedding, so I thought of coming to your wedding, a few of them heard about it and also expressed their desire to come, without your consent, you don't blame me."Wang Qiang.

Tang Zichen patted Wang Qiang's shoulder and said, "Wang Qiang, it's my fault, I got married, I should have invited you, but because I was busy with things, I let someone else act as proxy for invitations and such, I'm really very sorry."

"Brother Chen, what are you talking about, you're even receiving us personally now, we're all flattered."Wang Qiang said, and the few people behind him were busy nodding their heads.

Tang Zichen shook the hand of the student next to him again and smiled, "Wei Ming, it's so good to see you."

"Haha, me too, I wish you happy marriage in advance."

Tang Zichen looked at the next person and smiled, "Sealed Swordsman."

That man busily waved his hand, "Brother Chen, don't, don't, don't make fun of me."

That's right, this man was Bai Yun Middle School, God Sealing Swordsman Liao Jiayuan, back then, Liao Jiayuan fought with Tang Zichen and was made to feel bad, but it was all in the past.

Tang Zichen smiled, "No matter what, you will always be the Sealing Swordsman of Baiyun Middle School in my heart."

"Haha, thank you, Brother Chen."Liao Jia Yuan laughed.

Tang Zichen walked towards the next person and said: "Zhao Ritian, Ritian Sun Ant, Ritual Wolf, Ritual Tiger, Ritual Leopard, Zhao Ritian, your great name back then, Zichen I at least don't dare to forget ah, hahaha."

Zhao Ritian looked embarrassed, "Brother Minister, I really made you laugh back then."Zhao Ritian at the moment a look of shame, back then it was only high school, seventeen or eighteen years old, that time was really childish, now his son is about to go to college, and then mentioning those things back then, really embarrassed face.

Tang Zichen patted Zhao Ritian's shoulder and smiled: "How offended I was back then, today you can come to my wedding, it seems you no longer hate me, I'm very happy."

Zhao Ritian busily waved his hand, "Brother Chen, how could I hate you, you're already a male god in my heart, do you know, I'm telling my son now that I played with Tang Zichen back then, my son felt incomparably proud, and even went around pretending to compare in front of his classmates with this matter."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, it seemed like Tang Zichen hadn't heard the word pretending to compare for a long time.

Tang Zichen walked towards the next person again and laughed, "Fang Jun, the second day talent master of Baiyun High School back then."

"Chen, just don't scare me, what expert, I'm just a worm now."

Fang Jun was the strongest in White Cloud High School back then, except for Xu Yan, he was the strongest, only now, he had only reached the inner realm, in Tang Zichen's eyes, he was indeed weak, but Tang Zichen wouldn't make fun of him, after all, he had dueled with Tang Zichen in the playground back then.

In addition to the above, there were the five villains of the White Cloud High School back then, Fang Hong, Xie Linyu, Jin Hu, Wu Minghao, and Cao Yan.

Of course, there were also the five big youngsters of Baiyun High School, of which the first youngster Zhao Ritian is not to be mentioned, the remaining four are Wang Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, Wang Quirong, and Chen Zhijun.

There were also some high school classmates that Tang Zichen wasn't too familiar with back then, but also knew, more than thirty in total.


Tang Zichen said, "Thank you all for taking the time to come to my wedding, thank you."

"Brother Chen, don't, don't, it's an honor for us to come to your wedding."

"Alright, please sit down everyone, I'll pour you tea, Tzu-Chen."

Tang Zichen poured tea for them one by one, everyone was flattered, I guess they could go back and pretend to be ruthless again for a while, Tang Zichen had poured tea for them, how many people in this world enjoyed this kind of treatment.

Tang Zichen chatted with them about the recent situation, they have a family, and sons and daughters, are in high school or university, and even a few have been grandfather, Wang Qiang is already a grandfather.

Wang Qiang's wife, is exactly back then Li Xuan'er's best friend Liang Ying, Tang Zichen think about it is also funny, they two actually go together.Tang Zichen remembered one time, Li Xuan'er invited to dinner, after the meal Li Xuan'er and Tang Zichen had something to say, let Wang Qiang and Liang Ying go first, as a result, Liang Ying did not dare to go with Wang Qiang, afraid of being seen, thinking that she and Wang Qiang is in love, because Wang Qiang is scum.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why didn't Liang Ying come?"

Wang Qiang said, "She can't come, she has to bring her grandson."

"Then bring the grandson along, she's Xuan'er's best friend."

"Don't worry, the next time you get married to Xuan'er Li, she will definitely come."

"Good." First URL

When Tang Zichen saw this group of high school classmates, he was reminded of someone, Song Yu'er, who was also a very distinguished representative back then .

"Are you guys in Linjiang City and have you heard from Song Yu'er?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Uh, Song Yu'er, huh."Everyone laughed, as if they all knew Song Yu'er.

"You all know ah, then why didn't you invite her to come along, this brain-damaged girl is too much, does it have to be me posting to come ah."

"Oh, Minister, you still don't know?"Wang Qiang said.

"Uh, what?What am I supposed to know?"Tang Zichen looked at Wang Qiang in confusion.

Wang Qiang laughed, "Brother Chen, Song Yu'er is not the same Song Yu'er nowadays, we are simply too high to reach, of course, that's for us, but for you, it's definitely not."

Tang Zichen smiled curiously, "Is Song Yu'er having some kind of strange encounter now?"

"Brother Chen, you don't even know ah, Song Yu'er is a bull now, her family, has become the controller of Tiannanfu, it used to be controlled by the Cai family, but now it has become her family."


"Yeah, I heard that Song Yu'er has become the pinnacle of this world, whatever, as if there aren't many in the entire world."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, now that this was the case, then Song Yu'er had changed too much.

The last time Tang Zichen saw her was at least twenty-five years ago, how could this brain-damaged chick suddenly change so much.

"Brother Chen, do you know what that pinnacle is?Isn't that powerful?"Zhao Ritian asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, very powerful."

"Ah, what about you?It shouldn't be stronger than you, should it?"

"Oh, that's not so bad, but it'll be strong enough, the peak of the world you were just talking about is the peak of the Unity Realm, back when I was at the peak, it was already twenty years ago, back then there were only thirty peaks in the entire world."

"Wow, Song Yu'er is so strong."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Now in the Yanhuang Empire, other than me and my friends, Song Yu'er is the strongest, I really don't know where she suddenly exploded with opportunity."

Tang Zichen chatted with his high school classmates for over an hour before ordering his servants to arrange their accommodation.

Tomorrow was Tang Zichen's wedding day, so there were a lot of guests today.

There are those who don't know each other, and those who do know each other, anyway, those who can be involved in a little bit of relationship, all came, for example, Shangguan Zuo's grandfather, or Qi Xueyun's cousin's uncle, blah blah blah.Tang Zichen is also helpless about this.

"Zichen, my sister is also here."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Your sister?"


nbsp; Xu Mei Qian took a glance at Tang Zichen and said, "Don't you even know my sister anymore, Xu Yan, back in high school, and pretended to be in love with you."

"Oh, sorry, huh, Xu Yan, haven't seen your sister for decades, how is she now."Tang Zichen asked.

"She's in my room, if you're free, you can go meet her."

"Okay, I'll go check it out after I'm busy."

Two hours later, Tang Zichen arrived at Xu Mei Qian's room.

Xu Yan and a group of seven aunts and eight mothers were very lively in Xu Mei Qian's room.

Seeing Tang Zichen come in, Xu Mei Qian's group of seven aunts and eight aunts were shocked, then frantically saluted, "Greeting Senior Tang."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Gentlemen, don't be polite, you must all be Xu Mei Qian's relatives."

"Yes, I'm her third aunt."

"I'm her cousin."

"I'm her little aunt."

Tang Zichen waved his hand, busy interrupting them, "Fine, fine, thank you all for coming to my wedding, that, let me ask, is Mei Qian's sister here?"

Tang Zichen didn't even see Xu Yan in the room.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman standing at the end of the room laughed, "Is that about me?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, she was Xu Yan?The pretty schoolgirl from White Cloud High School back then?At a serious look, it was indeed Xu Yan, only, the change was so great that Tang Zichen couldn't even recognize the extent of it.

"Xu Yan, it's really you."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Oh, I've become so fat now that I can't even recognize you, right."Xu Yan said.

"Uh, no no, I didn't see you just now."

"Tang Zichen, congratulations."

"Thanks, then, old classmate, let's take a walk."Tang Zichen said.


Xu Yan followed out of the room and said, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to be so young, you look like you're only twenty-five."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly to, "Xu Yan, I haven't seen you for decades, how have these decades been?"

"Alas, what else can you do, little people like us have only a few good memories of our youth left nowadays.Still my sister is good, so this thing of opportunity, this is wonderful, not everyone has it."

"Xu Yan, how did you change so much now?Honestly, I can't even believe that thirty years ago, you were the school flower of White Cloud High School."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, even I don't believe it when I look at myself in the mirror, my body, after I turned thirty, it started to get seriously out of shape, maybe it's genetic, my mom was also, beautiful when she was young, but it changed a lot by the time she was thirty or forty.Look at me now, I've put on weight."

"Oh."Tang Zichen felt a burst of emotion inside, age is a pig-killing knife, no matter how beautiful a person is, they can't withstand this pig-killing knife.

"You should already have a family by now, right?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xu Yan stopped and looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "What, asking about my marriage ah, haha, what if I told you that I'm not married yet?"

"Ah, you're not married yet."Tang Zichen was shocked, he was fifty years old and still not married.

"Yeah, I haven't been married, truth be told, I'm still a virgin, in my family, because I'm the family coach, it's harsher, many young juniors call me an old witch or an old maid behind my back after being tortured by me, huh?"

"I go, Xu Yan, you make me feel bad like this, I want you to live a happy life, but you look like you are not happy, why did you get married?"

"Well, back then, I followed my sister's example and was determined to catch up with her, so I spent all my time on martial arts training, and as a result, I missed the best age, and then I was over thirty and out of shape, and I couldn't find a suitable one, so I simply stopped tying the knot and lived alone."


Xu Yan smiled, "What, you're distressed about me, if you're distressed about me, then why don't, you take my first time."


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