The King of Kungfu in school 1161-1170

Chapter 1161

Tang Zichen flew around the island in the sky, this island was seven or eight kilometers in radius, Tang Zichen felt that it was too small, it would not be enough after the development of the sect in the future.

So, Tang Zichen and the others continued their search elsewhere, the undersea location couldn't be too far from the land, within about three hundred kilometers.With the speed of an aircraft, three hundred kilometers would take less than ten minutes.

Finally, Tang Zichen saw a very beautiful sea island, a group of islands to be precise.

This group of islands, about thirty or so linked together, was extremely beautiful, and the stars held the three largest of them in the center like the moon.What was important wasn't that, but the ground of this island was high above sea level, and there was also a bamboo shoot-like pointy mountain on the island, so that there was no need to worry about tsunamis or anything like that.

"Yay, that's it."Tang Zichen said busily.

"Wow, this is a nice island."Xie Dayong smiled.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife also said, "This group of islands, it's just like an immortal island, so beautiful, even if it's even a small one, it has very high mountains, well, I like this place."

"Haha, then, I declare that this group of islands, all of them belong to my land."Tang Zichen shouted, then, rushed down to the islands.

In the days that followed, Tang Zichen simply planned the islands, setting the centermost one of them as the core of the Endless Gate, and simply built a wooden house to mark the spot.

Then, only then did Tang Zichen leave the island and head to the demonic territory.

About half a day later, they arrived in the sky above the Demon Cult's General Altar. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Wow, it's here, tsk, the flying machine is so unorthodox."

"It's the first time I've come to the Devil's Territory."The fifth senior brother smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys wait for me here, I'll go down first."

The teacher's wife was busy saying, "Will this be dangerous ah, after all, it's the Devil's Head Temple, and the people of the Devil's Cult are all vicious and evil."

"Shini, don't worry, I am a bit famous in the Jianghu world, at least my killing of the Liang Shan School ally master is known to both the righteous and devilish factions, how would ordinary people dare to touch me, unless they are above the Master Perfection level, but how could anyone above the Master Perfection level run into them so coincidentally."

"Alright, then you be careful."


Tang Zichen rushed down the Demon Sect's main altar.

He directly landed in the backyard where Mu Qianji lived.

"Hello, where's Mu Qianji?"Don asked a maid.

"Ah, you are?"

"It doesn't matter who I am, I'm looking for Mu Qianji."

"Princess, Princess she's not here."

"Not here?And where did she go?"

"I don't know, I'll have to ask the Bishop about that."

"Oh, the Patriarch."

Tang Zichen hesitated and went directly to the Sect Master, the Sect Master was only on the same level as a decent ally, so I'm sure the Sect Master wouldn't dare to do anything rash to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt that it was quite good to have a prestige.

"Reporting to the Patriarch, someone is looking for you outside." In a large hall, a black-clothed underling came in to report.

"Let him in."

Tang Zichen walked in.

This was the first time Tang Zichen had seen the Demon Patriarch.

The Demon Patriarch frowned, he had actually never seen Wind Lightning's true face, but this person was already as good as thunder.

"Could you be Wind Lightning?"The Bishop asked.


nbsp; "Reporting to senior, junior is exactly Wind Lightning, dare I ask if senior is the Demon Sect Master, Mu Yihao?"

"Hahaha, forgive you for just being Wind Lightning, you're a person I've been hearing about for over twenty years, and only now have I actually seen you, not bad, handsome indeed, no wonder my daughter, when she was a teenager, began to be infatuated with you."

"Oh, this is junior's honor."

"Wind Lightning, it's good that you're not dead."

"What? Senior doesn't want me to die?I have the impression that Senior would hate to kill me."Tang Zichen said.

"That was before, but now you're considered half my son-in-law, so of course it's different."


"Alright, I've accepted the feelings between you and my daughter, you truly love each other, I support you, besides, I also like you as a genius, I'm sure you will definitely be a talent for my Demon Sect in the future."

"Wait, what did Senior say?Last sentence."

"I'm sure the future is bound to be a talent for my demon religion."Mu repeated the sentence.

"Senior, you're wrong, how can I be a talent of the Devil Sect."

"What? You don't like my daughter anymore?"

"Like, of course I do, but that's a different matter."

"I'm sorry, there's no two ways about it with me, you have to be in the family to marry my daughter, and I think with your feelings for my daughter, that's not a problem at all."

"Wrong, it's a big problem."

"Hahahaha, Windy, there is no such thing as an empty glove story."

"Alright, Patriarch, I'm really not in the mood to chat with you today, I'm here to find Mu Qianji, where did she go?"

"Well?Didn't you come back with my daughter?"The Patriarch was startled, he thought that his daughter had brought Tang Zichen back to the Demon Sect's headquarters with her, but as a result, Wind Lightning was here to find someone.

"Senior Patriarch, what made you think that I came with Mu Qianji?"

"Wind Lightning, is it true that my daughter is not with you?"The Magician Patriarch was busy asking.

Tang Zichen was confused, he came to look for someone ah, how come the Patriarch was asking him now.

"Patriarch, how did I end up with Qian Jie, I all thought he died when he was in the Liang Shan Sect, a year later, just half a month ago I heard that she didn't die, so I rushed here to meet her after I finished handling the matter in hand."

"Ah."The Patriarch was stunned.

"Patriarch, tell me, where the hell did Thousand Extremities go?You must be aware of this, because you were the one who rescued Mu Qianji from the Liang Shan Sect a year ago."Tang Zichen said somewhat nervously, because looking at the Patriarch's expression, it seemed like he hadn't seen Mu Qianji for a long time either.

The Patriarch said, "A year ago, I led a few of my best men to the Liang Shan Sect to rescue Qianji, on the way back, we heard about what happened to you in the Liang Shan Sect, after that, Qianji didn't return to the Devil Sect with me, she said that she simply couldn't leave you behind, so she went back to the Righteous Alliance to find you, and we heard that after you killed the ally, you fell unconscious and were rolled by a jiao dragon!Gone."

"Yes, that augur is my friend, did Chichi say where she was going to find me?"

"No. We were already at the Masamune Junction and she returned to the Masamune on her own, and we haven't heard a word from her until now."


"I thought that Chichi had found you and brought you with her back to the main demon sect."The Bishop said.

"Oh."No wonder the Patriarch said something about a son-in-law, to join his family, and thought that Mu Qianji had brought him back to meet his parents.

"In that case, I'll take my leave first."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Zichen thought inwardly, since Mu Qianji went to the Righteous Alliance to find herself, there were two possibilities, first, she was still in the Righteous Alliance; second, she didn't find herself in the Righteous Alliance, so she might have gone to the other world, since Mu Qianji also probably thought that Blackie had taken him to the other world.


"Does the Patriarch have any more orders?"

"Wind Lightning, haven't you heard any news about my daughter in the Righteous Alliance?It's not supposed to be."The Patriarch asked with some concern.

"Back to senior, it seems not."

"Ah, this child, where would she go, something shouldn't have happened."

"Patriarch don't worry, I'm sure she'll be fine, I'm going to find her."

"You please."

"I should."Tang Zichen took a few steps and suddenly turned back, "By the way, Patriarch, I want to ask you about someone."


"My master, Ding Ru." First published at

"Why is your master asking me, I don't know you him well."The Patriarch said speechlessly.

"It's like this, a year ago, also about half a month after the death of the Liang Shan School Alliance Master, my master was captured by a strong man who I heard was at the level of a grand master, but such a strong man from our righteous alliance shouldn't have captured my master, and even if he had, he would have been released long ago, so I'm worried that it could be some such level strong man from the Devil Sect who captured my master."

"Okay, I'll ask around for you, but I'm telling you that you shouldn't be too optimistic if you're captured by a strong man of this level, you can only do as you're told.You can't afford to provoke a strong man of this level, and neither can I, don't get my daughter involved then."

"Don't worry, I won't be blind, I'll leave first then."

Tang Zichen walked out of the palace and burst into the sky as he was in a place where no one was around.

In the sky, next to the clouds, Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, as well as his wife, were standing in the sky.

I just happened to hear, "Wow, I used to think that the clouds in the sky were a mass, like cotton, but now I realize that it's simply a fog."

Tang Zichen said, "Clouds are originally fog, and you thought you could lie down and float on them ah, you look at it from the ground, because of the distance, it looks like a cloud of cotton."

"Brother Wind, you're back, hey, where's the witch?Uh, excuse me, where's Mochizen?"Big Brother asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Mu Qianji she's not at the Magic Sect's head office."

"Where did she go?"

"I don't know, I went to ask the magician and he thought he was with me."

"Ah, it's not like he's disappeared again, like Master."

"Bah, bah, don't talk nonsense."Third Senior Sister was busy.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I think she should be in another world, she went to the Righteous Alliance and didn't find me, she will definitely go to another world, let's go, let's leave now and head to the bottomless abyss in the Devil's territory."

Soon, they arrived at the bottomless abyss.

"Wow, what a spectacular bottomless abyss."

The teacher asked, "Windy, is it really okay to jump down here?"

"Sensei, don't look at the appearance of this bottomless abyss that is terrifying, but it's actually scary, otherwise wouldn't it be two worlds coming and going."


"Haha, to travel to the other world, so excited to think about it.Brother Wind, when you go to the other world, you'll have to take us all the fun."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded


Then, Tang Zichen took the lead and jumped into the bottomless abyss.

Not long after, they emerged from the bottomless abyss of another world.

"Wow, amazing."Everyone exclaimed for a while.

"Brothers and sisters, this is the other world la, welcome to the other world."

Fourth senior brother said, "Brother Feng, it doesn't look good either, this mountain isn't as green as our world, and I always feel that the air isn't as good as our world."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this nose is really smart, this Thousand Mountain Tomb is considered far away from the city's noisy mountains, if the air here is not good, then back in the metropolis, I don't know how to dislike it.

The teacher's wife also said, "The air is indeed not as fresh as our world, maybe this place happens to be the place with the worst air in the world, we also have the worst air in that world."

Tang Zichen was speechless, this Thousand Mountain Tomb was considered the place where the air was good after all.

"Alright, stop talking, let's go, back to the Yan Huang Empire, to this world, here I am the master, I am the strongest person in this world, and that's before stepping into the clan."

"I'll go."Although everyone already knew, they were still surprised, to think that in another world, there were countless strong men above their heads, and the mysterious continent across the distant ocean, but here was the number one in the world, what a world of difference.

Tang Zichen brought his brothers and sisters to a flying ship base near the Thousand Mountains Tomb.

This flying ship base was specifically for Tang Zichen to use after he came here.

"Senior Tang, you're here, hey, they are?"The base crew was busy greeting.

"Alright, don't ask so many questions, give me a flying ship."

"Okay, but, Senior Tang, do you want to be given the newest new flying ship that you've developed?"

"A new type of flying ship?"

"Yeah, it's newly developed, the Empire sent you one right away for your convenience, but it's not as stable as the old model."The staff said.

"New type of flying ship, how fast is it?"

"Hey, it's twice as fast as the old type, and it only takes about three days to fly from here to Wangjing City."

"Wow, that's a lot of time to shrink, so let's get the new type of flying ship out of here."


Not long after, a brand new, white flying ship drove out, this new type of flying ship was a little different from the old one, it had a knife-like oval shape, it looked flatter, and it was still flattened diagonally, obviously, the wind resistance was much less.

Tang Zichen greeted everyone, "Get on the flying ship."

"Windy, what is this thing?"The teacher's wife asked.

"Hey, Sensei, this is a flying ship, which is far faster than a flying machine."

"No way, there are things that are faster than flying machines."

"Of course there is, this flying ship is the fastest thing in the world, it's about ten times faster than a flying machine, right?"

"Ah."Everyone was incomparably surprised.

Tang Zichen just laughed, this world was truly extraordinary in terms of science.

Tang Zichen started the flying ship, then set the direction and flew towards the Yanhuang Empire.

"Wow, this seat is so soft and comfortable."Third Senior Sister touched the leather seats on the flying ship and said, this level of seat was certainly not seen in the other world.

"Yeah, how in the world can there be such a comfortable seat, and what are all these things, they look so high-class.".


Big Brother Xie Yong exclaimed, "This world, it really is more advanced."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud, and when he heard Big Brother's words, he couldn't help but think of the time when he first crossed into this world, Tang Zichen also often exclaimed, "This world, it really is more advanced.Unexpectedly, Big Brother also came up with this sentence.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow brothers and sisters, there are three days from our destination, and we will all be spending these three days on the flying ship, but there is food on the ship, so don't worry."

"What about sleep?Where's the bathroom?"Second Senior Brother Hao Zizhu asked.

"Yeah, I want to go to the bathroom too."

Big brother said, "You guys, you're so nosy, you're just holding it in these three days."

Tang Zichen smiled, "No need to hold it in, there are toilets on the flying ship too, come here everyone."

Tang Zichen came to the end of the flying ship, there was a door, although very short, like entering a low basement, but, inside quickly and neatly, just like a modern toilet, there is a toilet, a shower, but also a washbasin.At the moment, the place was clean with towels and everything, and the base staff of course always had them ready.

"This toilet, open the lid of this toilet, sit on this, and you can go to the toilet."

Little Sister and other women's blushes, Tang Zichen was speechless, really feudal, say a toilet words will blush shy and embarrassed.

"And then here, turn on the nozzle, you can take a bath, see, hot water, this flying ship has hot water." Remember the URL

"There's water here too, is this water from the world?"Big Brother couldn't seem to comprehend where the water came from, as far as he could remember, it was all piped up from a spring in the mountains.

"Oh, this flying ship is the outer surface, there must be a place to hide the water ah, then using the wind resistance to heat it, there is hot water.Alright, now it's all clear."

Little Sister said, "But, with so many people here, who would dare to bathe here."

"Oh, Shisui ah, the space here is limited, the whole area is dedicated to washing, don't compare the space here with the room in the other world oh.As soon as you lock the door of this bathroom, you can take a shower, don't worry, the soundproofing is super good, you won't be able to hear anything outside."

"Oh."Everyone nodded.

Don then took them to the right side of the flying ship and pulled open an invisible door.

"Here, this is the flying ship's kitchen, if you want to cook, you can cook it here, this is the refrigerator, look, it's all going to need a lot more food now, I'll cook it for you guys in the evening ah."

The teacher's wife frowned and asked, "But, how can you cook without a stove?"

"Yeah, no firewood either."

Tang Zichen smiled, "The kitchen here, there's no need for a stove anymore, see here, there's an induction stove and gas, both of which can cook, you'll know it when you watch me cook at night."

"Wow, this world, it really is more advanced."Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters said with a series of nods.

"Hehe, and then to the flight pod outside, what about this chair, press here and it will automatically lie flat, then, it will become a small bed la."Tang Zichen instructed the chair.

Fifth Senior Brother asked, "Brother Feng, why does the chair expand and contract when you press this button?Is there some animal hiding in there to help us pull?"

"Haha, no la, it's electric, there's a motor inside, this is too complicated, we'll understand later."

Tang Zichen picked up the remote control and pressed it, and the flight pod's TV turned on.

"Hahahaha, Eh, a peasant like you, also dares to appear in front of me."The TV suddenly sounded with the laughter of a man in a strange uniform.

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were shocked and busy, "Who are you?"

"Brother Feng, why is there someone else hiding here."

"Yes, Brother Feng, I thought there was only

What about us."

Third Sister said, "And this man is arrogant, is this flying ship his?"

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, thinking that the first time Tang Zichen saw a TV, he also made a joke.

At that moment, Dao: "Brother Feng, this, it's not what you told me about before, what's the TV, right?"

"Yes, this is the TV."

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, what's going on ah, you tell us clearly, you scared everyone, is it real or not?"

"Of course the people in there are real people."

"Ah, they're real people."

"Real people, but you could say they're dummies, well, I really don't know how to explain it, anyway, let's pretend they're in another world."

"Wow, how advanced."

Tang Zichen immediately found a movie out and played it for everyone to see, it was a martial arts movie, the reason for playing martial arts, this was to make everyone feel more contemporary, after all, the other world was sort of a martial arts world.

And so, all the way everyone spent three days happily, and then flew ships into the territory of the Yan Huang Empire.

After these three days, watching the movie already Tang Zichen's explanation, they also became more understanding of this world, no longer as silly as when they first arrived.

"Senior brother and senior sister, we've arrived."

"Wow, here we are."

"Down here is the Yan Huang Empire, Wangjing City, I was once an emperor here, in addition, my friends in this world, and, the women, all live here."

When Tang Zichen spoke of the women, he looked at his little sister, who really did look a bit white.

Tang Zichen couldn't care less and the flying ship landed on the ground of Wangjing City.

Because the flying ship stayed in mid-air, when Tang Zichen landed on the ground of the palace, Tang Zichen's group of friends had already gathered around.

Tang Zichen pulled open the hatch and Xiao Meng was the first to fly up, "Brother Zichen."

"Ugh."Before Xiao Meng even flew through the hatch, she saw an unfamiliar face inside, and they all seemed to be classically dressed, in no way like people from this world.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, they are my brothers and sisters, and my teacher's wife."

"Oh."Xiao Meng looked a little nervous.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior brothers and senior sisters and senior mothers, let's go, we'll enter the main hall first, then I'll introduce my friends to you one by one."

"Good."Shisun led the way down the hatch.

"Wow."Liu Yue Wang Xing and the others exclaimed when they saw Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, Wang Xing said, "I bet that must be Tang Zichen's little sister, I dare you to bet."

Liu Yue gave him a blank look, "Nonsense, you still need to bet on this, then I'll bet two packs of spicy strips, do you want them?"

A moment later, Tang Zichen's little sister also stepped off the flying ship.

Liu Yue Wangxing's eyes lit up again.

"Hey, another such young and pretty girl, which one is the junior sister?It's all beautiful!"Wang Xing and Liu Yue were confused.

Tang Zichen looked at everyone standing in front of him and didn't see Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen's heart thumped, did Mu Qianji not come to this world?

Impossible, Mu Qianji couldn't find me in the Righteous Alliance and would surely come to this world.

Tang Zichen was a bit anxious inside, but at the moment, he didn't care for now.

Tang Zichen said to everyone, "I'm back, and, bringing my brothers and sisters, as well as my teacher's wife, everyone, enter the main hall, I'll formally introduce myself to everyone."



Everyone entered the main hall.

In turn, Tang Zichen introduces his brothers and sisters to his friends, and in turn, the friends of this world to their brothers and sisters.

This process will not be described in detail anymore.

After the introductions, Tang Zichen asked, "That, has Mu Qianji ever been here?It's the time I've been away."

Everyone shook their heads and said, "No."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was a little lost inside, he thought that Mu Qianji was 100% here, but as a result, she didn't come to this world, so where the hell did she go?

In the days that followed, Tang Zichen took his senior brother, senior sister, and senior mother on a tour of this world, and they finally understood it.

Then, two months passed in a blink of an eye, and they were almost tired of playing.

Tang Zichen couldn't continue to spend his days here desolate, and had to get back on track as soon as possible.

Tang Zichen was going to gather a group of scientists in this world and take them to another world.

However, at this moment, there came an unbelievable event. One second to remember to read the book

"Reporting to Senior Tang, our flying ship base stationed near the Thousand Hills Tomb, yesterday an employee returned to the Yanhuang Empire, he said that the Thousand Hills Tomb had disappeared overnight."

"What did you say?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"The Thousand Hills Tomb has disappeared."

"Heh, funny, who said that, tell him to come see me."


Half a day later, a man came.

"Pay your respects to Senior Tang."

"You were an employee of the base stationed near Thousand Mountain Tomb before?"

"Yes, I'm an employee of the base, Thousand Mountain Tomb, I work shifts every six months, and now I'm in the middle of my shift, I've been resting for the past six months."

"Alright, don't talk to me about this useless stuff, you came back and told someone that Thousand Mountain Tomb is missing?What does that mean?"

"Oh yes, we used to take a flying ship to the sky a few times, and every time we could see the special beauty of the Thousand Hills Tomb's sea-like lip building, but the night before I came back, the sea-like lip building of the Thousand Hills Tomb was gone."The employee downplayed the fact that he didn't know that the Thousand Hills Tomb was a passage that could be traversed to another world and thought it was just an unexplainable natural wonder.

"Alright, you can go back."


Tang Zichen furrowed his brow and called Xiao Meng over.

"Brother Zichen, what's wrong?"

"Xiaomeng, are you free."

"Brother Zichen, what is it, of course I'm free."Xiao Meng was busy nodding her head, afraid that Tang Zichen wouldn't look for her like that.

"Accompany me to the Thousand Hills Tomb."

"Uh, just us?"

"Don't think too much, I just heard that the Thousand Hills Tomb had disappeared and went to take a look."Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Nima, don't scare me."

If the Thousand Mountains Tomb disappeared, it would really be a break.

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng got on a flying ship and immediately rushed to the Thousand Mountains Tomb.

Three days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Thousand Mountain Tomb, luckily the flying ship had been upgraded and was twice as fast, otherwise it would take seven days.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen stood on the mountain next to the Thousand Mountains Tomb, and at a glance, there was only a rolling mountain range, while the Thousand Mountains Tomb that used to stand in mid-air in the middle of the world like a lip building was already without a trace.

"How did this happen?"Tang Zichen stayed.

"Brother Zichen, the Thousand Hills Tomb is really gone, what's this, what's going on?"

"Me too.

I don't know, God, what the fuck is going on."

"So, then, can you travel back to the other world?"

"I don't know."Tang Zichen immediately tried it, and the results spoke for themselves, even the Thousand Mountains Tomb was missing, so how could he cross back.

"It's finished."Tang Zichen had a sky-is-falling thought in his mind.

Two days ago, the teacher's wife was still saying that it was almost time to go back after playing.

How else to go back now.

"Brother Zichen, what to do then."

"Let's go back first."Tang Zichen said in frustration.

After another three days, Tang Zichen returned to Wangjing City.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy asking, "Feng'er, where have you been?"

"Sensei, I."

"Alright.Don't say so much, we've had almost enough fun in this world, it would be a waste of time to play any longer, we have to hurry back, I don't know if you've instructed the Demon Master to inquire about your master's whereabouts."The teacher's wife was busy saying.

Tang Zichen's face was pale.

"Feng'er, what's wrong with you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Madam, I have something to tell you all."

"What is it?"

"Alas, let the other division brothers come along."

A moment later, all of Tang Zichen's division brothers came.

"Brother Feng, what are you doing, mysteriously, didn't you say that you were going back to build our sect?When are you leaving to go back."Big Brother Dao.

"Yes, Brother Wind, after playing for so long, there's no mystery in this world anymore, I felt quite advanced when I first came here, but now it's nothing more than that, the air here always feels bad."Second Senior Brother said.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow brothers and sisters, do you know where I've been for the past few days?"

"Don't be long-winded."

"I heard someone report that the Thousand Hills Tomb had disappeared, so I rushed to check it out with Xiao Meng, and as a result, it's really gone."

"What is the Thousand Mountains Tomb?"

"The Tomb of a Thousand Hills is the passage to the other world."

"Ah."Everyone was shocked.

The teacher's wife was busy saying, "Windy, what do you mean?"

"Sensei, this means that we can never go back to the other world."

"Buzz."Everyone felt their brains buzzing.

"How could the Thousand Mountain Tomb disappear?It's the junction of two worlds, huh?"Xu Mei Qian Dao.

: "It could be that God doesn't allow people from both worlds to cross over, so after the number of people or number of times that the Thousand Hills Tomb crosses over reaches a certain amount, or after the time reaches a certain amount, they will change locations in order to stop more people from crossing over in the future.Of course, this is my hypothesis, and the premise of the hypothesis is that there really is a God."

Everyone looked at Moe incredulously.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Xiao Meng's guess is also very reasonable, over the past few years, I've often worn through both worlds, so now the passage is sealed, preventing me from coming and going between the two worlds again.As for who sealed the passage, it doesn't matter anymore, because no matter who it was, we're all microbes in his eyes, not even as good as ants."

"How did we get so unlucky, so we're really going to have to live here for the rest of our lives?"The teacher's wife was in a hurry, she was still thinking of finding out about her husband.

Tang Zichen's second senior brother said, "It's over, it's really over."

In comparison, Tang Zichen's friends in this world were not too anxious, because they were originally from this world, and the worst-case scenario was that they would not go to the other world in the future.


: "The passage of the Thousand Mountains Tomb has disappeared, perhaps, transferred to another place in this world, so there's no need to be too anxious, maybe one day in the future, we'll be in another place and find the passage after the transfer."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I also think so, the passage between the two worlds should not be closed, it must have been transferred to another place that no one knows about.I'm issuing a world-class order today, asking everyone in the world to keep an eye out for any sudden, new terrain changes that have popped up recently, such as a certain mountain suddenly adding a sinkhole overnight or something like that, and if there is, it's most likely that the passage has shifted there."

"Alas, that's all there is to it."Tang Zichen's little sister sighed.

The days after that, Tang Zichen lived a muddled life, or rather, Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, his senior sister and others lived a muddled life, they didn't know what to get up for every day, although this world had a high quality of life, with milk and bread, and many other delicacies that the other world had never enjoyed before.But, where so what, their purpose of living was not to enjoy life, but to constantly break through themselves.

In this world with no clan realm, it was like a fish that lived in a pond, the pattern was there, and no matter how much it grew, it couldn't grow as large as a whale.

Tang Zichen had issued worldwide orders to go down, and in the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

There was no half-hearted response.

"Fuck, has no one in the world noticed the changes that have popped up overnight?"

"Whew, what a tragedy, can't go back to the other world, what about Mu Qianji, what about Master, what about the future, what about ending up here for the rest of your life?Death by solitude?To live here to breed a bunch of children and grandchildren?"

"No, this is not the life I want, I want the ultimate in martial arts, I want to be like the ancestor back then, I want to aspire to surpass the Ancestor's realm and step by step reach the pinnacle of martial arts."

Tang Zichen and the others were like rats that were locked in a room and couldn't go out. First URL

"No, we can't go on declining like this."

Tang Zichen summoned his Master and the others to a meeting.

"Windy, what are you trying to say to cheer us up?"Sensei said spiritlessly.

"Shisun, we can't just go on muddling around like this."

"It's already impossible to go back, what can we do if we're not muddling along, don't you think, this world is like a small pond, we're all little fish living in this pond, and it's locked us in here, you think, what future do we have in such a small pond.It would be fine if those who have been living here all this time, because they don't know the more exciting world out there, just this generation to reproduce, but we're not happy."

Big Brother said, "Shisuniang, I know you are concerned about your master, but there is nothing anyone can do about it now, so why don't you listen to Brother Wind and start practicing from tomorrow as if we are going back, if we all give in, then we are even less likely to go back."

"Yes, Shisan.Let's just pretend that the location of the Endless Gate has been temporarily moved here, and never give up on ourselves."

At the start of the next day, Tang Zichen and the others picked up their spirits and continued to work hard on their martial arts training and research.

At this moment, in another world, somewhere deep in the mountains, Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru, was tied up under a large tree.

"Senior, let me go."


bsp; "Let you go?Hmph, ridiculous."

"Senior, I really don't have what you want."

"A year ago, I personally heard a man pressuring you about the identity of the child you picked up and some of the objects you were carrying around, do you think I didn't hear that?"

"Senior, yes, he was indeed picked up by me, but there really wasn't anything you wanted, just an ordinary letter on him, and that letter, after you tortured me for a year, I had already written it out to you, and you saw it, it was really nothing, so why won't you let me go?"Ding Ru begged bitterly.

"I don't believe it, you must have lied to me, there must be something else."

"Senior, I know that you are by no means a master realm powerhouse, you must be beyond master realm powerhouse, I don't understand, what exactly are you looking for my apprentice for."

"Kid, you're quite discerning, and yes, I am indeed not in the Ancestor realm anymore."

"Then what exactly is your origin?You seem to be looking for someone."

"Yes, I'm looking for someone, a few decades ago, some super family, in a time of crisis, sent the youngest son of the family away quietly, because this youngest son, who was not even three years old, was an existence unknown to their enemies, only by sending this unknown son away, could they preserve the only bloodline of his family, so that the enemies would not pursue them.But unfortunately, I know about this, I've searched for twenty years, I've searched almost everywhere, I just can't find it, and now I'm only left with this place far away from the other continents, so I'm sure that the little son who was sent away, is here.You said you picked up a child over thirty years ago, looks like something a bit unusual, right."

"Who said that, nonsense, nothing of the sort."

At this moment, Ding Ru's face was a bit bad, he seemed to have understood that this strong man, it turned out that his purpose was completely different from Song Dingtian, Song Dingtian had previously poked around Tang Zichen's origins to see if there were any good techniques.This person, however, who had found Tang Zichen, was related to Tang Zichen's enemies, and was most likely sent by Tang Zichen's real origins' enemies.

Therefore, Ding Ru wouldn't say much to death.

When he picked up Tang Zichen back then, he felt that Tang Zichen's background must be extraordinary, not to mention anything else, just from the clothes Tang Zichen was wearing at that time, there was absolutely no tailor in this Jianghu who could make such a magnificent fabric.The letter didn't really say anything about it, just hoped that the person who was fortunate enough to have him would bring him up properly, not let him train in martial arts, and be an ordinary person from now on.

Unfortunately, the old man in front of him didn't believe in it at all.

"Kid, I urge you to give a clear and honest account of yourself.Where you live, and what's the name of that kid you picked up."

"I won't tell."

"Yah yah."The old man stomped his foot in anger, if he wasn't really desperate enough to find out, he wouldn't have wasted so much time on this man.

Now, Ding Ru just wouldn't say anything, not only wouldn't say anything, not even his own identity, otherwise, the old man could just go to the Divine Dragon School and find out right away that the person's name was Wind Lightning, and find Wind Lightning to verify that it was not the child he was looking for.

Ding Ru said inwardly, "I must not reveal my own identity, let alone the name of Feng'er, or else Feng'er is definitely in danger.Feng'er is the one he's looking for in eight out of ten cases."Ding Ru seemed to be very sure within himself, and he also wanted to know what Feng'er's true origins were, and why a person who had surpassed the realm of a master would come looking for him.


In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Yes, Tang Zichen and his brothers and sisters had lived in this world for three years.

Fortunately, in these three years, Little Sister had completely stepped into the Ancestor realm, and of course, Little Sister had created her own martial arts, but couldn't compare to Tang Zichen's endlessness.

Little Meng, on the other hand, had finally comprehended her own martial dao, and was only waiting for the day when she would be able to step into creating her own martial art, thus stepping into the Ancestor.

The rest of the people, Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters didn't change much, instead, Tang Zichen's friends in this world, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, and others, had reached Unity Realm Perfection and Great Perfection.If this continued, their future strength might even surpass several of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters.

It seemed that they had changed a lot since their physiques had been altered by Mu Qianji's Buried Moon Sword.

As for Tang Zichen, his progress was considered the greatest because, in the past three years, he had stepped into the middle stage of the Ancestor Realm.

Tang Zichen was able to step into the early stages of the Ancestor Realm, but to be able to step into the middle stages of the Ancestor Realm again in such a short span of several years, this was nothing short of frightening.

As for Tang Zichen's sifu, he was still at the middle stage of the Zongshi realm, and Tang Zichen was already on par with his sifu's martial arts realm.

Yan Xinyi admired Tang Zichen very much, and she also felt that Tang Zichen's future was definitely extraordinary, it seemed, Tang Zichen's origin was definitely extraordinary.

Yan Xinyi felt that it was time for her to tell Tang Zichen about adopting him as a child. Remember the website

Of course, some people are happy and some are sad.

For example, Yan Qiang, Long Tianqin.

In these three years, Yan Qiang's father, that is, Yan Long, he passed away, not in death, but at the end of his life.

That wasn't the only thing that Yan Qiang was sorrowful about, but also himself.

Everyone knew that among the people who had been transformed by Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword, there was no Yan Qiang and Long Tianqin.

Now, it was almost ten years in a flash.

Both Yan Qiang and Long Tianqin were nearly forty years old.

Yan Qiang was better, Long Tianqin was the worst, her own martial talent was low, so, being nearly forty, she really looked like an aunt level at the moment, despite how much she took care of herself, she couldn't hide the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes, and standing together with Xu Mei Qian and the others, she was clearly not at the same age level.

Tang Zichen was also helpless about this.

As for Yan Qiang, although he would be better, but, at forty years old, he was also obviously a cut above Liu Yue, Wang Xing and others who were older.

Yan Qiang could only sigh, people are the same, fate is different, it seems he has no chance to get Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword transformation, this is fate, seeing Wang Xing and others have stepped into the Unity Realm Great Perfection, he can only envy.

Under Tang Zichen's facilitation, Yan Qiang got married to Long Tianqin.

They were both not young anymore, it was time to get married.

Long Tianqin used to like Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, fate played tricks on her, Tang Zichen didn't like her, and now that she was old and decrepit, Tang Zichen stood in front of her just like her son, she also had self-knowledge and naturally didn't dare to fantasize.So, she married the sympathetic Yan Qiang and prepared to spend the rest of her life like this.

One night, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife called Tang Zichen to her room.Don't think too much, it's not what you think.


What is it, Mother?"Tang Zichen asked, the teacher's wife is still not asleep, sitting on the sofa in the room, is reading a book, living in this world for a few years, Tang Zichen's wife has also changed after all fashion, a little unlike the previous teacher's wife, like an urban style of the beauty of the president's feeling.If she wasn't Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, Tang Zichen might really be tempted when he saw such a beautiful person, worthy of being a great beauty who was a sensation back then.

"Feng'er, I didn't disturb your rest."

"What is the teacher's wife talking about, in this era, nightlife hasn't even started at nine o'clock."

"Oh, Feng'er, now that your martial arts realm is the same as mine, and you're still so young, your future path will definitely be farther than Shini-san's."

"Sifu, that's not necessarily true, no one can say what the future holds."

"Feng'er, you're not even far beyond your master, it seems that you really aren't an average person."

"Shisuniang, are you trying to say something about my origins?All these years, I didn't ask you voluntarily because I knew that if you wanted to talk, you would naturally talk to me."


"Well, Shisun, I also want to know who I am."

Sifu said, "A few decades ago, when your master and I were descending a mountain, we passed by a seaside and saw a delicate, aquamarine box, so we fished that box out.Because that chest was not an ordinary item at a glance, and no one even in our continent could make it.We thought it would be some kind of gold, silver and jewellery, but after opening it, we were dumbfounded.There was a child inside, and that child was about five years old, and yes, that child was you."

"Uh, why would I be in a box?And it's still floating at sea."Tang Zichen was incredulous.

"No, that's not what's really surprising, we saw a letter in the box, it should have been written by your relatives, the letter said that they wanted someone fortunate enough to adopt you, not to teach you martial arts, so that you could be an ordinary person, and the letter also mentioned that you were three years old."

"Three years old?Didn't you just say I was about five?Am I as old as three as I am five?"Tang Zichen asked.

Tang Zichen's mentor shook her head, "No, I'm a physician, how could I not test your age, when we opened the box, you were indeed five years old, which means, you've spent two years in the box."


"Yes, you were put in that wonderful box from the time you were three years old, and then into the sea, and it was not until you were five that we found you, and you had lived two years alone in the tiny box, and it broke my heart to see you then.A child so small, I don't know how he survived these two years, lying alone in a box every day, floating in the sea, it was so heartbreaking."Shini-san wiped her tears and said.

"Auntie, I'm a bit confused, won't I starve to death?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Feng'er, since your relatives put you into the box, naturally they won't let you starve to death, if I'm not mistaken, when you were put into the box, you must have already taken some kind of treasure that can at least ensure that you won't starve to death or die of thirst within a few years, keep the nutrients your body needs, and without taking food directly, and naturally without feces, this kind of treasure isn't rare."


Tang Zichen nodded, he himself didn't remember anything at all, the only thing he did remember was that he used to happen to remember that when he was about three years old, a woman had asked him to write down the Life Blood Hidden Technique, and about that woman it was also vague, he didn't remember her appearance at all.


The teacher's wife cried when she remembered the scene.A child so small, placed in a box, and then thrown into the ocean, left to drift, and there was also the risk of being buried in the belly of a fish, how helpless must have been to do this, I'm sure that mother, when she threw the box into the sea with her own hands, that heart must have broken, must have made plans to say goodbye forever.

Yan Xin Yi can't go to imagine, those two years, Tang Zichen alone so small, nothing, lonely in the box to grow up, from three years old, grow to five years old.He didn't know why his mother, who used to love him so much, suddenly didn't want him anymore.When he opened the box and saw the child's clear eyes, Yan Xin Yi could never forget that moment for the rest of her life.

"Alright, Auntie, don't cry, I'm alive and well,"Tang Zichen said somewhat sorrowfully, Tang Zichen didn't blame her own parents for why they threw him away, it must have been a last resort, and I'm afraid that when they threw themselves into the sea, it was more painful than anyone else, the feeling of separating flesh and bones, people who didn't have personal experience wouldn't understand.

When Tang Zichen heard his teacher's wife say that, he suddenly also kind of wanted to know who his parents were and what his origins were.

"Aunt Sifu, is there anything else about my origins other than this?"Don Zichen asked.

"Just a letter, a very brief letter, which doesn't reveal anything about your origins, perhaps to protect you in case you fall into the wrong hands.However, the wonderful box, and the way you are dressed, and the fact that you were able to live for two years without eating anything in the box, it shows that you must have come from a long line of people, or at least it is certain that you are not someone from that river and lake of ours.So, both your master and I are guessing that you are, most likely, floating in from across the distant ocean, from another continent."

"Well, one day, I'll go across the distant ocean to take a look, of course, only if we can still return to the other world, otherwise, it's all for nothing."

"Feng'er, your relatives must have been very helpless to send you away so hard back then, you don't want to go back to that continent easily ah, otherwise, your relatives' painstaking efforts in the first place would have been in vain."

Tang Zichen resolutely said, "Shizuo, I must know my origins, I want to know my parents, and my family, since I already know, I can't do without hearing about it."

Yan Xin Yi regretted saying, "I should have known not to tell you, you see, if I told you you would be like this, the letter from your relatives has already said that they don't want you to practice martial arts, so that you can be an ordinary person, originally we also didn't intend to teach you to practice martial arts, but, you are talented, you watched the other senior brothers practice martial arts, and then you can see it, and you are also more powerful than them, so we are alsoHelpless."

"Sensei, don't worry, I'll be careful." One second to remember to read the book

Yan Xinyi said, "Feng'er, if we can really return to the other world in the future, then you have to promise me that unless you're in the end a great and very powerful grand master, you can go and find the answers to your origins, okay?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Okay, I promise you."

"You mustn't blame Shizuo."

"I can understand that, after all, I'm too weak, if I really have an enemy, I'll only seek death."

"Good, then you should go back and rest, it's late, go to bed early."

"Goodnight, Shisun."

Tang Zichen left, and the teacher's wife closed the door, lying on the bed alone, it had been four years since her husband disappeared, and she was surrounded by loneliness at all times, if one day she learned that her husband was really dead, then she was ready to follow him, because it was meaningless for her to live alone.

Tang Zichen was lying on his bed, right now his mind was filled with what his teacher's wife said, about him, just now Tang Zichen was in his teacher's wife's room, he acted calmly, but that was an act.

Now back in one's room, his whole body looked like he was going crazy.

"So I have a mother, it turns out that my mother didn't abandon me, mother, the child misses you so much, where are you."Tang Zichen's eyes were moist, he hated the present when he was a child and abandoned him, but now that he knew that wasn't the case, he couldn't let go of his heart, he hadn't shouted the word 'mother' since he was a child, he suddenly wanted to shout it once, he wanted to know what his mother was like.

However, he couldn't know at all now, because he couldn't go back to the other world, and even if he did, his strength wouldn't be able to easily find his own birthright, and even if he did, he might not still be able to see his mother, because, nine times out of ten, she was already dead.

Tang Zichen accumulated a hatred inside, who was the one who destroyed his original home, who was the one who separated him from his mother's flesh and blood.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen hissed, his mind haunted by the vague image in his memory, the sound of a woman holding him and asking him to remember the secrets of martial arts.

"She must be my mother, must be, mother, I miss you so much."Tang Zichen threw himself on his knees and choked with tears.

A night without a word, the next day, Tang Zichen woke up early, in fact Tang Zichen hadn't slept all night, so he woke up early to practice martial arts.

"I must grow up fast, I want to find my origins, I want to know who harmed my family, I hope I still have a chance to see my mother."Tang Zichen said to himself internally as he practiced his martial arts.

From afar, Yan Xin Yi looked at Tang Zichen and saw Tang Zichen sweating and practicing, she seemed to know that it must be because she told Tang Zichen about his origins last night that inspired Tang Zichen to practice martial arts so fiercely today, wanting to train himself to the point of feeling like a demon, moreover, Yan Xin Yi felt a hatred from Tang Zichen's sword.

"Ugh."Yan Xin Yi sighed, really not sure if it was right or wrong to tell Tang Zichen, the purpose of beating him since he was a child and Ding Ru not telling anyone was to let Tang Zichen live in peace, not to impose on him because of a burden that wasn't his, which was also what his relatives had asked for in their letters.

However, telling Tang Zichen also had the advantage of motivating Tang Zichen, making him more motivated and clearer in his goals.

This intangible thing called 'motivation' was invisible, but in some cases, it was incredibly important.For example, it was once recorded in an ancient book that a person stepped into the grand completion of the Ancestor realm, and was unable to progress for decades afterwards, and suddenly one day, his knotted wife was raped and then killed by a strong man who surpassed the Ancestor, and this endless hatred covered his heart, which inspired him to take revenge, and as a result, he surpassed the Ancestor soon after and was finally able to take his revenge.Yan Xingyi told Tang Zichen's life story, which also had the benefit of motivation.


"What's going on with Brother Wind?"

"Why are you up so early today for martial arts practice."

"And it's like taking gunpowder."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

Wang Xing and the others also came over.

"Good morning, fellow teachers and brothers."Wang Xing greeted Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters.

"Good morning, Wang Xing."

Now that they had all mingled, they were not strangers at all.

Wang Xing looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Hey, Zichen's sword style is a bit off today, it seems a bit fierce."

Second senior brother Hao Zizhu gave Wang Xing a blank look, "You only know."

"Hehe, it can't be that last night, Zichen surrendered before it was time and was punished by kneeling for a night of scrubbing."Wang Xing chuckled. The first website

A group of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, however, looked at Wang Xing in confusion and said, "What are you talking about?Why don't I understand?"

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were still relatively simple, how could they understand Wang Xing's words.

"Alright, I don't want to bring you guys down, alright, I'm going to brush my teeth."

"Che, still playing dumb riddles."

Tang Zichen stopped practicing his sword and took a deep breath.

"Brother Feng, it's so early today."

"Well, okay."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen controlled his emotions and didn't let them get the better of him.

"Everyone go brush your teeth and wash your face, then eat, after that, I'll take you to a place."Tang Zichen said.

"To what place?"

"We'll find out after we eat."

Tang Zichen planned to go to Martial Island, not to travel of course, but to the memory stone.

In an underground city on Martial Island, there was a more advanced memory stone, this memory stone had been closed due to a lack of energy, originally Tang Zichen had no intention of going there again, however, Tang Zichen learned of his origins, he desperately needed to be strong within himself, because his desire to know his mother reached infinity, this desire compelled him.

Therefore, Tang Zichen had to try again to see if he could enter that memory stone to train again.

In that memory stone, there were many Zongshi realm powerhouses, and in the past, Tang Zichen was still there, and was repeatedly shot to death by a Zongshi realm powerhouse a dozen times, and in the end, Tang Zichen's must-kill intent increased a lot.In the end, the must-kill intent was strong enough to reach a certain level, and then it accumulated into a martial dao, and then created its own martial art, thus stepping into the Zongshi.Of course, this process was easy to say, and everyone could see how much time and effort Tang Zichen had spent on it.

After eating, Tang Zichen said to everyone, "Everyone, today we're going to Martial Island."

"Why are we going to Martial Island?The Lord of Wulin has been dead for a long time. Should we go pay our respects to him?Besides, the if's Martial Forest Island has a new owner."

"Zichen, you're not going to go and reclaim Martial Island for the previous owner's disciples, are you."

"Alright, don't interrupt, Martial Island has a memory stone, I want to see if I can still enter the memory stone to practice again.Also, my brothers and sisters, and my teacher's wife and sisters, haven't seen the memory stone yet, so it's good for them to experience it once."


Tang Zichen looked towards Yan Qiang who was not far away and asked, "Yan Qiang, do you want to come along?"

Yan Qiang shook his head and said, "No."

"Ugh, well, then you stay at home with your wife."

"Oh, okay, you guys go ahead, good luck."

Yan Qiang watched Tang Zichen and the others get on the flying ship and leave Wangjing City, he had an inexpressible feeling of sadness, what a time and fate.

Long Tianqin came up and said, "Why don't you go with them to Martial Island for training."

"They are all Unity Realm Perfection, Great Perfection, as well as Ancestor Realm powerhouses, why should I, an Innate Realm, follow them."

"Alas, what a fate, if you had also been injured by Mu Qianji's Buried Moon Sword that day, then perhaps today you would have been at Unity Realm Perfection, your life would be different from now, and you wouldn't have married me."Long Tianqin sighed.

"What's the use of talking about it now, I actually deserved it, maybe I always thought I was too sensible, I always thought I could only go long if I did the sensible thing.Little did I know that in the end I'd be victimized by what I thought was sanity."

"What do you mean?"

"On that day Mu Qianji was massacring in Wangjing City, Liu Yue and the others said that they were going to stop Mu Qianji, even though they knew that to stop Mu Qianji would be a death sentence, they still decided to stop him, and I, at that time, was very much against such an irrational act, this is a complete death sentence for nothing, this is not righteousness, this is a meaningless death sentence, I told everyone not to go, as things stand today with us simplyI couldn't stop Mukachi from killing people.However, they were still foolish enough to go to their deaths, and I, for one, did not go.I rationally chose what I thought was the right thing to do, and I didn't participate in such irrational behavior.As a result, what a heck, they all 'escalated', and I, who thought I was sane, remained flat.Perhaps, this is the heavens punishing me, thinking that I am a person without righteousness."Yan Qiang said somewhat sarcastically.

Long Tianqin said, "Maybe so, although the act at that time was a death sentence, it was enough to be called righteousness, while your act, although sane, was not righteousness.Therefore, you lost your chance."

Yan Qiang closed his eyes and seemed to be in great pain inside, now everyone else was young and had high talent realms, but he and Long Tianqin could only be married and spend their lives like this.Originally, they had hoped that in the future, after Mu Qianji had researched the secret of the Burial Moon Sword, they would see if they could have a second chance, but who knew that the passage to the Thousand Mountain Tomb had disappeared, and from what Tang Zichen said, it seemed as if Mu Qianji was nowhere to be found, what a fate.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and the others were sitting on the flying ship.

Xiao Meng sighed, "Brother Yan Qiang seems to be very lost, alas, I really don't want this, I really hope they can also join us, brother Zichen, we agreed that we are partners for life."

Liu Yue snorted, "Don't sympathize with Yan Qiang, he's just not a righteous person, when Mu Qianji was massacring, we were all not afraid to die to stop her, just he strongly advised us to be sensible, don't go to die, then we still went, he didn't follow us, now see, not being righteous is such a consequence."

Wang Xing also nodded his head.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's cut the crap, everyone has their own choices, no matter what, Yan Qiang is also our brother, besides, what you guys did at that time was indeed sending yourselves to death, it's just that you were lucky, Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword happened to be so mysterious, otherwise, all of you would have been dead for almost ten years.Every time I come back, I have to go and burn paper for you guys, and I'm still talking sarcastic here, everything is fate."


"Okay, I was wrong."Liu Yue lowered her head and said.

The journey was wordless, and soon they arrived at Martial Island.

Tang Zichen hadn't been to Martial Island for a long time, he had also hung out at the Martial Academy back then, and in the blink of an eye, he had already become a Sect Master, and it had been twenty years ago.

Martial Island hadn't changed much compared to twenty years ago, but of course, the last time Tang Zichen had come to Martial Island would have been around ten years ago.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go to the Martial Forest Academy first, then we'll look for Jin Daoist, Lin Bai and a few others, the island master's disciples, and finally we'll look at the memory stone."


Tang Zichen first arrived at the Martial Forest Academy.

Xu Mei Qian looked at the gates of the Martial Arts Academy and said, "It's hard to believe that it was twenty years ago when we first enrolled."

Liu Xiangyun nodded and said, "Yeah, it feels like it was still yesterday."

Tang Zichen's little sister asked, "What kind of place is this?"

Xiangyun Liu said, "It's an academy that calls people to train in martial arts, and it has various departments that are divided according to the weapons used, such as the swordsmanship department, the sword department, the club department, and so on and so forth." Remember the URL

"Wow, quite an interesting place."Tang Zichen's big brother Xie Yong said.

"Let's go in and take a walk, take a tour, after all, I was a celebrity here back then, I just don't know if anyone still remembers me from Martial Arts Academy today."

Liu Yue was busy saying, "Isn't this nonsense?You're a world-class celebrity now, who in the entire world doesn't know that you're the strongest."

"That's not necessarily true, the people who know about me in this world are all above the Unity Realm, the strongest at the top, it's hard for these people at the bottom to get in touch with information about the strongest above the Unity Realm."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, it seems so, we're still very weak, we don't even know about the Unity Realm yet."

As expected, when Tang Zichen walked into the Martial Arts Academy, no one knew Tang Zichen and the others, they just ran into some boys and would look at a few beautiful women nonstop.

Tang Zichen walked and arrived at the Martial Arts Academy's Healing Department.

Tang Zichen stopped.

Tang Zichen was still quite fond of the Healing Department.

"This is the Department of Healing, which specializes in teaching people healing arts, in this world, advanced healing arts become healing arts."Tang Zichen said to Shini and the others.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, with Shiniang, the divine doctor, this healing system was a bit too low level.

Tang Zichen heard that there seemed to be someone in class in the Healing Department, Tang Zichen said, "Feel free to wander around, I'm going to take a walk to the Healing Department to reminisce about the time back then."

Everyone nodded and didn't follow Tang Zichen to the classroom, not everyone was interested in the classroom.

However, Little Sister ended up following.

"Brother Feng, I'm also going to take a look at the so-called classroom, I actually quite wish to be a medical teacher myself."

"Fine, let's go together then."

Tang Zichen came to the first year of the Healing Department.

There were two classes in the first year, when Tang Zichen was here twenty years ago, there was only one class.

Right now, in the first grade classroom, a teacher was teaching, all the students were listening attentively, and there were some older students in the corridor to observe.

Little Sister said, "I can't believe there are people outside the classroom listening in, the teacher who's teaching inside, I guess he's very powerful, I'd like to go and listen and learn some medical arts along the way."


Tang Zichen.

and Little Sister came to the back of the classroom and stood in a pair of crowds.

When Tang Zichen saw the teacher teaching on the podium, he felt familiar, and in the next second, Tang Zichen remembered, "Isn't this, isn't this Chang Sun Wu Yan?"

Tang Zichen still remembered that back then, in the Healing Department, his tablemate was Changsun Wuhen, a long-legged beauty.

Tang Zichen was surprised to see Chang Sun Wu Yan in class right now, but he also felt a burst of emotion.

The changes in Chang Sun Wu Yan compared to twenty years ago were great, Tang Zichen almost didn't recognize her, although she still looked beautiful, but no longer the youthfulness of that year, the face is more of a time crushed marks.

Time, as expected, is mankind's greatest enemy.

At this moment, Chang Sun Wu Yan did not find Tang Zichen and was still seriously lecturing.

The little sister originally came to take a look with curiosity as well as an attitude of learning, but when she heard what Changsun Wu Yan was talking about, her brows furrowed.

Dao: "Brother Feng, how come this teacher is teaching, so elementary, this is simply something we learned when we were seven or eight years old."

Tang Zichen just laughed, Little Sister would definitely be disappointed if she wanted to come here to learn something.

At this time, a boy standing beside her said, "Don't interrupt my class, if you want to talk, go outside and talk, this class is Professor Changsun's class, there are only two sessions of Professor Changsun's class a week."

"Oh, sorry."Little Sister apologized and lowered her head.

But Tang Zichen sighed deeply, Tang Zichen's mind vaguely recalled back then, when he and Chang Sun Wu Yan were at the same table, at that time, Chang Sun Wu Yan, was so young and beautiful, full of vitality, but now it is so much more vicarious, back then her long legs, but also really attracted Tang Zichen's attention, Tang Zichen also remembered back then when he was at the same table, stole a glance at her breasts.Oh, really the past is unbearable to look back on, the years do not wait for people.

"Bell bell bell."

At this time, the bell rang for the end of class.

Changsun Wuhen stopped lecturing and said, "Class dismissed, all students."

After saying that, Changsun Wu Yan walked out of the classroom.

Tang Zichen was busy following him.

Little Sister said, "Brother Feng, what are you doing?"

"Little Sister, I'm going to chat with that teacher."

"Brother Feng, why are you like this, even if you're picking up girls, look for younger ones."

"Don't say that, it makes me sad, and it's not good to be overheard.To tell you the truth, that teacher just now, called Chang Sun Wu Yan, twenty years ago, she and I were at the same table in this class."

"Ah, she, she was your classmate."

"Well, it's still the same table, it's been so long, she's actually become a professor here, I'll go catch up with her."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just wasn't she's your classmate, so go ahead, I won't go with you, I'll go find my teacher's wife and brothers."


Little Sister was busy walking away, and Tang Zichen caught up with Changsun Wuhen on a path.

"Hi, old classmate."Tang Zichen shouted.

Chang Sun Wu Yan turned back, startled, her first reaction wasn't blurred eyes, she actually saw the Tang Zichen of that year, and then she was convinced that it wasn't blurred eyes, this was the real Tang Zichen, only, this Tang Zichen was as young as twenty years ago.

"You, you're Tang Zichen?"Changsun Wu Yan was busy asking.

"Haha, old classmate, you still remember me."Tang Zichen laughed.

"It's really you, huh?"Changsun said incredulously.


"Yeah, of course I am."

"Gosh, how is that possible, you, you haven't changed at all."

"How come I haven't changed, this long flowing hair of mine, did I have it before?"Tang Zichen said with a laugh.

"Uh, I mean, your appearance, you still look so young, and, like, even more handsome."

"Hehe, it doesn't matter if you're handsome or not, Faceless, how about you, let's not talk about me, let's talk about you."

Chang Sun Wu Yan sighed, "How can I compare to someone of your level, I'll have nothing to say."

"How come, once we were at the same table, forever."

"Thank you for still recognizing me as a fellow tablemate."

Changsun Faceless looked a bit depressed, life is like that, not everyone's fate is the same.

"Faceless, how come you're a professor here?"Don Zichen asked.

"Oh, what else can I do, my profession is a healer, isn't it nice to be a professor here, and I like to be quiet, so it's pretty quiet here." One second to remember to read the book

"Okay, so how many healers are you now?"

"Ten pints."

"Uh, bull."

"Oh, okay."

Tang Zichen said, "I remember in the past, in the Martial Academy Healing Department, there were only a few ten-grade healers, right."

"Well, there are only four now, and usually the ones who are more than tenth grade have been hired away by big families, and the ones who will stay here are the ones who prefer a quiet life."

Tang Zichen and Changsun Wuhen walked along, not long after, Changsun Wuhen stopped in front of a villa house.

"I'm home."Changsun Wuhen said.

"Oh, you're home so soon, huh."

"What? You want to walk with me again, it's my pleasure, oh."Changsun Wu Yan smiled, but her smile had just a hint of indescribable heartache, back then, she liked Tang Zichen very much and confessed her feelings to him, he even kissed her, but in the end, Tang Zichen left the Martial Arts Academy, and there was no contact after that.Now it had been twenty years, Tang Zichen was still the same Tang Zichen, but she was a woman of forty, her youth no more.

"Come in and sit down."Changsun Wuhen invited.

"Is this appropriate?"

"Why not appropriate."

"Oh, I don't think you're single now."

"I am, no."Changsun said facelessly.

"And yes, you're forty, it's problematic to be single again, what does your husband do?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Also like me, a healer, also at the Martial Academy, but it's okay, come in and sit down and have a cup of tea."

Just then, a little girl of about seven or eight years old ran out and shouted, "Mom, mom."

That little girl looked a lot like Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen smiled.

Eternal Sunless said, "This is my daughter."

"Not bad, your daughter is so big."Tang Zichen said.

Changsun Wuhen said to his daughter, "Huanhuan, call uncle."

"Mom, why not call him brother, Huanhuan thinks it's good to call him brother."

"Oh, whatever."

"Brother is good."The little girl called out to Don Zichen.

"Hello, Huanhuan."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Huanhuan, you can go play by yourself."


Changsun smiled, "I'm sorry, I'm making you laugh."

"Not at all, you seem to be having a pretty happy life."

"Fine, it's not the life I wanted in the first place, but it has to go on, doesn't it."

"Yes, I'm relieved that you're living happily."

"Oh, thanks."Changsun's eyes were complicated with a smile.

"Alright, I'm not here alone, I'm off to find someone else, so I won't bother you then."

"Are you sure you don't want to come in and sit down?"Changsun Wu Yan looked into Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen saw her eager eyes and thought, it's too disgraceful not to go in when you're at home.

"Alright, then have a cup of tea, no matter how you say it, we were at the same table back then."

Tang Zichen entered Changsun Wuhen's home.

Sitting down on a chair, Changsun Wu Yan busily poured a cup of tea for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is your husband?"

"His family had some business and returned to the Yan Huang Empire temporarily."


"Tang Zichen, stay for lunch."

"Better not, I have others waiting for me."Tang Zichen shook his head.


The two of them were relatively speechless, it seemed, with indescribable feelings within each other.

Tang Zichen saw her again now that she was a mother, and Tang Zichen had a hint of an inexplicable sense of loss inside.

Of course, people are after all forty years old, this is reasonable, besides, even if she is still single, Tang Zichen and her is impossible, we are not at all the same age stage, and her martial arts realm is still less than innate, in another twenty years, are going to give her old age, can be Tang Zichen's grandmother, Tang Zichen really do not want this, this is also the reason why he rejected Chang Sun Wu Yan in the first place.

Tang Zichen drank some tea and smiled, "Alright, thank you for your hospitality, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen walked outside.

Changsun Wu Yan felt a wave of uncontrollable emotions.

"Don't go."Suddenly hugging Tang Zichen from behind.

"Uh."Tang Zichen's body trembled, after all, Changsun Wuhen was a married woman, Tang Zichen better not do that.

"Faceless, let go of me."

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Tang Zichen, do you know that I really liked you at first, oooooh."Changsun Wuhen cried out.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "I know."

"Then why didn't you want me."

"Our paths are different, we're not destined to get together, aren't you happy now, even your daughter is so big."

"No, this isn't the life I want."

"Don't you like your husband?"

"It's a family decision."

"So this is the fate."

"Tang Zichen, take me away."Eternal Sunless cried.

Tang Zichen was shocked, this Chang Sun Wu Yan, what a thinker.

"Faceless, don't be like this."

"Ooh, Tang Zichen, I really like you, why didn't you accept me in the first place, now I'm old and decrepit, I'm not good enough for you, it's too late, it's too late, oooh."Chang Sun Wu Yan cried sadly.

"Faceless, I'm sorry, all I can say is that fate has made people."

Tang Zichen broke off Changsun Wuhen's hand, Tang Zichen even regretted coming to her a bit, never thought that she would still be like this even though she was a mother.In fact, Tang Zichen had also thought within himself that if he had accepted her and she had been transformed by Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword, perhaps her fate would have been different.However, how could Tang Zichen know what would happen in the future in the first place, so everything was fate, not even believing it.Tang Zichen was also sorry for failing her feelings back then.


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