Dish Best Served Cold 246-250


Chapter 246

After leaving the Mountain Water Club, Ye Fan didn't go home immediately, but took a phone call.

  "Han, I asked you to look into it, how did it turn out?"

  "Little Lord, it's checked out.That original emerald stone was indeed counter-claimed by the Qiu family, but it was robbed by a group of people halfway through."

  Ye Fan nodded, "Well, send me the address of those people later.I'd like to see what kind of people are so bold as to miss my stuff?"

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, but that smile was full of sensibility.

  The Qiu family was his wife's mother's family, and Ye Fan was not easy to provoke.But the words of the next person, Ye Fan naturally had nothing to fear.Yunzhou, southern part of the city, Dunhuang KTV.

  A few vans, but secretly parked here, and then a few people with their things will go upstairs.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and then you'll be able to see what they have to offer.

  After all, those who engage in the raw stone business, grabbing raw materials and transporting raw stones in Myanmar during weekdays, always have to raise some thugs who work for them.

  At this time, Meng He, who was in quite high spirits, was laughing and joking, appearing extremely happy.

  "Brother Meng, what's wrong today?So happy, is this another fortune?"The person playing cards together asked curiously.

  Meng He laughed, "It's nothing, it's just a little fortune."

  In the middle of the conversation, Meng He's phone vibrated with a WeChat message, "Brother Meng, we've got it, we're already downstairs."

  When Meng He looked at it, his face smiled even more, and after returning a message, he smiled and said, "Sorry, something's up, let's stop here today.If you guys are still in the mood, go downstairs and play by yourselves, I'll pay for the expenses tonight, Meng He."

  "Haha, Brother Meng is generous!"

  Soon, all the people in front of them left, leaving only Meng He and the enchanting woman in his arms in the room.

  "You also get out first and come back to accompany me when I sleep at night."Meng He slapped the woman's buttocks, but let the woman leave as well.

  Soon, a few strong men arrived at the room and greeted Meng He respectfully when they saw him.

  "Cut the crap, where's the stuff?"Meng He was anxious.

  The scarred man smiled, "Meng, don't worry, isn't this where the stuff is?"

  In the middle of the conversation, the scarab man placed the original stone that was wrapped in clothes on the table.The clothes were taken off, and the bright and shining imperial green emerald then illuminated the entire room.

  Looking at the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of raw stone in front of him, Meng He was so excited that his heart was going to jump out of his chest, as if he was greedily caressing the skin of a beauty.

  "Is this imperial green?"

  "I, Meng He, have been in the raw stone world for decades, and today is the first time that I have personally touched this imperial-like emerald."

  Meng He's eyes were full of smiles, his eyebrows were filled with greed and excitement, and his palms were trembling.

  "Speaking of which, I have to thank that country bumpkin, if it wasn't for him, I'm afraid I would never have been able to get this imperial green jade in my life ah?"

  "Yes, Brother Meng.Wait a little while, that hillbilly will be crying to death when he finds out the original stone is gone, right?"

  "Hahaha~" the scarred man laughed wantonly.

  Meng He snorted, "That can only be his own fault, he can't blame anyone else."

  "If you bought him before and didn't sell, you can't blame me, Meng He, for being ruthless."

  "Trying to take advantage of our Diyang Jewelry Firm, not killing him is our great mercy."

  In the room, Meng He laughed gloomily.

  "Oh, yeah?"

  "Looks like I'll have to thank Manager Meng for not killing me."

  However, it was at this moment that a light laugh came quietly.

  Immediately afterwards, only a bang sounded, and the door of the room was instantly kicked open.


  "What people?"

  Meng He and the others were shocked and looked up incessantly.

  There was only a thin figure at the doorway, appearing just as quietly.The dark light shone on him, but it sprinkled shadows all over.

  "Is....It's you?"

  Seeing the person in front of him, Meng He and the others were immediately scared silly, their old eyes widened.He had never expected that this Ye Fan, would come directly to his door.

  However, after the panic, Meng He quickly calmed down, his eyes filled with gloom, and looked at Ye Fan and drank angrily.


  "Bastard, there's a way to heaven and you don't take it, but there's no door to hell and you just barge in?"

  "In that case, I damn well have to kill you today."

  "Come on, give it to me."

  "Fuck this hillbilly!"Meng He shouted furiously.

  Soon, a dozen or so big men surrounded the room.

  However, in the dim room, Ye Fan was still standing calmly, standing with his hands in the negative.There was always a faint smile on his clear and beautiful face.

  In the next moment, Ye Fan blinked his eyes.


  It was the instant Ye Fan blinked his eyes, a touch of wind, suddenly swept past.When Ye Fan opened his eyes again, the dozen or so big men in front of him all fell to the ground, no more life.

  Throughout the whole time, Ye Fan just stood that quietly, and the smile on his lips never dissipated.


  "This...This ghost?"

  Meng He had been completely scared, his eyes were staring out.In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen men had all fallen, but the key was that he didn't even see Ye Fan do it ah.

  The feeling was as if Ye Fan blinked his eyes and all his men were ruined.

  Such a bizarre scene, scared Meng He pale white, and finally a butt squatted on the ground, mouth wide open, but could not say a word.

  However, Meng He did not see at all, a black shadow, now in the room, flickered past and quickly blended into the darkness outside.

  "Hand it over."

  Ye Fan walked over and slowly stretched out his hand towards Meng He, the smile that filled his mouth was like a spring breeze.However, when Ye Fan's smile fell into Meng He's eyes, it gave him the creeps.

  Meng He was already scared out of his wits, in front of Ye Fan, where did he dare to say a word, he didn't dare to breathe a breath, and finally, honestly, he gave the original emerald stone, intact, to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan quickly left the place.Only behind him, there was a mess all over the ground.

  However, even though Ye Fan left for a long time, Meng He was still sitting there with a pale face, in a state of shock.The cold wind from outside blew in through the shattered doors and windows.

  Meng He shivered viciously a few times.



  "Well, I haven't seen you for a few months, but your speed has increased."

  "But the strength, it's still lacking a few points."

  "When you go back, work on your strength a bit more."

  After leaving Dunhuang KTV, Ye Fan stood on the roadside and said in a deep voice to the condensed dark night in front of him, as if he was talking to himself.

  After saying that, Ye Fan turned around and left.In the dark night behind him, but faintly, a low, respectful response came out.


After getting the original stone, Ye Fan called Shen Fei and asked him to come over to get the original stone.


  "Van, you got it back?"


  "Van is awesome, I'm on my way over!"

  Shen Fei was so happy that he immediately hung up the phone, while he got up and was about to walk out.

  But Shen Jiuyi glared at him and shouted angrily, "Did I let you up?Get on your knees!"

  "Embezzling company funds, you know that's a crime!"

  "If your mother hadn't stopped you, I would have had to break your dog's legs today."

  When Ye Fan called, in the Shen family villa, Shen Jiuyi was furious about Shen Fei's misappropriation of public funds.

  Even a few minutes ago, Shen Jiuyi was so angry that he was going to call the police and send his bastard son to jail.Fortunately, he was stopped by Shen Fei's mother.

  Shen Fei knelt on the ground and muttered in a low voice, "I've paid it all back, haven't I?"

  "How fucking dare you talk back?"Shen Jiuyi angrily walked over and kicked Shen Fei again, "You beast, I'm warning you, don't think this is a trivial matter.If you dare to embezzle tens of millions now, you'll dare to embezzle hundreds of millions later, if you don't learn a lesson, my Shen family's decades-long foundation will be destroyed in your hands sooner or later!"

  Shen Jiuyi was so angry that he wanted to kick Shen Fei to death, especially when he had just learned about this matter.

  "Jiuyi, stop fighting.Didn't Fei know it was wrong?"

  "Also, he misappropriated the company's funds for a reason, and it wasn't to make money for the company.Don't you think about it, if he didn't embezzle, where would we get the emperor's green in Shen?"Beside her, a beautiful woman couldn't help but persuade, looking at her son, her eyes full of heartache.

  However, once she heard the woman's words, Shen Jiuyi was even angrier: "This beast lied, and you believe it?"

  "And the emperor's green?Where's the emperor's green, ask him about the emperor's green he's offering?"

  "And you're making excuses about being impersonally claimed, why don't you tell me that the emperor green ran off on its own long legs?"

  "This beast has been spoiled by you, the mother!"

  Shen Jiuyi's anger was burning, and Shen Fei's embezzlement of public funds hadn't made him this angry.What angered Shen Jiuyi the most was still the fact that Shen Fei had tricked him into opening the Emperor's Green in order to justify himself.

  Half an hour ago, Shen Jiuyi had specially called many of the company's top executives over, ready to see the emperor green together.But who would have thought that Shen Fei would suddenly tell him that the emperor green had been counterfeited.

  The entire company was fooled by this beast, and Shen Jiuyi was almost dead angry.

  However, just when Shen Jiuyi was angry, Shen Fei was looking for the right opportunity to whoosh and run out.

  "You beast, you come back~"

  "How dare you run away, if you run away today, you'll never return to this house!"

  Shen Jiuyi roared in anger, but Shen Fei didn't have any intention of stopping, and shouted as he ran.

  "Dad, I'm not lying to you, Brother Fan really opened the Imperial Green.Just wait, I'll prove it to you~"

  In the dark night, came Shen Fei's stubborn shouts.

  Soon, Shen Fei disappeared into the deep darkness of the night and rushed madly towards where Ye Fan was.



  "Well, what's the matter with you?"

  When Shen Fei arrived, but Ye Fan found that Shen Fei was even swollen nose and face, a miserable look of being beaten up.

  Shen Fei but did not care about these, see Ye Fan directly excited: "Brother Fan, where is the original stone?"

  "Here it is."

  Ye Fan pointed to his feet, but Shen Fei was moved to tears after seeing it, like seeing his own father, and hugged him tightly in his arms.

  "Brother Fan, thank you so much."

  "Don't worry, I'll do what you've instructed me to do."

  "I will definitely make this emperor green, emitting an emperor-like glow."

  Ye Fan was able to sell part of the emperor green to their Shen Clan, this was a sentiment, Shen Fei certainly appreciated it.

  "Mm."Ye Fan nodded and instructed, "Also, about the matter of me asking you to create some jewelry, don't tell anyone.When the time comes, I want to give Mu Orange a surprise."

  Shen Fei laughed, "Brother Fan, don't worry, I understand all this about taking the girl."

  "No more chatting, Brother Fan.I'm going back first, there's still something going on at home."

  "Before I said I got a piece of imperial green for the company, but my dad didn't believe me and insisted that I lied to him."

  "This time, I have to go back and punch him in the face!"

  Shen Fei said angrily to his old man, who was also full of resentment.

  After saying that Shen Fei returned with the emerald original stone.

  "Bastard, you still dare to come back?"Seeing Shen Fei, Shen Jiuyi was once again furious and picked up a broom to punch Shen Fei.

  Shen Fei didn't say anything, just put a piece of raw stone on the coffee table.

  The red cloth on top of the raw stone was uncovered, and only a splash of radiant green was seen, which immediately illuminated the entire room.



  After seeing the jade stone in front of him, Shen Jiuyi was stunned, the whole person then stayed where he was, the horror in his old eyes, but gradually enlarged.

  The first time I was in the room, I had to go to the bathroom, and I had to go to the bathroom, and I had to go to the bathroom.

  After decades of experience, he undoubtedly recognized it instantly after seeing the original stone in front of him.

  "This...This is, glass seed, imperial green!"


  Still such a big piece?

  At that time, Shen Jiuyi became confused and looked at Shen Fei unbelievably, "Son...Son, this...Where did you get this?"

  Shen Fei held his face and snorted, "I told you, Brother Fan opened it up."

  "Part of it Brother Fan wants us to build some jewelry, and the rest of it, sell it to our Shen Clan."

  "Before, you didn't believe me and said I was lying to you."

  "Now, you're credible?"

  Shen Fei was full of resentment, almost like a pique, and said to Shen Jiuyi.

  Shen Jiuyi but excitedly stroked the original stone in front of him, his body was trembling, and even rejoiced: "Believe, believe, I believe."

  "Son, it was Dad who misunderstood you just now, I apologize to you."

  "But you were able to get the imperial green emerald for the company, it's a great achievement ah!"

  Shen Jiuyi's words trembled, unable to stop saying.

  Among the jewelry of the Shen Clan, there was still not a single piece of jewelry made of imperial green jade.Shen Jiuyi knew very well what this jade in front of him meant to their Shen Clan Jewelry Group.

  It wasn't just the high profit, the greater benefit was the increased reputation of the Shen Clan as a result!

  Relying on the ornaments created by this imperial green, it was highly likely that their Shen jewelry would become famous in the Huaxia jewelry world.

  "Good, good~"

  "Son, you've done a great job for the company!"

  "Maybe, with this imperial green, our Shen Clan will not only be able to go out of Yunzhou, but also out of Jiangdong, out of the three provinces of the Central Plains, and become famous throughout China!"

  "Just you wait, tomorrow, Dad will nominate you as a director of the Shen Group, so you can be on the board and help Dad stand alone in the company."

  "I'll see if that old bunch of things on the board of directors still dare to say a single word of no this time."


The world's parents have compassion.

  In this world, which father does not want his son to become a dragon, and which mother does not want her daughter to become a phoenix?

  Naturally, Shen Jiuyi was no exception.

  Although he was all sorts of harsh and critical of Shen Fei on a normal day, and even scolded him in various ways, he was that furious with hatred!

  Doesn't he want Shen Fei to be successful?

  Doesn't he want to go out and hear people praising him for raising a good son?

  Of course he wanted to, after the success and fame of Shen Jiuyi, now what he expected most was nothing more than Shen Fei to win glory for their Shen family, and to give him, the father, some face.

  But before that, Shen Fei did a lot of jerk things, making Shen Jiuyi almost gave up on his own untalented son.Now, no one was happier than Shen Jiuyi that Shen Fei had made such a great achievement for the company.

  The next morning, Shen Jiuyi held a meeting of the board of directors, one is to discuss how to deal with this imperial green, another is the nomination of Shen Fei into the board of directors.

  Of course, all these things were to come later.

  After handing over the original emerald stone to Shen Fei for disposal, Ye Fan prepared to go home.

  However, as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the community, Ye Fan saw a stunning silhouette, standing alone under the streetlight.With the help of the dim light, Ye Fan could vaguely see her reddened eyes and heartbreaking crystals.

  Seemingly, she was crying.

  Ye Fan was suddenly distraught and walked up to her, not asking anything, but whispering, "Mu Orange, go home."

  Qiu Mu Orange raised her head, her beautiful eyes still shining with crystal, full of guilt and grievance, "Ye Fan, I'm sorry, I didn't get the original emerald stone back."

  "They said that it was snatched by someone else on the way."

  Qiu Mu Orange's words were miserable, she was almost ashamed to look at Ye Fan.

  After all, everything had been done by their Autumn family.She really felt guilty and only felt sorry for Ye Fan.

  Several hundred million dollars worth of things were just gone.

  Qiu Mu Orange knew very well what those things meant to Ye Fan.

  If they hadn't been lost, Ye Fan could have lived a better life and not have to be looked down upon in the cold.

  But now, everything was screwed up, all by their Autumn family.

  The more Qiu Mu Orange thought about it, the more guilty she felt, and the more aggrieved she felt.

  With such a group of relatives, not only was she wronged, but she would also drag Ye Fan along with her to be bullied.

  However, upon hearing this news, Ye Fan just smiled faintly, his whole body still calm: "Mu Orange, it's fine, this person of mine, perhaps this kind of fate.This kind of overnight riches thing is destined to have no fate with me."

  "Besides, how do you know what's wrong with a stuffed horse?"

  "Speaking of which, I have to thank Uncle and the others, if they hadn't claimed the emerald original stone, it would have been us who were robbed then."

  "From that perspective only, we also avoided a disaster, don't you think so?"

  Ye Fan's calm and relaxed laughter caused Qiu Mu Orange to be slightly stunned.

  She lifted her head, her reddish beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan and softly said, "Ye Fan, do you really think so?"

  "Don't you blame me, don't you blame my uncle and grandfather, don't you blame our Autumn family?"

  Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "All said, no complaints, I still have to thank them."

  "There's nothing to complain about, just think of it as if we went out for a trip today.Compared to when we went this morning, we didn't gain anything though, we didn't lose anything, right?"

  "Alright, let's go home quickly.It's the Mid-Autumn Festival night and we're back so late, Mom and Dad are probably going to be anxious."

  Ye Fan smiled and advised, then went home with Qiu Mu Orange.

  When they returned home, Han Li Qiu Lei and the others were already asleep.Both Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange also went back to their rooms to rest after washing up.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't lock the bedroom door this time, and even deliberately opened it halfway, but what made Qiu Mu Orange angry was that that guy Ye Fan didn't even notice that he left the door open for him, and in the end, Ye Fan went to sleep in the study alone.

  "Hmph, what a wood.Do you like sleeping in the study so much, if you're capable of being on my bed for the rest of your life!"

  In the boudoir, Qiu Mu orange lay on the bed, holding the blanket alone and sulking there.In the evening, a pair of jade legs casually curled up under the lace nightgown, and the warm skin was like warm jade, but under the moonlight, it was so intoxicating.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, angry when suddenly then remembered the scene during the auction tonight, heart a shock: "Ye Fan he, that aspect, can't really not work, right?"

  No wonder Qiu Mu Orange was so suspicious, after all, with a flowery wife at home, who could be a man to endure it?

  And Ye Fan endured this for three years.

  During the three years, Ye Fan was indifferent to her throughout.

  This was simply not the behavior of a normal man!

  Add to that the fact that at the auction tonight, the first thing Ye Fan did when he had money was to buy a bunch of kidney tonics and aphrodisiacs, all these things together made Autumn Mucheng start to doubt Ye Fan's ability.

  This thought went out of control after it appeared, so much so that Qiu Mu Orange tossed and turned and found it hard to sleep at all.

  "No, it's about my future marital happiness, I have to verify it."

  Qiu Mu Orange eventually couldn't hold back, scuffed up and sat up from the bed, quickly put on makeup, while from the wardrobe she found a see white small suit with a lace-trimmed black skirt underneath, snow-white jade legs even more wearing a high-end stockings, and finally she took out her treasured pair of red soled high heels.

  Naked feet, red cardamom.The suit skirt with more extreme uniform temptation, coupled with exquisite makeup, as well as the charming fragrance of the woody fragrance from the petite body.And now Qiu Mu orange, under the reflection of the moonlight, is actually so seductive and intoxicating.

  After an elaborate dressing, Autumn Mu Orange then walked out of the room and gently knocked on the study door.

  "Hm?Who?"There was still a light on in the study, and Evan wasn't who was confused when he heard a knock at the door, so late.

  Who could it be that's knocking at the door?

  "Evan, it's me.I think I just saw a mouse and I'm scared, can you come over here and stay with me for a while?"Outside the door, the gentle voice of Qiu Mu Orange came out, just like a petulant voice.

  Qiu Mu Orange rarely spoke to Ye Fan in such a tone, and Ye Fan frowned at that time.

  This bitch, what the hell was she up to?

  However, his wife had spoken, how could Ye Fan ignore it and only had to go over to help her catch the mice.However, the moment Ye Fan looked at the door, he then stayed there after seeing Qiu Mu Orange in front of him, his eyes widened.

  "Mu...Mu-Orange, you...What's wrong with you?"

  "Why are you wearing that in the middle of the night?"Evan, whose eyes were nearly straight then, swallowed hard and shuddered as he asked.

  "What's the matter, don't I look good in this?"Qiu Mu Orange leaned against the door, a pair of beautiful eyes soft as water.As she spoke, she even stretched her delicate, amorous body, causing the corners of Ye Fan's eyes to twitch and his heart to howl in pain.

  You're wearing this at this time of night, something will happen to you?


This woman, she wouldn't intentionally try to seduce herself to see her ugly face, would she?

  Evan thought in his heart, after all this is so abnormal, instead of sleeping in the middle of the night come knocking on the door dressed like this?

  After taking one more look at Qiu Mu Orange in front of him, Ye Fan ruthlessly suppressed the charming thoughts in his heart, then he went straight out of the study to Qiu Mu Orange's bedroom.

  But Ye Fan took a look around, where was there a mouse.

  "I guess you're looking at it wrong, right?"

  "We're on the fifth floor, how could there be rats."

  "It's getting late, why don't you go to bed?"

  Ye Fan advised to Qiu Mu Orange.

  But Autumn Mu Orange wasn't going to let Ye Fan go, she had to say that she was scared, and Ye Fan had no choice but to stay and sleep on the floor in the bedroom.

  "Mu Orange, go to bed early."

  Ye Fan closed his eyes and said, looking tired, but he didn't look at Autumn Mu Orange again.

  This made the well-dressed Autumn Mu Orange very angry, and in her heart, the more she suspected that this Ye Fan was not a real problem in some way?

  Soon, after turning out the lights, the room was quiet.

  However, as Ye Fan was about to fall asleep, a light whispering sound suddenly came out beside him.

  The voice was so soft and alluring that it resembled a woman's tender panting.

  Ye Fan's body was in a stir, the original sleepiness was gone, and he only felt a rolling heat in his abdomen.

  "What is this dead woman doing?"

  "When really tempting me?"

  "Or are you really lonely?"

  "No, it's impossible, how could an iron maiden like Qiu Mu Orange be spring-hearted?It must be to screw me."

  "I have to hold back!"

  Ye Fan blindfolded his ears, once again suppressing the agitated fire in his heart.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange is obviously at loggerheads with Ye Fan, she really doesn't want to believe that Ye Fan is really defective in some way?

  Gradually, the delicate panting sound became more and more urgent, so much so that it was tormenting to Ye Fan.

  Although Qiu Mu Orange had never experienced the affairs of men and women, but now that the network was so developed, many spoof short videos were being pushed everywhere, so Qiu Mu Orange still knew something about this kind of seductive, delicate panting.

  At this time, the learning was also subtle.


  "Autumn Mu Orange, you made me do this~"

  After all, Ye Fan was a man of strong blood, and this dry fire undoubtedly burned instantly when Qiu Mu Orange seduced him like this.

  Ye Fan didn't hold back after all, he climbed up and pounced towards Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Bastard, what are you doing, stop~"

  Qiu Mu Orange panicked, knowing that she had played a big game this time, and then struggled.But the more Qiu Mu orange struggled, the more the fire burned.

  Just when it was getting out of hand, the door was pushed open with a bang.

  Han Li and Qiu Lei both ran in, turned on the lights, and when they saw that at this time Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange were in the same bed, they were undoubtedly instantly furious, and walked over and pulled Ye Fan down: "Ye Fan, you bastard, what are you doing?"

  "How dare you?"

  "How dare you bully Mu Orange?"

  "I'll fight you on this!"

  Han Li's eyes were red then and she wanted to fight with Ye Fan, but Qiu Mu Orange quickly stopped her.

  "Mom, I'm fine, don't blame Ye Fan."Qiu Mu Orange hugged her mother while making eyes for Ye Fan to hurry to the study.

  "You son of a bitch, don't leave, come back here, I have to break your dog's legs today!How dare you defile my daughter? Don't you see what kind of man you are?You're a toad trying to eat a swan, are you worthy of you?"Han Li was simply going mad.

  She had always been extremely disgusted and despicable towards Ye Fan, now that she saw the scene in front of her, how could she not be angry?

  "Mom, don't yell at me.It's none of Ye Fan's business, it's all my fault, I was the one who just..."

  Qiu Mu Orange blushed for a moment, like a child who had done something wrong, and lowered her head, disheveled.

  "Mu Orange, you're even speaking for him?I already knew that for a day this kind of wimp doesn't divorce him, something would happen sooner or later."

  "Luckily we heard the commotion and came in time, otherwise your clear name would be gone you know?"

  "No, Mu-Orange, it can't wait any longer.Tomorrow morning, civil divorce."

  "This kind of wimp, as long as he doesn't dare to leave the house, our family won't be able to live in peace for a day."Han Li had already made up her mind that she wanted Qiu Mu Orange to divorce Ye Fan.And going tomorrow, she couldn't wait a day.

  The night was long!

  Tonight they found it in time to avoid making a big mistake, but what about later?

  Han Li had to worry, if her daughter was really pregnant with that wimp's child and was defiled by that wimp, which rich second generation would be willing to take over after this?

  "Mom, I told you, I don't blame Evan for this, so why doesn't it make sense to you?"

  "Alright, you guys go out, I'm going to sleep."

  Qiu Mu Orange knew that she couldn't explain it to Han Li and the others, so she didn't bother to say anything else and just pushed them out saying that she was going to sleep.

  "Mu Orange, lock the door, do you hear me~"

  Outside came Han Li's piercing voice, but in the bedroom, Qiu Mu Orange was helpless.

  She looked in the mirror and looked at her disheveled self inside, and remembered Ye Fan who had just burned up like a ball of fire, for some reason, Qiu Mu Orange actually puffed out a laugh in the end: "This bastard, is really rude, the buttons of my shirt have been pulled off several times, it seems that I won't be able to wear it in the future~"

  But wasn't it, the current Autumn Mu Orange, her white shirt was almost ripped open, her hair was messy, and an alluring white patch of snow was exposed under her neck.

  Qiu Mu Orange sighed, so she also removed her makeup and changed into her pajamas to sleep.

  Although a piece of clothing was torn by Ye Fan tonight, at least, it allowed Autumn Mu Orange to validate one thing.

  But because of her own wilfulness, and because Ye Fan was scolded by her parents, Qiu Mu Orange always felt a little guilty.

  But Ye Fan but did not take it to heart, after all, whether or not there was something tonight, Han Li and her husband and wife would not give him any good face, so just break the jar and let them scold.

  However, recalling the scene just now, Ye Fan also shook his head and laughed, thinking that his wife, but also quite interesting.At least that seductive and coquettish voice, but it was the one that brought back the memories of Ye Fan.

  "It's just a pity that the beauty of tonight's night, flowers and the moon, but it's time to fall asleep alone again~" lamented Ye Fan, and he also went to sleep.

  However, who would have thought that the next day, just after dawn, a sharp knock on the door outside woke up the Qiu Mu Orange family.

  "Who is it?Knocking on the door so early in the morning?"

  Han Li and the others complained for a while, however, as soon as they opened the door, four or five uniformed police officers barged in.

  "Hello, Ye Fan is at home, right?"

  "Well?What do you...What do you want with him?"Qiu Mu-Orange and the others paled and asked in fear.

  However, ignoring Qiu Mu-Orange's question, the policewoman in front of her asked once again, "Which one is Ye Fan?"

  "I am.May I ask who you are?"Ye Fan came out of the kitchen, just getting breakfast ready.

  Seeing Ye Fan, the female police officer in front of him then walked up and showed her credentials: "Hello, I'm Ren Han, deputy captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Yunzhou City Public Security Bureau, you are suspected of a criminal case, please come with us to cooperate with the investigation."

  Not waiting at all for Ye Fan to reply, Ren Han immediately waved her hand, "Cuff and take away!"


"What are you doing?"

  "Ye Fan, Ye Fan~"

  Seeing the few uniform dressed police in front of him, who were about to take away Ye Fan without a word, Qiu Mu Orange became anxious and worried and chased after them, wanting to ask about the situation.

  However, what she got was naturally a strong response from Deputy Captain Ren Han: "This lady, please don't interfere with our execution of our duties, otherwise we have the right to detain you!"

  "Comrade police, you must have misunderstood, I know him, there's no way Ye Fan could have done something illegal, you must have caught mistaken identity."Qiu Mu Orange paled and couldn't stop saying, still insisting that Ye Fan was innocent.

  Ren Han's face was expressionless, still coldly returned, "Whether or not he is innocent, we will naturally come to a conclusion after our investigation, so it's better for you to get out of the way."

  Ren Han's tone was clearly getting colder and colder, and it was clear that Autumn Mu Orange's obstruction made her very unhappy.

  "Mu Orange, do you care whether he lives or dies?"

  "It's better that this wimp is caught ah, so no one will drag you down."Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife were delighted when they realized what had happened, and whirled forward to pull Qiu Mu Orange back.

  At the same time, Han Li also smiled at Ren Han and the others, "A few comrades have worked hard, we are determined to cooperate with you."

  "As for this Ye Fan, whatever you guys do with him.A wimp who still dares to do something illegal and disruptive to social harmony, he should be arrested!"

  "Comrade police, you'd better sentence him to a few more years before he comes out disgusting~"

  Han Li has always been unpleasant to Ye Fan, Rui Jin saw him arrested, of course some gloating, but also took the opportunity to fall down.

  "Mom, you~" qiu Mu orange can't hear any more, but yelled at his own mother.

  However, Ye Fan is a comforting sentence, "Mu Orange, it's fine, just wait at home.Don't worry, they can't lock me up for long, I'll be out in a few days."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Ren Han gave a cold snort and looked at Ye Fan with more mischief in his eyes, "You're quite confident, though?Looks like you're used to being arrogant out there, do you really think we can't track you down?"

  "How often do you walk by the river without getting your shoes wet?"

  "Take away!"

  Ren Han shouted coldly, and Ye Fan was then taken away.

  Yunzhou City Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau.

  "Tell me, why did you hit him?"

  In the cold interrogation room, Ye Fan sat there with his hands shackled, like a prisoner on trial.A few minutes ago, Ye Fan's belongings all over his body had been confiscated, and his cell phone had been taken by Ren Han's people.

  At this time, Ren Han was in uniform, sitting across from Ye Fan, interrogating with cold words.

  Because of years of training and running around, Ren Han's body is extraordinarily slender, even in a professional uniform, but still hard to hide its uneven and petite body.

  But perhaps the reason is professional, Ren Han even if the figure is good, but the body is not any dusty woman's seductive atmosphere, snow white and cold pretty face, but also with a compelling heroic spirit.

  The first time he saw her, Ye Fan already guessed that this policewoman in front of him was afraid that she was not easy to deal with.

  Sure enough, this woman's first words were aggressive and gave a great deal of oppression.

  However, Ye Fan was wrongly accused, "Sister police officer, you are wrongly accusing me, when did I hit someone?"


  "You're dying to admit it?"

  "Team Ren, don't stop me, I'll go over there and smack him with two big ear scrapes, he'll be honest."

  "This kind of little punk, if you don't teach him a lesson, he won't know his last name?"

  At this time, a bald man next to Ren Han, however, cursed angrily and came up to smack Ye Fan.

  Ren Han's eyebrows instantly furrowed, slapped the table in anger, and said sternly, "Stop!"

  "Li Guang, I'll warn you side again, randomly hitting people is forbidden in my place.If it happens again, don't blame me for punishing you!"

  After Ren Han reprimanded Li Guang, he then had someone play a video for Ye Fan.

  "After 10:02 last night, plus you, a total of eleven people entered this room.And three minutes later, only you walked out standing up.The other ten, nine of them were seriously injured and are still in the hospital.The other one who was slightly injured is the owner of the KTV, and the other nine are his employees."

  "Who else do you think those people would be if you hadn't injured them?"Ren Han asked coldly.

  However, Ye Fan was not nervous and still said indifferently, "Well, this is indeed a possibility.But there are other possibilities, such as these nine people infighting and killing each other.Or maybe they accidentally fell down on their own and suffered an intracranial hemorrhage, I think it's all possible."

  "You~" Ren Han was so angry at Ye Fan's words that her pretty face turned blue at the time, but she quickly calmed down and continued, "Not cooperating, right?"

  "I'm telling you, I've seen more than my fair share of dead-eyed thugs like you, and I have plenty of ways to make you answer honestly."

  After saying that, Ren Han then got up and left, preparing to hang out Ye Fan for the day first.

  "That, please wait a moment."At this time, Ye Fan suddenly opened his mouth and called out to Ren Han.

  "What, figured it out?Ready to be honest?"Ren Han thought that Ye Fan had conceded.

  But who would have thought that Ye Fan just smiled, "Lieutenant Ren Han, I think that you should let me out.After all, you can't lock me up for long, so if you release me now, you'll still have less trouble.Otherwise, I'm afraid you will be punished.I really can't let go of such a beautiful police officer."

  "Eh?What do you mean by that?Is it a threat?"Ren Han's footsteps then stopped, eyebrows furrowed, a pair of beautiful eyes cold as a knife, looking at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan shook his head, "No, just stating a fact.But seriously, you guys, a district branch, really can't shut me down."

  When Ren Han heard this, she was instantly angry.She didn't expect that a small punk, by now, would dare to be so arrogant?

  "A prisoner of the law, and you're really saying that in front of me?"

  "Today, I, Ren Han, will just put my words here, even if you have a great background and a great backstage, until this matter is investigated, you definitely won't be able to get out of this door."

  After saying that, Ren Han's pretty face was cold, turning her head and leaving immediately.

  Before leaving, she ordered Li Guang to continue interrogating Ye Fan and not let him sleep until he was honest.

  "This woman, however, is a fiery sex."After Ren Han left, but Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

  However, he didn't hold a grudge against Ren Han for it.On the contrary, there was still a good impression of Ren Han.

  At least, in today's society, there weren't many such jealous and extremely principled people.

  However, just as Ren Han left on the front foot, Li Guang branching out from the others in the interrogation room on the back foot, also turned off the video.

  "Eh?"Li Guang's action made Ye Fan frown.

  "Stinker, isn't it strange?Wonder why I distracted my colleague, wonder why I turned off the interrogation footage?Strange obviously you only knocked out those people last night, light injuries at best, why are they all seriously injured now?"Li Guang sat in front of Ye Fan, his hands on the interrogation table, looking at Ye Fan with a sinister smile in his eyes.

  At this moment, at his hands, a high-voltage electric baton was lying as quietly as that.

  Ye Fan instantly realized something and frowned, "You are, the manager of the Diyang Jewelry Firm, Meng He?"


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