Dish Best Served Cold 241-245


Chapter 241

The auction continued.

  As one lot after another was sold, the auction was winding down.

  Finally, when the time reached ten o'clock in the evening, Li Er, however, suddenly walked out from the backstage and stood on the auction stage.

  When Li Er made his entrance, the entire hall suddenly fell silent.

  As if, a tune was about to enter its climax!

  Everyone held their breath, everyone's eyes carrying a few moments of tension, a few moments of anticipation.

  They knew that the main event of the night was finally about to begin.

  The finale of this auction was about to reveal its true face.

  "First of all, I, Li Er, as the organizer of tonight's auction, would like to thank all of you for holding the event."

  "The Mid-Autumn Night Auction has been held for a full eight years until this year.But I, Li Er, have to say that this one tonight is unparalleled!"

  "Tonight's Yunzhou is the shiniest existence in the entire Jiangdong region.Even the Jianghai venue, in terms of scale and magnitude, cannot be compared to our Yunzhou."

  "Thank you all, for giving me Li Er this honor!"On the ceremonial stage, Li Er's suit was straight, and his medium-thick voice reverberated throughout the audience.

  For a time, the applause was thunderous.

  Li Er waved his hand, signaling the crowd to be quiet.And then, continued, "I believe everyone is clear that tonight's Mid-Autumn Night Auction, which is going on here, will truly come to a climax."

  "I also believe that many people, like me, can't wait for this next lot."

  "But before I do, let me ask you all a few words first."

  "I don't know, have you heard of such a person who stepped forward when Jiangdong was in trouble, regardless of his own safety?"

  "I don't know if you have heard of such a person who, like a king, descended from the heavens to turn the tide and save our Jiangdong in a time of despair in life and death?"

  "With his thin body, he held up the spreading world of Jiangdong!"

  "With a fist of steel, he put an end to the bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty Wolf King!"

  "He may be young, but his might is like a mountain of high hopes!"

  "He is small in stature, but that power is unmatched!"

  "When he entered Mount Tai, he was unknown.When he came out of Mount Tai, he made a name for himself!"

  "Yes, he is Mr. Chu."

  "My Lord of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu!"


  Li Er's words were respectful and majestic, like a gale sweeping across the heavens and earth.

  Many people present may not have seen Mr. Chu before, but in Li Er's words, it was as if they had seen that majestic figure, that Mr. Chu who was as tall as Mount Tai.

  The applause, once again, rang out.

  But this time, the crowd was applauding for Mr. Chu, for the applause of that peerless man!


  "Too good to say~"

  "Mu Orange, see, this is the prestige of Mr. Chu, this is the power that the man I like has~"

  In the private room, Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were also already excited, especially Su Xi, after hearing Li Er's words, her heart was surging, almost teary-eyed, and her words were filled with endless admiration and worship.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange herself, she was by no means calm.

  Although she wasn't as infatuated with that so-called Mr. Chu as Suzy was, it didn't affect the admiration and respect that Autumn Mucheng Orange had for Mr. Chu.

  She had witnessed the rise of that man, and naturally knew more about his greatness.

  "Well, Xi Xi, he is indeed a hero."

  "He deserves, all the respect and reverence in front of him~"

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled faintly as she looked at the noisy and trembling venue below as well as the countless people's esteemed and respectful gazes.

  However, neither Qiu Mu Orange nor Suzy noticed that at this time, behind them, there was a top-notch man, but he was looking at Qiu Mu Orange's manly back with deep affection.

  "Mu Orange, how about a thousand people revering it."

  "To me, everything in front of me is not as good as a strand of blue silk in front of your forehead~"

  In the venue, applause was still thundering.Everyone was expressing their respect and admiration for Mr. Chu.

  However, who knew that in the eyes of the man who was admired by everyone, there was only one person, Qiu Mu Orange.

  Sometimes, life is so dramatic.

  You are watching the scenery by the window, while the person watching the scenery is watching you.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan, but the two of them perfectly interpreted this sentence.

  After a long applause, Li Er's voice resounded again.

  "Alright, there are no more words."

  "Now, let me, Li Er, reveal to you all this generous gift that Mr. Chu has given us."

  "I announce that the last auction item is ~~~"

  Silence, silence, a long silence!

  Li Er's breath took a long time to breathe, and finally, her red lips quivered and her deep voice reverberated throughout the room: "An opportunity."

  "An opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu."

  "Yes, this is the final lot of this year's auction."

  "Of course, in the eyes of ordinary people, this is a lunch.But I believe that in the eyes of all of you, this is more than just a dinner, it's an opportunity.A chance to sit and breathe together and talk with the topmost big names in my Jiangdong."

  "At that time, you can speak freely!"

  "Regardless of any doubts, any thoughts, any requests, you can talk to Mr. Chu."

  "This chance, who can grasp it in the end is up to the creation of all of you."

  Li Er's neutral and thick voice reverberated throughout the arena.

  Finally, Li Er faced the crowd and drank again in a deep voice: "The starting price, one yuan!"


  A dollar?

  Hearing this price, there was undoubtedly a small stir in the meeting hall once again.

  But soon, someone started bidding for the price.

  In the private room, Suzy simply couldn't sit still.

  "Mu Orange, one yuan, one yuan hey!"

  "We shoot too!"

  "I've decided that even if I lose everything, I'll take this opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu."

  "When the time comes, the stars will be bright and the moon will be bright and the moon will be the Milky Way, and I'll have a candlelight dinner with Mr. Chu, and with such romance, maybe Mr. Chu will fall in love with me just because of this meal?"

  Suzy clenched her fist and vowed.

  Autumn Mu Orange nodded, "Well, Sissy, I support you.I'll bid as well."

  Qiu Mu Orange bidding, of course, didn't want to marry Mr. Chu like Suzy did.She just wanted to see this legendary man in person and ask for advice on how to be as successful as he generally was!

  The only way to become better was to talk to good people.

  "I'll give you a hundred thousand!"


  "Two hundred thousand~"

  Soon, the two women joined in the bidding.

  Ye Fan who was on the side saw this scene, but he couldn't laugh or cry.

  This silly woman, Qiu Mu Orange, actually got involved and went to bid for this opportunity?

  This silly girl. Don't you eat with me every day?

  You're still bidding?

  What are you bidding on?

  You're farting with your pants down, aren't you?


"Mu Orange, what are you dabbling in?"

  "Are you stupid, going for hundreds of thousands just to go to a dinner with someone?"

  "You just told me I spent money on random things, but at least I bought the real thing there.And you, for one chance, out of sight, out of mind, you loser of a bitch!"

  While laughing bitterly, Ye Fan was chiding at Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange hadn't spoken yet, but Suzy was furious and scolded at Ye Fan, "You poor kid, what do you know?"

  "A hick is a hick is a hick and has no vision at all."

  "Did you know that Buffett, the god of stocks, holds a public auction once a year for a chance to have lunch with himself?"

  "Every time it's auctioned, bidders flock to the opportunity, even going so far as to spend millions."

  "According to you, are they also fools?Are they idiots too?"

  "But the very bidders you see as idiots, every one of them is a respectable figure around the world, and which one of them isn't worth over a hundred million dollars?"

  Suzy sneered evenly, unable to refrain from asking questions, looking at Ye Fan with disdain in her eyes.

  "Worthy of being from the countryside, simply rat-eyed!"

  "Do you really think that this is just a simple meal?"

  "This is a chance, a chance to get to know Mr. Chu."

  "If you can thus gain Mr. Chu's favor, by then, what you get, not to mention millions and millions of dollars, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, will not be a problem!"

  "Mu Orange, I've long said that he's not even from the same world as us, he doesn't even have a common language, you didn't believe me then, how about now?"

  "A country bumpkin is a country bumpkin is a country bumpkin is a country bumpkin, and in terms of insight and vision, it's simply far from us.I've long said that you guys are simply not suitable."

  Every time Suzy got the chance, she would persuade Qiu Mu Orange to divorce Ye Fan, and this time was naturally no exception.

  "Alright, Xixi.We'll talk about these things later, let's just try to grasp this opportunity first."

  Of course, Qiu Mu Orange ignored Ye Fan's persuasion, instead, she also glared at Ye Fan and angrily said, "You just didn't let me meddle in your affairs, now you don't meddle in mine either."


  You're complaining even though you're trying to talk me out of it.

  If you don't want me to take care of it, I won't.

  Don't regret it then!

  Ye Fan snorted in his heart, holding his hands and turning his head, not bothering to care about them.

  Anyway, they have already reminded themselves, when the time comes, if they really shoot this opportunity, when they see that the one sitting opposite is their husband, see if this silly woman is still proud?

  At this time, the auction price was being kept unceasingly high by the crowd of people in the auction below.

  It soon reached five million.

  Qiu Mu Orange had already given up, she didn't have that much money.

  But Suzy was still holding out, bidding, "Six million!"

  "Heh, only six million?That's a good price to shout at, too?"Below, Sun Yuhao, who had been silent and sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight, laughed disdainfully after hearing the voices coming from the direction of the private room again.

  Finally, Sun Yuhao, who was still silent, made a bid: "Ten million!"

  As soon as Sun Yuhao exited, he directly added four million.

  Su Xi's pretty face then went white, this auction, her father had only given her a total of ten million funds, so that she could see the situation and shoot something good.

  But now, it was clearly no longer enough.

  "Xixi, why don't you just forget it?How can the two of us women fight against those rich and powerful men?"Autumn Mu Orange advised from the side.

  "No, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I can't give it up."

  "Last time, I already missed it, I must not miss it again this time!"Suzy was stubborn.

  Then, Suzy called her father and told Su Yuanshan about the situation in the auction.

  "Dad, this is an opportunity, our Su family must not miss it."Su Xi advised evenly.

  On the other end of the phone, Su Yuanshan was silent for a long time, and finally said solemnly, "Okay, XiXi.I'll now give you one hundred million to bid on this opportunity!"

  "Whether or not our Su family can be ranked among the top-ranking forces in Yunzhou in one fell swoop, it all depends on you."

  "Okay, father.Daughter, I will not let down my expectations!"Susie was undoubtedly overjoyed after receiving support from her own father.After vowing her assurances, she once again joined the fierce competition below.


  10 million~.

  20 million.

  Thirty million.


  Fifty million~


  The original starting price of the auction lot was one yuan, but now it was climbing wildly at an abnormally terrifying rate, and it was looking like it was about to hit the billion dollar mark.

  Li Er looked on from the sidelines and felt unbelievable.

  Obviously, he hadn't expected that it was originally only used as a gimmick for the auction, but now it was so sought after.

  He had underestimated Mr. Chu's status in the hearts of the Jiangdong people.

  But think about it, who is Mr. Chu, nowadays the sky of Jiangdong and Chen Ao of Jianghai are respected as gods.

  Such characters, if they can climb up the relationship, then the benefits that can be brought is not money can be measured.

  What's more, to the people who are doing it, money is just a number to them, and they can earn it again without it.

  But the chance to talk face to face with Mr. Chu, if you miss it, you may never have it again.

  This kind of unattainable opportunity is inherently not something that money can measure.How much it was worth all depended on the scale in everyone's heart.

  "One hundred million!"

  Finally, someone stood up and pushed the auction price up to one hundred million.

  In the private room, Suzy's pretty face, then went white.

  She had never thought that other people would pay this much attention to this opportunity.

  However, Suzy didn't want to give up and eventually called her father again.

  "Fifty million!"

  "Sissy, here's another fifty million."

  "That's my last limit."

  "If you still can't get it, you'll have to give up.Our family's financial resources are limited after all."Su Yuanshan said curtly.

  Su Xi nodded her head and continued to bid.

  But to no avail, the auction price soon broke through one hundred and fifty million.

  At that moment, Su Xi's pretty face was as pale as paper, her entire body was like taking off her strength, and she sat on the sofa listlessly, her eyes red, "Mu Orange, what should we do?"

  "Do we really have to give up?"

  "But we've already missed it once, and I'm afraid that if we miss it again this time, we'll never, ever have another chance again."

  Susie's voice was almost choked with sobs, it was evident that she was so eager for this opportunity?

  Qiu Mu Orange was a bit intolerant at the sight of this.

  In the end, Autumn Mucheng Orange bit her teeth and said to Suzy, "Xi Xi, I'll help you!"

  "But you must promise to ask Mr. Chu a few questions for me when you see him."

  "Huh?"Suzy was stunned, "Mu Orange, how can you help me?Do you have that much money?"

  "I didn't, but he did."Autumn Mu Orange looked away.

  Suzy's eyes, too, looked over.

  On the couch, Ye Fan was playing with his phone with his legs crossed, and when he heard his name being called, he looked up with a dumbfounded look, "Huh?What's wrong, Orange?Is the auction over?Are we going home?"

  Ye Fan thought that the auction was over, that Qiu Mu Orange had called him home, and stood up to walk outside


As soon as Ye Fan reached the door, he was pulled back by Autumn Mu Orange.

  "That, you do her a favor, Xixi wants to get this chance and there's not enough money, you support her."Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan and slowly said.


  "Support her money?"Evan glared then, "No, I'll give it to no one but her."

  "Do you give it to anyone?"Qiu Mu Orange's pair of cold eyes suddenly swept over like Ye Fan.

  "I..."Ye Fan still wanted to refuse, but when he felt the stern eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, he finally conceded, "I'll give, can't I give?"

  "I'm really impressed with you guys, one is blindly starstruck and the other is pushing the envelope, the two of you ah, you're also worthy of being good girlfriends."Ye Fan was speechless for a while, and in the end, he could only agree to Qiu Mu Orange's request.

  Anyway, the money will be paid out of the left pocket and into the right pocket, and in the end, it will all go into his pocket.

  This "auction item" belongs to Ye Fan, and the final proceeds of the auction will naturally be given to Ye Fan by Li Laoshi.

  "How about this, I'll give you 50 million.I don't have any more."Ye Fan casually said.

  "You?Fifty million?"After hearing that, but Suzy trembled, her beautiful eyes stared at Ye Fan, "You're a poor kid, you have fifty million?You're bluffing."

  "Cee Cee, he really is."Qiu Mu Orange told Suzy at this time about Ye Fan's opening of the Emperor's Green.

  After hearing that, Suzy was even more horrified: "What? You said he gambled stones and had a bet of 100 million?"

  Suzy was confused.

  Previously in the antique showroom, when Ye Fan saw a painting that was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it was already unimaginable to Suzy.I thought this guy was relying on luck, but who would have thought that Ye Fan had made another fortune in the original stone showroom?

  "You...You still bet on rocks?"Suzy's petite body trembled, incredulous, and asked Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan shook his head, still saying he didn't know anything about gambling stones.

  "Come on Xixi, hurry up and bid.If you don't hurry up, but it will be snatched away by someone else."Qiu Mu Orange urged from the side.

  Only then did Suzy react, and suddenly continued to participate in the bidding below.

  "One hundred and seventy million~"


  "One hundred and eighty million dollars."

  In the private room, Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were bidding madly, and the burning sound spread throughout the arena.

  Ye Fan, who was in the back, looked at Su Xi and the others in front of him who were close to grabbing their heads, but he was full of helpless bitterness.

  Ye Fan obviously didn't expect that originally he was just trying to give face to Li Er, and a random lot he took out ended up making his own wife fight for her face.

  The development of this matter was clearly beyond Ye Fan's expectations.

  "One hundred and ninety million, this Mr. Sun has offered a high price of one hundred and ninety million!"

  "Is there a higher one?"

  The auctioneer's excited, flooding voice resounded throughout the auction room.

  Sun Yuhao smiled proudly, the corner of his eyes looking at the high place in front, the private room where Ye Fan and the others were, but his handsome face was endlessly chilly.

  "This time, I, Sun Yuhao, am with you to the end!"

  This time, Sun Yuhao was ordered by his father to come to Yunzhou specifically to bid for this opportunity to meet with Mr. Chu.

  Now, the Sun family's development in Jianghai has reached a bottleneck, and whether this bottleneck can be broken depends on this opportunity to meet with Mr. Chu.

  So, Sun Yuhao's father gave him an order to take this "opportunity" at any cost.

  And in the private room, after struggling for a long time, Suzy finally bit her teeth and shouted out the price of 200 million.

  This is her limit, if it goes higher, she really can't afford to add more.

  She only hoped that Mr. Sun would give up now.

  However, Suzy was disappointed after all.

  "Two hundred and ten million!"

  Sun Yuhao's voice, as if the sentence of death had been pronounced, finally gave Suzy and the others a death sentence.

  Suzy spread out weakly on the sofa and stopped bidding.

  "Young Master Sun, congratulations."

  At this time, however, Ye Fan suddenly spoke up and congratulated Sun Yuhao.

  When everyone heard this, it was clear that up until now, no one had been present to bid.

  Sun Yuhao, smiling to the end!

  "Congratulations to Young Master Sun, for winning this "chance" and becoming the brightest star of tonight's auction!"

  Li Er took to the high stage and also congratulated Sun Yuhao.

  For a time, the whole audience applauded, and this time, the applause was given to Sun Yuhao.

  After all, he had truly conquered everyone with his generosity and boldness.

  Of course, it didn't mean that the others couldn't come up with 200 million.

  However, most of the people here were businessmen, and would only take action if it was profitable.A chance to have dinner together with two hundred million to buy, many people felt that the premium was too high, and it was not worth it.

  In the end, this chance to have dinner with Mr. Chu fell into the hands of Sun Yuhao.

  At this time, Sun Yuhao, feeling the thunderous applause of the crowd and the attention of the audience, was in high spirits.He stood up and looked up high with the gaze of a victorious man, his arrogant appearance as if he was showing off his victory.

  "Brother Yuhao is great~"

  "I've long said that the one who will have the last laugh will definitely be my brother Yuhao."

  "How can this small town's tycoon, no matter how rich he is, compare to my brother Yuhao?"Han Fei Fei applauded, full of adoration.

  Han Hai was also like Sun Yuhao who heartily expressed his congratulations.

  In the private room, however, looking at the dazzling Sun Yuhao below, Ye Fan was unable to laugh or cry.

  He really didn't expect that this opportunity would be taken by Sun Yuhao.

  While Ye Fan was laughing bitterly, Su Xi was like a frosty eggplant, sitting listlessly on the sofa.It was as if she had lost the world and her life was gray.

  Qiu Mu Orange comforted from the side, "Xi Xi, there will be a long time to come, there will definitely be opportunities in the future."

  Suzy didn't say anything, just sitting there alone, her pretty face looked, so haggard.

  By now, the auction had ended, so Qiu Mu Orange and the others got up and prepared to leave.

  At this time, Li Er called Ye Fan: "Mr. Chu, the auction is over.The one who finally got this chance is Young Master Sun of the Jianghai Sun Family.Not only are you free at any time, I'll be able to arrange your dinner."

  Ye Fan nodded, "Mm, I know.Time and place, you can look at the arrangements.Just contact me at that time, I will attend."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Li Erton was delighted, "Good, Mr. Chu, then three days later, at the Haiyuan Pavilion.By the way, this dinner was sold at an auction price of two hundred and ten million, and I'll send the money over to Mr. Chu once the funds arrive."


  Soon, Ye Fan hung up the phone.Next to her, Qiu Mu Orange had been comforting Suzy and hadn't paid attention to what Ye Fan had said.

  Now, it was already late, and after Ye Fan and the others left the auction house, they were ready to rush to the first floor counter to extract the original jadeite stone that was kept there and go home.



However, where did Qiu Mu Orange Ye Fan and the others know that as early as half an hour ago.Qiu Mu Ying had led the Qiu family's crowd to the first floor counter of the Shan Shui Club, and without saying a word, they directly asked the front desk staff to bring out the original jade stone.

  "Miss, I'm really sorry, but we have a rule that no one other than myself is allowed to collect it for us."

  "After all, you say it's his sister, he says it's his brother's, he says he's a relative, but empty words, we have no way to prove it, right?"

  The staff said politely.

  Qiu Muying didn't say anything, just smiled at the corners of her mouth, while she slammed an account book down on the counter with a snap.

  "There's no way to prove it is there?"

  "I'll just I'll let you take the certification test, making it seem like we're lying to you."

  "Look closely, is she Qiu Mu Orange my sister?"

  "You don't believe what you say, but you always believe this account in black and white, don't you?"

  "Don't take out the original emerald stone yet."

  "Otherwise, you won't be able to pay for delaying my sister's important matter!"

  Autumn Orange was alarming and menacingly intimidating these staff members.

  "This..."The lady at the front desk was in a dilemma, those words she had said before were just an excuse to stall them, but she didn't expect that this Autumn Muyoung would actually take out her account book.

  "But this lady, really no ah, we really have a rule, except for the person herself~"

  The staff still has to explain, but Jiang Hong directly and rudely interrupted her, "What regulations are not regulations, that Qiu Mu Orange is a family with us, her things to her to us is not the same?I see that you humble little clerks are trying to take my niece's things for yourself!"

  "Are you going to pay it or not, we can call the police and sue you for misappropriation of office!"

  The fierce appearance of Jiang Hong and the others, but it made these small staff members feel terrified, but even so, they didn't dare to make the decision to hand over their things to them, and in the end, they had to call the lobby manager of the first floor over.

  "What's going on, what's all the racket?"A middle-aged man then came over.

  "Manager, it's like this~" the staff at the front desk then told their manager what happened.

  "Well?You want to collect it?No, we don't have that rule here."The middle-aged man directly refused.

  However, when the middle-aged man appeared, Qiu Guang was stunned and looked at him for a long time, then said in shock, "You .You are, Brother Beren?"

  "Well, you are?"Zhang Boren was confused and looked to the side at Qiuguang.

  "I Qiuguang ah, you forget, back in high school, we were bunk beds."Qiuguang replied.

  When Zhang Berren heard that, he seemed to have remembered something and was surprised, "You are Da Guangzi?"


  "Old classmate, it's been almost ten years since we parted back then."

  When old friends meet, it's natural to exchange pleasantries for a while.

  Seeing that this talk box couldn't be closed once it was opened, Qiu Muying looked suddenly anxious, afraid that Qiu Mu Orange and the others would come back, and quickly poked Qiu Guang from behind: "Uncle, business, business is important."

  Only then did Qiuguang remember the purpose of this, and started to talk to Zhang Berren about this matter.

  "Hmm?You mean, you helped your niece get her things?"Boren Zhang frowned.

  Qiu Guang smiled, "Yes, Boren.My niece was unable to come and called my father.This old man directly sent word for us to come over and help bring her home.But you, a small staff, must think we are liars.In desperation, we brought our account books in order to prove our identity."

  "Just speak to your staff and let us take the things away."Qiu Guang couldn't help but advise.

  Zhang Boren was also in a difficult situation, "Da Guangzi, it's not that I'm not giving you face, there are rules above this main, and I'm not going to break the rules ah.In case this gets into a dispute~"

  "Don't worry about that, there's no mistaking things, we're all family.The Qiu family is not separated now, Mu Orange's things, that is, our Qiu family's things, all belong to Master Qiu."Qiu Guang patted his chest and assured to.

  Zhang Berren had no choice but to nod his head.But just to be on the safe side, Zhang Berren ordered his men to verify to see if the owner of the original stone was really on the account book.

  "Manager, it's a person."The staff returned.

  "Hmm.What is it deposited?"Chamberlain asked.

  "It's a rock."

  "Oh, so it's a stone.Since Miss Na Qiu has instructed to have it claimed on her behalf, let them take it away."After hearing that it was just a stone, Zhang Berren had nothing to worry about.

  After all, a broken stone was just a stone, could it still be an impostor claim?

  In the end, Qiu Mu Ying and the others got the stone as they wished, then without further delay, they hurriedly left with the jade stone in their car.

  "Brother Bo Ren, next time you have the chance to come back, I'll buy you a drink."


  Qiu Guang thanked them a few times, and after that they also left in the car.

  However, none of them noticed that throughout all of this, there was a gaze in the hall that was watching everything that had just happened.

  The wheels sped up, and Qiu Muying and the others took the car and sped through the streets of Yunzhou, heading towards the Qiu family's old residence.

  On the way, the people of the Qiu family were filled with excitement, their old faces almost laughing together.


  "Ying Ying, we're rich, our Autumn Family is rich!"

  "Two hundred million, each of us, tens of millions at least, right?"

  "At that time, each of our Autumn family members will be multi-millionaires."

  "I've decided, at that time, I'll go on a trip to Japan with your second uncle to buy the most expensive cosmetics and a million dollar luxury car~"

  Inside the car, Qiu Muying and the others looked at the piece of emerald jade in front of them and were filled with light.

  Jiang Hong was even more excited as one of her old faces turned red.

  She could not wait to sell this piece of imperial green jade for money right now.

  However, just as Qiu Mu Ying and the others were fantasizing about the life of a multi-millionaire in the future, all of a sudden, Qiu Guang suddenly braked sharply, the steering wheel quickly and sharply hit, and the entire car nearly floated out.

  However, it was fortunate that Qiuguang reacted in time and had good driving skills, and eventually came to a dangerous stop.


  "How do you drive a car?"

  "Don't want to die?"

  When Qiu Guang got out of the car, he cursed angrily at the Wuling Hongguang that was blocking the road in front of them.

  Jiang Hong and the others were frightened and now also poked their heads out of the window to viciously curse angrily.

  "Do it!"

  A low voice, only inside the car, the scarred man waved his hand, then more than a dozen big men ran down from the number of vans, holding sticks and bats and rushed straight in.

  "You...What are you guys doing?"

  "In broad daylight, are you going to rob it?"

  "Bastards, you let go!"

  "Stop it~"

  "Help, a robbery~"

  Jiang Hong and the others cried out in fear, and Autumn Mu Ying was even more deadly in her embrace of the emerald original stone.

  "Fuck it!"

  "Still not loose?"

  "Looking for death?"

  A few big men cursed angrily and kicked these spiteful women under the van, while snatching the emerald original stone, climbing into the van and quickly moving away!

  The engines roared low, the car roared, and the quantity Wuling Hongguang quickly disappeared from sight.


  "No God~"

  "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!"

  This place was a mess.

  Qiu Muying, Jiang Hai and the others were lying on the ground, their foreheads wiped out with blood, crying and screaming.

  They had never thought that someone else would snatch the jadeite raw stone just after they got it, before it was even warmed up.

  After working for most of the day, it was a basket full of water!


And at this time, Ye Fan's group had arrived at the first floor.

  "Mu Orange, didn't you say that guy Ye Fan opened the Emperor's Green?"

  "Quickly take me to see it."

  A heartless woman like Suzy undoubtedly quickly came out of her previous loss and was now clamoring to see the legendary emperor green jadeite.

  Suzy had always loved gold and silver and other kinds of jewelry, and had naturally heard of and been extremely curious about the imperial green jade, which was extremely famous in the jewelry world.

  "But Mu Orange, I still doubt that Ye Fan, a poor kid, has really opened an emperor green?"

  "Do you know how precious emperor green is?"

  "I've seen it before, but the price tag for a single string of emerald necklaces made of imperial green alone was in the hundreds of millions.I was so confused at that price that I was too scared to even look close, let alone buy."

  Suzy rambled on and on all the way.

  But Qiu Mu Orange smiled helplessly, "Alright, alright, I'll just let you look at it later."

  In the middle of the conversation, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan and the others had arrived at the counter, indicating that they wanted to extract that original emerald stone.


  "Miss Autumn, haven't you already had someone lift it?"At the counter, the staff was very confused and asked.

  When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she frowned, "When did I let someone mention it, did you make a mistake?"

  "There can be no mistake.Lots of people were there just now?It seems that people claiming to be your sister, as well as uncles and the like, several came together and brought their account books."The staff said.

  And after Qiu Mu Orange heard that, her pretty face went white at that time, and her eyes widened.

  "What did you say?"

  "Led away by my sister and the others?"

  "What the hell are you doing, what's in my house and why are you letting them claim it?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was simply furious.

  She knew those people in the Qiu family too well, and if this emerald original stone got into their hands, there was no way she would be able to get it back!

  Two hundred million imperial green ah, how could Qiu Mu Orange have never thought that Qiu Mu Ying and the others would be so despicable and do the impostor thing?

  "Sister-in-law, what's going on?"

  At this time, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie had also just come out of the auction, just in time to see Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face flushed with anger.


  "The emperor's green has been impersonated?"

  "I'm so fucked up!"

  Shen Fei's entire body was also shocked when he heard it, and he was furious at the time.

  "Where's the manager, tell your manager to get out!"Shen Fei bellowed furiously.

  Not to mention that the emperor green was opened by Ye Fan, not to mention that a part of it Ye Fan had promised to sell it to them Shen Clan.Of course Shen Fei was furious when the treasures that came to hand flew away like that.

  As soon as that Zhang Berren came out, Shen Fei then kicked up and directly knocked that old thing over.

  "Young Master Shen, what are you doing?"Zhang Berren was dumbfounded.

  Although this Shan Shui Club was owned by the Second Prince Li, but who in Yunzhou didn't know that Shen Jiuyi was not only wealthy, but also a popular person under the Second Prince Li, and Shen Fei was the crown prince of the Shen family, of course, Zhang Berren didn't dare to offend.

  "I'm really a grass mud horse!"

  "I'm asking you, who gave you the guts to give that jadeite raw stone to someone else?"

  "Don't you know that the clubhouse explicitly states that what is kept here can only be extracted by me?"Shen Fei's red eyes roared.

  Zhang Boren quickly realized what had gone wrong and returned in fear, "It's just a stone, he...They said that it was Miss Qiu's relative ah, so I...I..."

  "So you're paralyzed ah!"Shen Fei was so angry that he slapped and pasted again, simply mad.

  "Still just a rock?"

  "Chamberlain, I'm telling you, you're in a big fucking mess!"

  "Do you know what kind of rock that is?"

  "That's emperor green, glass seed emperor green!"

  "It could be worth up to two hundred million~"

  "Two hundred million dollars for something that was given so casually to someone else by your stupid ass?"

  "You'll fucking pay for it!"

  "Damn, why did the Shan Shui Club take a fool like you?"

  Shen Fei was nearly enraged and cursed madly at Zhang Berren.

  But it was already done, and it was useless to curse at him any longer, so he could only find a way to salvage it.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange decided to go to the Qiu family to find them.

  "Ye Fan, I'm sorry.It's all because of my relatives..."

  Qiu Mu Orange was filled with guilt, before she only thought that her uncle and aunt were snobbish, but she never thought that they could do such despicable things for money.

  Now that her own relatives had counterfeited and claimed what Ye Fan had opened, of course Qiu Mu Orange felt guilty and felt sorry for Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan smiled and comforted, "Mu Orange, it's fine.They want it, just give it to them, they're all your uncles and relatives, and not outsiders."

  "No way.Ye Fan, I'm going to the Qiu family, I have to go ask them, how can they go so far!Don't worry, I'll definitely get the original stone back for you."Qiu Mu Orange was so angry that her eyebrows were red, so she immediately asked Suzy to drive her to the Qiu family's old house to settle the score with those relatives.

  "Sister-in-law, I'll go with you."

  Shen Fei was also extraordinarily aggressive, to go with Qiu Mu Orange, and before leaving, he was so angry that he kicked Zhang Boren: "You trash thing, you better pray that we can get it back, otherwise, you won't only lose everything you own, you won't be able to pay for it, we'll also send you to jail!"

  Shen Fei and the others had left, and at this point, only Zhang Bo Ren was left sprawled on the ground with a pale face, his heart filled with endless fear and misery.

  He had never thought that what he thought was just an ordinary stone would end up being worth two hundred million.

  What was thought to be a small matter of giving a personal favor, ended up in a monstrous disaster!

  In fear, Zhang Boren's trembling hand, however, dialed Qiu Guang's phone.

  "Beren, it's you, something happened to me here, something about drinking..."

  However, before Qiuguang finished speaking, there was an angry yell from Zhang Boren on the other end of the phone: "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch, Qiuguang, you actually harmed me~"

  "I was so blind to believe you!"

  "Just you wait, if I, Zhang Boren, lose my fortune over this, I'll be a ghost and I won't spare you~"

  "You son of a bitch, you beast~"

  The entire first floor lobby, which echoed, was all of Zhang Boren's miserable howls.

  On the other end of the phone, Qiu Guang was scared white and trembling, then hung up the phone.

  Outside the Shan Shui Club, Qiu Mu Orange had gotten into Suzy's car and rushed to the Qiu family's old house.

  Shen Fei originally wanted to follow, but on second thought, this was Mr. Chu's family matter, so he'd better not get involved.After all, the Qiu family was Ye Fan's wife's mother's family, and even if he went there, he wouldn't dare to provoke it.

  No matter how close he was to Ye Fan, he definitely couldn't be closer than someone's relatives.

  However, having lost hundreds of millions of dollars, the Ye Fan on the side was as calm as nothing.

  "Brother Fan, how come you're so calm and not at all anxious when something has been counter-claimed?"Shen Fei asked anxiously.

  Ye Fan paralyzed his hands, "What can I do if I'm anxious?"

  "Am I going to go over there and beat the shit out of my wife's mother's family?"

  When Shen Fei heard this, he also felt reasonable: "Hey, the most difficult thing in this world is to deal with relatives."

  "If it's someone else, the worst case scenario is to cut off friendship and die of old age.But between relatives, broken bones are still connected to tendons, and blood kinship is not that easy to sever after all."

  Shen Fei sighed and lamented from the side, his heart had almost despaired, I guess that emperor green, is not going to come.

  But Ye Fan was smiling faintly, "Looking at your listless look, isn't it just a stone?"

  "And, can you believe it?There are some things in this world that should be yours, that are yours, and can't be taken away."

  "If it's not yours, it's not yours, and you can't even ask for it~"

  Ye Fan's voice was only like a breeze, here in heaven and earth, slowly sounding.

  Shen Fei nodded, as if he understood, or as if, he didn't.


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