The King of Kungfu in school 1151-1160


Chapter 1151

"Take us to him."

"Hmm."Little Sister nodded her head.

This year, Little Sister had lost significant weight, there were just too many things that had happened this year, Tang Zichen's incident was just as bad as her Master Teacher's wife's, and she spent the entire day in tears.

At this moment, Tang Zichen flew to a certain cliff edge in the back of the mountain, Tang Zichen sat on the ground in a lost state of mind.

This was the place where he used to love to come to practice martial arts.

Regardless of whether Song Dingtian had something else to hide from everyone, he was right, the root cause of everything was Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was the murderer, and to that, Tang Zichen could not argue.

"Ahhhh, Master, I'm the one who harmed you.Why, why, why."Tang Zichen smashed on the stone wall with punch after punch, the stone wall kept dropping stones, the stones smashed on the top of Tang Zichen's head, Tang Zichen was quickly smashed, but he didn't care about himself in the slightest.

Not long after, Xie Yong and the others flew over.

"Senior Brother Feng."

"Senior Brother Feng."

The teachers and brothers were busy flying up. Remember the URL

Little Sister cried, "Brother Feng, what happened to you, you've lost so much blood."Little Sister wanted to bandage Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen pushed Little Sister away and said, "Don't bang me, let me die."


Xie Yong asked, "Brother Feng, did you ask something at the Head Master's place?"

"Yeah, you asked if anything came out of it, so tell me."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "What else to ask, I'm the one who killed Master."

"Brother Feng, what are you talking about, what kind of lies did the palm master tell you to make you blame yourself so much."

Tang Zichen choked out, "He's right, everything started because of me."

"Brother Wind, can't you tell us how Master died?"Little Sister was anxious.

Tang Zichen said, "On that day at the Martial World Conference, I killed the ally master, and in addition to the ally master, I also killed seven or eight sects' sect realm powerhouses.Song Dingtian said that I killed so many sect powerhouses that it caused those sect powerhouses to target on the Divine Dragon Sect, so the Divine Dragon Sect was besieged by those sect powerhouses, that's how Master is."

Xie Yong snorted, "Brother Feng, do you believe what the Master said?I don't believe it, but if that's the case, then why didn't the Head Master tell us, and why did he hide it from his teacher's wife."

"That's right, it doesn't make sense at all."

Tang Zichen looked at Xie Yong, "You also think there's something hidden?"


"But I can't think of anything, there's no way that the Master and the other uncles joined forces to kill the Master, right?There's no motive for this at all, so in the end, it's still related to me killing the major factions, and in the end, the root of it all still lies in my head."

The fifth senior brother said, "Forget it, it's been a year already, what's the point of dwelling on this, the key now is where did Shiniang go, I can't even find Shiniang."

Tang Zichen asked, "It must have been almost a year since Shiniang went down the mountain to look for Master, haven't you guys been looking for her?"

"Of course we've searched, we've asked the entire righteous alliance, every sect, and no one has seen Shisuniang, it's as if she disappeared into thin air."

Little Sister shook her head and said, "My intuition tells me that Shisuniang must have been harmed."

Xie Yong said, "Brother Feng, your martial arts skills are strong, surprisingly you can't ask the truth from the Head Master, then why don't you go and find Uncle Bao, who went to the martial arts conference that day, and Uncle Bao, whose martial arts skills are not as good as yours, you can force him to tell the truth."


Tang Zichen immediately went to Uncle Bao's residence.


; Uncle Bao was a mid Ancestor realm person, Tang Zichen was now very confident in dealing with a mid Ancestor realm one.

Tang Zichen's current strength was capable of fighting a late Zongshi without initiating Life Blood Concealment, but just a single battle was not enough to defeat a late Zongshi.

"Uncle Bao."

"Uh, Wind Lightning, what are you doing here looking for me?"Uncle Bao looked at Tang Zichen, and the group of brothers and sisters behind Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle Bao, I have a few questions I would like to ask you, and I hope that Uncle Bao will tell me the truth."

"I know what you want to ask."

"If you know, then tell me."

"I won't tell you because, there's no point in telling you, at least for me, for the Divine Dragon Sect."

Tang Zichen was furious, "Uncle Bao, my master's relationship with you isn't bad, so why are you hiding the truth."

"Sorry, it's not that I have to hide it, but I have to, even though I'm disappointed."

Xie Yong said, "Master's death was really something to hide."

Tang Zichen killed Master Bao with a sword, and he immediately rose up to resist.

"Wow."As soon as the sword in Uncle Bao's hand was raised, it was picked off by Tang Zichen's sword, as if there was no resistance.

Uncle Bao just felt that Tang Zichen's swordsmanship was incomparably brilliant, so brilliant that it was as if he couldn't advance half a point before he picked up the sword.

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were very worshipful when they saw Tang Zichen defeat Uncle Bao so easily, but of course, they were in no mood to worship at the moment.

"Say, what exactly is Song Dingtian hiding?"Tang Zichen sword pointed at Uncle Bao's throat and asked.

"You kill me."Uncle Bao's eyes looked disappointed.

"You don't think I wouldn't dare."

"I don't care about life or death anymore, I'm already disappointed in this Jianghu."Uncle Bao's eyes were godless.

"Do you think that I can stop pursuing you when you say that?"

"I can't tell you anything."

"Okay, then I'll ask you, Song Dingtian said that the few of you who went to the Martial Competition that day were attacked by strongmen from other sects, is this incident true or false?"

Uncle Bao hesitated and said both, "This matter is true."

"Then my master, who was killed by the strongest of those sects, is this matter true or false?"

"I can't answer you."

"Good, that means that there is a problem here, didn't my master die in the siege of those strong sectarians, did Song Dingtian kill my master?"

"Phew."Uncle Bao exhaled a deep breath and said, "No."

"Then why did Song Dingtian hide the truth?"

"I have no comment to make."

Tang Zichen didn't ask anything, he only knew one thing, that there was a hidden reason for his master's death, a hidden reason that the uncles of the Divine Dragon School who had gone to the martial arts tournament together had chosen to help conceal.

Why exactly was that?

Tang Zichen couldn't figure it out.

Tang Zichen lowered the sword from Uncle Bao's throat and asked, "Uncle Bao, I have one last question I want you to answer.Song Dingtian told me that I was the one who killed my master, and that my master's death was entirely because of me, is that right?"

Uncle Bao said, "How to understand it, you can say yes or no, in a word, the human heart is really scary."

"The human heart is horrible?"

"Alright, I don't want to say anything more, if you don't kill me, then please leave, and don't you go ask at those other uncles, they're just like me, they won't talk."


"Uncle Bob, are you seriously not going to say anything?"

"What? You want to kill me?"

Just then, the Fire Demon Beast flew in and shouted, "Brother Chen, is it possible to use mesmerism on him."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "My hypnotic song is probably too low in front of a Zongshi realm powerhouse.However, I'll give it a try."

Tang Zichen immediately used his hypnotic song mesmerism on Uncle Bao, and as he had expected, his hypnotic song was too low level to describe in front of a strong person of the Zongshi level, and could not possibly have any effect on the Zongshi realm.Tang Zichen had to comprehend a higher level of Hypnotism if he wanted to continue to possess the Hypnotism, and he had to be at the Master level in the Hypnotism before he could have any killing power against a Master realm powerhouse.Moreover, although Tang Zichen was stronger than Uncle Bao, in terms of realm, Tang Zichen was only at the early stage of the clan, and even if his mesmerizing technique was also at the clan master level, he would still be unable to be effective against Uncle Bao.

"Let's go, go to the other Uncle Bao and ask, I don't believe that all the other uncles are keeping their mouths shut."Tang Zichen turned around and walked out of Uncle Bao's house.

Uncle Bao shouted behind him, "Wind Lightning, don't waste your energy."

"Uncle Bao, do you think that the Divine Dragon Sect is ironclad?Is everyone so righteous?If that were true, then the Divine Dragon Sect would have been powerful long ago."

Tang Zichen then came to Uncle You.

Uncle Youushi was also one of the people who had gone to the martial arts tournament.

"Wind Lightning, what are you looking for me for?"Uncle You Shifu asked. A second to remember to read the book.

Tang Zichen immediately took out a flying device and said, "Uncle You, you're also at the late Ancestor realm, right?"

"Uh."Uncle You looked at the flying device in Tang Zichen's hand and swallowed his saliva, he recognized it as a flying magic treasure, but what puzzled him was, wasn't the flying magic treasure destroyed?

"Uncle You, you're only a little weaker than my master, and at most half as weak as Song Dingtian, right?"

Uncle Youushi said, "What are you trying to say, Wind Lightning?"

"Oh, Uncle You, you should recognize this thing I'm holding."

"A flying magic treasure?"

"Haha, Uncle You is still quite discerning, yes, it's exactly the Flying Heavenly Dharma Treasure."

"But isn't the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure destroyed?Why do you still have it?"

Tang Zichen said, "Did I tell you that there is only one Flying Spell?"

"Ah, you mean, there are two flying magic treasures?"Uncle You's body trembled, a greedy gaze in his eyes.

"Didn't you see that, why are you still asking so many questions, Uncle You, if you possess the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, then you can definitely beat Song Dingtian violently, and even, in the entire Jianghu, all the late Grandmasters, there are definitely not many people who can beat you.Your strength can be ranked in the forefront in no time, Uncle You, do you want to possess the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure?"

"Wind Lightning, you mean, you want to give me the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure?"

"Yes, I want to give it to you."

"Ah, really?"

"Of course it's true, do I look like I'm joking?Uncle You, at first, you and my master, your relationship was also pretty good, right?"

"Of course, Ding Ru and I that grew up in the same division together, and we even wore the same pants when we were kids."Uncle You Shifu was busy nodding his head, drawing closer.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle You Shifu, you have the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, so Song Dingtian is definitely not your opponent anymore, what is the first thing you want to do?"

"Uh, can I really defeat the paladin?"

"Sure. Definitely."

"So, what do you want me to do?"Uncle You Shi asked.

"I want you to help me teach Song Dingtian a lesson .

Let's beat him into a pig's head."

"But, that would be too that, after all, it's the Head Master, and the Divine Dragon School still has so many assistant teacher uncles and ancestors existing, how can I be allowed to mess around."

"Uncle You Shifu, since you have the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, don't you want to be capricious and still allow Song Dingtian to control you?Alright, I'm not going to be long-winded, I'll give you the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure first, and we'll talk about the rest."


Tang Zichen immediately handed the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure to Uncle You.

Uncle You was a bit unbelieving, such a precious magic treasure, Tang Zichen just said to give it away.

"This isn't some kind of fraud, is it?"Uncle Yoshi asked.

"Don't you have any guts at all?Buckle in the back."


Uncle Youushi put it on his back.

Tang Zichen said, "In order to avoid the tragedy of the last Inkstone School ally, I will now assist you in using it."

Tang Zichen said to the aircraft, "Number three, set the speed to two hundred per hour."

"Drop."The flying machine set it when it heard Tang Zichen's voice.

Uncle You said in shock, "Oh my god, this magic treasure is still psychic, it can actually understand human words."

"It is."Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain to him that this was a voice control system.

"Uncle You, I've set a low speed for you, when you learn how to control your body, I'll give you a return to full speed, if you return to full speed, the speed will be about two thousand per hour."


"When you're ready, press this button and immediately take off."

As soon as Uncle You pressed it, it took off into the sky, but not very fast, as Tang Zichen had only set a speed of two hundred per hour.

"Wow."Uncle Youji was incredibly flying in the sky.

On the ground, Big Brother asked, "Brother Wind, didn't we come to ask him about Master?Why don't you ask him now?Instead, give him the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, sooner or later I'll make him speak up, right now I'm going to buy him first, I'm going to make Uncle You into my person, Uncle You will be able to defeat Song Dingtian with the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, after that, everything will be easy."

"Will he listen to you?"

"It will, because, although he's using that flying machine, only I can control it, and if I don't let him use it, he can't use it."

"Ah, so magical?Really acknowledge you as your master, huh?"

"You could say that."

Uncle Youushi flew in the sky for ten minutes, then landed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Youushi, you're pretty smart, you've learned to apply it flexibly so quickly."

"Haha, that's right, don't even look at who your Uncle Youushi is, that's the one who wore the same pants as your master back then."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was speechless, when this Uncle Youushi was proud of himself, he had to even bring Tang Zichen's master in with him.

"Good, Uncle You, I'll set you at full speed now, so be prepared, don't be like the ally of the Yanshan School and get run over and crippled."

"Mm."Uncle Youushi was very nervous.

Tang Zichen said to the aircraft, "Number three, from now on, your codename will be changed to 'Uncle You Shifu Model'."

"Drip."The flying machine dripped, changing the initial settings successfully.

"Uncle You Shifu Model, resume full speed."


"Alright, Uncle You Shifu, you can fly at full speed."



In the next second, Uncle You Shi rushed into the sky.

"Wow."Uncle You screamed, feeling the incredible speed.

Likewise, Uncle You soared in the sky for half an hour before landing, for half an hour, he had flown so far away that it would take more than half a day to reach it on a horse.

Uncle You Shifu was deeply in love with this flying magic treasure, and said that he would never return it to Tang Zichen.

Uncle Youushi landed on the ground.

"How was it, Uncle You."

"Haha, it's great, I'm now confident that I can defeat the Master."

"Uncle You, this magic treasure, he only recognizes my voice, I'm just lending it to you to use now oh."


"But don't worry, although it's lent to you, I intend to lend it to you for the rest of my life, so it's just as if it's completely yours." First URL

"Thank you, Windy."

"Oh, you're welcome, Uncle You, now can you tell me how my master died?"Tang Zichen asked.

Uncle Youushi thought for a moment and said, "Alright, I'll tell you, I'm not afraid of Song Dingtian now anyway, so it's still not certain who will be the Head Master in the future."

"You say."

"After that martial arts conference, although we were besieged by other sects, their siege wasn't very strong, they were just venting their discontent, it wasn't fatal at all.On our way back, instead, Song Dingtian and Ding Ru had several wars and quarrels."

"Great wars?"

"Yes, Song Dingtian feels that you're so powerful, I'm afraid it has something to do with your background, when your master picked you up back then, he brought back a bag with you, and in the bag there were clothes, silver, letters and so on, Song Dingtian also knew about this, but at that time, no one thought much of it.And now that you're so powerful, Song Dingtian felt that you must have an unusual background.So I wanted to ask Brother Ding Ru to hand over the bag he picked up back then and give it to him to study.Your master was determined not to give it to him, your master said that that bag only had a letter, and he wouldn't say what the contents of the letter were, your master was a man of principle, he thought that the letter was your stuff, and that outsiders didn't have the right to know."

"So, Song Dingtian was very annoyed with your master, the more he thought that there was something in that epistle, that your master must have something good that he didn't share, and so they quarreled for days and had several fights.This matter, I don't know how, was seen by a passing Ancestor Great Perfection level strong man, and that Ancestor Great Perfection level strong man thought there was something good, so he took your master away, and he also wanted your master to hand over the secret."

"Just like that, what was originally a fabricated thing, made a mess as if it were real, after your master was taken away by that Zongshi Grand Perfection, there's no news, he hasn't returned for so long, I'm afraid he's already dead."

"Song Dingtian, this son of a bitch."Xie Yong was furious.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is that Ancestral Master Great Perfection that captured my master?"

"I don't know about that, you also know that those Ancestor Perfection and Great Perfection level powerhouses rarely show their faces, none of us are on the same level, many of them we don't know, and we don't know which sect they are from, or if they don't have a sect."

Tang Zichen smashed the wall in anger.

This Song Dingtian.

However, Song Dingtian had indeed guessed correctly, Tang Zichen himself thought that the

I'm afraid his origin was not so simple, because Tang Zichen learned Life Blood Hidden from that five-year-old's pre-memory.

A martial skill of this level of Life Blood Concealment was definitely not simple, and Tang Zichen himself thought that he was not simple, so the fact that Song Dingtian was so suspicious of him at least showed that he was quite discerning.

Of course, Uncle You and the others, however, thought that this was a fabrication, and in comparison, Uncle You and the others were not as discerning as Song Dingtian.

"So, after we returned to the sect, Ding Ru didn't come back, your teacher's wife and the others came to ask questions, but how could Song Dingtian dare to tell anyone, he didn't dare to openly say that he was killed by a siege by another sect, because we would know if it was true or not if we went to verify it, so Song Dingtian wouldn't say anything, and we were warned by him not to say anything."

"This son-of-a-bitch, Uncle You, I gave you the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, it's time for you to teach Song Dingtian a lesson."

"Uh, this."

"What? Don't you want the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure anymore?You don't want to be the Master anymore?Do you think this behavior of Song Dingtian is worthy of being the Headmaster?"

Uncle You Shifu nodded, "Alright, then I'll go find him, I don't like him much anyway, he's not very good at being a human being.Hopefully, the assistant teacher uncles won't expel me from the sect."

"Don't worry, they won't, because, Song Dingtian has most likely committed a serious crime."

"What do you mean?Are you saying that Song Dingtian harmed Ding Ru because of a trumped-up story?This matter is known to all of the divisional assistants.Your master was captured by a master master great perfectionist, this matter can't be completely blamed on Song Dingtian, Song Dingtian didn't expect to be seen by a master great perfectionist so coincidentally."

"No, it's my teacher's wife, my teacher's wife went down the mountain to look for my master, and then she disappeared for no apparent reason, if I'm not wrong, my teacher's wife must still be in the Divine Dragon Sect."Tang Zichen said.

"What? My teacher's wife is still in the Divine Dragon Sect?"Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were taken aback.


"Why do you say that?"

"Hmph, wasn't Song Dingtian obsessed with my origins before?Do you want to know the mystery of my origins at my master's?Therefore, I guess my teacher's wife must have been hidden by Song Dingtian, and it was hidden in the Divine Dragon Sect.The reason why Song Dingtian hid my teacher's wife, needless to say, must be that he wanted to know my origins through my teacher's wife."

"Ah, no way."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Otherwise, how could my teacher's mother be missing when she's so good."

"Heavens, if Song Dingtian really hid Yan Xingyi, then Song Dingtian has indeed committed a great sin of the Divine Dragon Sect."Uncle You was busy.

Right now, in one of the Divine Dragon Sect's underground heavenly dungeons, Yan Xin Yi, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, was securely tied to a stone wall, her back lute bones were locked up, so Yan Xin Yi couldn't exert any power and was underground all day long in this dark, sunless place.

This Heavenly Prison, only the palmist could come down, because the entrance was in the palmist's room, it was usually used to imprison particularly significant and powerful prisoners, but a prisoner of this level was not seen for decades, so usually everyone forgot about the existence of this Heavenly Prison, no one would even think that this Heavenly Prison still had people locked up.

Just at this moment, the Heavenly Prison opened and a person walked in.

It was Song Dingtian.

"Song Dingtian."Yan Xinyi gritted her teeth and said.

"Yan Xinyi, why haven't you told us the mystery of Wind Lightning's origins?"


"Hmph, don't say there are no secrets, even if there were, I wouldn't tell you this dog."Yan Xin Yi raged.

"It's been a year since I locked you up and you still won't tell me, so it seems that I have no choice."

"What do you want?My husband knows and won't leave you alone."

"Your husband?Didn't I tell you that he was already dead?"

"I don't believe he's dead."

"Ugh, you're such a stubborn woman, well, I don't intend to keep holding you anyway, so I'll tell you today.It's true that I can't guarantee whether Ding Ru is dead or alive, because he was originally captured by a strong man who was a great master, and that strong man saw me fighting with Ding Ru, as if I was fighting for something great, so he captured Ding Ru and must have forced him to ask him, and now a year has passed and Ding Ru hasn't come back, which means he's dead.That strong man couldn't ask anything of value, so naturally there's no need to keep him."

"No, he won't die."

"Hahaha, Yan Xingyi, Yan Xingyi, you're really naive.Actually, I also liked you back then, after all, back then you were famous and sensational, no man would dislike you, but unfortunately, I didn't have Ding Ru's looks, so I could only watch him marry you off.So, I've never been very fond of Ding Ru, and this time when I asked him about the fascination of Tang Zichen's origins, he didn't even think about it and said that he didn't have any, such an attitude made me believe even more that he must know something."

"You're despicable and shameless."

"Whatever you say, anyway, it's been a year, and you can't ask anything from your mouth, so I guess you don't know anything either, or, it's true that Wind Lightning doesn't have any secrets, but that's not important, the important thing is that I don't want to lock you up anymore."

Yan Xinyi said, "Then why don't you quickly release me." Remember the URL

"Hahaha, you're so naive, didn't you catch what I was saying?I don't want to imprison you anymore, I just don't want to keep you alive.You think I'm going to let you out alive and reveal that I'm holding you captive?Don't be foolish, from the day I imprisoned you, I didn't dare to let you live, the reason why I let you live for so long was just to know if there were any secrets in the infancy of Wind Lightning back then.Now, I'll pretend there are no secrets, and you can be free."

"You."Yan Xinyi felt unwilling inside and struggled desperately, but the more she struggled, the more powerless she became, and the back of her lute bone was locked in pain.

"Stop struggling, it's useless, no one will even know that I'm holding you here, and after I kill you, I'll use corpse powder to turn you into a corpse, then you'll really be missing from here.It's just a pity, such a beautiful beauty, alas, if it wasn't for the fact that you're now covered in filth and bony, which really makes me unable to generate desire, I'd really like to fuck you, after all, you were my goddess in the first place, huh?"

"Bah."Yan Xinyi a mouthful of water wanted to spit Song Dingtian, but there was no saliva, her lips were so dry that she hadn't drunk a drop of water for at least a month, although Song Dingtian didn't kill her, but he only occasionally, only came down for a month or even two months, and then gave her a few steamed buns to keep from starving to death.Yan Xinyi had already become a skin and bones, almost only a layer of skin left on her body, and her appearance looked horrible, before even the most beautiful person, so starved for a year, there was no beauty to speak of.

"Right, Yan Xinyi, before you die, I'll tell you one thing.You should miss Wind Lightning, huh, he's back."

Yan Xinyi looked at Song Dingtian and struggled.

"You want to see him very much, huh, this kid, I really want to kill him."Song Dingtian thought of Tang Zichen and suddenly felt a rage within him.

This anger had nowhere for him to vent.

"Bang."Song Dingtian punched Yan Xinyi's already skinny belly.

Yan Xinyi didn't even vomit a few drops of blood because of the severe water shortage.


nbsp; "I can't teach him a lesson, so I'll have to beat you up to vent."Song Dingtian said.

"Hahaha, hahaha, Song Dingtian, Feng'er he will kill you sooner or later."Yan Xinyi said through clenched teeth, seeing Song Dingtian in such a rage, Yan Xinyi knew that it must have been Wind Lightning who had made Song Dingtian suffer a lot and there was nothing he could do about it.

Song Dingtian grabbed Yan Xinyi's hair and gritted his teeth, "You're dying yourself and you still care about me, even though Wind Lightning might surpass me one day, so what, he'll never know that I killed his teacher's wife with my own hands."

After saying that, Song Dingtian pointed at the wine jar on the ground and said, "Do you know what's in this jar?"

"It's corpse powder, you're about to become a floor of corpse water in this place, hahaha."Song Dingtian laughed out loud.

Then, Song Dingtian covered Yan Xinyi's mouth and suffocated her to death.

Yan Xinyi struggled desperately, even though her back pipa bone was locked and it was painful for her to move, but her survival instinct made her forget the pain and struggle non-stop.

At this moment, on the ground a hundred meters above.

Tang Zichen and Uncle You came.

Along with them were Tang Zichen's group of brothers and sisters.

"Song Dingtian, come out."Tang Zichen shouted several times.

There was no response from Song Dingtian.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked open Song Dingtian's courtyard door.

"It's not even there."

Uncle You Shi said, "Wind Lightning, why don't you go back first, don't worry, I'm definitely going to fight Song Dingtian, I also want to know how I defeated Song Dingtian after possessing the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure."

Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle You, is there any place in our Divine Dragon Sect that no one goes to at all?"

"This, I don't think so, the Divine Dragon School is too familiar with it, every place has been visited by someone."

Tang Zichen asked again, "Uncle You, if you were Song Dingtian and captured my teacher's wife, where would you hide?"

"Uh."Uncle You Shifu froze, seemingly awakened by Tang Zichen and remembered something.

"Uncle You Shi, did you think of something?"

"There's a place, it's the Heavenly Cauldron underneath the headmaster's house, this Heavenly Cauldron holds extremely powerful prisoners, but a prisoner of this level hasn't seen one for decades, so it's usually empty."

Tang Zichen busily said, "It must be here, it must be here.Uncle You, where is the entrance to this Heavenly Cauldron?"

"This, it should be in the palm master's room."

Tang Zichen immediately went to Song Dingtian's room, and indeed found a mechanism, where a wall originally moved away to either side, then revealed a staircase going down.

"Haha, let's go, go down and take a look."Tang Zichen said.

Everyone rushed down after Tang Zichen, the more hidden it was, the more likely Tang Zichen thought it was.

Uncle You also followed down.

At this moment, in the hundred meter deep underground dungeon.

Yan Xinyi was already motionless, her entire body dangling helplessly on the stone wall, like a roast duck hanging from a hook, looking extremely terrifying.

Song Dingtian snorted, clapped his hands, and said, "It's good to die, but now that the wind is here, it's better to deal with this trouble early in order not to cause any complications."

Song Dingtian said, moved the wine jar placed on the ground next to him, tore open the seal, and prepared to pour the corpse-forming powder on Yan Xinyi's body, so that she would turn into a puddle of blood without a trace, truly an essential product for home killing.



Just as Song Dingtian was about to splash the corpse-forming powder in his hands onto Yan Xin Yi's body, Tang Zichen rushed into the Heavenly Prison like a gust of wind.

"Ugh."Song Dingtian was stunned, he couldn't seem to believe for a moment how Tang Zichen could possibly be here, and at the moment he was stunned, the corpse-forming powder in his hand was suddenly snatched away by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had already guessed that the wine bottle your stuff was the corpse-forming powder.

At that moment, Uncle You also entered the Heavenly Prison.

Uncle You saw the motionless Yan Xinyi at a glance and felt incredulous, he thought Tang Zichen's claim that Song Dingtian had captured Yan Xinyi was nonsense, but he didn't expect it to be true.

"Shisun."Tang Zichen immediately rushed up and rescued Shiniang.

However, Shini Nyang was no longer breathing.

However, Shini Niang had obviously just died within a few minutes not two minutes ago, and it was too simple for Tang Zichen to use the Resurrection from the Dead technique, as simple as another world's 'artificial respiration', which was in fact the same thing.

Not long after, Little Sister and the others rushed down as well, and all of a sudden, the entire Heavenly Prison was filled with people.

Song Dingtian was startled there. A second to remember to read the book

Uncle You looked at Song Dingtian and said, "Master Teacher, perhaps it's the last time I'll call you Master Teacher, originally Windy said that it must have been you who hid Yan Xingyi, I didn't believe it, but I didn't expect that it was really you."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Song Dingtian let out a loud laugh, the matter had been revealed and he seemed to have turned a bit grim.



Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters immediately surged up and surrounded Shisuniang.

Tang Zichen said, "Shiniang has just died, it's not too late to use the Resurrection from the Dead technique, but I don't have any silver needles on me, which one of you has?"

Tang Zichen immediately took out a showgirl, "I brought it."

"Good, give it to me quickly."Tang Zichen was busy.

However, Little Sister did not give it to Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen looked at Little Sister with puzzlement.

Little Senior Sister said, "Brother Feng, it's better for me."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, only then did he remember that Little Sister's medical skills were far superior to his, with Little Sister here, how would Tang Zichen need to do anything.

"Fine, you come."Tang Zichen was busy getting out of the way and resuscitated his aunt to Little Sister.In the other world Tang Zichen had always acted as a divine physician, almost forgetting that they were all back now, in this world, Tang Zichen's medical skills were not necessarily that much better, at least Little Sister's medical background was far superior to Tang Zichen's.

Song Dingtian also didn't stop Tang Zichen and the others from saving Yan Xingyi, his eyes showed killing intent.

Song Dingtian laughed, "Good, good to come, today, not one of you will get out alive, there is a way to heaven you won't go, there is no door to hell you will come to cast, this is what you forced me to do."

Song Dingtian was ready to make a killing, today this matter spread out, he couldn't hang around in the Divine Dragon Sect, so he could only take a desperate gamble, he didn't care if Tang Zichen was still able to exert that much strength, he could only take a gamble and kill them.

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain.

Uncle You Shi said, "Song Dingtian, what you did was too much."

"Hmph, people don't do it for themselves, the heavens will punish them, don't you know, to blame only Ding Ru and his wife for not knowing, You Haoyun, why did you interfere, you're looking for death."

Uncle You Hao Yun snorted, "How

Are you going to train me to kill along with you when you see that things have been revealed?"

"You're the one who bumped into me, you can't blame me."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Uncle You laughed and snorted, "Song Dingtian, do you think you can kill me?"

Song Dingtian trailed off, "Whether I can kill you or not, you know it yourself, the same late Sect Master, do you have any resistance in front of me?"

"Yes, it was unbeatable to beat you, but that was before, not now."

"Looking for death, then I'll kill you first."Song Dingtian rushed towards Uncle You.

The two of them exchanged blows in an instant.

Uncle Youushi was very depressed at the moment because the space here was too small, it was hard to take advantage of the flying machine, and if this continued, he was bound to lose.

On the other side of the Heavenly Prison, Little Sister used only a few stitches to make Shishu awaken.

Tang Zichen had to marvel, Little Sister was worthy of being Little Sister, if it was Tang Zichen, his entire body would be filled with needles, and then it was estimated that it would take four to five minutes, or even longer.Little Sister, on the other hand, only had a few stitches, and in less than thirty seconds had her heartbeat beating again.Tang Zichen had to sigh, this was the difference.

"Shisun, how are you?"Tang Zichen and the others were busy asking.

Yan Xin Yi opened her eyes.


"Feng'er, Rei'er, you're all here, am I dead?"

"Shizuo, fortunately we came in time to prevent Song Dingtian from having his way, you were just strangled to death by Song Dingtian and Little Sister used the Resurrection from the Dead technique to save you."Tang Zichen busily said.

"Yes, junior sister, you once taught us medical techniques, now, we used the medical techniques you taught us to save you."Xie Yong said.

"I'm not dead."The teacher's wife seemed to be very weak, even though she had been saved, but after all, she had died once, and with the year of torture, her bones were thin and bony, and she was already at the end of her rope.

"Brother Wind, let's take Shini-san back to the ground first and take care of her."


Tang Zichen carried his teacher's wife and said to Uncle You, "Uncle You, Song Dingtian is counting on you."

Uncle Youushi was fighting Song Dingtian at the moment, as the flying machine's advantage was not being used, making him slow to defeat Song Dingtian, but even though the advantage could not be fully used, it made Uncle Youushi almost equal to Song Dingtian.

Song Dingtian was annoyed that You Haoyun, who was usually no match for him at all, was actually fighting with him today.Although You Haoyun was inferior in martial arts, You Haoyun was extremely fast and made up for his weakness in martial arts with speed.

"Why is it like this."Song Dingtian saw that Tang Zichen and the others had saved Yan Xingyi and were ready to return to the ground, so he was tense and distraught inside, plus he was late in defeating You Haoyun, and his inner depression could not be recounted.

You Haoyun laughed, "Song Dingtian, are you confused to find that I, who wasn't your opponent before, suddenly tied with you?Well, I'll tell you, it's because of this."You Haoyun turned around, allowing Song Dingtian to see the flying magic treasure.

"Ah."Song Dingtian was shocked, the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure that he had dreamed of at first, appeared on You Haoyun's back.

"You, how did you get the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure?"Song Dingtian asked in shock.

"This was given to me by Wind Lightning."You Haoyun said.

"Impossible, the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure has been destroyed."Song Dingtian shook his head incredulously.

Tang Zichen carried his teacher's wife on his back and flew to the entrance of the Heavenly Prison while Song Dingtian was stunned.


Xie Yong and the others were busy flying out as well.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys quickly go to the ground, just in case."

"Good."Xie Yong and Little Sister and the others immediately rushed to the ground, Song Dingtian was, after all, a powerful late Ancestor, if he was determined to kill, I'm afraid that Uncle You and Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to stop him completely in time, Xie Yong and a few other brothers and sisters, one or two deaths were inevitable, so it was only true that they, the Unity Realm, rushed to the ground quickly.

"Impossible, it's impossible, the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure is clearly destroyed."Song Dingtian's emotions were a bit out of control, in his eyes, the very unworthy You Haoyun could even possess the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, while he had always dreamed of it but couldn't, his heart was very unbalanced.

"Hahaha, Song Dingtian, you also want the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, right, at first I knew you, but I knew that you couldn't sleep for days and nights wanting this Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, and in the end, Wind Lightning Cloud still didn't give it to you, that hatred in your heart ah.The last one that was destroyed in the Yanshan School was just one of them, and it was said that he had at least fifty of them, and when the time came, all those who followed him, or were his relatives, would be given one.Song Dingtian, it's a pity that you don't have a chance, who let you have a bad mind, always thinking of these crooked ideas, and not taking the good path.Otherwise, with your headmaster's identity, Wind Light Cloud would definitely give you one, pity, pity."

"Ahhhh."Song Dingtian hissed, in fact, when he heard You Haoyun say that, Song Dingtian regretted a bit inside, had he known that Tang Zichen had so many Flying Heavenly Treasures, he shouldn't have offended him in the first place.

Now, it was good that he had even committed the division's felony.

Song Dingtian gritted his teeth and said, "Death, I want you all to die."

You Haoyun snorted, "Kill me if you can."

You Haoyun immediately rushed to the ground.

At this time, Tang Zichen and the others had already reached the ground. The first website

Upon reaching the ground, Xie Yong and the others immediately shouted, "Someone, kill someone, Song Dingtian has killed someone, come quickly."

The shouts spread throughout the various valleys up and down the Divine Dragon Sect.

The uncles who heard the shouting, as well as the disciples, rushed over, especially the Ancestor Realm uncles who lived a few hundred meters nearby, and came in the blink of an eye.

"What's the shout?"

One of the uncles angrily reprimanded.

"Uncle Wang, it's bad, Song Dingtian has killed someone."

At that moment, one of the uncles saw Yan Xingyi on Tang Zichen's back and said in shock, "Isn't this Yan Xingyi?Isn't she missing?"

: "Uncle You Yue, my teacher's wife was captured by Song Dingtian and hidden in the underground heavenly dungeon, fortunately we came quickly, otherwise my teacher's wife would have been turned into blood by him.Now Song Dingtian is still in the Heavenly Dungeon, trembling with Uncle You, and he wants to kill Uncle You."

"What? How is that possible."

The dozen or so people who had already arrived were shocked.

At this moment, Song Dingtian's room doorway clattered and a person rushed out, it was You Haoyun.

You Haoyun rushed out with great joy, now that he could finally use his full flying machine advantage, Song Dingtian was no longer his opponent.

The next moment, Song Dingtian also rushed out.

After Song Dingtian rushed out, he saw the Divine Dragon Sect brothers and sisters everywhere, and he knew that he had finally lost everything.

Those who rushed out were also horrified when they saw Song Dingtian chasing You Haoyun out, the truth was there before their eyes, and they had to believe it if they didn't.

One of them, an uncle, said, "Senior brother palmist, did you really do this?"


sp;Song Dingtian took a deep breath and said, "Do you believe me when I say it's not."

"Senior Brother Palm, all along, we have always thought of you as the greatest, everything is at your command, but I never thought that you would do such a thing."

"Hahaha, everyone, no need to say more nonsense, let's go together."Song Dingtian said.

At this time, Uncle You smiled, "No need, to deal with you, where is the need to go together, I'm sufficient alone, just now in the ground, space is limited, I can't take advantage of the flying magic treasure, but now, hehe, Song Dingtian, I'll show you what strength is."After saying that, Uncle You Shi rushed towards Song Dingtian.

Song Dingtian then fought with Uncle You at this point, only to find that You Haoyun's combat power had increased by more than one level.

"Bang."Soon, Song Dingtian was slapped away by You Haoyun.

"Hahaha, hahaha."You Haoyun laughed.

The others, however, looked incredulously at You Haoyun.

Tang Zichen ordered, "Uncle You, don't waste time with Song Dingtian, first beat him up and then tie him up, he has committed a felony against the division, hand him over to the division's assistant to deal with."

"Yes."As soon as You Haoyun nodded, he immediately rushed towards Song Dingtian.

Those onlookers were a bit confused, how come You Haoyun was so obedient to Wind Lightning's words?Besides, how did Youhoyun's strength soar?

Tang Zichen said to those uncles, "Uncles and uncles, don't be confused, I gave Uncle You a flying magic treasure, so he has already spiked Song Dingtian, if nothing else, Uncle You is the next head of the school.Alright, I have to go back to take care of my teacher's wife first, so you guys help arrest Song Dingtian.

Tang Zichen flew away carrying his teacher's wife on his pale back.

Flying back to their own place of residence, carrying Shisuniang back to her room.

Little Sister commanded, "One of you go and fetch a bowl of porridge."

"I'll go."Sixth Senior Sister said.

Tang Zichen and the others watched as Little Sister treated her teacher.

Little Sister said, "Shifu's lack of water is so severe that her organs are shriveled up."

"Ah, so serious."

"That Song Dingtian, son of a bitch."

Little Sister took Shizuo's pulse and said, "Fortunately, Shizuo wasn't sexually assaulted."

"That's good."

"Alright, feed Shini Niang some porridge, Shini Niang will soon regain her spirit, she is really physically deprived of energy."

After eating a bowl of porridge, the teacher's wife went to sleep and rested.

Tang Zichen and his brothers and sisters arrived at the Divine Dragon Sect's Council Hall.

Right now, Song Dingtian was already tied up, and You Hao Yun trivialized his pipa bones, Song Dingtian couldn't struggle at all.

Everyone in the Grand Hall of Deliberation was there, just waiting for the Assistant Master to come and deal with it.

Tang Zichen walked into the Grand Hall of Deliberation, saw Song Dingtian kneeling on the ground, and immediately went up.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Song Dingtian's face, then kicked him in the face.

Song Dingtian fell to the ground and grimaced.

At that moment, one of the Shishu roared, "Wind Lightning, you are insolent."

In their opinion, Feng Qingyun was indeed a bit presumptuous, Song Dingtian had committed a great crime against the division, but none of them had the right to dispose of Song Dingtian, and they could only wait quietly for the assistant divisional grandfather to come out.It was indeed too presumptuous for a disciple of a lower generation, Wind Lightning, to directly kick Song Dingtian as soon as he entered the main hall.


Tang Zichen snorted, "Master Yang, the one I kicked was Song Dingtian, where did I act rashly."

"Wind Lightning, Song Dingtian has committed a crime, but before he was disposed of by the assistant professor, he was still the head of the school, not to mention you, even we don't have the right to beat him, you're a junior disciple, what is this if you're not being insolent?Besides, you're still a disciple who was expelled from the master?"

Another uncle said, "That's right, Wind Lightning, you're overstepping your authority, you can listen in from the sidelines, but you have no right to interfere in matters within the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and kicked Song Dingtian in the face again, saying, "I'm about to kick, how about it."



Everyone was furious, but no one dared to do anything, but Wind Lightning had killed the Liang Shan Sect's ally, and although he was only in the early stages of his current realm, God knows if he would suddenly perform that powerful technique of his out of nowhere.

Tang Zichen grabbed Song Dingtian and said, "Song Dingtian, you heck."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Song Dingtian with a left slap and a right slap.

Honestly, those uncles in the palace couldn't bear to see it, Feng Qingyun slapped too hard, the point was that Feng Qingyun was just a junior, too devoid of rules and manners, even a captive shouldn't be treated this way, not to mention that Song Dingtian was still the head of the sect now.

"That's enough, Wind Lightning, that's enough."At this time, a senior uncle who was after all older roared out. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen stopped fanning Song Dingtian, looked at that gray-haired uncle and grunted, "Are you interesting, uncle Bai?Come, come out then, I won't fight Song Dingtian anymore, I'll see how many moves you can go through with me, I'll see how many moves I can go through with my Spike Ally's strength."

"You."Master Bai's teeth itched with anger, was Tang Zichen angry with him?Even the ally was spiked, how many more moves could he get through?

"If you don't dare, then don't talk nonsense."

Tang Zichen stepped on Song Dingtian's head, stomped him on the ground and said, "Song Dingtian, you tossed my teacher's wife like this, harmed my master, and now life and death are still unknown, and almost killed my teacher's wife, no, already killed my teacher's wife, if we hadn't saved her, my teacher's wife would be dead, if you're not rebelled today, I, Wind Lightning, rebelled against you for a capital crime."

Song Dingtian roared, "Wind Lightning, let go of your dog's foot."

"Yoho, dog feet?You're still in the fucking mood to curse."Tang Zichen gave a fierce kick to the wind and lightly kicked at the mouth.

There was a loud sound, and Song Dingtian's mouth was full of blood as his teeth flew everywhere.The people around the palace who saw this couldn't help but frown, this Song Dingtian, it was bad to mess with anyone, to mess with Wind Lightning Cloud.

"Ahhhh."Song Dingtian roared in pain.

"Stop."At this moment, an old man's voice came from the entrance.

When everyone looked, it was the teacher's assistant, Uncle Temple Yan, and of course, Tang Zichen called him Teacher Gong.

"Pay your respects to Uncle Temple Yan."

"Paying homage to Master Temple Yan."Tang Zichen also worshiped, a strong man at the complete level of the Sect Master Realm, Tang Zichen didn't dare to be arrogant, in case Tang Zichen couldn't even win by displaying Life Blood Hidden, then it would be a break, it was better to worship.

Temple Yan walked into the main hall, looked at Song Dingtian who was in a miserable state and asked, "Who fought this?"

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Master Temple Yan, I was the one who hit him."

Temple Yan's eyes jumped, and in the next second, with a slap, he slapped Tang Zichen's face, and Tang Zichen whirled and bounced off, crashing down against his master.

"My grass."Tang Zichen got up from the ground and cursed angrily.

He was actually slapped by Shigong, and Tang Zichen didn't react in the slightest.

Tang Zichen's heart was so angry that ten thousand straw horses flew by.

It was not surprising that Tang Zichen was slapped when he didn't even have the time to react in front of a complete master level powerhouse.

However, the other uncles and teachers in the main hall were very happy to see Tang Zichen being slapped by the assistant professor, as they all felt just now that Tang Zichen had been too reckless in beating Song Dingtian by his subordinates.Although Song Dingtian was wearing a sin, it should be known that they were in the same generation as Song Dingtian, and Tang Zichen slapping Song Dingtian also indirectly made them feel disrespected as well.

"Paralyzed."Tang Zichen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and glared at the Temple Yan.

After slapping Tang Zichen, Temple Yan didn't look at Tang Zichen and turned around to walk to the top of the main hall and sit on the highest chair in the main hall of deliberation.

Temple Stern said, "Everyone, who will tell us what crime Song Dingtian has committed."

Tang Zichen immediately gave a wink to Uncle Youushi.

Uncle You went out and said, "Reporting to Temple Yan, Song Dingtian he imprisoned Yan Xinyi, fortunately, Wind Lightning was smart enough to guess it and saved Yan Xinyi's life by going to the underground dungeon in time to rescue her."

Temple Yan asked, "So, then, Yan Xinyi didn't die."

"Yes, Yan Xingyi didn't die."

"Since he didn't die, then who tied him up?"

"Uh."You Hao Yun was stunned.

When Tang Zichen saw the attitude of the Temple Sovereign, he suddenly felt that the situation didn't seem too good.

In Tang Zichen's eyes, Song Dingtian's death was inevitable, but not necessarily in the eyes of others.

Temple Yan asked, "Song Dingtian is the strongest and most talented of your disciples, the head of the sect that we have elected to manage the sect, even if he has committed a crime, he shouldn't be chained to a pipa bone and tied up and treated like a death row prisoner, untie him at once."

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Wait, Master Temple Yan, I'm afraid this is not good."

"Wind Lightning, this is a matter within the Divine Dragon Sect, and it's a high level matter, even if you have returned to the Divine Dragon Sect, it's not the turn of your lower level disciples to interfere in high level matters."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Grand Master, what Song Dingtian hurt was my Master, and my teacher's wife, and you say I can't interfere?"

"What happened to your master was an accident, and Song Dingtian didn't know it would happen, besides, there's no definite news that he's dead.And your master-mother, she's still alive now."

"It's ridiculous, my teacher's wife has been imprisoned for a year, and what kind of torture she's been subjected to, and you've ignored it."

"Don't worry, the Divine Dragon Sect has always been fair and strict, it won't let any prisoner off, and regarding Song Dingtian's imprisonment of Yan Xingyi, there will definitely be an explanation for everyone."

"Bullshit explanation, if you want an explanation, cut off Song Dingtian's head."Tang Zichen said with a roar.

Temple Yan Master frowned and said, "Wind Lightning, it's not your turn to be rude here, if you make trouble again, don't blame me for slapping you again."

"You."Tang Zichen was furious.

However, for this matter to start Life Blood Hidden, this is not worth it at all, not to mention, it is not yet known whether the strength can beat the Zongshi Realm Perfection after starting Life Blood Hidden, in case it can't beat the Zongshi Perfection, wouldn't it be a hundred times better, more importantly, Life Blood Hidden is only a few tens of seconds, using a few tens of seconds to save your life to fight a strong Zongshi Perfection, how silly is this, an evenly matched battle, less than a few minutes to a few tens of minutes, what can a few tens of seconds top.

Tang Zichen no longer spoke, but wanted to see what the Temple Sovereign, what he wanted to do with Song Dingtian.


The temple said, "Song Dingtian privately imprisoned his younger brother's wife, but miss the other side did not happen any great harm, and the Divine Dragon School must not be without a head, so, special punishment Song Dingtian face the wall for three years, good introspection, face the wall these three years, the head of the position we have a yellow oriole Qi in place."

There was a whisper in the hall, no one said it was unfair or fair, everyone seemed to be just discussing it or expecting it, not much surprised.

And yet Tang Zichen was fucking upset.

"I object, I object."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Wind Lightning, what are you objecting to."

"Song Dingtian imprisoned my teacher's wife, persecuted my master, and tried to kill us in the Heavenly Prison, and you damn well punished him for facing the wall for three years, and you didn't even cancel the position of Head Master, is there anything more cost effective in this world?"

"Then in your opinion, how should Song Dingtian be punished?"Temple Yan asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Execute him."

"Heh."Temple Stern gave a cold laugh.

"Even if you don't execute him, then you should at least cripple his martial arts, destroy his meridians, and hold him in the Heavenly Prison for another twenty years."

"Wind Lightning, there is no business for you here, you go down."Temple Yan said, missing hearing no more. A second to remember to read the book

"What? Does the Temple Sovereign think I'm bad advice?Is it too serious?"Tang Zichen raged.

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, Song Dingtian has not endangered the sect's safety enough to be so heavily punished.He is a future assistant to the sect, and he will be expected to lead the Divine Dragon Sect in the future, how can you just scrap him."

"I see, you guys are not planning to punish Song Dingtian at all, yeah, my Master and Senior Teacher's wife combined are not as important as a single Song Dingtian, okay, I understand.Since that's the case, then, you guys can deal with him as you like, one day, I will seek revenge on Song Dingtian in my own way, just wait for me."

"Wind Lightning, you stop right there."Temple Yan shouted.


"Wind Lightning, I advise you to let go of your hatred, you shouldn't have hatred with the Divine Dragon Sect, it's not good for you."

"Whether it's beneficial or not, we'll know later, today you disregard my face for Song Dingtian, and don't expect me to give you face one day."

"Hmph, speaking as if you will be powerful in the future."Temple Yan sneered.

"Then we'll see."

"Wait," the Temple Stern shouted again.

"Have a fart."Tang Zichen said.

"Windy, you're so rude to me, do you believe I could shoot you right now?I know that you seem to have some kind of technique that sacrifices heavily and makes your strength surge instantly, but even if you use that martial art, you may not win me over, and if you are so rude to me again, don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen clenched both fists.

"Also, take away the flying treasure you gave to You Haoyun."

"What?"In the main hall, You Hao Yun was shocked.

Tang Zichen was also a bit incredulous, and thought that this flying magic treasure would even be wanted by his teacher's assistant, but unexpectedly, he let him take it away as if he was very disdainful.

You Haoyun was busy saying, "Uncle Miao Yan, don't."Where would You Haoyun be willing to give the flying device back to Tang Zichen, even if Tang Zichen wanted it back, he said nothing.

"I'll let you give it back to him, so you give it back to him.You Haoyun, you at least have great potential in the Divine Dragon Sect.

Man, now that you've fallen so far, what can you do with a flying machine?It's nothing more than making you faster and stronger, but you have to understand that it's not like your martial arts skills have really improved, if you still want to continue to go further, you'd better put an end to these kinds of things, it will make you regress."

"But, this flying magic treasure is really good, I have him, I've beaten Song Dingtian."You Haoyun said unwillingly.

"Hmph, your true strength can't beat Song Dingtian, so why deceive yourself."After saying that, Temple Yan's figure moved and appeared in front of You Haoyun in the blink of an eye, private the flying machine on his back, then tossed it to Tang Zichen and said, "Take back your things and don't give it to any disciple of the Divine Dragon School in the future, otherwise, expel him from the master."

Tang Zichen took the flying device and walked away, You Haoyun had a black face and was very depressed.

Temple Yan said to everyone in the main hall, "I hope you all understand that our main goal now is to cultivate to a higher level of martial arts to go, only when we cultivate to a stronger martial arts realm will we be truly strong, don't rely on any external objects."

"Yes, Uncle."

The next day, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife woke up, her spirit immediately better.

"Shisun, you're awake."


Sitting in front of the window, Tang Zichen looked at his teacher's wife and said, "Disciple is here, what is your teacher's wife's order."

"Hasn't your master heard anything yet?"


Sensei lowered her head sadly.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Shisun will be fine."

The teacher's wife asked, "How is Song Dingtian now?What did the Master do with him?"

Tang Zichen shook his fist and said, "Yesterday, the Temple Sovereign came out to preside over the meeting and merely punished Song Dingtian to face the wall for three years."

The teacher's wife clenched her teeth, "The Divine Dragon Sect is even treating us like this."

"Shisun, I heard that Song Dingtian's master, one of the assistants, is a strong and complete master, with him here, how could he punish Song Dingtian."

Yan Xinyi nodded, "Song Dingtian's master's name is Zhu Yong, he is one of the Divine Dragon Sect's Ancestor Perfection, just that, this is all but expected, with Zhu Yong here, it's impossible for the Divine Dragon Sect to really do anything to Song Dingtian, the only thing to blame is that your master's own master died early.Otherwise, you wouldn't be bullied today."

Tang Zichen took a cloth towel and wiped his master's tears, saying, "Don't worry, Master, disciple will one day let them understand what bullying is.It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years."

Yan Xinyi looked at Tang Zichen with relief and said, "Good, you brothers and sisters, you must make me your master fight for your anger."

"Of course, Shisun, since you've already woken up, let's prepare to depart tomorrow."

"Depart?Where to?"

"Madam, I've set up a sect of my own, called the Endless Gate, and I've already told my brothers and sisters that they're all willing to come with me to the Endless Gate and don't want to stay in the Divine Dragon Sect.The Divine Dragon Sect bullies us, there's no point in staying any longer."

Yan Xin Yi said in shock, "You've set up your own sect?This isn't a joke ah."

"Of course it's not a joke, I'm serious, I created my own martial art, called the Endless Technique, which far surpasses the Descending Dragon Sword Technique of the founding ancestor of the Divine Dragon School back then, so I believe that my Endless Gate will definitely flourish in the future."

"However, there's no land in this Jianghu for you to build your own gate, so where do you establish your sect?"


"Uh, a place called Dog's Tail Town, it seems to be in the Townsend Sect."

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, you're creating a sect on the territory of the Townsend Sect, you're going to be destroyed by the Townsend Sect, and no one wants to have another sect underneath their own sect.If you want to create a sect, you must at least have the strength to not be afraid of the Townsend Sect ah, isn't that too risky for you."

"Uh, so according to what you're saying, there are sects occupying every place in this Jianghu, and I don't have anywhere to create my own sect."

"Yes, so a sect isn't so easy to create, even if it's a Sect Master's Grand Perfection.Moreover, no matter which Ancestral Master Perfection is strong, they are already focused on higher level martial arts and won't waste their time on creating a sect at all.Feng'er, you shouldn't waste your time either, if you have this time, you might as well work harder at martial arts and break through one martial arts realm upwards."

"That's true, but, you know, the martial arts I created on my own are so good, if I don't let generations of people pass it on, it's too wasteful."Tang Zichen said, scratching his head.

"Alas, I really can't do anything about you, if you want to create a sect, then I do have a suggestion."

"Please say it, Shisha."

Yan Xinyi said, "There is no land on this continent for you to build your own sect, so if you really want to build your own sect, you can only go out to the sea, there are some uninhabited islands around the continent, currently these islands, no sect has designated them as their own territory, so they are still uninhabited.It's just that the islands in the sea are far away from the land, transportation is not convenient at all, and the sea beasts are numerous and uninhabited, so it's really not a good place."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Teacher's wife, thank you for your advice, no need to worry about transportation, I have a flying machine, and it's only half a day's journey from here to the Demon Sect's head office."

"What? So fast."The teacher's wife was shocked.

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head. First URL

"Ah."The teacher's wife seemed unable to believe it.

Tang Zichen was a bit excited inside, creating a sect on the island was quite good, and then, Tang Zichen would go to another world and bring a group of architects, construction workers, and some scientists, and then he would be able to develop the island in a big way.Of course, Tang Zichen could also go to the other world and bring a group of people over to live on the island, and gradually, Tang Zichen believed that he could turn the island into a modern and prosperous place.Look at those sects on the mainland, who are envious of him.

However, this day was still a bit far away, just a plan for Tang Zichen, and the crossing point was a bit far from here, not quite enough to transport a large number of people, it would be best if these problems were solved, if planes and such could be brought over.

The next day, the division was able to get up as well, still severely thin, but at least in good spirits.

All the Shishu brothers were gathered together.

"Brother Wind, we're going to the Endless Gate today, right?"Third Senior Sister asked.

"Yes, but the address of the Endless Gate has been changed, the previous place, within the territory of the Townsend School, Shishu said that the Townsend School would definitely obstruct it, all, following Shishu's advice, we'll go to the surrounding area and find a suitable island to serve as the address of the Endless Gate.Then I'll take you guys to another world for fun."


"I'm so looking forward to it."

"Great, I've been wanting to go to the other world for a long time."

Tang Zichen said, "Now I have a lot of flying machines, so each of you will be matched with one, and you can easily go to the other world."

"Yay."Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters all

Very excited.

Little Sister said, "What about Master?Aren't we looking for it?"

"Alas, Master hasn't heard from us for a year, and we've searched all the sects of the Righteous Alliance."Everyone lowered their heads, and Shifu was gloomy for a while.

Tang Zichen said, "Since we've searched all the proper alliances, I wonder if the Demon Territory has any, could that Zongshi Great Perfection strong man who captured Master be someone from the Demon Sect?"

"Ah, if it's a demon, that's the end, I'm afraid Master's chances of survival are really slim."

The teacher's wife's eyes were red and she didn't speak.

Tang Zichen consoled, "Shisun, don't worry, I'll ask Mu Qianji, to help us find out what's going on.With things as they are, we can only pray."

"I understand."The teacher's wife nodded, it's been a year, what else can we do.

Tang Zichen said, "Then, let's go to Dog Tail Town now, first we'll retrieve my flying machine, I'll teach you how to use it, then we'll fly overseas to find the island, after we find the island, we'll go to the Demon Territory, let Mu Qianji help us find the people, and finally, we'll head to the other world."

"Mm, you arrange."

Tang Zichen asked Black Jiao and Dao: "Little Black, Little Fire, please, help me transport a few people."

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, your brothers and sisters are my brothers and sisters, and your mothers are my mothers."

"Hehe, then don't be long-winded.Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Sister, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, and Little Sister, get on Little Fire and Little Black's backs, and I'll use the flying machine."


Everyone sat on the backs of the Black Jiao Fire Demon Beast, carrying these people, they wouldn't reduce their speed.

Shisuniang, Little Sister, and Third Sister, the three of them sat on the back of the fire beast, while the others sat on the back of the black jiao.

The teacher's wife stroked Little Fire's beautiful fur and smiled, "Feng'er was able to encounter such a world wonder, the future must be extraordinary."

Third Senior Sister said, "Our Brother Feng is the best."

Little Sister said, "Auntie, is there really something about Senior Brother Wind's life?After you woke up, we actually wanted to ask, but we didn't dare to ask yet."

The teacher's wife said, "Let's talk to Wind about this some other time."



Little Black and Little Fire slowly rose into the air.

At this moment, many people of the Divine Dragon Sect were watching.

In the past few days, everyone in the Divine Dragon School knew that the disciples of Ding Ru, the temple, were about to leave the Divine Dragon School.

Everyone was sobbing and sighing.

Today, we finally saw that a large group of them were leaving.

The teacher's wife was sitting on the back of a small fire, overlooking the buildings of the Divine Dragon School below, and was at a loss and uncertainty inside, she had lived here for decades, and today she was going to say goodbye to this place, but she wasn't attached to it at all, and she even hated it.

"Bye bye."Second Senior Brother waved his hand to the ground, the other disciples of his uncles.

Big Brother said, "Goodbye, Divine Dragon Sect, it wasn't me who abandoned you, it was you who abandoned me.If the Divine Dragon Sect's founding ancestor, your dead spirit, can hear you, you must fix the current Divine Dragon Sect and force us out."

"Goodbye."Little Sister looked at the place where the Divine Dragon Sect grew up, and a faint feeling of sadness was also present within her.


Tang Zichen flew up into the air with his flying machine on his back and said to everyone, "Everyone, don't stay behind, the old is not going, the new is not coming, there is no place to stay here, I believe we will have a better tomorrow.Let's go."

Saying that, Tang Zichen came to lead the way, with Little Black and Little Fire following behind, and soon disappeared into the distance in the sky.

On the ground of the Divine Dragon Sect, however, many many disciples as well as their uncles and uncles, were still looking at the distant sky, and then they sighed, they watched the disciples of Ding Ru, the hall of disciples, leave, and there was a sense of resignation and sadness within them.But what could they do, there was bound to be a trade-off between Song Dingtian and the disciples of Ding Ru's hall, and without disposing of Song Dingtian, they were bound to leave.

"Good luck to you."One master uncle said.

Another uncle asked, "Where are they going to live after they leave the Divine Dragon School?"

"I heard that they created a new sect, called something like the Endless Gate."

"Haha, a new sect created?It's kind of funny."

"It's a bit funny, but they still had the courage to leave the Divine Dragon School and create their own sect."

"Is there still land in this river?"

"It's hard to understand, anyway, good luck to them."

Tang Zichen and the others flew in the sky for two hours, then landed in a dense mountain forest. Remember the URL

It was exactly the place where Tang Zichen had struck the Ancestor Realm.

"Wow, that's really fast, tsk tsk."Everyone was still marveling at Little Fire and Little Black's flying speed.

After landing on the ground, Sifu immediately saw a humble wooden house not far away, with a sign nailed to the outside of the wooden house that read Endless Gate.

"Windy, the address you originally looked for is here, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, but it's a bit of a pity that it's no longer available, this is where I created the Endless Technique ah."

"Oh, it doesn't matter, the place where the Divine Dragon Sect's founding ancestor created the Descending Dragon Sword Technique is not the Divine Dragon Mountain either, I heard that it was on an island somewhere, and he also had a Black Jiao friend in the beginning."


The teacher suddenly said, "Feng'er, listening to you always mention the technique you created yourself, is the technique you created really strong?"

"Would you like to see the teacher's wife?"

"Okay, Reiji, give me the sword."Sensei right.

Little Sister said, "Sensei, your body is still starting to recover."

"It's fine."

The teacher's wife took the sword and then fought with Tang Zichen.

Shisuniang was at the middle stage of the Ancestor Realm.

Tang Zichen was at the early stage of the Ancestor Realm.

As soon as Shiniang made her move, Tang Zichen had picked off her sword.

The teacher's wife was stunned there as if she was incredulous.

"Feng'er, did you really create this yourself?"

"Of course, how does the teacher feel?"

"Gosh, it's too unpredictable and ever-changing."

"So, I named it Endless Gong."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife couldn't calm down for a long time, Tang Zichen's self-created sword technique was too profound.

"Feng'er, now I finally understand your desire to pass it on to the ages, indeed, it would truly be a loss to the world if such an exquisite sword technique were to be lost."

"Haha, Shini-sama is overpraised, the loss is not so much of a loss, the world is endless, the future is full of geniuses, and there may be others who will create even stronger sword techniques in the future."

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, I suggest that you take this martial art .

Pass it on to all your brothers and sisters.Even though they haven't comprehended your martial dao, with this subtle sword technique, it's definitely stronger than the Descending Dragon Sword Technique."

"Good, that's exactly what I mean."

The teacher's wife said to Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, "Don't go using the Descending Dragon Sword Technique from now on, just use the Endless Sword Technique, trust me that's right."


In the past, when Tang Zichen hadn't yet stepped into the clan, when he hadn't yet created Endless, although he had already comprehended his martial dao, Tang Zichen still used it in conjunction with the Descending Dragon Sword Technique then, and Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were still doing the same now.Now that Shizuo asked them to use it in conjunction with Tang Zichen's self-made Endless Sword Technique, it would be more effective and could continue to be used even after stepping into the clan, but of course, it would be a different story if their self-made sword techniques were even stronger after matching their own martial dao after stepping into the clan.

Tang Zichen took out the hidden flying machines, forty-nine in total.

"So many?"Everyone was shocked to see so many flying magic treasures, although they already knew that Tang Zichen had many, but seeing it with their own eyes was different.

"Haha, in fact I still have more, I just didn't bring them here, in the other world."

The teacher's wife laughed, "I originally thought that this was some kind of flying treasure left over from the ancient era, but it turned out not to be."

"Of course it isn't, I wasn't able to explain it to you before, it's a technological product.This thing just breaks a notch and it's destroyed.If it were a real magic treasure, it would be absolutely indestructible, there's a world of difference."


"Everyone carry it on your shoulders, I'll teach you how to use it."Tang Zichen said to everyone, then when those few flying machines: "No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, set the new master control code."

Soon, everyone's flying machines were set, and their flying machines were not restricted by Tang Zichen.

The initial speed was two hundred per hour, then slowly accelerated, and after an hour they were all able to use and control it flexibly.

"Everyone has learned how to do it."

"Of course, it's not hard at all."

"Good, then we're ready to start flying, we'll head out to sea and find the new address of the Endless Gate."

"Okay Le."

Tang Zichen shouted, "Start up."

"Swoosh, the flying machine sent Tang Zichen slanting up into the clouds in one go, and behind him, the rest of them followed.

Tang Zichen saw that they were all able to control it flexibly, he smiled, and then Tang Zichen adjusted his direction and flew forward.

After flying for about three hours, finally, they flew to the edge of the continent and saw the ocean.

The ocean was still a rather mysterious area to the people of this world, because there were very few people who went out to sea, the wooden boat was too slow and not strong, and it would leak if it was randomly hit by a sea beast, so none of the surrounding islands had any sects occupying it as their territory.

Thus, Tang Zichen could have a good look for nice islands.

"Let's go out to sea."

"Wow, the ocean is so big."

"The first time I've ever seen the ocean in my life, it really is spectacular."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters yelled.

Everyone flew out of the ocean to go, it was only less than three minutes of flying before they saw an island.Although it had only been flying for three minutes, the island was actually over a hundred kilometers away from the mainland.

"That island is nice."Tang Zichen said.

"Then let's go down and take a look."

Everyone immediately landed down on that sea island.

Landing on an unpopulated, completely pristine island, that felt pretty good.


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