Dish Best Served Cold 236-240


Chapter 236

"What's an impostor?"

  "For so many years, Qiu Mu Orange has been hanging around in their Qiu family for nothing, what's wrong with our Qiu family taking a fast broken stone from her?"

  "Could it be that this Qiu Mu Orange, still dares to bully her teacher and sue our Qiu family?"

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, said with a sneer, as if taking away this original emerald stone was the logical thing to do.

  "But Wen Fei, you've reminded me."

  "Our empty words are really not very convincing, no wonder they didn't give us the original stone."

  "Let's go, let's go back to the family first and meet grandpa."

  Qiu Muying seemed to have thought of something, the corners of her mouth slightly curled with a sinister smile, then she returned to the Qiu family's old house with Chu Wenfei to meet Grandpa Qiu.

  Now that it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, the people from all the houses of the Qiu family were also there, eating a reunion meal together around the old man.

  Of course, the third Qiu family had now fallen out with the Qiu family, so this year's Mid-Autumn reunion dinner was naturally without them.

  "Ying Ying, you're here just in time, your grandfather was missing you just now, he wanted to call you to come and eat the reunion dinner together?"Seeing the arrival of Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, Qiu Lao Er's daughter-in-law, Jiang Hong, was piled with smiles, pulling Qiu Mu Ying's hand and walking inside.

  Wang Qiaoyu and the others were also full of surprise: "Ying Ying, didn't you say that you would go out today and come see your grandfather tomorrow, why did you suddenly come?"

  Qiu Mu Ying smiled delicately, stepped forward and hugged Master Qiu's neck, and said coquettishly, "I still miss my grandpa, grandpa, happy Mid-Autumn Festival ah."

  "Hahaha~ Good, good~"

  "These descendants of the Qiu family, Ying Ying is the most filial ah.It's really hard to marry Ying Ying off ah."

  In the hall, the people of the Qiu family exchanged pleasantries for a while.

  However, Autumn Muying was worried that it would be a long while before Autumn Muying Orange and the others took the original stone away again, so she couldn't wait and started talking about it before sitting for a while.


  "You mean, take our Autumn family's account book and claim the fast stones back in disguise?"Master Qiu's brows immediately furrowed as he asked in a deep voice.

  Qiu Muying replied, "Grandfather, how can you call it an imposture.This is what Qiu Mu Orange owes our Qiu family, it's what we deserve.For so many years, how much loss has that family of Qiu Mu Orange brought to our Qiu family, last time if it wasn't for Wen Fei's help, our Qiu family was almost finished.Grandpa, don't you think she owes us?Shouldn't she give it back?"

  Qiu Mu Ying couldn't help but speak, but in the hall, no one answered, and Qiu Guang and the others just listened from the sidelines without commenting.

  After all, what Qiu Muying said sounded good, but everyone knew in their hearts that she was topping the bag to impersonate her, and it was always not a glorious thing.

  Master Qiu also shook his head: "Ying Ying, what you said is certainly not bad, but a yard is a yard.Now, the one who is rightfully ungrateful is Qiu Mu orange and her family.But if we take the risk of claiming it, if word gets out, it's our Qiu family who will be the one to lose out."

  "It's not worth it to do something like this that violates the principles of morality for a stone that isn't worth much."

  Old Master Qiu clearly disagreed.

  Jiang Hong and the others also agreed, "Yes Ying Ying, a broken stone is just a broken stone, even if the emerald is opened, it's only a few tens of thousands of yuan, the Qiu Mu Orange family can't get rich and turn over their fortune because of this, why should our Qiu family go and have their spine poked for a broken stone?"

  Like Old Master Qiu, Jiang Hong and the others had never touched a raw emerald stone before, and only thought it was a broken stone, only a few tens of thousands of yuan, this point of money back was not enough to share, they certainly did not look at it.

  However, Qiu Muying's next sentence was one that made the entire Qiu family, all silent.

  "Second aunt, who told you that it was a broken stone."

  "That's a raw jade stone that blooms into a glass imperial green!"

  "You don't know the original stone, so you don't know how precious this original stone is."

  "But I can tell you that within a few minutes of this fast raw stone being opened, dozens of tycoons made bids to coax it."

  "The highest one, offered nearly two hundred million!"


  Dead silence.

  Deadly quiet.

  The entire Qiu family's old mansion, a moment of dead silence, pin drop.

  Master Qiu raised his head, Qiu Guang and the others even more stared, Jiang Hong Wang Qiao Yu and the like, even more trembling, eyes red, crazy to draw cold air.

  "Ying Ying, you...You said that stone, worth...Worth two hundred million?"

  "This...This is real?"Jiang Hong, Qiu Guang and the others could no longer remain calm, and Master Qiu himself was stunned in place.

  Two hundred million, for such a third-rate small family, it was enough to be a huge sum of money from heaven and earth.

  Facing the questions of the Qiu family's crowd, Qiu Mu Ying nodded her head heavily, "A thousand times true!"

  "My husband was also there, if you don't believe me, you can ask my husband."

  Qiu Mu Ying said again.

  At this time, the entire Qiu family mansion was quiet.

  No one spoke, but the hearts of the crowd were by no means calm.

  Two hundred million ah, if this original stone could really be obtained, how much would their Qiu family, how much would each room score?

  "Dad, I think what Ying Ying said before was right."

  "This Qiu Mu Ying has been eating and drinking our Qiu family for over twenty years, and during that time has even brought countless disasters to our Qiu family.If it wasn't for their family dragging their heels, I'm afraid our Autumn Family would have been among the top-tier families in Yunzhou long ago."

  "She owes us too much, that original emerald stone, consider it as a little interest she paid back to our Autumn Family, it's what we deserve."Jiang Hong's mood rose and fell, saying excitedly.

  Wang Qiaoyu then echoed.

  Qiu Guang and the others also looked at Master Qiu and said that what Qiu Mu Ying said was very reasonable.

  Master Qiu was silent for a long time, and finally, finally nodded: "Not to mention whether or not I owe, she Qiu Mu Orange is after all a descendant of my Qiu family, and what remains in her bones is the blood of my Qiu family.The original jade stone is hers, and even more so, it belongs to the Qiu family.Before deciding what to do with the original stone, it's better to take it back to the Qiu family and keep it safe.Lest it be spoiled in their hands."

  "Qiu Guang, you go to your room to get the account book and go with Ying Ying.Remember, bring back that jadeite original stone safely, and we'll talk about how to dispose of it later."

  "Okay, Dad!"Qiu Guang immediately nodded his head, then followed Master Qiu's wishes.

  Previously, the Qiu family wasn't split up, and the account pages of a large family were all placed here in Master Qiu's place.Naturally, Qiu Mu Orange's and his family's were no exception.

  "Dad, I'm going with them."Jiang Hong shouted.

  "And me, several hundred million dollars of stuff, more people can also take care of it."The fifth family's daughter-in-law also had to follow.

  After all, the old big family and the fourth family had people going, the second and fifth family naturally wouldn't sit around dry, what if that imperial green emerald was swallowed by their two families?

  With this many people, it was inevitable that they would collude.Master Qiu had no choice, and finally asked each family to send a person to follow and go with Qiu Mu Ying to the Shan Shui Club.


While Qiu Muying was rushing to the Shan Shui Hall with her Qiu family, Ye Fan and Qiu Muying Orange and the others were already at the entrance of the Mid-Autumn Night Auction venue.

  "Xixi this guy, why isn't he coming yet?"

  "The auction is all about to start hey."

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan were still waiting at the entrance.When Suzy left earlier, she asked Autumn Mu Orange to wait for her to go in together.

  But seeing that she had already waited for half an hour, Autumn Mu Orange was too embarrassed to let Shen Fei and the others dry wait here with them as well, so ten minutes ago, she had already asked Shen Fei and Han Shaojie to go in first, and now only Ye Fan was left here to accompany them.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange was clearly out of patience, and didn't answer the phone even after several calls to Suzy, so angry that Qiu Mu Orange was ready not to wait for her to go in first herself.

  "Orange Orange, I'm coming, wait for me ah~"

  "I'm going, I'm exhausted."

  "Good thing I caught up~"

  It was at this moment that a silhouette party arrived belatedly.

  Only to see Suzy panting and running over, her pretty face already dripping with sweat.

  "Sissy, what have you been doing, only coming now?"Autumn Mu Orange complained.

  Suzy was still breathing and rested for a long time before she returned, "Mu Orange, do you remember that dame we met the other day when we were shopping at the mall?"

  "The one who's a million dollars trying to sell you out-of-town tickets, Han Wenxue."

  "Mm, remember, why did you suddenly mention her."For the events of that day, Autumn Mu Orange naturally didn't forget.That time if someone hadn't suddenly sent her insider tickets, I'm afraid that Qiu Mu Orange would really be disgraced that day.Thus, for that so-called rich noblewoman from that day, Autumn Mu Orange was quite impressed.

  "Mu Orange, I'll tell you ah, that Han Wenxue, didn't I tell you before that his husband is the company's big boss, they're finished."

  "Just in the past two days, his husband was found to be involved in financial crimes, the whole thing has directly ended up in jail, even the company has declared bankruptcy and collapsed, its assets have been seized, and the villa where the family lives has been publicly auctioned off to pay off the debts."

  "Then Han Wenxue, just like a dog in a family, just called me to borrow some money for the journey back to her mother's house?"

  Suzy said while shaking her head but sobbing with emotion.

  "You said that this person's situation is really transient~"

  "A few days ago, it was a luxury wife, a rich noblewoman, and even flaunted her power in front of us, but now, she couldn't even raise the money for the trip back to her mother's house."

  "A company of Noah's greatness has fallen down just like that."

  "What about this person, he's really too small and fragile in front of the state apparatus and the law.Mu Orange, let's never do anything illegal in the future ah."


  "But seriously, although that Han Wenxue's villainous appearance before was quite disgusting, seeing her pitiful and miserable appearance just now, I honestly feel a bit intolerant."

  "After taking great pains to climb up the ladder, eventually the third child took a good seat as a wealthy wife, but it wasn't long before the good times were enjoyed and she fell back to her original form again."

  "Maybe that's fate.What belongs to you, sooner or later, is yours.What doesn't belong to you, even if you force it, you simply can't keep it."

  Suzy sighed grudgingly, but there was an inexplicable emotion embedded in her words.

  Perhaps, it was sympathy.Or perhaps, it was, emotion.

  After Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she was obviously slightly surprised, and her face then went a little white.

  After all, this was too sudden.

  To think that a few days ago, Han Wenxue was still so scenic and arrogant, defying Ye Fan, defying Qiu Mu Orange, defying everyone.

  But who would have thought that after a few days of getting Han Wensetsu's news again, it was already in this state.

  This kind of earth-shattering difference, even Qiu Mu Orange, who had only had a brief encounter with Han Wenxue, couldn't help but feel the insignificance of people and the fickleness of world events.

  "No man is a thousand days good, no flower is a hundred days red."

  "Wealth and poverty, life, old age, sickness and death, perhaps this is a cycle of reincarnation."

  For Han Wenxue, although Autumn Mu Orange couldn't speak of any affection, she in no way hated her either.

  Now that she heard that they had now ended up in such a miserable state, Qiu Mu Orange also felt a few inexplicable emotions in her heart.

  Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy didn't talk for long and headed towards the venue as well.

  On the way, Suzy still couldn't stop lamenting what had happened to Han Wenxue's family.

  "Mu Orange, don't you think it's too sudden?"

  "Before this, there was no sign of it showing at all.Even last week, Han Wenxue's husband was invited by the city government to speak as a representative at the Entrepreneurs' Conference, and it's only been a few days, and a company of Noah's size is finished when he says it's finished."

  "In my opinion, there's definitely a push behind this matter."

  "I reckon ah, it's their family that has offended someone~"

  "Yes, it must have offended someone even more powerful to end up in such a miserable situation."

  "Mu Orange you say, what kind of people did their family offend?"

  "To be able to overturn a listed company in one night, this person is afraid that he has monstrous means in Yunzhou~"

  The more Suzy thought about it, the more terrified and curious she became, and her beautiful eyes couldn't stop staring and saying.

  However, throughout all of this, Ye Fan, who was on the side, listened to their conversation without saying a word.Quiet abnormally, completely as if it was out of the way.

  There was no joy or sadness on his clear and beautiful face.

  I'm afraid that Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi would never have dreamed that the person who started this matter was Ye Fan who had been silent beside them.

  Ye Fan didn't have any pity for the ending of Han Wenxue's family.

  Their company was inherently unclean, and it was only a matter of time before the east window was compromised.

  It was only that Ye Fan's existence had greatly accelerated the pace of their annihilation.

  But there was no one else to blame, if you wanted to blame, you had to blame Han Wenxue, who had bullied his wife.

  "In life, you always have to pay the price for what you do, say and do."Ye Fan's sudden voice, but it caused Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy to be slightly stunned.

  "Ye Fan, what are you talking about?"Qiu Mu Orange couldn't help but be confused, not knowing what exactly Ye Fan meant in those words.

  "It's nothing, just a casual remark."Ye Fan said back.

  But Suzy rolled her eyes and glared at Ye Fan, "I'm chatting with Mu Orange, what are you interjecting randomly?"

  "And, Ye Fan I'm warning you, in the future, when my father comes looking for you, you're not allowed to say anything in front of him.I, Suzy, will never marry you."

  Suzy obviously recalled the incident at the lunch party again and warned to Ye Fan in a righteous manner.

  It's just that he can look at a few antiques, whether it's luck or ability is still unknown, what's the point, I really don't know, why is my father so optimistic about him?

  Suzy's heart sighed long and weakly.

  Ye Fan, however, didn't bother to pay attention to her.

  This woman, she still disliked him?

  "When the time comes, you'll just be crying to marry me, and I won't care."Ye Fan laughed coldly in his heart and then walked towards the inner court of the auction.

  "Sir, Miss, please show your entrance ticket."As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the inner court, a line of three people were stopped by the entrance staff.


"It's...This is..."

  After seeing the entrance ticket presented by the three of Ye Fan, the entrance staff couldn't help but be shocked and then drew a breath of cold air.

  "Eh?What's the matter, it's not really fake, is it?"Suzy was a little worried about asking, she had actually been worried about whether there was something wrong with this entrance ticket.

  After all, with Qiu Mu Orange's identity, Suzy didn't feel that she was eligible for this Mid-Autumn Night's entrance ticket.

  You know, but his father Su Yuanshan was not even invited?

  Qiu Mu Orange's heart was also bottomless and asked in a low voice, "Hello, may I ask what is wrong?"

  "No no, sir, ma'am, there is no problem.Please follow me."The staff hurriedly returned, then respectfully led the way ahead, leading Ye Fan three people to a private room.

  While the three of Ye Fan followed the staff upstairs, not far away from the side, a young man was frowning.

  "Brother Yuhao, what's wrong, did you meet someone you know?"Han Fei Fei asked from the side.

  Sun Yuhao said, "Fifi, look at that silhouette in front of you, is it your sister Qiu and that Ye Fan?"

  "Impossible, Brother Uho.You must be mistaken.That hillbilly poor pretender cheated everyone, and now he's probably been kicked out of the clubhouse, so how could he come here?"

  "Besides, they're not qualified even if they want to come."

  "A poor loser from the countryside, even if he got into the Shan Shui Club with the light of the young master of the Shen family, he definitely won't be able to enter here.Shen Fei is just a dude, where is he as capable as brother Yuhao?"

  Han Fei Fei didn't even look at it, almost subconsciously she said this.

  Sun Yuhao nodded, "That's right."

  "Alright, let's stop talking about this, let's find a seat and take a seat first."

  Following the instructions on the admission ticket, Sun Yuhao and Han Fei Fei's father and daughter also found seats to sit down in the audience seats.

  Ye Fan and the others, however, had already arrived at the upstairs private room.

  "This supreme private room is the place with the best view of this auction.Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in front of you, you can overlook the entire arena."

  "I hope a few ladies have a pleasant evening with the gentleman, and auction what you like, feel free to tell me if you need anything."Soon, the waiter left.

  Only the three of them, Ye Fan, remained in the private room.


  "It's even a separate private room."

  "You can literally overlook the whole place from here~"

  "What about a bed to rest on?"

  "Meals and drinks, everything."

  "That's too high a spec, isn't it?"

  "No, I'll have to send a friend to show off all those friends of mine."


  The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of the situation," she said.Now that she was even enjoying the private room treatment, of course Su Xi was excited, she only felt extremely proud and honored, and the small vanity in her heart was all satisfied.

  Even Suzy was so excited, not to mention Qiu Mu orange, this kind of treatment, Qiu Mu orange also for the first time to enjoy, naturally surprise .

  Only Ye Fan was quite calm and found a sofa and sat down.

  As soon as this sat down, the phone call from Old Man Li came over.

  "Mr. Chu, is the hospitality satisfactory?"

  "If there's anything you need, just give me a word and I'll have it sent up immediately."

  "Also, just in case Mr. Chu finds it boring, I had someone add an extra bed for Mr. Chu.The sheets and covers and such are all new.The room is soundproof, and the glass is also peep-proof, so you can rest assured."

  "By the way, that important thing is on the table next to the bed.The quality is all good, so if you want to use it, you can just use it."

  Li Er's inexplicable laughter came from the phone, but Ye Fan heard a cloud of laughter.

  This old thing, what the hell is he up to again?

  Ye Fan didn't chat with Li Er for too long, and Li Er hung up the phone even after greeting him.

  At this moment, Suzy suddenly squealed, pointing at a small box on the table beside the bed and said in shock, "This...Why is there this here?"

  "Sissy, what's wrong, what is it?"Qiu Mu Orange was curious for a while and walked up and asked.

  "Shit, TT ah~" although Suzy had never used it, she had still seen it online and recognized it immediately.

  The two women's pretty faces turned red, they now finally understood why there was a bed in this compartment.

  "You...What are you looking at, stay away from us, I'm warning you ah, don't get any wrong ideas."Suzy said slightly embarrassed at Ye Fan, then quickly threw the box of Durex into the trash, as if she was afraid that Ye Fan would see it.

  Qiu Mu Orange was even more pretty blushing, two untouched women, the first time to touch such private things, or in front of the opposite sex, naturally felt somewhat embarrassed.

  Seeing the two daughters looking like shy, Ye Fan felt amused, so he didn't stimulate them anymore and sat down against the sofa.At the same time, he secretly said in his heart.

  "That old thing, Old Man Li, is quite thoughtful, he even prepared this."

  "But unfortunately, it won't be used anymore~"

  Ye Fan smiled lightly, and then sat in front of the window quietly watching the auction.Even though Suzy and her own wife, Autumn Mu Orange, two gorgeous women are right behind her, even though the bed TT is ready, but Ye Fan is extraordinarily calm, not having any other thoughts, his eyes are as clear as water.

  "Mu Orange, this wimp husband of yours, not to mention anything else, his character is good."Ye Fan reacted in such a way, but it made Suzy think highly of him.

  In Suzy's opinion, with her and Qiu Mu Orange's charm, plus it was such an ambiguous and private occasion, there would definitely not be any man who would be able to hold on to him.

  Even if they didn't have the guts to be a thief, they would definitely have the heart to be a thief.

  But what Suzy didn't expect was that this Ye Fan, surprisingly, didn't show any pleasure or wrongdoing.His eyes were as clear as water, as if he wasn't interested in them at all.

  And at this time, the auction had already started.

  "Where is Mr. Chu?"

  "Which one is Mr. Chu?"

  The first thing you need to do is to look down through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, hoping to find the stunning backdrop that shook the four corners of the world at the Taishan Martial Arts Competition.

  However, after looking around, Suzy was disappointed after all.

  She didn't see any trace of Mr. Chu.

  Qiu Mu Orange, however, appeared calm and said from the side, "Xixi, you've searched in vain, even we have a separate room, let alone Mr. Chu who is at the top of Jiangdong's power."

  Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's words, the loss on top of Suzy's appearance undoubtedly grew even more intense.

  "Does that mean that I won't be able to see my "Mr. Chu"?"

  "Mu Orange, how did that happen?"

  "It's a day I'm so looking forward to."

  "I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and I'm really not happy about it~"

  Su Xi's pretty face was downcast, her appearance then went down, like a frosty eggplant, and she just wilted.

  When Qiu Mu Orange saw this, she shook her head and smiled bitterly, "Xixi, don't be sad.Although you can't see Mr. Chu, perhaps, you might be able to get a token from Mr. Chu?"

  "Don't you forget that this auction, however, has something from Mr. Chu appearing."


"When the time comes, if we photograph Mr. Chu's stuff, we'll be involved with him, and we might be able to see him later?"Qiu Mu Orange advised from the side.

  At first, Qiu Mu Orange wanted to come to this Mid-Autumn Night Auction, but she also wanted to meet that Mr. Chu and verify that crazy idea in her heart.

  But now, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly wasn't so stubborn.

  No matter who Mr. Chu actually was, she just needed to know that Ye Fan, was still that Ye Fan.

  When she thought of this, Qiu Mu Orange's gaze, however, quietly looked at the man at the side.

  Only to see Ye Fan, until the end, was so quiet.

  Quietly listening to the two of their girlfriends, quietly watching the rich man bidding below.


  "This item being auctioned below is a five hundred year old wild mountain ginseng."

  "As we all know, wild mountain ginseng is a nourishing treasure that not only has the effect of prolonging longevity, but also has the function of tonifying the kidneys for profit and loss."

  "Ordinary wild mountain ginseng has such an effect, let alone this centuries-old treasure."

  "This great tonic is suitable for both men and women, young and old alike."

  "The starting bid, four million~"

  The auctioneer's bright voice resounded throughout the auction room.

  "Well?"Hearing this, Sun Yuhao, who had been resting with his eyes closed, but slowly opened his eyes and laughed to himself, "I didn't expect that there would be such a rare item in this auction."

  "This wild mountain ginseng, this young master wants it for sure!"

  Sun Yuhao smiled proudly and immediately bid, "Four and a half million!"

  "Five million~"


  With a fierce fight, the price of this wild mountain ginseng was soon topped out at six million.

  "Seven million!"Sun Yuhao once again drank, the sound of majestic dominance sweeping across the arena.

  As Sun Yuhao shouted out the price, the original bidders all laid down their arms and legs.

  Although this Hundred Year Mountain Ginseng was rare, the price of seven million was already at a considerable premium, and it would be somewhat worthless to chase it any higher.

  Seeing that the bidders were gone, Sun Yuhao's mouth suddenly revealed a victorious smile, as if the wild mountain ginseng was already in his hands.

  "Brother Yuhao, isn't it something that middle-aged and elderly people use to replenish their bodies, what are you bidding this for?"At this time, however, Han Fei Fei, who was on the side, asked.

  Sun Yuhao's face changed slightly, and after a moment's thought, he replied, "Oh, it's fine, I bought it for my grandfather.People are getting old, the tonic can't be missing."

  "Wow, brother Yuhao is so filial~" Han Fei Fei was bragging again.

  But where did she know that Sun Yuhao had bought it for himself.

  Few people knew that Sun Yuhao was somewhat impaired in terms of sexual function.Back then, his first girlfriend had broken up with him because Sun Yuhao couldn't satisfy her in this area.

  This matter has been an eternal pain in Sun Yuhao's heart, for so many years, Sun Yuhao has been making up for it again, but the effect was not seen.

  Now that he heard that this hundred-year-old mountain ginseng has a miraculous effect in tonifying the kidneys' surplus and deficit, which is a matter of future marital happiness, of course, Sun Yuhao has to shoot this wild mountain ginseng at any cost.

  As for why he lied to Han Fei Fei just now, isn't this nonsense, who has the nerve to tell the world about such things?

  "No higher bids?"

  "In that case, this Hundred Year Wild Mountain Ginseng..."The auctioneer looked around the arena, his flooding voice echoing in everyone's ears.

  However, just when Sun Yuhao thought that this wild mountain ginseng was already in his hands, a voice, however, suddenly came out quietly.

  "I'll bid eight million!"


  As soon as this was said, Sun Yuhao's original old face then sank, and his smile suddenly stagnated.


  "What are you doing?"

  "Are you crazy?"

  In the supreme private room, Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were already terrified.

  Especially Suzy, she never thought that Ye Fan, a country bumpkin, would dare to bid eight million to bid.

  "Do you have that much money?"

  "You're a poor kid, and you dare to bid eight million?"

  "You're saving to mess up, aren't you?"

  "What occasion is this, you don't want to live!"

  Suzy yelled at Ye Fan, shocked and angry.

  Qiu Mu Orange was equally puzzled, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, what the hell are you doing?"

  "What do you want wild ginseng for in such a nice way?"

  "Do you also have a weak Qi and need ginseng to make up for it?"

  But Ye Fan replied indifferently, "I just want it, I've never eaten it, and I want to buy it to try it.Don't worry, since I dare to shoot, I naturally have a way to pay for it."

  "You don't have to care about this matter, and you can't control it, this is a war between men."

  "You~" Qiu Mu Orange was simply going to be mad at Ye Fan.

  Driving a fast emperor green and going to heaven?

  You can't spend money like that!

  But Qiu Mu Orange obviously couldn't stop Ye Fan, and after Sun Yuhao bid again, Ye Fan also raised the price again to 9 million!


  "Which son of a bitch?"

  "How dare you steal from my young master!"

  Sun Yuhao was furious now, looking around, he vainly tried to find out who the bidder was, but obviously, he was disappointed.

  The source of the sound was from a room high above, and he couldn't see the person inside at all.

  However, Sun Yuhao was not someone who conceded easily, and directly shouted ten million dollars, while facing the high room, "Friend, give face."

  "My grandfather is weak and in dire need of this wild mountain ginseng.If my friend can fulfill it, I, the eldest son of the Jianghai Sun Family, Sun Yuhao, would be extremely grateful!

  Sun Yuhao deliberately emphasized the word Jianghai.

  After all, Jiang Hai was the capital of Jiangdong Province, and he believed that his identity was enough to make the other party scrupulous.

  However, Sun Yuhao was clearly overthinking it.

  As soon as he finished speaking, the voice continued to come out, "Twelve million!"


  As if a slap was being smeared on the face, when Sun Yuhao's old face turned red, the whole body trembled with anger.

  In the private room, Ye Fan but in his heart cold laugh.

  Returning the Jianghai Sun family?

  Returning Sun Woo-ho?

  Mudd, I'm gonna punch you in the face!

  "One thousand~" at this point, it was clear that Sun Yuhao couldn't swallow this and there was still bidding, but he was stopped by Li Lao who was on the side.

  "Young Master, business is important.We've already spent a lot of money on the original stone before, so we can't squander it freely anymore."

  In the end, under Old Man Li's persuasion, Sun Yuhao gave up bidding and the hundred year wild mountain ginseng fell into the hands of Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan, who had auctioned off this wild mountain ginseng as he wished, was by no means happy at this time.

  Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were both rebuking him.

  "Damn, over ten million, you dare to shout?"

  "What do you take yourself for?"

  "Powerful landowners?Or the landlord's old money?"

  "What are you going to buy with a poor country boy like you?"

  "If we can't get the money then, it'll be my Mu Orange that's the pit?"

  "Having an idiot husband like you, Mu Orange has simply had bad luck in her life!"Suzy was simply mad at Ye Fan and couldn't stop scolding him.

  He was a country bumpkin who wanted money and no influence, but he dared to arm wrestle with a rich young man in this kind of venue.

  What did he want?

  Does he want to go to heaven?

  However, in the face of Suzy's questioning, Ye Fan said indifferently, "I have my own way of dealing with the money, so I don't need you to worry about it.As for that ten million, I can still afford to pay it."


"You~" Suzy was about to rebuke him, but she was stopped by Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Xi Xi, leave him alone and let him squander it.I'll see what he'll squander it with when he's done losing."Qiu Mu Orange was also furious.

  She knew that Ye Fan's bottom line was the imperial green emerald.

  However, according to the way he was wantonly squandering it, not to mention one or two hundred million, even one billion would probably not be able to prohibit him from such a defeatist method.

  However, even if Qiu Mu Orange was outraged, she couldn't do anything about it.

  After all, the imperial green emerald was opened by Ye Fan, so how to dispose of it, naturally, it was up to him.Qiu Mu Orange wasn't greedy enough for his things.

  By reminding her from the side, she had fulfilled her duty as a wife.If this bastard Ye Fan doesn't listen, he can't rely on her.

  Anyway, Qiu Mu Orange had already decided that in the future, when Ye Fan was done squandering and had no money, she definitely wouldn't give a dime to this bastard.Who let him not know how to cherish it.

  The auction continued, and what made Autumn Mumu Orange's mood a little better was that Ye Fan didn't buy anything more after he had squandered over ten million.

  "This guy, it seems like he's still listening to advice."Qiu Mu Orange secretly looked at Ye Fan, and an inexplicable curvature then appeared at the corner of his pink lips.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange's smile didn't last long.

  In the next moment, only Ye Fan got up again and bid out the auction.

  "Nine million!"

  This time, what Ye Fan grabbed was a perfectly finished deer antler.

  "You~" Qiu Mu Orange was going to be angry to death.

  "Ye Fan, are you really crazy?"

  "Isn't ten million ginseng enough for you?Now you want to buy deer antlers?"

  "Do you have to lose all those bottoms of yours, all in one night, before you're happy?"Qiu Mu Orange angrily berated at Ye Fan, she really couldn't figure out what Ye Fan was up to.

  Ye Fan ignored Qiu Mu Orange's angry rebuke and was still bidding on the auction.

  "Dare to covet my Ye Fan's wife?I have to teach you a lesson today!"Ye Fan laughed coldly in his heart, then continued to add prices.

  "Eleven million!"

  Ye Fan once again pushed the price to over ten million, not giving Sun Yuhao any face at all.

  Twice already, at this point, Sun Yuhao was simply going to be pissed off and still wanted to bid, but once again, he was stopped by Li Lao.

  "Young Master, there's definitely more behind."

  "Tens of millions for a piece of deer antler, it's not worth it~"

  "The big picture is the big picture~"

  Sun Yuhao had no choice but to endure once again.

  However, what made Sun Yuhao collapse was that the "Deer Whip" that appeared afterwards was also bid up to a high price of 20 million by that person.

  After all, he came here to do business. He had already lost a lot of money from the previous gambling, so he had to save his money and prepare for the next auction.

  After that, a few more aphrodisiac and kidney auctions appeared one after another, but without exception, all of them were auctioned off by Ye Fan at high prices, and Sun Yuhao didn't get any of them.

  "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!"

  "Check, give me a check~"

  "I'd like to see who, exactly, dares not give face to me, Sun Yuhao?"

  Sun Yuhao was furious to the extreme, once or twice would be fine, but to confront him two or three times in a row, even if Sun Yuhao had a good temper, then naturally he would be extremely angry.

  However, the words he just said were purely to save face, their Sun family was a big family, but the power was all in Jianghai.This side of Yunzhou, he just wanted to find out who the person who had bid against him several times before was, and he didn't have the energy.

  "Young Master, bear with me."

  "The other party is alone in a private room, obviously a powerful big shot in Yunzhou."

  "Strong dragons don't crush snakes in the ground, let's endure this anger first."

  "Small intolerance is big trouble."

  "If Young Master Sun has to take out this anger, it's not too late to save it for the final contest ah.After all, these auction items now are nothing more than a small fight."Li Lao whispered, unable to stop advising Sun Yuhao.

  Sun Yuhao's face was livid and unsightly.

  He lifted his head and looked far ahead in the direction of the private room, as he clenched his palms in anger, "What a tiger falling down and being bullied by dogs!"

  "Just let you fool around for a while.We'll see!"

  Sun Yuhao's cold and gloomy voice slowly rang out.

  And in the private room, looking at Sun Yuhao's furious appearance, but Ye Fan shook his head and lightly laughed.

  It was unlikely that Sun Yuhao would have thought that the person who had frustrated him successively and repeatedly robbed him of his auctions before would be the person he despised the most, Ye Fan, right?

  However, when Ye Fan lightly laughed, he suddenly found that the atmosphere in the room was not right.

  After he slapped the "deer whip", both Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange, who were chattering before, became silent.

  There was silence in the room.

  At this time, Qiu Mu orange and Su Xi were looking at Ye Fan with a strange look in their eyes.

  That look made Ye Fan's heart bristle.

  "You...What are you guys looking at me like that for?"Ye Fanton was confused and asked.

  "Ye...Ye Fan, why did you buy a deer whip, you...You wouldn't because..."Qiu Mu Orange blushed with a pretty face and looked at Ye Fan, but was too embarrassed to say.


  "Hahaha~" but Suzy, at this time, couldn't help but directly laugh out.

  "I was wondering before, what are you, a poor kid, doing buying these things like ginseng and deer antler, but now I understand, I understand them all."

  "I should have thought of it earlier, this ginseng and deer antler are all spirits that tonify the kidneys and strengthen the Yang.Mu Orange, it seems that this husband of yours is not only no good in front of people, but this man is no good either~"

  "No wonder, you tell me you have been married for three years and he has never done anything untoward to you."

  "And no wonder, my lady is so heavenly and beautiful, but he doesn't even look at her."

  "It's because I just thought it was because of his loyal character, but now it seems that it's not that he doesn't have the idea, it's that he doesn't have the ability."

  "Mu Orange, why do you still keep such a husband?"

  "Don't get a divorce yet, otherwise it will be difficult for you to have a sex life for the rest of your life."Suzy couldn't stop advising Qiu Mu Orange.

  And at this time, hearing her words, Ye Fan finally understood.

  Dare these two people, they thought that he, Ye Fan, was not good in a certain aspect?

  This kind of thing, of course, Ye Fan couldn't tolerate it.

  "Mu Orange, don't listen to her nonsense."

  "I, Ye Fan, am in good health?"

  "If you don't believe me, we can try it now."

  "Shut up, asshole!"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange almost didn't die of anger, this guy, can't he be more shameless.

  What about in front of her best friend, he had the nerve to say such words.

  "Alright, alright, I'm not teasing you anymore."

  "To tell you the truth, I didn't buy these things for my own use, but for Young Master Sun Yuhao Sun."

  "People Young Master Sun has given so many gifts to our parents, we can't not give them some."

  "Don't worry, when we meet again next time, we'll definitely give him a big surprise!"Ye Fan had a sinister smile on his face.

  I really didn't know what expression Sun Yuhao would have in the future when he saw these things that Ye Fan had prepared for him?


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