Dish Best Served Cold 231-235


Chapter 231

For Autumn Muyoung, the most painful thing in life is to see someone she once despised and despised, living a better life than her, richer than their family.

  The current Ye Fan is no different from this.

  Glass seed emperor green!

  That was something worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  Even though Qiu Muying had married Chu Wenfei as a wealthy rich wife, but no matter how rich the Chu family was, it was still Chu Wenfei's father's.

  At least now, it didn't belong to Chu Wenfei at all.

  In other words, the assets that the current Qiu Mu Ying family could manipulate were only a few million at full strength.

  Now that Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan had suddenly become billionaires, far richer than their family, even the entire Qiu family couldn't compare to them anymore, of course Qiu Mu Ying was jealous!

  No one could understand the kind of angry jealousy that Qiu Mu Ying was feeling at this time, the whole person was close to freaking out.

  Especially now, the price of that glass seed emperor green was still being inflated, and seeing that it had already broken 200 million, Qiu Mu Ying's jealous eyes were bleeding.

  However, even though this emperor green was being elevated to such a sky-high price, Ye Fan still didn't have any intention of making a move, completely acting like he was waiting for the price to go up, only saying that he had no intention of making a move outward yet.


  "Mr. Ye, are you too low price ah, as long as you can make a move, we can discuss everything."Li Hongyuan was all anxious, afraid that if he missed out this time, the imperial green jade would be taken by someone else.

  After all, this kind of imperial green emerald was completely unattainable and had a high collection value.Moreover, even if it wasn't collected and sold as a bracelet, then any one of them could be sold for tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars.What's more, the green that Ye Fan offered was not small, and it was more than enough to make two or three pairs of bracelets.

  Even if two hundred million dollars were to buy it, there would be a profit to be made!

  The market for these rare items is completely for sale.How much is the pricing, and isn't it all up to the seller?

  Therefore, for these rich merchants, if they could auction off this imperial green from Ye Fan, it would be a profit!

  But Ye Fan was oily and didn't have the slightest intention to make a move.Li Hongyuan had no choice but to find another way to persuade Ye Fan by using humane means.

  So, Li Hongyuan then found Shen Fei with a kind smile on his face: "Nephew Shen Fei, Mr. Ye is your friend, right?For the sake of my relationship with your father, do me a favor and put in a good word for me and persuade this friend of yours to sell me that imperial green, even if he gives me half of it."

  "Your Uncle Li really likes this green ah~"

  "Nephew Shen Fei, you help your uncle."Li Hongyuan's posture was very low this time, completely begging for help, where there was still the slightest haughtiness and shelf presence just now.

  Shen Fei laughed at once, then teasingly shook his head repeatedly: "No, no, Uncle Li.I can't get too close to him, he's a country bumpkin with a humble status, if I get too close to him, not only will I lose my price, I'll also lose my father's person."

  "So Uncle Li, I'm afraid I really can't help you with this favor.I have to listen to your words, and go far away from Brother Fan in the future, and cut off all contact with him directly."

  "This kind of poor boy from the countryside doesn't even have the qualifications to let us speak, let alone whisper to beg him to do something?"

  Shen Fei learned from Li Hongyuan's contempt for Ye Fan just now and said in a fury.

  Li Hongyuan knew that Shen Fei was being sarcastic, his old face was flushed red at the time, and he also knew he was ashamed, lowering his head and saying bitterly even: "Shen Fei nephew, you should stop deriding your Uncle Li, I'm wrong I'm wrong isn't it?"

  "It's my dog's eyes that are blind to the truth."

  "But nephew Shen Fei, don't say that to Mr. Ye just now, or I really won't have a chance~"

  "Even though Uncle is begging you!"

  Li Hongyuan was filled with bitterness, but also knew that he had misjudged, but at this time was terrified and begged to Shen Fei.

  When Shen Fei saw the situation, he shook his head and smiled: "Alright, Uncle Li, there is no need for this trepidation, I just won't give Mr. Ye a word.As for the matter of buying the jade, I can't help you, you can figure it out on your own, right?"

  Shen Fei followed Li Hongyuan, who had no close relationship with him, but was just his father's business partner.

  Besides, he himself still wanted to buy Ye Fan's imperial green, but due to his friendship, Shen Fei was too embarrassed to open his mouth.

  What if Brother Fan doesn't intend to sell it at all, wouldn't he be forcing others to do so?

  "How's it going, Shaojie?"

  "I said Van was no ordinary person, you didn't believe me before, but now you do, right?"

  "Brother Fan this is called not choosing a stone, but when you choose a stone, it's astonishing!"

  "A total of two stones were chosen, one being a positive sun green and the other a more precious emperor green~"

  "Motherfucking chicken, Van is just awesome!"

  "Whether you're convinced or not, I'm really convinced of Brother Fan anyway."Shen Fei didn't pay any more attention to that Li Hongyuan, but instead turned to Han Shaojie and sighed.

  At this time, Han Shaojie, looking at Ye Fan in front of him, also nodded his head heavily, "Fei, I'm not going to lie to you, I, Han Shaojie, have never served many people, but Brother Fan, is definitely one of them!"

  "Sister-in-law, I'm so jealous of you.You're married to a good man."

  "You should be glad that I'm a man, otherwise, if I were a daughter, I would definitely steal Van from you, sister-in-law.Being a mistress is also willing."Han Shaojie said as he looked at the crowded men in front of him, full of admiration.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange, but she was standing there, also looking at that man from afar, she didn't say anything, but her beautiful eyes flickered with an inexplicable light.

  Was it a celebration?Glad you're married to Evan?

  Or is it pride?Proud that you have such an amazing husband?

  Perhaps, even Qiu Mu Orange himself was not clear.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already stood on the high platform once again, picked up the microphone, and continued his previously unfinished speech to the crowd: "Everyone, I, Ye Fan, am an ordinary person, someone who is as ordinary as millions of the public, no more."

  "Just as that Miss Qiu Mu Ying over there said, I come from the countryside, I'm even more into the Qiu family, I'm not like everyone here, I have a prominent family, I have ten thousand strings of money, I'm an ordinary person, a humble and poor person in the words of Miss Qiu Mu Ying."

  "I hereby apologize to all of you here, and I apologize to Miss Qiu Muying."

  "I, Ye Fan, come from a humble and poor family, I am not qualified to be here, nor am I qualified to appear in front of the honorable Miss Qiu Muying, nor am I qualified to participate in this raw stone auction with the honorable Miss Qiu Muying."

  "I, Ye Fan, am truly sorry for spoiling Miss Qiu Mu Ying's elegant mood, for losing Miss Qiu Mu Ying's esteemed status, and for affecting everyone's mood."

  "Just like what Miss Autumn Muying said, I deceived everyone, I really don't know anything about gambling stones!"


  Ye Fan's apology-filled voice slowly rang out throughout the hall.

  Ten minutes ago, when Ye Fan said these words, in the eyes of the crowd, it might have really been an apology.

  But now, to say that again, Ye Fan, who had opened the Emperor's Green, would be fucking faking it!

  In a single glance, they blossomed into an imperial green, creating an unprecedented history in the Yunzhou emerald world.

  If this is still called being ignorant, then what are they?



However, Ye Fan's speech was too good to be true, the words were humble, with self-deprecation and sorrow, and undoubtedly hit many people's hearts in an instant.

  Many people were moved to the point of their eyes turning red, and expressed their solidarity with Ye Fan, while scolding Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife with righteous indignation.

  "Mr. Ye is too modest~"

  "Once you open your golden mouth, first out of the Zhengyang Green, then out of the Emperor's Green."

  "If such a godly man is still considered a commoner, then I'm afraid we're not even as good as commoners?"

  "As for being from a humble background, so what?"

  "Heroes don't ask where they came from, the lower the starting point, the more that means how much more capable Mr. Ye himself is?"

  "In this world, there is no distinction between high and low, there is only a distinction between mediocrity and excellence."

  "Mr. Ye has such eyesight and talent, he is a rare genius in my jadeite raw stone world for a hundred years."

  "With your visit to this raw stone exhibition hall, we're welcome to be happy even before it's too late?How could you possibly think you're not qualified?Not to mention the talk of dropping status."

  "But if I had to say that someone isn't qualified, it would be that woman next to her."

  "This woman is simply vicious, framing Mr. Ye, looking down on others, and calling Mr. Ye humble and despicable?What kind of faggot, she deserves to look down on Mr. Ye too?"

  "Get out of here!"

  "It's like a snake and a viper!"

  "It's disgusting to see such a woman~"

  "I wouldn't want such a vicious villain even if she were a dog for me, and whoever takes her as his wife is simply out of luck!"

  "Get out~"

  For a time, the crowd was furious.

  The people who had previously verbally condemned Ye Fan, but they turned their spears and pointed at Qiu Mu Ying and her husband.

  Public opinion is something that can be manipulated.

  Before the crowd felt that Ye Fan cheated them, not knowing how to gamble but pretending to be a poor connoisseur, but Ye Fan directly opened the emperor green stone in public, with the naked truth hit Qiu Mu Ying's face, also completely convinced the crowd.

  Together with Ye Fan's earlier self-deprecating, self-mocking remarks, it undoubtedly completely aroused the anger of the crowd towards Qiu Mu Ying.

  "You're so ugly and still have the face to dislike Mr. Ye?"

  "What an ugly man!"

  "Get out of here~"

  "You're not welcome here!"

  The crowd under righteous indignation competed to curse.There were even people who directly pulled Qiu Muying off the stage.

  Just like this, like street rats, Qiu Muying and her husband were beaten and cursed out of the original stone exhibition hall.


  "How dare you insult me!"

  "I declare, you're finished~"

  "If you dare to call me ugly, you're the ugly ones, your whole family is ugly!"

  Even at this time, Qiu Mu Ying was still viciously cursing the crowd, which naturally drew even more intense anger from the crowd.

  Chu Wenfei was simply mad at Qiu Muying, a fool, and slapped her slap paste on it, cursing angrily, "Cao Nima, shut up!"

  "Isn't that embarrassing enough?"

  "Get out of here!"

  Qiu Muying finally shut her mouth, then under the rebuke of the crowd, she quickly slipped away with Chu Wenfei in ashes.

  With the departure of Qiu Muying and her husband and wife, the farce finally came to an end.

  However, just as Ye Fan shook off the middle jeweler's intent to buy and prepared to leave the place, the beautiful auctioneer from before was running along and caught up.

  This auctioneer was in a long chestless dress, the waist-slimming design was even more vividly depicting the seductive figure of the beautiful designer in front of her.

  Looking in front of the woman's intoxicatingly delicate body, that swaying posture between, but also let every man to see after wanting to do something wrong.

  After all, this kind of charming face, body and extremely good woman, the most every man, almost all have a fatal attraction.

  The auction let this woman be the auctioneer, obviously also has an ulterior motive.

  In front of a beautiful woman, any man would want to express himself extremely well, right?

  "Mr. Ye, please stay~"

  Auctioneer Lin Mei'er called out to Ye Fan as she trotted, but her sweet voice was refreshing.


  Hearing the call, Ye Fan stopped and turned his head to look.But perhaps Lin Mei'er was running too fast, couldn't brake for a moment, stumbled a few times, and finally gave a soft cry, but actually jumped right into Ye Fan's arms.

  Beauty into the arms, Ye Fan only felt two touch of softness in front of his chest, pressed him close to suffocation.

  No need to think, such a "fierce" weapon, must be the bosom of the Lin Meier.

  But the moment the beauty is in his arms, Ye Fan only felt a pair of eyes behind him, like an ice knife, and then on Ye Fan's neck.

  It seemed that whenever Ye Fan made any untoward move in the next step, this ice blade would directly pierce through him.

  Ye Fan shivered then and quickly moved back, helping auctioneer Lin Mei'er up from his arms.

  "I'm sorry sorry, Mr. Ye, I'm so sorry, I ran too fast just now."Lin Mei'er hurriedly apologized, her pretty face a blush of shame.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he just smiled lightly, and then asked coldly, "The auction is over, I wonder what else you're looking for me for, Miss?Did I not pay you for that stone?"

  "No no, Mr. Ye, you've misunderstood.You were able to open the emperor green at our auction, it's also good for our Diyang Jewelry Firm, helping us to advertise for free, that raw stone, even if we give it to Mr. Ye, it's still the right thing to do."

  Today's auction was jointly held by Diyang Jewelry Firm and Yunzhou Original Stone Association, where most of the original stones were provided by Diyang Jewelry Firm.

  "To show our appreciation, our manager has asked Mr. Ye to gather at the front to express his gratitude personally.At the same time, the manager also expressed his willingness to acquire this imperial green jade at a high price, and asked Mr. Ye not to refuse."

  Lin Mei'er said softly, her words melodious, but extraordinarily beautiful.In between the words, the watery eyes were even looking at Ye Fan obsessively.

  That kind of appearance was like a woman in spring, it could be described as amorous and seductive.

  "Ohhh.Go back and tell your manager that thanks are not necessary, we all have what we need, and no one owes anyone anything.As for this jadeite, I have no intention of taking action yet.I'll contact you guys when it's time to sell.We have things to do, so we'll leave first."Ye Fan faintly replied, but was clearly not in high spirits and was about to leave after saying so.

  This response from Ye Fan undoubtedly made Lin Mei'er slightly surprised.

  She was well aware of what kind of temptation her physical condition held for men.

  She originally thought that with her charm, a man of Ye Fan's blood and spirit would never be able to resist.

  However, Lin Mei'er did not expect that Ye Fan would directly refuse, and even throughout, other than her intentional physical contact just now, Ye Fan did not even look at her, and did not show any interest in her at all.

  "I don't believe it, with my charm, I still can't convince a country bumpkin?"

  Lin Meier did not stop, again chased up, jade hands are directly grabbed Ye Fan arm, while saying while gently sanding Ye Fan's arm with his soft breasts: "Mr. Ye, you as Meier can give a face?Just go over and meet with our manager, otherwise, the manager will blame me."

  "Worst case scenario, tonight on the mid-autumn night, I will accompany Mr. Ye to enjoy the moon and spend this night together to thank Mr. Ye for this favor is."

  Lin Mei'er's words were crispy, and her pair of beautiful eyes were even more autumnal towards Ye Fan.The mannish and delicate body was even swaying like a pampered snake, it was like a seductive beauty snake.

  Pounding Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, both of them, their eyes were looking straight, unable to stop gulping down saliva.

  Mudd, this woman, is a demon!


Shen Fei now finally understood why the manager of this Diyang Jewelry Firm, instead of coming personally, had Lin Mei'er come to call Ye Fan over for a catch-up.

  This was a beauty trick!

  But it had to be said that this Lin Mei'er, with her feminine face and amorous style, was also truly soul-stirring.

  Anyway, if Shen Fei was in Ye Fan's situation, he felt that he would definitely be unable to hold it.

  After all, which man, didn't like beautiful women?Not to mention this seductive beauty again.

  In the face of Lin Meier's deliberate approach, but Ye Fan pushed her hand away, and took a few steps back to separate the distance with Lin Meier.

  Not to mention that his wife is right next to him, not to mention that even if Qiu Mu Orange is not there, Ye Fan can not mention any interest in such a snobbish woman like Lin Mei'er.

  Ye Fan, however, remembered that just now on the auction stage, after learning that she was from the countryside, this Lin Mei'er immediately changed her disgusted face, not only speaking ill of herself, but also told her to get out of the exhibition hall.

  That was why, to this Lin Mei'er, Ye Fan was lovingly indifferent.

  To Ye Fan, even if a person had the beauty of a celestial immortal, but if they didn't have a kind and calm heart, it would be ugly.

  It was this kind of person that Ye Fan disdained the most in his ordinary life.

  Therefore, facing Lin Mei'er's request, Ye Fan naturally wouldn't agree to it and once again excused himself, "This lady, I told you, I still have to accompany my wife to an important event later, so I really don't have time.So, I'm sorry."

  But Lin Mei'er didn't mean to give up, continuing with a flirty smile, she said softly to Ye Fan, "Mr. Ye, a man has to have his own space, doesn't he.Mrs. Zun also really, isn't it just an activity, can't you go by yourself, must Mr. Ye follow.Although Mr. Ye is a son-in-law at the door, you can't bully people like that, ah?"

  "And Mr. Yeh, I hear you've been in the family for three years, surely you've seen enough of the one at home, wouldn't it be better to have a more beautiful piece of scenery to look at?"

  Lin Mei'er said softly, that coquettish look, feminine style, but always showing what is called seduction.

  Saying these words, Lin Mei'er was full of confidence.

  Her greatest pride was her own face and appearance.In her opinion, Ye Fan's wife definitely couldn't compare to her beauty, maybe she was still a yellow-faced ugly woman?

  After all, which beautiful woman with talent and looks would recruit a door-to-door son-in-law who came from a poor background.

  However, Lin Mei'er did not notice in the slightest, when she finished those words, the air here seemed to freeze.

  Shen Fei very Han Shaojie and the two of them very self-consciously ducked back to give way to someone.

  Ye Fan also kept his mouth shut, not daring to speak.

  For a time, it was quiet here, all as if time had stood still!

  As expected, a cold and stunning silhouette quietly walked out from behind Ye Fan.A powerful aura, almost with an awe-inspiring chill.When she appeared, Shen Fei and the others only felt, intimidating!

  "This lady, I wonder what you meant by that, what you just said?"

  "What do you mean you've seen enough of the one at home?"

  "What's another way to get a better view?"

  "Is it because Miss thinks I'm old and pale in Autumn Mu Orange?Or do you think you're more beautiful than all the women?"

  "And isn't it only right and proper for a man to accompany his woman and attend an event, how come it's bullying when it comes back to you?"

  "Speaking of which, then I have to ask you, what do you see as not being a bully?"

  "Is it a petulant whine about throwing yourself at strange men?Or is it flirty and seductive to seduce a married man?"

  Qiu Mu Orange laughed faintly, but it was an icy cold laugh that carried a ruthless chill.

  The clear coldness caused the temperature here, to drop a few points.


  Lin Mei'er's face went white at that time, and although Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, a fool could see that this was the appearance of the main palace queen.

  Lin Mei'er had never thought that Ye Fan's wife would be right next to her.

  Now just heard by Autumn Mu Orange, of course Lin Mei'er was guilty of trepidation, fidgeting with her head down, but did not know how to reply.

  Seeing Lin Mei'er in this state, Qiu Mu Orange didn't embarrass her anymore.

  "I know that you acted like this because you were forced to do so in order to make a living."

  "But being born, the most important thing is one's own cultivation."

  "Relying on your physical condition to gain the favor of others, how is this different from selling your lust?"

  "This young lady, I hope that in the future, you know...Self-respect!"

  Qiu Mu Orange's last words were like a golden stone on the ground.

  That "self-respect" was so deafening that it made Lin Meier's petite body tremble.

  For some reason, Lin Mei'er, who had seen countless people and had seen a lot of the world, didn't even have the courage to speak under Qiu Mu Orange's aura, and was a little ashamed of herself.

  Lin Mei'er suddenly understood why Ye Fan was unmoved in the slightest in the face of herself.

  And yes, with a wife like Autumn Mu Orange's, how could Ye Fan still like the flowers and plants outside.

  Even Lin Mei'er had to admit that no matter her looks, or her figure, or her temperament, she simply couldn't compare to Qiu Mu Orange.

  This woman, not only was she stunningly talented, but her aura was too strong!

  Speak, too, aggressively and to the point!

  Leaving Lin Mei'er nearly at a loss for words.

  "Why are you still standing here?Why don't you come with me?"

  "What, you can't stand the loneliness, you really want to see a better view outside?"At this time, Qiu Mu Orange glared at Ye Fan again and said angrily, her words were quite deep in resentment.

  Although, Ye Fan had withstood Lin Mei'er's temptation, but the physical contact between Ye Fan and Lin Mei'er just now, but it still made Qiu Mu Orange uncomfortable, like something that belonged to her was being waded in and violated.

  She didn't know why she felt this way?

  In short, there was an inexplicable resentment in his heart.

  Ye Fan wasn't angry at this in the slightest, but was rather happy.

  After all, it showed that this woman, Qiu Mu Orange, still cared about him.

  Immediately, as Ye Fan walked out, he smiled and comforted Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, don't be angry, okay?"

  "Why should I look outside when I have a unique view at home."

  "Do you know there is a poem that says once the ocean was vast, except that Mount Witch is not a cloud."

  "In my heart, you, Qiu Mu Orange, are the vast water in the ocean and the subtle clouds on Mount Wu.After seeing you, where is there any other in my eyes?"


  Ye Fan couldn't stop coaxing, and in a short while, the dark clouds on Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face then dispersed, and a dimple once again appeared at the corner of her mouth.

  Watching this momentary effort to coax Qiu Mu Orange into a smile, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie beside him were dumbfounded, and they admired Ye Fan even more in their hearts.

  "I didn't expect ah, not only is Brother Fan's skill in gambling and treasure hunting one of the best, this skill in coaxing a girl paper is also this good."

  "Shao Jie, look, look at Brother Fan's ability to pick up girls.You'll have to learn from Brother Fan in the future."

  "If you had Brother Fan's skills, you wouldn't be single in your mother's womb and still a virgin in your twenties?"Shen Fei shook his head from the side and sighed.

  "Just shut up, you'll die if you don't mention this, right?!"Seeing Shen Fei reveal his scars again, Han Shaojie was so angry that he wanted to kick him to death.

  Mudd, don't I want to save face?


As we watched night fall, the sky grew dark.

  More and more luxury cars began to gather outside the Shan Shui Club.

  If the daytime activities were just the opening ceremony, then the following "Mid-Autumn Night" auction held at the top of the Shan Shui Club was undoubtedly the real climax.

  Under the hall, luxury cars came one after another.Of course, these luxury cars are recorded by the organizer, the street in front of the hall, except for these recorded vehicles, the rest of the cars are strictly prohibited to enter.

  And, in order to protect the personal safety of these big personalities, Li Laoji could be said to have put a lot of effort into security measures.

  Hundreds of tall men in suits stood on both sides of the road, hand in hand that all those onlookers blocked out.

  The nearby citizens, seeing these big personalities that are rare to see on a normal day, but now they actually piled up, the crowd was no different from quickly exploding, many people were discussing and lamenting.


  "Fuck, isn't that the female president of the Golden Tripod Merchant Building?"


  "The Shen family's owner, Shen Jiuyi, a famous tycoon in Yunzhou?!"


  "And that one, isn't that the richest man in Jingzhou, Ninth City Holdings Chen Qingquan?"

  "Vojay oh, the big guy from Kingston is here too!"


  "What's going on here today?"

  "The group of heroes have gathered, could it be that they have come to Cloud State to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together?"

  "Who on earth is so proud to have invited so many big names?"

  The crowd, a tumult.

  The noisy and trembling voices gathered into a stream, but churned up this world.

  They didn't know what was brewing in the Shan Shui Club not far from them.

  However, to see so many big names that they could only see on TV and newspapers in their daily lives was enough to make the crowd tremble with fear.

  On the top floor of the clubhouse, in a room, Li Er was standing in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window with a red wine, looking at those powerful and rich people gathered from all over Jiangdong under the Mountain and Water Clubhouse, the corner of Li Er's mouth, then a wisp of a proud smile emerged.


  "Second Master, this time it really is a grand event that is rare to be seen in a hundred years."

  "I'm afraid that when King Chen Ao of Jiangdong was at the height of his power, the Mid-Autumn Night back then didn't attract so many rich and powerful people to attend the meeting."

  "After this Mid-Autumn Night, Second Master's influence in Jiangdong will soar by several percent, and not only that, the profit these people created for us is enough to compare to Second Master's total income in the last half year, right?"

  Jinbao and Yinbao, the two of them, were bragging excitedly in the back.

  Li Lao Er was full of glory and also couldn't help but lament, "Yes, such a grand scene, even I didn't expect it."

  "I must say, Mr. Chu's prestige in Jiangdong today is truly unparalleled!"

  "We've attracted half of Jiangdong's giants to converge just by hanging Mr. Chu's gimmick."

  "I'm afraid that the venue over there at Chen Ao and Lei Laosan is all empty, right?"

  Thinking of this, Li Lao Er was full of pride, he had almost seen, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and their livid old faces.

  After all, there are only so many rich people in Jiangdong, and now that they all came to Yunzhou, naturally not many people went to the venue in other places.

  It wasn't long before Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and the others called, scolding Li Laosi for having a really dirty heart, fox and tiger, and relying on Mr. Chu's reputation to get clients away from them.


  "Mr. Chen, I can't help it, who let Mr. Chu be from my Yunzhou."

  "As Mr. Chu's hometown, what's wrong with getting some light with Mr. Chu?"Li cocked his legs and sat on the sofa and said proudly.

  "Alright, Mr. Chen, let's not talk about it, I should get busy."

  "The evening auction is about to start, Mr. Chu should probably be there too, I have to go meet him."

  "Hang on hang on~"

  Before waiting for the other party to reply, Old Two Li then hung up the phone, and then also began to prepare for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Night Auction.

  Chen Ao on the other end of the phone was almost angry to death: "This Li Lao Er, isn't he just in the light of Mr. Chu's hometown, bullish him?"

  "Nan Nan, fight for dad and try to turn Mr. Chu into my son-in-law."

  "At that time, I'll become Mr. Chu's father-in-law and Jiang Hai will become Mr. Chu's wife's mother-in-law, I'll see if this Old Man Li will still be able to jump?"

  "It's really pissing me off!"

  "I haven't had this kind of anger in all my fucking years!"

  Chen Ao was so angry that his old face was livid, and he said in an angry voice after hanging up the phone.

  But Nan Chen on the side of the phone smiled bitterly, "Dad, brother Fan has a wife, even if you want to be brother Fan's father-in-law, you have no chance ah."

  "What's wrong with getting married?Married and divorced!Only if you are willing to put your heart into it, there is no corner in this world that cannot be dug."Chen Ao stared, then returned.

  Nan Chen: "........"

  Nan Chen is filled with speechlessness, shaking his head and smiling bitterly.I thought to myself that his dad is going off the deep end, right?



  At this time, Ye Fan had just left the original stone showroom, leaving Lin Mei'er alone, standing there with a pretty pale face.Even though Qiu Mu Orange had gone far away, recalling the scene just now, Lin Mei'er still had palpitations.

  But now wasn't the time to think about it, the manager's explanation was messed up, so she naturally had to hurry and report to their manager.

  "What did you say?"

  "That country boy, the one who refused?"

  In the room, a middle-aged man with an indignant face, asked in a shocked voice.

  In front of him, Lin Mei'er's pretty face drooped and said in fear, but she didn't even dare to speak too loudly: "Yes, manager.He said he had to accompany his wife and didn't have time."

  "What about the piece of imperial green that was salvaged from us?What did he say, did he promise to sell it to us or not?"Manager Meng He gloomed even, asking again.

  Lin Mei'er still shook her head, "He said that he didn't mean to make a move."


  As soon as Lin Mei'er's words fell, Meng He, who was in anger, slapped the coffee table in front of him, and the teacups on the corner of the table were shaken off and fell to the ground and shattered.

  "This hillbilly, give him face!"

  "What was taken from my Diyang jewelry store, I paid to buy it back, and that's enough to give him face."

  "But I didn't expect this yokel to give face and shame."

  "If that's the case, then don't blame me Meng He for being rude."

  "Taking such a big advantage of our Diyang Jewelry Firm, two thousand dollars to buy away my two hundred million emperor green, where in the world could there be such a good thing?"

  "What belongs to my jewelry store, I have to get back!"

  Meng He's words were cold and gloomy, and a dense chill spread over his gloomy face.

  Although Meng He didn't appear at the previous raw stone auction, he had been watching behind the scenes.

  The stone bought for a few thousand yuan allowed Ye Fan to open the emperor green, and even the onlookers were envious and jealous, not to mention Meng He who sold the original stone.

  When he saw that Ye Fan had opened the emperor green, Meng He's eyes turned red.

  A few hundred million dollars was sold by him for a few thousand pieces, so one could imagine how red and angry Meng He was.

  "If this country bumpkin, who sees good and is willing to let our Emperor Yang Jewelry Firm buy it back, I wouldn't mind letting him make the hundred million.However, since this son is ungrateful, I can't blame Meng He for being ruthless."

  "Mei'er, go, call the tiger to me and tell him that I have something to do with him."

  Meng He said in a cold voice, only, no one knew what plans were brewing in the heart of this middle-aged man at this time.


"What? Brother Fan, you're willing to sell this emperor green to our Shen jewelry?"At this time, Ye Fan was walking with Shen Fei and the others but chatting as they walked.

  When she heard that Ye Fan was willing to sell the imperial green to the Shen Clan, Shen Fei was undoubtedly mad with joy.

  The emperor green was an unattainable treasure, the Shen Clan had been courting for many years but still couldn't acquire a piece of emperor green, now if she could buy a piece of emperor green for their Shen Clan, then not only his father would be happy, the entire Shen Clan would be impressed by him, maybe even his embezzlement of public funds would not be pursued by his old father.

  "You shouldn't be too happy too soon.What I'm saying is that what I'm asking you to build, the rest will only be given to you Shen's jewelry after the build is complete."Looking at Shen Fei's look like he had found a treasure, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, adding.


  "Brother Fan, remember that."

  "Don't worry, I'll definitely do my best with what you've asked me to engage in.Invite the best craftsmen in the jewelry industry to do it, and when the time comes, I guarantee that I will definitely make the most noble jade ornaments and give my sister-in-law a big surprise!"

  Shen Fei laughed, although Ye Fan was talking about giving them the remaining leftover material after using it up, it was enough.

  After all, the piece of imperial green that Ye Fan had offered was not small, and the ones that Ye Fan wanted would only be used half of it at full capacity.The remaining half was also enough for their Shen jewelry.

  As for the opening price, Shen Fei also guaranteed that he would definitely give Ye Fan a fair price to buy this piece of imperial green.

  For such things as money, Ye Fan didn't care much about it, and just let Shen Fei operate as he pleased.

  "Young Master Shen, are you hosting this original stone?"

  In the middle of the conversation, Shen Fei and Ye Fan and the others had arrived at the front desk of the clubhouse.

  For a large item like a raw stone, Ye Fan and the others naturally couldn't carry it with them.Not to mention having the risk of being fragile, a few dozen pounds of it would be enough of a hindrance to carry, so they simply deposited it at the front desk of the clubhouse and let the staff take care of it."May I ask, in whose name is the hosting being done?"The staff asked again.

  Shen Fei looked at Ye Fan and asked Ye Fan's opinion.

  Ye Fan said, "The deposit in my wife's name, Qiu Mu Orange, is fine."

  "Yes, please, before closing tonight, Miss Qiu Mu Orange with her ID card will be collected by myself."The staff said politely.

  Then, Ye Fan and his group of several people left the front desk and headed to the highest floor of the club to attend the upcoming Mid-Autumn Night Auction.

  However, while they were leaving, but none of them noticed that the two men who were originally reading the newspaper on the side, then made a phone call after Ye Fan and the others left.

  "Brother Meng, there's been an accident, they didn't immediately leave the clubhouse to go home after leaving the original stone exhibition hall, but instead deposited the original stone at the front desk of the clubhouse, and it's now locked in the safe."The scarred man lowered his voice and whispered to the person on the phone.


  "You say the redneck deposited the original stone at the front desk of the clubhouse?"

  "What's going on, are you guys exposed?"Meng He's eyebrows furrowed, extremely unhappy with the question.

  Scarlet shook his head, "Brother Meng, it's impossible, we were very careful all the way along, there's no way we'll be exposed, it should be because they still have things to do for the time being, it's not convenient to bring the original stone with them, that's why they're hosting it."

  "Brother Meng, what should we do now?Are we going to rush up there and pry the safe?"

  "Pry your mother's head off!"When Meng He heard this, he was scared and cursed at the time, "Are you a fool, this sub belongs to Second Master Li, and you don't want to live by causing trouble in the Second Master's yard?"

  "You guys just keep an eye on that now, and wait and see what happens, you hear?Never act without permission."

  Meng He was full of gloom, instructing his men a thousand times.

  After hanging out in Yunzhou for so long, Meng He knew who could be messed with and who couldn't.

  Ye Fan was just a country bumpkin, he could care less.But Second Master Li, he couldn't care less?

  If this smashed the Second Master's place, even if he made ten billion dollars, he'd never have the life to spend it!

  Just like this, half an hour had passed.

  At this time, the woman who looked somewhat similar to Qiu Mu Orange appeared at the front desk.

  "I'm sorry, Miss Qiu, according to the regulations, that original stone can only be picked up at the front desk by myself with my ID, other than that, we can't hand it over to a second person.Even if you are her sister, we can't hand it over to you, please understand."

  At the front desk, the staff apologized and said.

  Qiu Muying became angry, "I'll go, are you guys dead brains?The rules are dead, the people are alive.I've told you, my sister she had something to do and couldn't come, calling specifically to ask me to extract it for him."

  "That original emerald stone my sister has an urgent need, if it delays the big event, your club is responsible for it!"Qiu Mu Ying roared in a very anxious and angry voice.

  "I'm really sorry, according to the rules, we really can't hand it over to you, please understand."The staff's pretty face paled in the face of Qiu Muying's accusation, and although they looked terrified, they still refused to deliver.

  "I've told you, isn't this a special case?"


  "Here's three thousand dollars, will you see if you can get an accommodation?"


  "I'm her own sister, not a bad person!"


  "To give or not to give?"

  "If you don't give it, I'll file a complaint against you!"

  "Complaint that you tried to swallow my sister's original emerald!"

  Qiu Muying wasn't going to give up, but Nay, after all her good and bad words, the staff still didn't have any intention of handing over the original emerald stone to Qiu Muying and her wife.

  "Mu Ying, I think I'll just forget it?"

  "Empty words, of course people won't believe you."

  "Besides, if you counterfeitly claim someone else's things, you might get into a lawsuit."Chu Wenfei saw that it was hopeless and began to beat a retreat in his heart, whispering to Qiu Muying to give up.

  Half an hour ago, after Qiu Mu Ying was driven out of the original stone exhibition hall with Chu Wenfei and his wife, but could not let go for a long time.

  In particular, the sudden fortune of Qiu Mu Orange's family made her more and more jealous and jealous the more she thought about it.

  After all, it was something worth hundreds of millions of dollars, how could Qiu Mu Ying not miss it.

  However, what could one do if one was jealous?

  The Qiu family had already fallen out with Qiu Mu Orange, and even if Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan's couple had made a fortune, it probably wouldn't matter to them.

  However, just now when Qiu Mu Ying was about to leave the clubhouse in depression, she just happened to see Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange and the others leaving the jadeite original stones at the counter.

  But Qiu Mu Ying undoubtedly became greedy and wanted to counterfeit the hundreds of millions of dollars in raw stones and take it for herself!

  When the time comes, she, Qiu Mu Ying, will truly be a billionaire's broad wife.

  However, what depressed Qiu Muying was that these front desk staff were still very dedicated and insisted on letting me come to collect the money.She made a scene here for half a day, and they wouldn't give her. 


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