Dish Best Served Cold 251-255

Chapter 251

"Boy, you seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders, huh?"

  "Meng He and I are sworn brothers, and Imperial Jewelers also has my share of the company."

  "Since we're both smart people, you should know what I want, right?"

  "Go ahead, where's the stuff.As long as you honestly give us what we want, I promise to clear your name and let you go to-morrow."

  "Otherwise, you'll not only suffer jail time, you'll also suffer skin and flesh."

  Li Guang laughed coldly, but now had already picked up the electric baton and weighed it up in his hand.The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was greedy in its gloom.

  When Ye Fan heard this, he shook his head and laughed, "It seems that I was benevolent last night, and the lesson I gave you guys wasn't enough.Now, you still don't even give up and still miss my imperial green jade?"

  "But I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you.I've already given the original emerald stone to someone else, and I don't have it.It's useless if you capture me."

  Ye Fan paralyzed his hands and acted as if he was casual.

  "Stinking brat, still talking tough, in that case, I'll let you taste some pain first!"Seeing that Ye Fan didn't cooperate, Li Guang immediately got angry and picked up the electric baton to strike at Ye Fan's arm.

  Even though his hands were cuffed, Ye Fan still relied on his dexterity to not only dodge Li Guang's attack, but also pushed back the electric baton.

  It hit Li Guang with a bang.


  A miserable scream was followed by Li Guang's body jerking all over, falling to the ground and directly being electrocuted.Lying on the ground like a dead fish, he didn't move a muscle.

  Soon, the movement here naturally drew Ren Han and the others here, and seeing the scene in front of him, Ren Han suddenly questioned in an angry voice.

  "How dare you attack the police?"

  "Do you really want to go to jail?"

  Ren Han was simply furious, she didn't expect this Ye Fan to be so arrogant and didn't even know to restrain herself until now.

  She had decided that no matter what resistance she encountered this time, she would definitely do whatever it took to bring Ye Fan to justice!

  "Quick, take Li Guang out for treatment!"

  "So, Captain, where's this little punk?"Someone pointed at Ye Fan and asked.

  "Lock him up first!"Ren Han angrily said, "Also, don't reveal this matter to anyone until it's investigated.Lest you receive any external resistance."

  "Yes, Team Ren!"

  Ye Fan was eventually taken out of the interrogation room, temporarily detained, and cut off from all contact with the outside world.Obviously worried that Ye Fan will contact people to retrieve him or eliminate evidence of the crime and so on.

  But Ye Fan is not anxious, Ren Han they at most suspect their own suspicions, and no evidence, this situation is generally up to twenty-four hours.Even after one day, Ren Han they do not release themselves, Ye Fan is not worried.

  After all, three days later, he also promised Li Er to attend a dinner party.Li Er must have contacted himself a day or two in advance, and if he couldn't make a phone call, Li Er would definitely suspect that something had happened to him.By then, with Li Er's energy, it would certainly be easy to find out that he was being detained.

  What's more, even Li Er's side couldn't be relied on, Ye Fan still had Han Lao.

  Many years ago, when Ye Fan was using Han Lao's hand to realize his Spark Plan, he had developed a habit.That was that he would basically talk to Han Lao on the phone every two or three days, not only to inquire about the progress of the implementation of the plan, but also to confirm the safety of the other party.

  After ten years, this habit had already been integrated into the two's lives.

  So, three days at the latest, Han's side would definitely make a move!

  These, were Ye Fan's confidence.

  From the very first time he came in, Ye Fan knew that this place, at most, could trap him for three days!

  Of course, apart from these means, there were many ways for Ye Fan to get out of here, but they were just a bit crude.

  But it was completely unnecessary.His own life was not in danger, and the government was the one who arrested him, now this kind of situation, it is better to use the official means "gentle" solution.

  The first day passed just like this.

  To Ye Fan's surprise, Ren Han didn't even trouble himself for a day, and kept drying him out.

  It was getting dark, and Ye Fan was a little sleepy, about to sleep, he heard a low footsteps.

  It was the policewoman who had come to arraign Ye Fan again.

  It looked like she was preparing to use fatigue tactics on Ye Fan, specifically to do it when he was sleepy.

  Ye Fan is also very cooperative, want to interrogate, let him interrogate.

  He's not afraid of the shadow anyway!

  So, in this case, Ren Han and several other people successively interrogated raw with Ye Fan consumed seven hours, Ren Han this when the captain, are a little sleepy, while Ye Fan is still very spiritual.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and products to its customers.

  In the end, Ren Han was so angry that he was livid, and had the bastard Ye Fan brought back for further detention and retried at a later time.

  "Captain Ren, I've told you, I've been wrongly accused.It's better to let me go."

  "You can only imprison me for three days at most."

  "After three days, I'll have to get out just the same.By then, Team Ren you're afraid you'll really have to be punished."

  "I really feel sorry for you~" said Ye Fan with a sigh.

  "Scram, hurry up and bring this scoundrel down!"This mouth of Ye Fan's was really cheap.Even a calm and cool woman like Ren Han was nearly driven crazy by Ye Fan, and eventually couldn't help but directly curse out, telling her colleagues to quickly take him away.

  Time, has come to the second day.

  Just as Ye Fan had expected, at this time, Li Er, had already begun to suspect.

  Li's villa.

  Li Er was on the phone, frowning, and the phone was still off on the other end.

  "Strange, it's been two days, why is Mr. Chu's phone still off?"

  Li Er locked his eyebrows and paced back and forth in the room.

  He had wanted to inform Ye Fan yesterday that the money from the auction had arrived, so that Ye Fan could check his receipt and remind him of the dinner with Young Master Jiang Hai Sun tomorrow night.But after two days, there was never a call.

  Now is the information society, not to mention two days, even if you turn off your phone for a few hours, you feel abandoned by the world.Unless something happened, it was impossible to keep the phone off for two days.

  "Jinbao, Yinbao, go, you guys check if something has happened at Mr. Chu's house.Let me know immediately when you find out!"

  Li Er began to use his man power to investigate.

  Half an hour later, Li Er received a call.

  "What did you say?"

  "Mr. Chu has been arrested?"

  "Sub-O, still caught in our cloud state!"


  At that time, Li Er was scared to piss, his old face was three times white.

  Yunzhou was Li Er's territory, Ye Fan was arrested in his territory, what did this mean, this undoubtedly meant that he Li Er was not well protected and did not work hard.

  If Mr. Chu blamed him in the future, he, Li Er, would be afraid that he wouldn't be able to take the blame!

  So, of course, Li Er was terrified.

  At that time, he roared into the phone, "Check, give me a check!"

  "Motherfucker, I, Li Er, would like to see which unsighted bastard, Mr. Chu, also dares to arrest?"

  "Send me the address as soon as you find out.Then hurry up and follow me to the pickup!"

  When Li Er said this, his old face was livid and his body was trembling ah.

  Who was Ye Fan?

  Edo's sky!

  All the bigwigs in Jiangdong province worship him!

  After Taishan was crowned king, the top leaders of King Jingzhou invited Ye Fan to a gathering, which shows that Ye Fan's prestige is so great.

  But what was even more awesome was that Ye Fan hadn't given anyone face at that time.

  These people were now being arrested in his cloud state territory?

  Isn't this a fucking breakthrough?


Soon, Li Er found out who had taken Ye Fan away.

  "A district brigade, even daring to arrest Mr. Chu?"

  "Who gave her the nerve!"

  In the room, Li Er's face was livid, roaring in anger.

  And then, Li Er instructed his men to immediately prepare the car and go to the public security bureau in the East District of Yunzhou City.At the same time, he also called and contacted Wang Donglai of the city bureau!

  The official's superiority over the person.

  This matter involved the government, of course, Li Er will not come hard, and can only use his connections.

  At this time, inside the interrogation room, Ren Han and the others were still interrogating Ye Fan again.

  "Tell me, what's your motive?"

  "Also, the security camera footage shows you going in empty-handed and coming out with a package, so what was in there?"

  "When did you and Meng He, the owner of Dunhuang KTV, meet?"

  "What's the grudge?"


  In front of him, a male police officer was asking various questions to Ye Fan.While Ren Han was always sitting and watching, she was looking at Ye Fan's expression, at Ye Fan's demeanor, vainly thinking that she could penetrate the truth of the matter from Ye Fan's micro-expression.

  However, she was disappointed.

  Throughout all this, the man in front of her was so calm.

  From his pupils, Ren Han didn't see any panic, let alone any fear and fearlessness.

  Ye Fan was calm, but it was a little too much.

  It felt as if the one sitting in front of them right now was not a small punk who was mixed up in the world at all, but an unfathomable pool of water.

  But the more Ye Fan was like this, the deeper Ren Han's suspicion of him became.

  This man called Ye Fan was by no means normal!

  Otherwise, how could an ordinary man in his early twenties be so calm if he was being tortured like this?

  Another three-hour long questioning, during this time, they didn't let Ye Fan eat a mouthful of water, or even let him sleep for a day and a night.

  But even so, there was no logical contradiction in the words coming out of this man's mouth before or after, and they couldn't catch any loopholes at all.

  So much so, it had been two days since they detained Ye Fan, and this guy had been going around in circles with them, and it could be said that he hadn't explained a single bit of useful information at all.


  Ren Han finally got angry, silent for a long time, and her slender white jade hand slammed the table with a loud boom, scaring the colleagues next to her to tremble.

  "That day in the room, what exactly happened to you guys, you still don't give an honest explanation, right?"

  "Well, if you want to spend, we'll spend with you!"

  "In a word, if you don't give an honest explanation, you won't be able to walk out of this iron gate."

  Ren Han's furious voice echoed throughout the interrogation room, the overpowering momentum caused the police officer next to her to turn a few shades of white.

  This Ren Han, although she was a woman, but that strength and courage, when the vice captain of the entire criminal police team, also lived up to her name.

  "Oh, yeah?"

  "Beautiful sister, and I'll just say this, this iron gate, it can't shut me."

  "Maybe, in a little while, someone will come to pick me up."Ye Fan had a faint smile on his lips, according to the teasing tone, which undoubtedly made Ren Han even angrier.

  "Do your spring and autumn dreams!"

  "I've blocked the news about your arrest.Who do you expect to fish for you if even our director of the Eastern District doesn't know about it?"

  "What's more, how much background can you have as a punk?"

  "Still in this fox fake tiger, I Ren Han is not scared, don't eat your set."

  "I'll tell you the truth, I Ren Han has been a police officer for many years, whether it's a rich young man, or a son of the rich and powerful, as long as he commits a crime and breaks the law, no matter how big his background is, there is still no precedent of a person being fished out from under my hands!"

  "You're no exception!"

  "So, if that's what you're leaning on, I'd advise you to die of that while you can."

  "I'll be coming back for your arraignment to-night, and when I do, you'd better think it over!"

  Ren Han's words were incessant and eloquent, and he rebuked Ye Fan angrily.

  After saying that, he ordered his colleagues, "Xiao Jian, Zi Jiang, bring him back.Give him a shower with cold water to wake him up.Also, don't allow him to sleep, and don't allow him to use the toilet!"

  When Ren Han gave an order, the two members of her team then moved forward to prepare to take away Ye Fan.

  And at this moment, a rush of footsteps came from outside, only to see a middle-aged man, dressed in a police uniform, then walked in.


  "What are you doing?"The man asked in a deep voice.

  Seeing this man, Ren Han and the others were shocked and said, "Bureau Wei, what are you doing here?"

  However, the middle-aged man paid no attention to them at all and pushed them away, then walked towards Ye Fan: "Are you a friend of Mr. Li Er, Ye Fan?"

  Ye Fan smiled and nodded at the sight.

  It looked like Li Er's assists had arrived.

  "That Mr. Ye Fan, sorry, sorry ah.It's my fault for teaching my subordinates, you don't mind, I'll let them release you."

  The middle-aged man matched the smile, then glared at Ren Han and the others, "The matter of arresting people, you even hid it from me, you guys have really hard wings!"

  "What the fuck are you waiting for, let the man go?"

  "This...This~" the few police officers in front of them, suddenly revealed their difficulties and secretly looked at Ren Han at the side.

  The middle-aged man glared once again, "What? You won't even listen to my words, could it be that you are going against the sky?"

  In anger, the few police officers no longer dared to slack off and hurried over to remove the handcuffs from Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan now looked at Ren Han and smiled faintly, "Captain Ren, how is it, what I said, not bad, right?"

  However, who would have thought that as soon as Ye Fan finished saying this, Ren Han, who had been silent, finally spoke.

  Her pair of cold eyes, looked at Ye Fan, looked at Wei Bureau, looked at everyone in front of her, cold and low voice, then sounded: "Suspect Ye Fan, suspected of intentional injury causing serious injury, suspected of violent assault on police, before the matter is investigated, releasing the suspect without permission is illegal!"

  "I'll handle anyone who breaks the law!"

  "If the people break the law, I'll deal with the people."

  "If the police break the law, I'll deal with the police!"

  "If the director breaks the law, I'll run the director!"

  "All are equal before the law~"


  Ren Han's words echoed here for a long time.

  Everyone was shocked by Ren Han's powerful aura.

  Even Wei Bureau, whose old face was three shades whiter at that time, stretched out his hand and trembled, pointing at Ren Han, "You~ You~"

  "Good for you Ren Han, you're a district vice captain, you're really a great authority!"

  "Fine, who let you have a good father, I'm fucking scared of you yet?"

  "But I'll put it out there today, you're the one who captured this man and you're the one who withheld it, so if something happens in the future, you'll have to have the awareness to take responsibility and pay the price."

  In anger, Wei Bureau, with a cold snort and an iron face, angrily whisked his sleeves away.

  There was nothing he could do, although his authority was greater than Ren Han.But Ren Han's family background was very strong, especially her father, but he was a man from the province.

  With such a backstage, of course he couldn't afford to provoke!


Yunzhou City, Dongcheng District.

  Li Er, who had been waiting outside, but was late in seeing Ye Fan come out from inside, was confused, so he called Wang Donglai again.


  "People are still being held?"

  "Wang Bureau, you're a city bureau chief and your words don't matter?"


  "You mean, someone with a bigger background than you?"

  "Alright, I'll think of something else."

  After understanding the situation, however, Li Er's appearance also sank.

  "Second Master, what's wrong?"

  "It's just a small precinct, can't even the Wang Bureau handle it?"The two Jinbao and Yinbao brothers, next to each other, were confused.

  Li Er, however, shook his head and said curtly, "Even if the temple is small, there are high-ups."

  "I didn't expect that a small vice-captain would have such a hard background."

  "There are still connections in the province?"

  "This is going to be difficult."

  Li Er's face was gloomy and very difficult to deal with.

  Over the years, although Li Er had many connections, most of them were on this side of Yunzhou City.So in the province, he really didn't have any reliable connections.

  No choice, Li Er had no choice but to contact Chen Ao.

  Jianghai was Chen Ao's territory, he should be able to speak in the province.


  "Mr. Chu has been arrested?"

  "When was that?"

  "Two days!"

  "Sub-O, Liji you old thing, why didn't you say so earlier?"

  "You wait, I'm coming over!"

  Chen Ao was undoubtedly also shocked after getting the news.

  He is not concerned that he is with his wife and daughter in the hot spring vacation, change the clothes and rush to Yunzhou city.

  At the same time, Chen Ao also began to use his connections, contact the provincial hall inside to help fish people.

  Not to mention that Ye Fan is now the supremacy of Jiangdong, commanding the entire Jiangdong secular business community.More importantly, Ye Fan is also his benefactor, the benefactor of his Chen Ao's rapid rise to power in Jiangdong.

  How could Chen Ao forget his old favour?

  "Dad, what's wrong?In such a hurry?"It was still the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday at this time of the year, and her own father was leaving in a hurry after receiving a phone call, and Nan Chen was filled with confusion.

  "Nan Nan, something has happened to your brother Fan."

  "Ah?What?"Nan Chen's pretty face was also white then, and her heart trembled.

  "It's too late to say it, you come with me and go see Mr. Chu together."

  As the saying goes, the more you are in distress, the more you can undoubtedly bring the relationship with Ye Fan closer.

  Not only the love of a ruler and minister, but also the love of a son and daughter.


  Wheels sped up, a luxury car was swift as an arrow, mad as an arrow and headed to Yunzhou City.



  Yunzhou City, Eastern Suburbs Precinct.

  After the storm just now, Ye Fan was still honestly handcuffed in the interrogation room.

  But the faces of Ren Han and the others did not look good.

  Just now Ren Han and Wei Bureau fell out, Ren Han's team members also stood aside at this time, not daring to say anything, waiting for Ren Han's instructions.

  At this moment, the interrogation room even silent, angry silence is a bit strange.

  In the end, it was Ye Fan's soft laugh and whisper that broke the silence here.

  "Heroine, Captain Ren, although you have wronged me to make me very unhappy with you.But I have to admit, this temperament of Captain Ren has to be admired."

  "You shut up!"Ren Han was already angry, but now that he heard Ye Fan's words, he was naturally even angrier.

  After glaring at him, he had him escorted back, "Keep an eye on him.If there's any obstruction again, inform me immediately!"

  After Ren Han gave her instructions, she also turned around and left.

  After she went out of the interrogation room, she didn't stay idle, but started to investigate Ye Fan's background and connections.

  She wanted to see who is really behind Ye Fan?

  Maybe she could follow this breakthrough point of Ye Fan and dig up a group of outlaws.

  "In just two days, people have started fishing for him."

  "This undoubtedly confirms from the side that this Ye Fan is not an ordinary person.He's even probably involved in some heinous cases behind him."

  "Because of this, the people behind him panicked after learning that he had been arrested, and only then did they feel guilty and anxious to fish him out."

  "The more that happens, the more we can't let him go, we must investigate what's behind him."

  Ren Han thought in her heart, and her eyebrows grew more determined.

  She studied criminal investigation and was extremely knowledgeable in this area, and the breakthrough of many big cases in history was a small matter.

  Just like the current situation of Ye Fan, just one fight had alerted the people behind him, and phone calls had been made to the Wei Bureau.

  This investigation was several hours.

  However, what made Ren Han more and more puzzled was that she had looked through all of Ye Fan's files, but found that Ye Fan was as ordinary as his name.It could even be said to be a bit embarrassing.

  Born in the countryside, he joined the Qiu family three years ago and became a son-in-law.

  Other than that, nothing had been accomplished.

  Ren Han had to wonder, this kind of person who lived a life that could be said to be somewhat lame, what did he rely on to get the Wei Bureau to come out and fish for him?What is he relying on to be so arrogant and unscrupulous?

  Just as Ren Han was curious, one of her team members, when panicked, rushed in.

  "Team Ren, it's bad, the City Bureau is here."

  "City Bureau?What man?"Ren Han was confused.

  "It's Chief Wang Donglai Wang.The City General Administration's top man~" the police officer said in panic and fear.


  "The King's Bureau is all here?"

  "Quick, take me there!"

  Ren Han realized the gravity of the situation and quickly ran over.

  At this time, Li Er and Wang Donglai were all there, and Wei Bureau stood respectfully to the side, allowing people to release Ye Fan.


  "Can't let him go!"

  Ren Han ran over and drank again, still not releasing the man and snatched the key and held it in his hand.

  "Ren Han, you are insolent!"

  "How dare you disobey even the orders of the Wang Bureau?"Bureau Wei raged.

  Ren Han was fearless, but righteous, "I don't know any Wang Bureau Wei Bureau, I only know that the guilty man must not be allowed to go free!"

  "So, Ye Fan, no matter who comes, you can't let him go!"

  "You~"Wei Bureau was almost angry at Ren Han.

  Wang Donglai and Li Er, both of them, were also blue in the face.

  In this situation, Li Er, a people, he couldn't say anything.Wang Donglai, on the other hand, could speak up, but there was nothing he could do about it.

  After all, people Ren Han didn't eat her way!

  "Good you Ren Han, relying on your father's might, you even disrespected the Wang Bureau?"

  Ren Han coldly returned, "If that's what you think, then there's nothing I can do about it.But I still say the same thing, Ye Fan can't be released, and it's useless for Wang Bureau to plead for mercy."

  "What about adding me?"

  This was, a low drinking voice, coming from outside.

  Only to see Chen Ao, dressed in a formal suit, with a powerful brow and eyes, striding with his head held high.

  "This...This is, King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao?"

  "Provincial Congressman?Business and industry leaders?"


At the moment of seeing Chen Ao appear, the entire police station, was silent!

  Many police officers were staring, their hearts pounding.

  "King Jiang Dong, Chen Ao?"

  "He...Why is he here?"

  As the saying goes, the ultimate in business is inevitable.

  A person, when he or she is extreme in a certain field, will inevitably enter the career path.Chen Ao is undoubtedly like this, just the identity of the provincial representative, he already has a lot of prestige among the citizens of the province.

  In normal days, Chen Ao also often show his face, and there were many reports about him on the TV news, so after Wei Bureau and the others saw this person, they naturally trembled.

  They all welcomed each other politely.

  "Mr. Chen, nice to meet you, nice to meet you~"

  "I've heard of General Manager Chen's name for a long time, but today I've finally seen his true face."Bureau Wei directly went forward to shake hands, excited and delighted.

  After all, in terms of social status, he, a small district bureau chief, couldn't even compare with Wang Donglai, and only had a few points of power in this Dongcheng District, but of course couldn't compare with Chen Ao, a famous political and business tycoon of Jiangdong.

  "Wei Bureau, right?"

  "You have arrested my friend, I think there should be some misunderstanding.So I hope your bureau will release my friend first, as for any misunderstanding, we will sit down and talk about it later."Chen Ao said in a deep voice.

  Wei Bureau nodded evenly: "Mr. Chen's golden face, this let release of course, must be released."

  "Ren Han, Mr. Chen is here, this is a provincial representative, representing the voice of the people, representing the voice of the business community in Jiangdong, are you going to go ahead with it?"

  Bureau Wei reprimanded harshly.

  Those members of Ren Han's team were now also full of fear and pale.

  Many of them were wailing in their hearts.

  They had thought that they had just arrested an illegal gangster, but now, the second master of Yunzhou, the leaders of the city council have come to fish for people, even the Jiangdong King Chen Ao, who has a huge reputation in the province, also personally came to fish for Ye Fan.

  At this moment, those police officers can't help but be terrified, this Ye Fan, who the hell is he?

  However, while those members of the criminal police team who were detaining Ye Fan were all on tenterhooks, Ren Han was looking at Chen Ao and greeted him politely.

  Then he coldly said, "Since Chen is a businessman, but now he comes to my place to fish for people, don't you think, you are stretching your hand a bit too far?"

  "You~" Chen Ao looked stunned, he didn't expect that this young girl in front of him had so much courage that she didn't even give him face.

  "Chen, I still say the same thing, just based on your empty words, you let me release a suspected criminal, sorry, you are not enough!"

  Ren Han's words are as fierce as her voice, but they are like gold and stones on the ground.

  Even though the one standing in front of her was Chen Ao, she still didn't give any face to the other party.

  "What about adding me to it?"


  A low roar, the iron door in front of him, was pushed open once again.

  Outside the police station, there were only a few more people, hale and hearty, with powerful eyebrows and eyes, coming with a long walk.

  They are all dressed in formal attire, and their majestic faces are filled with rage.

  Seeing the visitors, this time not only Wei Bureau and the others, even the City Bureau's leader, Wang Donglai, as well as Li Er and the others, all trembled.

  "This...This is..."

  "A hand from the Provincial Public Security Department, He Zhizhang?"

  What the fuck?

  Everyone from the provincial office is here?

  Still a handful!

  At this moment, Wei Bureau and the others were all mad.

  "Ren Han ah Ren Han, I'm really sunny, what the hell have you arrested?"

  I thought that this Ye Fan was probably just a pampered mudblood of Li Er's.He was surprised but not surprised that Li Er and Wang Dong came over to fish for people.

  But now, Chen Ao and the province are coming?

  Who does this Ye Fan have to be?

  Bureau Wei was scared out of his wits, these big personalities that he had barely seen in a few lifetimes were here all of a sudden today.

  He was a small leader of the sub-bureau, of course terrified, and was on the verge of tears at that time.Cursing at Ren Han, he then hurried forward to greet her.

  As for Ren Han, his face was equally pale and even more miserable!

  She couldn't figure it out, she couldn't figure it out, according to her investigation, Ye Fan was just a door-to-door son-in-law, a peasant's son from the countryside, what on earth could he do to attract so many big names?

  Now even the people from the province are here.

  You know, this He Zhizhang's status is already comparable to his father's!

  However, even so, Ren Han was still biting her red lips with her shell teeth, and the key in her hand was still held tightly.

  She didn't believe it, couldn't justice still triumph over might?Can't the law judge a sinner?Can't you do anything about a son-in-law?

  She's fighting with Ye Fan today!

  "And me!"

  He Zhizhang's arrival undoubtedly made the group of police officers of this division extraordinarily horrified.

  However, just as the horror in the hearts of the crowd had not yet calmed down, outside the sub-division, there was another sound of car doors opening and closing, followed by an even more majestic voice, which was immediately heard!

  Then, with a thumping sound, the door was pushed open again.

  Only to see a middle-aged man, suits and suits, full of power, bland eyebrows and eyes immediately came.

  "This...This is~"

  "Wu...Wu City?"

  "Yunzhou City, a handful, Wu Weitao!"

  "The sky is the limit in Yunzhou politics!"

  Bureau Wei stared once again, and Ren Han's seven or eight subordinates shivered even more when they saw the visitor.


  Even Kure City has arrived?


  Who did they arrest this time?

  The city and province are all here, Li Er and Chen Ao are all gathered.

  Everyone, all for Ye Fan?

  "This is...This is, like, piercing the sky?"Wei Bureau and the others were pale with old faces, trembling and muttering out of breath.

  At this point, Wei Bureau was close to despair!

  Although, the person was arrested by Ren Han.Although, he didn't know about it.

  However, he was the person in charge of this precinct.There are some responsibilities that he can't shirk.

  "Ren Han ah Ren Han, you son of a bitch, I Wei Fei all my life reserved and hardworking hard to climb up, but my career path in this life, I'm afraid it will all be ruined in your hands ah~"

  At this time, Wei Bureau knew that there was no escape from his guilt, but with a heart full of indignation, his eyes red, he cursed angrily at Ren Han.

  Ren Han, just like that stood there dumbfounded, not moving.

  And at this time, a mobile phone ringing, suddenly rang.

  It was Ren Han's.

  With trembling hands, she picked up the phone and looked down, it was her father calling.

  At this moment, Ren Han is like a man in the water grasping the last straw, joy quickly connected to the phone, ready to be all the grievances, all told his father.

  It's not just a matter of time, it's a matter of time.


  "Do you know how many people in the city and province called me just now, and even the people in the capital found me?Your aunt and uncle have even contacted me to let me run away."

  "You evil girl, what the hell have you offended?"

  "Three generations of my Ren family's loyalty, and now I'm afraid I'm going to be killed by you!"

  "If you still have a conscience, give me a cliffhanger and come with me to the capital to ask forgiveness~"

  On the phone, the angry howling voice of Ren Han's father was like the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.

  With a bang, the phone slipped off, and Ren Han himself, also then scared, spread out on the ground.


"Sinful daughter, sinful daughter~"

  "Three generations of the Ren family's loyalty, and now I'm afraid it will be destroyed by your hand~"

  On the phone, the angry and miserable roar of Ren Han's father was still heard.

  But Ren Han, can't hear it anymore.

  At this time, her brain was blank.

  Her father's phone call has undoubtedly shattered all of Ren Han's psychological defense.All of her leanings had been lost.

  She used to think that when facing a disorderly element like Ye Fan, she had a thousand troops behind her as a backing and leaning on, but until this moment, she didn't realize that there was actually no one behind her.

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  When you hear those words of your father, Ren Han is as if an instant was taken away all the strength.

  She lost, she finally lost.

  In front of power and status, the temperament she had always held on to, the law and justice she had always upheld, was in total defeat!

  "Evan, congratulations, you've won~"

  Ren Han was full of misery, smiling mockingly to herself, the haggard pale face filled with powerlessness.

  The key that had been held in her hand, also slipped from her palm.

  Wei Min at this time quickly picked up the key, full of fear to open all the shackles on Ye Fan, restored Ye Fan's freedom, at the same time to Ye Fan all sorts of apologies, all sorts of explanations, the only purpose, is to hope that Ye Fan can be noble, bypass them this time.

  Chen Ao and the others also went up and asked about Ye Fan's health condition and so on.

  Nan Chen's worried eyebrows and eyes were red, grabbing Ye Fan's hand, her heart was very pitying: "Brother Xiaofan, you must have suffered a lot, look at your hands are red from the handcuffs."

  "Silly ninny, it's fine."Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, gently rubbing Nan Chen's head.

  After thanking Li Er and the others, Ye Fan, however, walked towards Ren Han and looked at her condescendingly, his mouth still filled with the same flat smile as before.

  Ye Fan didn't say anything, but just standing there, Ren Han already felt Ye Fan's arrogance, and contempt for her.

  At this moment, Ren Han finally couldn't help the grievance in her heart anymore and cried out with a sob, her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

  "You go away, you go away~"

  "I've told you, you won, you can go, why are you still here?"

  "You must be looking at me funny, right?"

  "Surely you're looking at the mess I'm in?"

  "You must be laughing at me in your mind right now."

  "Mock my naivety, mock my self-importance."

  "But Evan, I won't give up, I'm sure justice will have the last laugh, and I will bring you to justice in the future, won't I?"

  Ren Han was still roaring stubbornly even now, and the miserable cries were heartbreaking to hear.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, but he shook his head and sighed, "It seems that until now, you still believe that you yourself represent the side of justice, while I represent evil."

  "Fine, if that's the case, then I'll let you know where you've lost."

  As the words fell, Ye Fan's appearance was suddenly heavy.

  And then, Ye Fan turned around and looked behind him at Director Wang Donglai and Wu Shi and asked them to help him capture a few people.

  Wu Mintao and the others naturally agreed and went to do it immediately.

  Yunzhou City's top hand personally supervised the work, and the efficiency of his men was undoubtedly flying.

  Li Guang, who was recuperating in the hospital, was the first to be arrested.

  While Li Guang was arrested, his sworn brother Meng He was still in KTV playing with women while waiting for good news about his brother.

  In Meng He's opinion, no matter how powerful Ye Fan is, he is no more powerful than the government.

  It's easy to subdue a bumpkin with the help of his brother's position.

  Just when Meng He was planning how he would take his woman to Thailand to have a good time after getting back the jade stone, the door of the room was broken open with a bang.

  Meng He was so shocked that he immediately activated the fire alarm system in the room and flipped out of the window without even putting on his pants while the room was in a mess.

  It was only after he climbed out of the window that Meng He realized that his Dunhuang KTV was surrounded by the police.

  Meng He, with no way to escape!

  Half an hour later, Meng He was also arrested and brought to justice.

  Meng He and Li Guang, knowing what had happened in the east window, soon gave a full account of their collusion and framing of Ye Fan and the robbery of the treasure under interrogation.

  The truth is completely revealed, learned of this matter, Wang Donglai as well as Wu Mintao and other Yunzhou City leaders no doubt furious.

  Not only did they immediately remove Li Guang, they also destroyed all the illegal gangs under Meng He in one fell swoop.The emperor's jewelry store was even directly seized and all the property was frozen.

  Because of this matter, Wu Mintao also contacted the public security department to launch a special rectification activity in the city.

  I guess Meng He, Li Guang and the others never dreamed that what they thought was just a roadblock to seize treasure as usual would end up creating such waves in Yunzhou City.

  The decades of accumulation Meng He and the others had undoubtedly tipped over in an instant as well.

  "Captain Ren Han, now, you should always know who represents justice?Who's representing evil again, right?"

  Ye Fan stayed here until the matter was cleared up before he left.

  Before leaving, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth contained a smile, and he smiled faintly at Ren Han.

  That genial smile, but it was so much like a spring breeze.

  But under Ye Fan's words, Ren Han was bowing her head, her pretty face was full of red from shame.

  Ren Han also knew that she had wronged Ye Fan, and felt guilty, and had no face to see anyone, let alone say a word to Ye Fan.

  Seeing that Ren Han was so ashamed, Ye Fan didn't tease him anymore, turned around and followed the crowd, and left as well.

  On the way back, Ye Fan said to Wu Mintao, "Wu City, this matter is all a misunderstanding, the people who should be dealt with have also been dealt with, let's just let it go.That Captain Ren, as well as Wei Bureau and the others, I hope Wu City won't pursue it too much."

  "How can this be?"

  "Due to that Ren Han's capricious recklessness, how can Mr. Chu be spared such a great humiliation?"Wu Shi spoke harshly, stating that Ren Han and the others must be severely punished.

  But in the end, under Ye Fan's persuasion, Wu Shi agreed to Ye Fan's request to not pursue the matter any further.

  Ye Fan's magnanimity was once again deeply admired by the crowd.

  This matter, Chen Ao and other people also returned to Jianghai, but Chen Nanfei pestered Ye Fan strolled around in Yunzhou, only to return to Jianghai in the evening.

  On the way back, the leader of the provincial department, He Zhizhang but looked at Chen Ao, inexplicably, "Shen is really well-connected, surprisingly there are connections on the side of the empire?"

  He Zhizhang obviously recalled the words of Ren Han's father from the previous phone call.

  It was only the people over in the capital who could make Ren Han's father so scared that he would run away, it was only the people over in the capital who had this kind of energy.

  "Eh?Halls, isn't that your connection?"Chen Ao was stunned.

  He Zhizhang was also stunned: "No, I didn't call the people over at the capital."

  "That's strange~"

  Inside the car, Chen Ao and the two of them, however, were in a state of confusion.


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