Dish Best Served Cold 256-260

 Chapter 256

"Are you all right, Little Lord?"

  "If you're not released, I'm ready to use the Tiger Strike to flatten the Dongcheng District Police Station and save you."

  On the other side of the phone, Han Lao's anxious and worried voice was heard.

  The matter of Ye Fan's arrest obviously made Old Han, who was far away, extraordinarily worried.

  Now that he heard Ye Fan's voice again, only then did Han Lao breathed a long sigh of relief.Only then did the stone in his heart fall to the ground.

  "Old Han, it's just a small matter, you're overreacting a little too much."Ye Fan shook his head as he laughed softly at the other end of the phone.

  "No, Little Lord, it's not a small matter."

  "I now seriously suspect that someone among the Chu family set it up specifically for you."

  "Trying to fake the government's hand and take the opportunity to get rid of you!"

  "Little Lord, you cannot be unconcerned about this matter."

  "The details determine success or failure, and the details even more so determine life or death."

  "History has proven countless times that many seemingly insignificant little things are behind it, but they contain a near-death crisis~"

  "Just like this time, the other side suddenly attacked and directly imprisoned you, even cutting off your contact with the outside world, locking you up for two days raw.Little Lord, do you know how many assassinations a professional assassin can carry out in two days, a..."

  "Fine, fine, Han, don't say anything, I care, I'll especially care in the future, okay?"At this time, Ye Fan was full of helpless bitter smiles, he reckoned that if he didn't concede to accept Han's opinion at this time, this old man was afraid that he would be able to talk endlessly to him until dawn.

  How could this be?

  Ye Fan was still in a hurry to get home to see his wife.

  "By the way, the people over there in the capital are your handiwork, right?"

  "A little scare is fine, there's no need to make too much of a fuss over this matter, that Ren Han has a good character, we don't want to embarrass people too much."

  When he heard Ren Han's father say that all the people from the imperial capital were personally coming to look for him, Ye Fan had already guessed that in order to get himself, Han was afraid that he would personally come down as well.

  Ye Fan, however, did not expect that what was thought to be a small misunderstanding would end up creating such a big noise.

  Not only Chen Ao and the others came from Jianghai, even the "ambush" that Ye Fan had planted in the capital, was used.

  "No, young lord, this person detained you for two days without any reason, I seriously suspect that their Ren family is a minion of the Chu family, so..."

  "Sub-O, it's never ending, right?What kind of people are all minions of the Chu family and what kind of people are all assassins sent by the Chu family?If you give me any more fucking bullshit, I'll do you with it!"Hearing that on the other end of the phone, that old thing endlessly pulling these has-beens, Ye Fan immediately blew up and just blurted out.

  "I'll say it again, no need to embarrass the Ren family.Dispose of the Ren family as I say, do as I say, do you hear me?"Ye Fan's words were low, carrying an unquestionable authority.

  Sure enough, after being scolded by Ye Fan, Han Lao was indeed honest and didn't talk nonsense anymore, immediately agreeing and respectfully returned, "Yes".

  "Mm.It's good if it wasn't like this earlier, you had to let me scold you to be obedient."Ye Fan shook his head and said slowly.Only afterwards did he hang up the phone and return home.

  At this time, it was night, and Qiu Mu Orange's house was brightly lit.

  Sun Yuhao with Han Hai and the others were also there, since the last Mid-Autumn Eve in a piece of dinner, tonight in Han Li's great efforts to set it up, but Sun Yuhao was once again called by Han Li to the home, full of a table full of people a piece of dinner.


  "Look at what a nice table this is."

  "All the people who should be there are there, the people who shouldn't be there are gone, and the whole family is sitting down to a meal together."

  "It's not much more than that, is it, the so-called family fun?"

  Han Li was laughing, and Qiu Lei was also laughing from the sidelines, even pulling Sun Yuhao along for a drink.

  Especially after Han Li and the others heard that Sun Yuhao had turned the tide at the auction, defeating all the rich and powerful with more than two hundred million dollars, taking the grand finale in one fell swoop and gaining the chance to meet Mr. Chu face to face, the two Han Li couples were undoubtedly more satisfied with Sun Yuhao's son-in-law.

  More than two hundred million, just throw it out.

  This Sun family in Jianghai, how rich must they be?

  In the future, if she, Han Li, became the mother-in-law of Sun Yuhao, the glory and wealth, would not be inexhaustible?

  Thinking of this, Han Li's gaze towards Sun Yuhao was undoubtedly becoming more and more joyful as well, directly calling Sun Yuhao son-in-law to his face at the table.

  At this time, the dinner table was filled with laughter and happiness.

  The two of them, Han Li and Qiu Lei, are as if Ye Fan was arrested and ended up in jail, as if it had never happened to them.

  I'm afraid, in this family, only Qiu Mu Orange is still missing that man, right?

  At this time, she had been sullen.

  That sorrowful and worried look was in stark contrast to her own parents, however.

  "Xiao Li ah, since that obtrusive man has disappeared without a trace, I think ah, Mu Orange's marriage to Yuhao should not be delayed any longer."

  "Now that redneck has been caught committing a crime, such social scum should have divorced him long ago."

  "Xiao Li, Mu Orange's divorce paperwork you should hurry up and get it done so you can go get a certificate from Yuhao as soon as possible."Han Hai also took the opportunity to urge at this point, hoping that Qiu Mu Orange would quickly get engaged to Sun Yuhao to get a certificate and so on.

  Han Li nodded, "Brother, don't worry, I've been working on this matter.Isn't this a holiday for a few days, as soon as the holiday passes tomorrow, I'll immediately take my daughter to the Civil Affairs Bureau and go through the divorce procedures."

  "That country bumpkin is now a prisoner, he should also have the self-awareness to know that he is now even more unworthy of my daughter, at that time, as soon as our divorce agreement is brought out, the amount of him also has no face to dare not sign."

  "As soon as Mu Orange asks that redneck to pester him, I will let Mu Orange immediately go and marry Yuhao rank.So Yuhao, don't worry, you can't wait too long for this marriage between you and Mu Orange.You'll just have to wait to embrace the beauty~"


  Han Li and the others said happily, Sun Yuhao's mouth, also at this time, revealed a look of anticipation and joy, looking at Qiu Mu Orange's gaze, also in a moment became tender, blazing and infatuated.

  However, what Han Li and the others didn't expect was that Qiu Mu Orange, who had been silent all along, suddenly raised her head and solemnly said, "I won't go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow, and I won't divorce Ye Fan.My own marriage, I don't need anyone to tell me what to do.No one has the right to dictate my life."

  "Shut up, asshole, is this the attitude you have when you talk to us?"Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's words, Han Hai was furious and stood up on the table to charge Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Still not divorced?"

  "What? You're not going to spend the rest of your life with a criminal?"

  "You don't know the shame, but your parents and your uncle still have the shame!"


Han Hai didn't think that until now, Qiu Mu Orange was still unwilling to divorce Ye Fan.

  He really couldn't figure out what kind of bewitching soup this niece of his had been given by Ye Fan.That brat didn't have money or power, and now he was even arrested and imprisoned.Is it really not humiliating at all for Qiu Mu Orange to be married to such a wimp with such a bad track record?

  Not only Han Hai, but Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife were undoubtedly extraordinarily angry after hearing what Qiu Mu Orange had just said.

  Even Qiu Lei, who had always been a good old man character in normal times, his face sank.

  "Mu Orange, what did you say just now?If you have the ability, tell me again."Qiu Lei's words were calm, and it was no one's guess what kind of anger was being suppressed beneath those gloomy words.

  Qiu Mu-Orange had rarely seen her father speak to her in such a tone.At that time, Qiu Mu Orange knew that her father was afraid that he was truly angry.

  For a while, Qiu Mu Orange didn't reply, only lowering her head with red eyebrows.

  "Mu Orange, in the past, it was your mother who was in charge of your affairs again, and I rarely intervened.But this time, I have to meddle."

  "My Qiu family has been open and aboveboard all of my life, with a clean doorstep, I will never allow anyone who degrades the reputation of my Qiu family to appear."

  "And Ye Fan, three years of being in my Qiu Family has accomplished nothing.Now he's even doing treacherous things."

  "It takes talent without talent and virtue without virtue."

  "Such a wimp with no virtue or talent must never stay in my Qiu family again."

  "Your mother can't afford to disgrace that person, and I, Qiu Laosan, can't afford to disgrace him even more."

  "So tomorrow, you'll have to divorce this marriage, or not!"

  "There's no negotiating!"

  Qiu Longsan's words were so strong that they were like gold rocks on the ground, but there was no room for maneuvering.

  Faced with Qiu Laosan's anger, Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows naturally became even redder, chocolate-covered with tears.

  However, even so, she still stubbornly insisted and spoke for Ye Fan: "Dad, you don't know Ye Fan, there is something good about him.During the raw stone auction, Ye Fan turned a stone into gold and selected many precious raw stones."

  Hearing this, Han Fei Fei, who was on the side, then puffed out a laugh, "Sister Qiu, don't lie to my aunt and uncle, that country bumpkin obviously went up there on top of other people's merits, and ended up being exposed at the auction and made a big scandal, you don't know that?"

  "And I remember, the person who guessed that wimp is still your cousin, Sister Autumn, where's Autumn Muyoung?"

  Qiu Mu Orange had wanted to use this to change her parents' opinion of Ye Fan, but now that she was so disturbed by Han Fei Fei, she had undoubtedly made it worse, and further strengthened the idea of the two Han Li couple to let Ye Fan divorce Qiu Mu Orange.


  "This Ye Fan, is a waste of a man who has failed to accomplish anything, he's out there all day embarrassing our family."

  "Mu Orange, you're just larded with lard, this poor pretending idiot and morally corrupt wimp, what's there to miss?"

  "The divorce must be granted tomorrow!"Han Li was livid with anger and said angrily.

  But Qiu Mu Orange was arguing with reason, "Mom, how can you say that?"

  "Ye Fan has been working hard in our family for the past three years, feel your conscience and tell us what he has done against us, what makes you say that Ye Fan is morally corrupt?"

  "And even in this case, Ye Fan is only suspected of committing a crime, everything is without a stone hammer, we haven't even gotten to the bottom of things, so what makes us say that Ye Fan is morally corrupt and breaking the law?"

  "You~" Hearing that at this time, Qiu Mu orange is even helping Ye Fan to speak, Han Li is close to being angry to death.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.I can see that Mu Orange doesn't mean she doesn't want to divorce Ye Fan, she just cares about loyalty."

  "After all, Ye Fan has also lived under the same roof with Mu Orange and his parents for three years, even if he's a dog, he definitely has feelings for each other."

  "Now that Ye Fan has just been arrested, it's also really not good for Mu Orange and I to get married right away.It would appear that Mu Orange is thin-hearted."

  "How about this, the matter of my marriage ceremony with Mu Orange can be delayed later.Just get the license first."

  "Mom and Dad, are you okay with this?"

  How kindly Sun Yuhao called this parents, as if he really had become the Qiu family's son-in-law yes.

  Under Sun Yuhao's reassurance, the two of them, Han Li and her husband, took a step back and promised that the marriage could be delayed, but the divorce had to be done immediately.

  Then, Sun Yuhao looked at Qiu Mu Orange: "Mu Orange, I've already made inquiries about Ye Fan that you asked me to inquire about earlier."

  "It's said that it was Ye Fan who got into a conflict in KTV because he was robbing a seated lady with someone.In the end, he beat the person up and seriously injured him, and he is still lying in the intensive care unit, dying."

  "Jail time is inevitable for this kind of violent crime.If the other person had died, the sentence would have been even heavier, and he might have had to pay for it."


  "And pay for it?"

  "I'll roll the fucking bar!"

  "Why should our family still have to wipe his ass for what he's done?"

  "Want us to pay for him, in your dreams!"

  Hearing that she still had to pay for it, Han Li exploded then.She cursed furiously.

  And Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face went white, her pair of beautiful eyes looked incredulously at Sun Yuhao, "Young Master Sun, is all of this true?"

  "Naturally, it's true.As far as I know, Ye Fan was able to get to know Young Master Shen because he introduced the women in this KTV to Young Master Shen.As you know, entertainment places? it's not a strange thing to have some business of accompanying people to sing or even sleep with them."

  "Moreover, at this age, Ye Fan is at a time when his blood is young.Although he has a delicate wife like a jade at home, he can't be satisfied, so naturally he goes out to find someone else to vent his anger."

  "After all, he's from the countryside, he didn't have much of a family upbringing, and now that he's in the city, there are temptations everywhere with red lights, wine and greenery, he eventually loses his true nature and becomes dispirited and degenerate, so it's only normal for him to fool around with others outside.It's just pitiful, now that I've made a mess, I have to get you guys involved."Sun Yuhao shook his head and sighed.

  When Qiu Lei and the others heard this, they pounded the table and cursed.

  "That wimp, how the hell does he still dare to take our family's money to go out and play with women?"

  "It really should be death by a thousand cuts!"

  "Mu Orange, if this kind of animal doesn't divorce, what's the point of keeping it?"

  "The fish and dragons inside the entertainment place are mixed up and messy, maybe that Ye Fan has already caught some kind of dirty disease and is scourging our Autumn Family again."

  "This kind of son-of-a-bitch, quickly disassociate with him."Qiu Lei said angrily.

  The rest of them were also paying lip service to Ye Fan, hurting him badly behind his back.

  Qiu Mu Orange blushed with red eyebrows and lowered his head.

  The heart began to waver, was what Sun Yuhao said, all true?

  After all, a few days ago, Ye Fan did show hunger and thirst.

  Being casually seduced by her, he directly burned up that day and almost got himself...

  Now that I think about it, what Sun Yuhao said did make sense.Ye Fan was a man who had never been satisfied, so he went out to fool around and ended up causing trouble, and it all made sense.

  After all, in addition to that, Qiu Mu Orange really couldn't think that Ye Fan could still be arrested for being arrested.

  Thinking of this, the only remaining trace of goodwill that Qiu Mu Orange originally had for Ye Fan instantly faded a lot.

  The stunningly beautiful face was filled with disappointment.

  That was disappointment towards, Ye Fan.

  Sun Yuhao's heart was delighted at the sight.

  Looks like, as long as one more fire is added, Qiu Mu Orange will basically be completely disappointed in Ye Fan.

  Therefore, eating Sun Yuhao then continued to regret: "Mu Orange, although I also don't believe that Brother Ye could do such a heartless thing, but the fact is, all you also don't have any expectations for him.According to my understanding, he has already been sentenced today, to ten years in prison.I'm afraid he won't get out in ten years.Do you really want to wait for ten years?And even if he comes out, a bad man, there will be no place for him in this society anymore."

  "If you really don't want to take the blame for being a mean-spirited person, the worst that can happen is that we get married later and help him support his parents."Sun Yuhao said falsely.

  "Look, Mu Orange you look at Yuhao's magnanimity, this kind of good man will be hard to find in the future, you still don't know how to cherish him?"Han Li and the others continued to advise.


  However, it was at this moment that applause sounded outside the room.Immediately afterwards, a faint laughter was quietly heard.

  "Young Master Sun, you've made up this story, when it's really good!"


"From what you just said, even I, the main character in it, almost believed it."

  "Young Master Sun, I think you have a lot of potential to be a screenwriter, or an actor."

  "Like you, who is in a rich family, even if you were acting in your natural color, that would definitely be the number one villain in the play."

  "If you go into acting now instead, you might be able to make it to the Oscar petty cash contest at the end of the year?"The faint sound of laughter came from behind.

  At this moment, everyone in the room turned around and looked back.

  The door, which was originally closed, burst open with a squeak.

  Outside, it was pitch black.


  The cold night breeze with the chill of mid-autumn blew in like a devil.

  But in the middle of the endless night, a skinny young man, with a gloomy and cold smile, but quietly appeared in the middle of the night.

  A pair of washed jeans and a pair of white miscellaneous sneakers, the entire person was completely dressed in a perfectly ordinary outfit.

  However, it was such a man who was still unrecognizable among the crowd, but the appearance at this time was a huge ripple in the hearts of everyone.

  "You...You are...?"

  "Ye Fan?"

  "Is that you, you wimp?"


  "How did you...How did you get out?"

  "Did, did you...Did you escape from prison?"

  Han Hai and the others were turning pale, Sun Yuhao was even more filled with horror, and as for Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple, they were even more frightened when they saw Chu Yun and jumped up from their seats with a scuffle.

  "You...What do you want?"

  "Ye...Ye Fan, think about it carefully, you're only sentenced to ten years now.However, if you escape from prison and come out to take revenge on us, you'll be sentenced to death."

  "You...You calm down, you must calm down~"

  The two Han Li couples had clearly peed themselves.

  At first, everyone was just curious as to why Ye Fan had suddenly appeared, but Han Li guessed almost instantly that it was Ye Fan who had escaped from prison and run away.

  In the past, Han Li had watched many movies on TV, which would often show the first thing that a vicious person would do after successfully escaping from prison is to take revenge on those he hated and those who had insulted him.

  The first thing he does is to take revenge on those he hates and those who have insulted him.

  This kind of "fugitive" is undoubtedly a very tyrannical temperament.The son-in-law, who had been oppressed for three years, was the most tyrannical of all.

  This kind of person's heart twisted will undoubtedly be extremely frightening.

  Being told by the two Han Li couple, Qiu Mu Orange also panicked, then looked at Ye Fan and even advised, "Ye Fan, did you really escape?"

  "You're confused."

  "You're going to turn yourself in, quickly~"

  "Or the consequences will be worse!"

  Qiu Mu Orange was so anxious and angry that she walked over and dragged Ye Fan back to surrender.

  Although Ye Fan had done something wrong to her, but the three years of husband and wife love was on the line, of course, Qiu Mu Orange could not bear to see Ye Fan do something wrong again.

  Looking at Qiu Mu Orange's anxious and worried appearance, Ye Fan's heart was slightly warmed inexplicably.

  Finally, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, and said to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, I didn't escape, I was acquitted."

  "It was all a misunderstanding before, the police arrested the wrong person, but now that the facts are clear, they naturally released me."

  "Look, the handcuffs are all undone for me."

  As he spoke, Ye Fan stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

  But Qiu Mu Orange was stunned: "None...Acquitted?"

  "But just now, didn't Young Master Sun say that you've been sentenced to ten years, or is it ten years?"

  "Could it be..."

  When she thought of this, Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face contained anger as she glared at Sun Yuhao who was on the side.

  "Yes, Mu Orange.That's what I'm confused about, I really don't know where Young Master Sun learned about me being sentenced?Or, Young Master Sun has made it up from the beginning to deceive Mu Orange.So as to put on a, a good show of turtledove?"Ye Fan also looked to the side of Sun Yuhao, with an inexplicable smile on his lips, but his words were aggressive.

  Facing the questioning of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, Sun Yuhao, perhaps because of a guilty conscience, his old face reddened and his eyebrows were cloudy, but he couldn't say a word when asked.

  The fact is just as Ye Fan and his wife guessed, after Ye Fan's accident, Qiu Mu orange asked Sun Yuhao to use his relationship to find out about Ye Fan's matter, but Sun Yuhao didn't let anyone to do this matter at all.

  As for those words just now, they were completely made up by Sun Yuhao to bluff Qiu Mu Orange.

  It's just that Sun Yuhao never expected that Ye Fan would be released after only two days.

  Could it really be that the police had arrested the wrong person?

  And while Sun Yuhao was confused, Han Li, however, had quietly reported to the police that there was a fugitive in the house who wanted to kill someone, and wanted the police to hurry over.

  And Han Hai and the others were also looking at Ye Fan with full guard, while asking Autumn Mu Orange to stay away from him.

  "Mu Orange, don't listen to him fart."

  "This guy is designated to have escaped from a prison cell."

  "Who do you see as an escapee who claims to be guilty."

  "And caught wrong?"

  "You think the police are idiots like you, don't you?How could the police arrest you without solid evidence?"

  "I think you're the one who escaped from prison."Han Hai said harshly, always insisting that Ye Fan was an escaped prisoner.

  Ye Fan was helpless as well.

  It was impossible to explain this thing even if he wanted to.

  However, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to their attitude as he looked at Qiu Mu Orange and asked, "Mu Orange, what about you?"

  "Do even you think that I, Evan, committed a crime and escaped from prison?"

  As he said this, Ye Fan always stood there calmly, his pair of eyebrows always falling on Autumn Mu Orange's body, waiting for Autumn Mu Orange's reply.

  For a moment, the room was quiet.

  With a heart full of trepidation, Qiu Mu Orange stood there, facing Ye Fan's question, but couldn't stop shaking her head: "No, Ye Fan, I believe you."

  Without any hesitation, Qiu Mu Orange immediately said.

  Although there were many, many flaws in Ye Fan, but these three years together, Ye Fan was definitely a man who had his own principles of being an extremely good person.

  From the very beginning, she suspected that it was not a mistake on the part of the police.

  However, the moment Qiu Mu Orange's words fell, as if a slap paste on her face, the door was kicked open once again.

  Seven or eight armed police officers immediately rushed in, and one of them, a petite silhouette, put Ye Fan down on the ground with three strikes, two slender jade legs locked tightly around Ye Fan's neck, and shouted in a cold voice, "Put down, put down your weapons!!!"

  "Hands up~"

  "A fugitive from justice who doesn't know how to repent, but dares to commit a crime?"

  "What nerve!"

  "Do you know that what awaits you next will be an even harsher punishment!"

  A familiar voice quietly sounded from the ear.

  After Ye Fan heard it, he was left speechless and bitterly smiling.

  This damn world is really small.

  "I said Captain Ren, you fucking have a grudge against me, right?"

  "I just got out from under your hand and now you're screwing me?"

  "What did I do to you?"

  "Did I spy on you in the shower?Or did you ruin your virginity?"

  "I, Ye Fan, am really a dog!"

  "You stupid woman, don't you fucking get off my head~"


The room.

  Seven or eight policemen were heavily armed, and one of them, a woman, was even using a grappling technique at the moment to directly subdue Ye Fan.

  Of course, this was also mainly because Ye Fan did not resist.

  Otherwise, not to mention being subdued by Ren Han, even if these seven or eight people went at it together, there still wouldn't be any possibility of getting close to Ye Fan!

  However, after hearing the words coming from beneath her, Ren Han was immediately stunned.

  Not only her, the few police officers behind Ren Han undoubtedly also smacked their old faces.

  Ye Fan had made such a big commotion in the Dongcheng Branch before, Ye Fan had naturally already made a name for himself in the Dongcheng Branch, and these people who came recognized Ye Fan almost instantly.

  There were even a few, and it wasn't the first time they had participated in the arrest of Ye Fan.

  For example, this female officer Ren Han in front of her had just racked Ye Fan away from here two days ago, who would have thought that this Ye Fan had just been released, but they ran into him again.

  "Ren...Team Ren, still...Don't release him yet, you don't want to live?"

  The old faces of the surrounding members had gone white, and the flames of the original break-in instantly wilted, and now like frosty eggplant, they all stood there listlessly, bowing their heads as they terrifiedly reminded Ren Han to quickly release Ye Fan.

  This guy is a hornet's nest ah~

  The last time they stabbed, the result was that almost all of them from the East City Branch were terminated.It was only after Ye Fan interceded that Mayor Wu bypassed them, but even so, a few of them were even demoted and punished.

  Like Ren Han, directly jerked off the captain's position, a senior criminal police school graduate of high caliber, at this point just demoted to a fighting in the front line of the most ordinary police officers.

  The reason why they still called Ren Han as Team Ren now was solely because of habit.

  After realizing that the person underneath her was Ye Fan, Ren Han was now also a bit cavalier.

  She was of a rigid nature, and had been disobedient since childhood, and as long as she thought it was right, she couldn't pull back even with eight oxen.Growing up, there is almost no one she Ren Han afraid of.

  But today, the scene at the precinct was the first time that Ren Han felt fear.

  Especially, when Ren Han received the phone call from her father, at that moment she really thought she had pierced the sky.So at that time, for the first time after all, she surrendered to Ye Fan, the man.

  But a yard is a yard, if she just let Ye Fan go now, wouldn't it make others think that he, Ren Han, was really afraid of Ye Fan?

  How can the people's police be afraid of people?

  So, in the face of his colleague's advice, Ren Han snorted, "Well, why should I let him go?"

  "No matter what his status is, if he kills someone, he's a sinner, and I have to arrest him!"

  "I let you get away last time, but this time I'll catch you in the act, and I'll see what else you have to say."

  Ren Han said in a cold voice, his eyes filled with ice, staring viciously at Ye Fan.

  "Right, comrade police, just can't let him go!"

  "This man escaped from prison not to mention that he came back to take revenge on us, he should be arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, so that he can sit in jail and save him from coming out to do harm to others!"

  Seeing Ren Han and the others coming, the two Han Li couples who were still scared and didn't dare to speak before, undoubtedly came to their feet instantly, pointing fiercely at Ye Fan and scolding him.

  At the same time, they also looked at their daughter, Qiu Mu Orange: "Mu Orange, how about what I said, I told you long ago that this guy escaped from prison, and you still don't believe me?"

  "How about now, comrade police are here to arrest him.You should be dead to this scum now, right?"

  Qiu Mu Orange had already been flabbergasted, looking at the scene before her in disbelief, a pair of beautiful eyes swirled red, nearly having tears left behind, she did not expect that Ye Fan had lied to her.

  Han Hai and the others were also laughing coldly at this point, thinking that Ye Fan, the idiot who had committed the crime, even dared to escape from prison, this is because he was sentenced lightly ah.

  "Ye Fan, you have disappointed me too much.I deserved it, it was me, Qiu Mu Orange, who trusted the wrong person."Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and said, while she then snatched the door with tears and just ran out.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he was anxious, "Mu Orange, this is all a fucking misunderstanding ah!"

  "Mu Orange, come back~"

  "You heard me explain!"

  Ye Fan was on the verge of tears, what the fuck was all this about?

  And hearing now, Ren Han and the others only really figured out the situation.

  It turned out that Han Li and the others took Ye Fan as a fugitive and called the police out of fear.

  Ren Han's pretty face blushed a little, and the legs that were originally locked around Ye Fan's neck, also loosened up.The arrogance of the flames also wilted down immediately.

  Eventually, the misunderstanding was resolved only after Ren Han's colleagues and others explained.

  "Mr. Ye, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

  "If there's something I'm sorry for, please bear with me a little more."

  Tolerate you numb!

  Ye Fan was now so angry that he wanted to kick them to death.

  Qiu Mu Orange had already been pissed off, what use was there for them to talk about this now?

  "Next time, remember to figure out what's going on when you're on a mission!"Ye Fan said coldly, but these words were clearly meant for Ren Han to hear.

  Then he also ignored Ren Han's blushing, shame-faced pretty face and got up to leave to find Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Hmph, what's the fierceness?"

  "Isn't it enough for me to admit that I arrested the wrong person, I have no complaints about being disciplined now."

  "But don't you think, I, Ren Han, will be afraid of you in the future."

  "You'd better not commit any crimes in the future, or else I'll still arrest you!"

  Ren Han still spoke stubbornly, but right now how harsh her tone was, how guilty she actually felt inside.

  For this strong-willed woman, admitting her mistake was undoubtedly more painful to her than killing her!

  However, Ye Fan didn't even pay attention to her, didn't even look at her, got up and walked out.

  It is surprising to be ignored, Ren Han is no doubt itchy with anger, that look at Ye Fan's eyes could not wait to cut him into a thousand pieces.

  In the end, Ren Han and the others also returned to the bureau.

  Before leaving, Ren Han and the others warned Han Li very sternly, next time after figuring it out, call the police!



  When Ye Fan found Qiu Mu Orange, she was leaning on the guardrail by the lake, looking at the glittering Cloud Mist Lake in front of her from a distance.

  Under the reflection of the moonlight, the Cloud Mist Lake at night, however, had its own charm.

  But no matter how good the night view was, it couldn't erase the sadness in my heart.


  At this time, the lake suddenly wind, the night's cold with a dense moisture, but from the vast surface of the lake, whistling past.


  At that moment, Qiu Mu orange's delicate body but suddenly shivered.

  It was, surprisingly, a little cold.

  As expected, after mid-autumn, the weather was cooler and faster.

  Qiu Mu Orange curled up and clasped her hands in front of her chest in order to reduce the dissipation of heat.

  At this time, however, there was a pair of hands behind her, quietly reaching out and draping a black jacket over Autumn Mu Orange's shoulders.

  "Silly, it's cold, isn't it?"

  "Who's cold if you don't run out without a jacket?"

  A faint laughter came from the ear.

  Qiu Mu Orange immediately turned her head, and indeed saw Ye Fan's clear and smiling face.

  For some reason, the original lost state of mind was so stable at this moment.

  It was as if the floating duckweed had found a harbor she could lean on.

  Sometimes, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't help but wonder why every time she longed for warmth, this man would always appear at the right time.

  When she was wronged in the Qiu family, when she was humiliated by the Han family in Jianghai's grandmother's house, and even when she was in deep danger in the Shengtian Restaurant, it was Ye Fan who appeared and saved her.

  This man, it was like he was everywhere.


"You...You weren't taken?"

  However, seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange was clearly surprised.

  She had thought that Ye Fan should have been captured by Ren Han and the others.However, she didn't expect that Ye Fan would still appear here.

  After hearing that, Ye Fan gave a bitter laugh, "You, you're just too impatient, you ran out without listening to my explanation.I told you earlier, it's all a misunderstanding~"

  Then, Ye Fan briefly told Qiu Mu Orange about how he had been wrongly accused.

  Of course, Ye Fan only gave a rough description, saying that the police had arrested the wrong person, and after the real murderer was caught, he was naturally released.

  As for the matter of getting the original emerald stone back, he didn't say anything, this Ye Fan was going to give Qiu Mu Orange as a surprise, naturally he wouldn't say anything.

  "That's it?"Qiu Mu Orange's pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan, she always felt that it was a little too simple.

  Would the police really arrest the wrong person?

  But Ye Fan was indeed standing here in Cheng unharmed, and Autumn Mu Orange had to believe it.

  However, even though Ye Fan's matter was clarified, Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face was still somewhat sad.

  She turned around and leaned against the edge of the Cloud Mist Lake, her deep gaze looking towards the spreading water in front of her.

  There, the waves were brimming over and blue waves were rippling.

  Occasionally, there was a breeze blowing in between.Under the night, Qiu Mu orange stood like that, her long black skirt outlining a delicate curve, the blue silk in front of her forehead swinging unceasingly in the wind.

  From time to time, the surrounding people cast their experienced gazes at Qiu Mu orange, but the beautiful face of such a beautiful girl was filled with endless sorrow.

  Life, there really were too many distracting things.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't speak, and Ye Fan stood quietly from the side as well.

  There seemed to be an inexplicable tacit understanding between the two of them that they could not bear to break the tranquility in front of them.

  In the end, it was Qiu Mu Orange who didn't hold back, and with a sad mood, she said softly, "Ye Fan, my mother and the others, they are forcing us to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce."

  Qiu Mu Orange's silver bell-like voice slowly flowed along the shore of Cloud Mist Lake.

  Qiu Mu Orange said this to Ye Fan, obviously wanting to get a firm response from Ye Fan.

  After all, facing the pressure of the whole family by herself, Qiu Mu Orange would also be tired.She needed Ye Fan's support and a strong backing.

  However, for a long time, Qiu Mu Orange didn't even wait for Ye Fan's response.

  "Why don't you say anything?"Qiu Mu Orange's words carried a bit of resentment and turned her pretty face to look at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan had his hands in his pockets, his white short shirt whipping in the wind.Ye Fan smiled and faintly said back, "Why?Is it because of Sun Woo-ho?"

  "Mm."Qiu Mu Orange nodded, "As you know, my parents and the others have always been happy with Sun Yuhao, and my uncle has been pushing from the side, so they keep forcing me, to divorce you and then marry Sun Yuhao."

  Qiu Mu Orange's tone was full of bitterness and helplessness.


  "What what when?"Qiu Mu Orange was confused.

  Evan returned, "Your mother asked us, when are we going to get divorced?"

  "Vacation's over, tomorrow."Autumn Mu Orange.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Mm.But I have something to do tomorrow, so let's go the day after tomorrow.Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce the day after tomorrow."

  Ye Fan said slowly, the word divorce, when it came out of Ye Fan's mouth, it was so calm, as if it was a sparse and normal thing.

  Qiu Mu Orange was stunned then, she turned her head and looked at Ye Fan incredulously.

  She said this because she wanted to know Ye Fan's attitude, she wanted to get encouragement from Ye Fan, and she wanted to go with Ye Fan to resist her parents and relatives.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange had never expected that Ye Fan would even try to resist, but he had agreed so easily.

  Nearly instantly, Qiu Mu Orange's eyes, had reddened.

  There were tears that were spinning in her eyes.

  However, she tried to bite her teeth to keep the tears from flowing out.

  In the end, her reddened eyes looked at Ye Fan, but she laughed in a self-deprecating manner.

  That smile was depressed and full of misery.

  "It's me, Qiu Mu Orange, who's making a fool of myself."

  "Good, Ye Fan, just as you said, divorce at the civil court the day after tomorrow!"

  "This wrong marriage should have ended a long time ago, and I don't want to live with you anymore."

  "I hate you!"

  Qiu Mu Orange yelled loudly at Ye Fan, almost as if he was pouting.

  With tears flowing, he threw the clothes on his body viciously to Ye Fan.At the same time, he also gave back the "Lover's Tear" ring on his hand.

  "This ring, I don't want it anymore, give it back to you!"

  She huffed and growled, then whipped her head around and ran away.

  She didn't want to see the bastard again, she didn't want to see him for a minute.

  She was a coward, a son of a bitch, not a man!

  Why, can't he just hold on?

  Why, he's always the first one to give up?

  Why, couldn't he just be firm and go on with himself?

  Under the moonlit night, Autumn Mu Orange was running in tears.

  Before, she had thought that Ye Fan would be the same as her, and would stay firm together for the sake of this relationship.

  However tonight, after hearing Ye Fan's answer, at that moment, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that her heart would break.

  She had never thought that it would be Ye Fan who would let go first.

  She hadn't even thought that the word divorce would be so easy to say in Ye Fan's mouth.

  Perhaps, in his heart, he had never cared about himself, right?

  With tears falling like rain, Autumn Mu Orange's vision was nearly blurred.

  She cried sadly, ran, and soon disappeared into the night.

  Here, Ye Fan was still standing there, with the cold wind blowing the fallen leaves by the roadside, as well as the clouds and lake water, rippling.

  Looking at Autumn Mu Orange's distant back, Ye Fan's eyebrows, however, were extraordinarily determined.

  "Mu Orange, I'm sorry, there are some things that I can't tell you right now."

  "However, after tomorrow, I will make the people who covet you to retreat with knowledge!"

  "No one, can snatch you from my arms."

  "You, Autumn Mu Orange, can only be me, Ye Fan's woman~"


  The gale swept, but Ye Fan's low and powerful words drifted far, far away with the wind.

  And at this time, a phone call, but quietly called over.

  "Mr. Chu, the dinner has been booked."

  "Tomorrow night at seven o'clock, in the Supreme Private Room of Haiyuan Pavilion."

  "The Jiang Hai Sun Family will be in the private room, awaiting your arrival."On the other end of the phone, came Li Er's respectful voice.

  Ye Fan nodded and only returned the word "good".

  The night passed quickly.

  The next day, Suzy drove Qiu Mu Orange home.

  Last night, Qiu Mu Orange went to her best friend Suzy in sadness.

  "Orange Orange, I think your parents' advice is pretty good."

  "That Sun Yuhao, is the young master of the Jianghai Sun family, his family background is better than that sister's husband of yours.And now even more so, he won the opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu at the auction for two hundred million."

  "Maybe, this Sun Yuhao will seize this opportunity, and his career in Jianghai will go straight to the top, leaping into the ranks of the Jiangdong gentry in one fell swoop."

  "If you marry him, won't you then be the wife of a luxurious family?When you return to the Qiu family in the future, your grandfather and uncle won't be able to welcome you, and no one in the Qiu family will look down on you."


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