The King of Kungfu in school 1131-1140

Chapter 1131

Tang Zichen landed in an uninhabited valley.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I'll strike the Ancestor realm here.It's deserted and uninhabited, no one will bother me, even if the Yanshan Sect really wants to kill me, they won't even know I'm here, it's good."

Tang Zichen built a small wooden room and lived like this.

Every day, Tang Zichen practiced martial arts, but what Tang Zichen practiced was his own martial arts that he had studied based on his own martial dao, which was fundamental to him stepping into the realm of a master.

In this way, time passed quietly, Tang Zichen was not disturbed by the outside world, and Tang Zichen seemed to forget everything and devote himself to creating his own martial arts.

A year passed in this way.

Tang Zichen hadn't cut his hair for a year, and his beard had grown so much that he looked like a savage.

"Success."Tang Zichen suddenly said.

Yes, Tang Zichen had spent a year creating a new martial art based on his own martial dao and succeeded on his own.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen then rehearsed his new martial art, which was completely based on his two martial arts, 'Ten Thousand Changes is Constant' and 'No Move is Better than a Move', and it was very powerful.

"Wow."Tang Zichen lightly sabotaged the sword, and the sword Qi tore in all directions, with a ten meter radius, grass and trees were destroyed. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen smiled, "What is the name of my self-made martial art?I see, let's call it "Endless"."

Immediately, Tang Zichen sat down, ever since he personally named the new martial art, he seemed to have a very strong feeling within him, and just three days and three nights later, when Tang Zichen opened his eyes again, he had become a generational martial art master.

That's right, he was now a master of the clan.

Tang Zichen had created a martial art of "Endless" on his own, and he already had the capital to open a sect, so for a martial arts clan master.

Of course, it didn't necessarily mean that he had to start a sect, there were strong and weak martial arts, and a weak martial arts would probably be destroyed in less than a year even if he started a sect, which would be meaningless.

However, Tang Zichen's "Endless" was by no means a weak martial art, and definitely possessed a martial art that would be passed down for ages.Because this martial art was self-created on the basis of two very powerful martial arts, I'm afraid that it was much more powerful than even the 'Divine Dragon Sword Art' of the Divine Dragon School's founding ancestor back then.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I must create a sect, I must pass on my martial arts, I must pass on everything, I must, my martial arts that are so profound can't just go down the drain like this."

In the past, before Tang Zichen had created Endless, Tang Zichen's inner desire to start a sect was not strong, simply because he didn't want to become part of the righteous demonic struggle.But now, Tang Zichen had created what he considered to be a very strong Endless, so Tang Zichen thought within himself how glorious it would be to be able to pass on his martial arts to all generations, and to have countless descendants to learn his martial arts after his death.

Tang Zichen looked at his hut, this was the place where he became a clan master, and now that he was leaving, Tang Zichen was actually a bit reluctant inside.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just as well, I'll be back in the future, this place, with its beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery, is a good place, in that case, I'll create my sect, here."

Tang Zichen picked up his sword and cut down a large tree, whittled it into a plaque and carved a few words, "Endless Gate".

Tang Zichen looked at the three words Endless Gate and smiled, "From now on, the Endless Gate, will take root here.I hope that in a few years, this place .

It will become a martial arts shrine with thousands of disciples, and, inheritance for ten thousand generations."

Tang Zichen finished laughing and left.

Tang Zichen knew that creating a sect was simple, just a plaque and a name.However, whether or not it had the strength to survive, that was another matter.

Tang Zichen hung a plaque here today, establishing himself as an Endless Gate, if this matter was spread out in the rivers and lakes, many people would probably come up and tear down Tang Zichen's plaque.If Tang Zichen were to learn that he had established his own sect here, he would burn it down.

Tang Zichen's Endless Gate was just a sprout, whether it could grow or not would depend on Tang Zichen's skills.

Tang Zichen arrived at the nearest town and entered a restaurant.

"Guest, eat or stay ah."

"Dinner, bring out all the best food you have here."

"Okay, okay, guest, please sit down."

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, what is this place called?"

Shop Road: "This is Dog Tail Town."

Tang Zichen frowned, "Dog Tail Town?Who the hell is so good at naming names."

"Oh, guest, how do I know this ah, it's been called Dog Tail Town since ancient times ah."

Tang Zichen asked, "Okay, this Dog Tail Town, which sect is under the jurisdiction of?"

"Back to the guest, it's under the jurisdiction of the Tangshan School, however, it's remote and inconvenient to get around, so few outsiders come in and only the occasional passerby."

"Well, the Tangshan Sect, hehe, it's a picturesque place with beautiful mountains and water, it's really a good place."

"Hehe, the guest is really discerning."

Tang Zichen said, "If I were to create a sect here, what do you think?"

"Uh, guest, you, you're a martial arts master, huh?"

"Yeah, just stepped into the clan's realm."

"Oh."That shopkeeper despised inwardly, as if saying, "Just stepped into the Ancestor realm and you want to create a sect, you really don't know the sky's the limit, you think a sect can be created just because you want to, without enough strength, the creation will also be destroyed in minutes, even the incomparably powerful Ancestor Ancestor Ancestor is not so easy to do, just you?"However, Xiao Er despised it in his heart, but he didn't dare to say it on his lips.

"Oh."When Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen could see what was in his heart from Xiao Er's eyes.

Indeed, Tang Zichen, who had just stepped into the realm of a master, wanted to create a sect, this was simply a wild nightmare, believe it or not, if the Tangshan Sect knew that someone was creating their own sect in his territory, they would come over and exterminate Tang Zichen in minutes.

However, Tang Zichen's heart was determined, Tang Zichen must let his martial arts, inherit it, it was a reputation that would last for a thousand generations.Just like the current Divine Dragon Sect, every generation of disciples were full of worship to the founding ancestor.

Soon, the food that Tang Zichen wanted came up, Tang Zichen didn't care so much for now, he hadn't had a proper meal for a year.

When he was in the mountains, Tang Zichen would only hunt a few wild animals for ten days and half a month to satisfy his hunger.

After eating, Tang Zichen asked for another pot of tea, Tang Zichen didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave, as if he had a sense of belonging here.This was perhaps because, inwardly, Tang Zichen felt that this was the location of his future sect, his future home.



"What else is there, guest?"Tang Zichen spent so much here, so Xiao Er was quite polite to Tang Zichen.

"Little Two, this year, have you heard anything about the Yanshan School, the Martial Master?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course I have, but a lot of great things have happened this year."

"Oh, tell me about it, don't worry, the reward won't be less than you."Tang Zichen tossed Xiao Er a piece of silver.

"Hehe, good le.First of all, about a year ago, the head of the Yanshan Sect, the Martial Master, was suddenly crippled, and I heard that the one who was expelled from the Divine Dragon Sect, Wind Lightning, gave the Master a flying treasure, which resulted in the Master accidentally crashing into a mountain and being crippled.Then, as the leader of the faction, of course, the Ink Mountain Sect wouldn't just let it go and sent many strong men to capture Feng Qingyun.Unfortunately, Feng Qingyun disappeared from the face of the earth, and no one knows where he is.This grandson, he must be hiding."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "One more curse word about the grandson, and I'll shoot you to death.

"Then what?"

"Then, of course, we re-elected the Martial Arts Alliance Master, so, half a year ago, a grand Martial Arts Conference was held, and all the heads of the various factions used their lifelong skills, and in the end, the head of the Liang Shan Sect, Ji Donghua, became the new Alliance Master, and continued to lead the righteous alliance to resist the Demon Sect.The first thing that the newly appointed Alliance Master, Ji Donghua, did was to send someone to assassinate the demonic genius.The person Ji Donghua sent was a genius prospective master of their sect, named Bai Xiaojiu, who thought that Bai Xiaojiu would be able to successfully complete the assassination mission just like Wind Lightning, but as a result, as soon as Bai Xiaojiu stepped into the Demon Sect territory, he was, he was killed by the Demon Sect Princess Mu Qianjiu, with a single sword.After that, the Demon Princess also infiltrated our Righteous Sect Alliance and killed six genius quasi-masters of the Righteous Sect Alliance in one fell swoop, and this incident has already made our entire Righteous Sect Alliance furious.Six genius quasi-clerics, tsk tsk, this is too desperate.Even if Windy went and killed five Demonic geniuses before, they were only very weak geniuses, but the Demonic Sect, on the other hand, killed six of our genius quasi-grandmasters."

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed deeply as he said in his heart, "How did Thousand Extremes come to kill six of our genius quasi-masters, isn't this conflict getting deeper and deeper?"

Tang Zichen didn't blame her, after all, everyone was out of their own way, and Mu Qianji was definitely out of her own way as well.However, Mu Qianji was able to infiltrate the Righteous Alliance and kill six genius paragons, she was too awesome.This was to get back at Tang Zichen for going to kill five of their geniuses last time ah. First URL

Tang Zichen asked, "Which six genius prospective masters?"

"They are Qi Renxuan of the Flag Mountain Sect, Liu Youwei of the Liang Mountain Sect, Mei Chaoyan of the Jinshan Sect, and Jin Yuanlu of the Liangzhou City."

"Qi Ren Xuan?Kim Won Roo?"Tang Zichen was surprised, both of them, Tang Zichen was no stranger to Qi Renxuan, who was the fiancé of his younger sister, and Jin Yuanlu, whose wedding Tang Zichen had ruined that time in Rangzhou City.


"What about the other two?"

"There are two more, Song Daofu of the Inkstone Mountain School, Wang Pingdiao."

Tang Zichen said in shock, "The Demon Princess killed two talented prospective masters of the Flag Mountain School?"

"Yes, the witch seems to have taken special care of the Inkstone Sect, killing not only their two talented prospective masters, but also many disciples of the Inkstone Sect."


"I heard that it's because the Yanshan School is chasing Wind Lightning and the witch is fighting for Wind Lightning."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, Mu Qianji was originally for him.

"What happened after that?"

"The witch was captured by the Inkstone Sect after that."

"What do you mean, caught?"

"Yeah, that means on

A month's worth."

Tang Zichen stood up sharply.

The second shopkeeper smiled, "Guest, I know you're excited about the proper faction catching the witch, but don't get too excited."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "The Yanshan Sect killed the witch?"

"No, no, no, it's not easy to catch it, how can we kill it so easily, besides, the Devil Sect is not a vegetarian, if the Yanshan Sect really killed it directly, the Devil Sect is afraid that the Yanshan Sect would give their all to exterminate it, and the Yanshan Sect would not dare to do so.Therefore, the Yanshan Sect can only hand over the witch to the Alliance Master, who will then issue a Martial Forest Notice and hold a Martial Forest Assembly, so that the entire Righteousness Alliance can come together to discuss how to execute the witch, so that the witch is the one killed by the entire Righteousness Alliance, and the Demon Sect will not only find trouble with the Yanshan Sect's faction."

"Ah, then the Martial Forest Conference has been held?"

The shopkeeper counted the days and said, "It should be either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

"Where will it be held?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

The second shopkeeper smiled, "Of course it's in the Liang Shan School, the Yanshan School has already handed over the witch to the ally master, and the ally master issued an announcement to hold a martial arts conference in the Liang Shan School.Guest, although you really want to go to the Martial Congress, but it's not close to the Liang Shan Sect, it's at least ten days away, so I'm afraid you'll miss it."

Tang Zichen hurriedly paid the bill and then left.

When Tang Zichen was in an unoccupied place, he immediately carried his flying machine on his back and flew to the Liang Shan Sect's place.

"Must dare to rescue her before dealing with Mu Qianji."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

"Qianji, you're too stupid, the Yanshan Sect wants to capture me, after all, it hasn't been captured yet, why are you so stupid to run to the Yanshan Sect to take revenge on me.Alas, you are too foolish."

Although Tang Zichen said so, Tang Zichen was very moved inside, Mu Qianji must have thought that Tang Zichen had disappeared for so long without any information at all, and was afraid that he had been killed by the strongest person in the Yanshan Sect, so he went to avenge Tang Zichen's capture.

In less than half a day, Tang Zichen arrived within the range of the Liang Shan Sect, and Tang Zichen landed in the city at the foot of the Liang Shan Sect's mountain.

It was still unknown where Mu Qianji was being held, and Tang Zichen could not rashly go to rescue him.

The city below the Liang Shan Sect was obviously full of people, presumably all of whom had rushed here to participate in the martial arts meeting that massacred the witch.

Tang Zichen asked a passerby, "Hello, has the martial arts conference for the massacre of the witch been held?"

"Nonsense, of course not."

"Then when?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen was lucky that he didn't miss it.

Tang Zichen immediately disguised himself, so he had to hide his face first in order to avoid any complications.After all, the strongmen of the Yanshan Sect were still looking for him, and if he ran into the strongmen of the Yanshan Sect, not to mention saving Mu Qianji, he wouldn't even be able to guarantee himself.

Tang Zichen was anxiously sitting in an inn.

At that moment, a group of people came in at the entrance.

"Guest, are you staying at the inn?"

"Give me five upper rooms."

"Okay Le."

Tang Zichen looked towards the entrance of the inn and was shocked, the people who were walking in at this moment were the Divine Dragon Sect's Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Tang Zichen's Master Ding Ru, and two other Divine Dragon Sect's uncles.

Tang Zichen immediately turned his head, at this time, it was better not to be recognized by them, because of the last incident with the flying machine, the Divine Dragon Sect's headmaster must not have any good feelings towards Tang Zichen, besides, Tang Zichen had already been expelled from his master's sect.


At this moment, in a certain room of another inn, there were seven or eight people sitting there, and one of them was the Demon Sect Master.The devil sect master, also brought people to rescue Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen returned to his room at the inn after having dinner.

Tang Zichen sat in his room and thought inwardly, "I just saw the Divine Dragon Sect's head master, as well as his master, and several uncles, so many people have come, it seems, this martial arts conference, all the different sects have come very strong people, I'm afraid it will be very difficult to rescue Mu Qianji tomorrow.No, I can't just wait for tomorrow, I have to start acting today, if I really can't rescue him today, then I'll have to wait for tomorrow."

After nightfall, Tang Zichen immediately dressed up as a disciple of the Liang Shan Sect and infiltrated the Liang Shan Sect.

Tang Zichen didn't dare to wear his night clothes because it couldn't escape the eyes of the strong, and only by dressing up as a disciple of the Liang Shan Sect would he have a slight chance of sneaking into the Liang Shan Sect.

Tang Zichen sneaked into the Liang Shan Sect's mountain.

Immediately attacked the few disciples at the bottom of the mountain with a mesmerizing attack, "Say, where is the witch detained?"

"I don't know."

"I'll kill you if you don't."

"I really don't know."

Tang Zichen was very depressed, so he had to find another disciple and then use the mesmerizing technique to ask questions. Remember the URL

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had charmed at least dozens of disciples in one night, and as a result, nothing was found, and no disciple knew where Mu Qianji was being held.

Tang Zichen stomped his foot in anxiety.

Tang Zichen was completely useless, if a random disciple of the Liang Shan Sect knew the information about Mu Qianji's detention, then Mu Qianji would be too easy to save.As a matter of fact, the only people who knew the location of the detention were two or three people such as the ally master, Tang Zichen wanted to find out the location of the detention tonight and carry out a rescue in advance, which was completely impossible, if it was so easy to rescue, then he would have been rescued long ago by the demon sect master and others who had infiltrated the righteous alliance half a month ago.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to return to the inn first, since he couldn't find out anything about Mu Qianji today, he could only wait until tomorrow's martial arts conference to think of a way to rescue him.

The Liang Shan Sect was so big, it wasn't that easy to find someone, and besides, Tang Zichen had to watch out for the strongest of the Liang Shan Sect, making it even more difficult.

As the night wore on, Tang Zichen sat on the bed in the inn room, frustrated by the fact that he had snuck into the Liang Shan Sect tonight and failed to find Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen forced himself to calm down and enter a state of cultivation.

Tang Zichen had just stepped into the Ancestor Realm, and the martial arts realm was still unstable.

The martial realm of the Ancestor Realm was less complicated compared to the Unity Realm, but it was much more difficult.

The martial arts realm of the Sect Master Realm was divided into early, middle, late, and great perfection.

There was no first few layers of the first layer, such as the initial first layer or anything like that.

However, it was far more difficult than at the Unity Realm.

Tang Zichen was now at the early stage of the Mastery Realm, and if he raised it by one more level, it would be the middle stage, but it was simply as difficult to get to the middle stage at the early stage of the Mastery Realm as it was to get to the Mastery Realm at the Unity Realm.

That's why, there are very few strong people in every sect at the Ancestor's level, and they are very old.

Tang Zichen didn't have any desire to sleep and cultivated until the early morning.

Despite the fact that he had cultivated all night, there was no change in his realm at all, which was enough to show that

The difficulty of it was so great, but of course, it was also possible that the cultivation of the clan's realm was different from the past, relying on comprehension or changes in the mind or martial dao-related methods.

"Phew."Tang Zichen saw that the sky was already bright, so he stood up, ate a simple breakfast, and left the inn.

Many martial artists were heading to the Liang Shan School today, so Tang Zichen only needed to pretend to be a martial artist to enter the school, as for the flying machine, Tang Zichen wrapped it in cloth and couldn't see much, after all, the flying machine's was only the size of a small satchel, not the size of a travel bag.

And so, around 9:00 am, Tang Zichen entered the Liang Shan Sect along with a large group of martial artists.This group of martial artists didn't belong to any sect, but they were part of the righteous alliance, and even some of them were martial artists who had robbed homes.

The plaza outside one of the main gates of the Liang Shan Sect was already crowded with people, and since Tang Zichen was following a group of martial artists in, he had to squeeze in at the back.

Tang Zichen saw that several people from his Divine Dragon Sect were sitting at the front of the square, and there were people serving tea.

Time passed little by little.

About half an hour later, a loud shout rang out, "The Martial Alliance Master has arrived."

With everyone's eyes, they saw the new Martial Forest Alliance Master, the head of the Liang Shan School, walking out slowly.

Everyone paid their respects, "See the Alliance Master."

The new ally master smiled and said, "Please get up, friends of the martial arts world."

After everyone got up, the Alliance Master said, "I don't need to tell you what I've summoned you all here today for, I'm sure.Of course, the credit for capturing the witch this time goes to the Yanshan Sect."

At this moment, the people from the Ink Mountain Sect who had come to see the Martial World Congress did not look good, the previous ally master was their Ink Mountain Sect, now that their Ink Mountain Sect ally master has been scrapped and the two genius paramount masters have died, the Ink Mountain Sect is in a weaker sect whether it is now or for some time to come."

A strong man from the Flag Mountain Sect said, "Allied Master, stop being long-winded, bring out the witch, I want to tear her apart with my own hands and avenge my disciple Qi Ren Xuan."

"Haha, of course, the reason we have gathered everyone here today is to kill the witch in front of everyone.This witch, who has killed so many talented prospective masters of our Righteous Sect Alliance, is guilty of an unpardonable crime, so I've already ordered several buckets of iron water to be burned.I will pour the iron water into the cage in front of everyone later, so let that witch be reduced to nothing by the iron water."

"Wow, that's tough, but I like it, hahaha."

"Yes, that's how it's going to be, dealing with the witch is to be as cruel as possible."

"Since ancient times, good and evil have never been mutually exclusive, everyone in the Devil's Cult will be killed."

Many people at the scene shouted, seemingly very cool with such a cruel way.

Tang Zichen's scalp went numb, this was too cruel, Tang Zichen would not let them get away with this even if he fought to the death today.

At this moment, the ally shouted, "Someone, bring the witch out."


A moment later, a sealed steel cage was pushed out by several people, and the sealed cage only had a palm-sized opening at the top.

The steel cage was placed in the center of the square, and anyone could see it, except that they couldn't see the people inside unless they went up to look.

A moment of nervousness, Tang Zichen was instantly ready to go up, and so he went up, picked up that cage, and quickly used the flying machine to fly up into the sky.


However, at that moment, the ally commanded, "Someone, take the cage in all four directions and secure it with steel cables."

"Yes."Then, all four directions of that cage were fixed.

Tang Zichen's idea of flying away with the cage in his arms was shattered in an instant.

Tang Zichen panicked for a moment.

It seemed that plans were better than changes, Tang Zichen would now have to excuse the four directions of the cables to fly away with the cage, which would take Tang Zichen at least a dozen breaths.A dozen breaths was enough time for Tang Zichen to be exterminated countless times by so many powerful people on the scene.

Tang Zichen's face was pale, and he could only take one step at a time now.

The ally master said, "Everyone, the witch is being held in the cage, for the past twenty days, she has been tortured by our people and has no energy left, our people, who have been whipping her every day and night in shifts, she has managed to hold on until now without dying, to be honest, I think it's a miracle."

"Wow, the ally master really is fierce, long live the ally master."

"Everyone, please be quiet, below, everyone, one by one, please walk to the side of the cage and take a look at the witch through the small opening at the top, or you won't see her again after the iron water is poured in."

Then, all the martial artists on the scene, one by one, went up to the cage and took a look through the small slap-shaped opening in the top of the cage to take a look at Mu Qianji, who was lying inside.

Starting with the various famous schools, Tang Zichen was incredibly nervous, and after waiting for a long time, it was finally the turn of them, the martial arts people without schools. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen couldn't wait to squeeze up and look inside the cage through a small opening, because it was sealed, only a small opening at the top, so it was very dark inside, but, Tang Zichen still saw Mu Qianji at a glance.Seeing that Mu Qianji's face was pale, her eyes were closed tightly lying inside, not moving, it looked as if there wasn't a trace of life anymore, completely unaware of death, the clothes on her body, blood stains, as the ally said, these days, day and night shift whipping.

"Ah!"At this moment, seeing Mu Qianji in such a miserable state, Tang Zichen's tears were like rain and his heart ached, at the same time, a hatred within Tang Zichen erupted like a volcano.

However, the scene was a bit chaotic, and when it was the turn of the martial artists to go up to see, the scene was chaotic, Tang Zichen was squeezed out of the edge by the crowd, and no one was paying attention to Tang Zichen's condition at this time.

"Alright, everyone, stand down, we're going to ask you to prepare the iron water to start filling the cage."The ally said.

Everyone stepped back, and a dozen men were pushing a cart to push out the newly molten iron.

The ally shouted, "Gentlemen, if there are no comments, then I'm going to fill the cage with iron water."

"No comment."Those martial artists shouted, but no one from the famous sect spoke up, after all, such a cruel thing, as a famous sect, they definitely couldn't speak as recklessly as the martial artists without sects.

The alliance master sneered, "Come, fill the cage with iron water and burn the witch to death completely."

"Yes."A few Liang Shan Sect disciples who had already prepared were preparing to fill the cage with iron water.

"Who dares."At this moment, there was a roar, then, swooshing twice, a sword flew out and killed the few disciples who were preparing to pour in the iron water.

"What people?"The ally raged loudly.

"It's me."Tang Zichen roared with red eyes.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was already open-minded, and with Mu Qianji in such a miserable state, Tang Zichen's heart ached and he almost lost his mind.

The people around Tang Zichen backed off to the side, and then, Tang Zichen's figure went out of the

In everyone's eyes now.

Tang Zichen stepped towards the cage and gritted his teeth, "Whoever dares to touch her a bit today, I want to kill her, if she dies, I am bound to exterminate the Liang Shan School."

Everyone was shocked at the sudden scene that happened and looked at Tang Zichen.

"You're from the Devil Sect?Well, won't you take off your dog mask yet?"The ally sneered.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately tore off his human skin mask.

"Ah, it's Wind Lightning."When everyone saw Tang Zichen's face, they were all shocked, never expecting it to be Wind Lightning Cloud.

On the platform, several people from the Divine Dragon School stood up, feeling incredulous at the sight of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's master, however, looked nervous and immediately shouted, "Feng'er, you're crazy, don't retreat."

A few strong men from the Yanshan School immediately flew out and said angrily, "Good, Windy, it's good to be here, I've been looking for you for a year, but today you finally ran out on your own."A few strong men from the Yanshan Sect immediately surrounded Tang Zichen.

However, at the moment, Tang Zichen didn't have the heart to care about the Yanshan Sect, Tang Zichen's heart was dripping blood when he thought of Mu Qianji's miserable condition, and he didn't know if Mu Qianji was dead or alive at the moment.

Tang Zichen walked to one side of the cage and yanked hard, ripping off one of the cables fixed in one direction.

The ally master shouted, "Bold Wind Lightning, you dare to attempt to rescue the witch, someone, stop him immediately."

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I'll kill anyone who dares to stop me."

A strong man of the Yanshan Sect said disdainfully, "Feng lightly, you have already committed a capital crime by harming our former Head Master, I didn't expect you to collude with the witch and make an enemy of the righteous sect, today I will send you on your way."

After saying that, this strong man of the Yanshan Sect suddenly rushed up to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately felt as if death had covered him.

Tang Zichen suddenly swung his sword and applied his martial art, "Endless Power".

"Wow!"As soon as Tang Zichen's Endless Technique was released, that mid-stage Ancestor Realm powerhouse of the Yanshan School, his sword moves were disrupted by Tang Zichen's sword.

"Ah."That mid-stage Zongshang School strongman of the Yanshan School was stunned.

To be precise, the entire audience was stunned.

Everyone's impression was that Wind Lightning was merely a genius quasi-clan master, could it be that this year, Wind Lightning had stepped into the clan master realm?

However, even if he stepped into the Ancestor realm, there was no way he could be an opponent of a mid Ancestor.

What was going on?

That strong man from the Yanshan School, who was disrupted by Tang Zichen's sword move, felt ashamed and shouted, "I want your dog's life."Saying that, he once again killed at Wind Lightning.

Tang Zichen didn't care about anything at all, he had even put his death aside for Mu Qianji today, and Tang Zichen met it head on.

Endless Technique, this was a martial art he had created, it was based on his two martial arts that he had comprehended, both of them were top-notch martial arts, so there was no doubt whether Endless Technique was strong or not, Tang Zichen had just been able to disrupt the opponent's sword moves with the early stage of the Unity Realm, it was not by chance, but Tang Zichen's Endless Technique, it was too profound and mysterious.


Tang Zichen's sword stabbed over, and it was like a thousand horses galloping, as if this sword was powerful and irresistible, or as if this sword was unpredictable in its changes.

In a split second, that mid-stage man of the Yanshan School was confused.


"Ka-ching!"The sword of the strongest member of the Yanshan School immediately broke into several pieces, leaving only one hilt to hold in his hand as he watched Tang Zichen's sword stab at his throat.

However, Tang Zichen's sword did not pierce into his throat and stopped at a little distance from his throat.

I saw Tang Zichen roar, "Don't make me kill, who dares to stop me try."

At this moment, the entire audience was shocked and silent.

Everyone was stunned, finding it hard to believe this scene.

Tang Zichen, who was only in his early thirties, had defeated a mid-stage Master Master of the Yanshan Sect.

At Tang Zichen's age, in the other factions, if he was a genius, he would only be at the quasi-Zongshi level, and if he was an average talent, he would only be around the late stage of the Unity Realm.But right now, Tang Zichen was shockingly pointing at the throat of a mid-stage clan master strongman who was in the same generation as his master.

Even the head of the Divine Dragon Sect, as well as Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru, was now stunned.

That strong man of the Yanshan School who was almost driven through the throat by Tang Zichen's sword was covered in cold sweat.

Tang Zichen had maintained a shred of sanity and did not kill the other party, after all, Tang Zichen's goal was to save people.

However, anyone who tried to stop him again, Tang Zichen would not be polite. First URL

Everyone looked at the Martial Alliance Master.

The ally master was similarly incredibly moved by Wind Lightning, but he had to kill the devil girl today, and he had to pour iron into the cage.

The alliance master shouted, "Wind Lightning, although you are a genius and have shocked everyone, you have colluded with the devil, you deserve to die, today I will spare you for the sake of your sect, retire immediately, I can forget the past."

Tang Zichen roared, "Impossible, I will kill whoever prevents me from taking Mu Qianji away today, even if it costs me my life."

"Fine, Wind Lightning, you really are in cahoots with the witch, we can't be blamed for that.Come on, give me someone to tie him up, execute the witch first, and then deal with Wind Lightning's collusion with the Devil Sect."

"Yes."Suddenly, a late Ancestor of the Liang Shan Sect, as well as a late Ancestor of the Yanshan Sect, flew up to Tang Zichen at the same time.

Tang Zichen immediately struggled to resist.

However, these two late Sect Masters were too strong, no, their realms were too far away from Tang Zichen, and even though their sword skills, as well as their martial arts, were inferior to Tang Zichen's, they still possessed absolute oppressive power.

Tang Zichen was knocked flying by the two Late Ancestor powerhouses in an instant.

"Poof!"Powerful sword power and because Tang Zichen couldn't bear it, a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly after hitting the ground.

At this time, two more late Sect Master powerhouses from behind, one from the Yanshan School and the other, came up with steel cables.

Tang Zichen was completely unbeatable and was tied up by them with the steel cables.

"Let go of me."Tang Zichen yelled with red eyes.

All those who looked at Tang Zichen felt sorry for him, such a genius had colluded with the devil, and they didn't know that the ally would deal with him this way today.

Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru, looked at Tang Zichen with great tension, as if he was pleading with his eyes that Tang Zichen should stop making trouble for the Devil, or the Righteous Alliance would really kill him.

The Martial Alliance shouted, "Pour iron water into the cage and execute the witch."


A few disciples of the Liang Shan School reintroduced a bucket of iron water.




Tang Zichen hissed three times, he was tied up and had no ability to stop it, he could only watch as the iron water, poured into the cage.

"Ahhhh!"Don Zichen bellowed like a madman.

"Keep pouring and burn the witch to ash."Martial Lord shouted.


"Stop, stop, stop for me."Tang Zichen hissed and roared more than that, but the iron water still kept pouring into the cage.

Finally, the entire cage was filled with iron water, and Mu Qianji could not die, the copper walls could not carry the iron water, not to mention the flesh mortal.

"Reporting back to the Alliance Master, the iron water has filled the cage."One of the disciples reported.

"Very good, hahaha, hahaha."

The crowd felt a bit creeped out, this ally master, he was really ruthless.

"Thousand Extinction!"Tang Zichen hissed at the iron-filled cage and plopped down on his knees, unable to kneel down at all as the steel cable wrapped around his entire body, but Tang Zichen forced himself to break his leg bones and kneel down.

"Thousand Extremes!A thousand cuts!Chichi!"Tang Zichen's heartbreaking roar suddenly made many of the righteous disciples at the scene move.

Tang Zichen watched as Mu Qianji, burned to death by being filled with iron water, a pain that could not be described with words.

The hatred within Tang Zichen's heart was hotter than the fiery iron water.

In Tang Zichen's mind, a scene with Mu Qianji flashed by, unable to believe that this was real, seeing her die so miserably with his own eyes.

"Ahhhh!"Tang Zichen's eyes were blood red, his teeth bit through his lips, and he roared.

At that moment, the Martial Alliance Master shouted, "Stop for me, Windy, do you hear me, stop for me, if you continue to roar, I don't believe I will rip your mouth off, you colluded with the devil, and you still have the nerve to roar here."

When Tang Zichen heard the words of the ally, he shot a pair of bloodshot eyes at the ally.

When the ally saw such a pair of bloodshot eyes of hatred from Tang Zichen, he couldn't help but tremble.

The alliance master said, "Wind Lightning, now that the witch has been executed, it's your turn, all of you masters, Wind Lightning colluded with the devil and dared to come to the rescue, what should be done, please tell us."

Tang Zichen's master was busy saying, "I implore the Alliance Master, bypass Wind Lightning for a moment, he knows he's wrong, moreover, he's already stepped into the Ancestor realm, our Righteous Alliance is at a time when we need people, any Ancestor realm cannot be lost ah.Just now, you have seen, Wind Lightning's self-invented martial arts, so powerful, even the middle of the Sect Master realm can be defeated, the future potential is unfathomable ah, I implore the alliance, bypass Wind Lightning for a second time."

At this time, the Yanshan Sect was busy: "Alliance Master, the so-called state law, family rules, wind light clouds collude with the witch, so that the witch so easily killed so many geniuses of our main sect, so if can still be forgiven, our Yanshan Sect is the first to disobey."

"Right, kill Wind Light Cloud, besides, now that the witch is dead, if we don't kill her, he will definitely go against our main faction in the future, no matter how genius he is, he can no longer be used by our main faction to kill Wind Light Cloud."

"Kill Wind Lightning."

"Kill Wind Lightning Cloud."

The audience shouted.

The ally master waved his hand and said, "Quiet everyone."

The crowd quieted down, the ally master looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Wind Lightning, you colluded with the Devil Sect, betrayed the righteous faction, helped the Devil Sect kill the geniuses of the righteous alliance, everyone thinks you deserve to die today, what else do you have to say."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Only Tang Zichen's face was ashen, his eyes were blank, and without a look, he said, "Death, all of you."

The ally burst out laughing, "Hahahaha, ridiculous, truly ridiculous, death is near, you still."

"Swoosh!"Suddenly, before the ally could finish a sentence, a sword plunged into his skull.

"Ah."There was a scream, as if everyone hadn't expected it, hadn't seen clearly how Tang Zichen had struck, and how the ally had died.

Tang Zichen's legs, although they had broken their leg bones, but right now, they were standing up with the strength of their strong tendons, extremely terrifying.

Everyone was horrified, incredulous, and the entire audience was silent as they looked at Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen's indifferent eyes swept over everyone at the scene and said without any hesitation, "All of you will die."

In the next second, Tang Zichen's body moved, and a powerful late Ancestor who was standing not far away from the ally was stabbed in the head with a sword by Tang Zichen, as if he didn't have any resistance at all, it felt like Tang Zichen was as powerful as an ancestor above the complete level of the Ancestor Realm.

At this moment, someone shouted, "Everyone, let's go together."

Saying that, seven or eight Ancestor Realms went up to kill Tang Zichen together.

Tang Zichen's empty eyes swept over those people, and the corners of his mouth curved in a contemptuous manner, then, with a slash of his sword in his hand, a fine, silky sword Qi, like a sharp blade, killed the several Ancestor Realm powerhouses that were coming up, their bodies breaking into several pieces, and their corpses flying around.

"Ah!"Everyone was dumbfounded, subconsciously scattering and fleeing.

No one dared to come up anymore, even the ally master was dead, and the seven or eight clansmen who had attempted to besiege were all killed in the blink of an eye, this was simply not something they could resist anymore.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had run far away.

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly felt his body go limp and fell to the ground, moreover, the man fell into unconsciousness.

Tang Zichen's meridians were completely broken and he was in a coma, this state seemed to be very similar to what Tang Zichen had said in the past, the aftermath of performing the true 'Life Blood Hidden'.

There wasn't a single person left on the scene at this point. Remember the URL

Not long after, a huge creature that suddenly resembled a snake and a dragon in appearance rushed out, and with a curl of its tail, it swept Tang Zichen up, blinked into the sky, and disappeared.This scene was seen by many people who ran into the distance, the head of the Divine Dragon School, Song Dingtian, recognized it at once and said in shock, "Jiao!"

And the cage filled with iron water was still on the scene.

Mu Qianji, is he really dead?

Time rewound back to late last night.

"Patriarch, after ten days of asking around, I finally found out that the princess is being held in the underground dungeon beneath the White Bamboo Cliff of the Liang Shan Sect."

The Devil Sect Patriarch snorted, "How secretive, it took ten days of prying to find out this information, is it accurate?"

"Patriarch, it's absolutely accurate, the Liang Shan School is also afraid of people coming to rescue her, so the location where the princess is being held this time is very secret, and it's estimated that only one or two people know this information, in these ten days, we've used mesmerism on hundreds of disciples of the Liang Shan School, and we haven't asked for any information, fortunately, we infiltrated a spy of the Liang Shan School, and happened to hear the head of the Liang Shan School speak, thusWe know where the princess is being held."

"Good, then, let's get ready, today is our last chance, if we don't rescue today, tomorrow will be even more impossible, tomorrow all the major faction strongmen will gather in the Liang Shan School, not to mention us, even if we come with ten times more people, we will not be able to save the princess from so many righteous alliance strongmen.Do it tonight."

"Yes, Patriarch."

Late night.


"Chichi, how are you, I've come to rescue you."


In the Heavenly Prison, Mu Qianji looked at the Demon Patriarch with excitement, Mu Qianji was very touched inside, although his father was usually very strict, but he didn't expect that he would risk his life to save her so today.

"Alright, hurry up and leave."The Demon Cult Master chopped down the fine steel ropes that bound Mu Qianji with a sword.

Then, Mu Qianji followed the Demon Sect Master and quickly escaped from the Liang Shan Sect.

Soon after, the room of the head of the Liang Shan Sect.



"What is it?"

"Reporting to the ally, something big has happened."

"What big thing has happened?"

"The witch, the witch has escaped."

"Ah, how is that possible?It's impossible for the devil girl to escape when she's locked in her pipa bone."

"Allied Master, it was the Demon Sect who came to rescue them, the seven people that came from the Demon Sect, all of them were extremely martial and powerful, and the four uncles we were responsible for guarding the witch were all killed."

"Ah."The ally master was stunned.

"Ally Master, what should we do now?Should we call for a chase?"

The ally lost his mind and shook his head, "No need, there's no catching up, since they were able to save the witch, they must have a foolproof plan, how can they catch up so easily."

"Then, tomorrow is the martial arts conference, what should we do?How to explain to the various factions?"

"Whew!"The first thing I noticed was that the witch had run away. If the major factions knew that I was so incompetent, even if they still recognized me as their ally, I would not have been able to get rid of the witch.I'm afraid I'm not even ashamed to be one anymore, so why is the heavens targeting me like this."The ally master was in pain, when he had just become the ally master before, in order to increase his prestige, he sent a genius quasi-clan master from the Liang Shan School to assassinate the demonic geniuses in the demonic territory, but he didn't expect that he would be killed by Mu Qianji as soon as he entered the demonic territory, this matter even became the joke of the other factions, after that the righteous alliance was killed by Mu Qianji by several geniuses, after so many things happened, his position as the ally master hasIt's in jeopardy.Fortunately, capturing the witch was able to salvage some of it.But I didn't expect that at this juncture, she was rescued.

The annoyance within the ally's heart could not be described with words.

"Allied Master, as things stand now, the person can't be recovered, it's better to think about how to face the major factions that will come to the martial arts conference tomorrow."

"Hoo, I don't know."

At that moment, a man said, "Alliance Master, things can only go this way now, there is a boss who runs a wax museum at the bottom of the mountain, and that boss makes wax figures that are so lifelike that they resemble real people.We can only make a wax statue of the witch overnight, and tomorrow, we will hold a martial arts meeting to muddle through.Afterwards, we'll find a way to infiltrate the Devil's Cult and find a chance to kill the witch."

"It's not that easy to kill the Devil Maiden."

"Allied Master, the Demon Sect will definitely not expect this move of ours, besides, the Demon Maiden was looking for revenge from the Ink Mountain Sect for the sake of Wind Lightning, this shows that the Demon Maiden still has old feelings for Wind Lightning, at that time, we can use Wind Lightning to make a trap to lure the Demon Maiden, so there may not be no chance to kill the Demon Maiden."

"Looks like that's all that can be done, then quickly go and find someone to make a wax figure of the witch, remember, make a wax figure of the witch in a coma, then hold the wax figure in a sealed cage with only a small opening exposed so that others can vaguely see her face."


"Be sure to make it before the start of the Martial Competition tomorrow."

"Allied Master, don't worry, we only need to make the head, not the whole body, so it's in time, the master of the wax museum under the mountain is so skilled that absolutely no one will be able to distinguish the authenticity as long as it's not verified by touching it."


The Martial Alliance Master nodded and sighed, for the sake of his reputation and the reputation of the Liang Shan School, this was the only way to go, anyway, afterwards he personally infiltrated the Devil's territory, set a trap and killed the witch, the result would be the same.


In the sky, Black Jiao's tail rolled around Tang Zichen and flew in the clouds.

The Fire Demon Beast also followed one side.

"Big Brother Black, will I die, Brother Chen."

"Shut your foul mouth, you're cursing know that, I can totally sue you for cursing brother Chen."

"I, I'm just worried about Chen-go."

"Alright, there's no way I'm going to die, I'm just in a coma."

"So when is Minho going to wake up?"

"How would I know, looking at him he should be badly injured, I'm afraid he didn't wake up so quickly, luckily we followed him here from the Divine Dragon Sect.Brother Chen is really, brought us to this world, and then let us now stay under the Divine Dragon Sect mountain, as a result, he went away and never came back, disappearing for a year.Fortunately, your big brother Black was shrewd enough to anticipate that Brother Chen would be here, so he followed the head of the Divine Dragon Sect here."

"Brother Chen must have something to do to not come to us for a year, besides, didn't we hear that Brother Chen was expelled from the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Come on, you nerd, brother Chen must have gone to close the door to impact the sect for a year, otherwise why would he have left us at the bottom of the Divine Dragon Sect mountain."

"Ah, Brother Black, you're saying that Brother Chen has stepped into the Ancestor Realm?" One second to remember to read the book

"Tell me you don't believe me, you dork."

"Wow, Chen is awesome.So now where are we going with Chen?We're not familiar with this world at all."

Black Jiao snorted, "Little Fire, your intelligence is really worrying brother for you."

"Big Brother Black, I don't understand."

"Silly, if we're not familiar with this world at all, then why are we staying in this world?We're not going back to the other world."

"But we don't even know which direction the Bottomless Abyss is in, we're not familiar with this place."

Black Jiao snorted, "Is it hard to defeat your clever big brother Black with such questions?Silly boy, stay close to me."

Black Jiao suddenly accelerated and flew off in a certain direction.

At this time in the Liang Shan School, the crowd that had just escaped had slowly approached the square where the Martial Arts Conference had just been held, after all, it had been more than twenty minutes, and there had been no movement there.

Everyone was filled with doubts, what was going on, why had Tang Zichen suddenly become so terrifying, it was almost impossible to figure out.

When everyone approached, they found that Tang Zichen was indeed gone, only the bodies of the ally and the others, as well as the cage filled with iron water.

"Where did Wind Lightning go?"

At that moment, a man said, "I saw a snake that looked like a dragon and didn't look like a dragon, as if it had swept him away and flown up into the sky."

"Whew, this wind and light clouds, why has it suddenly become so powerful?What secrets does he have to hide so deeply?"

"Guys, now that the new ally is dead again, what do we do?"

"Damn it, this Wind Lightning, he crippled the previous ally and killed the new ally, did he specifically harm the ally?"

"Alas, what a tragedy for the ally."

"I think, all of you, it's better to hurry back to your respective sects and report this matter to your teacher's assistants, or even your ancestors, in case there's a great disaster about to happen under the world.In case the wind is light and the clouds

Suddenly he's become a demon, and no one knows what kind of monster he's become for the witch anymore.The witch died so miserably, I guess it stimulated him."

At this time, the deputy head of the Liang Shan Sect said, "Friends of the martial arts, now that the ally is dead, there is no need for me to hide it, in fact, the witch did not die."

"What did you say?"The crowd was shocked.

"Everyone just saw the iron water pouring into the cage with their own eyes, so why are they suddenly saying she's not dead?"

"I'm sorry, everyone, but the witch was already rescued by the magician last night, and the ally couldn't give you an explanation, so he had to ask the master of the wax museum at the bottom of the mountain to temporarily make a wax figure of the witch and keep it in a sealed cage with only a small opening, and then kill the witch afterwards when the ally himself infiltrated the magician.Sorry guys, but the person in the cage is not a witch, just a wax figure of a witch."


"What a bastard, even this kind of thing is done, I thought the witch was really burned to death with iron, but it's just a wax statue, what an irony."

"The Alliance Master is too incompetent."

The deputy head of the Liang Shan Sect said sadly, "Everyone, now that the alliance master is dead, you should leave a little tongue."

A human being said, "It's all his own fault, a wax statue fiddling with what's there, and using such a tragic way, if not, it probably wouldn't have angered Wind Lightning, Wind Lightning might not have become a demon, now that Wind Lightning has become a demon, there's no telling what harm it will bring to our righteous sect in the future."

"It's not certain whether or not Wind Lightcloud will become a demon, everyone, please return."

Everyone left, the matter about Tang Zichen was destined to spread like the wind throughout the Zheng Sect Alliance and even the entire Jianghu.Because it was the most unbelievable transgression of murder in history.

At this time, Mu Qianji, along with his father, and the six strong men of the Devil Sect, were on their way back to the Devil Sect, which was estimated to take more than twenty days before and after, so none of them dared to be careless, as long as they were still in the territory of the Righteous Alliance, they might encounter danger.

However, the probability was very small, because those at the Ancestor Perfection level were not young, and they were unlikely to waste their time worrying about rivers and lakes; moreover, because breaking through to the Ancestor Perfection level meant that it was very likely to go one step further, everyone would do everything they could to reach the next level.

That was why the various sects, those Ancestors and Ancestors who were at the Ancestor Perfection, Great Perfection level, had all almost disappeared and would not show up easily.

"Stop for a night's rest in the town ahead."The Demon Sect Patriarch said.

"Patriarch, will there be any danger?"

"Let's keep a low profile, there's no danger, besides, all seven of us are late Zongshi realm, to make us dangerous, it would take at least a dozen or so late Decent Sect Zongshi to join forces.Find an inn in the town ahead for a night before we make our way, and of course, don't be careless, just in case we run into a strong Zongshi realm completionist who is out for a stroll from the Righteous Alliance."


Mu Qianji, her father and the others, stayed at a small town inn.

At the moment, Mu Qianji was still completely unaware of what had happened in the Liangshan Sect today after she was rescued.

A day later, the Black Jiao and the Fire Demon Beast, they had arrived at the bottomless abyss of the demonic territory, and their flying speed was no slower than that of a flying machine, so they arrived in less than a day.

However, Mu Qianji and her father and the others, riding at the speed of a horse, would be able to arrive after at least twenty days.


"Little Fire, get ready to cross over to the other side."


The Fire Demon Beast and Black Jiao immediately rushed into the bottomless abyss, and soon after, just about ten minutes later, they arrived at the other world.

They found the flying ship that Tang Zichen had previously ordered to be stationed there.

They ordered the people stationed there to take the flying ship back to Wangjing City, and it was already a week later when they returned to Wangjing City.

At this time, in the other world, Mu Qianji and her father had only completed a third of the journey and were still within the range of the Righteous Faction Alliance, but in three more days, they would arrive at the junction of the two factions of Righteous Demons.

"Rest at the inn in front for one night, and in three more days, you will enter our Demon Sect territory."

"Yes, Patriarch."

After entering the inn, they sat down to eat, when they heard the people at several tables next to them talking about it.

"Have you guys heard about it yet?The latest I received last night, my cousin passed me the book of a thousand bird flies."

"What is it?" First web site

"You guys know about the martial arts conference held by the Liang Shan Sect Martial Arts Alliance Master."

"Nonsense, of course you know about it, I heard that it was the capture of the witch, and the alliance master summoned the major factions to come and discuss the execution of the witch."

"That's right, on the day of the execution of the witch, something big happened ah, I'm afraid this big event has already been spread throughout the entire main faction alliance."

Mu Qianji and the others were stunned, Mu Qianji said inwardly, "Strange, I've already escaped the first night, could it be, that martial arts conference is still going on?"

Mu Qianji felt baffled, and the Demon Master also felt strange, by all accounts, the martial arts conference had no business being held at all.

"What's the big deal?You tell me instead."

"Hey, at the martial arts conference, the ally locked the witch in a sealed cage with only a small opening at the top, and when everyone was verified, the ally ordered iron to be poured into the cage.And at that point, guess who showed up?"

"Who is it?"

"Windy Cloud ah."

"What, Windy Cloud?Does Wind Lightning have anything to do with the witch?"

And Mu Qianji was shocked to hear Wind Lightning's name at the moment, not hearing them say that, Mu Qianji didn't even think that Wind Lightning would go to save her.

"There is, of course there is a connection, when Wind Lightning saw that the ally master was going to use iron water to burn the witch to death, he came out on the spot to stop it, and a mid-stage Zongshi realm powerhouse of the Yanshan School came out and tried to kill Wind Lightning to avenge the previous ally master.As a result, guess what, that mid-stage Zongshi realm powerhouse of the Ink Mountain Sect was defeated by Wind Lightning."

"Wow damn, how is that possible, how old is Wind Lightning."

"A thousand times true, didn't Wind Light Cloud fade away this year, it turns out that he impacted the Sect Master realm to go, and the martial art he created himself is extremely clever, he just stepped into the early stage of the Sect Master realm and defeated the mid stage Sect Master."

"Wow, worthy of being the world's number one young."The crowd at the inn exclaimed.

And right now, Mu Qianji's heart was in his throat, nervous, not knowing what was going on behind him.

The Demon Cult Master also had a straight frown on his brow, Wind Lightning had even rescued his own daughter at the Martial World Meeting, this really didn't come, and this kid had a bit of a conscience.

"This is just the beginning, after that, the alliance

The Lord ordered the two Late Sect Masters to surround Wind Lightning, this time, Wind Lightning couldn't win the fight, then he was tied up by the other two Late Sect Masters.Then, the ally master had the iron water poured into the cage right under Wind Lightning's nose, Wind Lightning watched but could do nothing about it, he was at the scene that tearing his heart out ah, making none of the righteous disciples present to be moved."

Mu Qianji gripped the table tightly with both hands, as if she could imagine the scene in her mind, Tang Zichen thought she was really in the cage, watching her being burned to death with iron water, how painful it was.

"Zichen."Mu Qianji's body couldn't help but tremble, and her eyes were red, as if she had seen Tang Zichen's heartbreaking cries.

The Magician Patriarch patted the back of Mu Qianji's hand, telling Mu Qianji to calm down.

The person next to her continued to narrate.

"What happened after that?What happens after the witch is executed?Wind Lightning has been found guilty of colluding with the witch, what happened after that?"

"I'm afraid none of you will ever guess what happened after that."

"What exactly happened, say it, don't sell out."

"After that, the Alliance Master sought the opinions of everyone present, except for the Divine Dragon Sect's Warrior Ding Ru, all other factions wished to execute Wind Lightning.Just as the Alliance Master ordered the execution of Wind Lightning, something that everyone in the audience couldn't believe happened, Wind Lightning suddenly became possessed, and his entire person became very terrifying.Then, seven or eight Late Sect Master powerhouses surrounded Wind Lightning, but, they were again killed by Wind Lightning's sword at the same time, and the bodies flew around.Everyone was scared to death, Wind Lightcloud's strength was at least at the Zongshi completion level, everyone scattered and fled as Wind Lightcloud coldly said, "Everyone is going to die and go to the witch's funeral."

"Wow damn."

"Gosh, this is really a sensational event in the martial arts world, no wonder it's spread here so quickly.Why is Wind Lightning so powerful all of a sudden?"

"I've heard that it's demonization, but I don't know if it's true or not."

"But, it's impossible to cross several realms to kill the ally even if you're possessed."

"I can't figure this out either, in short, Wind Lightning is the one who killed the ally, as well as seven or eight late sect masters from the other sects, this matter, each sect has immediately gone back and reported to their sect's assistants and ancestors, they are afraid that Wind Lightning is really possessed and will bring a bloody disaster to the martial world."

Mu Qianji was stunned at this moment, and the Demon Sect Master was just as stunned.

Because, if this was true, then how terrifying it was that Wind Lightning could kill the ally with a single sword, and this strength could kill him as well.

Mu Qianji scrambled to his feet and asked, "What happened afterwards?How's Wind Lightning?"

Everyone suddenly looked at the witch and saw that it was such a beautiful woman with a flashy figure that their eyes glowed.However, no one knew that she was a witch, after all, not everyone had seen Mu Qianji before.

"Speak quickly."

"Yes, yes, later on, someone saw a huge creature that looked like a dragon and a snake, and it swept the wind and light clouds away, and to this day, I don't know where it went.And that witch, it turned out that it wasn't really a witch, the witch was rescued the night before, and the ally couldn't give an explanation to everyone, so he had to have the wax museum get a wax figure of the witch."

Mu Qianji was happy inside, it was a creature that looked like a dragon and a snake, it was a black auger, Mu Qianji couldn't have known any better.

"It's good that it's fine, Mu Qianji cried with joy, although she didn't know why Tang Zichen was suddenly so strong, but as long as he wasn't executed by the Righteous Alliance, it's good."


At this time, the people at the inn saw Mu Qianji's reaction and seemed to have guessed something.

The next moment, someone shouted, "She must be the witch."

"Ah, witch, run."

In the blink of an eye, the entire inn seemed to scatter and flee as if they were on the verge of a great battle.

The Demon Cult Master was busy saying, "We've been recognized, it's just that we're not resting today, let's continue our journey."

After that, Mu Qianji and the others immediately left.

After leaving the city, those strong men of the Devil Sect said, "Patriarch, is what the people at the inn just said, true or false ah?Wind Lightning is so young, how is it possible, no matter how much he is demonized, he can't kill the ally master ah, for Wind Lightning to reach the level of the Martial Master, at least another thirty or forty years would have to pass."

The Demon Sect Patriarch shook his head, "I don't know if it's true or not, but it seems like Wind Lightning isn't really this strong anymore, he should have seen Thousand Extremities being burned to death with iron water in public, he was greatly stimulated, so, what has inspired, this Wind Lightning, there is a great secret on him, in short, he is definitely a remarkable person."

"Hehe, Patriarch, it seems that this kid, Feng Qingyun, still has quite a bit of affection for our princess, ah, a place like the martial arts conference, the head of each sect has personally come, he actually dared to come out to save our princess, this kind of behavior that is not afraid of personal life and death, even we devils don't have many people who can do it ah, let alone the righteous alliance that are all hypocrites, hehe."

The Demon Cult Master said, "I was indeed surprised, but I just don't understand, when did he start to feel so deeply for Thousand Extremities?I remember more than ten years ago, when Thousand Jedi was infatuated with him, he couldn't even look at Thousand Jedi, and it was Thousand Jedi who shamelessly came to his door to stick his cold ass.No matter what, it's not in vain that Thousand Extremities personally went to the Yanshan Sect to avenge him this time."

"Hehe, Patriarch, then are you still stopping Wind Lightning from interacting with the princess?" Remember the URL

"Well, this, I haven't thought about it yet, if Wind Lightning can really inspire such a powerful potential, even I am not a match, talk about stopping it, this man has secrets and I'm afraid that his future achievements are beyond the reach of ordinary people, since he truly treats my daughter, there's no harm in fulfilling him."The Patriarch said.

"Hehe, congratulations to the Patriarch, for gaining such a good son-in-law."

"Alright, what good son-in-law, the eight words haven't even left the stage yet, besides, that Wind Lightning is now missing and is still unsure if he's dead or alive.Maybe he suddenly inspired such great strength in exchange for his life, or maybe he's already dead."


Mu Qianji was silently on the side, looking nervous.Inside Mu Qianji was thinking, "Where would Black Jiao take Zichen to?"

"Bring back the Dragon School?Or somewhere else, this year, Tzu-Chen must be in some hidden place hitting the Ancestor realm, perhaps, Black Jiao is taking Tang Tzu-Chen to that place, but I don't even know where that place is.Where should I go to find him?Did Tang Zichen really exert this kind of strength with his life?"A thousand questions arose in Mu Qianji's head.

Mu Qianji didn't think that Black Jiao had brought Tang Zichen back to the other world, she thought that Black Jiao had taken Tang Zichen to the hidden place where he had struck the Ancestor Realm, she thought that Black Jiao and the Fire Demon Beast were with Tang Zichen this year.

"No, I'm going to find him."Mu Qianji immediately turned his horse around.

"Qianji, where are you going?"The Demonic Patriarch said at once.

"Father, I can't return to the Devil Sect with you, I have Wind Lightning on my mind and I must return to the Righteous Alliance to find him."

"You don't even know where he is."

"Even if I don't know, I can still ask around slowly, in short, I'm not going back with you, staying at the Demon Sect's headquarters is a cage for me, I

One day without peace, I must return to the Righteous Alliance and search for him."Mu Qianji said resolutely.

"Confused, you just escaped from their hands and now you're going back, you're looking for death."

"I will, the people of the Righteous Alliance will never think that I've run back again, it's safer for me for a while instead, father, I hope not to stop me."


"Don't worry, I won't die so easily, goodbye, father."Mu Qianji suddenly threw some beads to the ground, the beads exploded with a thud, and in between, countless smoke scattered, and Mu Qianji took the opportunity to disappear, but of course, the main reason why Mu Qianji ran away so easily was because the Demon Lord didn't exactly want to stop her either.

"Patriarch, did you really let the princess return to the Righteous Alliance again?"

"Alas, it's just a matter of time, let her go, the wind is so light for her, it's a matter of time for her to go back, I might as well let her go, I'm sure she'll take care of herself, before she was caught for rashly going to the Inkstone Mountain School, but she definitely won't be so rash this time."

At this moment, in another world, the flying ship landed in Wangjing City.

Everyone immediately gathered around.

Another year had passed since Tang Zichen's last departure.Of course, this year was short-lived for Tang Zichen, as Tang Zichen had almost only done one thing, and that was to impact the Ancestor Realm.

"What's wrong with Tang Zichen?"Yan Long saw that Tang Zichen was unconscious and was busy asking.

Black Jiao said, "I don't know, I just brought him back."

"Brother Zichen."


Everyone gathered around nervously.

The Fire Demon Beast cried, "By today, brother minister has been unconscious for seven or eight days, he hasn't woken up for so long, will something happen to him."

"Bah, bah, crow's feet."Black Jiao said.

"Then why has it been so long."

Xiao Meng cried, "What exactly happened, can't you guys tell us?"

"I'll tell you."Black Jiao said the whole thing.

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian said, "I see, is it Life Blood Hidden?"

"What's a Life Blood Crypt?"The Fire Demon Beast was puzzled.

"Life Blood Hiding, is a martial skill that Zi Chen hid deep in his mind and in his memories before he was five years old, a memory that relates to Zi Chen's origins, but he redundantly couldn't remember it, he only remembered this Life Blood Hiding.It was a life-preserving martial skill, in the memories of Zi Chen before he was five years old, it was Zi Chen's mother who made him learn it, but he could only use it in a critical situation, because if he used it, the consequences would be severe, his meridians would be shattered, and he would also be unconscious, for a year and a half or several months in the long run.More than ten years ago, when Yan Long was emperor, Yan Long's younger brother tried to kill Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen used Life Blood Hidden to kill Yan Long's younger brother.After that, he was fortunate enough to possess the Emperor's Insect and was able to restore his meridians.However, before, it was Tang Zichen's own guess, the knock-off version of Life Blood Crypt, this time, it should be the real version of Life Blood Crypt, so it's more powerful and the aftermath is worse."

"So that's how it is, Brother Chen still has an origin, I thought he was born in the Divine Dragon Sect."

"About Tzu-Chen's origins, he himself doesn't know, he was adopted by the Divine Dragon Sect after he was five years old, his memories before he was five years old, too vague, he only remembers having a mother who made him remember the Life Blood Hiding, which can save his life at critical times, his mother, like she has quite a big origin.Alright, Tzu-Chen should be waking up, let's carry him into the room."

"Good."Everyone carried Tang Zichen into the room and let him sleep quietly.


Tang Zichen didn't know how long it had been, it felt like a long deep sleep.

During this time of deep sleep, Tang Zichen felt that he had a long dream, in the dream, he had a mom and dad, he had a happy family, but then something happened, and the happy family was gone in a flash.

Tang Zichen felt a headache and struggled to get up from the bed.

"You're awake, you're finally awake, Senior Tang Zichen is awake."

Tang Zichen was still confused when he heard the shouts of a maid-like voice, and soon after, many many people poured in.

Tang Zichen's mind gradually became clearer, and he discovered that he was in the Wangjing City Palace.

Tang Zichen was a bit confused, he remembered that he had lost his mind when he was attending the martial arts tournament in the Liang Shan School in another world because Mu Qianji was burned alive, at the last moment, Tang Zichen remembered Life Blood Hidden, then, he cast the real Life Blood Hidden.

A true Life Blood Hidden, at the cost of squeezing all one's potential, in a pinch, one could exert strength tens to hundreds of times greater than one's own.

At that time, after Tang Zichen displayed the Life Blood Crypt, his strength soared, killing the Martial World Master and several late Grandmaster powerhouses on the spot.

However, there was a time limit for the Life Blood Invisibility, and in about thirty seconds, Tang Zichen collapsed into a coma, exhausted and shattered.

This woke up, but in Wangjing City. A second to remember to read the book

"Zichen, you're awake, great, you're finally awake."Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, Li Xuan'er, and Qi Xue Yun, the five of them, were excitedly lying on the edge of the bed, grabbing Tang Zichen's hand.

"Zichen, you're awake."Wang Xing and the others laughed.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why am I here?"

"It was the Fire Beast and the Black Jiao that brought you here."

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen felt a pain inside as the image of Mu Qianji being burned alive by Tie Shui suddenly flashed in his mind.

Tang Zichen's heart ached as he covered his chest.

The crowd in front of the bed seemed to know why.

Liu Yue comforted, "Zichen, take solace."

"Yes, Zichen, what's the use of suffering when death can't bring you back to life, save your grief."

However, none of them were Tang Zichen, how could they know how much this pain hurt.

Tang Zichen clenched his fists and said through clenched teeth, "This revenge will not go away."

At that moment, Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, don't think about revenge yet, let's think about how to recover your body."

Only after being reminded by Li Xuan'er did Tang Zichen suddenly think of himself.

Yes, Tang Zichen had cast Life Blood Hidden, the consequences of that were extremely serious, the meridians were completely shattered, no, to be precise, completely destroyed.Shattered could still be repaired, ruined, that is, gone.The copycat versions of Life Blood Hiding that were performed in the past were shattered and later repaired by taking the Emperor Insect, but now, the real Life Blood Hiding was directly destroyed.

A person with no meridians was trash.

In Tang Zichen's infantile memories, his mother had already told her that if it wasn't a matter of life and death, she should never use the Life Blood Hidden, as it was only a means to save her life, not a means to fight the enemy.Therefore, Tang Zichen's life was preserved even though he had turned into a waste, and that was the meaning of 'Life Blood Cain'.

"How long was I unconscious for?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xiangyun Liu was the first to say, "It's almost a year."


"Yes, almost a year."


p; "Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, but he had been unconscious for almost a year, and his meridians were completely destroyed, this really was very life blood hidden ah.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone, each of them had improved their martial arts realm a lot, if you counted the previous year when Tang Zichen struck the Ancestor Realm, Tang Zichen hadn't seen them for two years, in two years, each of them had changed too much, even Liu Xiangyun now, had stepped into the middle stage of the Unity Realm.

Little Meng, on the other hand, is afraid that she has already reached the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection.

"Brother Zichen, your meridians?"Xiao Meng asked.

Tang Zichen said, "It's completely ruined, I don't have any meridians anymore, I'm already useless."

"Ah, it's really that bad, can we still repair it if we go to the Emperor Worm?"

"It can't be repaired, the Emperor Worm is of limited use, I've already stepped into the Ancestor realm, the Emperor Worm is not that useful to my body anymore, besides, I'm a ruined meridian and it's been another year, how else can I repair it."

"Ah, then, what about that?"

"Hehe, turned into a waste, it doesn't matter, I had already thought of this result, when I cast Life Blood Hidden, I said in my heart that I wouldn't regret it, Mu Qianji is also dead, what do I need such a strong martial art for."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

"Zichen, don't give up."

"Alright, I'll be alone for a while, you guys go out."


Tang Zichen was alone in his room, dazed for a while, but he couldn't calm down inside, in fact, Tang Zichen's heart wasn't even free of hatred, Tang Zichen only wanted to go back and destroy the Liang Shan School and take revenge for Mu Qianji, but now, everything was a fantasy.

He has become a loser.

Tang Zichen reluctantly climbed up from the bed, Tang Zichen picked up a sword in the room and didn't know who it belonged to.

Tang Zichen wanted to see if he could still use the sword.

However, as if it was a scholar with no hands dancing with a sword, Tang Zichen's current strength was just enough for him to lift the bowl and pick up the chopsticks, barely not turning into a sick man who wanted to be waited on.

"Ah."Tang Zichen threw his sword in anger, and it fell to the ground without even making a loud noise, because the power was small.

"I'm a clan master, I really have become a waste, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

"However, in order to avenge Mu Qianji, I have no regrets, and if I choose to do it again, I will still display Life Blood Hidden and kill the Martial Master."Tang Zichen said resolutely.

Since there were no regrets, there was nothing to suffer, Tang Zichen comforted himself.

Tang Zichen opened the door, everyone was standing outside and looked at Tang Zichen as they saw him come out.

"Alright, I'm fine, besides, I don't believe that I'll really be unable to train martial arts in my life."


"Prepare food for me, I'm hungry."


"By the way, where are Little Fire and Little Black?"

"Uh, they said they went to get you the Emperor Worm, and the Fire Beast said it's Diamond Head is awesome, so they went to get you the Emperor Worm, but they've been gone for almost ten months, and they haven't come back yet."

"Been gone for that long."

"How can an emperor worm be so easy to find."

Tang Zichen nodded, although the Emperor Worm could no longer repair his meridians, thanks to their piece of mind.

For Tang Zichen to recover, he had to regenerate his meridians, which meant that Tang Zichen had to get something to regenerate his meridians.


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