The King of Kungfu in school 1121-1130


Chapter 1121

The Fire Demon Beast snorted, "Big Brother Black, please don't talk about my friends like that, they are my friends, especially this one, he is my big brother.It was the one who took me out of that underground in the first place, otherwise, I would have always thought that we were creatures who had lived underground for generations, and I wouldn't have been able to evolve into what my ancestors did."

"Hmph."The jiao snorted coldly, Tang Zichen couldn't stand the sight of its arrogant eyes, he really thought he was a dragon, if he was a dragon, the dragon looked at humans with the eyes of a higher species, Tang Zichen could still accept it, as if humans looked at animals with the same eyes.

"Black Jiao, if you keep humming and hawing and looking at me with high eyes, don't blame me for hitting you again."

"Yah yah."The Jiao's angry claws danced around.

Tang Zichen said to the fire beast, "Little fire, come home with me, everyone's waiting for you."


The jiao was busy shouting, "Hey, hey, little lion, what do you mean?A few days ago, you said you were befriending me, and now you're running away with someone, you're too much of a thing, forget all these years, brother, have I been good to you?"

"Uh, I."Fire Demon Beast hesitated for a while, yeah, Jiao has been pretty good to him all these years."

"Brother Black, but, Brother Chen is my friend, I still want to go with him, it's definitely more fun to go with Brother Chen."

"Yah yah yah, little lion, you're so not something, thanks to Brother Black I used to treat you like this."

"Big Brother Black, I'm sorry." Remember the website

At that moment, Tang Zichen said, "Hey, Jiao, haven't you had enough of being the king of a bunch of low-level creatures in this Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean, you don't even look down on people on our same species level, yet you're here every day being the king of a bunch of lower level creatures, are you interesting you.I'm giving you a chance now, come with me."

"Hahaha, ridiculous, my noble dragon, how can I go with you, a lowly human."

"Forget it then, Little Fire, Thousand Splendors, let's go."Tang Zichen said.

Dao: "Brother Chen, you guys can sit on my back."

"No, we came in a flying ship, so you get smaller."

"Good."The Fire Demon Beast immediately shrank to the size of a cat and followed Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, flying into the sky.

That Jiao was incomparably depressed, the Fire Demon Beast was a peer species that he had a hard time meeting, able to speak to, ah, although he boasted of being a dragon, he actually understood that he was only a Jiao, wanting to evolve into a dragon, this was simply a delusion, a step to the top.Now that the Fire Demon Beast had left with Tang Zichen, in the future, he would be lonely again, staying with a bunch of low-level creatures every day, it was so boring.

Tang Zichen entered the flying ship and immediately opened it to go.

Not long after he left, suddenly, a jiao was chasing after him.

"Uh, the jiao is catching up?"Tang Zichen saw the jiao behind him and was alarmed.

However, the speed of the jiao was obviously not as fast as the flying ship, and all of a sudden, the jiao could not be seen.

At this moment, in the distant sky behind, the auger said in frustration, "Alas, I'm left to go again, it's so lonely, I'm so damned, why don't I let go of my pride, in fact, I really want to go with them inside.It's fine now, let the loneliness completely surround me."

In the flying ship, the Fire Demon Beast said, "Brother Chen, let's go backwards, maybe Brother Black is trying to go with us."

Mu Qianji laughed, "This proud augur, surely Little Fire has left without a companion."

Tang Zichen took control of the flying ship and reversed back.

At this moment, the jiao was flying back in frustration, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's flying ship stopped beside him.

Tang Zichen pulled open the hatch and said, "What are we catching up to?"

The jiao was pleasantly surprised and said, "Okay, I lose.

, defeated by my loneliness, you take me away."

"Hahaha, you want to come with me."

"Yes."The augur hung his head and said.

"But don't you think that you are more advanced than us?"

"I, I was just kidding."

Tang Zichen said, "If you want to come with me, you can also, later, like Little Fire, call me brother."

"That's impossible, Little Flame is going to call me brother, how can I call you brother again, or I'll call you brother."

"Heh, what are you kidding, call me brother, no way."

Jiao looked like he was embarrassed and said, "But I, after all, am an honorable dragon."

"I pooh, still a dragon ah you, Jiao and dragon, still a hundred thousand miles away, if you really evolved into a dragon, then I call you brother."

"Okay, you said it, then I'll go with you, brother minister."

"Good boy, let's go then."

"But your flying ship is so fast, I can't keep up."Jiao said depressedly.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's slow down, you follow slowly behind, or, you lie on top of the flying ship and grab it."


"But don't scratch the flying shuttle."

"Understood, brother."

The auger immediately circled around on top of the flying ship.

The flying ship flew away with the augmentation.

However, the speed was obviously down, but it didn't drop too much, by about twenty percent, and Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry anyway.

"Zichen, you're amazing, now that the jiao are following you around, there's also a fire beast, they're not ordinary creatures."Mu Qianji said enviously.

"Hehe, if you hang around with me, doesn't that mean you hang around with me, because, you're my wife."

"Go."Mu Qianji blushed with a glare.

"Where are we going now?"Mu Qianji asked.

"The Water Ape Empire."

"What's the point of going to the Water Ape Empire, no matter how powerful the Water Ape is, it's definitely not our opponent, after all, the Water Ape isn't a second level creature, but it's an ape with an incomplete and unsuccessful evolution, no matter what, it's still a first level species."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Do you know the five wondrous treasures of the world, the ancient sacred brain?I'm going to get this thing."

"Uh, the Swallowed Sacred Brain, I was planning to take you there to steal it in the first place, the world's five greatest treasures, we have obtained the other four, only this Swallowed Sacred Brain has yet to be obtained.Fine, let's go there then, I don't know what this Swallowed Sacred Brain is and why it's a Swallowed Sacred Brain."

Tang Zichen said, "I heard that it's the brain of an ancestor of the Water Ape Clan, a long time ago, because this ancestor was very powerful, he might even be almost at the human level, so after he died, its brain was collected, but whether it still exists today, I don't know about that."

"Then let's take a look, the water ape is after all a species one level lower than humans, but this water ape's ancestor, hardened by cultivation, reached the level of fast human, it's also really powerful, and his brain is indeed considered a treasure."

Tang Zichen said, "The top five wondrous treasures in the world is the Swallowed Sacred Brain, don't you think."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded his head in excitement.

Tang Zichen asked, "Little Fire, how does your strength compare to Jiao?"

The Fire Demon Beast said, "Brother Chen, I'm not even close to Big Brother Black compared to him, actually Big Brother Black is very powerful, he's already close to the level of the Ancestor Realm."

Tang Zichen nodded, it seemed that he defeated Jiao all because of that sword technique, otherwise, like Mu Qianji, he definitely couldn't beat Jiao.


It took half a month for Tang Zichen and the others to finally reach the range of the Water Ape Empire.

The Water Ape Empire was one of the strongest beastly places in this world, other than the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

I heard that the Water Ape Empire, with an old ape, was very powerful, and its fame had spread to many human strongmen.

Tang Zichen and the others were standing in the sky, and the Water Ape Empire was underwater.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's dash down together and capture the old ape first, then we'll look for the Swift Sacred Brain."


"Charge."The four of them rushed into the sea together.Since the Jiao and the Fire Demon Beast were now on the same level as humans at the species level, they were called 'humans' here, no longer beasts.

After rushing into the bottom of the sea, they soon found a submarine kingdom, of course, not a palace at the bottom of the sea, the water ape was always a beast, not comparable to a human, but the water ape had piled up many boulders at the bottom of the sea, like an ant's nest, which was intricate and had passages everywhere.

Jiao's size was too large to enter the water ape's huge nest.

"Little Black, you guard outside, we'll go in."

"Good." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji, and the Fire Demon Beast, entered the Water Ape's nest.Tang Zichen felt that the Water Ape's nest was a bit like the savage tribe of the Liuli Kingdom.

At this time, Tang Zichen, the three of them, suddenly felt a spiritual fluctuation in the air, as if saying, "What do the three of you intend to do when you come to my Water Ape Empire."The voice was filled with fury.

Tang Zichen's three men stopped, not long after, a rapid shadow flew in, this shadow was very fast and arrived in front of Tang Zichen's three men in the blink of an eye.

It was a water ape with white hair, looking very old.

The water ape held a stick made of unknown material in its hand, it looked like this water ape was very good at using sticks, this beast also had no special martial arts skills, usually just one or two strokes, practiced until death.However, often these one or two moves were practiced for a lifetime, but instead they were endlessly powerful.

"You are the Water Ape Empire, the famous Old Ape."Tang Zichen said.

"Hmph, have you come to my place to seek death?"The old ape seemed to sense the strength of Tang Zichen's three men and didn't dare to act rashly.

Tang Zichen said, "I heard that your Water Ape Empire, has a treasure called the Sacred Brain of the Archaic, I came here today, just to see what it is, don't worry, just to see it."

"Hmph, daring to hit on our holy object, looking for death."The Water Ape grimaced, his IQ was estimated to be at the level of a human fifteen or sixteen years old, low level creatures normally did not have autonomous thinking, but for it to reach such an IQ, it was evident that it had been cultivating for a very long time.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You are still not my opponent, besides, none of the three people standing in front of you today are your opponent."

"Three people?Is this beast human too?"The old ape looked at that Fire Demon Beast.

Tang Zichen said, "He's different from you low-level beasts, he's a species one level higher than you, on the same level as us humans.Alright, don't talk nonsense, I can sense that your heart is full of scruples."

"Yah yah."The water ape grimaced at Tang Zichen's trio.

Tang Zichen said, "Thousand Jie, Little Fire, who's up?"

"I'll do it,"Mu Qianji said.

At that moment, the old ape pounced, it wanted to gain the initiative and attack first.

Mu Qianji sliced out with his sword, and the volleying waves of Qi suddenly gave the old ape a


With just one sword, Mu Qianji defeated the Water Ape.

Mu Qianji discovered that his Burial Moon Sword was able to exert much more power under water than on the ground, and he didn't know how.

Mu Qianji put his sword against the old ape's neck and said, "Hand over the Swift Sacred Brain, or I'll kill you."

"Yah yah."The old ape kept showing its teeth in anger.

Tang Zichen said, "Not only will we kill you, we will destroy the Water Ape Empire."

The old ape's body trembled and let out a cry of sorrow.

The three strong men in front of it were too powerful, it was the number one strongest man in the Water Ape Empire, but it was as weak as an ant before them.

The old ape couldn't believe it, when did humans possess such powerful people?It had the impression, no, the impression of its ancestors, that the strongest of humans had always been weaker than the strongest of beasts.

"How much longer do you have to think about it?Do I really have to exterminate you water apes before you tell me?"Tang Zichen.

The Water Ape gave a sad cry and sent out a mental wave, "I can tell you the information about the Swift Sacred Brain, but you won't get it."

"We just want to take a look, tell us, where is the Swift Sacred Brain?"

"Come with me."

Tang Zichen followed the old ape and actually left the water ape's nest, and the auger guarding the outside was busy welcoming him, "What's going on?Out?"

Tang Zichen asked Old Ape, "Didn't you take us to the Sacred Brain of the Sword?Why are you out?"

The old ape grimaced and sent out a mental wave, "The creature is not in the Water Ape Palace, it's somewhere else."

"Good, you better not play tricks, or else the Water Ape clan won't even know how to destroy you."

"Yah yah."The Water Ape showed its teeth again.

Tang Zichen and the others continued to follow the old ape, about half an hour later, they came to the depths of the sea next to a huge boulder, this boulder was so huge that many whales swam by it, in front of this boulder, the whales all felt like small shrimps.

The old ape emitted spiritual fluctuations, "About the holy relic, we have never seen it either, only the clan chief can know that we have been sealed here since ancient times, at the center of this boulder, this boulder is very hard and huge, no weapon can break it, even if we can break some stones, we can't enter the core of the huge stone.In the past, there have been humans who have beaten the holy relic, our ancestor brought him here and allowed him to knock on it, but in the end, he gave up without success."

Tang Zichen looked at the huge and incomparable stone in front of him, and a human standing in front of this huge stone was like a speck of dust.

"How could there be such a large rock at the bottom of the sea."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen said to Old Ape, "Old Ape, are you lying to me?"

"I'm not lying to you, about the sacred objects sealed in the center of this stone, our Water Ape Clan, only the past generations of clan leaders know about it."

"Hahaha, what the hell, you're really good at trapping, such a big stone, let's knock on it no matter how hard we knock on it, it can't get to the center, and it's incredibly hard, in fact, there's nothing in it at all, what a good trap."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, do you really think it's lying to us?With the intelligence of a beast, it's not necessarily that cunning."

"I'm not sure, but such a huge rock, already taller than the sea and at least tens of thousands of meters in length and width, knocked to the center?How is this possible, the stone is so hard that it may not be possible to knock it open in a lifetime."


"What about it?We don't have proof that it lied to us, so what can we do if it insists it's in there."Mu Qianji said helplessly.

Tang Zichen asked Old Ape, "Since you say that the Swift Sacred Brain is inside this boulder, then tell me, how did your ancestors hide the Swift Sacred Brain inside the boulder?"

The old ape shook its head and emitted mental waves, "This question, our ancestors of all generations are also wondering, and I really can't answer it, I only know that my previous patriarch told me that the ancient sacred object of our Water Ape Clan is at the center of this Heaven and Earth Stone."

"A routine, it's really full of routines, so I can't even say anything."Tang Zichen laughed bitterly.

At that moment, the Jiao Dragon said, "Brother Chen, let me try."After saying that, the black jiao tail slapped hard on the boulder.

"Ouch."The Black Jiao grimaced in pain.

"How was it?No, it's too hard for me to do anything about."Black Jiao said.

"I'll do it."Mu Qianji said and the Buried Moon Sword struck hard.

"Wow."Suddenly, the Buried Moon Sword split a three meter gap.

"The Buried Moon Sword is worthy of being a Buried Moon Sword."

The old ape beside him was shocked, this was the first person in history to be able to split such a large gap in one go. First URL

Mu Qianji said, "But a three-meter gap is simply insignificant for the entire boulder, it's impossible to predict how long it will take to split into the center of the boulder, and we can't even be sure that the Archaic Sacred Brain is really in there yet."

The old ape beside him was busy saying, "It's really in there, our ancestors of all generations have passed it down this way."

Tang Zichen snorted, if Mu Qianji really cleaved to the core and ended up not finding the Swift Sacred Brain, the old ape would immediately be able to say that they too were just passed down from ancestors of all generations.

However, Tang Zichen and the others had no other way now, and the old ape was bent on being inside.

At this time, Dao said, "Brother Chen, you guys forgot about me."


"Yes, but I survived in the underground city at first, the underground city is all made up of hard boulders, I drilled around as usual, this stone, although it's quite hard, I can still drill into it, I'll just drill into the core and take a look at it."

"Fine, then you drill into the core and take a look."

The Fire Demon Beast immediately turned into a tiny body, then his body was like water dipping into a boulder, his body was like water dipping into a stone, so he didn't leave any holes.

Tang Zichen remembered that the Fire Demon Beast's body structure was extraordinary, he could change the shape of his body, like, water could freeze and then become hard, or it could turn into vapor and then be light as a feather, or it could become liquid water, soft and free.The Fire Demon Beast's body was similar to this, which was why he could become bigger and smaller.

Right now, the Fire Demon Beast got into the boulder and was walking inside the boulder at a very fast speed, just like a fish swimming in water.

"Yay."Tang Zichen shouted excitedly.

The old ape was now very ugly, it thought that no matter who came to hit on the holy object, it would end up being useless, but it didn't expect that Tang Zichen was surrounded by such a magical creature.

The boulder was huge, reaching a distance of tens of thousands of meters, but for a fire beast that entered the stone like a fish in water, tens of thousands of meters wasn't much of a distance at all.

In less than three hours, the Fire Demon Beast entered the core of the boulder and searched around the core.

Finally, the fire beast saw a ten

The meter long and wide sealed hole.

"Ah, there really is."The Fire Demon Beast was taken aback.

The Fire Demon Beast saw that in the sealed hole, there was a Water Ape sitting there, and it looked like it had been dead for a long time, and its body wasn't decaying.

"Where's the Swift Sacred Brain?Is it, still in the skull of this dead water ape?"The Fire Demon Beast muttered, he looked around and didn't find anything else, so the Archaic Sacred Brain must be in the skull.

The Fire Demon Beast clawed and grabbed the skull as if it was a ball.

This was, the Fire Demon Beast was in trouble again, because, how to take the head out with it?The Fire Demon Beast's own body was free to swim in the stone, but this Water Ape's head, which wasn't part of his body, couldn't swim in the stone, which meant that he couldn't even take the head out.

Just then, the Fire Demon Beast suddenly saw that there seemed to be a switch-like thing on the stone wall.

The Fire Demon Beast immediately went up and twisted it with its claws.

"Click, click, click, click."Letting out a clicking sound, a small or not so small passage automatically separated on the side of the sealed stone cave.

"Huh, there is a passage, it seems, that old ape really lied, to enter the boulder, there is a mechanism to open the passage.Haha, now I'll go out with my head."

At this moment, outside the boulder, underneath the boulder where Tang Zichen was standing, suddenly, an opening appeared.

Tang Zichen and the others furrowed their brows in confusion, as the Fire Demon Beast flew out from that gap, holding a Water Ape's head in its paws.

"Brother Chen, I'm coming out."

"Little Fire, what's going on?"

"This old ape lied, to enter the core of the boulder, there is a mechanism to open the passage."


At this moment, the old ape grimaced as he looked at the Fire Demon Beast, a cry of grief on his face, because, the head of their ancestor, was twisted out.

Tang Zichen saw the old ape's grief and didn't bother to see him in general.

"Where is the Archaic Sacred Brain?"

"There it is."

Don frowned.

"This head is the Archaic Sacred Brain?"

"It should be, because in that chamber, there was only a water ape body that hadn't been decaying for an unknown amount of time, so I bent the head out, and the brain inside the skull should be the ancient sacred brain."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen felt nauseous, how the fuck do you eat this?

Mu Qianji also covered his nose, feeling nauseous.

"Minister, so don't want it?"

"Fuck, I thought that it was something like a pill, but I didn't expect a straight water ape head."Tang Zichen said depressedly.

Mu Qianji said, "The Ten Thousand Year Ginseng we got before was also a ginseng like, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, also a snow lotus like, the Emperor Worm, also a living worm, and the Vermilion Bird Grass, also a grass like.So, it's not surprising that the Archaic Sacred Brain, directly a water ape head."

"But how do you eat it, sucking the brains inside?What does that really do?"Tang Zichen said skeptically.

Mu Qianji said, "This Water Ape Clan's ancient ancestor has been sealed in the boulder for I don't know how many years, but even a cup or porcelain has turned into an antique after so long, going from worthless to valuable.The ten thousand year old ginseng we took before, that also grew for ten thousand years, that's why it's rare.


"If I'm not wrong, although this Swift Water Ape's body is dead, the brain pulp in its skull should have been alive all along.In other words, it used a secret method to keep its brains alive for countless years, and then, it turned into a treasure."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen felt a strange sensation.

Mu Qianji laughed, "Zichen, this Water Ape's brains were useless, but after living for countless years, it became a treasure, the same as ginseng, if our brains can be insured like this for tens of thousands of years, then after tens of thousands of years, our brains will also be a treasure."

"Well, then take it away, it's disgusting, but if it's really treasure, no matter how disgusting it is, we have to suck it all up."


"Ow."The old ape cried and roared in pain.

In fact, although the old ape knew that there was a mechanism inside the boulder to enter, it didn't even know where the mechanism was opened, after all, this generation of clan leaders had passed down to each other, about the location of the mechanism had already been lost.

In the meantime, the old ape watched the head of the legendary Saint Ancestor being carried away, and heard that Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji would still be sucking raw, as the current ancestor of the Water Ape Clan, the mood was so sorrowful.

Tang Zichen ignored the roaring old ape and flew away with his head in his hands, rushing out of the sea and into the cabin of the flying ship.

Black Jiao was still hovering outside the flying ship, which was heading towards the Yanhuang Empire.

At this moment, inside the flying shuttle, Tang Zichen placed the head of the Water Ape Sacred Ancestor on a small table, and on that head, an upright Water Ape hair, it was creepy. Remember the website

Mu Qianji said, "It's really going to be eaten."

"Of course, after all, while it's fresh, now that we've taken the Water Ape Sacred Ancestor's head out, it's definitely no longer fresh, if we don't eat it, it's going to rot."

Mu Qianji was disgusted ah, who made the Water Ape's head, it looked so much like a human.

Tang Zichen said, "I've heard that the humans at the bottom, some rich merchants, like to eat monkey brains nowadays, and they put a live monkey, in the middle of the table, with only the monkey's head exposed, and then they open an opening on the top of the monkey's head on the spot, and a table full of people with spoons, spoon by spoon, beat out the monkey's brains and send them into their mouths.That monkey, but the most ordinary monkey, but right now this one, but the strongest of the water monkeys, and it was kept fresh for countless years.You're still too disgusted to dare eat it, if this is sent to those rich merchants, I'm afraid they won't even leave you a single monkey hair."

"Don't say that, it's too disgusting."

"Hehe, it's good for the brain, alright, Thousand Extremes, I'm going to open my skull."

Tang Zichen took out a knife, and on the otaku's skull, he first scraped off the hairs to reveal the bones, and then made an incision on the bones.

Tang Zichen took out two straws and stuck them in through that opening.

"Come on, start sucking."Don Zichen said, it felt as if he was sucking coconut juice, fresh off the tree, and opening an opening into the straw, only replacing the coconut with the head of a water ape.

"I don't want it, I'm not sucking."Mu Qianji shook his head incessantly.

"If you don't suck it, then I will."Tang Zichen summoned up the courage to put his mouth on the straw, then closed his eyes and sucked hard.

Sure enough, it felt like a tofu brain sucked into his mouth.

Tang Zichen smacked his mouth and smiled, "It tastes fishy."

"Don't say that."Did Mu Qianji dare not look.

"Qianji, I advise you to really suck some, this ancient holy brain, there's not much left, you think it's really full in the skull ah, suck it, you don't suck it, give it to Little Fire and Black Jiao."Tang Zichen.

Laughingly said, in fact, to deceive Mu Qianji, the ancient sacred brain is really full of a head, one or two people definitely can not eat, because this water ape's head, large like a winter melon, there are too many brains inside.This is good, you can bring it back to others to take, there are good things of course to enjoy together, this is Tang Zichen's principle.

Mu Qianji said in his heart, "It's too wasteful not to eat such a good treasure, what if I can step into the Ancestor realm faster by eating this?Fine, for the sake of the Ancestor Realm, I'll suck."

Mu Qianji immediately closed his eyes, got to the mouth of the straw, and sucked hard for dozens of mouthfuls, equivalent to at least two large bowls.

"Phew."Mu Qianji stopped sucking, it was almost too much to eat, it was not beneficial to eat too much.

"Hahaha, Qianji, you just sucked the straw, I sucked the straw, oh."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

Mu Qianji stared at Tang Zichen the same, and said in his heart, his mouth has been kissed with you, and he is still afraid of sucking your straw.

Tang Zichen also sucked twenty mouthfuls and then stopped sucking, there was still a lot of holy brain in there, there should be enough to go back to so many people to share.

"Little Fire, you suck some too."


Tang Zichen then separately let the Fire Demon Beast and Black Jiao all eat some of the holy brains, and the rest, they brought back.

Fortunately, there was a refrigerator in the flying ship, and it was frozen in the freezer at minus tens of degrees Celsius, although its effectiveness would drop a bit, it was still at least of great use.

"Thousand Jiao, how are you feeling?"Tang Zichen asked.

Mu Qianji gargled for a long time and said, "My mouth is fishy."

Tang Zichen said, "It's okay, even if it's fishy, I still love to kiss your mouth, come on, give me a kiss."Tang Zichen immediately kissed Mu Qianji's small mouth.

The Fire Demon Beast beside him said, "Brother Chen, Sister Thousand, can you take care of the feeling of a single beast."

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, "Little Fire, think of the female beast."

The Fire Beast spat out his tongue, in the past, the Fire Beast had said that he would never find a wife again because he was the only Fire Beast left in the world.Now, even if he found other fire beasts, and it was a purpose, if they hadn't evolved, they weren't even creatures on the same level anymore, it was as if they were human beasts.

Tang Zichen asked, "Little Fire, you're also an adult, tell me how you solve the need?"

The Fire Demon Beast was embarrassed for a moment, "Yah, yah, Minister, can we not say such an embarrassing question."

"Say it."

The Fire Demon Beast was embarrassed, "Yah yah, it's better to ask this question to Big Brother Black, I was taught by him, I wouldn't have been able to before."

"Little Fire, can you answer the question positively, how did you solve it."

"Yah yah yah, it's all said and done, still don't know ah, of course, solve it yourself."

"Uh, solve it yourself ah, hahaha, is it how to solve it yourself ah, Black Jiao too?Did he teach you to work it out for yourself?Hahaha."

"Brother Minister, no more no more, there are women here."

Mu Qianji snorted, "Pervert."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, and the Fire Demon Beast shyly got into a corner.

Just like that, everyone joked and laughed on the way back, and the black jiao could only keep hovering outside.

And after eating the Sacred Brain, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji both felt a bit hot in the head, and after eating the Sacred Brain, their comprehension and talent, etc., improved many, many times.I'm afraid that stepping into the Ancestor realm is not far off.


After more than twenty days, Tang Zichen and the others returned to Wangjing City.

After more than twenty days, the Ancient Sacred Brain had been completely absorbed.

Tang Zichen felt that the brain really did work a whole lot better than before, and his comprehension of the martial dao had deepened by more than one level, so the concept of the martial dao of 'all changes are the same' was even more clearly visible, and Tang Zichen had also comprehended a second martial dao.

"Zichen, we've arrived at Wangjing City."Mu Qianji said, right now, with his eyes closed, Tang Zichen had been in seclusion on the flying ship for almost twenty days, because, twenty days ago, Tang Zichen said that he seemed to be about to comprehend the second martial dao.

Mu Qianji was very shocked at that time, people who could comprehend the two martial dao were very rare, the entire Demon Territory, no matter how old or young, no more than three people had comprehended the second martial dao.Of course, it wasn't that people who comprehended two martial dao were necessarily stronger than one martial dao, it was also what kind of martial dao they comprehended, if it was two rubbish martial dao, it was still not as powerful as someone else's one martial dao.

But Tang Zichen was different, Tang Zichen's first martial dao 'Ten Thousand Changes is Constant', this was already a very profound martial dao.

Mu Qianji was a bit envious and admired Tang Zichen.

I really wanted to know what kind of martial path Tang Zichen's second martial path was, whether it was the one he had comprehended himself, or the powerful martial path that was very famous throughout the ages.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"So soon, no years of cultivation ah."Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen felt that only once he closed his eyes, twenty days had passed.

Mu Qianji said, "The more you feel that time has passed so quickly, it means that you are deep in seclusion.Zichen, tell me, what's the second martial path you've comprehended?" One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen laughed, "My second martial path is far more profound than the first, 'All Change is Constant'."

"What exactly is it?"

"Profound martial dao that very few people have comprehended throughout the ages."

Mu Qianji frowned, there were many very famous profound martial dao throughout the ages, more than a dozen, Mu Qianji casually said, "It can't be, no move is better than a move."

"Hahaha, yes, that's right, no move is better than a move."

"No way, this is the most difficult martial path to comprehend ah."

"Hehe, I've already tentatively comprehended it, no move, it's more powerful than any move, because, it beats all moves."

"Wow."Mu Qianji was envious for a moment, what kind of martial thinking was this?Can you fight without a move?Those who didn't comprehend it would never be able to experience it.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji jumped off the flying ship.

Mu Qianji could tell from the way Tang Zichen jumped off the flying ship, Tang Zichen was completely different, that random jumping motion felt, full of strokes.

No move is better than a move?Even though every ordinary move is full of moves?

"What are you staring at me for?"Tang Zichen smiled and looked at Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji said, "I feel that even a random movement of yours is filled with a sense of strokes."

"Hahaha, yes, even a move of picking my nose or even wiping my ass is full of moves, and it's still the strongest move, because, no move is the strongest move."

Mu Qianji drew his sword and said, "I want to fight you."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Shoo."A handful of Mu Qianji's

Sword, killing towards Tang Zichen.

In the distance, those friends of Tang Zichen were confused, "What's going on with them, they're fighting as soon as they come back."

Tang Zichen saw Mu Qianji's sword killing and met it without any hesitation.

Tang Zichen didn't draw his sword, just a light provocative movement, and in a flash, Mu Qianji's sword had been taken by Tang Zichen, surprisingly, so easily.

And in Mu Qianji's opinion, the technique Tang Zichen had just used was extremely clever, so clever that it couldn't be any more clever, yet, it looked extremely simple, it was the ultimate in a contradiction.

Tang Zichen handed the sword to Mu Qianji and said, "You are no longer my opponent."

Mu Qianji was silly there, unable to believe that before, she and Tang Zichen, who were indistinguishable from each other, were now no longer his opponent, and had taken the sword away in one move.

Tang Zichen's friends ran up.

"Zichen, how did your strength become so much stronger?"Yan Long asked, full of incredulity, how incredible it was to reach a level where Mu Qianji wasn't even an opponent.

"Hahaha, we'll talk about this later, you guys call everyone here to focus, there's something good for you to take."

A surge of disobedience arose within Mu Qianji, she was someone who would not submit to anyone, now that she was not Tang Zichen's opponent, she vowed to catch up, she would never be pulled down by Tang Zichen, even if that person, was the one she loved the most.

Tang Zichen gathered everyone in the main hall and took out the frozen Water Ape Sacred Brain, then took out the brains, the brains had been frozen into ice, Tang Zichen told them to eat the brains ice cubes.

"What is this?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "The top five wondrous treasures of the world, the Swift Sacred Brain."


"Eat this, your brains will be much smarter again, the reason why I was able to comprehend that no move is better than a move is related to this Swallowed Sacred Brain.I had a deep understanding of this aspect a long time ago when I performed the Dragon Descending Sword Technique and the God Killing Saber Technique to simplify it, and now, after taking the Swallowed Sacred Brain, I've comprehended it."

"Wow, no wonder you were so crisp and clear when you just fought with Mu Qianji, as if it was a very strong move."


Tang Zichen's next step was to be able to create a martial art, and then he would almost step into the Ancestor realm, the Ancestor realm, it was finally coming.

After everyone finished taking the Sacred Brain of the Sword, Tang Zichen lived in Wangjing City for another five days, during these five days, he spent one day with each of them, Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, and Qi Xueyun.After all, after returning to the other world again this time, there was no telling when he would be able to come over again, perhaps a year or two later.

Five days later, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji took a flying ship, taking the Fire Demon Beast and Black Jiao with them to Thousand Mountain Twilight.

Tang Zichen stood on the top of Thousand Mountain Gure and said, "In a blink of an eye, it's been almost two months since we came to this world."

"Yes, at that time, the Martial Lord told you to go find him within a month, now it's been two months, how are you going to handle it this time back?Will he think you've escaped?"Mu Qianji said.

"Oh, don't talk about me, your father told you not to leave the Devil's Head Temple, and now that two months have passed and you've escaped privately for so long, will you be alright going back?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Don't worry, I'm my father's daughter after all, I won't do anything to me, I really can't, I'll just go to my grandfather."


"Your grandfather?"

"Yes, the former head of the Demon Sect, that's my grandfather, but he had already stopped asking about the affairs of the world and was focused on cultivating martial arts, after all, at that age, nothing is more important than advancing a level of cultivation."

"Well, let's go, go back."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, Fire Demon Beast, and Black Jiao, rushed into the illusory scene of Thousand Mountain Twilight in no time.

Shortly after, the bottomless abyss of the other world, the four of them rushed out.

"Wow, this is the other world."The Fire Demon Beast and Black Jiao sighed for a while.

The refined steel chair they used last time was still hidden behind a rock, and almost no one came here.

Mu Qianji said, "How do we get back now that there are no more flying ships?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "The two of us are still in the flying chairs, Little Fire and Little Black, they fly by themselves, their speed, they can't compare to a flying ship, but it's still comparable to a flying machine, it's not much slower than a flying machine."


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji sat on the stool and used the propulsion of the flying ship to fly up into the sky, Little Fire and Little Black, flying next to each other, their speed, indeed, was not slower than the flying ship. The first website

In less than half a day, they arrived at the Devil's Head Temple.

However, it was still early in the day.

Mu Qianji said, "You guys should go back first."

"What about you?"

"I don't have to land down from the Magisterium now, I can go to the perimeter and walk back to the main altar."


Mu Qianji chose to land on one of the perimeters of the Devil Sect's General Altar, and Tang Zichen and Little Black Little Fire, continued to fly in the sky.

Within a day, they flew to the bottom of the Divine Dragon Sect again.

The Fire Demon Beast said, "Brother Chen, is this the world you live in?

"Yes, this mountain is my division, the Divine Dragon School."

"How I feel, your world is so small, far from being as big as the other world, the other world, from the Yanhuang Empire, using a flying ship would take half a month to fly to Thousand Mountain Twilight, but here, the flying ship can fly from the Devil's territory to the Divine Dragon Sect in a day."Black Jiao said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This place we are in now is just a small corner of this world, a continent in a huge ocean, I heard that there are other continents across the distant ocean, unfortunately, our world is not easily accessible, so since ancient times, almost no one has been able to successfully cross the vicious ocean to other continents."

"Oh, I see."

"You guys wait here while I head back up the hill and see what's going on."


Tang Zichen sneaked into the Divine Dragon Mountain to find out what was going on first, because the last time the Martial Master had invited Tang Zichen, he had disappeared for two months, and he didn't know if the Martial Master was furious.

Tang Zichen came to a back mountain of the Divine Dragon Sect, where Little Sister usually liked to practice martial arts.

Sure enough, Little Sister was practicing martial arts here right now, and, clearly absent-minded.

"Little Senior Sister."Tang Zichen shouted in a low voice.

"Who."Little Sister turned around and saw Tang Zichen hiding behind a rock.

"Ah, Brother Feng."


; "Brother Wind, where have you been?"Little Sister was busy running over.

"Little Sister, nothing has happened in the Jianghu these two months I've been missing, right?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Brother Feng, how could you do that and run away without saying a word."

"Alright, Little Sister, I didn't expect that either.I didn't go to the Martial Lord's banquet, did the Martial Lord say anything?"

Little Sister said, "Brother Feng, you didn't go to the Martial Master's banquet, the Martial Master was furious, and, the Martial Master said that you colluded with the Demon Sect, and now the people of the Jianghu are looking for you to kill them."

"I'm going, how despicable."Tang Zichen was furious, in fact Tang Zichen had guessed this result, the ally must have thought that he had run away with the 'Ancient Magic Treasure', so it was very likely that he would have to find an excuse to arrest Tang Zichen, the best excuse was nothing more than colluding with the Demon Sect.

"What about our division?Didn't suffer anything, did you?"

Little Sister said, "Not yet, but the Martial Forest Alliance Master has asked us, Divine Dragon Sect, to hand you over within two months, otherwise, he'll call a Martial Forest Conference then to denounce our Divine Dragon Sect."


"Brother Feng, you should hurry to find the Master and hand over the magic treasures to the Master."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, I can't go to the palm master."


"Little Sister, our Master, is not a selfless person, if we give him the magic treasure, he might not be willing to take it out and take it for himself, in that case, the Martial Alliance would be even more unlikely to stop, and at that time, our Divine Dragon Sect would suffer an even greater calamity instead.Currently, I'm probably the only one in this righteous alliance who can keep a normal mind towards this magic treasure."

"Brother Feng, what do you want?"

"I'll go to the Martial Master and present the magic treasure with both hands, so that the matter in the Jianghu about me colluding with the Demon Sect will definitely become a misunderstanding."

"Brother Feng, no."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Little sister, you know what you want to say, and you also feel that this ancient magic treasure is very precious and cannot be given to others, it must be given to the sect to deal with.However, you have to think about it, now in the Jianghu Lake, everyone is hunting for me and looking for me, do you really think that it's because the Martial Master said that I colluded with the Devil Sect?Wrong, it must be that the other sects have also heard that I have a magic weapon, but they are just going along for the ride and coming to me in the name of colluding with the Demon Sect.So, the rivers and lakes scourge regarding this flying weapon has already happened, and now that I have given the flying weapon to the Martial Alliance Master, all the sects will naturally target the Alliance Master, and no one in our Divine Dragon Sect will care about it, or even if I am really colluding with the Demon Sect or not."

"But, that magic treasure of yours, it's so precious, how can you give it to someone else, our master has said that if he finds you, he must give it to the head of our Divine Dragon Sect, so that our head can defeat the Martial Forest Alliance Master and become the new Alliance Master, and our Divine Dragon Sect can also turn over a new leaf and become the leader of the righteousness of the Martial Forest."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Sorry, I still don't want to follow the palmistress."

"Why."Little Sister was very uncomprehending.

Tang Zichen was very determined in his heart, because if he gave it to the palace master, then the Divine Dragon School would be caught in a vortex of competition, and the many disciples of the Divine Dragon School would surely encounter many disasters, all it would do was to benefit the palace master alone.A mere flying machine was simply not worth it, Tang Zichen could give the palace master a flying machine for free in another three years, so why rush?

"Alright, I'm off to find the Martial Master and give him my flying machine."

"You're crazy."Little Sister pulled at Tang Zichen, unable to understand.


Tang Zichen could only say, "Alright, Sister, to be honest, I can take out a few hundred of these flying machines in another three years."

"What?"Little Sister was greatly shocked.

"Oh, this flying tool, it's not a magic treasure, it's a flying tool brought back from another world, these two months I disappeared, I've already gone to another world and asked them to mass produce a few hundred for me, to be delivered in three years.When three years have passed, all the strongest members of our Divine Dragon Sect, each of us can wear one, now this one, let's give it to the Martial Lord, let's not get involved in this strife."

"Heavens, the other world is too incredible, isn't it?"

"Keep this a secret beforehand, don't ever spread it out, especially to the devil, if the devil knows, they can go straight to the other world, the entrance is exactly in the devil's bottomless abyss."

"Mmhmm, I would never say that.However, you can't just leave like that, you have to go and explain it to the Master, otherwise the Master will be angry and expel you from the sect."

Tang Zichen thought about it, since he had already told his little sister, he didn't care if he told one more person.

"Just as well."

Tang Zichen immediately went to the palm master and told him the same thing.

The palm master said, "You gave the only flying machine to the Martial Master, what about yourself?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Master Master Teacher, I'll just forget about it myself." Remember the website

The headmaster said, "No, you that, give it to me, I don't care if what you say is true or not, I want it now, why wait three years."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Sorry, I have to give this to the ally."

"Wind Lightning, you want to rebel against the Head Master's orders?The flying machine is worth far more to me than it is to you, and if given to me, the Martial Master may not be a match for me, and I will have the potential to become the new Martial Master."

Tang Zichen sighed, all that said, the palm still wanted to be an ally master at heart.

Tang Zichen said, "I've decided to give it to the ally master, this thing is just a disaster now, I don't want the Divine Dragon Sect to suffer as a result."

"Then I'll kill you."

Tang Zichen trembled inside.

"Wind Lightning, your main goal right now is to have a good quiet comprehension, step into the Ancestral Master as soon as possible, give me the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure."

"Master Teacher, I've already said that it's impossible to give it to you, after three years, I'll give you one, and if I give it to you now, aren't you afraid of taking our Divine Dragon Sect into an abyss of doom?"

"Hmph, I possess a magic treasure, I can even ignore the Martial Forest Master, what am I afraid of."

Tang Zichen said, "Even if you can beat the Martial Forest Master, but don't forget, the various sects in the Jianghu Lake all have the existence of head elders and ancestral masters, do you think you can really take it for yourself?"

"Hmph, the Head Master and the Ancestor Master, have long since ignored the affairs of the world, besides, we can talk about such matters later."

"I'm sorry, Master Master Palm, in three years, I'll give it to you, not now."After saying that, Tang Zichen activated his flying machine and flew out of the palace in the blink of an eye.

"You."The Head Master was furious, but, couldn't catch up with Tang Zichen at all.

"Wind Lightning, how dare you eat the inside out."The headmaster was furious.

Tang Zichen flew in the sky and headed straight for the Inkstone Mountain Sect, the sect where the Martial Master was.

In half a day, Tang Zichen arrived at the Inkstone Mountain Sect.

"Wind Lightning, you colluded with the Devil Sect and still dare to come to the Inkstone Mountain Sect."A strong man from the Yanshan Sect immediately shouted after discovering Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Notify the Alliance Master immediately, and tell him that I've come to find him and go immediately, otherwise any consequences will be borne by you."

"Uh."The other party hesitated and went to inform the Martial Alliance Master.

Tang Zichen soon met our ally master.

"Wind Lightning, you actually

Natural took the initiative to come to me."The ally looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, very confused.

Tang Zichen said, "Allied Master, I came here today for an important matter."

"What is it?"

"Why does the Alliance Master need to ask knowingly, of course it's about the Flying Heavenly Dharma Treasure."

"If that's the case, then why don't you hand over the Flying Heavenly Dharma Treasure."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Allied Master, I can't hand it over to you right now."

"If you don't hand it over to me, then what are you coming to me for?Aren't you afraid I'll leave you behind?"

"Yeah?Then the Alliance Master might as well try to see if he can leave me behind."

The Martial Ally moved instantly and rushed towards Tang Zichen, attempting to capture him.

However, no matter how fast he was, his movements and speed were not as fast as the reaction of the flying machine, and the flying machine's radar emitted radio waves that reflected back information, and as soon as the ally was more than twenty meters away from him, the flying machine immediately activated and ejected.

Our ally didn't manage to capture Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Allied Master, don't waste your energy, you can't catch me."

When the alliance master saw that Tang Zichen's flying machine was really so ungodly, he became even more excited inside and wanted to take possession of it even more.

"Wind Lightning, if you don't hand over your magic treasure, you definitely won't be able to establish yourself in the Jianghu unless you want to become an outlaw forever."

"Alliance Master, don't get excited, I came to find you this time to give you this flying weapon, but what, I have to give you the magic treasure in front of all the righteous alliances, so that everyone will know that I don't have it on me and won't come looking for me."

"Uh, is that true?"

"Of course it's true, if you want the Flying Bird Magic Treasure, then hurry up and gather the major factions."

"Good, come, immediately send flying birds to send the major factions to the Inkstone Mountain Sect."


Tang Zichen said, "Alright, then wait for all the major factions to arrive and I'll give you the flying bird."

"Wind Lightning, if you lie to me, then don't blame me for being rude, although you can escape, your division can't escape."

"Don't worry, I don't have time to lie to you."

Tang Zichen flew away.

Tang Zichen came to a city at random, but as soon as he reached the city gates, he saw a notice that wanted him, saying that he had colluded with the devil.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to disguise himself first and stay in a restaurant, waiting for the ally to summon all the people from the various sects.

Tang Zichen lay on his bed, feeling a bit depressed, "I should have known, don't tell the Master Teacher Uncle, but now it's good that I have offended the Master Teacher Uncle instead, in fact, I should have known that the Master Teacher Uncle is an ambitious person, such a person can't be trusted."

Half a month later, the headmasters and other powerful people from all the major sects headed to the Yanshan School, as this time it was about the flying machine, so almost every headmasters from every sect came, which showed how precious the flying machine was to all the major sects.

One of the reasons Tang Zichen didn't want to give the head of the Divine Dragon Sect, one of the reasons was because of the Demon Sect, the Demon Sect would definitely also hit this flying machine, if the flying machine was in the hands of the Divine Dragon Sect, the Divine Dragon Sect really wouldn't have a quiet day, most likely, it would also have a conflict with Mu Qianji's father, the Demon Sect Master, in that case, why not give the flying machine to the ally and let them fight.

At this moment, in the main hall of the Yanshan Sect, powerful people from all factions were gathered together.

"Where is Wind Lightning?"

"He said he'd show up when all the major factions arrived."

"Now that all the major factions are here, won't he appear.Regarding the matter of the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, today everyone must make a decision on which faction will keep it."The head of one of the sects said.

"Right, today we must discuss which sect is better to keep."

"Hmph."The Martial Alliance Master snorted softly.


Just at this moment, a man outside shouted, "Wind Lightning is here."

Suddenly, inside the main hall, people from various sects stood up immediately, including the head of the Divine Dragon Sect and others, but his face was one of anger .

Tang Zichen shouted from outside, "Seniors, let's talk narrowly inside."

Everyone walked out of the main hall and saw Tang Zichen standing in mid-air at a glance.

"Wind Lightning, hand over the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, it's not yours."The head of a sect immediately shouted.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Daoist Qing Hua, if it's not mine, then whose is it?"

"This is the world's, you don't have the right to take it for yourself, I advise you to hand it over, the heads of all the sects are here today, so let's also discuss together who to give the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure to."The strong man from another sect said.

"Hahaha, although I don't agree with your reasoning, but I don't bother theorizing with you today, I came here today to hand over the magic treasure to one of the strongmen, but I don't know who to give it to yet."

"Of course it's to be handed over to our Liang Shan Sect for safekeeping."

"Bullshit, it should be our Huanshan Sect."

"Let's all stop arguing, the custody of the Martial Lord is most suitable." One second to remember to read the book

At this time, the head of the Divine Dragon School, Song Dingtian, said, "Wind Lightning, if you are still a member of our Divine Dragon School, then I advise you to give me the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, otherwise, I will expel you from the school."

Tang Zichen said, "Master Teacher, why are you bitterly pressuring me, this Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure is owned by the people of the world, so naturally we should gather everyone together and we should discuss the ownership of the magic treasure."


The rest of them, however, shouted, "Wind Lightning did the right thing."

"Yes, Wind Lightning is really a sensible child, and if it were anyone else, it would have been handed over directly to the division."

"It should be brought out and let everyone deliberate before deciding on the attribution."

Everyone praised Tang Zichen's actions, but inside, they were ridiculing Wind Lightning for being so stupid.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, now I'll explain how to use this Flying Heavenly Magic, press the button here and the Flying Heavenly Magic can immediately fly, the direction of flight can be mastered by yourself, I'll demonstrate it to you now."Tang Zichen immediately demonstrated, and everyone looked at Tang Zichen's Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure with burning eyes.

Tang Zichen added, "Now, I will take the Flying Magic Treasure to the ally for now, and then, you all can discuss who to give it to for safekeeping, so I won't participate in the discussion.By the way, the Flying Magic Treasure is very fragile, so don't let it get damaged in the slightest, or it will be scrapped."

Tang Zichen relieved the flying magic treasure and everyone stared at the flying magic treasure in his hand.

Tang Zichen threw the flying weapon directly at the Martial Forest Master.

The Martial Forest Master immediately greeted it and caught it, while at the same time, where the other sects were willing, they also rushed up to grab it.

For a moment, the scene was chaotic as all the sects fought.

By the time the Martial Alliance Master completely snatched the flying machine a few minutes later, the flying machine was already shattered.

The alliance master grabbed the flying machine and bellowed, "Whoever dares to come back up, don't blame me."

This roar made the rest of the sects not dare to come up again, and now that the flying machine was completely in the hands of the alliance master, the likelihood of trying to snatch it again was too low.

The alliance master this

Only then did he pick up the flying device in his hand and saw several cuts broken.

The ally was annoyed, Tang Zichen had said that this flying magic treasure must not be broken in any way, and now that several cuts were broken, there was no telling what would happen.

The rest of them also saw the gaping holes, but the rest of them thought differently, they hoped that the flying magic treasure was scrapped, and since they couldn't get it, no one should have it.

The ally carried the flying magic treasure on his shoulder, and in full view of everyone, he carefully pressed the start button.

"Swoosh."The flying machine sent the ally into the sky in the blink of an eye.

"Wow."The ally was stunned, he felt like blinking and he was lying on a cloud, so high, so high from the ground, he was standing so high for the first time in his life, and the ally had apparently forgotten Tang Zichen's words, that the flight direction controlled itself.When the ally rushed onto the cloud, he was so excited that he forgot to control the direction, as a result, but his body flew higher and higher, so high that it was far above the white clouds.

At this time, the ally felt the air became thin, and the clouds were going very, very down below, breathing a bit smoothly.

In a panic, the ally pressed the start button, which turned off the engine.

So the ally's body began to fall again in an emergency.

"Ahhhh."The ally shrieked as he fell to the ground.

His first time using a high-tech product, his hands and feet were too busy to know what to do.

Just as the ally felt like he was about to fall to the ground when his body was falling very fast, his hands hurriedly pressed at the start button again.

As a result, the ally, because this time his body was upright, was propelled by a tremendous pushing force, clamoring to propel the ally for the front.

However, thousands of meters ahead happened to be a cliff of the Yanshan School.

"Ah."The ally was scared silly, in a rush, he simply forgot to change direction, subconsciously unfastened the buckle of the aircraft, the body of the ally's good aircraft separated at once, and this time, also has crashed into the cliff rock wall.

"Bang."The flying machine crashed into the cliff, and the ally, although the clasp was undone in a thousand moments, but because of the strong inertia, his body also crashed into the stone wall, and the ally's entire body crashed into the pit of the stone wall, living and dying.

Not long after, the people from the other sects who had been observing from the ground rushed over.

"Ally Master, Ally Master."

When everyone saw the crash of the flying machine, they were both sorry and happy, sorry that such a good flying treasure was destroyed, and happy that everyone didn't get it.

The ally was buckled off the stone wall and was already unconscious, everyone rushed to help save the ally and finally held onto one of the ally's lives.

However, everyone knew that the life of the ally master was saved, but the person, I'm afraid, was completely useless, everyone was sorry on the surface, but inside they felt quite happy, this is the end of trying to monopolize ah.

Song Dingtian, the head of the Divine Dragon Sect, also had a strange expression at the moment, there was a feeling that could not be explained.

Tang Zichen, at this moment, had already left the Inkstone Mountain Sect.

After throwing the flying machine to the ally, Tang Zichen immediately ran away while everyone was fighting chaotically, so he didn't know everything that happened to the ally after that.Anyway, after the people in the Jianghu learned that he had given the flying machine to the ally, they wouldn't come looking for him, and he could clear his mind and study the martial arts.

However, Tang Zichen would never have thought to his death that the ally would find an air crash while flying and end up barely saving his breath, but it had been completely ruined.


Half a day later, in the Inkstone Mountain Sect, the Allied Master's residence.

Many sects stood waiting at the door, although the alliance master's life was saved, he hadn't woken up until now, and the Ancestor of the Ink Mountain Sect was being rescued inside the room.

The people from each sect didn't dare to leave first and waited outside the door, this was a major event for the Martial Alliance when such an incident happened to the Martial Alliance Master.

A strong man of the Divine Dragon School said to the head master, "Brother palm master, the alliance master is now useless, this matter Yanshan School will definitely not stop ah, this must be someone responsible for this matter ah, this flying machine was given to him by Wind Lightning, Wind Lightning is our Divine Dragon School, will our Divine Dragon School be alright ah?"

Song Dingtian said, "Everyone heard, I've already said it in public, expel him from the sect, what business is it of ours, if the Inkstone Mountain Sect wants to find him, go find Wind Lightning, what business is it of the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Right, if you want to find him, go find him."

Soon after, the Martial Alliance Master woke up and opened his eyes.

"Ally Master, you're awake."

"Me, me, me."

"Alliance Master, after carrying the Flying Magic Treasure, you rushed up into the sky and flew everywhere, and finally crashed into a cliff, it was the combined efforts of the strongest of the major factions that saved your life, just now the Liu Gang Master of the Inkstone Mountain Sect came, but unfortunately he left again."

"Unfortunately gone again?What do you mean?"The ally felt a bad premonition. First URL

A Ancestral Master of the Yanshan School said, "Brother Allied Master, you have to hold on, you're saving your life now, but your muscles and bones are completely shattered, you're already, useless, and you can only lie in bed unable to move."

"What."The ally tried to raise his hand, and sure enough, couldn't feel his whole body hand or foot anymore, only his brain still felt it.

"No, no, no."The alliance master hissed, and the strong men of the various sects waiting outside, hearing the roar, ran in, only to see the alliance master lying on the bed screaming in pain.

One person asked, "Ally Master, what's going on?Why is it that Wind Lightning was fine using the Flying Magic, but when you used it, it flew in a flurry and you're going to end up crashing into a cliff."

"I, I, I don't know."The ally's head was blank, all he knew was that he had found himself flying very, very high, and when the white clouds were all very, very down, he completely panicked, and didn't know how to control the direction, but also pressed randomly, and in the end tragedy happened.

The head of one sect said, "There is absolutely no problem with this flying magic, before he gave it to you, Wind Lightning has already demonstrated it in public."

The head of another sect said, "Yes, there is no problem with the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure, and when the ally tried to fly, he was clearly busy in the sky, so I wonder if there could be something wrong with the ally himself."

One of the Ancestor realm powerhouses of the Inkstone Mountain Sect said, "That's impossible, how could there be a problem with the Alliance Master, right, when Wind Lightning gave the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure to the Alliance Master, all of your major factions came up to grab it, and in the end, I found out that the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure broke several gaps, that must be the reason, that must be the reason why something like this happened to the Alliance Master, it must be the reason why your major factions grabbed it."

People from all the major factions snorted, "Although our major factions robbed caused a few gaps, the flying machine is obviously still able to fly, which means that those gaps will not affect the flight, it can only mean that the ally's own operation went wrong, everyone is not a fool, when the ally flies in the sky, it bumps around like a headless fly, it can't even control the basic direction, who else can we blame.


"Pair of teams, banging around like headless flies, that's what led to crashing into the cliff, I think, this is caused by the ally master himself, can't blame anyone."

The strong man of the Yanshan Sect said angrily, "The ally master is now useless, this matter, our Yanshan Sect will never let up, at least someone has to come out and take responsibility for this matter."

The people from the major factions were silent, it seemed obvious that it must be the Divine Dragon Sect, or Wind Lightning, who came out to take charge.

A strong man from the Yanshan Sect looked at Song Dingtian of the Divine Dragon Sect and said, "Master Song, Feng Qingyun is a member of your Divine Dragon Sect, and now that the ally is injured like this, your Divine Dragon Sect is definitely not out of the loop."

Song Dingtian snorted, "I'm sorry that the ally master is injured like this, but what does this matter have to do with the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Isn't it enough that Wind Lightning is a member of your Divine Dragon Sect?"

"Hahaha, funny, I'm sure you all heard it before, Wind Lightning doesn't want to give the Flying Heavenly Magic Treasure to his division, but rather to bring it out for you to discuss who will keep it, because of this, I've already said in public, expel him from the division, he's no longer a disciple of the Divine Dragon Sect.Alright, if you want someone to take charge, then go ahead and find him, don't involve our Divine Dragon Sect, we are not soft, if you Yanshan Sect dare to touch a single hair of the Divine Dragon Sect, then you can blame us for being rude, hmph, goodbye."Song Dingtian flung his sleeves and walked away.

"You you you."The strongest man of the Yanshan Sect was furious when he saw Song Dingtian with such a tone, but he was helpless, the strongest man of the Yanshan Sect, the ally, had been ruined, and Song Dingtian was clearly much more arrogant.

The other major factions also took their leave.

Thus far, a good Flying Magic Treasure Conference had turned into a tragedy.

Tang Zichen had only wanted to throw the flying machine, a hot potato, to the ally, who knew it would be like this.

Right now, Tang Zichen was drinking in a restaurant in a city.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I didn't give the flying machine to Master Master, I'm afraid I won't be treated well when I return to Divine Dragon Mountain.It's just that I'm not going back to Divine Dragon Mountain, I gave the Flying Device to the Alliance Master, I just want to end up in peace, study the martial arts and prepare to impact the Master's realm.Returning to the Divine Dragon Mountain is not welcomed, so I'll find a quiet place to practice martial arts."

Tang Zichen was ready to find a quiet place to calmly impact the Ancestor Realm, ever since he had taken the Swift Sacred Brain last time, Tang Zichen felt that the Ancestor Realm was not far away from him.

"Stop, don't run, stop."

That night, Tang Zichen stayed at the inn, late at night, on the roof opposite the inn, a shout came from a group of government constables, chasing a masked flower picker, the flower picker was carrying a yellow flower lady on his shoulders, the yellow flower lady was rolled up with a blanket.

"Well?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

That flower picking thief was very strong, he probably had the Unity Realm Great Perfection, but that constable, however, was not as strong.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Flower picking thief, there are so many girls in the brothel who don't go, so you have to go and strengthen the yellow flower lady."

Tang Zichen leapt and caught the flower-picking thief in a flash.

"Who are you?Why meddle?"That flower picking thief looked at Tang Zichen furiously.

Tang Zichen said, "I am Wind Lightning, you have disturbed my sleep."


"Windy, hmm, you still dare to sleep here, don't you know that you're in big trouble?"

"Uh, I'm in big trouble?What do you mean?"

"I advise you to let go of me."

"What if I don't?"

"Don't let go, huh, you'd better worry about your own little life, you still have a mind for my business."

"Why should I worry about my own little life?"

"You don't know?Do you know what this place is?"

"Eternal Security City."

"Do you know which faction administers the area of Eternal Security City?It's our Yanshan Sect, and you still dare to be so free in our Yanshan Sect's territory."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why can't I get away with it."

"Wind Lightning, you wait, the strong men of our Yanshan Sect will definitely hunt you down." Remember the website

"Hahaha, ridiculous, I didn't do anything to hunt me down."

"You really don't know."

Tang Zichen said impatiently, "Say, what am I supposed to know?"

"Hmph, this morning, you killed the head of our Inkstone Mountain Sect, the Martial Master."

"Uh, a bunch of nonsense, I gave him the flying machine and didn't appreciate me for it, and then said that I killed him."

"It's because you gave him the flying machine that our ally master accidentally crashed into a mountain during his test flight and became an invalid, this matter, our Yanshan Sect will not let up."

Tang Zichen was stunned there at first, what was this with?Hit the mountain?

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing, it was a kind of mockery, I've never seen such a stupid person in the world, giving him a flying machine, but he actually crashed into a mountain and turned himself into a cripple, in the end, he still blamed Tang Zichen for giving him a flying machine.

"Ridiculous, you're stupid and you're still blaming me."

"Anyway, it was you who gave him the flying machine, so who are you looking for if not you."

At this time, the constable who came after him caught up and shouted, "This friend, I don't care who you are, you dare to pick flowers in our Yongan City, do you want to die?Do you know that Yongan City is under the jurisdiction of the Yanshan Sect, and that the lord of our Yongan City is a Zongshi realm powerhouse of the Yanshan Sect, who is the uncle of the current Martial World Master."

The flower picking bandit immediately took off the mask from his face and snorted, "Do you know who I am then?I'm also a disciple of the Inkstone Mountain Sect, and my master is still the deputy head, hmph."

"What? It's you."


"Yes."Those constables saw that the flower-picking bandit was a highly respected disciple of the Yanshan Sect, where they dared to pursue and ran away in ashes.

Tang Zichen snorted, "A disciple of the Yanshan Sect, what an eye-opener for me, coming down the mountain myself to be a flower-picking thief."

"I'm happy to do so, how about it, Wind Lightning, you'd better care about yourself.Now that the ally master has become an invalid, the deputy head of our Yanshan Sect will definitely be promoted to the new head, which means that my master will become the new head, my master has said that he will definitely not let you go, and give an account to the ally master uncle, as well as to the righteousness alliance.You actually still have the heart to meddle with me, hmph."After saying that, the man bent down and picked up the woman trapped in the quilt on the ground, ready to take away a refreshing moment.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Still want to leave?"

"What?Are you trying to stop me?This Yongan City is under the jurisdiction of our Yanshan Sect, I am picking flowers in our own place.I've been thinking about it, you've been expelled from the Divine Dragon Sect, and today your leader, Song Dingtian, has announced in public that you no longer belong to the Divine Dragon Sect, and that you are now a widow.

A dog of the family, no one will help you, wait to be hunted down by the strongest of our Yanshan Sect, hahaha."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed deeply, if the ally really crashed into the mountain and wasted, then the head of the Divine Dragon Sect would definitely expel him for the sake of the safety of the Divine Dragon Sect, in fact Tang Zichen didn't give the flying machine to Song Dingtian, he even threatened to expel him from the sect, so this matter wasn't a surprise.

"Hmph, it's you who will die first, you scum, as a disciple of the Yanshan Sect, you don't properly maintain law and order within the jurisdiction of the Yanshan Sect, and you're even burglarizing yourself, running down the mountain to become a flower picker yourself."

"Wind Lightning, I advise you not to mind your own business."The other party was furious when he saw that Tang Zichen wouldn't let him go.

Generally speaking, every city would have an official government to manage the city's law and order, except that the official government was under the jurisdiction of a sect, and the sect would also send some strong people who were not very successful to become city lords, as well as some disciples who were not very successful to become constables or something.To put it simply, in this world, the various sects were equivalent to the various countries, but, here, martial arts were heavy, everyone focused on martial arts, and no one chased any power.

"Hmph, go die."Tang Zichen stabbed his sword into his opponent's throat, and he died on the roof.

Tang Zichen used his sword to stain his blood, and on the quilt that bound the beautiful woman, he wrote a few words to the effect that the disciples of the Ink Mountain Sect were overseeing the theft, and Wind Lightning happened to see it, and went out to help the Ink Mountain Sect clean up the mess.

Then, Tang Zichen flew away with the woman who had just been trapped in the quilt.

The woman was still wearing only her pajamas and had been in a comatose state.

Tang Zichen didn't know where the woman's home was, so he had to take him to his inn room and leave her on the bed.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to wake her up, but was alone in his thoughts.

The news he had just received was too shocking for Tang Zichen.The Martial Master had crashed into a mountain and wasted, which really left him speechless.

However, it had already happened, the Yanshan Sect would never stop here, or else they would be laughed at by the people of the rivers and lakes, so they would definitely send someone to hunt Tang Zichen down.

Tang Zichen said depressingly, "I wanted to seek a clean slate, but instead, it's even worse, it looks like I'll have to leave tonight, this is under the jurisdiction of the Yanshan Sect, I'd better go farther away.Fortunately, I hid my flying machine in Yongan City beforehand, so it's easy to leave."

At that moment, the woman who had been brought by the flower-picking bandit woke up.

"Ah, who are you?"

Tang Zichen turned around and looked at her.

The woman was stunned there when she saw such a handsome man.

Tang Zichen said, "You were taken away by the flower picking bandit, I saved you, girl, since you've woken up, you can leave on your own."

"You're the Flower Picking Thief?"

Tang Zichen said depressingly, "I'm not."

The woman was completely oblivious to what Tang Zichen was saying, and looked like she was obsessed, and said happily, "Hehehe, you're a flower-picking thief, this, this is great."

Tang Zichen said again, "Sorry, girl, I'm not a flower-picking thief, I saved you."

But the woman took off her nightgown and said, "Come on, pick me."

"Miss, please take care of yourself."

"Come pick me me, you're so handsome, I like you so much, hee hee hee."

Tang Zichen huffed, "Nuts."

Tang Zichen picked up a backpack from the table, leaped and flew away.

That girl was busy jumping to the window and shouted, "Pick me, why don't you pick me, didn't you say you were a flower picker?"

Tang Zichen was in mid-air, flying away with a swoosh on his back.


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