Dish Best Served Cold 216-220


Chapter 216

But actually, what made Suzy feel even more indignant was, wasn't it just that Ye Fan saw a few antiques, so why would so many people suck up to him?

  In order to get on board with Ye Fan, his own father had given her, his daughter, away.

  Now even the president of the Antique Players Association, the respected old master Gu, not only lowered himself to be Ye Fan's teacher, but also prepared to introduce his granddaughter to Ye Fan.

  Now seeing the poor country boy she despised and despised before receiving such generous treatment, of course Su Xi feels bad?

  She hadn't even enjoyed this kind of treatment.

  But for Suzy's indignation, Ye Fan was simply too lazy to care, he still cared about his wife the most.

  "Mu Orange~"Ye Fan looked at Qiu Mu Orange and smiled hehehe.

  Qiu Mu Orange but glared at him, huffed angrily, "Don't call out to me, go find that college student, people are still 0.00 and can still be disciplined."

  Qiu Mu Orange's words clearly had a bit of jealousy in them, she was really going to be pissed off today.

  Suzy's matter was already giving her enough of a headache, but now good thing, another person came out to miss Ye Fan.And it seemed that this one was an even bigger threat, still 0.00 and still able to be disciplined.

  Ye Fan quickly explained, "Mu Orange, don't be angry, wasn't I just laying off him, if I didn't say that, that old thing wouldn't have continued to pester me to take him as my disciple."

  Hearing Ye Fan's explanation, the resentment in Qiu Mu Orange's heart only went down by three points, then looked at Suzy, "Suzy, looking at what you've done, I see what you're going to do next?"

  Suzy was also full of bitterness, "Mu Orange, don't blame me, I know I was wrong.Don't worry, I'll explain on my father's side, as for your wimpy husband, I definitely won't steal it from you."

  "It's not like you don't know, the person I'm going to marry is Mr. Chu.A redneck like Ye Fan is not my type at all."

  "Even if I, Suzy, don't get married and end up alone for the rest of my life, I won't marry someone like him."

  Suzy comforted Qiu Mu Orange for a while, apologizing and explaining, and the matter was only revealed by Fang.

  "Brother Fan, Brother Fan, I can find you."

  At this time, a panting voice suddenly came from the front.

  When Ye Fan and the others looked up, they saw Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, but they were sweating profusely and hurriedly ran over.After seeing Ye Fan, they were suddenly filled with joy.

  It looked like these two had been looking for Ye Fan.

  "What's wrong?"

  "What's the matter?"Ye Fan frowned slightly and couldn't help but wonder.

  Shen Fei, however, smiled, "Brother Fan, it's nothing, I just want to take you for a walk.There's a jade exhibition on the ninth floor of the clubhouse later, it's all good material from Myanmar ah, the chances of it coming out green are very high."

  "Moreover, this jade exhibition is extremely large, it's hard to meet for many years."

  "Now that I've met it, of course I can't miss it."

  "That's why I've come to invite Brother Fan to go over for a walk and have some fun."

  Shen Fei was full of flattering smiles, his whole body was enthusiastic, and he couldn't stop talking to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan, however, lightly laughed, "You guy, you speak beautifully.I think you want to call me over, help you palm your eyes and pick jade, right?"

  Ye Fan wasn't an idiot, if this Shen Fei didn't have something to ask for, why would he be so attentive?

  Having been seen through by Ye Fan, Shen Fei didn't feel embarrassed and still smiled, "Surely everything can't be hidden from Brother Fan?"

  "I lost tens of millions of dollars gambling with the company's money last time, and I'm counting on this time to salvage it and patch up the loophole, otherwise my dad would have to kill me if he knew."

  "Brother Fan, for the sake of our friendship for so many years, will you help me this time?"With a bitter face and a pitiful look, Shen Fei started begging Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan, however, puffed his shoulders and still smiled lightly, "Isn't there already a knowledgeable expert by Young Master Shen's side?Wouldn't it be superfluous to come back to me again?"

  "When I bought that blue and white porcelain in the Eight Treasures Pavilion just now, I can remember that this brother was confident, and he looked like a high-ranking person who knew his stuff."

  "After all, a high artist is bold, isn't he?"

  Ye Fan could remember that before in the Eight Treasures Pavilion, this Han Shao Jie did not sarcasm himself.

  Now the wheel of wind and water, Ye Fan naturally will not be polite, will just Han Shao Jie's sarcasm of himself, but the original back.

  Ye Fan's words caused Han Shao Jie's face to blush.

  However, Han Shaojie was not a narrow-minded person, but at this time, he took a step forward, but apologized to Ye Fan and said, "Brother Fan, what happened before was my fault, it was my Han Shaojie who was not as skilled as others, and made a joke and offended Brother Fan.I also hope that Brother Fan can forgive."

  "Brother Fan's treasure appraisal, he didn't even need to get his hands on the treasure, he knocked that Eight Treasures Pavilion's Boss Yang to his knees with just the naked eye.This kind of eyesight is truly an eye-opener for brother me and is beyond my reach."

  "To Brother Fan, I, Han Shaojie, am already convinced."

  "In front of Brother Fan, where else would I dare to call myself a superior?"

  Han Shao Jie was filled with shame and sweat, and he even said.It was obvious that Ye Fan's skills from the morning's events had undoubtedly completely convinced Han Shaojie.The current him only had one word of conviction for Ye Fan.

  Han Shaojie's coolness was rather appreciated by Ye Fan.

  "Forget it, it's all trivial, let's just reveal everything that happened before, I won't care."

  "But I really don't know anything about gambling stones, so you've obviously got the wrong person for asking me to palm the eyes.It's better to quickly go find someone else to help."

  Ye Fan waved his hand, but used this as an excuse to reject Shen Fei's invitation.

  But after hearing Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly asked, "So, you really know how to appreciate antique calligraphy and paintings?"

  Ye Fan still shook his head: "I've told you, I don't know anything about treasure hunting."

  Qiu Mu Orange: "........"

  Shen Fei: "........"


  Ye Fan's words undoubtedly left the crowd speechless once again, and the corners of Shen Fei and the others' eyes were deadly drawn.

  This guy, pretending to be a pusher again?

  Originally, Shen Fei really thought that Ye Fan was ignorant of gambling stones, but now after hearing Ye Fan's words, Shen Fei obviously thought differently.

  Ye Fan said he didn't know anything about antiques, and as a result, he recognized Zhang Daqian's precious calligraphy and painting at a glance.

  Now he said that he knows nothing about gambling stones, so would he not be able to spot a piece of imperial green later?

  Therefore, Shen Fei naturally wouldn't give up even more, he had to ask Ye Fan to palm his eyes today no matter what.Whether he could turn over a new leaf, he could count on Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan was dead set on not going.

  "I told you, I don't know anything about gambling stones, I'm not interested in this."

  "You guys go, go find someone else.I still have to go shopping with my wife."

  Ye Fan was also annoyed by this guy Shen Fei and had already driven him outside.

  "Young Master Shen, this = diamond ring, let's give it back to you."

  "It's too valuable, we can't take it."

  Qiu Mu Orange remembered the ring at this time, so she took it off and prepared to return it to Shen Fei.

  Shen Fei glared at that time, "Sister-in-law, what do you mean?"

  "Looking down on me, Shen Fei?"

  "Where's the reason to take back what I gave to my sister-in-law?!"

  "No no, Young Master Shen, I don't mean to look down on you.It's just that this ring, after all, is your company's property.If you give it to us directly, I'm afraid you won't be able to explain it well on the company's side.As far as I know, there are other people's shares in Shen's jewelry, right?"Qiu Mu Orange whispered.

  Shen Fei, however, waved his hand heroically: "It's fine, I can handle this little thing.It's just a few million, just as if I bought it from the company and gave it to my sister-in-law.The company side, sister-in-law doesn't have to worry."

  "This...It's not good, right?"Qiu Mu Orange still didn't want to accept it.

  At this time, however, Ye Fan came over and slowly said, "Mu Orange, Young Master Shen has said to give it to you, just accept it."

  "That's right, sister-in-law, Brother Fan has spoken, you just accept it."Shen Fei also advised.

  At this time, Ye Fan looked at Shen Fei and continued, "How many floors are the gambling stones you said?Lead the way ahead, and simply stroll around anywhere anyway.Is it okay with you, Mu Orange?"

  "Haha~ Van, you promised?"Shen Fei was so happy and excited that he opened his hand to give Ye Fan a big bear hug.

  But Ye Fan took a step to the left and quickly dodged it: "You guy, what do you want?"


  "No one but my wife can lay a hand on me.Do you hear me?"

  Ye Fan's cold voice, Shen Fei, Han Shaojie and the others laughed unkindly, and the gaze that looked at Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange was clearly a bit nasty.

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face, even more so, blushed with a brush.

  This stinking shameless bastard!


Qiu Mu Orange was close to being pissed off at Ye Fan.

  This guy, still so put together shameless ah, he also has the nerve to say such words?

  Still in front of all these people!

  And besides, when did Miss Benny ever lay a hand on you?

  In shame and anger, Qiu Mu Orange stared at Ye Fan with a fierce glance, that way, it seemed like she was warning Ye Fan and paying attention to his words.

  Ye Fan, however, ignored Qiu Mu Orange's shy anger and took it all as nothing.Afterwards, Ye Fan and the others followed Shen Fei to the jade exhibition hall on the ninth floor of the hall.

  The reason why Ye Fan suddenly changed his mind to help Shen Fei was because of the ring.After all, although this guy Shen Fei was a bit cynical, he was also very good at getting things done.He had helped them out several times before, so Ye Fan simply had to help them out again this time.

  However, Suzy seemed to have something on her mind and was called away by his father halfway.

  Therefore, this time, when they went to the jade exhibition hall, Su Xi did not follow them.

  At this time, Ye Fan and his group had already gotten on the elevator and were going to rush directly to the ninth floor of the club.

  On the seventh floor, however, there were a few people in suits, standing at the entrance of the elevator, chatting while waiting for the elevator to arrive.

  "Yuhao, I heard that this jade exhibition is so big, I guess many well-funded buyers will be there, right?"

  "If you want to shoot the desired stone, I'm afraid you won't be able to avoid a fierce battle."Han Hai spoke in a low voice, worried from the sidelines.

  Sun Yuhao, however, sneered, "A vicious battle?"

  "This jade auction, when it comes down to it, it's still funding that's being spelled out, it's eyesight."

  "In terms of financial abundance, my Sun Group in Jianghai is not weaker than the others, and in terms of vision, we have Li's long eyes."

  "We have everything we need, can we still be stolen by others?"

  As he said this, Sun Yuhao was filled with pride, and a confident smile filled the corners of his mouth.


  "Brother Uho is awesome!"Han Fei Fei, who was on the side, heard such proud words from Sun Yuhao and applauded adoringly.

  Han Hai also nodded his head, "That's right, your Sun Clan started out with jade.This gambling is exactly your strong point, and I'm afraid that the jade exhibition later on will be a special event for you, Yuhao."

  "If you can shine at this jade exhibition, I'm afraid that your name, Yuhao, will then be famous throughout the entire upper class circles of Jiangdong."

  Han Hai and his father and daughter were bragging.This time, the two of them were able to enter this occasion completely because they were in Sun Yuhao's good graces, so of course they were fawning over him.

  However, on top of the pride, some regret emerged on Sun Yuhao's appearance, and he sighed slightly, "So what if it's a big splash?Mu Orange can't see it again."

  "Without a beautiful woman by your side, even if you were to rule the world one day, you would feel extraordinarily dull, right?"

  Originally, Sun Yuhao's plan was to bring Qiu Mu Orange along today, so that she could see her radiant glory and the boldness with which she was throwing money at him.

  At that time, there was still the fear that he wouldn't be able to conquer Qiu Mu Orange?

  However, human plans are not as good as heaven's plans, Sun Yuhao did not expect that Qiu Mu orange's company just happened to have a meeting today, Qiu Mu orange did not have time to come, so naturally he missed Sun Yuhao's glorious moment, thinking of this, Sun Yuhao was naturally a bit lost.

  It seems that he saw Sun Yuhao's depression, but Han Hai then said angrily, "Mu Orange's company is really too much.The Mid-Autumn Festival is not even a holiday.Yuhao, if you really really want Mu Orange to come, I'll call Mu Orange right now and tell her that if she doesn't come, she won't have an uncle like me!"

  However, Sun Yuhao waved his hand and whispered, "Uncle Hai, let's forget it."

  "Mu Orange is an extremely career-minded girl, if you force her to put aside her company affairs to come here, I reckon Mu Orange's impression of me will be even worse, which would go against my original intention."

  "Besides, come what may, this opportunity was missed, just wait for another time."

  "I can see that Mu Orange still has some good feelings for me, she just can't fully accept me yet."

  "However, I have enough patience to wait."

  "Waiting for the peach red to blow the willow green, waiting for the sunset to stain the sky, waiting for the rain when the plum is yellow~"

  Seemingly on a whim, this poem suddenly appeared in Sun Yuhao's mind, and he recited it without even realizing it.

  There was an inexplicable emotion contained within that deep voice, slowly reverberating in this part of the world.

  Han Fei Fei, who was on the side, listened and became insane almost instantly.

  "Brother Yuhao, you are so literary~"

  "If brother Yuhao didn't already have my sister Qiu in his heart, otherwise, I would definitely be pursuing you."Han Fei Fei's eyes glowed, looking at Sun Yuhao with even more adoration.

  Sun Yuhao didn't reply, still slowly chanting, that deep and gentle look, just like a love saint, full of expectation and love, until finally, his lips lightly opened, once again chanting in one word, "Waiting for her to get off work, waiting for...Encounter~"


  The instant Sun Yuhao's words fell, the elevator door in front of him then opened.

  "Brother Yuhao, the elevator is here, let's go up~"

  Seeing the elevator doors open, Han Fei Fei turned her head to call out to Sun Yuhao behind her.

  However, when Sun Yuhao lifted his head to look into the elevator, his originally calm face, however, was instantly flabbergasted, as if his entire body had been struck by thunder, and a pair of pupils then stared at him.

  "Mu...Mu Orange, why are you here?"

  "At this hour, you...Aren't you supposed to be in a meeting at the office?"Sun Yuhao was so shocked that he just screamed out.

  He didn't expect that he just recited a poem in the mood to pretend to be a pose, but when he said he met, he really met!

  Yes, it was Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange and their group that were in the elevator at this time.They originally took the elevator to go to the 9th floor to participate in that jade exhibition, but someone pressed the elevator halfway, so they stopped one floor midway.

  However, what Qiu Mu Orange never expected was that the ones waiting for the elevator on the 7th floor were his uncle Han Hai and the others.

  Sometimes, the world was such a small place.


  Upon seeing Han Hai and the others, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face also reddened in a flash, wailing in shame and pretty embarrassment.

  This is finished!

  Sure enough, when Han Hai and the others saw Qiu Mu Orange appear here, their old faces sank as they immediately questioned, "Mu Orange, what's going on?"

  "I thought you said you didn't have all day today?"

  "Don't you have a one-day meeting?"

  "Why are you here?"

  "And with this poor country boy?"


  "We need an explanation!"

  After the shock, Han Hai was undoubtedly instantly angry.His old face was livid, and he questioned incessantly with anger.

  Originally, he really thought that Qiu Mu Orange was in a meeting, busy, and didn't have time to come out with Sun Yuhao.But Han Hai had never thought that this Niko was lying to them.

  She wasn't even in the company, she wasn't even in a meeting, it was all just an excuse, but to come out to play with Ye Fan, a poor loser from the countryside.


Sun Yuhao was also undoubtedly ugly and livid at this time.Especially when he saw Ye Fan beside Qiu Mu Orange, Sun Yuhao had an ignorant karmic fire burning in his heart!

  Apparently, the moment Sun Yuhao saw Qiu Mu Orange, everything was also instantly understood.

  He had never thought that the woman he fell in love with was lying to him, to her parents, to her uncle, to everyone except for Ye Fan.

  No one could understand Sun Yuhao's feelings at this time, the feeling was as unpleasant as eating a fly.

  Because of the anger, Sun Yuhao's eyes were nearly red.

  "Mu Orange, I invited you out last night, and you excused yourself saying that you had a meeting during the day."

  "I believed it, but what was the result?"

  "Is this what you call a company meeting?"

  "Are you the one you say you don't have time for?"

  "Don't you tell me your company is meeting here, and don't you tell me this redneck is going to be at one of your meetings too?"

  Sun Yuhao was full of self-deprecation, looking at the cold Autumn Mu Orange in front of him and saying coldly.

  No one knew what kind of anger he was suppressing under those words?

  This situation, no matter if it was anyone else, I'm afraid it would be difficult to remain calm.Not to mention, it was someone as proud as Sun Yuhao.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't go out with him, but chose to be with Ye Fan.

  What does this mean?

  This undoubtedly meant that he, Sun Yuhao, was not as good as a poor loser from the countryside.

  He couldn't figure it out, he really couldn't figure it out, what on earth could that hick be capable of?

  Let Autumn Mu Orange, who would rather lie to all of them, come out with him to play.

  Lying was revealed to her, and at this point, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly in a million embarrassments.

  She didn't expect things to be so coincidental, the first time she lied, she was about to be caught by her uncle and the others.

  Qiu Mu Orange was thin-skinned, now that she was questioned by her uncle, she lowered her head, her pretty face flushed with shame, but she didn't know how to explain.

  But Ye Fan saw the situation, but faintly smiled: "Young Master Sun, I say you're really interesting, Mu Orange is the company's CEO, where the meeting, with whom the meeting, what does it have to do with you?I really don't know what you're qualified to say here!"

  "You~"Ye Fan's words, but Sun Yuhao was dumbfounded.

  "You hillbilly, you shut up!My brother Yuhao is talking to sister Qiu, do you have the right to interfere?"Han Fei Fei yelled at Ye Fan.

  In between Han Fei Fei and others yelling, Shen Fei is a little impatient, and suddenly looked at Sun Yuhao and others: "Hey, I say you turtles fidgeting and shouting what ah, also come in or not, this young master still has things to do?"

  At this time, the silent old man who had been following behind Sun Yuhao advised in a low voice, "Young Master, business is important, the jade auction is about to begin."

  Only after hearing the reminder from Old Man Li did Sun Yuhao calm down, suppressing the anger in his heart, and entered the elevator with an iron blue face full of displeasure.

  But what surprised Sun Yuhao was that Ye Fan Qiu Mu Orange and the others were also going to the jade showroom on the ninth floor.

  However, the two groups of people obviously will not travel together, as soon as they entered the exhibition hall, they went their separate ways, Ye Fan, Shen Fei and the others went to the left, while Sun Yuhao and the others went to the right.

  Qiu Mu Orange was standing in the middle, but she didn't know which way to go.

  "Mu Orange, what are you staring at there?"

  "Come with us yet!"

  "You're getting so disrespectful now that you dare to lie to us?"

  "It's a close call."

  "Go back to your mother and I'll tell her to force you to divorce this redneck as soon as possible!"Seeing that Autumn Mu Orange was standing there unmoving, Han Hai was fierce with anger.

  "Yes sister Autumn, brother Yuhao is waiting for you?"Han Fei Fei also called out.

  Ye Fan didn't say anything, just stood on the other side and waited quietly.

  Qiu Mu Orange stood there, torn between left and right.On one side was an elder, on the other was her own husband, but under the tangle, Qiu Mu Orange was biting her red lip with her shell teeth.After a moment, she finally raised her head and apologized to Han Hai and the others, "Uncle, Young Master Sun, I'm sorry.I still have things to do, and I'm really sorry that I can't accompany you guys this time."

  "You~" said Qiu Mu Orange, but it was so angry that Han Hai's liver hurt, his old eyes were about to rage, but Qiu Mu Orange was already running towards the direction where Ye Fan was.

  "This ninny is becoming more and more unruly, she's really angry at me."Han Hai was so angry that he was trembling.

  Sun Yuhao, however, was livid, and his pair of eyebrows had completely sunk, as cold as water.

  Finally, he raised his head and looked forward to Qiu Mu Orange and said in a deep voice, "Mu Orange, today, I'll let you see the huge difference between that poor country boy and me, Sun Yuhao!"

  "I'll be more than happy to let you know that that humble door-to-door son-in-law is worse than an ant compared to me!"

  Morbid words were like a cold wind raging in all directions.

  Sun Yuhao's face was cold, and his gaze towards Ye Fan was already filled with hatred.In the end, he didn't linger any longer and turned around and had already left.

  "Brother Fan, where did this unsightly thing come from, he dared to covet his sister-in-law, I think he doesn't want to live.Do you want me to call out some people to teach him a lesson."Shen Fei looked at Sun Yuhao's departing back, but asked in a deep voice.

  Ye Fan waved his hand, "Just an insignificant little character, no need to pay attention to it.Let's go, take me to see the original stone."

  In the end, Ye Fan was with Qiu Mu Orange and the others, but they strolled through the jade exhibition hall.

  The center of the exhibition hall was already filled with raw stones, and each one had a number on it.

  Many people were surrounding those raw stones, touching and looking at them, vainly trying to see how much chance there was of green among them.

  Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were also itching to see it, so they rushed over to look as well.

  "Brother Fan, let's go, let's go over and touch the stones, take a light and pick a few of our favorite stones."

  "The auction will start later, we don't have much time."

  Shen Fei urged from the side, shouting at Ye Fan to push his way to those counters in the middle.

  The original stones in that location were the most expensive and the best quality, the middlemost pieces were still the finale stones, and whether or not some glass variety emerald treasures could be produced tonight would all depend on these few fast finale stones.

  "No need, I'll just take a look."But Ye Fan said casually.

  "Take a look?Van, this raw stone is not a calligraphy and painting, you can't just look at it, you have to touch it with your hands, listen to it with your ears, and you have to use a light."

  "Hardness, texture, transparent condition and many other factors have to be considered.By no means can you see the green just by looking at it from a distance."Shen Fei's heart went cold at that time when he heard Ye Fan's words.

  Before, he thought that Ye Fan's words were a pretense of modesty, but now it seemed that he really didn't know anything about raw stones.


  This time, Ye Fan couldn't count on it, so it looked like they would have to rely on themselves.

  "Alright, Brother Fan.Just take a casual look by yourself, Shao Jie and I will go over first."

  Shen Fei also didn't hold any hope on Ye Fan's non-preservation anymore, and said a sentence and went to the middle counter with Han Shaojie.


"Ye Fan, you really don't know how to gamble with stones?"

  After Shen Fei and the others left, but Qiu Mu Orange asked from the side in confusion.

  She now found that she was increasingly unable to see Ye Fan, especially in the morning at the Eight Treasures Pavilion, when Ye Fan successively appraised two antiques and bought 200 million ancient paintings for two hundred and fifty dollars, it undoubtedly shook Qiu Mu Orange completely.

  She had been married to Ye Fan for so many years, and she had no idea that Ye Fan still had this kind of talent.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Yes, do you think I'm lying to you?"

  "What about the morning treasure hunt?Are you really a monk?"Qiu Mu Orange continued to pursue the question.

  Ye Fan smiled lightly, "It can't be said that it's all a blindfold, I've just found a little something in the subtleties that others haven't noticed, there's a bit of luck in it.As for this aspect of appraising antiques, I really don't know anything about it."

  The reason why he was able to see the suspicions was due to the improvement of his eyesight by the "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book".

  It was with the help of the Chu family's ancestral inheritance that Ye Fan could see many things that others couldn't see.

  "Really...Is it really just luck?"

  To Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange also believed this, then said, "However, since you don't know anything about gambling stones, then don't talk nonsense for a while.This original stone is easily millions, expensive ones can even reach ten million, if you talk nonsense and pit the young master of the Shen family, the loss our family can't afford to pay."

  Qiu Mu Orange instructed Ye Fan, she was obviously worried that Ye Fan would not be able to pretend to understand and end up screwing Shen Fei and causing trouble for himself.

  "But Ye Fan, I didn't expect that although you're poor, you're quite generous.Two hundred million dollars just to say you're giving it away?"Earlier, when Ye Fan gave that painting worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Su Yuanshan, he undoubtedly deeply shocked Qiu Mu Orange.

  "What's wrong, wife?Don't want to give it up? it's fine, I'll just ask him back again if I really can't."Ye Fan hehehe smiled.

  Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, "What you bought, how you dispose of it is your freedom, I'm just lamenting, you don't need to think too much.Moreover, you did a good job, if it wasn't for Su, you're afraid that you wouldn't have had the life to get that precious painting, you should be thankful to Su."

  "Now, you gave the painting to General Manager Su for nothing, not only did you return the favor, but you also let General Manager Su do you a great favor.The value of this favor may not be less than two hundred million if you use it well."

  Qiu Mu Orange said slowly, but in truth, Ye Fan's previous generous act of giving the painting away had actually made Qiu Mu Orange look at Ye Fan a few times more highly.

  Not to mention whether or not the painting was something that Ye Fan actually saw with his ability, but at least after this incident, it let Autumn Mucange know that Ye Fan was a compassionate and righteous person.

  Between the two of them talking, but there was a sudden uproar in front.

  It looked like those raw stones were ready to be auctioned off.

  Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange both of them also walked over.

  "Young Master Shen, how's the picking going?Is there an original stone you like?"After walking over, Qiu Mu Orange casually asked a few questions.

  Shen Fei ton smiled excitedly, "Brother Fan, sister-in-law, just wait and see, see how brother I get rich this time."

  "The quality of this year's jade is really good."

  "Especially No. 2, No. 6, No. 8, No. 9, these four original stones, Shao Jie just looked at them all, will come out green.Now many people are staring at these pieces of jade, grabbing them is earning them."

  Shen Fei said excitedly, looking at the three original stones in the middle, but his eyes were glowing, as if he was determined to win.

  "Haha, Brother Fan, after I snatch these three pieces of raw stones and earn money to make up for my previous deficit, I will send you and your sister-in-law a few great gifts with the rest of the money."

  In between Shen Fei's whispers, but Ye Fan looked at the three stones Shen Fei was talking about, but shook his head and smiled.


  "Van, what's wrong?"Seeing Ye Fan's reaction, Shen Fei was puzzled.

  Ye Fan returned, "Those three raw stones are the finale at a glance, and the price will definitely be topped up.Even if they were snatched, the profit would be limited, not to mention that they may not be out of green."

  "Instead of shooting these pieces, why don't we focus on that number 11 original stone, I feel like it should be good."

  "Number 11?"Shen Fei looked at it, then shook his head, "Brother Fan, that original stone and I just looked at it, don't look at the head has rubbed out a little green, but in fact, this is a trick of the merchant to confuse people, I guess it's just that little green on the head, the bottom are all stones.Otherwise, why would it just be on the counter in Section B?The really good material is placed in the middle of Zone A as well as Zone S."

  Han Shaojie also echoed, "Yes, Brother Fan.This line of gambling stones is so deep that you should never just look at the surface, or you'll be cheated miserably.You're just starting out, and it's normal to be confused by these little tricks of the merchants.In the future, look more, listen more, buy less, and when you accumulate more experience, you'll be able to avoid many pits."

  Obviously, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie didn't take this stone recommended by Ye Fan to heart.They only thought that Ye Fan was a novice and was confused by the blinders of the business world.

  Qiu Mu Orange also poked Ye Fan in the back, indicating that he should talk less.

  But Ye Fan didn't have the intention to give up, and still said, "If you guys don't believe me and don't want to shoot No. 11, then that's okay, you can help me shoot it later, and you can hold the money for the stone, and when that stone blossoms green, I'll pay you back the money for the stone that is."

  "Brother Fan, it's not that we don't believe you.As long as that's a pit ah, no matter how rich we are, we can't deliberately jump into the pit ah!"Shen Fei was helpless for a while, but Ye Fan still insisted, he had no choice, so he simply agreed to listen to Ye Fan's suggestion and listed the 11th original stone as a candidate as well.

  Anyway, that original stone wasn't expensive, just a million or so, so it was right to throw it away.

  But Shen Fei and Han Shaojie's respect for Ye Fan's heart suddenly faded a little.

  They only felt that Ye Fan was too impetuous, just like a child, and didn't want him to buy it.

  Wait and see, later on the auction down to solve the stone is a piece of scrap, then we will know if what we just persuaded you is true.

  Soon, the jade auction will begin.

  According to the number, one piece of the original jade stone began to be auctioned off.

  When it came to the No. 2 original stone, there were indeed many people bidding for it.

  After all, the No. 2 original stone was one of the finale original stones of the auction, and its quality was extremely good, so it was naturally of great interest, and the starting price alone was six million.

  "Six and a half million!"

  "Seven million~"

  "I'll pay seven hundred and ten million!"


  Soon, under the bidding of the crowd, the price was topped up, and it looked like it was about to break eight million.

  At this time, however, Shen Fei stepped out and proudly said, "Ten million, I, Shen Fei, will pay ten million!"

  A two million dollar price increase at once, and the entire showroom went quiet.

  Many people brushed past.

  Sun Yuhao and the others were naturally no exception.

  "Brother Yuhao, this Shen Fei seems to be with that hillbilly!"

  "Is Sister Autumn there too?"Han Fei Fei saw Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan next to Shen Fei and said at once.

  Sun Yuhao didn't say anything, only his eyebrows were dark, and then he bid, "Fifteen million!"


  "Holy shit, awesome!"

  "Up five million all of a sudden?"

  "And who's the grand master of the house?"

  When Sun Yuhao's price came out, the entire exhibition hall was in an uproar and discussing.


"Young Master, what are you doing?"

  "Didn't I warn you about this #2 wool?"

  "On the surface of this raw stone, though, there are many bands of pythons.In the gambling stone world, nine out of ten pythons are green.The possibility of this raw stone looking green like this is indeed high."

  "However, judging the quality of a stone has to be assessed comprehensively.Apart from the bit of green where the python band is, this stone is brown overall, and from a distance, it even looks as if it is auburn."

  "Experienced people know that among the original stone, "ten auburn nine collapse."

  "Therefore, the risk of this stone is too great, if the price is only a million, it is possible to bet on it.And now that it's over ten million, the gain is not worth the loss."

  "And young master, I even suspect that the python band on this stone was artificially processed on later.It's highly probable that this stone is a scrap stone, and I'd be losing three million.And you even shouted fifteen million?"

  "In the gambling stone world, do not get carried away."

  "Young Master, think twice about it!"

  After hearing that Sun Yuhao was even abnormally going to bid for this No. 2 original stone, the old man Li on the side was shocked, and even tried to dissuade him.

  When they were looking at the stone just now, this No. 2 original stone was not even on the list of candidates.Now Sun Yuhao suddenly bid, Li Lao only thought that he was too impulsive, purely spontaneous.

  Listening to Li Lao's persuasion, Sun Yuhao smiled coldly and whispered back, "Don't worry, Li Lao, I know what I'm doing."

  Sun Yuhao's smile was cold and penetrated with a touch of cunning.

  And at this time, Shen Fei's face darkened at that time after hearing that someone was snatching the stone from him.

  With a heart full of anger, he cursed harshly.


  "Which unsighted thing, what this young master has his eye on, and he has the guts to rob it?"

  And just as Shen Fei was looking around, vainly trying to find out that unsightly fellow, Sun Yuhao's faint laughter, but it had been followed by, "Young Master Shen, that's not right, this auction, of course, is for the highest bidder."

  "Such a precious raw stone, of course, whoever has the most money will be the one who gets it?"

  "If Young Master Shen is tight and can't take too much money, just say so, I Sun Yuhao's worst-case scenario is to let you be, all as a friend."

  Sun Yuhao stood there with one hand in his pocket, full of pride, that almost mocking tone, but it made Shen Fei very unhappy.

  "Let me?"

  "Just kidding, I Shen Fei need you to let?"

  "This young master is telling you that my Yunzhou Shen family, the last thing I need is money!"

  "This original stone, I'll take it."

  Shen Fei was clearly enraged by Sun Yuhao and sneered as he snapped, "Twenty million!"


  "Twenty million, Young Master Shen offered twenty million?"

  "Worthy of being the crown prince of the Shen Clan, he sure is generous!"The auctioneer was already happy and excited at this point.

  She didn't expect that it had only been a short time since the opening of the auction, but there was a ten million level raw stone.

  "Twenty-one million~" Sun Yuhao continued to increase the price to now, Sun Yuhao was obviously cautious as well and only increased it by one million.

  "Fei, that brat has only increased his price by this much this time, he's obviously lacking in backbone and is scared by our momentum.Listen to me, you increase the bid by another five million, guaranteed to scare him away from bidding!"

  "I've seen a lot of auctions, apart from fighting for money, the other thing we fight for is a sense of momentum."

  "This time, we'll directly use the King's Tyrannical Qi to completely deter this unsightly thing, and see if he still dares to bid with us next?"When Han Shaojie saw that Sun Yuhao's momentum had begun to wilt, he sneered, while suggesting to Shen Fei.

  "Okay, Shao Jie."

  "Let's see how this young master can crush him in terms of momentum!"

  "Sparring with Young Master Ben for wealth, today I have to show him how many eyes the Horse King has!"Shen Fei also grinned, while he was about to raise his hand, tyrannically drinking again, "Two..."

  However, just as Shen Fei was about to bid again, Ye Fan pulled him from behind and said in a deep voice, "Listen to me, don't follow."

  "That stone is a piece of scrap, it's not even worth two thousand."

  "The reason why Sun Yuhao is bidding with you is to deliberately raise the price to trap you."



  Two thousand isn't worth it?

  Shen Fei was shocked when he heard, "Brother Fan, you're teasing me, right?"

  "That stone is one of the finale stones of the auction, and it was placed on the middle counter during the exhibition just now."

  "Not only Shao Jie, many people said yes after looking at it."

  "If it's scrap, why would the auctioneer let it be the grand finale?"

  "If he's scrap, why are so many people bidding on it?"

  "If she's scrap, then why did Sun Yuhao offer 20 million to bid with me as well?"

  "The stone that so many people are optimistic about, and you tell me it's scrap, Van?"

  Shen Fei was nearly anxious, and spoke several times in a row, retorting to Ye Fan.

  Han Shaojie also said from the side, his words slightly indignant: "Yes, Brother Fan.The No. 2 stone has an excellent head of water and a python band on the outside.Ten pythons and nine green, if this stone is scrap, I Han Shaojie three words later written backwards!"

  "Brother Fan, as I've said before, gambling is not like appraising calligraphy and painting, it requires extremely strong basic skills as well as years of experience.You're new to it, so naturally you don't understand, so it's better to look more and speak less."

  This stone was one that Han Shaojie was extremely optimistic about.Now Ye Fan said it was scrap, wasn't that hitting him in the face, Han Shao Jie of course had slight words for Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan continued, "I'm not joking with you guys.If you guys continue to follow, not only will you not earn enough, I'm afraid you'll lose your pants in it~"

  Ye Fan still want to say, but it is Shen Fei interrupted: "Brother Fan, let's not say anything else, I'll just ask you, this No. 2 original stone, you just saw it, touched it, knocked it with your hand, took a light?"

  "If all of this, you've done, I, Shen Fei, will listen to you today."

  Shen Fei looked at Ye Fan and asked in a deep voice.

  Ye Fan's appearance remained calm and only shook his head in the face of Shen Fei's questioning.

  "Then Brother Fan, you're still fucking saying a light ah?"

  "No survey, no say!"

  "Since you don't understand, then just watch here ah~" in Shen Fei's words, there was a bit of grumbling.

  However, Ye Fan opened his mouth to say more, but Qiu Mu Orange at this time saw the situation, but stretched out his jade hand to twist on Ye Fan's waist.

  "Ye Fan, you shut up!"

  "You don't know anything about gambling stones, what are you talking nonsense about?"

  "Young Master Shen and the others have been gambling for years, can't they tell the difference between good material and bad material?"

  "With you bossing around here?"

  "You don't understand and you're pretending to understand, what a big-tailed wolf!"

  "Are you trying to piss me off?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was almost mad at Ye Fan.

  She had just reminded Ye Fan, don't speak if you don't understand, if the command is wrong and it delays Shen Fei and the others from making money, that responsibility their family can't afford!

  But this guy, he's still here fooling around.

  "Young Master Shen, you guys buy yours, don't pay any attention to him."

  "Ye Fan he's just talking nonsense then."

  "You guys don't let him influence your judgment."

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled at Shen Fei and the others with apologies.

  Shen Fei also smiled, "Sister-in-law, don't worry, we know that Brother Fan is joking with us, we won't listen to him, just listen to the air tremble."

  "You~" Ye Fan was so angry that his old face was blue when he heard Shen Fei's words.

  Feeling that he had just advised us bitterly for half a day, but he was all treated like air?

  "You shut up!"

  "No one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk!"

  "What's the matter with you?"

  "If you don't understand, just watch, don't be a hero!"

  Qiu Mu orange a pair of beautiful eyes angrily glared at Ye Fan, so angry that she wanted to punch her own bastard husband, a few words even more dislike Ye Fan speechless.


  If you don't let me take care of it, I'm not going to?

  A good reminder and a reminder of a mistake?


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