Dish Best Served Cold 211-215


Chapter 211

Regarding Ye Fan's previous action of having to pay money and also asking for an invoice, Yang He initially felt incomprehensible.

  Now after a sudden realization, Yang He indeed had to be trembling.

  Such a meticulous mind, I'm afraid that they, the old fogeys who have been in the market for a long time, are not as good as him.

  At this time, Ye Fan was already surrounded by more than a dozen tycoons, bidding to buy this painting in Ye Fan's hands.

  After all, those who could enter here today were not ordinary people, none of them were big tycoons from all over the world with assets of over a hundred million, or even billions or tens of billions.

  Ordinary people with a bit of money thought of depositing it in the bank, but for the rich, depositing in the bank was the worst choice, and investing was the wisest way.

  Just like the painting in Ye Fan's hand, if they could buy it and sell it in a few years, the price would undoubtedly skyrocket by several percent.

  What's more, excluding the investment value, the artistic value of the painting itself was extremely rare.

  If it wasn't for the lack of funds in his hands, otherwise, Gurungen would definitely try to buy the painting and take it home for viewing.At that time, it would attract masters from the collector art world to come and watch the meat, and he, Gurungen, would also be doubly proud in his circle, right?

  "Mu...Mu Orange, you...You're getting rich?"

  "No, it's this redneck who's going to be rich!"

  "What two hundred and fifty people bought, this transfer has become more than a hundred million, it's turned over several hundred thousand times."

  While Ye Fan was surrounded by that crowd of rich and powerful people, Suzy He on the side was already completely dumbfounded.

  Obviously, she also didn't expect that this Ye Fan, had actually picked up a leak and used 250 dollars to find a treasure worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  Even Su Xi couldn't help but be a little jealous.

  Although, his Su family's assets had already passed 100 million, but no matter how much more the Su family's assets were, it was still its father's.And now that Suzy was relying on her family to support her, the money he had at his disposal every year was only just a few million.

  But now, the poor country bumpkin she despised and despised before was worth hundreds of millions in the blink of an eye?

  This feeling of heaven and earth made Susie feel unrealistic.

  This...Is this, an overnight fortune?

  Even Suzy was like this, not to mention Autumn Mu Orange's own.

  The goal that Qiu Mu Orange had set for herself to strive for was only an annual income of half a million.As for a million or ten million, she didn't even dare to think about it.

  But now, suddenly her husband had found something worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and Autumn Mucheng was completely confused.

  Her brain was blank, and she was almost unable to think.

  Wouldn't this mean that in the future, their family would also be billionaires?

  From now on, she will no longer be the wife of her son-in-law, but the wife of a rich man?

  She could buy their own big house and not have to squeeze in a few dozen square feet of building with her parents?

  Grandpa, Uncle, and everyone else in the Qiu family, including Autumn Mu Orange, won't look down on them anymore?

  Qiu Mu Orange's mood was fluctuating, and her entire petite body was trembling slightly.

  Obviously, this feeling of overnight riches was simply hard for Qiu Mu Orange to accept in a short period of time.

  What was even harder for her to believe was that Ye Fan had really just used 250 pieces to find a treasure worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  "XiXi, you said, that painting, really...Is it really by National Painting Master Zhang Da Qian?"

  "Or rather, Ye Fan he, really...Really knows how to appreciate treasure?"Autumn Mu Orange lost her voice and trembled.

  After a long time of trembling, Suzy was now gradually calming down.

  Until now, Suzy was still unable to accept that a poor country boy had turned into a billionaire in one fell swoop.

  This kind of thing only existed on TV, how could it really exist in reality.

  How could there be such a good thing in the world?

  "I don't think the painting is real anyway."

  "Otherwise, it's a crazy world, a poor kid who becomes a billionaire in a few minutes?"

  "How is that possible?"

  "It's absurd to think about,"Susie said shaking her head, only to find it unimaginable.

  "Sissy, words can't say that.For people who are mediocre and incompetent, a sudden surge in their worth is called overnight riches.But for people who are talented and capable, this worth of over a hundred million is just water under the bridge."

  "The roc rises from the same wind in one day, and the helper rises ninety thousand miles!"

  "Sometimes, poverty and riches, humble and noble, what is less is just an opportunity.

  "Before this, all of us, we underestimated this young man ah."

  Hearing his own daughter's words that still carried contempt and disdain for Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan, however, shook his head repeatedly and lamented in a deep voice.

  At this time, Su Yuanshan's gaze towards Ye Fan had completely changed.

  If the gaze that Su Yuanshan looked at Ye Fan before was the compassion and sympathy of a successful person towards a down-and-out person, then the current Su Yuanshan was an emperor looking at a generation of famous generals, and his turbid gaze was filled with admiration and love.

  In addition to admiration, Su Yuanshan also stepped forward and walked among the crowd in front of him, the corners of his lips lightly opened, and his deep voice immediately resounded throughout the exhibition hall: "This painting, I, Su Yuanshan, offer two hundred million!"


  "Two...Two hundred million~"

  The corners of Yang He's mouth twitched, those two hundred million were like knives, plunging raw into his heart ah.

  Two hundred million ah, two hundred million ah~

  For two hundred and fifty dollars, he had sold two hundred million dollars worth of stuff.

  Yang He was so bitter in his heart.

  He hated him so much that he took out his hand and incited two slaps on his face.

  And the moment Su Yuanshan made his bid, the world, all seemed to be quiet at that moment.

  The tycoons who had previously barked their bids had all gone silent.

  Han Shaojie and Shen Fei were filled with shock.

  Su Xi was even more wide-eyed.

  She didn't expect that her father would have to spend two hundred million dollars to buy a painting that Ye Fan had bought for two hundred and fifty dollars.

  "Dad, what are you doing?"

  "How can you spend two hundred million dollars on something he bought for two hundred and fifty?"

  "You're not being unfair, are you?"

  Suzy was so angry that her pretty face was red.

  She didn't care how much money other people spent to buy Ye Fan's things, and she couldn't care.

  But when her heart was in her father spending two hundred million to buy Ye Fan's things, Suzy only felt an inexplicable anger in her heart.

  There was always a feeling of being stepped on by Ye Fan?

  Su Xi has always been uncomfortable with Ye Fan, now if her father really paid 200 million to buy Ye Fan's things, then Ye Fan is afraid that he will be proud of it, and may use it to humiliate her and show off in front of her in the future.

  So of course Suzy stopped her.

  There was no way she would let that hillbilly Ye Fan earn their Su family's money.

  "Xixi, you shut up!"

  "Dad's talking business, and you're the one who has to interrupt here?"Su Yuanshan didn't pay any attention to her, but her older brother, Su Nan, was furious at Suzy.

  It was the first time that Su Xi was fierce by her brother, a pair of beautiful eyes then turned red, and she said in aggravation, "Brother, I don't care whose stuff you buy, but you don't buy his stuff ah."

  "He's just a country bumpkin, I just don't like him, I just don't want him to earn our Su family's money!"


"It's absurd!"

  "You shut up."

  "How can you do what you want in business?"

  "Father and I, we usually just spoil you too much, that's why we let you talk such capricious nonsense."

  Suzy's voice was so loud that many people heard it.

  Now was the crucial time for father to ask for paintings from Ye Fan, these words of Su Xi would probably spoil the deal between father and Ye Fan, of course Su Nan was furious, and once again, he raged at Su Xi.

  At the front, Su Yuanshan, who was in the process of asking Ye Fan for a painting, undoubtedly heard his daughter's unruly and capricious words at this time, and unconsciously frowned.

  "Mr. Su, it seems that your daughter, doesn't want you to make this comparison deal with me ah?"The corner of Ye Fan's mouth contained a smile as he said faintly.

  Su Yuanshan's face was naturally even more ugly, and a few hints of anger had emerged on his appearance, obviously Su Xi's current capriciousness made him, the father, extremely unhappy as well.

  However, after all, Su Yuanshan had been in the market for a long time and was old at heart, so he quickly controlled his emotions and remained friendly and smiled at Ye Fan, "Brother Ye, I've made you laugh."

  "This daughter of mine has been spoiled by me, that's why she's so headstrong."

  "However, I'm still the head of the Su family now, her words are insignificant, you don't need to care."

  "I'll offer two hundred million for this painting of little brother, I wonder what little brother's intentions are?"

  "If possible, I can immediately pay the deposit to the little brother."

  Su Yuanshan's tone was very polite, and his entire person did not have any shelf presence.With such affability, it was no wonder that Su Yuanshan was able to open the company so large.

  "Two hundred million, little sir, that's a fair price."

  "This painting, even if we take it to the auction house and auction it off, it's almost around two hundred million."Gu Longen at the side nodded his head after hearing Su Yuanshan's opening price, then slowly said to Ye Fan.

  "Haha, thank you, Old Master Gu."Su Yuanshan was also delighted and gave Gurungen his thanks.

  However, in the face of Su Yuanshan's solicitation, Ye Fan only smiled faintly, while shaking his head.

  Su Yuanshan saw the situation, but he was a little embarrassed.

  The price of two hundred million was fair enough in Su Yuanshan's opinion, but he didn't expect Ye Fan to reject it.

  Guronn was also slightly surprised when he saw the situation.

  Although the painting was seen and bought by Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan had helped Ye Fan anyway, and without the two hundred dollars from Su Yuanshan's critical moment, Ye Fan wouldn't have been able to get the painting at all.

  So, even for the sake of this matter, anyone with a bit of loyalty would sell it to Su Yuanshan even if it was below the market price, what's more, the price Su Yuanshan offered in front of him was also very fair?

  Now that Ye Fan had even refused, it had to make Guronn's impression of him, greatly diminished.

  The others were also shaking their heads and discussing, feeling that Ye Fan didn't understand people's feelings, wasn't righteous enough, and only had money in his eyes.

  "Mr. Ye, this price of two hundred million, if you think it's less, I can add more."

  "I really like this painting, and I really want it."

  Su Yuanshan continued to speak, but that tone was a bit less cordial and more polite and distant compared to before.

  Ye Fan laughed again, "Mr. Su, I'm afraid that you've misunderstood."

  "If you like that, I'll just give it to you directly, why would I take your money?"


  "This painting, you...You're giving it to me?"

  Ye Fan acting like this was clearly out of everyone's expectation.

  Even Su Yuanshan's entire body was flabbergasted and filled with shock.

  Gurungen even then raised his head, his old eyes crinkling as he looked at the young man in front of him.

  Others were equally unimaginable.

  The entire exhibition hall was silent.

  Two hundred million dollars, a direct gift?

  Did he treat money like dirt?Or are you an idiot being stupid?


  "If it wasn't for the fact that Mr. Su, in my time of trouble, lent me two hundred dollars in the snow, how would this painting have ended up in my hands?"

  "I, Ye Fan, have said that I will remember this favor."

  "What's more, I'm not interested in calligraphy and painting, and this painting would be a reckless waste in my hands.Since Su likes it, just take it."

  Ye Fan said indifferently, looking completely breezy and light-hearted.

  It was as if what was being given away at this time was not two hundred million, but two dollars.

  Even these tycoons present, I'm afraid that there was absolutely no one who would be as generous and generous as Ye Fan, and a gift was directly two hundred million.

  "This...This won't do, Brother Ye."

  "We're one size fits all."

  "Besides, that two hundred is what I gave you, and what you bought is naturally yours."

  "It's too expensive, I...I can't accept it, I can't."

  Perhaps it was because he was too excited, or perhaps it was because he was too surprised and shocked, but at this time, this old man who had been in the shopping mall for a long time was also not calm, and he was so excited that he couldn't even speak properly.

  "Brother Ye, listen to me, you give me this painting, I'll give you two hundred million."

  "If you can sell such a precious painting to me, it's enough to repay that favor I just did."

  If Ye Fan wanted to give it away, Su Yuanshan would naturally not accept it.

  After all, this favor was too big, two hundred million ah, this was a huge sum of money to him, let alone to Ye Fan who came from the countryside.

  Faced with Su Yuanshan's refusal, Ye Fan shook his head and said regretfully, "It's impossible to sell, and I won't take the money, so if Su insists on not accepting it, I can only take the painting back and put it under the bed.Anyway, we're a countryside driver, and we don't know how to preserve ancient paintings, so there's nothing I can do about that rotting in my hands."

  In between the words, Ye Fan picked up the words and turned around and was ready to leave.

  "Little sir, no~"

  "This is the jewel of our Warsaw art world!"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Gu Longen was anxious and hurriedly urged Su Yuanshan, "Mr. Su, if Mr. Little wants to give it away, will you accept it?Can't you just take it as saved at your place?"

  "Alright then."Su Yuanshan finally nodded and accepted the painting without spending any money while saying, "Brother Ye, I, Su Yuanshan, will remember this favor, in the future, whenever there is anything in Yunzhou, you can let me know at any time, and I, Su Yuanshan, will be on call."


  In the end, Su Yuanshan still accepted the painting.Ye Fan also did as he said and didn't take a dime.Even if Su Yuanshan said that he would give tens of millions appropriately, Ye Fan still didn't want it.

  This gift is a gift, and if you accept the money, the nature is different.

  Besides, it's just two hundred million, Ye Fan really doesn't care about this money.

  In this regard, others looked a burst of envy and jealousy ah, full of regret.

  Regret that they were dog-eyed and ignored Ye Fan's previous loan.

  But if they had lent Ye Fan two hundred dollars, now the two hundred million painting would probably be given to them, not Su Yuanshan!

  Seeing such a great opportunity pass them by, how could these rich men not feel remorse in their hearts?

  It's gutted!

  This behavior of Ye Fan not only made the crowd regret, but also deeply convinced old man Gulong En.

  Even though Ye Fan and the others were leaving, Gurungen kept chasing after Ye Fan, insisting that he wanted Ye Fan to be his teacher.But Ye Fan wouldn't accept it at all.

  "O little sir, just take me as your apprentice."

  "Whether it's your eye for treasure appreciation or your character and personality, you are a worthy example and model for me, Gu Longen."

  "The best in the collector's world is the teacher, I am lacking too much in Gu Longen, I only hope that Mr. Little can be my teacher and preach to me!"


  Su Yuanshan and the others couldn't bear to watch, and they also advised, "Brother Ye, since Gugu is so sincere, why don't you just take Gugu?"

  But Ye Fan was helpless: "Mr. Su, aren't you guys making it difficult for me?"

  "I really don't know anything about treasure hunting."

  Gurungen: "...."

  Su Yuanshan: "..."

  The crowd present were all speechless.


A lot of people are cursing under their breath.

  I say brother, can we stop pretending?

  One eye saw that the blue and white porcelain was a fake.

  The second eye is even more two hundred and fifty dollars to buy something worth two hundred million directly!

  And you say you know nothing about treasure hunting?

  So what are we, idiots?!

  Many people were speechless, Su Yuanshan was also laughing bitterly, and as for Old Master Gurungen, he didn't believe in it at all.He didn't even believe in punctuation!

  What's the difference between Ye Fan's words and the Penguin Group's CEO, Ponyboy, saying he's from an ordinary family?What's the difference between saying your wife isn't beautiful and saying you don't know she's beautiful?

  They all felt that Ye Fan was either pretending to be something else or just being modest!

  And Ye Fan didn't bother to explain it to them, probably they wouldn't believe it even if he did.

  Moreover, the existence of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book was definitely a secret to Ye Fan, so he naturally wouldn't take the initiative to tell them.

  Seeing that it was already noon, Ye Fan was not in the mood to stroll any further.Anyway, he was just a countryside driver, and it didn't matter whether he stayed or not, so Ye Fan was ready to say goodbye to Su Yuanshan and the others.

  "Mr. Su, that's enough for today, I have to go home first."

  "Eh?It's so early, it's only eleven o'clock, no more shopping sessions?"Su Yuanshan, however, retained the words.

  Ye Fan shook his head and sighed helplessly, "No way, we're not like Mr. Su, we have a good wife at home, someone to love and care for us, and someone to prepare lunch.I, Ye Fan, am just a nameless, humble driver one, alone, and no one to prepare lunch, so I can only go back early and make it myself."

  Ye Fan said as if he was mocking himself, but it was obvious that Ye Fan's words still had a few grievances in them.

  Qiu Mu Orange on the side knew that she was ashamed of herself and didn't dare to look at Ye Fan at all when he said this and bowed her head.

  But when Su Yuanshan and Su Nan's father and son heard it, they were slightly shocked.


  "Is it possible that Brother Ye, hasn't gotten married yet?"Su Yuanshan asked in a deep voice.

  Ye Fan shook his head and sneered, "I'm just a little driver for General Manager Qiu, still from the countryside, no money, no power, what girl would be blind enough to look at me?It will only be disliked by others."

  Ye Fan said faintly, but the pretty face of Qiu Mu Orange at the side grew paler and paler, the guilt in her heart became even more intense, and her head lowered even deeper.

  Her shell teeth bit her red lips, and at that moment, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't even help but, want to say sorry to Ye Fan and confess all this to Su Yuanshan and the others.

  Qiu Mu Orange could guess that she was afraid that she had hurt this man's pride by admitting that Ye Fan was her driver before, right?

  However, Suzy saw the situation, but she quietly held Qiu Mu Orange's hand and shook her head at her, indicating that she should not reveal it.

  She didn't want her father to know that her best friend was married to a country bumpkin.

  "Hey, what kind of words is that Brother Ye?"

  "Birth can only determine one's starting point, it won't determine one's ending point."

  "What's more, Brother Ye, you don't rely on your family or your background, you can have such talent and success in treasure connoisseurship just by yourself, your future is boundless!"

  "Zhu Yuanzhang is still a peasant, and he's not still an emperor?"

  "Zhuge Liang also bowed in Nanyang, not the same as a hundred generations and a thousand years of fame?"

  "Brother Ye, I'm very optimistic about you.There will be great things in the future!"Su Yuanshan spoke freely and loftily, looking at Ye Fan with eyes full of admiration and joy.

  Now after learning that Ye Fan was still single, he was undoubtedly even more fond of Ye Fan and continued to ask, "Brother Ye, what do you think of my daughter Xixi, how does she look?"

  Ye Fan nodded, "Although Miss Su has a bit of a bad temper, I have to admit that it's also true that she's a rare beauty.If she was in school, even if she wasn't the school flower, she would definitely be at the class flower level."

  Ye Fan didn't think much about it, and simply answered honestly.

  But after saying that, Ye Fan realized that there were a few things wrong, when he frowned and looked towards Su Yuanshan, "Mr. Su, what do you mean by asking this, wouldn't you want to..."

  "Hahaha~" Su Yuanshan burst out laughing, while nodding his head, "Not bad, Brother Ye, the first time I saw you, I felt an eye connection with you.Now that you happen to be unmarried, and my daughter Xixi also happens to be unmarried, I, Su Yuanshan, will simply give up my old face and be a moonlighter for my own daughter to pull your strings."

  "If Brother Ye doesn't mind, you can try dating your youngest daughter."

  "Maybe the water will come true and a marriage will be achieved?"

  "When the time comes, my daughter Xixi will bear children for Brother Ye, and I, Su Yuanshan, will be able to hold my grandson."

  "Yes, Mr. Ye.Although my sister has a bit of a bad temper, she's not bad in nature, and she has a knife's mouth and a bean curd heart.I think you two are a match made in heaven."

  Su Yuanshan and Su Nan's father and son were full of smiles, but they were actively trying to match up Ye Fan and Su Xi with each other, and it looked like they really wanted Ye Fan to be their Su family's son-in-law and marry Su Xi to him ah.


  However, after hearing Su Yuanshan's words, Ye Fan was stunned.

  Su Xi also stayed where she was, and Qiu Mu Orange was even more shocked, with her beautiful eyes widening.

  In the end, Ye Fan, Su Xi, and Qiu Mu Orange looked at each other, but they were looking at each other.

  Especially Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange, they had never thought that things would develop to this point.

  Su Xi had previously referred to Ye Fan as Qiu Mu Orange's driver, just in case her father knew that Ye Fan was Qiu Mu Orange's husband and looked down on Qiu Mu Orange.

  But now, well, her own father actually married himself to Ye Fan instead, so that Ye Fan could be her husband?

  That's...How is this possible?

  Not to mention that she doesn't even like Ye Fan, even if she does, then she can't marry ah, isn't that stealing her best friend's husband?What would she think of herself in the orange?

  Sure enough, Autumn Mu Orange's gaze had looked over and was staring coldly at Susie.

  It seemed to be saying, Suzy, look at what you've done?Your father wants to hold your and Evan's child?

  Susie was also filled with bitterness and apologized for looking at her best friend, then she quickly said to her father, "Dad, no, I don't agree, I will never marry a country bumpkin!"

  "Shut up!"Su Yuanshan became furious and coldly snapped at Su Xi, "Brother Ye is young and talented, and at such a young age, he has made Master Gu respected as his teacher."

  "And you?"

  "Other than your family background, what do you compare yourself to Brother Ye Fan?"

  "People haven't disliked you yet, but you're disliking Brother Ye?"

  "May I ask what your qualifications are?"

  Su Yuanshan's angry words, but scared Su Xi's pretty face as pale as paper.Under her father's authority, Su Xi bowed her head, but she didn't dare to say a word.

  In the entire Su family, the one Su Xi was most afraid of was her father, of course she didn't dare to disobey.

  After reprimanding Su Xi, Su Yuan Shan continued to look at Ye Fan and said ashamedly, "Brother Ye, I've made you see a joke."

  "This daughter of mine is good in every way, but she's just a bit arrogant."

  "However, I feel that with Brother Ye's skills, he will definitely be able to conquer my inferior daughter."

  "Don't worry, after you guys get married, if my woman ever loses her temper capriciously again, you can beat and scold her as much as you want, I, Su Yuanshan, will never blame you for a word.But the premise is that you can only spank ha, other places are easy to break people."This Su Yuanshan was also fighting hard to recruit Ye Fan as his son-in-law.Such words were directly spoken.

  The old man beside him, Master Gu, listened with his eyes drawing straight.

  Su Xi herself, however, was all but about to cry.

  Is this his own father?

  Marrying herself to a countryman not to mention allowing him to beat and abuse her.

  "Dad~" grumbled Suzy Ton.

  "You shut up, this is no place for you to talk!"Su Yuanshan stared directly at her, scaring Suzy into immediately shutting her mouth.


To her own father's anger, where did Suzy dare to disobey, and had to hide her heart full of grumbling in her heart, while looking at Qiu Mu Orange with apologetic eyes, the guilty eyes were as if she was speaking to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Mu Orange, don't take it seriously~.

  I'm definitely not going to marry Ye Fan, I'm not going to steal your husband, and I'm not going to give him any children.

  But even though how guilty Suzy was, and how apologetic she looked, it could not in any way diminish the indignation in Qiu Mu orange's heart at this time.

  After all, her husband, but now to be dragged to another woman blind date, the key to that woman is also her best friend, who does not have a grudge on the shelf?

  It was also because Autumn Mu Orange had a good temper, otherwise, if it were any other woman, she would have already started to suspect Suzy's motives, right?

  At this time Su Xi's side can no longer be counted on, this dead woman usually flaunts a fearless appearance, but in front of her own father, but she is a wimp, and now lowers her head and does not dare to say a word.

  Therefore, Qiu Mu Orange could only place her hope on Ye Fan herself.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange's pair of cold eyes were staring at Ye Fan, it was as if a knife was on his neck, but if Ye Fan had the slightest word of disloyalty to her, she would definitely make him look bad!

  Ye Fan naturally felt the cold, gloomy chill behind him, and at that time, his body shivered.

  Although Ye Fan was still annoyed with Qiu Mu Orange right now, but both of them knew that no matter how much a couple disagreed with each other, no matter how much they were dissatisfied with each other, there was a limit.

  That was to never do anything that was unfaithful to the other.

  Just like before when Sun Yuhao pursued Qiu Mu Orange, allowing Han Li and his wife and the others to set them up, Qiu Mu Orange always abided by the bottom line.

  Now that it was Ye Fan, of course, Ye Fan wouldn't really agree to Su Yuanshan's marriage.

  Therefore, faced with Su Yuanshan's good intentions, Ye Fan shook his head repeatedly and excused himself: "General Manager Su, this...This, I really don't think it's appropriate."

  "Eh?"Seeing that Ye Fan even refused, the smile on Su Yuanshan's face then disappeared, and his brows were knitted up a few points, anyone whose own daughter was disliked would not be in a beautiful mood, just like the current Su Yuanshan, who was glaring at him, "What does this mean, brother Ye, is it because you think my daughter is not worthy of you, brother Ye?"

  "No no no~ Of course not."Seeing that Su Yuanshan was about to get anxious, Ye Fan quickly explained, "Mr. Su has really misunderstood.I've just said, I, Ye Fan, am nothing more than a countryside peasant family, from a poor background, it would be good to have a woman marry me in this life, I'm not picking."

  "But Miss Su, but she is a thousand gold, from a wealthy family, with golden branches and jade leaves.General Manager Su looks up to me and is willing to marry his daughter to me, I, Ye Fan, am flattered, but I really can't accept it."

  "What can I, Ye Fan, be worthy of Miss Su ah?"

  "And even if I wanted to, Miss Sue wouldn't be willing."

  "A strongly twisted melon won't be sweet."

  Ye Fan pulled a big pile of words, but just one meaning, he is not worthy of your daughter, and your daughter also dislikes me, so don't fucking mess around with the bridging, it will kill people.

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange's face also softened a bit, and the coldness in her eyebrows was a bit lighter.

  Still, this bastard had a bit of conscience.

  Su Xi was also relieved, but at the same time, her heart became even more proud, holding her hands and raising her chin high, she snorted and laughed, "It's still counting that you, this country bumpkin, have self-awareness and know that you are not worthy of this Miss~"

  However, as soon as Suzy finished saying that, Su Yuanshan over there laughed.


  "Brother Ye you're really humble."

  "You're young and successful, you made two or three hundred million dollars in a day, your future is boundless, I'm already burning incense if you don't dislike my daughter, how could my daughter dislike you?"

  "Since Brother Ye isn't picky about his wife, and also thinks my daughter looks okay, then I think this marriage is really decided."

  "Some other day, you have your parents come, and we'll agree on a date to get engaged before we get married."


  "From now on, you kid will be my son-in-law."

  "Let's go, son-in-law, don't go back and do it yourself if your old father-in-law invites you to dinner today."

  Without letting Ye Fan say anything at all, Su Yuanshan pulled Ye Fan's hand and headed towards the nearby restaurant, looking at Ye Fan with joyful eyes.

  After all, who doesn't like someone who is capable of doing something?

  After seeing Ye Fan's treasure connoisseurship prowess, Su Yuanshan thought at that time to take Ye Fan as his righteous son, so that he wouldn't worry about being cheated when he bought antiques in the future.

  Now that Ye Fan had become a son-in-law, it would be even better.

  They say that a son-in-law is half a son, and in the future, with a word from his father-in-law, he wouldn't believe that Ye Fan, the son-in-law, wouldn't obediently listen.


  Su Yuanshan was undoubtedly happy, not only did he get a 200 million dollar precious painting today, he also picked up a good son-in-law for nothing, of course Su Yuanshan was happy.

  This was a big fucking profit!

  Seeing her husband become the son-in-law of someone else's family, behind the scenes, Qiu Mu Orange was simply going mad.

  Su Xi also knew that she had messed up things and kept apologizing to Qiu Mu Orange, "Orange, don't be angry, listen to me ah~"

  "You shut up!"

  "Susie, see what you've done?"

  "It's just as well that the two hundred million dollar painting was taken by your family, but my husband you also want to take it for yourselves."

  "I'm so angry!"

  "I'm telling you, if you don't make this clear to your father, I...I'll cut you off!"Qiu Mu Orange was clearly furious, and stomped the ground straight with her jade feet, speaking angrily to Suzy, full of resentment.

  Su Xi was full of bitterness, and faced with Qiu Mu Orange's anger, she also knew she had a guilty conscience, and kept apologizing, saying that she would definitely explain it clearly.

  Then, Suzy and the two of them chased their own father to the restaurant as well.

  "You quickly go and explain it to me!"

  Autumn Mu Orange was pushing Susie behind him, telling her to hurry up and explain to his father.

  "Mu-Orange, I...I don't dare~" Suzy was afraid that his father would beat her again in anger when he found out that they had been lying to him, so she naturally wimped out.

  "If you don't tell me, I'll tell you!"Autumn Mu Orange was furiously about to walk forward.

  "Don't, Mu-Orange, can't I go?"Suzy hurriedly pulled Qiu Mu Orange while driving the duck up.

  "Dad, actually, Ye Fan he...He..."Su Xi fidgeted, bowing her head as if she was terrified.

  Su Yuanshan laughed at the sight, thinking his daughter was shy: "Xixi, I know all about it, you don't have to say it if you're too embarrassed to say it."

  "Ah?You know all about it?"Susie was shocked then.

  "Yeah, don't you just want to say that Evan he's good, he's nice, you like him a lot and you want to marry him?"

  "This father knows, and a father doesn't know his own daughter?"

  "Quickly, you go over and sit next to Ye Fan.Today your father I have to take this golden son-in-law."

  "Dad, I~~" Suzy was about to cry, when did she say that Ye Fan was excellent?And when did you say you liked him and wanted to marry him?

  "What me what me ah, go quickly, why is this still excited on.Xiao Nan, quickly bring your sister over, sit next to my son-in-law."

  Su Yuanshan was smiling at Ye Fan between his words, "Brother Ye, this daughter of mine is thin-skinned and shy.But she just told me that she also thinks you're very good and excellent, she likes you very much and wants to marry you?"


  "See if I'm right."

  "This brine point tofu, one thing leads to another."

  "Just like my daughter, she is usually lawless and domineering, but when she met Brother Ye, wasn't it half a day's work before she was conquered by you?"

  Su Yuanshan was laughing.

  And Ye Fan's old eyes widened at that time: "What...What...What?"

  "What are you talking about? She...She likes me, and she...She wants to marry me?"

  "She...Did she really say that?"

  Ye Fan was confused, his whole body was lost, didn't this woman Suzy particularly dislike herself in normal days, why is this still boasting with his father?

  Did you expose yourself?

  Or has this Suzy really been secretly in love with her again and is always ready to take advantage of Mu Orange?

  Thinking of this, Ye Fan had a bad feeling and looked up to the side at Qiu Mu Orange.

  Sure enough, at this time, Qiu Mu Orange's face was red with anger, staring fiercely at that best friend of hers, Suzy.

  How could Qiu Mu Orange have never thought that her best friend not only didn't explain to her father, but also said that Ye Fan was excellent and satisfied with him?And marry him?


Whether it was Ye Fan, or Qiu Mu Orange, or Su Xi, all in all the meal was not very tasty.

  Ye Fan was worried about being scolded by his wife at night, while Suzy was worried about Qiu Mu Orange misunderstanding, but things had come to this point, how could Qiu Mu Orange not misunderstand?

  Now Qiu Mu Orange was almost dying of anger, a pair of cold eyes looking at Suzy, close to shooting out ice daggers.

  Only now, did Qiu Mu Orange understand why that Suzy had belittled Ye Fan in front of her a hundred times before, and why she had advised her to divorce Ye Fan every day.

  She understands, she understands all of them.

  It turned out that this woman, Su Xi, had been scheming for Ye Fan from start to finish.

  She wants to break her and Ye Fan up and then take advantage of the weakness to marry Ye Fan and become Ye Fan's wife.

  This kind of girlfriends digging for a corner, Qiu Mu Orange had seen this kind of thing on TV more than once, but she never thought that one day it would actually happen to her.

  She had even never thought that her best friend would be so profoundly scheming.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange's heart was in turmoil and her eyes were red.

  After all, her son-in-law Su Yuanshan had already called, and her husband was even sitting next to another woman at the moment, so she, Qiu Mu Orange, had become an outsider instead.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

  "Mr. Qiu, what's wrong with you?"

  "Why are you drinking so fast and your eyes are all red?"

  "Surely you're happy for Sissy to have found such a wonderful husband, too?"

  "Speaking of which we have to thank you, thanks to Mr. Autumn finding an excellent driver, otherwise, I'm afraid we Xi Xi wouldn't have met Ye Fan yet?"

  Of course, Su Yuanshan noticed the difference in Qiu Mu Orange's appearance.

  But Su Yuanshan didn't think too much about it, and only thought that Qiu Mu Orange was happy for her daughter to be a little disoriented.

  But when Su Xi saw this scene, she felt even more guilty.

  In the end, she fiercely clenched her teeth, her shell teeth biting into her red lips, and directly stood up, guiltily facing Su Yansan.

  "Dad, I'm sorry, I lied to you."

  "Actually, Ye Fan, he's Mu Orange's husband."

  "Mu Orange and Ye Fan are already married, so don't mess around with the strings."


  "Brother Ye is the husband of Chief Autumn?"

  As expected, Suzy's words caused Su Yuanshan and Su Nan's father and son to be stunned for a moment.

  Old Master Gu was watching from the side, also baffled.

  The entire room, then suddenly quieted down.

  Su Xi lowered her head after she finished speaking, like a child who had done something wrong, waiting in fear for her father's wrath.

  As for Ye Fan, he didn't speak.

  Anyway, this whole thing was caused by these two girlfriends, and now that it had developed into the current situation, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't blame Ye Fan even if he wanted to.

  He simply also watched from the side to see how this Su Xi would end up.

  After a long silence, Su Yuanshan looked at Su Xi who lowered her head and didn't dare to look at herself, then at Qiu Mu Orange whose eyes were a little red, and Ye Fan who was always indifferent, and finally shook his head and gave a bitter laugh.

  "XiXi, I know that you have a deep sisterly affection with Mr. Qiu."

  "But that's not how you talk about loyalty."

  "There are some things that can be let.But on this matter of marriage, you can't let."

  "Didn't you just see that General Manager Qiu also appreciated Brother Ye, so you wanted to fulfill them and let Brother Ye to General Manager Qiu, and that's why you said so to me?"

  "But, silly daughter, husbands are not to be let.How can one let one's husband to one's best friend."

  "As for General Manager Qiu's lifelong affair, you don't have to worry.With General Manager Qiu's talent and charm, it would be easy enough to find a like minded man, so why do you need to worry about it here?"

  "You said it, didn't you, Autumn?"

  Su Yuanshan laughed, easing the atmosphere in the room.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't argue any more, talking too much at this time, rather making people feel as if they were stealing Su Xi's husband.

  Qiu Mu Orange had already decided that the worst-case scenario was to just take out the marriage certificate when the time came, facts speak louder than all eloquence!

  "Dad, why don't you believe it?"Suzy was full of bitterness and eagerness, and wanted to explain, but where was Su Yuanshan to listen to this crap from her.

  "You nippy, you're deliberately angry with me aren't you?"

  "Is Brother Ye not the husband of Chief Autumn and Chief Autumn doesn't know?"

  "People have said that Miss Qiu has said that Brother Ye is just a driver plus bodyguard for her.If he's CEO Qiu's husband, would CEO Qiu hide it and still not admit it?"

  "Are you still afraid that you can't take it?"

  Su Yuanshan couldn't say a word against Su Xi in a few words.

  As Qiu Mu Orange listened, she also lowered her head, and her heart swelled with a few guilt towards Ye Fan.

  Although before, she said that Ye Fan was her driver just to play a scene with Suzy.But Qiu Mu Orange also had to admit that at that time, she had actually tacitly agreed that Ye Fan, her husband, couldn't get her hands on him through this way.

  Now, things had come to such an end, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't blame Ye Fan, she and Suzy were the only ones to blame, they only had themselves to blame.

  The meal, which lasted about an hour, ended only after that.

  On top of the meal, Su Yuanshan was boasting about Ye Fan, which was extraordinarily kind.

  Qiu Mu Orange watched from the side, and all felt extraordinarily sarcastic.

  Ye Fan's real father-in-law and mother-in-law disdained him, but this fake one in front of him was passionate and caring in every possible way.

  Even at that time, Qiu Mu Orange had a thought that perhaps he should really let go and fulfill both Suzy and Ye Fan.

  Leaving himself, leaving this home they were in now, Ye Fan would undoubtedly have a better life.

  After lunch, Su Yuanshan took his son, Su Nan, back with him as he still had things to do in the company.

  Before leaving, Su Yuanshan also grabbed Ye Fan's hand and said lovingly, "Good son-in-law, don't forget to talk to your parents about this marriage when you go back, say yes to call me, we'll set up a time and place to meet with your parents as well, my phone Xixi there, let her give you just fine."

  After instructing several times in a row, Su Yuanshan and his son left.

  And it seemed that Master Gu Longen also had something to go back to, and before leaving, Gu Longen also grabbed Ye Fan's hand and said stubbornly, "Little Sir, I won't give up."

  "You're a teacher, I'm determined."

  "I have something going on right now, so I won't walk around with you, little sir."

  "But Mr. Little, if you really don't like this daughter of General Manager Su, I have a granddaughter who is still in college, but she is also born pretty and watery, definitely not inferior to this daughter of General Manager Su, and she has a better temper and a more slender figure than her.What's more crucial is younger than her, she's a 0.00 and still in school, so she can be disciplined oh~"

  "Want to think about it?"

  The ancient son squeezed his eyebrows at Ye Fan, looking like an old prude.If this scene was seen by the ancient son, he would probably die of anger.

  His own daughter, just like that, was sold by his own old man?

  Ye Fan sounded bitter as well, what else could he say other than a perfunctory accompanying smile, "Okay...Well, I'll contact you when I don't like her, so just leave quickly, your old man."

  That old prude finally left, but Ye Fanton wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, yet not waiting for him to relax, the gaze of Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi was as cold as a knife, but they all fell on Ye Fan.

  "Still can't see this miss?"

  "My lady hasn't taken a fancy to you?"

  "What right do you have to pick and choose here, you redneck!"Gurunn had just nearly killed Suzy with that comment, although she despised Evan, but that was not acceptable for someone to say she was inferior to another woman?Or a college student who was still in school, or a younger 0.0?


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