Dish Best Served Cold 206-210


Chapter 206

Being so humiliated by Ye Fan in public, Yang He's face was obviously extremely ugly as well.

  "Hmph, brat, I'll admit it even if you say that I saw the fake as the real thing."

  "It's because I'm not good enough and I've missed it.I'll make up for some of Young Master Shen's losses afterwards."

  "But you, don't think that just because you spotted an item, we'll think highly of you."

  "You were clearly just a blind cat that got lucky when it met a dead mouse."

  Yang He said with disdain, still full of contempt for Ye Fan.Especially since Ye Fan looked like he didn't care at all at this point, it made Yang He even more furious.

  "What, you brat, could it be that you really think of yourself as a master treasure hunter?"

  "If you're really capable, then pick out another fake from among these genuine items in my shop."

  "If you can't pick it out, then get lost."

  "This is a high-class place, not a place for a brat like you!"Yang He said in a cold voice.

  And as soon as Ye Fan heard it, he was happy: "Boss Yang, you don't say.Among those so-called authentic pieces of your pendulums, I didn't see any forgeries though.But among those miscellaneous pieces over there, I do see a precious item."

  In between his words, Ye Fan then walked towards that counter in the corner, eventually stopping before a painting.


  "Stinker, if you say that these counters on my left are producing pieces of treasures it's still possible, but these on the right are the stalls that I rent out.They're all junk collected from the junk collectors and placed here purely to take up a spot."

  "And you're saying there are treasures here?"

  Yang He laughed at the sight of it.

  His stall had a total of four counters.

  The front and back two counters were for their Eight Treasures Pavilion's genuine items, while the counter on the left was for some well-made forgeries, as well as some objects of unknown origin that he had received.As for the counter that Ye Fan was looking at, it was something that their Eight Treasures Pavilion rented out to help some individual stalls sell.

  A few years may not sell a few items, basically as gifts to the outside world.

  But Yang He didn't expect that Ye Fan would say that there would be treasures among that pile of junk?

  Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to Yang He's sarcastic laughter, reaching out his hand to then take the painting off the counter.

  It was an ink and pencil drawing on paper, and the content of the drawing was very simple: a dead tree shaped like a deer antler, a strange rock shaped like a snail, and a star dwarf bamboo sticking out from behind the strange rock.

  The entire composition was also extremely random and rough, it looked good from afar, but up close there were countless flaws and no beauty to speak of.

  "The treasure you're talking about, it can't be it, right?This Deadwood Strange Stone picture?"After Yang He saw the painting in Ye Fan's hand, he laughed.


  "I say you don't look at the painting signed by Su Dongpo and you really think it's Su Dongpo's work, do you?"

  Yang He kept saying, his face smiling even more, and his words were full of ridicule.

  "Have eyes without pearls!"Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to him and just returned a cold sentence.

  "Stinker, you're really ungrateful!"

  "In that case, how about we make a bet?"

  "If that's worth more than ten thousand dollars, I'll pay you ten times what it's worth!"

  "But if it's worthless, you'll pay me a million."

  "How about it, I dare you to bet?"

  Yang He laughed coldly.

  But Ye Fan looked at him and grinned, "Pay me ten times over?"

  "I'm just afraid you can't afford to pay for it!"

  "Cut the crap, just tell me if you dare to bet."Yang He asked coldly.

  "Since you insist on gambling, then I'll gamble with you!"Ye Fan returned.

  And when Qiu Mu Orange heard this, her pretty face went white, and she was busy angrily saying, "Ye Fan, you're crazy, where do you have a million?"

  Suzy was also secretly calling Ye Fan an idiot.

  Wasn't this a gift of money?

  "A poor country boy with no money and no power, and he's still learning how to gamble like others?"

  "Isn't this a deliberate attempt to trap Mu Orange?"

  "Simply a troublemaker!"

  However, Ye Fan had already agreed.

  It was already too late for Qiu Mu Orange to persuade at this point.


  "In that case, let's all be witnesses."

  "Save that when the time comes, someone will be a liar and not admit it."

  "And, as agreed beforehand, if you lose and can't come up with the money, don't blame me for mortgaging your house."Yang He was filled with a sinister smile.

  He was worrying about what to take to make it up to Young Master Shen, but now that someone had come to give him money, it would be too bad for him not to take it, Ye Fan the idiot.

  And when Qiu Mu Orange heard that she lost to take the house to offset, her pretty face became even whiter in fright, and her beautiful eyes were red.She simply couldn't imagine that if Ye Fan really lost the house into it, what would their family do in the future, would they have to sleep on the streets?

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange was so angry that she was close to tears.

  She never would have thought that Ye Fan would now have the audacity to gamble with their house so much.

  "Mu Orange, how about a divorce?"

  "This redneck has gone completely insane!"

  "If he dares to gamble with the house now, he'll dare to gamble with you as a stake later."

  "I don't know where he got the courage to gamble with his house, a man who knows nothing about connoisseurship?"

  "He's an idiot, isn't he!"

  Suzy was also biting her teeth in anger.

  However, Ye Fan didn't notice the reactions of Qiu Mu Orange and the others, still standing in the Eight Treasures Pavilion, holding the imitation of Su Dongpo's "Withered Wood and Strange Stones Picture" in his hand.

  After confirming the bet with Yang He, Ye Fan asked as he took his wallet, "Say, how much, I'll buy this painting."

  "I'll go!"

  "And occupy it first?"

  "Looks like the stupid kid really thinks the painting is real, huh?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, the surrounding people burst out laughing.

  Yang He, however, waved his hand heroically and sneered, "No money, it's a direct gift to you."

  Yang He was full of ridicule as he said, looking at Ye Fan as if he was an idiot, and as a freebie for a broken thing, it was only an idiot like Ye Fan as a treasure.

  "No need, save any disputes in the future.Say, how much, I'll buy you at the original price."

  Seeing that Ye Fan still didn't want the gift and had to spend money to buy it, Yang He had no choice, so he said, "Alright, then I'll sell it to you for two hundred and fifty."

  Ha ha ha!

  Yang He's words once again drew laughter from the crowd.

  He was obviously humiliating Ye Fan by saying that Ye Fan was two hundred and fifty.

  But as if he didn't hear it, Ye Fan bowed his head and started to take money, but the embarrassment was that Ye Fan only had fifty yuan in his wallet.

  Ye Fan had no choice but to ask Qiu Mu Orange for money: "Mu Orange, give me two hundred."

  "Give you a head!"

  "Don't yell at me, I don't know you, you're mad at me!"Qiu Mu Orange was so angry at Ye Fan that she was close to exploding, how could she still give her money?She'd hate to blow the deal just to save losing her house to it.

  "I'll go,"

  "After all the fucking, this dude is more than just an idiot, he's a poor guy, right?"

  "Not even a hundred dollars in your pocket?"

  "Guess poor losers from the countryside, huh?"

  "This poor bastard has the nerve to come to this kind of venue?"

  "Isn't this a disgrace?"


  Harsh laughter could be heard once again from the surroundings.

  Han Shaojie also shook his head and laughed, "Fei, are you really sure he's a big man and not a big idiot?"

  "I... I...I...I don't know him either."Shen Fei's eyes twitched, and finally turned his head decisively, pretending that he didn't know Ye Fan.

  After all, at a time like this, anyone who got involved with Ye Fan was afraid that they would have to be humiliated along with him.


  "Did I say you were a tease, boy?"

  "Don't want money for nothing just now, and you can't get it out now that I'm charging you?"

  "Ben is a poor bastard, but instead he's acting generous here!"

  "Get the hell out of here?Don't embarrass yourself here!"Yang He seemed to see that Ye Fan was really kowtowing, and finally didn't bother to waste time with him here and just told him to get lost.

  However, Ye Fan didn't mean to give up and borrowed money from everywhere, but no one paid any attention to him.In the end, it was Su Yuanshan who saw his pity and gave him two hundred dollars.

  "Little brother, this two hundred is for you, you don't have to pay it back."Su Yuanshan said slowly.

  Ye Fan spoke out in thanks, "Thank you, Mr. Su.I will remember this favor."


"Dad, what are you doing?"

  "Who told you to give her money!"

  "Two hundred dollars isn't much, but what's the difference between you giving it to him and throwing it away for nothing?"Suzy Ton grumbled.

  Su Yuanshan replied, "It's not easy to survive outside, especially for someone like him who comes from a bad background, crawling around the city alone, he has endured far more malice than we can imagine."

  "Raise your hand to help if you can."

  "What's more, what if this young man is really a master treasure connoisseur?"

  "This two hundred pieces, consider it a personal investment, no loss."

  Saying that, but Su Yuanshan obviously didn't believe that the painting in front of him was really Su Dongpo's masterpiece.

  After all, those who could come here were not fools.An heirloom work of a master of calligraphy and painting had been displayed here for so long, how could no one be able to tell?

  Therefore, the reason why Su Yuanshan gave money to Ye Fan was solely because of sympathy.

  Su Yuanshan's grandfather was also from the countryside.When he saw what happened to Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan remembered how hard it was for his father's generation to come from the countryside to the city and finally stand on their feet.

  So, with sympathy, Su Yuanshan Fang helped Ye Fan once.

  "This is two hundred and fifty dollars, write an invoice for it, right?"Ye Fan handed the money to Yang He.

  "Oh?And an invoice, you're stalling for time, you brat!"

  "OK, I'll give you the invoice.What's your reason for stalling here when you see it?"Yang He only thought that Ye Fan was afraid of losing face so he was stalling for time here.

  However, where did he know Ye Fan's true intentions.

  "Alright, the money has been collected and the invoice has been issued.The painting is also given to you, so now you can let Chairman Gu check its authenticity, right?"Yang He said with some impatience.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Of course."

  Then, Ye Fan and Yang He both walked over and once again asked Gu Longen to appraise the painting.

  At this time, nearly all the gazes of everyone here were looking over.

  Seeing Ye Fan's confident appearance, everyone's hearts were suddenly a bit bottomless, especially Yang He himself, who was even more worried after the lesson he learned last time.

  This painting, it couldn't really be the Song Dynasty's great literary hero, Su Dongpo, right?

  If he did, and he sold it for two hundred and fifty bucks, Yang He would have died of remorse!

  Of course, in the eyes of the crowd, this possibility, even if there was one, was close to zero.

  Sure enough, after a long time of detailing, Old Master Gu finally looked at Ye Fan with slight regret and shook his head, "Little brother, this time, I'm afraid you really missed it."

  "This painting, it is indeed an imitation.And the imitation is extremely crude, and the brushwork is also extremely poor."

  "His true value, I'm afraid, is only about a hundred or two hundred pieces, barely allowing you to get your money back.Of course it's mainly the value of this rice paper material.The value of this painting is almost zero."Gurungn said slowly.

  This time, the crowd didn't rush to a conclusion, as if they were still waiting for Gurungn to confirm again.

  Sure enough, just like last time, Ye Fan also laughed lightly again and said, "Chairman Guru, take a closer look."


  Gurungn frowned, and this time, he even put on his eyes specifically to continue watching it once more.

  This time, however, it made Yang He and the others bring their hearts to their throats.

  I was really afraid that Gurungn would do another shocking flip.

  But fortunately, the same thing didn't happen a second time.

  "Young man, you're only going to be really disappointed this time."

  "This Dead Wood Strange Stone Painting, back in 2018, appeared in Christie's Hong Kong auction and fell to the hammer for HK$410 million, ending up in the hands of a Chinese tycoon."

  "The real one has long been available for collection."

  "So the one in front of you, factually and logically, can't be the real thing!"

  "What's more, the painting is roughly done, and the words on it are without beauty to speak of.All the more proof that the words are undoubtedly a fake."

  These words from Gu Longen were undoubtedly like a death sentence, completely putting a coffin on this painting.

  In a split second, the clamor rose everywhere and the crowd burst out laughing.


  "I told you, if this painting is really authentic, how could it be hanging here unattended?"

  "That brat really did rely on that blue and white porcelain just now to be silly!"

  "I just got lucky and didn't know to quit when I saw it, so I had to gamble with Boss Yang again, isn't that asking for trouble?"

  "It's idiotic in general!"There were snickers everywhere.

  Su Yuanshan and the others also shook their heads, this person walking the world by luck really couldn't last long.


  "What do you have to say now, brat?"

  "You're a piece of trash and don't know a thing about it, but you're pretending to be like someone else here in this treasure hunt?"

  "Now that's pretending to make yourself a fury!"

  "As per the bet, bring me a million."

  "Have you figured out how to pay, cash or transfer?Or a house payment?"

  Yang He's eyes were full of wantonness, and his laughter was full of mockery.


  "This idiot, really just got all confused?"

  "What's the point of showing off if you can't do it?"

  "Now are you happy, now are you satisfied?"

  "If you lost a million dollars on a bet and lost all of Mu Orange's house into it, I'll see how you'll explain to Mu Orange!"

  "I already knew that sooner or later, Mu Orange would be killed by a wimp like you!"

  Suzy was facing Ye Fan, cursing furiously.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange, she just stood there with a pale face, she didn't say a word, but in her heart, she was extremely disappointed with Ye Fan.

  Of course, what she was disappointed about was not that Ye Fan had lost the bet, but that Ye Fan had actually gambled with the house?Just for a mouthful of spite, but he ignored her, not to mention the family.

  Her eyebrows were red, and her beautiful eyes were close to having tears in them.

  At this moment, she finally saw Ye Fan clearly.

  Perhaps he didn't have her in his heart, much less that family.

  After all, any man with a sense of responsibility would never take the happiness of a family as a stake in a gamble where the odds were slim!

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to see any more, and with a heart full of loss and endless disappointment, she turned around to leave.

  Guronn also sighed, and the original title of Little Sir Ye Fan had just turned into lad.

  Before, he really thought that he had discovered a talent.

  But now, it seemed that Yang He was right, Ye Fan was probably really blinded by the fact that he had just met a dead mouse.

  At this time, within the entire exhibition hall, some people sighed, some lamented.Some were angry, some were disappointed.But more than that, they were ridiculing and laughing at Ye Fan.

  At this time, Ye Fan had become a joke in everyone's eyes.

  The crowd looked at him with disdain, as if they were looking at a clown.

  However, facing the ridicule of the crowd, Ye Fan was still calm.

  On his clear and beautiful face, the intense arrogance and light smile was still there.

  In the end, Ye Fan even gave a light laugh that resounded through the four corners of the world, "Thankfully, you guys consider yourselves to be high class people, but now it seems that you are just a bunch of fools with eyes but no pearls."


  "What did you say, brat?"

  "How dare you insult us?"

  "I see you don't want to live!"

  Unexpectedly, at a time like this, Ye Fan still didn't know how to insult the crowd, and many people present were angry.Even Su Yuanshan, Gu Longen, and the others, a few displeasure emerged in their eyebrows.

  Ye Fan ignored them, but walked forward, picked up the painting and laid it flat on the table.

  At the same time, Ye Fan's faint sneer quietly exploded in the exhibition hall.

  "Since you don't believe me, then today, I'll show you what kind of precious treasure the trash you disdain in your eyes is!"

  Ye Fan's words were majestic, only like golden stones falling to the ground, hurled and resoundingly echoing in everyone's ears!

  Like a morning bell, deafening!



  "What's he doing?"

  "I think he's crazy,"

  "President Gu has verified it twice and said it's worthless as a fake, could it be that he's still not giving up?"

  "It's idiotic in general!"

  Ye Fan's action, however, once again drew mockery from the crowd.

  When Suzy saw it, she was even more furious.

  "You hillbilly, aren't you embarrassed enough?"

  "It's a shame that you're still stubborn and disgraceful!"

  "Damn, there are still such stupid pigs in the world."

  "Mu Orange's face has all been lost to this wimp."

  Suzy scolded in an angry voice, only feeling that Ye Fan was simply stupid.

  People's genuine products had already been attributed, and if you thought about it with your toe cap, this one was bound to be fake as well ah.

  Did that idiot Ye Fan think that Su Dongpo had painted two identical paintings back then?

  Qiu Mu Orange also took a look back at this time and became even more disappointed in Ye Fan.

  Up until now, he was still stubborn and more than repentant?

  Do you have to hit the south wall to turn back?

  Do you have to see the Yellow River to give up?

  Do you want to go all the way to the dark side?

  There had never been a moment that made Qiu Mu Orange so disappointed in Ye Fan as he was now.

  Perhaps, it really was just like what Suzy had said, there had never been a suitable moment between him and Ye Fan.

  For a moment, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that the fire that had been burning in his heart all this time was gradually extinguished here.

  However, just when Qiu Mu Orange had completely given up and was ready to leave alone.

  Behind her, the originally noisy crowd was suddenly quiet.

  Immediately afterwards, a voice that was mixed with trembling and drew cold air, then rang out.

  So strange, Qiu Mu Orange's departing footsteps then came to a halt.

  "Could it be that there really has been a turn of events?"

  "Could it be that Ye Fan, who is so insistent, really has his reasons?"

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange then turned around and walked back once again.

  Only among the crowd, Ye Fan was still standing there, the imitation of Su Dongpo's "Dead Wood and Strange Stones" was carefully spread out on the mahogany square table in front of him, and then Ye Fan asked for a bottle of mineral water from Su Yuanshan and took a sip.

  Finally, he mustered up the energy to squirt at the word painting in front of him.


  Ye Fan spouted a few times in a row, so much so that it caused the crowd to be amazed.

  Could it be that this painting and calligraphy really contained some kind of heavenly secret?

  Just like the legendary wordless book of the sky, which appears in water!

  However, miracles didn't happen after all.

  Even Ye Fan's bottle of water had spit out, but the lettering was nothing different other than being wet.


  "After all that fiddling, it's just a stunt!"

  "And I thought that this brat really had some monstrous skill?"

  "Still spraying water on the painting with that pretentiousness?"

  "Now it looks like nothing more than a bluff trick."

  "A claptrap!"

  There was once again a piercing snort of laughter from the surroundings.

  Yang He was even more impatient, "Stinker, don't waste your time!"

  "Whether you spray it with water or burn it with fire, a scrap is a scrap."

  "A broken rock can't become a diamond, and a toad can't become a white swan!"

  "A trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash is a trash."

  Yang He was condescending, his eyes full of wanton smiles, the disdain and contempt in his words were so distinct.

  But everyone could hear that Yang He's words seemed to be talking about the painting, but they were actually mocking Ye Fan.

  "Resign yourself to your fate, asshole~" sneered Yang He.

  But at this moment, the painting, which was originally wet with water, wrinkled up a corner under Ye Fan's action.


  At this moment, the surrounding crowd, all of them were then stunned.

  Immediately afterwards, amidst the shocked and violent gazes of the crowd, they only saw that Ye Fan used tweezers to hold the wrinkled edges, and with a careful pull, the entire calligraphy and painting was actually picked up with a thin surface layer.

  And with the picking up of the surface layer, a new painting that was covered underneath the surface layer finally reappeared in the world at this moment!

  No, it couldn't be said to be a new painting.

  Because, this painting that had just appeared now was extremely similar in construction to the painting that had just been wetted with water and uncovered away by Ye Fan, except for the fact that the painting was a little different, that composition element, it was exactly the same.

  Still, a dead tree shaped like a deer antler, a strange stone shaped like a snail, and a star-spotted dwarf bamboo protruding from behind the strange stone.The bamboos are diffuse, leaning against the rock, and wildly interesting.

  In addition to this brush painting, next to it is a calligraphic inscription by Mi Fu: "Forty years is not enough to make clothes.It is already late in life, so why not know that I am young; I am glad to be in the company of grace and elegance, and I have not yet returned.

  The moment this painting was unveiled by Ye Fan, everyone felt that the entire exhibition hall was brightened.

  It was like a pearl covered in dust, when the dust was gone, the glory returned to the earth!


  "This...There are paintings under this painting?"

  At this moment, everyone had been confused.

  The snickering and mocking of Ye Fan before came to an abrupt halt in a moment.

  As for Yang He himself, it was even as if he had been struck in place by lightning, and his entire body just stayed there, dumbfounded.With eyes wide open, he stared at the painting in front of him with dead eyes.

  Su Xi was also flabbergasted in place, and Autumn Mu Orange's surprised jade hand covered her red lips.

  Han Shaojie and Shen Fei were even more stupefied, filled with incredulity.

  Who would have thought that there was such a mystery hidden beneath that crude and rough painting?

  Could it be that this painting was really.... painted by Su Dongpo?

  "But how is that possible?"

  "Hasn't the real work already been auctioned off?"

  "Did Su Dongpo paint two paintings back then, or was the painting that Christie's auctioned off earlier...Fake?!!!"

  The crowd had exploded, and everyone was talking about it.

  And Gurungn was no longer calm when he saw the painting come out.

  The old face trembled, the pupils crinkled, and he even took a magnifying glass over to look at it.

  "Little...Little sir, quickly, let me take a look."

  "In this life, if I can see Mr. Dongpo's masterpiece with my own eyes, I would have no regrets even if I were to die~"

  Gurungn's entire body was nearly mad with excitement, and before Ye Fan even called out to him, he himself then ran up.

  Especially when he saw the painting in front of him, Gurungen's eyes were glowing.It was as if he had seen a naked beauty in his own bed.

  To an old artist like Gurungen, there was nothing that could be more blissful than seeing a pair of handed down treasures with his own eyes.

  And if this Deadwood Strange Stone Figure was real, it would undoubtedly be a major event that would stir the nation's art collecting world!

  The entire exhibition hall had gone quiet, and everyone was standing in one piece, startled.

  The old man, on the other hand, wanted to admire the beauty of the world, looking at the painting in front of him with excitement, his whole face, because of the excitement, has been red.

  As he looked at it, his palms were shaking, and finally he sighed with excitement, almost tearing up: "Dead wood like antlers, strange rocks like snails.The strokes seem to be sparse and grassy, not similar.But the execution of the brush priorities, intertwined, such a profound skill of the brush, it is unprecedented in my life Gu Longen."

  "And those brush strokes next to it, the strokes are so strong that they must be the work of a master calligrapher."

  "It's a blessing for my Chinese culture that such masterpieces are now in the world."

  "I, Gu Longen, have been a collector for fifty years and have admired countless masterpieces.The value of this painting, even if it's not the first, it's still in the top three!"

  "Little Sir, as you said, judging from the artistic value of this painting alone, it is undoubtedly genuine!"

  "It's me, Gu Longen, who is blind and unaware of the treasures, who made a joke and made Mr. Little laugh."

  "If Mr. Little doesn't mind, after today, I would like to discard my views of seniority and respect Mr. Little as my teacher!!!"


  Gurungen's words, however, once again resounded like a thunderbolt in the four corners of the earth, sending shock waves through everyone's hearts!



  Gurungen even wants to be Ye Fan's teacher?

  The crowd was nearly confused when they heard that Gurungn was going to pay homage to his master.

  Who was Gurungen?

  Visiting professor at a well-known university in China, and even more so, vice president of the Yunzong Antique Association, highly respected in the collecting community.

  In terms of social prestige, Ye Fan couldn't even reach the toes of Gu Longen.

  In terms of age and seniority, Gurungen was enough to be Ye Fan's grandfather.

  But now, who would have thought that such a highly respected old man would be willing to condescend to worship Ye Fan as his master?

  The crowd only felt that they didn't have enough brains.

  Everyone was flabbergasted in place, stupefied, looking at the painting in front of them and at the old master Gu who wanted to pay homage to them.

  As for Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange, they obviously didn't expect that things would end up like this.

  As for Yang He himself, he was even closer to tears, with an old face drooping down like a frosty eggplant, staying there and asking in fear, "Gu...Chairman Gu, this painting, is it really...Is it really Su Dongpo's?"

  Although Yang He was still unable to accept it even now, but after Ye Fan revealed the mystery hidden in this painting, Yang He's heart had actually cooled down.

  After all, in the collector world, paintings preserved in this manner were almost always treasures.

  What's more, now that there was Old Master Gu testifying from the side, it naturally confirmed the authenticity of the painting even more.

  "Although I'm not a hundred percent sure, according to my experience and judgment, this painting is undoubtedly authentic.After all, if it were an imitation of the painting, it would be impossible for it to have such profound painterly skill and calligraphy."Gu Longen confirmed again, and no doubt, the words of the old man, but he gave Yang He a death sentence, frightening Yang He's old face when it went white.

  However, at this moment, a light laughter from Ye Fan was like a boulder falling into the sea, once again setting off a monstrous wave.

  "President Gu, I urge you to take a closer look."

  "Eh?What do you mean, little sir?Don't you think he's real?"Gurunn was a little confused about what Evan was saying.

  He said fake, and Evan asked him to take a closer look.

  He said seriously, and Ye Fan asked him to take a closer look.

  So much so that now, Gurungen was completely unaware of the situation and couldn't understand what exactly Ye Fan was trying to say.

  Facing Gu Longen's question, Ye Fan nodded his head, "Yes, I don't think this painting is real.And I never said it was authentic from the beginning."


  "So, he's a fake?"

  Yang He's originally despairing heart was suddenly deadened after hearing Ye Fan's words, rekindling hope once again, excited with great joy.

  This great turn of events of great sorrow and great joy made Yang He himself near tears.

  The rest of them were equally filled with trepidation.

  "Damn it, what the hell is this brat up to?"

  "Didn't he just bet the shopkeeper that the painting was a prized possession?"

  "How is this, instead, that the painting is a fake?"

  "This before and after dog shit doesn't make sense, is this brat really an idiot?"

  The crowd was talking, completely confused about Ye Fan's brain circuits.

  And Gurungn even shook his head repeatedly, unable to stop saying, "Impossible."

  "You're afraid that you're joking, little sir."

  "If it's a crude imitation, how could I not see it!"

  "The composition of this painting is rigorous, and the brushwork is even more profound."

  "If this is one of those inferior imitations, then it's unlikely that there's a real one in this world."

  Guronn said in a deep voice, somewhat unhappy and feeling like he was being played by Ye Fan.

  "Ye Fan, are you an idiot?"

  "Governor Gu says it's the real thing, you still don't know how to stop when you see it, and you're still talking nonsense, you have to pay for Mu Orange's house before you'll stop, right?"

  Originally, Suzy was still thinking highly of Ye Fan for exposing the mystery of this painting in one glance.

  But she never thought that Ye Fan, an idiot, would say that the painting was fake again.

  There are still such people in the world?

  Everyone else changed their ways to boast that their things were real, but he was so good that he had to say that they were fake.

  Suzy was simply going to be pissed off at this idiot Ye Fan!

  Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to Suzy's anger, just stood there with his hands in his pockets and said indifferently, "Governor Gu, I only said that he was an imitation, but I didn't say that it was a low quality fake."

  "You...What do you mean?"Guronn realized something and trembled, then.

  Ye Fan smiled and nodded, "Yes, this is a pair of, artistic value, a replica painting that is as good as the real one."


  Copycat paintings?

  No less valuable than the real thing?

  Ye Fan's words once again shook everyone.

  Yang He, however, laughed and directly cursed.

  "Fart on you!"

  "A forgery is a forgery."

  "Who in the world does not know that a fake is worth less than one ten thousandth of the price of the real thing."

  "What, when it comes to your mouth, is a counterfeit more valuable?"

  "This is ridiculous!"

  "Okay, I'm not going to bullshit with you anymore.Since you've admitted to yourself that it's a fake, take the money, a million, transfer or house payment?"

  "Our bet was witnessed by so many people, so don't go rogue on your boy!"

  Yang He smiled sardonically and once again asked Ye Fan to take the money.

  However, Ye Fan was smiling, only, the smile on Ye Fan's face was a little bit chilly no matter how you looked at it.

  "Boss Yang, the bet just now, I didn't take it seriously before, I was right to treat it as a joke with Boss Yang."

  "But now, seeing how aggressive Boss Yang is.I've suddenly changed my mind."

  Ye Fan sneered, then stepped forward and pointed at the four small, insignificant words in the corner of the painting, then said, "I don't know if you all, can you recognize these four words?"


  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the picture, but you don't notice that there are four small words hidden in the corners.

  The old master Gu immediately went over to take a look, and his look was immediately stagnant, and an old face instantly drew: "Zhang...Zhang...Zhang Da Qian, imitation?"


  Hearing that person's name, the crowd present also trembled.

  Even Yang He himself was struck by lightning and stayed where he was.

  "Yes, this painting was imitated by the Counterfeit King, Zhang Da Qian!"

  "In the history of Chinese painting and calligraphy, if there's anyone in the world whose imitations are more valuable than the real thing, then there's no doubt about it."

  "Without a doubt, it's the master of Chinese painting, Zhang Daqian, known as the 'Brush of the East'."

  Ye Fan said in a cold voice, the words resounding like gold and stone, resounding throughout the exhibition hall.

  After that, Ye Fan eyebrows and eyes like knives, even more turned his head to look at the front of Yang He, cold voice again.

  "In 1940, master Zhang Daqian copied the Northern Song Dynasty painter Ju Ran's "Clear Peak"."

  "Fifty years later, it was sold for seventy million dollars!"

  "Later, in 2016, the Imitation of the Giant Ran Clear Peak was sold at Guardian's autumn auction for $130.5 million!

  "In 1946, Zhang Daqian also copied "Evening View of the Riverbank" by Dong Yuan, a painter of the Southern Tang Dynasty in the 5th dynasty."

  "Seventy years later, the painting was sold for $130 million!"

  "And now this imitation of Su Dongpo's Bamboo Mountain Strange Stone Painting is not only superbly painted, the calligraphy of the inscription on it is also extremely outstanding."

  "Its artistic value far exceeds that of the other two."

  "Even with the lowest auction price of Zhang Daqian's past imitations, it amounts to 70 million."

  "And you, Boss Yang!Just now, I boasted that if this painting is worth over ten thousand, ten times more compensation..."

  Ye Fan spoke eloquently, several words in a row, but it was like thunder, exploding all around.With each sentence, Ye Fan took a step forward, and his aura soared a few points.

  The entire person, only like a sword, slowly unsheathed!

  Until the end, Evan paused, then, a cold cry, but it was stone cold!

  Just like a sword out of a box!

  "I told you~"

  "You, really can't afford to pay!!!"


  Under Ye Fan's words, the crowd only felt, a wild wind sweeping.

  In fear and trepidation, Yang He himself, actually pounced on the ground and spread out on the ground.


Seventy...Seventy million?

  Even based on the lowest price of Zhang Da Qian's past works, that's 700 million if you double it tenfold?

  Seven hundred million!

  Yang He's entire body was now scared to death, his old face as pale as paper, sprawled on the ground in a complete state of lifelessness.

  He just sold his Eight Treasures Pavilion, it wasn't fucking worth 700 million ah.

  It wasn't until now that Yang He finally understood why Ye Fan kept saying that he couldn't afford to lose it.

  It was true, although he had been running an antique business for so many years, but all he made was the difference, his savings were only tens of millions, even if he sold the shop, he would only be able to make a hundred million.

  Even if he sold the shop, he would only be able to get 100 million. Even if he sold the shop, he wouldn't be able to pay 700 million to Ye Fan.

  Seeing Yang He's old, pale face, Ye Fan suddenly smiled and looked at him condescendingly, "What's wrong with Boss Yang, didn't he look so high and mighty just now?"

  "Why is this spread right out on the floor?"

  "You're not going to try to stall for time."

  "That's no good, I'm still in a hurry.We're willing to gamble, let's settle the seven hundred million as soon as possible."

  "Have you thought about how to pay for it?"

  "I support Alipay and WeChat transfers here, and cash is fine."

  "Of course, it's really not enough to raise enough, house payment is fine."

  Ye Fan followed Yang He's example just now and smiled faintly.However, he returned all of Yang He's previous ridicule of him in its original form.

  "I...I..."In the face of Ye Fan's words, but Yang He was spread out on the ground, his face ugly as if he had eaten hot fowl.

  At this time, his old face was flushed and he was nearly at a loss for words.Lips trembling, there like a rooster who cried out like a cock for a long time, but could not say a word.

  He had wanted to get some money from Ye Fan's hands to make up for today's losses, but he never thought that it would end up like this.

  Not only did he not get any money, but he also lost 700 million dollars, and now even this old face is disgraced!

  This is too big a fall today.

  Not only did he disgrace himself, I'm afraid that in the future, their Eight Treasures Pavilion would have to become a joke in the antique world.

  However, just as Yang He was so ashamed that he didn't know how to end it, but his son Yang Wei came out and directly scolded Ye Fan, "Seven hundred million, how dare you brat ask for it?"

  "You're blackmailing me!"

  "We don't owe you the Eight Treasures, so why should we pay you?"

  "You keep saying my father owes you 700 million. Do you have proof?Do you have an IOU?"

  "To try to get 700 million from us with empty words is delusional!"

  "And this painting, it's my father's collection, it belongs to our Eight Treasures Pavilion, and it has nothing to do with you."

  Yang Wei this was obviously not even a face for the money, directly began to play a rascal.

  In between his words, he reached out his hand to grab that pair of "Withered Wood Strange Stone Picture", and Ye Fan naturally wouldn't let him get away with it.

  He was one step ahead of him and took the painting in his arms.

  Then, Ye Fan also ignored Yang Wei, but looked at Yang He: "Boss Yang, what do you mean, could it be that you want to play a rascal and not admit it anymore?"

  "The wager just now can be witnessed by all the people sitting here."

  "Chairman Gu is also a witness."

  "Didn't Boss Yang say verbally that he operates with integrity and honesty?"

  "Could it be that Boss Yang is planning to smash this Eight Treasures Pavilion's century-old sign himself?"

  Ye Fan's teasing laughter continued to ring out.

  The surrounding onlookers, those rich men, also turned to speak up for Ye Fan.

  "Yes, Boss Yang, a great man is willing to gamble.Your larcenous words are a bit disgraceful."

  "If word gets out in the future, will you still be able to keep this Eight Treasures Pavilion open?"


  "Boss Yang, the Eight Treasures Pavilion's century-old sign.Are you really going to smash it?"

  "Have you done justice to your ancestors?"


  "Boss Yang, you can't be dishonest."

  "Otherwise, who will look up to you in the future?"

  The people around you were all saying one thing after another, all of them were people who were watching the fun, and all of them were now speaking as if they were watching a joke.

  Gu Longen also looked towards Yang He and said in a deep voice, "Yang He, I'm willing to gamble and lose.Since you lost to Mr. Little, you should supposedly take out the bet as agreed."

  "What's more, Mr. Little has already cast a wide net on you and merely priced this painting at seventy million.You should know that this imitation of Su Shi's 'Withered Wood and Strange Stones' is now being auctioned for at least one hundred million.According to the true value, you're not losing seven hundred million, but over a billion."


  Gurungen's words, scared Yang He undoubtedly paled even more, spread out on the ground like a dog, his whole body was shaking ah, the whole person was close to tears.

  At this time, Yang He was filled with remorse, how could he have never thought that what he thought was a worthless, broken painting would end up being a treasure worth over a hundred million dollars.Moreover, what made Yang He vomit blood even more was that a bet that he thought would only be worth a million dollars had turned out to be a huge bet with a stakes of hundreds of millions of dollars, and he was the one who lost.

  If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have bragged about that even if he had been killed?

  Yang He is now so desperate to die that he has lost his wife and his army!

  But in the end, Yang He had no choice but to bow down and confess, looking towards Ye Fan full of misery, ashamedly saying, "This gentleman, it was indeed me, Yang He, who was dog-eyed just now.This time, I admit to planting."

  "But, seven hundred million, I really can't take it out."

  "Even if I sold the entire Eight Treasures Pavilion, I really wouldn't be able to raise that much money."

  "But don't worry sir, this debt, I, Yang He, admit it."

  "I only hope that young sir will give me some time to slowly raise the money to pay it back!"

  "If you can't pay it back in ten years, then twenty years, thirty years."

  "When I die, then let my son, my grandson, continue to pay!"

  "As long as my Eight Treasures Pavilion's sign is still in place, we will never repay this debt."

  "In this card, there is three million dollars, which is all the money I can spare right now, let's consider it as the first batch of money I have to pay back to Mr. Mister."

  "Once we have the money in the future, we will continue to pay it back!"

  Yang He said in a deep voice, even though his heart was bleeding, he still clenched his teeth and gave his bank card to Ye Fan.

  After all, willing to gamble and lose.What's more, if Yang He wanted to continue in this antique world, he couldn't go back on his word, let alone dare to!

  This reaction from Yang He was a slight surprise to Ye Fan.

  He had thought that Yang He would be a rogue like his son.

  "I didn't expect that Boss Yang is a bloody man too."

  "Forget it, get up."

  "Just now I was joking for you, that seven hundred million, no need to pay it.If you really feel guilty, just donate more money and do more good deeds in your daily life."

  Ye Fan hadn't really wanted Yang He to honor the bet and pay that 700 million, it was purely to scare him and teach him a lesson just now.

  After all, Yang He was also unlucky enough today, the tens of millions of received items ended up being inferior, hundreds of millions of paintings were sold by him at two hundred and fifty, these two things alone would probably be enough to make Yang He collapse, if he were to take on a few hundred million in debt, he wouldn't have to jump off a building tomorrow?

  "Thank you little sir, thank you sir~"

  "In the future, Mr. Little will be my Yang He's benefactor, O reborn parent!"

  Yang He was crying, he was so grateful to Ye Fan that he almost called out to his father.

  He had already resigned himself to his fate, but who would have thought that a twist of fate would have come about, and several hundred million dollars would have been left out by Ye Fan.

  The happiness came too suddenly, of course Yang He was excited.

  Ye Fan didn't say anything more, just advised Yang He to be a calm person and a kind person in the future.

  Be less snobbish and more calm.

  Then, Ye Fan picked up the painting and turned around to leave.

  The crowd of wealthy onlookers saw the situation and hurried forward to stop him, smiling with flattering eyes, "This little gentleman, I wonder if you have any intention to sell that painting.I'll buy yours for 70 million, cash transfer is fine, house payment is also fine!"

  "Mr. Wang, are you taking Mr. Little for a fool?Governor Gu said it's worth 100 million. You want to buy it for 70 million?It's too insincere.Little sir, I'll give you one hundred million, I'll take the painting."

  "One hundred million?This painting was more than a hundred million three years ago."

  "Mr. Little, I'll sell it for thirteen million dollars!"


  "I'll offer 140 million plus a villa in the provincial capital Jianghai!"


  "Sell it to me, I'll pay $150 million~"

  In a short while, these tycoons have become noisy, one shouting higher than the other, one louder than the other, just about to fight.

  Listening to the hundreds of millions of dollars of shouting in front of him, next to him, however, Yang He was already in tears, his heart was bitter.

  Over a hundred million dollars, and he had sold it by two hundred and fifty?

  He had previously mocked Ye Fan for being two hundred and fifty, but now it seemed that he was the real two hundred and fifty!

  At this time, Yang He's intestines were already blue with regret.

  But it couldn't be helped, the rules were here, the painting had already been bought by Ye Fan and the invoice had been typed, so it was too late for him to regret.

  By now, Yang He finally understood why Ye Fan had to take the money to buy it before and had to invoice it.

  This prevented, it was his eye red regret ah!


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