Dish Best Served Cold 201-205


Chapter 201

"Are you the girl who gave Sissy the ticket?"

  "It really is a natural beauty."

  "That daughter of mine has been bragging about her unmatched beauty at home all day, so she's found a rival, right?"Su Yuanshan harrumphed.

  Qiu Mu Orange modestly said, "Mr. Su is overstated.Moreover, I'm good friends with Xixi, so it's fine if Mr. Su calls me Mu Orange."

  "Mm, good.Mu Orange, you don't need to call me Mr. Su and Mr. Su, just call me uncle."

  A few people exchanged pleasantries.But what Ye Fan didn't expect was to teach his daughter to be so capricious and unruly, but Su Yuanshan, the one who was the father, was completely devoid of any pretense, and his words and manners appeared to be very friendly.

  "Tonight's auction is called an event in the entire Jiangdong province, and it's hard to get an outside ticket.Mu Orange yet you were able to get an insider ticket, or two, uncle reckons that you should not be an ordinary person."Su Yuanshan asked curiously.

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled awkwardly, "Uncle, you misunderstood, I but~"

  However, before Autumn Mu Orange finished speaking, Suzy quickly interjected, "That's right.My family Mu Orange is the CEO of a large enterprise, with thousands of people under his control, it's amazing.My Suzy's best friend is certainly not an ordinary person.""

  Suzy was proudly bragging in front of her own father and brother.

  After all, her father and brother had always said that she was not ambitious, only knew how to have fun and could hardly become a great person.Now such a good opportunity to raise her eyebrows, of course she couldn't let go.

  The higher she blew Qiu Mu Orange up, the more face she, as a best friend, would undoubtedly have.

  Connections were also one of one's own abilities!

  "Oh, at a young age, you're in charge of a business with thousands of people?"

  "And no wonder you get the infield ticket!"

  "The next generation is fearsome, the next generation is fearsome."

  "I, as an elder, am ashamed of myself!"As expected, Su Yuanshan and Su Nan's father and son were all shocked, and their gazes towards Qiu Mu Orange were all a bit more solemn and respectful.

  After all, a person's status determined the level of their status.

  Qiu Mu Orange was in control of the Thousand Man Enterprise, this ability and status, even Su Yuanshan had to be respectful.

  "Xixi, you have such an excellent lady friend, even a father is happy for you."

  "Nearer to the vermin, you have to study and learn from Mu Orange in the future, and only when you are around excellent people can you become even better."Su Yuanshan taught a few more sentences to Suzy, but it was clear that for his daughter to have such a great best friend, he, the father, was also really happy.

  "Xixi, what are you talking nonsense?"However, when Qiu Mu Orange heard this, her pretty face immediately turned red, and she whispered angrily.

  The company's CEO is not bad, but he is in charge of a small company that was just established, and his men are only a few dozen, so how can he have thousands of people?

  Isn't it a shame for Susie to say that?

  However, Suzy was begging and whispered, "Mu Orange, please, just help me this once, my father and the others have always underestimated me, I have to impress them this time."

  Unable to resist Suzy's plea, Autumn Mu Orange had no choice but to help Suzy with this scene.

  "What are you two muttering about?"

  "Nothing, nothing."Susie said hehe.

  "Mu Orange, let's go, let's go to the second floor for a walk."At this time, Ye Fan's voice came from behind him.

  At that time, Suzy's face turned green.

  This is going to be bad huh?

  Sure enough, Ye Fan's call of Mu Orange caused Su Yuanshan and Su Nan to look over.

  "Who is this?"

  Looking at the man in front of him who was in such an upscale place but dressed in a simple outfit, to put it nicely it would be called casual, to put it more bluntly it would be called poor, Su Yuanshan frowned and asked in confusion.

  "Hello uncle, I'm Mu Orange's..."

  "Mu Orange's driver, yes, he's Mu Orange's driver and bodyguard.From the countryside, although he looks a bit rustic, but a brute force, awesome, the young master of the Shen family has been saved by him?"

  Ye Fan was about to say that he was Qiu Mu Orange's husband, but where did Suzy allow him to finish his sentence and directly interrupted him, smiling at his own father and brother.

  Ye Fan frowned, the more unhappy he was with this lady friend of his wife.

  He ignored Suzy's words and still continued, "I am Mu Orange's old~"

  "Old...Old driver, don't look old, but he drove a tractor in the countryside at the age of fourteen, almost ten years of driving experience, definitely an old driver, very good at driving."

  "Isn't it ah Mu Orange?"Su Xi hurriedly gave Qiu Mu Orange a wink, indicating that she would let Qiu Mu Orange cooperate.

  After all, if her own father and brother knew that Qiu Mu Orange's husband was an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law and a poor loser from the countryside, then the lofty persona she had painstakingly created for Qiu Mu Orange would undoubtedly collapse in an instant.

  This was certainly not acceptable.

  Su Xi was counting on Qiu Mu Orange to give her a long face?

  "Uh...Yes, his name is Ye Fan, he's my driver and bodyguard."Qiu Mu Orange also had no choice but to help people to the end and send them to the west.

  Just pity Ye Fan, a good husband has become an old driver.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he naturally understood everything.But although he knew that Qiu Mu Orange was only trying to cooperate with Suzy at every opportunity, but when he heard that from Qiu Mu Orange, he also felt odd in his heart, and coldly grunted, "Yes, I'm an old driver, a disgruntled old driver."

  The dissatisfaction in Ye Fan's tone, which Qiu Mu Orange could naturally hear, couldn't help but feel a little guilty in her heart, secretly saying, "Ye Fan, I can only humiliate you first."

  "So it's a driver.But little brother, you should pay attention to your own image in the future.This high-class occasion is no better than the countryside, and a bad image is a disgrace to your old boss."Su Yuanshan kindly reminded Ye Fan a few words.

  After that, a few people in the party went upstairs together.

  Su Yuanshan and the others came this time mainly to participate in the antique exchange in this clubhouse.

  "This Mid-Autumn Festival Event is one of the biggest events in Yunzhou."

  "Especially this year, it's even more lively."

  "In this hall, there are more than just those jewelry goods and entertainment facilities on the first two floors.What's more, there are antique trading and jade auctions that are relatively rare outside, so it can be said that there are all sorts of activities."

  "But they all have a common feature, that is, these activities are all played by rich people."

  "I don't have any hobbies in my day-to-day life, I just like to look at antiques.Today's Mid-Autumn Festival event is just the right time to come and have a good time."

  "Of course, the most lively one is the Mid-Autumn Night Auction in the evening."

  "The ones there, each one is a treasure."

  "It is said that at that auction, Mr. Chu will also give away a chance.It's just a pity that I'm not qualified to participate in my current status."

  Su Yuanshan said as he shook his head and sighed, his words filled with regret.

  In the middle of the conversation, however, a few people had already arrived at the sixth floor.

  According to the guidelines, the antique exhibition hall was precisely on the sixth floor.

  Once a few people entered, they saw that the promised floor was filled with all kinds of old objects.

  "I go, so many?"

  "Dad, are these all antiques?"Although Suzy knew that her old man had a hobby of playing with antiques, she had never come into contact with it, and now that she was seeing it for the first time, she was naturally surprised.

  However, Su Yuanshan shook his head and laughed, "Silly Niko, you're too naive."

  "Don't look at so many things, there aren't many real treasures inside?"

  "Even if the boss says it's true, you can't believe it all."

  "Rather, the things that don't let people care about them might be treasures."

  "If you could pick up a leak, it would be enough for ordinary people to enjoy for the rest of their lives."

  "Of course, the probability of picking up something like a leak is about the same as winning the jackpot in the lottery."


In the middle of Qiu Mu Orange's conversation with Su Yuanshan and the others, but no one noticed that Ye Fan's eyebrows were actually frowning slightly at this moment.

  With some confusion and slight surprise, Ye Fan looked around, but if Qiu Mu orange looked into Ye Fan's eyes, he would have seen a little inaudible light glowing in his eyes.

  After a long time, but Ye Fan smiled unexpectedly, "I didn't expect that this Cloud Dao Heavenly Book would have such a use."

  But thinking about it, how could something that had been passed down from generation to generation by the Chu family as a family heirloom be a mere object?

  "Mu Orange, look at your old...Old driver, he simply looks like a country bumpkin entering the city, I guess he's never seen such a scene in his life."

  Looking at the smirking Ye Fan who was looking around behind him, Suzy, however, scowled.

  Fortunately, she was clever enough not to tell her father and brother that Ye Fan was Qiu Mu Orange's husband, otherwise how humiliating would it have been with this kind of unseen appearance?

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't reply, instead, Su Yuanshan's glared at Su Xi: "You, this ninny, still look like you're looking down on people.That Brother Ye is from the countryside, it's normal to have this kind of reaction when you see this kind of scene for the first time.Didn't you just look like you were marveling at it too?"

  "Can I be the same as him, I call that admiration, and he's like that, at best, a toad salivating at the sight of a swan."Suzy said in disgust.

  Qiu Mu Orange had already seen nothing strange about this.

  Anyway, Suzy and Ye Fan's dislike wasn't just a day or two, these two seemed to be natural enemies, and Autumn Mu Orange felt that it was better not to let them be together.

  "Ye Fan, if you like, take a walk around.I'll go with Uncle Su and the others to check out the other side.We'll gather here later."Qiu Mu Orange said to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan nodded and only said good word, then headed forward.

  "Hey, I say you just look at it, don't touch it, it's full of antiques, you can't afford to pay for it if you break it?"Behind her came Suzy's dismissive voice, but Ye Fan ignored it and paid no attention to her.

  "Mu Orange, would he steal someone's stuff when he sees something good?I'm really afraid he'll get you in trouble."Susie warned.

  "It's fine, let's go too."

  Soon, Qiu Mu Orange's group followed Su Yuanshan who was also strolling around this antique showroom.

  At this time, Ye Fan had arrived at the largest exhibition hall in the center of the venue.

  There was a "Eight Treasures Hall" sign erected next to it, although Ye Fan had never heard of it, but to occupy such a large venue here, I'm afraid the Eight Treasures Hall also has quite a reputation in the antique world.

  Inside, there were numerous bronze, jade, and porcelain ones from all dynasties, with numerous furnishings.

  "Hmm, Shen Fei and the others are even here?"Ye Fan looked up, but saw that at this time Shen Fei and the others happened to be inside.

  Inside the Eight Treasures Hall.

  Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were looking around inside the Eight Treasures Hall.Now that the time for the original stone auction hadn't arrived yet, so they simply made their way to the nearby antique exhibition hall to take a look.

  "Shao Jie, how about it, is there anything good in here?"

  "Eight Treasures Hall is a famous old sign in our Yunzhou antique world, the one my father gave away, the real Tang Bohu, was bought from this shop."The two of them had been shopping for a long time, the other shops' old objects were of inferior quality, and none of them were Han Shaojie's fancy.

  In the end, Shen Fei then brought Han Shaojie to this Eight Treasures Hall, so he could palm his eyes.

  "Mm."Han Shaojie nodded, "The stuff in this sub is really good, the quality is a few grades better than those stalls outside."

  "Hahaha, that's good.It's up to you to make a fortune this time.Quickly, help me choose one."Shen Fei didn't dabble much in these antiques and the like, but Han Shaojie knew ah.

  In the past, he had come out with Han Shaojie together to gamble on rocks, panning for antiques and the like, and made a lot of money.

  Therefore, Shen Fei was extremely confident in Han Shao Jie's vision.

  "Well, this blue and white porcelain is good, you can start."Han Shaojie eventually stopped in front of a blue and white porcelain, and after playing with it for a bit, he finally recommended it like Shen Fei.


  "This gentleman has good eyes."At this time, the owner of the shop, Yang He, however, came forward with a smile on his face and said to Shen Fei and the others.

  "Blue and white porcelain began in the Tang and Song dynasties and flourished in the Yuan Dynasty."

  "Especially the blue and white porcelain produced by Jingdezhen in the Yuan Dynasty is even more famous!"

  "And this blue and white porcelain that the two gentlemen are interested in is produced in Jingdezhen during the Yuan Dynasty.It's something from the township of this Eight Treasures Hall of mine."

  "I just received this from the Mongolians a few days ago."

  "The original holder was a large local family, and his ancestors were even royalty of the Yuan Dynasty."

  "Back then, before Ming Chengzu attacked Metropolis and the Yuan Dynasty fell, their ancestors fled north with their families and belongings."

  "By selling their treasures and belongings, the family was able to gain a foothold once again."

  "Although the family went through several times during this period, but this Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain has been preserved intact."

  "A royal relic, definitely a treasure among treasures."

  "And the origin is clear, well documented, and the inheritance is orderly, it must be a treasure without a doubt."Yang He unabashedly praised this Yuan Qing Hua non-stop from the side.

  For a time, it caused many people nearby to gather around to watch it.

  There were even a few tycoons who trembled incessantly.

  "This Yuan Qing flower is clustered with flowers, the texture is glorious and colorful.The patterns on it, in particular, are majestic and magnificent, it is indeed a rare and precious item."

  The crowd sighed.

  And Shen Fei didn't say anything, he just looked to the side at Han Shaojie, "Fei, I have examined this Yuan Qing Hua, there is no doubt that it is genuine, you can start with no worries."

  "Good!"Hearing Han Shaojie's confirmation again, Shen Fei was relieved, and directly asked the shopkeeper to wrap it up and say he'd bought it.

  "Okay, Shen Shao sure is generous with his money!"

  "You wait a moment, I'll load it up and bring it to you."A big business was finalized like this, this shop owner Yang He was naturally excited, then had the blue and white porcelain packaged and put into a wooden box lined with sponge.It was then handed over to Shen Fei.

  "Young Master Shen, you keep it."

  "Mm."Shen Fei nodded, yet just as Shen Fei was about to pay, a faint laughter quietly came from behind him.

  "If you don't want to lose your blood money, this blue and white porcelain, I advise you not to take it."


  This sudden sound caused everyone present to freeze.

  Brush Brush~

  In a split second, the gazes of several people all looked over, only to see a thin youth, dressed in a plain outfit, with his hands in his pockets, standing there just like that, looking at Shen Fei and saying indifferently.

  "Where's that brat!"

  "Is this the place you came from?"

  "Where's the security, what's the food, what kind of miscreants put in there?"Seeing Ye Fan's poor dress, Yang He, however, did not say a word and directly snapped at him.

  Ye Fan was safely silent.Instead, Shen Fei was shocked, "Well, brother Fan, what are you doing here?Quickly, inside please."

  And when Ye Fan came in, the looks of the shop owner Yang He as well as Han Shaojie all sank in unison.

  "So you are a friend of Shen Shao, I misunderstood just now, I hope you don't mind."

  "It's just that this little brother, I don't know what you meant by that statement just now."

  "What, do you think that I am selling counterfeit goods from my Eight Treasures Hall?"Looking at Ye Fan, Yang He asked in a deep voice, his tone filled with coldness.

  Han Shaojie also looked unhappy, looking coldly at Ye Fan.


This blue and white porcelain was chosen by him, and Ye Fan's words were not only questioning the Eight Treasures Hall's credibility, but also his Han Shaojie's eyesight.

  Therefore, in hearing Ye Fan's words, the two of them were certainly unhappy.

  "Yes, Brother Fan."

  "What did you mean by that just now?"

  "Why am I bleeding money if I buy this porcelain?"Shen Fei was also confused and asked.

  Ye Fan laughed lightly, "Why else?Certainly this blue and white porcelain in your hand is not the precious Yuan blue and white porcelain that this shopkeeper claims it to be.The true value, I'm afraid, is far less than the money you paid for it."

  "In other words, it's a fake."


  Ye Fan's words caused everyone to be shocked.

  Yang He was even more furious, "Nonsense!"

  "My Eight Treasures Hall is also a resounding sign in the antique world."

  "Who doesn't know about our Eight Treasures Hall's golden sign in the entire Yunzhou antique world?"

  "The year before last, an authentic Tang Yin autograph popped up, shocking the entire Yunzhou collection community, and it was sold by my Eight Treasures Hall."

  "Last year, at the Yunzhou auction, a calligraphy post sold for ten million dollars, also from my Eight Treasures Hall!"

  "Even last month, my Eight Treasures Hall, I sold a well-preserved Guangxu era cloisonné."

  "History has proven countless times that everything I sell at Eight Treasures Hall is verifiably authentic."

  "Eight Treasures Hall is a hundred years old and honest, even if we don't have anything to sell, we will never do something despicable like substandard goods and smash our hundred year old sign!"

  "Rather, you yellow-mouthed, empty-mouthed little child, just say that I, Hundred Treasures Hall, am using substandard goods to replace the real ones.Today, if you don't tell me the truth, even if you are Young Master Shen's friend, I will never let go of today's matter!"

  Yang He's old face was livid, which could be described as an overwhelming rage.

  The indignant words were only like waves of horror sweeping.The resounding words were only like thunderbolts.

  Facing Ye Fan, the angry voice rebuked.

  The sound of ice-cold rage even echoed throughout the sixth floor exhibition hall.

  Their Eight Treasures Hall, the reason why they were established in the antique world, relied on their brand reputation.

  In the Eight Treasures Hall, true is true and false is false, never ambiguous.

  But Ye Fan's behavior today is bad for the foundation on which their Eight Treasures Hall is based, of course Yang He is angry.

  When Shen Fei saw this, he also looked at Ye Fan and said evenly, "Brother Fan, are you wrong.This boss is right, Eight Treasures Hall has always been very reputable, my father's authentic Tang Yin painting was bought from here, how could this blue and white porcelain be fake?"

  At this time, the movement on this side also drew Su Yuanshan's group over.

  At first, they were curious as to what had happened to make the shopkeeper so furious.

  However, after seeing one of them, Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were both near mad at that time.

  "I'm going!"

  "It's him again."

  "Is this redneck crazy?"

  "He's deliberately trying to cause us trouble, isn't he?"

  Suzy scolded angrily.

  Qiu Mu Orange was worried and angry, and hurriedly ran over to pull Ye Fan, while apologizing to Yang He with a face full of apologies, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

  "I apologize for him to you, he really just didn't mean to offend."

  "I'll take him away."

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was pale, and after apologizing to Yang He, she pulled Ye Fan out and left.

  "Why don't you leave quickly?"

  "Net cause me trouble, will you stop for a minute."

  "Do you know anything about antiques?"

  "You don't understand and you're still playing the piano here, aren't you deliberately embarrassing yourself?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was obviously really angry too.

  How can there be such a husband who goes around acting tough and causing trouble, not pretending to understand.

  A woman marries a man in the hope that he can shield her from the wind and rain, not to stir up trouble all day long.

  However, Ye Fan didn't have the intention to leave, he just looked at Qiu Mu Orange and said indifferently, "Do you also think that I'm talking nonsense?"

  "Or what?!"

  "Are you going to tell me you're a master treasure hunter?"With red eyes, Qiu Mu Orange yelled at Ye Fan.

  She didn't expect that at such a time, Ye Fan was still here to give her such words, and Autumn Mu Orange was naturally even more furious.

  Ye Fan's face was expressionless, but then he laughed to himself, "Yes, in your eyes, I, Ye Fan, am just a driver from the countryside.However, Qiu Mu Orange, I will prove to you who is actually talking nonsense."

  "Just you?"

  "You're a poor country boy, have you ever seen an antique you?"

  "You've never touched it, and you have the nerve to be here learning about other people's treasures?"

  "Isn't this self-defeating, deliberately embarrassing Mu Orange you?"

  "Why don't you come with us?!"

  Suzy felt even more ridiculous after hearing that from Evan, and scoffed in anger.


  "I see that this little brother looks like he knows a lot, so he must be an expert in treasure appreciation."

  "If people want to prove it, then why not let him prove it."

  "I'm curious, where on earth does this fellow get the strength to think that this Yuan Qing Hua is a fake?"At this moment, but a faint laugh came from Han Shaojie on the side.

  It was just that the tone of the words was a bit sarcastic, no matter how it sounded.

  "He's a hillbilly, what the hell does he know about treasure hunting?"Suzy was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

  But at this time, the eyes of everyone present were looking at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan to state his arguments, thus proving his judgment.

  However, Ye Fan smiled lightly and said, "I really don't know how to identify treasures.But I do know that this Yuan Qing Hua in front of me, it is a fake."


  The entire crowd exploded at the sound of this.

  "I'll fuck it up!"

  "Is this guy an idiot?"

  "You don't know anything about treasure hunting, and you're still here calling someone's blue and white porcelain a fake?"

  "I think this kid came here on purpose to mess up the venue!"

  The crowd was talking, looking at Ye Fan as if he were an idiot.


  "Fucked up, but it was a stupid one."

  "Where's the security?"

  "Why don't we get this disruptive idiot out of here?"Yang He was also mad with anger.

  Originally, he thought that the youth in front of him was so sure and confident, that he really saw something suspicious and really had some insight.But now, it seemed that the whole thing was just a brain-dead idiot.

  Don't know how to appreciate treasure?

  Then where the hell did you get the strength to say it's fake.

  Han Shaojie, who was on the side, shook his head and laughed at the situation, sneering and whispering, "Fei, it seems that this so-called big man you're talking about isn't so worthy of his name ah?"

  Han Shaojie sneered and laughed as he said, watching the farce with ease and calmness.

  Shen Fei's face was also a bit ugly, he didn't expect Mr. Chu to be the kind of person who would act indiscriminately regardless of the occasion.

  This treasure appraisal is an extremely professional thing, if you don't understand it, why do you need to comment on it?

  For a while, Ye Fan's impression in Shen Fei's heart was undoubtedly also greatly diminished.The gaze towards Ye Fan was also a little less respectful.

  After all, no one would like this kind of unkind person who acted recklessly.

  Therefore, in the face of the security guards that had already gathered around, Shen Fei did not block them and just watched quietly.

  Su Yuanshan, Su Nan and his father and son also shook their heads for a while, looking at Ye Fan with a bit more contempt and disdain.

  It was no wonder that their daughter was so disgusted and despicable towards this driver from the countryside, there was really a reason for it.

  "Fuck, Mu Orange."

  "This hillbilly is an idiot, right?"

  "Kicked in the head by a donkey?"

  "What's the occasion for this, this isn't deliberate disruption?"

  "If I'd known, I wouldn't have brought him here, sooner or later we'd have been killed by him!"Suzy was so angry that her teeth were itching.

  Qiu Mu Orange was similarly filled with indignation, her eyebrows and eyes red as she yelled at Ye Fan, "Enough!"

  "Evan, are you done making a scene or not?"

  "Are you saving to be angry with me?"

  "I brought you here to increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons, not for you to make trouble for me?"


"Mu Orange, I think this hillbilly is just here to cause trouble for us."

  "Causing trouble everywhere!"

  "Why don't we get out of here?"Susie growled in anger as well.

  "Get out!"The staff of the Eight Treasures Hall even directly told Ye Fan to roll.

  The wealthy onlookers around were also full of disdain and disgust towards Ye Fan.

  Su Yuanshan and his father and son shook their heads repeatedly, only wondering how Qiu Mu Orange, such a powerful woman, could have found someone like this to be her driver and bodyguard.

  Han Shaojie watched coldly from the side, looking like a joke at Ye Fan who was being accused by a thousand people in front of him.

  For a while, everyone insulted him, many people rebuked him, and even Qiu Mu Orange blamed Ye Fan for causing trouble.

  At that moment, Ye Fan was like an abandoned son abandoned by the world, becoming the laughing stock in everyone's eyes.The light in the exhibition hall shone on him, casting a shadow on the ground.

  At this time, the security guards had already gathered around.

  Just as the security guards here were about to forcibly take Ye Fan away, a deep voice suddenly came from behind the crowd.


  "What's happening and why all the noise?"

  In the bland voice, only an old man, accompanied by several people, but with a gloomy face came over.

  This person's hair was already white, but there was majesty contained between his angry voice, and one could tell at a glance that he was a person of not low social status.

  "Gu...President Gu?"Seeing the old man in front of him, Yang He was all over the place, no longer having his previous frame, and hurried over to greet him.

  "Eh?President?Still surnamed Gu?"

  "Could it be that vice-president of the Yunzhou Antique Association?"

  "Visiting Professor at Jiangdong University, the highly respected Gu Longen Gu, who is highly respected in treasure connoisseurship?"

  "I go, I can't believe that even the big man in the collection world has been alarmed, I'm afraid this kid is miserable!"

  When they saw Gu Longen arrive, many people present looked gleeful.

  This Gu Longen is a master figure in the antique industry, extremely knowledgeable in the field of connoisseurship, this person also has a very high status and reputation in the collection industry.

  Now the entire antique exhibition hall on the sixth floor looks like it was organized by the old master Gu, now that Ye Fan is causing trouble, Gu Longen is afraid that he will have to make him suffer.

  "President Gu, it's not that we intend to make a ruckus, it's mainly because we are looking for someone to stir up trouble, just now..."Yang He obviously also respected Gu Longen a lot, and even came out to explain what had just happened to Gu Longen.

  "This blue and white porcelain has a traceable history and an orderly inheritance, if we were not one hundred percent sure of it, how would we sell it as Yuan Qing Hua to the outside world."

  "What's more, Young Master Shen has had it appraised by a specialized person, and it is undoubtedly authentic."

  "But this person is not saying that it is a fake."

  "President Gu, you know my Eight Treasures Hall's reputation in the industry."

  "This person is messing with my reputation and is deliberately messing with me."Yang He said angrily.

  And Gu Longen frowned, "And this?"

  Then Gu Longen looked at Shen Fei: "Young Master Shen, this blue and white porcelain, do you think it's real?And yet you really want to buy it?"

  Shen Fei nodded, "President Gu, my brother has indeed examined it, and this blue and white porcelain is indeed Yuan Qing Hua, and he does want to buy it."

  Ye Fan smiled after hearing this, "Shen Fei, if the brother you're talking about is here, it's advisable that you just end up cutting him off.This kind of referring to a fake brother as a real one is either bad or stupid, be careful of suffering a big loss later."

  "You~~" Han Shaojie was annoyed and trembled with anger, wanting to go up and kick this guy.

  Ye Fan's words were clearly pointing at his nose and scolding him.

  Shen Fei quickly hugged him, "Shao Jie, don't be stupid, you can't beat him."

  Ye Fan's ability, Shen Fei could know clearly, at first Wu He Rong was killed by him with a few moves, not to mention the unarmed Han Shao Jie.

  "Bastard, how dare you not give up by now?"

  "Fine, in that case, I'll smash your dog's face in front of everyone."

  "Chairman Gu, please do me a favor and just appraise it on the spot.It's also so that some people with ulterior motives can see if this blue and white porcelain is real or fake?"Yang He went along with it, but directly requested Gu Longen to help them identify it in public.

  I have to say, Yang He is really cunning.

  He asked Gu Longen to appraise the treasure in front of the public, it was not the second most important thing to hit Ye Fan's face, but the main thing was to use the old man's hand to help them advertise the Eight Treasures Pavilion for free.

  Yang He's small-mindedness, of course, Gu Longen could see it.But as a senior in the antique world and the president of the association, helping the Eight Treasures Pavilion with an advertisement was just fine, he didn't care.

  "Alright.Bearing in mind that you Eight Treasures Pavilion has been operating in good faith for many years, I'll help you with this favor."

  Then, under the attention of the crowd, the old man Gu also walked forward and put on his gloves, while having his own specialized appraisal glasses sent to him, brought the blue and white porcelain in front of him, and began to carefully look at it.

  After a few moments, the old man Gu also took off his gloves, and it looked like he already had an answer in mind.

  "President Gu, how is it?"

  "But really?"Yang He quickly inquired, and the others looked on curiously.

  Gurungn didn't answer directly, but spoke slowly.

  "First of all, from the looks of this, the porcelain tires are thick, large and majestic.And eh with dense decorations, you can see here, as many as ten layers.This is the most distinctive feature of the Yuan blue and white porcelain."

  "Secondly, this porcelain glaze part of the pan blue, cum glaze was water green.I guess it's because of the addition of the glazed fruit, which is fat and heavy..."

  Gu Longen spoke freely, some professional theoretical knowledge, even if the presence of these people who had been playing with antiques for decades were extremely obscure and profound, not to mention Suzy and the others.

  However, after all of this, what everyone was most concerned about was this Yuan Qing Hua, whether it was true or not.

  "So, based on what has been said above, plus my experience in judging it, this blue and white porcelain should indeed be Yuan Dynasty blue and white, there is no mistake."

  As expected~

  The crowd wasn't surprised to hear this.

  "Brat, how is it now?Do you have anything else to say?"

  "If you keep talking nonsense like this, disturbing my business and ruining my Eight Treasures Pavilion's reputation, what are you prepared to pay for it?"Yang He straightened his back this time and said in a cold voice to Ye Fan.

  Han Shaojie's face was also smiling even more, looking at Ye Fan with eyes full of ridicule, "It looks like a farce has finally ended."

  Su Yuanshan and the others were also shaking their heads, they reckoned that this time Ye Fan should die.

  Only Qiu Mu Orange's face was pale and unsightly, and the anger in her heart towards Ye Fan was undoubtedly even more intense.

  Su Xi even more angrily shouted, "This is humiliating, you bastard, you should be satisfied at last, right?"

  "It's a shame to drag Mu Orange along with you!"

  Suzy was simply going to be pissed off at Ye Fan, the hillbilly.

  However, Ye Fan was in no hurry at all, but he was facing Gu Longen and said indifferently, "President Gu, I advise you to take a closer look at it, especially the combined part of the bottle and the bottom of the bottle."

  "Sub-O, brat, you still won't give up?Do you really want to die?"Yang He was also completely furious, he didn't expect Ye Fan to still be talking nonsense there by now.

  "Eh?"However, Ye Fan's words, however, caused Guronn to be stunned, then he seemed to discover something and shouted, "Quickly, bring me the lamp!"

  This reaction from Gu Ronn made the crowd stunned as well, not knowing what was happening.

  But the old man is once again picked up the blue and white porcelain to see, this time obviously look more seriously and carefully, and focused on what Ye Fan said.

  After a long time, the old man but a long sigh, somewhat ashamed, shook his head and said.

  "Little brother, I'm sorry, but it was indeed my husband who was mistaken just now."

  "As little brother said, the blue and white porcelain in front of you is indeed a fake."


  The words of the ancient master were only like a boulder falling into the sea, creating a monstrous wave.


Yang He's old face then went white.

  Han Shaojie, who was originally gloating, had a smile that instantly stagnated, and his entire body stayed directly in the storm, full of incredulity.


  "Governor Gu, that's impossible?"

  "I've carefully verified this blue and white porcelain, so it can't be fake."

  Han Shaojie looked ugly and said repeatedly.

  After all, he had recommended Shen Fei to buy this blue and white porcelain, and if it was proven to be fake, wouldn't that be a slap in his face?

  Also, it was expected that Shen Fei would suspect him and collude with this shopkeeper to trap him.

  It would not only prove his incompetence, it would also set him up with the land of iniquity!

  So, of course, Han Shaojie couldn't agree with Gu Longen's statement and tried his best to prove the authenticity of this Yuan blue and white porcelain.

  "Gu, didn't you also say before that this blue and white porcelain is thick, large and majestic.And the proportions are harmonious and refined.This high quality blue and white porcelain, even in the Yuan Dynasty, is bound to be a treasure for the royal family."

  "And look at this dragon tattoo, the performance is domineering and flamboyant, the dragon claws are like swords, defying everything, such a divine dragon tattoo, how could it be a fake?"

  "President Gu, don't listen to his nonsense.He doesn't know anything about treasure hunting, and it's probably the first time he's involved in these antiques.He doesn't know anything about forensics.That nonsense of his is nothing more than a trick to compel people."

  Han Shaojie's words were low and even.The tone was filled with disdain and contempt for Ye Fan.

  He would never believe that his vision was inferior to that of a newcomer who knew nothing about treasure appreciation?

  Yang He similarly chimed in, "That's right, Gugu.That brat is here to cause trouble, how can you be compelled by him?I'm going to have that poor kid kicked out!"

  Yang He and Han Shaojie both said evenly, yet Gurungen shook his head.

  "I wasn't compelled by him, this blue and white porcelain, it's really a fake."


  Han Shaojie's body trembled again, his heart nearly chilled, but he still said stubbornly, "This is impossible, I followed the treasure identification method described in the book and carefully appraised it."

  "President Gu, if you weren't compelled to do so, then it must have been something you looked away from?"

  Gurungen looked at Han Shaojie, but smiled lightly, "Did I lose my eyesight?"

  "You see young man, you're not good at anything, but you've got a big mouth."

  "Well, in that case, I'll talk to you about it."

  "The basis of what you just said is indeed good."

  "But your biggest mistake is that you only look at the localities and don't care about the whole picture!"

  "Look on the surface, not the inside!"

  "All you know is that every pattern is vividly evocative, but can you see the awkward articulation between the bottom of the bottle and the body part of the bottle?"

  "You only see that the vase is well proportioned, but do you see that the whole vase is not aesthetically pleasing and has no intention of being round and smooth?"

  "You only know how to apply knowledge from books, but you don't know how to apply it flexibly."

  "You're not good enough, but you're still lonely and arrogant, disrespecting your elders and being stubborn."

  "How ignorant!Fearless!Incompetence!"

  "Pitiful in general~"

  Being questioned by a junior, Gurungn was clearly coming to anger.

  His old brows were gloomy, and he condensed his voice.

  The monstrous voice of anger was only like thunder, exploding incessantly.

  Asking several questions in a row, only to have Han Shaojie's old face turn red with shame, almost ashamed of himself.

  Master Gu's last drink was like a stone shattering the sky.In fear, Han Shaojie couldn't even stand firm, and finally staggered, taking a few steps backwards, almost falling to the ground.

  Ignoring Han Shaojie's appearance, Gurungen continued to speak.

  "This blue and white porcelain in front of you, every part of it is good from the Yuan Dynasty.But it's clearly a patchwork."

  "And it's still multiple pieces of porcelain stitched together."

  "At most, it's a restoration piece, not even a genuine Yuan blue and white porcelain piece.The value doesn't even reach a thousandth of that of the real thing."

  "If any of you don't believe me, you can use this light of mine to shine inside the porcelain and see if there are any traces of gluing!"

  "However, the person who restored this porcelain is obviously an expert.If it wasn't for this little gentleman in front of me to remind me, I'm afraid that even I would have been fooled."

  Gurungen was overcome with emotion, then even more so, he turned towards Ye Fan and apologized with a face full of shame, "Because of my negligence just now, I almost caused the little gentleman to be insulted, please forgive me."

  In the world of antiques, the da is the master.

  After learning about Ye Fan's skills, Gu Longen was clearly much more polite and respectful to Ye Fan, and even changed his name to Mr. Little.

  Looking in front of Ye Fan who was respectfully apologized by the ancient master, Suzy had been completely shocked, Autumn Mu Orange was even more full of surprise, these two girls because of the tremor, small hands lightly cover their red lips, a pair of breasts could not help but rise and fall, to pumping cold air.

  "Actually...Surprisingly, is it really fake?"These two beautiful women looked at each other, the surprised look as if they had seen a ghost alive.

  "Mu Orange, this husband of yours, still...Still know how to identify treasures?"Suzy's heart only rose and fell like waves of horror.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also filled with confusion: "I...I don't know~"

  Not only Qiu Mu orange and Su Xi two girls, the crowd who ridiculed Ye Fan just now, as if they were like a rooster being strangled, they were full of shame, but they didn't dare to say a word.

  Su Yuanshan and his father and son, also smiled bitterly, they didn't expect that in the end, they were really hit in the face?

  "I'm underestimating this driver of Chief Qiu~" sighed Su Yuanshan, shaking his head.

  "Guess he's blind, huh?"

  "A hick, how could he possibly know how to identify treasure?"The calm Suzy, who had thought about it, finally but still didn't believe that Ye Fan really had this kind of skill, said in a low voice.

  After all, the economic base determines the superstructure, where would a person struggling for subsistence have the energy and money to point other skill points, let alone this kind of money-burning antique connoisseurship.

  Of course, this kind of words would only be said by an amateur like Suzy, someone like Gurungen who really knew what he was doing would never think that Ye Fan was just muddled by luck.

  No super eyesight, it is absolutely impossible to see the end of the blue and white porcelain suspicion just now.

  Therefore, Gu Longen then took up the love of talent, and after apologizing to Ye Fan, he invited Ye Fan to join their city antique association.

  "Little sir, you have such vision at such a young age, I'm afraid that you will shine in the collection world in the future."

  "So, I am now sincerely inviting you to join our Yunzhou Antique Association.You'll first stay in the association for a few years to raise your seniority, and after three years, I'll recommend you as the president to lead the entire Yunzhou Antique Collecting Industry."

  "Right now, what we lack most in the Yunzhou collector community is a young talent like you."

  Gurungen said enthusiastically, and Suzy and the others were shocked to hear it.

  Letting Ye Fan be the president of the association?

  Is this hillbilly really going to turn over a new leaf this time?

  Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes were also wide, he...His husband, did he really meet someone precious?

  But Han Shaojie and Yang He's eyes turned red when they heard it.

  "Ancient, no!"

  "This brat just now was obviously a blind cat that met a dead mouse, what the hell does he know about treasure hunting?"

  "It would be better to have him as president than to elect a pig!"

  "Moreover, I don't think he's even qualified to become a member of the association."

  "President Gu, you should think twice!"

  Yang He had been in the association for decades, but he was only a senior member by now.Ye Fan was just a brat, what could he do to make him the president?

  Faced with Ye Fan's contemptuous words, Ye Fan didn't get angry, he just smiled coldly, "Boss Yang is right, I, Ye Fan, am a coarse man, I really don't know anything about treasure appreciation."

  "But even if I'm as bad as I am, it's still better than Boss Yang, who can't tell the difference between real and fake, and sells the trash as treasure?"


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