The King of Kungfu in school 1111-1120


Chapter 1111

A few dozen seconds later, Tang Zichen let go of Mu Qianji and said, "I'm leaving first, goodbye."

Mu Qianji was dumbfounded as Tang Zichen rushed into the sky like a gust of wind and disappeared.

That first kiss just now, made her memorable for the rest of her life, until now, it felt like her lips were still numb.

At this time, footsteps came from outside.

Mu Qianji woke up in shock.

"Qianji, is Wind Lightning here?"The person who came in and asked was Mu Qianji's father, the head of the Devil Sect.

Mu Qianji shook his head and said, "Has Wind Lightning sneaked into the General Altar?"

"That son of a bitch has already killed Mo Ming Dao and Red Scorpion, let me find him, I have to tear him apart."The Demon Cult Master raged.

Mu Qianji was helpless inside.

"Wind Lightning really didn't come looking for you?"

"No." First published at

"Thousand Extremes, see, that brat doesn't even come to you for a moment without you in his heart, I hope you don't have any feelings for that brat anymore, otherwise, don't blame me for being righteous."The Demon Cult Master's gaze was cold, as if he would really be rude.

Mu Qianji nodded her head, she knew her father, he would really do anything.

The Demon Patriarch left and continued to search for Tang Zichen in other places.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had already left the Demon Sect's head office far away.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to meet the Demon Lord head-on, his flying machine had an adaptive distance keeping system, so Tang Zichen was quite confident.However, for the sake of Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen would rather not meet the Demon Lord face to face, so as not to put Mu Qianji in a difficult position left and right, and avoid meeting him as much as he could.

In fact, Tang Zichen's flying machine was not flawless, after all, it was a machine, and a machine would have weaknesses.

The most important core of the flying machine's adaptive maintenance system was the radar, if the people in this world knew a little bit about physics, they could use something to interfere with the radar, such as aluminum foil, magnetic field or whatever, then the radar would be interfered with, the adaptive maintenance system would go wrong, and Tang Zichen might not be able to escape in time in the face of a strong man.

In less than a day, Tang Zichen returned to the range of the Righteous Alliance.

It would have taken a month to ride a horse.

Tang Zichen went straight to the Divine Dragon Sect.

Having disappeared for half a year, he had to return as soon as possible, so as not to worry his master and the others.

Tang Zichen landed at the foot of the Divine Dragon Sect.

Tang Zichen hid the flying machine in a secret place at the foot of the mountain.

The reason why he hid the flying machine was because he didn't want to cause a misunderstanding, it was not easy to explain this thing to the people of his master's school.If it was explained clearly, then news of the other world would spread, and then everyone would travel from the bottomless abyss to the other world, and that would be the end of it.If it was casually obfuscated, then the people of the rivers and lakes would definitely treat it as a powerful magic weapon, and then it would cause a stir, and many powerful people would probably come to visit the Divine Dragon School.

Tang Zichen had a pretty good understanding of the people in this Jianghu, especially the strongest people in the Righteous Alliance.

"Master, Senior Brother, Junior Sister, I'm back."Tang Zichen shouted.

In the distance, a group of people who were practicing martial arts came flying up to Tang Zichen.

"Senior Brother Feng."


Many people hugged Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had been gone for almost a year before and after this trip, could everyone not miss him, and the last half of the year hadn't even been a trace of

Hao news, all thought Tang Zichen was dead.

"Feng'er, you're scaring his teacher's wife to death."Tang Zichen's teacher's wife ran up crying and hugged Tang Zichen.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was embarrassed, but that's the kind of person the teacher's wife was.

The teacher's wife hugged Tang Zichen and cried, but Tang Zichen didn't dare to hug the teacher's wife after all.

"Auntie Shizuo, I'm fine, I'm not back."

"Feng'er, you've been gone for almost a year, there's no news at all, you scared Shiniang to death."

"Hehe, how can I, Wind Lightning, die so easily, I've been gone for eleven years and have returned, not to mention a year."

Little Sister stood to the side, seemingly wanting to hug Tang Zichen, however, she was helplessly dominated by Shisuniang.

Fortunately, everyone knew that Shisun was born this way, or else they would all think that Shisun had some special feelings for Tang Zichen.

Ding Ru came up and said with a straight face, "Alright, Xinyi."

Only then did the teacher's wife let Tang Zichen go, wiped her tears, and smiled, "It's good to be back, don't ever do anything dangerous like that again."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and called out, "Master."

"Well, you're back at last."Ding Ru said.

Big brother Xie Yong laughed, "Brother Feng is awesome, killing three demonic geniuses in one fell swoop."

Second Senior Brother Hao Zizhu said, "And everyone now knows that it was Senior Brother Wind who did the assassination of three Demonic Geniuses all by himself."

"Hehe, Brother Feng has really earned our Divine Dragon Sect face this time, even the Martial Master praised our Divine Dragon Sect for its righteousness, unlike other sects that all send a weak disciple to muddle through.Right, Brother Feng, I'll tell you a good news."

"What good news?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Haha, Brother Feng, in light of your brave action this time, the Martial Lord appreciated you so much that he said that he would have the Flag Mountain Sect voluntarily withdraw from the marriage and have the Martial Lord act as a matchmaker for you to marry your little sister."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned and looked at Little Sister, who lowered her head with a red face.

"No way."Tang Zichen looked at his master.

Master snorted at Big Brother, "Just your quick mouth."

Big Senior Brother winked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Master Teacher, so this is true?The Martial Master is acting as a matchmaker to set me up with Little Sister ah?"

Little Sister blushed as she turned around and ran away.

"Little Senior Sister is shy."The brothers and sisters laughed.

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, don't be happy yet either, that's what the Martial Alliance Master said, and the Flag Mountain School may not come to withdraw their marriage.The Martial Lord has always liked to dictate, but his words aren't an imperial decree.However, in light of your performance, we will apply to the Head Brother to go to the Flag Mountain Sect to retreat the marriage, but whether it will be accomplished or not is unknown."

"Oh, it doesn't matter, whether it will be accomplished or not, Little Sister is already my woman."Tang Zichen said.

"What, you guys?"Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in amazement, even Shifu's wife was surprised.

The master reprimanded, "Bastards, how dare you do such a scandalous thing, do you want to make your own senior sister shameless?"

Tang Zichen was busy explaining, "Don't misunderstand, I mean, sooner or later, Little Sister will be my woman, I'm innocent with Little Sister, who thinks randomly, who thinks impurely."

"You."Ding Ru looked embarrassed, and the teacher's wife looked at him and stole a smile.


Big Brother Feng said, "Brother Feng, you really scared us to death, I thought you and Little Sister had already done that."

Master snapped, "What are you all still standing around for, go practice your swords."

"Yes."The brothers and sisters ran away, as Master was furious.

Master said to Tang Zichen, "Go see the Master."


Tang Zichen then went to see the Master after that and told the Master about killing the Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao as well, but Tang Zichen didn't say anything about the flying machine, only that he had infiltrated the Devil Sect and found the opportunity to kill those two.

The headmaster greatly praised Tang Zichen and rewarded Tang Zichen with 500 taels of silver, as for Tang Zichen's proposal to withdraw from the Flag Hill Sect, the headmaster did not immediately agree, saying that he would reconsider, as if he did not intend to agree.

Tang Zichen seemed to have guessed it, because after Little Sister got married to Qi Renxuan, the Divine Dragon Sect had an additional genius like Qi Renxuan, and by withdrawing from the marriage, not only was such a genius missing, but it also offended the Flag Hill Sect and offended a genius.Of course, the headmaster was also afraid that because of this, Tang Zichen would do something to betray his master, so he didn't dare to reject it outright and just thought about it again.

And so, half a month later, Tang Zichen's killing of the Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao had completely spread through the Righteous Alliance.

Tang Zichen became the legend and hero of all the righteous martial circles, and for a moment, the mighty name of the world's number one youngster was once again a sensation throughout the rivers and lakes.

At this moment, in the Yanshan Sect, the Martial Alliance Master's House. Remember the website

"Allied Master, Wind Lightning has indeed returned to the Divine Dragon Sect."A subordinate reported.

The Martial Alliance Master laughed, "This brat is really something, he actually killed five Demonic Geniuses, I could not have expected anyone to be able to do that in the first place.How on earth did he sneak into the Demon Sect's General Altar?Even if I were to infiltrate the Demon Sect's main altar, I might not be able to come back alive."

That subordinate reported, "According to our eyewitnesses in the Devil Cult, Wind Lightning killed Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao quite easily, and it wasn't a nine deaths as we thought it would be."

"Eh?Speak more clearly."

"This matter is already well known in the Demon Sect's General Altar, Wind Lightning he has a mysterious backpack, as long as he carries that backpack, his speed is unimaginably fast, the four or five clansmen of the Demon Sect besieged him, and they were unable to catch Wind Lightning.If Wind Lightning didn't have such a mysterious backpack, I'm afraid that he wouldn't have been able to sneak into the Demon Sect's General Altar, and even if he did, he wouldn't have been able to kill those two geniuses, much less come back alive."

"Ah."The Martial Lord's face trembled as he asked, "What backpack?Why didn't I hear about it before."

"Subordinates don't know, and no one over at the Devil's Cult knows either, the only thing we can be sure of is that a year ago, when Wind Lightning accepted an assassination mission, there was no mysterious backpack.Therefore, it's very likely that Wind Lightning obtained the mysterious backpack after she went to the Demon Sect."

The Martial Master said, "That mysterious backpack, is it really so magical?"

"According to our eyewitnesses, you can charge into the clouds in the blink of an eye, and the speed of movement, unimaginable, is like a tiger's wings."

"A mystery backpack?What the hell is this?"

"Ally, could it be some kind of magic treasure?"

Martial Forest Master shook his head, his heart, already coveting this mysterious backpack, Martial Forest Master couldn't help but think to himself, if he had this mysterious backpack to help him, then he could even possibly unify the rivers and lakes and completely destroy the Devil's Cult.

The Martial Forest Alliance Master felt excited at the thought within.


p; "The ally, the ally."

"What is it."The hand shouted several times before the Martial Alliance Master was brought back to reality.

"Allied Master, Wind Lightning has returned to the Divine Dragon Sect, how about sending someone to invite Wind Lightning over?Let him take the mystery backpack out and see what he can do, and then the ally can take advantage of the opportunity to take it for himself."The hand blinked and said.

The Martial Alliance Master snorted, "Who do you take me for, is this Alliance Master a villain like that?"

"Subordinates deserve to die."That subordinate was busy kneeling down, but inside he grunted, "What's the point of pretending to be noble, I'm not sure what kind of person you are, it's strange that you're not moved."However, this subordinate didn't dare to reveal the ally's heart, the ally must still have face on the surface before he said so righteously, at any rate, he was the martial arts ally of the righteous alliance, how dare he do something open and aboveboard by robbing someone's things.The righteous, aren't they all like this, on the surface one is a righteous gentleman, secretly they don't know.Of course, not all of them are, there are still plenty of righteous chivalrous people.

The Martial Master thought about it and said, "You go to the Divine Dragon Sect and send me an edict to show my praise for the Divine Dragon Sect and my appreciation for Wind Lightning.As a sign of respect, invite Wind Lightning to visit the Inkstone Mountain Sect, and I will personally banquet him."

"Yes, Alliance Master."That subordinate immediately went, but of course, he knew very well in his heart that the banquet might just be an excuse to ask around about the mysterious backpack was the real thing.

Half a month later, at the Divine Dragon Sect.

Tang Zichen and his little sister were practicing their swords at the cliff at the back of the mountain.

"Wow."Tang Zichen knocked Little Sister back with a sword, and the sword in Little Sister's hand, unable to control, came out of his hand.

Little Sister was depressed, "Brother Feng, your martial arts have improved again, your sword, compared to last time, is even more unpredictable, I am no longer your opponent at all."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Little Sister, you need to work harder, your martial arts seem to be weaker than last time."

"Me."Little Sister lowered her head in depression.

Tang Zichen said, "I know why you're weak, because your martial dao is 'idiotic', in the past, when I hadn't come back yet, you were always in a state of idiocy, naturally getting stronger and stronger, but now that I'm back, your mentality has changed.I'm alive in front of your eyes, and you can't go back to the old state of 'idiocy', so your martial dao is weak."

Little Sister seemed to know why.

"I'm sorry, but if I don't come back, you'll probably stay strong."

"What are you talking about, Brother Wind, I'd rather you come back than remain in an idiotic state of mind.Besides, I'm happy that I can see you every day now."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I will help you together to find a solution to this problem, if this problem is not solved, your martial dao is afraid that it will be difficult for you to progress again."

Little Sister left her mouth and said, "At the worst, I can comprehend another martial dao again, anyway, my 'idiotic' martial dao isn't very strong, it's not even close to your 'change', I've wanted to comprehend it again for a long time, I don't want to alwaysBeaten by you."

"What? You want to defeat me."

"Why not, huh? We'll see.".

At that moment, Big Brother shouted, "Brother Wind, the Head Master invites you to come."

"What for?"

"It seems like the Martial Lord has sent a letter, you've made a great achievement for the Righteous Alliance, the Martial Lord must have expressed something la."

"Go, go back."Tang Zichen, the three of them, flew up.


Tang Zichen arrived at the Divine Dragon Hall.

"Who's looking for me."Tang Zichen walked in, Tang Zichen had a hunch that the Martial Lord had sent someone, so it probably wasn't anything good.

"Haha, you must be Wind Lightning."Entering the main hall, a Zongshi realm powerhouse looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, the Divine Dragon Sect Head was greeting the powerhouse.

"You are?"

The headmaster was busy introducing, "Light Cloud, he's Martial Master's right-hand man, called Lian Qiang."

"Oh, it's Senior Lien Qiang."

"Haha, Wind Lightning, don't be polite, come, come, sit down."Lian Qiang was busy cordially holding Tang Zichen's hand.

After Tang Zichen sat down, Lian Qiang chuckled, "What a hero, Wind Lightning, this Jianghu, the future depends on you people."

"Oh, polite."

"Wind Lightning, this time you infiltrated the Devil's territory and assassinated five geniuses of the Devil's Cult, your dedication to the Righteous Alliance will not be forgotten by the Alliance Master."

"It should be, I'm also a part of the Righteous Alliance." One second to remember to read the book

"Hahaha, look at you, education is good, it seems that the Divine Dragon School is really a place that teaches people."

The headmaster smiled slightly, and Lian Qiang kept flattering Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't even want to waste time with him and asked, "Senior Lian Qiang, is there anything else?If there's nothing else, I'd like to go practice martial arts."

"Yes, yes, of course, alright, then, I won't be long-winded, I'll begin to promulgate the Alliance Master's dictum."

Lian Qiang took out a fold and read, "Divine Dragon Sect, Feng Qingyun, has been successful in assassinating the five geniuses of the Devil Sect, this alliance master is holding a celebration banquet for Feng Qingyun, with an order for Feng Qingyun to go to the Yanshan Sect within thirty days to receive the banquet."

Tang Zichen's insides thudded, is this Martial Alliance Master alright, coming all the way out here and specifically asking Tang Zichen to go to a banquet?Hasn't Don Zichen eaten?If you were really that sincere, just order someone to send a thousand taels of gold.

Tang Zichen felt that this was unusual, going all the way for a meal, under normal circumstances no would be this boring.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior Lian Qiang, are you sure you've finished reading the alliance master's oracle?"

"Yes, read it out, in a word, the Alliance Master is holding a celebration feast for you because you have merit."

The Divine Dragon Sect's Headmaster smiled, "Thank you for your kindness, Light Cloud, and don't thank the ally yet."

The Headmaster, however, didn't think that much about it, after all, the Headmaster didn't know about Tang Zichen's possession of the flying machine.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Brother Lian Qiang, are you sure the ally master only invited me to the banquet?"

"Oh, right, the Alliance Master said that if Brother Song Dingtian wants to go, he can go as well, including your brothers and sisters."

"Oh, so."

The headmaster waved his hand in succession, "I won't go, Light Cloud, you can bring a few of your senior brothers with you, it's rare that the alliance master is so kind, even though it's just a simple feast."

"Right right right."Lian Qiang busily accompanied the smile.

Tang Zichen was hesitating inside, "What's the Alliance Master up to?Is it really that easy to just buy me a meal?It's reasonable to say that there must be some other reason for not inviting me to dinner so boringly for thousands of miles.If I'm not wrong, I'm afraid that the secret of my flying machine has reached the ears of the Martial Alliance Master.The people here don't know anything about technological achievements and will only think it's some kind of magic, hmm, the ally would definitely want to know that I'm a flying machine.Am I going, or not?After all, the Martial Lord was the leader of the Martial World proper, except in the various divisions, those divisional principal levels

Outside of the other strongest people, it's obviously the ally master who is the strongest, and the head of the Divine Dragon School is also simply still the ally master's opponent, the ally master is jointly elected by all the righteous divisions, there's definitely no benefit to offending the ally master."

Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma, although Tang Zichen believed that the Martial Alliance Master might not dare to steal his flying machine openly, but he was afraid of secret moves.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior Lian Qiang, can junior not go?I'll just hold the celebration banquet myself in the Divine Dragon Sect, there's no need to go to the Yanshan Sect, this is a long way away, don't you think so."

Lien Qiang was busy saying, "This is a message from the Alliance Master, the Alliance Master is kind enough to hold the celebration banquet for you, Wind Lightning, you're wasting the Alliance Master's efforts ah."


The headmaster was busy saying, "Light Cloud, why don't you hurry up and thank the alliance master, there's no harm in going there, I specially ordered you to bring your brothers and sisters to the banquet."

"Oh, okay, I'll just go by myself."

Tang Zichen could only agree.

"Then it's nothing, I'll go practice my sword first."Tang Zichen said.

Lian Qiang smiled, "Go ahead, I'll go with you tomorrow."

"Uh, no, I didn't say I'm leaving tomorrow, senior Lian Qiang, you can walk back by yourself, I'll go ahead by myself later."

"Alright."Lian Qiang also had to nod his head, he couldn't act too that way, or else he would arouse suspicion.

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall, Xie Yong and Little Sister were both listening outside the main hall.

"Brother Feng, this is such a good opportunity to go down the mountain, bring me along."Xie Yong said.

Little Sister said, "I'll go too, just now the Head Master said, special permission for you to bring your brothers and sisters, Brother Feng, take me with you, I'll be bored to death here every day."

"This, allow me to think about it."

"Why ah?"Xie Yong looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

Tang Zichen took Xie Yong and his little sister to a hidden place and said, "There must be something wrong with the Martial World Master inviting me all the way for dinner.Truth be told, I a thing called a flying machine, wearing a flying machine can fly to the sky, and it's very fast, the reason why I was able to kill the Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao of the Devil's Head Temple is because of this flying machine, if I'm not mistaken, the Martial Forest Alliance Master invited me for dinner is fake, wanting to hit my flying machine idea is the real thing."

"Ah, what flying machine?"

"It's just that this matter will be known sooner or later, you guys come down the mountain with me and I'll show you."

Xie Yong and Little Sister followed Tang Zichen to the bottom of the mountain, in a hidden place, Tang Zichen took out a satchel like object.

Tang Zichen carried the flying machine on his back and said, "Watch this."

"Activate."The flying machine pushed Tang Zichen into the sky in the next second.

"Wow."Xie Yong and Little Sister were stunned.

Tang Zichen landed on the ground and said, "With this flying machine, it took me less than a day to fly from here to the Demon Sect's head office, and it has many wonderful uses that can prevent Ancestor Realm powerhouses from getting close to my body."

"Brother Feng, how did you come to have such a magic weapon?"Little Sister asked.

"Oh, a magic treasure, your perception, you really treat it as a magic treasure, in fact, forget it, it's hard to explain to you, in short, this thing, it doesn't count as a magic treasure."

Xie Yong looked grave and said, "Brother Feng, I'm afraid that it's not good for you to have such a powerful magic treasure.Right now, it's only the Martial World Alliance Master who knows that you possess this magic treasure, if more people know that you possess it, it's estimated that this magic treasure will cause a martial world calamity."


Tang Zichen shuddered, "I'll go, Martial Shoah?"

Xie Yong said seriously, "Back then, a sword made from a meteorite outside the heavens called 'Innocent', this Innocent Sword caused a storm of bloodshed in the entire Martial World.Just a single unparalleled sword can cause a furore in the martial arts world, and this magic weapon of yours is even more so.Senior Brother Wind, I really shouldn't know this secret of yours, I'm suddenly a little scared, I seem to have a feeling that a catastrophe is about to begin in the Martial World, and then, I don't know how many people will die."

Little Sister also turned pale, "Mmhmm, I'm also afraid, our Divine Dragon Sect, I'm afraid that there is going to be a great calamity."

Tang Zichen said depressedly, "Damn, can you guys stop scaring me and get so serious."

Tang Zichen was just a technological product brought back, since it would cause a martial calamity, Tang Zichen was besides speechless, still speechless, right now by the words of Big Brother and Little Sister, scared also a little confused himself.

However, Tang Zichen didn't doubt Big Brother's words, because, back then, a sword called 'Innocent' did cause the entire martial arts forest's furore, and then this Innocent sword disappeared, otherwise, this furore wouldn't know when the furore would end.And Tang Zichen's flying machine was probably far more attractive than the treasure sword to the people of this Jianghu, and they all considered it to be a legendary 'magic treasure' level.

"Brother Feng, this is a matter of great importance, let's hurry up and report it to our master, so that he can handle it."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Impossible."

Little Sister also advised, "Brother Feng, listen to Big Brother, this thing is a scourge ah, when the time comes, I'm afraid our entire Divine Dragon Sect will be plunged into havoc ah."

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted in depression.

"Why, why is it like this, oh heavens."Tang Zichen didn't know whether to cry or laugh, if this Jianghu, someone died because of this district's one flying machine, then Tang Zichen really wanted to smash it with an axe, if this was transmitted back to the other world, one flying machine triggering the entire Jianghu's catastrophe, he would definitely laugh his teeth off. The first website

Fortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't bring the flying ship, or else another 'magic treasure' would have appeared.

In Tang Zichen's eyes, this flying ship was just an ordinary technological product, but the people of this world didn't understand ah, unless Tang Zichen brought the people of this world and traveled to another world and matched it with one manually, otherwise, this thing it's existence was a magic treasure.

"Senior Brother Feng, we understand your desire to obtain a magic treasure and want to own it yourself, but can you also eat it up ah, today it's just the Martial Master alone who hit your flying machine, in the future, I guess it's the entire Jianghu who will hit the flying machine, really then, the catastrophe will have already begun."Big Brother said.

"Fuck, don't scare me."

"I'm really not scaring you, I'm sure you know it inside yourself, after all, you've grown up here since you were a child."

Tang Zichen was in deep thought, what a dumb, yet helpless thing to do.

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, I'll smash it."

Little Sister said, "It's useless to smash it, according to what you said, the Martial Master knows about the existence of this magic treasure, who believes that you really smashed it, the most crucial thing now is to report to the Master, even if you report to the Master, I guess only the Master's ancestor will come out to decide how to deal with it, after all, it's something that will cause a martial calamity."

"Heh."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh, what a technological product that caused a martial calamity.


p; "Brother Wind, what are you still thinking about?"

"Let me think about it, and of course, you can go to the police,"Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Feng, you misunderstand, we're not envious of you getting the magic treasure, we're more worried that the Divine Dragon Sect will be attacked by martial artists as a result."

"I know, so even though I'm speechless, I must think about it."

Little Sister said, "Big Brother, let Brother Wind think about it, he's not a person who doesn't understand the big picture.Let's go back to the mountain and let Senior Brother Wind think about it, we can also cover for Senior Brother Wind first."

"Hm!Brother Wind, then we'll go back to the mountain first."

Xie Yong and Little Sister flew up the mountain, and Tang Zichen sat on a rock, looking at the flying machine in his hand and sneering.

"What should I do?It was hard to bring the flying machine over, nigga, it's turned into a magic treasure.Sooner or later, this thing will spread throughout the martial arts world, and then, everyone will know that I have a flying magic treasure, hehe."Tang Zichen gave a bitter laugh, at that time, the Divine Dragon Sect would also be in calamity, Tang Zichen wasn't worried about anything else, he was worried about implicating his division.Although, this kind of thing spread to the other world was a joke.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Originally, I was planning to go to the Yanshan School and accept the banquet of the ally, but now, I'm afraid I can't go, it's just a technological product in my eyes, but in the eyes of the ally, it might be a super magic treasure worthy of his killing, what would it be if I'm foolish enough to go there, if I'm not looking for death."

Tang Zichen carried the flying machine on his back and rushed into the sky.

Tang Zichen flew towards the Devil's territory.

Yes, Tang Zichen wanted to go to find Mu Qianji.

In this world, perhaps only Mu Qianji could understand the ridiculousness within Tang Zichen's heart.

Anyway, Tang Zichen had a flying machine, and he could reach the Demon Cult's headquarters in less than a day, Tang Zichen took advantage of the quiet of the night to rush into Mu Qianji's residence, completely unseen.

In less than a day, Tang Zichen arrived at the General Altar of the Devil Cult.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky as clouds drifted by him as if he was looking down from an airplane.

At this moment, the sky was still dark.

Tang Zichen wanted to wait until it was late before going down, Tang Zichen had to be careful, although the flying machine was awesome, it was flawed.

Finally, it was about 11 pm, Tang Zichen saw that it was almost time, and immediately landed from the sky.

Tang Zichen landed directly below Mu Qianji's building.

"Who is it?"Suddenly, Mu Qianji opened the window in the attic, Mu Qianji was really good enough to spot Tang Zichen's presence at once.

"Shh, be quiet, it's me."Tang Zichen whispered.

"Ah, Zichen, why have you suddenly come."

"Hehe, what's so strange about me coming, but I have a flying machine, I arrived in a day, and I can enter the Devil's Head Temple and remain unseen."Tang Zichen leapt in through the attic window.

"Zichen."Mu Qianji immediately jumped into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Qianji."Tang Zichen also hugged Mu Qianji tightly, the two of them were alone, embracing each other, Tang Zichen realized that Mu Qianji was only wearing a thin light shirt, and the heat from Mu Qianji's body suddenly made Tang Zichen a little bit nano.


Not long after, Mu Qianji seemed to feel something a burst of diaphragm, as if something was holding her up.

"What?"Mu Qianji let go of Tang Zichen and said.

"Oh, it's nothing nothing."Tang Zichen turned around in a panic so that Mu Qianji wouldn't see.

"What's wrong with you?"Mu Chien said, confused.


"What was against me when you were just holding me?"

"No no, misunderstanding misunderstanding."Tang Zichen was busy explaining.

Mu Qianji didn't know that Tang Zichen was very embarrassed at the moment, and everything was just blamed on Mu Qianji's body being too sexy.

Mu Qianji didn't ask any more questions and said, "Did you come to find me in the middle of the night, is there something important?"

"Oh, that's not true, it's more dangerous during the day, that's why I waited until night to come down, I've been in the sky for hours."

"Well, it's good to be cautious." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "But it's true that I suddenly came to see you about a little something, and I'm not in a good mood today, so I came to talk to you."

"Why aren't you in a good mood?Is it about your flying machine?"


Mu Qianji said, "Actually, I had already guessed it, that day you used the flying device and made several of my Demon Sect's clansmen realms helpless to do anything with you, this matter has already spread like crazy in the Demon Sect's territory.Everyone said that that flying machine of yours was an ancient magic treasure, and I'm sure that if this news were to reach the Righteous Alliance, it would be just as certain that you had obtained an ancient magic treasure."

"Right, the Martial Alliance wanted to invite me to his place for dinner, hehe, I guess he must have wanted to take the opportunity to ask me about the flying device.Also, after I told my big brother about the flying machine, big brother told me to quickly report to my division that this thing would cause a martial forest calamity.You say, speechless or not."

"Oh, it's indeed a joke, but unfortunately, people in this world don't understand it, so it's to be expected that people think it's an ancient magic treasure."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm precisely bothered about this matter, what do you think I should do, I'm not anyone to follow to grab it, I'm afraid of getting my division involved as a result.Now, the ally is the first person to seek me out, and there will only be more in the future."

Mu Qianji said, "Then tell the Martial Alliance Master that your flying device isn't an ancient magic treasure, it's just a technological product that can be bought in another world with money.Or, you explain to the ally master that your flying machine requires energy, in short, explain it to him."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Thousand Extremes, you think too well of our decent people.Explaining technological products to them?Who else in this world, besides you, knows what technology is?Besides, if I explain it, I'll be exposing the other world, and sooner or later, the people who form the pairing will pass through the bottomless abyss and head to the other world.At that time, it would be a great calamity for the other world."

Mu Qianji nodded, "That's right, two worlds, one will always have to face a catastrophe, it's indeed a problem."

Tang Zichen said, "The reason why magic treasures are magic treasures is because, rare, if this world, is filled with flying machines, then it's not that rare.How about I go to another world and wholesale a few hundred of them over?"

"What, a few hundred wholesale?"Mu Qianji was shocked.

"Yes, by then, this world will be filled with flying machines, so this martial world, if it wants to cause havoc, it won't be able to attract it, because, embracing the

There are too many people with flying machines."

Mu Qianji was speechless, "If you wholesale a few hundred over, you'll lose your flying machine advantage, besides, you can't just give one away when you see someone."

"Hahaha, Qianji, you're thinking me too silly, anyway, I have an idea now, I won't tell you for now, you'll know later."

Tang Zichen suddenly sprouted an idea, in this world, it's either the righteous alliance or the demonic sect, if Tang Zichen's relationship with Mu Qianji spread out, he would not only be hunted down and killed by the demonic sect, but also by the righteous sect.In the past, Tang Zichen was just worried about the future of this day, afraid that he would become hunted by the righteous demons.However, Tang Zichen had just suddenly sprung an idea.Tang Zichen would go to another world, wholesale several hundred flying machines over, and then, whichever strong man was willing to follow Tang Zichen would send him a flying machine.

At that time, Tang Zichen would spread a message out on the rivers and lakes, "Come, come, ancient magic treasures will be given away, if you follow Tang Zichen and join the sect created by Tang Zichen, you can give away a magic treasure."

At that time, there would surely be many strong people who would follow Tang Zichen for the magic treasure, and at that time, who would dare to stop Tang Zichen from being with Mu Qianji from both the righteous and demonic factions?He can have one child if he wants to, and two if he wants to.

Tang Zichen laughed.

Before, flying machines were still a problem that plagued him, but now, making good use of them would be a powerful tool.

Of course, when Tang Zichen went to wholesale flying machines, he made a deal with the scientists from the other world that every flying machine must be set up with a master program control system, and every now and then, he had to find Tang Zichen and enter his fingerprint password before he could continue to use it, so that Tang Zichen wouldn't be afraid of those who received his flying machines and didn't listen to him.

"Yay, I'm too smart.I must make good use of the technological products of the other world to make a good life for myself, in this world.What decent sect, what demon cult, I, Tang Zichen, am partial to establishing a third force of a middle sect."

Tang Zichen's ambition was high.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Haha, Chichi, I'll leave you alone for now, alright, then I'll go first."

"Where are you going?It's so late."

Tang Zichen chuckled, "What, you want to keep me here, then please, am I sleeping in the same bed as you?If so, then I'll stay for the sake of avoiding the trouble."

Mu Qianji snorted, "You're thinking, just thinking before you even cross the door."

"Just thinking about what?"

"Gee, you know."

"Haha, alright, no more teasing, I'll leave now, I'm heading to the other world."

"Ah, you're really going to wholesale aircraft, huh?"

"Of course, there's no way out for me anyway, in the future when our love affair is exposed, we'll also be hunted by both the righteous and demons, and we'll also be expelled from the sect and so on, so it's better to plan ahead now rather than being so passive at that time.As long as I have a batch of flying machines in my hand, I don't believe that there aren't any strong people who wouldn't be willing to follow me, not every strong person is not on both sides of the positive and demonic."

"Zichen, that's not the idea you just said, is it?"

"Hehe, yes."

"Wow, that's really quite good, when the time comes, if we're really being hunted by the righteous demons, then we'll start this plan."


"Just what I had in mind, I'm heading to the other world now to get that group of scientists to study and research and help me build a batch of flying machines."

"I'll go too."Mu Qianji said.

"Uh, are you sure?"

"Of course, my father won't let me leave the magician's headquarters, it's annoying."

"Well, then we'll travel to the other world together."

"But, you only have one flying machine."

"It's simple, we'll tie two stools together, then, I'll sit on the stool and you'll fly away with me, of course, the stool must be very sturdy, made of flying fine iron must not be."

Mu Qianji was busy: "This kind of stool we have here, in the Heavenly Prison, specially used to trap prisoners, I'll go get two over."


Mu Qianji immediately went to the Heavenly Prison and fetched two halves of a refined steel, incomparably sturdy stool, it was just as well that when this stool was locked, there was no way to get out of it.

Just like that, Tang Zichen simply made a stool that was connected together, and then with the propulsion of the flying machine, it flew up into the sky in no time. One second to remember to read the book

"Yay."Mu Qianji sat in front, happily opening his hands as if he was a bird escaping from a bird cage.

Tang Zichen took control of the flying machine and flew towards the bottomless abyss.

Adding a stool was indeed quite good, you could sit and fly.

However, the speed of the flying machine slowed down a little, but not by much.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the Bottomless Abyss.

Because it was night, they could only use the moonlight, but they were able to see the bottomless abyss clearly.

"Jumping straight down from the bottomless abyss?"Mu Chien asked.

"Yes, we'll hide the stool here and use it when we get back."

"Why don't we sit on the stool and go through it together?"

"The bench is too large to fit through, I'm afraid, but when we were all trapped in the mechanism locks, they disappeared, and when only one of us got out, I'm afraid we couldn't carry anything large.Besides, when we get to the other side of the world, I have someone to leave a flying ship there."


Tang Zichen hid the stool, took Mu Qianji by the hand, and leapt into the bottomless abyss.

The details of crossing the spatial junction point would not be repeated.

Soon, they arrived at the other world, the Thousand Mountains Tomb.

Tang Zichen arrived at a residence near the Thousand Mountains Tomb, which was Gao Feng Shui's residence.

Mu Qianji said, "Two worlds, the time is even synchronized ah, when we crossed over, it was night, and when we arrived here, it was also night."

"Well, yeah, it's completely synchronized, the people on this side are sleeping, and the people on the other side are sleeping too."

"What an amazing world, what is the structure of this universe, by the way, when we crossed over, we saw many graves at the junction of space, are those real graves?"

"Come on, it's not something we can understand at all, we're nothing but ants before the world and the universe, how can ants know the thickness of the sky.


Tang Zichen shouted, "Gao Fengshui, wake up."

A moment later, Gao Feng Shui flew out.

"Ah, it's Brother Tang."When Gao Feng Shui saw Mu Qianji again, he was shocked and said in fear, "Witch."

Mu Qianji deliberately made a fierce expression at Gao Feng Shui and said, "Gao Feng Shui, you even joined forces with Liu Qian, Nan Shan Yun, and Old Lord River to set up a machine lock trap to harm me, and today I'm here to seek revenge on you."

"Ah, Senior spare my life."Gao Feng Shui peed her pants in fright as she was taken from Mu

A very strong oppressive force was felt on Thousand Extremities, and it was clear that each other's strength was not at all a height.


Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Thousand Jedi, don't scare the family."

Mu Qianji threw out his tongue.

"Gao Fengshui, Mu Qianji is no longer a witch, she has recovered."

Gao Feng Shui wiped his cold sweat and asked, "You guys, where the hell did you guys come from?"

Tang Zichen was really afraid that Gao Fengshui would pass through the Thousand Mountains Tomb and travel to another world, so he lied, "We live on the mountain next to the Thousand Mountains Tomb, and have been healing Mu Qianji all these years, so don't tell anyone about this, and don't go over to the Thousand Mountains Tomb."


"What if I am flying ship?"

"Over there."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, took a flying ship and headed straight to the Yanhuang Empire.

About a week later, they arrived at the Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City.

"Brother Zichen."As soon as they landed, Xiao Meng was the first one to see and flew up.

"Xiaomeng."Mu Qian absolutely smiled slightly at Xiao Meng.

"Uh, devil, Mu Qianji."Xiaomeng was a little scrupulous, after all, Mu Qianji gave everyone nightmares in the beginning.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, don't be afraid, now Mu Qianji is a good person, also, she's my girlfriend now."


Mu Qianji blushed and snorted, "Who told you that I'm your girlfriend."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Who said it was my wife at the Devil's Head Temple, why don't you admit it now."

"Hmph, I can't remember."Mu Qianji slyly argued like a spoiled child.

Xiaomeng looked at the two of them, only flirting and a little embarrassed.

"Brother Zichen."

Tang Zichen was busy, "I'm sorry, Xiao Meng, haha, you go gather everyone."


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji sat in the main hall, and soon, everyone came.

"Zichen, why are you here so soon, I thought you'd be here for another year."Li Xuan'er asked.

"Xuan'er, I'll come and stay for a few months from now on whenever I'm free."Tang Zichen gave Xuan'er a hug.

Mu Qianji's eyebrows locked, Tang Zichen, who was flirting with her just now, now cuddling with another woman, seemed a bit uncomfortable inside.

Mu Qianji comforted herself, "It's fine, I already knew he had another woman, I must relax, since I accepted him, I'll accept my fate."

Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Rou, and Qi Xue Yun respectively, one by one, taking turns kissing them.

Mu Qianji sat there, really, looking like she was enduring a lot of pain, and in the end, she simply closed her eyes.

In the end, Tang Zichen walked back to Mu Qianji, on Mu Qianji's face also kissed, Mu Qianji stared at Tang Zichen, a little depressed to sit beside her.

Tang Zichen was the one who said, "Qianji, haven't you noticed that they've all gotten younger?And, has the strength and realm increased a lot?"

Only then was Mu Qianji surprised and said, "It's actually true."

Liu Yue said, "Mu Qianji, finally seeing you again, seeing you and Brother Tang so lovingly, we are also very happy, I would like to send my blessings to you, also, I would like to thank you for giving me such a great chance, hehehe, thank you."

Wang Xing and the others also said, "Yeah, I want to thank you too."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "No need to thank me, I didn't know my sword had this effect, since it's your chance, then it has nothing to do with me."


Xu Mei Qian came up and took Mu Qianji's hand and said, "Now that you are also Tang Zichen's woman, and you are younger than me, then I will be bold enough to call you Qianji's sister, and we will all be sisters from now on."

Mu Qianji was busy pulling out her hand and said very uncomfortably, "I'm not ready, don't be like that yet."

"Uh."Xu Mei Qian looked a bit embarrassed, she thought that in the future, Mu Qianji would be like Liu Xiangyun Li Xuan'er and the others, everyone would be sisters.

How did they know that although Mu Qianji had persuaded herself to accept her fate and accept the fact that Tang Zichen had so many women, she really couldn't do it at the moment if she really wanted her to be like sisters with Xu Mei Qian and the others.She was still convincing herself not to mind, so how could she be sisters with them so easily.

Tang Zichen seemed to have seen Mu Qianji's heart and said inwardly, "It seems that I have to find a time to do something about Mu Qianji, so that she can only honestly be my woman and won't have so many messy thoughts."

Tang Zichen thought, "Let's take advantage of this opportunity to come to this world and do away with Mu Qianji, after all, she's not young anymore, so she can't waste her youth anymore.

However, Mu Qianji was very strong, Tang Zichen didn't know if she was a match for her yet, if she didn't want to, it was still one thing to be able to tyrannize her.

Tang Zichen had a headache thinking about it, all the other women were easy to conquer, only Mu Qianji was hard to conquer ah, no matter what, find a chance to try.

"Zichen, you're back this time, it can't be something important, right?"Yan Qiang asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I have something important, I want to find that group of scientists from before and build me a few hundred flying machines that I want to take to the other world."

"Ah, why do you need to take so many to it?Bring too much and you'll lose your flying advantage."Everyone was confused. First URL

Tang Zichen smiled, "Truth be told, just because I'm the only flying machine in the world, so in that world's rivers and lakes, my flying machine is said to be a magic treasure left over from the ancient past, sooner or later in the future, countless people will come to my door and ask me to hand over my magic treasure, the martial arts world will cause a catastrophe, I don't know how many people, will die in this 'ancient'In the calamity of the 'magic treasure' battle."

"Hahaha."Everyone burst out laughing at the news as if it was a joke.

"It's too funny, an ancient magic treasure?"

"Oh my, I really didn't think that a good flying machine would turn into a magic weapon.It would have taken our world's flying ships, cell phones, computers and whatnot over there."

"Cell phones are useless to bring over, there are no satellites in that world."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, everyone, don't laugh, in fact I thought it was funny at first, laughing at those people is so funny, but, put yourself in their shoes and think about it, it's normal.I am now looking for scientists to build a batch of flying machines, and in the future I will be able to use them to establish my own power in the other world.When my own force is built, I'll be able to take you there and there will be no danger."


"Alright, all of you go down, we'll gather for dinner tonight."Tang Zichen said.

At this time, Yan Long asked cheekily, "That, Senior Mu Qianji, your Burial Moon Sword, since it has such a great effect, can you also let us, Yan Qiang and Long Tianqin, also do that together ah?We will surely be grateful."

Yan Yu and Long Tianqin both looked at Mu Qianji longingly.

Mu Qianji said directly, "Sorry, about that, I

I don't know what's going on myself, but if I find out how to use the Burial Moon Sword potentially in the future, I can help you."

"Oh, so."Yan Long looked a little regretful.

Tang Zichen said, "Thousands of people didn't lie, she really doesn't know why the Buried Moon Sword can make people become genius and young, but don't worry, after she discovers the secret, she will definitely not forget you guys."

"Thank you then."

"Alright, it's not too late, I'll go find the scientists first."

After that, Tang Zichen went to the scientists, Tang Zichen told them his idea of wanting to create a batch of flying machines, which would have to be unlocked by Tang Zichen every six months in order to continue using them, and so on.

The scientists understood Tang Zichen's intentions, but it was clear that they weren't going to be made so quickly in a short period of time.

They gave Tang Zichen a time, three years, to build more than a hundred flying machines.

Tang Zichen agreed.

After that, Tang Zichen returned to Wangjing City and lingered with a few women for a few nights, it had been almost a month since he had last left, so you get the idea.

After lingering with those women for a few days, Tang Zichen had to think of a way to get rid of Mu Qianji.

One day, Tang Zichen asked Mu Qianji to a restaurant in Wangjing City to have dinner alone.

"Why did you ask me out alone?"Mu Qianji asked, after coming here, Mu Qianji had been studying martial arts on his own every day, and had rarely met with Tang Zichen, who had been accompanying those ladies for the past few days.

"You won't be angry that I didn't have time to accompany you these few days, will you."

"What can I be angry about, can I be angry so that you can love only me wholeheartedly."Mu Qianji said with a calm face.

When Tang Zichen saw Mu Qianji's calm face, he felt like he was back to the beginning again.

"It seems that you are really jealous inside, when I kissed them one by one when I first came that day, you seemed to be very uncomfortable."

"No, I resigned myself to my fate, who told me to fall in love with you."

Tang Zichen held Mu Qianji's hand and said, "Qianji, I am."

"Alright, don't say meaningless words, let's get to the point, I'm afraid that your meeting me alone today is more than just dinner."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Fine, be direct.Thousands of people, I want to sleep with you."

"Haha, I knew it."

"What? You guessed it ah, then let me tell you.Thousand Jie, let's stay in this restaurant tonight."

Mu Qianji shook his head, "We haven't gotten married yet, how can I have that with you."

"Thousand Jie, it's a pity that you've also crossed over, you've crossed over for so long and are still so feudal, don't you know that in this world, pre-marital behavior is very normal?"

"Wrong, although I have also lived in this world for eleven years, I don't approve of women in this world who are so unloving, if I approve, then I'm afraid that after living here for eleven years, I might have slept with some man to solve my loneliness."

Tang Zichen grabbed Mu Qianji's hand and said, "I don't care, you're not young anymore, I have to finish you off today."

"Hahaha, you're so big-headed, no one in this world has been able to force me yet."Mu Qianji said at once.


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Mu Qianji was so resistant to not giving himself, feeling not good in his heart.

Tang Zichen asked, "Do you not love me anymore?If you really love someone, you'll give them whatever you want, I feel like your tone of voice has suddenly changed."

Mu Qianji was depressed, "I love you very much, and I'm convincing myself, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to share you with a bunch of other women.To put it in perspective, if I had other men besides you, too, and I let you and other men, share me together, how would you feel?"

"Haha, ridiculous, then I'll kill all the other men."Tang Zichen said with a slap on the table.

Mu Qianji laughed bitterly, "Yes, I used to want to kill all those women of yours too."

Tang Zichen was stunned there.

"Tang Zichen, give me a little more time, I need time to convince myself, at least, I used to think of killing all those women of yours, but now, I'm thinking that I don't mind, I'm already slowly convincing myself."Mu Qianji pleaded.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Good, I can give you time, then tonight, we."

"I won't have that with you before we get married, besides, you don't lack women at all, once the lights are off, every woman is the same, you can just treat me as if I am."Mu Qianji was resolute.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled helplessly.

"Well, you're unique and different." Remember the URL

Mu Qianji said, "Perhaps, what you need is, like an obedient pet, a woman who is at your disposal for everything, like Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, they are all like that, they are obedient to you, you can do whatever you want, even if you marry ten houses, they are also supportive, this can show that you are very domineering, right?Unfortunately, I'm not such a woman, okay, stop it, Tang Zichen, we haven't fought since we returned to the other world, today, do you dare to fight me?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "What is there to be afraid of, since you are a woman with such a different personality that you don't want to share your man with others, let me see if you have the qualifications to demand so much."


Mu Qianji's body moved with a clatter, through the roof and stood on the tiles.

Tang Zichen also flew out in an instant, and the two faced each other.

Mu Qianji was holding the Burial Moon Sword in his hand, and his clothes were windless, a very strong presence.

In Tang Zichen's hand, on the other hand, was the 'Drinking Blood' sword, although it wasn't of the finest quality, much less comparable to the Buried Moon Sword, it wasn't an ordinary item either.The people inside the restaurant felt a strong battle intent on the roof and flew out, and all of a sudden, many people were gathered around.

Tang Zichen knew that Mu Qianji was very genius, plus there was a Buried Moon Sword, so it definitely wasn't so easy to deal with.

"Do it."Tang Zichen said, killing towards Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen performed the Dragon Descending Sword Technique, and with a clattering slash, the sword whistle sounded like a dragon's roar, sweeping towards Mu Qianji with an ever-changing and mysterious momentum.

The Buried Moon Sword in Mu Qianji's hand slashed at his chest, and an overwhelming wave of Qi came.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was shocked, this volcanic momentum of Mu Qianji's was as powerful as the feeling of a person standing on the beach and a ten meter high tsunami rushing over the sea.

There was only one thought in my heart, despair.

Yes, Mu Qianji's sword intent all revealed a despairing feeling, even Tang Zichen was no more than that.

"Dangdang."Their swords instantly intertwined, and in an instant, more than a dozen moves were passed.


nbsp;Mu Qianji's very desperate sword intent didn't force Tang Zichen to retreat, but Tang Zichen's sword didn't repel Mu Qianji either.

At this moment, Mu Qianji was very shocked inside.

Mu Qianji originally thought that Tang Zichen would definitely not be her opponent, and also, Mu Qianji thought that he would be absolutely no one's opponent under the Ancestor realm.

However, she never expected that Tang Zichen would be so powerful, his swordsmanship, all the time giving people a mysterious and unpredictable feeling, no one could know what would happen next with his sword.

"Oh my god, I underestimated him, the depth of his martial art is unbelievable, I have the Burial Moon Sword, but I can't even repel him, if he also has an exceptional sword similar to the Burial Moon Sword, I'm afraid I'll lose."Mu Qianji said inwardly.

And inside, Tang Zichen was also shocked by Mu Qianji's strength, no wonder she was so demanding and unwilling to share a man with another woman, it seemed that she did have the qualifications, because, with this talent of hers, she could make countless men in the world lick her feet, why should she be allowed to share a man with another woman.

"The Divine Dragon has no regrets."

"Heavenly Dragon Broken Moon."

Tang Zichen performed two great moves in a row, and, moreover, Tang Zichen brought the 'change' intent of his swordsmanship to the extreme.

However, Mu Qianji didn't seem to have spent any effort, the sword gently stroked, and the volcanic momentum of the sword seemed to break Tang Zichen's sword.

"Evil God's Smile."Mu Qianji suddenly leapt into the air with a sword, this sword, she also took out a great move.

Tang Zichen felt that the meteor in the sky was falling towards him, there was no way to avoid it, and it suddenly gave an incomparably cool feeling.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt like he was going to lose, as he really couldn't catch this sword of Mu Qianji's, it was too strong.

However, Tang Zichen still went to resist this sword of Mu Qianji's with the most changed sword, his body like a shield formed by countless sword shadows.

In the end, Tang Zichen tilted his body slightly and broke this move of Mu Qianji's.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, Mu Qianji was too strong, Tang Zichen didn't have any confidence in beating her.

Mu Qianji stopped and said, "No need to continue, Tang Zichen, your sword skills are too profound, I have no confidence in winning against you."

"Uh, how come, I should be the one to say that, I don't have any confidence to win against you."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji smiled, "Anyway, you're worthy of being the man I like, you really didn't disappoint me, I used the Burial Moon Sword, but unfortunately can't even win against you, if you also had the Burial Moon Sword, I'm afraid I would have lost to you."

"Hehe, the weapon is not the main thing, the key is still the martial arts, Qianji, you are so powerful that I have to admire you."Tang Zichen smiled, the more powerful Mu Qianji was, the more Tang Zichen wanted to possess her like inside, it was a very strange desire.Mu Qianji's future was absolutely incredibly powerful, and her Burial Moon Sword had a potential hidden secret, a person with such luck, God knows what kind of person she would become in the future, perhaps, in the future Tang Zichen might not even be worthy of lifting her shoes, Tang Zichen was a little scary when he thought about it.Tang Zichen vowed that he would keep getting stronger and never be pulled down by Mu Qianji, otherwise, even if Mu Qianji still loved him, Tang Zichen himself wouldn't have the face to climb up her body.

"Alright, let's go back."Mu Qianji looked at the many onlookers, put his sword away and flew away valiantly, his powerful figure giving those onlookers the urge to worship.

Tang Zichen thought about it, it was also true, such a powerful figure, let her be known as a sister to Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er and others, how could this be possible, Tang Zichen even doubted if he could keep up with her in the future, Tang Zichen felt a sense of crisis.


"Tzu-Chen, when are we going back to the other world?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models of the newest models, the newest ones.Tang Zichen will soon be thirty-one, in a few months it will be the New Year, time passes so fast, unnoticed.

"You can go back at any time, that batch of flying machines wasn't manufactured so quickly, it will take three years to deliver."

"If you go back now, you shouldn't go to the Martial Lord's banquet,"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yes."

"Uh, didn't you say you weren't going before?"

"Haha, I'm ready to go now, and I'm going to give him the flying machine."

"You're silly, why did you suddenly change your mind."

"Thousand Extremes, I can never reveal information about this world, so I can only give this thing that will cause strife in the martial world to the Martial Lord.But don't worry, the flying machine I gave him, I've had the scientist modify the program, it can only be used for three years, after three years, you must find me to unlock it, at that time, the flying machine in the ally's hands will be just one of the hundreds of flying machines I have wholesale."

"What about yourself?"

"Hey, there's a spare, the scientist made two in the first place, a worse one and a better one, I took the better one with me, the spare one was worse, I gave the spare one to the Wookiee.I keep my own, secretly."

"Uh-huh." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Before I go back, I want to go to a place first."

"What place?"

"In this world, although there are no clansmen, there are a group of powerful beasts, I want to go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and also, the Water Ape Empire."

"Why do you want to go to these places."

"Truth be told, when I was in distress in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, apart from a few brothers, I had an Earth Beast friend, I called him Little Fire, it was nowhere to be found, and I wanted to go and see if I could find it."

"It's that fire beast, isn't it."


"Okay, I'll go with you."


Tang Zichen headed to the Ten Thousand Beasts Forest with Mu Qianji the next day.

Directly driving a flying ship into the Ten Thousand Beasts Forest.

Tang Zichen lamented, "The events of coming to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest back then are still fresh in my mind today, back then, a group of us were cautious for fear of running into powerful beasts, but now that we're here again, hehe, we're almost horizontal."

Mu Qianji said, "Your current strength, of course you can walk horizontally, the Ten Thousand Beast Forest's Ten Thousand Beast King may not be your opponent."

"Haha, whether or not it's my opponent, this really needs to be met to know, let's go, let's go to meet the long-revered King of Ten Thousand Beasts, in the past, even Ten Thousand Fa Tian didn't dare to meet the King of Ten Thousand Beasts, I want to see how strong it is."


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, headed straight to the core of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, and soon, arrived at the core of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

Tang Zichen parked the flying ship in the sky, then jumped to the ground.

Tang Zichen didn't know exactly where the King of Ten Thousand Beasts was, so he could only come down and ask first.

A beast that had cultivated to the peak of the Unity Realm also possessed the intelligence of a child of about 10 years old.

Tang Zichen directly trampled a panther at the peak of the Unity Realm on the ground, this

The curtain was too overbearing.

"Say, where is the King of Beasts?"Don Zichen asked seriously.

"I said I said, don't kill me."The black panther emitted fearful mental fluctuations, and Tang Zichen probably knew the meaning from its mental fluctuations.

At this moment, the black panther hadn't spoken yet, and there was suddenly a trembling breath in the air.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were busy looking up, not far away, a huge creature was flying in the air.

Mu Qianji said in shock, "This is, this is, a dragon?Oh God, it can't be, aren't the augurs already extinct?"

Tang Zichen also furrowed his brow, it looked like it was indeed a jiao dragon.

A jiao was more like a snake than a dragon, because a jiao would only become a true dragon if it evolved again.The snake evolves and becomes a jiao, and the jiao re-evolves and becomes a dragon.

Snakes were still everywhere in this world, but Jiao was no longer seen by anyone, let alone true dragons, which were already a legendary species.

Right now in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, seeing a Jiao, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were both very surprised.

That Jiao was full of pride and said, "Looking for me?"

Yes, he spoke directly, not with spirit waves, because, compared to other beasts, Jiao was obviously a much more highly evolved species, and those powerful beasts such as the black panther and others were only on the same level as the powerful snake.

"Black Jiao Dragon, I didn't expect that there are still jiao in this world."

"Hmph, lowly humans, weak species, are you here to die?"Black Jiao said high above the rest.

"Hahaha, a weak human species?"Tang Zichen was amused by the tone of this jiao.

This Jiao was able to directly mouth human words, and its intelligence was not lower than that of humans, it was indeed not comparable to other beasts.

Mu Qianji snorted, "Although I am surprised that there are still jiao in this world, it doesn't mean that we are fearing you.I once read in an ancient book that in terms of species level, a jiao, is only at the same species level as a human, you, this jiao, don't think you're a dragon, and still look at us with the eyes of a higher species."

The jiao suddenly roared, "Humble human, you shut up, our cunning ancestor, is a dragon, we will evolve into dragons, dragons are not comparable to you humble human species, humph, I will kill you."

The jiao seemed to be infuriated by Mu Qianji, because Mu Qianji said that it was actually on the same level as humans in terms of species level, which made the proud, always self-proclaimed dragon, very angry, as if it had been degraded.

Tang Zichen said, "Humble Jiao, so you are the king of all beasts."

"Yes, I will kill you for daring to come to my territory and disturb the noble me."The jiao shouted and rushed towards Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji.

This black Jiao was truly powerful, worthy of being on the same species level as humans.

Mu Qianji said, "Are you on or am I on?"

Churchman said, "It doesn't matter, I'll go first."


Tang Zichen greeted him.

"Dang dang dang."Tang Zichen cast out the Dragon Descending Sword Technique, and several swords landed on Jiao's body in an instant.

"Ow."The jiao roared in pain.

For some reason, it was as if, Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique was specifically designed to restrain the jiao.

Tang Zichen had discovered this, and so had Mu Qianji, and so had that jiao.

No matter how that jiao dodged, it was able to be hit by Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique.


"No fight, no fight, you cheat, humble human cheat."The jiao exhaled and roared.

Tang Zichen stopped and said in his heart, "Strange, the Dragon Descending Sword Technique has a surprising effect on dealing with the Jiao, what's going on?Could it be that this Dragon Descending Sword Technique was really like the name, Dragon Descending?Designed for some of the characteristics of dragons?This jiao, although it hasn't evolved into a dragon yet, it is at least the next level of the dragon species."

Mu Qianji flew to Tang Zichen's side and asked, "What's going on?Your sword technique, specifically restraining it just the same, this jiao is actually very strong, and I'm not even sure I'm confident of beating it."

"I don't understand it either, perhaps, the problem with my Dragon Descending Sword Technique."

The jiao snorted, "Humble human, cheating."

Tang Zichen laughed, "You're an interesting jiao, too, and you know the word cheat.However, you must be a lazy and fat jiao, your body is rusty and you still dare to call yourself a dragon."

"Ahhhh, get lost, don't bother me, we're with you, well water doesn't go against the river."Jiao Nu said.

Mu Qianji said, "Let me try as well."

After saying that, Mu Qianji went up to the jiao to kill, helplessly, that jiao fought with Mu Qianji.

"Roar."The jiao roared, its body leaping in mid-air, unfortunately, its body was too inflexible, probably not exercising for a long time, plus it was the only jiao in the world, so it looked clumsy.

However, despite this, Mu Qianji fought with it for ten minutes, but he didn't even defeat it. The first website

"What's going on?"Mu Qianji felt that she couldn't beat the jiao.

Sure enough, not long after, Mu Qianji was hit by one of the Jiao's small claws and crashed into the tree with a clatter.

Tang Zichen immediately went up and caught Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji was furious, "I actually lost, but you, you were so easy."

"Hahaha, humble human, still wanting to fight me."That jiao laughed.

Tang Zichen said, "If you say another word about the humble human, I'll do it."

That jiao suddenly didn't dare to be so arrogant and hummed, "You cheat, how despicable."

"Yeah?Where did I cheat?"

"You're just cheating, how can you be my opponent if you're not cheating."

"Hahaha, whatever you think."

Jiao said, "What are you guys doing in my territory?Get out of here right now, I can tell you, this Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, those humble beasts are all under my command, if you want to start a war, I can order all the beasts to go to the human cities in minutes, do you want to start a war?"

"Come on, don't threaten me, if you do try to attack a human, I'll kill you first."

"Yah yah."Jiao grimaced in anger, but couldn't beat Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique targeted his weaknesses everywhere, so Jiao thought Tang Zichen was cheating.

Tang Zichen didn't know why his Dragon Descending Sword Technique would target Jiao's weaknesses, this Dragon Descending Sword Technique was created by the Divine Dragon School, the ancestor of the Divine Dragon School, thousands of years ago, and because of the strength of this sword technique of the Divine Dragon School, the Divine Dragon School had stood for thousands of years.Perhaps, the Divine Dragon Sect Ancestor, back then, must have also dealt with Jiao, and why was the Divine Dragon Sect called the Divine Dragon Sect?It's really not impossible.

Mu Qianji.

"Just leave it alone?"

"Uh, what else would you want, at least it's a jiao."Tang Zichen said speechlessly, Mu Qianji shouldn't want to kill the jiao, what good would it do to kill the jiao.

Mu Qianji said, "No, I mean, it's hard to run into a jiao ah, this is not a beast ah, this is a species on the same level as us humans ah, just go away ah?"

"Can't you just want to stay with it a little longer, I can't stand its arrogant tone."Don Zichen said.

"Oh."Mu Qianji sighed, she felt like it was hard to meet a rare auger ah, just this hurried away, a little insufficient to express her inner excitement.

At this time, a sudden shout came from the distance, "Zichen, Brother Chen."

"Who called me?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and he turned his body to look, taken aback.

That's right, the one called Tang Zichen was not a human, but a fire beast.

"Little Fire?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

The Fire Demon Beast immediately fell in front of Tang Zichen and said excitedly, "Brother Chen, Brother Chen, you I finally see you."

"Little Fire, why are you here?That's exactly what I came to find you."Tang Zichen.

"Brother Chen, I thought you were already dead, woohoo."

At that moment, Tang Zichen was busy asking, "By the way, Little Fire, you, why are you talking out of your mouth?You used to be able to communicate only mentally, didn't you?How come you're now talking like this stinky scow?"

Fire Demon Beast said, "Brother Chen, you forgot, I'm not an ordinary beast ah, my ancestors are very powerful ah, I'm evolving now, my grandfather they never succeeded in evolving in their lives, I'm evolving successfully."


"Yeah, I've evolved from an ordinary beast to a higher level me, I'm already the same as my ancestor, haha."

Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, Mu Qianji laughed, "Fire Demon Beast, nowadays it must be on the same species level as Jiao, and of course, on the same level as us, it's no longer on the same species level as those beasts, what we humans can do, like high intelligence, they can too."

"No way."Tang Zichen smiled, this was too much of a coincidence.However, Tang Zichen had heard of it before, it wasn't ordinary, it depended on whether or not it could evolve.

Regarding the level of species, Tang Zichen hadn't read any ancient books on the subject and didn't know much about it.But Mu Qianji was quite right, if humans were a second level species, then those ordinary snakes and insects, rats and ants, chickens and ducks, cows and dogs, as well as those powerful beasts, were all first level species.This was the difference between humans and animals, understood from the origin of the species, humans were higher level one.Jiao, on the other hand, evolved from a first level species of snake, and the fire beast, also evolved from a lower level of beast to become a level of human.However, if the jiao evolved one more level, it would be a true dragon, and dragons were a third level species, which was again a higher level species than humans.Tang Zichen couldn't help but think, what is a human, if it evolves to a higher level?The answer, perhaps still too far away, is that there is anyone, since the beginning of time, who has been able to evolve to the next level?This is not a simple leap, this is a species leap to a higher species.Countless billions of years ago, there were no humans in this world, only apes and monkeys, apes and monkeys gradually evolved into a secondary species after countless billions of years, it was difficult for humans to evolve into a higher species again.

"Brother Chen, Little Fire misses you so much."

At this time, that auger flew up and hummed, "Little Lion, how do you know these humble humans?Well, don't ever say you know me again, I can't afford to lose that dragon."


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