Dish Best Served Cold 221-225


Chapter 221

Ye Fan didn't say anything more, people didn't even believe him, so it was useless to say anything.

  He simply stood to the side and watched with his hands in his pockets, completely looking like he was watching the show.

  This guy, Shen Fei, has good intentions.

  You'll have your cry later!

  Ye Fan coldly whispered.

  And at this time, the auctioneer had already asked multiple times, "Two thousand and eleven million, this Mr. Sun bid twenty-one million, is there any higher?"

  "If there isn't one, this extremely good quality raw stone, however, belongs to Mr. Sun."

  While asking this, the eyes of everyone in the audience, however, landed on Shen Fei's body.

  After all, these people present, I'm afraid that the one who had the courage to bid several times the premium price to bid for a stone was only Shen Fei himself.

  "Ah Fei, don't just stand there."

  "Just follow what I said before, raise the price by five million, and with a thunderbolt, completely deter this Sun Yuhao!"

  "Yes!"Shen Fei also instantly agreed, while stepping forward and raising his card to make a domineering bid, "Slow down!"

  "I'll bid twenty-six million for this raw stone."

  "Let me just ask, who else is present to bid against this young man?"

  What is heroic?

  That's heroic!

  What is domination?

  That's domination!

  As expected, after Shen Fei's bid this time, the monstrous momentum is undoubtedly shocking, the entire exhibition hall are silent, the auctioneer is trembling jade hand lightly cover red lips, no one else, and Shen Fei bidding!

  As the auctioneer dropped the hammer, the original stone No. 2, which started at six million, ended up at a premium of twenty million and was pocketed by Shen Fei.

  The Shen family's financial power once again shocked the crowd, and many people cast envious and respectful gazes at Shen Fei.


  "How's it going, Shaojie?"

  "That momentum of Young Master Ben just now was okay, right?"

  This bid, Shen Fei fame and fortune, of course happy.

  And at this time, not far away, but Sun Yuhao looked in the direction of Shen Fei and laughed softly.

  "Young Master Shen is truly heroic, and I, Sun, am willing to bow to him."

  "Congratulations, Young Master Shen, for obtaining the Original Stone No. 2 as you wished."

  "It's just that it's better to have fun alone than to have fun with everyone.Since Young Master Shen has already obtained the original stone, why not let the stone be unlocked on the spot so that we can all follow suit?"

  "Let's see what kind of quality jadeite is hidden under the original stone that made Young Master Shen so optimistic?"

  Sun Yuhao pretended to boast, but he was egging the crowd on, so that Shen Fei could directly unlock the stone on the spot.

  The coldness in Sun Yuhao's words, of course, Shen Fei could see: "You turtle, don't you think that this young master doesn't know what's in your heart?"

  "Aren't you just not convinced that you've failed to spell me with your money?So I thought that what came out of the stone after I decomposed it was fast scrap, do you want to see me laugh?"

  "Good, today, Young Master Ben is in a good mood, so I'll let you have your way."

  "Today, I, Shen Fei, will unlock the stone on the spot and let you all open your eyes."

  "Later, all of you will stare at it."

  Shen Fei smiled confidently and then had the stones taken to the stone solving table to be solved on the spot by the professionals.

  "Young Master Shen, rub or cut?"The staff looked at Shen Fei.

  "Crap, of course it's a rub!"

  "What if you cut a twenty million dollar raw stone for me?"Shen Fei was so angry that he wanted to kick this staff.

  However, the staff had been rubbing their hands raw for half an hour, and their hands were almost worn out, so no green could be seen at all except for a bit of green there at the python band.


  "Young Master Shen, do you still need to wipe?"

  "I see, rubbing it till dark, it won't necessarily come out green!"Sun Yuhao was watching from a short distance, but he was mockingly sarcastic.

  But the others didn't say anything, all watching nervously.

  After all, now only a small part of the rubbing, this piece of raw stone out of green may still be very large.

  But Shen Fei was a little too impatient to wait, and asked Han Shaojie to go up and draw a white line somewhere on the surface of the stone.

  "Along here, cut!"

  "Today, this young master has to use the naked reality to hit someone's dog face!"

  Shen Fei said proudly, his words lofty.

  Han Shaojie was also accomplished, and at this time even more proudly said, "Sister-in-law, Brother Fan, you guys watch well for a while, the moment to turn a stone into gold will come soon!"

  The words fell, and the sound of the cutter buzzing immediately rang out.

  The staff maneuvered the precision instrument and cut along the white line right then and there.


  In the midst of the deafening sound, a wisp of white mist suddenly burst out from the cut without stopping.

  Finally, with the saw blade cutting to the end, the original stone on the table, like tofu, directly split in half, revealing two dried grayish white facets.


  The crowd was shocked at what they saw.

  "It collapsed!"

  "Collapsed collapsed~"

  "Just fast scrap."

  "Not a bit of green out of it!"

  Many in the crowd had cried out in surprise, and many were even more gleeful and sardonic.

  "This...How is this possible?"Han Shaojie instantly stayed in place.

  Shen Fei's face, even more so, swished white.

  It was as pale as paper!

  "This...How is this?"

  "Twenty million dollars of raw stone, and yet......collapsed?"

  "Impossible, solve again!"

  Shen Fei was unwilling, but continued to let the workman cut.

  However, seeing the raw stone being cut into eight large pieces, but apart from the few green python bands on the surface, there was no green at all inside, it was a complete piece of scrap.

  In other words, for twenty-six million dollars, Shen Fei had bought one stone!

  Shen Fei's brain went white then, and his body staggered a few steps, almost falling over.

  Han Shaojie, on the other hand, even more so, pounced and just sprawled out on the ground.

  Obviously, the two of them had never thought that this Original Stone #2 was really a piece of scrap!

  What Ye Fan had just said was all true?


  "Young Master Shen, what's wrong with you, why do you look so ugly?"

  "How come all the arrogance just now is gone."


  "But seriously, I, Sun Yuhao, really admire Young Master Shen ah, twenty-six million for a broken stone."

  "If you want a stone, you tell me, I'll ship a ton over for you tomorrow."

  "Haha, a broken stone, I, Sun Yuhao, knew at first glance that he would collapse, only someone like Young Master Shen treats a piece of scrap as a treasure!"

  Sun Yuhao laughed indiscriminately, looking at Shen Fei as if he was looking at an idiot, at this time the entire exhibition hall also sounded many snickers, and now Shen Fei, just like a joke of the whole audience.

  "Son of a bitch, you're plotting me~"

  "You fucking deliberately set me up!"

  When Shen Fei heard Sun Yuhao's words, he instantly understood, and at that time, his eyes turned red, and Jairus' eyes were red.

  Sun Yuhao, however, smiled sardonicly, "Young Master Shen, you're stupid yourself, so don't blame others if your kung fu isn't good enough."

  "I advise you to take your wimp friend with you and go home early."

  "This gambling stone business is not something anyone can participate in."

  "The twenty-six million today will be used as a tuition fee."

  Sun Yuhao smiled coldly and looked at Shen Fei with a gaze full of ice.

  Shen Fei, Shen Fei, if you want to blame it, blame it on the fact that you got too close to that wimp!

  Originally, Sun Yuhao and Shen Fei didn't know each other and had no grudges.

  But it can't be helped, who let him be so close to Ye Fan.

  Sun Yuhao was worried about not being able to take care of Ye Fan, and now it was just right, Sun Yuhao simply took all the resentment in his heart towards Ye Fan onto Shen Fei.



  "Brother Yuhao is so powerful."

  "All of the Shen family's princes are being toyed with by brother Yuhao."


  "Look at their miserable faces, they deserve it."

  "Who let this Prince of the Shen family give that wimp Ye Fan such close proximity."

  "And now that they've been screwed by my brother Yuhao, they deserve to be screwed!"Han Fei Fei watched from afar, but he looked like he was gloating and laughing wantonly.

  Sun Yuhao's one operation, which had caused Shen Fei to plant such a big head, undoubtedly shook the crowd.

  For a moment, the crowd began to pay attention to this handsome looking youth in front of them.

  This name of Sun Yuhao was also finally starting to spread in the upper class circles.

  "Sun Yuhao?"

  "Who's postulant is this?"

  "At such a young age, he has played a trick on the young master of the Shen family, with such a wrist, I'm afraid that he will become a person in the future."

  The surrounding people were talking and began to speculate about Sun Yuhao's identity.

  Feeling the attention of the crowd, Sun Yuhao's face became even more proud, and at this time, he even looked at Qiu Mu Orange from afar, the corners of his lips lightened, and said to himself.

  "Mu Orange, this is just the beginning."

  "Just wait and see, after tonight, my name, Sun Yuhao, will be famous in Yunzhou!"

  When he entered Yunzhou, he was unknown.

  When he leaves Yunzhou, he will be famous everywhere!

  Sun Yuhao was full of pride, and he didn't pay attention to Shen Fei anymore.

  After this lesson, he reckoned that Shen Fei no longer had the courage to arm wrestle with him as well.

  And after this episode, the auction continued, and one piece of raw stone continued to be bid on by the crowd.

  But Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, the two of them, looking at the scrap in front of them that was broken into countless pieces, were like frosty eggplants, where there was still any arrogance and confidence from before.

  "Fei, I'm sorry ha, I...I didn't expect this to be the result."

  "By all means, it shouldn't be like this."

  "The book says, ten pythons and nine green, how come this stone is just scrap with so many straps on its surface?"Han Shaojie lowered his head, like a soldier who had suffered defeat, and faced Shen Fei with a bitter face.

  Shen Fei didn't say anything, just looked at the ruined stone beneath his feet with a dead fish face, as if he couldn't live with it.Seeing Shen Fei like this, Han Shaojie felt even more guilty: "Fei, say something, don't scare me, what are you thinking?"

  "Thinking about what?I fucking want to kick your ass!"Shen Fei cursed and turned around to kick Han Shaojie.But he still held back after all.

  Not to mention that he had been friends with Han Shaojie for many years, just Han Shaojie's background identity alone was not something that he, Shen Fei, could kick.

  But Shen Fei was furious, almost crying, and cursed with a bitter face, "Sub-O~"

  "Shao Jie, Shao Jie, I don't even know what the fuck to say to you?"

  "A broken rock, you must call it a treasure?"

  "Now what? Twenty-six million? It's all fucking gone!"

  "Plus what I lost last time, I'm now fifty million short."

  "If I can't make it up and my dad finds out, he'll have to beat me up!"

  Shen Fei now had the heart to die.

  He had lost tens of millions of dollars last time when he had embezzled the company's money to gamble with stones, and was thinking of earning it back this time to fill in the gaps, but now well, he had damn well lost it again!




  "Damn, this pig teammate.Luna's over here, and you're still not willing to turn in your flash and run?!"

  "Is the flash fucking saving it for New Year's?"

  "What a bunch of pigs, even if I were a king, I couldn't bring your bunch of pig mates!"


  "Houyi, open wide, open wide!"

  "Hey, yeah, yeah~"

  "Three kills, beautiful!"

  In Shen Fei and Han Shaojie two faces full of bitterness, the side of the Ye Fan is playing the game is high, from time to time also shout two.

  At this time Ye Fan's cozy look, but with Shen Fei and they formed a sharp contrast.

  However, that voice of Ye Fan just now attracted the attention of Shen Fei and Han Shaojie.

  These two were immediately stunned, then looked at each other, and without saying a word, they hurried towards Ye Fan with flattering smiles on their faces.

  "That...That Brother Fan, I'm really sorry just now ha?"

  "It's our fault, we both didn't listen to advice, and now we've lost money, we deserve it."

  "But Van, if you're so fucking awesome, why do you say you don't understand?"

  "You lied to my brother so badly~"

  Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were both apologizing and bragging.

  However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to them, and in the end, the only response they got was one word: "Get out!"

  "Don't, Van.Isn't it enough that we know we were wrong?We're the ones with the dog eyes.We deserve to pay for it.But a brother is in trouble, you have to help out, Brother Fan~"

  "Get out!"

  "Oh Van, we were really wrong~"

  "Get out!"


  "Get out!"

  Shen Fei apologized repeatedly and was close to kneeling on the ground, but Ye Fan remained oblivious.No matter what Shen Fei said, all Ye Fan responded to him was the word roll.

  Shen Fei was on the verge of tears, his heart was so remorseful that his intestines were almost blue.

  He now wanted to slap himself to death, what was he thinking just now, why didn't he listen to Ye Fan's words?

  If he had listened, not only would he not be able to lose that much money now, maybe Ye Fan would have commanded him to take down several really green raw stones and make a lot of money.

  But now it was good, not only would he have to lose his pants, but also offended Ye Fan.

  Seeing Ye Fan's lack of oil and salt, Shen Fei had no choice but to put his hopes on Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Sister-in-law, ah, help me persuade Brother Fan, let Brother Fan help me~"

  "I'm really in a tough spot."

  "If I don't earn my money back this time, my father will have to send me to jail for embezzlement!"

  "But...But~"Qiu Mu Orange was also in a difficult situation, on one hand Shen Fei had helped him and Ye Fan a lot, on the other hand she was worried that Ye Fan didn't know how to gamble stones at all, and saying the wrong thing would not only pit Shen Fei against them, but also cause trouble for their family.

  "Sister-in-law, just help me persuade Brother Fan."

  "Brother Fan he doesn't listen to anyone but you?"

  "Sister-in-law, don't worry, as long as Brother Fan promises to help me, even if it's wrong, I'll admit it~"

  Shen Fei was truly anxious and couldn't stop begging Autumn Mucheng Orange.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange had no choice but to scalp Shen Fei to put in a good word for Ye Fan.

  "Young Master Shen, I'll try to say something, but don't get your hopes up, Ye Fan he may not listen to me either."Qiu Mu Orange said softly.

  Shen Fei was overjoyed and moved close to tears: "Sister-in-law, Brother Fan who's words don't stop, but I guarantee that he will listen to you.Everyone who knows Brother Van doesn't know that Brother Van is afraid of....He's famous for loving his wife!"

  "Your words, he definitely listens."

  Hearing Shen Fei's words, although Qiu Mu Orange even shook her head and said that there was no such thing, her heart was inexplicably warm and proud.

  Finally, Qiu Mu Orange stepped forward and whispered to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, Young Master Shen is so sincere, how about..."

  However, before Qiu Mu Orange finished speaking, Ye Fan, perhaps obsessed with playing the game, subconsciously shouted, "Get lost~"

  The world, for a moment, was quiet.


"Get out~"

  Ye Fan's curses were still echoing here, and after he finished speaking, Ye Fan just felt the entire world go quiet, and the air in front of him was nearly stagnant.

  Next to him, Shen Fei was dumbfounded, thinking to himself, when did he become so powerful Brother Fan?How dare you yell at your wife?

  However, Shen Fei's admiration didn't last long, almost the next moment, Ye Fan's face wilted and he quickly put down his phone to apologize to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, I...I'm not scolding you ah, I'm talking about Shen Fei and the others, you have to understand me ah~"

  However, Autumn Mu Orange was clearly angry, her stunningly pretty face was expressionless, and she turned her head to leave: "Fine, I'll roll."

  "Don't, Mu Orange."Ye Fan hurriedly begged for mercy, and Shen Fei and the others also hurried to help Ye Fan put in a good word for her, which was how they persuaded Autumn Mu Orange to come down.

  As for helping Shen Fei, Qiu Mu Orange had just spoken, and Ye Fan only had to go along with it.Just take it as a way to give face to his wife.

  "Eighteen million, original stone number 6, Young Master Sun's bid is eighteen million, is there any other bid higher?"

  At this moment, the auctioneer's excited voice came from the front.

  It looked like the auction had reached the number 6 original stone bid.And Sun Yuhao was the highest bidder, once again becoming the focus of the entire crowd.

  At this time, Sun Yuhao was full of pride, so to speak, and he was in high spirits.

  Shen Fei watched from the side, but in his heart, he was biting his teeth with hatred; .

  "Van, what do we do?"

  "Should we do it?"

  "I just can't stand the arrogance of this kid!"

  The No. 6 original stone was also one of the finale original stones of the jade auction, and was even on Shen Fei's list of candidates, now that he heard that the bidding had started, he naturally couldn't hold back and was somewhat eager to try it out.

  Ye Fan nodded his head, "Don't mind me, just bid according to your idea."

  "Don't worry, I'll give you some advice at a crucial moment."

  "But I'll remind you beforehand, I also know nothing about the original stone, so don't blame me if you lose money."

  "That's natural.As long as Brother Fan is willing to help me, and we brothers work together, there's nothing in this world that we can't settle."Shen Fei laughed, once again regaining his previous confidence.

  After all, with Ye Fan as a backing, Shen Fei's heart was solid.

  The number 6 original stone in front of him, since Ye Fan did not stop him from bidding, it meant that Brother Fan was also very optimistic.

  "Twenty million!"

  Without any unnecessary nonsense, Shen Fei directly offered twenty million.

  "It's Young Master Shen!"

  "After experiencing a setback, Young Master Shen has stood up once again, throwing away thousands of dollars and bidding openly with Young Master Sun."

  "I just don't know how much money Young Master Shen can spare this time to compete with Young Master Sun."

  The auctioneer deliberately used words to provoke the two, rendering the jade bidding into a contest of financial strength between the two sides.

  Seeing that Young Master Shen still dared to bid, Sun Yuhao frowned and then laughed as well, "Young Master Shen, what, haven't you suffered enough from the last time?"

  "A few minutes past this time, and you don't remember?"

  "Still, if you don't have good eyesight, go back and practice for a few years, then come back and spar with me.Otherwise, Young Master Shen is afraid that he'll lose everything he owns."Sun Yuhao said coldly.

  However, where did Shen Fei pay any attention to him, and after offering twenty million, he continued to increase the price: "Twenty-two million!"


  "God, twenty-two million!"

  "Young Master Shen is worthy of being the prince of the Shen family, bidding against himself."

  "Truly generous!"

  "It looks like for the jade, Young Master Shen is bound to get it!"The auctioneer's excited voice was once again heard.

  Sun Yuhao's brows were furrowed and his eyes were icy cold.

  He was also extremely optimistic about this jade number 6, and naturally wouldn't let it fall into Shen Fei's hands.

  Thus, Sun Yuhao also bid up the price: "Twenty-five million!"

  "Twenty-seven million!"Shen Fei was not afraid in the slightest.

  "I'll pay thirty million!Does Young Master Shen still dare to follow?If you follow, this original stone this young master will let you have it."Sun Yuhao smiled faintly.

  "As you wish!"Shen Fei shouted coldly and was about to bid, but Ye Fan held him back.

  "That's fine, no need to follow."


  "Brother Fan, Sun Yuhao is so keen on this stone, it's obvious that this original stone will definitely come out green."

  "How can you make me give up at a critical moment?"

  "If I don't follow, not only will I miss a piece of treasure, I'll also weaken my voice."

  "If I let others think that I can't spell this Sun Yuhao, how will I be able to make it in Yunzhou in the future?"Shen Fei said anxiously.

  Ye Fan's appearance remained calm and said indifferently, "Trust me."

  "You'll have to buy this original stone for thirty million, not only will you not make any profit, you'll also have to lose it."

  "This No. 6 original stone, which is just a little green on the left side, is worth ten million at most."

  "Thirty million to buy it, he'll lose at least twenty million."

  "Of course, if you just want to pretend you don't want to make money, then so be it."

  Ye Fan said with a light smile, while Shen Fei and the others were shocked.

  "Pay out twenty million?"

  "Van, are you serious?"

  "This is the grand finale of the original stone, if you miss it, you'll only have two good stones left to bid on #8 and #9."Shen Fei was clearly reluctant to let go, still suspicious.

  "I said it, believe it or not."Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner.

  Shen Fei hesitated for a moment and bit his teeth, "Okay, Brother Fan, listen to you."

  In the end, Shen Fei didn't bid after all: "Sun Yuhao, this No. 6 original stone, Ben Shao is giving it to you."

  "A money-losing stone, Ben Shao won't steal it from you either."

  Sun Yuhao laughed as he heard, "Young Master Shen, let's just say that we don't have enough money, why do we need to find so many reasons?"

  "You'll only make yourself look worse.It's just adding to the laughs."


  Hearing the unbridled laughter of Sun Yuhao and the others, Shen Fei was livid with hatred and gritted his teeth.

  "Sun Yuhao, you wait, the remaining two original stones, number 8 and number 9, this young master is bound to win."

  However, to Shen Fei's surprise, the number 8 original stone, Ye Fan directly told him to give up and not participate in the auction.

  "Brother Fan, isn't that No. 8 original stone good, why give it up?"Shen Fei was puzzled.

  Ye Fan said, "Good is good, but there is better later, don't worry."

  When Shen Fei heard this, he also nodded, "That's right.This 8th original stone Sun Yuhao didn't participate in the auction either, obviously he is also saving up his strength to grab the 9th original stone."

  "In that case, Sun Yuhao, let's fight it out on that stone number 9, shall we?"Shen Fei secretly clutched his palm.

  On the other side, Li Lao was also saying to Sun Yuhao, "Young Master, the No. 9 original stone, you must try to take it.This raw stone, produced from the old field of Pajang in Burma, is of the best quality in this sub.Moreover, this raw stone itself is of excellent quality, not only has python bands densely covered, but also the crust is like an elephant skin wrinkled, the possibility of producing ice seeds is extremely high, and it might even produce a rare glass seed jadeite."

  Sun Yuhao nodded, "Well, Old Li, don't worry."

  Finally, after Original Stone No. 8 was auctioned off at a high price of forty million dollars, Original Stone No. 9 officially began the auction.

  No. 9 Original Stone was huge, weighing a hundred jin, even in the entire jade exhibition hall, such a huge original stone was extremely rare.

  "This No. 9 Original Stone, I believe that you all have already carefully understood it just now."

  "I won't say any more, below, the auction will officially begin!"

  "Starting bid, forty million~"


"Fifty million!"

  As soon as the auctioneer's voice fell, Sun Yuhao immediately got up and drank in a domineering manner.

  In an instant, he raised the price by ten million, and the monstrous momentum directly shook over the audience.

  For a while, many of the tycoons who originally wanted to bid held back their offers.

  "Sixty million!"

  When the audience was quiet, Shen Fei unsurprisingly stepped forward.

  The crowd laughed bitterly at the situation and instantly dispelled their thoughts of bidding.

  This damn gods fight, it was better for them, the rich and powerful from small families, not to participate, lest they be calamitized.

  Facing Shen Fei's competition, Sun Yuhao had no fear and continued to increase the price, this increase was 20 million: "80 million!"

  Sun Yuhao's words fell silent, and the entire exhibition hall was silent.

  Even Shen Fei's face was a bit whiter and his heart began to drum a bit, "Brother Fan, are you still following?"

  "Don't wimp out, keep following."Ye Fan was calm, but said with a smile.

  "Good!"When he heard Ye Fan speak, Shen Fei continued to increase the price, "Ninety million!"

  "God, ninety million!"

  "Young Master Shen bids ninety million."

  "Okay is there a higher one?"The auctioneer was wild with excitement.

  The price was now too much for Sun Yuhao to bear, and with a final bite, he simply shouted, "One hundred million!"

  "This No. 9 original stone, this young master is bound to get it, I'll see who can snatch it away."

  The whole arena boiled once again, the bid of 100 million had already broken the history of all previous raw stone auctions, and Sun Yuhao once again became the focus of countless people's attention.

  Shen Fei saw the situation, but got up to bid again, and Ye Fan pulled him back, "It's okay, no need to follow."

  "Damn, Brother Fan, what are you doing?"

  "This is the last of the original stones for the finale, if you give up, there won't be almost any after it."

  "I missed the first few pieces, won't you let me buy this one too?"

  "What else am I going to turn over a new leaf!"

  "Wouldn't I have come to this jade show for nothing?"Shen Fei was so anxious that he was about to cry.

  It was Ye Fan who let him follow, and now it was also Ye Fan who didn't let him follow, of course Shen Fei was confused.

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "It's just a broken stone, if you follow, I reckon you'll have to jump off a building."

  "To tell you the truth, this No. 9 original stone is even worse than your No. 2.It's completely just a stone, with no green in it.I'm only asking you to follow it because I want you to top his price."



  Ye Fan's words caused Shen Fei Han Shaojie and the others to be astonished and surprised.

  "Brother Fan, are you sure?"

  "A hundred million dollars of raw rock is a rock?"Shen Fei was a bit unbelievable.

  Han Shaojie also asked from the side, "Yeah, Brother Fan, how do you know that it's the Fast Stone in there?"

  Ye Fan said indifferently, "I guessed."

  Shen Fei: "........"

  Han Shaojie: "........"

  Ye Fan's words made Shen Fei so angry that he wanted to slap her.

  "Brother Fan, can we stop it?Brother I'm dying of anxiety."Shen Fei was so anxious that he was about to cry out.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also angry at Ye Fan when she saw the situation: "Ye Fan, don't talk nonsense, delaying Young Master Shen from making money, can you afford it?Since you can't understand it, don't speak out of turn."

  Faced with Shen Fei and the others' questions, Ye Fan remained calm, "Again, I'm just suggesting, listen to it or not, as you wish."

  "Okay, Brother Fan.I'll damn well listen to you again."With the lesson from last time, Shen Fei finally listened to Ye Fan's words.With a ruthless heart, there was no further bidding, and this No. 9 original stone, as expected, fell into the hands of Sun Yuhao.


  "Young Master Shen, it seems that your Shen family's wealth is nothing more than that."Successively snatching two pieces of raw stones from Shen Fei, Sun Yuhao was undoubtedly arrogant as hell, looking at Shen Fei from afar with a victorious gaze, his words filled with ridicule and disdain.

  "Sister Qiu, see, how scenic and powerful brother Yuhao is, Shen Fei has been stepped on by him."At this time, Han Fei Fei was also facing Qiu Mu Orange, bragging about Sun Yuhao.

  Shen Fei was filled with anger, "What are you so proud of?You're the only fool who's happy about a hundred million for a broken rock!To tell you the truth, the one you bought won't come out a bit green."


  In the business of gambling stones, the most taboo is undoubtedly this kind of curse.After all, whether or not this line can make money is very much related to luck, and now that Shen Fei has cursed him like this, of course Sun Yuhao is furious, but soon, Sun Yuhao also regained his composure and grinned, "Young Master Shen can only show off his tongue now.You're an idiot yourself, do you also think that others are just as idiotic as you?"

  "You~" Shen Fei was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he couldn't argue, after all, that was the truth, but he had previously bought a piece of scrap for tens of millions.

  After that, the auction continued, and Sun Yuhao, perhaps due to limited funds, did not continue bidding.Instead, Shen Fei spent half a million dollars to buy the 11th original stone.

  "Rubbish is rubbish, picking a raw stone is also picking a piece of marginal material.It's only half a million, it's strange that it can come out green."Sun Yuhao and the others saw the situation, but they snorted and laughed.

  Soon, the auction ended successfully.

  At this time, Sun Yuhao, however, was not lonely and walked up, "Young Master Shen, just now I saw that you spent half a million on another piece of good material.It's just as well that I also have two pieces of good material here, so why don't we solve the stone one at a time and let everyone open their eyes."

  "Mu Orange, you don't leave either, you'll be watching later as well.When I open the jadeite, I'll have someone make a bracelet for you on the spot."

  Sun Yuhao said affectionately to Autumn Mu Orange.

  The purpose of him coming here was to show off himself to Qiu Mu Orange, while incidentally humiliating Shen Fei and the others.

  "Hmph, this young master has something else to do, he doesn't have time to play with you."Of course, Shen Fei could see that this Sun Yuhao wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate him, he didn't have any good material in his hand, only a piece of side material that no one wanted, of course he didn't dare to gamble with Sun Yuhao's stone.

  Otherwise, if he were to open the scrap twice in a row, he Shen Fei would have to lose face, how could he meet people in the future?

  "Don't, Young Master Shen.Human Su has personally come to say it, so we have to give someone face, right?"Ye Fan watching the fun is not too big of a deal, but from the side to fuel the situation.

  Shen Fei heard, then were about to cry, pulling Ye Fan whispered: "Brother Fan, what material in our hands, do you not have a little bit of ratio in your heart?"

  "Can we afford half a million dollars for a side piece?"

  "He's worth more than we are, and we're not ashamed to be compared to him."

  Shen Fei with a bitter face, just now in the auction, Ye Fan nonetheless let the auction No. 11 original stone, no one was bidding at that time, Shen Fei bought it at the starting price, only later did he know that this is the damned No. 9 original stone edge, how could this kind of original stone come out green, no wonder no one wanted it.

  But Ye Fan was unconcerned: "It's fine, you've embarrassed yourself not once or twice anyway, it's not worse than this time."

  Ye Fan insisted, Shen Fei also had no choice, to drive the duck on the shelf general with Sun Yuhao a piece to solve the stone.

  But Qiu Mu Orange complained from the side: "Ye Fan, what are you blindly making fun of.Isn't this a clear way for Young Master Shen to lose face?"

  "The reason why Sun Yuhao called out to him for a piece of solved stone was to intentionally humiliate him."

  "How can a piece of marginal material come out green?"

  "I really don't know what you think,"

  Qiu Mu Orange was filled with helplessness, holding her forehead and sighing, unable to figure out what was going on in Ye Fan's head?



  "This Ye Fan is such an idiotic fool, the young master of the Shen family has had eight lifetimes of bad luck to make friends like him."Han Fei Fei on the side only looked ridiculous.A piece of scrap bought for half a million dollars, this idiot Ye Fan even encouraged Shen Fei to solve the stone in public, is he still ashamed enough of Shen Fei's humiliation?

  Han Shaojie was also full of inexplicable eyes at this time, looking at Ye Fan, thinking in his heart that this Ye Fan wouldn't be in the same gang as Sun Yuhao and the others, specifically to trap Shen Fei.

  Worried, Han Shaojie persuaded Shen Fei: "Fei, I think we should not solve it.A piece of sidekick, it's not even humiliating enough to take out."

  "It's fine, just go, don't be a wimp."Ye Fan remained calm and urged Shen Fei to go ahead and unscrew the stone.

  Sun Yuhao saw it then and shook his head and smiled, "Young Master Shen really has a good brother~"


  At this moment, Sun Yuhao actually had the urge to thank Ye Fan, and only felt that Ye Fan's assist was sent too timely.

  He was originally worried that Shen Fei wouldn't agree to his request for fear of humiliation, but he didn't expect that Ye Fan was a big help.

  "Mu Orange, later on, you just watch from below."

  "I told you, I'll prove to you the huge difference between this hillbilly and me."

  "And the next scene will be the best proof of that."

  With eyes full of affection and pride, Sun Yuhao stood with his hands in the air, just like this, looking at the stunning woman in front of him.

  For so many years, there had never been any woman who could make him so emotional like Qiu Mu Orange.

  At first, when he first met Qiu Mu orange in Jianghai, Sun Yuhao truly appreciated a poem.

  And with deep affection, may no years turn back!

  "Just wait and see, Mu Orange.Next, I'm not only going to show you, I'm going to show everyone here how dazzling and glorious I, Sun Yuhao, am?"

  At this moment, Sun Yuhao was lofty and proud, and his eyebrows were even more glorious and energetic.

  That look was like an emperor who was about to ascend to the throne of the Great Treasure.He believed that he would use his own glory to completely conquer this outstandingly beautiful woman in front of him.

  Just like this, with a heart full of pride, Sun Yuhao strode with his head held high and ascended to the relieving stone platform.

  And in stark contrast, this is like a duck to drive Shen Fei general, with a face full of bitterness and shame, with his head down also walked over.

  Soon, the staff came up with the tools to unscramble the stone, and asked Sun Yuhao respectfully, "Young Master Sun, first to unscramble that piece of the original stone?"

  "Six or nine?"

  There were four jadeite stones in total for the grand finale, and Sun Yuhao had two of them to himself.

  Now that Sun Yuhao is going to unlock the stones in public, the staff will naturally ask which one to unlock first.

  "Let's start with number 6, the most expensive one should of course be put at the end, leaving a suspense."Sun Yuhao lamented.

  Then, Sun Yuhao even walked up and took the chalk and drew a line on the original stone.

  "Don't rub it in, granny.Just be clean and cut directly."

  "Follow this line and cut straight down."

  Sun Yuhao was also crisp, tens of millions of stones, not as careful as Shen Fei was before, but crisp and straightforward, directly allowing the staff to cut everything in half.


  In the midst of a deafening sound, only a white mist spewed out unceasingly from the raw stone.

  "Collapse~ Collapse~"


  The side of Shen Fei while watching, but couldn't help but mutter, the whole person anxious as if the open is his original stone's seemingly.

  The next Sun Yuhao heard Shen Fei's muttering, so angry that I could not wait to go up and kick him.

  This experience more dirty, can so curse him ah!

  At this time, everyone was watching nervously.

  Finally, a moment later, a ray of green light suddenly burst out from under the original white mist.


  "Out of the green!"

  "Young Master Sun is really something."

  "Say green and you'll get green."

  "Looking at the color, even if it's not a glass species, it's at least an ice species of extremely good quality~"

  "Congratulations, Young Master Sun~"

  After coming out of the green, the crowd was in an uproar and many people celebrated and congratulated Sun Yuhao.


  "Young Master Shen, it looks like I've disappointed you."

  "This original stone, it's out of the green."

  "I've long said that the gambling stone world fights for eyesight, just because you look away, doesn't mean I'll look away too."

  "Listen to my advice, after today, Young Master Shen should quit the gambling stone world and go back to study for a few more years before coming back to fight with me, right?"

  With the raw stone out of the green, Sun Yuhao was naturally overjoyed.Full of proud smiles, the eyes that looked at Shen Fei were full of ridicule.

  Being so humiliated by Sun Yuhao, Shen Fei only felt ashamed, his old face almost turning blue into liver, but at the same time, in his heart, he was secretly blaming Ye Fan, only feeling trapped by Ye Fan.

  "Brother Fan, didn't you say that the No. 6 original stone is no good?And don't even let Fei bid on it."

  "How about now, Sun Yuhao's out of the green."

  "And we missed an opportunity to make money for nothing~" Han Shaojie was also frustrated and grumbled at Ye Fan.

  Just now, he and Shen Fei had both selected the No. 6 original stone, but halfway through the snatching, Ye Fan wouldn't let them bid on it anymore, which was why it landed in Sun Yuhao's hands.

  At that time, if Ye Fan hadn't directed it haphazardly, this soaring raw stone would have been in Shen Fei's and their pockets.How could it have fallen into the hands of Sun Yuhao, allowing him to flaunt it like this.

  Qiu Mu Orange also shook her head and sighed, thinking to herself that this guy, Ye Fan, really didn't know what he was doing, he was just blindly directing it, right?

  "Don't worry ah, the good show has only just begun."Ye Fan had his hands in his pants pockets, looking leisurely and comfortable, his entire body still calm.

  "Okay, shut up you?People green are open out, you are still in this dead duck mouth, you quickly go over to Shen young master apologize, and then bring Shen young master down, do not cause people with you a piece of embarrassment."Qiu Mu Orange, however, was slightly indignant and fierce at Ye Fan.

  This guy, thanks to him, he just acted like he had it all figured out, saying that the No. 6 original stone wasn't worth buying and that the No. 9 original stone was just fast scrap.Previously, Autumn Mu Orange would believe it, after all, Ye Fan hadn't even gone over to survey these stones, he had just looked at them from afar, how could he tell if there was green in that stone or not?

  However, just as Qiu Mu Orange angrily scolded Ye Fan to apologize to Shen Fei, only a banging sound was heard as the No. 6 original stone split in half, revealing two smooth cuts.


  "Is that all the green there is?"

  "Hey, it's a pity."

  "Even if this green character is good, it's too small."

  "It's not as big as an egg.Half a fucking bracelet wouldn't be enough."

  "Hold on ten million capped."

  "Thirty million for it, this young master Sun is afraid he'll have to pay twenty million."

  "It's a pity~"

  After the stone was completely cut open, the wealthy business tycoons who had originally congratulated Sun Yuhao shut their mouths and turned to shaking their heads and sighing with regret.


  "And you really let Van get it right?"Shen Fei, who was in the midst of suffering just now, was stunned, and then his old face grinned and a sleeper shouted directly out.

  I thought to myself, "Brother Fan is really awesome!

  You're really saying you'll pay?

  Sun Yuhao, however, but his old face immediately darkened, and his original complacency and arrogance was instantly gone.

  "Sun Shao, do you still want to keep cutting?"The staff whispered.

  "Cut the shit!"

  "Is that all the green out there?Throw it away for Ben.Not humiliating enough!"

  "You guys, bring up my one hundred million dollar stone."

  "Today, I have to let you guys open your eyes."

  Sun Yuhao kicked the No. 6 original stone that had been halved in front of him out of the room, filled with ice cold eyes, and cursed coldly.

  I thought that even if this No. 6 original stone couldn't open a glass seeded jadeite, it would at least make some money.

  But instead, I didn't expect to lose 20 million, which made Sun Yuhao very unhappy, as unpleasant as eating a fly.


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