Dish Best Served Cold 226-230

Chapter 226

After all, Sun Yuhao was thinking of relying on the original stone to pretend to be a pusher, but now not only did he fail to pretend, but he lost 20 million dollars and made a fool of himself in public.

  But fortunately, there was still a chance.

  "Brother Yuhao, don't be lost."

  "The money you lost on that original stone, you'll definitely make it back on your one hundred million dollar piece of original stone."

  "Uncle Li has said that this No. 9 original stone will almost ironically produce a glass-quality emerald."

  "And this No. 9 original stone weighs a hundred pounds, so if the jadeite comes out, it's bound to come out in a very large piece as well."

  "At that time, not to mention this area of twenty million, it might be able to make one or two hundred million?"Han Fei Fei comforted from the side.

  Sun Yuhao smiled back, "Lost, why should I be lost?"

  "It's only a few tens of millions, it's all to support the development of the industry."

  "This little bit of money, just throw it away, Young Master Ben really doesn't care."

  Sun Yuhao said with a breezy face, unconcerned.

  "Ho ah, Brother Ho!"

  "That's what I call a rich man~"

  Sun Yuhao's words once again caused many people to brag.

  And Sun Yuhao didn't bother to pay attention to these people's bragging, once again greeting the crowd to unstone that original stone worth 100 million.

  "Later, all of you, take it easy."

  "This stone is 100 million, I'll take you guys are asking after solving the waste."

  Sun Yuhao reminded, while stepping forward and drawing a line again for the professionals to unscrap the stone.


  A low, deep voice then sounded.

  At this moment, everyone stared, all straining to see the hundred million dollar worth of stone being slowly cut before their eyes.

  The large exhibition hall was even silent for a moment.

  Only the metal and stone friction sound bared echoed, bringing up white mist sprayed everywhere.

  Seeing the saw blade getting deeper and deeper, Sun Yuhao's heart even more mentioned to his throat, nervous almost stopped breathing.

  Finally, until finally, only a banging sound was heard, and the hundred-pound boulder cracked open with two grayish-white cuts, which then appeared in front of everyone.


  "Not out of the green?"

  "Collapsed collapsed!"

  "One cut and not a bit of green comes out?"

  "It's collapsed, the rock is ironically collapsed!"

  After a brief silence, the crowd was in an uproar.

  Many shook their heads, and some even laughed out loud in gloom.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "Solve, solve again!"

  Sun Yuhao's face was livid with anger, and his eyes had turned red.

  He simply couldn't believe that the original stone bought by 100 million couldn't come out at all green?

  "Cut me, cut through the middle!"

  "I don't believe that I can't open a bit of green?"Sun Yuhao roared.

  However, even though the original stone had been dumped in eight large pieces, not to mention the Ice Glass Emerald, there wasn't even a bit of green appearing at the end, not even as good as the piece that Shen Fei had opened across before.

  It was completely just a piece, a waste stone!

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "No way!"

  "By no means?!!!"

  Sun Yuhao had been completely confused, his entire body was nearly insane, disoriented and ran up, pushing away the stone removal personnel, still unwilling to cut up himself.


  "Let him be arrogant."

  "That's ruined, isn't it?"

  "One hundred million for a rock."

  "Good thing I listened to Van."

  "Otherwise, I really would have had to jump off a building!"While Sun Yuhao was losing his temper, Shen Fei on the side was simply mad with joy, a mouth grin that could almost stuff an apple to go, and his heart was even more impressed with Ye Fan.

  "Brother Fan, I feel like you are my former lover ah, my current benefactor ah, I'm dying to love you."

  "Today, if it wasn't for Brother Fan, I'm afraid I'd have to be pitied to death, Shen Fei!"

  "Previously, in the fifth floor antique showroom, it was Brother Fan, with his fiery eyes, who saw through the whole thing at once and recognized it as a fake."

  "And now, it's Brother Fan again, with divine wisdom, who woke me up at a crucial moment, and made me go back to the cliff and lost my way."

  "Brother Fan, I, Shen Fei, can't repay this great kindness, so I can only offer it to you."

  "In the future, I, Shen Fei, will be your man, Brother Fan.I'll do whatever you tell me to do, no second thoughts!"

  To Ye Fan, today's Shen Fei was really impressed.

  Saying scrap is scrap.

  Saying to pay out twenty million dollars is twenty million dollars.

  This eyesight is simply a match for the gods!

  Thinking back now, Shen Fei was terrified.

  If it wasn't for Ye Fan just now, he was afraid that he would really have to chase high and spend more than 100 million to buy a broken rock.

  By then, his father was afraid that he would really send him to jail.

  On the other hand, the 100 million stone collapsed, the old man who was called Li Lao by Sun Yuhao and the others, knew that he was ashamed, but went forward to apologize to Sun Yuhao: "Young Master, I'm sorry, it was my mistake, that's why I let Young Master suffer such a huge loss!"

  "Cao Nima, do you have the fucking nerve to say that?"Sun Yuhao roared, his eyes red.

  One hundred million ah, he had spent one hundred million on a broken rock.

  No one knew how devastated Sun Yuhao's heart was right now, it was dripping with pain.

  He was so angry now, he wanted to kick this old man in front of him to death.

  But he still endured after all, after all, so many people were watching and Mu Orange was there, the angrier he acted, the worse he would make himself.

  Therefore, he eventually held back and tried to calm himself.

  "Young Master Sun, what's wrong with you?You look so ugly, as if you've been dogged?"

  "Where was your arrogance just now?"

  "Where's the king's tyranny you just had?"

  "Why is it all gone?"


  "A hundred million for a broken rock?Young Master Sun wants a stone to talk to me ah, I'll send a car over to you tonight, and give you a discount, 10 million will be sold to you."

  Shen Fei smiled proudly and mocked Sun Yuhao wantonly, but returned all of the previous humiliation Sun Yuhao had inflicted on him intact.

  And at this time, Sun Yuhao's face was livid, and his face was as heavy as water.Because of the anger in his heart, his palms were clenched tightly, and his fingertips were nearly deep into his flesh.

  However, no matter how much heartache there was in the heart, but still showed a cloud of indifference and sneered, "Isn't it just one hundred million?"

  "A mere sum of money, this young master hasn't put it in his eyes yet."

  "Besides, even if the stone I bought collapses, this young master at least has the blood and gumption to relieve the stone on the spot.And Young Master Shen, do you have it?"

  "Do you have the gumption to unlock the stone on the spot and show us what "treasure" can come out of that piece of marginal material that no one wants?"

  "This~" Sun Yuhao said one sentence, but the question Shen Fei did not dare to answer.

  "Well, as you wish!"At this time, a faint laughter, however, came out from the crowd.

  Swish, swish, swish~

  For a moment, everyone turned around in unison and followed the sound as much as they could.

  I saw Ye Fan, with a faint smile, but he walked over.

  "It's you?"

  "You brat, is this your place to talk?"When he saw Ye Fan, Sun Yuhao became even angrier and directly scolded him.

  And Ye Fan ignored him and just looked at Shen Fei, "Shen Fei, just go ahead and solve it.Don't worry, that original stone, when I say green, that will definitely come out green!"

  Shen Fei nodded and only returned a good word to Ye Fan.

  And Sun Yuhao, Han Fei Fei and the others laughed at the situation, full of ridicule.


  "What a fury."

  "You say green and it comes out green?If you're so awesome, why don't you go to heaven!"

  "Only that idiot Shen Fei would believe your nonsense!!!"


"Young Master Shen, even if you're not getting any great use in the Shen family right now, you're not going to cheapen yourself like this."

  "The words of a country bumpkin, and you're even listening to them?"

  "And the lesser of the heroes, now that's just too bad!"Han Fei Fei smiled coldly.

  Honestly, Han Fei Fei really couldn't figure out which tendon was wrong with this Shen Fei to be so close to a wimp like Ye Fan?

  Shen Fei didn't pay any attention to their cold words, but went forward to relieve the stone.

  "Young Master Shen, rub or cut?"

  "Cut it.A single cut will save you the torment here."Shen Fei said through clenched teeth.

  To be honest, he still didn't think in his heart that this edge would come out green.

  However, let it collapse, isn't it just a bit of humiliation?

  Anyway, there was Sun Yuhao for company.

  Besides, Sun Yuhao's one hundred million dollar stone was useless, compared to him, this original stone that he bought for half a million dollars, even if it collapsed, it was no big deal.

  Soon, with the unstoppable humming of the cutter, Shen Fei saw a wisp of white mist immediately appear above his stone.

  However, this white mist did not last long, and then it turned a dazzling green color.

  "Fuck, it's green, it's green!"



  "Van, it's green~"


  See white mist into green mist, Shen Fei then happy crazy, the whole person excited nearly jumped up, non-stop shouting brother Fan green green, angry Ye Fan wanted to go up and kick this guy.

  Green peat ah, you fucking only green!

  Until finally, after the original stone was cut in half, a dazzling and eye-catching green burst out of the cut immediately.

  The green was radiant, the green was pure!

  "It's...This is..."

  "Glass...Glass seed...Mas...Positive green!"

  "Oh my god~"

  "It's a glass variety of Zhengyang Green, in terms of preciousness, it's second only to the Emperor's Green ah!"

  "Fat out!"

  "Young Master Shen, you're hairy?"

  "It's still such a big piece, a jadeite of this quality, we haven't had a jadeite of this quality in the Yunzhou raw stone world for three years."

  "This piece of jade, thirty million, no, forty million to hit the bottom!"

  After seeing the green in that original stone, the crowd quickly exploded, and many emerald merchants came up by the thousands to view it, all lamenting.

  "In the emerald world, the imperial green is the most important!"

  "And Zhengyang Green, the purity of green is second only to Emperor Green."

  "What's more, this emerald, it's a glass variety!"

  "It's also a rare jadeite gem."

  "I've been in the jadeite world for decades, and I've witnessed the birth of the glass seed positive sun green only three times."

  "Thank you, Young Master Shen, for opening our eyes!"

  "I'll offer fifty million dollars for this Zhengyang Green Emerald, and I hope Young Master Shen will sell it to me."


  "I'll offer sixty million!"


  "Sixty-five million~"

  The crowd had completely exploded, and many jewelers were competing to bid for the coaxing, Shen Fei was simply too happy to close his mouth.

  And Sun Yuhao and the others, looking at this scene, the entire people had been completely confused.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "A $500,000 piece of marginal material that opens up to a positive green!"

  "This is by no means possible?"

  "How can a piece of scrap that no one wants come out positive green?"

  Sun Yuhao was nearly insane at this moment, his eyes were red, there was endless anger and reluctance in his heart, and his fists and palms were even more tightly clenched.

  It was hard for him to believe that his hundred million dollars of raw stone had become scrap, but a piece of trimmings on his original stone had instead increased in value by hundreds of times and opened up a positive green?

  "Why the fuck is that?"

  Sun Yuhao in anger, a kick to the foot of the stone, but in the end it was so painful that he held his feet and screamed.

  The father and son of Han Fei Fei were also livid, lowering their heads, unable to say a word, where there was the slightest hint of arrogance before, like a frosty eggplant.

  Sun Yuhao and the others' indignation, naturally no one paid attention.

  Success or failure, the current Sun Yuhao, who else would care?

  At this time, the eyes of almost everyone in the entire exhibition hall were on Shen Fei's body.

  This time in the raw stone auction, Shen Fei had undoubtedly become the final winner, becoming the most eye-catching existence in the room with one stone.The piece of Zhengyang Green, however, was auctioned off for seventy million to eight million.

  Not only could it fill the deficit of fifty million dollars that Shen Fei had embezzled from the company's public funds, it could also leave over twenty million dollars.One could imagine how excited Shen Fei was at that time.

  Of course, if Shen Fei hadn't cut the stone directly, damaging the jadeite's integrity to some extent, otherwise the price would have been even higher?

  In the end, the auction organizer, the president of the Yunzhou Jadeite Original Stone Association even invited Shen Fei to make a final concluding speech, so as to bring this original stone exhibition to a successful conclusion.

  "Young Master Shen, this original stone auction, you have shown your prowess and become famous with one stone."

  "Not only did you avoid the divine pit of the original stone No. 9, but you also had a discerning eye, and in a situation where everyone was not optimistic, you were the only one who auctioned off the original stone No. 11 at a price of half a million dollars, and eventually opened up a glass variety of positive sun green that is rare in the jadeite world, leaving a heavy mark in the history of my Yunzhou original stone auction."

  "I know that Young Master Shen must be extremely excited at this moment, he must have a lot to say to us, raw stone lovers, right?"The host's sweet voice echoed throughout the exhibition hall.

  On the stage, Shen Fei was dressed in a suit, proudly smiling.

  With an excited heart and trembling hands, Shen Fei was just like this, with a heart full of joy, holding a microphone, facing the crowd, "I know, at this moment, many people want to ask me, what is it that can make me, Shen Fei, to turn a small stone into gold?"

  "And what is it that can make the discerning eye, among countless pieces of primordial, prefer the most insignificant one?"

  "Having said that, I, Shen Fei, actually have a lot of words and things that I want to tell you all."

  "But a thousand words, when it comes to my mouth, there is only one sentence left."

  Shen Fei's words suddenly stopped.

  At that moment, it was as if time had all stood still.

  Only Shen Fei's "affectionate" gaze finally landed on the most inconspicuous among the crowd, a young boy.

  "Brother Fan, thank you!"

  "It's you, who gave me the magic pen to turn a stone into gold.It was you again, who gave me the chance to be a new man!"

  "Yes, all of the moves in the previous auction were all the handiwork of my Brother Fan!"

  "The discerning eye is Van!Van's the one who turned a stone into gold!It's even Van with the little ones!"

  "Van is the electricity, Van is the light, and Van is the brightest star of the night."

  "Next, I'd like to invite Van to take the stage and address you all~"

  This Shen Fei is also a comedian, some nonsensical statements, but instantly pushed Ye Fan to the limelight, becoming the most high-profile focus today.

  Although Shen Fei said these have the meaning of sucking up to Ye Fan, but every sentence, every word, is really Shen Fei's true feelings.

  After all, the fact that he, Shen Fei, was able to turn the tide today was entirely due to Ye Fan's strength to turn the tide.

  To Ye Fan, Shen Fei was truly convinced!

  Not only was the power monstrous, this talent was also over the top.

  Just like that, Ye Fan had somehow become the focus of the audience, and even more inexplicably was pushed to the stage, standing in the most glorious place in the entire arena, subject to the attention of all.

  "It's him, why is it him?"


  However, amidst the boisterous voices of the people, Sun Yuhao was blood red-eyed and hating it so much that he was close to bleeding.

  Originally, that spot should have been his, his Sun Yuhao's.

  He originally wanted to, stand there and let Qiu Mu Orange see him radiate and see him in the limelight, thus completely conquering Qiu Mu Orange.

  However, how could Sun Yuhao have never thought that the one who ended up making a big splash was that wimp Ye Fan?


For this moment, Sun Yuhao had planned for a long time and spent a lot of money, just to be able to shine in the auction of the original stone, and then stand on the stage where everyone was looking at, and express his love to Qiu Mu orange.

  However, who would have thought that this glory, which should have belonged to him, would now be snatched away by someone else, the same wimp he hated the most.

  Sun Yuhao had thought that the person he had lost to was Shen Fei, but until this moment, Sun Yuhao didn't know that the person he had lost to was actually Ye Fan.

  But, a countryside loser, a door-to-door son-in-law, how could he stand there?And how can you be respected?

  Sun Yuhao's eyes were blood red and filled with unwillingness.

  He was thinking of relying on this jade auction to prove himself to Qiu Mu Orange, but now it had gone awry, not only did he lose face, but he had also made Ye Fan whole, so one could imagine how devastated Sun Yuhao was at this point.

  In fact, not only Sun Yuhao, but even Han Fei Fei and Han Hai's father and son were filled with trepidation.

  "It's him!"

  "It was him?"

  "This hillbilly, he can still gamble on rocks?"

  "This...How is this possible?"

  Han Hai's father and daughter were filled with incredulity.All along, Ye Fan had undoubtedly been a waste in their eyes, and now seeing Ye Fan suddenly making a splash, both standing in a place that made them look up to him, this father and daughter were of course horrified.

  However, no matter how horrified they were, no matter how unbelievable they were, the truth was here.

  The man they despised and despised before was now standing in the most eye-catching place in the arena, being honored and praised by everyone, it could be said to be the most scenic.

  "I didn't expect that the "Brother Fan" that Young Master Shen talks about would be so young."

  "As the saying goes, a young man out of a hero~"

  "This gentleman, just now Young Master Shen said that the reason he was able to shine at the raw stone auction was all thanks to your golden words."

  "It was you who turned the tide at a critical moment, not only allowing Young Master Shen to avoid a loss of over a hundred million dollars, but also being discerning enough to use a small stone to turn a small stone into gold, and opened up the glass seed Zhengyang Green for Young Master Shen."

  "I dare to assert that after today, Mr. Little has become the new nobleman in the jadeite raw stone world after all!"

  "In the future, I'm afraid that those who want to get acquainted with Mr. Little, and even those who give Mr. Little a kiss, will have to break the threshold."

  "Before Mr. Little shares your experience of seeing stones, I hope you'll introduce yourself to us."

  After Ye Fan took the stage, the host's sweet voice then sounded, and everyone's eyes were undoubtedly on Ye Fan alone at the moment.

  Indeed, just as the host had said, many people present now had a desire to befriend the young queen in front of them, and some had even decided to invite Ye Fan to their company as a raw stone consultant after this auction, giving him a million annual salary.

  After all, a person with such an eye in gambling stones, in time, the profits he could create would undoubtedly be huge.

  In addition to that, many single rich ladies present were even more brow-eyed, plotting against Qiu Bo, and some cheerful girls even directly threatened to pursue him, to marry Ye Fan, to be Ye Fan's wife.

  Qiu Mu Orange listened and watched quietly among the crowd, and when she heard that someone wanted to marry Ye Fan as his wife, not to mention how proud Qiu Mu Orange was of herself.

  After all, when hearing that her husband was admired and appreciated so much, any wife would feel proud and proud, right?

  Of course, before that, what the crowd was most curious about was still Ye Fan's identity.

  While everyone was waiting for Ye Fan to introduce himself, wanting to know whether Ye Fan was the young master of that big family, Ye Fan, however, laughed lightly and shook his head, "I, Ye Fan, am just an unknown person, there is nothing to introduce, it's all just luck that I can stand here."

  "Hey, Mr. Ye is really too modest.Whoever can appear on this occasion today isn't a person who is either rich or noble.Mr. Ye has such talent in stone gambling and is respected as an elder brother by even Young Master Shen of the Shen family, how could he be a nobody?"

  "Mr. Ye shouldn't humble himself, but rather introduce yourself to us."

  "So that we can all see what kind of gentry family can produce a young and promising new gambler like Mr. Ye?"The host's sweet laughter slowly echoed, but still allowed Ye Fan to report himself.

  However, before Ye Fan could reply, at this moment, a cold laughter was suddenly heard from the crowd.

  "Just him, and a lofty family?"

  "Just a wimp, of course he wouldn't dare say it!"

  "It's futile for you to ask."

  A sudden voice, from somewhere in the exhibition hall, instantly came out.

  Only a woman with heavy makeup and flamboyant clothes, with a sneer full of eyes, walked out from the crowd immediately.

  "It's you!"

  Upon seeing this woman, Ye Fan's brows then furrowed.

  Not only Ye Fan, even the pretty face of Qiu Mu Orange on the side, which was originally joyful, then narrowed her smile and cooled down after this woman appeared in front of her.

  Yes, the woman who suddenly appeared in front of him was none other than Qiu Mu Orange's cousin, Qiu Mu Ying.

  Previously, when Qiu Mu Ying was buying a diamond ring, because of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange's couple, it could be said that they were disgraced and made a big scandal.This morning, Qiu Mu Ying was in a bad mood, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became, and she didn't even feel like playing anymore.

  Qiu Mu Ying was worried about how to get this venue back, who had thought that this just arrived on the eighth floor and saw Ye Fan pretending to be poor, a heaven-sent opportunity, how could Qiu Mu Ying let go?

  Today, he had to use this opportunity to reveal Ye Fan's true face.

  "Qiu Mu Ying, what are you doing?"Qiu Mu Orange knew that this cousin of hers, appearing at this time, definitely didn't have good intentions, and questioned in an angry voice.

  "Yo, third sister, what are you panicking about?"

  "I'm not a tiger that's going to eat you."

  "Now doesn't everyone want to know the identity of that wimp husband of yours, since you are too embarrassed to talk to that wimp, then I, as a sister, am obliged to do so."

  Qiu Mu Ying mocked and laughed, and then, without the slightest regard for Qiu Mu Orange's pale, angry, pretty face, she directly took it upon herself to walk up to the stage in front of the crowd, took the microphone, and said to the crowd, "Does everyone think that this Mr. Ye in front of you is the son of a noble family and a rich young man?"

  "Here's the only thing I'd like to say: we've all been fooled by him!"

  "He, Ye Fan, is a wimp."

  "He comes from a humble and despicable background, just a country loser, no money, no power, and his mother is a farmer."

  "Three years ago, he was even more disgraceful and gave up his manly dignity to join the Qiu family and become a wimp's son-in-law."

  "Later, he colluded with his wife and worked in collusion, doing things that corrupted the Qiu family's culture, and now he's been expelled from the Qiu family, just like his wife, and has become a dog of the family!"

  "What gentry?What rich and powerful people?"

  "He, Ye Fan, is just a countryside loser who eats soft rice!"

  "As for the newcomer to gambling, he's a joke.He's a poor man, a country bumpkin, who can't even feed himself, so where does he get the money to go gambling?I'm afraid he's never even heard of such a thing as a raw emerald stone before this?"

  "So we've all, all of us, been tricked by him!!!"

  "He doesn't know anything about raw stones, and even less about gambling stones!Not to mention some newcomer to gambling stones."

  "I reckon it was entirely his vanity that begged his master, Young Master Shen, to help him lie and give him a chance to pretend to be poor, right?"



  He's just a son-in-law?

  Or a poor country boy?

  Qiu Mu Ying's words were like a boulder falling into the sea, and almost instantly, they created a monstrous wave among the crowd.

  For a moment, the whole arena was in uproar and everyone was talking.

  The admiring gaze that the crowd was originally looking at Ye Fan was undoubtedly gone in an instant at this moment.

  "No wonder, no wonder he fidgeted and pushed around when he was asked to report himself just now!"

  "So it's just a wimp, huh?"

  "Is a man poor and short of ambition, a son-in-law at the door?"

  "It's a disgrace to our men!"


  "What kind of insight, let alone talent, can such a wimp have?"

  "Now it seems that the pretty girl on stage guessed right, I guess it's this poor hick who begged Young Master Shen Fei Shen to help him lie and give him a chance to go on stage and pretend to be poor, right?"

  "It's a good thing I just recommended him to my grandfather and want to hire him as our company's original stone consultant later."

  "Thanks to the girl on stage."

  "Otherwise we'd really be cheated by him!"


  By now, the crowd had exploded.

  Everyone was cursing furiously, and there was a kind of anger at being cheated out of their feelings.

  Of course, all of this was just Autumn Muyoung's side of the story now, but most of the people present believed it as well.

  "Before, I was wondering why a noble young master was dressed so poorly.Formal occasions are still fucking wearing miscellaneous sneakers."

  "After engaging in half a day, he's just a redneck."

  "Or a hillbilly who eats soft food, what can such a person be capable of?"

  "If he's really good at it, how could he still enter the family as a son-in-law!"

  "We just got him!"

  The people on the stage had already started talking, and some had even called Ye Fan a liar and told him to get off the stage.

  Qiu Mu Orange was pale and stood there, looking at Ye Fan who was being verbally attacked.Although she wanted to explain for Ye Fan, but how could she explain?

  Although Qiu Mu Ying's words were hard to hear, they were basically, all true.

  Ye Fan did indeed come from a humble background, and did enter the Qiu family as a door-to-door son-in-law.

  Eventually, Qiu Muyoung Orange could only lower her pretty face, her red lips biting, her beautiful eyes unknowingly already reddening.

  "Fei, didn't you say that Brother Fan is a big shot?"

  "After all this fussing, how come it's a door-to-door son-in-law or a country boy?"Han Shaojie was now also looking at Shen Fei with ten thousand doubts.

  Before this, Shen Fei had always told Han Shao Jie that Ye Fan's identity was extraordinary and was one of Jiangdong's leading figures and should never be provoked.Now, hearing Qiu Mu Orange blurt out Ye Fan's identity, Han Shaojie was of course confused.

  But Shen Fei said in a low voice, "That woman fury, you believe whatever she says?"

  At this time, on the high stage in front of him, that host's face was also a bit ugly and asked to Qiu Mu Ying, "This lady, are you mistaken about someone.This gentleman is however..."

  "How could I be mistaken?This wimp, I'd recognize him even if he turned to cinder.If you don't believe me, just ask him and let him speak for himself!"Qiu Mu Ying rudely interrupted the host, humming with pride.

  The host, with suspicion, really asked Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan didn't conceal anything and lamented, "She's right."

  "I, Ye Fan, do indeed come from a humble background, just a farmer's son."

  "I, Ye Fan, also did enter the Qiu family, a door-to-door son-in-law~"



  "Is it even true?"

  "Son of a bitch, we've really been fooled by him!"

  "Thanks to the fact that Miss Ben was thinking of marrying him just now, he's a liar~"

  "How can a redneck be gambling with rocks?"

  "Why don't you get your ass down here?!"

  "And have the nerve to stand up there?"

  "Get off me!"


  After hearing Ye Fan's own acknowledgement, the crowd below was a complete explosion, the crowd was outraged and no longer had any estimation, they were verbally abusive to also-fa and told Ye Fan to roll off the stage.


  "This hillbilly is to blame, isn't he?"

  "You don't have the skills, and you're trying to pretend?"

  "The glory given by others is not your own after all."

  "It's simply deserved to end up like this now!"

  "I'll see how this hillbilly will still behave from now on."

  Seeing that Ye Fan, who was originally surrounded by people, had now become a street rat that everyone shouted at, Sun Yuhao in the crowd was undoubtedly delighted and smiled gloomily.

  Han Hai and his father and daughter were also filled with disdain, laughing coldly, "A wimp is a wimp, a rogue snake, can it still become a real dragon?"

  "Uho, let's go.The farce is over, it's going to be dark soon, so we should get down to business."

  Han Hai and the others had already guessed the final outcome of Ye Fan and weren't going to watch any longer.

  After all, business was important and they didn't want to waste their time on someone like Ye Fan.

  Sun Yuhao looked at the time and also nodded, "Well, the time, it's almost time."

  "The Mid-Autumn Night Auction, it's finally about to start."

  Sun Yuhao smiled slowly, and then this group of three left the place while it was still chaotic, going to the top floor of the clubhouse.

  There, only tonight, was the place where the true celebrities and bigwigs would gather!

  On the high platform, listening to the sound of the crowd's rebuke, but Ye Fan was filled with helplessness.

  "What are you still standing for, why don't you go down?"

  "Aren't you ashamed?"

  The host no longer had the same polite and respectful attitude towards Ye Fan as before, but instead had a bit of disgust.

  Ye Fan, however, took the microphone and said to the crowd once again, "Everyone, please be quiet and let me say a few more words."

  "What else is there to say, please leave!"The host still wanted to dare Ye Fan to leave.

  But Qiu Mu Ying was holding her hands and looked like she was watching a good show: "It's fine, sister host, let this wimp say one more word and see what else he can say."

  At this time, the exhibition hall was quiet once again, and everyone looked at Ye Fan coldly with sneers and disdain.

  They also wanted to see, it had come to this, what else could this hick have to say?

  On the high platform, Ye Fan faced the crowd, his appearance still calm, he cleared his throat, took the microphone and said indifferently, "That, not to hide from you all, I really don't know anything about gambling stones."

  "However, before I left, I had my eye on a stone.Just the one in the corner, I wonder how much I can sell it for?"


  "This guy, he's still buying rocks?"

  Choosing a stone in public, he's not embarrassing himself enough!

  Between surprises, everyone looked at the stone that Ye Fan had chosen.

  After seeing it, many people present, then laughed.

  "A piece of hooded material that no one wants, and he wants to buy it?"

  "Before, I doubted if this youth really knew how to gamble with stones.But now it seems that he really knows nothing about raw stones."

  "Don't embarrass yourself, get off the stage before it's too late, okay?"

  The crowd sneered at him.

  The host of this jade auction undoubtedly despised Ye Fan even more, and didn't even bother to take care of his request to buy the stone, and just let him go.

  "Don't, sister host, since people are interested in this stone and want to show off, let them show off."

  "No one wants that stone anyway, it's just a matter of letting it go, since this hillbilly wants it, then just give it to him."Qiu Mu Ying was clearly watching the fun, but she was fueling it from the sidelines.


While Qiu Mu Ying said that, she was sneering in her heart.

  I thought to myself that this Ye Fan is really an idiot, but at this time he even chose the stone, isn't this self-defeating?

  Waiting for a moment to solve the stone out is fast scrap, undoubtedly even more sitting Ye Fan's wimp identity.

  Being persuaded by Qiu Muying, that host also felt some sense, and after consulting the person in charge of their auction, he also agreed to sell the piece of raw stone that Ye Fan was interested in to Ye Fan for five hundred a pound.

  The reason why that piece of raw stone sold so cheaply was entirely because it was a piece of masked material.

  The so-called headband material is a python-free, colorless, flowerless, grayish-white shell, which is no different from ordinary stones.From the crust, this kind of stone can't be called an emerald original stone at all, because it has almost no possibility of greening.

  This was also why, in the previous auction, this masked material did not participate in the auction at all and was completely thrown in the corner as a piece of scrap.

  Ye Fan had only just noticed this stone when he spoke on stage.

  But five hundred a pound, this stone also had twenty to thirty pounds, it was several thousand dollars, Ye Fan simply didn't have that much money, and ended up having to borrow it for Shen Fei.

  "Brother Fan, you can think about it, that's fast masked material."

  "This kind of stone has zero chance of coming out green."

  "It's a small matter for us to lose some money, the key is to lose face~"

  When Ye Fan borrowed money from Shen Fei, but Shen Fei was bitter and persuasive to Ye Fan.

  He could believe that the edge material could produce green, and he could believe that hundreds of thousands of raw stones could produce a positive green, but Shen Fei really didn't believe that a monolith sold by the pound would produce green!

  "Brother Fan, why don't you buy another stone.It's a matter of face."

  "You know, if you pick your stone to be useless this time, not only will you lose face today, but you will also become a big joke in the emerald raw stone world in the future, ah, I will have to follow suit."

  Shen Fei was not stupid, now many people were waiting to see Ye Fan's joke, he was naturally worried for Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan was calm, and still insisted on buying the hooded material and, solving the stone in public!

  "Thousands of dollars to borrow?"

  "Looks like a real poor bastard!"

  "How does a poor country bumpkin like this get in?"

  "And a piece of hooded material that this redneck has the nerve to unravel in public?"

  "This kind of stone, colorless and python-less with five flowers, is no different from a scrap stone, this would not even get a glance from me if it was on the morning market.It's only this kind of scrap that I would look at, right?"

  "Little Fei ah, you really have a kind heart, but when uncle's advice you, too close to this kind of approach, drop the price ah?And you'll lose your father."At the side, a middle-aged man shook his head and sneered, while looking at Shen Fei, as a good-natured reminder.

  He was the chairman of the Hongyuan Jewelry Company, called Li Hongyuan, and had a few friendships with Shen Fei's father, Shen Wanqian.

  But Shen Fei sneered, "Uncle Li, thank you for the reminder.But I'm not bothered about your old man's business."

  "You~" Li Hongyuan was so angry that his old eyes glared at him, "What a rotten wood.Then just wait and see, later on, when this hillbilly opens up the scrap, see what else you can say?"

  For a while, many people present were watching Ye Fan's "performance" with indifference and disdain, just like watching a joke.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already carried the original stone to the unscrewing table.

  "Rub or cut?"The person in charge of solving the stone habitually asked.

  Ye Fan thought to himself, "Rub it."

  When the crowd heard this, they laughed.

  "Still rubbing?"

  "You're afraid you won't be able to rub the green until tomorrow."

  "It's idiotic in general!"Li Hongyuan scoffed and laughed.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's couple were waiting to watch the good show.

  Only Qiu Mu Orange and Shen Fei and the others were watching nervously.


  At Ye Fan's insistence, the staff rubbed it as he requested.

  The saw blade rubbed against the raw stone, but brought up a burst of white mist.

  However, this white mist did not last long, and after the staff had rubbed for a while, a dense green mist burst out from underneath the raw stone.

  In the end, slowly the green, the entire thing melted away, without a crack!


  "This fucking, this is out of the green?"

  "Fuck, it's still all green!!!"

  Dead silence, dead silence!

  After the appearance of this full green, the sneering laughter from earlier came to an abrupt end.

  All the disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan disappeared.

  The entire exhibition hall was all silent.Only the horrified crowd remained, mad to the point of drawing cold air.

  Later on, when that radiant green color bloomed in front of everyone's eyes, the crowd present was no longer able to calm down.

  There were even a few people who directly rushed forward to look at the full, pure, and noble green fey before their eyes and cried out.

  "This...This is..."

  "Emperor's Green!"

  "Make no mistake, glass seed emperor green!"

  "God, it's a glass seed imperial green?"

  "In my lifetime, I, Li Hongyuan, will be able to see, glass seed, imperial green!"

  "God, God~"


  Li Hongyuan's roar was only like a thousand-ton boulder, smashing into the sea, and for a moment, it set off monstrous waves in the arena.

  An emperor, a king among men!

  And emperor green, that's the king of emeralds!

  It can be said that the imperial green is among all the jadeite, the most precious, the most rare and rare!

  The previous positive sun green, though, was also rare.But over the decades, the Yunzhou emerald world had still opened up three times.

  But the glass seed imperial green, never to be found!

  "History, Mr. Yap, you've made history!"

  "Glass Seed Imperial Green, not to mention in my Yunzhou Emerald World, even in the Jiangdong Original Stone World, that's an earth-shattering feat~"

  "A godly man, Mr. Ye is truly a godly man!"

  "Imperial green, or glass seed.This stone, skyrocketing, skyrocketing~"

  "Mr. Yeh, you've earned it!It's a profit!"

  "More than that, with this stone alone, Mr. Ye, you are enough to be ranked as the number one person in my Yunzhou Jadeite Original Stone World!"

  "There is no one above it, and below it, ten thousand people~"

  The opening of the emperor green undoubtedly caused the entire jade exhibition hall to explode.

  Many people were filled with excitement, countless people couldn't help but tremble, and there were even people who were teary-eyed at the sight of the Emperor's Green.

  "One hundred million, I'll pay one hundred million."

  "Mr. Ye, this emperor green, I'll offer one hundred million to acquire it."


  "Old Li Tou, you want to buy away the glass seed emperor green with one hundred million, you're too black-hearted, aren't you?"

  "Mr. Ye, I'll pay 150 million dollars for this emperor green, sell it to me!"


  "I'll offer 160 million!"


  "One hundred and seventy million!"


  For a moment, the whole place was a sensation.Countless jewelers all came to coax the bidding.Li Hongyuan, who was full of disdain and derogatory words to Ye Fan just now, was the loudest and most enthusiastic in the bidding.

  As for Qiu Mu Ying, who was prepared to watch Ye Fan make a fool of herself, when she saw this scene, it was only as if a muffled thunderstorm struck her head, and at that time she was completely confused, her brain buzzing.

  "One...One hundred million?"

  "This wimp, he's a few thousand, open...Opened a hundred million jade?"

  "This.... how is this possible?"

  At this time, Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were all red and blood red.

  Her pretty face was pale, her eyes were deadly pale, and her entire body, no longer able to remain calm, a delicate body, were trembling.

  "Impossible, this is by no means possible?"

  "My Qiu family has dozens of people, and all of their assets add up to only ten or twenty million."

  "How could he, a hick, humble and despicable, make over a hundred million dollars and become a billionaire in an instant?"

  "That's not going to happen!"

  At this moment, Qiu Muying was nearly insane, she couldn't help but roar lowly, her eyes red as blood.Deep in her heart, but it was filled with jealousy and madness.

  She simply found it hard to accept that the wimp she once despised and despised, the poor relative she hated the most, was now going to become a billionaire, richer than her?

  She couldn't accept the fact that the Qiu Mu Orange family, who had been trampled under their feet, was doing even better than her?


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