Dish Best Served Cold 467-470


Chapter 467

"This is a real dragon."

"No wonder the second miss of the Xu family would rather be a mistress than follow him."

"Hey, too bad, we don't know him."

"Otherwise, I'd have to marry my daughter too!"

"Even if you can't be Mr. Chu's wife, like Second Miss Xu, you can be a lover!"

After Ye Fan left, the crowd in the hotel, however, was discussing.

The words were full of respect and admiration, changing the previous disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan.

Some of them were even hot-eyed, wishing to chase up and give Ye Fan a hug right now.

There were even some married women who could hardly help but chase after Ye Fan to ask for a microchip.

Listening to the surrounding sounds of people's discussion, Li Lubin, who was in the middle of the crowd, had a very bad feeling in his heart.

After experiencing what had just happened, Li Lu Bin had undoubtedly realized that this Ye Fan was afraid that he was really a big shot.

Originally, their family undoubtedly had a great chance to embrace Ye Fan's big leg.

Maybe even, they could become his father-in-law themselves.

But it was all screwed up by him.

"Xiaohong, I'm sorry."

"It's daddy's fault."

"It's daddy, who ruined your happiness~"

Li Lubin was filled with remorse.

It was only now that he realized who he had just defied, exactly?What kind of chance was it that they had just missed.

To be able to make even the old man of the Xue family bow down and beg for forgiveness, one could imagine what kind of monstrous person that Ye Fan was!

The Xue family was a new nobleman in Yanjing, and any little bit of exposure in the fingertips of such a high family would be enough for their family to enjoy.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was clearly more powerful than that Xue family.

Originally, if there was no previous incident, with Li Xiaohong's relationship with Ye Fan, he, Li Lubin, would definitely be able to embrace such a big leg.

But now...

"Hey, I actually didn't expect that I, Li Lu Bin, who was shrewd for a lifetime, would end up looking at people worse than this daughter of mine ah."

Li Lu Bin sighed long, his words were filled with endless remorse and bitterness.

Li Xiaohong didn't say anything, but her eyebrows were red, and her pair of beautiful eyes, always looking at the front of Ye Fan's gradually distant back, were startled and lost in thought.

No one knows, what exactly is in Li Xiaohong's heart at this time?



"Dragon Lord, that old thing Wei Lin is just a bit pedantic and confused."

"But he's not bad at heart."

"Definitely didn't mean to offend you, Dragon Lord."

"Moreover, for so many years, he's been looking for you, wanting to return the favor you did back then."

"So Dragon Lord, I hope you can bypass the Wei family this time."

On the way back, as if he was worried that Ye Fan would take action against the Wei family because of Wei Lin's offense, Xue Ren Yang hesitated for a long time before he whispered to help the Wei family.

Wei Lin was Xue Ren Yang's brother-in-law after all, and the reason why the Wei family had come forward this time was to help avenge their youngest son, Xue Minghua.

In reason, Xue Rinyang had to help the Wei family.

After Ye Fan heard this, but he sneered, "Your Xue family has been mud crossing the river itself, but now you're starting to intercede for others?"

"Forgive me, Dragon Lord, it's not that I'm meddling in Old Slave's affairs, it's mainly..."Hearing Ye Fan's faintly angry voice, Xue Renyang became terrified and explained.

But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Alright, there's no need to say nonsense.Don't worry, I won't make things difficult for the Wei family in today's matter."

"That old thing Wei Lin is pedantic and inept, I wasted a lot of my time on him back then.Now I naturally won't waste any more time on him."

At first, Ye Fan supported Wei Lin, but he was only thinking of finding a mutually supportive helper for the Xue family in the future in Yanjing.

One good man with three helpers.

Yanjing was a place where the powerful and noble were gathered, and all the parties were fighting openly and secretly to the death.

It would undoubtedly be extremely difficult to gain a foothold in a place like this!

Back then, Ye Fan didn't know how much effort and price he had to pay to successfully push the Xue family to the top of the "Three New Noblemen" of Yanjing.

As for Wei Lin, he was just one of Ye Fan's failures and had been abandoned by Ye Fan years ago.

Now, this kind of small role, Ye Fan naturally wouldn't care.

Hearing this, Xue Ren Yang was undoubtedly overjoyed and thanked him incessantly, "Dragon Lord is truly benevolent, I'll be here first to thank Dragon Lord on behalf of Wei Lin."

To Xue Renyang's words of thanks, however, Ye Fan was oblivious to them and still spoke to himself.

"If that Wei Lin had listened to me back then, the Wei family would definitely be one of the four great families of Yanjing today."

"And it's not as if you're the only one alone, in the middle of this wilderness of Yanjing, subject to crises!"

"Yes.To put it otherwise, this brother-in-law of mine has small wisdom but no strategy.Ultimately, it's hard to become a great tool, but over the years, Wei Lao has really helped my Xue family with a lot of trouble."Xue Renyang was very fair in his assessment.

Ye Fan nodded, so he didn't continue to talk about this topic.

After that, there was silence all the way.

Together with Xu Lei, Ye Fan also took a car to the Xue family manor.

"Mr. Chu, Miss Xu, this is the best guest room in our Xue family.You guys can stay here for the next few days."

"The hot water, towels and the like are all new, so Mr. Chu and Miss Xu can feel free to use them."

"But because I thought it was Mr. Chu alone before, some things were not prepared.I'll arrange for my men to bring them in in a little while."

After arriving at the Xue Manor, Xue Ren Yang also settled Ye Fan and Xu Lei down.

The matter in Yanjing was still far from over, and Ye Fan was afraid that he would have to stay here for some more time.

"Well, have a heart."

Ye Fan nodded his head, and then he also brought Xu Lei into the room.

"Right, Mr. Chu, do you have time in the evening, the situation in Yanjing, I would like to report to you."At this time, Xue Renyang suddenly lowered his voice and said to Ye Fan.

"Mm.That's fine, I just happen to have some things to ask you."Ye Fan's tone, however, was much more condensed.

One reason for his trip to Yanjing this time was for his layout in Yanjing and Xu Lei's matter, and the other reason was because of Copper Mountain now.

He had seventy-seven and forty-nine knife wounds, and Ye Fan must not let Copper Mountain suffer just like that, for nothing.

"That's fine, Mr. Chu, see you tonight."

After Xue Renyang settled the two of them, Ye Fan also hurried to the hospital.

"Little Lei, I'm sorry for making you follow me in shock today."After entering the room, Ye Fan looked towards Xu Lei and whispered with apologies.

Xu Lei, however, smiled with amusement, "Brother Xiaofan, I didn't feel frightened, instead, I felt very lucky and proud."

"Oh?What's there to be happy about?"Ye Fanton was confused.

Xu Lei's eyebrows smiled and proudly said, "Of course, I'm glad that I have such a great brother Fan."

"Brother Xiaofan, seriously, I originally thought that you would be in a terrible situation after leaving the Chu family.I created the Red Flag Group in the first place in the hope that I could help brother Xiaofan one day.But now, it seems that I was the one worrying over nothing."

"To be able to get Master Xue to be so respectful, I'm afraid that Brother Xiaofan's energy, even compared to my Xu family, is no match for his, right?"

Xu Lei smiled happily.

Not only was she happy for herself, she was even happier for Ye Fan.

Just like a virtuous and gentle woman, finally seeing her man's success and career success.

That kind of happiness and relief was completely from the bottom of her heart.

From the bottom of her heart, she was happy for Ye Fan!


Naturally, Xu Lei also knows something about Ye Fan and the Chu family.

When Ye Fan was kicked out of the Chu family, Xu Lei was worried about Ye Fan's situation.The purpose of creating the Red Flag Group is to give Ye Fan a place to settle down after finding him in the future.

However, the group that she created was eventually stolen by the Xu family.

Today, the head of the Red Flag Group in Yunzhou is undoubtedly sent by the Xu family.

However, Ye Fan's achievements were far beyond Xu Lei's expectations.

To be able to make a family like the Xue family bow down, I guess his so-called Red Flag Group was nothing in Ye Fan's eyes, right?

In response to Xu Lei's praise, Ye Fan didn't humble himself in any way, instead he even smiled proudly, "That's right, don't even look at whose little brother Fan I am?"

"My Little Sister Lei was born with great talent and looks, if I, as a brother, don't have some skills, let alone protect you, I'm afraid I'll have to make you shelter."

"I'm a grown man, wouldn't that be a shame?"

Ye Fan's words were like a warm breeze in spring, Xu Lei only felt extraordinarily warm and sweet.

For a while, the eyebrows and eyes of the beauty in front of her were even slightly red.

For so many years, Xu Lei has been fighting outside, her parents have died, and her family is ruthless.

I'm afraid that the only person who can treat her so well is her brother Xiaofan, right?

"Regina, what's wrong?"Seeing Xu Lei's appearance was a bit different, Ye Fanton asked with concern.

Xu Lei Ton shook her head, suppressing the emotions in her heart, then turned to laugh, "Brother Xiaofan, just say something nice to fool me.If you knew the shame, then how could you enter the household as the Qiu family's door-to-door son-in-law?"

"Even if you really can't find a wife, you don't have to aggravate yourself so much.If you really can't, isn't there still me..."

Xu Lei said, her pretty face went red, and in the end, her voice was also inaudible, and she didn't know if Ye Fan could hear her clearly.

Ye Fan suddenly scratched his head and smiled apologetically, "This matter, I guess, it was also forced by the situation at the time."

"But Xiaolei, you don't have to feel aggrieved for me, in fact, Mu Orange she is not bad to me, it's just that this woman is a bit cold and arrogant, she won't let me get into her bed even after so many years of marriage."

Naturally, Ye Fan had no scruples about Xu Lei.

When he was young, Ye Fan had already treated her as his best friend, and now he even treated Xu Lei as his own sister.

Between him and Xu Lei, Ye Fan naturally didn't care about what was humiliating or not, so he just said whatever he had to say.


However, after hearing Ye Fan's words, Xu Lei couldn't help but puff out a laugh after all.

"Brother Xiaofan, you've been married for so many years, but you..."

Xu Lei's jade hand lightly covered her red lips and snickered.

That laughter was melodious, like the trembling of a flower branch.Yet it was exceptionally beautiful.

If an outsider saw it, they would definitely be intoxicated and lost because of Xu Lei's stunningly beautiful smile.

But Ye Fan was in no mood to view such a beautiful sight, and at the moment his old face was completely black.

"Good you dead girl, how dare you laugh at me?"

"Do you really think that I won't dare to teach you a lesson when you've grown up and become the goddess of Jiangdong and the majestic president?"

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem.

The actuality is that you'll be able to have a lot more than just a little bit of a look.

In Xu Lei's impression, his little brother Fan was an extremely arrogant person.

Back then, when he was humiliated in the Chu family, Ye Fan had never bowed his head like anyone else.

Now that he was facing the Yanjing gentry family, Ye Fan was even more browbeaten, and with great power and majesty, he was able to step down half of Yanjing.

However, Xu Lei really can't imagine that the world-famous Jiangdong kingpin, who is worshipped and respected by countless big brothers, is so low in his family?

I've been married for three years and haven't even climbed into my wife's bed.

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"Dead girl, you're still laughing?"

"Doesn't your little Van brother want to save face?"

"If you keep laughing, I'll twist your face!"

Ye Fan black face, repeatedly "angry", and finally directly threatened.

But that dead girl was still laughing there, helplessly, Ye Fan was ready to scare him, reaching out his hand to really twist Xu Lei's snow white pretty face.

"Brother Xiaofan, I was wrong, don't~"

Xu Lei then begged for mercy, but still smiled.

"Mr. Chu, the old man asked me to send you something..."

However, at this moment, the door to the room was then pushed open, and Xue Mingxin walked in with a small, delicate metal box.

He hadn't finished his sentence, and when he looked up, he saw Du Xu Lei's disheveled clothes, her pretty face flushed, being pressed down on the sofa by Ye Fan, and her mouth was still shouting no no.


"Mr. Chu, I didn't know that you and Miss Xu were..."

"That, the stuff is put there, you guys continue...Continue."

Xue Mingxin's old face smacked with embarrassment and trepidation.

Then he quickly put down his things and wiggled away.


"Stupid stupid, should have knocked."

"But Mr. Chu is really in a hurry~"

"It's not even dark?"

Outside the door, Xue Mingxin was incessantly remorseful and terrified.

However, terrified, Xue Mingxin was shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

I only felt that it was good to be young, and that I could do whatever I wanted.

"But I didn't expect that Second Miss Xu, who was usually tall and majestic and graceful, would immediately become a twister under Mr. Chu~"

Thinking of this, Xue Mingxin was both envious and admiring of Ye Fan.

As expected brine point tofu, one thing leads to another ah.

Xue Mingxin quickly far away, naturally do not dare to disturb Ye Fan and their good thing.

Don't dare the room, Ye Fan and Xu Lei, but the two were a little embarrassed.

"That...That, Xiaolei, don't mind, I'll whip that mouthy thing in a while."

"How dare you talk nonsense~"

After being misunderstood just now, Ye Fan had hurriedly left the couch.

Although Ye Fan and Xu Lei were as close as brother and sister, they were both not young after all, and it was indeed time to pay attention to their identity image.

Now that he was misunderstood, Ye Fan didn't care much, but Xu Lei, a thousand-gold lady, would always be damaging to her clear name.

If word got out, how should she marry in the future?

"Little...Brother Xiaofan, it's fine, I don't care."

Xu Lei's pretty face was as red as fire, shyly saying at the moment, but always keeping her head down, too shy to look at Ye Fan at all.

For a while, the atmosphere in the room was even a bit awkward.

Ye Fan only felt uncomfortable and looked around, ready to find a topic to stagger over.

That's when he noticed the iron box that Xue Renyang had someone send over.

"Yo, this iron box is quite delicate."

"I guess it's a gift from that old thing Xue Rinyang, right?"

"Regina, why don't we open it and take a look."

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

Xu Lei nodded, and after Ye Fan changed the subject, the scarlet on her pretty face really faded a little.

Then, a pair of beautiful eyes also looked at Ye Fan's hand.

Ye Fan did not hesitate, and opened the metal box with a snap.

But when he saw what was inside, Ye Fan's face turned black.


Only to see that exquisite iron box in which was placed, Heck, the well-packaged...Durex.


"This old thing!"

Ye Fan cursed in his heart.

What did this Xue Renyang think of him, Ye Fan?

Or what did you think of Xu Lei?

Do they really think that Xu Lei is their kept lover?

Ye Fan was filled with helplessness.

He was originally thinking of changing the subject to ease the embarrassment, but now well, the atmosphere was undoubtedly even more awkward.

As expected, Xu Lei had already blushed with a pretty face when she saw the sex inside, turning her head away, no longer speaking, much less knowing what to say.

As for Ye Fan, he knew it was uncomfortable to stay any longer, and quickly found an excuse to go out for a walk.

At the same time.

Yanjing City People's Hospital.

Xue Wise had just finished his surgery and the bullet in his thigh had been removed.

Due to the timely delivery of the doctor, Xue Wise's leg would undoubtedly be saved if he recuperated well in the future.

At this time in front of the hospital bed, Xue Ren Yang looked at this son of his and said with great care, "Wise, don't blame dad for being cruel."

Xue Wise tried to smile and looked weak, "Dad, I don't blame you."

"I know, and you're trying to save me."

"If you don't break my leg, then what Mr. Chu broke, is my life."

"There's no one else to blame for this, only my son who has eyes but no pearls, acting impulsively and being compelled by others.In the end, I'm also to blame for ending up like this."

Xue Wise was filled with grief, his face pale as he spoke in a deep voice to his father.

Today's incident was undoubtedly a huge lesson and setback for Xue Wise.

If his own father had not stepped in, I'm afraid that he would have harmed not only himself, but also the Xue family.

Hearing such words from Xue Wise, Xue Ren Yang nodded his head in relief, "Wise, father is relieved that you can think that way."

"Mr. Chu is not only a benefactor to my Xue family, but also someone who is monstrously capable of doing so."

"You can hate father, but you must never hate him."

"Otherwise, I fear the consequences will be unimaginable."

"By provoking Mr. Chu today, you have already committed a monstrous crime.Mr. Chu is benevolent and has spared your life, but if you hold a grudge against him and know that you will not correct your mistake and provoke him again in the future, then I am afraid that Mr. Chu will not spare you again."

"Wise, father's words today, you should remember them to your heart."

"In this world, anyone can be provoked, but only Mr. Chu, we cannot provoke him, nor can we afford to do so!"

Xue Renyang said in a deep voice, full of solemnity.

For so many years, Xue Renyang had worked under Ye Fan's hands, knowing Ye Fan's majestic strategy and terrifying energy.

Although, what Ye Fan revealed on a regular basis was only the tip of the iceberg.

But Xue Ren Yang was well aware that under this seemingly unimpressive man, he held an extremely terrifying empire of power!

Xue Renyang wasn't sure how many powers like their Xue family that worked for Ye Fan there were!

Xue Wise nodded heavily, "Dad, my son remembers.Don't worry, Mr. Chu is also someone that my son admires, and my son has absolutely no complaints against Mr. Chu for today's incident."

"If you want to complain, you can only blame that old dog Xu Fengliang."

"Now that I think about it, the Xu family is really shrewd.He doesn't do anything himself and runs there to watch the show, but he uses our Xue family as a gun, and even marries the woman Mr. Chu likes to our Xue family, isn't it obvious that this is not to provoke the relationship between us and Mr. Chu and harm us?"

Speaking of the Xu family, Xue Wisdom was filled with resentment and hatred, nearly gritting his teeth in anger.

Seeing the situation, Xue Ren Yang then calmed him down, "Wise, you can rest easy and recover from your injuries.As for our matter with the Xu family, let me handle it."

Xue Ren Yang stayed in the hospital for a while longer, and when he saw that it was getting late, he left to return to the family.

However, shortly after Xue Ren Yang left, Xue Wise's phone rang.

"Dong Xue, your call."

The assistant's voice came.

Xue Wise was half lying on the hospital bed with his eyebrows closed, not knowing what he was thinking about, he faintly returned, "Is it a call from the company?You take it, and if you say you have anything to ask Ming Xin.In the meantime, let Ming Xin be solely responsible for the company's miscellaneous matters."

"Dong Xue, it's not the company calling.It's the head of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang."The assistant whispered back.


"He has the fucking nerve to call me?"

"Give me the phone!"

After hearing that it was the Xu family's call, Xue Wisdom's eyes, which had been slightly closed, opened wide with a cold snort, and immediately took the phone.

"Dong Xue, I've been waiting all day for your call."

"I thought you would take the initiative to call me, but I waited until now, but your Xue family didn't even have a word."

"How did you make a promise to me last night?"

"Now, shouldn't you give me an explanation?"

On the other end of the phone, there was a middle-aged man's voice, authoritative and indignant.

The tone was even more aggressive, as soon as he came up to Xue Wise, he wanted an explanation.


"Explain your mother's head!"

However, facing the bland anger of the Xu Family's master, Xue Wisdom was already angry in his heart, and now that the Xu Family still had the face to blame him, Xue Wisdom undoubtedly blew up in an instant.

A head-splitting, direct scolding!

"Xu Fengliang, that's a wonderful plan of yours."

"Not stepping up yourself and using our Xue family as a gun!"

"And explain it to you?"

"What face do you have to explain to our Xue family!"

"Marrying Mr. Chu's woman to my Xue family, what a misfortune."

"If it wasn't for my Xue family waking up in time and hanging off the cliff, I'm afraid I would have been killed today by your group of beasts, the Xu family."

"It's also through the phone, believe it or not, if you were standing in front of me, I'd have to kick you to death today!"

"You don't know what you're doing, don't hurt us if you want to die."

"Don't let see you, or I'll see you once and beat you!"

Xue Wise cursed furiously.

It looked like he was taking all of the humiliation and fright he had suffered today and inflicting all of it on the Xu family.

In Xue Wise's opinion, this Xu family simply did not have good intentions.

Xu Lei was his own niece, his own niece was screwing around with Mr. Chu, would their Xu family not know?

But they, however, still married off Miss Xu Er to their Xue family.

If this wasn't an attempt to harm their Xue family, what could it be?

What makes Xue Zhiqiang even more furious is that Xu Fengliang called him last night and encouraged him to do so.

In the end, he made his own mortal misfortune and is now even more bedridden, nearly becoming an invalid.

All of this was due to the Xu family, and also in the house of the Xu family's pushing and pushing, and it was out of control.

Xue Wisdom now had the heart to kick Xu Fengliang to death, so how could he possibly give him a good word?


After Xue Wise finished cursing, the phone hung up.

On the other side, a middle-aged man was holding the phone and was flabbergasted, his face ugly to the core.

Naturally, this person was the head of the Xu family who had left the capital, Xu Fengliang.

At this time, Xu Fengliang's old face was almost blue into a porcine liver, and his entire chest was so angry that it was almost ready to explode.

Calling just now, Xu Fengliang was originally going to give the Xue family an inquisition.

Xu Meifeng and the others had already told him about the incident at the Wolong Hotel today.

That Ye Fan had not only escaped unharmed, but even Xu Lei hadn't been able to bring it back from him.

Not a single thing that the Xue family had promised him last night had been accomplished.

Xu Fengliang was naturally furious, but he never expected that he would just get up and the rest of his words wouldn't be said before he was directly scolded back by Xue Wise.

"Good you Xue Wise!"

"Well you Xue family."

"Just a rich man, what a face for you guys?"

"And dare to treat me with such disrespect?"

Xu Fengliang was truly going mad.

Ever since he had become the head of the Xu Family, it was the first time he had been insulted like this in so many years.

"If that's the case, then don't blame me, Xu Fengliang, for being ruthless!"

"Xue Wise, Xue Ren Yang, we'll see."

Xu Fengliang clenched his palms, and his eyebrows were filled with a coldness.

"Little Wisdom, make arrangements to return to Yanjing tonight instantly!"

"Yes, Master."

The subordinates agreed at once.

That night, the Xu Family Master flew to the land of Yanjing on a special plane.



"Tell me, what has the Xue family encountered recently?"

Xue manor, in an elegant room, Ye Fan sat peacefully, before the hot air dense, tea curl.

In front of him, Xue Renyang's face was respectful, very careful to help Ye Fan steep tea for tea.

Now that it was evening, Ye Fan naturally followed what he had said during the day and met with Xue Renyang to chat at length.

"Lord Dragon, it's actually mainly business."

"Over the years, our Xue family's business has flourished like the sun.Whether it's jade, jewelry, real estate, medicine, or even e-commerce logistics, we've been involved in almost everything."

"The business spreads across half of China."

"As the saying goes, the tree attracts the wind, and over the years, we have often suffered from oppression from our competitors, but with the power of our own Xue family's connections and some of the students trained by the Long Yang Martial Arts School, we have been able to resolve all the troubles, both overt and covert."

"However, during this period of time, our Xue Family industry has suffered repeated setbacks, and last month a logistics warehouse strangely caught fire,"

"A few days ago, a construction site was even disturbed."

"A batch of jewelry from the north of the river was also robbed halfway across the country."

"Of course, these are all secretly troublesome.On the surface, many families from Yanjing, Jiangbei, and even the five southwestern provinces are filing all sorts of lawsuits and accusations against my Xue Family's Long Yang Group for various reasons."

"Every single day, multiple charges against my Longyang Group are heard in court in many parts of Huaxia."

"My previous departure from the capital was to travel to Jinling to personally deal with an unfounded allegation against my Longyang Group."

Xue Renyang was filled with sadness, but he was telling Ye Fan all about the difficulties that the Xue family had encountered during this period of time.

After years of rapid exaggeration, although the Xue family had managed to be among the top powers in Yanjing, the surface scenery was boundless, and who could know the heartache and frustration behind this.

"Dragon Lord, I originally didn't want to trouble you with these matters."

"But with all the troubles piling up, I'm really worn out."

"Of course, if it's just these troubles, it's just fine.Even if I bite my teeth, I can get through it."

"But, just in case these are just small waves before the storm, I'm really worried that what our Xue Family will face next is an even bigger crisis."

"I also reported these matters to Elder Xue out of consideration for the overall situation, hoping to receive guidance from the Dragon Lord."

Xue Ren Yang's words were heavy, these days, the Xue family industry was in trouble on all sides, the exhaustion on his body was light, the psychological pressure was what made it hard for Xue Ren Yang to bear.

Xue Ren Yang was really worried that he would lose everything with one careless move.

Letting the many years of the Dragon Lord's efforts on him be destroyed.

After listening to Xue Ren Yang's story, Ye Fan's brows furrowed and after taking a light sip of tea, he said in a deep voice, "Well, you're worried."

"Behind the scenes, someone is definitely messing with you guys."

Xue Ren Yang nodded, "Well, Xue and I, we also think so."

"But who the person behind it is, we have never found out."

"Previously, when Xue Lao sent people over, they didn't find out anything, but instead, they were almost hurt!"

"I was about to ask you about the wound at Copper Mountain, where it was received.Who was the other side?"Ye Fan's appearance had darkened, and his brows and eyes were cold.

But Xue Ren Yang shook his head, "Dragon Lord, I'm not sure about this either."

"After Mr. Copper Mountain arrived in Yanjing, he only met with me once, and after that, he has been the one who has been spying on us.At most, he helped us deal with the minions who went to the construction site to cause trouble."

"I suspect that it was the other party who sensed Mr. Copper Mountain's presence and hindered their plan to wreak havoc on my Xue family, so they took revenge on Mr. Copper Mountain."

"Is there a target of suspicion then?"Ye Fan asked again in a deep voice.

Since, now everything was unclear.''

But Ye Fan felt that the Xue family had been in Yanjing for so many years, and with their knowledge of Yanjing, they would always have suspicious targets.

"Mm."Xue Renyang nodded, "In Yanjing City, there are really not many forces that have such energy and pose a threat to my Xue Family's industry."

"Other than the four great Yanjing giants, it is feared that other forces would be hard to have such power."

"Of course, it is not ruled out that there are forces outside of Yanjing involved, or that multiple forces are joining forces against my Xue Family."

Xue Renyang said slowly, but Ye Fan's look was becoming more and more heavy, and his entire body was in deep thought.

He always felt that there were a few things wrong with this.

If someone really wanted to do something to the Xue family, then why didn't they use thunderbolts to attack the Xue family's weakness.Instead, why did they resort to such minor and disgusting means that were neither light nor heavy?

After all, just like what Xue Ren Yang had said before, it could only be said that they were all just minor troubles, difficult to hurt one's muscles and bones, just to make one's heart and soul hurt.

Could it be that the other party was acting like this, could it be that they were really just creating momentum to pave the way?

Thinking of this, Ye Fan immediately asked, "Long Yang, is there any major event to be held in Yanjing recently?"

Xue Ren Yang thought, "It's not a big deal.The only thing, perhaps, is that the annual underground boxing tournament is going to be held."

"According to tradition, almost every major power in Yanjing will send people to participate."

"The grudges that have accumulated for a year between the various powers will also be resolved at the boxing tournament."


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