Dish Best Served Cold 461-466


Chapter 461

When this SUV rushed in, everyone in the hotel lobby was shocked and confused.

Who could have imagined that a car would just crash through the door and charge inside the hotel for good reason?

There are several meters of stairs out there, aren't there?

How did it get in?

Could it have flown in?

A lot of people were practically pissing themselves at the time.

One second, there was a gun battle drama going on.

But who would have thought that the next second, it would be a straight up car chase scare, life or death?

At the time, many people thought they were going to be run over by this car, and many were so frightened that they cried out.

Now Xu Meifeng was still lying limp on the ground?

As for Xue Wise himself, when that SUV rushed in just now, he was so scared that he jumped back a good distance.

One had to know that the car had just rammed straight into the hotel's front door, and if he drove a few meters further, he, Xue Wise, was afraid that he would be directly accountable today.

"What's going on here today?"

"We didn't do anything mortifying, did we?"

"How is this everything we've come across?"

Many people in the hotel were already crying in fear.

After all, they had experienced too many frights in these few short hours.

They only felt that the combined fright they had suffered in their entire lives was not as much as what came today.

But fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

After this SUV crashed in, it quickly came to a halt.

Only a few people were scratched by the splattered glass, the rest, all of them were fine.

But the viciousness of what had just happened had undoubtedly scared everyone to death.

Especially an old man like Wei Lin, whose heart attack almost scared him out.

The scene just now, many people still had palpitations when they thought about it now.


While the crowd was horrified, the somewhat deformed car door finally opened.

Only a figure, covering its head, poked out a foot from the car with difficulty.

And seeing someone coming down from the car, some of the hot-tempered people in the hotel became angry.

Walking to red-eyed angry curses!


"How dare you get out of the car?"

"How do you drive a car?"


"Can't you see this is a hotel?"

"Open with your eyes closed?"

"If you ran over our master, you'd be ten fucking lives away, and that wouldn't be enough to slaughter!"

"You're an idiot yourself, so stay home and stay down and don't fucking come out and hurt people!"

The man was cursing madly.

In the end, he wanted to go up and kick the people in the car to death.


"It's really bad luck!"

"Almost got run over in the hotel too?"Someone was cursing.

Xue Wise, who had been scared half to death before, was undoubtedly extremely angry at the moment as well.

After all, this car in front of him was the one that had almost killed him.

This was a life-and-death feud!

Let whoever is not angry?

So, in great anger Xue Wise also immediately walked over and raised his foot to kick the man who was coming down from the car.

"Where's the idiot!"

"How dare you come out and open...Dad...Dad?"

Xue Wise was still cursing, but when he saw that it was his old father walking down from the car, Xue Wise's old face immediately turned green.

The entire man was directly confused there!

I only felt a thunderbolt explode in my head, when Xue Wise was blinded.

A pair of eyeballs were close to popping out?

The leg that was originally kicked out was frozen in the air like that.

Xue Wise had never thought to death that the car that had just rushed in and almost killed him was his father's car.


Could this old man be Master Xue?

The real helmsman of the Xue family, Xue Renyang?

The others were even more startled when they saw the scene before them.

It only felt that the situation was getting more and more complicated.

"Dad...Dad, you...Why are you here?"

"Are you okay?"

"Not hurt, are you?"

After a long time of trembling, Xue Wise Fang came back to his senses, changing his previous anger and mania, and bowing his eyebrows, full of respect, he even went forward to help.

At this time, in front of Master Xue, Xue Wisdom's respectful and terrified appearance, where there was still the slightest hint of arrogance before.

After Zhao Wuji and Xu Fengfei and the others learned that it was Old Man Xue himself, they also all got all riled up and hurried over to greet him.

After all, everyone in Yanjing knew that although the head of this Xue family was Xue Wise, the true heartbeat of the Xue family was still this old man Xue!

After all, the Xue family's wealthy empire can be attributed to the Xue Old Man's decades-long, humble beginnings.

To the Xue family, the old man was the "Founding Leader", and naturally, he had supreme authority in the Xue family.

The Xue family has a great deal of authority in the Xue family. However, who would have thought that before Zhao Wuji and Xu Fengfei greeted the two, the public could only see that the old man slapped Xue Wise on the face.

A slap~.

What a heavy slap that was from Master Xue.

Xue Wise's entire body rolled out several meters in a direct circle.

His ears buzzed and blood mixed with his teeth directly spat out.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

Xue Wisdom was then confused, lying on the ground like a dog, full of grievances.

The head of the hallowed family, at this time went in front of Master Xue, but was grieving like a child.

From this, it was also evident that Master Xue Renyang, among the Xue family, was the absolute authority!

"Bastard, get on your knees!"Xue Ren Yang's cold voice was angry.

"Dad, I don't understand, why..."

"I'll say it again, kneel down!!!"

Master Xue roared, the low drinking voice was close to the roar of a wild beast.

Even though Xue Wise was full of grievances and doubts, in the end, he still knelt down under the authority of Old Master Xue.

"Old Man Xue, why are you doing this?"

"Didn't Xue Dong just make a little more of a battle?But is it also for a reason, to preserve the Xue family's face and your old man's authority?"

"Besides, you saw that jerk, arrogant as hell, and now he's still there drinking tea and acting calm and posh?"

"It's a waste of air for such an arrogant little child to live!"

Xu Fengfei and Zhao Wuji were even advised.

They thought that Xue Ren Yang was so furious because Xue Wise had used a gun.

After all, Yanjing was where the imperial capital was, and even they, the big families, wouldn't dare to use guns.

In case it drew the country's wrath, even if they were a big family, it would undoubtedly be tricky to deal with.

"Old Xue, listen to me, you need to calm down."

"Let Xue Dong up first~"

Xu Fengfei laughed and acted like a good old man, advising Old Master Xue while going forward to shake hands with him very affectionately.

However, who would have thought that in the face of Xu Fengfei's complimentary greetings with Zhao Wuji, Wei Lin and the others, Old Master Xue was not even paying attention.

He directly pushed Xu Fengfei, Zhao Wuji and others aside and went straight to the front where Ye Fan was drinking tea.

Then, in the shocked and violent gaze of everyone, only to see the old man Xue has arrived in front of Ye Fan.

With a bang, the helmsman of the Xue family, Xue Wise's father, Xue Renyang, kneeled down to Ye Fan just like this.

For a moment, the entire room was dead silent and filled with horror.

Only as if a nuclear explosion had exploded in the hall, everyone stared at it.

"Old Xue, you...You are?"


Xu Fengfei, Zhao Wuji, and the others were all confused.

How could they have never imagined that the Xue family's old master, Xue Renyang, would kneel down to a superfluous son-in-law from a countryside background despite his status?

The scene in front of them was as if a nuclear explosion had exploded in the hotel.

Everyone was stunned and horrified!

There was nearly a wave of shock sweeping through.

Xu Meifeng stared at her, and Li Lubin opened his mouth wide, horrified as if he was a rooster being strangled.

Not only were they outsiders, but even these Xue family members, such as Xue Wisdom, had huge old eyes, full of tremors and incredulity.

"Dad, you...You..."

Xue Wise lost his voice and said.

However, to the tremors of the surrounding crowd, Xue Ren Yang turned a deaf ear.

With his knees bent, he was close to five, and whirled around to worship Ye Fan with the most humble and reverent tone of voice.

"Dragon Lord is above, please accept Long Yang's worship."

"It's the rebellious son who has no eyes and has offended the Dragon Lord.All the blame is on Old Slave for teaching his son incompetently, please punish the Dragon Lord!!!"


Xue Ren Yang grabbed the ground with his head, and that forehead smashed heavily on top of the ground, while at the same time, it also hit everyone's hearts hard.

Everyone's hearts were pounding hard with the sound of Xue Ren Yang's kowtowing.


"What the hell is this?"

"Is this old man Xue confused?"

"Or is this Ye Fan, a hidden big man?"

Looking at the scene in front of them, the entire hall's crowd was horrified and filled with shock, crazy to the point of drawing cold air.

Xu Lei was even more startled, her jade hand lightly covering her red lips, those beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were trembling with shock.

For a time, the entire hotel was undoubtedly booing.

One individual, all of them were close to becoming dumb geese.

Among the entire crowd, the only one who could remain calm was perhaps only Ye Fan who was still calmly sipping tea.

In the face of Master Xue's terrified voice, Ye Fan didn't say punish or not punish, he just took a sip from his teacup, while sneering, "Long Yang, right?"

"After all these years, it looks like you've gained some eyesight."

"The first time you saw me, you were able to recognize me."

"The Dragon Lord is distinguished and has an unconventional temperament.Although I've never met the Dragon Lord, the majesty of the king in you is something that vulgar people like me cannot possess, and like a crane among this full hall, I can naturally recognize you at a glance."Xue Renyang returned respectfully.

Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and laughed, "You're quite discerning, knowing who to provoke and who to respect."

"But this son of yours, although his name is Wise, he is not wise at all, so he should simply change his name to Foolish."

"On that day, when your second son offended me, it was reasonable for me to take his life.But for your face's sake, I only broke his legs."

"But who would have thought that this eldest son of yours, Xue Wisdom, would not be grateful and bring a man with a gun to kill me."

"Just now, I even called you to come and collect my body."

"Since you're here now, I think, just let him finish me off with one shot and you'll just listen to him collect my corpse."

Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner.

But as Xue Ren Yang listened, an old face had gone completely white.

The entire man was miserable!

I was shivering all over.

Although Ye Fan's words were cloudy and light, Xue Ren Yang was not stupid, he could hear how strong and angry Ye Fan's words were.

He could almost even feel a few strands of inexplicable killing intent!

In fear, Xue Ren Yang immediately got up and walked over to kick Xue Wise once again.


"What kind of person do you dare to mess with?"

"I gave you the right to be the head of the Xue family to be in charge, not to stir up trouble for me?"

"Why don't you roll over and make amends to the Dragon Lord."


Xue Ren Yang's red eyes roared in anger.

"And you guys, a bunch of fools."

"Your house master committed stupidity, and you guys followed suit?"

"How dare you point a gun at the Dragon Lord?"

"I see that one of you doesn't want to live!"

"All of you get on your knees and apologize!"

Xue Rinyang's old face was livid, full of anger and panic.

After kicking his own son, he stretched out his hand and slapped the Xue family members who followed Xue Wise up one by one.

How majestic was the old man's authority?

Under his anger, the Xue family's crowd, despite being full of doubt and puzzlement, all of them walked over and kneeled at Ye Fan's feet with grey faces.

Xue Wise, however, was filled with puzzlement and was hesitant to kneel.

"Dad, why?"

"Why should we, by any chance, kneel to him, a country bumpkin!"

"My Xue family is a new noble family in Yanjing, a high family, half of Huaxia, nearly all of them have our properties."

"My Xue family is rich, my Xue family is powerful!"

"And he, Ye Fan, is just a country boy, an incompetent son-in-law."

"How can he be capable of making you and I kneel and worship?"

"What qualifications does he have to be able to make my Xue family bow down?"

"He doesn't deserve it!!!"

Xue Wise had crawled up from the ground, now full of resentment, his eyes red as he looked at his father, Xue Ren Yang, and kept shaking his head and roaring low.

"You beast, shut up!"

However, when Xue Ren Yang heard his son's words, he was nearly scared out of his wits at the time.

In the midst of his roar, he slapped Xue Wise in the face again.

"Do you know, who are you insulting now?"

"Do you really want to destroy my Xue family, your father and my life's foundation, all before you're willing to do so?"

"Do you have to make the entire Xue family, all of them, give you a funeral for your stupidity before you'll stop?"

Xue Ren Yang gritted his teeth and roared madly.

The entire man was so angry that Jairus' eyes were bloodshot.

He didn't expect that by now, this son of his would still be stubborn and dare to insult Ye Fan?

Did he think that the Ye Fan he had offended wasn't cruel enough?

Does he think he's not going to die soon enough?

He really wants to kill their family!

Xue Rinyang was filled with fear and anger.

However, even so, Xue Wise was still full of puzzlement and his heart was full of resentment.

"Father, I don't understand."

"Why? Why, exactly?"

"This Ye Fan, what exactly is it that makes you so terrified and in awe?"

"What qualifications does he have to make my Xue family all kneel down and apologize?"

"Men have gold in their knees, if I don't understand, even if I, Xue Zhi, were to be killed by you today, I would never kneel down and beg for mercy to a door-to-door son-in-law, a country bumpkin!"

"You... you...You... you...You rebellious son, do you really want to kill my father?"

"I, Xue Ren Yang, was wise for a lifetime, why did I raise a fool like you who doesn't know how to act?"Xue Ren Yang's body trembled and wailed miserably, nearing old tears.

He didn't expect that by now, this bastard son of his, for the sake of his so-called pride and face, he still wouldn't bow down.

"Master Xue, I didn't expect that this son of yours would be quite magnanimous."At this time, but behind him came Ye Fan's cold laughter.

"However, Xue Wise, since you insist on wanting to know why, then today, I'll let you die with some understanding."


As the words fell, Ye Fan's face was steeply cold.

Immediately afterwards, everyone only saw that Ye Fan stood up openly, stepped forward, and snapped at Xue Wise with a furious voice.

That monstrous rage was only like thunder, exploding the four directions.

"Starfire prairie heaven and earth change, Chuxiao dragon roars my heavenly Fan!"

"Xue Wise, have you heard this before?"

In the hotel, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and proudly coldly drank.

In between mixed anger, Ye Fan waved his arm, a glittering jade pendant was then thrown in front of Xue Wise.

The jade pendant was ancient and delicate, reflecting the dazzling light from the window.

Xue Wise lowered his head and saw only one, bright red as blood, the word "Chu" on the glittering jade pendant.


In that one instant, Xue Wisdom's entire body was struck by lightning, the original reluctance and confusion were gone, and only an intense horror and trembling remained on his old face.

"You...You...You are, Chu...Chu..."

Xue Wise's old eyes crinkled and trembled tremendously.

After hearing Ye Fan's words and seeing the glittering jasper beneath his feet, it was as if Xue Wise was instantly drained of all his strength.

He staggered a few steps, his body shook, and with a bang, he ended up kneeling at Ye Fan's feet.

A pair of old faces, ashen as death!

At this moment, Xue Wise, all the majesty and pride that he had just had, had undoubtedly disappeared.

What was there was only the endless misery and trepidation.

Xue Wise had never thought to death that the person he had provoked today was that person.

"Starfire Prairie~"

"Chutian Longchamp..."

"I should've thought of that earlier, I should've thought of that earlier~"

Xue Wise was filled with grief, shaking his head and sighing, his heart full of despair.

For so many years, although it had always been Master Xue Renyang who was in contact with Han, ten years ago, when Ye Fan first allowed Han to meet with the Xue family, Xue Wise was also present.

Others didn't know the secrets of their Xue family, but Xue Wise did.

He knew what Ye Fan's words represented, and even more so, what the jade pendant with the Chu character represented.

But whoever Ye Fan had fostered over the past ten years, there was no one who didn't know what those things represented.

Those two verses were an imperial decree!

That jade pendant is the Shang Fang Sword!

An imperial decree plus a stillborn sword, then in ancient times, it was the Emperor himself!

The majesty and impact of that was naturally enormous.

Of course, because of the secrecy, that was all that Xue Wisdom knew.

There were more things that Xue Renyang did not tell him.

Therefore, even though Xue Renyang had just called Ye Fan as "Dragon Lord", Xue Wise still didn't recognize Ye Fan.

After all, the name "Dragon Lord" was only known to a few people, and naturally, only those few people were qualified to call Ye Fan as Dragon Lord.

Xue Ren Yang, was one of them!

The Lord of the Dragon King is the Lord of the Dragon!

Yes, ten years of planning, Ye Fan under the support of a large number of "chess pieces", but these people, but the achievements of these people, different.

Therefore, Ye Fan gave the title of Dragon King to the most accomplished among them.

The codename of Xue Renyang is the Dragon King!

Back then, when Chen Ao saw Ye Fan, he kneeled down and bowed down, and called Ye Fan only as Little Lord.

Because, Chen Ao is not the "Dragon King", he is not qualified to call Ye Fan as the Dragon Lord.

With Xue Wise bowing down and begging for mercy, today's farce had undoubtedly come to a complete end.

"Dragon Lord, it is the rebellious son who has no eyes."

"Offended you."

"But my Xue family is absolutely loyal to you."

"Today's incident is all due to a misunderstanding."

"But to say a thousand words, a mistake is a mistake."

"I, Long Yang, since I serve the Dragon Lord and uphold his majesty, it is my duty to do so."

"Today, I'll use my son's leg to make up for my son's offense to you!"

As the words fell, the crowd only saw Xue Ren Yang's eyebrows chill as he immediately took a pistol from the hands of one of the Xue family's men.

"Old Master, don't~"

"That's your own son!"

The Xue family was shocked at the sight of this and stopped each other bitterly.

They had never thought that in order to forgive Ye Fan, Master Xue would take it upon himself to cripple his own son's leg!

However, Xue Renyang had already made up his mind, so how could he be persuaded?

In the next moment, only a bang was heard.

Xue Renyang had pulled the trigger and hit Xue Wise directly on the thigh.

The sound of bullets buzzing shook the four directions.

Blood gushed out, and a miserable scream rang out from Xue Wise, holding his left leg and rolling like a dog on the ground, as red blood stained the floor of the Wolong Hotel.

Everyone's face was pale, and they all trembled.

Xu Lei was even more unbearable in her heart and closed her eyes.

Ye Fan, however, sat back down and took a sip of tea before looking at Xue Renyang.

Others couldn't see Xue Ren Yang's mind, how could Ye Fan not see it?

"Master Xue, you've gone to great lengths to protect this son of yours."

"It's just that, since you've done this, today's matter is over."

"Don't worry, I won't hold the Xue family and your son accountable for today's transgressions in the future."

"Thank you, Dragon Lord for your kindness!The Xue family will remember the kindness of the Dragon Lord today for generations to come, and will never forget it!"Hearing Ye Fan's words, at that time, Xue Ren Yang was as if he was overwhelmed with amnesty, and with a bang, he knelt down to Ye Fan, thanking him incessantly.

However, Ye Fan shook his head, "Don't be in a hurry to thank first."

"Before that, I have to ask your son a few words."

In between the words, while holding a cup of tea, Ye Fan turned his head to look at Xue Wise who was holding his leg and moaning and crying miserably, smiling faintly, "Xue Wise, I'm asking you, your father ruined your leg in order to make amends to me, are you okay with that?"

"Suit, I...I obey."Xue Wise didn't hesitate and returned immediately.

Ye Fan lightly sips a mouthful of tea, containing a smile before speaking, "Then I ask you again, I cut off your brother's future and take away your brother's unmarried wife, are you convinced?"

"I'll take it, I'll take it!"Xue Wise endured severe pain and cried out with gritted teeth in fear.

Ye Fan drained a cup, his brows and eyes were icy cold, and he drank again in anger, "I ask you one last time, I hurt your clan guards, disgraced you, and made you kneel and beg for mercy, can you accept that?"

"I'm convinced, I'm convinced, I'm convinced!"Xue Wise's eyebrows and eyes were red and the pain was unbearable, that still shouted loudly.

After learning about Ye Fan's identity, Xue Wise was undoubtedly no longer disrespectful.

Just like what his father had said, Ye Fan could bring their Xue family to the top, and then he could bring their Xue family to the bottom.

Ye Fan had given them ten thousand slivers of family wealth and monstrous power, and could likewise, in a single night, make their Xue family's half-life power, disappear!

"In that case, get lost."

"If you're saved in time, you might still be able to save that leg."

Ye Fan laughed lightly and waved his hand, signaling to allow Xue Wise to leave.

Xue Renyang was suddenly grateful and quickly asked his underlings to send his son to the hospital for treatment.

After all, being a father, he certainly didn't want to see that his son, would end up with a lifelong disability.


"Old Xue, is your Xue family just going to leave?"

"And your daughter-in-law let him kidnap her?"

"Is this the revenge for your son's broken leg?"

"You're not even going to pursue the insults and offenses he gave to your Xue family before?"

In fact, apart from Xue Wisdom and Xue Ren Yang, by now no one else knew what had happened, let alone what was going on.

This is good, why is the Xue family all kneeling?

This Ye Fan, is he really a superior person?

The crowd was filled with puzzlement.

The Wei family's old man, Wei Lin, really couldn't help but feel confused, and came out with a heart full of puzzlement, questioning Xue Ren Yang.

"Yes, Old Xue."

"Our Zhao family and the Wei family came over today, but they're both here to stand up for you."

"Now, it's good that you guys are leaving before things are settled?"

"There's always a beginning and an end, so give us an explanation!"

Zhao Wuji also stepped forward and said.

After all, if they wanted to deal with Ye Fan today, they were counting on the Xue family.

Now that the Xue family was ready to withdraw, how could the remaining few of them still play?

Zhao Wuji but wanted to eliminate Ye Fan at every turn and avenge the original Jiangdong revenge, of course he didn't want to let the Xue family go.

"That's right."

"Old Xue, don't forget how your Xue family assured my big brother yesterday."

"If this matter today is settled like this, tomorrow, our Xue family and Xu family will be humiliated in this Yanjing City!"

Xu Fengfei was equally dissatisfied and said.

Their Xu family didn't bring anyone over today, after all, yesterday the Xue family had patted their chests and assured them that they would settle Ye Fan's matter.

Therefore, he and Xu Meifeng actually came over today to back up the situation.

The real main attack was still the Xue family.

But now that the Xue family was putting down their fight to run away, of course Xu Fengfei was panicking.

One had to know that the entire Yanjing City was waiting for the outcome of today's matter, if they couldn't deal with a punk from Jiangdong even after making such a fuss, then how could the Xu family still have the face to call themselves the Yanjing gentry?

However, facing the questioning of the Zhao, Wei and Xu families, Xue Ren Yang was old and gloomy.

He ignored the Zhao and Xu families, after all, these two were not related to their Xue family, so if they wanted to offend Ye Fan by committing suicide, let them do so.

But the Wei family had a few connections with their Xue family.

Especially Wei Lin, who was Xue Ren Yang's brother-in-law, there were some things he had to say to Wei Lin to make it clear.

"What, Wei Lao, with your meaning, are you not going to let Mr. Chu go?"

"You want our Xue family to step up and avenge your grandson and nephew?"

Xue Renyang asked a rhetorical question.

Wei Lin then returned, "Old Xue, Ming Hua is my nephew, isn't he a member of your Xue family?"

"What's more, are you Xue family the only ones contributing today?Hasn't our Wei family sent someone out to deal with this punk?"

Wei Lin said unhappily.

But Xue Renyang raised his eyebrows while saying in a deep angry voice, "Wei Lin, Wei Lin, it's a pity that I thought you were a shrewd person, but now it seems that you're just an old fool."

"Still thinking of dealing with Mr. Chu?"

"Let me tell you, with so many people present, other than my Xue family, the one who has the least qualification to offend Mr. Chu is your Wei family!"

"If it wasn't for Mr. Chu, do you think you could have gone from being a delivery boy to the president of a multi-billion dollar group?"

"If it wasn't for Mr. Chu, do you think you could have achieved fame and become a Yanjing stock god?"

"Could it not be that the Dragon Lord has given you, Wei Lin, your Wei family, the ability to achieve what you have today?"

Xue Renyang's angry words, a number of questions in a row, others can't understand, but these words, falling into Wei Lin's ears, but only like a muffled thunder without stopping to explode.

At that time, Wei Lin's pupils crinkled, his entire face was like a thunderbolt, and he lost his voice as he was filled with horror, "You...You're saying that he...He's that...That, the dragon breeder?"

Yes, Wei Lin was able to turn over tens of thousands of dollars of capital in a few short years, and became a financial tycoon of Yanjing's stock market.

What's the dependence?

Is it really his own exceptional stock trading talent?

That's fucking bullshit!

If he was that good, how come he suddenly quit the stock market a few years ago, leaving good money on the table, but stopped entering the market with a pot of gold?

Is it true he doesn't like money?

Of course not!

The reason for this is the fact that it's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time.

The reason why he was able to go through the stock market is because of the remote guidance of a mysterious person nicknamed "Dragonkeeper".

In the end, Wei Lin is just a puppet on a string, he knows nothing about the stock market, it is the "dragon" let him buy what, he will buy what.

The last one, Manli, created an indestructible legend in the stock market.

But unfortunately, a few years ago, after Wei Lin disobeyed one of his instructions, the QQ number nicknamed "Raising Dragons" was no longer online, and the avatar was gray for several years.

Wei Lin has been waiting for him for several years, and has also been looking for him for several years.

In the beginning, Wei Lin also relied on the knowledge he had learned from the dragon breeder and operated a few times, and lost 30 million in three days.

In the end, Wei Lin is quite courageous, knowing that after he has no senior guidance, and then enter the stock market is just waiting for someone to cut the leek, sooner or later ruined his reputation and lost all his family business, so he directly retired from the market in a high profile.

Said peace of mind retirement, no longer out of the mountains.

In the next few years, I don't know how many financial tycoons and political tycoons wanted to invite him to come out of the mountain, or ask him to manage bond trusts and other industries, but Wei Lin refused all of them.

Outsiders thought he was high-minded and true to his word.

But others were not clear, Xue Renyang was clear.

He Wei Lin shines a fart of a festival!

He was completely guilty, knowing that he wasn't capable of it.

However, all these years, Wei Lin had been searching for this "Dragon Raising Man", and now Xue Ren Yang said that this person was right in front of him, Wei Lin was of course shocked.

He looked at Ye Fan with deadly old eyes. It was hard to believe that the person who was called the "Dragon Keeper" back then could be the young man in front of him who could be his grandson.

If it was him, then how old was he a few years ago?

You're only a teenager, right?

A minor can guide him through the stock market?

Is that possible?

A prodigy isn't that powerful, is he?

So when he heard Xue Ren Yang's words, Wei Lin's heart trembled and he simply couldn't believe it.

At this moment, however, Ye Fan's faint voice sounded at the right time.

"I didn't expect that after so many years, you would still remember the Raising Dragon Man."

"Back then, if you had listened to me and made a full-bang bottoming out of Xunteng stock, now the four giants of Yanjing would at least have a seat in your Wei family."

"It's just a pity that back then, you were a little less bold."

Ye Fan shook his head and said, when speaking again about what happened back then, Ye Fan's words, however, contained a few points of regret.

What he regretted was not making a few hundred billion less, what he regretted was that he had wasted his time on a worm.


"I was the one who raised the dragon, but Naylor raised a worm."

"Back then, it was me after all, who looked away~"

A sigh, however, led to, a tremor in the hall.



As if thunder struck down, after hearing Ye Fan's words, Wei Lin's entire body was undoubtedly instantly stunned.

Because of the horror and incredulity, a pair of eyes, nearly ready to jump out at this moment.

He...How did he know this?

How did he know that the last order he had been given by the Dragonkeeper back then was to buy the entire stock of the Xuntao Group?

Could it be that what Xue Renyang had just said was all true?

After hearing what Ye Fan had just said, at this moment, Wei Lin's heart had nearly set off a monstrous wave of horror.

In his mind, there was even a crazy thought that flashed out.

He turned his head and his old eyes trembled as he looked at Ye Fan, "Could it be that you...Are you really, that...That, the dragon breeder?"

"How was it?So what if it isn't?"

"Is there any point in talking about this now?"

In the face of Wei Lin's trembling, but Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

He lightly sip the tea, the heat dense, and faintly returned.The breeze was light as if he was narrating a matter that had nothing to do with himself.

"You brat, you're still playing tricks here?"

"Wei Lao, you mustn't be fooled by this idiot."

"He's just a turtle from a small place."

Xu Meifeng came over at this time and pointed at Ye Fan and cursed angrily.

She just couldn't get used to this pretentious look of Ye Fan.

A mere turtle, what was he pretending to be?

The idiots of the Xue family had been fooled by this Ye Fan.

Could it be that he thought that with a few empty words, he could also make the Wei family kneel down and beg for mercy?

However, who would have thought that as soon as Xu Meifeng herself had finished speaking, the Xue Lin in front of her pushed her away, and with a bang, she kneeled down to Ye Fan as well.

"Benefactor above, accept the worship of your disciple!"

"The grace of my mentor's teaching back then, I, Wei Lin, will never forget it."

"All these years, my disciple has been searching for you."

"I only wish to be able to repay my mentor's back then, the grace of your esteemed teaching!"

Wei Lin kneeled down and worshipped, in his words, there was respect, joy, and even a strong sense of gratitude and thanks.

He who drains water never forgets to dig a well!

Just like what Xue Renyang had just said, Wei Lin himself knew clearly that the fact that he, a takeaway kid, was able to gain a foothold in Yanjing was undoubtedly all thanks to that dragon breeder's gift.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, knew the events of that year like the back of his hand, and with Xue Ren Yang identifying him from the sidelines, Wei Lin was undoubtedly convinced of Ye Fan's identity as a dragon breeder!

After all, only he and the Dragon Raising Man knew the details in the beginning.

At that time, the global financial crisis had erupted, the world's economic outlook was worrisome, the stock markets of all countries had fallen to their knees, and the entire world economy was in recession.

And because Wei Lin had been instructed by Ye Fan in advance, he had cleared out and fled the top three months before the crisis broke out.

It was a narrow escape from that stock market crash!

At that time, Wei Lin held several hundred million dollars of capital, in order to be safe, they thought to deposit the bank to buy government bonds, eat interest.

But Ye Fan is recommended that he into the stock market heavy bottom, and recommended that he heavy warehouse to buy a group of stocks, and to two to three percent position to buy Maotai wine stocks.

However, Wei Lin got those funds after the troubles and losses, do not dare to take big risks, so the stock market outlook is still unclear reasons, did not execute Ye Fan's instructions.

At this point, Ye Fan saw Wei Lin's lack of courage and gave up trying to help him.

This was also why, after that day, the Dragon Raising Man never spoke to him again.

Later, time had undoubtedly proved the correctness of Ye Fan's decision.

Whether it was the Xun Teng Group or Maotai Liquor, their share prices had undoubtedly experienced rocket-like takeoffs over the years.

At the very least, both had flipped hundreds of times.

If measured in monetary terms, it was feared that the indecisiveness back then had cost Wei Lin hundreds of billions of dollars.

It was precisely because of this that Wei Lin had even more respect and guilt for that dragon breeder.

Now that he had finally met the person, Wei Lin was naturally excited and at a loss for words, kneeling down to thank him.


"Old Wei, how...How is it even you?"

Wei Lin kneeled, but it was as if a slap had incited Xu Meifeng and the others in the face.

The Xu family was then shocked.

Zhao Wuji was even more dumbfounded.

Just now it was the Xue family, and now the Wei family?

The two great families of Yanjing actually all kneeled down and worshiped to Ye Fan.

This Ye Fan, who was he?

Everyone's hearts were trembling and confused.

Li Lu Bin even opened his mouth wide, nearly forgetting to breathe because of the horror.

However, Wei Lin didn't care at all about the gazes of the people around him, instead he waved his hand at his granddaughter, Wei Wuji: "Wuji, quickly, come here."

"Give three kowtows to our Wei family's benefactor, and also for my mentor."

Although, all those years, Ye Fan had never acknowledged him as a disciple.However, in Wei Lin's heart, he had already treated that dragon breeder as his most respected teacher.

After all, if he hadn't relied on himself as his mentor to guide him, Wei Lin would probably still be an unknown take-out kid by now, right?

How could they be like before, when they were able to dominate the stock market and become Yanjing's stock god?

Not to mention now starting a family and establishing a foothold in Yanjing.

"It's not necessary."

"A failed piece of work is all."

"The relationship between you and me ended the moment you disobeyed my orders."

"I am not your mentor, and you, even less my apprentice."

"What's more, you don't deserve it either."

In the face of Wei Lin's excitement and enthusiasm, however, Ye Fan waved his hand and faintly replied.

And after that, he took Xu Lei's hand and got up openly, also heading out the door.

After all, today's matter, as of now, was undoubtedly over.

The Xue family bowed down, and the Wei family admitted their mistakes.

As for the Xu and Zhao families, today they were merely coming to watch a show to hold a crowd.

They didn't even bring a few people with them, let alone deal with Ye Fan.

Therefore, Ye Fan didn't stay here for long, and took Xu Lei with him and headed out.

Ye Fan looked calm as before, but Xu Lei, who was behind him, was pretty frightened, as if she hadn't recovered from the shock just now.

After all, today's events were all too unimaginable for Xu Lei.

Originally, she thought that today was a desperate situation of life and death for her and Ye Fan, but who would have thought that the peak would actually turn around.

The Xue family knelt down and begged for mercy, and the Wei family bowed down and worshiped.

For a moment, Xu Lei almost couldn't even see her little brother, Fan.

Was this still the abandoned son of the Chu family who was ostracized in the Chu family and finally swept out of the house?

Is this still the same down-and-out boy who sat with her by the river and ate apples?

Back when Ye Fan became the esteem of Jiangdong, Xu Lei didn't even tremble as much as she did now.

Perhaps because she was too distracted, Xu Lei didn't pay attention and actually stepped on Ye Fan's heel.

"Brother Xiaofan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Xu Lei was terrified and apologetic, lowering her head and apologizing repeatedly.

Wei Lin, on the other hand, was also a personal savant, and when he saw that Ye Fan's shoe had fallen off, he quickly ran over, full of flattery and respect, and bowed his head and went to lift the shoe for Ye Fan.

"Benefactor, your shoes have fallen off, I'll lift them for you."

Wei Lin smiled respectfully.

But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "No need."

"I told you, the current you don't even have the qualifications to lift my shoes."



Ye Fan's words were like a basin of cold water being poured down, and Wei Lin's original fiery heart suddenly went cold.

An old face, too, went pale instantly.

In his heart, there was regret and loss, but more than that, there was endless remorse.

It seemed that his mentor, after all, hadn't forgiven him ah.

Wei Lin, however, didn't have any complaints in his heart.

Whether it was back then, or now.

It was just that he, Wei Lin, had brought the blame upon himself.

After all, before this, Wei Lin had boasted that he would exterminate Ye Fan's entire family and leave Ye Fan's corpse lying here.

Anyone who was threatened like this by himself would probably be angry in his heart.

Without punishing himself, Ye Fan was already showing great mercy to their Wei family.


Thinking of this, Wei Lin was filled with remorse and sighed long and hard.

Back then, a great opportunity had been missed by him.

Unexpectedly, when this chance appeared in front of him again, he missed it once again.

Perhaps, this was fate.

Just like what Ye Fan said, he was originally a dragon breeder, so how could he go and raise a worm?

Wei Lin was probably just a worm in Ye Fan's eyes.

Paying no more attention to the eyes behind him, Ye Fan had left the hotel with Xu Lei.

"Bunch of idiots, what are you waiting for?"

"Why don't you go ahead and open the way for Mr. Chu to shelter?"

Xue Ren Yang cursed angrily and then ordered his men to go and give shelter to Ye Fan in front of the road.

As for Xue Ren Yang himself, he then respectfully followed suit.

"Old Xue, don't go, ah?"

"Is this thing just going to go away?"

"You're seriously going to let it go with Evan?"

"Don't you forget how you promised our Xu family last night!"

Seeing that Xue Ren Yang was leaving, the Xu family was undoubtedly anxious.

Especially Xu Fengfei, he had come with a promise to avenge the old man and bring Xu Lei back at the same time.

But now, nothing had been accomplished at all!

If it ended like this, how could Xu Fengfei go back and deliver?

And what about the Xu family's face?

"Old Xue, this really can't just go on like this!"

"Tell me, what is your Xue family's pain?"

"Could it be that there's a handle being held on it?"

"You tell me that our Xu family can help you!"

"Our Xu family is one of the four great families, and we have connections in all walks of life in China~"

Anxiously, Xu Fengfei chased after him, pulling Xue Renyang into a series of questions.

"Stupid, why don't you get out of the way?!"

However, where did Xue Ren Yang pay attention and directly shook off Xu Fengfei's palm.

"Xu Fengfei, I'm warning you."

"If you want to die yourself, don't drag our Xue family into it!"

"My two sons have already been crippled by you, do you still want to harm me, an old man, and give your Xu family a funeral?"

At this time, Master Xue would have liked to kick this Xu family to death.

If it wasn't for the Xu family's encouragement and provocation, how would his son, Xue Wisdom, have made such a big mistake today?

In the midst of his angry scolding, Xue Ren Yang then stopped paying attention to the Xu family and turned around to brush his sleeves away.

Having been cleaved and scolded by Xue Renyang, Xu Fengfei's face was undoubtedly extremely embarrassed.

"Hmph, what a thing."

"This Xue Renyang, simply shameless!"

"Wei Lao, this brother-in-law of yours is old and has a bad brain."

"I'm trying to help him with good intentions, for whether or not he has anything in his hands from that brat."

"Even if he's ungrateful, he dares to insult me?"

"But don't worry, Wei, the Xue family is the Xue family and you are you, I won't take offense to your Wei family."

"As long as your Wei family is willing to work for my Xu family, the humiliation of that shoe lifting today, my Xu family will definitely get it back for you in the future!"

"It won't be long before I'll make that brat, kneel down and shine Wei's shoes."

Xu Fengfei said in a deep voice, full of pride, as if he was just waiting for Wei Lin to be grateful to their Xu family.

However, Xu Fengfei had never expected that Wei Lin's entire body would nearly stand in fear at the time after hearing this, black-faced and cursing at Xu Fengfei's intuitive anger.

"Shut up!"

"You stupid bastard, you're looking for your own death, go ahead and die, I won't stop you, but don't fucking hurt me."

Ye Fan wasn't far away yet?

Xu Fengfei was giving him that kind of talk right now.

And take revenge?

And let Ye Fan shine his shoes?

This fool Xu Fengfei, isn't he trying to get him killed.

Wei Lin had already offended Ye Fan to death before, and now Xu Fengfei was hurting him, of course Wei Lin was furious!

If it wasn't for the fact that the Xu family was a prestigious family in Yanjing, Wei Lin would have been so angry at this point that he would have stomped on it and kicked Xu Fengfei, the old son of a bitch to death.

After scolding him, Wei Lin also turned livid and whisked away while having someone carry Wei Wuji out to the hospital.


"You dare to curse me?"

"Good for you, Wei Lin, good for you, Wei family!"

"You guys, wait up!"

Being scolded by Xue Renyang was just fine.

After all, the Xue family was the head of the new three noble families, an existence almost on par with their Xu family.

Old Xue was also the grandfather of the Xue family, and his high moral standing was inherently higher than Xu Fengfei's, and Xu Fengfei would have to respectfully call out to the old man when he saw him on a regular basis.

Thus, being scolded by Xue Renyang, Xu Fengfei felt angry but not humiliated.

But what about Wei Lin?

A shitty delivery boy.

The entire Wei family's assets aren't even worth ten billion!

He's just a second-rate family in Yanjing.

He's nothing?

How dare he insult himself?

Does he deserve it?

At that time, Xu Fengfei was almost angry to death.

In great anger, he turned his head and looked to the side at the Zhao family, "Mr. Zhao, you comment, what do you think this Wei Lin is?How dare he insult my Xu family too..."


"Where's Zhao?"

Xu Fengfei had wanted to find someone to vent his anger, but he turned his head and found that Zhao Wuji, who was standing beside him just now, had disappeared.

"Third Uncle, when Wei Lin knelt down and begged for forgiveness, the Zhao family had already run away."Xu Meifeng, who was on the side, but with a strange face, said to Xu Fengfei.


"Run away already?"


"Bunch of losers~"

"Why did my Xu family get this group of trash to help with the fist today?"

Xu Fengfei was so furious that his face was livid and veins were bulging, cursing angrily in the hotel.

I thought that today, the four big families of Yanjing gathered around Ye Fan, and it was still a matter of catching a turtle in a jar?

However, who would have thought that in the end, Ye Fan would have taken down half of Yanjing with one man's strength!

"After today, I'm afraid that Mr. Chu's name will be completely, famous in Yanjing ah~"

In the hotel, some people lamented, some sobbed.

But more than that, there was trembling.

Before this, it was unlikely that anyone would have thought that the seemingly unexceptional youth was a big man who made the Xue family bow down, the Wei family kneel and the Zhao family flee in fear, right?


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