The King of Kungfu in school 1521-1530


Chapter 1521

"Well, never."Tang Zichen said this because he was very hurt by the loss of his loved ones in the mortal realm, and he never wanted to experience this kind of pain again, so in this life, Tang Zichen only wished that any of his loved ones would never leave him.

"Good, sister will always be by brother's side."

"Good, then I'll continue to help you refine all the spirit stones."

After another half an hour, all eight spirit stones on Tang Huan's body had been refined.

Tang Huan's aura had also increased a lot, although he hadn't reached the level of a breakthrough yet.

"Wow, I suddenly feel now that it would be nice to have a big pile of spirit stones."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Sister, look."

After saying that, Tang Zichen poured and a pile of spirit stones poured out, there were at least dozens of them.


"Sister, I actually took some back from Gao Qiang, but I was putting them in other storage bags, not many, about fifty or sixty spirit stones."

"Ah." One second to remember to read the book

"Sister, I'll help you refine the pile of spirit stones first."

"But, so many spirit stones, if we don't share some with Bai Yang and the others, will it."

"Sister, didn't you tell me that the immortal cultivation world is cruel, if it's cruel, then why should we care what others do, we only care about ourselves, don't you think so."

"But, Sister's conscience."

"Sister, there's not that much conscience, besides, if you're strong in the future, you can go back and help them again ah."


Tang Huan started refining the spirit stones again.

Tang Huan picked up two spirit stones, one in each of his left and right hands.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Sister, this time we're not refining like this."

"Then how about refining it?"

"This time, let's refine this pile of spirit stones together."

"A bunch of Spirit Stones to refine together?"

"Right, otherwise two by two, what year would it take, you're now pressing your hands directly on this pile of spirit stones."

Tang Huan half-heartedly pressed his hands on the pile of spirit stones, and sure enough, in the next moment, the spirit stones literally began to vaporize at the speed of melting ice and snow, and then all of them were inhaled into Tang Huan's body.

About ten minutes later, a pile of spirit stones, all of them refined clean.

"Heavens."Tang Huan wondered if he was dreaming, how could he be so fast.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "Sister, congratulations, you've stepped into the fourth stage of body refining, and it doesn't even look like the fifth stage of body refining is far away."

"What."Tang Huan came back to her senses, only then did she realize that, indeed, she was already at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and was about to reach the fifth stage of Body Tempering.

"It can't be, even if the refining is this fast, my body doesn't absorb it this fast."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sister, while I'm helping you refine, I'm also helping you absorb and digest, so as soon as the aura entered your body, it was absorbed in a few minutes."

"Ah."Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen, unable to believe it.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a bit sorry now that I didn't bring you back more spirit stones."

Tang Huan asked, "Brother, honestly, did you refine the spirit stones of Gao Qiang yourself?It's perfectly possible if you refine them this fast."

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, younger brother won't hide anything from you, yes, all of the high strength spirit stones were all refined by me, I didn't know before that I could help you refine them, otherwise I would definitely keep a little more for you.But in the future, when there are spirit stones, brother will definitely give them to

You stay more."

"Brother, what is your current state?"

Tang Zichen said without hiding anything, "I've also told you the truth, I'm now at the seventh stage of Body Refining."

"Ah, seventh stage of body refining, gosh."

"Oh, sister, trust me, you're fast too."

"Brother, if this gets out, will people be suspicious."

"So, we have to keep it a secret, if it gets out, no one can guarantee that something will happen, we can just hide the extra realms, for example, I am now, hiding at the second stage of Body Tempering, when people look at me, I am only at the second stage of Body Tempering, it's nothing more than that."

Tang Huan puffed out a laugh and said, "But your true realm is at the seventh stage of Body Tempering, aren't you letting people who don't know your true strength die in vain."

"That can't be blamed on me, whoever bumps into my head is the unlucky one, I'll definitely exterminate him.Sister, if necessary, you should also hide some of your sharp edges properly until we feel there is no more threat."

"But I can't hide it, it seems like the Spirit Realm doesn't have a secret method to hide the realm either, normally, others are afraid that no one will know that he is strong, they would love to be known that he is strong, how would they hide it."

"Sister, the situation is different, others pretend to be strong for better survival, we pretend to be weak for better survival as well."

"Mmhmm, listen to everything brother."Tang Huan nodded his head.

Tang Zichen thought about it and wondered if he should tell Tang Huan about his origins as well.

However, on second thought, it was better not to tell her, after all, Uncle Five hadn't even told her, indicating that it was better not to tell her about the mortal world, let him pass, and start all over again.

"Sister, what's our plan next?Go on hunting beasts?"Tang Huan asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Hunting demonic beasts and only earning 63 spirit stones in ten days, when will we be strong with such an earning method.So, we don't go hunting demonic beasts anymore, even if we do, it's to increase our battle experience or search for natural materials and treasures, not for magic cores.Now, we must find a way to do business, I'm interested in talisman refining, I want to try, can I become a talisman master."

"What about me?I can't do nothing, I don't have a talent for talisman refining."

Tang Zichen said, "Then you can be a vase by your brother's side in peace."

"Uh, vase?What do you mean?"

"Oh, just be by my side in peace and quiet, talk and live with me, then practice your martial arts skills and improve your strength.Spiritual stones and all that, my brother will provide you with them."

Tang Huan was embarrassed and said, "Then wouldn't sister become like those female disciples who are kept."

"Uh, being kept, could it be that the few beautiful female disciples I just met at Gao Qiang's were all kept by Gao Qiang?"

"Definitely, the Flying Cloud Sect has many female disciples like this, they don't go to work hard on their own and are willing to be kept by some powerful male disciples who give them a certain amount of spirit stones every month."

Tang Zichen said, "From a profit point of view, being kept is indeed a good way out, you don't have to hunt and kill beasts, your life is guaranteed, and then you can get more spirit stones than hunting and killing beasts, and you also have a certain amount to rely on in the Flying Cloud Sect, so it's really cost-effective.It's just that from a moral point of view, it's being laughed at."

"Well, there were people who wanted to take care of my sister before, but unfortunately they were all rejected by me."

Tang Zichen was furious, "Who was it that wanted to take care of my sister?"

"I don't know, it's an inner circumscribed disciple, so someone who can bag a female disciple must be a bit powerful.After that, I refused, and that person said that after the inner circle disciple examination, if I successfully assess to enter the inner circle disciple, he will come back to me to discuss the matter of bagging a female disciple."

Tang Zichen snorted, "He's looking for death."


In the month that followed, Tang Zichen was devoted to studying talisman refining, and Tang Huan was also devoted to practicing her martial skills, her Flying Flower Palm, with Tang Zichen's help, had even reached the fifth level.

Tang Huan's strength greatly increased.

"Brother, how are you learning about talisman refining?"Tang Huan came over and asked.

"Sister, after purchasing professional talisman refining materials and carefully studying them for a month, I think I can already assess a First Grade Talisman Alchemist."

"What? No way, a first-grade talisman alchemist is already considered powerful."

"If you don't believe me, I'll practice a fixing talisman, how about you take a look."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately drew a fixing talisman, of course, saying that it was a drawing, but actually the process of drawing was the process of practicing, and drawing talisman was also a talisman refining.

"Sister, you try the fixing talisman I refined and compare it to the fixing talisman you purchased."Tang Zichen handed the immobilizing talisman he drew to Tang Huan.

"Okay, but what is the level of this kind of immobilizing talisman of yours?"

Tang Zichen said, "This fixing talisman of mine is the strongest one that can fix the eighth stage of Body Tempering."

"What."Tang Huan was shocked to hear that the Eighth Stage of Body Tempering could be immobilized, and simply couldn't believe it, thinking that Tang Zichen was bragging more than.

"Brother, don't brag about it." First URL

"Uh, is that any wonder?Is it amazing that I trained this level of talisman in a month?"Tang Zichen was puzzled.

Tang Huan gave Tang Zichen a blank look and said, "Nonsense, it's not powerful anymore, it's simply magical, okay."

"Khan, is it that exaggerated, it's just an amulet that can fix the 8th stage of body refining."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan said, "Brother ah, it seems that you don't know much about this world, talisman alchemists.Generally speaking, a first-grade alchemist, the talisman he refines can only be effective against the Body Refining stage."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course I know, a first-grade talisman alchemist's talisman is effective against the body refining stage; a second-grade talisman alchemist's talisman is effective against the light opening stage; a third-grade talisman's talisman is effective against the heart illuminating stage; a fourth-grade talisman alchemist's talisman is effective against the spirit uniting stage.And so on.So, the talismans I'm refining right now can only deal with Body Refining Stage people, or Red Rank beasts."

"But, you've only studied for a month, and you're still self-taught, and you're able to train talismans that deal with the eighth stage of Body Tempering, that's too much.If it were anyone else, the first talisman you refined would only be able to deal with the first stage of Body Tempering at most."

"Haha, this shows that I have talent.That's good, sis, then from today onwards, let's do business too."

"Sell talismans?"

"Yeah, selling talismans, buying things everyone knows to compare goods, the talismans I've refined can deal with the 8th stage of Body Tempering at the highest, who are you willing to buy?Moreover, the talisman I refined can last up to a minute."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, Tang Huan was shocked again, "Brother, what did you say?Can it last a minute at most?"


"Oh my god, this is too powerful, the talisman I bought before, the shortest one can only last for three seconds, even the longer one can only last for ten seconds, while the one you refined can last for a minute, this is too perverted."Tang Huan was already impressed.

"Hehe, won't it be better to sell our talismans this way, sister, we'll definitely be able to make many, many spirit stones."Tang Zichen said with great anticipation.

The more Spirit Stones we earn, the stronger Tang Zichen will be, and this way

, Tang Zichen will soon go against the world.

"But, if you want to do business in the Flying Cloud Sect, how can you do it without a backstage, nowadays, those who open shops in the Flying Cloud Sect are backed by strong people, and the profits gained will be distributed to the strong people."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sister, everything is difficult at the beginning, everything is done step by step.Besides, with my power to refine talismans by myself, we can't be very big, even with sufficient funds, I can only refine 30 talismans a day or 900 talismans a month by myself.However, I'm a human, not a machine after all, so I can't practice every day, so my spirit will dry up, so I can only refine every other day, in that case, I can only refine 450 talismans a month."

Tang Huan said, "But your talisman can be sold for at least two spirit stones, and in a month, you'll be earning 900 spirit stones. 900 spirit stones, that's simply equal to 9 second class spirit stones, wouldn't that be, in a year, earning more than our Tang family, which can only earn 30 or 40 second class spirit stones."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen didn't expect it to be so terrifying.

However, Tang Zichen also knew that the more powerful an Immortal cultivator was, the more terrifying the amount of Spirit Stones required would be.

"Alright, let's forget about it for now, let's go down the mountain and procure the materials.It's been a month now, about Gao Qiang's death and the storm is over, no one has come looking for us this month, which means we're fine."

"Mmhmm, let's go down the mountain, it's been a long time since I went to the city below the mountain to eat delicious food."Tang Huan's eyes lit up and he said with a lick of his tongue.

Tang Zichen was speechless, what a foodie.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, when they arrived at a big city not far from the bottom of the Feiyun Sect mountain.

Tang Zichen invested twenty-five spirit stones to purchase materials for talisman refining, such as, yellow skin talisman paper, dragon's blood ink, green devil talisman pen, and other materials.

The yellow skin talisman paper Tang Zichen purchased was produced in Tianbao City, it was just unknown which family in Tianbao City produced it, could it be the Tang family that produced it.

Tang Zichen now has no spirit stones, so he can only choose the lower-priced yellow leather talisman paper.

The Dragon Blood Ink and the Green Devil Talisman Pen were both produced by some immortal cultivation families.

In this immortal world, all kinds of immortal props were sold.

Spiritual stones were something that all immortal cultivators wanted, and the larger the family, the more spiritual stones their family possessed, and the richer the immortal cultivation resources would be.Therefore, those rich second generations who grew up in huge families were really very happy because they didn't need to worry about spirit stones at all, they just needed to work hard to refine them.Unlike the lower class immortal cultivators who had to risk their lives by hunting and killing magical beasts in exchange for spirit stones.

After purchasing the talisman refining materials, Tang Zichen accompanied Tang Huan to the restaurant for a sea of food.

The restaurant was run by ordinary people, so they charged gold coins.

There were plenty of gold coins Tang Huan had, but unfortunately, no amount of gold coins could purchase spirit stones.

"Sister, have you finished eating, let's go back after, we still have to think about how to sell the talisman when we go back."At the restaurant, Tang Zichen said to Tang Huan.

"Mmhmm, I'm full, it's been a long time since I ate delicious, let's go, let's go back."Tang Huan was satisfied.

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan's back and said in his heart, his sister is a foodie, how can she never get in shape to eat fat.

"Brother, can we get Bai Yang and the others to help us?"Don Flint asked.


"It can be considered."

Tang Zichen returned to the Flying Cloud Sect and prepared to head to Tang Huan's dormitory to find Bai Yang and the others.

"Brother, I haven't been back to the dormitory for a month, I've been sleeping with you for a month."Tang Huan said with a heezy smile.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed, after sleeping with Tang Huan for so long, Tang Zichen was a bit used to his sister's warm embrace, if Tang Huan didn't live at Tang Zichen's place in the future, then Tang Zichen wouldn't even be able to sleep.

In fact, Tang Huan was a bit embarrassed at the moment, because Tang Zichen was so powerful, Tang Huan was losing sight of Tang Zichen more and more inside, and once he didn't see him as a child, the situation would be different.

Tang Huan returned to the dormitory and knocked on the door, "Bai Yang, are you there?Open the door."

After knocking for a while, no one opened the door.

At that moment, a girl from the next dorm said, "Don't you know, Tang Huan?"

"Uh, know what?"

"Your roommates, they're already dead."

"What."Tang Huan's body trembled violently. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was also startled, Bai Yang and the other six girls, all dead?

"What are you talking about?"

"Tang Huan, why am I lying to you, where have you been for a month and you don't even know about this."

"What the hell is going on?"Tang Huan asked anxiously.

"I don't know exactly, it seems like, Bai Yang and the others obtained dozens of spirit stones, they were going to refine them properly in the dormitory, but, the next day, they all died, and their spirit stones were gone, I heard that the few of them had more than fifty spirit stones combined, no wonder someone got up the nerve to kill them."

"Oh my god, how could this happen."Tang Huan covered her mouth and cried out, unable to believe that Bai Yang and the others had been dead for many hours, almost a month all, and she only knew it now.She only hated that she was too happy with her brother for this month and didn't even come back to see them, originally Tang Huan thought that they were in seclusion to refine spirit stones, that's why she didn't come back to disturb the results.

Tang Zichen hugged the sobbing Tang Huan and comforted her, "Sister, don't worry, as long as I find out who killed and stole the treasure, I will not spare him."

"Oooh, it's too late to say anything."

"Sister, the cultivation world is inherently as cruel as it is, for the sake of just a few spirit stones, everyone would have to enter the True Beast Forest to take risks, not to mention the dozens of spirit stones, so it's normal for Bai Yang and the others to be killed, it's only because they didn't do a good job of keeping secrets, they must have ended up in such a situation because they unintentionally exposed their wealth on their way back to their dormitory."Tang Zichen said that this incident also served as a reminder to Tang Zichen to never spread the word.Tang Zichen will start selling talismans this month, and if he makes a lot of money, he must not spread the word, or else this kind of thing will also be Tang Zichen's turn.

Tang Huan cried for a long time before he followed Tang Zichen in love and went back to Tang Zichen's single room.It's good to have a single room, at least you live alone, and if you have any money, you won't reveal it.

Tang Huan was moping for several days in a row, Tang Zichen didn't bother her, refining talismans by himself.

Tang Zichen could refine 30 talismans a day, and after practicing 30 talismans, Tang Zichen was extremely mentally fatigued.

Tang Zichen spent 25 spiritual stones on the materials, but he could only refine 50 talismans. 50 talismans, if sold, could only earn 100 spiritual stones, minus the cost, the profit was only 75 spiritual stones, 75 spiritual stones and then deducted the next 25 invested, leaving only 50.

Moreover, the sales channel was still a problem, it hadn't even been opened yet, and if they rashly sold them, they might be killed by their competitors.Because Bai Yang and the others

Being killed also made Tang Huan afraid to let Tang Zichen be too flamboyant.

"Sister, I'm going to sell talismans, do you want to come with me?"

"Mm."Although Tang Huan was sad about Bai Yang and the others, he couldn't let Tang Zichen sell the talisman alone because of this.

Tang Huan and Tang Zichen walked in the Feiyun Sect, and when they saw someone, they quietly walked up and said, "Brother, do you need a fixing talisman?I have it here, the highest I can set the eighth stage of body refining."


"Brother, do you need a fixing charm?My talisman can last up to a minute oh."

"I don't even want to give it away for free, it's not purchased from regular channels, in case it's a fake, at a critical moment that would be a loss of life, only a fool would buy your amulet."

Tang Huan and Tang Zichen tried to sell his immobilization talisman to dozens of people, but no one bought it, everyone's psychology was similar, it was something used at critical moments, they didn't dare to buy it, and Tang Zichen's talisman wasn't cheap, it cost two spirit stones a piece.Those bought from regular stores, one spirit stone a piece, although the strongest can only fix the fifth and sixth stage of body refining, but regular ah, quality is guaranteed ah.

And so, after a day of selling, not a single one was sold.

Tang Zichen siblings returned to the dormitory lost.

"Brother, what should we do if we can't sell them, we can't even collect our capital back."Tang Huan said depressingly.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, there's no need to worry, good goods are not afraid that no one will buy them, the reason why people don't dare to buy them now is because they are afraid of fake goods.It's understandable, everyone is using it to deal with the beasts, it's useless at a critical moment, and they will indeed lose their lives."

"But won't they know if it's real or fake if they buy one back and try it."

"Oh, why should anyone else try it."At that moment, Tang Zichen had a bright idea and said, "Sister, I have a way."

"What way?"

"Sister, you can't spare a child to lasso a wolf, since those people are worried about counterfeit goods, we'll simply give them a free one to use, and after they've used it and think it's really okay, they'll naturally come to us next time."

"Then aren't we going to lose money."

"Sis, we can only make a profit if we lose money first, so tomorrow we'll go and give it to those people for free."


"It's late today, sis, let's sleep."

"Oh."Tang Huan looked a little embarrassed, feeling that Tang Zichen was becoming more and more powerful and mature, so it was increasingly impossible to treat Tang Zichen as a child, in which case it would be a little embarrassing for Tang Huan to sleep with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen got into his bed with a grunt, expecting his sister's fragrant body to hug him to sleep, Tang Zichen had been a bit unable to leave this feeling.

"Sister, why don't you come up here."Tang Zichen asked.

"That, brother, why don't I just sleep on the floor later."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, the sister who never minded before, why did she start to mind now.

"Sister, didn't you say, I'm a kid, I'm not afraid."

Tang Huan pursed her lips and said, "But, but you're becoming less and less like a child, I feel like you just look like a child on the outside, but inside you're more mature than me."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned and said, "Sister's senses are so accurate.

"Oh, sister, you're thinking too much, in that case, I'll sleep on the floor, you go sleep on the bed."Tang Zichen said regretfully, it seemed that he would never be able to sleep in his sister's warm embrace again.



"It's okay, sister, I'm a male, I should let you."

Tang Huan hesitated and said with a bite, "Forget it, it's all my fault, alright, alright, go to sleep."Tang Huan hardened his scalp again and lay up.

"Sister."Tang Zichen took the initiative to get into Tang Huan's arms, that feeling was so beautiful.

"Oh."Tang Huan touched Tang Zichen's head and smiled slightly.At the moment, Tang Zichen felt a bit guilty, in fact, Tang Zichen was indeed eating his sister's tofu, he really wasn't considered a child, taking advantage of his sister with the appearance of a child.However, Tang Zichen was increasingly reluctant to leave his sister's embrace, it felt so warm and intimate, and there was a faint heartbeat.Tang Zichen really wanted to never grow up and just lie in his sister's arms for the rest of his life.

The next day, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan continued to sell talismans.

"Hello, do you need a talisman?I have a fixation talisman here, the strongest can deal with Red Grade 8 magical beasts for a minute."

"Che, do you take me for an idiot, those talismans sold in regular stores aren't even this strong, let alone this one of yours."

Tang Zichen said, "I have two spirit stones for this talisman."

"Two spirit stones for one?I pooh, who wants it."

"Alright, then I'll send you one first, I'm sure you'll come to me after you try the effect, I live in the single room of the outer disciple XX."After saying that, Tang Zichen gave one away.

In total, there were fifty talismans, and they were quickly given away. One second to remember to read the book

"Brother, after the talisman is delivered, we don't know when they'll come to us to buy it, but we don't even have the start-up capital now."

"It's okay, in the worst case, we'll go back into the True Beast Forest and hunt another batch of magical beasts.But for now, you first go with me to hide."

"Brother, what are you going to hide for?"

"I'd like to choose another martial arts secret book, I've practiced a different one, the Flame Palm I practiced before, because I've killed High Strength, so I won't be using that for now."

"But, is it too late?"

"Sister, haven't you experienced my comprehension ah, just those low level martial skills, I can practice to the tenth level after looking at them once."

Tang Zichen then came to Tibet.

The elders of Tibet asked, "Didn't you take a secret book of the Flame Palm last time?What?Now you want to change?"

Tang Zichen said, "I've found that I'm not fit to practice Flame Palm, I want to change over."

Elder Tibetan didn't say anything, after all, any disciple could be replaced at any time.

Tang Zichen searched for another book.

This time, Tang Zichen looked for a secret book called Winter Palm.

After flipping through it from start to finish, Tang Zichen had almost reached the tenth level, which meant that he had practiced this Winter Palm to a great extent.

This kindergarten level secret book was too unskilled for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen made his registration and then left the hide.

"Brother, what did you choose?"Outside the hidden door, Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Winter palm."

"Winter palm?"

"Yes, and, I've already practiced to the tenth level."

"Ah, just went in to see how much you've practiced to the tenth level."Tang Huan was incomparably shocked, although he had already known that Tang Zichen was extremely talented in terms of martial arts secrets, he did not expect it to be this high.


"Brother, you're amazing, you're sister's god."

"Hehe, my sister is also my goddess."

Tang Huan's pretty face blushed slightly, I don't know why, but Tang Zichen actually blushed when he praised her, it's reasonable to say that he shouldn't, because he's a child ah, but he just blushed, and in his heart

Very happy.

Just at this moment, someone behind them suddenly shouted, "Tang Huan."

When Tang Zichen and Tang Huan turned back, they saw a man about the same age as Tang Huan, more than one meter long and still looked handsome.

"Tang Huan, it's so good to see you, I heard that all your roommates are dead, I've been looking for you for a month without finding you."The man came up and said.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Sister, who is he?"Tang Zichen was a little upset at the moment because this man looked quite concerned about Tang Huan.

Tang Zichen didn't need another man man to care about his sister.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, he's from the same year as me, remember I told you before, when we were assessing, the first person to go through the Wild Beast Forest, he only took fifteen minutes, he was the one.His name is Zhen Wuxiang, he's currently the strongest one in the entire outer disciple circle, and he's already at the seventh stage of Body Tempering."

"Oh."Tang Zichen looked at him with a wary face, if this guy dared to do anything to his sister, Tang Zichen would beat him up and he wouldn't even know his mother.

Tang Huan said to Zhen Wu Xiang, "Brother Wu Xiang, how have you been lately, it's been a long time since I've seen you."

"I'm fine, Tang Huan, I'm sorry for what happened to your roommates."

"It's fine, it's all in the past."

"That, Tang Huan, is this your brother?"

"Yes, his name is Tang Zichen, he's the tenth in this year's freshman assessment, and he's only twelve years old."

"Hello, Tang Zichen."Zhen Wuxiang said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't have the good grace to say, "You're welcome."

"Oh, Zichen, if there's anything you don't understand in the future, you can come and ask me, by the way, what martial skill are you practicing?Have you chosen yet, if you haven't chosen yet, I can help with the reference."Zhen Wuxiang looked like she was trying to please Tang Zichen.

As a man, Tang Zichen knew right away that pleasing him so much must be interesting to Tang Huan.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, no way.

Tang Huan was about to tell Zhen Wu Xiang that Tang Zichen practiced the Winter Palm, when Tang Zichen was busy interrupting Tang Huan and asked, "I wonder what martial arts secret you practiced again?"

Zhen Wuxiang smiled, "I practice Heavenly Thunder Palm, if you are interested, you can also practice Heavenly Thunder Fist just like me, and I can also instruct you."

Tang Zichen said, "Not coincidentally, I practice the Heavenly Thunder Fist as well."

"Uh, no, such a coincidence."


"Haha, that's great, Tang Zichen, then if there's anything you don't understand in the future, you're welcome to come to me, Heavenly Thunder Fist, I've already practiced to the fifth level, soon it'll be the sixth."Zhen Wuxiang said with a smug face, of course, he wasn't giving Tang Zichen face so much because of Tang Zichen, but because of Tang Huan.

Tang Huan asked, "By the way, Brother Wu Xiang, where are you going?"

Zhen Wuxiang smiled, "I have a cousin who is an Inner Circle disciple, he asked me to meet him at the back of the mountain, he wants to instruct me on some cultivation, by the way, my cousin practices the Heavenly Thunder Fist as well, it was my cousin who recommended me to practice it in the first place, my cousin is already at the seventh level.Tang Huan, do you want to come with me, my cousin is, after all, a disciple who has already assessed to enter the inner circle, he instructs me, so naturally he can also instruct you by the way, anyway, there's no harm in you going to listen."

"This."Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen.

When Zhen Wuxiang saw this, she was busy saying, "Right, Tang Zichen, you also practice Heavenly Thunder Fist, so you should go too."If Tang Zichen also went, Tang Huan would definitely go, Zhen Wu Xiang's calculations were really good.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Go, of course I'll go, but you and my sister go first, I'll go to the bathroom and come later."

"Good, then we'll go to the back of the mountain first."Zhen Wu Xiang and Tang Huan went to walk first.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, immediately entered the hide and looked for the Heavenly Thunder Fist.


Tang Zichen searched the bookshelves and quickly found the Heavenly Thunder Fist.

Tang Zichen immediately flipped it open and read it from start to finish.

"Alright, Heavenly Lightning Fist, Dacheng."Tang Zichen walked out of the hide and headed straight to the back mountain of the outer circle of disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

At this moment, in a bamboo forest in the back mountain.

"Brother."Zhen Wuxiang quickly walked up to a man standing in the bamboo forest, and Tang Huan slowly walked up behind him as well.

The man standing in the bamboo forest at this moment was Zhen Wu Xiang's cousin.

"Wuxiang, you're here, who is this?"

"Brother, let me introduce her, her name is Tang Huan."After saying that, Zhen Wuxiang said to Tang Huan, "Tang Huan, this is my cousin, his name is Zhen Zilian, he's an Inner Circle disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, he's two years older than me, and he's now at the eighth stage of Body Tempering."

"Oh!Hello."Tang Huan greeted Zhen Zilian.

That Zhen Zilian sized up Tang Huan for a moment and smiled, "Wuxiang, this is the Huan Huan that you always talk about, I say how you can't forget her, you recite the word 'Huan Huan' several times a day, now that you see her in person, she is indeed stunningly beautiful, hahaha."

"Brother, don't talk nonsense."Zhen Wuxiang turned red with embarrassment, not only did his brother say the things he often missed about Tang Huan, but he also said the things he privately called Tang Huan 'Huan Huan', it was so embarrassing. First URL

"Uh."Tang Huan was stunned, not quite liking this kind of joke.

Zhen Wuxiang was busy saying, "Tang Huan, don't listen to my brother's nonsense, it's nothing like that."

That Zhen Zilian was busy saying, "Wuxiang, why are you such a shy man, what are you afraid of, if you like it, chase it, with your talent, you deserve it too."

Tang Huan didn't like this kind of joke and said, "That, you guys are busy first, I won't bother you, I'll go back first."

Tang Huan was quite repulsive inside, although Zhen Wu Xiang was indeed good, the first in talent and strength among their term of outer disciples, but, Tang Huan liked not to come, Tang Huan felt as if she was born with a high sense of vision in her bones, how could a genius of Zhen Wu Xiang's level not be able to enter the eyes.

Zhen Wu Xiang saw that Tang Huan was leaving, he panicked, he still let his cousin guide Tang Huan and enhance his relationship.

"Tang Huan, why be in such a hurry when you've already come, besides, your brother will come over later."Zhen Wuxiang was busy advising.

Tang Huan thought for a moment, since that was the case, let's wait for your brother to come.

Zhen Wu Xiang was busy saying, "Cousin, help us with the tips on how to refine our bodies faster and better so that I can learn a little bit from all of my good Tang Huan.By the way, Tang Huan's younger brother will also be coming over later, he's also even in the Heavenly Thunder Fist, so you can instruct her brother as well ah."

Zhen Zichen nodded and then began to explain, Tang Huan was also listening, there was never any harm in listening anyway.

Not long after, Tang Zichen came.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "I'm not late to the party, am I."

Zhen Wuxiang was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, come here."

Tang Zichen walked over.

Zhen Wuxiang said, "Tang Zichen, this is my cousin, Zhen Zilian, you also practice the Heavenly Thunder Fist, if there's anything you don't understand, ask."

"Uh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, so anxious, then don't blame Tang Zichen for being rude.Tang Zichen was going to give Zhen Wuxiang a bit of a show today, so that he wouldn't dare to hit Tang Huan again in the future.


; Zhen Wuxiang looked at his cousin with a prayer in her eyes, as if she was praying for his cousin to guide Tang Zichen.

Zhen Wuxiang's cousin was a bit helpless, he didn't want to guide just anyone, but he had to sacrifice for the sake of his cousin picking up girls.

Zhen Zilian looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Tang Zichen, how many levels have you reached in your Heavenly Thunder Fist?"

Tang Zichen said, "The tenth floor."

Zhen Zilian was stunned and became a bit annoyed, was Tang Zichen playing with him?

"Tang Zichen, I'm only instructing you because I'm in the way of my cousin's face, and my cousin is watching Tang Huan's face to instruct you, so don't you not know how to cherish it and miss out on such a great opportunity."

"Haha, I'm very grateful, but I've really practiced to the tenth level."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen was still so ignorant of himself, now even Zhen Wuxiang couldn't look at it anymore and said, "Tang Zichen, the opportunity is rare, my cousin usually doesn't guide others."

"I've really practiced to the tenth level, you guys love to believe it or not."

Zhen Zichen snorted, "Just you?Tenth floor of the Thunder Fist?Even I'm currently at the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and I've only reached the seventh level, who do you think you are, wanting to practice to the tenth level, even if you open up the first stage, you may not be able to do it."

Tang Zichen said, "Really? Then I'll show you what the tenth level is."After saying that, Tang Zichen raised his fist at that Zhen Zilian.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, Zhen Zilian, really narcissistic and really narcissistic.

Zhen Zilian snorted angrily, "What a lack of knowledge of life, let's just say, I'll show you what power the seventh layer of the Heavenly Thunder Fist is."

After saying that, Zhen Zilien shouted, "Thunderbolt."Zhen Zilian's fist came, his fist flashed with faint lightning, and with every inch of air blasted forward, the air made a blasting sound, opening up in a series of blasts, like firecrackers cracking, and in the blink of an eye, he was right in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen grunted, "I'll let experience a move from the tenth level of the Heavenly Thunder Fist, the top of Heavenly Thunder."

Tang Zichen's fists touched, as if there were two dark clouds in the sky, there was an ear-shattering rumbling sound, between Tang Zichen's fists, a white lightning bolt erupted, the white lightning bolt was so fast that everyone knew how fast electricity traveled, in the blink of an eye, the lightning bolt struck the top of Zhen Zilian's head.

"Ah."Zhen Zilian hissed, feeling as if the bones in his body were looming, his hair standing on end as if it had been scalded.

Tang Zichen's move just now hadn't incorporated immortal energy, otherwise Zhen Zilian would have died long ago.

"Brother, how are you doing?"Zhen Wu Xiang was busy pouncing and shouting.

"Bang."Zhen Zi Lian's body fell straight down.


Tang Huan was also shocked, "Brother, you didn't kill him, did you?"

"Sister don't worry, I'm not interested in killing him over this small matter, he was just hit by the strongest move of my Heavenly Lightning Fist and his consciousness was just blurred, he'll slow down later."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen's words Zhen Wuxiang also heard, Zhen Wuxiang looked at Tang Zichen, seemingly incredulous that this was done by a twelve year old boy.

Zhen Wuxiang asked, "Tang Zichen, who the hell are you?Why can you practice to the point where you've achieved great success with the Heavenly Thunder Fist, what realm are you at, I don't believe you're only at the second stage of Body Refining."

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter if you don't believe it or not, I don't need to make you believe it, anyway, if you want to chase my sister, you have to go through me."


Zhen Wuxiang frowned and snorted, "How could Tang Huan have a younger brother like you, when everyone else's younger brother would love for his sister to be with a genius."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said, "I think it would be more appropriate for you to be called 'True Narcissist', you're a genius?You may be a genius to other people, but to me, you're ordinary, okay?Even your cousin isn't my opponent, and you're even less so, so in front of me, you really should stop thinking you're a genius, you'll lose face."

"You."Zhen Wuxiang was speechless for a moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Zhen Wuxiang, I actually have a pretty good impression of you, at least you're not like those people like Liu Hua and Yu Bird, you didn't stalk my sister, so I'm not going to do anything to you this time, we're not considered enemies, of course, if you treat me as an enemy, I'm welcome.Well, your cousin will be able to recover later, my sister and I will leave first, by the way, you are not worthy of my sister, don't be delusional in the future.If you don't mind, you can be my sister's friend, bye."

Tang Zichen pulled Tang Huan away, Zhen Wuxiang looked at Tang Zichen's departing back, but for some reason, he had no temper, because, Tang Zichen's strength made him produce no temper anymore, it wasn't on the same level at all.

"Brother, did you just go to hide and temporarily practice your Heavenly Thunder Fist?"Don Huan asked.

"Yes, sister."

"Why is that."Tang Huan asked, puzzled.

"Sister, you're angry."

"I'm not, I'm just asking."

"Sister, I can see that Zhen Wu Xiang likes you and wants to please you by being nice to me.I felt that he wasn't good enough for you, so I learned the Heavenly Thunder Fist to make him know when to back off."Tang Zichen said. Remember the website

"Actually, it's my sister who doesn't deserve him,"Tang Huan said.

"Uh, you're not good enough for her?How so, you're my sister, there's no woman in the world you can't match."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother, you are you and I am me, if it wasn't for you, I would still be at the third level of Body Refining, my Flying Flower Palm wouldn't have been trained to the fifth level, and my family is only a thousand year old family, and I don't have any status in the family yet.And Zhen Wuxiang, not to mention anything else, he's the first in talent, there must be a big difference between him and me in the future, I'm the only one who doesn't deserve him."

"Sister, that was before, but it's different now, you have me, I'll make you become, all the men in the world can't match you."

Tang Huan puffed out a laugh, "Then wouldn't that make it impossible for sister to get married."

"Uh, this, well, I'm just giving you a random example.By the way, sister, did you see that Zhen Wu Xiang had a crush on you before?"Don Zichen asked.

"Well, I can tell a little bit, but he doesn't dare to confess to me, he just often pretends to have a chance encounter with me, and nothing else."

Tang Zichen said, "So, Zhen Wuxiang is still considered to have a better character, unlike those shameless, stalkerish ones."

"Right, actually, it's a bit early for you to hit him like that just now, after all, he hasn't confessed to me yet."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, as if, Tang Zichen had let Zhen Wu Xiang die, but Zhen Wu Xiang hadn't even confessed to Tang Huan yet.

"Well, it's true that it's a bit early, but he does like you inside, just as close as confessing to you.Sister, you knew he had a crush on you before, so what about you for him?Have a good feeling?"Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "No, I don't know why, I don't seem to feel that he's powerful at all inside, I always feel as if I'm much more powerful than him

The more people have seen it."

"Hehe, it must be me."Tang Zichen smiled proudly, Tang Huan was with him every day as a genius, how could he still fancy that Zhen Wuxiang.

At that moment, Tang Huan said, "But I didn't even know you then."

"Ah!"Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed, Tang Zichen was so narcissistic.

Tang Zichen suddenly asked, "Right, sister, I don't think I've ever heard anything about your mother, before, when I was in the Tang family, my fifth uncle lived alone, if he hadn't said he had a daughter, I would have thought he was single.However, after coming to the Flying Cloud Sect, I haven't heard any information from you about your mother either."

Tang Huan said, "I have no concept of a mother, I only remember my father from my childhood."

"So."Tang Zichen did not ask any more questions.

Just then, Tang Zichen saw a group of people in front of him, discussing a lot.

Tang Zichen also walked up, only to see that group of people were looking at a girl in the distance, the girl was about 12 years old, similar to Tang Zichen, but would be a bit taller than Tang Zichen, probably because girls developed earlier.

Tang Zichen had never seen a girl with such exquisite features that could be seen at such a young age.

At this moment, that girl looked at a group of people and asked, "Which one of you has seen my little white dragon?"

Everyone shook their heads.

The girl looked a little anxious and said, "Oh no, it can't be that she ran away to the True Beast Forest, my little white dragon has only been out for a few days, if she ran away to the True Beast Forest, it would be the end."

Tang Zichen asked, "Sister, who is this little girl?"

Tang Huan said, "I don't know, but so beautiful, by the way, what realm is she in?Why can't even I judge?"Tang Huan's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said, "She's at the sixth stage of Body Tempering."

"Reaching the sixth stage of Body Tempering at such a young age."Tang Huan was shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Even I'm only at the seventh stage of Body Tempering, and to reach this level at such a young age, then there's no doubt that this girl is either an existence just like me, or she's from a great power."

"Then it must be the offspring of a certain strong man of the Flying Cloud Sect."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Huan said, "When she grows up, she will definitely be a peerless beauty."

"Oh, sister is definitely prettier than her."

Tang Huan was pleased inside and hummed, "Just your sweet mouth, let's go, we're going back."

Tang Zichen and his sister returned to the single room.

Sister continued to practice her martial skills while Tang Zichen continued to study talisman refining.

At that moment, Tang Zichen noticed a noise under his bed.

"What is it?"

Tang Zichen looked under the bed and saw a white baby dragon the size of a palm.

"Hey, a newborn dragon?"Tang Zichen was surprised and panicked, reaching out his hand.

However, the white dragon seemed to be scared and immediately drilled away.

At this time, Tang Zichen lingered his celestial energy in his palm and then extended his hand.

At that moment, the young dragon slowly came up and then stood in Tang Zichen's palm, as if the fairy qi lingering in Tang Zichen's palm was particularly attractive to it.


"What are you doing, brother?"

"What do you see here, sister?"

"Ah, little white dragon?That wouldn't be the young dragon of the little girl who just came in big, would it?"

"Definitely, the first time I saw a real dragon, he'll be mine from now on,"Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, don't ever ah, give it back to that little girl."

"No return."Tang Zichen loved the dragon, such a small dragon looked cute, how could Tang Zichen be willing to give it back to that little kid.

"Brother, that little girl must have an unusual origin, besides, the true dragon is such a noble creature, ordinary beasts will be scared away when asked for the dragon's scent, such a precious dragon will not stay for long even in our hands."Tang Huan advised Tang Zichen.

"Uh, sister, are true dragons very noble?"

"Of course, countless billions of years ago, in this world, there were no humans, the dragons were the rulers of this world, and dragons have been around longer than us humans."

"Oh, I thought that dragons were also a variety of magical beasts."

Tang Huan was speechless, dragons and magical beasts were not the same kind at all. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen would keep the little white dragon at home for now, as to whether or not to return it, we would talk about it later.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan set off for the True Beast Forest.

The purpose of this trip to the True Beast Forest was to hunt and kill magical beasts in exchange for spirit stones, and then go buy talisman refining materials, after all, Tang Zichen didn't even have any capital left.

As for the Little White Dragon, Tang Zichen naturally brought it with him.

"Brother, let's just take the little white dragon to the True Beast Forest, what if we accidentally get eaten by a magical beast?When that little girl finds out, she'll definitely find trouble with us."Tang Huan said.

"Sister, are you going to let me take him, when I get tired of playing with him, I'll return him to that who."

"Alright, then we must protect him."

"That's for sure."

Half a day later, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan had entered the True Beast Forest.

"Roar."A Body Refining Fifth Stage beast saw Tang Zichen, and ran away with a low roar.

That's right, ran, because the beast sensed the terrifying scent of Tang Zichen's body and hurried to run.

Usually, only if the demonic beast thought there was no danger, it would take the initiative to pounce.

Tang Zichen was currently releasing his Qi around the sixth stage of Body Tempering, Tang Zichen's aim was to not kill any magical beasts below the sixth stage of Red Grade, and didn't want to waste time.Because of the exchange ratio of magical cores, a Red Grade Sixth Stage magical core was only equivalent to a First Grade Spirit Stone.

In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were both in a mess, they had already been in the True Beast Forest for half a month, their bodies were naturally messy.

In this half month, Tang Zichen had killed a total of more than two hundred Red Grade Six or higher magical beasts.

To be more specific, Tang Zichen had killed three of the ninth rank Red rank beasts; twenty of the eighth rank Red rank beasts; fifty of the seventh rank Red rank beasts; and over 130 of the sixth rank Red rank beasts.

"Sister, we're almost ready to go back."

"Well, with so many magic cores, we can exchange more than 300 spirit stones."Tang Huan said happily.

With so many spirit stones exchanged this time, there was no telling how many levels of the realm we could raise.

However, the higher the realm, the greater the consumption of Spirit Stones, so 300+ Spirit Stones wasn't much.The main thing was business, and this might earn more.

"Sister, we don't use these spirit stones to refine ourselves, we use them to buy talisman refining materials, and then we use money to make money.The talisman refining materials purchased with over a hundred spirit stones can produce 1200 first grade talismans, each sold for 2 spirit stones, haha.

2,400 spirit stones now.After deducting the cost, it also made 2100, yay."Tang Zichen shouted out in excitement.

Tang Huan also laughed wildly with joy, hugging Tang Zichen and spinning in circles.

At this moment, not far away, a group of people were standing under the tree, looking at the whole crazy Tang Zichen siblings, and one of them said, "Captain, what are they doing?Just the two of them?"

"I don't understand, they look happy, do they, do they gain a lot?"

"Captain, that woman, she seems a bit familiar."

"Huh, it seems like, I recognize her, she's Outsider Disciple Tang Huan."

"What, Tang Huan?It's the outlying disciple's very famous peerless beauty, Tang Huan?"

"Yes, that's her, I heard earlier that Yang Qian wanted to keep her, but he was rejected."

"Captain, the woman Yang Qian wanted to keep, do we dare to touch her ah?Yang Qian is not something we can offend ah."

"Hmph, which so what, Yang Qian slapped me last time, I still don't know how to take revenge for this, very well, since we've met today, don't miss it."

"Captain, what are you doing?"

"Kill, no, sleep first and then kill, I heard that this Tang Huan is still a fledgling, hahaha, today it's cheap for me, it's also a revenge against Yang Qian."Under the tree, the man known as the captain smiled evilly.

This man, was no longer at the Body Tempering Stage, he had stepped into the Opening Light Stage, and his realm was the First Order of Opening Light.After the Body Refining Stage was the Opening Light, and after the Opening Light Stage was the Heart Illumination.Tang Huan's father was at the Heart Illumination Stage.Above the Heart Illumination stage, cultivation was much more difficult, one step a day.

Tang Zichen was happy with Tang Huan when suddenly, a group of people came out and surrounded them.

"Hmph, quite happy."The leader of the group snorted.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were immediately wary.

Tang Huan was busy asking, "Who are you guys?"

"Hahaha, forget about who we are for a moment, let's start by telling us why you guys were so happy just now."

At this moment, Tang Zichen looked at this group of people, the strongest captain among them, Tang Zichen couldn't judge his approximate realm, but there was no doubt that he must have reached the Enlightenment Stage, how many stages of Enlightenment was unknown, besides that, there were three other people who were also at the Enlightenment Stage, and the remaining seven or eight people were all above the eighth stage of Body Tempering.

This group of people were definitely not weak, the weakest were all at the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and there were more than ten people in total.

Tang Zichen's current realm was the seventh stage of Body Tempering, and Tang Zichen didn't know how much strength he would be able to reach if he put out his full strength, so Tang Zichen was a little nervous at the moment.

"What do you guys want?"Tang Zichen asked.

That captain didn't even look at Tang Zichen, looked at Tang Huan and grunted, "You must be Tang Huan."

"Right, who are you guys?"

"Hehe, worthy of being a beauty whose fame has spread to the inner circle disciples, truly stunning enough, no wonder even Yang Qian wants to take care of you."

Tang Huan frowned, it turned out that the person who wanted to take care of her was called Yang Qian, it looked like that Yang Qian was somewhat famous among the inner circle disciples.

Tang Huan pulled Tang Zichen's hand tightly, as if he was a little afraid.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't be afraid, sister, I'm here."

Although Tang Zichen didn't have the confidence to deal with this group of people, Tang Zichen at least had the confidence to escape with Tang Huan.

"Yoho, you little brat, you seem to have a pretty wild tone."One of the opponent looked at Tang Zichen and snorted in disdain, looking like he was looking for death.

At this time, a short man who was dealing with a short man came out and smiled, "Captain, before killing this little fart, can you give him to me first so I can have a good time, you know me, I like little boys of twelve or thirteen years old the most, this age is the most enjoyable."


Right now, Tang Zichen was furious, and this short man was without a doubt a person with a special hobby.

This short man was a Body Tempering Ninth Stage.

A ninth stage of Body Refining, Tang Zichen could easily spike it.

With lightning speed, Tang Zichen slapped the strongest move in the Winter Palm, 'End of Winter and Spring', up at once.

"Be careful."That captain on the other side was the first to shout.

But, it was too late, Tang Zichen's move was issued, the air around him instantly lowered, a solemn aura formed in from Tang Zichen was the palm of his hand, Tang Zichen's palm was like a blower, the invisible aura of solemnity fiercely shot towards that short person, the next moment, almost instantly, an almost transparent ice blade, straight into that short person's skull.

"Ah."That dwarf eventually let out an ah, and then his body fell straight down, in a state of death, he probably never thought that he would be just a tired little kid, but it turned out to be a strong man who wanted him dead.

"Cheap Monkey."After that short man fell to his death, his teammates shouted.

At this moment, Tang Huan was holding onto Tang Zichen's arm tightly.

"Brother, what to do."Tang Huan knew that his brother alone had to deal with a group of them, and four of them were at the Enlightenment stage, which was a huge difference.It wasn't just the difference of a few steps, it was the difference between the Refining Stage and the Enlightenment Stage, a difference that would never be won without an absolutely powerful magic weapon, for example, a talisman that could immobilize the Enlightenment Stage, or a secret method bestowed by a more powerful person that could deal with the Enlightenment Stage.Even if Tang Zichen practiced the Flame Palm, the Winter Palm, and the Heavenly Thunder Fist to great success, but where so what, because all the martial skills hidden by the outer disciples were the lowest level martial skills, only suitable for the Body Refining Stage.

"Die."That captain shouted. The first website

Tang Zichen was busy, "Sister, run."

"What about you."

"You're standing beside me, I still have to distract myself to protect you."

Tang Huan listened, she was sad inside, she couldn't help Tang Zichen, and had become a burden to Tang Zichen when she truly met her life and death enemies.

Tang Huan wasn't sentimental, knowing that she was indeed a burden, she immediately had to run first.

"You guys go after Tang Huan, I'll deal with him."The other party, a man from the first stage of Enlightenment, said.

The five men who dealt with the eighth and ninth stages of Body Tempering chased after Tang Zichen, and the remaining surrounded Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen simply didn't have the extra strength to protect Tang Huan at the moment, everything could only be up to her.

The man who had just offered to deal with Tang Zichen, the Open Light Stage 1 man, his hands instantly flipped out a green toad, a live one, the man bit his finger, a drop of blood dripped onto the green toad, and suddenly, the green toad's body swelled.

"Roar."The toad swelled into a huge creature with a height of over ten meters.

One of the people on the other side shouted, "Yun Jun, use your secret method and slice this kid up so that your toad can eat him."

"That's for sure, I want to avenge the cheap monkey."The man who was called Yun Jun, the first stage of Enlightenment, said through gritted teeth.

Tang Zichen looked at the huge toad, his heart filled with caution.


p; Tang Zichen didn't know that this was a secret method, being able to cultivate a secret method meant that this person had some connections, at least his family shouldn't be bad.Because secret methods were not passed down to the outside world, those disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect who went beyond the Body Tempering Stage, if their family did not have a secret method to pass down, then they could only choose the martial skills provided by the Flying Cloud Sect Collection, only they would be stronger than the martial skills of the outer disciples, and secret methods were not provided by the Flying Cloud Sect, unless they had some kind of relationship or received some major rewards from the Flying Cloud Sect, the Flying Cloud Sect would only provide secret methods.

This person called Yun Jun, he was the only one in their team who possessed a secret method, even their captain didn't have a secret method, and could only honestly practice the martial skills hidden by the Flying Cloud Sect, so although this Yun Jun was only in the first stage of Enlightenment, he was in the second position in the team, and even their captain didn't dare to give too much face.

Right now, Yun Jun was in such a hurry to deal with Tang Zichen, perhaps on the other hand, he also wanted to show off his secret techniques.

As expected, the group of people who had surrounded Tang Zichen were now very envious when they saw that Yun Jun was using his secret method, and were shouting for him to toad and eat Tang Zichen.

"Roar."The toad let out a huge roar.

Yun Jun stood to the side, the ten fingers of his left and right hands pressed together, and his mouth chanted.

"Shoo."At that moment, the toad's mouth opened, and from his mouth instantly shot out a fiery red shadow that was so fast that there was no way to prevent it.In fact, Tang Zichen had anticipated this move, but he had underestimated the toad.

Before Tang Zichen could make a move, it was as if his body was tied by a bundle of ropes, a force pulled, and Tang Zichen was already in the toad's belly when he went black.

"Haha, I thought it was so powerful, but it was eaten by Yun Jun's toad in one go."Several people were busy exclaiming.

Yun Jun was a little proud, although that cheap monkey was killed by Tang Zichen, but everyone was just a team, it wasn't like they were real life and death brothers, when the cheap monkey died, everyone was just angry, it hadn't reached the point of being heartbroken.

Right now, Tang Zichen was in the toad's belly, Tang Zichen felt as if there was a mysterious power binding him, and most importantly, Tang Zichen's body was emitting a light blue light, Tang Zichen's flesh was gradually being stripped from his body and then absorbed by that toad, this feeling was as if Tang Zichen was gradually being refined.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was horrified, he was being refined by the toad.

It seemed that once he was trapped by the secret method, it would be difficult to get out again, he would be refined and become the toad's nutrition, enhancing the strength of this toad and also making Yun Jun's secret method stronger.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't an ordinary person.

Tang Zichen possessed Immortal Qi in his body, and although Immortal Qi would have to rely on Tang Zichen's strength to work, it was, after all, Immortal Qi, how could a mere toad swallow Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen suddenly wrapped his entire body with his Immortal Qi, and finally, Tang Zichen no longer lost his aura.

However, Tang Zichen was still bound by a mysterious force, unable to move, as if he was in outer space, or a vacuum of space.

"What should we do?Am I trapped?"

"Sister doesn't know what's going on, just now five Body Tempering Eighth and Ninth Steps went after her, Sister will definitely not be able to escape."

Tang Zichen was a bit anxious, he didn't expect that the Open Light Stage was so powerful and had a secret method.

At this moment, Tang Huan was running like hell.


"Stop running, you think you can run?"The five men in the back were not slow to catch up, they didn't seem to be in a hurry to catch Tang Huan up.

One of the men said, "We'll catch her after we're a bit farther away, then, the five of us, hehe."The five men looked at each other and smiled, as if they had already discussed it.

"And what will we tell Captain Lienger then?After all, he's still waiting for us to bring Tang Huan back to enjoy it."

"At that time, we'll just say that we ran into the beast, and Tang Huan was eaten by the beast, and even we almost couldn't come back."

"Haha, actually, we're the ones who wheeled Tang Huan around and destroyed the corpse."

"Well, we can't blame it on us, the last time we ran into female disciples in the Demon Beast Forest, after Captain Lienger himself had a good time, he shared it with a few of them to play with, but we didn't, so since he's so unfair, don't blame us this time.Moreover, every time we hunt to the nucleus, the distribution isn't fair either, although we're only at the Body Tempering stage and we did pay less, we also risked our lives to enter the True Beast Forest, and half of the nucleus we killed every time were Red Grade, which means we killed them."

The five people chasing Tang Huan said with a grumble, no wonder they weren't in a hurry to catch Tang Huan up, so this alliance of theirs wasn't very strong either.

Tang Huan ran for a long time, but she was getting confused, why hadn't they caught up with her for so long?Are they not faster too?

Just then, one of the five people behind said, "Let's do it here, there's a cave up ahead, let's grab her into the cave and have a good time once and for all.Fuck, I've never seen such a beautiful, well-built woman in my life, and she's only sixteen, she's so tender, hehehehe."The five of them let out a 'silver' laugh.

A few seconds later, Tang Huan was surrounded.

"Run, why don't you keep running." Remember the URL

Tang Huan looked at the road she had come from, until she saw the end of the forest, there was no sign of Tang Zichen, it seemed that her brother would not catch up with her, and she didn't know if her brother had been killed as well.

Tang Huan cried, "Dad, I'm sorry, brother, we'll see each other in the next life."After saying that, Tang Huan wanted to commit suicide.

"Think pretty."In the next second, Tang Huan's knife was snatched, so he couldn't even commit suicide.

"Let's finish having fun even if we have to die."The other one said.

"Cut the crap and drag it into the cave."After saying that, the man slapped the back of Tang Huan's head, Tang Huan's eyes went black and he fainted.

The five men dragged Tang Huan into the cave.

"Haha, she's fainted, why don't we wake her up, it's even better if we wake her up."One of them said.

"Or not, in case the captain and the others see us not going back for so long and follow behind, this girl yelling and screaming exposed, alright, alright, hurry up."After saying that, the five men began to take off their clothes.

But at that moment, Tang Huan suddenly sat up.

"Uh, she's awake."The five men were shocked, it was reasonably impossible, with Tang Huan's strength it wasn't possible for her to wake up so quickly.

However, Tang Huan's appearance seemed wrong at this moment, at this moment, Tang Huan's eyes looked icy cold, her eyes seemed to shoot out a chilling Guan Mane, as if she was a cold queen high above the world.

Tang Huan swept her eyes at the five men.

The five men were so frightened that they didn't dare to continue with their undressing, as if their bodies fell into an ice hole when Tang Huan looked at them, and it felt like they would be crushed to death at any moment.

The five men looked at each other, not knowing what was happening.

At that moment, Tang Huan's mouth was cold like

Completely different from his previous naivety, Tang Huan said coldly, "Just you guys, you're also worthy."

After saying that, Tang Huan stretched out his hand and the five men's bodies immediately floated up, allowing them to struggle and fail to land.

Tang Huan grabbed his finger in the empty space.

"Ka-cha."The bodies of the five men twisted into each other, like wringing clothes, blood spilling all over the ground, extremely cruel.

With another wave of his hand, the bodies of those five people had turned into meat paste, which spilled all over the stone walls of the cave like cement paste.

Tang Huan stood up silently and walked out of the cave.

At that moment, Tang Huan said, "Child, wait a little longer, I will definitely take you home as soon as possible."

After saying that, Tang Huan's body went limp and he fainted again.

And now, in the same place, Tang Zichen was trapped in that toad's belly, and that toad didn't have any internal organs or anything like that, Tang Zichen felt as if he had entered a void.

Just when Tang Zichen didn't know how to escape, suddenly, something moved in Tang Zichen's bosom, and Tang Zichen remembered that he had a small white dragon hidden in his bosom.

That little white dragon crawled out, and after the past half a month, the little white dragon seemed to treat Tang Zichen as a family member.

Tang Zichen said, "Little White, I'm in trouble, you need your help now."

Little White Dragon nodded his head.

Tang Zichen said, "You crawl into the palm of my hand now."

Little White Dragon obeyed and crawled into the palm of Tang Zichen's hand, Tang Zichen suddenly covered his body's Immortal Qi over Little White Dragon, before Little White Dragon was in his arms, Tang Zichen couldn't do anything through his clothes.

"Little White, now you strike directly in any direction, you have my immortal energy on you, a district toad can't stop it."

The little white dragon obeyed the charge, and suddenly, the secret space inside the toad's belly was broken.

"Boom!"The Tang Zichen was like a Sun Monkey flying out of the Five Finger Mountain.

The man, Yun Jun, had been so proud that he had already eaten Tang Zichen and his toad had re-smallened and was in his sleeve.But suddenly, his sleeve burst, and Tang Zichen broke out of his body.

"Ah."At that moment, Yun Jun was stupid.

Yun Jun could instantly feel that the toad his family had refined for him was dead, the toad needed a strong person to help him refine it, just like refining a corpse, and then using a secret method to drive it, this method was actually the predecessor of the 'magic treasure'.Because magic treasures consumed enormous amounts of energy, low-level immortal cultivators could not control them.

After Tang Zichen broke out of his body, a moment, using his palm as a sword, he struck at that Yun Jun, as Tang Zichen broke out of his body and was right in front of Yun Jun, right now he could kill one of them first.

"Wow!"Tang Zichen's palm, which was covered with immortal energy, suddenly turned into a divine weapon and slanted, splitting Yun Jun in half from head to toe.

Several people around him didn't have time to do any.

The captain, who was called Lian Ge, was the first to react and yelled, "Nine Heavenly Xuan Avalanches."

Lian Ge's body tightened and the muscles on his body began to expand, turning him into a muscle-bursting man all of a sudden.

"Drink!"Lian Ge bounced on both feet and slammed a fierce punch into Tang Zichen, his muscles were like taut bands of steel, and a casual wave of his hand gave him the feeling that he was hiding infinite power.

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt that he had suddenly become small, as if that Lien Ge was a Genting Buddha who could shoot him to death in just one breath.


This feeling of insignificance, Tang Zichen had once encountered strong enemies even when he was in the mortal realm.

Therefore, at this critical juncture, Tang Zichen subconsciously opened his Life Blood Hidden.

It was completely subconscious, because of the previous habit of spraying into such situations in the Mortal Realm.

However, after turning on Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen reacted, what was the point of him turning on Life Blood Hidden now, it was no longer a world that spoke of martial arts.

However, in the next second, Tang Zichen suddenly didn't think so.

Because after opening the Life Blood Invisibility, his thinking, and the vitality of any cell in his body increased countless times, as if there was a far greater increase than when he opened it in the mortal world.

Moreover, at this moment, Tang Zichen's mind recalled the Shura Eighteen Blades.

Tang Zichen had practiced the Shura Eighteen Blades before, but unfortunately, he couldn't practice at all.

But after opening Life Blood Hidden, suddenly, Tang Zichen seemed to vaguely understand the first blade of the Shura Eighteen Blades.

"So that's how it is."Tang Zichen had a flash of insight within.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Lian Ge who was killing towards him, and the other party's movements seemed to have slowed down a great deal, as if they were slow motion. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen raised his palm.

"Wow."In the air, only two to three meters away from killing Tang Zichen's Liange, the body split into two pieces and blood shot everywhere.

However, in the next second, Tang Zichen's body instantly withdrew from the Life Blood Hidden state.

The duration of Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hiding was less than one second.

Tang Zichen's body seemed to be hollowed out as he exited the Life Blood Hidden state.

Tang Zichen looked at the other people, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't kill all of them, and Tang Zichen had no power left.

Tang Zichen had just comprehended the Shura First Blade when he entered the Life Blood Hidden state, and it seemed that Tang Zichen could only display the Shura Eighteenth Blade when he opened the Life Blood Hidden state.



The rest of them, looking at the corpse that had been split in half, shouted.

Although Tang Zichen had no power now, they didn't dare to act recklessly, even Yun Jun's secret method couldn't kill Tang Zichen, and in the end, the toad died, Yun Jun died, and now, even their captain died so miserably, try to see how they would dare to move again.

Tang Zichen looked at the remaining people.

Of the four remaining people, two of them were from the Open Light Phase I and II.

"Pounce."Of those four people, the two from the Body Refining Stage were the first to kneel down to Tang Zichen.

A few seconds later, the two at the Light Opening Stage followed suit and kneeled down.

"Senior spare your life."

"Senior spare your life."

Tang Zichen looked at these people who were kowtowing and begging for mercy, Tang Zichen couldn't kill them even if he wanted to at the moment, he was thinking of what to do when a voice came from his side, "Brother."

Tang Zichen turned his head, it was Tang Huan.

"Sister, are you alright?"Tang Zichen was busy walking up.

The five people who were kneeling and begging for mercy also looked at Tang Huan in confusion, muttering in their hearts, "Where are the five people who went after them?Why don't you come back?"

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan, who indeed seemed to be fine, and busily asked, "Where is that man of his?Weren't they the ones who brought you back?"

Tang Huan himself didn't know what was going on, so he shook his head and said, "They're all dead."

The four people who were kneeling not far away, begging for mercy, were foolish when they heard that those people were also dead.


They're not to be messed with, are they both such perverts?Now there were only four of the ten of them left, and it wasn't clear if they would survive today.

The four of them looked at each other, their faces blue.

Although Tang Zichen was also confused as to how they died, it wasn't appropriate to ask more questions at the moment.

Tang Zichen looked at the four people who were kneeling and begging for mercy and said, "Leave all of you with your storage bags and I can spare your lives.Also, when you go back, pretend you know nothing, or else, die."

"Yes yes yes."

The few people were as if they had received a great amnesty, they were busy putting down their storage bags and fled in a mess, they kept running, not daring to stop.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, did you kill them all?"Tang Huan felt unbelievable, his younger brother was too strong, only at the seventh stage of Body Tempering, and he had killed the Open Light Stage.

"Well, I killed them all."

"Then why did you just let those four people go?"Tang Huan was puzzled.

"I didn't want to let go either, but I'm really powerless, we were actually more dangerous just now, if the four of them knew I was powerless, I'm afraid we'd be the ones to die.They're only on their knees because I'm dumbfounded, if I don't let go and they're dog-tired, then we're finished."

"Uh-huh, it's fine."

"Sister, the five people who just went after you are all at the eight or nine stages of Body Tempering ah, why are you fine?"

Tang Huan was angry, "What? You still want something to happen to your sister, those five guys just now, they were so bad, they tried to drag me to the cave, they wanted to defile me."

"And then what?"

"Then they knocked me out, but, when I woke up, I fell at the mouth of the cave and they were all gone.But I smelled blood, so I went into the cave and saw."

"Saw what?"

"Saw their flesh turn to pulp and stick to the stone wall.I was sick to my stomach, so I ran back quickly, then saw the men on their knees begging for mercy."

"Who helped you?"Tang Zichen was puzzled.

"I don't know, there must have been a strong man who secretly helped me, the True Beast Forest has many people coming in after all, it's just that the man who helped me didn't want to show himself, and left before I woke up."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Anyway, thanks to him this time, I, Tang Zichen, advised him of this favor."

Tang Huan also nodded with a palpitating heart, it was really too dangerous to almost be defiled, if he was really defiled by those five people, Tang Huan would not live.

"Sister, let's get out of here."


Tang Zichen picked up several storage bags on the ground, including that Yun Jun's, and Captain Liange's, then led Tang Huan to quickly run away from the scene.

After running for a long time, they made sure it was safe before they stopped.

The two of them were lying in a hole in a large tree.

"Let's take a break and look at the loot."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan was also quite excited, "They're Inner Siege disciples, there must be a lot of hunting nuclei, so quickly pour it out and take a look."

After some counting by the two of them, it was finally determined that the trophies they had obtained were as follows: one orange-grade third-grade magic nucleus, six orange-grade second-grade magic nuclei, 30 orange-grade first-grade magic nuclei, 200 red-grade ninth-grade magic nuclei, 500 red-grade eighth-grade magic nuclei, 800 red-grade seventh-grade magic nuclei, and 1,500 red-grade sixth-grade magic nuclei.

"Wow."Tang Huan and Tang Zichen, they were hugging each other in excitement, so many gains.

Tang Huan fiercely kissed Tang Zichen on the cheek, although everyone almost paid a heavy price this time, the loot was still quite rich.


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