Dish Best Served Cold 266-270


Chapter 266

However, facing the rebuke from Han Hai and the others, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear.

  His face was expressionless, and his look was nippy, and with a domineering and tyrannical look, he stepped up with his head held high.

  The low footsteps stepped on the stone steps, and the reverberations they brought with them were earth shattering!


  "This guy's crazy!"

  "The whole moronic fool!"

  "He's only willing if he intends to kill Mu Orange~" Han Hai's eyes were red as he roared in anger.

  Han Fei Fei cursed with the same rage.

  Sun Yuhao even looked at the security guards outside the door and angrily raged, "Where are the security guards, what the hell are they all eating?"

  "Get that fool down here now!"

  Sun Yuhao three angrily reprimanded, but the others around them all looked at the young man stepping up the steps in front of them.Some were puzzled, some sneered and shook their heads, some were silent, and some rebuked and cursed.

  Obviously, to many people, the person in front of them was a jumper who was causing trouble.

  After all, how could a person who was at the top of the Jiangdong power hierarchy be so young?And how could they be dressed so casually, or even somewhat shabbily.

  Just like this, under the conscription of many people, the security guards outside the door really ran up, ready to subdue Ye Fan and drive him out of the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  However, it was at this time that a rich and powerful nobleman in front of Ye Fan stepped out, cupped his hands and paid respectful homage to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu!"


  At this moment, the entire arena then stagnated.

  Han Hai's and the others were even more startled by their old faces.

  This...This...What the hell is this?

  The crowd was startled.

  At this time, the second voice, continued to sound.

  Only to the right of Ye Fan, another person stepped forward, facing Ye Fan and bowing in worship, "Mr. Chu!"


  Han Hai, Sun Yuhao, and the others, once again trembled, their old faces smacking hard.

  Han Fei Fei's scolding came to an even more abrupt end, a pair of eyes then widening.

  "This...This, what's the situation?"

  Just as the crowd was horrified, another person, stepped out, bowed and bent over Ye Fan, and bowed once more, "Mr. Chu!"


  Finally, with the fall of the voice, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, setting off a monstrous wave.

  For a time, in the hall, countless big men, all of them worshipped.

  Shen Jiuyi stepped forward and led the Shen Clan's crowd in respectful worship, "Mr. Chu!"

  Peng Zhenhua followed, leading all the executives of Haiyuan Court, bowing and bending towards Ye Fan, paying homage to each other, "Mr. Chu!"

  At the end of the day, the leading big man of Yunzhou, Li Laoji, led his Jinbao and Yinbao and other trusted men, cupped their hands and bowed in worship, paying the most reverent respect to Ye Fan in the most respectful tone: "Mr. Chu!"

  For a time, the rushing voices gathered into streams.

  The words of reverence and worship rang out in unison.

  In the hall, countless people all worshipped, and the rising and falling sounds of reverent worship were only like a volley of waves, striking the entire heaven and earth.

  Within the Noble Sea Origin Pavilion, the only sound left at this time was the only one that trembled and echoed!

  Mr. Chu!!!!

  Few words, but they weighed more than a thousand pounds and were deafening.

  At that moment, the entire audience was silent.

  The entire hall was silent.

  Countless people raised their heads, with horror, admiration, respect, and shock, and looked at the thin figure in the hall like this.

  Ye Fan, once again, subjected to the attention of ten thousand people!

  At this moment, he was like the king who was ruling the world.

  He's basking in glory!

  He steps up the stairs!

  He's left a legacy!

  With endless majesty and glory, he went to reign over the world and look down on his subjects.

  At this moment, Ye Fan is undoubtedly the brightest star in this world.

  Countless people lost their voices in shock.

  Han Fei Fei was flabbergasted, her delicate body trembling, her pretty face pale.Her red lips were wide open, and because of the horror, Han Fei Fei had almost forgotten to breathe.

  A pair of beautiful eyes stared, deadly, at the figure in front of her that was stepping into the sky.

  After a long time, but only a murmured whisper was uttered.

  "Ye...Ye Fan, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

  "This...How is this possible?"

  Han Fei Fei murmured and whispered, and then suddenly, Han Fei Fei only felt that all her strength had been taken out of her body, and then her petite body trembled, and with a purpose full of shock and apprehension, she actually spread out directly on the ground.

  Not only Han Fei Fei was like this, Han Hai, who was on the side, was also struck by lightning.

  Especially when he saw Li Er, Shen Jiuyi and countless other dignitaries, all of them worshipped Ye Fan and called him Mr. Chu, at that moment Han Hai only felt that his entire body was confused, his brain was blank, and his heart was even more shocked by the waves.

  How could he have never imagined that an incompetent son-in-law from a poor background, who came to the door as a son-in-law, would have such a monstrous status behind his seemingly wretchedness?

  He hadn't even thought that the Ye Fan they had looked down on and despised before was really, Mr. Chu?

  Until now, Han Hai finally understood why Ye Fan had said those words to him by the Cloud Mist Lake before?

  He had been extremely curious as to why Ye Fan, a country bumpkin and an incompetent superfluous son-in-law, defied the Sun family, defied Sun Yuhao, defied everyone.

  So this was his bottom line.

  Just like what Ye Fan had said before, at this moment, Han Hai finally understood what kind of existence the man he had defied in the first place was.

  For a moment, Han Hai's heart was filled with loss and self-deprecation.

  He had gone to great lengths to get Qiu Mu Orange to marry Sun Yuhao, all so that he could get close to a big man and a powerful family.

  But only now did he realize that the real big shot had been right beside them all along, had been his niece and son-in-law.

  The irony, the great irony.

  Han Hai's machinations had been exhaustive, but he had never thought that it would end up like this.

  Even Han Hai's father and daughter were like this, not to mention Sun Yuhao on the side.

  If anyone present was hit the hardest, it wasn't Han Fei Fei, let alone Han Hai, but the young master of the Sun family in front of him, Sun Yuhao, right!

  At this time, Sun Yuhao, a pair of pupils, looked dead ahead at Ye Fan, his eyes red, Jairus' eyes red, and his entire body, trembling.

  No one could understand Sun Yuhao's current state of mind.

  Was it trembling, frustration, or heartache?

  Sun Yuhao never dreamed that Mr. Chu, whom he respected and admired the most and regarded as a role model and idol, would be Ye Fan?Was he the country bumpkin he despised and loathed most, the incompetent son-in-law?

  Two vastly different identities, but the same person?

  He spent $200 million to have dinner with the wimp he despises most?

  The greatest absurdity in life is just that!

  Sun Yuhao laughed, the laughter was miserable, like the fallen leaves that no one cared about in the autumn, or the snow that piled up in the corners of the wall in the winter, and within the laughter was all self-deprecation and frustration.

  "Ye Fan, Mr. Chu?"


  "Evan, Mr. Chu?"



  Sun Yuhao stumbled, smiling miserably, one pair of eyebrows already red, just like this, staring at the revered man in front of him.

  At that moment, Sun Yuhao only felt that life, had played a huge joke on him!


Just like this, Ye Fan went to the dinner place amidst the respectful welcome of Li Er and the others.

  Some of the people present who saw Ye Fan for the first time, but their hearts were horrified.

  They obviously didn't expect that this young man in front of them was really Mr. Chu who was famous and respected by Li Er of Yunzhou and Chen Ao of Jiangdong?

  "But that's a little too young for you, isn't it?"

  "Didn't know about the marriage, did you?"

  "What? Your old Li still wants to marry his daughter to Mr. Chu?"

  "No?My Old Li's daughter is talented and beautiful, every year I don't know how many people come to propose marriage, maybe Mr. Chu is interested in my daughter."

  Everyone was talking about it.

  But when it came down to it, they were still trembling at Ye Fan's age.

  "At the age of early twenties, he is already famous all over Jiangdong."

  "If it takes another ten or twenty years, Mr. Chu's name won't be famous all over China?"

  Many people couldn't help but lament in shock.

  However, it was unlikely that they would have imagined that for Ye Fan, why would it take ten years to be famous in Huaxia?

  Two or three years will be enough!



  Soon, Ye Fan, led by Li Er and the others, entered the supreme private room and took his seat.

  Sun Yuhao and the others were also led over by Li Er and the others.

  "Mr. Sun, have a seat?"

  "Why are you just standing there?"

  "Didn't you always look forward to seeing Mr. Chu before, but now that Mr. Chu is here, why is Mr. Sun just staring?"Li Er was full of doubts and spoke out.

  However, Sun Yuhao as well as Han Hai's father and daughter remained silent.

  The old faces were gloomy, just standing there with their heads down, but they didn't dare to look at Ye Fan at all.Let alone sit down and share a dinner with Ye Fan.

  "What are you guys..."The more Li Er looked the more confused he became, spending 200 million to buy the dinner, this Sun Yuhao even just dry stared and did not speak.

  Ye Fan, however, was sitting at the table with a faint smile on his lips, pouring himself a glass of wine.

  In the next moment, he raised his glass and toasted Han Hai in front of him, "Uncle, before in Jianghai City, you said that I couldn't give Mu Orange happiness.Do you remember how I replied to you then?"

  Ye Fan's faint voice quietly sounded in the room.

  Li Er heard that uncle's name, but was stunned, his heart then clear.

  Looks like the three people in front of him, Mr. Root Chu knows ah.

  Han Hai didn't reply, and didn't dare to reply back, when Ye Fan's eyes looked over, Han Hai's body was unconsciously shaking a bit.

  And still, Ye Fan said, "Now, I'll repeat what I said in the beginning."

  "I know that in your eyes, perhaps the Jianghai is the land of affluence.To be among the upper class celebrities is the pursuit!"

  "But how would you know what Jiang Hai is in my eyes?And what is Jiangdong?"

  "I can give Mu Orange, the whole world!"

  "I, Ye Fan, will eventually be this - the One World's Champion!"

  "At first, you didn't believe this."

  "Now, I ask you, do you believe that I said that?"

  "Now, do you still think that I, Ye Fan, am humble and despicable and inferior to others?"

  "Now, do you still think that I'm not good enough for Mu Orange?Can't give orange happiness?"

  When Ye Fan said this, but the words were majestic and lofty.

  It was only like a golden stone landing on the ground, throwing a voice.

  For a moment, the entire restaurant was filled with Ye Fan's turbulent words!

  In the next moment, Ye Fan raised his overflowing wine cup with a ten thousand feet of heroism in his eyebrows and raised it to Han Hai, to Sun Yuhao, and to everyone in front of him.

  And then, Ye Fan raised his head and drank it down!

  It was as if all the humiliations suffered before, and all the past grudges were gathered in a cup.

  Strong, strong wine, drink it all in one go!


  Han Hai and the others, however, could no longer hold back the fear in their hearts, and in the next moment, they finally banged and spread out on the ground.

  With a heart full of trepidation as well as endless remorse, they kneeled down to Ye Fan, begging for forgiveness and apologizing in fear.

  Hoping that Ye Fan, for the sake of Qiu Mu Orange's face, would forgive them all the offenses and insults they had given to Ye Fan in the past.

  Faced with Han Hai and the others' miserable pleas for forgiveness, Ye Fan was expressionless and indifferent.

  He smiled coldly, but got up, drank another cup of liquor, and then turned around and left.

  Only Han Hai and the others behind him were left, filled with despair!

  However, just as Han Hai and Sun Yuhao and the others, thought they were on the ropes this time.Ye Fan, who had originally walked to the door, suddenly stopped in his forward steps.

  That low voice, however, quietly rang out in the room.

  It was like a breeze that blew throughout the room.

  "All the things that happened before, I will not pursue it."

  "You guys can leave."

  "I hope that in the future, you will not come back to Yunzhou.And don't disturb, my life with Mu Orange again."

  "Do you understand my words?"

  Ye Fan's cold voice then rang out in Han Hai and the others' ears.

  Han Hai, Han Fei Fei, and Sun Yuhao, they fell down as if they were in a state of great amnesty.Expressing that they knew that they were wrong, and would never come to Yunzhou again in their lifetime, and would never dare to covet Qiu Mu Orange again, and would never disturb the lives of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange again.

  Ye Fan gave his word, and Li Er naturally didn't make things difficult for them and let them go.

  That night, Sun Yuhao, Han Fei Fei, and Han Hai fled Yunzhou overnight like dogs from a lost family, and rushed towards Jianghai like mad.

  It seemed as if they were afraid that Ye Fan would go back on his word and seek revenge on them again.

  After all, Ye Fan was the sky of Jiangdong.

  This kind of person, not to mention dealing with the three of them, it would probably be a matter of words to annihilate their entire clan.

  Only now did Han Hai and the others understand what kind of person they had offended before.

  Sun Yuhao was also even more terrified when he thought back on it.

  What he had been coveting all this time was actually Mr. Chu's wife?

  Fortunately, Mr. Chu was generous, otherwise, Sun Yuhao reckoned that he was afraid that he would not be able to return to Jianghai for the rest of his life.

  And now Han Hai was both terrified and frustrated, outside of learning Ye Fan's true identity.

  He should have thought of it long ago, should have thought that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu!

  After all, back then, when his old mother's birthday was celebrated, Li Er, Chen Ao and the others had personally gone to the venue to hold the ceremony and honorably called Mr. Ye Fan Chu.

  At that time, they all thought that Li Er and the others were mistaken, but now that they thought about it, it was them who had been deceiving themselves and others all along!

  There were clearly many signs that Ye Fan was not an ordinary person.

  Not only that birthday banquet, the last time Haiyuan Pavilion Peng Zhenhua sent wine, it was obviously also for Ye Fan.

  However, it was because of their prejudice against Ye Fan that they, in the end, had underestimated him all along.

  Prejudice was a very strange psychology.

  Once there was a prejudice against someone, people would always find all sorts of reasons to print them.Even if they met something that went against their prejudice, they would automatically ignore it or find all sorts of reasons to explain it.

  Just like, Han Hai and the others.

  In the end, Han Hai as well as Sun Yuhao and the three of them had made a huge joke today because of their own prejudices against Ye Fan.

  Now, even more so, they were so frightened that they ran back to Jiang Hai in the night, without even greeting Han Li and his wife.


Yunzhou City, Willow Garden District.

  Qiu Mu Orange's entire body had been depressed ever since she came home from work.Lost in thought, she was very haggard.

  Ever since yesterday by the Cloud Mist Lake, after meeting with Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange had been looking like this.

  The feeling was as if her heart had died.

  Even Qiu Mu Orange hadn't expected that somehow, that bastard had already had such an important place in her heart.

  Now when she thought of the fact that she would be completely separated from him tomorrow, Qiu Mu Orange only felt an inexplicable stabbing pain in her heart.

  That's how people are, they only know how to cherish when they are about to lose.

  Just like the current Qiu Mu Orange, today all day her mind was almost filled with that man's shadow, all the ephemeral scenes of the thousands of days and nights that had once been three years.

  Every night, Ye Fan's silent care.

  Every day, waking up to hot milk on the dining table.

  The last look at him before going to sleep, and the first look at him when he woke up in the morning.

  However, this was the kind of person who had almost completely melted into Qiu Mu Orange's life, and after tonight, he was going to be completely cut out of her life.

  Qiu Mu Orange knew very well that many couples, once divorced, would never see each other again.

  Just like Ye Fan, he left the Qiu family, where could he go?

  It is expected that he will go back to his hometown in the countryside, and then find a village woman in the countryside to have a few big fat boys to pass on to the next generation, since then face to face, in his hometown for the rest of his future life, and never come to the sad place of Yunzhou.

  Think about it, if Ye Fan divorced her, no matter how big the city of Yunzhou is, I'm afraid it will no longer have anything to do with Ye Fan.

  After all, if a city doesn't have a person he cares about anymore, then what's the point of staying here anymore?

  It was because of this that Qiu Mu Orange knew even more clearly that when she left tomorrow, she and Ye Fan would be parting forever!

  Unconsciously, Autumn Mu Orange's eyes reddened once again, and there were tears in her eyes.

  But even so, she was still holding her phone tightly.

  It had been a whole day, and Autumn Mucheng Orange was holding her phone all the time.

  She was waiting, waiting for Ye Fan's call, waiting for Ye Fan's WeChat, waiting for Ye Fan to tell her that he regretted it, that he didn't want a divorce, that he wanted to walk with her firmly, no matter the stormy road ahead, he just wanted to walk with her.

  If she had received these words from Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange felt sure that she would have held his hand and walked with him without any hesitation.

  However, it had already been a day, and the call that Qiu Mu Orange was waiting for had not come.

  Had he, indeed, already given up on this relationship?

  Does he, really, not want to fix it at all?

  Is he, really, that ruthless!

  The more Qiu Mu Orange thought about it, the more her heart ached, and the feeling was as if something in her heart had cracked open and sour water had flowed out.

  Time passed gradually like this, the night grew deeper and deeper, and Qiu Mu Orange's mood became heavier and heavier.

  In the past few hours, she picked up the phone and put it down, as if her heart was struggling with something.

  In the end, she bit her teeth, as if she had made a great determination, then she picked up her phone and opened WeChat, tapping on Ye Fan's avatar.

  If Ye Fan didn't take the initiative to find himself, then she would take the initiative to find him!

  Happiness always has to be earned.

  Waiting passively all the time, you often end up missing out on a lot of things.

  "Ye Fan, I don't want to divorce you."

  Qiu Mu Orange quickly typed this on her phone, but quickly deleted it after typing it, she felt that it was too humble, as if she was stalking and pestering Ye Fan

  This was not her personality.

  "Evan, I forbid you to divorce me!Otherwise, I'll definitely make you look good!"

  Qiu Mu Orange switched to a tougher tone, but thought about it and deleted it.

  Although Ye Fan was usually obdurate, but Qiu Mu Orange knew that in his heart, he was actually lonely and arrogant.

  Such a commanding general tone on his part might irritate Ye Fan, but it would backfire.

  "Ye Fan, you're not young anymore, and your conditions are not good, who else wants you but me?If you divorce me, you'll be a bachelor for the rest of your life.You really want to divorce me?You don't regret it!"

  This time, Qiu Mu Orange's tone was much more tactful, but a thought felt that it still wouldn't work, for fear of hurting Ye Fan's pride.When the time came, Ye Fan would pout with himself again and really get a divorce, that would not be what Qiu Mu Orange wanted to see.

  After overturning back and forth countless times, Qiu Mu Orange finally decided to send a message to Ye Fan.

  "I have a cold, I'm not feeling well, I can't go tomorrow, I'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau another day."

  This sentence was something that Qiu Mu Orange had thought through carefully.

  If Ye Fan had himself in mind and saw that he was sick, he would definitely have a soft heart.Once his heart was soft, naturally, he wouldn't divorce himself again.Moreover, going back another day would also delay the matter, which might make Ye Fan's urge to divorce himself fade over time.

  The more Qiu Mu Orange read this, the more she felt that she was witty, both maintaining her face and giving Ye Fan a step down.

  "It's done."

  After making up her mind, Qiu Mu-Orange was about to send this to Ye Fan.

  But at this time, the dialog box flashed, but Ye Fan's words were the first to be sent over.

  "See you tomorrow at nine o'clock at the Civil Affairs Bureau."

  When Qiu Mu Orange saw this sentence, she was stunned.

  The delicate body trembled, the heart then tingled, the beautiful eyes immediately reddened, and finally, Qiu Mu Orange's shell teeth bit her red lips, deleted the already typed word, and only returned a "good" word!

  After returning, Autumn Mu Orange threw away her phone, flung herself onto the bed, and cried tears.

  "Do you really think that Miss Ben can't do without you?"

  "You don't want to spend time with me, and I don't want to spend time with you?"

  "You're a poor man, who cares about you~"

  "I've wanted to leave with you for a long time!"

  Autumn Mu Orange said it like a pique, but then how strong her words were, how sad her heart was.

  She knew that that man, really didn't want her anymore~


  Autumn Mu Orange was blindfolded, but the whimpering cries still echoed throughout the room.

  After Han Li and the others heard it, they were furious.

  "This dead ninny, can't she be a little bit better?"

  "Still crying?Why are you crying?"

  "A redneck, and he's really ticked you off?"

  "You're not worth a lot of heart, are you?"


  "It's really pissing me off!"

  "How did I, Han Li, give birth to such a worthless daughter like you."

  "A poor loser from the countryside, and you're really into him?"

  "A divorce and crying like that?"

  "You shut up!"

  "Did you hear that?"

  "Don't embarrass me here!"


  "There's no use crying, you must go and give me a divorce tomorrow!Then get a license with Sun Yuhao right away!"

  Han Li's angry voice could be heard from outside, she was almost angry to death at this point.

  She really didn't expect that her daughter, really had been seduced by that poor loser Ye Fan's soul.

  "Okay, you should cut the crap."

  "After all, people are married for three years, even if a dog has been raised for three years, they still have feelings for each other.Moreover, Ye Fan has been really good to our Mu Orange for the past three years, and now that he's getting divorced, it's normal for Mu Orange to be a little lost."

  "But don't worry, after the divorce, Mu Orange will naturally be fine in a few days."

  "Okay, it's after eight, let's also go eat soon, I'm starving."Qiu Lei advised from the side.

  Then, they dragged Han Li to the living room to eat.

  However, when Han Li and the others sat down, they found that the table was empty.

  "Damn, you wimp, the rice isn't ready yet?"

  "What time is it!"

  "Do you want to starve us to death?"

  Hanley almost subconsciously cursed in the direction of the kitchen.

  For so many years, Han Li's family always ate at eight o'clock.

  So, once it was eight o'clock, Han Li and her husband would subconsciously sit at the dining table and wait for Ye Fan to serve the food.

  In the past, when Han Li and her family rushed Ye Fan like this, they would hear the sound of "it's almost ready" coming from the kitchen.

  But today, after Han Li finished scolding, there was no one to respond.

  Han Li turned her head to look, and only then did she realize that the kitchen was, in fact...It was empty.

  Where was there any food?

  The cooks are gone!

  In that instant, Han Li and Qiu Lei were both slightly stunned.

  It was only then that the two of them realized that the wimp they were talking about had unconsciously integrated into their lives as well.


"This guy didn't care much when he was at home, but now that he's suddenly gone, it's really quite uncomfortable."

  "How about, Xiao Li, just don't let Mu Orange divorce him yet."

  In the room, Han Li and Qiu Lei were sitting dryly at the dining table, looking at the empty kitchen, Qiu Lei said in a low voice with feelings.

  However, Han Li was shaking her head, "Although Ye Fan has been in our family for the past few years, it's true that he has some role to play.But we can't delay our family Mu Orange's happiness for the rest of her life just because of this little convenience in front of us."

  "Lao San, think about it, when Mu Orange divorces Ye Fan tomorrow, then immediately get a certificate with Yuhao.By then, our old couple can be the Sun family's in-laws."

  "Yuhao's family is so rich, let him find a gold medal babysitter for our old couple, and cook no better than that wimp Ye Fan's fragrance ah?"

  "Besides, won't we be twice as proud to go out in the future when we have a son-in-law like Yuhao?"

  "Let's see who else looks down on our family from now on."

  When Han Li said this, her waist unconsciously straightened up a bit, looking like she was about to raise her eyebrows.

  Upon hearing this, Qiu Lei also nodded his head in deep agreement, "Well, Xiao Li, you're right!"

  "It's my shortsightedness."

  "In order for our family to be able to completely raise our eyebrows in the future, what is this pain in front of us?"

  "Tomorrow, Mu Orange must be allowed to divorce Ye Fan!"

  Qiu Lei also clenched his fist and said very firmly.

  The couple then each made a pack of instant noodles and went back to their room to rest.

  The night passed quickly.

  Early the next morning, Han Li and her husband and wife called out to Qiu Mu Orange and headed to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

  Qiu Mu Orange seemed to have cried for a long time last night, and her eyes were even a little red and swollen at the moment.

  In the face of her parents' urging, Qiu Mu Orange didn't resist and followed them.

  It seemed that Qiu Mu Orange had already accepted, the reality in front of her.

  "That wimp Ye Fan, why hasn't he arrived yet?"

  "It's not going to backfire again, is it?"

  "Mu Orange, call him and tell him to hurry over."

  After arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Han Li found out that Ye Fan hadn't even arrived yet, and became annoyed, then rushed to Qiu Mu Orange.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange didn't call, as if she hadn't heard Han Li's words.

  Until now, it seemed that Qiu Mu Orange still had a bit of hope.

  She even expected that Ye Fan would never come.

  "You ninny, what's going on?"

  "Taking my word for it, are you?"

  When Han Li saw that Qiu Mu Orange didn't even listen to her, she became even angrier.

  She only felt that her daughter was so unproductive, and was still harboring illusions even up to this point.

  In the end, Han Li had no choice but to call Ye Fan herself: "Ye Fan, why aren't you guys here yet?"

  "I'm telling you, you don't need to drag it backwards, it's useless to drag it out."

  "This marriage between you and Mu Orange is divorced today."

  "It would be meaningless if you were to stalk Mu Orange and not let go."

  "After all, we've been living under the same roof for three years, we're getting along fine, there are some things I don't want to do too desperately, we don't need to go to court to sue for divorce, right, you'll be even more embarrassed.Now divorce you can still be a little decent."

  "What kind of you yourself you should know very well in your own heart."

  "In the past, we've always let you live in my house because we saw your pity.But now that Mu Orange has met someone better and has met her own happiness, it would be a delay for you to dwell on it.A person has to have a conscience, we have raised you for three years for nothing, even if you don't thank us, you can't delay us not."


  Han Li thought that Ye Fan was regretting that she didn't want to come, and then she split her face on the phone and lashed out at Ye Fan.

  Her words were ugly and didn't save any face for Ye Fan in the slightest.

  But Ye Fan was used to it, and Han Li had been like that to him for the past three years.

  "Mom, you misunderstood, I'm not stalling, I'll be there soon."

  Faced with Han Li's cold words, Ye Fan was calm throughout, and finally even more so, he smiled faintly and slowly returned.

  Sure enough, Ye Fan's phone had just hung up, and around the corner, a thin figure, quietly appeared.

  This time, Ye Fan had put on a decent dress.

  Heck, it was the suit that Qiu Mu Orange had bought for him earlier.

  For so many years, this was the only outfit that Qiu Mu Orange had given him.Ye Fan had never worn it, but today, he was wearing it.

  "Mom, Dad, sorry to keep you waiting."

  Ye Fan was very polite and apologized to both Han Li.

  "Heh, and you're wearing a suit?"

  "What's the point?"

  "Wearing it is a success?Just white-collar executives now?"

  "It's important to be able to beat the iron yourself."

  "Otherwise, it's just a puddle of mud in your best clothes, and you still can't help it!"

  "Ye Fan, I advise you, after you don't have my Mu Orange in the future, it's better to be less vain and more down-to-earth."The two Han Li couples looked at Ye Fan and said contemptuously.

  People are really strange sometimes, when Ye Fan is not dressed well, they say that Ye Fan is poor and humiliating.Now that he's dressed well, they say that he's vain and has no substance.

  Perhaps, in their eyes, whatever Ye Fan does is wrong.

  In response, Ye Fan just smiled faintly and didn't argue anything, but turned towards Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mu-Orange, I..."

  Ye Fan was about to speak, but Autumn Mu Orange turned her head directly to the side and coldly said, "There's nothing to say, we're about to divorce, so let's be strangers from now on.I don't know you, and you than don't call me Mu Orange."

  Qiu Mu Orange's words were clear and cold, but when she said this, tears were still undeniably in her eyes.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange had already turned her back and completely looked like she didn't want to pay attention to Ye Fan or talk to him.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head helplessly and sighed lowly in his heart.

  "Mu Orange, you'll understand soon."

  After Ye Fan arrived, he didn't immediately go in with Qiu Mu Orange to get a divorce.Instead, he was still waiting outside.

  "Strange, why aren't Yuhao and the others here yet?"

  "We agreed yesterday that we'd come over this morning to get a license with Mu Orange.I even specifically told my brother to remind Woo-ho then, what time is it, why isn't it here yet?"

  Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two Han Li couples looked anxious and confused.

  Qiu Lei was even more worried: "Do you think Yuhao will change his mind and dislike our Mu Orange again?"

  "No way!"Han Li instantly returned, "I'm well aware of Yuhao's feelings towards our Mu Orange, there's no way he'll change his mind, either because he forgot or because he's stuck in a traffic jam."

  "Wait a little longer."

  Just like that, Han Li waited for another half hour, and finally couldn't wait any longer, so Han Li called Sun Yuhao and dialed over.

  "Yuhao son-in-law, ah, why aren't you here yet?"

  "We're all waiting for you at the CAB?"

  "And I've booked the banquet, so after you get your license with Mu Orange later, we'll immediately go to the hotel to celebrate."

  "You should hurry over."

  Han Li's flattering smile was in stark contrast to the way she looked when she was on the phone with Ye Fan just now, but it was a stark contrast!


"Yuhao son-in-law, come here quickly."

  "I'm here with Mu Orange waiting for you?"

  "That wimp Ye Fan is also there.When you get here, I'll let you watch Mu Orange divorce that wimp and then immediately have you guys get a license."

  "I know, you must not be able to wait to get a license to marry my daughter either."

  "When the time comes, I'll immediately let you guys hold the wedding when your bridal gift arrives at a later date."

  Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, Han Li held the phone and said with a gentle smile to Sun Yuhao.At the thought of the extravagant bridal gifts that the Sun family would send in the future, Han Li's old face smiled like honey.

  When Qiu Muying got engaged, Chu Wenfei's family sent a million sports car, Han Li thought that Jianghai Sun family was even richer than Chu Wenfei's family, no matter how it was sent, it would certainly not be worse than Chu Wenfei's family.

  Han Li has decided that she will have to have Sun Yuhao send her daughter a one million dollar bride-price when the time comes.

  My daughter, originally, is a one in a million heavenly daughter!

  If you want to marry, you have to take a million dollars first!

  Of course, this was only the bride price, the rest of the bride price, three gold jewels, luxury cars and so on, can't be less.

  Han Li had almost thought of her daughter marrying Sun Yuhao, their family's future life of wealth and luxury.

  However, just as Han Li was immersed in her fantasy of the future.

  The voice coming from the phone, however, shattered Han Li's beautiful dream in an instant.

  "Bride price?"

  "Hire your mother, my ass!"

  "You old faggot, old faggot, am I really a strawberry eight generation ancestor?"

  "You want to fucking die, don't hurt me!"

  On the other end of the phone, Sun Yuhao was already close to tears.

  He didn't think that Han Li, this old immortal, would even dare to call and trap him?And you call him your son-in-law?And let him marry Autumn Mu Orange?Even in front of Ye Fan?

  Fuck it!

  Sun Yuhao was frightened out of his mind and had the heart to slaughter Han Li.

  Before, he didn't know that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, ignorant and fearless.

  Now, Ye Fan's identity, he already knew.

  Who was that?That's Mr. Chu, the sky of Jiangdong?

  But Han Lee, who's been urging him to steal Mr. Chu's wife?

  Wouldn't that hurt him?Isn't that like telling him to go to hell, Sun Yuhao?

  Sun Yuhao had no doubt at all that if he did go today, he was afraid that he would never see tomorrow's sun again.

  "Yu...Son-in-law Yuhao, are you mistaken for someone else?"

  "I'm your mother, Mu Orange's mother, your Uncle Hai's sister, Han Li."

  This split face was scolded by Sun Yuhao, Han Li was also confused at that time.I thought to myself that I guess Sun Yuhao had mistaken the person, otherwise, he was his mother-in-law, how would he, the son-in-law, have the guts to scold her.

  So Han Li purposely reiterated her identity.

  "Return my mother?"

  "Mom peat!"

  "You're the one I'm cursing."

  "You son of a bitch, I was almost killed by you."

  "You eyeless thing, what kind of person would you dare to mess with?"

  "And you want me to marry your daughter and call me your son-in-law, do you want to screw me over?"

  "Fuck you, if you ever call me again, I'll have someone fucking kill you!"

  "Want to find someone to be your son-in-law, find whoever you like, don't fucking come back to me, I still want to live for a few more years, don't screw anyone you screw."


  On the other end of the phone, Sun Yuhao cursed madly.

  Using almost all kinds of vicious words, he greeted Han Li's eighth-generation ancestors in a row.

  Obviously at this time, Sun Yuhao had vented all the fear that Ye Fan had brought to him before on Han Li.

  After all, if it wasn't for Han Li, an old woman who had been encouraging him to marry her daughter and had been letting him get a marriage certificate with Qiu Mu Orange, he was afraid that Sun Yuhao wouldn't have come to this point.

  Although Ye Fan had released him yesterday, Sun Yuhao was still terrified and was now so scared that he didn't dare to go out at all.

  After all, what he coveted was Ye Fan's wife, and what he had destroyed was Mr. Chu's marriage, he was really afraid that one day Ye Fan would be in a bad mood and come to settle the score.

  By then, I'm afraid that not only his Sun Yuhao, but also their entire Sun family, would be finished!

  "Woo...Uho you how~"

  Han Li was already completely scolded and confused, her old face reddened, and the arm holding the phone was trembling.

  Han Li had no idea that this Sun Yuhao, who yesterday was mama long and mama short with a close and kind look, how this overnight, such a big change had happened.

  Not only did he call her a fury, but he also said that he wanted to have her killed?

  Han Li listened, but she was also scared white and shivering.

  Sun Yuhao's previous curses were not small, and the sound of Han Li's phone's earpiece was turned on again.Qiu Lei on the side apparently also heard it.

  At once grumbled to Han Li: "It must be you, a stinky bitch again with Sun young master to ask for something, give people to be anxious!"

  "Now you've been cursed and deserve it!"

  "Don't be so damned dumbfounded, call your brother and let him persuade Young Master Sun."

  The couple was clearly not happy to miss out on a golden son-in-law like this, so Han Li actually called Han Hai again.


  "Brother you mother fucker!Han Li, Han Li, you eyeless dumbass, I fucking almost got screwed by you."

  "Don't ever call me again you stupid bitch, I'm not your brother, and I don't have such a stupid sister."

  "Stupid eyeless thing, you dare to offend anyone, and you fucking pit us against each other!"

  "If it's because of Mu Orange, you're afraid that nine lives wouldn't be enough to kill."

  "A word of advice, take care of yourself."

  "Otherwise, wait for death you~"

  Han Hai also had a lot of anger and resentment towards Han Li, his sister.

  If she hadn't kept saying that Ye Fan was talentless, just a country bumpkin and a poor loser, he, Han Hai, wouldn't have looked down on Ye Fan so much, let alone offended him, and now that he had almost lost his life, how could Han Hai not be angry?

  Naturally, he cursed madly at Han Li.

  If it wasn't for the fact that he wasn't in Yunzhou anymore, otherwise Han Hai would have had to kick Han Li's eyeless fool to death!


  Han Hai also hung up the phone.

  But Han Li couple is completely dumbfounded, that feeling, as if thunder struck in the head, the couple was confused in place, the brain a blank.

  All changed in one night!

  Sun Yuhao scolded her, and now her own brother was scolding her.

  Let her wait for death, let her do what she wants.

  Did she, Han Li, really offend someone?

  Han Li was so frightened that she cried out and stumbled nearly to the ground.

  And Qiu Lei was even more terrified, and in anger slapped Han Li in the face: "You fury bitch, let your mouth be cleaner and less cursing in your daily life.How about now?"

  "Even Young Master Sun ran away in fear, you loser bitch what the hell did you do?"

  "Who the hell have you messed with?"

  "Sooner or later, my Qiu family will be killed by you, you foul-mouthed bitch!"Qiu Lei was also scared to tears, he had spent his whole life with his tail between his legs, never causing trouble, just in case he had messed with someone remarkable.

  But who would have thought that now the thing he feared the most would still happen.

  Han Li was in tears, crying in fear, unable to stop shaking her head, "Brother Lei, I...I don't know, I really don't know ah."

  "You have to believe me, I really didn't provoke anyone, I really didn't cause any trouble, the most I've ever done is talk cheap and curse people ah~"

  "Brother Lei, you have to save me, you have to help me, you can't leave me alone~"


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