Dish Best Served Cold 261-265


Chapter 261

"So Mu Orange, you'd better listen to your parents and forget about that poor guy from the countryside."

  "That guy was born poor.This lucky guy had a hard time opening a piece of imperial green, which was snatched up before it was even covered in heat.One or two hundred million dollars flew straight away."

  "You say this kind of person, if you follow him, how can you still have a good life in the future?"

  "Not only is it humiliating, I'm afraid I'll have to live a life of poverty, and I won't be able to hold my head up in front of people for the rest of my life."

  "And what's even more infuriating is that that country boy still doesn't know how to cherish you."

  "This kind of useless husband, if you don't kick it for another one, why do you still keep it?"

  Downstairs, Su Xi couldn't stop advising Qiu Mu Orange.

  Su Xi had never had much affection for Ye Fan, but now that she knew that last night Ye Fan had promised to divorce Qiu Mu Orange, she was naturally happy and advised Qiu Mu Orange to divorce her quickly.

  Qiu Mucheng didn't say anything, her mood was still low.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

  After Qiu Mu Orange went home, she naturally couldn't avoid a harsh rebuke from her parents.

  "You're a nipper, you're becoming more and more unlikeable."

  "You didn't come home all night and didn't even answer the phone.Do you know that Yuhao didn't sleep all night last night and is looking for you all over Yunzhou City.Just afraid that something might have happened to you?"


  "Mu Orange, it's not uncle talking about you.What's wrong with Yuhao's condition, people also really like you.Uncle can promise you with a pat on the back here, if you miss out on this kind of good man today, you'll definitely regret it later~"

  "Cherish the moment~"


  "Mu Orange, even if that Ye Fan didn't commit a crime, he still doesn't deserve you."

  "You must divorce him today, and then by the way, along with Yuhao, get your license."


  With her parents dawdling in her ears, Han Li and the others did their best to persuade her, and Han Hai and Han Fei Fei's father and daughter also urged Qiu Mu Orange to hurry up and book the matter.

  "That's enough!"

  "Can you guys just let me clear my mind for a while."Qiu Mu Orange finally couldn't hold back, the grievances she had been holding in her heart for several days instantly exploded.

  "You guys stop saying that, I promise, I promise you guys, can't I?"

  "Tomorrow I'll go to the civil court and tomorrow I'll divorce Evan."

  "Now you should be satisfied, right?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were red and she yelled at Han Li and the others.And then she went back to her room to change her clothes and left without returning with her bag.

  Behind them, only Han Li and the others were left helpless and cursing.


  "This Nee-san, we've spoiled her~"

  "You act as if you've been wronged."

  "You married into a good family, and you're the one who's enjoying it, aren't you?"

  "It really gets worse the older you get."

  "How else can a parent screw you over?"

  In the room, Han Li and the others were helpless and angry.

  However, in life, there were too many parents like Han Li, who did things that hurt their children in the name of being good to their children.

  No one knew how the day of Autumn Mu Orange had come.

  As we watched, it was already evening, getting closer and closer to the agreed upon dinner time.

  Ye Fan also started to head towards the Haiyuan Pavilion at this time.

  He didn't ask Li Er to send a car to pick him up, it wasn't very far away, so he would just walk over by himself.

  The Haiyuan Pavilion was in the center of Yunzhou.

  Now it was the end of the day, the road was crowded with people, Ye Fan mixed in the crowd, walking slowly.

  However, before taking a few steps, Ye Fan's brows suddenly furrowed.

  He stopped and looked around.

  There were crowds of people going home from work everywhere, and many vehicles were blocking the road, honking their horns loudly.

  The whole city was like a pot of boiling water, noisy and noisy.

  Ye Fan swept around, then continued to walk forward.

  But the ominous feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

  "Rednecks, go to hell!"

  Sure enough, an eventful roar suddenly came from behind him in the middle of the electric fire.

  Then, a bald man sprang out from nowhere, holding a dagger and fiercely stabbing towards Ye Fan's back.

  The commotion here naturally drew a scream from the surrounding people.

  For a while, the area near Ye Fan, however, was a small-scale riot.Many passersby fled in fear, but there were also people who kindly warned at Ye Fan.

  "Young man, dodge~"


  In the midst of the crowd's fear, everyone only saw that the slim figure in front of him, as if he had eyes in his back when facing the sudden attack, stepped with his left foot and instantly avoided the stabbing dagger.

  And then Ye Fan leaped in the air, and with a swift and lightning fast movement, he kicked the bald man behind him and tumbled back to the ground.

  It was only after Ye Fan landed on the ground that he could see who was attacking him, and at that time, Ye Fan laughed and put his hands in his pockets and said condescendingly, "Who did I think it was, it turned out to be the remnants of the Diyang Jewelry Firm."

  "I didn't think there was a fish that escaped the net."

  Ye Fan shook his head and smiled as if he was in a cloud.

  He had originally thought that it was an assassin sent from the Chu family side, but after messing with him for half a day, it was just a small punk.

  Yes, the big man in front of him was the same Scarface who had stolen the original emerald stone from Qiu Mu Ying.

  At the time of the incident at the Diyang jewelry store, Scarface was recovering from his injuries in the hospital, and then he got the news in time and ran away from the hospital over the window.

  "Bastard, all those brothers of mine were arrested because of you.You don't make it easy for us, I don't make it easy for you.I'm going to fucking kill you today!"The scarred man got up from the ground, full of eventful eyes, and roared at Ye Fan.

  And then, he continued to stab at Ye Fan with his knife.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, but shook his head and whispered, "It's quite a righteousness."

  "It's just a pity that this righteousness is used in the wrong place."

  Between laughing lightly, the short blade in Scarlet's hand had already reached Ye Fan, and Ye Fan dodged sideways while turning to Scarlet's arm, and the broken blade was immediately knocked into the air by Ye Fan.

  Finally, Ye Fan kicked out again, and the Scarlet Man then fell to the ground.

  At this time, the short blade that had been knocked flying fell from the air, impartially, the blade just plunged vertically into Scar Man's thigh.

  A scream was heard, and blood then flowed out.

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed at the situation.

  This guy, he really had it coming.


  "Hands up!"

  Scarlet was already crippled, and Evan was about to call the police to leave, but who would have thought that a policeman just happened to be passing nearby and got out of his car so that Evan could put his hands up.

  "Comrade police, I'm the victim, okay, can you..."Ye Fan was about to explain, but as soon as he turned his head and saw the fierce policewoman in front of him, Ye Fan couldn't help but directly curse, "Sub-O, it's you again!"

  "You're fucking with me, aren't you?"

  Ye Fan was full of black lines.

  He had never thought that this person in front of him would be Ren Han again.

  Simply, the ghastly spirit was still alive!


After seeing that it was Ren Han, Ye Fan ignored it and turned his head and walked away.

  This kind of unruly woman, if she got tangled up with her, I'm afraid that there would be no need to eat the dinner tonight.

  "You stop!"

  "You're going to walk away from a knife attack?"

  "I advise you to get in the car honestly and come with me to the station to take a statement."


  "Be frank and resist!"

  "You stop right there~"


  Behind him, there had been Ren Han's angry shouts.

  But Ye Fan always ignored it and turned a deaf ear.

  But that Ren Han is like a tarsal maggot, and won't let Ye Fan go at all.He even called for support from his colleagues, while he drove himself to catch up and blocked Ye Fan from going away.

  "Shit, it's never ending, right?"Ye Fan was also anxious and coldly questioned Ren Han.

  Ren Han was undaunted and rebuked him bluntly, "It is my responsibility to catch the lawbreakers and maintain social stability.You are suspected of being armed and injuring someone, you must return with me!"

  "Okay, you're awesome, I'm scared of you, I'll get in the car with you."Without saying a word, Ye Fan opened the car door and directly got into Ren Han's car.

  This crisp appearance, however, caused Ren Han to be very startled.

  This guy, why is he suddenly so self-conscious?

  However, after being stunned for a moment, Ren Han also got into the car and prepared to take Ye Fan back to the precinct to make a statement.

  However, who would have thought that as soon as Ren Han got into the car, he was pulled in front of Ye Fan, who pushed the dead woman underneath him and reached out to give Ren Han a fierce spanking on her upturned and rounded ass.

  "Mudbloods also have three degrees of fire!"

  "You really think I, Ye Fan, am easy to bully, don't you?"

  "Finding fault with me three times, if I don't teach you a lesson today, I don't fucking believe in Ye!"

  Ye Fan was clearly enraged by Ren Han, drinking angrily as he fought.

  Again and again two no longer three, Ren Han this woman wronged herself not once or twice, this time Ye Fan is also anxious, direct action to teach her a lesson.

  You can't be soft with this kind of woman, you can't be soft with this kind of woman, if you don't beat her painfully, she won't remember at all.

  It all happened too suddenly.

  Ren Han didn't even realize that her own buttocks had already been "poisoned"!

  Ren Han was confused and her brain went blank.

  How could she have never thought that Ye Fan would dare to spank her?

  Her father didn't even hit him like that!

  "You.... you asshole?"


  "Shameless man~"

  "I'll fight you on this!"

  Ren Han only felt a huge wave of shame come over her heart, and a mist had appeared in her beautiful eyes because of her grievances.

  She screamed as she struggled fiercely and soon wrestled with Ye Fan.

  As the two of them moved, Ren Han's car trembled.

  At this time, Ren Han's colleague finally arrived to support her.


  "Strange, Team Ren is talking about this side, right?"

  "Why can't you see anyone?"

  They looked around to find it, when someone had a sharp eye and recognized Ren Han's car.

  "Look, isn't that Team Ren's car?"

  "Let's go over there!"

  Ren Han's colleague immediately walked over to the car, and when he got closer, the party noticed that the car was moving.


  "What the hell is Team Ren up to, why is this car still shaking by itself?"

  Perplexed, these colleagues of Ren Han didn't think much of it, and walked over and directly opened the car door, then asked, "Team Ren, the criminals you said were...In..."

  However, the moment they opened the car door, these few colleagues were dumbfounded at that time, and the words that reached their mouths were even more abruptly stopped because of their horror.

  Everyone, all of a sudden, stared at them, their pupils crumpled.

  I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, and I'm not going to be able to do that.At this time the two men were in the car....

  In the next moment, only a bang was heard, and the car door was then closed.

  The few colleagues of Ren Han as if they didn't see, without saying a word turned their heads and walked away, but each face with a kind of inexplicable meaning.

  It was only then that it dawned on them, no wonder the car moved by itself.

  However, Team Ren was Team Ren, and this kind of thing was even on the top.

  A dominating woman was different.

  But, a man who could conquer Team Ren was even more awesome!

  Inside the car, the two of them, Ren Han, were still wrestling.

  Ye Fan had wanted to teach this woman a little lesson, but he didn't expect that Ren Han would end up like crazy, unable to stop struggling and even using her mouth.


  "Shut up~"

  "You're fucking biting!"


  Ye Fan pushed Ren Han, the unruly woman, away while quickly opening the car door and walking away, but on his arm, he had left a neat row of teeth marks.

  This woman, is really ruthless!


  "Don't you go away, you stop right there."


  Ren Han's roar was vaguely heard behind him, where Ye Fan paid no attention to it and hurriedly ran away without looking back.He soon disappeared from Ren Han's sight.

  On the street, the disheveled Ren Han was completely mad, almost freaking out.

  She touched her buttocks, which was still sore now, and became even more shy and furious, her entire anger gnashing her teeth, her beautiful eyes almost spitting fire.

  If eyes could kill, I guess there would already be a sea of corpses in front of Ren Han.



  "I'll go, I'm finally getting rid of that witch."

  Ye Fan looked back and saw that Ren Han hadn't chased after him, and only then did he let out a long sigh of relief.

  At this time, Ye Fan took out his phone and looked at the time, it was just six o'clock, still not too late.

  So, Ye Fan didn't delay any longer and then rushed to the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  Haiyuan Pavilion.

  In order to welcome tonight's dinner, the Haiyuan Pavilion stopped receiving customers at 5pm, clearing the room for Mr. Chu's arrival.

  6:30 p.m., a luxury car driving, Xu stopped at the door of the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  The car door opened, Sun Yuhao from the car.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest collection.

  But it had to be said that Sun Yuhao, who was dressed in a formal suit, was standing here right now, showing off his aristocratic atmosphere.

  "Uncle Hai, is Mu Orange still not answering his phone?"Sun Yuhao didn't directly enter the Haiyuan Pavilion, but stopped outside and then asked Han Hai, who was on the side.

  Tonight, he would be having dinner with the most powerful man in the entire Jiangdong province.

  This would be the most glorious moment of the first half of his life for Sun Yuhao.

  This glorious moment, Sun Yuhao only wanted to spend it with Qiu Mu Orange.

  To let Autumn Mu Orange see Sun Yuhao's glory with her own eyes.

  However, to Sun Yuhao's disappointment, they had already called Qiu Mu Orange over a dozen times, but Qiu Mu Orange hadn't answered.

  Han Hai shook his head, "Still no answer."

  "But Yuhao, don't worry, I guess it's Mu Orange in a meeting.I'll make another call now."

  As he spoke, Han Hai continued to dial Qiu Mu Orange.

  "It's connected~ It's connected!"

  Han Hai was excited and happy, then quickly said, "Mu Orange, are you off duty?"

  "You should hurry over here now and come to the Haiyuan Pavilion."

  "Uho is waiting for you at the door?"

  "Yuhao is having dinner with Mr. Chu tonight, and Yuhao would like to invite you to accompany him."

  "Following Yuhao to see more of the world will be of great benefit to you, or to the company."

  "You know, what you're going to see tonight is the sky of Jiangdong!"

  "Don't you also admire this Mr. Chu?"


"Mu Orange, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity~"

  "Hurry up and get over here, the dinner starts at seven and Uho is still waiting for you?"On the phone, Han Hai couldn't stop advising.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange eventually found an excuse to excuse herself.

  Now she was in no mood to do anything, even going to work was a lost cause.And how could she go to a dinner party with Sun Yuhao?

  So what if it's Mr. Chu we're having dinner with tonight?

  No matter how dignified Mr. Chu is, he has nothing to do with himself after all.

  What's the point of going?It was just a matter of looking up to the glory of others.

  "How's it going, Uncle Hai?Did the orange promise?"

  In front of Haiyuan Court, seeing Han Hai hanging up the phone, Sun Yuhao immediately asked.

  Han Hai sighed, but shook his head with some embarrassment.

  When Sun Yuhao saw this, the joy in his eyebrows dimmed, "It's because of that hillbilly, isn't it?"

  "It's because you're divorcing that country loser that Mu Orange is upset and not in the mood to attend, right?"

  "No. How?Yuhao you don't think too much, it's too late for Mu Orange to be happy to be rid of that wimp."Han Hai listened, then returned.

  Sun Yuhao, however, shook his head, "Uncle Hai, you don't need to comfort me.I've seen everything that's happened these days.It's not like Mu Orange doesn't have feelings for that hick."

  "Even, Mu Orange has really already, liked him, right."

  "No way, Yuhao.You're overthinking it, that guy is just a wimp, no matter how stupid Mu Orange is, she won't fall in love with him, right?"Han Hai quickly explained that he was afraid, afraid that Sun Yuhao's niece-in-law would run away again.

  After all, his daughter's future, as well as the future of their Han family, could count on Sun Yuhao's niece-in-law.

  If this marriage went yellow, wouldn't Han Hai's efforts for so long be all in vain?Of course he couldn't see this happen.

  However, allowing Han Hai to explain, Sun Yuhao still shook his head, "Uncle Hai, you don't have to say anything else, I know a lot of things.But I really like Mu Orange, I won't give up."

  "I just can't figure out, Ye Fan is a countryside loser, which point of him is better than me that makes Mu Orange so dead set on him?"

  "Is it true that I, Sun Yuhao, am not as good as a country bumpkin?"Sun Yuhao's palm was clenched tightly, and at that moment his eyebrows were a little red, and his fingertips were close to plunging into the flesh.

  "Brother Yuhao, don't flatter yourself.That hillbilly doesn't even have the qualifications to be compared to you.My sister Qiu was just compelled by someone and was just confused."Han Fei Fei also advised from the side.

  After a long silence, Sun Yuhao was able to quickly calm down as well.

  "Well, don't worry guys, I have enough patience to wait.Sooner or later, Mu Orange will naturally understand that I, Sun Yuhao, am much more excellent than that hillbilly!"

  "I believe that before long, under the charm of my Sun Yuhao, Mu Orange will naturally come around."Sun Yuhao's words were firm, and his eyes looked away, shining with confidence.

  However, just as the three of them were preparing to go in towards the Sea Source Pavilion, a soft laughter came from behind them.

  "Are you here quite early?"

  "Well?"Hearing this somewhat familiar voice, the three of them, Sun Yuhao, were stunned.

  Then, as if they had thought of something, Han Hai's three men immediately turned around and looked back.


  "Ye Fan, it really is you."

  "You bastard, you really have a dark soul?"

  "My sister Autumn is divorcing you, and you're still stalking her?"

  "I finally understand why Sister Qiu didn't come over, so she was hiding from you."

  Seeing Ye Fan, Han Hai and the three of them were nearly all mad.Han Fei Fei even more so, she didn't hold back directly and then cursed angrily.

  From her words, it looked like she thought that Ye Fan had followed all the way over to find Autumn Mu Orange.

  Ye Fan naturally understood the meaning of their words and returned, "I'm afraid you guys are misunderstanding."

  "I came here today, not to pester anyone, but to come here to eat."

  "To eat?Just you?"Han Fei Fei laughed then, as if she had heard the world's funniest joke, "Look at you, you're so poor, you still come here to eat, can you afford it?Last time I was here, I was still in my brother Uho's good graces."

  "Besides, you can't make up nonsense.Tonight my Yuhao brother and Mr. Chu are having dinner here, and the entire Haiyuan Pavilion is cleared out, so you can't buy a place even if you're rich.What's more, you're a poor man with no money?"

  "What, are you going to tell us that you're the Mr. Chu who's going to have dinner with my brother Yuhao?"

  Han Fei Fei was full of ridicule and looked at Ye Fan like an idiot.

  Ye Fan didn't get angry, but smiled wanly, "You're right, I'm exactly what you call, Mr. Chu."

  I'll fuck off!

  "Are you a brake?"

  "Just you or Mr. Chu, if you're Mr. Chu, I'm Mr. Chu's mother."

  "And you don't look in the mirror to see what kind of virtue you have?"

  "No money, no power, no ability, not to mention the fact that you're still here all day long, pretending to be lustful.You're full of nonsense!"

  "My sister Autumn is also really blind to marry you?"

  Ye Fan's words undoubtedly infuriated Han Fei Fei and the others.

  After all, anyone who was bluffed by Ye Fan like this as an idiot would be angry, right?

  "Simply an idiot!"Sun Yuhao didn't even bother to take care of Ye Fan anymore, he gave him a cold glance and turned around to leave.

  However, at this time, Han Hai, who had been silent by the side, called out to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, come over here, I'll talk to you."



  Haiyuan Pavilion, is located on the shore of Yunwu Lake.

  Not only was the location superior, the environment was also extremely beautiful.

  At this time, by the side of the Cloud Mist Lake, Ye Fan and Han Hai were standing quietly.

  The breeze gently rustled and blew three thousand fallen leaves.

  After a long silence, Han Hai finally spoke.

  He looked at Ye Fan and coldly said, "Say, how much do you want?"

  Ye Fan was slightly confused, "Uncle, what how much is it, I don't understand?"

  Han Hai sneered, "Now, Mu Orange isn't here, so there's no need for you to keep pretending."

  "You know you're inappropriate and unworthy of Mu Orange, yet you keep pestering Mu Orange and won't let go, and all you're after is money, right?"

  "Tell me, how much money do you want before you leave Mu Orange and never bother her again for the rest of your life?"

  Han Hai said coldly, the hard tone of his voice full of disdain and disgust.

  Ye Fan's look immediately sank and he frowned, "So that's what you guys think.Thinking that I, Ye Fan, am just like you, and that I'm after 'money'?"

  Han Hai no longer wanted to pay attention to Ye Fan's false words, and without any nonsense, he directly opened the price: "One hundred thousand, I'll give you one hundred thousand to leave Mu Orange, how about it?"

  Ye Fan shook his head and burst out laughing, asking coldly, "Uncle, are you insulting me, or are you insulting Mu Orange?"

  "Two hundred thousand!"Han Hai continued.

  Ye Fan was still smiling, but that smile was filled with ridicule.

  "Three hundred thousand!"

  Ye Fan remained indifferent.

  "Half a million!"Han Hai's voice instantly resonated much louder.

  Hearing this, Ye Fan no longer wanted to talk.There was no need to chat anymore either.

  In these eyes of theirs, I guess there was only profit.

  Ye Fan shook his head in disappointment and turned around to leave.

  "Seven hundred thousand!"


  "Eight hundred thousand!"

  Han Hai was in no hurry at all to see this and continued to raise the price.


However, Ye Fan's forward steps did not stop.

  Han Hai finally frowned, lifted his face, looked forward at Ye Fan, and said in a deep voice, "One million!"

  "This is my last bottom line."

  "Ye Fan, I advise you, it's better not to be insatiably greedy."

  "Just accept it as it comes."

  "Otherwise, not only will you not get more, but maybe you won't get the million now."

  Han Hai was clearly running out of patience, and his gaze towards Ye Fan was filled with disgust and indignation.

  He didn't expect this Ye Fan to be so greedy and insatiable.

  A poor pimp from the countryside, he had thought that, at most, he would be tempted to agree to half a million.But he didn't expect that he would have been forced to a million by now.

  "This guy's ability to see into people's hearts is not small.He's eaten up my eagerness to get him away from Mu Orange."

  Han Hai's face was gloomy, and he thought inwardly.But Ye Fan's greed had made him extremely unhappy.

  He had already decided that if a million was too little for this guy, then there was no need to talk.

  If Ye Fan pestered Qiu Mu Orange again in the future, then he would hire a few people to beat him up, and he would naturally know the pain and retreat.

  Right after Han Hai gave Ye Fan an ultimatum, Ye Fan's forward steps finally stopped.

  Han Hai sneered at the sight of it.

  This countryside loser, whose words were righteous just now, was not moved now?

  "Ye Fan, that's right."

  "You're a poor boy from the countryside, I'm afraid you won't make a million dollars in your lifetime."

  "Just take this money, go back to your countryside and marry any village woman you can find."

  "Mu Orange isn't something you, a wimp, can covet?"

  "You don't deserve him."

  "She deserves someone better to take care of her."

  Han Hai smiled faintly, his words full of also Ye Fan's disdain and contempt.

  "That one million, I'll put it on your card in two days."

  "After you get the money, just get out."

  "Country people, you should still go back to the countryside, the city is not a place where you can stay."

  "But I have to warn you beforehand.After you get the money, if you dare to pester Mu Orange in the slightest, then it won't just be a matter of losing money."

  "Do you understand?"

  That high and mighty tone was as if he was defying a Gryphon.

  Ye Fan's back was turned to him, but at this time, listening to Han Hai's words, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

  "Stinker, what are you laughing at?"

  "What right do you have to laugh?"

  "A poor, incompetent son-in-law from the countryside, and you have the nerve to laugh?"Ye Fan's laughter made Han Hai very unhappy, the feeling was as if he was being mocked by Ye Fan.

  Just, a wimp, what right did he have to mock him Han Hai?

  "What am I laughing at?"

  "I'm laughing at you for having eyes and not knowing the real person!"

  "What's a million to me, and what's ten million?"

  "Even the wealthy Sun Yuhao doesn't have eyes for me, Ye Fan!"

  "As for you, I honored you before because of Mu Orange's face.If it weren't for Mu Orange, what would you, Han Hai, be in my eyes?"

  Ye Fan was full of pride and ice cold.

  With each sentence, Ye Fan's feet took a step forward, and his monstrous body trembled the four directions.

  The lean body was like a spear standing upright, and the angry words were even like thunderbolts.

  The resounding words, the majestic words, wreaked havoc on the world.

  Under Ye Fan's angry words, there was a wild wind at the edge of the Lake of Clouds.

  The vast lake water rippled and three thousand fallen leaves rustled.

  Ye Fan's momentum was too strong.

  At this time, Han Hai's face was as pale as paper, facing Ye Fan's monstrous power, he was so frightened that he subconsciously took three steps backwards.

  Because of the shock, Han Hai was even more wide-eyed.

  He couldn't believe that this might could be released from Ye Fan, the superfluous son-in-law.

  That feeling, as if standing in front of him was not an incompetent, superfluous son-in-law, but a majestic, majestic mountain!

  The wind was cold and the water rippled.

  Ye Fan's eerie voice, however, still echoed.

  He stood proudly, full of cold smiles.

  A pair of cold eyes, like a king looking down on the world, and the domineering majestic voice continued to explode.

  "A well frog cannot speak of the sea, how can a summer insect speak of ice?"

  "But soon you will know what kind of being is standing in front of you at this time."

  Ye Fan's voice was only like a golden stone falling to the ground, but here the heavens and earth were resounding.

  After saying that, Ye Fan no longer stayed, and immediately turned around and left.

  Only a silent depression and a terrified Han Hai were left behind.

  Seeing that distant, thin back, Han Hai began to waver within.

  Could it be that they had really underestimated Ye Fan?

  It was only after a long time that Han Hai's original trembling heart slowly calmed down.

  At this point, recalling the previous scene, he cursed lowly.

  "What can a countryside brat be capable of?"

  "If he was really good, would he still join the Autumn family as a son-in-law?"

  "And the well frog shall not speak of the sea, and the summer worm shall not speak of ice?He's a poor country bumpkin, what a mouthful!"

  "It's idiotic in general!"

  Han Hai cursed lowly, clearly thinking that Ye Fan had just been talking nonsense and lies.

  After all, the truth was right here, if Ye Fan was truly capable, he wouldn't have been a superfluous son-in-law in the Qiu family's nest for three years.

  "And how the fuck else does he exist?"

  "I think it's just fury in general!"

  Han Hai's old face was gloomy, and he returned to Haiyuan Court with a belly full of anger.

  "Dad, what's wrong with you?"When Han Fei Fei and the others who had been waiting at the door saw how ugly their father looked, they immediately asked.

  "Why, it's still that wimp who's angry!You have no fart skills, but you've got a big backbone and an even bigger mouth!"Han Hai, in a rage, briefly told Han Fei Fei and Sun Yuhao what had just happened.

  And when Han Fei Fei heard it, she became anxious, "What?"

  "Dad, you're going to give that poor loser a million dollars?"

  "Are you crazy?"

  "He's a poor country bumpkin, how is he worthy of giving so much money?"

  "I'm still afraid he'll pester your sister,"Han Hai shook his head and said.

  "How dare he?When the time comes, if he dares to pester us, we'll have his dog's legs broken!"Han Fei Fei said viciously.

  Sun Yuhao was also smiling at this point, "Uncle Hai, I've bothered you.But it's just a minor character, it really isn't worth your time."

  "When he gets divorced from Mu Orange, it won't be a matter of minutes to pinch him to death."

  "Alright, let's forget about him, let's go in."

  "The dinner is about to start."

  Sun Yuhao didn't want to talk about Ye Fan anymore, and up to this point, Sun Yuhao didn't take Ye Fan seriously.

  In his eyes, Ye Fan was at most just a jumping clown, and if he wasn't concerned about Qiu Mu Orange, Sun Yuhao was afraid that he would have already had someone teach Ye Fan a lesson in private.

  "Well, let's go in."

  "Let's take Yuhao's advantage this time and go in to see the world."At the thought of seeing Mr. Chu up close soon, Han Hai and the others were also extremely excited, and Han Fei Fei even took out a cotton pad to mend her makeup, imagining in her heart that what if she were to be seen by Mr. Chu and become Mr. Chu's woman?

  By then, wouldn't she, Han Fei Fei, be the Queen of Jiangdong?

  One man under a thousand, ten thousand above!


This dinner with Mr. Chu was bought by Sun Yuhao himself, even though it was for over 200 million dollars.

  However, after getting permission from Old Two Li, Sun Yuhao was also allowed to bring two people to accompany him to the dinner.

  Of course, the two people that Sun Yuhao carried could only watch and listen at the dinner, and were not allowed to speak.

  Previously, Sun Yuhao had planned to invite Qiu Mu Orange to the banquet together, but unfortunately, Qiu Mu Orange refused to come, so the opportunity to accompany these two naturally fell to Han Hai and his daughter.

  At this time, outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, all kinds of decorations had been straightened out.

  A brand new red carpet was laid from the entrance of the restaurant all the way to the hall, with flowers on both sides of the brocade, and colored balls floating.More than a dozen elegant ladies in cheongsams have been standing on both sides of the road, with red lips and respectful faces.

  Han Hai and the others couldn't help but be flattered by such a grand gesture.

  But whether it was Han Hai, or Sun Yuhao, they were actually very clear.This battle today was actually mostly aimed at Mr. Chu.

  After all, no matter how strong his background was, he, Sun Yuhao, was simply no match for Yunzhou City's leading magnate, Li Er.If it was just to welcome him, of course, Li Er would not go to such great lengths.

  "Worthy of being Mr. Chu~"

  "Just a dinner party, Yunzhou Li Er is treated so solemnly and greeted grandly."

  "In the entire Jiangdong, I'm afraid that Mr. Chu is the only one who has such a face, right?"

  Han Hai lamented even more, Han Fei Fei's eyebrows showed even more envy, and even Sun Yuhao, who was full of respect for that famous Mr. Chu, was also full of respect.

  In the midst of the three trembling, the two Jinbao Yinbao brothers, however, came over and greeted respectfully, "Mr. Sun, you've arrived?"

  "Mr. Chu, Second Master and the others will be here soon, please wait a moment."

  "The dinner over there is all ready."

  "Now we'll wait for Mr. Chu to arrive and start the banquet immediately!"

  "Why don't you go upstairs and wait in the meantime?"

  "No need to bother."Sun Yuhao shook his head, then smiled back, "I'll just wait here for Mr. Chu to come with everyone else."

  "Here, you can still get a glimpse of Mr. Chu's true face as soon as possible, so why not?"

  "Well.Then let Mr. Sun do as he pleases."Seeing that Sun Yuhao was so insistent, Jinbao and Yinbao didn't reluctantly do as he wished.

  At this time, the entrance of the restaurant was already filled with many people.

  Most of them were the top leaders of Haiyuan Pavilion, as well as the owner of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi, at this time, those who could stand here to greet Mr. Chu together, almost every one of them were people of extremely high status under Li Er.

  At this time, Shen Jiuyi and the others were all dressed in formal attire, all standing in front of the restaurant, waiting patiently.

  "Brother Yuhao, why isn't Mr. Chu coming yet?"

  "He's not going to come for anything, is he?"Han Fei Fei, perhaps because she was nervous, looked around from time to time to see if the legendary Mr. Chu was coming or not.

  But after waiting for ten minutes, neither Li Er, nor Mr. Chu, had arrived yet.


  "Two hundred million dollars bought for a dinner party, even Mr. Chu, there's no way he wouldn't come."

  "Otherwise, it's damaging, but it's his reputation and credibility."Sun Yuhao shook his head and said back in a deep voice.

  And in the middle of their conversation, a car suddenly sounded outside.

  Immediately afterwards, the car door opened, and a somewhat bloated and rich old man, but he walked down from the car.With a mighty brow, he immediately walked forward under the crowd of people.

  "Second Master, you've come."

  Seeing Li Er's arrival, Shen Jiuyi, the chairman of the Shen Group, and Peng Zhenying, the head of Haiyuan Court, and others stepped forward and greeted Li Er respectfully.

  Li Er waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for unnecessary words and prepared to greet Mr. Chu.

  Li Er then faced the crowd and said in a deep voice.

  "I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting."

  "First of all, let us welcome Mr. Sun, who has been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu."

  "After tonight, when the people of Jiangdong mention Mr. Chu, they will surely think of Mr. Sun's name as well."

  "In the future, when we write about Mr. Chu's life story, I believe that Mr. Sun Yuhao's name will also leave a strong mark on it."

  Li Er's majestic voice echoed through this world.

  For a time, everyone present applauded.Amidst the enthusiastic applause, Sun Yuhao smiled proudly and waved his hand towards the crowd.

  Soon, the applause stopped, and Li Er continued in speech.

  "Alright, without further ado, the time has come to seven o'clock in the evening."

  "Below, let's welcome Mr. Chu's arrival with a round of applause!"


  For a moment, the applause thundered.

  The entire atmosphere of the restaurant exploded almost instantly.

  Everyone looked up and around, especially those who had never seen Mr. Chu's true face before, looking around excitedly.

  They vainly tried to find Mr. Chu's figure from the crowd.

  Sun Yuhao's heart was pounding violently because he was nervous.Han Fei Fei was even more excited with her pretty face blushing, and even Han Hai, that palm old face was trembling slightly.

  They all wanted to see what kind of person Mr. Chu, the famous Jiangdong, was.


  One second. Two seconds.

  A full minute passed, and still no one responded.

  The crowd couldn't help but feel heavy in their hearts at the sight of this.

  Could it be that Mr. Chu really didn't come?

  Finally, right at this moment, in a corner that was not noticeable in the slightest, a thin figure, however, stood up.

  And then, towards the direction of Li Er and the others in front of it, it went full cloth.



  As the figure stood up, for a moment, the eyes of everyone in the entire restaurant looked over.

  Sun Yuhao and Han Fei Fei, naturally, were no exception.

  However, when they saw that figure, their eyes, then immediately widened!

  "Yes...Ye...Ye Fan?"

  "Fuck, this wimp!"

  "He's crazy, what's he doing?"

  "He doesn't really think he's Mr. Chu, does he!"

  "Idiot, right?"

  "You're a countryside loser, a son-in-law on the doorstep, but you also have the guts to impersonate Mr. Chu, looking for death?"Han Fei Fei was nearly scared silly.

  How could she have never thought that Ye Fan would be so brave as to pretend to be Mr. Chu in front of so many powerful bigwigs?


  "Why don't you go back?"

  "Do you want to get the Autumn family killed?"

  "You're looking for death, don't get Mu Orange involved ah?"

  Han Hai was equally furious and cursed, his old face trembling, his old eyes nearly blood red with anger at Ye Fan.

  Whether Ye Fan lived or died had nothing to do with him.But the key, now he and Qiu Mu Orange hadn't divorced yet.

  Han Hai was really worried that if Ye Fan messed up like this and didn't know whether he was dead or alive, and angered the Second Master Li, he would then implicate Qiu Mu Orange, and eventually even their Han family again!

  Thinking of this, how could Han Hai not be angry, how could he not be shocked?

  "What a brainiac!"

  "Surely a country bumpkin, all strength and no brains stupid!"

  "I'm concerned about Mu Orange, so I don't dare to do anything to you.But Second Master Li and the others don't have so many scruples."

  "This idiot is simply asking for death by messing up like this~"

  Sun Yuhao sneered and looked at Ye Fan's back, full of disdain and ridicule.

  Looking at him as if he were only looking at an idiot!


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