The King of Kungfu in school 1181-1190

Chapter 1181

"Err what err, hurry up, now that Guo Wang Jiu is dead, maybe the enemies will come to our door, now go to the City Hall to send some gifts and talk to the City Lord, maybe we can avoid some trouble.I've heard that this City Lord is quite a good person, although he's born with a weak nature, he's a good person."


After that, Tang Zichen took a carriage and followed his so-called father to the city lord's residence.

Arriving at the City Lord's Mansion and presenting the invitation to pay his respects, Tang Zichen inwardly thought that the City Lord was not expected to see any visitors, as Tang Zichen was sure that Yang Nuan's hand was not lightly injured last night.

However, what Tang Zichen did not expect was that the City Lord would actually see a guest.

Tang Zichen entered the City Lord's Mansion.

There were no servants in the City Lord's residence, and the large City Lord's residence looked empty.

Tang Zichen's father said that the City Lord was an aloof character, not fond of crowds, preferring to be alone, one thinking about something.Tang Zichen knew that she was probably thinking about life and the world, so she became an outlier.

The city lord's residence was also not brilliant in any way, it was too poor compared to those luxurious mansions.

To be fair, such a city lord was appreciated by Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen ended up taking her life.However, she was also inherently lifeless, so there was nothing to feel sorry for.

Tang Zichen met Yang Nuan in a large hall. Remember the website

The moment he saw Yang Nuan, Tang Zichen was stunned there.

Because, what Tang Zichen saw was a slightly high and cold, stunning face.

It was too beautiful.

Last night, Tang Zichen didn't see her face at all, today during the day, Tang Zichen only saw the City Lord's face, beautiful, with an attractiveness that couldn't be described with words, that slightly high cold temperament that made people want to pamper her even more inside, and that mysterious and unpredictable feeling on her body that added a lot of intangible charm.

"Senior Bai Liang, with his son, I pay my respects to the City Lord."Tang Zichen's father paid a bow.

Tang Zichen bowed as well, "Senior Bai Kuan, pay your respects to the City Lord."

The City Lord looked at the two of them with a high and cold look, but didn't have a very solitary face and said indifferently, "Get up, Bai Liang, Bai Kuan, what brings you here to see me."The city lord got straight to the point and said.

"Senior's son, Bai Kuan, he admires the City Lord and wants to see the City Lord, that's why senior dared to bring him here to see the City Lord's heroic posture, I hope the City Lord is not to blame."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Yes, the senior admires the City Lord, I heard that the City Lord is as beautiful as a celestial being, with a touching temperament and great talent, the senior is really fortunate to be able to meet the City Lord today."

The City Lord only gave a shallow snort, as if Tang Zichen's flattering words had no effect on her at all.


The City Lord looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Your name is Bai Kuan?"


"Formerly in the Laoshan Academy?"

"Yes, but senior has been graduating from the Laoshan Academy for several years, and a few days ago, he brought back his girlfriend whom he had been talking about for several years to consummate his marriage."Tang Zichen said that this information was true and was not Tang Zichen's nonsense, it was the true information of this body.

The City Lord nodded faintly, "I've heard about this matter, and I've also heard that your wife is extremely beautiful."

"City Lord is overpraised."

Bai Liang said, "I heard that the City Lord is also a graduate of the Laoshan Academy."


Tang Zichen said, "When I was at Laoshan Academy, I had heard of the City Lord's reputation, and by the way, the City Lord is also a few years older than me."

Yang Nuan asked, "Bai Liang, I remember that you are Guo Wang Jiu's person, right?"

"Exactly."Bai Liang nodded busily.

Yang Nuan said, "Alright, I already know your intention to come, please return today."


br /> "Uh."Bai Liang was startled, not expecting the city lord to be so direct.

"Thank you for the City Lord's protection."

Bai Liang and Tang Zichen busily got up.

When Tang Zichen reached the door, he suddenly said, "That, father, you can go back first, I still want to talk more with the city lord."

"Kuan'er, don't be rude."

"Father, how could I be rude in the City Lord's residence, besides, the City Lord is a good man, he definitely won't embarrass me."

Bai Liang looked at Yang Nuan, Yang Nuan also frowned, Yang Nuan was an unhospitable person, preferring to be alone, at this moment, seeing Tang Zichen saying that he still wanted to talk to her, his brows furrowed deeply, this Bai Kuan, what else is there to try?

Yang Nuan said, "Then we'll leave later."

"Thank you, City Lord."

Tang Zichen's father had to leave first in awe, really not knowing why his 'son' was suddenly so bold.

Yang Nuan was also puzzled by Tang Zichen's bold act, which was why he let Tang Zichen stay.

Tang Zichen sat down again.

Tang Zichen didn't want to leave so soon, no matter what he said, he also wanted to chat with Yang Nuan, even if he knew her a little more, besides, Yang Nuan was so beautiful, looking at a beautiful thing, always felt pleasing to the eye, although the teacher's wife that body, also very beautiful, unfortunately that was the teacher's wife, although nominally a wife, but it was unable to move, still came to chat with Yang Nuan.

"Bai Kuan, why aren't you talking again."Yang Nuan asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "City Lord, I want to stay and accompany you more, I don't mind."

The city lord snorted and said with some anger, "Why do I want you to accompany me?Not to mention, you have and qualification to accompany me."

"Hahaha, City Lord Mo anger, gas bad body who as desired, life is like a play, because there is fate to meet, for trivial things to lose their temper, think carefully and why, and hurt and effort, City Lord to remember, Mo anger ah Mo anger."

"You."The city lord's body trembled, suddenly not knowing what to say, because it seemed like very few people in her life dared to tease her like this.This Bai Kuan, what a bold feeling, but this boldness didn't make her resentful, there was still a hint of freshness, perhaps, it was because her life was too lonely.

"Haha, lord of the city, don't be angry oh."Tang Zichen said laughingly.

The city lord regained his high and cold face and said, "Bai Kuan, what do you want to say to me?"

"Lord of the City, junior doesn't have anything to say to you."

"Then what are you staying for?"

"The city is empty and cold, doesn't it feel like something is missing, my lord?"

"It's my business, it's none of your business."

"Wrong, greatly wrong, it's none of my business."

The City Lord frowned at Tang Zichen, what was this guy trying to say?

"Lord of the City, you are our Lord, and in this chaotic world, you protect everyone in this city, so everything about you is related, not just to me, but to the entire city's people.Now, your living conditions are so poor, I really can't bear to see it.However, senior knows that the City Master is a person who doesn't like to enjoy himself, so I can't change the City Master's life, I can only do my best to talk with the City Master more, to relieve his boredom, to the City Master."

"Roll."The city lord waved his hand and a strong wind pushed.

"Wow," Tang Zichen didn't finish his sentence, his body was directly blown out of the gate hundreds of meters away, falling onto the street outside the City Lord's gate, moreover, the City Lord's gate slammed shut with a bang.

"I'm going, blowing me out, yah yah yah, that's too disgraceful."Tang Zichen stood on the street, freaking out, so disgraceful, what a failure.

However, the city lord didn't hurt Tang Zichen, he just blew Tang Zichen out.


Tang Zichen had to go home after being blasted out of the city hall.

When he got home his father asked why he was back so soon, Tang Zichen was depressed and didn't even know how to say it.

"I'm back, Auntie."

"Windy, how's it going, is the city lord badly injured?"Sensei asked.

"Heavy my ass, it's nothing at all."

"Ah, you didn't hurt her badly last night, did you?"

"Even if she did, it certainly wasn't a wound, and it's so hard for us to kill her now anyway.Just now my city lord's house, I wanted to stay and talk to her more and learn more about her martial arts skills, but I didn't expect that she blew me out."

The teacher's wife said, "That City Lord is very pretty, I don't think you necessarily want to know more about her martial arts, do you?"

"Don't talk nonsense, Shizuo, Windy is not like that."Tang Zichen was busy sophistry.

The teacher's wife said, "Nowadays, if you want to defeat her, I'm afraid you have to get close to her and understand her martial dao.So, Feng'er, you should then run to the City Lord's Palace more often, become friends with Yang Nuan, or even become lovers, and finally, clear her because of the love killing."

"Sensei, how can you let me do that."Tang Zichen was speechless. One second to remember to read the book

"Well, this is already the best way ah, otherwise we can only be at our wits end here, we can definitely learn a lot from her, if you become her lover, it's only right and proper to go along with it when adopting love killing in the future ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, in the eyes of the City Lord, I'm a married man, people don't even look at me.Secondly, this is too desperate, becoming a lover first, understanding her martial arts skills and then killing her, how do you want me to do it, I'd rather wait another ten years and kill the second target first, I don't want to become a lover with her and then kill her."

"Alright."The teacher sighed, "Actually, you don't have to be serious, this place is just a memory from the past, not a real person."

"But this place is too real to not take it seriously, and once I do develop feelings and have to kill her again, I'm afraid I can't do it."

"Well, that's fine, let's take our time, and when we're strong enough, we can go back to Yang Nuan."

At this moment, at the City Lord's Mansion.

A subordinate entered the City Lord's Mansion with half a jade pendant.

"Subordinates pay their respects to the City Lord."

"How's the investigation on the jade pendant?"The city lord asked.

"Reporting to City Lord, I came precisely because of this matter, after our reconnaissance in the past two days, we have already gotten a glimpse, this jade pendant is produced from Xisuo, it's a top-grade tiger's eye jade, its value is not low.We asked the jade experts throughout the city, we don't sell this kind of jade here, however, the owner of a jade shop in Xisuo said that he has seen a certain person with this kind of jade pendant."

"Who?"The city lord's eyes gazed.

"Bai Kuan."

"What, Bai Kuan?"The City Lord was stunned, wasn't this the guy who had just arrived in the morning and had a bit of a thick skin?

"Yes, on that day when Bai Kuan got married, the owner of the West City Jade Shop was also invited to the wedding, he was originally in the jade business, so after seeing this jade pendant on Bai Kuan's body, it was easy to leave an impression, there's absolutely no mistaking it."

"But, how could Bai Kuan kill Guo Wang Jiu?Bai Kuan is just a weak man in the middle of the Unity Realm, and he's too far away from the early stages of the clan.Moreover, Bai Kuan is only twenty-five or twenty-six years old, so it's impossible for him to be so ungodly."Yang Nuan shook his head incessantly.

"This subordinate doesn't know, but this jade pendant is on Bai Kuan's person anyway.The City Lord might as well call Bai Kuan to the residence and ask him to take out the jade pendant, if he can't, then, there's a mystery."

Yang Nuan recalled the morning and didn't seem to see Bai Kuan wearing a jade pendant on his body.


bsp; Yang Nuan inwardly said, "Could it really be him?That's impossible, and if it is, then he's too good at hiding it, and even my eyes can fool me.Fine, I'll try him that night."

Yang Nuan said to his men, "Leave the jade pendant behind."


That night, Tang Zichen and Shiniang were still in the same room, Shiniang still slept on the bed, and Tang Zichen went to sleep on the floor beyond the gauze curtain.

However, at that moment, Tang Zichen felt a powerful momentum.

"Shisuniang, no good, someone strong is coming, if nothing else, it's probably Yang Nuan."

"Ah, what's she doing here in the middle of the night?"The teacher's wife was shocked.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "If I'm not mistaken, it should be the jade pendant that has been traced to my head, after all, I was a body that I wore all year round before.Yang Nuan is ten times more likely to suspect me, and I'm afraid he's here tonight to find out what's going on."

"Oh no, you're no match at all now, unless you use Life Blood Hidden, but using Life Blood Hidden destroys all the meridians, Yang Nuan will be able to find out with a little attention, if tomorrow your meridians are all good again, this fool also knows that you're not unusual at all."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry Shizuo, even if she knows that I'm the one who killed Guo Wang Jiu, so what, it's not a big crime, what can she do to me, she shouldn't do anything to me."

"But if she finds out that we sleep in separate beds, you'd better feel like coming under the covers."

"Ah, ma'am, that's, not good."

"Where do we care now, there's no time, hurry up."

"Good."Tang Zichen immediately rushed to the bed and hid under the blanket with his teacher's wife.

Tang Zichen's heart was beating fast, this was too crazy, and Shiniya's heart was also beating fast and her face was blushing.

At this time, Yang Nuan was already standing on the roof.

"Shh, here it comes."Tang Zichen instructed to.

The teacher's wife nodded her head.

Tang Zichen immediately shouted, "The one on the roof, what is he doing here at my place in the middle of the night, if you feel lonely at night, you shouldn't blow me out during the daytime ah, maybe, I can even sleep with you for the night."

At this moment, Yang Nuan on the rooftop was cold, while at the same time, she was shocked inside, because Tang Zichen had actually discovered her existence, which meant that there was indeed something wrong with Tang Zichen.

The moment Tang Zichen spoke, Yang Nuan had almost confirmed that the person who killed Guo Wangjiu, as well as the person who fought her the night before, was Tang Zichen.

Yang Nuan's foot stepped on the ground, the whole person entered the house, and immediately saw Tang Zichen and Shiniang embracing in the blanket.

Yang Nuan was busy blushing and turned her head.

Tang Zichen smiled, "City Lord, what are you doing coming to me in the middle of the night, you're not really lonely, are you."

The City Lord snorted, "Bai Kuan, do you think you can still hide it from me?Tell me honestly, don't force me to take out my sword."

Tang Zichen's heart was extremely depressed, martial strength is amazing, but Tang Zichen was really afraid of her sword out, because dying at the hands of a different kind of person would be a real death, Tang Zichen couldn't afford to play.

"Hahaha, City Lord, since you're all here in my room, don't you already know everything?Wouldn't it be redundant for me to say anything else."

"Hmph, it really is you."Yang Nuan snorted.

"Che, so what if it's me, is the city lord going to kill me?Yes, I did kill Guo Wang Jiu, but so what, if the City Lord wants to arrest me, go ahead, I fought you last night and you didn't get any advantage, right?Besides, a mere Guo Wang Jiu is not enough to betray me to death, but you actually let the City Lord wake me up in the middle of the night."


"Hmph, Bai Kuan, if you want to kill Guo Wang Jiu, why don't you greet me, you're making me very passive."

"Ridiculous, can I still kill someone after greeting you?I don't think I can beat you, so I won't greet you.City Lord, my mother-sama has to report her grandchildren next year, so my wife and I will start sowing seeds, if City Lord is interested, you can observe, I don't mind."

"Who's interested, hmph, Bai Kuan, take the initiative to come to the city lord's house tomorrow and tell me everything, I'll let you go first tonight."After saying that, Yang Nuan flew away.

"Phew."Tang Zichen was relieved, and so was his teacher's wife.

At that moment, Tang Zichen felt a warm and soft body still cradled in his arms and reacted with a sudden panic to let go.

"Disciple is much offended, and I ask for your teacher's forgiveness."Tang Zichen busily turned over and knelt on the floor in front of the bed and said.

"Alright, it's a matter of sentiment, go to sleep, she shouldn't come back."

"Okay, good night Shiniyo."

Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife went to sleep separately and had a silent night.

Yang Nuan of the City Lord's residence, lying on the cold bed, seemed unable to sleep.

The scene just now, Tang Zichen and his wife, embracing each other in the nest, always flashed in her mind, she felt, it was a very warm feeling, when she returned to her own home, but so lonely and deserted, the night was as cold as water, a few cold crows, not more than lonely, she could not help but have a slight longing for the warmth of Tang Zichen and his wife. First URL

The next morning, Tang Zichen prepared to go out and head to the city's main residence.

"Windy, will it be dangerous?"The teacher's wife asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, it won't be dangerous, I'll take care of it, and besides, when we kill Guo Wang Jiu, we're also robbing the rich to help the poor on behalf of heaven, so we're not committing a capital crime."

"Well, then you have to be careful."


Tang Zichen went to the City Lord's Palace in flames.

Yang Nuan was already waiting for Tang Zichen in the main hall.

"Pay your respects to the City Lord."

"It's not necessary."Yang Nuan said coldly.

"What does the City Lord want me to do?"

"Don't you owe an explanation for the crimes you committed in my city?I have to answer to the people, so it's a given that I can't be indifferent to this."Yang Nuan said.

Tang Zichen said, "Does the City Lord know what kind of person Guo Wangjiu is?"

"I don't care what he's like."

"Guo Wangjiu is a straw man and not a good person, I'm just killing him for the sake of heaven,"Tang Zichen said.

Yang Nuan huffed, "If I remember correctly, your father, too, is one of Guo Wang Jiu's men, then why didn't you kill your father as well?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm still gathering incriminating evidence, and if the final evidence proves that my father is similar, I'll kill him."

"You actually dare?"

"Why don't you dare, if I were to know that you're also like this, I'll even kill you."

Yang Nuan seemed very confused looking at Tang Zichen.

Yang Nuan said, "Then how do you explain the fact that you emptied Guo Wang Jiu's money and wealth?Could it be that emptying his money is also a way to do justice to God?And then pocketed it yourself?I'm sure that all of Guo Wangjiu's money has been placed in your warehouse."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing at?


"Lord of the City, didn't you go and investigate?I've already given away Guo Wang Jiu's money to the poor. This is called robbing the rich to help the poor, you know?Perhaps you don't even know that there is another act in this world called robbing the rich to give to the poor."

Just at this moment, one of the men outside walked in.

"Report to the city lord."

"What is it, say."

That subordinate looked at Tang Zichen and said, "City Lord, Guo Wangjiu's money was, was distributed to the thousands of families in those slums."

Yang Nuan was shocked, it was true.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Believe it."

The city lord let that man out.

Tang Zichen's behavior, for a moment, made Yang Nuan feel that he was a good man.

"Why did you do that?"

"City Lord, I'm just bored and playing, the rich are rich and the poor have no food to eat, I just can't see it."

"But those poor people are not fighting for themselves, if they practice martial arts well, they can definitely change their fate, my family used to be poor too."

"City Lord, not everyone has such a high talent for martial arts as you do.Alright, City Lord, if there's nothing else, I'll go back first, my wife is still waiting for me to return for lunch."


"What else is the City Lord up to?Could it be that you want me to stay and eat with you, well, since the city lord is so sincere, I'll stay and eat with the city lord.Where is the kitchen, let's go, go to the kitchen and see what there is to eat."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall and headed straight for the backyard.

"You."City Lord was speechless, this was too shameless.

Tang Zichen arrived at the City Lord's backyard kitchen, where there was only an old mother cooking there.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, how poor must this City Lord be, there was only one old mother in the kitchen.

At that moment, the City Lord chased him in and said, "Bai Kuan, what are you doing?I didn't ask you to stay for dinner."

Tang Zichen rolled his white eyes and said speechlessly, "Then you didn't say so earlier, okay, since we're all in the kitchen, I'll apply to stay for dinner myself."

Yang Nuan seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with Tang Zichen's rogue behavior, most importantly, she had already changed her mind about Tang Zichen, so it was not good for her to do anything to Tang Zichen, such as blowing him out like yesterday, so Yang Nuan had to say, "Sorry, I don't have any extra rice here."

Tang Zichen rolled up his sleeves and looked like he was starting to work, and said, "Alright, I know you're poor, I won't eat for free, I'll cook it myself, just think of it as me borrowing some ingredients from you first, I'll have someone return it to you later, I'll cook today, let's treat the city lord to dinner."After saying that, Tang Zichen bent down and took out a piece of celery from the basket, ready to do it.

"You, you, how can you be so shameless, I've let you go."Yang Nuan said furiously, she didn't seem to be able to do anything about Tang Zichen's shameless behavior.If Tang Zichen was an evil bad guy, she would have just killed him, but now Tang Zichen was not, instead he was a rather admirable good guy, it was not good to do anything about it.

"City Lord, you disturbed me and my wife's sleep last night, causing me to interrupt midway, almost scared and gutless, today you should make amends to me, stop jibbering, jibbering again, I won't recognize you later.Don't just stand there, help me peel this garlic."Tang Zichen tossed a garlic to the stunned city lord.

The city lord was really, defeated, perhaps related to her blank emotional world, so she didn't know how to resist this kind of rogue behavior of a man for a while, and was easily led by the nose.


The City Master put the garlic in her hands on the stove in depression and walked out of the kitchen with a grunt.

However, she didn't go far, she just stood outside the kitchen, listening to Tang Zichen clanking and busy in the kitchen, the old lady from the original kitchen giving Tang Zichen a hand job.

City Lord didn't know what Tang Zichen meant by this, he was a married man, wasn't he afraid of people misunderstanding him?

Quickly, Tang Zichen made three small dishes, smiled heedlessly and served them out.

"City Lord, eat, three small dishes from your hometown, no respect."Tang Zichen put down the three small dishes, the kitchen's mother was busy scattering out the chopsticks, as well as bringing out the rice she had steamed earlier.

The city lord asked, "What do you want?"

"City Lord, don't be so disgraceful."

"Bai Kuan, I want you to answer me honestly, what is the purpose of this?Do you think you're reasonable for a married man?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Thinking too much of you, you think I'm courting you?"

"I, I didn't think so, don't be ridiculous."Yang Nuan blushed and looked a bit nervous.

Tang Zichen smiled, "By the way, it seems like the City Lord still doesn't have a date yet." Remember the URL

"It's none of your business."

"Oh, the city lord just reminded me of that, though."

"What do you mean?"

"What do you say if I do chase you?Although I have a wife, but what, it's quite normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines isn't it, well, lord of the city, then you might as well consider being my little wife, so that you won't be so lonely all by yourself, it's nice to have someone to warm your bed."

"Get out."

"Don't be taut, really, you're willing I may not be willing yet, alright, don't think too much, I won't eat with you, I'll go home first."Tang Zichen leapt to his feet and flew away.

The city lord stood there for several minutes before moving, looked at the three small dishes on the table, thought for a while, and said, "I won't eat for nothing."

Then, the city lord went up and tried the food and found that it tasted quite good, the city lord smiled a little inside and said, "I didn't think he really knew how to cook.

The city lord didn't care so much and ate it.However, as she ate, she remembered Tang Zichen's words about being his little wife and warming her bed, such shameless and bold words that made her blush, at least she didn't feel very repulsed inside.

Tang Zichen returned to his own home.

Tang Zichen's words about being his little wife were just a joke, not serious, Tang Zichen was going to kill her after all, how could he really have any feelings for her.

As for why he wanted to tangle with her for a while, perhaps Tang Zichen couldn't help it when he saw such a beautiful and lonely woman.

If Yang Nuan wasn't a different species, Tang Zichen might have had more sex with her, what a fate.

"Feng'er, what took you so long to come back, are you alright, did the city lord give you a hard time."

"Sensei, I'm fine, how could I be embarrassed, as for taking so long to come back, that's because I cooked a few small dishes for her at the city lord's house."

"Ah, so romantic, didn't you say that you didn't want to get emotionally involved with her?Afraid I won't be able to do it later."

"Yeah, don't want to have a relationship, but, she's wonderful, beautiful, and heartbreaking."

"Ugh."The teacher's wife could only sigh.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go find a way to kill the second target first, Yang Nuan will come back later."

"Suit yourself."

Tang Zichen immediately said to Shi Ling, "Senior Shi Ling."

"What is it."

"We've decided to kill the second target first."

"The second target is a late Sect Master, who lives in Green Yong City, which is

A very powerful city, the city's lord is a Zongshi Grand Perfectionist.The second target, his name is 'Huang Ming', is one of the overlords of Green Yong City."

"Good, then let's go to Green Yong City first and remove the second target."Tang Zichen said.

"Suit yourself, but I can tell you that all the targets must be cleared before you and your friends have a chance to leave alive."


Shifu asked, "Well?Is the stone spirit allowed?"

"It's allowed, it doesn't care who we clean up first, it always ends up cleaning up all the aliens before he'll let us leave alive."

"So how do we clean up now that we're strong?"

Don pointed to his head and said, "Use your head."

"Uh, what do you mean."

"Sensei, killing doesn't have to be done with your own hands, you can also use your brain, let's go to Green Yong City and see if we can borrow the hands of someone stronger and kill the target, Huang Ming."

"But if we don't kill it ourselves, how are we going to experience it?"

Tang Zichen sighed, "This martial arts realm thing is too hard to figure out, it's not something we can break through just because we want to, let's just let nature take its course.Master Teacher, pack up, we'll do it tomorrow."


That night, Tang Zichen came back to the City Lord's Mansion.

Tang Zichen was standing on the roof of the City Lord's Mansion.

"What people?"Yang Nuan suddenly flew up and saw that it was Tang Zichen standing on the roof.

"It's you, why are you here again."Yang Nuan snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "I wanted to come and say goodbye to you, but I didn't know what to say."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm leaving here tomorrow."

"Oh."A sudden sense of loss rose up inside Yang Nuan.

"Aren't you going to ask me where I'm going?"

"Why should I ask, what's it to do with me."

"Oh, also."

Yang Nuan bit her lip, she seemed to be confused inside, why did she feel a bit boring inside when she heard that Tang Zichen was leaving tomorrow.

Under the moonlight, Tang Zichen looked at Yang Nuan, that wonderful body, the stunningly beautiful face, blended together with the moonlight, giving a different kind of beauty.

Tang Zichen involuntarily said, "Yang Nuan, you're really beautiful."

Yang Nuan's heart jumped a bit and frowned at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked towards Yang Nuan.

"What are you doing?"

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Nuan, let's have a sparring session, before we go, I'd like to fight with you one more time, just show your normal level."

"Hmph, so you're here to beg for a fight."Yang Nuan said with a flick of his mouth.

"No, I just want to leave some memories."Tang Zichen said.

Yang Nuan's heartbeat accelerated in vain when she saw Tang Zichen speak so emotionally.

"You're a married man, don't talk to me about this."Yang Nuan glared.

"Oh, what if I'm not a married man?Isn't that all I can say to you."

"You, I don't mean that."

"Alright, come on."Tang Zichen drew his sword and struck at Yang Nuan.

Yang Nuan also drew his sword, this time they weren't fighting to the death, so the situation wasn't as terrifying.

As soon as Yang Nuan pulled out his sword, Tang Zichen took out his endless strongest move.

But, with a clatter, Tang Zichen's move collapsed like a mirror shattering.


Tang Zichen was defeated in one move, very thoroughly, which was also expected by Tang Zichen.

Yang Nuan snorted, "With that kind of strength you still want to spar with me, why don't you show the strength you had after that day's outburst."

Tang Zichen laughed, "That's no good, the strength I had after that day's outburst is a great price to pay, I don't want to make myself pay such a great price because of a cut and thrust."

"Hmph, so, your strength is nothing more than that, thanks to me, I still think highly of you."

Tang Zichen blushed a bit, "How old are you this year?"


"Right, I'm only twenty-five this year, and when you were twenty-five, did you have the strength I have now?"


Tang Zichen actually had an inferiority complex inside, because Tang Zichen's true age was forty, forty, not as good as someone's twenty-nine girls, it was really humiliating.However, this memory stone was from a long time ago, the environment was different, it was understandable, if Tang Zichen was also born and raised in this era, he might also be incomparably powerful.As the saying goes, heroes come out of troubled times, why only in troubled times do heroes come out, because the environment in troubled times creates them.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why are we also mid-stage clerics, but you are so much stronger than me."

"Why should I tell you." One second to remember to read the book

"Cheapskate, I've at least invited you to dinner."

"You really don't know or you don't know?"Yang Nuan asked wordlessly.

"Definitely really don't know."

"It's not even known, I'm speechless to you, your martial dao has only comprehended to the first level, it's only just even like you've just comprehended it, how can you be my opponent, my martial dao has comprehended to the second level."

"Uh, it turns out that the martial dao can still be comprehended to a deeper level."

Yang Nuan asked, "I feel like you're very clever with your sword skills and everything, what is your martial dao?"

"To put it simply, endless."


"What about you?"

Yang Nuan had nothing to hide, it was just a name to others.

"The Dao of the Heavens."

"Ooooh, Dao of the Heavens, that sounds very strong."

"Your endlessness is also not bad, if I comprehend the second level, I may not be your opponent, but it's not that easy, many of the strongest clansmen at the perfection level may not be able to comprehend the second level of their respective martial dao."

"I see, I haven't been able to touch the threshold, it seems to be incredibly difficult indeed.Thank you, Yang Nuan."

"Do you still have something?"

Don Zichen said, "What?You can't wait for me to leave quickly ah, not at all to retain me ah, really makes me so sad oh."

"Why should I be attached to you, you should be attached to your wife, you came to my place in the middle of the night, you're not afraid of being gossiped about, I'm still afraid."

Tang Zichen suddenly flew to Yang Nuan's heel.

"What are you doing?"Yang Nuan took a few steps back.

Tang Zichen instantly wrapped his arm around and hugged Yang Nuan's waist.

"Ah."Yang Nuan's body hitched up.

"What are you doing?"Yang Nuan felt a little stiff.

Tang Zichen suddenly kissed Yang Nuan, under the moonlight, on the roof, this kiss is eternal.

Yang Nuan seemed silly, her mind was blank, Tang Zichen lightly bit her fragrant lips, the beauty is like jade, it is heartwarming.

Yang Nuan's brain regained consciousness, but, her body has been soft, feeling that every time Tang Zichen bit her lips, her body and mind seemed to be numb.

And didn't miss this tenderness in general.

Like this, Tang Zichen held Yang Nuan and nibbled on him for several minutes, and Yang Nuan's body ended up drunk as water.

Finally, Yang Nuan violently pushed Tang Zichen away.

Tang Zichen puffed out his hands and laughed speechlessly, Tang Zichen didn't even know why he would involuntarily do such a thing.

Yang Nuan was blushing red: "You're too much."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I'm also out of my depth."

"You."Yang Nuan was depressed, but, helpless, Yang Nuan turned around and flew down the house, closing the door.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Wind Lightning, Wind Lightning, why are you like this, alas, it must be that she's too attractive."

Yang Nuan turned around and flew away into the distance, still thinking about that eternal kiss just now in his mind.

In the house, Yang Nuan watched through the window as Tang Zichen flew further and further away, finally disappearing into the night.

Yang Nuan didn't know how to feel, she couldn't describe it, she was afraid that she would never forget that kiss.

Tang Zichen returned home.

The teacher's wife asked, "Where did you go?"

"I'm at the City Lord's House."

"Going to the City Hall again, Windy, are you really enamored with her."

"Maybe, she's a really nice girl, it's just a pity that she's not living in reality."Tang Zichen sighed repeatedly.

"Windy, you already have so many girlfriends and you're still not satisfied."

"Oh, maybe, the human heart is never satisfied, it's like martial arts, you break through the next realm and still want the next one."

"Feng'er, you must be sensible, or else it will be more painful in the future, we are destined to clear Yang Nuan."

"Sister, stop talking, you sleep, I'll start practicing, I already know why Yang Nuan is so much stronger than me, it turns out that she has already comprehended the second level of martial arts, really, even a great perfection level strong person can't do it."

A night without words.

The next day, Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife set off for Green Yong City.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that as they left the city, a certain tower, a gaze sent them far away.

After more than ten days of trekking, Tang Zichen finally arrived at the Green Yong City.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered Green Yong City, he began to inquire about Huang Ming, a man.

Huang Ming was a man, and this time, Tang Zichen had absolutely no mercy and was going to fuck him over properly.

"What kind of a man is Huang Ming?"

"He's an overlord of Green Yong City and is very powerful here."

"How's his martial arts skills?"

"Nonsense, a strong late Ancestor realm, what do you think, there are only five late Ancestor realm overlords in the entire Green Yong City."

"What about the lord of Green Yong City?"

"The City Lord is certainly the strongest, at the Grand Perfection level of the Ancestor Realm, his position is unassailable."

"Then how is his relationship with Huang Ming?"Tang Zichen asked again.

"This, don't quite understand, Huang Ming shouldn't be qualified to discuss friendship with the Hei Crow City Lord."

"Black Crow City Lord, well, thank you, this is the bounty you are."Tang Zichen tossed a piece of jade currency to the person who had just asked the question.

Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife stayed at an inn.

"Shini, let's gather information on Huang Ming in the next few days, look at his connections, and then, set some traps targeted to make him an enemy of the City Lord, and then use the City Lord's hand, or the hands of other perfection level powerhouses, to destroy him."


"Well, it looks hard."

"How do you know it's hard if you don't do it."

A few days later, Tang Zichen had figured out the general situation of this Green Yong City.

Huang Ming was one of the overlords of Qing Yong City, and rarely interacted with other overlords, while Qing Yong City's lord, Hei Crow, was a very power-hungry person who didn't allow anyone from his city to disrespect him in any way, even if it was in private.

Tang Zichen took out a plan book and said, "Master, we will first find a way to create some separation between the Hei Crow and Huang Ming, the Hei Crow City Lord won't allow anyone to be displeased with him in private, so let's pass on a painting that Huang Ming has hidden in his house, it shows a black crow, being held by a male eagle, implying disrespect to the Hei Crow City Lord.I've already painted this painting and it's of a fairly high standard, I just need to think of a way to hang it in Huang Ming's mansion."

The teacher's wife said, "But others may not believe in such things, it's too childish."

"Whether it's childish or not, our goal is to make the Black Crow City Lord alienate Huang Ming, and later, step by step, we'll gradually lower Huang Ming's image in the eyes of the Black Crow City Lord, and I'm sure that in the end, we'll be able to destroy Huang Ming with the help of the Black Crow City Lord.Then, let's go find Big Brother and the others, we'll suspend our mission, and also in this world, join some mercenary groups and practice our skills."

"Good."The teacher's wife was busy nodding her head.

Tang Zichen disguised himself as a servant and blended into Huang Ming's mansion.

He then hung the painting he had specially painted in one of the main halls of Huang Ming's mansion, but of course, there were some other paintings in the main hall.

The people of this world focused on martial arts, so they didn't pay much attention to these things like paintings and calligraphy, they were just decorative, and the people in Huang Ming's mansion wouldn't usually notice. First URL

After that, Tang Zichen then spent money to send this news into the city lord's house.

A few days later, the city lord's grandson said, "Grandpa, I heard some news in the house these past few days, I don't know if I should tell grandpa."

"Black Sheep, what's the matter, tell me."

"Grandpa, somehow in the past few days, some servants in the house are spreading a news that Huang Ming is disrespecting you."

"Huang Ming?"

"It's our Green Yong City's overlord, Huang Ming."

"Does this kid dare?"

"Grandpa, the servants of the mansion said that Huang Ming bought a painting a few days ago, the painting is, a male eagle with a black raven caught in its talons, Grandpa, your name is Black Crow, why did Huang Ming buy this painting?Is this an allusion to him being an eagle that will catch you someday in the future?That's what the servants in the house have been spreading these days."

The Black Crow City Lord frowned.


"It shouldn't be an empty cave."

"Huang Ming really dares?"The Black Crow City Lord was a bit skeptical and said.

"Grandpa, no one would normally pay attention to a painting, Huang Ming probably thought that no one would think anything of it, after all, the painting is too useless a thing, it's just decoration, the reason why Huang Ming bought the painting was probably to motivate himself."

The city lord snorted, "You and I will go to Huang Ming's house, I would like to see if he really has this kind of painting at home."

Thus, the Black Crow City Lord immediately went to Huang Ming's house.

Huang Ming had no idea what was going on, who had nothing to do with paying attention to a painting, there were no famous paintings in this world, because this world advocated martial arts, the painter was a worthless thing, and most people had no research on paintings.

"See City Lord, I don't know what the Lord of the City has come to my residence to teach me."Huang Ming was busy flying out to greet him.

r /> The Black Crow City Lord smiled, "Huang Ming, don't be nervous, I'm just here to take a look at your residence, this new residence of yours, I haven't even visited it since it was built."

Although Huang Ming didn't understand why the City Lord had suddenly come to visit his home, he couldn't refuse.

"City Lord, please."

Huang Ming then took the city lord on a tour of his house.

Finally, in a large hall, he saw many decorative paintings hanging.

The city lord saw one of them at once, a painting of a male eagle grasping a black raven.

The lord was furious that it was real.

However, the city lord did not immediately become angry and smiled, "Huang Ming, these paintings, you bought them, they are quite meaningful."

"Back to the city lord, the paintings were bought by the steward, however, every painting has been seen by my eyes."Huang Ming didn't realize anything, for a moment, who the hell would think there, these paintings actually he himself didn't know what what what.

The city lord suddenly pointed at one of the paintings and asked, "What is the meaning of this painting?"

Huang Ming looked at the painting and analyzed it, "This painting depicts a male eagle with a black raven caught in its talons, ah."It was only when he said 'black raven' that Huang Ming came to an abrupt halt, his entire body staying there, only then did he realize something.

Huang Ming turned around, and sure enough, the city lord was beaming with anger.

Huang Ming broke out in a cold sweat and said, "City Lord, it's not what you think."

The Black Crow City Lord sneered and said, "You've explained it so clearly yourself, what is it that isn't like that?"

"City Lord, you have to believe me, I didn't mean that."

"Huang Ming, if I hadn't come to visit your new mansion today, I wouldn't have known, your ambition ah, really didn't make me wrong, you do have great ambition, perhaps, you really can catch me, a black crow, like this eagle in the future."

"City Lord forgive me, I really don't."

"Hmph."The Black Crow City Lord snorted coldly and flew away.

Huang Ming was so depressed that he shouted, "Butler, come out here."

Soon after, the butler came.

"Master, what is it?"

"What's up with the painting?"Huang Ming pointed at the black raven painting and asked.

"This, this painting, when was it put up, why don't I know?Weird."

"Bang."Huang Ming slapped the butler to death, showing the anger within him.

Just now, the City Master asked him if he bought these paintings, Huang Ming thought that the City Master was praising him for his discernment, so, he said that every painting had been seen by him, who knew, it was even worse.

Huang Ming's eyebrows furrowed as he secretly thought, then he called one of his men over and ordered, "Ah Qiang, go to the City Lord's residence and deliver a message that I have killed the steward who bought the paintings in anger."

"Yes, brother, will the city lord be angry?"

"Anger wants to be sure, but right now I want him to know that the butler bought the painting, so try to remedy that."


A few days later.

"Good news, Sensei."

"What good news?"

"Haha, the Black Crow painting we set up last time has worked, although the Black Crow City Lord didn't do anything to Huang Ming, he has become angry and his impression of Huang Ming has fallen dramatically, Huang Ming is now remedying the situation by killing his steward and deliberately sending a message to the City Lord's Palace, haha."


"Windy, you're amazing."Sensei praised, at first Sensei thought that it wouldn't work at all, but it did.

"What about the next step?"The teacher asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Huang Ming is one of the overlords in this Green Yong City, I'm sure he has conflicts with some of them, our next plan is to inspire Huang Ming to have conflicts with other overlords."

After Tang Zichen's re-investigation, he discovered that Huang Ming had always had a grudge and a bad relationship with an overlord named 'Sun Xiao' in Green Yong City.

Tang Zichen immediately started with this Sun Xiao.

"Feng'er, how do we inspire Huang Ming's conflict with Sun Xiao?"

"Haha, this is simple."Tang Zichen laughed, and said immediately, "Let's go to the Black Crow City Lord's Mansion, as well as Sun Xiao's Mansion, and distribute a little news respectively, the news is: Huang Ming went around telling people that it was that villain Sun Xiao who got the Black Crow painting, and then deliberately framed Huang Ming."

The teacher's wife smiled, "Wow, in that case, Sun Xiao and Huang Ming were not on good terms, Sun Xiao must have been very angry when he saw Huang Ming framing him, and then, their conflict was triggered."


"Feng'er, you really have too many bad ideas."

"Hehe, Master Teacher, now I believe that you can use your brain to kill people, let's go, let's go spread the gossip." Remember the URL


Tang Zichen and Shiniang went out to the City Lord's Mansion and Sun Xiao's Mansion respectively.

Tang Zichen only needed to pretend to be a passerby and then tell the servants in the City Lord's and Sun Xiao's mansions about this tidbit, after that, it would naturally spread, and if you were unsure, you could distribute it to a few more people, in short, it was a no-difficulty task.

One day day, at the City Lord's Mansion.

"Grandpa, there's another gossip coming from our residence."The grandson of the Black Crow City Lord said.

"What is it again?"

"Grandpa, the servant of the house said that Huang Ming threatened that the painting in the house was made by Sun Xiao, and that Sun Xiao intentionally set him up."

"Sun Xiao?"

"Yes, that's what the servants say, it's true that Sun Xiao and Huang Ming have never had a good relationship, it's only because of your pressure that they have been at peace with each other, if Sun Xiao intentionally set Huang Ming up, it's not impossible, at least that's a very reasonable motive."

The Black Crow City Lord raged, "This Sun Xiao, he's tired of living, how dare he use me as a pawn to deal with his old enemy."

"Grandfather, whether this matter is true or not is still unknown, don't be impulsive yet."

"No wind, no waves, these people, one by one, don't put me at ease, humph, immediately have someone go to Sun Xiao's house, have Sun Xiao come see me, I would like to see what he has to say with his cunning."


Just at this moment, in Sun Xiao's house.

Sun Xiao was secretly enjoying himself because Huang Ming had offended the City Lord, and as an old enemy, he was certainly happy.

At that moment, one of his men walked in and busily said, "Brother, it's bad."

"What is it?"

"I just got the news that Huang Ming has privately told people everywhere that the black raven painting in his house was your doing, and that you deliberately set him up to offend the city lord.Moreover, this news has already reached the city lord's residence."

"What?That bastard Huang Ming, is he really framing me like this?"

"Brother, a thousand times true, if the City Lord knew about this, he would definitely believe it, and then the City Lord's wrath would be

Wouldn't it be descending on your head, even if the city lord doesn't get angry, then you've been dragged down."

"Yah yah yah, Huang Ming, you despicable and shameless villain, you've done something good yourself, you dare to frame me and try to drag me into the water, you son of a bitch."Sun Xiao gritted his teeth and roared, just now he was stealing his joy, Huang Ming had offended the city lord, but now it was good, Huang Ming had framed him for starting a ghost, something that had nothing to do with him, yet he was dragged down, the level of depression could not be described with words.

"Brother, what should we do now?"

At that moment, another person came to report, "Master Zongshi, someone from the City Master's Mansion has come to invite you to the City Master's Mansion, saying that the City Master is looking for you for something."

Sun Xiao immediately knew what was going on and was furious.

"Huang Ming, don't make me do this."Sun Xiao clenched both fists.

"Big brother, it's better to go to the City Lord's Palace to explain now, make sure to make the City Lord believe in you before dealing with that villain Huang Ming."

"Hmph."Sun Xiao flew away with an angry snort and headed straight to the City Lord's residence.

Not long after, there seemed to be movement in Huang Ming's residence as well.

The little brother who had been following Huang Ming panicked and came to report, "Brother Huang, did you go around telling people that the black raven painting was Sun Xiao's doing, that Sun Xiao wanted to frame you?"

Huang Ming's eyebrows furrowed, baffled, "Nuts, when did I go around saying that to people?Who's behind the rumor."

"Brother Huang, this gossip has already reached the City Lord's residence, and I just got the news that the City Lord asked Sun Xiao to meet him at his residence, I'm afraid it's related to this matter.Brother Huang, if Sun Xiao is really sought by the City Lord because of this, I'm afraid Sun Xiao will hate you ah, and in order to make the City Lord believe that he was framed by you, he will greet any thunderbolt."

"Fire and fury, who's behind the rumors."Huang Ming roared.

At the City Lord's residence, Sun Xiao tried his best to explain that he definitely didn't mess with that painting and didn't disrespect the City Lord, but the City Lord was still half-hearted.

Although the City Lord was dissatisfied with this matter, he didn't do anything to Sun Xiao because of it, however, his suspicion of Sun Xiao, already favorable, had plummeted.

After Sun Xiao left the City Lord's residence, he was that angry.

"Huang Ming, you despicable villain, I won't spare you."

Sun Xiao immediately went straight to Huang Ming's house, what happened after that was seen by everyone in the whole city, Sun Xiao and Huang Ming fought that brutal ah, Huang Ming's newly built residence was blown to pieces by Sun Xiao, hitting from the ground to the sky and then to the ground again, everyone in the city saw it.The strength of the two people would have been equivalent, this fight, a fight half a day did not divide the winner, but, without a doubt, the two people were extremely injured, fight to the end of the two people are gnashing their teeth, but really no strength.

Sun Xiao said, "Huang Ming, you're a despicable villain, you've done something good yourself, but you're relying on me."

Huang Ming saw that his mansion had been demolished, that anger in his heart, even though it wasn't him, he had no choice but to admit it, he also said angrily, "Sun Xiao, don't think that I don't know, this matter was definitely caused by you, you have always been upset with me, no one has set me up except you, you still dare to take it out on me today, are you feeling guilty?"

"Huang Ming, don't force me, if you're still a man, go tell the City Lord that this matter has nothing to do with me, otherwise I, Sun Xiao, will not stop with you."

"Hahaha, joke, if you're a man, go tell the city lord that you set me up."

"Yah yah."Sun Xiao gritted his teeth, and wanted to charge up and fight, but, he really didn't have the strength.

And in the distant crowd of onlookers, Tang Zichen and Shi Niang died of laughter.


"Windy, I'm a bit sick of seeing them fight so badly,"Master Tang Zichen said.

"Alright, now it's time for us to go back and plan our next step."

Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife returned to the inn.

"What's the next step to plan?"

"The next step is to plan for Huang Ming's death, and I have a clear plan now."

"Uh, what plan, tell me."

Tang Zichen said, "Madam, the Black Crow City Lord has a very favored grandson named Black Sheep, we wait for the right moment, then kill Black Sheep.After we kill the black sheep, we set up two clues at the scene, one light and one dark, the light leads to Sun Xiao, the dark leads to Huang Ming, and, before the clues are found, report to the city lord with Huang Ming's words that it was Sun Xiao who killed him.Pretend that it was Huang Ming who killed the black sheep as a way to frame Sun Xiao, in which case, when the dark thread is finally investigated, it will be Huang Ming's death."

"That's a bit complicated."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Leave everything to me to do a good job."

Tang Zichen took out a button from his pocket and said, "This is a piece of cloth that fell off Huang Ming's body when he and Sun Xiao fought on the street today, this might be able to play a key role."

"What could a piece of cloth mean?" One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've learned that Huang Ming likes clothes tailored for him by a private tailor, so this cloth can finally point to Huang Ming."

Five days later, one dark and windy night, Tang Zichen went to a green house in Green Yong City.

In the green house, in one of the rooms, Tang Zichen saw a young man who was exercising.

This young man was the grandson of the Black Crow City Lord, Black Sheep.

"Who are you?"Black Sheep was startled to see a masked man suddenly standing in the room, and the woman beneath him was startled, too, and scrambled to cover her body with a blanket.

"I asked who you were.My grandfather is the Lord of the Black Crow, you wouldn't know that."

"I'm the one who's here to take your life."Tang Zichen immediately rushed up and first killed the green woman with a slap, then, grabbed the black sheep and dropped it in the air, the black sheep waved its hands desperately and struggled.

"Tang Zichen snapped the black sheep's neck with a clatter, then threw its body on the ground.

Tang Zichen took out a piece of cloth from his pocket, and the cloth was stuffed into the black sheep's hand, pretending that the black sheep had torn it from the murderer's body.

After that, Tang Zichen was on the scene again, using the black sheep's nails to twist and turn on the ground, vaguely fastening a few words, "Sun Xiao killed me."

After doing all this, Tang Zichen quietly left the Green House.

Not long after, the death of Black Sheep in the Green House was discovered by the pimp, who broke out in a cold sweat and immediately sent someone to inform the Hei Crow City Master.

The Black Crow City Lord rushed to the Green House in flames.

"Goat, goat."The Hei Crow City Lord looked at his grandson's corpse and cried out a few times in pain.

"City Lord, there are a few vague words on the ground, as if they were carved by Young Master Sun struggling before he died."

"What are they carved?"

"Sun Xiao killed me."

"Sun Xiao?"

"I'm not sure if I've ever had a chance to do that, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a chance to do that, and I'm not sure if I've ever had a chance to do that.Young Master Sun was hung in the air by the murderer for a while before he died, should

It was before his death that the murderer hung him in the air and said something, and then snapped Master Sun's neck, and Master Sun took this opportunity to privately take a piece of cloth from the murderer's body."

"Which clue is the real one?Did Sun Xiao kill it?"The Black Crow City Lord yelled at the question.

"City Lord, it is difficult to judge at the moment, one of these must be a clue to mislead us, I think that the four words grasped by that fingernail are more likely to be deliberately induced, while the piece of cloth grasped by the palm of the other hand is more likely to be real, as Young Master Sun is firmly grasped in the palm of his hand, without letting the murderer find it."

"Bring back the body of the sheep first."

"Okay, what about Sun Xiao's side?"

"Keep it quiet for now, if Sun Xiao really killed my grandson, he will definitely run.Also, check to see if you can find anything on that cloth."


The next day, Tang Zichen anonymously wrote a letter to the city lord's residence.

"City Lord, a letter was received."

"What did the letter say?"

"The letter says that an anonymous person reported that Sun Xiao killed Young Master Black Sheep."

"Who reported it."

"It doesn't say, but I asked someone from the house, and the person who sent the letter came from the direction of Xifu Street."

"From the direction of Xifu Street?Who lives in the direction of Sifu Street?"

"City Lord, Huang Ming's old house used to be in the direction of West Fu Street, but now that Huang Ming has built a new residence, he lives in the direction of East Fu Street, however, Huang Ming's new residence was demolished by Sun Xiao a few days ago, and Huang Ming had to move back to his old house in the direction of West Fu Street these past few days."

"Huang Ming?Could it be that this report letter is from Huang Ming who had it delivered?"

"Don't rule out the possibility, we haven't gone to arrest Sun Xiao since last night, Huang Ming may have thought that we didn't find those words, so he simply had a report letter sent."

"Hoo, well, don't let me know that he did it."

At that moment, another of his men came running.

"City Lord, we found it, that cloth is produced by Arctic City, it's made of ice and snow silkworm silk, then we followed this clue and found out that there are three people who like this fabric, two of them are merchants, and the last one, is Huang Ming."

"Hahaha, hahaha, Huang Ming, it really is Huang Ming."

"City Lord, Sun Xiao framed Huang Ming before, this time, Huang Ming also killed Young Master Black Sheep, thus framing Sun Xiao, it must be so.Otherwise, there would be no injustice, no one in Qing Yong City would want the life of Young Master Black Sheep."

"Fine, Huang Ming, you wait for me."With red eyes, the City Lord flew up and headed straight for Huang Ming's old mansion, in the direction of Xifu Street.

At this moment, in the far side of Panic's old mansion, Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife were sitting by the window of an inn room, keeping an eye on the movements of Huang Ming's mansion.

"Feng'er, if your plan worked, it's definitely not that fast, let's go for a walk."The teacher's wife said.

"Shisun, shopping anytime is fine, I feel like, my plan this time, the dark lines are laid out a bit obvious, I don't know if the Black Crow City Lord will fall for it, no matter, it all depends on fate.People in this era are definitely not that experienced in breaking cases, let's hope so."

Just then, Tang Zichen saw in the distance, a black shadow flying towards Huang Ming's old house.

"Ah, Sensei, look, is that the Black Crow City Lord?"

"It seems to be, look at the momentum in him."

"No, did it work so quickly?"


Sure enough, the Black Crow City Lord roared over Huang Ming's old mansion, "Huang Ming, come out and die."

Tang Zichen was delighted when he heard the roar of the Hei Crow City Lord, never expecting that the plan he feared would not succeed would succeed so quickly.

At this moment, Huang Ming rushed out from the old mansion and saw the city lord's furious appearance.

In fact, Huang Ming was worried from the moment he heard that Black Sheep had died in the Green House, wondering if this was Sun Xiao's plot to deal with him.

"See City Lord."

"That's enough."The city lord roared.

"Uh, why is the city lord so angry?"Huang Ming asked with a confused glance.

However, the city lord was even more annoyed when he saw that he was still acting like this.

The City Lord said, "Huang Ming, I don't care how you and Sun Xiao fight, but you are using me as a means against the enemy."

"City Lord, I don't understand what you're talking about."

"Hahaha, hahaha, Huang Ming, pretend, keep pretending." First URL

Huang Ming wanted to cry, "City Master, I really don't know what you're talking about, I, what did I pretend I was."

"Huang Ming, you thought you were doing a seamless job, but unfortunately, if you want people to be unaware of what you are doing, no matter how seamless the plan is, it will still leave a flaw.Last time with the Black Crow Painting, perhaps it was indeed Sun Xiao who framed you, but you killed my grandson this time in order to get back at him, and then you framed Sun Xiao, you, you."

Huang Ming's face went white, "City Lord, I swear to God, I have done no such thing."

"Cunning, continue with your cunning, I would like to see how else you can cunningly argue."

"City Lord, you have to believe me, no matter how stupid I am, I'm not going to kill your grandson."

"That's because you wanted to frame Sun Xiao."

"City Lord, I swear I really didn't, I won't lie to you, I just heard the news of your grandson's death this morning, how could I."

"That's enough, Huang Ming, what are you looking at?"

The lord of the city took out a piece of cloth.

"Uh, what's this?"

"Hahaha, hahaha.Huang Ming, my grandson was holding this cloth tightly when he died, alright, I don't want to explain that much to you, you go to hell."

"City Lord, that's not fair, if you really want to kill me, why are you making so many excuses."

"Hmph, Huang Ming, I'm out of patience, even if I wrong you, I'll kill you, I don't have a good feeling for you anyway, don't worry, after killing you, I'll go find Sun Xiao and ask him to accompany you on your journey, I don't care anymore which one of you is the real murderer, I'm not in the mood to pursue the truth, go to hell together."

"Ah, City Master, I'm really innocent, it's definitely Sun Xiao who caused me to die, City Master don't kill me."Huang Ming was busy begging for mercy, and he didn't try to resist, because the City Lord was a grand master, and he, a late stage one, had no resistance at all.

"Bang."The City Lord slapped his palm, it seemed simple and simple, but Huang Ming couldn't escape and resist no matter what.

With a clatter, Huang Ming's corpse was scattered dead on the ground.

Tang Zichen looked on incredulously.

"No way, the second target of our clearance mission is so simply dead?I'm all dreamy."

"Yeah, it's too easy."

"Whatever, Huang Ming is dead anyway."

Tang Zichen immediately contacted Shi Ling.

"Senior Shi Ling, Huang Ming is dead."

"Well, I see, Tang Zichen, you did well, although your martial arts skills couldn't do it, you relied on your brain and killed Huang Ming as usual."


Then I'd like to pause the mission next, I'd like to walk around the world, improve my martial arts skills, and then when I have the strength, I'll continue to complete the clear mission."

"Yes, it's your freedom, I'll give you enough time anyway."


Tang Zichen walked out of the inn with his teacher's wife and accompanied her to go shopping, clearing out Huang Ming and accomplishing a goal, in a beautiful mood.

Only, thinking of Yang Nuan, Tang Zichen was troubled inside, in the end, did he really have to kill Yang Nuan?

And right now, the Black Crow City Lord came to Sun Xiao's house and killed Sun Xiao.

Tang Zichen was clear about Huang Ming, but unfortunately, even Sun Xiao died, but Sun Xiao was not a good person.

Tang Zichen accompanied his teacher's wife for half a day of shopping, and finally came to a place called the 'Iron Blood Mercenary Union' in Green Yong City.

"Auntie, this is a mercenary union, why don't we go in and take a look."


Tang Zichen and Shisun immediately entered the union.

"Hello, the two seniors have come to the union, how can I help you?"An old man at the door asked politely, this old man was in the early stages of the Ancestor Realm and looked very respectful to Tang Zichen and his wife.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll call you if I need you, let's take a look first."

"Alright, two seniors please."

Inside the union, there was a wall with many sheets on it, with various tasks written on them.

For example, go to the Purple Mountain Lake and obtain the heart of the White Water Monster of the Purple Mountain Lake, which could be exchanged for a sword manual called xxx, task suggestion: mercenaries above the complete level of Unity Realm to receive it.

Tang Zichen went through each of them and found that the lists on this wall, the quests were all relatively low level, of course, low level for him, most of them were quests for mercenaries at the Unity Realm level, rarely saw quests at the Clan Master level.

The Master Teacher also said strangely, "They're all Unity Realm quests ah, none of them are suitable for us."


Tang Zichen shouted to that old man, "Come over here."

"Senior, what are your orders."

Tang Zichen asked, "Are there any quests that are suitable for us?Why are they all at the Unity Realm level."

That old man laughed, "There are very few quests for Zongshi realm powerhouses, firstly, because it's too difficult and has a high mortality rate, and secondly, because powerhouses who have reached the Zongshi realm don't like to take the risk anymore."

"So, Zongshi realm is unable to receive quests?"

The old man laughed, "I just said very little, truth be told, the mission at the level of the Sect Master is in another place, the two of you follow me."

Tang Zichen and Shisun, came to another room.

Soon after, the old man brought out several lists and said, "These are the tasks at the Sect Master realm level, they are all suitable for the two of you."

Tang Zichen took one of the lists and it read, "Go to the Nine Valleys and kill the Lord of the Nine Valleys to obtain the Lu Qing Legacy.It is recommended to pick up at the early stage of the Ancestor Realm or above."

"Go to the Tai Wilderness Forest and search for the Moon Worshiping City Lord's granddaughter, Luoyang County Lord, you can obtain a promise from the Moon Worshiping City Lord.Suggestion, pick up above the middle of the Ancestor Realm."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "What does this mean?"

"Oh, this was released three months ago, the granddaughter of Lord Luo Huan of the Moon Worshiping City, Luo Yang, went missing in the Tai Wilderness Forest and has not been found.If anyone can find it, they can get a promise from Luo Huan City Lord, it's a promise from a Zongshi Grand Perfection level powerhouse, this mission has been taken up by many people, so far no one has completed it, only before it's been completed, anyone can take it, it's a multi-directional mission."

Tang Zichen smiled, "A bit interesting."


"Are you guys going to take this assignment?"The old man asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Of course, we took this mission, by the way, this task list says that you can get a promise from the Lord of Luohuan City, what is that promise?"

"Hehe, that means you can ask Lord Luohuan for one thing, and Lord Luohuan has said anything."

"What if it's to ask him to help kill someone?"

"It's also okay, as long as it's within his ability to kill anyone who won't threaten the safety of his family after killing them."

"Okay, that'll do, I'll take it."

The old man said, "Senior, are you really sure you'll take it?"

"Of course."

"But, this task is definitely not that easy ah, it's a trip to the Too Wild Forest, the Too Wild Forest is inhabited by archaic barbarian beasts, archaic barbarian beasts, that IQ is on the same level as humans."

"Uh, yeah, that's accepted too."

"Alright, then I'll go register you guys." Remember the URL

Accepting this, Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife took the mission, received the mission contract, and then left the mercenary union.

"Windy, are you planning to, complete this mission and then request Lord Luo Huan to remove a foreigner for us?"The Master Teacher asked.

"Hehe, that's of course, so that we can take care of one of the Ancestor Perfection level aliens."

"But, can we really finish the mission?That Tai Desolate Forest is no ordinary place, you've just heard that the barbarian beasts there are a species on the same level as us humans."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said, "Shini, Shini, don't forget, we're not the people in this memory stone, we're not able to kill any of us except for the fear of being killed by a different species, because, the stone spirits definitely won't let us be killed, right, since we're not going to die, nigga, what are we afraid of the forest ah, we can walk horizontally and alsoIt will improve our strength by the way."


After that, Tang Zichen and his teacher's wife, riding in an express beast carriage of this era, headed to the Tai Desolate Forest.

About half a month later, Tang Zichen arrived at a small town at the edge of the Tai Desolate Forest, and since it was late, Tang Zichen stayed there first.

"Madam, there is a restaurant ahead, let's enter the restaurant and eat, then change clothes and take a bath."


Although it was a small town, it was very lively, as strong people would come to the outskirts of the Tai Desolate Forest to practice.

When Tang Zichen and his wife walked into the inn, there were at least a dozen people in the inn, eating and yelling.

Tang Zichen saw that there were eight people in the early stages of the Ancestor Realm, three in the middle stages of the Ancestor Realm, and one in the late stages of the Ancestor Realm.

Tang Zichen was also a bit surprised by so many strong Zongshi realm people.

A group of people who were eating saw Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi enter and immediately cast their eyes over.

"Yo-ho, pretty girl?"One of the men in the middle of the Ancestor Realm licked his lips.

"Haha, after wandering in the forest for so long, it's been a long time since I've seen such a beautiful woman."

At this moment, this group of people immediately surrounded Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi.

The man from the late Ancestor Realm also came up holding a wine bottle and looked at Yan Xin Yi with a full beard.

Tang Zichen's mentor nervously said, "What are you guys doing?"

Tang Zichen stood in front of his teacher's wife without moving a muscle, and to be honest, a group of clansmen realms was really scary.

Tang Zichen.

I'm sure the minister couldn't beat the man from the late Zongshi, after all, it was a realm difference.

However, Tang Zichen was not worried.

Tang Zichen immediately contacted Shi Ling.

"Senior Shi Ling, what should I do now that a group of late Zongshi realm powerhouses are surrounding me?"

"Don't worry, I won't let you die because you haven't completed your mission yet."

"But I can't beat so many of them, and one of the leaders is a late cleric."Tang Zichen said.

Shi Ling said, "In this Memory Stone, I'm the master, and I'll let you stay alive.Now, I'll give you ten thousand times more power, no, a hundred thousand times more power, you can squeeze them like ants."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, and in the next moment, Tang Zichen felt like he was filled with power, oh my god.

At that moment, one of the men of the middle sect, reached out his hand to touch his teacher's chin and said, "Beauty, how about accompanying me one night?"

Tang Zichen warned, "Get your stinking hands off."

A group of people laughed when they heard Tang Zichen's arrogant tone.

"Kid, did I hear right, you, a Unity Realm, tell me to take my stinky hands off?"

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed again.

It turned out that what they felt was the realm of Tang Zichen's original body master, which was why it was the Unity Realm, no wonder a group of people gathered around to flirt, not caring in the slightest about Tang Zichen's existence.

At this time, that late Ancestor Realm mercenary leader came up and said, "Kid, is this woman your daughter-in-law?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Oh, not bad, I'm commandeering tonight, what do you think?"The mercenary captain asked Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "As long as you're good at it, sure."

"Yo yo, listening to you, it sounds like you're really good at it, well, I'll give you a chance to see if you're really good at it."The mercenary captain sipped his wine carelessly.

"I don't have an origin, but if you dare to touch my daughter-in-law, I'll let all of you die, no, you're already dead, I'll make you my slaves."Tang Zichen said.

One of the mercenaries said, "Boss, is this kid scared silly by us, he's not even talking through his head."

The boss of the mercenary group smashed the wine bottle in his hand and said, "Kid, with what you just said, if your daughter-in-law doesn't satisfy me tonight, I'll kill you tomorrow."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Boss, let me teach him a lesson."An early Zongshi mercenary dried up with a punch towards Tang Zichen.

But at that moment, Tang Zichen's hand moved and grabbed the opponent's hand.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped his face, but the other party's head exploded like a watermelon.

"Ah."Brain matter shot all over everyone's face, especially the head of the mercenary group.

"Boss, Ah Mao is dead."

Tang Zichen was shocked inside at the moment, Shi Ling gave him 100000 is God, originally just slapped him, but as a result, gave him a head burst.

The head of the other mercenary group, a sudden rage to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen still slapped with one slap.

"Bang."The head of the mercenary group was also slapped and his head exploded.

"Ah."The entire inn was stunned.

The teacher's wife looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, and she knew in her heart that it must have been Shi Ling who had given Tang Zichen such a strong power.


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