Unknown Heir 539-540


"Barbra, hold your breath and try to see the scene again, is it still the same scene?"

Dim Cang Chen hurriedly said.

He nodded his head heavily.

Now, once again, she looked towards the sun diagram.

She frowned tightly.

Covering her mouth, she nodded, "Exactly the same, those five people, claws and teeth, I just can't look at it anymore! Grandpa, you have to save Little Song!"

Qin Lan cried.

"Father, could there be a time when this Sun Map prophecy is wrong, how could it be when Little Song's strength is not what it used to be?"

Chen Dong Yi also said.

Dim Chen shook his head, "The sun map never lies, it predicted that Little Song would die in pieces, so it will, but why? Who is it again?"

Everyone is silent at the moment.  

And Chen Hao looked at his relatives.

Although, the sun diagram predicted that he would die tragically, and Chen Hao felt a real sense of grief rising in his heart.

However, he did not want his relatives to be in this state.

"Ahem, father and mother, grandfather and sister, and Barbra, don't worry about it, I'm not well in so, and, grandfather Already said that I stepped into the clan, in this world, although there are many people stronger than me, but to kill me so easily. By no means an easy task!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Chen Dotsang shook his head, "Little Hao, I know what's in your heart, although you have now surpassed the Inner Strength Martial Artist and stepped into the Ancestor . But it's not quite enough to say that you're a clan master, I observe that you should be at the semi-clan master realm, still half a step away from being a clan master!"

"A semi-clan master?"

"Yes! If you really encounter an absolute master who wants to harm you, you're still defenseless. Compared to clerics, the difference in them is still tremendous!"

Dim Cang Chen.

"Then father, are we just going to stand by and watch Little Song be brutally murdered by those mysterious masked men? There has to be some countermeasures, right?"

Chen Near East said urgently.

"Of course not, as long as there is a halfway solution, we must always try, there are too many things lately, I feel, there must be something big happening! Perhaps, it's related to this Holy Water Order!"

Dim Cang Chen frowned.

"The Holy Water Order?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Near East, you take everyone out, I have something to say to Song!"

Chen dotted the road.

Everyone soon went out as well.

"Grandpa, what is the Holy Water Order? What will happen to it? How come I've never heard you say that before?"

Chen Hao was puzzled.

"Shortly after you left for the Dragon River, grandpa was the one who received this legendary Order of Sacred Water, the Order of Sacred Water, according to grandpa's understanding, it should be the Sacred Water On the day of the opening of the spring, there was a power that invited clerics from all over the world to meet and go and take the holy water, and it was rumored that if you drank the holy water, you could get eternal life!"

Point Chen paused and continued.

"The Covenant of Sacred Waters occurs every thirty years, but it seems that so far, no one has ever really owned the water, because after participating in the Covenant of Sacred Waters Those who return will either vanish or become foolish and soon pass away!"

"The Mo family's Mo Canglong's father, who is said to have participated in the Covenant of Sacred Waters, came back and died after living less than a year, and this has been the Mo family's A mystery!"

"At the same time, it's a mystery to those who have stepped into the Master's shoes!"

Dim Cang Chen said.

"Ancestors are already phoenix-like, so why would there still be a power that can be so strong and call for ancestors from all over the world to go to the ?"

"Yeah, no one will know the truth of the matter until they've been to the Holy Water Covenant!"

"But Song, I left you with one more important clue to tell you!"


"I know you've been investigating the Sun Alliance, and the map drawn on top of that salvaged Sun Alliance tablet is the same as the one depicted in this Holy Water Order Place, grandfather feels very similar, also wanted to study with you, the Sun Alliance, could it have a great connection with the Covenant of Sacred Water?"

"From what Grandpa says, it seems like there really is a connection, and if you go to the Covenant of Sacred Waters, possibly, the secret of the Mysterious Sun Alliance that has plagued the world for thousands of years. It'll unravel!"

Despite knowing that those who went to the Holy Water Covenant would either not return, or if they did, they would become demented.

But Chen Hao was still extremely excited.

What kind of an existence was the Sun Alliance? Who the hell are they?

It's been a year of torment.

Can we finally break through to the answer?

And now, Chen Hao finally understood that a year ago, he had consulted with Qin Bo about the Sun Alliance.

Why would he say that if he wanted to investigate the Sun Alliance, he would simply wipe his neck and commit suicide.

Because only the clan master could touch the secret, and even if he did, this clan master wouldn't bring the secret back to the world!

Because they're either dead or crazy!

"Grandfather, no wonder I observed you, with a heavy heart lately, hastily calling on the entire clan to observe the sun map, so there is a concern here! "

"Yes, Grandpa will most likely not be able to return from this trip, and if I don't leave you guys with the sun map, then I'll be the Chen family's big sinner!"

Dim Cang Chen shook his head.

"How about this, grandfather I'll represent you in this sacred water appointment, hehe, anyway, the sun diagram predicts that I will have that day if The Holy Water Promise, if I can unlock the secrets of the Sun Alliance, and possibly even learn the whereabouts of Mu Han and Second Uncle, then even if I die, I will be content! Up!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"No, the Holy Water Order has my name engraved on it, which means, they named me to go forward, you still belong to a half clan master, not a full clan master And they won't invite you! Little Song, your filial piety Grandpa understands, but..."

At this point, the heroic Chen Dim Cang, suddenly shed tears.

"But grandpa really can't find a way to save you, grandpa's life and death are uncertain on this trip, you are the future of the Chen family, if you die, I'm The Chen family is dead!!!"

Dim Cang Chen was crying.

How did his mouth say to go find a way, but the sun diagram prophecy was here, what could he do?

And Chen Hao was also shedding tears.

Chen Hao wasn't afraid of death, but now, to die in vain like this, he had to stay away from everyone.

Chen Hao's heart was also sad.

"Grandpa, don't be sad, don't worry, even if I, Chen Hao, do come to that day, I will definitely fight with those people to my last breath! "

Chen Hao clenched his fist.

Dim Cang Chen looked at his grandson and nodded his head heavily.

And then said, "I just don't know, who is that white-clothed girl that A Lan was talking about, as if she has a great connection with you! Alas! It's really hard to understand... It's Barbra who really surprised me. Your father said that Barbra even saw it on that tablet yesterday The fallen stone statue that no one else can see, and today, being able to understand the sun diagram... This girl, where exactly is she from, your parents just came from the When I picked her up at the beach, I even secretly investigated, it was all baseless at that time, but what grandpa didn't expect was that she would have this. And other abilities..."

Chen Hao was silent .

His heart was in turmoil, as if some of it had become uncomplicated, but the truth seemed to be not far away....



At that moment, Chen Near East called out from outside the chamber.

"What's wrong Near East?"

Dim Cang Chen asked.

"Just now, the family member found a quaint box in his home with a letter left on it for Little Song to open by hand!"

Chen Near East walked in holding a box.

It was a rustic wooden box, square, and on top, it was covering a letter.

On it was written Chen Hao's personal message.

"What kind of person sent this?"

Dot Cang Chen asked.

"I don't know, I heard from the family member that it was an accidental discovery, and I even went to ask Old Wen about his security monitoring facilities, and he didn't catch it at all Any clue!"  First web site m.kanshu8.net

Chen Dong Yi was still a little nervous.

After all, the people from Father's Hall of Souls were all the best of the best, and they, too, had taken over the security of the Chen family, but let's just say that there were still people who could enter and leave the Chen family at will.

"Eh? What's with all this weirdness, lately, is something really going on?"

Dot Cang Chen had doubts on his face.

"Little Song, since this wooden box is for you, open it and take a look!"

Dim Cang Chen paused.


With doubts, Chen Hao opened the wooden box, and inside the wooden box, there was a pair of ancient scrolls being quietly placed.

Looking carefully, it seemed to be a desert marching map.

On top of the scroll, there seemed to be a strand of residual sand.

Every point, instead, was clearly marked on it.

To Chen Hao's surprise, the final location seemed to be inside a dungeon, and right in the center, there was a large sarcophagus!

And this scroll, though dense, was as if it was as if it could show this sarcophagus to someone else.

"Grandpa, it's a map!"

Chen Hao was a bit baffled after reading it.

Who on earth had sent it?

"According to the coordinates, what's drawn on this should be the Death Desert in the northwest, what's he giving Song this map for? There's also this sarcophagus, which was deliberately displayed on the scroll, and it looks like it should be an immortal coffin!"

Dim Cang Chen said faintly.

"The Eternal Coffin?"

Near East Chen questioned.

"Well, this kind of coffin, I've seen it in the sun map, it's about a few thousand years old, and it's patented by one of the countries in the west It is rumored that the person buried in this coffin has an undamaged appearance and is forever poised!"

Dim Cang Chen said and took a deep breath.

"There were many people who wanted to get the Eternal Coffin, but after all this time, no one has ever actually seen it, strange, who gave it to the Such a gift from us? What was his intention?"

"I heard Mr. Mo say that when he was searching for clues left behind by the Sun Alliance in the South Seas, someone was secretly helping him, and now, someone has delivered Could the two be the same person with this marching map? There's someone who's been helping us behind the scenes?"

Chen Dong Yi said, and together with Chen Dim Cang, he looked at Chen Hao.

Obviously, Dim Cang Chen would never know such a person.

Not to mention Chen Near East.

There was only one possibility, and that was Chen Hao.

"My master, Uncle Qin? But no, there's no reason for him to hide behind the curtain, he wants to help me, he'll show up!"

Chen Hao was also puzzled.

If the only clue was Uncle Qin, it was him.

But there was no need for Uncle Qin not to see himself, right?

"Alas, let's not talk about that yet, Sonny, open the letter and see what it says."

Dot Cang Chen asked.

Chen Hao opened the letter.

On it, there were only two sentences written very simply.

And seeing these two sentences, all three of them were startled.

"The clear sky eclipses the moon and the water flows backwards, the golden flower's life is over once it falls!"

A clear sky eclipsing the moon? How can there be a moon on a sunny day?

How can the water flow backwards?

Chen Hao was really strangely bad.

And the last sentence was apparently easier to understand.

It should have said the time when the golden flower fell to the ground, the time of death.

"This is talking about me?"

Chen Hao said to himself.

"It seems like this person's cultivation realm is something we can hardly glimpse, he seems to know everything like the back of his hand! In this world, can there really be such a superior person?"

Even Dim Cang Chen was incredulous.

"What about Father, what about Little Song? It seems that the prophecy on top of the sun map is true nine times out of ten, otherwise what does it mean for this mysterious high person to send these two words?"

Near East Chen asked anxiously.

"Well, now it seems like there is no other way but this scroll, he wants us to search for the Eternal Coffin, could it be that he wants to wait for Little Song And keep Song's body after the accident? But the solar chart predicts that Song will die in pieces!"

Dim Cang Chen shook his head.

"But... there's no better way to do it, from the two things that are going on now, this person doesn't seem to have any malicious intent, Little Song, since he let you go to Looking for this Eternal Coffin, I think he has his own ideas, what do you consider?"

Dot Cang Chen asked.

"Hehe, I won't live long anyway, so since he wants me to look for it, I might as well go look for it, it just so happens that I'm trying to improve my strength right now . Breaking through the Half Master realm, it's also an opportunity to go out and train, and once everything goes well, then the Sacred Water Covenant, I'll be qualified to participate!"

Chen Hao said.

The intuition in Chen Hao's heart was very strong, the Covenant of Sacred Waters was the key point of the secret of the Sun Alliance, and all the answers seemed to be focused on the Covenant of Sacred Waters.

Now that he was only half a step away from being a true Master, no matter what, he had to participate!

If that was the case, then the prophecy would be worth it even if it came true.

"Well, for now, it seems that this is the only way!"

Dim Cang Chen sighed helplessly.

The three of them, talking late into the night.

The next day.

Chen Hao would be leaving.

The entire Chen clan gathered together.

They were seeing Chen Hao off.

On the island, the people of the Hall of Souls were strictly guarding the island.

"Anything on the island requires special attention, the Lord has commanded that this is a tense time for the Chen family, so you must be extra serious!"

On the shore, Win Self was telling some of his men to do so.

Then, tell them to retreat.

With his hands behind his back, Wen Zizhi stood on the beach, looking towards the vast sea.

Lately, it was all unknown what was going on, and although it seemed peaceful, it always felt like something big was about to happen.

Especially this morning, when he woke up, Wen Ziyi had a distracted and anxious feeling in his heart.


He was looking out to sea.

Suddenly, he heard a faint sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

Wen Zizhi slightly turned his head: "What's the matter?"

He thought the hand came down.

"Here, is this the Chen family?"

Unexpectedly, a strange old voice came from behind.

Wen Ziyi's heart thudded and hurriedly turned back.

In front of him, there was a lone, jagged old man with white hair and a wrinkled face.

In particular, he was wearing a light and elegant plain dress, but he was missing an arm.

Wen Zizhi couldn't help but get nervous.

How did he come over here? When did you appear behind yourself?

"Who is your Excellency? And what brings you to the island to find the Chen family?"

Wen Self looked at him as extraordinary, bowed slightly and said.

"I... Ancestor Mo Canglong!


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