The Unknown Heir 530-538

Chapter 530-540


The crowd was startled at the news and looked towards the courtyard.

It was there that they saw, a human figure, slowly approaching towards the house.

And by his side, he was followed by a dark green-eyed puppy.

"Chen Hao!"

By the light of the moon, finally seeing the visitor clearly, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

"He ran out on his own, he's unconscious, isn't he?"

The Mo family said.

"What the hell, it's just in time, save us having to go around looking for him again!"

There were also members of the Mo Family who coldly drank.

"Everyone from the Mo Family should be here today, right?"  

Chen Hao asked with a smile, just so laughing, a whiff of evil intent penetrated, making one's heart chill.

"Kid, what is arrogance, it's all passed down how powerful you are, I don't believe it, today I will teach you to see what is the true Mo bloodline!"

Some of the young men were not convinced.

Now, taking the brunt of it, he attacked directly towards Chen Hao.

However, as soon as his fist arrived in front of Chen Hao, it was clasped by Chen Hao.

The man, who was no longer able to move.

Then, there was a bang.

Chen Hao slammed his palm swiftly on this man's face.

The bones cracked and the body flew out.

It smashed over a dozen tables in succession and was already dead in a heap.


The crowd's eyelids jumped wildly.

They all took a step back.

Chen Hao had killed eight people in a row in the Lu Family, and now it seemed that the rumors were not false.

And Mo Yunshan took a deep breath and said.

"Young Master Chen is really good at strength, it seems that over the past year,Young Master Chen has gained many encounters, but I am here to advise Young Master Chen to calm down as You know the Mo family's background, the Chen family can't compete with the Mo family with just you, and now you're killing it all in my Mo family. Aren't you afraid of bringing misfortune to your Chen family?"

"Oh, the scourge? The existence of the Mo Family is itself the bane of the Chen Family, I've long wanted to find you guys to put an end to it, and now look at it, the timing is perfect!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

It then swept over the crowd one by one.

"Young Master Chen's words are too arrogant, I can see that you are indeed very strong, but don't forget that the one standing before you . But hundreds of young Mo family experts, two fists can't beat four hands!"

Mo Yunshan advised again.

There was nothing he could do about Chen Hao's strength.

However, in order to avoid the bloodshed of the Mo Family's innocents, he had to prop up Chen Hao.

To scare Chen Hao away as much as possible.

After all, several hundred Mo Clan experts were here, and all of these clansmen were the result of the family lord's years of painstaking cultivation.

"I don't care how many of you there are, anyway, today, I'll teach you that none of the Mo Clan will survive!"

Chen Hao's intent moved.

A violent Qi then surged out wildly on his body.

Chen Hao's eyes, however, even changed to a scarlet color for a moment, emitting a red mane that was exceptionally oozing.

"What kind of person do you really think you are, I will kill you on the spot today, let's see what kind of madness you are holding!"

Mo Yu was thunderstruck at the moment.

He had been invincible since he started his career and was deeply impressed by his father's true legacy.

He had never been humiliated like this before.

Just one person dared to exterminate the entire Mo family, too crazy!

Mo Yu clenched both fists.

An inner energy breath is lingering around the body.

Flying and striking a whip leg towards Chen Hao.

He was extremely fast.

But... Chen Hao was even faster.

Likewise, he raised his leg to strike back.

A cracking sound.

The crunch of bones cracking was heard, and Mo Yu was swept out.

His body directly smashed off the stone pillar of the hall, and one leg, snapped raw.


Mo Yunshan was already sweating coldly.

He had discovered that whoever was present would find it difficult to resist a strike from him.

"All Mo Clan members, let's go together!!!"

Mo Yunshan shouted and rushed.

The Mo Clan's blood was also up and coming towards Chen Hao to besiege them.

These so-called Mo Family experts weren't considered to be strict Hidden Clan Mo Family experts, but at most they had practiced a horizontal martial art.

How could they be Chen Hao's opponents.

Right now, Chen Hao was killing like chopping vegetables.

Strokes that killed.

"Too strong! It's too strong!"

Mo Yunshan swallowed his saliva, so many people actually couldn't resist his sharpness.

He took advantage of the chaos to arrive in front of Mo Yu who had been severely injured by a blow.

"Second Young Master, how are you!?"

Mo Yunshan shouted urgently.

"It's broken, my meridians, he's shattered it!"

Mo Yu endured the pain.


And the screams were rising and falling at this moment.

Some of the Mo family members, although they had seen a great storm, they had never encountered a massacre.

Immediately hugging the children, they screamed in fear.

"No way, we're simply no match for Chen Hao, he's too powerful, Second Young Master, I'll take you away first, it's important to save your life!"

As soon as I saw the Mo family members lie down one by one.

Mo Yunshan's heart was racing.

"No! I'm not happy!"

Mo Yu gritted his teeth.

"That won't do! Third young master has already been in trouble, you can't have any more trouble, wait until the head of the family comes back to make a decision, second young master, let's go!"

"Everyone, do your best to cover the second young master!"

Mo Yunshan shouted.


The Mo family was now red-eyed and pounced towards Chen Hao.

And taking advantage of the chaos, Mo Yunshan carried Mo Yu and ran.

"I can't leave, everyone from the Mo family is still here, I can't leave, I want to kill Chen Hao!"

Mo Yu cried out in pain.

Mo Yunshan endured and ran along with Mo Yu, while there were also a few personal guards who escaped along with Mo Yunshan.

They were all filled with fear, as well as pain.

Because right now behind them, even the screams of little children were coming out!

Not knowing how long they had been running, Mo Yunshan and the others brought Mo Yu and arrived at a mountain.

Looking back, the entire Mo Family, was burning up in flames.

Everyone already knew what the outcome was.

"Housekeeper Mo, your concern is right, we brought him back and led the wolf into the house, harming the Mo family!"

Some of the bodyguards cried.

And how could Mo Yunshan not regret it.

At the same time, there was an unspeakable bitterness in his heart.

Yes, it took a lot of effort to search for Chen Hao for a year, and he was found, but what brought about was the destruction of the Mo family.

Because this son was too ruthless, the old and weak, women and children, all were not spared.

"Housekeeper Mo, look!"

A bodyguard pointed at the burning Moji Manor.

Looking in the direction of its finger.

It was seen that there was a large group of black-clothed people, approaching towards the direction of the manor.

There were as many as three hundred people.

What's more, they were blocking the entrance.

However, all those who had escaped were inevitably doomed.

"It's over! It's over! The Mo family is finished!"

Mo Yunshan looked at the Mo family members who were desperately running outside but were brutally killed, he knelt on the ground and grabbed a handful of dirt.

"He came prepared, and the people he brought with him are also experts, everything is over, no, hurry up and inform the master of the family, the Chen family forces, have been Not the same thing!"

Mo Yunshan's veins popped out and he hurriedly said.

"I've tried, but it seems like our communications have been cut off and we can't get in touch at all!"

The clan members cried.

Mo Yunshan pondered for a moment and suddenly frowned, "No good, let's retreat!"

After Chen Hao regained consciousness, besides saving Yang Xue.

There was also contacting Wen Bo and asking them to rush over.

And asked Wen Bo to use the fastest method to use the Soul Palace's Skynet to turn everyone in the Mo Family into a turtle in a jar, as Chen Hao wouldn't let any of them go.

"Young Hall Master, there are still a few fish that have escaped the net, and their general location has been determined!"

Wimber Road.

"Very well, set everything up, I want them to experience what true desperation is too!"

Chen Hao was splattered with blood and looked back at the burning Mo Manor.

The corners of his mouth suddenly curved up in a wicked way.

Let's Wen Bo's heart thumped.

According to reason, the young hall master had taken spirit blood, his heart should be in control, but why, the young hall master gave me a strange feeling.

There's an extra scent to him.  The first website

This kind of smell actually makes you feel a little scared!


And then, from inside the manor, came Yang Xia's frightened screams....

The fire, which burned all night.

Because it is located in Long River.

Winter had just passed.

The next morning, the weather was cold and harsh.

"Young Master Mo Yu, drink some water!"

Mo Yunshan took a sleeping bag and handed it to the pale faced Mo Yu.

Mo Yu was badly injured and was already extremely weak.

They had escaped for the entire night.

The communication had been cut off.

What was most unbelievable to them was that overnight, there seemed to be a lot fewer vehicles, large and small, in Long Jiang.

It had become difficult to find a car to ride in.

With great difficulty, there was a high-grade luxury car driving by.

Mo Yunshan hurriedly blocked it.

They now needed to gallop to a shelter spot and seek shelter until the return of their homeowner.

And the car stopped.

Yang Xia, who was a little pale, got down from the car.

"So it's Miss Yang, that's great, the second young master is now seriously injured, quickly, use your car and take the second young master away!"

Mo Yunshan was busy.

"I'm... I'm afraid it's a bit inconvenient!"

Yang Xia said.


Mo Yunshan was startled.

Only then did he see that more than a dozen helicopters were circling behind.

"Not far ahead, there is a restaurant, you can go there to rest!"

Yang Xia said, secretly throwing down a little money.

Then got into the car and hurriedly left.

"They just want to torture us to death, if I had known today, father and I would have destroyed the Chen family long ago!"

Mo Yu vomited blood in anger.

"Second Young Master, cut the crap, right now, your body is in desperate need of nourishment, I'll take you to eat something first and bandage your wounds!"

Mo Yunshan said.

Afterwards, the few of them came to a restaurant.

And Yang Xia and the others were also there.

However, Yang Xia didn't dare to speak to the Mo family anymore.

"Hurry up and eat, counting the time, the family master should be arriving at Longjiang soon, after this period of time, we might be saved!"

Mo Yunshan was busy.

A group of people gobbled.

And at this time, the door of the restaurant opened.

A group of people walked in.

Making the Mo family several people, their whole body tremble, eating and swallowing!

"Young Hall Master, please sit down!"

There were already men pulling up chairs, and Chen Hao slowly sat down.

And Yang Xia, who was on the side, looked at Chen Hao.

There were tears in her eyes, not daring to speak.

The current Chen Hao was not the same as before at all.

Yes, he had completely changed.

He was more like a major youngster now, and a major youngster who was fierce in his dealings.

Oh, it's ironic, when Yang Xia was with Chen Hao in the past, she dreamed of Chen Hao one day being rich and becoming the kind of Major Major who would call the wind and rain.

But now, Chen Hao had truly become, no longer the D-Silk that he hated and had all sorts of inferiority complexes.

Why, even himself would be afraid of him.

Right now, Yang Xia didn't dare to say a single word.

Lowering her head.

"Young Master Chen, why push each other so hard, my Mo Family is indeed excessive, but there's no need to torture and insult us like this! Young Master Chen, give us a quick one, right?"

Mo Yunshan stood up and said.

And Chen Hao, playing with the teapot, did not look up to answer.

"I'll spar with you!"

One youth didn't hold back, couldn't stand the mental torture and rushed up.

He was directly signaled by Wen Bo to his men to end it.

"Well, according to my information, Mo Changkong has returned to Longjiang at the moment, and I believe that soon, he will catch up to here!"

Chen Hao smiled.

And upon hearing that, Mo Yu Mo Yunshan was all excited.

Looking forward to hope, they finally looked forward to hope.

The return of the family master, the only one who could fight against Chen Hao.

"Since that's the case, then Young Master Chen can fight against the Hall's second elder of the Mo Family, the Longjiang Mo Family Master, Mo Changkong! This time, you have slaughtered so many people, and you do have to give an explanation!"

Mo Yunshan.

And Mo Yu, who had grabbed Mo Yun Shan's arm, was clearly excited to hear that his father would be coming soon.

He swore that he would make the Chen family pay a hundred times more.

"Unfortunately, you won't be able to see this scene, the reason why I came to see you is to tell you that now, after you've eaten and drunk enough, you can cut yourselves..."

The corner of Chen Hao's mouth curled up in a sneer.

And Mo Yunshan, his eyelids jumped fiercely.

Mo Yu was also filled with despair.

Just wait a moment more, and father would return, just a moment more.

But at this moment, Chen Hao let them cut themselves.

All hopes, all shattered!

Mo Yunshan, on the other hand, had more remorse in his heart.

Why, to offend this Chen Hao, why!

If I didn't bring anyone to An Ling that day, this wouldn't have happened.

And instead of letting Chen Hao do it, it would have been better to end it on his own!

There is still some dignity left in....

Afterwards, Chen Hao and the others were out.

"Chen Hao!"

At that moment, Yang Xia called out to Chen Hao.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you... are you going to deal with the Dragon Family next?"

Yang Xia cried.


Chen Hao nodded.

"I beg you..."

She was about to speak when Chen Hao raised his hand and interrupted.

"Southwestern Province, I have had a large estate set up for you there, enough for several generations to live there without worry . Don't worry about what happens next!"

Chen Hao raised his hand.

Immediately a subordinate brought a contract.

Chen Hao looked at Yang Xue and gently wiped away the tears on her face.

"Take the contract and live well! I'm not destined to go back to my old path!"

Chen Hao.

"Farewell here!"

After saying that, Chen Hao stepped away.

Yang Xia wanted to say something.

She wanted to follow Chen Hao .

But looking at Chen Hao's resolute back, Yang Xia covered her mouth and cried in place....


And the entrance of the Mo Manor.

A team of Mori came.

And saw the scene.

An old man, let out a painful cry.

His fists were clenched and veins were bulging on his arms.

There was a strong murderous aura all over his body.

"Who did this? Who did that?"

He grabbed one of the survivors and asked with a roar.

"It's... it's Chen Hao, he destroyed the Mo family, Master, I escaped this by jumping into the well!"

A youth cried out.

"Chen... Chen Hao? How is that possible?"


"Corroborative, Chen Hao, now he's terrifying!"

The youth was clearly scared out of his wits and cried out.

"Bastard!!! It's only been a year, how could that kid Chen Hao be this strong? No matter what, I'll make sure the Chen family returns the money! Where's U?"

Mo Chang air shivered all over.

"Two Elders, Two Elders!"

At this moment, someone stumbled and came running this way.

"I found... I found the bodies of Second Young Master and Housekeeper Mo at the front!"

He cried.


Mo Changkong's cry of pain was like thunder from a clear sky.

It resounded throughout Longjiang.  

South Pacific, the Chan family!

"Is there something going on lately, I'm always so upset about this, I feel like something is going on!"

Within the main hall of the island.

Near East Chen could not help but frown.

"What can it be, Near East, is it because of Chen Hao's disappearance that you've been under too much stress lately?"

Yang Yuping came over and said quite sadly.

"Alas, in the blink of an eye, it's been more than a year ah, according to our agreement, this year, Little Song, is to finish the marriage with A Lan, originally everything was so Good, but now, it's all gone!"

A flash of distress flashed across Chen Dong Yi's eyes.

"But speaking of Barbra, I've been feeling a bit strange lately, ever since Barbra and Xiao Bei came back from the southwest half a year ago, it seems like she's changed The two girls often talk secretly together, but also sneak laugh, I have seen many times, asked them two what What about things, and not telling!"

Yang Yuping said.

"Really, when you said that, I also remembered, six months ago, Lan and Bebe were both in tears every day, especially Lan this The child, I hear from the servants, hides in her room all day and cries. Every time I see her, her eyes are red!"

"Indeed, it's a bit different since I came back six months ago!"

"Yes, we've watched this child Barbra grow up, and even though she hasn't lived with Song, she has strong feelings for her, and Bev, who also has particularly deep feelings for Chen Hao, by all accounts, makes no sense!"

Yang Yuping picked up.

"Ahem, let's stop guessing here and just get them here and ask! Isn't it clear?"

Chen Near East.

Immediately sent his servant to call Qin Lan and Yang Xiaobei over.

"Mom and Dad, you're looking for us?"

Lan walked in and smiled.

"Lan, the main reason I asked you and Bebe to come here is to find out more about the fact that half a year ago, you two sisters went to the southwest border, and there, exactly What's happening? In the past six months, I was too busy with the inspection team to ask any detailed questions... By the way, I remembered that you two sisters were going to buy ginseng, how did the ginseng king Didn't bring it back?"

Chen Nearing.

"Huh? Sam King..."

Qin Lan's face brushed red.

The Ginseng King, in fact, was bought and given to Chen Hao.

But at that time, chen Hao was trying not to expose his whereabouts and implicate the Chen family.

Let Qin Lan deliberately conceal it.

So for half a year, Qin Lan didn't say anything.

He was afraid that if he said it, Mom and Dad couldn't hold it down, and once exposed, Little Song would be in danger, giving the Mo family an opportunity to take advantage of it.

"The Ginseng King was indeed bought, but accidentally, it was lost and stolen!"

Bebe saw that Barbra wouldn't lie and hurriedly said.

"I see, other than that, you two sisters, you're not seeing anyone else, are you?"

Chen Nearby asked with a frown on his brow.

"Huh? No no!"

She shook her head.

Just then.

The butler walked in.

"Master, the inspection team led by Mr. Mo Weiping Mo is here, waiting just outside the door!"


Chen Nearing hurriedly stood up, "Quickly please!"

For over a year, it was all thanks to Mo Weiping's secret help that he didn't receive too much suppression from Mo Changkong.

Therefore, Chen Nearing treated him with extreme respect.

"Mr. Mo!"


"Mr. Mo came here today, is there something about the South Sea shipwreck incident?"

Chen Nearing was a bit excited.

Mo Weiping sat down: "At last, the emperor is not disappointed, the year's hard work was not in vain after all, good, the Sun Alliance thing. It's already getting some traction!"

Chen Nearing and the others smiled at each other.

Then, from the parcel, Mo Weiping took out a scroll of long diagrams.

On top of this long chart, there was landscape painted.

The mountains and water were like a paradise.

And the top left corner of the landscape map.

There was a sign.

Obviously, on it was the logo of the Sun Alliance.

"This is?"

Near East Chen was amazed.

"Oh, this is a print on top of a stone tablet we salvaged in one location, I had the original wood painted to present originally Here you go!"

"The logo on this, which caught all of our attention, is identical to the logo of the Sun Alliance, so this is, most likely, a Sun Alliance Stay!"

Mo Weiping.

"But Mr. Mo, why does this painting, to me, feel less than complete, as if it's a wreck?"

Yang Yuping was on the side.

"Madam's discerning eye, yes, the stone tablet we found was broken, as for the missing part, we didn't find it, just the Embodied from the painting, this paradise-like landscape!"

Mo Weiping couldn't help but frown.

"I, Chen Near East, have visited famous mountains and rivers all over the world, but I have never seen such a strange place..."

Chen Nearing was discussing with Mo Weiping.

Qin Lan, on the other hand, was just listening.

At the same time, she was also looking around the landscape map curiously.

This landscape map, on the surface, really looked like a paradise.

However, the dense jungle gave a sense of mystery.

"Hmm? Mom, Dad, Mr. Morris, look at this hill here! There seems to be something!"

He pointed to a spot.


The crowd followed the direction of her finger.

But it was difficult to see it for a moment.

Qin Lan said, "Here, it seems to be a stone statue of a woman who fell and was broken at the waist, Father, can't you see it?"

Chen Nearing and Mo Weiping looked at each other.

It did look like a white rock-like object, but how could it be a statue?

The two men shook their heads.

It was strange, it was obvious, ah, he could see clearly, the woman's statue had broken and fallen, and, although it was a little fuzzy, the outline of the woman's figure, which had been largely shown, should have been easily recognizable!

And Yang Xiaobei and Yang Yuping also watched it carefully.

Everyone said that it was just a white rock-like object, not a stone statue.

"Oh, could it be that Miss Qin Lan's eyes are unique and can see things that we all can't see?"

Mo Weiping ridiculed and laughed.

"Grandpa Mo is laughing, it's probably Lan, who also misjudged it!"

Lan hurriedly shook her head.

Nor did she speak again.

"But Mr. Chen, there's one more situation I must ask you about!"

Mo Weiping thought of something and asked.

"You asked..."

"That is, have you ever asked anyone else to help you besides us, the Mo family, but there's no harm in saying that!"

Mo Weiping asked rigorously.

Chen Dongfang shook his head, "How come, never please!"

Mo Weiping's eyebrows furrowed, "That's strange, who is this person...?"


"From what Mr. Mo means, it seems like something happened therein?"

Chen Nearing pondered for a while and asked.

Mo Weiping nodded.

"It's true that something suspicious happened, and to be honest, I led the expedition and tracked and researched for more than half a year, and I'm a little ashamed and There's no clue, because this Sun Alliance is just a little too mysterious and powerful to leave any traces!"

"In the midst of our distress, a man appeared who secretly helped us by providing us with directions and areas for the We went in search of it, so it's been six months and we're finally getting somewhere!"

"I was beginning to wonder if this person was sent by Chen to help us, that's why I asked!"

"If we did send help, I would have been the first to inform Mr. Mo, and it's strange, who is secretly helping us?"

Chen Near East was also strange.

"Although this person has not shown up, but based on my many years of experience, he is definitely a top-notch expert, and even the Mo Family outshines Weiping's Highly skilled, it's hard to match this man!"

Chen Nearing said, "This person never showed up?"

"Well, he's been secretly mentioning and, putting coordinates to my bedside position, and I thought I was extremely alert, huh? But you never noticed! Counting, he's appeared twice before and after!"  One second to remember to read the book

Thinking about the note that was placed on his bedside half a year ago.

To this day, Mo Weiping was a little afraid.

If this person wanted to kill himself, wouldn't it be that he wouldn't even know how to die?

Even though he was trying to think of something, Chen Nearing couldn't figure out who would come to help the Chen family.

"But Mr. Chen, that's not the point, this person is secretly helping the Chen family, at least for now, he's not hostile to the Chen family, and . We dug up the clue to the Sun Alliance, it's imperative that we find the location marked on this map. We found this landscape map, there must be something important about him, and even the secret of the Sun Alliance is in this mountain forest!"

Mo Weiping.

Chen Near East nodded, "Good, I'll gather all the sons and daughters of the Chen family to come here now, they are scattered all over the world, and they are all knowledgeable, so maybe Someone knows where this mountain forest is!"

"It's for the best!"

A single instruction from Chen Near East was a huge movement, and soon, the Chen family gathered together.

And Chen Near East enlarged this map and placed it in the middle of the hall for the Chen family to observe.

But the result was far from satisfactory.

Although the sons and daughters surmised that they had already been around the world and had seen a lot.

But no one had ever seen such a wonderful deep mountain jungle.

If it was déjà vu, they would definitely be impressed.

Immediately, Chen Nearing issued an order for his subordinates to search around for all the mountains and forests similar to those drawn on this map.

"Master, it's bad!"

Just then, a servant rushed into the lobby.

"What is it?"

Chen Dong Yi frowned.

"It's... it's Mo Changkong, he brought a lot of people with him and came straight through the island towards our hall, and killed over a dozen Chen family bodyguards! "

The servant was busy.

"What? This Mo Changkong, is he out of his mind?"

Chen Near East hurriedly looked at Mo Weiping.

Mo Weiping frowned, "This old brat, could it be that he's grabbed a hold of your Chen family, otherwise, this isn't his style of doing things!"

"Mr. Chen, let him in and see what he wants!"

Mo Weiping said again.

"Second Elder, what are you doing? Killed so many Chen family members?"

On the edge of the island, the two sisters of Mo Light Dance were taking a stroll by the sea.

They did not go to the hall to conduct business.

However, they just happened to see the scene of Mo Changkong arriving in anger and killing the four corners of the room.

"None of your business, today, I'm going to bloodbath the Chen family!"

Mo Changkong's face was fierce, his eyes scarlet.

Directly leading people to continue to break in.

"No, this Mo Changkong is so insane, it looks like something has happened, I have to go check it out!"

Mo Light Dance said, then followed Mo Changkong.


Mo Lightning shouted.

But the figure of her sister had already disappeared.

"Oh my, there's so much going on, shall I go and check it out too?"

Mo lightly Ying whispered.

Suddenly, Mo Lightning was suddenly stunned.

Because a black shadow had just swept in front of her in a hurry.

"What is it?"

Mo Lightning also frowned, and now, went back to take a look as well.

"Today, I'll call the entire Chen family to avenge their blood!!!"

Inside the hall.

An old, flooding voice sounded.

It shook people's ears to the point of buzzing.

Then, a strong wind blew.

Mo Changkong had brought a group of experts and had entered the door.

"Mo Changkong, what are you doing like this?"

Mo Weiping took the brunt of the blame and stepped forward.

"Mo Weiping, you better not interfere in this matter, the blood debt between me and the Chen family will be settled today!"

Mo Changkong clenched his fists.

At this moment, he coldly swept towards Chen Near East.

It was at this moment that Mo Changkong saw the large map behind Chen Near East.

His eyes, suddenly and without a trace, slightly glazed over.

But right now, nothing could be more pleasurable to him than exterminating the entire Chen family!

"Elder Mo, you keep saying blood debt, hehe, I wonder what blood debt my Chen family has with you?"

Chen Near East frowned.

"Still pretending to be confused, Chen Near East, this year, I, Mo Changkong, was enough to give your Chen family face, but I never expected that it was because of my The initial weakness caused a disaster that killed more than 300 members of my Longjiang Mo family. Exterminate my entire Longjiang Mo Family!"

Mo Changkong's voice steeply chilled.

"What? The Longjiang Mo family was wiped out?"

Chen Nearing stared at him, looking astonished.

And Mo Weiping's eyelids also jumped hard.

Although Mo Changkong did not recognize the Longjiang Mo Family, some people in the Mo Family knew that this Mo Family was created by Mo Changkong against the family rules.

Mo Weiping also knew that there were many experts in the same clan as Mo Changkong.

But now, the Longjiang Mo Family was actually destroyed?

"Although the Longjiang Mo Family is not our Hidden Clan Mo Family, there are quite a few experts that exist, who exactly would have such great skills living Destroy it, I'm afraid the Chen family, they don't have the skill, do they?"

Mo Light Dance was not horrified and whispered to her grandfather.

"That's right, there is no way that a normal gentry, the Chen family, does not have the strength to do so!"

Mo Weiping returned.

Now he stepped forward, "Second Elder, in this, isn't there some misunderstanding? How could the Chen family exterminate over three hundred members of the Mo family?"

"A misunderstanding? Tell Chen to hand over Chen Hao, the youngest son of the Chen family! Of course, I'm not going to explain it to you guys now, but today, I'll still kill anyone who dares to stop me!"

Mo Changkong said coldly to Mo Weiping.

"Someone, kill me! Leave no one behind!!!"

He roared.


A crowd of men echoed.

Then they rushed towards the Chen family's group of clansmen....


The Mo Family's murderous spirit had struck.

And Chen Nearing's face changed wildly.

All along, he never wanted to deal with the Hidden Clan unless he was forced to, like this time.

Because these hidden clans, were too wild and overbearing.

And now, it was exactly what he was thinking.

Could it be that what father had said to him earlier had come true?

The Chen family is in danger of extinction, and, that's today?

A brutal massacre at the hands of the Mohawks?

Chen Dong Yi swallowed his saliva.

"I'll see who dares to touch the Chen family alone!"

Just at this moment, a violent, flooding voice was heard.  The first website

The surrounding glass was all shattered by this sound.

For a time, strong winds were blowing everywhere.

The few Mo family members who were already ready to kill.

At this moment, even more covered their heads, as if a violent energy had exploded in their minds, directly vomiting blood and dying.

Mo Changkong frowned slightly and was not moving.

Outside the hall, a group of people had appeared at some point.

This group of people, all of them were dressed in black clothes and black robes.

It was extremely mysterious.

They rushed into the hall and surrounded Mo Changkong and the others.

And these black robed people were nearly a thousand.

Mo Changkong gazed at them, filled with suspicion.

"I don't know what kind of power it is, but today I came to the Chen family to collect a blood debt, you guys better not interfere!"

Mo Changkong shouted coldly.

"If you have to interfere, you rat bastard, what can you do?"

At this moment, an old man came striding from outside the hall.

"My Lord!!!"

And outside the door, the black-clothed men who stood in two rows respectfully knelt down.


Mo Changkong knitted his brows and stared at the old man.

"Footman, it seems like we've never met before, right? I told you, I'm in blood debt with the Chen family, I don't know what the relationship between Foot and the Chen family is."

Mo Changkong asked.

"Father... Father?"

Chen Dong Yi, however, was directly blinded at the moment.

Yes, the person in front of him is the father who hasn't appeared for decades.

Chen Near East was a little excited.


Although Chen Xiao had never met Dim Cang Chen, it was surprising to learn that his grandfather was still alive now.

"Dong'er, this is my granddaughter Chen Xiao, right?"

Dim Cang Chen walked in and grabbed Chen Xiao's hand with a doting look on his face.

"Father... yes, you... where have you been all these years?"

Chen Dong Yi was shocked.

"These, I'll talk to you in detail after father sweeps up this garbage!"

Dim Cang Chen sneered.

"So... you are the Chen family's missing master for decades, no wonder, but you are just in time, today, I am going to Bloodshed is the only way to count the full Chen family, counting you!"

Mo Changkong's cold smile.

"You rat bastard, bloodshed the entire Chen family? I'm afraid that even Mo Canglong wouldn't dare to speak so boldly in front of me!!!"

Dim Cang Chen endorsed his hands and coldly said.


Mo Changkong, including Mo Weiping, was startled.

"O? Do you know the Mo family's elder, Uncle Mo Canglong? Then how come I've never heard Third Uncle talk about any Chen Dim Cang?"

Mo Changkong's heart was still thumping.

Mo Canglong, how to say it, was like the totem of their Mo family, with an extremely mysterious identity.

Even the other hidden clans, who were able to understand his old man in detail were extremely few.

And the Chen family, in the end, was nothing more than a wealthy and powerful merchant, how could they possibly know his old man?

"I remember that you so-called hidden clans have your own strict rules, that is, you can't just enter the world, but you're a rat, not only are you Sneaking into the world to establish your own family, interfering in worldly affairs, and now threatening to destroy the Chen family! The rules of the Mojave are too light, aren't they?"

Dim Cang Chen laughed cheerfully.

Presently, he directly sat down at the first place.

"Where exactly does Master Chen come from? How could you, a rich and powerful merchant, know everything about our Hidden Clan?"

Mo Changkong asked.

"Oh, the Hall of Souls, how about it, have you heard Mo Canglong mention it?"

"Soul... soul temple?"

And Mo Changkong, his eyelids jumped fiercely.

"It's someone from the Hall of Souls!"

The few experts beside Mo Changkong were all looking at each other at the moment.

They couldn't help but take a step back.

The reputation of the Hall of Souls was believed to be no stranger to any of the hidden clans, the original few hidden clans of Huaxia, one of the more prosperous hidden clans, was the one that was killed and exterminated by the Hall of Souls in one night.

When the Hall of Souls kills, it must leave traces so that others can seek revenge on the Hall of Souls, but who would dare?

So hearing the word Soul Hall.

Rao Changkong was all but terrified.

"I never imagined that the Chen Clan's Chen Dim Cang, who had been missing for decades, was actually the Hall Master of the Hall of Souls... But by now, I've understood a few things..."

Mo Changkong.

"What do you understand?"

"Half a year ago, my third son, Mo Jian, was captured by a mysterious expert in Jinling, and as of now, all are without news, which is one thing . Also, my Mo family has been slaughtered this time, so I'm sure you're responsible for all of this?"

Mo Changkong's eyes were blood red with hatred in them.



Chen Doucang was furious, his figure did not move, but Mo Changkong had already received two solid slaps on the face.

There was simply no ability to fight back.

"Throughout my life, I, Chen Dim Cang, will spend my mind on your what third son and your what clansmen, the rats among the rats. To deal with you bastards? What a jerk!"

Mo Changkong, on the other hand, covered his face, not daring to speak.

Chen Dong Yi and the Chen family, but at the moment, they were extremely excited.

"Dad, I didn't expect that you had such a powerful force, right, that slaughtering of the Mo family wasn't done by our people?"

Seeing his father here, Chen Dong Yi was also endlessly energetic.

Now sitting next to his father, he asked.

"Alas, how can I put it, it wasn't my doing, but it was indeed our Chen family's doing, but this Mo family, as early as twenty years ago, produced the For many years, I've been secretly playing many poisonous tricks to annex the Chen family. Up, these bastards, just like bandits, bloodied the Murong family and still don't know enough!"

Dim Cang Chen gasped.

The words caused Mo Changkong's cheeks to twitch.

"Ah? Is it really the work of our Chen family? However, besides you, father, who else is so capable of fighting against this Mo Family?"

Chen Dong Yi said in shock.

"Yes, grandpa, if you are so powerful, why didn't you show up earlier? In this way, where is our Chen family still in danger today, kill all of these people and leave no one behind!"

Chen Xiao said.

"Oh, I can't believe this granddaughter of mine is very temperamental with me, she's even more likeable to me than my soft-headed grandson!"

Dim Cang Chen laughed openly.

"Grandpa doesn't appear well, it's true that there is something hard to say, but good granddaughter, if you want to deal with these rats, you don't need grandpa to do anything at all, someone..."

Dot Cang Chen asked.

"Go and see if the young temple master has returned."


"The young hall master has already left Long Jiang and has arrived on the island!"

One of the men reported.

"Young Master of the Temple?"

Chen Dong Yi was shocked, "Dad, what young hall master?"

"Oh, wait till you get here, you'll see!"

Dim Cang Chen shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Then he looked up and looked out into the hall, "As I was saying, it's already here!"

The words fell.

Everyone looked up towards the door.

They saw a young man dressed in a black suit approaching on the square.

"Young Hall Master!"  

The crowd by the door, however, were all bowing respectfully at the moment.

"Little Song!!!"

The corner of Chen Near East's mouth twitched and stood up in a flash.

"Little Song!!!"

Sister Chen Xiao was even more moved to cover her mouth.

The Chen family, all excitedly looked at Chen Hao.

"Mom, Dad, sister, it's been a year, I'm back!"

Chen Hao walked over to his father and knelt right down.

"It's good to be back, it's good to be back, for a year, mother has thought that you... thought that you..."

Yang Yuping could not hide her tears and cried directly.

"Good, my son is prospering, matured and sturdy, good!"

Chen Nearby also cried.

Chen Hao wiped his parents and sister's tears.

Then he looked at Chen Dimly, "Grandpa, at last, I've lived up to your expectations..."

"Very good, Little Song, I see that your breath is already several times stronger than ever before, and your innate conditions are superior to even grandpa."

After saying that, Dim Cang Chen looked at Mo Changkong.

"Last year, this rat drove you to a dead end, and today, Little Song, you have your revenge, you have your grievances, ruthlessly take care of this ol' Kid!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled.

"It will, the feud of the past should be done today!"

Chen Hao wiped away his tears and stood up to look at Mo Changkong.

"Chen Hao! So, my third son, Jian'er, was captured by you?"

Elder Mo gritted his teeth.

"Well, I threw him into the valley and he was eaten alive by a poisonous mosquito, his corpse is gone, it should be difficult for all Mo Elders to find his trail!"

Chen Hao.

"What? Chen Hao, I really regret that I didn't kill you sooner, now I've killed my two sons, no matter what, I'll kill you to avenge my sons! Take your life!"

A boom.

Mo Changkong's entire body was directly in the air.

It then dove towards Chen Hao.

Mo Changkong's internal strength was strong and fit his temperament.

However, even if he was strong, he was only in the ranks of the strongest internal strength.

Chen Hao was afraid of him a year ago, afraid of the Mo Family, but now, Mo Changkong, what was he?

Also overhead, Chen Hao met Mo Changkong with a punch.


Then, it was to see Mo Changkong's body retreating continuously.

It didn't stop until his back was pressed tightly against the stone pillar.

The stone pillar, however, was directly shattered at the waist.

"What a strong internal energy, no wonder! No wonder!"

Mo Changkong's old face was incredulous.

Now, fighting with all his might, he attacked towards Chen Hao.

"Dad, you taught me all this, when did Little Song actually become this powerful?"

Chen Dong Yi was full of excitement and pride.

"Oh, sort of, except, I've only taught half of it!"

Chen Dotsang smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Chen Nearing watched with delight.

Chen Xiao even shouted, "Little Song come on, kill this old immortal, kill him!!!"

Chen Xiao was also happy.

"Old Senior, I look at your scent, could it be that like my third uncle of the Mo family, Mo Canglong, you are already in the ranks of the clansmen?"

Mo Weiping, at the moment, was also somewhat shocked by the great battle in front of him.

Because the young Chen Hao was fighting against Mo Changkong.

Mo Changkong was actually at a disadvantage.

Right now, he looked respectfully at Dimple Cang Chen.

"Well, hehe, from what you're saying, this old ghost, Mo Canglong, hasn't wasted his time in the past decade or so, and has also stepped into a Sect Master?"

Dot Cang Chen asked.


"Grandpa, didn't you say that Grandpa Mo Canglong Mo has passed away?"

And Mo Light Dance had yet to come out of her shock.

At this moment, she asked.

"Nonsense, that's just a rumor, how can the matter of your grandfather Mo's identity be freely exposed, you juniors, you can't know about it!"

Mo Weiping.

"Then... then this Chen Hao is already an Inner Strength Martial Artist as well? And he's extremely strong!"

Mo Qingdance said this with a complicated mood.

After all, when Chen Hao had first gone to their Mo family to seek help, Mo Qingdance had been injured and anemic, and it had been Chen Ge who had once donated his blood and saved her own.

But herself, she had always looked down on Chen Hao, thinking that he was just a worldly person.

But now, he was already this strong, making Mo Qingdance's heart complicated.

"No, this is exactly what grandpa suspects, I observed Young Master Chen, he doesn't seem to be an inner strength martial artist, I don't know if I'm guessing right old senior? "

Mo Weiping's face was already hard to hide his excitement.

Unbelievably, he looked at Dimple Cang Chen and asked.

"Oh, you, well, you do have some eyesight!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled proudly.

"Oh my god!!!"

Mo Weiping turned pale abruptly and fell back a few steps.

Fortunately, he was held up by Mo Light Dance.

"Grandpa, what's wrong? Chen Hao's strength has progressed at a rapid pace, and as his granddaughter looks on, he is indeed an Inner Strength martial artist and has already cultivated to an extremely strong level!"

Mo lightly danced.

"No!!! I didn't dare to conclude just now, until the old-timer gave me confidence that Young Master Chen... he's not an Inner Strength martial artist!!!"

"What's that?"

"Clan Master..."

Mo Weiping's breathing seemed to be stagnating at the moment.

His eyes were wide open and his entire body was trembling.

Ancestor, that was the most mysterious kind of ancient martial realm, and even the hidden clan, some people could not reach it even if they spent their entire lives.

"What did you say, grandfather? How is that possible?"

Mo Light Dance's mouth was slightly open.

"Sect Master!!!"

Mo Weiping nodded shakily once again.

"Young Chen... is a Junior Master! Not since that man! Never!!!"

Mo Weiping rejoined.

"Dad, what is a clan master? Little Song, you've become a master?"

Although Chen Dong Yi didn't know what a clan master was, but it felt like, it was a very remarkable achievement.

"Oh, like, Little Song has already stepped into the ranks of the clansmen, so I was very surprised to see him just now, because according to my assumptions . Even if Little Song is blessed with a natural talent, it would take somewhere between ten and twenty years!"

Dim Cang Chen did not reveal anything, yet everything was in his eyes.

"Yes palace master, since the young palace master took the spirit blood, his cultivation has soared, and his subordinates' observation is that he has also stepped into a master, and then again . It's also at the level of a Half Master, which is rare! Spirit blood, it seems, has a divine effect!"

Wimber was on the verge of it.

"No, not the spirit blood!"

Dim Cang Chen shook his head.

"Ever since Little Song came in, I've been observing him, Spirit Blood can only help stabilize one's mind, it can't drastically improve one's cultivation. "

"By now, I seem to understand a little something!"

Dim Cang Chen frowned lightly.

"What is it?"

"It seems like... someone has buried down many potentials in Little Song's body, and I'm afraid that Little Song's physique was no longer that of a normal person half a year ago..."


"It turns out that the young hall master is already not a normal human body, which is strange!"

Wimber came to a sudden realization.

"That master Qin Yifan of Little Song's, who is he? I've never heard of this person, but to transform Little Song's physique into this in just half a year is unbelievable, this Qin Yifan . What kind of cultivation does it have to be?"

Dim Cang Chen was in his heart at the moment.


Suddenly at this moment, there was a scream.

Everyone looked up and saw that Mo Changkong was spitting blood and fell down from midair.

His face was filled with horror, "You... you are actually already at the Ancestor realm? way! How is this possible!!!"

Mo Changkong's face was full of resignation and shock.

Ancestor, that was the realm of legends.

Uncle Cang Long was so cultivated that he was only able to step into a grandmaster.

And this Chen Hao, who used to be just a yellow-haired kid, now, he actually became a grandmaster, the strength of the two, showing a crushing state of affairs.

This was impossible!

He couldn't believe it until he died.

"Now, you can die in peace, Mo Changkong, to blame, on that day, you went too far, leaving no room for anything, today, I'll get my revenge!"

Chen Hao clenched his fists.

He had waited for a year for this day.

For a year, he had spent his days on the run, unable to return home.

The Chen family, on the other hand, was always in the limelight, and his parents and sister's lives were in danger at any moment.

Chen Hao, however, could only watch.

Praying in secret.

It was all because Mo Changkong had gone too far.

Leaving no room for error.

All the suffering Chen Hao had endured over the past year was worth it right now!

And looking at Chen Hao's instantly surging killing intent, Mo Changkong couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

He still had a great career ahead of him, and he was about to unify the great powers around the world.

Now, actually, he was killed by a hairy brat.


"No! Chen Hao, you... you can't kill me today! I am the second elder of the Mo Family, of the Hidden Clan Mo Family, how dare you kill me?"

Mo Changkong covered his chest and climbed up, saying as he backed up.

"Mo Weiping, he wants to kill the Mo family, say something!"

Mo Changkong looked at Mo Weiping again.

"Two dueling sides, life and death, what can I say, if Young Master Chen hadn't defeated you, I'm afraid that the one who would be dead now would be Young Master Chen!"

Mo Weiping spoke coldly.

Saying something that shouldn't be said, Mo Weiping now instead wished that Chen Hao would kill Mo Changkong so that a big problem would be solved for him.

"Hehe, even the Mo family won't help you, Mo Changkong, it's easy to imagine what you do in your daily life, don't worry, I'll let you die a quick death!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"No! I still have words to say, kill me and you will regret it, Chen Hao, and regret it for the rest of your life!"

Mo Changkong retreated backwards one after another, retreating to the flower bed and falling down.

His face had gone pale, having just been hit in the chest by Chen Hao's fist, which had broken up his entire body's strength.


"Good, I know, Chen Hao, you've been trying to investigate the Sun Alliance, trying to find your fiancée, with your second uncle, hall That pattern hanging there, I've just seen it, it should be the one directly related to the Sun Alliance!"

Mo Changkong swallowed his saliva.

Chen Hao looked at his grandfather, Dim Cang Chen.

And Dim Cang Chen furrowed his brow and couldn't help but nod at Chen Hao.

He strode forward, "Old boy, if you really know where that map is, I'll consider it and leave you half a dog's life, speak up!"

Chen Dotsong.

"Oh, senior, Chen Hao, the scene painted in that pattern, I have seen it before, this place is very mysterious, and it is innate With changing formations, even, changing all the time, if not for a special token, even if it took a lifetime to find the Of this place! And this mountain is called the Nameless Mountain!"

Mo Changkong hurriedly said.

"A token, what token? How can I find the Nameless Mountain?"

Chen Hao asked.

If we really managed to find this location, then breaking the secrets of the Sun Alliance would be just around the corner.

There was even more hope of finding Mu Han and Second Uncle.

Chen Hao was instantly moved.

"That token is..."


At this point, Mo Changkong suddenly changed his appearance and pulled out two beads from his bosom and now, threw them at the feet of Chen Hao and Chen Dotsang.

The beads exploded.

For a split second, white smoke rolled.

And while taking advantage of this, Mo Changkong directly disappeared.

"This old brat is really a cunning fox, Old Wen, immediately send someone to chase after him! Don't let him get away!"

Dim Cang Chen drank.

The people of the Hall of Souls were quickly dispatched.

"Useless seniors!"

At this time, Mo Weiping stepped forward.

"This kid, Mo Changkong, is extremely cunning, although he is strong, but to say that the strongest is his light body technique, even Third Uncle Mo Canglong, is He has been praised personally, and if he escapes, he will be difficult to catch, and he knows the way to hide!"

Mo Weiping shook his head.

"Grandpa, it's all my fault, as soon as he mentioned Tongxin and Second Uncle just now, my mind got confused, leave this matter to me, I'll go after him!"

Chen Hao's face couldn't help but flicker with an apology.

Because just now, he was indeed trembling and his mind was blank.

Dim Cang Chen, on the other hand, raised his hand at this moment.

"Even if the old boy had run away, he would have been able to outrun the monk. He must have run back to the Mo family, because he knows very well that the Today, only Mo Canglong can save him!"

"Song, you don't have to worry yet!"

Dim Cang Chen said.

Chen Hao clenched his fists.

Not nodding with resentment.

"Mo Canglong, Mo Changkong..."

Dim Cang Chen was now, however, muttering a sentence to himself.

Then he said, "Little Song, you come with me first, Near East, you guys also hasten to follow me!"

He suddenly seemed to recall something and turned around.

As for Mo Changkong, his figure was like an arrow running like an arrow.

His Light Body Technique was indeed strong.

Although he was seriously injured, but along the way, he was also non-stop.

Wanting to rush back to the Yanjing Mo family.

One day later.

In front of the Hidden Clan Mo Family Residence, a quiet mansion in the back of the mountain.

A poof.

Mo Changkong cried in grief and knelt straight down.

"Mo Changkong, the unworthy grandson of the Mo Family, kneels to seek a meeting with Third Uncle!!!"

He cried.

Then kowtowed heavily.

"Unworthy grandson of the Mo family, Mo Changkong, kneels to seek a meeting with Third Uncle! Long Sky, I have something important to report!"

Mo Changkong kowtowed again.

Seeing no one respond for a long time.

Mo Changkong kowtowed even louder.

But to no avail.

"Third Uncle refuses to see me, could it be that my two children's great revenge will never be avenged? Well, in that case, Changkong will go and fight to the death with the Soul Hall Chen Dim Cang, or at worst, die, in order to protect the honor of my Mo Family for a thousand years!"

Mo Changkong knocked his head to the ground and stood up at this moment.

"Wait a minute... who did you say it was? Spirit Hall's Dim Sum Chen?"

Right at this moment, an old voice appeared in the courtyard.

Then, Mo Changkong saw it.

The door, which was already full of cobwebs, slowly opened at this moment.

An old man with white hair and a bony figure trembled and walked out....


"The sun hasn't even fully risen yet, and you're bawling your eyes out here, are you trying to make the old man cry for the funeral?"

This old man, although he was old, his eyes were shining.

Only, his body was covered in cobwebs and skin and bones, giving the impression that he was an extremely old man, not strange.

But Mo Changkong, was very respectful.

Counting up, it had been twenty years since he had seen his Third Uncle.

He swallowed his saliva.

"Third Uncle, help, help, I'm being chased by Chen Dim Cang and his grandson, and these two, murdered two of your sons and grandsons, died tragically, It's all a miserable death!"

Mo Changkong cried again.

"This old guy, Dim Cang Chen, I dealt with him in the early years, I never thought that he would be back in the world, hehe, interesting, a bit interesting . Only, how could he have been so close to you, a junior, and how could he have killed your two sons, when he's not even close!"

Mo Canglong asked faintly at this moment.

"I don't think it's your two sons who caused trouble and ended up burying their lives, right?"  

He also said.

"These two sons of mine, stubborn as they are, why not a miserable death, my third son, Mo Jian, was thrown by them into the Poison Valley, so that the mosquitoes live Eat it, and force my son, Moyo, to hang himself! Granduncle, you can't just sit there and do nothing, Chen is the strongest in the world, no one can beat him, Sky is no match for him, if you don't... Go out and beg Dim Cang Chen to spare my life, then I might as well die in front of Third Uncle right now to save the Mo Family's face!"

Said Mo Changkong, as soon as he had a chance to look at a large tree, he flew away, about to run headlong into death.

And Mo Canglong, the figure suddenly dissipated, and when it appeared again, it was already a hand, already holding Mo Changkong's head.

"Bastard, someone from my Mo Clan would actually make Dim Cang Chen scared out of his wits, what crowning, unrivalled, I, Mo Cang Long, would go begging that Chan Dim Cang, that's ridiculous! Ridiculous!"

Mo Canglong's old eyes narrowed.

There was a flash of anger in his eyes.

"Changkong rest assured, as long as I am here, that Chen Clan will be unable to do anything about you! On the contrary, I, Mo Canglong, will also seek justice for you and settle the score with Dim Cang Chen!"

Mo Canglong said coldly.

"Thank you Third Uncle Gong!!!"

Mo Changkong threw himself into Mo Canglong's arms, hugging Mo Canglong just to cry.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Mo Canglong's arm.

But at once startled.

"Ah! Uncle Sam, your arm?"

Mo Changkong suddenly fell to the ground.

"Oh, you mean, uncle's right arm, how come it's not there?"

Mo Changkong nodded his head heavily.

Because Third Uncle was wearing a long robe, he couldn't see it at all.

It turned out that Third Uncle's right arm was already gone, causing Mo Changkong to be startled.

"Twenty years ago, when I saw you, I was still fine, how come?"

"Oh, the right arm, I already cut it off ten years ago!"

"Huh? So then..."

Mo Changkong couldn't help but be dejected.

"Haha, you kid, you're worried that Third Uncle can't fight against Dim Cang Chen without his right arm, right?"

"How dare nephew doubt Third Uncle's strength!"

"Your eyes betrayed you!"

Mo Canglong shook his head, and at this moment, raised his hand to gently caress a sturdy tree beside him.

This large tree would take three people to hug around it.

Steeply, Mo Canglong suddenly exerted power.

There was a loud boom.

Then, it was seen that the tree was climbing upwards from the roots all the way up, withering down.

In the end, it actually cracked open from the middle.

Although the epidermis was intact, inside the tree, it had festered.

"Heavens! Third Uncle Grandpa!!!"

Mo Changkong swallowed saliva wildly.

It was simply frightened by this scene.

"Oh, are you still worried?"

"No! Third Uncle is the one who is truly unbeatable and invincible, and the revenge of your two sons and grandsons can be avenged! Nephew welcomes the Third Uncle to the mountain!"

Mo Changkong was excited.

"Oh, actually, if you don't come looking for me, it won't be long before I'll be out of the mountain too!"

Mo Canglong smiled bitterly.

Mo Changkong came to his senses: "Yes, twenty years ago when Third Uncle closed the door, he told his nephew that he had to prepare for the Covenant of Sacred Water, Sacred Water The appointment, every thirty years, counting the days, is coming up soon, and when Third Uncle succeeded in becoming a master ten years ago, he would be able to represent the Mo Family and traveled to attend!"

"Well, yeah, back then, my father took part in the Sacred Water Covenant and fell there, and ever since then, I've vowed to step into the clan in my lifetime, I must break into this Holy Water Covenant!"

A flash of memory flashed across Mo Canglong's eyes.

"Right Third Uncle, speaking of the sacred water appointment, I do recall one thing that you showed me twenty years ago, that nameless mountain landscape map , yesterday, I saw it again, the Chen family and their grandson are also looking for this region, supposedly, to solve the mystery of the Sun Alliance!"

Mo Changkong.

"Hahaha, solving the mystery of the Sun Alliance? The Solar Alliance, which is an answer that no one has solved for nearly a thousand years, is like a curse, and no one can resist its laws, it My father was so strong back then, he also wanted to unlock the legend and secrets of the Sun Alliance, but he spent his whole life and can't answer it, this Chen Doucang, who is self-defeating!"

Mo Canglong laughed.

"However, according to the clues that Grandfather Tai said back then, this Holy Water Covenant is heavily related to the Sun Alliance..."

Mo Changkong.

"Mmhmm, yes, back then before my father went, he called me to his secret room to talk, because the Covenant of Sacred Water that convenes every thirty years My father suspected that the holy water that could make people immortal was made by the sun. League provided. It was to unlock the secrets of the Sun Alliance that my father went, but when he returned, he went insane and remained silent, and in less than a month Resigned, and only brought back this map of the Nameless Mountain!"

Mo Canglong was despondent.

"In that case, Third Uncle, or you don't go, the Mo family can't do without you! I mean just in case, if anything happens to you, the Mo family will be finished..."

Mo Changkong was worried.

"Hehe, there is a fate in life and death, I have worked so hard for so many years for the sacred water pact, how could I possibly give up!"

"Alright, don't worry, before I go, I'll clear all the obstacles for our Mo Family! The sun hasn't risen yet, you're full of fatigue, so go home and rest first!"

Mo Canglong laughed.

"Thank you Third Uncle Grandfather!"


The Chen Family.

Yesterday, grandfather called the Chen family into the secret room in order for people to enlighten the Chen family's ancestral treasure, the Sun Diagram.

Chen Hao also enlightened it.

However, it was only to comprehend some of the Dragon Image's power generation methods.

As for the others, they were even more unproductive.

Right now, Chen Hao was meditating on the floor of his room, practicing his breathing methods.

Qin Lan, on the other hand, was still resting early on the bed.

She was really too tired.

It couldn't be helped that Grandpa also considered Lan Lan as his granddaughter-in-law.

Mom and Dad's sister also meant the same thing.

So Chen Hao could only share the same room and different bed with Lan Lan.


And Barbra was now, as if she was having a nightmare.

Sweating profusely and shaking her head incessantly.

"Having a nightmare?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly and was about to cover Barbra with a blanket.

"Who are you?"

And Barbra, at this moment, was suddenly nervous.

She still had her eyes closed tightly, and looked very scared, as if she was... dreaming of something....


This was within a large mountain with dense jungle.

The mountain was covered in miasma, very eerie and somewhat frightening.

Qin Lan walked alone in the middle of the mountain, she was terrified.

Because there seemed to be no one here.

However, she emerged from a mountain forest and there was a clear view.

There was a stream in front of her, and the sound of rushing water could be clearly heard.

On the bank of the stream, there was a woman dressed in white standing beside it.

In this isolated environment, seeing a woman with long hair in white would scare anyone.

"You... who are you?"

When she saw her back to herself, she asked softly.

"Save me, only you, can bring him to me!"  Remember the URL

The woman's voice came out with a wistful cry.

"Who can save you?"

"Save me, only you, can bring him to me!"

The woman cried again.

Then, Qin Lan was the one who saw her, and was slowly turning her head.

Qin Lan stared at it.

But what was seen, however, was a white face with blood left in both eyes.


Lan shrieked in fright.

"What's wrong Elyssa?"

Next to her ear, came Chen Ge's concerned voice.

Only then did Qin Lan gradually settle down.

Qin Lan threw herself into Chen Hao's arms, her heart thumping.

"Having a nightmare?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Well, a good horrible nightmare, I dreamt that I ran into a dank, dense forest with no one there, but in the end, I ran into the A woman with bloodstains all over her face, and she said to have her rescued!"

Lan hastily spoke out what she saw in her dream.

"Maybe it's because too many things have happened lately, you're too tired Lan, it's still a little while before dawn, you should rest for a while, I'll accompany you It's okay!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"I can't sleep, ever since I saw that nameless picture, I've been unsettled in this heart, I always feel like something is happening, and little Hao , the more I think about it now, the more I feel that woman's back, like a person!"

"Like a man?"

"Yes, I told you, I saw a statue of a woman within the nameless figure, who had been cut off at the waist and was lying on the ground, And that statue, it really does seem like the woman in white in the dream!"

She was so scared that her face was red.

"It's fine, it's normal, maybe, don't let the nameless figure scare you, just rest a little longer."

It was only after Chen Hao's persuasion that he helped Qin Lan to lie down on the bed.

And Chen Hao didn't take this matter to heart.

When it was dawn, the two of them also packed up and got up separately.

"Young Master, the Old Master has ordered that early this morning, the entire clan will bathe and change their clothes, and once again observe the sun map, and the Young Lady will have to go as well!"

Then a servant came up and said.

"I know!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Grandpa valued the sun map very much, and since yesterday, he had even had all of his clan members come to observe it.

After all, one person's beneficence was always limited, and the many clansmen would be able to observe the many mysteries.

Chen Hao understood that grandfather was worried about the curse of the sun diagram predicting that the Chen family would be annihilated.

Therefore, preparations were being made all the time.

Early in the morning, all the Chen family members gathered in the large secret room.

Chen Hao also walked in with Barbra.

The secret room was very quiet, even a three-year-old child was quietly observing.

Grandpa and the others were already carefully observing.

Chen Hao pulled Elyssa and sat down on the side.

"Elyssa, this is the Chen family's heirloom sun map, and since grandpa asked you to observe it as well, you should take a look!"

Chen Hao said softly.


Qin Lan nodded his head heavily.

To be honest, the sun diagram was very empty and not at all visible.

Rather, Qin Lan had a lot on her mind.

After all, she had discovered that Little Song was accepting herself step by step, and this was undoubtedly the best news.

As for the rest, it was no longer important to Qin Lan.

However, seeing Chen Hao seriously observe it.

Qin Lan was the one who gently leaned towards Chen Hao and also held her fragrant cheek to observe.

Once one's mind was collected, one's mental energy would be highly concentrated.

This was also the case with Qin Lan.


As for Qin Lan, her brow was now suddenly furrowed.

She sat upright, her eyes carrying some fear in them.

"No! No!!!"

Suddenly, Qin Lan covered her head and shouted frantically.

This scene shocked everyone.

"Sister Lan, are you alright?"

Chen Hao.

"Arashi, what's wrong with you?"

At that moment, Dim Cang Chen also stood up.

He walked over towards Qin Lan.

Qin Lan pointed at the sun diagram in fear, "I see... I see..."

She was so scared that she couldn't speak.

Dim Cang Chen and Chen Hao looked at each other.

In unison, the two asked, "What did you see?"

She looked at Chen Hao: "I saw... Little Hao he was killed!!!"

She said frightened and crying.

"Murdered? What's going on, Barbra, don't worry, tell me everything you saw!"

Dim Cang Chen asked.

To be honest, when he first met Qin Lan, he thought that this granddaughter-in-law of his was quite good.

Of course it wasn't simply referring to her looks and poise and temperament.

Rather, it was a feeling.

But he didn't expect that his granddaughter-in-law would actually have such comprehension and could comprehend the Sun Map.

Thus, Qin Lan told all that he had just seen.

Just a moment ago....

When she looked at the sun diagram, it suddenly changed.

A strange scene appeared.

It was in the open air in a cave.

There was a tall stone platform in the cave.

A mountain stream was flowing and a strange sound came from it.

A white-clothed woman was climbing towards the stone platform.

On the stone platform, a youth was being securely tied by five thick chains.

A few people wearing hideous masks were pulling the five chains and stretching them towards the surroundings.

And this youth, not a bystander, was Chen Hao!

As it stretched, Song let out a scream of pain.


Qin Lan wanted to desperately jump over to save Chen Hao.

But found that she couldn't move at all.


With a sickening sound, Song's body, was ripped apart raw, blood spurting wildly!

Lan narrated.

Already sobbing.

"How is this possible, Barbra, are you sure it's Song?"

Chen Dong Yi was incredulous.

Chen Hao, however, looked solemn.

Even Chen Dotsang's face was extremely ugly.

"I don't think it's a coincidence, that woman in white, early this morning, I just dreamt of her, and now it's her again, how could it be such a coincidence !"

She tore at her hair.

"Sun charts never lie!"

Dim Cang Chen was worried.

"This should be a prophecy shortly thereafter, Little Song, that someone will be cut up and die!!!! And Song seems defenseless!"

Chen dotted the road.

"Dad, how can this be, you've said that Little Song has already stepped into the Ancestor realm, ordinary people, they can't harm Little Song at all, how is this possible!"

Yang Yuping Chen Xiao was afraid, after all, even Dim Cang Chen was a little panicked.


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