The Unknown Heir 529


"What are you doing? Help! Help!"

Yang Xia hurriedly shouted.

However, a white towel covered Yang Xia's mouth, then Yang Xia's eyes suddenly became lost and she stopped struggling!

At the same time.

In the dungeon.

The slumbering Chen Hao, his ears suddenly moved slightly.

Then, it suddenly opened its eyes.

Suddenly, a glimmer of glittering dark green fluorescence flickered in the eyes.

It then returned to flatness.

However, the surprise in it was not concealed.

Because Chen Hao discovered that the dungeon was dimly lit, but his own eyes could clearly see every detail.

There were also ears, which seemed to be able to hear sounds from far away if they wished.


Chen Hao's body shook slightly, and his entire body easily leapt into the air.

But when Chen Hao looked at his skin now, on top of it, there was a lot of blackened and dirty stuff oozing out.

These should all be impurities from his own body.

"Spirit blood is spirit blood, not only can it help stabilize one's mind, it can also further improve and harden one's body!"

Chen Hao was overjoyed.

Now, he felt that his inner strength had multiplied compared to three days ago.

"Originally, I was thinking of getting the Spirit Blood and personally coming to settle the score with the Mo Family, but I never thought that they would take the initiative to bring themselves here!"

Chen Hao sneered in his heart.

Right! Yang Xia!

Suddenly, Chen Hao paused.

Just now in the meditation, he seemed to have heard Yang Xia's cry for help.

These three days, although Chen Hao had fallen into a state of heavy slumber.

But the events happening around him were known to him.

His consciousness wasn't in a deep sleep.

The night three days ago, Yang Xia had said a lot of things to himself.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn't touched at all.

Yang Xia had saved his life before and risked his life to visit him.

Chen Hao knew that this kindness would be difficult to repay.

She seemed to be in danger now!

Chen Hao's eyes wrinkled.

In front of himself, was an iron door.

However, Chen Hao stretched out his hand and pulled.


With a loud bang, the iron door, along with the surrounding walls, instantly collapsed.

Chen Hao stepped out.

And then, it was just in time to meet a man who walked down into the dungeon.

"Chen... Chen Hao?'re actually awake?"

It was Maureen who brought the gruel.

"C'mon, c'mon!"

Mo Lin had been to the land scene and seen the bodies of the eight people killed by Chen Hao, and had an innate fear of Chen Hao.

His instincts were weak and he hurriedly tried to run out of the dungeon for help.


There was a sickening tearing sound.

It had been torn in two!

Chen Hao picked up the steps and slowly walked out of the dungeon, listening to the sounds and quickly judging Yang Xue's location.

The people of the Mo family were all in the backyard at the moment.

Rarely were they in the guest room area.

The few people that they occasionally came across had already been killed by Chen Hao's hand.

Soon, Chen Hao arrived at the door of Yang Xia's room.

Kicking the door of the room open.

"Who is it?"

Mo Qiang is undoing Yang Xia's clothes.

He was shocked when the door crashed through the room.

In particular, the visitor was covered in mud and dirt, as if he had crawled out of the earth.

But the frail Yang Xia, at the moment, knew who the visitor was.

"Chen... Chen Hao, quick... save me!"

Yang Xia hurriedly called for help.

"Chen Hao? He...he actually ran out?"

Mo Qiang was startled.

Frightened, his legs weakened and he leaned on the wall, trying to slip out around the corner.


It was grabbed by Chen Hao by the neck and lifted up raw.

"Spare me, don't kill me!"

"All the people of the Mo family deserve to die!"


With a little force, it was the result of Mo Qiang.

"Chen Hao, are you alright?"

Yang Xia sat up weakly and hurriedly asked.


Looking at her, Chen Hao nodded.

"I need to borrow your place to take a shower!"


"Well, trash, all of them, can't even look after a few dogs, you quacks!"

In the main hall of the Mo family, all of the Mo family was present.

Mo Yu, was fuming.

Mo Yu's family dogs, each and every one of them was very important, and Mo Yu had spent a great deal of effort to train them.

Therefore, the people of the Mo family, were also very important.

"All of you, get out!"

Mo Yu cursed again.

A line of vets, fleeing in disarray!

"Something doesn't seem right about the situation!"

The old man next to Mo Yu spoke up again at this moment.

His name was Mo Yunshan, and he was the current grand steward of the Mo Family, and at the same time, one of the strongest people in the Longjiang Mo Family.

He was old and experienced.

"And what's wrong with that?"

Mo Yu was in a somewhat bad mood.

"Ever since An Ling came back, my husband's heart has been a bit unsettled, and three days in a row, most of the family dog's crazy death is also a An ominous omen, I wonder if there's something to be said?"

Mo Yunshan said.

"What do you have to say quickly?"

Mo Yu waved his hand.

"I always feel as if something is going to happen in our Mo family, especially for that Chen Hao, I can't sleep or eat when I think of him, the past few days the servants have been feeding him gruel, and I've had people mixing bo bits and pieces in it..."

The old man said and was interrupted by Mo Yu.

"Housekeeper Mo, I see if you were scared silly by that whatever Chen Hao, Elder Mo Yunhai and the others did die miserably, but it can't all be based on That mouth of the Lu family is the truth of the matter, think about it, how long has Elder Mo Yunhai practiced, when he was young, even if he was an expert of the Mo family Row, then how could Chen Hao so capable of killing Mo Yunhai so easily, I guess the Mo family colluded with Chen Ge. It's only to swindle Elder Mo Yunhai and the others!"

Mo Yu shook his head.

Mo Yunshan sighed, "I hope so, it's best to be safe and sound until the master returns!"

"No good! Not good!"

At that moment, a servant stumbled in.

"What is it again? Could it be that the family dog has died again?"

Mo Yu slapped the table.

"No! Not the family dog! It's people! In the dungeon, Maureen was brutally murdered, and in the VIP section of the Mau family, a total of seven of their sons were killed, and as my subordinates watched, they were all killed in one blow! And the dungeon, it's empty!"


At this moment, the Mo Family's crowd, all panicked.

Mo Yunshan, on the other hand, was even slightly shaken, holding his breath and not saying a word.

Only the cold sweat on his forehead betrayed all his worries these days.

"Someone actually dared to commit murder in the Mo Family, what about Chen Hao?"

Mo Yu was anxious.

"Chen Hao is missing!"


Everyone was in a touch of panic.

Now it was dark.

There was still a cold, cold wind blowing outside.

Just see the fallen leaves blowing in the courtyard, with no roots to return to.

"Woof woof!"

Even more so, the family dog in the backyard was barking even more intensely.

The barking was mind-numbing.

The Mo Family's thousand-year history had never been like this.

The people of the Mo Family all had lives on their hands.

They weren't afraid of corpses.

However, these corpses came from the Mo Family, and even more so died in the Mo Family.

This made the Mo Clan fearful.

A thousand years, it's never been like this!

Someone said in their heart.

"Everyone immediately go out, use all means to find the murderer for me and capture Chen Hao!"

Mo Yu was furious, and one smashed the table.

And Mo Yunshan kept looking out at the hall, the dark night scene.

At this time, he spoke faintly.

"Second Young Master, he... seems to be here!"


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