The Unknown Heir chapter 528


Seeing him like this, Yang Xia's heart was also a bit hard.

After all, Yang Xia was also feeling a vague emotion towards him now.

In general, it was more love than hate.

"Wake up for me!"

Yang Xia suddenly cried a little in distress and sat next to Chen Hao.

This boy, who had given the world the most wonderful love, the most selfless love, he had given himself his all.

These, Yang Xia knew all of this in her heart.

"Chen Hao, I know that you hate me, that I used to bully you as well as them, but I can't help it, I don't want to live in that kind of being The days of looking down on me, ever since I was a kid, my biggest fear was that people would look down on me!"

"I want to make people envy me and worship me, but I have you in my heart, you must never die Chen Hao!"

Yang Xia was crying on top of Chen Hao.

The heavily unconscious Chen Hao, on the other hand, was frowning slightly at the moment.


Suddenly, Chen Hao's red mane around his body flashed greatly.

Immediately following, a scorching energy swept over, as if it was a hot piece of iron, causing Yang Xue to eat pain and hastily draw her hands.


Yang Xia exclaimed in shock and took a few steps back, looking at Chen Hao in extreme shock.

"What... what's going on here? Why is it so hot?"

Yang Xia was astonished.

But this red mane was quickly fading.

Chen Hao's face, returned to a pale white.

"Miss Yang, it's time! Get out of here, it's going to be a problem if you want to leave when the shift change comes later!"

This was, Mo Qiang came along and smiled nastily.

"I...I got it!"

Yang Xia looked at Chen Hao with worry again and nodded.

"Hmph, this man is about to die, no use, Miss Yang Xia, you promised me, can't break your word ah, wait for these few days your matter to pass You have to give me something sweet!"

Mo Qiang said he wanted to make a move on Yang Xia again.

"It's better to get out first, Young Master Mo Qiang!"

Yang Xia hurriedly dodged, then quickly left.

Mo Qiang touched his chin, and the more he looked, the more he found it tasty.

"I'm going to eat you up!" He Dao.

But didn't notice that at the moment Chen Hao's frown was even deeper.

Time passed extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, three days later.

This early morning, the Mo Family seemed very busy.

A few decades ago, Mo Changkong had concealed the hidden clan, the Mo family, because of their greed for worldly glory and riches, ran away to Longjiang and established a piece of power of their own.

And over the years, the Mo family had continuously annexed, becoming the number one powerful family in China today.

The Mo family also clearly had an even greater goal.

That was the South Sea Chen family.

Once the Chen family was annexed, the entire Mo family's strength would increase infinitely.

Now, having seized the biggest chip Chen Hao, the Mo family was extremely excited with over three hundred people above and below them.

They were also each preparing to relocate.

Wanting to relocate the Mo family to the south.

"The earliest the family master will arrive in Longjiang tomorrow night, I wonder how the family master will reward us, hahaha!"

On this day, the Mo family held a luncheon for the entire clan.

"How else to reward, the family master said that this Chen Hao can be exchanged for at least half of the Chen family, and when the time comes, take out a random area of assets . Just share it with us!"

"Oh? Any random area? I'm afraid you're underestimating the Chen family as well, the Chen family's industry is spread all over the world, and a region is worth a country!"

"Anyway, it's just bull!"

The crowd was talking excitedly.

"It's so strange, Second Young Master, I don't know what's wrong with the family dog you have today, it's not eating either, and it bites itself from time to time Chains, looking panicked, wouldn't have taken them into the mountains three days ago and rammed into something, would they?"

In the gallery, one of the stewards came over to Mo Yu and said.

"Can punch something, it might be sick, get some vets, come give it a look!"

Mo Yu sneered.

"It's not good Second Young Master, your family dog, two of them have died, and I don't know what caused them to go crazy and end up foaming at the mouth!"

At that moment, a servant stumbled in again.

The second young master loves dogs and is very fond of his beloved dog, the servant dare not be the slightest bit careless.

Hurriedly reported.

"What? Quickly show me!"

Mo Yu was anxious.

As soon as he moved, the entire Mo family all followed Mo Yu to the backyard.

In the backyard, there were nearly a hundred family dogs.

At this moment, these dogs seemed to have gone crazy and were struggling in the iron cage.

And soon, Mo Yu witnessed three more of them going crazy in a hurry.

"Go find a vet and see what's wrong with these dogs."

Mo Yu said.

Looking at their insane appearance, many of the Mo family members, at the moment, were also a little creeped out.

How to put it, these dogs gave one the feeling as if there was some kind of disaster coming!

Mo's dogs were insane and, even when the vet came, there was nothing they could do.

By evening, more than a hundred dogs, fully half of them alive, died in a hurry.

"Ever since these dogs came back from An Ling, something seems to be wrong, and I don't know what's wrong!"

One ran into a sneaky Mo Qiang and greeted him, telling him about the things that made him strange today.

"Hey, Mo Qiang, I'm talking to you!"

The man watched Mojon smirk to himself as he walked to a room, and shot him another look.

"Huh? Dead is dead, it's just a dog, Maureen, what are you doing?"

Mo Qiang retrieved his thoughts and was busy.

"What else can I do, go to the dungeon to see if that Chen Hao is dead, by the way, pour some gruel into him, gruel mixed with Bo loose, I guess not dead wake up And a demented one too!"

Maureen said.

"Well, go on then, I've got work to do, I'll talk to you later!"

"It's almost dark, what else do you want?"

Mo Lin scratched his head and looked at Mo Qiang again, he was already far away.

Mo Qiang went straight to the door of Yang Xue's room.

Rubbing his hands together, he knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

Yang Xia opened the door and saw Mo Qiang, who was full of nastiness, and her eyes couldn't help but flash with disgust.

"It's Young Master Mo Qiang!"

Yang Xia faintly said.

But looking at Yang Xia, Mo Qiang's eyes were straight.

Yang Xia was now wearing a body-hugging short dress with her hair spread out, very sexy.

"Miss Yang, I've already done what I promised you, what you promised me?"

Mo Qiang swallowed his saliva.

Yang Xia frowned, but still feigned, "O, you said that thing, young master Mo Qiang, I told you, I'll remember your kindness in the Heart, it's about to get dark, and now that the Mo family dog is crazy, Young Master Mo Yu is also quite anxious, you'd better go and accompany him."

After saying that, Yang Xia wanted to close the door.

"Wait, hey, I knew you'd say that, I know Miss Yang Xia doesn't like me, but I've admired Miss Yang Xia for too long Up, I told you, I seem to take you to see Chen Hao, I Mo Qiang, I have to get the sweetness I want anyway!"

Mo Qiang grabbed the room doorway.

Yang Xia looked at Mo Qiang in disgust, "Young Master Mo Qiang, please also respect yourself, I'm representing the Long Family and am a guest of your Mo Family!"

"Hehe, what a guest of the Mo family, your Long family is just a pawn of our Mo family, so, Miss Yang Xia , today I'm going to eat you up!"

After saying that, Mo Qiang pounced towards Yang Xia....


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