The Unknown Heir 541-550

Chapter 541

At the Chen family, Chen Hao was ready to leave by helicopter.


I'm trying to get into the helicopter, but I see that Wimber is holding himself up and slowly walking away.

At the moment, Wimber looked odd.

His eyes were dull, already dull, and his entire walk was like a walking corpse.

Too weird!

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"Old Wen, Little Song is going on a long trip, it's just as well, let Little Song say hello to you as well..."

By the way, Wen Ziyi was on a level with Chen Nearing, at the moment Chen Nearing.

"Old Wen?"

However, it was as if Wen hadn't heard and was still walking slowly.

"Near East, back off!"

Dim Cang Chen was now, however, looking wary.

Staring at Old Wen, "Are you alright? Did something happen?"

The Chen family's crowd, too, all gathered around to watch.


Suddenly, Old Wen vomited blood, and fresh blood flowed out of his eyes, nose and mouth, and seven apertures.

The entire face, too, turned a purple-black color.

It directly fell to the ground.

"Old Wen!!!"

Point Chen roared.


Chen Ge also hurriedly ran over.

"Uncle Wen!"

Chen Hao roared one after another.

But Wen was self-conscious, but he was already out of breath.

"Old Wen is so strong that few people in the world are his rivals, someone, has come to the island!"

Point Chen gazed and said coldly.

"Ah? Who is it?"

Chen Nearing also became nervous at once.

"Not bad for brother Dim Cang, alertness is always this high, it must have been thirty years since we parted back then! Long time no see!"

At this moment, a dying old man came along.

His gait was light, but his voice was unusually loud and heart-shaking.

"Who are you? Did you kill Wimber?"

A flash of hatred flashed across Chen Hao's eyes.

Strictly speaking, although Chen Hao and Uncle Wen had only known each other for half a year.

But with the feelings that Uncle Wen had for him, Chen Hao had also long treated him as his grandfather.

From what grandpa said, Uncle Wen was a servant of the Chen family from his ancestors.

He had been loyal to the Chen family for many generations.

He was murdered, how could Chen Hao not be angry.

"Little Song stand down! This is no one else, it's Mo Canglong of the Mo Family!"

Chen Dim Cang's fixation was extraordinary and stood out at this moment.

"Chen Hao's grandson is truly gifted, I heard Changkong say that you have already stepped into the clan master, I really can't believe that there is anyone in the world who can seize the heavens and earth! What about the creation and training of a young master? I didn't believe it, so I had to come and check it out, but I didn't think it was true!"

Mo Canglong nodded his head repeatedly.

"But looking at your breath, it seems like you are still half a step away from being a true master, tsk, tsk, unfortunately, if nothing else, you should be It's the second teenage clan in the history of the clan! Pity!"

Mo Canglong said three pities in succession.

"What's the pity? Brother Cang Long, you didn't come here just to congratulate my grandson, did you? And I see dude you've broken your right arm, I don't know what the reason is."

Dim Cang Chen asked.

"Let's forget about the broken arm for now, I came here because, and it's simple, I want to take Chen Hao away! Before, I was thinking of killing Chen Hao after coming here, so that after we participate in the Holy Water Covenant, my Mo Family would still be the Mo Family . Controlling the world's dragon veins, hehe, but seeing Chen Hao, I'm relentless again, I'm going to take him away and see how he achieves mastery!"

Mo Canglong said.

"Brother Cang Long, this is a serious statement, right? Thirty years ago, we had a battle. You were still an invincible opponent. Now, we are even more so ten years ago. Having stepped into the clan together, but you only have one arm, I'm afraid it's not easy to take my grandson away!"

Dim Cang Chen was already secretly generating internal energy in his hands.

"Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river! Now, I also want to know if I will still be defeated by you!"

Mo Canglong smiled slightly.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew over him.

The plain clothes flew.

"Good, if I knew you would be out of the gate, I have been looking forward to this battle for a long time!"

Dim Cang Chen laughed out loud.

They saw the two of them tread lightly on the ground and had already soared into the air.

The battle of the clansmen!

The imperial stamina duel.

Chen Hao stopped to watch from the side.

Strong, indeed strong.

What Chen Hao didn't expect was that although Mo Canglong only had one arm, yet, he wasn't outdone at all.

In the blink of an eye, they fought for several hundred rounds.

The two of them, neither of them had gained half a point of sweetness.

"Brother Cang Long, it seems that you have indeed endured humiliation for the past thirty years, but I didn't expect that you would still have this kind of strength after breaking an arm!"

Dim Cang Chen was quite scrupulous.

"By all means!"

Mo Canglong smiled bitterly.

"But just like that, it's not easy to capture Little Song!"

Dim Cang Chen said.

"Of course, old brother Dim Cang, I will use my best technique next, I don't know if you still have the skills to deal with it."

Mo Canglong chuckled.

"A stunt?"

Dim Cang Chen frowned.

Then, he saw Mo Canglong's body suddenly become illusory.

It swept furiously towards Chen Dotsang.

Chen Doucang hurriedly resisted.

But at this moment, a mirror suddenly appeared in Mo Canglong's left hand.

As soon as the white mirror came out, a white mane flashed.

A quick light struck Chen Dotsang in the chest.

Chen Dotsang's heart and soul was messed up.

Mo Canglong struck out with a palm strike, and Dim Cang Chen flew out and fell to the ground.


Chen Hao saw that his grandfather was defeated.

He quickly rushed over.

Mo Canglong waved his hand and a strong force rushed out.

Even though Chen Hao had put forth his best effort.

But it still felt unstoppable.

He was a Half Grandmaster, but Chen Hao had finally experienced just how much distance there was between a Half Grandmaster and a true Grandmaster!

One blow and you're defeated!

Chen Hao's blood surged wildly in his body, and his qi and blood even had to roll over, so he couldn't help but vomit blood wildly.

"Little Hao retreats!"

Dim Cang Chen stood up.

"Xuan Mirror! I can't believe you're so cruel, you broke your own right arm to control the power of the Xuan Mirror!"

Dim Cang Chen was quite scrupulous.

"In the end, it is the Lord of the Hall of Souls, who has a poisonous eye, yes, the Mo family's ancestors, who were able to control the power of the mysterious mirror, only a few people, but among them, already Including me, thirty years ago, I was defeated by a fledgling you, with no place to go and desperately trying to improve myself every day, so I thought of the mirror to understand its subtleties, but then I realized that I couldn't control its power perfectly, and that was my last resort. The way to find it, break your right arm and you can!"

Mo Canglong said.

The mysterious mirror, just like the Chen family sun diagram, was the Mo family's magic weapon.

"Brother Dim Cang, now I no longer have any interest in defeating you, but it's your ordered grandson that fascinates me, perhaps studying the By knowing the secret on your grandson, I can take it a step further in my lifetime!"

Mo Canglong shook his head.

It was preparing to capture Chen Hao.

"Don't even think about it, the power of my Chen family's dragon and elephant is not idle!!!"

Chen Dotsang was furious, and his whole body soared up at once.

The entire body, abruptly, seemed to be covered with a layer of color-filled light.

It went straight for Mo Canglong....


"The power of the dragon and elephant?"

And Mo Canglong's eyelids jumped hard.

He retreated several steps in succession.

It was during this gap that Dim Cang Chen shouted, "Little Song, go!"

The helicopter started swiftly.

Even though Chen Hao was reluctant to leave, Grandpa had used all his strength for his own sake.

If he stayed long, he wouldn't have wasted his grandfather's efforts.

Right now, get on the helicopter.

And Mo Cang Long wanted to chase after.

But he was stalked by Dim Cang Chen.

"Dim Cang Chen, you are even more ruthless, you actually used your Dragon Elephant power to catch my Xuanjing power alive, although I can't kill you, but you will also be met with Severely traumatized, the Covenant of Sacred Water still has three months to come, and I'm afraid you won't live long!"  

Facing the violent Chen Dim Cang.

Mo Canglong was helpless.

After all, the power of the Dragon Elephant was indeed not something to be underestimated.

Especially now, it was too worthless for Mo Canglong to fight with Dim Cang Chen.

If Chen Hao ran away, his own thoughts of going further would be defeated.

Repel Chen dot Cang.

Mo Canglong pursued towards the direction the helicopter had left.


Point Chen spat blood and knelt down on one knee, still unable to chase after him, he just looked at the direction of the helicopter with worried eyes.

"I'm flying very high, Young Hall Master, he shouldn't be chasing after me! And can't catch up!"

The underling who flew the plane.

"Well, I don't know how grandpa is doing, alas, at first, I thought that grandpa was more than enough to deal with Mo Canglong, but I didn't expect that that That magic weapon in Mo Canglong's hand is so powerful!"

Chen Hao was hung up in his heart.

"Don't worry, the Lord is extremely strong, even though Mo Canglong's magic weapon is powerful, he can't do anything about it, he is now beating the young hall master your Lord willing, as long as we can escape, we won't be able to distract the Lord!"

The bouncer said.

Steeply, the helicopter trembled.

As if below, something, grabbed the bottom of the helicopter.

Then, a silhouette was seen, appearing on the side of the helicopter.

It was Mo Canglong.

"Little doll, trying to run?"

Mo Canglong smiled coldly.

Then with a shake of his wrist, a white light flashed rapidly.

A boom.

The helicopter trembled.

It fell straight down towards the bottom.


Fire and chaos flew everywhere.

The ground was blown up.

The driver was dead.

Chen Hao was also injured.

However, he had already become a Half Realm Master, and his flesh was already different from normal people.

Now, with one hand on the ground, he slowly stood up.

"Why bother running away, come with me, I want to go further before the Covenant of Sacred Water comes!"

Mo Canglong stood aside and smiled faintly.


Chen Hao bit his teeth and tried his best.


A sound, secretly shooting the short blade out.

It struck Mo Canglong straight in the chest.

But Mo Canglong reacted swiftly and clamped his two fingers.

"Letting go of the secret weapon, doll, you're still too young!"

He laughed bitterly.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was even more sunken to the bottom of his heart.

Originally, he thought that he still had a chance of survival, and even if he were to die, before he died, he would have to go to the Covenant of Sacred Waters.

Unexpectedly, just today, he would be caught by this Mo Canglong.

Rather than being captured by him and allowed to suffer his torments, it would be better, to kill myself now and be done with it!

Chen Hao had a flash of killing intent in his eyes and was about to wave his hand and kill himself.


Miso miso miso....

The short blade that was caught in Mo Canglong's hand let out a sword roar.

And it began to shake incessantly.

Chen Hao was startled.

Mo Canglong was even more surprised, as he pushed on his fingers, trying to clamp the short blade.

Nefariously, the short blade, which was originally black and shiny, suddenly flashed with a touch of red on it.

In an instant, it was as if it had just been extracted from the refining furnace.


The hot rolling sensation made Mo Canglong let out a scream.

It had to loosen the short blade.

The short blade flew back into the Chen Singer on its own.

"Manacle! It's a magic tool!"

Mo Canglong screamed.

His eyes burned hot.

"Unexpectedly, your Chen family actually has this kind of magic weapon in addition to the sun diagram, what a strong power, if I can harness this magic weapon, then I Mo The Dragon, which is no different from a fierce tiger with wings, I will be unrivalled and shine at the Covenant of Sacred Waters!"

He surmised to himself, as if he was crazy.

Chen Hao staggered somewhat and kept backing up.

"The heavens have blessed me, not only have I taken control of the mysterious mirror, but now I have even found Chen Hao with a special physique, and with this magic weapon, I will be invincible!"

His essence flickered as he walked over towards Chen Hao.


Suddenly, his body stiffened.

His left arm, began to tremble incessantly.

The veins on it turned red and bulged right out, like an earthworm lying on it.

Even his face turned purple-red.

A touch of pain crossed his face.

"Reverse devour?"

At a glance, Chen Hao knew that the opportunity had come.

Hurriedly, he struck the magic weapon again.


Mo Cang Long, who was in pain, used the Xuan Mirror to parry back.


Chen Hao took a look and didn't stop.

While Mo Canglong was being revolted, he quickly slipped away.

"Stinker, no matter how far you run to the ends of the earth, I will catch you, magic weapon, special body, I am bound to get it!"

Mo Canglong was unable to move, but he viciously stared at Chen Hao's back and roared.

Chen Hao didn't stop all the way, and was a constant shuttler in the mountains and forests.

He now didn't know which region he was in and how far he was from the Northwest Desert.

In short, it was just a matter of looking to the northwest and just running all the way.

In the blink of an eye, three days and two nights passed.

Chen Hao ran to a stream stream.

He was thirsty as hell before stopping to drink water.

"It seems like I really didn't choose you wrong in the first place, the aura scent on your body is only now fully displayed!"

Chen Hao took out the ebony short blade he was carrying.

He could not help but rejoice.

"Hm? What's this?"

Chen Hao suddenly discovered that the short blade was a bit different from before, as some strange lines and fonts appeared on both sides of the short blade.


It was written on one side in traditional Chinese characters.

"That would be your name, right? Breaker, indeed, is domineering enough!"

Chen Hao surmised in his mind.

On the other side, there were some subtle grain patterns.

When Chen Hao observed, he found that these patterns seemed to be talking.

A tiny black shadow was active on it.

It seemed as if it was demonstrating several movements repeatedly.

"Could it be that as soon as it came into contact with Mo Canglong's magic weapon just now, this Breaker opened up to light, on top of which, it seems like it is demonstrating the use of the Breaker!"

Chen Hao was seriously comprehending.

The black shadow above demonstrated a total of four movements.

What made Chen Hao strange was.

Among them, only one of the moves was for this Broken Armament Method.

As for the other three moves, they were more like for the use of the longsword.

The more Chen Hao looked at them, the more he was able to empathize with them.

Gradually, Chen Hao imagined himself as the black shadow on top of the short blade.

The energy then triggered onto the short blade.

Miso miso!

The short blade kept making chanting sounds.

Then, Chen Hao fiercely struck out.

The sound that tore through the air was hair numbing.

And wherever the short blade passed, boulders and trees, exploded, and it seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

The short blade hit its target and quickly returned.

This time, Chen Hao did not hold it, but used his mind to control the short blade to make a second attack again.

In this way, it seemed as if it was alive and had become Chen Hao's helper.

It could wander around, looking for an opponent's flaw.

So... this was the true method of using the Breaker....


Chen Hao was immersed in it, unaware that seven days had already passed.


With a boulder cracking open.

The Breaker kept hovering in the sky.

Chen Hao's intent moved again before it flew back into his hands.

"The Broken Army itself has a strong attacking power and is as strong as a clan master, and now with me, a half clan master, if it now meets Mo Cthulhu, I believe we can have a fight with him!"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

As for the use of the three long blades that evolved above the breakers, Chen Hao had already mastered them, but Chen Hao didn't like long-bladed weapons too much, so he didn't take them too seriously.

After such a long delay in the mountain forest.

Chen Hao was going to search for that long-bladed coffin.

There was no further delay, and he continued his journey to the northwest.  Remember the website

Well in the evening, Chen Hao finally walked out of this sprawling mountain forest.

He arrived at a small town.

Here, there were already traces of desert, and it was only after asking the people in the town that they discovered that they had arrived at the edge of the northwest desert.

It was similar to the location that Chen Hao had predicted.

After all, when the helicopter accident happened, it was said that it was almost on its way to the northwestern zone, not to mention that he had been gone for so long.

Chen Hao found a hotel in the town and prepared to buy some suitable clothing for a temporary rest.

He had just finished buying them out.

But then, he heard a shout coming from a corner of the town.

"What do you guys want?"

"Nothing to do, two beautiful ladies from out of town, we just want to buy you two a drink to show our admiration!"

"You guys duck!"

One of the girls pushed past a couple of guys and tried to leave.

"Hey hey! Don't go, beautiful!"

It was blocked again by a few men.

Obviously, this was them looking at two beautiful women who were beautiful and from out of town, and they had other thoughts.

This kind of thing could be said to be a common occurrence.

But Chen Hao paused in his tracks at the moment.

"Why does it sound like her voice?"

Yes, the more you listened, the more Chen Hao felt like it.

Now Chen Hao followed the sound and arrived at this corner of the place.

At first glance, his eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

"It's really her! How did she get here?"

Chen Hao's mind was astonished.

But seeing a few males move their hands and feet.

Chen Hao then frowned and walked right up.


Several youths were about to forcefully pull away.

At this moment, they were slapped on the shoulder by someone.

Looking back, it was a man wearing a cap with a mask.

"Kid, whose crotch is dishonest, showing you out? Mind your own business, or I'll kill you!"

The youth warned coldly.

"Let them go!"

Chen Hao said in a different kind of voice.

"Want to play hero to the rescue? I think you're...ah!!!"

Before he finished speaking, Chen Hao directly squeezed his wrist.

For a split second, a bone cracking sound was heard.

The other people saw that the situation was bad and attacked at the same time.

Bang bang!

A few punches soon hit Chen Hao's chest.

But without a doubt, those few people let out a scream as they covered their fists.

A heavy punch just now was like hitting a mountain, and their bones were about to shatter.

All of them looked at Chen Hao in horror.

What kind of body was this?

"If you don't leave, you will die!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

Swallowing a few spittle at the same time, a few people covered their wrists and fled in disarray, as they had just read from the youth's eyes a kind of Emotions, that's killing intent! Creepy killing intent.

It scared them away.

And the two girls all looked over towards Chen Hao in thanks.

Chen Hao, however, pressed down the brim of his hat.

"Thank you, big brother!"

The girl said.

Chen Hao shook his head, "No need, you guys should go back quickly!"

Lowered his head and said.

Chen Hao was ready to turn around and leave.

"Hiss, my foot!"

One of the girls, however, covered her ankle, apparently spraining it from the struggle earlier.

"Is everything okay?"

"Is everything okay?"

And Chen Hao squatted down at the same time as the other girl and asked.

Rather, the girl who had broken her foot was slightly surprised.

"I'm fine, it's just extremely painful, like I can't walk!"

The girl.

"Well then, I'll assist you!"

The girl who wore glasses and had an extremely good temperament and breathed a ladylike air hurriedly said.

However, it was obvious that she had broken her foot too badly.

After walking a few steps, she couldn't walk anymore.

"How long will it take to walk, I can help you first!"

Chen Hao said.

"Mmhmm, but big brother, can you carry her back to where we live first, I'm afraid that later, those people will come back!"

The girl with the glasses said gently.


After saying that, he carried her on his back.

To be honest, carrying her on his back once again still made Chen Hao feel a lot of emotions.

"Where are you going?"

"The North Cang Hotel!"

"Coincidentally, I live there too!"

"Brother, are you here on a trip?"


"What about you guys, you look like journalists!?"

Chen Hao could not help but laugh bitterly.

And the two girls were startled at the same time, "You... how did you know we were reporters?"

"You guys look especially alike!"

Chen Hao.

"Hahahaha, you're pretty funny!"

The eyeglass temperament girl said.

"Where did you come from, brother?"

And the girl on Chen Hao's back asked at this moment.

"Hmm? Does it matter?"

"No, no, no, I just think that you, big brother, have a special resemblance to the eyes of one of my old friends, except that he's not as strong as you are, and also Not as good as you!"

The girl on his back was busy saying.

Then whispered, "I clearly remember the time I broke my foot too, oh, that was the first time we actually met, and he was also carrying the Me!"

"Is he your boyfriend? From the way you sound, you sound like you're particularly touched!"

Chen Hao's face flushed slightly.

"Oh, I'm not so lucky to be his girlfriend!"

The girl said.

"What kind of fortune is not fortunate, it's just that he's not so lucky, besides, you're so pretty, what kind of boyfriend do you want to look for What if you can't find it?"

Chen Hao said.

"That's right, big brother is right, you can't aggravate yourself too much, you haven't been in touch for a year, you really should forget about him and find another one! "

The girl on the other side of the glasses.

The girl on her back shook her head, "He's not something I can just put down if I want to!"

"Ugh, what can I say about you!"

The girl with the glasses was speechless.

And Chen Hao, too, no longer had any words.

Soon, he arrived at the hotel this.

On the first floor of the hotel, was the restaurant.

There was a group of people eating inside.

Seeing the two girls return.

They should all know each other and hurriedly ran over.

"What's going on, how did the foot hurt?"

An old man at the head of the group came over and asked with concern.

"Qin Ya, are you alright?"

And a boy, who was now concerned, came to Chen Hao's side.

To the girl on Chen Hao's back, he said.

This boy, who was dressed in a suit, looked extremely elegant.

"Who is this guy? How do you get him to carry it?"

The boy saw Chen Hao again, and his face couldn't help but swirl with jealousy....


"Young Master Li, it was this big brother who saved us!"

Qin Ya slowed down and said to the boys.

"What Young Master Li , Xiao Ya, how many times have I told you to call me Marriott, Li Shao Li, it's all rusty!"

Li Wanhao said.

Qin Ya didn't say anything.

Instead, she looked at Chen Hao: "Big brother, still don't know your name?"

I don't know why, from the moment she saw this big brother, Qin Ya's heart felt an inexplicable sense of closeness.

Even this sense of closeness made Qin Ya feel incredibly close.

After so long, she never had any feelings for any boy.

But, except for him.

It was as intimate as seeing a long lost relative.  

"Yeah, big brother you saved us today, and we don't even know your name!"

The girl with the glasses, on the other hand, smiled slightly.

"Never mind, it's a small thing!"

Chen Hao pressed the brim of his hat and turned around to walk up the stairs.

The glasses girl's eyes, however, could not help but flash a touch of disappointment, and she slightly pursed her lips.

"Meng Xue, who is this kid, wearing a mask and a hat in broad daylight, what's he pretending to be?"

Li Wanhao was a bit cold at the moment.

Especially after listening to Shen Mengxue's narrative just now, this kid had clearly come to a heroic rescue.

This was an opportunity that he couldn't even wait for, making Li Wanhao's heart anxious.

Jealous and jealous at the same time.

"Li Wanhao, how can you say that about me and Qin Ya's benefactor?"

Shen Mengxue was dissatisfied.

"It was already well, looking at this kid, he's a pretender!"

Li Wanhao.

"Alright, alright, let's not quarrel, it's always fine, you guys eat something first, when that Pang Gong comes later, we have to enter the Desert out!"

The old man at the head advised.

Only then did everyone subsided.

The group of Qin Ya and the others were as many as twenty people, thirteen boys and a few girls.

This was an expedition into the desert, and Qin Ya and Shen Menxue were acting as accompanying reporters.

Li Wanhao, on the other hand, is the son of the owner of the sponsor of this expedition.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

So this time into the desert, he also followed.

"That Pang Gong grew up in the desert, we outsiders can't go into the desert without him, strange, how long has it been Come?"

And when the old man sat down, he couldn't help but converse with a few of the people accompanying him.

As he was talking, a camel's bell sounded outside.

More than twenty camels pulling large carts stopped at the entrance.

"Go away!"

The driver was a dark old man with a white beard and a wrinkled face.

Shouted to the hotel door.

This time, all the people in the house came out.

It seemed that not only the expedition of twenty people, but also one or twenty donkeys had leased this Pangong's car.

They were all putting luggage and drinking water into the camel car.

After everything was ready, the people were ready to leave.

"Let's go Xiao Ya, you were injured, I paid more money, we and Professor Yang can get in the car and sit down, no need to walk!"

Shen Wanhao saw Qin Ya hesitate and glance towards the second floor from time to time.

He was jealous, "Xiao Ya, you're not waiting for that pretentious kid, are you?"

"I...what am I waiting for him for? We don't know each other!"


"That's good, come on, I'll help you!"

"No, Dream Snow can just assist me!"

The group of people were ready, and they headed into the desert.

Only then did Chen Hao walk out.

To be honest, he really didn't expect to run into Qin Ya, whom he hadn't seen for over a year, here.

She had joined the workforce, and her temperament was better than before.

In fact, Chen Hao wanted to meet up with her.

After all, it had been more than a year since he had seen her.

But Chen Hao tested the waters, and it seemed like she hadn't forgotten herself yet.

Back then, it was already very sorry for her, and Chen Hao didn't want to delay her because two people were simply impossible.

Just now, seeing a boy treating her so well, although Chen Hao's heart was a bit unpleasant, he also blessed Qin Ya from the bottom of his heart.

And didn't continue to help her fix her sprain, someone should be able to take good care of her.

With his bag on his back, Chen Hao was also ready to depart.

There were still three months left in the Holy Water appointment.

Therefore, this trip was very anxious on its own.

Not only did he have to step into the Ancestral Mastery, he also had to find the Eternal Life Coffin.

Not a moment more could be delayed.

However, not long after entering the desert.

Chen Hao saw that there was a large group of people blocking the front.

And a cordon had been drawn up.

A few volunteers wearing red armbands seemed to be stopping the crowd from going on.

"Why aren't they allowed to enter? The desert is your home, huh?"

Some hikers cursed.

"I'm sorry, a few days ago, a few bodies were found in the desert, and they died horribly, so the desert is very dangerous, I advise you, recently Don't even go into the desert for a while, it's not worth putting your life on the line for fun!"

The volunteer.

"Trying to scare us, we don't know it's the Desert of Death yet, we're just here for the thrill, don't mind them, let's just Get in!"

Some of the hikers just barge right in.

What about the volunteers, they don't stop, and as the woman just said, who isn't looking for excitement when they come here to play!

"Thank you, little brother, but we're not here for fun, we're here with a research mission, so please let us go and let our The camel caravan goes in!"

Professor Yang was also there, and now walked up and said.

"Seeing as you're bringing a convoy, it's standard, okay, we won't stop you anyway, so I wish you all the best!"

The volunteers are let in.

Professor Young these people went in.

And there were many hikers who were timid and chose to retreat.

"Well? This big brother, so you're here too?"

At this moment, Shen Mengxue suddenly saw a familiar figure and hurriedly waved her hand in excitement.

Chen Hao just nodded and continued walking.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, kept looking at this young man in the car, why was it that the more I looked at him, the more familiar I felt.

However, he didn't have such a strong physique.

"Join our convoy, someone just said that the desert is dangerous, in our convoy, there are still many hikers, there is strength in numbers, let's Together?"

Shen Mengxue sat in the car and asked.

"Heh heh, this kid won't be here to travel in poverty, without a camel cart to provide water, with that jug of water he has, he probably isn't even in the middle section You'll die of thirst!"

Li Wanhao sneered.

"Big brother, you'd better enter our fleet, I'll pay for you!"

Shen Mengxue was worried.

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Thank you, I don't need it!"

He said faintly.

"Oh, I don't know how thick the sky is, in this desert, without my Pangong, ten, nine of them wouldn't be able to get out, no? Don't you regret it, I won't let you join the fleet even if someone pays for you!"

Pang Gong looked coldly at Chen Hao as he drank. No one had dared to say they didn't need him here in this land, and the old man seemed to have a high self-esteem, so a little goes a long way.


He lashed out at the camel and the convoy accelerated away.

Shen Mengxue and Qin Ya, both looked worriedly at the youth walking silently behind....

The journey through the desert is long and dull.

The travel team and the donkey group, with the help of Pangong, could do more with less.

Soon, after two days and nights of work, in the evening, they arrived at the middle part of the desert.

The place was deserted, and as far as the eye could see, there was a boundless sea of sand.

The sun was about to set, and the people would not be making their way.

It was just as well that there was a dilapidated building here, so the crowd came in here to stay warm for the night.

"I don't know how that big brother is doing, has he gone back already?"

At this moment, Qin Ya was sitting by the campfire and couldn't help but think of this big brother who had saved her.

"I don't feel like it, he doesn't look like someone with this kind of personality, he's too mature and steady!"

Shen Mengxue also said.

"Xiao Ya, why do you keep thinking about him, didn't you say that you like Chen Hao, no you see that he looks like Chen Hao, that's why..." 

As if Shen Mengxue had seen something, she was actually feeling a little unhappy somehow.

"No! He saved us, after all, so I was worried about him! Monsuet, you seem to be thinking about him all the time too?"

Qin Ya couldn't help but smile.

"Hehe, he, on the other hand, gives me a particularly mature feeling, I like boys like that, and his eyes, like they're full of stories, to the I'm very mysterious, my ideal boyfriend, that's the type!"

Shen Mengxue didn't have anything to worry about though.

"So, you're in love with him?"

Zhenya's(Qin ya) heart was a little strange as she asked.

"I don't know, maybe, anyway all I can think about is him, I want to see him again, especially!"

Shen Mengxue held her cheeks, staring at the moon.

And Qin Ya was also taking in her thoughts and looking at the night sky.

"I also want to see him, especially!"

Her mind.

Just then.

"Maya, what's Monsieur doing? Have some hot water, it's really quite cold here after the sun goes down!"

Ivanhoe Lee came over.

"I'm not thirsty!"

Qin Ya shook her head.

Of course she knew Li Wanhao's feelings towards her.

Although Li Wanhao had the air of a rich dude and wasn't strictly speaking, not the type that she liked.

However, he would do almost anything for himself.

But the more this happened, the more Qin Ya's heart flashed with guilt, because with him, it was simply impossible.

"If you're not thirsty, it's just idle here, why don't you go over there and listen to Pang Gong's story, it's quite scary!"

Li Wanhao.

"Look, even Professor Yang was intrigued and went over to listen!"

He pointed.

Qin Ya and Shen Menxue looked at each other.

They came out, they are reporters accompanying the team, and they still have to write a text when they return, if they really get some stories.

They might even be able to supplement their own inspiration.

Right now the two girls also surrounded the past.

In the past, Pang just told, with a serious face, the legend of the goat grandmother.

It said that in the desert, there has always lived an old grandmother, people say she looks like a human ghost, and drink human blood as food.

Some time ago, the big murder, it is very likely that the goat grandmother, she drained those people's blood.

She was so powerful that she was not afraid of bullets and could not be killed, and normal people were almost sentenced to death when they saw her!

"Is it really that evil? If there was such a thing in this world, it would have been exposed long ago!"

Some people don't believe it.

But some people were still too scared to speak.

"It's that evil, and, in case I shouldn't say it, Grandma Goat does exist, I've seen it!"

Pang Gong suddenly lowered his voice.

These words caused everyone to shiver.

Professor Yang laughed, "Pang Gong loves to joke around, you don't want to scare these kids!"

"Who's kidding, I've actually seen it, I saw it when I was seven years old, when I followed my father into the desert!"

Pang Gong had a serious face as he spoke with a frightened expression.

Professor Yang also withdrew his smile, it didn't look like this Pangong was telling lies.

"That day, it was already evening, also at this point, the sun was setting and it was gradually getting darker, my father and I set up our tent and slept out . As we had to prepare a water source for the next day, there was a stream right next to it, so I went with my father to the water, to fill it."

"And then, right there on the bank, I saw her!!!"

Everyone stared at Pangong.

"She was getting down to drink water, and I couldn't see her full face in the moonlight, but I had a particularly clear impression that her tongue was too long, and her cape , we went over and were right eye to eye with her, and her eyes, they were actually green!"

"My dad was confused and scared and shouting, Nian, turn back, don't look!"

My dad and I turned back together, kneeling toward the moon.

Because my dad told me, when you run into Grandma Goat, turn around and carry her and don't look back!

"And then what happened?"

Some of the hikers asked.

"Then she came toward my father and mother, and she was walking so lightly, so delicately, with only a rustling sound, that she walked extremely slowly!"

"Nian! New Year! Turn around, don't look!"

Behind me sends the same milk baby sound as a baby goat, the grandmother goat learning to talk.

"What next?"

Someone asked.

"Then there was dead silence, and all night, both my master and I knelt, and no one dared to say a word!"

Pangong spoke.

The entire remnant house was also quiet.

A few girls in particular had cold sweat on their foreheads.


And at this moment, because it was quiet and clearly heard, there was suddenly a slight rustling sound from outside.

It seemed like someone was walking towards this side.


Some of the girls screamed in fear.

The figure, however, had come from far and near, just as the crowd was tense.

But then a young man wearing a cap and mask was seen walking in.

"Scared to death!!!"

The girls wailed.

"Big brother, it's you!!!"

Shen Mengxue, however, stood up in surprise.

This person, who else could it be if not Chen Hao

"What a coincidence!"

Chen Hao also did not take off his mask and said indifferently.

"Coincidence indeed! I just wanted you to come!"

Shen Mengxue smiled happily.

After saying that, she couldn't help but blush pretty.

But Qin Ya also stood up, but her eyes kept staring at Chen Hao's eyes.

When Li Wanhao saw this scene, he was busy sneering.

"Hmm, what? There's nowhere to go and no water to drink, so when I saw our convoy, I rushed over to catch up, haha, otherwise, I could easily die! , thanks to the fact that you had the balls to say no before!"

"Just coincidence!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

Then he did not say anything more.

Instead, he walked to the corner and sat down quietly.

"Hey, Ah Ming and Ah Yuan, why haven't they returned yet?"

Just then, someone in the tour group suddenly said.

"What? When did they go out?" Pang fair.

"It must have been half an hour since the two of them went out to take pictures!"

One man.

"I think we need to go out and find out, it's too dangerous this time of night!"

Pang fair.

Then take the man out.

Shouting non-stop along the vicinity.


At that moment, there were several girls screaming in terror....


"What's wrong?"

Everyone gathered around.

At first glance, they were all startled.

There were two corpses lying across the sand dunes.

By the moonlight, it was clear to see that the two corpses had turned into dried-up corpses, their entire bodies shriveled down, as if they had been sucked dry.

"It's Ming and Ah Yuan!"

Someone recognized both their clothes and cried out.

"How did this happen? It's only been half an hour!"

Professor Yang, despite his experience, was incredulous and numb.

"It's Grandma Goat, she...she's here!"

Pang Gong also swallowed his saliva and said in horror.  

Everyone got even more scared and all snuggled together.

"Maya, come to me, I have *!"

Li Wanhao was also afraid, he said.

And Pangong had knelt down and began to pray.

Many people followed Pangong's example and prayed as well.

"Grandmother Goat, we were just passing by, we didn't mean anything else, have mercy!"

They muttered under their breath.

Right at this moment.

Chen Hao slowly walked over and looked at the two corpses, "What goat grandmother, it's just an animal!"

"'re lying! You brat really don't know what you're talking about, watch out Grandma Goat will be the first to kill you!"

Pang Gong thought that Chen Hao's words were too unintimidating, and scolded him now.

"Beware that Grandma Goat will be the first to kill you!"

And then a faint voice, caught in the sand, came over.

"Watch out Grandma Goat, the first one to kill you!"

This voice was successively imperceptible.

It was like the timbre of a child, which was exceptionally strange in this night sky.

Professor Yang and the others even held their breath.

Right now, they were all looking towards Chen Hao's back.

"Big brother, watch out behind you!"

Yang Xue and Shen Mengxue stepped forward at the same time and said.

Their voices, too, had been extremely frightened.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had already discovered her 'early'.

At this moment, looking coldly.

Just saw that from above another heavy sand dune, a monster with messy hair and green eyes slowly crawled out.

She had a skeletal structure that resembled that of a human, and at a sharp look, it was just like a human.

Her tongue, which was falling to the ground, had rows of barbs hanging upside down from it.

It was learning to speak to the crowd while crawling over towards Chen Hao.

"Grandma Goat!!!"

Pangong was so scared that he knelt down again and kept kowtowing.

"After looking for you for a whole day and night, you have finally appeared again!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

Based on Chen Hao's speed, by now, it was definitely more than just staying in the middle position.

Only, not long after stepping into the desert.

Chen Hao had discovered the beast.

If it was before, Chen Hao would have chosen to just dodge it and drive his own way.

But it was different now, Qin Ya was still behind.

This beast specialized in attacking travelers, and it was difficult to deal with any ordinary creature.

Afraid that Qin Ya would be in danger, so Chen Hao had no choice but to find Qin Ya again.

Naturally, when this beast saw Chen Hao, its gaze became extraordinarily fiery.

It was unceasingly drooling out green saliva.

"You guys go first, I'll deal with her!"

Chen Hao turned to Professor Yang and the others.

Professor Yang and the others nodded.

"Hmph, it's just an animal, what's there to be afraid of, Xiao Ya don't worry, I'll protect you, watch me *kill* it!"

Li Wanhao pulled out a *from his own pocket, pulled the trigger, and fired a shot directly at the monster.

Naturally, this windfall couldn't be given by one's rival.

But after the monster took a *, he was unharmed.

It was only because his skin was too sturdy.


Li Wanhao was confused.


But the monster was enraged and flew over towards Li Wanhao.

As soon as it grabbed Li Wanhao's collar, it threw him into the sky.

Smashing heavily into the sand dunes, Li Wanhao's throat was sweet and his mouth spurted blood.

"What strength!"

Professor Yang was so scared that he retreated with his students.

The monster's main target was obviously Chen Hao, and it had sensed Chen 
Hao's danger.

It turned towards Chen Hao and pounced again.


Chen Hao kicked out, forgiving the monster's thick skin, but it couldn't resist Chen 
Hao's now half-Zong Master's internal energy breath, and fell to the ground, rolling and screaming.

Anxious limbs and claws digging at the ground!

"Brother, watch out!"

Qin Ya didn't run, now a nervous reminder.

And the monster stared fiercely towards Qin Ya, grabbing a handful of sand and throwing it towards Chen Hao.

The figure flickered and pounced towards Qin Ya again.

This beast was obviously very smart and knew how to play diversion.

Moreover, Chen Hao did not expect that he would go and grab Qin Ya.

By the time it reacted, Qin Ya and Shen Menxue, had already been caught by it.


Chen Hao flamboyantly offered the Breaker.

A black mane flashed and hit the monster straight in the chest, but the monster, however, was still alive and well.

Crashing into a sand dune, it instantly lost sight of Qin Ya Shen Mengxue and the others.

"Xiao Ya!"

Chen Hao's heart was so tight that he could not help but shout out.

However, this beast that could earth dungeon had already slipped away in the night.

This guy was bloodthirsty, if Qin Ya and the two of them fell into its hands, how could they still have half a chance to live.

"What to do? Did Maya Monsuet get captured?"

The people on the expedition cried out nervously.

Chen Hao, however, walked straight towards Pang Gong who was kneeling on the ground.

In one fell swoop, he lifted him up.

"I ask you, do you know where this beast's lair is? Where do you hang out regularly?"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"I... I don't know, what are you doing? You're the one who angered Grandma Goat, and it's angry and it's going to kill!"

Pangong said.

"Okay, murder? Then I'll kill you all together!"

"Hold your horses, young man!"

Professor Yang rushed over to persuade Chen Hao.

Then asked Pang Gong.

"Brother, this young man has the ability to slay that monster, as you've seen, besides, it has captured our men again, and that's two A living human life na!"

Professor Yang said.

"Do us a favor and tell us if you know where its lair is, or it'll be too late to save those two girls !"

"I could talk, told him to put me down first!"

Pangong looked at the scarlet-eyed Chen Hao and felt a great deal of fear as well.

Chen Hao frowned and threw him to the ground.

Pang Gong straightened his clothes as he said, "I just heard that sand walking should never go to the well over at Wan Sha Ridge, it's forbidden land . Whoever goes there will be caught and eaten by Grandma Goat! There, that would be Grandma Goat's lair! It's just that no one knows where Wan Sha Ridge is, and no one has ever seen it alive!"

"Mansa Ridge?"

Chen Hao, however, muttered a sentence.

Then he looked at his watch, and then at the Big Dipper in the night sky at the moment.

"I know where it is!"

Just look at Chen Hao, quickly running towards a direction.

The map the mysterious man had given himself was marked with the location of the Wan Sha Ridge.

It was naturally not difficult for Chen Hao to follow the map and find it.

"Brother, wait for us!"

The people from the tour group were already terrified of staying in this place, and the only way to have a sense of security was to follow this person's side .

They also all chased after Chen Hao towards him....


Chen Hao hurriedly rushed to where the Ten Thousand Sand Ridge was.

The sand dunes here were crisscrossed.

There were not ten thousand, but thousands of sand dunes.

No wonder it was called the Ten Thousand Sandy Ridge.

Even after searching, Chen Hao couldn't see where the so-called ancient well was.

Until then, Chen Hao sniffed his nose lightly.

Then, he looked down and saw that there was a puddle of blood on the ground.

These bloodstains were dark green in color, and they were the blood of that monster.

Although Chen Hao's strike just now had not caused an effective kill, it had made that monster feel comfortable.

Breaker, even if you have a strong defense, it will be broken in a single strike!

Following the blood trail, Chen Hao soon found where the ancient well was.  One second to remember to read the book

It was relying on the north side of a sand dune, very hidden, just like a cave.

"That monster, it ran here!"

Chen Hao leaned over and sniffed, and there was a foul stench.

But in order to save Qin Ya, Chen Hao had no choice but to hold his breath and jump down towards the well.

The well was very deep, but downstream, a river was found at the bottom.

By the side of the river, there was another world.

This was where an underground river was.

Chen Hao had just come up.

He saw that the monster was spitting out its tongue, sizing up the two people lying on the ground, which was Qin Ya and Shen Menxue.

Suddenly discovering the presence of someone, it turned back abruptly.

Facing Chen Hao, it revealed its fangs.

It was still bleeding from its chest.

"Qin Ya! Zhenya! Are you okay?"

Seeing Qin Ya's face pale and already unconscious, Chen Hao hurriedly shouted.

"Bastard, I'll see where else you can run to!"

Chen Hao was furious.

The hand broke out, and then the figure was also abusing towards the monster.

The speed was extremely fast.

The double attack of the Broken Army and Chen Hao also took the monster by surprise.


With a sound, the breakers pierced the monster's left chest and it screamed.

Then, with another sound, the breakers pierced through its neck again.

The monster covered its neck and kept screaming.

Chen Hao was anxious, grabbed its head, held the breaker, and with his hand, the monster's entire head, had been cut off.

"Qin Ya!"

After doing this, Chen Hao hurriedly ran to Qin Ya's side.

After checking, it was fine, Qin Ya was just suffocated unconscious, it didn't look like it had time to do anything.

But it wasn't easy to be optimistic, after walking in the sand for so long, Qin Ya and Shen Meng Xue, severely suffocated.

"The two of you, to save you, I'm sorry!"

Chen Hao said something to himself.

In this situation, one could only do artificial respiration, otherwise, one's life might be in danger.

Of course, that also included Shen Menxue.

Ten minutes later.

"Qin Ya, how is it?"

Chen Hao held Qin Ya in his arms and shook her slightly.

Finally, Qin Ya's eyelids jumped slightly, slowly awakening.

"Chen... Chen Hao?"

After opening her eyes, Qin Ya incredulously covered Chen Hao's arm.

Chen Hao had just thrown his mask because he was in a hurry.

It was only when he was discovered by Qin Ya that he was too busy to react.

"Chen Hao, it's really you!"

Qin Ya was so excited to see Chen Hao that she was on the verge of tears.

"I'm not dreaming, am I? I see you again Chen Hao, you know what, it's been a year, I've been thinking about you, every day!"

Qin Ya immediately jumped into Chen Hao's arms.

And gripped Chen Hao's hand tightly, afraid that this was a dream, and when it woke up, Chen Hao would be gone again.


A touch of bitterness flashed through Chen Hao's heart.

I'm afraid that I will have to fail Qin Ya for the rest of my life.

And now, how could one bear to see her get hurt twice.

Chen Hao was indifferent.

Putting on a look of astonishment, "Chen Hao? Miss, are you mistaking me for someone else?"

Chen Hao.

"You're talking nonsense, I'll admit no one wrong to you!"

Qin Ya wiped her tears, still holding Chen Hao's hand tightly.

"But I, not what you're talking about Chen Hao ah? My name is Chen Xuan, is Chen Hao the one you told me about before, the one who carried you? What? I'm a lot like him?"

Chen Hao said with an indifferent expression.

Of course the tone shifted to the tone that he had used when he had met Qin Ya in the desert.

And Qin Ya, seeing Chen Hao's expression, gave her a great sense of strangeness, and the voice, too, was not at all.

Yes, the Chen Hao that she loved, was thin, quiet, and had white skin.

But this one in front of her, although he was 90% like Chen Hao, he was too strong and his skin was slightly darker.

Could it be that there were really two people in this world who were exactly alike?

"You really aren't Song, but you two look so much alike, so much really, don't lie to me, okay?"

Qin Ya hurriedly asked.

"I don't know who the Chen Hao you're talking about is, and I've never met him, why? Do we look so much alike?"

Chen Hao.


Zhenya nodded.

"But it's not like that, Chen Hao he's a weak boy, he doesn't even have your kind of skills, brother, did you save us?"

Qin Ya wiped her tears.

In his eyes, he couldn't help but feel an endless sense of loss.

It was because although he was especially similar to Chen Hao, Chen Hao didn't have such powerful skills.

He wasn't....

"Well, you've been captured by this monster, it's suspenseful, thank goodness I'm here just in time!"

Chen Hao.

"By the way, I'm Chen Xuan, sometime you can show me that Chen Hao photo, exactly how much we look alike!"


Qin Ya still looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

But... the feeling of this person in front of her was just too strange.


Shen Mengxue, on the other hand, woke up at this time.

"Mengxue, are you okay?"

Qin Ya hurriedly assisted her.

"Nothing, just had a weird dream just now!"

Shen Mengxue scratched her head.

"Strange dreams?"

"Well, I think I dreamt that someone kissed me!"

Shen Mengxue said.

"You, what time is it, our lives are on the line, and you still have the heart to joke!"

Qin Ya was speechless.

"Well really!"

Listening to the two girls talk.

Chen Hao could not help but blush.

"Ah! You're the big brother?"

At that moment, Shen Mengxue recognized Chen Hao at once.

Not surprisingly, her face also blushed at once as she stared at Chen Hao's face with wide eyes, somewhat shyly staring at it with a gossamer look.

Before, she had been imagining what big brother looked like.

Could it be a rough big uncle?

But, I didn't expect big brother to take off his mask and actually look so handsome and clear.

Shen Mengxue's breathing was on the verge of quickening.

"Well, my name is Chen Xuan!"

Chen Hao.

"Brother Chen Xuan, thank you for saving us!"

Shen Mengxue kept staring at Chen Hao.

And Qin Ya was also staring at Chen Hao.

She didn't know if it was her own illusion, but just now, in the fierce moment when Chen Hao's face was slightly red, she felt that he Chen Hao resembled her.

"No need to thank you, this place still might have some monsters, I'd better take you out first!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he stood up.

Only then did he carefully take stock of his surroundings.

"This is a stone door?"

Steeply, Chen Hao saw the rock wall on the side.

There was a square gap.

Like a door.

"It seems like it really is!"

And Qin Ya also looked towards this side and couldn't help but nod her head....


"Whether it is or not, let's just push it out and see, shall we!"

Shen Mengxue said.

"Well! You guys lean back!"

Chen Hao nodded.

Hearing his grandfather talk about the many rumors of this world, he said that always, where there was a strange creature guarding it, there would be a treasure.

The Sun Diagram was discovered by the Chen family's ancestor in a dense forest cave, guarded by a large man-eating white ape.

This trip is here, but you might as well go in and take a look.

The stone door looked very thick and heavy, and Chen Hao was afraid that if he were to run his inner energy, he might hurt Qin Ya and the others, so he told them to step aside.

He touched along the stone door.

Chen Hao had a good look at a location and carried enough stamina.


Rolling sand!

The gap opened wider and wider.

It really was a stone door.


With a loud sound, the rotating stone door was blatantly pushed open by Chen Hao.

A tunnel appeared in front of the three of them.

"This can't be an ancient tomb, right?"

And Shen Mengxue was very excited and ran to Chen Hao and said right next to him.

And when Qin Ya saw the scene in front of her, her heart was a bit unpleasant.

"It looks like an ancient tomb!"

So did Zhenya.

"Go inside and take a look, you guys follow me!"

Chen Hao.

As for whether or not it was an ancient tomb, Chen Hao wasn't interested in whether or not it was a treasure.

He had no need for money after all.

The three of them carefully walked in.

Within the tunnel, there was a lobby.

The lobby was empty, except for a stone platform built in the middle, on top of which stood a square, cube-shaped stone box.

The coffin was not, and Chen Hao had no idea what it was for.

As for the surroundings, there were murals all over the place, with a bizarre pattern painted on them.

Illuminated by a searchlight, it was somewhat oozing.

Only after lighting the oil lamps everywhere did the lobby brighten up.

"By the looks of it, this isn't an ancient tomb, it's more like a place to store things, this should be what was stored after it was built!"

Qin Ya hadn't missed a beat following the expedition team this past year, so she had some experience.

She pointed at the stone box.


Chen Hao also nodded his head in agreement.

"Brother Chen Xuan, come take a look, the things painted on these murals are really strange!"

Shen Mengxue shouted.

Walking over to take a look, it was indeed strange.

These murals, painted like the life of the people here at that time, but there were some strange looking people.

How to say it, with a rough glance, these murals, as if they were describing a story about the things hidden in this stone room.

And look at Qin Ya concentrating intently.

Chen Hao asked, "Qin Ya, do you understand?"

"What...what did you call me?"

Qin Ya came back to her senses and stared at Chen Hao dumbly.

"Oooo, I heard Dream Snow call you Xiao Ya, I... I don't know what your name is either!"

"My name is Chinya!"

Qin Ya just now, couldn't help but have her heart tremble slightly.

But back to the point.

"These murals, I can read some of them, but it's really strange, the first one, it seems to say again, some years ago, something happened here. An extremely bizarre thing is that there are strange bodies that fall from the sky!"

"These corpses, with these strange clothes and strange looks, they seemed to have died a horrible death, falling from the sky in At the time, it caused such a stir that the locals were superstitious, believing the bodies to be celestial soldiers and preparing graveyards for them! Make offerings!"

Qin Ya explained.

"It's so unimaginable, how could a corpse fall from the sky, I guess, they were deliberately deified!"

"This second picture, which also speaks again about these celestial soldiers, this seems to be an extremely mysterious celestial soldier, unlike the other celestial soldier corpses, He seemed to have been treated very specially, his body, enjoyed kingly treatment, and in transporting him, the people along the street, the Bow down, all of you! Like worshipping their gods again!"

"And that it was from heaven, on top of a drooping tree, that his body was found!"

Qin Ya was also feeling a bit heavenly.

"But I see, how to transport it, there are two coffins ah?"

Shen Mengxue said at this time.

"The third picture seems to give an explanation on it, inside the other coffin should be buried a woman dressed in white, she is very much Beautiful, everyone was shocked when they saw the female corpse, she died peacefully, the same as the mysterious celestial soldier just now. Both were found on trees that had fallen from the sky, the woman in white lying on top of the mysterious celestial soldier, the two supposed lovers. To be buried together!"

"On that day, this country held a great burial ceremony for these two gods!"

"As for the fourth mural, I'm a little confused later on, but it was being told earlier that this mysterious celestial soldier was carrying a weapon that had been exceptionally well placed, and in the end, for some unknown reason, the mysterious celestial soldier and the woman in white, were not buried together, because on the way, there appeared An 'old beggar' stopped him, after which the mysterious celestial soldier was placed in a special coffin, as it was stored in a secret room, and the people on the scene There's the king, and the settlers, and then...there's the old beggar too, and the old beggar seems to be laughing the whole time in the process!"

"What about back there?"

Chen Hao was also in the clouds.

"I didn't quite understand the rest of it, but it was mentioned about the old beggar, who seemed to know demon magic, and after the burial ceremony, he laughed a few times and suddenly It's gone! Then, as if a huge object had appeared and enveloped the royal city, sort of like a giant ship! This...this I really don't understand!"

Qin Ya shook her head.

Thousands of years ago, how could there have been giant ships!

Shen Mengxue also shook her head, "I guess it's the imagination of the deceased, and this Heavenly Soldier man and woman, they should be the prince and his love consort The ancients drew it to commemorate their sobering love. Naturally, the prince was an honorable man, and everyone had to bow down. I did! As for those corpses falling from the sky, they should be the prince's own soldiers. At that time, the western kingdoms were constantly fighting. The prince might have led the troops. Fighting and dying in war..."


Upon hearing this, Qin Ya couldn't help but laugh.

"Although this aesthetic love that you analyze is a bit unreal, it feels, like, very logical to me . That may be the truth!"

Qin Ya Dao. (Dao means said)

"But a few thousand years ago, the ancients were able to draw such a giant ship, it was also really imaginative!"

Chen Hao said and didn't think much of it.

Then he looked towards the stone platform in the center.

"So, what's hidden inside the stone box should be this Mysterious Heavenly Soldier's weapons?"

Chen Hao touched the stone box.

With the strength of his hand, he lifted the stone box!


A puff of dust came over.

Shen Mengxue, Qin Ya, all came up towards the stone box and looked inside.

They saw a longsword, lying quietly inside.

Although the longsword was covered in dust, it could not hide the sword's awning on it at all.

It seemed that the chill of this sword mane could be felt from a great distance.

"Thousands of years old sword, looks like it's still sharp!"

Shen Mengxue said.

Just smiling and trying to pick up the sword.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, was not much interested and turned back to watch the mural instead.

"So heavy!"

Shen Mengxue wanted to pick it up, but found that it was impossible to hold the sword, as if it was growing on top of it.  

"I'll try!"

Chen Hao stretched out his hand and with a slight flick, the longsword was already in his hand.

"It's not heavy!"

Chen Hao sneered.

With a shake of his wrist, he shook the dust on it, which resembled a soft sword.

But it was incomparably sharp.

On the top of the sword, two words were engraved, "Light Feather Sword!"

And for some reason, a special feeling came over this sword as soon as it entered my hand.

"Could it be that this Light Feather Sword is also a magic weapon?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

But I don't see any aura coming from this!

Only, Chen Hao's heart was also a little excited.

From above the broken army, he had learned exactly three longsword strokes, and now, with such a sharp longsword, he wondered if it was a coincidence!

"You guys get over here! Something doesn't seem right on this mural!"

At that moment, Qin Ya suddenly said.

"Geez, don't study this kind of deified mural la Maya, it's not as valuable to study as this longsword!"

Shen Mengxue could not help but say.

"No, when I saw the content of the mural at the back, it didn't seem like it was deliberately divine!"

"Come and see!"

Qin Ya suddenly pointed at the second half of the mural.

"What if, I mean what if, this huge building that people drew at that time, really went and imagined it as a giant ship that could go up into the sky and into the earth... The words, everything seems to be able to make sense of it!"

"For it seems to be said later that on the eve of the burial of the celestial soldier, this great ship appeared and took with it three hundred young men and women here. The king and the others all knelt down in respect, and finally the giant ship disappeared directly beneath the earth!"

"The people were all kneeling, but the frescoes highlighted the old beggar, only his face was high, he was grinning, and he looked... It looks a little ugly, but it seems to describe his weird smile again!"

"If that's the case, everything will be connected too!"

Qin Ya said.

"Pfft, I found out that you're the one with the best imagination, no wonder even Professor Yang wants to take you as his student, it was nearly ten thousand years ago It's almost ancient times, how could there be such a giant ship? But it's amazing that the ancients could imagine it!"

Shen Mengxue.

"I know it is, but this mural, it always gives me a weird feeling!"

"I feel the same way!"

Chen Hao stared at the mural at the moment and said.

Qin Ya turned back and smiled slightly at Chen Hao.

"By the way, Qin Ya, where was that white clothed woman's corpse that was finally transported to?"

Seeing Qin Ya eye-to-eye with Chen Hao.

Shen Mengxue suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling and hurriedly stood between the two to ask.

"It doesn't say anything about this, it just says that the two are separated!"

"Brother Chen Xuan, do you think this will be deification?"

Qin Ya looked to Chen Hao and asked.

"Oh my, let's go up there and discuss this issue, big brother Chen Xuan, I'm having some trouble breathing here, why don't you take us up there? ?"

Shen Mengxue interrupted the exchange between the two and said.


Chen Hao nodded.

When the three of them, climbed out of the ancient well, it was already late at night and the moon was high in the sky.

Chen Hao brought the two of them with him and returned to the wrecked building once again.

Professor Yang and the others could not catch up to Chen Hao and had already returned.

The crowd gathered again.

Other than the two who died, only Li Wanhao was seriously injured and had launched a high fever, and a few others were unwell out of fear.

The rest were fine.

Plus, after tossing and turning all night, with Chen Hao here, everyone was all relaxed and began to rest.

Chen Hao did not sleep and lit a bonfire, adding firewood while guarding these people.

Of course, at this moment, there were also two girls who were not sleeping.

They were both, all with their eyes open, looking at Chen Hao who was seated at the entrance, sitting on the ground.

The illumination of the moonlight made the man's figure look so upright and secure.

"Qin Ya, you're also awake?"

Shen Mengxue looked at Qin Ya, who was sleeping next to her, and asked softly.


Qin Ya said softly.

"I saw that ever since we woke up, you haven't taken your eyes off of Brother Chen Xuan, you like Brother Chen Xuan ?"

Shen Mengxue said somewhat sourly.


Qin Ya said.

What she loved, was Chen Hao, and she found that she couldn't forget him no matter what.

Big Brother Chen Xuan and Chen Hao, despite their resemblance, were not the Chen Hao she loved!

Qin Ya had been telling herself that in her heart.

However, she couldn't take her eyes off of Big Brother Chen Xuan because the two of them were too much alike.

"I just see some resemblance between Big Brother Chen Xuan and Chen Hao!"

Zhenya whispered.

"Like, but not!" Shen Mengxue.

Hearing this, Qin Ya turned slightly sideways.

"What about you? I can tell that you like Big Brother Chen Xuan?"

Qin Ya's heart was a little sore as she asked.

"Well, although I've seen many handsome and sunny dudes, there's never been a boy who could look like Brother Chen Xuan . It could move me, and for years I've been waiting, waiting for the one in me to show up, and now I find I've waited!"

Shen Mengxue.


Qin Ya's heart spilled five flavored bottles, not a taste.

"So Qin Ya, I want to ask you first, after all, we're good sisters, since you're not the brother Chen Xuan that you like, then I'll chase after him, okay ? I had a hard time waiting, I got emotional for the first time!"

Shen Mengxue gently squeezed Qin Ya's hand, pleading with her.

Qin Ya didn't know how to describe her feelings.

She loved Chen Hao, and Chen Xuan was very similar to Chen Hao, he was just like the Chen Hao she had been missing.


Because some of Chen Xuan's subtle actions were just too similar to Chen Hao.

In particular, he seemed to recall the eve of waking up.

Hearing Chen Hao calling out his name.

I don't know if that was an illusion, but it truly was Chen Hao's voice.

And there was more!

That was when Chen Xuan was blushing and Qin Ya found that he was simply identical to Chen Hao, wasn't he blushing when he first met Chen Hao.

It was simply more than that.

In the stone room, one of Chen Xuan's lip purses was similar to Chen Hao as well.

Was he? Was there something he was deliberately hiding from himself?

He tried to deceive himself, but the way those eyes looked at him was like meeting again after a long time.

Girls were extremely good at observing details, and Qin Ya had always observed very carefully.

She developed this intuition and it was still strong.

Thus, she didn't know how she would answer Shen Mengxue's words....


"Xiao Ya, if you don't say anything, I'll take your silence as a tacit acknowledgement that starting tomorrow, I want to pursue Brother Chen Xuan!"

Shen Mengxue.


Qin Ya returned softly.

He loved Chen Hao himself, even though Chen Xuan looked almost identical to Chen Hao, but so what?

After all, he wasn't Chen Hao.

Meng Xue likes it, then she can totally pursue her own happiness.

Qin Ya, you can't be so selfish!

Qin Ya kept persuading herself in her heart.

That night, both girls had something on their minds and never fell asleep again.

Wait until the next morning.  A second to remember to read the book.

"Brother Chen Xuan, are you thirsty, I still have water here, here you go!"

The crowd packed their bags and prepared to leave.

Chen Hao glanced at Qin Ya with the corner of his eyes.

He discovered that Qin Ya was secretly looking at him.

Presently, he smiled gently at Shen Mengxue.

"And a little thirsty!"

"Hey, drink some, you didn't even rest last night when all you had to do was save us and protect us, drink more water!"

Shen Mengxue smiled.

Chen Hao took a sip, presently.

"Why is it sweet?"

"Huh? Sweet, how could it be?" Shen Mengxue was shocked, then reacted.

A blush could not help but flash across her pretty face.

"Nasty ah you brother Chen Xuan, you tease me!"

The two of them were playing around.

Qin Ya was on the side, and her hands were not tight.

Her face was also a bit unnatural.

Yes, I was only thinking of myself, maybe Meng Xue and Chen Xuan are the pairing, look at the two of them, how nice!

On this journey, Chen Hao also went to chat with Shen Menxue intentionally or unintentionally.

He was doing it on purpose to show Qin Ya, whether it was Chen Hao or the current fake Chen Xuan, it was impossible, Qin Ya, you'd better forget Chen Hao as soon as possible and start a new relationship.

Because I don't know since when, Chen Hao can't go back to his old life anymore.

He couldn't harm Qin Ya, and he couldn't let Qin Ya get hurt again, so he could only do this.

"What's ahead?"

The people set out early in the morning and walked until noon.

Just then, the camel caravan came to a halt.

Just then, they heard Pang Laosan suddenly shout in dismay.

"It seems to be a crashed vehicle, and there are people!"

Someone shouted.

"Nonsense, this is already the desert hinterland, how can there be vehicles!"

Professor Yang.

Chen Hao also looked towards the front, and now, he couldn't help but frown.

"It's not a vehicle, it's a helicopter!"

Saying that, Chen Hao had quickly run over.

And Professor Yang and the others, obviously with Chen Hao as their core, all gathered around now.

Here, it was indeed an accident scene, and indeed the wreckage of the helicopter, which had been scattered all over the place.

On top of these wrecks, there was still a faint temperature.

Apparently, the accident happened around midnight yesterday.

"There's still someone over there, seems to be dead!"

Shen Mengxue was suddenly startled.

Chen Hao quickly ran to a sand dune this.

Sure enough, three or four corpses were scattered here.

However, after seeing these corpses clearly, Chen Hao's eyelids, however, jumped viciously.

"Why are they all wearing black robes?"

"No... it's like some movies and TV shows that act out above, these people, they're here to raid the tomb, otherwise how could they be dressed like that? Hide!"

Someone discussed it.

Unable to help but swallow their saliva, there was some inexplicable panic.

No one noticed the shifting look on Chen Hao's face.

He somewhat panicked and tried a few people's noses one by one, and they were already dead.

"How did this happen, how did they end up here?"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

These people were not bystanders, but brothers from the Hall of Souls.

When he saw the wreckage of these helicopters just now, Chen Hao felt familiar with them, and at the same time, he felt bad.

After making sure of it now, his heart was inevitably saddened.

The Hall of Souls, was also a member of the Chen family!

It seems that they should have come to the desert to find out their whereabouts, the helicopters of the Hall of Souls are all specially treated, it is impossible for them to crash, the oil scattered all over the ground has ruled out many possibilities.

Then who could have killed them?

Chen Hao carefully examined it.

Finally, he found a clue on another Soul Palace corpse that was located near here.

This corpse had apparently undergone a second death.

Because on the ground, there were traces of his climbing.

Chen Hao lifted his clothes and clearly saw that his chest was marked with a palm print.

Being killed by a second death.

Someone had indeed killed them!

"Well? This palm print?"

Chen Hao was stunned.

It was a palm print of the left hand.

The people from the Hall of Souls were all Inner Strength martial artists.

Ordinary people couldn't kill them.

The person who injured them looked stronger than himself and belonged to the level of a Sect Master.

A Sect Master... left hand!

Mo Chong Long!

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped fiercely, full of vigilance.

Yes, he had witnessed the scene where Mo Canglong landed that plane of his.

Only Mo Canglong, could have the skill and possibility to do so.

Could it be that he had chased himself all the way to here?

Although Chen Hao now had the Broken Armament Plus, if he wanted to deal with Mo Canglong, it was still too far away.

This bastard! It looks like they're after themselves!

"Mr. Chan, are you okay? Could it be that you recognize these plane wrecks, with these people?"

Professor Yang looked at Chen Hao's pale face and couldn't help but ask.


Chen Hao nodded.

"What a pity that there was an aerial accident just like this, alas!"

Professor Yang and others sighed.

"It wasn't a simple accident, they were killed!"

Chen Hao stood up.

These words caused the tour group to panic again.

"Killed by... by someone? What kind of person is this powerful?"

"A sentence or two won't explain it to you, this man is after me, so next, we're going to separate, Professor Young, and you're going to All hail!"

Chen Hao looked dignified.

According to Mo Canglong's habits, as long as he found himself, he would not leave anyone alive.

This tour group plus the forty to fifty people in the expedition team would hardly be spared.

Chen Hao didn't want to get them involved, especially Qin Ya.

"Big brother Chen Xuan, you're leaving, aren't you going to stay with us?"

But Shen Mengxue's eyes were red.

"Well, have to go, or else you'll follow me and be implicated!"

Chen Hao.

Then, he seemed to remember something.

From his bosom, he took out that map of the desert.

Only, the locations where the immortal coffins were located were deducted using dark energy.

He weighed the map.

Then walked over to Qin Ya who was also looking at him.

"This map, you take it, if you have to examine it to the end, it will have both for your work and for you to go out Great help!"

Chen Hao looked at Qin Ya.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, was somewhat startled.

Because at this moment, the way Chen Xuan was looking at her really resembled Chen Hao.

"A girl has to protect herself, or, find someone who can protect you, you said that I look like Chen Hao, and after listening to some of your Story, I think, he should think the same as I do, I hope you're well, I hope you're happy!"

Chen Hao placed the map in Qin Ya's hand.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, was breathing rapidly.

"Everyone, this is the parting, take care!"

Chen Hao nodded to Shen Menxue as well, then turned around and left....


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