The Unknown Heir Chen 781-785


Long Ye's entire body also began to tremble slightly.

"What do you mean? You're saying that Chen Hao is at the Wheel King realm?"

Long Ye was amazed.

"Yeah, he's simply too strong!"

Captain Three was wildly horrified.

"Just a moment ago, only a round or less, Zhu Baoqing's entire body went straight to pieces, I finally saw what a truly strong man is, what a truly strong man is, is that when he faces a challenge, he is no longer afraid of anything!"

The third captain trembled and said.

"So it's me, Long Ye Meng Lang instead, it's only right that Huaxia has such a strong man, he's willing to come and serve as our chief instructor!" Long Ye was gloomy.

As for that Zhu Baoqing's death, it was no longer in Long Ye's eyes at the moment.

Asking this world, what else could be more intense than the Wheel King, bringing a stronger shock?

No more!  

At this time, Chen Hao walked out of the slow crowd with both hands in his pockets.

Long Ye took a look and hurriedly took quick steps to greet him.

"Mr. Chen, it was really the old man who took the liberty just now! Forgive me for my rudeness!"

Long Ye bowed slightly.

"Where are Mr. Long's words!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Killing Zhu Baoqing's uncle and nephew, Chen Hao's heart had no ripples, and if he wanted to blame it, he would only blame these two for not having eyes.

"Mr. Chen, just now I heard from Hao Tian that you want to borrow the Shura Disk, to be honest, this is the most valuable treasure of the entire Dragon Group Base, normally, unless there is an order from the upper peak, it will not be displayed to outsiders, but Mr. Chen is not a mortal, this object is to be used!"

Long Ye was very polite right now.

this Mr. Chen in front of him, without any surprises, was a rare Wheel King realm powerhouse in heaven and earth, and when looking at the entire Great Thousand World, he was also like a phoenix in the sky, if he was able to get to know this big brother, it would be of great benefit to the entire Dragon Group's status and strength in the international arena.

This was something that the calculating Long Ye would naturally dwell on.

"This Shura Disk is also very important to us right now, otherwise, I wouldn't have been so presumptuous!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Presently, Chen Hao asked Ghost Abacus to follow the Dragon Leaf Sect and head to the base's secret room to use the Shura Disk.

The location of the Dragon Island, and even some of the mysteries, these were believed to be decided by the Ghost Master soon.

And at this moment, Long Ye suddenly coughed violently.

A mouthful of pus and blood was spat out from its mouth.

"Cough, Mr. Chen is laughing, this is an old habit of mine!"

Long Ye used to shake his head with a bitter smile.

"Captain Long Ye is obviously suffering from internal injuries caused by practicing some internal skills that are not the right path, and you have been practicing this internal skill for at least fifty years."

Chen Hao saw the hint of this at a glance and smiled faintly now.

And Long Ye's eyes couldn't help but stare.

"Mister is really a strange man, yes, I was twelve years old when I practiced this set of internal skills, now, it has been more than fifty years, but unfortunately, more than fifty years of hard cultivation did not allow me to step into the realm of a monk, what foolishness. However, this set of skills was created by my ancestors and passed down through the generations of the Dragon Family, I don't know how Mr. Chen would say that it is the wrong path?"

Long Ye could not help but be surprised.

To be honest, he had always been extremely confident in his family's skills.

"It is indeed the wrong path, anyway, I need to stay in the dragon group to teach the formation for some time, if it is convenient, Captain Long can take out this internal heart technique and let me see it with my own eyes! By the way, help Captain Long heal his wounds!"

Chen Hao said.

"Huh? That's very kind of Mr. Chen!"

Long Ye's injuries were naturally no problem for Chen Hao to diagnose and treat.

What surprised Long Ye even more was that not only was this Mr. Chen's medical skills superb, his attainments in internal strength were by no means comparable to ordinary people.

The fifteen shortcomings he pointed out, Long Ye tried to run, and as expected, it was simply divinely effective.

Right now, there was reverence for Chen Hao.

"Dare I ask Mr. Chen, how many cultivations of the Wheel King Realm are you at now? It's really admirable that Mr. Chen has reached such a realm at such an age!"

After the incident, Long Ye could not help but ask.

"Honestly, I'm not sure what kind of cultivation I'm currently in myself, and I heard one of my men say that it requires the testing stone of the Hall of the Multitude of Luo."

Chen Hao said.

"There's no harm, our dragon group, has always held the testing stone, it's a standard to determine a cultivation based on a cultivator's true essence content, Mr. Chen, you might as well give it a try!"

Long Ye was busy.

Now to Chen Hao, it was almost as if he would respond to his requests, and he was afraid that Chen Hao would have no requests for him.

Now, from behind the bookshelf in his office, he opened an organ.

A quaint testing stone appeared in front of Chen Hao's face.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen, place your hands on it and mobilize your body's true essence into it, and you will know your specific cultivation!"

Long Ye said.

The heart was also extremely hopeful.


Chen Hao certainly wanted to know his current strength.

Putting his hands on it now, the testing stone shifted for a while, and soon, the results appeared.

"Third Grade Wheel King Realm!"

Seeing the result, Long Ye was jaw-dropped.

My God, there really is such a miracle in this world, he was only twenty years old.

To be honest, just now when the third captain said that he was at the Wheel King realm, Long Ye was half-hearted.

Now, it was simply too true.

No wonder, facing some monks, Chen Hao killed them like chickens.

Because the difference between a monk and a Wheel King was not as simple as a chasm.

How many ninth-grade cultivators were unable to go any further even after exhausting their lives.

"Wheel King realm? I've heard some people say that, but I wonder how much Captain Long knows about this kind of Wheel King realm?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I've only heard that the Wheel King realm has a lifespan of nearly a thousand, and when you look at the entire world, only a few people have reached it, and Mr. Chen, is one of them!"

Long Ye worshipped even more.

Chen Hao frowned as he heard the words.

According to Long Ye's meaning.

Could it be that his master, Uncle Qin Yifan Qin, and grandfather, Dim Cang Chen, these people were all at the Wheel King realm.

I'm afraid this was the only clue that could explain everything.

Because Uncle Qin was very terrifying, and Grandpa was hiding so deeply that even though he was already in that cultivation, he couldn't actually see through the fact that Grandpa was actually in disguise.

This shows the depth of Grandpa's power.

And to be able to easily slay a ten thousand year old python, I'm afraid that only this kind of Wheel King cultivation would be able to do so.

This was because Chen Hao did feel very clearly that he was strong.

Usually, in his own eyes, cultivators were really like ants.

It turned out that he, himself, was already at the third-grade cultivation of the Wheel King realm.

Of course, although he was already almost on top of the world, Chen Hao was not careless.

Wheel King Third Grade.

It was hard to know the true cultivation of Qin Bo, with Dim Cang Chen, and that Nine Luo King, so Chen Hao wasn't careless.

Because, the Wheel King, however, was not the pinnacle of the entire cultivation.

Soon, seven days later.

The devil calculator walked out from within the secret room and brought out a major discovery....


These days, the Ghost Calculator applied his Nine Dragons algorithm, along with this Shura Disk, to make the most accurate pushback.

Rumor has it that the earliest form of the dragon group has been around for ten thousand years.

Of course, perhaps it couldn't be called a dragon group before.

However, it was a lineage, and what the Dragon Team did, was mostly underground work.

Just like the martial arts novels of Blanc, Shura disk inside, burned the calendar year, some strange things that happened, all exhaustive.

Using the Nine Dragons algorithm deduction, while the historical data of the Xiu Luo disk for confirmation, indeed there will be a thing detailed expression out.

And it was with this that the Ghost Calculator not only knew where the You Long Island was, but also discovered that the origin of the You Long Island's master, the Chen family, was in question.

"At first, I had heard the old woman of the Ancient Family say that the earliest Chen Family had once been a very powerful cultivation family, but later on, due to certain reasons, it caused that cultivation Chen Family to collapse overnight, falling from the divine altar to the trough!"

"And my grandfather..." at this point, Chen Hao still hesitated a bit and continued, "And he, the only one who escaped from that Chen family, who had sought revenge on the Ancient Family, took the opportunity to seize the Ancient Family's magic weapon... Later on, when the plan fell apart, it was to flee to this Ugly Dragon Island and live in seclusion, and at that time, he carried a great secret, and after living in seclusion on Ugly Dragon Island, he created the current Xiu Zhen Chen Family, and then, we, the Chen Family, was created by him!"

Chen Hao thought about the clues he had gotten and said.

And the Ghost Calculator shook his head

"Sir, what you said is more like a simplified version, a lot of important information has been skimmed over, and I learned from within the Shura Disk that your grandfather, Dim Cang Chen, he doesn't seem to be simple, he seems to have a great deal of connection with a legend that has always existed on the Island of the Unseen Dragon! "

Ghost Calculator said.

"The legend of the Yolong Island?" Chen Hao was astonished.

"Yes, the Ugly Dragon Island, within a mysterious sea that is now South Vietnam, and rumor has it that ten thousand years ago, there was a legend that was the legend of the Mixed Devil King!"

Looking at Chen Hao's questioning gaze.

The Ghost Abacus also looked at the equally curious Long Ye at the side.

Said, "Legend has it that ten thousand years ago, there were many fishermen, fishing in that sea, but something strange happened, and a large number of fishermen, began to mysteriously disappear!"

"At the time, we all wondered if we had lost our boats, but how could any fisherman, whose sense of direction to the sea is as if it were innate, lose his way!"

"Those fishermen started to speculate if there was a big monster in the sea or if they had a typhoon and were swept over some islands!"

"They were praying fervently until later, when a group of fishermen went out to sea in a group and encountered a typhoon that brought them to a desert island, and on it they found a dry body!"

"It was the missing fishermen's, and that group of fishermen were terrified, because those fishermen, some of them who had been out to sea for a short time, had turned into dried-up corpses after not even a few days, apparently, sucked dry!"

"This horrible discovery made everyone sit up and take notice, and after the typhoon dissipated, they took all the bodies with them and returned to the fishing village, only to find that all the people of the village, too, had been turned into dried-up corpses, drained of blood!"

"The fishermen were so grief-stricken that they searched desperately for someone alive, and at last they found that the whole village, only one fool, was still alive, and the fishermen asked him what had happened to the village..."

"The fool drew what he saw on the paper, oh, the fool seemed to have a habit of drawing, and he was a good artist, and what people found was a strange man with three eyes and big feet, and how big were those feet? It looks like it's almost as long as half a man!"

"And this monster, with a long tongue and hair that even falls straight down to the waist, speaks human language!"

"The fool said that when he was seen, someone else asked him what he did for a living, but all he asked was if this was the Unearthly Dragon Village."

"One child said yes, and then he killed the entire village, with extreme cruelty!"

Then the devil-maker told the rest of the story.

That is, the villagers were so angry that they began to look around for someone with great magical power to deal with this mongrel devil.

They wanted revenge.

Who would have thought that the Half-Blooded Demon King was more than just a killer, he actually possessed great supernatural powers.

Many Archmages lost their lives as a result.

In the end, all the remaining villagers died as well.

The only one who survived was that fool.

Seeing that the Demon King had killed the Archmage and the whole village, he suddenly stopped being stupid and came to his senses.

So, he decided to take revenge himself as well.

Because he remembered something from his childhood.

A wise man once told him, "Suppose a fierce stranger comes to your village, with long hair up to the calf, three eyes, and big feet.

If this monster comes, he will mutilate the life of the island, for the island of the dragon of the unseen occupies the fortunes of heaven and earth, and it will come to practice.

When that time comes, light a special incense, and as soon as that incense is lit, he will come and slay the demons!

This was the fool's greatest virtue, and he really did so.

That night, lightning and thunder roared and rain poured down on the Unearthly Dragon Island.

And the mixed-world devil found the surviving life, that fool, and was about to come and eat it.

At that moment, the clear sky thundered.

A clear-robed Taoist appeared.

He fought with the Demon King of the Mixed World.

In the end, he was defeated by the Demon King, and finally sacrificed his own Primordial Spirit to severely injure and seal the Demon King!

The Mixed World Demon King was also extremely cunning, and as he was dying, he was also a Yuan Shen, which transformed into a magical light inheritance, also known as a demonic inheritance.

He was a stream of consciousness that had been searching for a parasitic body to achieve his so-called rebirth.

This demonic inheritance would gradually control the hearts of others in order for something to happen, and if that was the case, the heavens and earth were bound to face catastrophe!

At this point, the devil's advocate paused and continued.

"Later on, this You Long Island hadn't been visited for almost ten thousand years, and that sea was also called the Forbidden Sea, and that fool was nowhere to be found, until a few decades ago, a cultivation family relocated there and founded the Chen Family, and the name of the head of the family was Dim Cang Chen!"

The devil's calculator looked at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao's entire body shook at the news.

Even though he didn't want to believe it, at least until now, without seeing his grandfather, Chen Hao couldn't believe that the amiable grandfather was actually this kind of person?

But hearing Master Ghost say those three words, Chen Hao felt a palpitation in his heart.

"It's really unbelievable, that grandfather is so strong and hiding so deeply, what is his purpose?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

The devilish calculator shook his head, "It's very complicated, and I don't know what Chen Dim Cang's purpose is, but there is a record about his early years ago, and I think you will be interested in this, sir. At the same time, you will also get to know this Chen Dim Cang in a whole new way!"


Chen Hao looked at the Ghost Abacus in confusion.

"Mister just said that originally, the family Chen Dim Sum was in was a cultivation family, only to be wiped out overnight! Sir, do you know who the person who destroyed this Chen family was?"

The devil suddenly lowered his voice.


"Who is it?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"It was Dim Cang Chen, he used some unknown means to exterminate the Chen family that gave birth to him overnight, after that, he was hiding in the Unnamed Dragon Island, thus creating the current Xiu Zhen Chen family, it is worth mentioning that in just a few decades, the entire Xiu Zhen Chen family not only prospered, but the family's strength was even several times stronger than the previous Chen family! "

"Since then, Dim Cang Chen has started another plan, this plan is called 'Project Insight', and this plan, which is closely related to you sir, it's like he's mastered some secret for a long time!"

Ghost Calculator said.

"According to you, it seems that a lot of what's going on here is inextricably linked to my grandfather, right?"

Chen Hao said incredulously.

"Yes, nonetheless, Dim Cang Chen seems to have a deep connection to the Realm! This should be part of his so-called insight plan!"

The devil's advocate said.

"Boundaries? Master Ghost, but that realm that is rumored to exist in the middle of the Earth's core world?"

Long Ye was also an eye-opening question.  

The devilish calculator nodded.

"I don't care what this cavernous plan is, or whoever it is I have in front of us, I'm not going to let him hurt anyone!"

Chen Hao's eyes flashed with a touch of determination.

"Since Master Ghost already knows about the place of the Ugly Dragon Island, I think we will leave for the Ugly Dragon Island on the same day, it's just as well, I've heard too many stories about this Xiu Chen family lately, I also want to see how this Chen family is different!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"Well, Mr. Chen, our Dragon Group base just happens to have a fleet of specialized ships, if Master Chen doesn't mind, the old man can contribute in appreciation of Mr. Chen's guidance!"

Long Ye hurriedly said.

He had already seen Chen Hao's strength and cultivation, and he had a meditative intuition that if he really befriended this great power, the benefits to the Dragon Group, and even to the future of their entire Dragon Family, would be tremendous.

Therefore, Long Ye could now be said to not give up on any opportunity.

And in the face of Long Ye's good intentions, Chen Hao did not refuse, so it was good that he could also have his own Xuan Yang Palace experts go along with him and take care of each other.

Early the next morning, the fleet of ships that had been prepared long ago had already set off.

The flotilla was large, more than a dozen large passenger ships, heading to the southwest waters of South Vietnam together.

Standing on top of the deck of the fleet, looking at the endless ocean.

A wave of unspeakable emotions came over me.

"It's been four years, it's been four whole years since I was separated from Tongxin, four years, things have changed, I'm no longer the same person I was before, and I don't know what's going on with you Tongxin, are you alive or dead?"

Chen Hao was despondent.

Especially now, there were distant worries as well as immediate concerns.

With his family captured by the Chen family, he only hoped that his family would never be harmed in any way.

If he could, Chen Hao was really willing, to fight against all of this himself.

And what he would face in the future could be his own very respected grandfather.

Chen Hao's mood, too, was badly complicated.

Just as Chen Hao was wrapped up in these troubles.

"Hey, this little brother, did you come with the team on this passenger ship as well?"

A female voice that sounded like an oriole sounded behind him.

Chen Hao turned his head, and it was two women standing behind him.

The one who spoke was dressed in a sports casual outfit with a ponytail, and her appearance was more like her voice, sweet and adorable.

It looked like she was around twenty-three years old.

There was an air of a rich thousand gold.

As for the one standing next to her, Chen Hao moved his eyes and his eyelids jumped even more slightly.

Even though, Chen Hao had already seen too many beautiful women.

However, he was still somewhat experienced by the woman in front of him.

She was dressed in an elegant long dress, her delicate features, and her hot body posture, all of which made her the shiniest of the jewels.

Only compared to the ponytailed woman, she was rather aloof.

After tidying her hair, which was messy from the sea breeze, and looking Chen Hao up and down, she was the one who turned her head elsewhere with some intention.

"Mm! Yes?"

Chen Hao hadn't fully come out of the sadness he had just experienced, and now, faintly, he said.

"Just now, I've been looking at you for a long time, you look as if you have a lot on your mind, a young and handsome young man, where does he have so many distractions ah, the front is going to pass through an island in South Vietnam, we need to dock on the road, our friend told us that there is a banquet being held there, I would like to invite the partners on the passenger ship, to go there together, so that we will all have A companion!"

The ponytailed girl laughed, "Hey, I'm Tian Xiaofan, she's Long Fei, the rest of the partners are on another passenger ship, we've all agreed on that!"

"Besides, the more unhappy you are, the more you should go out for a walk, otherwise, how can you do things right if you're so distracted all the time?"

Tian Xiaofan said.

At this point, Long Fei Fei gently poked her with her arm, meaning as if to say again, he loves to go or not, Xiaofan, why are you talking so much to him.

Chen Hao did know that this one called Long Fei Fei, was Long Ye's granddaughter.

After all, this trip to the You Long Island was only Chen Hao's business, it was not good to use the power of the Dragon Group to go to South Vietnam with great fanfare.

So naturally, to disguise it, inside the flotilla, in addition to the experts of the Xuan Yang Palace Dragon Group, that is, there are also some rich young rich merchants mixed in.

Disguise it.

Hehe, but speaking of which, who is Chen Hao now, how would he still be knowledgeable with this group of little sisters.

However, this Tian Xiaofan's persuasion had made Chen Hao feel somewhat comfortable.

For one thing, Chen Hao himself was really feeling a bit bored and wanted to go out for a walk.

Secondly, it would be better to take this opportunity to make some inquiries into the rich merchant circle of South Vietnam.

Thinking of this, Chen Hao was nodding his head.

"That's right, going along and having fun is the attitude of life, isn't it!"

Tian Xiaofan smiled.

Soon, the ship docked at the port of an island.

Ghost Abacus and Laughing Cang Sheng and the others were making some preparations to deploy, after all, some crisis matters could happen at any time when they were heading to You Long Island.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was following Tian Xiaofan off the ship.

"Hey, Xiaofan, Fifi, this way!"

As soon as the three of them got off the ship, they saw a group of young men and women already waiting at the port.

They waved at the two girls.

They were some of the other passenger ships of the fleet's thousands of precious young men.

"The dinner will start tonight, there are still ten minutes left, let's hurry over!"

A boy with glasses was excited.

And then, there was a very tall young man in the crowd.

He was the best dressed in the entire crowd, except for Long Fei Fei.

His attention wasn't on this banquet.

Rather, from the moment Long Fei Fei stepped off the boat, he stared at Long Fei Fei, and behind, even more nervously, he stared up and down at Chen Hao.

He finally settled down and stepped forward to ask now.

"Fifi, who is this man? Why did you come down together from this main ship?"


This man's name was Ma Bing.

He was a family's eldest youngster.

Their Ma family is considered to be number one in the entire Ji Prefecture.

The family has tens of billions of assets.

And Ma Bing, had studied in England and France and other countries.

It could be described as having a gentlemanly demeanor.

Only, compared to the Dragon Family of the Dragon Group, their Ma Family was naturally quite a bit inferior.

Therefore, they could only sit within the partial passenger ship of the fleet.

Only those with the highest status and reputation in the entire fleet could sit on the main ship.

And as everyone knew, Ma Bing liked Long Fei Fei very much.

Now, when they heard Ma Bing inquire, the crowd was also looking up and down towards Chen Hao.

"I don't know him, it was Xiaofan who called out to him to go to the Sacred Island Gala together!"

Long Fei frowned, apparently, as a proud peacock, the brightest jewel, she hated the feeling of being in charge.

But compared to a horse soldier, this one seemed to be even more annoying.

Because this whole way.

He was all very silent.

Was it because he wanted to use this silence to attract his attention? I'm afraid you've got the wrong person for that trick.

Long Fei Fei thought in disgust.

On the other hand, the horse soldier, who had also made himself a bit obnoxious before, was a bit more mature and steady.

"O? So then, this friend must be from a famous family, too?"

At the sight of Long Fei's attitude towards him, the horse soldier's heart could not help but ease up a bit.

But for himself can only take an ordinary boat, and this looks, dressed not as good as his own guy, but actually take the main boat, or some mustard, when must ask a clear.

"Oh my, well you don't ask Ma Bing, I also saw him alone in a bad mood, so I pulled him out to have fun together, we got to know each other, maybe we'll be friends in the future!"

Tian Xiaofan looked at Ma Bing's appearance, which was somewhat directed at Chen Hao, so he hurriedly changed the subject.

Several people gathered together and chatted about something else.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was looking around the island.

Not to mention, once he was out with them, he did feel a lot better.

And also thought, if you have been this end, wouldn't it be a bit cold to someone Tian Xiaofan, this girl's piece of mind, also ready to joyful point to talk with them.

At this time.

There was a bang.

A ribbon directly exploded on the heads of everyone.

Followed by the port, there were dozens of ribbons collectively erupting.

It was quite spectacular.

"Haha, long-lost friends, it's finally time for you to arrive!"

From behind these people, a young man in a suit walked out.

"Jiang Yong!"

"Horse soldier, long time no see, I've been waiting for you for a while! The party's all started!"

Apparently, this unusually dressed Jiang Yong was Ma Bing's friend.

It was also him who had organized this excursion with Ma Bing.

The two of them came in a big bear hug.

"Haha, Fifi, let me introduce to you, this is what I mentioned to you, my friend from when I was studying in France, Jiang Yong, the great young master Jiang, has been in South Vietnam for several generations, a famous giant businessman, and, with the International Martial Arts Association, has a great connection! The family, moreover, has close to a hundred billion dollars in assets!"

Ma Bing introduced.

After this speech, everyone was looking at Jiang Yong with their mouths slightly agape.

The Jiang family's influence in South Vietnam was well known, but I didn't expect that Ma Bing's friend would be this Young Master Jiang.

As for Long Fei Fei bar, because of her family background, it was inevitable that she would feel a bit different and superior when dealing with people.

Only after understanding this Jiang Yong's background, Long Fei Fei's eyes, too, could not help but light up.

Taking one more glance at this Young Master Jiang.

After a simple exchange of pleasantries.

Jiang Yong asked, "By the way Ma Bing, why did you guys just come? Didn't you promise that you'd be coming over a few days ago!"

"Forget about it, during this time, our entire Jizhou City, and even the entire underground landscape of Huaxia, has undergone major changes, and I've been staying by my father's side to help deal with it!"

Ma Bing said.

"I see, I heard it was Xuan Yang Palace, right? A great power has come there, and from what my father said, even some underground powers of the South Vietnam Kingdom, and even famous families, have gone to join them, and the Palace Master of Xuan Yang Palace is said to be a ruthless character, and attaching to him will keep the family intact for a thousand years!"

Jiang Yong said.

Some of the big families were like this, they were exposed to it because their wealth was already big enough, so naturally it was a little different from the ordinary people.

For example, such things as wealthy families clinging to sect families might sound a bit absurd to normal people.

However, to this kind of person who already had a very strong family, it was already a common occurrence.

"By the way Ma Bing, your father is in Jizhou, has he pulled any strings with Xuan Yang Palace?"

Jiang Yong asked.

Ma Bing couldn't help but shake his head, "This really isn't the case, there are too many families that have gone forward to attach themselves, but the Palace Master of Xuan Yang Palace seems to have a lot of wealth himself, so he doesn't look down on many families, and has to go through layers of vetting if he wants to make a connection!"

"Hmph, you rich merchant families are also worthy of being on the line of Xuan Yang Palace, do you know who the Palace Master, Mr. Chen, is? And what level of powerful existence is it, and how can it be that the next person can just say they're attached!"

Long fei shook her head in disdain when she heard this.

"Huh? Fifi, I know your family is related to Xuan Yang Palace, so the Palace Master's surname is Chen? And you've already met Mr. Chen?"

The horse soldier could not help but be a little surprised.

"How would I see it, except that I know very well how powerful Mr. Chen is, and his men, all of them are even more smart and strong, and some, have a good relationship with my grandfather!"

Long Fei Fei said that there was also a glint of regret in her eyes.

She still vividly remembered the look of admiration in her grandfather's eyes when he told her about Mr. Chen.

Moreover, before this trip, Grandpa had told himself some special instructions, only four words.

Seize the opportunity!!!!

But ask him what opportunity he seized, and no matter how much you ask Grandpa, he won't say.

Could it be that Grandpa was specifically referring to this banquet trip? Long Fei Fei thought to herself.

So, when she saw this Jiang Yong, Long Fei Fei's gaze couldn't help but stay on him for a few more seconds.

The people were laughing and saying some words, and they had arrived at the banquet.

And not long after the crowd left the port.

A bizarre ship, like a ghostly shadow, which was originally illusory, gradually materialized.

Finally, it abruptly appeared on the surface of the sea.

This bizarre passenger ship slowly docked at the port.

It was because it appeared too quickly and quietly.

So it didn't surprise anyone.

After docking at the harbor.

The ship's cabin opened.

There were two girls dressed in white with extraordinary temperament who walked down from the ship.

Only that these two girls were both covered with a light veil.

It always had a blurred feeling when others wanted to desperately see their two faces.

"Sister, is it really okay if we just carry Sister Han out like this? After all, we still have a special mission this time when we come to the surface world?"

One of the girls asked with some worry as she looked around at the various people around her with curiosity.

"What are you afraid of, don't worry, it's fine! Look, there's a lot of people there, let's get over there!"


"Today is the banquet initiated by Taku Jie, the Taku family, as a super family that has existed for hundreds of years in South Vietnam, almost occupying half of the country's total GDP, the strength is just too strong, the feast he initiated, naturally also attracts celebrities and other celebrities from all over the country!"

As the crowd arrived at the boisterous scene, Jiang Yong was also like a snake in the ground, proudly introduced.

At the same time, as he spoke, Jiang Yong also took a glance at some pretty girls, and was extremely satisfied with their surprised expressions.

Especially the prettiest girl inside, Long Fei Fei, Jiang Yong was even more sidelong glancing.

Seemingly sensing Jiang Yong's different gaze, the horse Bing, who was on the side, could not help but feel some jealousy, because compared to Jiang Yong, he himself was quite a few notches behind, and felt that he was the same world as Long Fei Fei.

Now, he hurriedly changed the topic.

"Then Young Master Jiang, this Tuo Jie, it seems like he's the number one person in South Vietnam, right, he's on stage right now, it looks like he's auctioning something, hehe, a great young man of this level wouldn't lack money, right?"

Ma Bing had no words to say.

"Well, of course it's the number one person, it's just that there are some things you don't know about in South Vietnam, so it's better not to say anything, as for the auction, how could Major Taku be short of money, huh, he's just having fun!"

"By the way, remember a few years ago when I asked your father to help our family find a few heavyweight treasures? Oh, I'm not going to lie to you, knowing that Taku-sama has this hobby, my dad was trying to use it to suck up to Taku-sama, haha, now I can have so many admission tickets, that PR campaign is evident!"

Jiang Yong smiled heedlessly.

"Haha, I didn't expect that our Ma family, has done such a great job for the Jiang family! Alas, I just don't know what Major Taku is going to auction this time!"

Ma Bing also smiled faintly. There was some discomfort in his heart, had he known this, how good it would have been for him to come personally for this kind of befriending opportunity.

Otherwise, the one who had a face now would be himself.

"Bringing out the Chinese treasure to these foreigners, Young Master Ma has no shame in his heart, but instead, is there a kind of regret that he didn't do it himself?"

At the side, Chen Hao frowned and spoke faintly at this moment.

This sentence was spoken.

It also caused the horse soldier and Jiang Yong to frown at the same time.

In particular, Chen Hao's words were right in the heart of Ma Bing, causing Ma Bing to literally get off the stage.

"Damn it, you stinky loser, what I am  going to do, it's none of your business!"

Ma Bing was furious, taking out all of Jiang Yong's anger for provoking Long Fei Long on Chen Hao's body.

"Hmph, isn't it right what Chen Hao people say, Ma Bing, in vain you're still a gentleman studying overseas, but you're so rude!"

As soon as Tian Xiaofan heard the horse soldier's words, he was also on Chen Hao's side.

The eye was about to quarrel.

"Alright, alright, are you guys done, did we come to the banquet to distract ourselves, or did we come to listen to you bicker, let's go, it looks like the auction will start soon, let's get closer!"

Unlike the others, Long Fei Fei's eyes were all on the stage at the moment, shrouded by the colorful lights of the Trekking Young Master Da.

When grandpa said that he was telling him to seize the opportunity, could it be that he was implying that he should seize the opportunity between him and this Trekking Major's?

Because the entire scene, in comparison to Jiang Yong, only Major Tuo had that kind of courage.

As for the horse soldiers, they were simply not human.

There was no way to compare.

The Tuojian family, I also seem to have heard my grandfather mention it before, after all, it was a country's powerful family ah, its influence, it was evident.

It was also made Long Fei Fei appreciated Taku Jie.

She currently wanted to move closer and see clearly.

The horse soldier scraped Chen Hao with a fierce glance, and a few people were the ones who came closer.

Chen Hao had wanted to ask this Jiang Yong about some of the Chen family in South Vietnam.

But now the atmosphere was like this, especially near the high platform, the scene also became noisy, Chen Hao did not open his mouth.

At this time, a nice girl suddenly leaned in to his ear.

"Chen Hao don't be afraid, whoever dares to bully you today, I'll be the first one to stand up for you, you just accused me of a lot of things, I support you!"

Tian Xiaofan whispered in Chen Hao's ear.

It also made a yay gesture at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao could not help but nod his head and smile.

This girl was extremely nice, and although her words were light, they made Chen Hao's heart feel warm.

It was rare to see such a kind girl, and it was a kind of fate that the two of us had met.

Rather, we might as well take the opportunity of this trip to grant her some chance.

Be it money, or whatever skills she wants to learn.

Chen Hao wouldn't be chestnut.

It was also considered a courtesy.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please be quiet!"

At this moment, the Trekking Major, who was on stage, held a microphone and signaled for the entire audience to be quiet.


It was as if it was rehearsed, as soon as he spoke, the entire noisy scene was instantly elegant and silent.

"As you all know, I, Taku Jie, will hold a large banquet once or twice a year, and at the banquet, there is an important event, and that is the auction! In past years, I've auctioned mostly antiques, or some rare items! Only this year's auction, hahaha, seems a bit special!"

Tuo Jie's eyes narrowed.

"Holy shit, how special does it have to be for even Major Taku to think it's special?"

"Who knows? Could it be that what Young Master Tuo is auctioning off this time is a magic potion?"

There was an explosion of speculation.


"Young Master Jie, your words are really starting to make these people anxious again!"

Next to Tuo Jie, a middle-aged man leaned into his ear and laughed.

"Oh, that's what makes it fun, every year, I wish I could see these dogs bite each other over the same thing, haha, that's what makes it cool for me!"

Tuo Jie laughed gloomily.

Only, their mosquito-like conversation was clear enough for Chen Hao to hear, but the matter was none of his business, so Chen Hao didn't bother to pay attention.

"Alright, I'm sure you all must be anxious, anxious about what kind of things this young man has prepared for you to auction off today, now, let me unravel the mystery!"

Topher shouted.


All the people in the audience were excited.

Their eyes were beginning to glow.

Even the knowledgeable Long Fei Fei was teased by Taku Jie's words.

What exactly was it? Even a person of Taku Jie's status was hiding it so well, it must be extraordinary.

Everyone thought so.

"Good, now the end of the mystery is revealed, what this young man is auctioning off today, is a woman!"

Taku Jie smiled.

"So, male friends of the stage, you are about to enjoy your blessings, because this woman, is as beautiful and pure as can be, and most importantly, is still pure and immaculate to this day!"

Takuji said.


"The beauty that young Jie sees, how can that be a mortal girl, young Jie, can't take it anymore, let her out quickly! Ow!"

The boys exploded with excitement, especially some of the rich youngsters.

"Someone, carry this auction item out to all the young adults present, so they can see the goods!"

Tuo Jie waved his hand.

Immediately, there were four people, carrying a cardboard box wrapped in white gauze towards the high platform....


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