The Unknown Heir 777-780


Since the Dragon Team's Shura Disk was so important, Chen Hao didn't dare to delay in the slightest, and after assigning the specific tasks, he rushed to the Dragon Team Base together with Master Ghost.

The Dragon Team Base was located in the Taiwu Mountain.

Of course, this area of Taiwu Mountain is also forbidden to the outside world.

However, anyone who could enter the Dragon Team base was a first-class expert, protecting the safety of the area and completing various restricted missions.

Naturally, the Dragon Team, has also been known as the Hidden Dragon of Huaxia.

It was under the direct control of the *party*.

"Yun Haotian, are you insane, you actually dare to bring a brat to the Dragon Team, and as if that's fine, but you're still sponsoring him as a base instructor?"

In the office of Chief Captain Lord Long Ye.

When Yun Haotian excitedly told this matter, it immediately made the other captain, feel incredulous.

Even Long Ye was a bit surprised.

He was a very good man. 

Clearly this person was extremely extraordinary.

As the chief captain, he naturally had his own calm and steady demeanor, and for the arguments of the several sub-captains right now, he listened quietly at the side.

The one who directly refuted Yun Hao Tian was the first sub-captain, named Zhu Baoqing, who was in his forties.

It was worth mentioning that he was the 368th generation descendant of the Iron Sand Palm, a pair of iron palms that were rumored to pierce through stubborn rocks with a single palm!

The rest of the detachment captains, however, were not so atmospheric.

Who didn't know that the first detachment's Zhu team, and the second detachment's Yun team, the two of them were extremely unpleasant to deal with, and when they quarreled, no one dared to interrupt.

"Zhu Baoqing, what are you anxious about, I'm doing this for the sake of the entire Dragon Team base, Mr. Chen he has extraordinary strength, far from what we can imagine, he can pass on, it's me who took a lot of effort, Dragon Team, you know me, I will never do anything that is not reliable!"

Yun Haotian said.

Long Ye couldn't help but nod lightly, indeed ah, Haotian was a steady person, and had gained his trust over the years.

He talked about that one called Chen Hao so powerfully, must be that Chen Hao must have something outstanding.

"Fine, since you highly recommend Hao Tian, you can give him a try, also just now you said, what other conditions does he have?"

Long Ye could not help but ask.

"O, Mr. Chen he just wants to use the Shura Disk!"

Yun Hao Tian said.

Upon hearing this, Zhu Baoqing's eyebrows rose.

Now, coldly, "Hmph, the divine thing, you actually want to use the Shura Disk, this divine disk, is it a dragon town group magic tool, is it something that others can use if they want to? Are there any rules here?"

Zhu Baoqing drank.

(I don't change the word to "said" BC it actually show the emotion🤷)

"Zhu Baoqing, don't go too far, I invited Mr. Chen here for the sake of the future of the entire Dragon Group and its overall strength!"

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel.

Long Ye hurriedly stopped, "Alright, let's put the matter of the Shura Disk on hold for now, let's see what this Mr. Chen you're talking about can bring to our Dragon Group first!"

Long Ye clearly wasn't one to take things at face value, and to be honest, Hao Tian had gone a little too far this time by making a young man in his twenties sound fabulous!

Even Long Ye only had three points of belief, and it was still all in Yun Hao Tian's face.

"This matter is decided, you guys can step back!"

Long Ye finally waved his hand.

"What? Team Dragon, Mr. Chen is here, don't you see him?"

Yun Hao Tian was somewhat surprised.

Right now, this made Long Ye's brows furrow a bit.

And Zhu Baoqing was very good at reading things, and presently said coldly.

"Yun Hao Tian, you've been hit in the head silly on this mission, and you've sent the dragon team to meet a furry kid?"


Yun Hao Tian was anxious.

"Alright, I'm tired, you guys can retire first!"

Long Ye turned his back and lifted his hand to make the eviction order.

What Zhu Baoqing said just now was right, it was indeed a bit of a joke to let himself go to meet a hairy boy.

At the same time, he was a little dissatisfied with Yun Haotian, thinking that Haotian was a little too frivolous now, which was why he didn't want to say more.

Yun Haotian could only nod his head, and now gave Zhu Baoqing a cold glance, then directly retreated out.

Zhu Baoqing also quickly left from the office.

"Team Zhu, you said that this one called Chen Hao, wouldn't be the helper Yun Haotian hired, it's about to elect the dragon team's vice captain, and this Yun Haotian knows that he's not your opponent, so, he called for him?"

In a secluded place.

Zhu Baoqing's second-in-command, at this moment, said softly.

"Hmph, with Chen Hao or no Chen Hao, even if you invite him, what can he do? Do you think Yun Haotian will be my opponent? I tell you, he's just a grasshopper, and I don't think of him at all, compared to what worries me even more, which is the Shuropan! You heard all of Yun Hao Tian's words just now?"

Zhu Baoqing put his hands behind his back and frowned softly.

"The control of this Shura Disk will soon be handed over to you, but at this time, Yun Hao Tian is biased to find someone to come and ask for this Shura Disk, I feel that there must be something in it!"

The deputy said.

"Good, so we're going to clear the hurdles, and I'll make anyone who dares to get in my way of Zhu Baoqing's, corpse across the field"

Presently, Zhu Baoqing summoned the deputy to his ear and whispered something.

Then, this deputy nodded and immediately retreated to do his business, leaving behind only a fierce-looking Zhu Baoqing.

And then back to Chen Hao.

After Chen Hao arrived with the Ghost Abacus, he was placed in the meeting room.

It was expected that he would soon meet that Dragon Group's captain, Old Master Long Ye.

But unexpectedly, the wait was an hour.

At that moment, just look at Yun Hao Tian walking in with an apologetic face.

"Ugh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Chen..."

Yun Hao Tian shook his head and sighed.

"I think it's the matter of the Shura Disk that Chief Captain Long Ye didn't directly agree to, right?"

Ghost Master shook his head and laughed.

"Ahem, in the end nothing can be hidden from your eyes, Master Ghost, yes, originally this was an easy matter, the chief captain he would never refuse such a request from me, but now, I don't know what's wrong with the chief captain, so unhappy, but instead listened to that Zhu Baoqing!"

Yun Haotian angrily hammered the table.

"Just now, Master Ghost already told me the result, so Mr. Yun doesn't need to blame himself too much, must be, it's just that Chief Captain Long Ye doesn't believe in my strength, how about this, this afternoon, you help me gather the trainees who want to try out for the training, I'll help you conduct the trial training first!"

Chen Hao smiled.

There were many things that Master Ghost Calculator had also given Chen Hao advice on.

It was obvious what they meant, it was about your business ability.

As such, Chen Hao was not in the way of showing his hand.

"Fine, as long as you don't get angry then that's best, how about this, it's noon, we'll eat at the base first, after lunch, I'll immediately gather the trainees, I'll have someone bring the food over!"

Yun Haotian compensated with a smile.

"I don't think it needs to be so troublesome, I've only heard of the Dragon Group, but I've never seen a real Dragon Group base before, this is good, it's just as well that the old man can see what the hidden dragons of Huaxia are like? Why don't we go to the base mess hall? I wonder if Mr. Cloud is convenient?"

The devil now, but with a mysterious smile, asked.

"Huh? Convenient, of course, in the future, Mr. Chen is the chief instructor of our base, it's just as well, I'll introduce Mr. Chen and Master Ghost to the Dragon Group facilities along the way!"

Yun Hao Tian smiled.

Chen Hao didn't know what Master Ghost was selling again, but since he wanted to take a look at the Dragon Group, he definitely had his own meaning .

Thus, the three of them were walking together towards the Dragon Team's cafeteria....


At this moment, within the cafeteria.

There was a member with scars all over his hands, who was trembling and holding a tray with both hands, and had just sat down at a seat.

"Hey, who told you to sit down? Our Brother Yun Fei is still short of fruit, so hurry up and go get a fruit for Brother Fei."

Next to this youth, there were a few young men sitting coldly.

It was just that these few young men looked arrogant and domineering, and it was obvious that they were toying with this youth.

Among the few, it was clearly the one sitting in the center of the crowd, Brother Yun Fei, but right now, he was squinting his eyes and looking at the scene in front of him with a teasing mouth.

"Fine, I'll go get it now!"

The youth bit his lips, and even though he was having a very humiliating time, he stood up and went to get the fruit and placed it next to Yun Fei.

As soon as he sat down.

That young man at the side shouted on again.

"Shit, what kind of fruit are you holding? Change the little one and get going!"  

The young man sneered.

After saying that, several people beside him couldn't help but cover their mouths to hold their laughter.

And the youth finally couldn't endure it anymore.

"Ma Feng, are you guys done yet, we're all members of the Dragon Team's tryouts, why should I have to listen to you in everything?"

The youth slapped the table.

"Yell? How dare you talk back? Looks like the lesson you were given wasn't enough!"

After saying that, Ma Feng swept the apples from the table and hit the rice plate in the youth's hand straight away.

With a clatter, the rice plate spilled directly onto the floor.


The veins on the youth's forehead were bulging.

Clenching his fists tightly, but swallowed the breath raw.

"Too bullying, it's said that this kid, ah, when he first joined the team, he worked very hard and surpassed that Zhu Yunfei in an assessment, and he ended up like this, being bullied and humiliated by Zhu Yunfei's people on a daily basis, look at the scars on his body!"

"Ugh, what can we do about it, being screwed by Zhu Yunfei, it's still good ah, I don't think this kid will be able to stay in the dragon training team for much longer!"

"By the way, this Zhu Yunfei has a big history, right? Not only is he strong, but so is his background!"

"This is natural ah, you don't want to think about it, but Zhu Yunfei's surname is Zhu, the first team's Zhu Baoqing Zhu team, seems to be his real uncle, and I also heard that the granddaughter of the dragon head team, that legendary very beautiful little dragon lady, seems to have a strong meaning for this Zhu Yunfei!"

"Fuck, that's weird, no one dares to say a word when this kid is screwed up like that!"

Everyone was somewhat silent.

Now, even more so, they were watching the humiliated youth with the mindset of watching a show.

On the other hand, Zhu Yunfei had been squinting his eyes slightly, eating his meal unhurriedly.

Ma Feng, however, was unforgivingly walking towards the youth.

"Haha? What? Not convinced?"

Ma Feng sneered, then used his feet to crush the rice underneath his feet.

Then grabbed a handful of dirty rice and brought it to the youth.

"Kid, so ungrateful, how dare you surpass our boss, there's no good rice today, just this rice, you pick it up and eat it!"

Ma Feng was vicious.

The youth's face reddened.


Without waiting for the youth to react, he had already taken a blow from another of his men and was directly on the ground.

Ma Feng immediately grabbed the youth by the hair and stuffed these rice into his mouth.

"That's too ruthless!"

The people around us were all a little scared to stand up.

But no one dared to say anything more.

"Little... Little Fei?"

Only at this moment, a somewhat trembling voice sounded from the doorway.

This person, if not Chen Hao, who else could it be.

Just now, Chen Hao, Ghost Abacus and Yun Hao Tian had just walked in and happened to see the scene in front of them.

And Yun Haotian saw the team members fighting and was about to organize.

But it was obvious that a coldness appeared next to Chen Hao, which actually scared him into swallowing back the words he was about to say.

Emotionally, this person actually knew Mr. Chen?

And Chen Hao's eyes were a little red.

The youth who was beaten in front of him was none other than his good brother, Bai Xiaofei.

If it wasn't for the clear sight of the scarred and bruised Little Fei, he would have been on the verge of not recognizing him.

"Eh? So it's Team Cloud, huh?"

Right now, seeing Yun Haotian coming, Ma Feng and the others still gave Yun Haotian a bit of face before stopping.

"Young Master Chen?"

And Bai Xiaofei, who was lying on the ground, after seeing Chen Hao.

The whole body shook violently.

For a moment, the tears of grievance and weakness, even more so, poured out like a flood breaking the dam.

"Young Master Chen!"

Bai XiaoFei cried out.

"Bai XiaoFei, get up!"

Chen Hao hurriedly ran over and helped Bai Xiaofei up.

Honestly, if it were in any other location, these people would have been in a different place, but with Yun Haotian here, I believe that Yun Haotian would have given his brother justice.

Of course, regardless of whether this justice was given or not, this matter would not end easily.

Because that was how Chen Hao's character was now, no matter who was right or wrong, and no matter who the opposite person was, as long as whoever touched his brother, even if his brother was at fault, the opposite person would have to pay a painful price.

And when Yun Haotian saw Bai Xiaofei's relationship with Chen Hao, he was also furious.

Now, he hurriedly reprimanded Ma Feng and the others.

But Ma Feng and the others, they weren't afraid of Yun Hao Tian.

"Oh, Team Yun, you can't train us, if you have the ability to do so, go to Team Zhu, we only listen to Team Zhu, and it's not your fault if we teach our first team of tryouts!"

Ma Feng sneered.

Their backstage, of course, was Zhu Yunfei, and there was no need to say more about who was behind Zhu Yunfei.

Now, the angry Yun Hao Tian actually didn't say anything.

Ghost Calculator hurriedly assisted Bai Xiaofei, trying to get him to sit down and rest.

Unexpectedly, Ma Feng gave a wink to a number of brothers behind him.

Immediately, a kid was seen to be the first to run to the spot where Bai Xiaofei was going to sit.

"Excuse me, it's occupied!"

Afterwards, a crowd of people began to snicker.

"You guys..."

The devil's calculator had fire in his eyes.

Now, he helped Bai Xiaofei to sit on the other side.

Just about to sit down.

"Sorry, there's someone here too!"

Another kid sat down before him.

Chen Hao frowned.

At this moment, he looked at Zhu Yunfei who was sitting beside him, unmoving and calmly eating.

It had also understood what it meant.

"It's unimaginable, your Dragon Group base, but this!"

After successively helping Bai Xiaofei to sit a few seats, all of which were taken by these people, the ghost calculator was angry.

So now, had to hold onto Bai Xiaofei and walk towards a seat there at the entrance.

And Ma Feng, now with both hands in his pockets smiled slightly.

Presently, he hurried over.

"Excuse me..."


Ma Feng snatched a seat, and as soon as he opened his mouth, a shadow-like slap smacked him right in the face.


Ma Feng's entire body flew out horizontally, smashing over a dozen tables one after another.

A mouth full of teeth, and even more directly scattered all over the floor.

Half of his face was deflated in.

Apparently, this mouthful of teeth had deformed his face.

The one who struck was Chen Hao.

With one hand in his pocket, Chen Hao patted the dust on his body with his other hand and looked at the startled entire audience of students.

"Sorry, I was itching!"


"What are you?"

A small boy was also furious when he saw how heavy Chen Hao had hit him.

He directly rushed over to drink.

And Zhu Yunfei, who was squinting, now opened his eyes as well.

He looked towards Chen Hao.

"This is my brother, you guys dare to bully my brother, how should this debt be settled? Just now, who all did it?"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"Hmph, brat, who do you think you are? How about I do it?"

A youngster said.

"Shit, I'm did it too!"

Presently, a full dozen people stood in front of Chen Hao.  

Each of them held their shoulders, and even more so, they even picked up weapons.

They attempted to use their momentum to deter Chen Hao.

"Is it? It seems that by now, you have no repentance?"

Chen Hao smiled indifferently.

"Haha? Repent, you have the guts to deal with a dozen of us, or I'll have to stand up for our brother!"

A youngster stepped forward and laughed.

Joke, this brat doesn't even look at whose territory this is.

Everyone in the entire Dragon Group doesn't know that the Zhu Long family is a big family.

This brat, actually dared to move on the head of the Imperial Court?

"Stand out? How are you going to get ahead?"

Chen Hao smiled coldly.

"It's simple, that's removing your limbs and knocking out all the teeth in your mouth! Of course, you can fight back, if you're sure that you can handle a dozen of us!"

The boys sneeringly approached towards Chen Hao.

"Fine, since you all did it, I don't mind if you become a virtue with him!"

The words only fell.

Those few boys blatantly attacked.

Like a pack of wolves, they were coming straight at Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao was not rude at all.

At that moment, his entire body was transformed into an afterimage.

It shifted for a while among the group of people.

Crack, crack, crack, crack!

The deafening sound of slaps permeated within the cafeteria.

It was followed by a pig-killing scream.

Soon, these people were really looking for teeth all over the floor.

It was only a few breaths of time from when Chen Hao made his move to the end.

At that moment, everyone was simply all looking dumb.

Yun Haotian also gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Too ruthless, this was a little too ruthless!

On the other hand, Zhu Yunfei, who was at the side, finally opened his eyes completely.

The scene in front of him was simply unbelievable.

Who the hell was this person?

Why is he so strong?

He even had cold sweat coming out on his forehead.

His legs also began to tremble slightly.

He was too strong!

The most terrifying thing was that at this time, Chen Hao was actually slowly walking towards Zhu Yunfei.

"You're their leader?"

Chen Hao asked indifferently.

"No... no!"

Zhu Yunfei subconsciously shook his head.


Chen Hao raised his hand to slap him.

"Isn't the Young Master Zhu they're talking about you?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"Yes yes yes!"

Zhu Yunfei nodded immediately.

"What about my brother?"

Chen Hao looked at him.

"In the future, we will all live in harmony together!"

Zhu Yunfei was really losing face today.

Because just now, everyone's eyes were all looking at him, hoping that he would make a move and fight this strong man.

But to no one's surprise, he actually conceded at once.

This, too, was very painful for Zhu Yunfei.

But, it couldn't be helped, he didn't want to find teeth all over the place.

"I'm not talking about this matter, it seems that you haven't failed to bully my brother, how should you let my brother lash out now? Otherwise, I don't care who you are or what your background is, I'll cripple you on the spot!"

Chen Hao stared at him coldly.

It made Zhu Yunfei's entire body break out in cold sweat.

"Big brother, forget it!"

And Bai Xiaofei knew about Zhu Yunfei's background, and now he couldn't help but walk to Chen Hao's side.

Chen Hao patted Little Fei's shoulder and smiled.

"Little Fei, how could you forget, remember you told me before that whoever offended you, you would return it a thousand times, and told me not to be afraid of those people, I have you brothers behind me! Do you remember that?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Of course I remember!"

Bai Xiaofei bit his lips.

"Yonghao is my brother, and so are you, you almost lost your family for me, I've always remembered this love, and I've vowed to never let anyone around me get hurt again, so don't worry about anything, Little Fei, you've got me behind you!"

Chen Hao told him.

This caused Bai Xiaofei to nod heavily.

"So, this thing has to pay some price today!"

"Now, I'll give you two ways, the first, I'll waste you, the second, then you'll have to drill through my brother's crotch in front of me, and when you see my brother in the future, you'll have to address him as Master, if you can't do that, the next time I see you, I'll kill you!"

Chen Hao looked at Zhu Yunfei.

"What? Let me be humiliated at the crotch?"

Zhu Yunfei's eyes reddened.

How much he wished now, how much he wished his uncle was by his side ah.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Zhu Yunfei simply hated to die of shame.

"I... I'm the 357th generation of the Infinite Gate, I... I can't drill!"

Zhu Yunfei pleaded.


As soon as he finished.

It was Chen Hao who grabbed his head and pressed it into the ground.

His entire body was defenseless and his face hit the ground heavily.

There was blood all over his face.

Chen Hao stepped on his head.

"I'm not only going to let you drill through my brother's crotch now, but I'm also going to let you scream for your grandfather while you do it, if you can't do it, I'll cripple you now!"

Chen Hao pushed a little harder.


Zhu Yunfei screamed in fear.

" I shout, never do it!"

Zhu Yunfei clenched his fists tightly as he vigorously caused his sharp nails to all sink deep into his palms, bringing a pain that pierced his heart.

At this moment, he was in too much pain.

In the past, he had always treated others this way, but he never expected that the one who was humiliated today would actually be himself.

And having moved out of the Peerless Gate, this person in front of him was not even in his eyes.

"I'll drill!"

Zhu Yunfei was struggling to get up from the ground.

And Bai Xiaofei was also able to clear the clouds and see the blue sky, this Zhu Yunfei had humiliated him so much, and now, he was finally able to step on his head.

Now, Zhu Yunfei slowly crawled towards Bai Xiaofei's crotch.

He was moving very slowly, even as his heart was shouting, Uncle, come quickly!

I've given you the message, so come on!

If you don't come, your nephew is going to be insulted, and then you really won't be able to face anyone in the future.

Also, if this matter reaches Long Fei's ears, you definitely won't be able to become the Long family's granddaughter-in-law.

By then, your plan will be a total failure.

Uncle, come quickly!

He shouted.

And just as he ducked his head to dig in.

"Captain Yun, the help you've hired this time is so overbearing, isn't it? I'd like to see what's so powerful about your so-called Mr. Chen!"

At this moment, a bantering voice rang out at the door.

Boom boom!

It was the sound of hurried footsteps.

A large number of experts poured in, directly surrounding Chen Hao and the others.

The leader, Zhu Baoqing, walked in coldly with his hands behind his back....


"I'm sure this friend is the Mr. Chen who Captain Yun said he invited as the chief instructor, right?"

Zhu Baoqing had his hands behind his back and looked at Chen Hao with a cold smile.


Chen Hao nodded.

"Oh, as expected, people can't look alike, I never thought that this Mr. Chen would already have this kind of strength at a young age, it's really admirable!"

"It's just that I've often heard people say that when a person is stronger, his belly should also be bigger, and it's me, Zhu Baoqing, who took care of your younger brother a bit too poorly when he tried out at my place, but all the blame can't be placed entirely on my nephew Yun Fei's head, if you want to blame, it's also your younger brother who is a bit too insensitive, huh?"

Zhu Baoqing smiled as he did so.

A wave of the hand.

When Zhu Yunfei saw it, he immediately got up from the ground and ran behind Zhu Baoqing.

"Uncle, if you don't come, I'll be this..." said Zhu Yunfei hastily after fear.

"Well, don't talk about it yet, everything is with uncle!"  

Zhu Baoqing patted Zhu Yunfei's shoulder.

At the same time, he gave Zhu Yunfei a wink, indicating that he was ready for a good show!

And Zhu Yunfei obviously knew very well what uncle was like.

Having been insulted himself, how could Uncle be willing to take it easy.

And now, uncle is even using words first to make this Chen Hao's side, speechless, and only after they have nothing to say, uncle will take the opportunity to use the Dragon Team's hand to eliminate these people.

Oh, this is not the first time uncle has used this kind of trick.

Now, Zhu Yunfei lightly nodded his head and looked at Chen Hao's group with a sneer on the side.

Zhu Baoqing acted as if nothing had happened, before looking at Chen Hao and continuing.

"Mr. Chen, you see, in the end, it was more than a dozen of them who bullied your younger brother alone, and now it's good that you have, single-handedly, abolished a full dozen of talented new bloods, who, in the future, can be the pillars of the Dragon Group, just because of your selfishness, you abolished the entire hope of the future Dragon Group, don't you think it's too much?"

Zhu Baoqing didn't stand on his own, but borrowed the big hat of the dragon group.

And Yun Hao Tian had already anticipated Zhu Baoqing's routine.

The moment to refute, but simply can not refute, indeed ah, so think about it, Mr. Chen indeed shot too hard.

Fear is fear, next Zhu Baoqing continued to use the Dragon Group to say things.

To sow discord ah!

Yun Hao Tian looked anxious.

"And Mr. Chen, we naturally have the requirements and rules of the Dragon Team Base, and your younger brother's humiliation can be handled in a special place, so is it that you're not taking the entire Dragon Team Base into consideration when you greatly lash out in the Dragon Team Base?"

Zhu Baoqing continued to be difficult.

"That's right, Uncle is right, where did you put the entire Dragon Group base? Where do you think you are? You can do anything you want? You are simply lawless!"

Zhu Yunfei now sneered and mended his sword.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was smiling proudly at each other with his uncle.

The corners of both of their mouths carried a touch of banter.

Clearly, they wanted to force Chen Hao into a desperate situation and then eliminate him with the dragon team.

"You've harmed him!"

And in the face of Zhu Baoqing's verbal dilemma, Chen Hao raised his hand and pointed slightly at Zhu Yunfei, saying to Zhu Baoqing.

"What? What do you mean?"

Zhu Baoqing frowned slightly.

"I just now, pointed out two ways to him, one of which is to live, that is to get through my brother's crotch, if not, I will have to kill him and let him die a horrible death!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"And just now, he ignored my words and gave up this chance to live just when he could have drilled through and been safe and sound!"

Chen Hao helplessly shook his head.

These words made Zhu Yunfei swallow a mouthful of saliva wildly.

As for Zhu Baoqing, his eyelids jumped even harder.

"Mr. Chen, you didn't seem to have heard me clearly just now, did you? That's not what I meant..."

A fierce glint flashed in Zhu Baoqing's eyes.

"Listen carefully or not, it's already too late, do you think that using some verbal tricks can morally bind me? Or even feel full of wisdom very wise?"

"Oh, unfortunately, I've seen not a thousand people like you, but also eight hundred. And I, Chen Hao, have the habit of always doing what I say I will do, and the person I say I will kill, he will die!"

Chen Hao sneered.

Now, it was time to see Chen Hao directly pinch a sword finger.

Instantly, a golden qi mane enveloped above.


The space in front of the eyes stirred.

The golden mane shot out.

It instantly pierced through Zhu Yunfei's neck.

It was like a blade.

I saw Zhu Yunfei's eyes open wide, and not long after, he actually dropped alive.


Zhu Baoqing stared at it.

The entire eye sockets instantly turned red.

Because of the powerful strike just now, he was unable to block it at all.

"You killed my nephew!!!"

Zhu Baoqing roared.

"He only committed a little mistake, and you killed him!"

Zhu Baoqing could never have imagined that the person in front of him was so ruthless.

"What I just said was very clear, he obviously doesn't have to die, just drill through, but you made him stand up, then he must pay the price!"

Chen Hao was indifferent.

"You bastard, don't you, don't you put the entire Infinite Gate in your eyes?"

Zhu Baoqing was heartbroken.

The rest of them all swallowed their saliva in horror as well.

"The Peerless Gate? I've never heard of it!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"Bastard, I'm going to fight you!"

Now, Zhu Baoqing's murderous aura was pervasive and he pounced directly at Chen Hao....


The office of the base headquarters.

"Dragon Brigade it's bad!"

A drill sergeant came running in.

"Well? What's all the panic about?"

The Dragon Brigade was practicing their words, and now frowned.

"It's a fight at the cafeteria!"

"What's the matter, send someone to take care of it immediately!"

Long Brigade was helpless.

"No no, it was Zhu Yunfei who got into a fight with the new Chief Instructor Mr. Chen, Zhu Yunfei provoked Mr. Chen and ended up having his head cut off directly by Mr. Chen!"

"Now, Team Zhu has gone at it with Mr. Chen!"


The brush fell to the floor.

Team Long hurriedly asked, "Right? Who is that Mr. Chen?"

"That's the young instructor Captain Yun Hao Tian invited!"

"Hurry over there!"

In the middle of the conversation, the Dragon Brigade had brought people over.

Only to see the entire scene outside, surrounded by people.

It was only a little surprising that everyone was silent, and the scene was frighteningly quiet.

And the captain of the third team was just standing by the side in a silly state, not knowing what he saw, his entire body was in a kind of wooden state.

As if he was stupid.

"Captain Three, what's the situation?"

Captain Long asked sternly.

"Wheel King!"

The third captain said with dull eyes.

"What did you say?" Team Dragon once again asked in a low voice.

"Above the monk realm, the wheel king realm, oh my god, I actually saw a real wheel king today!"

Captain Three was on the verge of tears of excitement.

"What did you say? Wheel King?"

Captain Long heard it clearly and all of a sudden stared at his entire body!!!


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