The Unknown Heir 771-776


The boy was sucked into a location by a massive suction force.

When he woke up again, in front of him, there was a young man standing with his hands behind his back.

"Who are you?"

He was startled.

"It doesn't matter what I am, what is important is, who are you, and what are you plotting within this Xuan Yang Mountain?"

Chen Hao slowly turned his head.

Coldly gazing at this little guy.

And the moment the little boy saw Chen Hao.

Suddenly, his entire body shook.

"Huh?'re the young master?"

With a poof, he was very frightened and knelt directly to Chen Hao.  

"Young Master?"

Chen Hao frowned and couldn't help but be curious.

"Young Master, when did you personally come over?"

The boy asked again and again.

"Oh, I can come over whenever I want!"

Chen Hao opened his mouth with a sneer.

I don't know why this person would call himself the young master, but it was just as well that he could use the trick.

Test it out for a moment or two.

"Alright, you answer my question!"

Chen Hao commanded.

The youngster was frightened and hurriedly kowtowed.

"Young Master, how could you forget, we have sealed the family's secret order to come and secretly develop spirit stones ah, within this Xuan Yang Mountain, there is a Xuan Yang Incandescent Pond, we have been refining Xuan Yang spirit stones for over a month!"

The boy knew all about it.

"Xuan Yang spirit stone?"

Chen Hao nodded his head slightly. At the same time, he also understood in general what had happened.

"So, all of the original Daoist priests of the Xuan Yang Guan?"

Chen Hao asked.

" The disobedient ones were killed, and some of them are still being held within this dungeon!"

The boy said, as he added.

"Your Highness, Young Master, I don't know if Chen Haotian Shrine Master knows that you're here, and my subordinates will immediately report to the Shrine Master to report the progress!"

"There's no rush on this one! Let me ask you, have you ever heard of a master called the Ghost Calculator?"

Chen Hao thought to himself, it seems that this Xuan Yang Mountain really has quite a few secrets in it.

"Ghost Calculator? Naturally, Young Master, didn't you order us to hunt him down? He is now, in our hands, and you have the Shrine Master keep a close watch on him!"

The boy rejoined.

"So, Master Grimoire was captured by your group!"

Chen Hao's eyebrows flicked up.

"Young Master you?"

Suddenly, the youngster raised his head, and he realized that the young man in front of him seemed to have a very different style than his own young master.

And the succession of questions were very strange.

"Very well, what a treadmill!"

Chen Hao thought to himself.

Come to think of it, it was the Ghost Master who had escaped to Xuan Yang Mountain and was hiding in the Xuan Yang Blazing Pond, which led to the scene a few months ago when the Ghost Master gave Wan Xue a fortune telling in the back of the mountain.

And later on, this group of people were with the so-called Xuan Yang blazing pool for Master Ghost, so they turned the entire Xuan Yang Mountain upside down.

No wonder!

I've been poking around for information on the Ghost Master and I can't get any clues.

"Who is this Chen Haotian you speak of? And who is this young lord?"

Chen Hao asked this person with a smile.

"Huh? You're not the young master?"

The boy stood abruptly and looked at Chen Hao with a wary face.

"You only see it now?"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

This little boy was trying to escape.

However, a huge suction force instantly drew him into the air.

His internal organs also began to tear and tremble violently, and the pain was excruciating.

"Spare my life, spare my life!"

The boy shouted in pain.

"Answer my question, how did you come to recognize me as your young master?"

Chen Hao said.

"Your Excellency, Your Excellency is at least eight or nine points similar to my young master's appearance, so I was mistaken just now, I wonder if Your Excellency is a member of my Chen family? How else could they look so much alike?"

The boy said in pain.

"The Chen family?"

Chen Hao's eyes lit up.

There was some cultivation on this little boy, belonging to the path of cultivating a monk, but he was far from reaching a monk.

This Chen family, could it be that Second Uncle had found out about another Chen family?

Are these people related to Grandpa Chan Dim Sum?

Chen Hao was astonished.

"Where is your Chen family?"

Chen Hao asked.

"The Ugly Dragon Island! I wonder if your Excellency can also be a member of the Chen family?"

This little boy was frightened.

Then, as if he remembered something, he spoke up, "I see, could it be that you're from that Chen family in the South Seas?"

"Well! The Chen family of You Long Island, is the head of the family Chen Dim Cang?"

Chen Hao waved his hand slightly, and this little boy fell down brazenly.

Chen Hao asked faintly.


The youngster kowtowed one after another.

"It seems that there really are two Chen families, do all the things that Second Uncle has investigated confirm it? Grandpa didn't die? But why would he do that?"

Chen Hao frowned tightly, puzzled.

But in his heart, he had a premonition, could the disappearance of his parents' sister be related to this Chen family?

Furthermore, there was someone very similar to himself in this Chen family, making the youngster mistake him for the young master?

That was all the clues Chen Hao had gotten.

Just as Chen Hao was frowning in thought.

This little boy suddenly looked up abruptly and grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground.

Killing intent sprang up at once.

Probing his hand, a stream of colorful golden manes, like golden needles, shot towards Chen Hao's head.

These golden needles, which were half a meter away from Chen Hao, were automatically blocked by Chen Hao's true qi and turned into powder.

Chen Hao didn't even make the slightest movement.

The little boy, on the other hand, was suddenly stunned.

"Since you know my identity, so to speak, we are still in the same clan, why do you still want to kill me?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"There is a big reward for killing you!"

The boy was a little frightened.

"Who issued this secret decree?" Chen Hao really couldn't figure out what all this was for.

"Also, my family, were they captured by you guys?"

Chen Hao was extremely confused.

"Why don't you ask all of these things to the Chen Haotian Shrine Chief?"

As he spoke, this little fellow quietly lit a wisp of paper talisman in his hand, and the paper talisman instantly turned into colorful smoke and dissipated.

Obviously, this was some sort of secret code.

"Hahaha, I see, you must be one of those lowly people of the Chen family who missed the net, I didn't expect it, just when you asked me a question just now, I had already sent out the emergency signal, boy, you're finished!"

The little boy smiled proudly.

Chen Hao was even more inexplicably puzzled, "What made you so excited? I did see it when you fired the signal just now, but I won't just walk away since I'm already here, so what are you so happy about?"

"Haha, catching you this time, and you're exactly like the young master, it seems that your position in the Lowly Chen Family is not trivial, I'm more likely, to be promoted to Deputy Shrine Master, you're finished, in no time, this place will be full of experts, what do you think I'm happy about?"

The boy laughed happily.

"I see, you're feeling proud of your own ingenuity just now, and euphoric about catching me in a big way!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"You keep saying that we are the lowly Chen family again, but you don't know that you are all ants in my Chen Hao's eyes!"


"You're going to be finished, and you dare to be so bold!"

The little boy roared.

But in the next moment, he paused at once as he saw flames in Chen Hao's eyes, and the flames, as if irresistible, burned directly from the bottom of his own feet.


The little boy screamed and instantly turned into a pair of powders.

"The life of a Gryphon is this insignificant!"

Chen Hao shook his head and smiled faintly with his hands behind his back.

The figure then turned into a gust of wind that directly dissipated in place.

It went straight towards the earth cave.

And before the hole in the ground, there were people striking.

But as Chen Hao had said, these people were like ants and were swept away by Chen Hao in an instant.

Chen Hao didn't care if they were from that Chen family or not, as long as someone wanted to harm himself, or had thoughts that were unfavorable to him.

Then he must die!


The dungeon was right in the middle.

Everyone was in the midst of a deep shock as they watched a group of experts in the dungeon just ashes and annihilate.

At this moment, the hurricane transformed into a figure that stood in front of all the prisoners in the dungeon.

"Chen Hao!"

Naturally, Wan Xue knew Chen Hao now, shouting out in excitement.

People might not know that what she had just experienced had scared her to death.

At that moment, she really thought that she, thought that she would be that!

Now, having been caught by these people again, one could imagine how it felt to see Chen Hao.
Wanxue again now.

"It's fine!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

With a flick of his hand, all the chains in the dungeon were opened.

In this dungeon, there were the three masked men who had just saved Wan Xue.

There was also a group of Daoists.

What Chen Hao didn't expect was that there was a group of silent, ordinary women at the very back.

It seemed that the case of the woman's disappearance that was rumored a few days ago was the work of this group of disguised Taoist priests.

Were they really from the Chen family?

It was actually so nasty and dirty.

Chen Hao's eyes flashed with anger.

Soon, these people came out of it as if they had been pardoned.

An old Taoist who was leading them even bowed respectfully to Chen Hao.

"Thanks to the Great Spirit for saving the day, I'll pay my respects!"

This old Dao was grateful.

"You're welcome, Daoist Master, I came just to ask you for someone!"

"Huh? Who are you looking for, Great Spirit?"

Old Tao asked.

"Master Ghost Calculator had lodged in Xuan Yang Mountain, but there is no sign of Master Ghost in this dungeon?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"Guardian, could it be that this person is the same Master Chen Hao that Master Ghost spoke of?"

A middle-aged man on the side of the old dao looked respectfully at the old dao and asked.

"I am Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao nodded his head happily.

"It's true, Master Ghost once said that Master Chen Hao is an exceptional talent, now that I've seen it, it's really an immortal tactic, Master Chen Hao, Master Ghost did indeed stay at Xuan Yang Mountain to hide from your Chen family's pursuit, but I didn't expect that in the end, he couldn't escape the Chen family's pursuit, Master he has been taken away by Chen Haotian and is not locked up with us!"

Old Tao hurriedly said.

"What is their intention in pursuing Master Ghost?"

Chen Hao asked.

"This Lao Dao does not know, but before the great calamity, the Master had placed his hopes on you, and whether he can escape this calamity or not depends on whether you seek him out or not!"

The old Tao hurriedly said.

"Okay, I understand!"

Chen Hao nodded faintly.

"Thank you for saving this gentleman's life! I am Yun Hao Tian!"

The three masked men behind Wan Xue, the middle-aged man who was the leader, also stepped forward at this moment to thank him.

"Hao Tian's nephew, you actually came too!"

And the Old Dao immediately greeted, it was obvious that these people knew each other.

"Yes, we received your secret report that Xuan Yang Mountain was in trouble, so we immediately rushed here to investigate, but we never expected that Chen Haotian, it's only been a few short decades since we've seen him, he's already so strong, I'm in front of him, it's hard to deal a blow, unless my Dragon District sends that person out to stand, we won't be able to fight against these people at all, but today, in order to save this girl, I was mistakenly given by these people Captured!"

Yun Hao Tian said.

He looked at Chen Hao's extraordinary temperament, and his methods were so inscrutable.

In his heart, he was also greatly surprised.

It seemed like he had never heard of this number before.

But in his heart, he was very respectful and was about to talk to Chen Hao for a few words.

A small Taoist priest who ran out to find out what was going on hurriedly ran in.

"Master Chen, Guanyin, it's bad, those people are all coming around!"

The little Taoist tensed.


And the girls who had been captured, all huddled together nervously.

It was obvious that these people had caused a big psychological shadow on them.

"Don't panic, come out with me!"

Chen Hao faintly spoke.

He took the lead in walking out now.

Outside, it was already surrounded by Daoist priests, large and small.

Chen Hao walked out.

The middle-aged man who headed opposite was clearly startled, and then he looked greatly pleased.

"Haha, what a great way to find the fish that missed the net!"

The middle-aged man laughed.

Apparently, he recognized his identity as soon as he saw Chen Hao's face.

"You are that Chen Hao from the South Sea Chen family, right?"

The middle-aged man said.

"I am, who are you?"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Hmph, we searched for you, but we had a very hard time finding you, where do you think you've been hiding, using the sun map, you can't even be found at all, remember, the person who caught you is called Chen Lianhu!"

Chen Lianhu sneered.

"A sun diagram? I've touched on it before, does it still have the ability to find people?"

Chen Hao said.

"A lowly slut like you is also worthy of having a real sun diagram?"

Chen Lianhu said.

"It seems that my family has really been captured by you, but I'm biased, according to the clues I got, our two families should belong to the same clan, right? Why do you want to kill each other?"

Chen Hao was very curious.

Honestly, even now, Chen Hao felt incredulous, as it simply didn't make sense to reason.

"Because, things seem to have deviated from some of the tracks set by the Lord and are developing in a somewhat bad direction, so you guys, you are no longer of any use, and keeping you around will only miss the point, or even ruin the entire plan sooner or later!"

Chen Lianhu sneered.

"So, my grandfather, whom I have always respected, is actually the one behind the curtain, and he has been using us?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Hahaha, can I say that this is the only value of existence for you lowly people? Also, don't say that you are of the same clan as us, we have always been ashamed of you, and now, well, you lowly ones are going to be personally destroyed at our hands!"

Chen Lianhu laughed hideously.

"What about my family?"

Chen Hao's eyes flashed an intense killing intent as he asked.

"Hahaha, when I came out to carry out my mission, that Chen Near East was already tortured, I don't know if he's alive or dead now!"

Chen Lianhu laughed.

"Very good!"

Chen Hao coldly nodded his head.

"Haha, did I hear right, you actually said yes? That's your father!" Chen Lianhu looked at Chen Hao like he was looking demented.

"You've misunderstood, what I said was very good, not how you deal with my father, but your words have completely dispelled all my worries, because then I will kill you without hesitation, not one of you will be left behind, remember clearly!"


"Hmph, Chen Hao, you're simply talking out of your mouth, it seems that without letting you see my cultivation, you won't be able to understand the difference between you and me!"

Chen Lianhu laughed incessantly.

"You're a second grade cultivator, right?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Not bad, you actually know about monks!"

Chen Lianhu's eyes couldn't help but flicker with a strange color.

"That Chen Haotian, what kind of cultivation is he?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"Haha, Lord Shrine Master is a legendary nearly five-grade great cultivator, which is a realm that ordinary people cannot understand!"

Chen Lianhu's eyes were filled with reverence.

"It seems that inside the Chen family, there are still really experts, and even a Fifth Grade Grand Cultivator exists!"

Chen Hao put his hands behind his back.

"Chen Hao, why are you asking so many questions, when I capture you, I'll leave you to Lord Shrine!"

Right now, one could see Chen Lianhu's sword finger pinch.

A dense flame then rose up around his body.

Outside of his body, he was even covered in a dense mane of fire.

The body was coming directly at Chen Hao.

It seemed as if once it was grabbed by these large hands, it was going to fly away in ashes.

Everyone was shocked by the dense, scorching atmosphere.

Fire Armor Demonic Power!

True fire emerges from your body and can burn everything. If you are poisoned by the fire, it will attack your heart and burn your organs!

"This Chen Lianhu, so domineering, even he is so terrifying, so what realm has that Chen Haotian reached?"

Yun Hao Tian was trembling with fear.

In the blink of an eye, this Chen Lianhu was already in front of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao still had both hands in his pockets.

This hot flame was treated as if it was nothing.

"Brother Chen, be careful!"

Wan Xue was scared and hurriedly reminded.

And at that moment, Chen Hao turned his head slightly and nodded to Wan Xue, "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

Then, Chen Hao stretched out one hand and flexed his fingers.


An intense golden mane was released.

It directly hit Chen Lianhu.

The golden mane directly passed through the body.

It even rippled smoke in the surroundings.


Chen Lianhu was so surprised that it was too late to dodge.

It was raw through his body.

Blood spurted wildly forty-five feet and flew out directly.

The whole body was even directly festered.

Lying on the ground, blood was all over his face.

There were only two staring eyes, meaning he was still alive and he was still in shock.

"You! You!"

Chen Lianhu was incredulous.

The crowd of Chen family members behind him all swallowed their saliva and took two steps backwards.

It was only a light blow, but this Chen Lian Hu had actually become this?

How terrifying was this person.

And Yun Haotian was also full of astonishment.

Oh my god, who the hell is this person na?

With one hand in his pocket, Chen Hao walked over towards Chen Lian Hu, he gently lifted his foot and stepped on Chen Lian Hu's face, trampling him to the ground: .

"You punk, I haven't even gotten real yet and you're already like this, what will you use to capture me?"

Chen Hao said.


Chen Lianhu was shocked, and now said, "I never thought you were so powerful, but you can't kill me, I'm just following orders, if you really have the guts, then fight Chen Haotian Shrine Chief!"

"That's natural,I can still fight against you, and I, Chen Hao, always keep my promises, I'll kill you all when I say I'll kill you all! How can I break my word!"

After saying that, Chen Hao's foot stomped towards the ground.


Chen Lian Hu's entire head directly burst open, as if a large watermelon had been crushed with a raw kick.

Chen Lian Hu, didn't even have the time to scream.

He died into a pile of pulp.

"Quickly go seek help from the Shrine Master!"

The remaining hundred or so people, upon seeing this scene, were horrified.

Immediately, they raced towards the four directions.

"Trying to run?"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Immediately, it was seen that Chen Hao's eyes were closed.

Immediately above his forehead, a golden pupil appeared, and as soon as this golden eye appeared, an intense light directly sprayed out.

And it quickly enveloped the hundred or so people.


The golden mane shot through the bodies of these people.

In an instant, they all exploded and died.


Behind Chen Hao, non-stop people were afraid and began to scream.

After all, the scene in front of them was a little too cruel.

"Daolord, are you sure that the Ghost Master is in Chen Haotian's hands?"

Chen Hao took in the Golden Eye and asked faintly.

"Yes... Yes, Master Chen!"

Even though the old Daoist had been through the storm, he was shocked to see the bloody scene in front of him.

At the same time, he was even more frightened of such a vicious Chen Hao.

"Fine, trouble you take my friend down the mountain and settle down, don't enter the mountain until I go down!"

Chen Hao said.

As soon as the words fell, it was to see Chen Hao's figure directly dissipate.

Old Daoist Yun Haotian and the others still wanted to say something else.

But at this moment, Chen Hao's words were like magic, so they had to comply now and hurriedly retreated from the mountain.

And Xuan Yang Mountain, a secret room.

At this moment, there were two rows of people sitting on the left and right sides.

The one sitting at the top was a country-faced middle-aged man.

In the center of this group of people, there was a boiling oil tripod.

Next to the oil tripod, an old man was being held in custody.

"Master Ghost, in the beginning, you promised us that you would tell us the answers we wanted once the one month purification time was up, and now, one month has passed, we believed you, but you deceived all of us, so there's no way out, what's in front of you, there are only two paths, one is to promise to cooperate with us, and the other, well, as you can see, my men. Might not be able to resist cooking you?!"

The middle-aged man leading the group now lightly sipped his wine and sneered.

"Hehe, Chief Chen Ci, the old man is getting old and has forgotten what he promised you, by the way, what did you want me to cooperate with you in the first place?"

This old man in front of him, who else could it be if it wasn't the Ghost Abacus.

Only right now, the Ghost Abacus had been tortured into a thin body.

But his eyes were still glazed.

"Firstly, I want you to reveal Chen Hao's whereabouts, you know, we've done so much over the years for this Chen Hao. Secondly, I want you to find out the whereabouts of the Heaven and Earth Pole Stone, what, is Master Ghost joking with us? Playing dumb?"

Chen Haotian coldly said.

"Oh, I seem to have told His Excellency that you couldn't be patient enough to capture Chen Hao's family, and sooner or later, he will find you himself!"

"As for the second one you mentioned, I thought, how about talking to you about it after you meet Chen Hao? Of course, when that happens, you'll have your lives to listen to me!"

Master Grimoire smiled.


A fat, middle-aged man, and, at a glance, dressed as a bonobo, with a long samurai sword at his waist.

He slapped the table heavily.

"Old thing, you won't shed a tear until you see the coffin, who do you think that Chen Hao is, we'll behead him as if we were killing a mole!"

The man bellowed.

"If you know what's good for you, tell us where Chen Hao is, or else, I'll make sure you beg for your life and die!"

Another person roared impatiently.

And then, in unison, everyone heard the sound of slow footsteps coming from outside....

The voice was soft, but it was very clear, so clear that everyone could hear it clearly.

"Well? Who?"


At the sound of the crowd, they all looked towards the door.

It was to see that a small Taoist priest, who was in great fear and trembling, walked in.

"Eh? What is it?"

Chen Haotian asked in a cold voice.

Without waiting for him to finish his question, a silhouette slowly walked out from behind this little Taoist priest.

And this human figure was none other than Chen Hao.

"You are... Chen Clan Chen Hao?"

Chen Haotian hesitated for a while, then came to a sudden realization.


Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Chen... Master Chen, I brought you in, you... you promised to spare my life!"

That little daoist was terrified.


What awaited him was Chen Hao's faint palm, which struck his skull.

The skull instantly exploded, and the entire person was even exploded into a pile of blood mist that dissipated into the spot.

Jokes aside, how could Chen Hao actually spare his life.

And seeing this scene, the crowd of experts present, including Chen Haotian, were all directly shaken.

It seemed that this Chen Hao was very skilled.

"Little brother Chen Hao!"

The Ghost Abacus, however, could not help but say with relief.

"Master Ghost, Chen Hao is late and has caused you to suffer!"

When Chen Hao saw the Ghost Abacus, he sent a breath of relief and nodded his head.


And on stage, Chen Haotian slapped the table.

"Chen Hao, we're looking everywhere for you, but I never thought you'd dare to come to our door yourself? Fine, fine, then I'll save using such a large amount of manpower too!"

Before the words left his mouth, he saw Chen Haotian's illusory figure.

It was already standing in front of Chen Hao.

And at the sides, there was another kind of expert.

It looked like there were those from the Japanese, and even more from OM and other regions.

There were a total of eight people, and right now, they were also standing up.

"Chen Shrine Chief, is this the man? The body contains the desirable Nine-Turned Primordial Spirit?"

The eight of them looked at each other, then were surprised and delighted.

"Good! It's him, but I'd like to ask you all not to worry yet, for this Nine-Turning Primordial Spirit, my Chen family has put in too much time and effort to conceive the Nine-Turning Primordial Spirit, even if you want a share of the pie, you'll have to follow my family's orders! Got it?"

Chen Haotian warned.

"This is natural!"

The eight people were pleased.

"I heard Chen Lianhu say that this Chen family we have in the South Seas is nothing more than a tool of this Chen family of yours, what does that mean? This Chen family you founded in the South Seas is merely for the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit in my body?"

Chen Hao was incredulous.

"Hehe, you're pretty smart, yes, it's for the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit, it's just that the harvesting plan has to be brought forward due to some changes!"

Chen Haotian said.

"It seems that sooner or later, you will have to eliminate my family as well! But I just can't understand why you guys are so venomous, even if we're not the same, we're still in the same lineage, right?"

Chen Hao couldn't imagine this.

"Before you die, there's no harm in me telling you something, do you really think that, with our Chen family, it's the same lineage? Hahaha, fool, let me tell you, this ancestor of your Chen family was originally, but was just an ordinary double of our Chen family's ancestor, only later, for the sake of this breeding plan, he was allowed to create the Chen family of the South Seas and become a world-class powerhouse, commanding the wealth of almost half of the Earth!"

"And, in order not to have cholera and let this Chen family open up, so many of the branches and leaves are cut out by us personally!"

Chen Haotian sneered.

"I say, the economic strength of the South Ocean Chen family is so strong, yet it is only a lineage, the people do not want, so the rest, it was you who cut off!"

Anger grew in Chen Hao's eyes.

"Of course, but it's good now, after waiting for more than a dozen generations, we're finally waiting for the prophecy in the solar chart, the bearer of the Nine Revolutions of the Primordial Spirit, which is you!"

Chen Haotian smiled.

"You mean that by this point, our Chen family's mission has been completed, and we should no longer emerge from the world, right?"

Chen Hao said.

"This is natural, on many issues, you see very thoroughly, but unfortunately it can't be helped, from the moment you were born, your fate is fixed, it is already destined to be in control of our Chen family!" Chen Haotian's expression was very jocular.

Chen Hao looked into his eyes and laughed bitterly, "It seems that controlling other people's destinies and manipulating them as pawns is a very proud thing for people like you now?"

"Or what? Is there anything in the world more exciting than that? Hahaha!"

Chen Haotian tilted his head and laughed.

"It seems that what I have personally experienced is not necessarily true, only my own strength, this is the hard truth of the ages, but unfortunately, I was careless and easily trusted others, implicating my parents, sisters and family members them!"

Chen Hao's eyes flashed with a touch of remorse.

After awakening his talent, how come he hadn't thought of creating a protective formation for his family, so much so that he had allowed these people to capture his family.

Even more so, there was some remorse.

If it wasn't for Sister Ziyan helping herself to open the Nine Revolutions Origin Talent, I'm afraid that by now, she would have become fish meat on the case, to be slaughtered by these people and the Nine Luo King.

Chen Hao looked at his palm and couldn't help but clench it slightly.

"Haha, you can't say that, on the contrary, it's because of your constant non-appearance that your family escaped death, huh? Otherwise, they would have been killed long ago!"

As he said that, Chen Haotian took out a cell phone, which was recording a video inside.

Within the video, in a pitch-black dungeon.

There was a person who had been beaten by an iron whip, and this person, when he saw it, Chen Hao's eyes were about to burst into flames.


Chen Hao's heart was bleeding.

And beside the dungeon, there was another masked, seemingly young man.

Sitting slightly, he was smiling and looking at his father in front of him, and he had a jovial face.

"Haha, although your family is fine, you will inevitably be tortured!"

Chen Haotian said and put away his phone with a sneer.

"Humble Chen Hao, are you feeling a sense of powerlessness right now, hahaha, I understand how you feel, after all, your entire clan is playing as crickets, it's a very bad thing!"

"Chen Shrine Chief, what's the point of talking to him so much. After I catch him first, let's hurry up and discuss the matter of sharing the Nine Revolutions Primordial Energy!"

On the side, a bonobo couldn't sit still.

He was obviously an expert as well, and his cultivation was at least around that of a Fourth Grade Monk.

Now, he shrugged his body and grabbed directly towards Chen Hao's neck.

"You sons of bitches, I, Chen Hao, will bruise you all to dust!"

Chen Hao was furious.


Instantly, the entire person was covered by a bloody red mane.

Everywhere the scarlet mane passed, one's heart palpitated, and the killing intent that rushed to the sky was cold and piercing, as if it could kill one alive.

And the Japanese experts who rushed over felt this monstrous killing intent at the moment.


He was horrified.

He was about to take a step back.

But a huge suction force directly sucked him in.

And then it was seen that Chen Hao squeezed with a smooth hand.


This man's head, it just exploded.

Dead into a puddle.


It was only at this moment that all their eyelids truly jumped hard .

Chen Haotian, in particular, couldn't help but stare at Chen Hao's terrifying changes, and even took a few steps backwards....

How did that happen?


"You people, when you think you're powerful, you think you're already invincible and manipulate other people's destinies, but now you're just a few cheap lives in my eyes!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"Don't take this lightly, let's go together and catch this Chen Hao!"

Chen Haotian's eyelids jumped fiercely as he hurriedly proposed.

The remaining seven people were also on the same page.

Using their strongest stunts.

Swarmed against Chen Hao.

The great release of True Qi.

It directly caused the entire space to tremble viciously.

For a time, debris flew and dust rolled up, diffusing the entire environment.

But just as the seven people rushed in, there was a figure, but it disappeared with a flick of the wrist.

Within the dust, there was a moment of mourning.

A moment later, the dust settled.

It was to see the corpses of the seven people, miserably shaped on the ground, incomparably bloody.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was unharmed.

There wasn't even a trace of dust left on his body.

"Awesome, really awesome!"

Looking at the corpses of the seven people on the ground, Chen Haotian now walked out from behind a huge stone pillar.

Only at this moment, he was holding a piece of beads in one hand, while in the other hand, he was fiercely choking the Ghost Abacus' neck.

There were some frightening murmurs in his mouth.

Chen Hao did not panic at all at the sight of this, instead, he put both hands in his pockets and asked with a smile.

"Awesome what?"

"Naturally powerful, these eight people, if you look at the entire cultivation world, they are all at the level of grandmasters, they tried their best to attack you, but they died tragically in less than a round, Chen Hao, it seems that we have underestimated you, your strength is far above us!"

Chen Haotian was holding the Ghost Abacus hostage, and by the looks of it, the bead in his hand was no ordinary object.

At this moment, although surprised, he was unusually calm.

"'Looks like you're smart, you're very different from some of the idiots I've met, at the very least, you won't come over here to die for nothing, but just now, you played a little trick!"

Chen Hao smiled with a kind face, clearly Chen Hao was very sincere in his praise of Chen Haotian.

"Hahaha? Chen Hao indeed, when a young man possesses such strength, it is inevitable that he will be arrogant and think that he can rely on his own strength to be able to conquer everything, but in fact, when an expert fights to the end, it is often wisdom that he relies on!"

Chen Haotian said coldly.

"O? Wisdom...wisdom?"

Chen Hao was so shocked by Chen Haotian that his jaw was about to drop.

"Are you saying that now that you've captured the Ghost Master and then you're holding something like a doll in your hand, that means you have intelligence?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Chen Hao, I'm not afraid to tell you, in the realm of truth, I've always had a nickname, the Huichang, the Chen family's Huichang! And, what did you just say, that what I have in my hand is a doll?"

"Nice, it looks like a doll in the hands of a five year old!" Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Hahaha, ridiculous Chen Hao, I see, why don't we let this Ghost Master you've been searching for tell you what it is?"

Chen Haotian laughed with a teasing face.

"Thunderstorm Formation!"

A strong scruple flashed in Master Ghost's eyes and said.

"Hahaha, still Master Ghost has insight, yes, this is exactly the Thunderstorm Formation, as long as I move my finger gently, the formation will be triggered, and then there will be no grass in a hundred mile radius! You, me and him, the three of us, will also be reduced to ashes!"

Chen Haotian proudly said, "Chen Hao, it doesn't matter if I die, but now, you should be very conscious of your life, after all, your family is still suffering in the Chen family, hahaha, but what about, now everyone's life is in my hands, and your life is also in my hands, which one is more important, I don't think I need to say more, right?"

Chen Hao shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Then what should I do if I go by what you say?"

Chen Hao put both hands in his pockets and took a few steps ahead.

"You... don't come over, if you move again, we'll all die together!"

Chen Haotian's cheeks twitched and he growled nervously.

"What's wrong? You're so nervous when I'm just moving, and I want to remind you of something!"

Chen Hao said.

"Remind me of what?"

"Do you really think that this doll formation in your hand can hurt me? What if it doesn't hurt me? And, I kill you guys like chickens, and this kind of formation is really useful to me?"

Chen Hao said.


Chen Haotian's face turned green.

He swallowed with a gulp.

Indeed, the Chen Hao in front of him looked ordinary, but he had a strong aura about him.

After what he said, Chen Haotian's heart was really nervous.

The beads in his hands were almost a little unsteady, and cold sweat was coming out on his forehead.

"So, I urge you to think carefully, because if you are not careful, I will cut you into pieces before you activate this formation, I will make you watch your body separate with your own eyes, and I am not joking with you!"

Chen Hao put both hands in his pockets.

"This this this..."

Looking at the wretched and bloody scene in front of him, Chen Haotian was too nervous to speak.

At the same time, both hands began to tremble violently.

"This is the Thunderstorm Formation?"

Chen Hao saw that he was nearly limp.

Now, stretching out one hand, he picked up the bead from his hand.

As expected, there was a small formation contained within.


Chen Haotian nodded his head numbly.

Right now, it was up to Chen Hao to throw up the Thunderstorm Formation and directly set it off.

This time, Chen Haotian's eyes widened.

Even Master Ghost was horrified.

As soon as this formation was launched, an intense dark cloud spread out in an instant.

Just as a devastating thunderstorm was about to descend.


Chen Hao flexed his fingers and this thunderstorm, turning into streams of smoke, simply disappeared.


Chen Haotian fell back two steps and directly slumped to the ground.

The Ghost Master, on the other hand, was even more frightened and pale.

At the same time, he was shocked.

I had known that Chen Hao was not a mortal, but I had never thought that he now, already had such terrifying strength.

There was joy in his heart right now.

"See, this bead is actually just a doll in my eyes!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"Young Master Chen, spareife, spare my life!"

And Chen Haotian reacted, kneeling directly on the ground.

He repeatedly kowtowed and begged for mercy.

"I'm asking you, where is the You Long Island?"

Chen Hao asked.

"The Yulong Island? It's our Chen family's main island, it's on..."

Suddenly, Chen Haotian fiercely raised his head, and crumpled a jade talisman in his hand.

Immediately afterwards, the light appeared, and the tiles beneath him opened a mouth.

Chen Haotian escaped by directly escaping into it.

Boom boom!

What's more, at the same time, several huge stone doors fell around them, locking the entire space completely.

"Ah? This man is so cunning, letting him get away!"

Master Ghost Abacus regretted.

"Don't be anxious, Master, I have planted a spell on him, I only hope that he will return to the Unearthly Dragon Island, so that I can find this Unearthly Dragon Island and save my family without any effort!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"Oh, but I was a bit Meng Lang when I panicked just now, and yes, now that you are no longer a trifle, even though this Chen Haotian is powerful, he is nothing more than an ant-like existence in front of you, Young Master Chen!"

"Only, this cavern is full of traps, how do we get out?"


Chen Hao faintly spoke.

Then his hand waved.

A golden mane shot out.


The earth shook and the sky crumbled, and the stone cave was directly blown open with a huge mouth.

Light shone in from outside, piercing one's eyes a bit .

The Ghost Abacus was completely shocked by Chen Hao's spell, and the look in his eyes was already incomparably awe-inspiring....


When Chen Haotian ran away, it was Chen Hao who deliberately let him go.

He originally thought that he could use Chen Haotian's hand to find the You Long Island.

But to my surprise, Chen Haotian actually hid by himself.

Since he was worthless, Chen Hao naturally wouldn't let him go, and now, he activated his spell to kill Chen Haotian by a thousand miles.

Fortunately, Master Ghost Calculator had been found, and when Master Ghost had recovered his vitality, the master would be able to determine which direction his family was in.

It was during these few days.

Laughing Cang Sheng and the others couldn't hold back, and came to request Chen Hao, whether or not to establish a cultivation sect of their own, as a way to formally establish superiority and inferiority.

The difference was that this time, the proposal had received the direct consent of Master Ghost Abacus.

At that moment, even the Ghost Abacus also indicated to Chen Hao the importance of establishing a Cultivation Sect of his own.

After all, in the future, not only would he have to face the Chen family, but also many other cultivation forces, as the incident of Chen Hao's family being taken captive could show, even if Chen Hao was powerful, he couldn't do everything himself.

This point was considered to have spoken to Chen Hao's heart.  

"It seems that it's time to establish a power sect of your own!"

Chen Hao nodded as he looked at the group of people with cutting eyes.


"Hahaha, yeah, from now on, we'll be justifiably named and organized!"

"From now on, make Mr. Chen your Lord! Master Ghost Planner is far-sighted and can be His Eminence's military advisor, ah!"

Many of the loose cultivators present were excited.

Each of them communicated.

"See His Eminence!"

Now, by Laughing Cang, Lin Jiu picked his head, and everyone shouted in unison.

This made Chen Hao couldn't help but smile bitterly.

The devil calculator was also helpless, "Why are you guys in a hurry, even if you want to establish a sect, you should also occupy one side beforehand and create a name at the same time, right, and then again, you have to inform the Zhong Luo Hall about our sect matter!"

"Yeah, what Armsmaster said, I don't think we have a name yet?"

"And where do we choose our territory? It can't be in this Shen house, can it? It's a downtown!"

Someone said.

"Hehe, if territory, I do have it, it is this Xuan Yang Mountain, after this incident, the Xuan Yang Guan Taoist is worried about the Chen family coming for revenge and is too worried to worry, he already has the intention to give Xuan Yang Mountain to us! This is a done deal!"

The devil's advocate said.

(Ghost calculator - Devil's advocate)

"This mountain is big enough, absolutely!"

The crowd laughed.

"As for the name, I'll have to trouble you, sir, to personally decide on a name for this, as well as satisfy these people's wishes!"

The Ghost Abacus bowed slightly.

In fact, back at Pan Long Mountain, the Ghost Abacus had already decided that this son was afraid that he would be the one to follow in the future.

Since then, the Ghost Abacus had also been preparing for it.

"Xuan Yang Mountain, Xuan Yang Guan, and the power that I initially awakened happens to be the power of Heaven and Earth Xuan Yang, I guess I'm destined to be with these two words, well, to establish a new power, let's name it Xuan Yang Hall!"

Chen Hao thought about it and said.

"Xuan Yang Hall? Master Chen, that's a great name!"

And at that moment, a voice sounded outside the door.

It was a middle-aged man.

This person was Yun Haotian, who had been saved by Chen Hao and then boarded at the Shen family.

"Oh, Captain Yun, how are your injuries?"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

This Yun Haotian, from the *Fang, was the captain of a team from the Dragon Group, and was considered to have stepped half a foot in the realm of cultivation.

Over the years, however, it had been difficult to go further.

Perhaps because he was from the *squared side, even though he was not strong, Chen Hao looked up to him.

Naturally, Yun Haotian was full of respect for Chen Hao

"My injuries have been healed by His Eminence, and when I heard His Eminence's summons, I rushed here!"

Yun Haotian bowed slightly.

"Well, I was introduced by Master Ghost that the Dragon Group has a very systematic underground resource network, so there is something I would like to request Mr. Yun's help!"

Chen Hao spoke up.

"My life was saved by His Eminence, His Eminence commanded it!"

Yun Hao Tian bowed.

"Lin Jiu laughs at the heavens..."

Chen Hao looked towards these two.

"Your Holiness, your subordinates are here!"

"Now that the establishment of the Xuan Yang Hall has been decided, you two will be assigned, and within three days, complete all the tasks of establishing the force, you go ahead and co-ordinate these matters, I still have some business!"

Chen Hao commanded.

The crowd in the hall immediately retreated to do their business.

"Master Ghost told me, I'm sure that you, Your Holiness, are trying to find out the whereabouts of the Ugly Dragon Island, right?"

Yun Hao Tian said.


"This Ugly Dragon Island is very hidden, and a curse has always existed for the Ugly Dragon Island clan that no clan member may reveal the whereabouts of the Ugly Dragon Island, or else they will surely die violently on the spot!"

"It is precisely because of this perversion that for many years, no one even knew where the Unnamed Dragon Island was located, not even the realm of cultivation!"

Yun Haotian said.

No wonder, that Chen Haotian dared to risk his life to escape, so he would definitely die a violent death in front of me if he dared to speak of the You Long Island!

Chen Hao nodded somewhat knowingly.

"Then, is there no way to find it?"

Chen Hao asked anxiously.

"Not exactly, in my Dragon Group, there is a magic tool hidden in my Dragon Group, called the Shura Disk, in the beginning, it was because of this Shura Disk that my father had several encounters with Master Ghost, with the Shura Disk, together with Master Ghost's Nine Dragons Guessing Method, combined with the system mechanism of the Dragon Group's Earth Network for so many years, it is not difficult to find the location of this Phantom Dragon Island!"

Yun Hao Tian said.

"Sir, I asked Mr. Yun to come here, that's what I mean, we need to use that Shura Disk if we want to find the You Long Island, Mr. Yun will have a way to do that!"

The devil's calculator said to Chen Hao.


Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Also Your Holiness, I, Yun Haotian, have a small request that I do not know whether to speak or not!"

Yun Hao Tian suddenly lowered his head and pondered for a while, then spoke softly as if he was somewhat extremely unable to make up his mind.

"What is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Cough cough, after this battle, I realized that the strength of our dragon group is still too weak when facing some real experts, I heard from Master Lin Jiu yesterday, Your Holiness, you are going to teach the people of the Xuan Yang Hall many mysterious joint formation techniques, naturally, the people of our dragon group are not as talented as Master Lin Jiu and the others, but I thought, Your Holiness, you are well versed in formation techniques, can you take a few days to and teach the members of my dragon group one and a half moves,it will be endlessly useful!"

Speaking of which, Yun Haotian was very solemnly eager.

With this impartation, the fighting power of their dragon group members would definitely be strengthened without limit.


Chen Hao thought about it, speaking of which, he did have a few sets of formations that were suitable for these dragon group members to cultivate.

Naturally, the dragon group kept the side safe, and even if Yun Haotian didn't help himself, if he had a request, Chen Hao would still help with what he could.

"Okay, I promise!"


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