The Unknown Heir 766-770


This kneeling.

The entire scene exploded.

Fuck, the evil cultivator laughing at the heavens hadn't even made a move yet, but he actually kneeled directly to this young man?

How is that possible?

Laughing Cang Sheng was a Third Grade Grand Cultivator, his strength was extraordinary, who was this young man?

The crowd was all talking about it.

And it was obvious that Wan Xue hadn't thought of it either.

At this moment, and then look at Chen Hao who walked up to her, two hands in his pockets, very calm.

A huge aura instantly enveloped himself, no, to be exact, enveloped all the people in the entire underground.

This aura seemed to be able to make everyone's heart palpitate.

Including Wan Xue.  

Ghost Sixteen was not surprised to kneel down to the Laughing Cang, and now his eyelids jumped hard, and even more deadly, he looked at Chen Hao.

"A few days ago, I said I was going to kill you, but you didn't obediently wait for me to kill you, so why did you escape while I was distracted to save your life?"

Chen Hao stretched out a hand from his pocket and touched the Laughing Cang's head like he was punishing a child who had made a mistake.

"Great God, I was wrong, I shouldn't have run!"

The Laughing Cang actually cried right out with a wow.

"You ah, what a disrespectful old man, try to ask when I want to kill a person, how can he run away?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"The Great Spirit is right!"

Laughing Cang's entire body trembled.

Chen Hao wasn't paying attention to him, but turned his head to look around.

Casually, he said, "Everyone, today I represent the Qin family and fight for this control, if anyone is not satisfied, they can challenge me!"

Chen Hao said, after which he continued with a pat on the head.

"That's right, you don't have to come one by one, if you're not convinced, you can come up together and challenge me!"

After saying that, Chen Hao revealed a harmless smile.


"That's tough!"

The audience was all startled.

Who the hell was this person?

Only, yet no one dared to say a word, and they all remained obediently silent.

"Hmph, boy, you're too arrogant, where do you put my Returning Sea Sect Ghost Sixteen?"

Ghost Sixteen, on the other hand, was directly furious.

This person actually didn't consider himself an opponent in the slightest.

"Haven't you been here the whole time?"

Chen Hao said.

"You! Baka!"

Ghost was furious.

"Hmph, shameless little child, Master Ghost, no need to hold back, do all you can to slay this arrogant little child!"

And Li Fei Long was also furious at the moment.

This person actually openly called for control, simply looking for death!

"Kid, today I'll teach you the power of my Returning Sea School!"

And Ghost Sixteen had drawn his sword at the moment.

A sword mane skimmed right through.

This time the light was even stronger.

One of the Return to the Sea School's best techniques: the Thirteen Stances of Breaking the Flow of Water!

One stab can break the water, two stabs can cut the soul, three stabs can destroy the spirit!

The Ghost Sixteen, however, had now trained into the One Strike Three Blades realm.

The knives cut through, and the soul flew away!

Wan Xue, on the other hand, looked at Chen Hao nervously, fearing that Chen Hao was in danger.

After all, the boy who truly made his heart palpitate had always been him.

And now, he seemed to be the real expert.

Therefore, Wan Xue was facing Chen Hao at the moment with extremely complicated feelings.


However, Ghost Sixteen's deadly strike had just landed.

The scene that left everyone wide-eyed happened.

Just saw Chen Hao with one hand in his pocket and the other hand up to gently clip.

As light as it was, it actually clamped onto Ghost Sixteen's blade.


Ghost Sixteen was filled with horror.

Trying to twitch, but couldn't twitch at all.

"What kind of stunt are you doing? What sect is the Return to the Sea School again?"

Chen Hao asked faintly.


Ghost Sixteen could not move at all even with all his strength.

"Very well, it seems you're stronger than I thought you were!"

And Ghost Sixteen laughed furiously.

"O? So, you still have a stunt?"

When Chen Hao saw his expression, he was surprised.

"Flame Blade!"

Just saw Ghost Sixteen slam his eyes shut, and when he opened them again, a flame suddenly emerged in his eyes.

And then, the circumference of his blade was actually covered by a flame.

Unfortunately, when he saw that the flame was about to burn to Chen Hao, it suddenly went out with a zipping sound.

"How is this possible?"

Ghost Sixteen's eyes were wide open.

The youth in front of him was already making him feel incredulous.

Chen Hao was also able to see that he had been holding his blade between his fingers, so he was afraid that he would not be able to tell him the information he wanted to know for a while.

Presently, Chen Hao loosened his blade.

Ghost Sixteen retreated one after the other.

Brush brush brush brush!

And at this time, from the Li location, seven noises were even heard.

Only from the darkness, seven silhouettes emerged.

They directly surrounded Chen Hao.


These seven men shouted.

These seven men, dressed in costumes of endurance, all masked.

Holding steel swords, they were murderous.

"Your Excellency, do you really want to be an enemy of my Returning Sea School? You know that this Taiwu Mountain miracle is very important to my Returned Sea Sect, and if you insist on fighting for control, you will offend the entire Returned Sea Sect?"

Ghost Sixteen stood up and warned.

"So that's how it is..."

Chen Hao nodded thoughtfully.

"Hmph, what, you know you're scared? Why don't we sit down and make friends?"

Ghost Sixteen faded forward.

"Ugh, you shouldn't have said that!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Hm? What does His Excellency mean?"

Ghost Sixteen stopped for a moment.

"Originally, I just wanted to repel you and ask you about your cultivation routes and sects, that's all, but, you blackmailed me just now! And intimidate me!"

Chen Hao said.

"Then what do you want? Could it be that you really don't know the power of the Return to the Sea School?"

Ghost Sixteen had a strong feeling of unease in his heart.

"Because you blackmailed me, you must pay the price of your life, originally, you didn't have to die!"

Chen Hao said with one hand in his pocket.


Ghost Sixteen's eyes flashed with anger.

He tightened his grip on his long blade.

And Chen Hao flexed his fingers.


Ghost Sixteen's two kneecaps are instantly penetrated.


He screamed and kneeled directly in front of Chen Hao.

The man who surrounded Chen Hao raised his sword and struck.

It was raised by Chen Hao with a wave of his hand.

A ring-shaped qi mane spread around with Chen Hao at its center.

The seven people were like seven lambs, flying out in an instant.


Ghost Sixteen begged for mercy.

It was only now that he realized why the laughing pale had seen him like this.


Facing him, a sense of powerlessness swept through his body.

"We, the Return to the Sea Sect, are a great mysterious sect of the Umami Kingdom, with a thousand years of history and many experts, Great God, you have no need to offend us!"

Ghost Sixteen hurriedly said.

"That's not true, since I want this control, haven't I already been offended? I'm sure you Return to the Sea Sect will find trouble with me, right?"

Chen Hao said.

"Yes, so as long as you can hand over control, I will beg the Returning Sea Sect to spare your life!"

Ghost Sixteen panicked.

"You ah, still can't understand me, my style of doing things is that since I've already offended, I might as well be thorough, you'll die here, and if the Returning Sea Sect comes looking for trouble, I'll kill it afterwards quickly!"

Chen Hao gazed.

One hand extended.

Qi Mane was released and condensed into a pair of large hands.

It directly grabbed Ghost Sixteen's entire body.

Chen Hao clenched his fist.


A bloody scene appeared, Ghost 16, straight into pulp....


The brutal scene made the entire audience howl....


Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded by the bloody scene.

"Master Chen!!!"

Some of the family heads even directly bent their bows to express their astonishment.

With someone to begin with, the heads of the remaining several families bent their bows in unison.

For a time, Master Chen's name resounded throughout the underground square.

Li Fei Long now made a wink with Li Shaozong who was staying on stage.

It instructed the two to run quickly.

Li Shaozong would also be impressed and began to pace slowly.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, I asked you the same question in the beginning and it's still the same question now, if you want me not to kill you you can, give me a reason not to kill you~!"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

"I... I'm willing to become a dog at Master Chen's side and serve the Master around!"  

Laughing Cang swallowed his saliva and hurriedly said, this Ghost Sixteen, is too miserable, even if he became a dog, he wouldn't want to end up as  Ghost Sixteen!

"Very well, I think you already know what to do next!"

Chen Hao faintly said, glancing at the Li family's father and son.

Chen Hao was the one who had his hands behind his back.

"Offending Master Chen is simply seeking death!"

Laughing Cang roared and went straight for the two.

Li Fei Long had just instructed Ghost Sixteen to kill Chen Hao, unbeknownst to him, setting the stage for his own death.

The two of them were killed by Laughing Cang Sheng three times, that is, they were killed on the spot.

"If no one objects, have I gained control of this underground world?"

Chen Hao asked.

"This is natural Master Chen, with you as our controller, it's much better than this Wanjia!"

"Yes Master Chen, Master Chen is exceedingly strong, our Yang Family, is willing to serve Master Chen as the head for generations, Master Chen, you must not underestimate our Yang Family, our Yang Family owns a third of the assets in Jizhou!"

The Yang family's family head was now coming up to flatter.

The rest of the family masters were shelling out, flattering towards Chen Hao in various ways.

Only Wan Yao Yao was filled with mixed feelings.

Damn it, why are my eyes so blind.

Such a strong and powerful person, but he didn't even put it in his eyes.

At this moment, he didn't dare to speak at all, because he was still worried that he would end up with the Li family, after all, he had offended him a lot before.

However, Chen Hao didn't even look at him from start to finish.

Instead, he calmly said, "Taiwu Mountain Miracle, I will only take one of these things, the rest will be shared equally with you!"

Chen Hao said.

"What? Thank you, Master Chen!"

The crowd's hearts were not to mention how excited they were.

Wan Xue's own heart was pounding as she looked at Chen Hao, who was in the limelight at the moment.

It was him!

It wasn't until this moment that she realized that the person she had been waiting for was not Li Shaozong, but Chen Hao.

In her heart, Wan Xue was also genuinely happy for Chen Hao.

And, she also hoped that Chen Hao would take a look at her.

Unfortunately, after Chen Hao explained something to Shen Piu Piu, his figure quickly dissipated.

As for the rest of the distribution of benefits, it was all left to Chen Hao's disciple Shen Piu Piu.

This caused Wan Xue to feel a sense of loss and bitterness in her heart.


After the underground ceremony, the entire Ji Prefecture was considered a complete change of direction.

Including some ancient martial families, hidden clans, as well as some giants with special powers, so far all obeyed Master Chen Hao Chen's orders.

There were even a lot of loose cultivators who had originally placed their trust in some powerful families, who also rushed here to join them.

Most of those loose cultivators, like Lin Jiu, were self-taught and had no reliance on the organization, and now that they had a big backing, these people didn't know how much they were jumping for joy.

At one time, there were as many as twenty-seven loose cultivators who had attached themselves towards Chen Hao's side.

Among them, most of them were first-grade cultivators, and a few were second-grade cultivators.

Among these people, it was Laughing Cang who was the strongest.

Faced with these subservient, Chen Hao did not reject them.

It was because right now, Chen Hao was indeed using people.

It was also natural that as Chen Hao's first disciple, Shen Piu Piu was weak, but had absolute power to speak.

Chen Hao's power gradually had a small layer of influence.

In response to this, some people began to discuss.

Was it necessary to establish a sect, so that it would be possible to establish everyone's respect, and in this way, it would also be famous.

These people had begged Chen Hao for this matter.

Unfortunately, they had been rejected by Chen Hao as being premature.

On the contrary, these days, Master Chen had stayed within Taiwu Mountain.

Everyone was also unable to enter, and the matter was temporarily dropped.

This day.

Shen Piu Piu went out.

Followed by his side was one of his fellow cousins.

"Sister, what are you doing going? Didn't grandpa say, let us out less recently, Jizhou City, there have been a spate of girls disappearing this time, it should be perverted flower pickers, so let's be careful!"

Cousin said.

"Of course I know, but do you think anyone would dare touch us in Jizhou City now?"

Shen Piao Piao said helplessly.

My cousin thought to herself.

Now my sister was Master Chen's only disciple, of course, even though she was named, but the weight was in the word only.

And with this, their Shen family's identity also rose in Jizhou City, becoming an existence second only to the Qin family.

Especially in Jizhou City, there were hidden dragons and tigers, and now, these dragons had to dish out in front of their sister, and the tigers had to lie down in front of their sister.

Who would dare to provoke the Shen family?

"Today, I ah, is to prepare some decent dresses for master him, in the near future, master will set up his own power, as the helmsman, how can he not have a decent dress? By the way, Qian Qian, help me think about what would be the most appropriate attire for Master to wear, given his light and elegant nature."

The two sisters laughed and talked along the way.

They soon arrived at the most luxurious clothing mall in Jizhou City.

Only unfortunately, as soon as they entered, they ran into an untimely person.

"Hmph, who am you supposed to be, what bad luck, it's you again!"

A woman stopped Shen Piu Piu and Shen Qian Qian from going.

And looked at the two with ill will.

"Li Jiaojiao?"

And who else could this person be if not that cousin of his.

The last time she was in the parking garage of the Protective Dragon Villa, she was given a small punishment by her master.

I didn't expect that a few days had passed and she still didn't remember.

And at a glance of Shen Piao Piao, Li Jiao Jiao had a few of her playmates beside her.

"Hmph, you can really do it, a few days ago, you went to the Protective Dragon Villa for fun, but now it's good, even this kind of luxury shop is also in and out, what, is your Shen family not going to pass?"

Li Jiaojiao was as sharp and sarcastic as ever.

"Li Jiaojiao, you can say whatever you like! If you're happy!"

Shen Piu Piu smiled bitterly helplessly.

Then pulled Qian Qian was preparing to leave.

"You stop right there, who told you to leave, the two of us haven't settled our accounts yet!"

And seeing that Shen Piu Piu wanted to leave, Li Jiaojiao immediately tore into Shen Piu Piu's shoulders.

The few women beside her even surrounded Shen Piu Piu.

"Sisters, don't let her go!"

A woman shouted over her shoulder.

"Jillian Lee, what do you mean?"

Shen Piu Piu asked with a cold face.

"Uh huh? What do you mean? What do you mean you're asking me now? Do you think you can let go of what happened last time? Let me ask you, where did you hide that loser last time? Let me tell you, Bill and the others have been looking for that kid lately, and once they find him, they'll definitely cut him down to size, and you're finished too, using conspiracy to plot against us!"

Li Jiaojiao remembered the events of that day, so she was furious.

What's more, as she said it, she actually tore Shen Piu Piu Piu's hair in public.


Shen Floating raised her hand to slap Li Jiaojiao's face.

"You're sick!"

"Damn it, Shen Piu Piu you've simply eaten the guts of a leopard, you actually dare to hit me? You want to die, don't you? Well, I'll fucking make it happen!"

Undeterred, like a society sister, she started dialing the phone.

Soon, seven or eight Buick businesses were parked directly in front of the mall.

A group of big men came down from the car....


This group of big men, quickly rushed over and surrounded Shen Piu Piu.

"Jiao Jiao, what happened?"

Headed by the big man.

If one looked carefully one could tell that this big man was not a bystander, it was the one who had shaken hands with Chen Hao a few days ago and had been fixed by Chen Hao.

"Brother Biao, I was beaten, and was slapped by her in public, remember that kid in the parking lot of the last Protective Dragon Villa, Shen Piao Piao has a lot to do with him."

Presently, Li Jiaojiao added to the matter.

"Fuck, I've been looking for that kid for a long time, and when I find him, I'll definitely cut him down, now, let's settle old grudges with new ones, how dare you hit Jiao Jiao, I see that you don't want to live!"

Billie now raised his hand and tried to strike towards Shen Piu.


And at this moment, there was a cold voice.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was the middle-aged man with the word "manager" on his chest who was walking over with a group of security guards.  

Joke, this is the most famous clothing mall in Jizhou Province.

Who dares to make a fuss here.

Simply don't want to die.

He was furious and came over.

"Well? Bill, it's you!"

After seeing the big man at the head.

This manager, however, was slightly startled.

Obviously a little startled.

"So it's Old Xu, nothing else, just here to settle a personal grudge and teach a woman a lesson, I don't think you have a problem with it, right?"

Billie asked with a sneer.

"Naturally not this one, hehe, I still have to give Bill's face!"

Manager Xu thought about it and said now, playing haha.

"Hmph, Biao, why are you talking so much, help me smack her hard, let her see what kind of price she has to pay for going against me!"

Li Jiaojiao was vicious.

And Shen Piu Piu was really not expecting that this mall's hall manager would not even care about her own customers.

At the moment, she was anxious and angry.

She wanted to take action.

But on second thought, if she solved the problem now, she might not even have to do it herself.

"Li Jiaojiao, just because I don't fight back, it doesn't mean I'm afraid of you, it's just that I don't want to cause trouble, if that's the reason you're giving an inch, I advise you to stop before it's too late!"

Shen Piu Piu took a deep breath and warned.

"Hahaha, Shen Piu Piu, are you trying to scare me? I know, you are afraid of being beaten in public, it will be very humiliating, and it will be on tomorrow's media, I just want others to see what the once lofty and rampant Miss Shen has become!"

After she finished speaking, she pulled out her phone and prepared to video.

And in the middle of the conversation, the brawny man was raising his hand towards Shen Piu Piu's hair and tearing it off.

Right at this stall.

"Stop it!"

A furious voice came out.

In a flash, Biao's wrist was kicked viciously.

It was directly kicked and flipped over.

In front of Shen Piao Piao's body, there was already a shadow of a person standing.

And Brother Biao covered his hands, screaming at the people in front of him.

"Who are you people?"

Biao shouted in pain.

In front of him, there was a group of middle-aged men in suits standing.

And Biao's question was like a fart, everyone didn't care.

That middle-aged man walked in front of Shen Piu Piu.

It actually bowed slightly to Shen Piao Piao.

"Miss Shen, I'm so sorry for almost subjecting you to this humiliation here!"

The middle-aged man was ten thousand times ashamed.

"You are?"

In fact, Shen Peopeo was just ready to strike first to repel this Biao , but did not expect that there was someone to counterattack this on his behalf.

And this person, Shen Piao Piao obviously felt very unfamiliar.

"My name is Li Hua, you don't know me, but I can know you, a few days ago, I had met you once along with our head of the family, Mr. Yang!"

Li Hua respectfully said.

That's odd!

Shen Piu Piu was presently aware.

"Li Hua? Who is Li Hua? Is it good? How does Shen Piu Piu know someone very powerful?"

Li Jiaojiao at the side was surprised.

"Speak softly, this man is Li Hua Li, Jizhou provincial capital Yang family's old man's former driver, now is the general manager of several shopping malls, black and white, the means of the world ah!"

This one called Biao also wimped out.

No wonder, if it wasn't for Mr. Li, whose bodyguard could have such strength!

"Miss Shen, is it convenient to inform me what has happened?"

Li Hua asked very seriously.

At the same time, his voice began to become extremely cold.

Nowadays, Jizhou City family forces are at the disposal of whomever, I'm sure that anyone with some access to the door must know that it is that Mr. Chen who is the divine dragon, but who is Shen Piufei, but Mr. Chen's beloved disciple.

If Shen Piu Piu meets humiliation in his own place.

Naturally, even though these people couldn't hurt Miss Shen.

But neither could they.

He had to take out an attitude now.

Otherwise, once it reached the ears of the householder who was trying to suck up to Mr. Chen, then he could probably be cut into pieces.

So it was necessary to vent his anger to Miss Shen.

"Oooh, it was this woman who pestered me and called out for someone to find out my master and hack my master to death by intimidating me, I was so angry that I hit her, that's all!"

Shen Piao Piao smiled faintly.

"What? How dare you be so disrespectful to Mr. Chen?"

Li Hua was frightened.

Now, his eyes reddened as he looked over towards Li Jiaojiao and the others.

Li Jiaojiao was also a little frightened by Li Hua's identity.

When the spittle swallowed wildly.

And Brother Biao was even more stunned.

"Mr. Li, there might be some misunderstanding, my cousin's name is Li Fei!"

Billie was so frightened that he hurriedly put up relations.

"Someone, someone actually dares to cause trouble in our mall, break their legs according to the rules, and also, this woman is so disrespectful to our VIPs, break her mouth for me!"

Li said coldly.

The words only fell.

A few bodyguards behind him blatantly made their move.



The sound of killing pigs directly exploded throughout the mall.

Biao's legs were ripped off raw.

A few of his little brothers were also lying on the ground and began to twitch all over.

Li Jiaojiao was terrified.

A strong backwards, and finally wanted to turn around and escape.

Having had his hair ripped out, he didn't know where the bodyguard brought a thick wooden board from.

Slap, slap, slap!

Ruthlessly greeting towards Li Jiaojiao's mouth.

Soon, Li Jiaojiao was beaten with blood all over her face, like a pig's head.

Even Shen Piu Piu was a bit unable to watch.

It was too cruel.

Li Hua, on the other hand, also had fierce eyelids.

He also didn't want to be so cruel.

According to reason, some looking for trouble, breaking the legs to teach a lesson would be just fine.

Now, it was repairing people to half death.

And extremely vicious.

Even a person would be a bit intolerant.

But it can't be helped.

You say that you guys mess with whoever is bad, but you prefer to get involved with Mr. Chen's people, and you even speak out to chop Mr. Chen to death.

It's all in the mouth.

If I don't teach yourself a hard lesson, these people, I'm afraid, will die without even knowing how....


Wrapping up Li Jiaojiao was naturally no problem.

And back to Chen Hao's side.

These past few days, the people waiting for an opportunity to get close to Chen Hao were too many and too troublesome.

Fortunately, these days, Chen Hao was staying in the Taiwu Mountain's miracle cave.

It was indeed a miracle cave.

There were numerous magic artifacts in it.

Chen Hao searched for a full three days.

Only then did he discover the treasure of the miracle that Master Ghost Calculator had explained that he was going to seize.

It was a blue elite crystal stone.

It was roughly the size of an adult nail.

Only how it was to be used, but Chen Hao had no idea.  

Probing for a moment or two, only to find that it contained a very strong energy with special properties.

"Is there any use for Master Grimoire to seize this gem himself?"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

A few days of research had yielded no results. But the most important thing at the moment was obviously still finding the Ghost Abacus Master.

Only by finding Master Ghost Abacus.

His own parents, Sister Ziyan, and Tongxin, everything would begin to fall into place.

Because Chen Hao felt that Master Ghost Calculator had already seen this step in the first place, it was obvious that the events that had happened would also be within his expectations.

The current difficulty was, where exactly was Master Ghost Calculator hiding now?

Just as  Chen Hao was sad.

"Mr. Chen, Miss Wan Xue of the Wan family is here! She's been waiting outside all day, insisting that she wants to see you!"

Lin Jiu walked to Chen Hao's side and said.

"Wan Xue? What's she doing here?"

Chen Hao naturally remembered this girl, only, she was plain to herself, except for the last birthday banquet, it could be said that she had never had any dealings with her.

But hearing Lin Jiu say that she waited for a day.

If there's anything wrong with it, you have to meet it yourself.

Who let herself think of using her to get an entrance ticket before.

"Bring her in!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

With a flip of his wrist, the blue crystal was gone.

"Chen Hao... No, Chen... Mr. Chen!"

Wan Xue was brought into the backyard, and when she saw Chen Hao, Wan Xue's heart felt that strong palpitation again.

Thinking about a few days ago, this boy was still so mediocre and ordinary, and standing in front of him herself, honestly, there was a feeling of being on top of the world.

But by now, it seemed like Wan Xue was a little too nervous to look at him.

"Are you looking for me for something?"

Chen Hao looked at her and smiled.

"Well, there's something, but I... I don't think you'll say yes!"

Wan Xue was a little lost.

Her request was actually a bit rude, but based on her first impression of Chen Hao, she felt that Chen Hao would agree to her.

But really seeing Chen Hao's true face.

The only thing that brought her was nervousness and high spirits.

So this request, Wan Xue didn't know how to open her mouth .

"Tell me what you think..."

Chen Hao asked with some bafflement.

"I wanted you to accompany me to Xuan Yang Mountain, but you're too busy!"

A strong sense of anticipation was evident in Wan Xue's gaze.

"Xuan Yang Mountain? Why do you want me to go with you?"

Chen Hao asked with a bitter smile.


Wan Xue didn't know how to speak, but after thinking about it, it was better to speak painfully.

Wan Xue, in fact, wanted to invite Chen Hao to go to Xuan Yang Mountain with her and find that fortune teller again at the back side of the river in Xuan Yang Mountain so that he could help the two of them take a look.

Whether the marriage destiny that was calculated in the beginning was true or not.

Naturally, Wan Xue admitted that she was a little too bored.

A girl, with nothing else to do, is always thinking about the marriage destiny, and apparently Mr. Chen is not that kind of idle person.

So Wan Xue was ashamed to open her mouth.

However, Wan Xue really valued her marriage destiny very much.

So, right now, she told Mr. Fortune Teller about the original fortune telling.

"Mr. Fortune-teller? What does he look like?"

Chen Hao got serious at once and asked.

After Wan Xue's description, Chen Hao was excited a few times.

Could it be the Ghost Master?

Has Master Guei been hiding in Xuan Yang Mountain?

If that was the case, he wouldn't have to bother looking for it.

Chen Hao pondered in his heart.

Then, he promised to do so.

After all, this was an important clue in the search for the Ghost Master.

Wan Xue was both surprised and delighted to see Chen Hao agree.

The location of the Xuan Yang Mountain was located south of the provincial capital of Jizhou.

It was a Taoist shrine.

On the Xuan Yang Mountain, there was a Taoist temple called Xuan Yang Guan.

There were quite a few joss stickers that came here.

The more he looked at it, the more Chen Hao had an intuition that perhaps the Ghost Calculator Master he was looking for was really here.

"Gentlemen, are you going to the Daoist Temple to offer incense?"

When Chen Hao arrived at the front door of the Daoist Temple, he was stopped by two young priests.

They respectfully saluted Chen Hao Wanxue and asked with a smile.

"No Master, we just want to go to the back of the mountain for a spin, why are there so few incense holders on the mountain today?"

Wan Xue looked around and said.

"Oh, I'm really sorry, Xuan Yang Mountain has been closed since a month ago, and the back mountain is no longer open to the public, so if you want to go to the back mountain for a tour, you two should please go back."

Two youths said.

Only one of the youths, while lowering his head to speak, couldn't help but steal a glance at Wan Xue's* part, and swallowed spittle wildly.

Chen Hao naturally took in this scene.

These Daoist priests did not seem like good people.

Moreover, there was a hint of deliberately concealed murderous aura on their bodies, which could not escape Chen Hao's eyes.

Right now, Chen Hao was to expand his spiritual sense and look around.

It was found that the entire mountain was indeed empty.

Only these Daoist priests existed.

Chen Hao coldly looked at the two and did not make any further remarks.

Once Wan Xue heard that she could not go to the back of the mountain, she was also extremely lost in her heart.

She was about to turn around and leave.

The two Daoist pounded each other's elbows.

The eyes exchanged a bit.

Then ran up and said, "Miss, please stay!"

The two priests said.

"What's wrong, two masters?"

Wan Xue asked.

"Alas, the two of us, observing Miss's pious attitude, might as well, open a convenient door and grant Miss what she asks, we can let you go to the back of the mountain!"

A priest said.

"Huh? Really, then thank you!"

Wan Xue said with surprise and joy.

"However, the two of you can only go to the back of the mountain one at a time, and the other can rest and wait in the guest room, otherwise, we won't be able to explain!"

The two priests said again.

"So, all right!"

After Wan Xue looked at Chen Hao and saw that he agreed, she nodded her head.

No matter what, she only needed to find that sweeping fortune teller, he would definitely tell her the answer again.

Moreover, the place that the master told her about the promise, only Wan Xue herself knew, and if she could go to the back of the mountain, she would definitely be able to find him.

Thus, Chen Hao and Wan Xue followed behind the two priests towards the inside of the Daoist temple.

Only, lightly, Chen Hao flexed his fingers and injected a stream of true qi into Wan Xue's body....


To say that the one who went in first was naturally Wan Xue.

A young Daoist priest led Wan Xue to the back of the mountain.

The other youth, on the other hand, was leading Chen Hao towards another mountain path.

Chen Hao was walking slowly with both hands in his pockets.

The youth followed him and suddenly smiled.

"Man, you're so blessed, you've got a beautiful horse! What a rare creature in the world!"

Chen Hao laughed teasingly at the news .

"Yeah, I didn't think she was that pretty!"

"That's a pity, you can't even find such a beautiful creature by your side, so it would be better to, give it to us brothers!"

The young Taoist priest smiled coldly.

Did he reveal his true face?  

Chen Hao pretended to be surprised and said angrily.

"Why are you talking like that, this Daoist? Do you believe I'll call the owner of the museum here to complain about you?"

Chen Hao raged.

"Hahaha? Fury, you actually want to complain about me, do you think that later, you'll speak up?"

The young daoist tilted his head and laughed.

"What do you mean?"

"Hmph, to tell you the truth, from the moment you two approached the mountain, your fate was already decided. Presumably, by now, your horse has been reduced to a plaything for that brother of mine!"

The young Daoist laughed wickedly.

And at this moment, a frightened scream from Wan Xue came from afar.

"Hahaha, did you see that? So, I'm not going to waste my time on you, I'm rushing off to share the euphoria! Otherwise, I wouldn't even be in line if the rest of the damn ones heard me!"

After saying that, this young Daoist raised his hand and struck Chen Hao directly in the chest.


Just saw Chen Hao scream as he flew straight backwards like a kite with a broken string.

It smashed heavily on top of an ancient tree.

Chen Hao sprayed blood wildly from his mouth.

After twitching a few times on the ground, he just fainted.

"Rubbish, it's a waste to have such a good woman following you, after dealing with you, I'm going to enjoy her, damn it, damn you Chen You, don't you fucking let her scream anymore!"

This young Daoist was in a state of anxiety.

Now, throwing Chen Hao's corpse aside, he hurriedly raced over towards Wan Xue.

Chen Hao was lying quietly.

And at this moment, next to Chen Hao's corpse.

There were a few brushes.

Several silhouettes directly flew down.

There were three of them in total.

Accompanied by disguises.

They tested Chen Hao's nose.

They found that Chen Hao was no longer breathing.

After exchanging looks now, they hurriedly followed the young monk as well.

Only then did Chen Hao slowly open his eyes.

A mischievous sound.

Like a ghost, Chen Hao's body slowly stood erect.

"This Xuan Yang Mountain is really interesting, there are so many experts, and it seems like there are two forces!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but frown in thought.

Thinking that Wan Xue wouldn't really run into any danger, he walked after them.

Plus, Wan Xue.

She was so anxious just now to go find that fortune teller.

But she didn't expect that this young Daoist priest actually had evil intentions towards her.

He wanted to force himself.

This terrified Wan Xue.

Although she had some cultivation.

But this person, was extremely strong.

He was no match for himself at all.

"Hahahaha, little sister, you keep shouting, the louder you shout, the better I'll feel, hahaha!"

The Taoist priest pressed Wan Xue to the ground.

He began to go and tear the ** on Wan Xue's body.

Wan Xue struggled desperately.

She pushed towards this youth's chest, pushing as hard as she could.

"Hahaha, keep pushing me, keep pushing me ah!"

The young Daoist shouted with a fierce face.

Suddenly there was a loud boom.

Wan Xue's palm unexpectedly struck at the neck of this youth.

Immediately following, a powerful true qi was released at the place of Wan Xue's palm.

This person flew out directly backwards.

The entire body of the man was directly blown into two pieces, becoming blurry with flesh and blood.


Wan Xue was dumbfounded, looking at the might of his palm, all about to die of fright.


The other youth, on the other hand, arrived just in time.

Seeing the scene in front of him, he was directly startled.

"You're actually this strong?"

He was startled.

" stay back!"

Wan Xue was afraid of a strong backward movement.

At the same time, she slapped at this Daoist.

The Daoist was so scared that he was about to pee on the spot.

However, the slap didn't have any power.

The young Daoist seemed to have sensed something.

He was terrified and laughed, "Hahaha, what, it's not working?"

"You stay back!"

Wan Xue shouted in fear.

But where did the young Daoist care about that, directly pouncing on it again.


Just as soon as he moved, he was kicked in the back.

He flew out directly backwards.

Climbing up, he saw that behind him, at some point, three masked guys in disguise appeared.

"Who are you guys? How dare you break into Xuan Yang Mountain?"

The young Daoist roared.

"Thieving Daoist, simply seeking death!"

The masked man followed and still wanted to strike.

Only to see this young Daoist pull out a paper talisman and blast it.

It instantly shot out a flame.

The masked man simply couldn't dodge it and was instantly wounded in the arm.


Another fire note burst into flames, this time green fire rose into the sky and exploded instantly.

"No good, we're exposed!"

The masked man leading the group coldly drank.

Now, pulling out a flying dagger, he struck the young monk in the neck.

They were trying to save Wan Xue from leaving.

But soon, brushes.

There were non-stop silhouettes flying from above the treetops.

There were dozens of them, surrounding the entire scene.

They were also all dressed up as clear-cut Daoist priests.

Only one of them was full of murderous aura.

Obviously very ruthless.

"Catch them!"

Among this group of Daoist priests, a middle-aged Daoist priest waved a large hand.

Going up to directly hold the four people in custody.

There were so many people on the other side that the three masked men naturally gave up their resistance.

"Yun Haotian, it really is you, I didn't expect you to lurk, you actually lurked to our Xuan Yang Mountain, I didn't expect it, you old brat, you actually missed capture, hahaha, take them away!"

The middle-aged Daoist priest pulled off the veil of the masked man in charge, and after mocking and ridiculing him, he escorted the four men away, including Wan Xue.

There was a large cavern in the back of the Xuan Yang Mountain.

The four people, all of them were taken into the cavern of the ground.

And around here, it was guarded by many experts.

"This Xuan Yang Mountain seems to have a big problem, Master Ghost Calculator would really be in so?"

Chen Hao, who was not far away, saw all of this scene.

Knowing that there was not a single good thing about this Xuan Yang Guan Daoist.

So before, Chen Hao had injected Wan Xue with true qi.

Naturally, Chen Hao didn't really intend to cause any harm to Wan Xue.

If necessary, Chen Hao would of course take action.

And now, what he needed to do was to scratch his tongue and ask about the situation here before making plans.

Soon, evening arrived.

A Daoist priest on duty craned his neck and walked to a forest to prepare for convenience.

Suddenly, a huge suction force directly sucked him away without a sound...


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