The Unknown Heir Chen 761-765


Once he saw that the Chen Hao that his son was talking about was so young, Qin Xuanfeng was very curious.

His son called out one master at a time, but no matter how he looked at it, he felt that this young man was ordinary.

Could it be that the son was mistaken?

However, despite his thoughts, Qin Xuanfeng shook hands with Chen Hao in a friendly manner to express his gratitude.

Naturally, as an older man, a few conversations would inevitably lead to some contempt.

"Oh, Brother Chen Hao, this is the Thunder Suppressing Stone I just told you about. It's the hardest piece of stone in the heavens and earth, and no matter where I live, this stone is the one I will stay with!"

After the meal, Qin Xuanfeng and the others took Chen Hao for a walk around.

Talking about this Thunder Suppression Stone.

And Qin Xuanfeng's address to Chen Hao had been changed from the previous Master Chen to Brother Chen.

Including several of the family's elders, they were also calling Chen Hao little brother.

This caused Qin Yong, who was anxious at the side, to give his dad a wink, prompting him that this was already a great disrespect to the master!  

But Qin Xuanfeng turned a deaf ear.

Right now, without waiting for Chen Hao to ask a question, he was again explaining the origin of the Thunder Suppressing Stone on his own.

Rumor had it that this was a large stone that was exposed at the top of Taiwu Mountain back then, and it had endured the essence of the sun and moon for a long time, and, I don't know if it was because this stone had a special smell.

It could always attract heavenly thunder to strike it.

However, allowing it to be bombarded by so many heavenly thunderbolts, but this boulder was simply unharmed.

From then on, this stone was called the Thunder Suppressing Stone.

Speaking of which, Qin Xuanfeng looked at Chen Hao with quite a bit of pride .

"How about it Brother Chen Hao, this boulder in your buddy my collection is worth a lot, right?"

Qin Xuanfeng said.

The rest of the old men also laughed.

I thought to myself, "A yellow-haired kid er, how does he know this Heaven and Earth treasure!

Chen Hao smiled bitterly at the words, then nodded, "It does look like it's worth a lot!"

"Haha, but how come you look like you don't quite believe it, brother Chen Hao, it's just as well, my son said that brother Chen Hao possesses great powers, it's just as well, for my Qin Clan, to open my eyes ah!"

Qin Xuanfeng said smoothly.

"Yes Brother Chen Hao, why don't you try to see if you can split this legendary and unbreakable Thunder Suppression Stone and open our eyes ah!"

Some of the old men laughed along with it.

But talk was laugh, and their words were a bit of ridicule.

Chen Hao listened to their meaning was also very clear.

Yes, he had only saved the Qin Yong siblings, and then promised Qin Yong to become their patron, allowing them to honor him for generations to come, obviously, Qin Xuanfeng, and many of the elders of the Qin family were extremely displeased.

It was like during the dinner, as evidenced by the fact that they hadn't mentioned a single word about the asylum-seeker.

"This Thunder Suppressing Stone is indeed the hardest thing in the heavens and earth, and cannot be struck by lightning or shelled! Simply because it has absorbed the essence of the sun and moon for a long period of time, it already has an aura and has become a spirit stone, and the fact that it is hard and hard to rush is precisely the characteristic of this Thunder Suppressing Stone!"

Chen Hao spoke lightly.

"Hehe, is it according to what Brother Chen Hao said, but anything that possesses an aura is a spirit, so then many things are indestructible?"

What Chen Hao said Qin Xuanfeng did not understand, but it was precisely because he did not understand that Qin Xuanfeng retorted somewhat sourly.

"How can I put it, the reason why it's indestructible is because the spirit object must be dealt with by the spirit of the world, and your inner strength, as well as the power of ordinary metal, can't do any harm to this spirit stone!"

Chen Hao said.

"I sort of understand, Brother Chen Hao is making fun of us old guys with our low strength..."

One of them, an old man, looked at Chen Hao as he laughed bitterly while poking fun at the few elders.

This was clearly a warning to Chen Hao: Young man, speak in a measured manner, don't be too exuberant!

Naturally, Qin Yong could hear what Grandpa was saying and panicked, "Grandpa, Master he didn't mean it..."

"I did not mean that...don't get me wrong!"

Chen Hao also said.

In this way, the faces of Qin Xuanfeng and the few elders were only slightly better.

Who expected that Chen Hao hadn't finished his words.

"What I mean is that with your strength, you don't deserve to collide with this spirit stone, and not because of your low strength! It's like an insurmountable difference between heaven and earth!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.


As for the Qin family, all of them stared at each other, even now, filled with anger.

Qin Xuanfeng's face was also extremely ugly .

"Then what Brother Chen Hao means is that you can split this Thunder Suppressing Stone? This is going to be a real eye-opener for us!"

Several of them gritted their teeth.

"It's natural, and what's so strange about splitting this Thunderbolt?"

Chen Hao looked towards them and shook his head, laughing bitterly.

"The reason why the Thunderstone is not afraid of ordinary lightning is because like these lightning bolts, it is a natural spirit produced by the heavens and earth, so he is not afraid, and if it were struck with a technique that is above lightning, this Thunderstone would naturally be shattered!"

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, yellow-mouthed little child, it's simply shameless, how dare you speak of magic?"

An old man finally couldn't endure Chen Hao's madness. Right now, he directly opened his mouth to lecture.

And Qin Xuanfeng did not stop him, it was obvious that what this old man was saying was exactly what Qin Xuanfeng wanted to express.

"Then you guys just watch!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

His hand suddenly pinched a simply.

In his heart, he recited a secret.

On top of the sword finger, a mist of light emerged.

And within the mist of light, light blue lightning was constantly intersecting.

Everyone who was stunned by this scene took a step back.

In the next instant, they watched as Chen Hao flicked the lightning fog into the sky.

Instantly around the area, the wind and clouds changed colors, lightning and thunder, and violent winds rose.

The fierce wind seemed to be able to tear the corners of one's mouth apart in an instant.


Everyone panicked and looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

Just felt dreadful.


Immediately following, a tearing explosion came from the sky.

It made the hairs of one's body stand erect.

A huge lightning bolt, it wasn't blue, but lingered with colorful colors.

It was very splendid.

But the feeling one got was one of profound fear.

This lightning bolt directly struck the Thunder Suppression Stone.


Explosions rang out, smoke rolled out, and debris flew even more wildly.

This Thunder Suppressing Stone had been shattered by a single blow!

Just look at the change of the sword in the Chen Hao, the weather in this surrounding area changing, gradually returned to normal.

The night sky also returned to its previous silence.

It was as if nothing had happened.

As for the Qin family, all of them were now as if they had dotted their acupuncture points, and all of them did not speak or breathe anymore.

I don't know how long had passed.




The members of the Qin Clan, including those elders, kneeled collectively under Qin Xuanfeng's leadership.

"Master Chen, truly a god!"


At the same time as the entire Qin family was kneeling to Chen Hao.

Among the Li family that had come to participate in this grand event.

Inside the study, a young man stood in front of a middle-aged man.

"Shaozong, how has your relationship with Miss Wanjia been lately?"

The middle-aged man spoke up and asked.

"Father, everything is under my child's control, that Wan Xue, who is very obsessed with me, taking her down is not a big problem!"

Li Shaozong smiled faintly.

"Hehe, that's good, I also believe that you, Shaozong, will take care of everything, you know that although the Wan family is not strong, that power behind the Wan family is very terrifying, only when we get this relationship with the Wan family right, our Li family, will have a real chance to make a name for ourselves!"

"And you must never relax in your training! The underground ceremony will be held in two days, and no matter what, our Li family will win the laurel this year!"

Father Li instructed.

"I understand!"

"Only father..." whispered Li Shaozong.

"Only what?"

Father Li asked.

"This grand event is held every few years, I know that whenever there is this kind of grand event, there will be a supreme treasure produced, so what supreme treasure was discovered in this grand event?"

Li Shaozong asked curiously.

"This is something that my father is also investigating, all I know is that this supreme treasure has repercussions of great significance to your experts in the realm of cultivation, attracting a large number of cultivators to come, and although these people have never shown themselves, you must not be too exposed! It's better to be careful!"

Father Li uneasily instructed.

"I understand this, I believe that the scene of my deliberate defeat to that demon bull at the Dragon Protecting Villa has been seen by quite a few hidden cultivation experts, I guess, many of them have already taken their eyes off me!"

Li Shaozong shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"Very well, next, just feel free to prepare, get the resources of the Wan family, vast our Li family, whether it works or not, depends on this move!"

Father Li laughed in delight.

Li Shaozong retired.

At this moment, Father Li couldn't help but look deep into his eyes and take a glance towards a certain corner of the study room.

If one looked carefully only to find that there was a shadow of a person there, flickering in and out of sight.


This night, the Wan family was also brightly lit.

Wan Yao Yao knocked on his daughter's door.

"Xue Xue, are you asleep yet?"

Wan Yao Yao whispered.

In a short while, the door opened.

It was Wan Xue who had just finished washing her hair.

"It's so late, Father, do you have something to do?"

Wan Xue asked curiously.

"There is some small matter that I need to talk to you about..." said Wan Yao Yao with his hands behind his back and sat down next to a seat.

"What is it?"

Wan Xue curiously asked.

"Xue Xue, Dad knows that he has disciplined you very harshly over the years, especially in the matter of your feelings, he has been rampant in stopping you, do you hate Father for that?"

Wanyo smiled.

"Of course I don't hate it, I understand that father is doing it for my own good!"

Wan Xue shook her head.

"It's best if you understand! But it's fine now, since, you've already taken Li Shaozong as your intended, and my father, who holds him in extremely high regard, and the two of you have been on good terms recently, so my father wants to ask your opinion on whether or not to go further?"

Wan Yao said.

"This... I'm not so sure at the moment!"

A blush emerged on Wan Xue's face.

Wan Yao Yao obviously saw that his daughter seemed to have something on her mind.

Because he had heard Uncle Bai say it.

Xue Xue's feelings towards that Li Shaozong belonged to the kind of feelings that he seriously doubted himself.

With so much uncertainty, Wan Yao Yao was too embarrassed to advise anything.

There was only one thing that Wan Yao Yao was certain of.

That was that such as Chen Hao's flow, his own daughter would definitely not be attracted to him, and Wan Yao Yao was obviously very relieved about this point of his daughter's vision.

"That's good, no matter what, father will stand on your side, but I'm afraid that your marriage with Shaozong will be on the agenda in the future, Xue Xue, you have to be mentally prepared, Shaozong's future, it's boundless!"

Leaving that behind, seeing that her daughter wasn't too resistant, it was a relief to walk out of Wan Xue's room.

"Chen Hao..."

Perhaps it was because she had just heard her father mention these two words, but Wan Xue suddenly looked lost and murmured, as if the image of this boy had started to appear in her mind again.

It made her heart palpitate.


Two days later, the underground grand ceremony was held as promised.

At that time, famous families from all over the world gathered here at once.

Of course, more people had received a special appointment letter, so they secretly came.

Because based on the past forms, the underground grand event, whoever could win the laurels was like the existence of the Martial Lord.

He could enjoy the right to distribute some mysterious items.

There were even many families that had leapt to become one of the world's great families with the help of this underground grand event.

Thus, all the families attached great importance to it.

Naturally, there was no shortage of some families that were foolishly drawn up to be foolishly enriched by this undercurrent of publicity.

Because but all insiders knew.

This kind of grand event, ordinary people would just come to watch the fun, because this was the fight of a true immortal.

No one dared to videotape it, and no relevant information would be leaked.

This was because if it was leaked, the scourge faced could be the extermination of the entire clan.

The place where the grand ceremony was held was still the Dragon Protection Villa.

It was only divided into two major environments above and below ground.

How to put it, the above ground was like a kindergarten, while the underground was the true core university in general.

One was for coaxing some bosses to play around, while the other was for real, real work!

And it was with the Qin family that Chen Hao arrived directly.

The people accompanying Chen Hao were not only the Qin family's top management, but also Lin Jiu's Shen family.

And they, for sure, were rushing to the underground.

"Chen Hao? Why are you still here?"

Just as the group was about to enter, at the entrance, a few Ying Ying girls came laughing.

Seeing Chen Hao, the girl who was apparently leading the group was shocked.

"It's you!"

When Chen Hao saw the woman, he couldn't help but smile a little helplessly.

"Hmph, of course it's me, what, it's only been a few days since I've seen you, and you treat me as if you don't know me ah! And tell me, how did you get in here when you couldn't get your entrance ticket?"

"And just as well, I was just about to ask you to do me a favor, haha!"

This girl was not the next person, it was Wan Xue's best friend Xiu Xiu.

As for the ones beside her, they were all Xiu Xiu and a few of Wan Xue's girlfriends.

In today's event, it was obvious that Wan Xue was one of the main characters, so naturally, the sisters couldn't stay and play together like before.

And seeing Chen Hao, although accompanied by a lot of people.

But perhaps the subconscious thought that Chen Hao's identity reason, so Xiu Xiu was not very scrupulous.

Instead, she very generously held Chen Hao's arm and had to let Chen Hao go with her to a place.


And Qin Yong muttered something in a low voice, wanting to say something.

After all, the Qin family was no longer in charge of Jizhou City now, but their strength was extraordinary.

If someone dared to disrespect the Master, the Qin Family would naturally have to teach him a lesson.

Only to be instructed by Chen Hao to retreat with his eyes.

After all, this little girl had done nothing wrong other than being a little capricious.

"Then you guys go in first, I'll see if she has anything she wants me to help with, and then I'll come back to you..."

At the moment, it was only a helpless, bitter smile....


Chen Hao followed Li Xiu Xiu over.

I thought she was looking for herself because of something, but it turned out that she wanted her to hold a parrot for her.

This parrot could learn to talk.

Somehow, it became unable to do so after arriving here.

She thought that the demon cow was afraid of Chen Hao last time, so maybe this parrot would be afraid of Chen Hao as well, so she thought of asking Chen Hao to hold it for her.

Chen Hao was helpless and shook his head.

It was also really afraid of this Li Xiu Xiu's pestering, so Chen Hao nodded his head and agreed.

"I didn't think that you brat has quite a bit of access, that one should be the Qin family, you can actually ride on the Qin family's coattails, but oh well, Chen Hao, just thank me, hmm, actually asking you to come over and get me the parrot is just one of the reasons..."

After Li Xiu Xiu had brought Chen Hao into the underground again, she said slowly.

"What do you mean?"

Chen Hao smiled curiously.  

"You probably don't know, this Qin family and Xue Xue's Wan family, have a grudge, you're actually staying with the Qin family now, when you go in later, you'll definitely be seen by the Wan family, you don't want to live!"

Li Xiu Xiu grumbled.

"Oooh, I see, that's what you're saying, huh? Oh, well, thank you really for that!"

Chen Hao smiled wanly.

"Xiu Xiu, why are you so related to this loser, it's not like you've fallen in love with him, right?"

The few women beside Li Xiu Xiu were all covering their mouths and ridiculing.

"Go, go, go, don't talk nonsense, how could I like him!"

Li Xiu Xiu was speechless.

Only, to tell the truth, Li Xiu Xiu actually had a very good feeling towards Chen Hao.

Just felt that Chen Hao was very nice and extremely kind-hearted.

Li Xiu Xiu and the others had benefited from the Ten Thousand Family, all being able to freely travel up and down the entire Dragon Protection Villa.

Now, they had found an extremely good seat and sat down.

Even Chen Hao, who was also drenched in Li Xiu Xiu, sat in a more forward position.

Chen Hao had wanted to leave just now.

it was because he heard that Li Xiu Xiu was doing it for his own good that he called out to her side.

Secondly, well, this was good, he could just take a good look at the experts who would be participating in the tournament from below.

After all, it was still the first time that one was dealing with a realist formally.

Right now, Chen Hao put all of his attention on the large venue.

It was a huge circular venue.

In the center of the venue was a high platform used for the tournament.

At the bottom of the platform, there were more than thirty families that were sitting below and participating in the tournament.

The thirty-odd families, although they all appeared to be the Ten Thousand Families, there was actually an undercurrent in them.

Everyone understood the importance of this grand event, and they were all secretly competing against each other.

Chen Hao was observing from below.

He discovered that among these families, the ones that truly possessed a certain amount of strength were the Wan Family and the Li Family.

The rest had a few.

Naturally, there were also cultivators sitting there.

But clearly they were not as strong as Li Shaozong.

They were ruthlessly defeated by Young Master Li Zong after only a few rounds after taking the stage.

I don't know why, but even Wan Yao Yao was feeling a little strange at the moment.

That was that Young Master Li Zong's strength had increased too quickly.

Wan Yao knew Young Master Li, he was only a First Grade cultivator, how could he defeat so many First Grade cultivators so easily?

Could it be that he was now not just a first-class monk, but beyond this existence?

Wan Yao Yao was a little startled.


In the blink of an eye, another old man was defeated and knocked off the high platform.

"Blue is better than blue, the old man is convinced!"

After bowing to Li Shaozong, this old man turned around and left.

And the entire scene all gathered their eyes around this youth.

Strong! It's so strong!

Wan Yao Yao watched as another strong man in the family lost his battle.

It was also nonchalant.

"Could it be that this year's control will be handed over to the Li family?"

He muttered to himself.

Wan Xue, on the other hand, looked at Li Shaozong with a look of appreciation.

It was only now that she truly understood this man.

Just as the fortune teller had said, his martial arts skills were unparalleled and could never be compared to anyone else.

"Although this man Li Shaozong is arrogant, he's really handsome! No wonder, Xue Xue fell for him!"

Xiu Xiu on the side said at this moment.

At the same time, she didn't forget to look at Chen Hao teasingly.

"Haha, will you be jealous if I say this? I know that you definitely like Xue Xue, but unfortunately, Xue Xue loves this Li Shaozong who combines a thousand auras in one, not you!"

Xiu Xiu said.


Chen Hao nodded his head.

He had just been waiting and observing.

Wanting to see if there was anyone more powerful than Li Shaozong, the hall's grand ceremony wouldn't only have first, second and third grades, right?

There will definitely be strong people again.

Chen Hao thought to himself.

That's why it hadn't come out of the woodwork.

"This year's charge, it looks like it will go to the Li family!"

At this moment, Wan Yao Yao could not help but smile helplessly.

"What a hurry, where did Master go? Why don't you show up yet? This feast will be over before long!"

Qin Yong was scratching his head anxiously at the side.

Especially when he saw that on the high platform, Li Shaozong was holding his shoulders and closing his eyes, Qin Yong was even more furious.

Damn it, this kid is too good at pretending.

He's simply defiant.

But there was no one to teach him a lesson yet.

"What, is there no one available in the Qin family? You're not here to make a scene, are you, after all this time and not a single fight?"

At the side, Wan Yao Yao could not help but look at the Qin family and mocked.

"Bastard, I think it's your Wan family that has no one left, Wan Yao Yao, some accounts, we'll be able to settle them soon!"

Qin Xuanfeng drank coldly.

"Hahahaha, well, well, I'd like to see how your Qin family will find me!"

Wan Yao Yao laughed out loud.

At this moment, looking at Li Shaozong who no one dared to challenge.

Wan Yao Yao shouted loudly, "My Wan family has been defeated, I don't know who else dares to challenge Young Master Zong's nephew, if everyone has no objections, then the control of this grand event is on Young Master Zong's head."

The words fell for a long time, but still no one could respond.


Right at this moment, a loud laugh suddenly rang out around the area.

The laughter was so loud that it almost cracked the entire scene open.

Many people, were on the verge of fainting, and covering their ears didn't help.

In particular, Li Xiu Xiu and the other girls were screaming in pain.

Chen Hao had promptly sealed their blood veins, and only then did they return to normal.

And this person's laughter, Chen Hao felt familiar no matter how he heard it.

Who else could it be if it wasn't that Laughing Cang Sheng.

"Wan Yao Yao, you old bastard, when did you become so generous, such control can also fall on someone else's head, I'm afraid that the old bastard is not holding any good farts in his heart again, right?"

Laughter was everywhere, and the mockery was even more incessant.

It made Wan Yao Yao's face turn green.

"What man?"

He raged.


And what answered him was a resounding slap on the face.

Wan Yao Yao was simply unable to dodge and received a solid slap on the face.

It hit the ground, and half of his face swelled up in no time.

"What? Not even your grandfather me?"

As the voice fell.

It was seen that an old man, descending from the sky, directly landed on the high platform....


"Who is this man?"

Everyone began to exclaim.

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, couldn't help but open his eyes and look up and down at the old man.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, it's actually you, you're still alive!"

Wan Yao Yao covered the corner of his swollen, beaten mouth and was horrified.

"Death laughs at the heavens?"

On this side of the Li family, the head of the Li family, Li Fei Long, also stood up in horror.

Obviously, this person's notoriety was extremely clear to almost families with a bit of heritage.

Now, Li Feilong was very nervous towards his son's side.

"Young Sect, danger, hurry back!"

Li Fei Long yells at his son.  

And Wan Xue was also somewhat nervous towards Li Shaozong.

Apparently, it was also worried about Li Shaozong's safety.

"Father, there's no need to worry about me, since this is an evil person that everyone fears, I, Li Shaozong, will specifically take care of the evil person today!"

Facing such a strong enemy, the corner of Li Shaozong's mouth, instead, lifted up a smile.

"Oh, little doll, you're good, from the very beginning, I thought you were good, hahahaha, because you kid, you're the dumbest idiot I've ever seen in my three hundred years of living!"

The Laughing Cang looked at Li Shaozong and laughed.

A few days ago, he had been severely injured by that person, both his pride and his strength had been hurt.

Today, through this conference, Laughing Cang Sheng was bound to raise his eyebrows.

Originally, he thought that Chen Hao would be one of these big families, so he had been watching from afar.

Until now, there wasn't even a single person in sight.

Only then did he finally feel relieved.

"Old thing, today I, Li Shaozong, will skin you alive!"

Li Shaozong's mouth twitched, now clenching his fists.

And as he exerted himself, his long hair began to blow and dance with the wind.

Simply handsome!

"Shaozong, look out!"

On the side, Wan Xue shouted in worry.

What to say, although Wan Xue didn't like the man in front of her, and even said that some of his temper was something Wan Xue found annoying.

But, who let him be the man of his choice.

And it was as if this fate was destined by the heavens.

Li Shaozong nodded his head.

Then, he abruptly stepped forward, and his entire body, like a spring, flew straight towards Laughing Cang.

"Thunderbolt Fist!"

He roared.

The area around his fist seemed to be instantly wrapped in a lightning momentum.

"Hahaha, stupid!"

Just saw Laughing Cang bantering with a smile.

Stretching out his large hand, a black mane struck directly towards Li Shaozong.

A boom.

The two rays of light collided with each other.

Li Shaozong's face suddenly changed wildly.

His entire mouth seemed to be distorted by the force of the shock.

This time, Li Shaozong had clearly shown his strength as a Second Grade cultivator, but he was actually unbearable in front of this person.


Li Shaozong could no longer dodge if he wanted to, he spat out blood and flew straight backwards.

He smashed heavily on the stage.

A huge crater was revealed.

"My God!"

The whole crowd began to scream.

Wan Yao Yao's eyelids jumped wildly.

Li Fei Long's heart was even more in his throat.

Wan Xue had thought that Li Shaozong was just like the last time he had dealt with the Demon Bull, with an understandable certainty of victory, but who knew that it was the same kind of result as last time.

Defeat in one strike.

Now, Wan Xue covered her mouth in surprise.

"Hahahaha, you fool, who gave you the courage to fight against me!"

Laughing Cang shook his head.

Now raising his hand and sucking, Li Shaozong actually flew straight up.


Li Shaozong kept screaming in the air.

"Dad, think of a way to deal with this wicked man ah!"

Wan Xue shouted anxiously from the stage.

Just as Wan Yao Yao was at his wit's end.


Just look at the laughing celestial on the stage, glancing at Wan Xue.

"Doll girl, but she is also gifted, just as well, since you have love and righteousness, then go with this Li Shaozong piece and be sucked dry by me, hahaha!"

Now, the smiling cultivator raised his hand again, and Wan Xue's entire body was sucked up onto the high platform at once.

"Laughing Cultivator, please, let my daughter go!"

Wan Yao Yao was anxious, and now panicked.

"Xue Xue!"

In the audience, Xiu Xiu was even more tense on her feet.

Wan Xue was struggling for her life in the air.

Wan Yao Yao even cried out, "Laughing Friar, I don't think you want to be a direct enemy of that family, besides, my daughter isn't from the realm of cultivation, so what's the point of hurting her?"

The laughing pale frowned slightly.

Then laughing.

"If you tell me to let him go, I'll let him go, wouldn't that be a loss of face, how about this, these two, I can let one go. Should I let this Li Shaozong die, or Wan Xue die, I see, you two can decide for yourselves, so that I've also given the Wan family a face, hahaha!"

Wan Xue was nervous, and now, with anticipation, she looked towards Li Shaozong.

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, was even more frightened and pale.

"Grandpa, please, let me go, Wan Xue is just a mortal, and we are all from the realm of cultivation, killing a mortal is like crushing a bedbug to you, while I still have value to you!"

Li Shaozong shouted with a pale face.


Upon hearing this, Wan Xue's entire body shook.

She had never dreamed that the man she had always been pleased with would say such words, and that he would compare himself to a bedbug.

"Hahaha, you have some sense, how about it, doll girl?"

Laughing Cang looked at Wan Xue again.

And Wan Xue, at the moment, was almost ten thousand silent.

Yes, ever since the day that fortune teller told himself this, he had been waiting for that intended man to appear.

He said that his intended person is definitely a man worthy of a lifetime of love.

However, in the end, he was like this.

Wan Xue just felt as if fate had played a joke on her.

She was just about to say, if you want to kill, simply kill me.

At that moment, an angry shout was heard.

"You wicked man, you won't even let a girl go, in vain you say you've lived for two or three hundred years, I see, even if you live for a thousand years, you're still a thousand year old bastard!"

The one who shouted this sentence was a girl.

And this girl was not a bystander, it was Shen Piu Piu.

Seeing Laughing Cang Sheng bullying a woman like this, Shen Piu Piu Piu was simply going to die of anger.

Presently, she was furious.

"O? It's been an interesting day, I've met three ungrateful people in a row!"

Laughing Cang Sheng.

"I, Laughing Cang Sheng, have a habit, but anyone who disrespects me, she will surely die a horrible death, regardless of gender, so female doll, you are unfortunate!"

The Laughing Cang shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Right now, casting a formation, locking Wan Xue and Li Shaozong alive.

It was about to catch Shen Piu Piu.


Suddenly a white light descended from the sky.

It struck directly towards the Laughing Cang Sheng side.

This white light was so strong that it seemed like it was going to envelop the entire underground martial arena.


Laughing Cang's eyebrows raised, and now he directly flew away to dodge....




With a loud bang, the white light fell down, and a huge crack was seen on the high platform, raw and split open by this white light.


A clear sword roar sounded.

It was the sound of a sword being collected.

A man with long shawl hair appeared on the platform at an unknown time.

At his waist, he had a long samurai sword stuck in his waist.

The man himself, even more so, was wearing a Japanese samurai uniform.

He looked like a middle-aged man.

At this moment, looking indifferent, he looked at the Laughing Cang.

"Ghost Sixteen, it's actually you!?"  

Laughing Cang smiled, it was obvious that he knew this Japanese ninja.

"Master Ghost! Help me!"

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, was as if he had seen a straw that saved his life.

Looking at the Laughing Cang, he gritted his teeth and retreated behind Ghost Sixteen's back.

"Hahahahaha, interesting, I can't believe that Ghost Sixteen, the famous Upper Endurance of the Returning Sea Sect, has actually joined a small Li family? I can understand that, can't I?"

Laughing Cang Sheng's eyelids jumped slightly, then he tilted his head and laughed.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, you are a long-famous cultivator, why do you need to make things difficult for the younger generation, if you want to find an opponent, you can look for me, as for Young Master Li, with me here today, you won't be able to touch him!"

Ghost Sixteen said the foot skimming Mandarin in return.

The two of them were clearly the best of the best.

The conversation between the two of them even created a weird atmosphere in the scene.

Everyone didn't dare to speak.

Waiting with bated breath for the battle the two were about to embark on.

However, the result was surprising.

"Hahaha, ninjas of the Returning Sea Sect are very troublesome to deal with, I am not afraid of heaven or earth, I am afraid of trouble, Ghost Sixteen, you know, I am not afraid of you, I am just afraid that you Returning Sea Sect will find trouble, so today, I will give you a face!"

Laughing Cang waved his hand.

It indicated that it would not be embarrassing Li Shaozong anymore.

This caused Li Fei Long on the stage to let out a long breath.

"What? Are you going to help the Li family today and seize control of this time?"

Laughing Cang asked again.

"Yes, if you intend to fight, I don't mind fighting you!"

Ghost XVI gripped the samurai sword in his hand.

"Hmph, dispensation, I'm badly wounded and now I'm powerless to fight you! If it were me at the peak, Ghost 16, it's hard to say which of us is stronger or weaker. This Li Shaozong can be yours, but these two female dolls, I don't think you need to interfere, I want to absorb the essence of these two dolls to heal my wounds~"

Laughing Cang pointed at Wan Xue and Shen Piu Piu.

"I only care about Young Master Li's safety!"

Ghost Sixteen said coldly.

"What? Master Ghost, please save Little Daughter!"

Wan Yao Yao was up there, hearing the news, and hurriedly bowed for help.

And Wan Xue and Shen Piu Piu, both of them were tight at the same time.

But Ghost Sixteen, didn't know who Wan Yao Yao was.

"Brother Fei Long, please open your golden mouth, save my daughter along with her, control of this year, all of it goes to the Li family, my Wan family is the first to support!"

Wan Yao Yao was again.


Li Fei Long was calm at the moment.

A hesitant look.

And on stage, Wan Xue's friend Xiu Xiu and the others were also dying of anxiety.

Who would have thought that there would be such an evil person like Laughing Cang Sheng.

Obviously, it was difficult for the Wan Li family to deal with Laughing Cang Sheng at all.

Especially that Li Shaozong.

I'm so damn convinced that he's been closing his eyes since he got on stage, and I don't know that he really thinks he's some great expert.

Whenever I've met some powerful one, this is the compulsion!

Li Xiu Xiu was simply speechless to death.

"Chen Hao, that Shen Piu Piu is your friend, right, why aren't you in a hurry?"

And just when Li Xiu Xiu was about to be in a hurry, she looked at her side and Chen Hao was actually napping with his eyes closed.


Li Xiu Xiu was about to go crazy.

Just shake Chen Hao.


It was only then that Chen Hao opened his eyes.

The moment Chen Hao opened his eyes, Li Xiu Xiu clearly saw that two brilliant rays were emitted from Chen Hao's eyes.

And startled herself a bit.


Chen Hao only came back to his senses and could not help but look at Li Xiu Xiu.

Just now, those five disc-like objects within Chen Hao's body had appeared again.

Chen Hao couldn't help but sink his heart and watch carefully.

Naturally, the direction of the scene, Chen Hao was still in control of everything.

It was just that he was too absorbed in watching it just now.

"Ah what ah, look, your friend is going to die!"

Li Xiu Xiu was speechless.

"How! Besides, she's not my friend, she's my apprentice!"

Chen Hao looked at her anxious appearance and couldn't help but smile.

"What apprentice or not apprentice? You're dreaming, aren't you?"

Li Xiu Xiu was helpless.

The few girls beside Li Xiu Xiu were also looking at Chen Hao with different eyes.

"Alright, my disciple is in trouble right now, I need to go over and deal with it, right fellow Xiu Xiu, thank you for your kindness!"

Chen Hao was also almost done watching.

Seeing that Piu Piu was in trouble, it wouldn't be good if he didn't take action and let something happen to her.

Presently, Chen Hao directly stood up.

"Hey hey hey, what are you doing Chen Hao? Don't move, or they'll kill you!"

Once she saw Chen Hao stand up, Li Xiu Xiu hurriedly tugged on Chen Hao's sleeve.

"It's fine, don't worry!"

Chen Hao laughed indifferently.

Presently, he walked directly from the audience towards the stage.

The Laughing Cang, who was on stage, was now smart enough to directly reach out and grab Shen Piu Piu and Wan Xue.

Just about to exert power.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, don't hurt!"

A familiar voice entered the ear.

It made Laughing Cang's entire body shake as if struck by lightning.


Laughing Cang turned his head abruptly, and with a glance, he saw Chen Hao who was slowly walking towards the stage.

"It's him!"

Wan Yao Yao watched Chen Hao slowly walk by his side and was not surprised.

Wasn't this the brat who was pestering his daughter.

He actually knew Laughing Cang Sheng?

Wan Yao Yao was a bit incredulous.

Wan Xue, on the other hand, also turned her head unexpectedly.

"Chen Hao?"

Wan Xue was surprised in her heart.

Looking at Chen Hao who came on stage in the clouds with both hands in his pockets, Li Xiu Xiu and the other girls were also surprised.

"It's you, why are you here?"

Laughing Cang Sheng's pupils contracted sharply, and even more so, swallowed with difficulty and took three steps backwards.

Ghost Sixteen's eyes narrowed, apparently noticing the change in the Laughing Cang Sheng.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, who is this person? How could you be so afraid? Could it be that he was the one who injured you?"

Ghost Sixteen stared at Chen Hao while coldly asking the Laughing Cang.

"It's him!"

Laughing Cang Sheng spoke with difficulty.

"Interesting, it's the first time I've ever seen such a young expert, Brother Smiling, since he really is as powerful as you say and seriously injured you, I, Ghost Sixteen, don't mind today, helping you kill this son! I believe that you and I are strong enough to sweep almost half of the cultivation world, right?"

Ghost Sixteen laughed coldly.


And the Laughing Cang shook his head repeatedly.

"What do you mean? You're too scared to do it?"

Ghost Sixteen was surprised.

"No! I'm not afraid, and I'm not afraid to do it! Ghost Sixteen you know what, I, Laughing Cang Sheng throughout the cultivation world, there is not a single word of fear, let alone dare not take action, even if I encounter a strong enemy, as long as I can fight, I will fight him! Even if I might die in battle!"

"Because, whether it's sucking in Shugenjin's true qi or fighting a master, it's all about enhancing my strength or strengthening my reputation, which is my ultimate goal!"

Laughing Cang shuddered.

"What do you mean?"

Ghost Sixteen frowned.

"I've made my point clear, I don't want to die like this, I don't want to die for no reason!"


As his words trailed off, his legs went limp and he knelt directly in front of Chen Hao:.

"Great God, have mercy!"


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