The Unknown Heir Chen 746-750


"A fortune teller?, I remember. The old man, huh? We ran into him on an outing!"

" Yes, that's him!"

Snowy nodded.

"Haha, at that time I remember him saying that soon Snow you'll meet the person of your dreams, someone who will thump your heart as soon as you see him!"

Xiu Xiu recalled.

She then opened her mouth wide in surprise and looked at Xue Xue incredulously, "Could it be that just now, your heart was thumping for that boy?"

Facing the sisters' pressuring eyes.

Xue Xue nodded shyly, but she shook her head, "I don't know if it's that kind of feeling, but I don't think so, because if it's true as that old uncle said, this intended man of mine, he has a unique background, especially his skills, incomparable, a great hero level of scenery, but he looks like a Confucian youngster, and also A little thin! How?..."

"Ahem, I think so too, so ah, I think you must be wrong about what you felt just now, that guy, right, extremely good-looking, to be honest, I like this kind of person as my husband, but definitely don't want him as my boyfriend, so just now, I also can't help but ridicule him a bit, Xue Xue you just don't think too much, keep waiting for your big hero to appear! "

Xiu Xiu laughed.

"You're nasty!"

A couple of girls were jokingly preparing to leave.


And at this moment, the main road of the campus suddenly set off a loud noise.

Immediately following, many boys and girls gathered towards that side.

It was there that a luxury car slowly drove into it.

All of these girls were screaming at this luxury car.

What's going on?

Xiu Xue Xue and the others, who were just about to leave, saw it and were curious to see it.

They casually stopped a student who was running to see what was going on and asked.

"You guys don't even know, Young Master Li Da, this is the most awesome interloper! The man is handsome, distinguished, and very powerful!"

Some of the students chatting about home yes's took over and said.

"I go, awesome? In what way are you referring to awesome?"

Xiu Xiu asked.

"I'll put it to you this way, Eldest Young Master Li's name is Li Shaozong, and he's a prestigious existence both in the *District* and internationally. And at twelve years old, it's said that he can kill a fierce tiger with the lift of a finger, the kind of existence that is legendary!"

This person ran straight away after saying that.

"Fuck, that kind of existence, Snowy, could it be those very people you said you used to see in the family?"

Xiu Xiu was surprised.

Apparently, in some cases, these things were no longer too big of a secret to them.

"No way, Father said that those people's identities were extremely secret, so how could they appear in public in such a high-profile manner?"

Snow was confused.

"Hey! Snowy!"

Xiu Xiu suddenly squealed, "Do you think that this Young Master Li, could this be the one you are interested in? Look, he has a special background and is very powerful and incomparable, isn't that talking about this Li Shaozong?"

This time, Xue Xue shyly lowered her head.

"Haha, let's go, let's walk over to see this Young Master Li!"

Soon, Xiu Xiu pulled Xue Xue to the place.

This Young Master Li, who was quite a bit of an anime character's vested interest, had long hair, was tall and thin, but these could not stop a touch of sharpness in his eyes.

Moreover, if any one opened his file, they would definitely be intimidated by his legendary experiences.

"This Young Master Li, it is said that he is from the Western sand border, the top youngest of the big family Li family, and he has been receiving special cultivation in the valley since he was young, there were a lot of discussions on the internet about the real boy in the early years, but they were quickly deleted, at that time they all felt that it was fake, but I never thought that it was true, the real boy really existed."

"Yeah, the boy who was a hit on the internet and a realist is now a teenager! I don't know what he's suddenly come to Jizhou this time, but it doesn't feel like he's just here to learn, does it?"

A lot of people were talking about it.

And Xue Xue and the others were all listening as well.

But clearly, Li Shaozong was an existence with an extremely cold personality.

His eyes did not have these people who were fawning over him at all, but left with an indifferent expression.

This matter, naturally, shifted with Li Shaozong's departure.

"Is it him? But, no!"

Xue Xue was thinking to herself at the moment.

Although this boy had all of the conditions that the old man said, the only thing was that he didn't have heart palpitations at all when he saw him.

"Hehe, Miss Wan Xue, what are you thinking about?"

Xiu Xiu now touched Wan Xue's arm.

"When did I think of anything!"

"Hahaha, I know without saying it, but right, although this boy is shrouded by an aura, but to be able to become our Miss Wanxue's intended, is really a great blessing for him, it might be of great help to him on his cultivation journey in the future!"

Xiu Xiu smiled.

"Alright, don't say anything, I'm a little tired, let's go back to the dorm and rest!"

Saying that, Wan Xue intentionally returned with her sisters.

And at this moment, Chen Hao Shen Piu Piu with an honest, glasses-wearing boy was heading out of the campus.


As for Chen Hao, he couldn't help but glance at the distant one, Li Shaozong.

"What's wrong Master?"

Shen Piu Piu asked.

"It's nothing, just a little sobering, when we used to study and work and live, we would always encounter many different kinds of people, but sometimes it's only when you realize that the ones you encounter might not be people, or rather, existences that are beyond mortals!"

Chen Hao muttered.

"Huh? Master, what does that mean?"

Obviously, Shen Piu Piu's current worldview was still incomprehensible.

Chen Hao pointed at the distant Young Master Li: "He, too, is a cultivator, if it was before, you wouldn't have been able to tell!"

"such a young cultivator?"

Shen Piu Piu was startled.

"Also, just inside this campus, there are many strange 'people' you still remember, the female student with glasses who just gave you directions?"

Chen Hao said.

"I know!"

What Master said was that when he went to the hallway of the Department of Management and Economics just now, he asked a girl's second class what floor she was on.

Chen Hao nodded, "She's one of those peculiar 'people', a rabbit soul to be precise, possessed above the girl! It's like a regular person learning to live with us!"

Shen Piu Piu covered her mouth in surprise.

"Later, you'll slowly discover more!"

Chen Hao smiled.

And the three of them, too, soon arrived at a restaurant.

In the private room, Chen Hao ordered a bunch of food.

"Classmate Xiao Yan, you don't need to be nervous, we actually have no other intentions in finding you today!"

Chen Hao poured him a glass of juice....


"Well! Thank you!"

Xiao Yan drank his drink and began to eat, it looked like he was extremely reserved.

Chen Hao laughed and said, "Didn't you take two million, why are you still so aggravated, when Piu Piu said she found you just now, you were still eating steamed buns and pickles?"

"I don't dare touch that money, but if you want it, I can give it to you!"

Xiao Yan said.

Chen Hao laughed and shook his head, "We don't want your money, but we want to ask about the origin of that floating dust handle, how did you get this floating dust handle? And it doesn't look like you took the initiative to go to the auction!"

Xiao Yan looked up after a moment and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you guys, I'll pay you guys if you want money, I'm just an errand boy!"

Xiao Yan was too scared to eat it.

"Brother, don't be too nervous, we don't mean anything else, let me ask it this way, when you got this floating dust, did you have any other things or words?"

Chen Hao asked tentatively.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a while before he said, "A little friend from the south is coming!"  

"Hey, what do you mean, my master asked you something and you keep talking about him!"

Shen Piu Piu was furious.

"Little friend from the south, you're talking about the South Sea Chen family, right?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

This time, Xiao Yan's eyes opened wide.

"Brother, you know the South Ocean Chen family, so you're surnamed Chen?" He was surprised.

"My name is Chen Hao, I'm from the South Seas, and to be honest, I've come here to find Master Ghost Abacus, the owner of this floating dust!"

Chen Hao said.

"So it really is big brother Chen Hao!"

He wiped his mouth, "Grandfather Grace instructed me that someone would come to my door sooner or later to ask me about the floating dust, that person is called Chen Hao, and Grandfather Grace also instructed me to give you a letter!"

Clearly ah, Xiao Yan knew something, but hadn't spoken up out of consideration.

"Grandfather En?"

"Well, I don't know if the Master Ghost Calculator you're talking about is Eun-Gong, but at the time, Eun-Gong saved our family's lives and entrusted me with this matter, and by now, I've finally waited you out!"

Xiao Yan was happy.

Presently, from the bag sewn inside his clothes, he pulled out a letter.

It was handed into Chen Hao's hand.

"This is the letter!"

Chen Hao brought it over and took a look at it, it read, "Chen Hao's little friend personally initiated!"

Upon looking at it, Chen Hao was also a bit pleased because this was the Ghost Master's handwriting.

When he opened it, there was a passage written on it.

It turned out that....

Master Ghost had indeed arrived in Jizhou, and since that day before his first visit to Pan Long Ridge, Master Ghost had already thought of his next plan.

After his own departure, the Ghost Master also hastily shifted.

Having come to Jizhou, at the same time, Master Ghost meant that coming to Jizhou was also very directly related to himself.

Because he had decided in his heart that he was the one he had been waiting for, for many years.

Therefore, this time when he came to Jizhou, he also wanted to personally present a generous gift as an invitation to pay his respects!

However, even though he could predict the future, what he could predict was often not an absolute certainty.

He didn't know what dangers would happen next.

Therefore, he had gone into hiding, hiding from a power that was hunting him down.

Finally, the Ghost Master specifically mentioned the Underground Festival that the Wan family had embarked on.

Getting himself qualified to participate in the underground grand event would benefit him greatly when the time came!

Especially the Underground Feast, which Master Ghost had emphasized many times.

"Master this letter, how come I can't understand some of the meaning?"

After Chen Hao finished reading, he was puzzled.

And Little Bamboo had been reading as well.

"Nothing to be puzzled about, it seems that from now on, Chen Hao, you will be my master! No, it's my master's master now!"

Little Bamboo said.

"What do you mean? I'm going to be the master of the Ghost Master?"

"Yes, Master has mentioned many times before that he has been waiting for a long time for that person to appear, he went forward to join him, and now, it has been confirmed that you are the one he has been waiting for, Master's trip to Jizhou this time is the invitation to pay respects, and said that the great gift prepared for you must be related to this underground grand event, and by then, Chen Hao you will definitely be one step closer to refinement! No, it's the master you must have taken a step forward!"

Little Bamboo said.

"Bullshit, I still have a lot of things to trouble the master with right now, what to talk about master worship!"

Chen Hao said helplessly.

"Moreover, I've encountered miracles before, in fact, Little Bamboo, I already feel that miracles don't benefit me much!"

Chen Hao said.

"After you read the letter, on the back, it seems like there's a five line diagram drawn on it..."

Xiao Zhu said.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, really had a Five Elements Diagram.

No, it wasn't a five element diagram.

Chen Hao's eyelids just couldn't help but jump when he looked at it.

It was because this regularly arranged pattern was actually identical to the five discs presented at his own body's dantian!

Only, the Master didn't make any unnecessary explanations about this.

Originally, Chen Hao thought that the Master's search for the miracle was because he felt that his cultivation was still stuck at that time.

In fact, he had long since transcended that kind of existence.

Only now this pattern made Chen Hao think about it.

I'm sure the Master must have known about his own restoration of the Dao Foundation.

And the recent endings that had appeared in his dantian had also been anticipated by the Master.

Could it be that this underground feast would solve the mystery within his own dantian?

Chen Hao was pondering in his heart.

But it had also been decided that since the Master had said it, he would definitely have to attend to see what the origin of this underground event was.

"Xiao Yan!"

Chen Hao put the letter away and looked towards Xiao Yan who was eating.

"Brother Chen, you said..."

"Come to think of it, we also have some destiny, I have a card here, later I will have it changed to today's month and date, there is some money in it, you make good use of it, and it is my way of thanking you!"

"Brother Chen, I don't want it!"

Xiao Yan shook his head.

"Take it!"

Chen Hao still slipped it to him.

After that, it was a direct return to the Shen family.

"Sir, you're back!"

As soon as he came back, Lin Jiu Shen Tian Gang welcomed him.

And shouted Sir in unison.

Because they felt that Young Master Chen was not what he used to be, and it would be a bit presumptuous to address Young Master Chen again.

And Chen Hao didn't reject this either.

As for the enmity between Lin Jiu and Shen Tian Gang.

Chen Hao also forcefully intervened.

Arranging for Lin Jiu to teach the younger children of the Shen family, helping them to open their spiritual roots, thus paving the way for them to embark on the path of cultivation in the future.

And apparently this result was also able to quell Shen Tian Gang's grievances against the Duan Family.

After all, if it was possible for the Shen Family to perpetuate this forever, even if he was allowed to die, he would be willing to do so!

"Lin Jiu, what are the details of this underground feast? You give me a closer look!"

Chen Hao sat down and said to Lin Jiu.

"Yes sir!"

Lin Jiu stood respectfully, and now, it was time to start telling the specific history of this underground event....


"Underground feasts have actually been held for a long time, and often such feasts are accompanied by the appearance of powerful resources!"

Lin Jiu said.

"Powerful resources? It's just some cultivation resources that are necessary for the cultivators, right?"

Chen Hao nodded his head in a clear manner.

"Yes sir, and sometimes it's not just cultivation resources, it may also include the appearance of earth-shattering magic tools, which may only be a lure of profit for ordinary mortals, but for cultivators, it's an indescribable treasure."

"With resources there is competition, so often at this time, there will be cultivators who rashly enter the world and participate in this kind of resource competition, regardless of the agreement!"

"Of course, there are mortal giants who have obtained this kind of magic weapon, but I don't know if sir has found out, but every giants' family that possesses this kind of magic weapon, he will more or less have a cultivation family existing behind him, being remotely controlled by it and controlling everything!"

Lin Jiu said.

Chen Hao nodded his head after hearing it.

It was true, Chen family possessed the magic weapon, and although it seemed peaceful, in the end, there was another Chen family behind it.

If this was obtained by an ordinary family, there would inevitably be a danger of being reduced to a puppet.  

"That's why you're lurking in the world, right, because there will be a lot of realists who have hidden their identities to get here and might be right next to us?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Sir's discernment, if I don't keep a low profile and hide it and be discovered by other hidden cultivators, what awaits me will be these people's plotting and siege."

Lin Jiu said.

"So, is the Jizhou Wanjia responsible for providing this kind of platform for these contenders, wanting to allocate resources appropriately in some way beforehand?"

Chen Hao said.

"Yes sir, this underground grand event, to be frank, is similar to a martial arts tournament, there will be many cultivators, who will enter as wealthy merchants, or ordinary people, relying on certain big families, to compete."

"According to rumors, the winner of this contest, or the winning family, will gain dominant rights! The discovery of the Taiwu Mountain miracle will also be dominated by this winning family, a bit of a Martial Lord!"

"The Taiwu Mountain Range, have miracles been found in this already?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Yes, it has been discovered!"

"So according to you, Wanjia is both an organizer and a participant in this fight?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"That's right, but the organizer, not necessarily the dominant one, this year, in order to secretly observe the situation, I didn't choose to huddle with a few other cultivators and join one of the big families, I just chose the Duan Family."

With that, Chen Hao had already clarified what was going on.

He thought of the letter that Grandmaster Ghost had given him.

The Master had asked himself to participate in the underground festival held by the Wan Family, so he must have wanted to get himself involved in it.

Could it be that among the miracles at Taiwu Mountain this time, there was something hidden that concerned the secrets of his dantian?

The more Chen Hao thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

However, Chen Hao was able to understand why the Ghost Master was still hidden until now.

It turned out that the current Jizhou City, although it looked like it was calm and peaceful, was actually already undercurrents.

There was no telling how many cultivation forces had already poured in.

Since the Ghost Master had hinted that this miraculous object would be useful to him.

Then Chen Hao must get his hands on it.

Naturally, even though Chen Hao was strong now, possessing the strength and power to defy the others.

However, the lesson of the previous Nine Luo King had made Chen Hao profoundly understand that there were people outside the human world and the sky.

Thus, Chen Hao would not be too high-profile.

Rather, A Jiu's conversation had given himself some inspiration.

He could also infiltrate a certain family and then observe more of these Cultivators who arrived, what kind of climate they were in, and then finally make some plans himself.

"Where is the venue for the underground festival?"

Chen Hao thought about the question.

"In Jizhou City, Protect the Dragon Villa! I think there's already an infestation of cultivators there at this point."

Lin Jiu said.

"Good, then let's to go there to poke around first!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Sir, I will accompany you there!"

Lin Jiu hurriedly said.

"No need, your target is too big, it's easy to be discovered by those cultivators, I can use closed qi, I'm an ordinary person at most, so let Piu Piu come with me."

Chen Hao said.

After saying that, he looked to the side at Shen Tian Gang, "Uncle Shen, I think there's something I need to trouble you with!"

"Speak quickly, sir!"

"I want to attend the Underground Spectacular, and I'd like to ask you to labor for me on the admission ticket!"

"Naturally this is no problem!"

Shen Tian Gang hurriedly.

By now, whether it was Shen Tian Gang or Lin Jiu, both of them were taking Chen Hao's lead.

For no other reason, it was only because the two of them very clearly felt that following this person, their future, a bright one, would even reach some kind of impossible heights in the future.

And this belief, in Lin Jiu's heart, was the strongest.

After entrusting these things to him.

Chen Hao was ready to take Shen Piu Piu out again, wanting to check out the situation of the Dragon Protection Villa.

"Master, it was Xiao Yan who tweeted me, saying that he wanted to ask for my help with something! He's waiting at the door right now!"

As they were getting ready to go out, Shen floated around with her own phone and smiled.

"Hm? Well, that's just right to go meet him!"

To be honest, Chen Hao had an extremely good impression of this student.

Seeing him, it was as if he saw his old self.


Thinking of this, Chen Hao could not help but laugh at himself.

What was the saying.

Two people who are equally awesome may be friends, but two people who are equally miserable must be friends.

Because under the shroud of darkness, it was too blissful a thing to find someone similar to you walking in one piece!

Perhaps this was the reason that drew the two of them closer together.

When they walked out of the door, it was when they saw Xiao Yan pacing back and forth with his phone.

He was now very wealthy but still very plain.

Seeing Chen Hao and Shen Piao Piao come out.

Xiao Yan immediately ran over, "Big Brother Chen Hao, Sister Piu Piu!"

"Xiao Yan, you tweeted that you have something to ask for, what is it?"

Shen Piu Piu said.

"It's about my grandfather, my grandfather's grave, which is erected on top of Xiaowei Mountain, but a developer said that recently the Dragon Protection Villa is going to have an event, occupying the mountain and also eradicating my grandfather's grave!"

"I went to beg, and they beat me out, and I wanted to ask Piu Piu if she could talk to the people over there and ask them to give me a few days' grace so I could move my grandfather's grave!"

Xiao Yan's eyes were wet red.


But Shen Piu Piu was in a bit of a dilemma, knowing that the current Shen family was no longer the same as it was in the beginning, and had long since been unable to say anything about the Dragon Protecting Villa.

"You don't have to be too anxious, let's go, let's go to the Dragon Protecting Villa first, after that, we'll think of a solution!"

At this time, Chen Hao saw that Shen Piao Piao was in a difficult situation, and Xiao Yan was very anxious, so he said with a smile now.


After agreeing, the three of them came together towards the Dragon Protection Villa.

The Shen family, was originally a big family in Jizhou City, but later on, because of the Duan family's scheme, the family fell apart.

The original car that Piu Piu Shen drove was a luxury car that started at five or six million.

Now, what she was driving was a common BMW 7 Series.

Of course, Chen Hao will not dislike anything.

On the road, Shen Piu Piu also told Chen Hao about the situation of the Dragon Protecting Villa.

The earliest appearance of the Dragon Protecting Villa was established by a king and nobleman of the Great Ming Dynasty, and by now, it had a history of a thousand years.

Later on, this mountain resort was contracted by the Wan family as a developer.

Doing large-scale tourism projects.

Now, it was even used as a venue for underground feasts.

One more day, this Dragon Protector Villa would be banned from entering, so instead, the flow of people skyrocketed these days.  

Jean's parking lot was all a bit crowded.

"Whose car is this? Who told you to stop here?"

And as soon as Shen Piao Piao parked the car and the three of them walked out, they heard a strange voice ring out.

It was to see, a high-end Dash lay in front of the car, a few men and women from the car.

The woman at the head, some ridiculously hooted.

Only three words, the woman suddenly froze, and even Shen Piao Piao was startled with surprise.

"Li Jiaojiao?"

"Shen Piu Piu?"

The two spoke in unison.

Subsequently, Shen Piu Piu's pretty face was a little red, obviously seeing this woman who was not much older than herself made her a little embarrassed.

Li Jiaojiao, on the other hand, was the exact opposite, with a smug excitement on her face.

"Who do I take it to be, it's really you, Piu Piu, what's up? You don't go out to work, but you're actually here to play in the Dragon Guard Villa?"

Li Jiaojiao held her shoulders now and sneered.

"Jiaojiao, who is this man?"

The few young men and women accompanying Li Jiaojiao said that they were dressed in a particularly fashionable and noble manner.

Therefore, there was some contempt in their eyes.

"Hmph, she ah, count it, is my cousin it, her mother is my grandmother's adopted daughter, later married to the Shen family, now you have not all heard it, Shen family into what virtue! I didn't expect that she would still have the heart to come out and play, and it's a Dragon Guard Villa that only the rich can afford to spend!"

Li Jiaojiao was obviously surprised.

Cousins, sometimes what they love most is to compare.

In the past, Li Jiaojiao couldn't compare to Shen Piu Piu and was jealous all day long.

Now it was good, she had plenty to mock Shen Piu Piu by virtue of mocking her.


And listening to Li Jiaojiao's sarcasm, Shen Piu Piu was angry and furious at the same time, but at the same time, she didn't know what to say.

"Piu Piu, let's go!"

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly with a bitter smile and said indifferently.

Shen Piu Piu nodded and was about to leave.


Li Jiaojiao, however, called out to a few people.

"What else are you doing? Jillian Lee?"

Shen Piu Piu asked.

"What for? What did you say? Get your fucking car out of my way! How can you park hundreds of thousands of cars in a parking lot that people spent hundreds of millions of dollars building?"

Jillian Lee snapped.

"That's right, and I can't believe you brought a poor bastard in here!"

A girl beside Li Jiaojiao said again.

At the sound of the poor pusher, Chen Hao and Xiao Yan both raised their heads towards her.

"Poor pusher? Who's the poor guy, Hope?"

Li Jiaojiao shouted loudly.

"That's him, our university, just a poor one!"

Gu Pan pointed at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, had already lowered his head with a blush of shame.

"Fuck, I'm really drunk, Shen Piu Piu, have you already reached this stage? Bringing two poor bastards to a high-end place like this? Where do you think it's bad to take them, like some kind of square, amusement park, and if you can't, just spend more money and go to Disney for a bit, it's better than coming to a place like this, and don't you see what these two guys are wearing?"

Li Jiaojiao and the others all covered their mouths and laughed.

As for whether or not Chen Hao was poor, she didn't ask, but it didn't look like there were any conditions.

Right now, it was natural to be tongue-tied.

"Li Jiaojiao, you can insult me, no insulting my master!"

Shen Piu Piu was angry.

"What what? Master?"

This time, Li Jiaojiao and the others laughed even more happily.

"Right, I heard my mother say that your grandfather is now ignoring his business, and all day long he's taking you to seek out famous mountains to learn martial arts, hahaha, this, wouldn't be the famous master who paid you a visit, right?"

Jillian Lee covered her mouth, about to suffocate.

"O? So, this frail little brother has two strikes against him!"

At this moment, from behind Li Jiaojiao, came a very strong, all muscle sunglasses type of man.

Obviously working out regularly.

"Brother laugh, I am the general manager of Shangwu Club, Jizhou Province Combat Competition three consecutive champion, huh, I think we must be peers, shake hands!"

The man said, shaking his neck, and it crackled with a sudden sound.

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, was shocked.

He wanted to persuade Big Brother Chen Hao to leave quickly.

It wasn't that he was too much of a wimp, but because this group of people were really unpleasant and he couldn't afford to provoke them, and he had forgotten the clause that he was actually richer than them.


And the girls all laughed at the sight.

Big Bill was always like that, a handshake, the person in front of him would surely scream, and then he would embarrass the others again, after all, this was a famous teacher!

And Chen Hao just smiled faintly, not responding.

"What's up bro? It's just a handshake. Are you scared? Haha!"

Big Bill scoffed.

"Let's do this brother, to be honest, this parking space is something we are optimistic about, do you believe it, I'll make a phone call, your car not to mention parked here, directly can give you smashed scrap, come on, we shake hands, make friends, as long as we are friends, I'll definitely let you park your car here, we'll change the place, okay?"

Big Bill was afraid that Chen Hao wouldn't dare to wimp out.

Now pestering.

"Looks like there's still some trouble if I don't hold it!"

Chen Hao laughed in a harmless manner.


"I'm afraid this fool doesn't know that Big Bill is playing him, does he?"

Several of the girls behind her laughed in succession.


Chen Hao nodded his head.

Then, the two hands clasped together.

And Li Jiaojiao and the others had subconsciously taken a step back to cover their ears.

Because this way, this person would definitely be pinched out by Big Biao to scream like a killing pig, it was too cruel.

They were all cute little girls, how could they hear such a violent sound?

They just didn't expect the screams they expected to hear, but instead saw Big Bill blush.

Pinching desperately.

And Chen Hao still had a smile on his face.


Big Bill was red-faced and staring, he'd used all his strength, but this hand, why, it was like steel, he couldn't even grip it!

"You need to use more force!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but glance at Li Jiaojiao with his eyes, while mocking Big Biao.


As soon as Big Bill saw Chen Hao's provocation, he now used all his milking strength.


And at that moment, a scream rang out.

It was Li Jiaojiao! She suddenly covered her x-ray and let out a pig-killing scream.

But Big Bill didn't have time to care, and in order to dismiss the face, he directly held Chen Hao's hands with both hands one at a time, all hard.


But Jiaojiao Li's place was in direct pain! And the pain lay right on the floor....



Li Jiaojiao's face was full of tears.

Rolling all over the ground.

As for Big Bill, he couldn't care less about Chen Hao at the moment, when he let go of his hand and turned around to Li Jiaojiao's face.

Li Jiaojiao's face was pale, covering her *part*, the pain hard to hide.

"What's going on?"

"Ouch! It hurts so much!"

And Chen Hao just laughed bitterly and shook his head, while he directly left with Shen Piao Piao and Xiao Yan.

"What's the situation? Why does it hurt so much for no reason?"

Hope asked curiously.

"Who knows? It's a coincidence that when Big Bill was pushing hard just now, Clarissa's there hurt!"  

"Shit, this is evil, fuck, who are these people?"

Big Bill broke out in a cold sweat, and stood up furiously to see.

"I know, they must have escaped, for fear we'll embarrass them!"

Gu Pan said.

"Fuck, that's a lot of shit, I'm going to find someone to smash up their car right now and show them what I'm made of!"

Said Big Bill, starting to pull out his phone to make a call.


Suddenly at that moment, Big Bill's entire hand stiffened, and the phone fell directly to the floor.

And his arm, which was directly in the form of a raised hand, couldn't move at all.

And there was a tearing stabbing pain.

Big Bill followed and rolled on the ground in pain.

"It hurts, my arm hurts!"

The entire underground parking lot was a direct mess.

Let's say Chen Hao again.

They had arrived inside the Villa.

"Master, is that Li Jiaojiao alright? Is it something to do with you?"

Shen Piu Piu said.

"Well, it's called shifting!"

Chen Hao explained.

"What do you mean Master?"

"It's to transfer the power that that big man exerted on me to that Li Jiaojiao instead!"


Thinking about the scene just now, Shen Piufei couldn't help but laugh.

"Small punishments, who made them speak out of turn!"

Chen Hao shook his head with a bitter smile.

Turning his gaze, he landed on the crowded square this.

"Huh? Aren't you Chen Hao?"

Just then, a female voice rang out.

"Xue Xue you look, it's that kid!"

Facing each other, and bumping into a few girls, this was really drunk too.

Chen Hao thought to himself.

Wan Xue, on the other hand, took a slight glance towards Chen Hao, and for some reason, there was that palpable feeling coming from her heart again.

It couldn't be.

If the first time was a coincidence, then what did it mean this time?

Why do you feel palpitations when you see this ordinary, uncommon person?

Wan Xue was confused.

But more or less, she was still embarrassed.

She was thinking about whether she should say hello to this person.


A shout of applause was set off in the arena.

All at once, the crowd all looked towards the source of the sound, and Chen Hao looked as well.

He saw that not far ahead, where the crowd of people were, was now giving way to a pathway.

The young man that he saw at the school today, however, was now back at the Dragon Protection Villa.

As expected, all these cultivators, in various capacities, had gathered at this Dragon Protecting Villa.

This young man, Li Shaozong, who was known as a Cultivator.

And he was a cultivator who had opened his spiritual roots when he was three years old.

It could be described as an authentic gifted type.

His strength, on the other hand, was comparable to Lin Jiu who had just become a cultivator.

It should be a first grade cultivator.

And apparently, his arrival also made the entire Dragon Protecting Villa boil, compared to him, he was the most high-profile, obviously there was a powerful force behind him again.

"Miss, the master has ordered that Young Master Li has arrived, you should go over and say hello!"

At this time, an old man next to Wan Xue was respectful to Wan Xue.

This old man, whose beard fell straight down his chest, looked to be over eighty years old, and on his cheeks, there was a small hemorrhoid, but he looked extremely benevolent.

He looked at Chen Hao, then said to Wan Xue.

"I understand, Uncle Bai!"

Wan Xue nodded her head and thought about it, but she dismissed the idea of saying hello to Chen Hao.

Alas, what to say.

From childhood to adulthood, although the noble Miss of the Wan family had a life that others simply couldn't imagine, because the family, whether it was wealth or strength, was an extremely powerful existence, basically, besides the stars and the moon, there was nothing they wanted but couldn't get.

But don't think so, Wan Xue is the happiest girl in the world.

Actually not, it is because of certain rules of the family that she lost the opportunity to choose her own love.

But Wan Xue was not happy, never having had love before, she decided that she must try love herself.

So she had asked an old man she met by the river to tell her fortune.

He told her that the man of her dreams would appear soon.

Therefore, Wan Xue treasured it extraordinarily, and she wanted to dedicate all her energy to her intended person.

And the person in front of her, though, made herself feel that way with some palpitations.

But clearly, he was not the one she was meant for.

Today, her own best friend had been accompanying her and persuading her.

Wan Xue believed that she had found her intended person, and that was Young Master Li Zong, Young Master Li.

Perhaps a certain feeling was something that could be cultivated after a brief contact.

Therefore, Wan Xue didn't greet Chen Hao, because after all, the two were different worlds.

After she nodded to Bai Bo, she walked towards the scenic and aura-shrouded Young Master Li Zong.

"Slut, see, you don't have a chance!"

And after Xiu Xiu made a face, she left with Wan Xue.

Chen Hao scratched his head, not knowing what opportunity Xiu Xiu was talking about.

Alas, never mind, let's just take a good look at the cultivators here.

Of course, the first thing that Chen Hao was concerned about was this Li Shaozong.

Just seeing the crowd surrounding him, Li Shaozong was also extremely aloof.

(I don't know if the shaozong is Young Master Zong or shaozong so I won't change it)

He was squinting his eyes slightly, as if he was treating all living beings as if they were insects.

In reality, these people were also all insects.

And ants were not worthy of entering the eyes of an extraordinary person like him.

Because he couldn't understand how these people in front of him, so small, still had the face to live in the world.

This world originally belonged to a strong man like him, didn't it?

Many times, Li Shaozong was obsessed with these things, with these people he saw.

"Young Master Li! This is Miss Mansetsu!"

And at this time, the servant beside Li Shaozong, said softly.

Only then did Li Shaozong slowly open his eyes, and in his eyes, was the beautiful fairy-like beauty Wan Xue.

Making the former's eyes slightly bright, while also making the latter's pretty face slightly red.

"Li Shaozong, I've heard a lot about your name, I'm Wan Xue!"

Wan Xue, on the other hand, looking at the spirited young man in front of her, still had a flash of appreciation in her eyes, and generously stretched out her hand to shake hands with him.

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, also shook hands with her without any hesitation.

But for some reason, even though the two had a simple skin contact, Wan Xue's heart still had no waves.



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