The Unknown Heir 756-760


"This Young Master Li is really handsome, if he could be my boyfriend for a day, even death would be worth it!"

A girl wailed in her heart.

"Xue Xue, I know you might have some misunderstanding about me leaving that day, that's because I didn't think that you would be in such danger back there, originally, I wanted to save everyone by myself, by luring that demon bull away from this scene!"

Li Shaozong faintly said.

"I know!"

Wan Xue also opened her mouth.

Yeah, how could he think of him like that, knowing that when Li Shaozong left, he hadn't been pushed off the high platform yet.

So Young Master Li didn't know about his own viciousness.

After Young Master Li's explanation like this, Wan Xue's heart was relieved too much.

Naturally, the focus of the two next, also all fell on Wan Xue and Li Shaozong.

As for Chen Hao and the others, they were naturally overlooked.  

The birthday dinner was underway.

On the other side, a middle-aged man slowly arrived on this side of the scene.

He watched from afar, and when he saw Wan Xue and Young Master Li standing together, the middle-aged man's face couldn't help but reveal a smile of relief.


Bai Bo appeared behind this middle-aged man at this time, and he spoke softly.

The look in his eyes was even more filled with awe for this middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man wasn't an outsider, it was the Wan Family's head, Wan Yiu-chung.

"Well, how is Xue Xue's progress with Li Shaozong? Is this Li Shaozong, the man the fortune teller said Xuexue was meant for?"

Wan Yao Yao took a deep breath and said.

To that fortune teller, one could tell that Wan Yao Yao was also extremely convinced.

So right now, he was very concerned about the future of this daughter of his.


Uncle White pondered for a while.

"But there's no harm in talking!"

Wan Yao Yao had his hands behind his back.

"From various observations, Young Master Zong Li, indeed meets several of the conditions stated by the fortune teller on that day, possessing divine abilities that ordinary people cannot possess, superb martial arts, and a distinguished background!"

When Wan Yao Yao heard this, he smiled again with relief.

"But, there is only one thing that doesn't seem to match what the fortune teller said! That's what he calls a glance at the heartbeat, this lady doesn't have much of a heartbeat for Li Shaozong, instead she has a palpable feeling for a nameless kid!"

Uncle White told it like it was.

"No Name Kid."

Wan Yao Yao could not help but furrow his brow.

"It was this afternoon, at the Dragon Protection Villa, that Xue Xue invited this person to her birthday again, Chen Hao or whatever his name is"

Wan Yao Yao had obviously not expected this.

In contrast, he certainly expected Li Shaozong to be his ride.

"Yes, that's him!"

Bai Bo said.

"Hmph, bastard, how can a nameless boy become my son-in-law of the Wan family, it's absurd!"

The thought of this possibility really made Wan Yao Yao's head spin.

After all, the storyline of a famous daughter falling in love with a nameless kid and breaking up with the family had been presented in every history of Huaxia in a thousand ways.

He would never allow, such a thing, to happen to their Wan family.

"Master don't get angry yet, listen to what the old man has to say, according to my observation, this Chen Hao is somewhat extraordinary! It gives me the impression that it's extremely uncomplicated anyway, and, as the lady's intended recipient, wouldn't the Master like to meet him first, observe him for a moment or two, and then make a decision?"

Uncle Bai hurriedly discouraged.

Wan Yao Yao took a deep breath, which calmed his emotions down.

"Alright, later, if you ask him to come over, I'd like to meet him, how he is what you call extraordinary!"

Although Wan Yao Yao said it on his lips.

But in his heart, he already had a plan.

"Master has arrived!"

Just as the birthday dinner was being held extremely lively.

The waiter bowed and shouted.

Wan Xue raised her eyes and her father had come over.


"Hello Uncle Wan!"

Everyone stood up in salute.

He was the Wan family's head, Wan Yao Yao.

Chen Hao also stood up and looked at him.

"Uncle Wan, my family father asked me to greet you on his behalf!"

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, also stood up in a rare moment.

Ignoring the rest of the people, Wan Yao Yao arrived in front of Li Shaozong with a joyful face.

"Shaozong, you're becoming more and more extraordinary, I hope that you can shine in this underground event!"

Wan Yao Yao heavily patted Li Shaozong's shoulder.

After a round of pleasantries.

The rest of the boys also made their own introductions.

Only Wan Yao Yao's enthusiasm was not as important to them as it was to Li Shaozong's.

"Dad, let me introduce you, this is Chen Hao, this is the one who saved me this afternoon, Chen Hao's friend Shen Piu Piu!"

Wan Xue saw that Chen Hao didn't introduce himself.

Just felt that the other boys might be a little too good in comparison.

Even in this moment, Wan Xue felt a bit sorry for Chen Hao.

Yes, he wasn't someone who belonged to the same world as us, he had his own circle of life in that world.

Is it good or bad that you invited him to come to your own birthday banquet?

Alas, Wan Xue had some sympathy.

So take the initiative to introduce Chen Hao.

And this little activity in Wan Xue's heart.

In Wan Yao Yao's eyes, it was a manifestation of Wan Xue's show of affection towards Chen Hao.

Presently, he couldn't help but feel some anger.

"So you're Chen Hao!"

Wan Yao Yao said faintly, while a touch of contempt flashed in his eyes.

"Where do you live now? Who are the people in the family, and, what skills?"

Wan Yiu-chung asked one after the other.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

Wan Xue, on the other hand, was shocked.

What's going on dad?

Right now, everyone was also all looking at this Chen Hao.

As for Shen Piu Piu, at a glance at this Wan Yao Yao, there was a great sense of some targeting Master.

Moreover, it was clearly Master who had taken action to save Wan Xue.

As a result, Wan Xue was holding Li Shaozong who was beaten away by the demon bull as if it was something.

It was inherently unpleasant.

Now it was the time to speak up: "My master is currently the guest of honor of our family, what about the skills, that's a lot, which one do you want to see!"

Shen Piu Piu coldly spoke.


This toppling was also a bit startling to the entire audience.

"Oh, your family? What family are you?"

Wan Yao Yao was furious.

"Jizhou Shen family!"

Shen Piu Piu was also a very tough woman.

As soon as this was said, a few of the top executives behind Wan Yao Yao came over to attach themselves to his ear and whispered a few words.

Only then did Wan Yao Yao nodded with a bitter smile, "I see, so you're Shen Tian Gang's granddaughter, and also, this afternoon, your Shen family wanted to participate in the underground grand ceremony, only to be rejected, right?"

Shen Piu Piu did not expect this Wan Yao Yao to actually talk like this.

Presently, he was a bit angry.

"Could it be that you guys saved my daughter today and came to this dinner, not for this admission ticket, right?"

Wan Yao Yao smiled faintly.

"What did you say?!"

Shen Piao Piao is really pissed off at this person.

You said that you are a famous big master, why are you so targeted right away?

And Wan Xue didn't expect why her father, who used to be so dignified, would speak like this today?

It was at this stalemate.

Wanyang Yiu-chung's sneer broke the silence.

"Oh, there's no need to be angry with niece Shen, I was just joking just now, how about this, since niece Shen said that this Chen Hao has some skills, I, Wan Yao Yao, like people with skills the most!"

Saying that, he turned back and instructed Bai Bo, "Someone, invite him to the backyard, I do have something to ask for advice!"

After that, he glanced coldly at Chen Hao before leaving with his hands behind his back.


Everyone didn't know why Master Wan would meet this unknown kid alone.

But Master Wan's attitude already explained everything, it was obvious that he disliked this youth very much.

Therefore many people were all relieved.

And it was just as everyone had guessed in their hearts.

This person, Wan Yao Yao, was naturally a family master and usually did things in a dignified and steady manner, but if we were to say that he had a flaw, then it was in the matter of treating his own children.

He would definitely demand that the door be right, and I'm afraid that only a man of Li Shaozong's stature would be worthy of his daughter.

Therefore, when some bonds arose, he had to eradicate them on his daughter's behalf.

"Tell me, your conditions!"

Chen Hao was led by an old man to the side of a lake in the backyard.


Chen Hao couldn't help but look at Wan Yao Yao.  

"Yes, I know what you're thinking, you must have your own agenda for approaching my daughter, whether it's the entrance ticket you want or the gold and silver forces, make an offer!"

Wan Yao Yao had his hands behind his back and was looking elsewhere from afar.

Apparently, there was no desire to even look at Chen Hao.

"I see, what you mean is that everything I did was to get close to your daughter, Wan Xue, and you thought that my intentions were impure or not worthy of Wan Xue, so you made me make conditions to leave Wan Xue!?"

Chen Hao could not help but ask with a bitter smile.

"Not bad, you're smarter than I thought, not to discourage you, you better not have any illusions, otherwise, you'll probably delay your own life, and with Young Master Zong here, you don't need to imagine too much more, so be practical, what do you want?"

Wan Yao Yao thought to himself, this young man is straightforward and cool.

"Hehe... I really don't understand, on what basis did you actually think of this place, I didn't plan to ask for anything from you, a Wan family, there's nothing worth wanting yet, originally, I came to attend this birthday banquet with the intention of temporarily becoming your Wan family's guest of honor and helping you participate in the underground grand ceremony. Now it seems rather that I'm a bit out of my depth?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Emotionally, this Wan Yao Yao was targeting himself because he was afraid that he would pursue his daughter!

"You are indeed a very clever man, but you understand that everything you do is so self-defeating!"

Wan Yao Yao finally turned back.

Looking at Chen Hao.

Originally, Uncle Bai said that there was something extraordinary about this person.

It was out of curiosity, right, that Wan Yao Yao decided to meet this Chen Hao.

Unfortunately, even that was disappointing to himself.

This was a young man who couldn't be more common.

And it was a very conceited young man.

This person's achievements, even in the shopping mall, would be difficult to move forward by half a step.

Wan Yao Yao had decided to stop wasting his breath.

"Alright, I think we'd better be straightforward, go tell my butler what you want, then use the fastest time possible and disappear into Jizhou City! And I don't want to waste my breath with you again!"

Without waiting for Chen Hao to speak, Wan Yao Yao impatiently lifted his arm and directly left the backyard.

"I didn't expect that this Wan Yao Yao is also a rather interesting person..."

Looking at the arrogant Wan Yao Yao, Chen Hao just gave him this kind of comment.

At the same time, he was thinking.

Did he really want to enter the underground festival? Because for Chen Hao to get an entrance ticket in such a way, Chen Hao couldn't do it.

And making it into the Underground Spectacular, presumably, was the worst thing to do.

With a helpless smile, Chen Hao returned and did not let Shen Piu Piu and the others continue to stay here.

After speaking to Wan Xue, the three of them left directly.

"Xue Xue, why did he leave? Did Uncle Wan say something to them?"

Xiu Xiu asked softly.

"Who knows, maybe!"

Wan Xue said.

After thinking about it, she gave up on the idea of catching up to Chen Hao and asking him what was going on.

Perhaps it would be best if Chen Hao left!

Plus on the way back.

After Shen Piu Piu and Lin Jiu heard about Wan Yao Yao's arrogant attitude, they were also furious.

Lin Jiu still had the idea of seeking out Wan Yao Yao to ask for clarification.

But he was stopped by Chen Hao, and now, I'm afraid that the admission ticket thing really won't work.

But Chen Hao wasn't afraid, there would be a path before the car reaches the mountain, in the worst case, fight in together, this point of strength, Chen Hao was still confident.

"Eh? Stop the car!"

Suddenly, Chen Hao, who was sitting in the back, opened his eyes, which had been closed, and then asked Shen Piao Piao to stop the car.

"Master, what's wrong?"

Shen Piu Piu was startled.

Chen Hao sank into a deep sense, then said, "We're being watched, and that person is not far from us!"

"What? Could it be that Man Yiu Chung? What a son of a bitch, trying to send someone to assassinate us?"

Shen Piu Piu roared.

"It doesn't seem so, this person has an extremely strong breath! I've just surveyed the Ten Thousand Family, and it seems that there are no experts with such a powerful breath!"

Chen Hao gazed.

"Sir, I'll stay and help you!"

Lin Jiu said.

"No need, you escort Piu Piu back, I'd like to see what kind of divine being this is, you guys go first!"

The voice only fell, not waiting for the two to speak.

It was to see Chen Hao's figure directly dissipate into the car.


It was already night at the moment.

This was the riverside location of the Jizhou City moat.

The surrounding jungle was dense.

On top of the tall jungle, the leaves were lightly trampled.

Leaving behind a sound like footsteps.

Bizarrely, the most you could see was a piece of leaf being trampled.

But no one could be seen even a shadow at all.

Crack, crack, crack!

With his hands behind his back, Chen Hao stepped on the branches and leaves and slowly walked over.


Suddenly, a branch and leaf shot straight towards Chen Hao, as if it was as strong as a laser.

Chen Hao dodged sideways.


It directly blasted through a tree surrounded by three people.

This person's cultivation was evident.


Immediately following, ghostly laughter sounded all around, sounding particularly hideous.

"Stop laughing, I'm already here, so why don't you show up and meet me..."

Chen Hao said indifferently.

Just now, he had deliberately released his Spiritual Sense to lock on to himself, so presumably, he was trying to draw himself over.

Chen Hao also wanted to see who this person was and what he wanted to do.

That was why he came along with patience.


No one answered Chen Hao, and all that answered him was this hollow laughter, fierce, and bizarre.

And with this laughter, on the ground, a tornado swirled with great momentum!

"Are you done yet?"

Chen Hao was quite angry.

"Hahahahaha... young people are young people after all, why don't they have any patience at all?"

That goosebumps-inducing laughter sounded again, only this time there was finally a human voice.

Chen Hao had really had enough, and now screwed up his eyebrows and rushed forward to look.

It was there that he saw, above the treetops in front of him, an old man in a black robe with long, flowery white hair, like a night bat, slowly landing from the sky.

Naturally, as soon as he saw Chen Hao, he tilted his head and laughed again.

The sound of laughter echoed unceasingly throughout the forest....


"What is your Excellency?"

Chen Hao looked up at him and saw that he looked evil, so he couldn't help but gaze at him and ask.

And this person was all cultivation, and it looked like his cultivation was far above Lin Jiu.

It couldn't help but make Chen Hao take a high look at this person.

In fact, when he came out of the Wanjia, Chen Hao had already noticed that there seemed to be cultivators around him.

But there were quite a few cultivators pouring in at this underground grand event.

He didn't show up, and Chen Hao didn't say anything more.

Until just now, he had released his True Qi and tried to draw Chen Hao over.

Chen Hao would like to see what this person wanted to do.

"Hahahaha... I never thought that I, Laozi, would meet a young man with such talent today... You're much stronger than that Li Shaozong, the heavens really have eyes!"

Instead of answering the question, this old man laughed hard.  

This caused Chen Hao to feel extremely depressed.

"Who the hell are you?"

Chen Hao became impatient.

 A smile can shake the heavens! Hahahaha..."

After the old man finished speaking, he even raised his head to laugh once again.

Only this time, laughing, the surrounding area instantly stirred up a cloud of dust.

"No recognition!"

Chen Hao shook his head and said.


The Laughing Cang finally stopped laughing, and now gazed at him with an angry face.

"Very well, boy, you have more guts than I thought, in this world, but all cultivators..."

"Okay, okay, you just said I was on my deathbed, and by the sound of it, you're leading me here to kill me?"

And without waiting for this Laughing Cang Sheng to finish, Chen Hao interrupted him impatiently.

Obviously, the Laughing Cang Sheng was very unhappy with Chen Hao's arrogant attitude.

All cultivators would be respectful when they saw themselves.

But this son, is really arrogant, but fear not, soon this son will pay the price.

Now Laughing Cang Sheng suppressed his inner anger.

Smiling coldly, he said, "You're pretty smart, of course, you're also stupid, stupid enough to encounter an existence at the level of a Demon King and still be this ignorantly calm, since you don't know me, then before you die, I can let you know!"


After saying that, he laughed out loud, and this time, the trees around him directly cracked, and the river even exploded like an explosion.

"Fuck Nima, again!"

Chen Hao's mind was about to burst with laughter at him.

If this old man didn't have an extremely strong scent, Chen Hao would have thought that this person had run away from an insane asylum!

"I, Laughing Cang Sheng, stepped into the cultivation ranks at an early age, specializing in sucking a person's true spirit blood, I can be said to be a nightmare for many cultivators, but of course, now it's your nightmare... hahaha!"

The Laughing Cang said as he smiled greedily and maliciously.

"I see... "Chen Hao suddenly realized, "You cultivate by sucking other people's true spirit blood... I think you knew that there would be quite a few cultivators at the underground festival, so you lurked in the shadows, looking for the stragglers . Thus sucking them off, right?"

"How clever, originally, my target wasn't you either, but that kid Li Shaozong, but then I found out that your talent, as well as the quality of your spirit blood, is not at all comparable to that Li Shaozong, you're simply a precious lump, sucking you up, I'm sure my cultivation will increase greatly!"

Laughing Cang Sheng laughed proudly again.

"But don't worry little doll, I'm not too cruel, I'll shock you into a fool before I suck you, and fools, they don't know what pain is!"

Laughing Cang said.

"Wait..." said Chen Hao hastily.


And without waiting for Chen Hao to finish, the Laughing Cang suddenly tilted his head back and laughed.

This time, it was clearly stronger.

Boom boom!

The rivers were bursting as if they had arranged for explosives beforehand.

The surrounding ground was also set off a powerful impact.

The trees were breaking apart.

For a time, the entire forest rang with this laughter that was strong enough to shake the souls of others.

And after a moment, the laughing celestial being with his arms wide open finally stopped in satisfaction, ready to suck in the food in front of him.

But right after that, his whole body suddenly shook.

Because under the power of his own Laughing Roar, he had thought that all was silent, and the youth in front of him had turned demented.

However, he was actually fine and was standing in front of him with both hands in his pockets.

"How?" He was incredulous.

"Master Laughing Cang, don't laugh yet, I want to ask... "Chen Hao looked at him helplessly, about to ask the question in his heart.


And the Laughing Cang laughed uproariously again.

This time, it was clearly even stronger than just now.

"This is fucking sick!"

Chen Hao was truly enraged.

Now, his fingers cupped a qi secret and then flicked directly.

A rapid Qi Mane instantly enveloped the entire Laughing Cang.


And then under this powerful aura, the laughter of the Laughing Cang came to an abrupt end.

And by the time he reacted to try to resist, it was already too late.

There was a bang.

Laughing Cang Sheng was struck and knocked straight down from the treetops.

By the time he landed on the ground, he was even more horrified when he looked at Chen Hao again.

"This, what a powerful strike!"

He was shocked.

In fact, Chen Hao had just struck him, using simply less than a thousandth of his strength just to interrupt him.

And as if he was afraid that he would laugh again, Chen Hao hurriedly spoke.

"Don't worry about it yet, I want to ask you, you're always laughing like this, is this a technique similar to the Lion's Roar?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.


Laughing Cang covered his chest and scrupulously looked Chen Hao up and down.

"I say, you're like a psychopath, what are you always doing with this silly laugh, so you just now, were trying to shock me into unconsciousness with this kind of laughter!"

Chen Hao nodded his head as if he understood.

"By the way, what strength are you?"

Chen Hao looked at him again and asked.

"I'm a Third Grade Monk, known as the Laughing Monk, and what strength are you?"

Laughing Cang asked carefully.

Because just that one strike alone had already shown that the one standing in front of him was a strong man.

And it was a strong man who was not weaker than himself.

And his calm and relaxed attitude made Laughing Cang Sheng even more and more scrupulous.

"Honestly, I don't know, but you're a third-grade cultivator, so you should be in the ranks of cultivators and an expert, right?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"It's... it's an expert, isn't it?"

Hearing this, the Laughing Cultivator couldn't help but twitch inside.

This wasn't nonsense, how else would the Laughing Cang cultivator be called the nightmare of cultivators!

Who is this young man, anyway?

Laughing Cang Sheng always felt that Chen Hao was too weird.

However, to let Laughing Cang Sheng escape from this, and to be facing a brat, it was impossible for him to let go of it.

Just when Chen Hao was still thinking about what Lin Jiu had told him before, that the third grade of cultivator was already a top existence.

Laughing Cang Sheng's face was suddenly covered by a black mane, while his eyes had turned scarlet in color.

Taking advantage of his surprise, the Laughing Cang Sheng roared and attacked directly towards Chen Hao once again....


The laughing pale face was hideous.


I've been around all my life, how could I not be able to deal with a brat? Impossible!

Immediately, it was seen that his probing palm extended out five long black armor.


Laughing Cang roared.


And in the face of this brutal strike, Chen Hao only shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Then, he gently pointed.

A qi mane struck back.


The collision of two qi manes, one gold and one black, instantly exploded.

In the next moment, Laughing Cang Sheng was like a kite with a broken string, directly flying out.

The clothes on his chest even more directly exploded.

Blood spurted wildly.

He endured the severe pain in his entire body and looked incredulously at the young man in front of him.

"This... how is this possible!!!"

This sentence, he almost roared out.

This person's understated strike seemed to be mixed with earth-destroying momentum, causing Smiling Cang to be shocked.

"What kind of technique was that just now?"

Chen Hao looked at him with a faint smile.

"Do you know, I once swore an oath that if someone tried to kill me or posed a threat to me, no matter what, I would not spare his life, usually, he would die a horrible death!"

Chen Hao picked up.

"What? Great Gods have mercy, Great Gods have mercy!"

Upon hearing this, the Laughing Cang kowtowed one after the other.

An old face was filled with tears.

At a realm like his, he was already a phoenix-like existence.

It was the best in this world.

And had also gained a lifespan that others did not have.

So, when he felt the threat of life and death.

These people, what was in their heads was pretty much the same.

That it was so hard, having gone through so much hardship to obtain such an achievement.

Absolutely not! I can't die like this!

Laughing Cang Sheng repented, remorseful to the core, how did he mess with such an existence?

"Oh... Although I'm not a saintly mother, I'm not that cruel either, alright, I can give you a chance to live, I'll give you a minute, you better be able to convince me with the most condensed language to not kill you."

Chen Hao smiled and looked at him.

"This this this..."

Laughing Cang's eyes came and went, and now, his brain actually went blank in a hurry.

"There's no time!"

Chen Hao reminded.

"I... I... I run!!!"

The Laughing Cang suddenly lifted his head and waved his big sleeve, a trail of dust rolled directly towards Chen Hao.

Only these dusts, when they were a meter away from Chen Hao, automatically dissipated.

And it was with this opportunity that the Laughing Celestial directly escaped the ground.

It disappeared without a trace.

"Unfortunately, you seem to have missed a chance to live, within a radius of several hundred miles, you can't escape my spiritual sense!"

Chen Hao helplessly shook his head.

With a slight movement of his divine mind, he had pinpointed the exact location of the Laughing Cang Sheng.

He pinched up a sword trick and was about to kill the Laughing Cang Sheng.

Suddenly, a tremor shook the forest in the distance.

"Help! Help!"

It turned out to be a youth, carrying an injured woman on his back, running and screaming for help.

And on the two of them, blood marks were all over their bodies, and it was obvious that their injuries were not light.

As for the woman, she was even in a coma.

It was also this voice that indirectly saved Smiling Cang's life, I guess.

Because Chen Hao had now cast his attention on the young man and woman running towards this side.

As for Laughing Cang Sheng, in his own eyes, if he wanted him to die, he was truly dead.

It didn't matter what the point was.


In a flash, the youth had run over.

It should have been physically exhausted, when it fell straight to.

But even though the youth had fallen, he was still desperately trying to protect the woman he was carrying.

This scene could not help but cause Chen Hao's eyebrows to jump slightly.

"Brother, please, save my life, help me make a call!"

The youth shouted to Chen Hao, who was standing not far away.

"Little Mei, Little Mei, don't you sleep!"

Immediately following, sensing the woman's faint breath, the youth shouted nervously.

Then the moonlight, Chen Hao was also able to see the woman's face.

For some reason, at first glance, her eyes, at first glance, resembled Tongxin.

It caused Chen Hao's heart to palpitate.

"It's just ahead!"

At this moment, as a few cold shouts came out, a line of seven or eight people were seen gathering around.

These seven or eight people were all fierce.

What was a bit surprising to Chen Hao was that their bodies, including this young man's, all contained an inner strength atmosphere.

It was assumed that they were Inner Strength martial artist experts.

"Qin Yong, there's no escaping this time, right? How's that? Are you going to be a good boy and come back with us, or are you going to be crippled by us and we'll take you back!?"

Among these people, the one leading the group sneered.

"And this baby sister of yours, Qin Mei, yell yell, what a pitiful person, hahahaha, looks like she's dying, I can tell you, I'm a pervert, even if your sister is really dead, I can still come while it's hot! Hahaha!"

The seven men laughed uproariously at the news.


And Qin Yong, gritting his steel teeth, looked at them viciously.

"If you don't want your sister to become my plaything, Qin Yong, do you know what to do?"

The man slowly walked towards Qin Yong.

And Qin Yong protected his sister to the death.

He held his heavy body and slowly stood in front of his sister's body, ready for a battle at any moment.

Chen Hao, who was on the side, watched and listened to the man's words, and a surge of anger rose in his heart for no reason.

Perhaps, it was because this girl's eyes were too much like Tongxin

These people talking about her gave Chen Hao the feeling that they were talking about Tongxin, and Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Now, slowly, he walked over.

"Hm? Stinker, who are you?"

It was then that the seven discovered Chen Hao's presence.

"Damn it, whose crotch didn't take care of itself and showed you, get out of here if you know what's good for you!"

A man coldly pointed at Chen Hao and cursed angrily.

Chen Hao ignored it and instead walked over to the unconscious girl.

Her arms, chest and abdomen, had suffered knife wounds and were bleeding.

"If you delay for a few more minutes, your sister won't be able to be saved even by the immortals!"

Chen Hao said.


Qin Yong's eyes reddened, a grown man, tears were falling at the moment.

"There's no need to worry, because thankfully, you ran into me!"

As Chen Hao said, he flicked at a few of Qin Mei's acupuncture points.

Her bleeding wounds instantly stopped bleeding.

There was even more blood on her pale face.

Only then did she turn sideways and look at the few people in front of her.

"You are all Inner Strength martial artists, right? If you don't practice well, why did you come out to commit such vendetta?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Whew, fuck this d-hair actually knows quite a bit, not bad, we are precisely Inner Strength martial artists, but you're lucky to die in the hands of an Inner Strength martial artist!"

These people snickered one after another.

"Inner Strength martial artists, properly cultivated, can hurt anyone by picking flowers and breaking leaves! But you, apparently, are still far from it!"

Chen Hao continued, "Do you believe that I know how to pick flowers and break leaves?"

Before the words fell, I don't know if I felt Chen Hao's voice tremble, but a green willow leaf slowly fell to Chen Hao's fingertips! "

"Who the hell are you, kid? Even you are worthy of picking flowers and breaking leaves?"

Anger finally sprang up on the faces of the seven.

"Then you watch!"

Chen Hao flicked it slightly, and the willow leaf was slowly floating up into the air.

Seeing this scene, the seven people tilted their heads and laughed, "Fuck, is this idiot trying to laugh us to death?"

As for Qin Yong, he really didn't know what kind of trick this brother was up to, you know, these seven people, they weren't easy to mess with!

But in the next instant, everyone stared....


Chen Hao shot out a willow leaf, originally, this willow leaf floated in the air, and all of those people were laughing loudly.

Only in the next moment, their eyes widened as this willow leaf suddenly appeared in the air with a golden halo.

And, it got bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, there was a loud boom.

This willow leaf eventually transformed into a huge leaf blade.

The eerie and terrifying killing intent on it instantly enveloped everyone.


The seven men shouted with wide eyes.

Trying to escape again, but it was too late.

Brush Brush!

The necks of seven people were quickly swept by this yellowish glow.  

They stared, their heads lifting and dropping off their shoulders.


Qin Yong screamed in fright.

Forgive him, he was swallowing spittle wildly at the moment.

These seven people could be the best of the best, and just like that, seven people's heads falling off the ground, if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, deadly Qin Yong wouldn't have believed it.

This was simply a master tactic.

"Thank you for saving Master's life!"

Qin Yong was scared while at the same time bowing deeply to Chen Hao with gratitude.

"Turn around and close your eyes, I want to treat your sister's wounds!"

Chen Hao didn't say anything more, just faintly told him.

Laughter, a mere seven Inner Strength martial artists, Chen Hao didn't take it seriously.

Although Qin Yong didn't know how this master healed his wounds, it was clear that his skill wasn't something he understood.

And that was why he turned around.

Chen Hao opened the Heaven's Eye without a trace and helped Qin Mei heal her wounds.

This was considered a small episode, but after healing the sibling, Chen Hao had no intention of lingering.

He was preparing to leave.

"Master, please stay, if you dare to ask the master's name, our Qin family will certainly repay you with all our strength in the future!"

Qin Yong quickly ran up to Chen Hao and bowed again.

God! It's amazing!

The person in front of him was simply a legendary god.

Even a fool wouldn't let go of getting to know the existence of such a great god, let alone Qin Yong.

"Let's forget the name, I don't need any payment from you."

Chen Hao shook his head and said, "However, I see that you are all Inner Strength martial artists, I'm sure that this Qin family you're talking about is also a hidden clan, right? By the way, are you guys in the Underground Spectacular as well?"

Chen Hao only thought of this possibility.

Upon hearing this, Qin Yong nodded heavily, "Yes Master, our Qin family is indeed a hidden clan, in the early years, we were in charge of the underground power of Jizhou City, only to wither away and be driven out of Jizhou, in the past, our Qin family was specifically responsible for hosting such an underground festival, I never thought that in less than twenty years of light, our Qin family would have to come with an entrance ticket to participate in the festival! "

Saying that, Qin Yong looked to Chen Hao and asked, "Master, are you also here for the grand ceremony? Which guest is the Master's guest, or?"

"I'm no one's guest either, I'm not afraid of laughing at you if I say it, I did come here to attend the grand ceremony, but unfortunately, up to now, I haven't even gotten a single admission ticket!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Huh? By virtue of sir's prowess, how could..."

Qin Yong couldn't believe it ah.

It must be known that there was no family that could learn of such a thing that did not covet experts, especially a great god level expert like Eun Gong.

They even squeezed their heads to become a vassal family to such an expert.


In the first place, you can get some of the greatest treasures, participate in controlling many industries, and grow yourself.

Secondly, many aspects were secured.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it was to become a thorough family, inherited from generation to generation, untouchable.

I would have thought that an expert like the Master would already have countless vassal families under him, but I never thought that the Master would not have ah!

"Then Master, I have an unasked favor to ask!"

Suddenly, Qin Yong poofed straight down to his knees.

"Eh?" Chen Hao looked at him curiously.

"Master, you are my and my sister's benefactor and have such divine abilities, I beg Master, to be able to shelter my Qin family and become a guest of my Qin family!"

Back then, it was precisely because the Qin family had no backing that they were driven out of Jizhou City.

Even if it was a hidden clan.

But Qin Yong knew very well that a small portion of people existed on Earth who were beyond the ranks of Inner Strength martial artists.

The strength of whichever clan had such a strong person sitting in their midst, would advance by leaps and bounds.

And with the two hands that this master had just displayed, Qin Yong understood that this was definitely an existence that was beyond the ranks of internal strength martial artists.

It was even said that this was the future of the Qin family.

"Previous guest?"

Chen Hao frowned.

"It is that in the future, you can become the patron of our Qin Family, and we, the Qin Family, will honor you, Master, for generations to come!"

Qin Yong begged.

This, Chen Hao did know.

For example, before, he thought that Lin Jiu had wronged the Duan Family, and only later did Lin Jiu tell himself that he was actually the Duan Family's God of Refuge, hehe, only for the Duan Family to let himself be destroyed.

Obviously, this Qin family wanted to shelter them themselves.

In itself, Chen Hao wasn't interested in any of this.

But right now, he did need a family that could get an entrance ticket, and joining them would give him a good disguise, and on the other hand, it wouldn't get in the way of his own business.

It could be said that it was a win-win situation.


When he thought of this, Chen Hao nodded his head and agreed.

Of course, a large level of it was also to see this young man, protecting his sister's heart, making Chen Hao somewhat moved.

Soon, the excited Qin Yong called his family.

While waiting, Qin Yong also told the whole story.

It turned out that he had brought his sister along to discuss things today.

As a result, there was this group of killers.

As for which party had sent them, Qin Yong wasn't sure now, but he could obviously guess who was responsible.

It was the current Jizhou City's ruler, the Wan Family.

Twenty years ago, the one who drove the Qin family out of Jizhou City was the Wan family.

It was because the backing behind them was simply an existence that they didn't dare to anger.

Not long after, more than a dozen cars came.

It was the Hidden Clan Qin family.

Now Lin Jiu had left with Piu Piu protected.

It was fine for himself to go back, since he had promised Qin Yong that he would be a shelter for their Qin family.

I have to be more serious anyway.

Now, it was time to follow Qin Yong for a walk.

He went to a manor within the Qin family's current temporary residence.

"Yong'er, Mei Mei, are you guys alright?"

The car had just stopped.

Just look at a middle-aged woman eagerly running over.

This person was Qin Yong's mother, Mrs. Qin.

At the entrance, there was also a middle-aged man standing with a face full of eagerness.

Behind the middle-aged man, there were old men, middle-aged people, young children, and so on.

Apparently, it was all the entire Qin family.

"Mother, father, we're fine, and it's all because Master Chen saved us, otherwise, your son wouldn't have been able to make it back to see you!"

Qin Yong said excitedly.

"O? Master Chen?"

The middle-aged man was startled, and along with a few old men, they were also surprised and looked over towards Chen Hao....


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