The Unknown Heir Chen 751 - 755


But no matter what, the person of his choice that he had waited for more than a decade finally appeared, and Wan Xue treasured this opportunity very much.

As they talked, they also walked towards the interior of the mountain resort.

Originally, Li Shaozong had come to visit, also for pleasure, and came to check out the situation here by the way.

Seeing that Wan Xue was very beautiful, right now, naturally, he was also willing to travel with Wan Xue.

At this time, not far away, outside of a large empty field, but there was a boisterous crowd.

"What's the situation?"

Young Master Li asked the servant following far behind him.

"Reporting back to the young master, that is the gladiatorial arena, some time ago, someone from the North African land of Qiang, caught a few exotic fierce bulls and sent them to this place for a gladiatorial fight, it is considered a feature of this Dragon Protection Villa!"

The servant said.

"Well, boredom, what's there to see in the horde of these animals, I wonder how boring these busybodies really are!"

Li Shaozong shook his head and laughed.  

This sentence, however, made Wan Xue somewhat uncomfortable.

Originally, this sentence was not directed at her, in comparison, Wan Xue's status was even higher than this Young Master Li, but Li Shaozong's arrogant attitude still made Wan Xue somewhat unhappy.

Perhaps a little annoyed, Wan Xue said.

"Not necessarily, my father once said that these exotic cows have experienced certain heaven and earth creations, and are all extraordinary, so it's good to take a look!"

"O? I didn't know that Sister Xue Xue was still interested in this. All right then, I'll just take a look with Sister Wanxue!"

Li Shaozong shook his head and laughed bitterly.

The two of them walked directly towards the gladiatorial arena.

"Xue Xue!"

And Xiu Xiu and the others were already playing on this side of the arena, after seeing Wan Xue, they hurriedly greeted Wan Xue over.

"Wow, Young Master Li, hello, I've only heard of you many times before, and now, it's the first time I've seen you in person!"

Xiu Xiu said.


But Li Shaozong didn't say much, only nodding faintly in return.

Li Shaozong, naturally, had his own high coldness.

This made Xiu Xiu somewhat faceless and unhappy, not expecting him to be so high and cold.

Naturally, with the arrival of Li Shaozong, the entire atmosphere of the arena instantly became different, and many people automatically made way for him.

The original noises also disappeared quite a bit.

Li Shaozong sat down with Wan Xue and looked towards the open space within the arena.

It was there that they saw black bulls with long golden legs on their foreheads, wrestling within the field.

Li Shaozong just glanced at it, then closed his eyes in disdain.

Alas, the rest of the cultivators always thought that entering the world was such a wonderful thing.

But in fact, actually entering the world had its own pains.

For example, the current self had to face too many Gryphons on a daily basis, which was painful for Li Shaozong.

Wan Xue glanced at the lonely and arrogant Li Shaozong and wondered why she always felt strange in her heart.

Even she began to wonder? , whether that fortune teller was lying to her.

Would she really fall in love with this person and take him as her intended?

Wan Xue began to have serious doubts.

But didn't say anything at the moment, but instead, looked within the field.

At the same time, Chen Hao also came over.

"The gladiatorial arena, and these cows, which look like they have undergone some mutations, are cows with demonic energy!"

Chen Hao and Shen Piu Piu also came to this side.

Seeing the curiously shaped cows on the side, Shen Piu Piu looked at these strange cows.

Chen Hao faintly explained.

Naturally, they all stood on the periphery watching.

"A demonic cow? No wonder, one of them looks, vicious and so aggressive! That kind of bullfighting is the real attraction!"

Shen Piu Piu couldn't help but nod her head.

"Point of view? Is that what you think?"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed.

"Or else what? Master." Shen puzzled.

"I think what big brother means is that these cows, since they aren't ordinary cows, it looks like they weren't willingly tamed by humans either! Brother, is there any danger happening?"

Xiao Yan asked tentatively at the side.

"Xiao Yan you're very enlightened, you're right, these demon cows are apparently performing, but in reality they aren't so easily tamed. Moreover, there are no strong and powerful people sitting around at the moment, and these demon cows, who were captured earlier and are now being forced by humans, already possess a powerful hatred in their hearts, danger, is bound to exist."

Chen Hao said with some sadness in his eyes.

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of holy mother of existence, but when he predicted some danger coming, seeing that so many innocent people would be in danger, if he didn't do something about it, I'm afraid that no one would be at ease.

"Then brother, what should we do?"

Xiao Yan asked.

"Only drive away the crowd!"

Chen Hao faintly spoke.

Of course, he hoped even more that no dangerous situation had occurred.

"Then the two of us will go talk to the staff!"

Shen Piao Piao said.

After Chen Hao nodded.

The two of them walked towards the workbench.

Chen Hao also began to observe the surrounding environment.

A few moments later, the sound of wheat sounded.

The sound of wheat rang out.

"Everyone, please pay attention, these cows will bring danger, evacuate as soon as possible!"

It was Shen Piu Piu who seized the microphone and shouted.

"Well? What's the situation?"

The crowd was unsure.

"What the hell, get down there, don't but us to watch the horde!"

There were also shouts.

More people, however, were unmoved.

"Xue Xue, it's them, Chen Hao's friends!"

Xiu Xiu did have some impressions of these two.


Wan Xue just nodded faintly.

"Why are they talking like that, could it be that they're here to cause trouble?"

Xiu Xiu was confused.

"I don't know, I'm sure the staff will take care of it!"

Wan Xue only responded indifferently.

And sure enough, Shen Piu Piu and the others were quickly driven down by the staff.

"Master, these people aren't even listening!"

Shen Piu Piu came to Chen Hao's side with an angry face.

"Or else, I'll try rushing up there again!"

Xiao said.

"It's no use, it's already too late!"

And Chen Hao's eyes slightly glazed over.

Now staring at the gladiatorial arena, looking within a large cage made of steel welding.

Just as the two of them hadn't returned to their senses.


A roar sounded.

The sound was so loud that it was deafening, and even more so that the surrounding ground trembled violently.

Let it be as if the sky and the earth were cracking at this instant.


At the scene, there were already many people who were shouting in shock.

After all, this voice was a bit too amazingly heartbreaking.

"What's going on?"

Wan Xue's face was also pale, and now she couldn't help but stand up in unison with a few of her girlfriends and look inside the large, black steel cage.

"Uncle Bai, inside that big cage? Could there be something else?"

Wan Xue asked Uncle Bai beside her.

Uncle Bai's eyelids jumped slightly, "My lady, yes, there is a huge black bull locked up in there, but that black bull's horns, which are white, look a bit strange, so it hasn't been released!"

Uncle Bai said as he blocked in front of Wan Xue.

"Miss, I feel that the situation has changed, let's retreat!"

Bai Bo's face was taut, as if he had already foreseen the birth of some great crisis .

Right now, the face was already filled with fear....


And just when everyone didn't react.


A fierce explosion suddenly came out, and just look at the steel refining cage, it was suddenly impacted into a pile of shattered segments shooting around.

The surrounding open table, this shattered segment viciously inserted, this moment, was more powerful than a bullet.

It was accompanied by a swirl of dust.

In an instant, the sky and the earth collapsed, as if the entire area was going to be destroyed.


A scream of terror rang out.

The crowd scattered in all directions.

The dust settled, and finally, a large, huge bull slowly walked out from within the large cage.

Every step it took seemed to carry a shocking force, neither slowing down nor stopping, especially its horns, which were actually white.  

As it came out, it began to follow a few calves behind it.


A thunderous cry rang out.

The people around them all felt frightened.

Everyone didn't move.

Including Wan Xue, who was also amazed at the scene before him.

The reason why they didn't dare to move was because, when they did, no one could guarantee that they would be the first to be attacked.

"Uncle Bai..."

Wan Xue's heart was tense.

At the same time, she looked at Li Shaozong who was sitting quietly at the side.

He still had his eyes closed and was still closing his eyes.

The scene in front of him, he hadn't even noticed?


He had discovered it, how could he not.

But his attitude said it all, what was in front of him was nothing more than a farce of a larger mole ants pinching each other with a bunch of tiny mole ants!

Ridiculous, so ridiculous!

Li Shaozong thought to himself: why does the world always have such ridiculous things going on?

"Young Master Li, this demon beast is attacking people!"

Wan Xue saw that he was unmoved, and now he had to be reminded.

At the same time, she had high hopes for him.

The name of Li Shaozong was obviously something many ordinary people had heard of online.

Right now, slowly leaning towards Li Shaozong's back.

This was clearly the most dangerous place.

Li Shaozong couldn't help but reveal a helpless grin.


At this time, the white-horned demon bull suddenly raised its head and roared.

Immediately afterwards, it raised its hooves high.

It looked like a provocation.

Obviously? It had been captured earlier, somehow, and now it looked like some king had returned and began to bark, waiting for the human in front of him to appear again.

He wanted revenge, to regain the face he had lost.

However, no one in front of him was moving, leaving it exasperated.

"Master, what should we do?"

Shen Piu Piu was also terrified and hurriedly looked at Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao was about to reply.

"Sinful beast, don't be arrogant!"

A loud boom sounded.

Immediately following, a silhouette was seen leaping directly into the place of the clearing.

And his leap into the air.

It also made everyone present start to get excited.

"Fuck, someone can really fly!"

"Yeah, could it be that this is the legendary type of person who cultivates the truth?"

Someone shouted in astonishment.

Standing in the arena was a sixty year old man, skinny as a bone, but with immortal bones.

And as soon as he appeared, Chen Hao also discovered that he had a strong cultivation aura permeating his body.

Clearly, he was a true cultivator.


When the demon bull saw someone appear, it was also battle intent.

Now, it directly attacked the old man.

"Hmph, wait until the old man collects your evil beast and cuts it into beef to be eaten!"

The old man sneered and drank.

Now, casting a spell to return the attack.

It could be seen that the old man wanted to use a powerful sword mane to directly penetrate this demon bull.

But at this moment, at the horn of the demon bull, there was a sudden flash of white light and a spiraling halo, which came directly towards this old man.


The two rays of light blasted together.

The old man's sword mane directly dissipated.


Looking at him from a great distance, Chen Hao seemed to be able to feel the panic mixed in his voice.

It was because it was only after an encounter that he realized that the strength of the two were not even below the same level.


The white light quickly hit the old man in the chest, knocking him out of the air and hitting the stands hard.


It was only now that everyone truly felt fear.

Such a mighty old man had actually been beaten down in one round, these were simply all monsters, demonic beasts!

The demon bull didn't care about the bystanders.

Banteringly, he looked at the old man lying on the ground.

Raising his paws, he insultingly stepped on his body.

"Uncle Mo seems to be in danger!"

At this moment, however, Wan Xue looked nervous.

"Uncle Mo is the uppermost guest of the family and my father's friend, Young Master Li, I wonder if you have a way to defeat this demon bull and save Uncle Mo?"

Wan Xue said nervously.

"It's nothing more than ants in my eyes!"

Li Shaozong opened his eyes slightly and said faintly.

"Then please, please save Uncle Mo!"

Wan Xue shouted anxiously.

Xiu Xiu and the others also all looked at Li Shaozong hopefully.

Although this person was very arrogant, but arrogance, naturally, had the virtue of arrogance.

Right now, everyone also all put their hopes on Li Shaozong's body.

"You want me to fight a beast like an ant? Yuki, I swore I wouldn't lay a hand on Gryphon, because both it and he are too small!"

Li Shaozong frowned tightly.

Was it really better than going to fight these mole crickets yourself?


Li Shaozong's heart was struggling and in pain.


And the demon bull now stepped ruthlessly towards the old man, and the old man spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

This stance was clearly a challenge, did anyone else dare to come up?

"Young Master Li, saving someone's life is better than building a seven-tiered pagoda, I beg you, save Uncle Mo! He really will die at the hands of a demon!"

Wan Xue's eyes were already on the verge of tears.

"Alright, Little Snow, I'm making an exception for your sake, for you, I'm getting rid of this Gryphon today!"

Li Shaozong smiled faintly.

"Young Master Li thank you!"

Wan Xue nodded heavily.

"I'm going, Xiujin Junior Li Shaozong has made a move!"

"Today's scene must be recorded, it turns out that what was rumored before is all true, this world is too uncomplicated!"

Everyone exploded.

On Li Shaozong's side, he only saw him shrug and leap straight into the air.

By the time he landed, he was already facing the demon bull with one hand in his pocket on his back.


Everyone on the scene was screaming.

And Wan Xue and Xiu Xiu and the other girls, although bar, they were not happy with some of Li Shaozong's attitudes, but at the moment, they were also extremely adoring.

Now, they were all gazing at him in a daze.


As expected, the demon bull was just being provocative, and when it saw Li Shaozong coming over, it was very uninterested in casually kicking the old man aside and instead sizing up Li Shaozong for a while.

It also let out a provocative roar.

"Bastard, are you going to kill yourself, or am I going to do it, once I do, you'll be miserable!"

Li Shaozong had one hand in his pocket, but closed his eyes and said.


And it was as if the demon bull could understand human language, and now it was directly angry.

The sweat hairs on the bull's body stood up upside down, like a sharp thorn.

It directly rushed towards Li Shaozong....


The demon bull had rushed over.

Everyone at the scene all sucked in a breath of cold air.

They all waited for Li Shaozong's reaction.

Wanting to see how the cultivation boy Li Shaozong would deal with the demon bull.

But to everyone's surprise, at such a time, Li Shaozong still remained unmoved.

Instead, with one hand in his pocket, Li Shaozong actually closed his eyes.

A terrifying demon bull was actually nothing in Li Shaozong's eyes!

"Here we go!"

There was a loud bang, and only a white mane of air shot out as the demon bull's horns moved.

The dust that swirled seemed to have swept away everything!

Many people were directly swept away.  

More people began to wail in pain.

Wan Xue was also on tenterhooks.

Chen Hao was also calmly observing the scene in front of him.

Because he was very confused, he had seen Li Shaozong, who was extremely talented.

At such an age, yet he was already a first grade cultivator.

Reaching the same cultivation as Lin jiu.

It was truly rare.

What puzzled Chen Hao was that the one just now was obviously also a First Grade cultivator, and their strengths were not too far apart.

But why would Li Shaozong have such determination, he must have some sort of reliance!

Or else he wouldn't have changed your face!

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped slightly, observing Li Shaozong.

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, felt a vast atmosphere coming from behind him.

Presently, his eyes opened abruptly.

Because this breath, instantly locked him in and, several times stronger than him.


He was suddenly terrified.

"This beast, how can it be so strong?"

Only now did Li Shaozong not dare to be careless.

He tried his best to turn around and resist with luck.

However, that white mane of Qi was constantly zooming in and out in front of him!

There seemed to be an irresistible momentum.


Li Shaozong was struck instantly.


A burst of noise alarmed.

Li Shaozong's resisting arms were like a large boiler exploding, with white steam and oil explosions raging.

His arms' clothing, even more so, turned into powder at once.


Li Shaozong sprayed out a mouthful of blood arrows and his entire body flew backwards.

On both arms, the red meridians were like earthworms lying on top.

"So strong!"

Li Shaozong was breathing heavily.

It was only now that he truly faced this demon beast squarely.

"Master said that there exists a type of demon beast in the world, they just coincidentally borrow the spirit of the heavens and earth and access a certain spirituality, thus becoming deceitful, and their bodies may also develop certain foreign parts, different from demons, so they are demon beasts, but when they face a cultivator, they are invulnerable!"

"But now, it's already a different situation as Master said, this kind of demon beast has evolved to a certain point where they have reached a level where they can cultivate, at that time, their fighting power will be very much, but this is extremely rare!"

"And this one, apparently, is a demon beast that has evolved to the point where it can practice the standard, for a spirit demon!"

Li Shaozong was horrified.

He had taken the enemy lightly, and too lightly.

With just a single strike just now, his own protective light feathers had been directly shattered.

Rao himself had suffered deep internal injuries.

If there was another strike, he would be in the same situation as the cultivator just now.


Li Shaozong's mind was calculating.

However, the demon bull seemed to have sensed that Li Shaozong wanted to escape.

Now, it struggled to attack again.


Li Shaozong's pupils dilated nervously.

Now, from his bosom, he pulled out a round bead and threw it directly towards the demon bull.

The round bead instantly enlarged.

And with purple lightning.


Covering the demon bull's perimeter, lightning struck.

And it was with this opportunity that Li Shaozong used his legs to power up and escape straight through the air!

"Young Master Li has escaped!"

"Young Master Li isn't even an opponent!"


This time, everyone at the scene was directly terrified to the extreme.

Fleeing in all directions.

For a moment, there were countless tramplees.

"No good, miss, let's hurry up and flee as well!"

Bai Bo shielded Wan Xue.

Wan Xue nodded heavily.

At the same time, she was extremely disappointed.

She didn't think that her intended, would had abandoned her like this, would go flee for his life first.

But it was too late to flee at this moment.

The people around her all panicked and pushed each other.

Soon, Wan Xue was squeezed on the ground by someone and, not paying attention, actually fell towards the stage.

"Ah! Snowy!"

Xiu Xiu and the others were shouting anxiously.

But the crowd was so large, there was no way to go over and pull her!

The demon bull that had been struck by the lightning formation was now surrounded by a formation that had finally dissipated.


It was roaring up to the heavens.

It was venting its discontent from being undermined by Li Shaozong just now.

The physical pain also made its eyes, instantly turn scarlet.

The killing intent was up.

And its first target.

It was Wan Xue who was closest to it.

"Damned human! Death!"

This demon bull actually mouths human language.

The voice was like a flood bell.

It walked towards Wan Xue.

At this moment, Wan Xue was directly scared silly.

Dumbfounded, she didn't know how to react.

And Bai Bo and Xiu Xiu and the others were all crying in a hurry.


Wan Xue stumbled up from the ground and began to backtrack towards a spot.

And the demon bull didn't care, it came straight ahead.

Right at this moment, Wan Xue walked on the edge of a high platform, and this side of the platform, has almost run out of people.

Only Chen Hao and Shen Piu Piu were standing here.

Wan Xue raised her head and looked at Chen Hao for help.

Chen Hao did not move.

Rather, it was Shen Piu Piu, who was quick on her feet, hurriedly ran down and pulled Wan Xue onto the high platform.

It was only at this moment that Bai Bo and Xiu Xiu and the others arrived on this side and protected Wan Xue behind them.


Peculiarly, the crowd thought the demon bull was about to attack.

But then, they saw it stand still all of a sudden.

Because, it saw one person, this person, so powerful.

It felt that if it took one more step forward, it would be completely pulverized.

Yes, it only needed to take one step forward and it would die.

This feeling was really too clear.

It was because of this that the demon bull scrupulously looked at this person.

And this person, if it wasn't Chen Hao, who else could it be.

Note for a long time.


It suddenly roared and jumped straight out of the tower, taking the calf with it and fleeing towards somewhere else.

Not bad, it was fleeing!

And soon, it dissipated in a cloud of dust.

"What? It just went away?"

Xiu Xiu was incredibly startled.

You know what, she thought she was going to die just now!

And Wan Xue was also fortunate to have been robbed.

She glanced at Chen Hao, who hadn't made any moves, and felt a bit grumpy in her heart.

Just now, when she was in a difficult situation, this person actually did nothing?

Only then did he look at Shen Piu Piu and nod his head in greeting, "Thank you so much just now, if it wasn't for you, I might have been killed by this demon bull!"

"You don't have to thank me, Miss Mansuki, but if you really want to, thank me..."

"Alright Piu Piu, it's getting late, we still have to go ask Xiao Yan about him, let's go!"

Chen Hao faintly spoke.

He did not want to cause trouble, nor did he want to expose his identity.

If he wanted to, Chen Hao would only need to exhale slightly, and the demon bull from earlier would simply have his soul scattered!

Unfortunately, he didn't want that....


After that, Chen Hao directly left with Shen Piu Piu.

Looking at Chen Hao's back, Wan Xue's heart once again had that inexplicable throbbing.

If once was a coincidence and twice was also a coincidence, then was the third time now a coincidence as well?

But if the person of one's choice was not Young Master Li, but the ordinary person in front of him.

Many aspects didn't make sense again.

Wan Xue was torn inside.

"This person is extraordinary!"

And at this moment, Bai Bo suddenly said in a condensed voice.

"Huh? What do you mean, Uncle White?"

Wan Xue knew that Uncle Bai was also an expert, but, had failed to step into the legendary cultivation realm.

He was now surprised.  

"Could it be that Miss wasn't paying attention just now?"

Uncle Bai looked solemnly at Chen Hao's back and said solemnly.

"Watch out for what?"

"That demon bull is extremely ferocious, not even Young Master Li and Friar Mo are opponents of this beast, just now, it could have killed everything, even Miss, you are already in direct danger of losing your life, but at this critical moment, this demon beast stops short!"

Bai Bo said.

"Yes, yes, Snowy, you didn't have time to look just now, not only did that demon beast stop moving, I looked at it as if it had seen something to be afraid of!"

Xiu Xiu also hurried.

Wan Xue's heart became even more alarmed.

"You guys mean that the demon bull, was afraid of this Chen Hao and thus escaped, so we were spared?"

Wan Xue asked curiously.

How was that possible, this Chen Hao looked like he was a bit ordinary.

Let's be honest.

When it was first thought that Chen Hao was the intended person from the old fortune teller's mouth, Wan Xue's heart was actually a bit down on Chen Hao.

How to say this.

A girl's heart, would have certain expectations of her intended man.

Especially, that old fortune teller gave her higher expectations.

When what you see is so different from what you expected, it's inevitable that there will be some lost emotions in your heart.

Naturally, there was no interest to speak of.

Obviously, Chen Hao was the one thing that disappointed himself.

Therefore, he became his intended, and Wan Xue was instinctively somewhat repelled.

"I still find it hard to believe that he would scare away this demon bull, I think there must be some other reason inside..."

Wan Xue said, "But no matter what, I'd still like to thank that young lady from earlier, if it weren't for her, I really wouldn't be able to tell!"

Wan Xue's pretty face blushed slightly and said faintly.

At the same time, there was also some interest in Chen Hao.

It was just that she didn't want to admit it.

And Uncle Bai just said that he should have looked the other way and didn't say anything else.

Immediately after, the Wan family apparently heard about this, and many experts behind the scenes went out to protect Wan Xue on one hand, and on the other hand, they went all out to find the demon bull's whereabouts.

Because the Underground Ceremony was about to begin, the Wan family took it very seriously.

And back to Chen Hao.

After Chen Hao left the Dragon Protection Villa, he returned to the Shen Family.

As soon as he returned, he saw a group of people leaving from the Shen family with great disdain.

The Shen Tian Gang, who saw them off, had an old face full of embarrassment.

Only after asking did I know.

Those people just now turned out to be the Wan Family's executives.

Shen Tian Gang was arranged by Chen Hao to handle the entrance tickets for the conference.

Naturally, Shen Tiangang was very serious and had invited someone from the Wan family to check his qualifications.

As a result, the Wan family didn't look down on the Shen family at all, and the admission ticket matter was even more unthinkable.

That was why there was that scene just now.

To say that there was no admission ticket, Chen Hao also believed that his own strength would not be a problem to force his way in.

But there was really no need for that.

Moreover, many of his previous experiences had made Chen Hao understand the importance of the Hidden Feng.

It definitely wouldn't be that reckless.

"Mr. Chen, I'm sorry that such a simple thing that you explained to me couldn't be done!"

Shen Tian Gang was full of self-reproach.

"Uncle Shen doesn't need to apologize, the current situation, using our Shen family name to enter the underground festival, it's difficult to work, instead, I'll take Lin Jiu and attach myself to another big family, so that I can also act cheaply!"

Chen Hao said.

"Sir, do you mean that we enter the Wan family? Now that the Duan Family has been wiped out by you, the largest decent family in Jizhou City today is the Wan Family, not to mention that they are still the organizers!"

Lin Jiu at the side said.

"Well, that's exactly what I mean, Lin Jiu, do you recognize the Wan family's master?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I really don't know this one, don't look at the Wan family superficially as a powerful family, behind them, they seem to have a cultivation family backing them up, many loose cultivators in the cultivation world don't dare to mess with the Wan family, that's why they are afraid of that cultivation family behind the Wan family, naturally, there are also many high numbers of people who admire the Wan family, like us, a first-class cultivator, the Wan family has four or five It is said that the Wan family still has a supreme being like a third-grade monk!"

Lin Jiu explained.

"I get it!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

I thought to myself, as expected, the power behind some families should not be underestimated.

The Dragon Protection Villa, just as Lin Jiu had said, had quite a few cultivator experts present, so it seemed that this underground festival was extremely lively ah.

At this moment, a luxury car followed closely behind and arrived at the entrance of the Shen family.

An old man walked down from the limousine.

"It's him!"

Shen Piu Piu was startled.

This person was not an outsider, it was the old man that she had just seen, the same Uncle Bai who was beside Wan Xue.

"Old man Bai Zizhi, entrusted by my Miss, would like to invite Miss Shen and Mr. Chen to go to the Wan family to attend Miss's birthday dinner tonight!"

Uncle White finished and sent up two invitations.

"Huh? Is she the Miss of the Wan family?"

Shen Piu Piu was surprised.

Uncle Bai nodded, "Yes, today Miss escaped from death, or thanks to the two of you for saving her! So I'd like to invite you both, make sure you attend!"

Chen Hao took the invitation and looked at it.

At this time Lin Jiu leaned in to Chen Hao's ear.

"Sir, it's really a no-brainer, this Wan Xue is Wan Yao Yao's most beloved daughter, and if she can invite you to her birthday banquet, then the admission ticket is a sure thing!"

Chen Hao also nodded his head.

Although he did not know why Wan Xue had somehow invited himself.

But this Wan family, he also wanted to go there himself.

This was good.

On one hand, to see what this Wan Xue's purpose was.

On the other hand, to see if he could take this opportunity to get an entrance ticket.

"Okay, then, trouble for you Butler Bai, you can reply to Miss Wan Xue, I will definitely arrive tonight!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and smiled.

After Uncle Bai had left.

Lin Jiu, on the other hand, was going to continue to train the Shen family's children.

It was just then that Chen Hao called out to him.

"Lin Jiu, don't be busy yet, I have something I want to ask you!"

Chen Hao.

"Sir, what is it?"

Lin Jiu was confused.


Chen Hao had been thinking about the demon bull that he saw today.

He told Lin Jiu about the scene that happened in the Dragon Protection Villa.

Because for some demonic beasts, Chen Hao had never come into contact with them before.

In particular, demonic beasts that would also know some demonic methods.

Chen Hao's understanding of this was still limited to the understanding of beast soul possession.

And since it would soon be evening, Chen Hao still had to hurry to attend Wan Xue's birthday banquet.

Simply, he let Lin Jiu travel with him, talking as he walked along the road.

It turned out that in this world, apart from a very small number of cultivators, there were naturally some magical demon beasts as well.

Only that most of them existed underground or in caverns.

It was difficult for ordinary people to see them.

It was even said that even if they saw them, they would lose their lives.  

Therefore, very little information about the demon beasts was revealed.

The demon beasts, however, also had the same realm division as the cultivators.

Demon beasts that were able to condense their true essence were also known as cultivators.

However, because it was too hard and difficult for demon beasts to reach this realm, naturally, they were often stronger than humans of the same realm after they cultivated.

A first-grade cultivator met with a first-grade monk's demon beast.

It was almost like being crushed by a demon beast.

After listening to Lin Jiu's explanation.

Chen Hao almost got it.

No wonder, that Li Shaozong and the one called Uncle Mo, underestimated the demon bull when they observed the demon bull's scent.

But in just one round, they were hammered by the demon bull and couldn't find a way out.

Obviously, this was the reason.

Then, Chen Hao talked to Lin Jiu about the matter about the Wan Family.


The Wan Family's side.

With the arrival of dusk, a different garden was also decorated with lights.

Because today, it was the birthday of the Wan family's eldest miss, Wan Xue Xue.

"Xue Xue, you're so beautiful today!"

"Happy birthday Snowy!"

For a time, many of Jizhou City's wealthy young men came with gifts to congratulate them.

Of course, many rich youngsters also had other purposes.

That was to show their handsomeness and superiority in front of Wan Xue.

After all, if you can become the son-in-law of the Wan family, you can be considered to be soaring to great heights in the future.

But obviously, Wan Xue was only responding politely, even if these dudes were handsome, they wouldn't be able to enter her eyes.

Especially into her heart.

"Xue Xue, you look like you have something on your mind today!"

Xiu Xiu at the side saw that Wan Xue was also distracted when she greeted the others.

" ah!"

Wan Xue's pretty face blushed, but her face still couldn't hide a touch of disappointment.

"Hmph, still saying no, let me guess, I think you're disappointed, why would that Li Shaozong leave you behind today, and he knows about your birthday, so will he come, at least come over for a bit, give yourself an explanation, right?"

Xiu Xiu said.

"'re talking nonsense!"

Wan Xue was suddenly like a white rabbit whose tail had been stepped on, anxious.

"Hahaha, was I talking to your heart, I still know more, don't I?"

"What else do you know!"

Wan Xue didn't have the good fortune to ask.

"I also know ah, if Li Shaozong is willing to come tonight and give you some kind of explanation, you will definitely forgive him, even though he abandoned you at that time, but I know your character, when you decide that someone is the one for you, you will always love him no matter what is done to you!"

"But this I have to remind you Xue Xue, I don't like Li Shaozong's character too much, he's too proud, and I feel that even if you want to be with him in the future, he must be greedy for some of your Wan family's unique resources, you may not like to hear this, but as a friend, I'll say it anyway!"

Xiu Xiu said.

Wan Xue's eyebrows furrowed slightly, but she still nodded thankfully, taking Xiu Xiu's hand.

"Then...what about that Chen Hao? Since you've already chosen this Li Shaozong to be your intended, why do you still invite this Chen Hao?"

Xiu Xiu smiled and asked.

Wan Xue pondered for a while before saying, "I don't know why, I just feel curious about this Chen Hao, not only because of what happened this afternoon, so I want to see him again, get in touch with him and see what kind of person he is, even at the earliest, I had the idea of setting you up with him, haha, but then I thought about it, he is not the same as us after all! The people of the world, treating them to a meal like this is a way to repay the favor for today!"

Wan Xue took a deep breath and laughed.

"You, you're so bad, huh, are you going to throw the boys you don't like trash to me? I don't want it, huh?"

Xiu Xiu and Wan Xue were clowning around.

It was between talking.

Xiu Xiu pointed to the front.

"Xiu Xue you look, that Chen Hao is here!"

Xiu Xiu shouted.

Presently, Wan Xue raised her eyes towards the doorway.

It was when she saw Chen Hao holding a gift and walking towards this side.

Wan Xue's heart, again, jumped for no reason.

"Miss Wan Xue, thank you for the invitation, and happy birthday to you!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Well, thank you! Also, today, I want to thank you for saving my life at the Dragon Protecting Villa, tonight, I must drink more!"

Although there was something in Wan Xue's heart that she didn't like Chen Hao.

But just the throbbing of seeing him was also the reason why Wan Xue had to look at Chen Hao a bit more.

Because she wasn't sure if this feeling was a heartbeat or not.


Chen Hao nodded.

The two of them looked at each other.

At this moment.

The sky suddenly lit up with colorful fireworks that overwhelmed the sky and seemed to sweep across Jizhou City.


Many people began to scream.

And the fireworks ended up, condensing into a few words in the air.

"Happy birthday, Wan Xue!"

These six words were so dazzling in the air.

Wan Xue was also thumping.

What was even more surprising was still to come.

It was then that a red cloth was seen floating from the air.

It slowly drifted down in front of Wan Xue's eyes.


The red cloth exploded and burst into colorful ribbons blooming in front of her.

And the ribbon opened.

A circular platform appeared on the ground.

On top of the platform, you can see Li Shaozong in a tuxedo with long hair, standing with one hand in his pocket.

The scene in front of you is full of fantasy and romance.

It's also a direct result of the entire scene exploded.

Everyone's emotions were directly set off to the highest point.

As for Wan Xue, she was also very surprised and moved.

Because at this moment, it was as if she had seen the arrival of a hero.

A hero in her heart.

Li Shaozong, on the other hand, still had his eyes closed as if he was enjoying the crowd's cheers for him.

In his eyes, if these mortals in front of him, besides eating and sleeping, the only thing that still had a slight effect was that they could bring cheers to a god like him, and that was it!

Only after a long time did Li Shaozong slowly open his eyes.

It was the eyes.

Because he had sworn that he would not fully open his eyes unless he met some decent experts.

Just because he didn't want some mortal, to tarnish his eyes...


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