The Unknown Heir 741-745


Duan Feng nodded at that and said, "Master, I understand what you mean, next, I'll know what to do!"

He smiled coldly, and naturally, he already had a plan in mind.

Naturally, Chen Hao's had shouted such a high price.

Many people already didn't dare to come to the bidding competition.

And those little fan girls who were originally Duan Feng's fans were now looking at Chen Hao with some surprise, never expecting that this ordinary looking person would have such a price.

Some of them even started to wink at Chen Hao, begging for some attention from Chen Hao.

As for these, how could they get into Chen Hao's eyes again.

Chen Hao had taken so much money to auction this floating dust.

Naturally, Chen Hao had his own thoughts as well.

Although this amount of money was nothing in Chen Hao's eyes, Chen Hao wasn't one to spend it lightly.

He was doing it as a favor to the organizers, after all, he wanted to ask about the origin of the floating dust.

As expected, when Chen Hao made this request, the service staff respectfully invited out their manager.

This manager, surnamed Wang, was a middle-aged fat man.

"Thank you, Young Master Chen, for your support and for being the biggest gold owner of our auction this time! This is the villain's name tag!"

Manager Wang was very respectful.

"Manager Wang, I want to ask you one thing, and that is the history of this floating dust!"

Chen Hao was not polite, but asked directly.

"Well, Young Master Chen, as you know, without the permission of the original owners, we are not able to reveal information about our partners!"

Manager Wang smiled hip-hop.

"However, this time, when Chen is premiuming so much, I can reveal some!"

He was about to say it.

But at this moment, a youth walked towards Manager Wang.

This youth first glanced at Shen Tian Gang and the others, then whispered softly next to Manager Wang's ear.

Just saw Manager Wang's eyes startled first, then immediately nodded his head.

" I understand!"

And then the youth left.

"Well, can we talk now?"

Shen Tian Gang glanced at the person who came in, then looked at Manager Wang.

"This is natural, but this is not urgent yet, Young Master Chen, Mr. Shen, a friend of mine, actually also fancy this Destiny Floating Dust, and he is extremely interested, hehe, now that he has settled on a hotel, why don't I act as a middleman, we will meet and talk, maybe, it will become a big deal!"

This Manager Wang suddenly changed his face and spoke to Chen Hao in a different tone.

Chen Hao also clearly understood what he meant.

This matter was probably related to that Young Master Duan.

Or rather, it was related to that cultivator.

This floating dust, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to take it so easily.

Compared between himself and that Young Master Duan, it was clear that Young Master Duan was more important in this Manager Wang's eyes.

"Master Chen, what should we do?"

Shen Tian Gang asked in a low voice.

"Since someone is going to invite us, how can we not go, let's go with Manager Wang to meet this friend of his, maybe, this thing that we are selling for a billion will double?"

Chen Hao faintly smiled.

Shen Tian Gang was unsure, but seeing that Master Chen had said so, he had nothing to say.

He could only follow.

Nor did he have time to see a teasing look flash across Manager Wang's mouth as he turned around.

Jizhou Grand Wine Restaurant, top floor.

The entire Grand Restaurant, had been completely emptied.

Inside the most luxurious compartment.

The door was pushed open and Chen Hao Shen Tian Gang and the others walked in.

"Uncle Shen, I didn't expect us to meet again so soon, ah?"

As soon as he entered, it was to see Duan Feng sitting in the main escort seat, standing up and smiling.

"Duan Feng, so it's you!"

Shen Tian Gang was shocked and angry.

"Uncle Shen, don't be so angry, I'll just say it plainly, I'm inviting you all here today, apart from catching up with you Uncle Shen, there's also a banquet for this Young Master Chen from out of town!"

Duan Feng said.

After saying that, he clapped his hands, "Someone, serve tea!"

Soon, the waiter came in with the tea.

Only to open it up and inside, all the tea was some tea endings!

The tea that was brewed was also extremely unpleasant to smell.

"Duan Feng, what do you mean by that?"

Shen Tian Gang raged. This was clearly to show that although I, Duan Feng, had invited you to come, you definitely couldn't enter my eyes.

"Oh, of course, I'm inviting you two for tea ah?"

Duan Feng sneered.

"Drinking tea is naturally not difficult, this can be said later, Young Master Duan is it, you'd better just state the purpose of inviting us here, even if you want to discuss the price, it's time to give a quick word!"

Chen Hao looked towards this Duan Feng.

At the same time, beside Duan Feng, there was that motionless black-robed cultivator sitting beside him.

Presumably, this person was Duan Feng's biggest bottom and reliance.

Chen Hao thought in his heart.

"Good, Young Master Chen is just sore, so I'll make it clear, this Destiny Floating Dust is a magic weapon, and this magic weapon happens to be of great use to my Duan Feng, so I want to buy it from Young Master Chen, and if you don't believe me, you can ask Manager Wang, since I was a child, there's really nothing that my Duan Feng wants that I can't get! "

Duan Feng said with a bitter smile.

Manager Wang on the side saw the wind and steered the ship: "Young Master Duan is right, indeed ah, Young Master Duan is in the whole of Jizhou, that's a request that will be answered, no one dares to say a single word, Young Master Chen, you guys are new here, I think, why don't you make friends and sell this floating dust to Young Master Duan!"


Shen Tian Gang Qi.

"Hey! If you want to buy it, we need to talk about price, so make an offer and I'll consider selling it!"

Chen Hao knew that this Duan Feng was coming from a bad place, and this, too, was an authentic Hongmen Banquet.

Therefore, Chen Hao knew very clearly what he should do next.

"Very well, according to my previous habits, if I were to offer a price, you would definitely not be satisfied and even think that I'm bullying you, so let's say, seeing as you're so cheerful, this way, I'll buy it ten times!"

After saying that, Duan Feng slowly pulled out a brand new ten from his pocket and placed it on the table.

And with a teasing face, he also pushed it towards the direction where Chen Hao was.


And Manager Wang, who was on the side, directly couldn't help but laugh.

Oh, Young Master Duan has been such a character, and this was clearly not the first time he had seen such a thing.

Who was Young Master Duan, the famous young master of Jizhou, who would dare to provoke him?

I remember last time, a rich merchant, also from outside, spent fifty million dollars to auction off an ancient vase, and it was seen by Duan.

Also using this tactic, the pit came to dinner and paid fifty cents to buy it away.

As a result, that rich merchant was unwilling to do so, and his whole family's life was on the line.

This is Young Master Duan, the Demon King of Jizhou!

Manager Wang's heart.

And look at Shen Tian Gang already red-eyed.

Manager Wang was also looking at these people's pitiful condition, and now he was also acting like a peacemaker, "A few of you, I advise you to just accept it as it is, this is already ten times more money that Young Master Duan gave you!"

Young Master Duan lit a cigar, "Leave the floating dust behind, or else, a few of you will die!"

He said this with the same ease and simplicity as if he were saying when to eat and sleep again....


Young Master Duan laughed, and Manager Wang laughed.

Even the waiter who was serving the food on the side was coldly watching all of this.

Because, being targeted by Demon King Young Master Duan was like being chosen by a demon.

The end result was all extremely miserable.

"Young Master Duan, you're kidding, right? Ten dollars?"

Chen Hao really couldn't understand, where did this Young Master Duan get the courage and strength, was it because of this black-robed cultivator beside him?

"Yes, ten bucks!"

Young Master Duan confirmed again.

"Okay, I agree, but I have one more condition!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"What conditions?"

"That is, if you have to pay for your family's life again, I can sell you this floating dust for ten dollars, I think this deal couldn't be more appropriate for Young Master Duan!"

Chen Hao said.

"Hehe, good, to be honest, I couldn't believe it when Master said you weren't an ordinary person, but I didn't think you were! And because of that, I gave you face, but since you won't shed a tear until you see the coffin, I'll have to let you see some red first!"

After saying that,Young Master Duan put down the tea cup.


Steeply, that black-robed man turned into a pile of black mist and directly dissipated.

What's more, he hovered rapidly in the air for a circle before landing beside Shen Piu Piu.

By the time he manifested again, he had already strangled Shen Piu Piu's neck.

And the entire time, Chen Hao didn't move a muscle.

"Grandpa, Master, save me!"

Shen Piu Piu was terrified.


Young Master Duan laughed as he stood up and applauded, he looked towards Chen Hao in a jocular manner: "How about Brother Chen Hao, have you seen the might of my master? If I hadn't wanted to kill you, it would have been you who was just strangled by the neck, but of course, your life is in my hands anytime I want it!"

"That's the gap, the one you people can't touch, so take out the floating dust and roll! Because you guys are insignificant in the eyes of a powerful cultivator, as if you're tiny ants."

Young Master Duan shook his head speechlessly.

"That's right, a shameless one, think you're awesome because you're rich is it, be sensible, take the ten dollars and hand over the floating dust and get lost, otherwise, I'll definitely have you die in Ji Prefecture!"

Manager Wang on the side followed with insults.

In his eyes, Young Master Duan was Wang.

"Cultivator? I see, the reason why Young Master Duan is so rampant is because of the existence of this cultivator? But has Young Master Duan ever thought, "What if this cultivator you're relying on, he's not powerful?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"Hahaha, what did you say? Not powerful?"

Duan Feng held his belly and laughed.

"Yes, it's not powerful, and as you said, instead of being powerful, it's as small as an ant!"

Chen Hao nodded faintly.

"That's enough Chen Hao! Don't act here. Are you trying to scare Duan with this? It's simply idiotic, and after not seeing you for such a long time, I've noticed that your cultivation has indeed increased a bit from before, but your intelligence, instead of increasing, has retreated, and you're still so stupid!"

And then the black-robed man on the other side finally spoke with a sneer.

"Because people don't know what you're about, I'm crystal clear, so you don't have to act, the only thing that's waiting for you is to just die a good death!"

The black robed man choked Shen Piu Piu's neck with one hand as he said.

This person was able to call out his name like this, and from the tone of his voice, it seemed as if he knew a lot about his past.

"Did we know each other before? I don't think, among the people I used to know, that there exist true cultivators!"

Chen Hao was astonished.


Somehow, this sentence made the black robed man and Duan Feng all laugh.

"How else can I say that you're still so stupid, and what I didn't expect is that you've already had your clumsy acting skills pierced by me, so why are you still acting calm here?"

"Do you want to know who I am? I'm afraid you'll be shocked to see me!"

The black-robed man laughed through a smug smile.

Chen Hao looked at Duan Feng, who was still sneering, and the black-robed man who was laughing through banter, and didn't know what they were laughing at.

The only thing was that this black-robed man's tone was obviously very coarse, and Chen Hao didn't use his golden eyes, so he really didn't know who he was.

Mainly because Chen Hao wouldn't be able to fault him for using the Golden Eye.

"Then I'd love to know!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Hahaha! Then look carefully at who I am!"

The black-robed man tilted his head and laughed, then ripped off the black robe on his own head.

Immediately following, the black and white yin-yang old man with half a white face and half a black face appeared in front of Chen Hao.

He laughed loudly.

Duan Feng also came over and looked at his master with a smile.

"Chen Hao, I didn't expect that we would meet in this form, and, did my appearance make you feel very surprised?"

The old man laughed.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped slightly.

"Indeed, I did not expect it and was very surprised, because the one standing in front of me should be a dead man, right? I was in the Forest of Angling, and I killed you!"

Chen Hao was puzzled in his heart.

Wasn't this old man the same Ninth Uncle who had appeared during the Southwest Family period, and later, he had tracked and chased himself all the way to An Ling and was killed by himself instead.

But I didn't expect that he was actually alive again now.

And he has cultivated his true essence and become a cultivator.

This was really interesting.

Chen Hao was unexpectedly very surprised.

It was because the true essence of cultivation on his body was not an inner strength, not a secret method, it was simply real.

"Haha, I know what you want to ask, asking why I didn't die and instead became the world's most powerful cultivator, right? And, I have my own title now!"

He was still laughing, and I'm afraid there was nothing, that could be more proud than he was at this time.

"Yes, I'm wondering what brought you back from the dead and into contact with the realm of cultivation, a realm that is simply untouchable! And what is your title now?"

Chen Hao nodded his head, it was funny to say that he now knew less than this dead guy instead.

"By the way, it was really due to fate, I obtained a strange encounter, at that time, I was indeed killed by you, but unprecedentedly, a heavenly thunder suddenly struck my body, and I don't know what happened, I didn't go up in smoke and ashes, moreover, my soul was proudly retained, I don't know how long it took, I was able to regain control of my body, at that time, my body began to mutate !"

"What nirvana rebirth, that is! I used to pursue the Inner Strength realm, thinking that Inner Strength was the supreme, haha, but I never thought that after I was struck by heavenly thunder, I would directly condense my True Qi, and at that time, I thought I had become an immortal, hahaha! I'm really excited to tell you this now!"

The old man.

Chen Hao also laughed, "Does having true qi make you feel like you've become an immortal?"

"I didn't understand anything at the time, but it wasn't until later, when I came into contact with some cultivators, that I understood that I had become a cultivator and had begun to acquire my own exclusive title, and that in the world, every cultivator was a town level existence, and of course, had the most supreme title of glory, my title, as a Yin-Yang Friar!"


"It seems that you've really gained a strange encounter, but why are you called a Yin-Yang monk?"

Chen Hao asked in confusion.

"It was granted specifically based on a person's characteristics and Chen Hao, do you think you're amazing? Think you're almost invincible?"

Shade asked.

"I never felt that way!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Don't pretend, I admit that the previous you was very powerful and very talented, but what we saw before was only a corner of the great world!"

"The true order of the world is actually controlled by the cultivators, they possess the most incomparable abilities, they dominate the world, and almost every *house* will have a cultivator township-like existence!"

"Of course, although I'm already located at the top of the world and have become a Yin-Yang cultivator, a part of it, I'm well aware of my gap, because I'm only a Yin-Yang First Grade cultivator, and that's a world away from a Ninth Grade cultivator! Not to mention, the strongest in all things, those great powers that received the title of Wheel King!"

Yin Yang put away the banter on his face and became incredibly respectful when he mentioned the Wheel King title.

"Ninth grade cultivator upwards, is that the title of Wheel King? Who gave these titles?"

Chen Hao was confused.

"Oh, as to who gave it, you need not concern yourself with this, I am telling you this, to be frank, it is because it has all come too quickly and suddenly, all this time, I have been unable to share this joy of mine with others, neither can my apprentice, I have told him this and he is only marveling!"

"Hahaha, but you're different, Chen Hao, to be honest, you're a very good young man, you're a decent person, your cultivation talent is even more amazing, I actually like you very much in my heart, but I can't help it, some people are evil by nature, I'm evil too, and we've been stalking each other for so long, you once killed me, you're my enemy!"

"So, there's something extremely enjoyable and cool about recounting my amazing growth in front of you, a year ago, I was your underdog, hahaha, a year later today, the gap between the two of us is as wide as the chasm is insurmountable!"

"I've been holding these words in for a year, and I finally have the chance to say them all!"

Yin Yang laughed.

"Don't laugh yet, I still have questions to finish, Yin Yang, if you're so strong, why are you still succumbing to such a great young man?"

Hearing Yin Yang's words, everyone would have thought that Chen Hao would be terrified, after all, this was a big enemy.

Even if he wasn't frightened, he should at least be a little nervous.

But everyone's surprise, Chen Hao actually crossed his legs, as calmly as if the leader was listening to a subordinate's report.


Yin Yang was also filled with anger. He was very unhappy with such an attitude towards Chen Hao.

Now sneering, he said, "Chen Hao, your mental progress is indeed divinely rapid, and to be honest, to be able to be so calm in front of me for a year..."

"Well, answer my question quickly!"

Chen Hao raised his hand and interrupted Yin Yang.

"Hmph, brat, you have repeatedly disrespected me, it seems that you are really toasting me, well, today I'll let you see what a true Heaven and Earth cultivator is! Little frog in the well! Take your life!"

After that, Yin Yang directly threw away Shen Piu Piu.

A sword trick was pinched in his hand.

It pointed straight at Chen Hao!


Just watch the space in the box stir.

A clatter.

The surrounding tables and chairs were suddenly swung apart.

Wine glasses were scattered all over the floor.

The window glass even shattered in unison.

Just because of this finger, a purple and black colored sword mane came straight towards Chen Hao.

"How strong! The horror!"

Shen Tian Gang's mouth twitched, and his entire body was already trembling.

However, just as the wipe of the sword mane was about to pierce Chen Hao.

Suddenly, the sword mane was as if it had evaporated from the earth, disappearing directly in front of Chen Hao without a trace.

"Eh? How?"

Yin Yang was incredulous and looked at his sword finger.

This sword, named Soul Chopping, was powerful just from hearing its name. He had practiced it to the point of perfection and never missed a beat.

"Do you want to know why?"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"For... why?"

Yin Yang frowned, and he suddenly felt as if this youth in front of him was not simple, as he was too calm, so calm that it was frightening.

And Chen Hao did not reply.

He just followed Yin Yang's example and similarly pinched a sword trick.

Pointing towards a certain direction!


The surrounding walls suddenly cracked and exploded violently.

It was like the sky and the earth collapsing.

A huge purple-black sword mane catapulted out.

Shen Tiangang stood aside with Manager Wang.

The corners of their mouths were even torn raw by a strong wind, shedding blood.

What was even more bizarre was that this sword mane, powerful enough to destroy the entire restaurant, was about to touch the foundation of the restaurant.

Under Chen Hao's manipulation, it suddenly disappeared all at once.

By the time it appeared again, it had already transformed into a small stream of sword mane that slashed in front of Yin Yang.

On its face, a bloodstain was left behind.


Yin Yang gasped and stared at Chen Hao with wide eyes, incredulous.

"You actually became a cultivator as well?"

He shouted in fear.

The cultivation Chen Hao had just displayed was the highest realm of this technique, which was the ability to put away and release.

This was another realm that he was currently unable to reach at all.

But this was it, and Chen Hao had already cultivated it to the point where it was pure.

"When did you become a cultivator? When did you refine the Vorpal Soul?"

Yin Yang's frightened succession of questions.

"Specific words, a few days ago, as for Zhangshi, just learned from you, you ah, think you're very powerful, but in fact, the movements are very slow, and the magic of the mouth is not to the point of silent recitation in the heart, I can hear it!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.


Yin Yang took two steps back in fear.

The person in front of him had already made him feel utterly terrified.


Yin and Yang next, and even more directly on their knees.

"Young Master Chen, I was wrong, Senior, spare my life!"

Yin Yang knelt down to kowtow.

He was afraid of death, to say that he wasn't too afraid before, but now, he was afraid, he'd had a hard time getting it all, becoming a cultivator on top of the world and with immortality, it was so precious, it was like a dream.

He could even wake up laughing in his dreams.

All of this was absolutely not to be lost.

When Chen Hao was surprisingly calm first, as well as when Chen Hao revealed his skills later.

He had understood that the youth in front of him was far superior to him, as if he had just said it himself.

The gap between the two now was as insurmountable as a chasm!

The hard part was that just now it was said that he was the main character, but now, it was Chen Hao who was the main character.


And Manager Wang was also befuddled and knelt down right now.

"Young Master Chen, spare my life!"

As for Young Master Duan, he was going through a very strong inner struggle, but seeing that his master was kneeling down to save his life.

He couldn't continue to be tough himself.

Right now, poof, he also knelt down.

Chen Hao had sat down on his seat and raised his hand to inhale, and a fragrant tea full of aroma that had yet to be consumed arrived in his hand.

Chen Hao lightly tasted a few sips.

"Yin Yang, we haven't seen each other for a long time, in fact, I don't know when, I have come to like the fact that people are speaking to me in front of me, in such a posture, if you three were like this long ago, I would have been very happy in my heart!"


"Young Master Chen, spare my life, spare my life!"

Yin Yang knelt down and begged for forgiveness incessantly.

Even Young Master Duan shouted in agreement.

He really couldn't understand why this person was so strong when everyone was the same age.

Moreover, after he had worshipped under the Yin Yang Priest, he was considered to have stepped into the ranks of the cultivators.

Naturally, he was arrogant.

For him to be so easily convinced of a person like this, it was simply a fool's errand.

What's more, it was to a person of his own age.

No! I'm not convinced!

Even if even his teacher knelt down and kowtowed to him, he would not submit.

A man, a man who could bend, could stand, one day, all of this would be returned!

Duan Feng said in his heart.

So he also followed suit and shouted for mercy.

"Yes, your life can be spared, why? Because I didn't just say I was going to kill you two!"

Chen Hao watched as Yin Yang nodded with that manager Wang.

This caused the two of them to breathe a sigh of relief.

And Duan Feng lifted his face in shock and looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

"As for you, just now I said, use your whole clan's life in exchange for this floating dust, a man should not only be able to bend and flex, but also keep his integrity and do what he said, so you have to die, and your whole clan has to die too!"

Chen Hao said.


Duan Feng was astonished, he could actually see his own inner dialogue?

"No! No!"

Duan Feng panicked and fell back towards the back.

And Chen Hao silently recited a secret in his heart and his sword finger struck out.

The powerful blood-red sword mane enveloped Duan Feng's entire body.

However, Duan Feng's entire body was fine at all.

He had, just now, thought that he was all going to die.

"I... I'm fine?"

Duan Feng was somewhat pleasantly surprised.

Even looking at the sword mane on his own body, he wondered, could it be that he had also obtained the same opportunity as his master and gained a strange encounter, and if you didn't believe it, he was emitting such terrifying light.

And it was precisely these rays of light that had resisted this Chen Hao's deadly sword?

Could it be that you really are the Chosen One?

"It's a blood curse!"

Chen Hao now faintly said, "Anyone who has been hit by the blood curse, anyone who is connected to your bloodline, will die one by one, and you, you are the last to die! So cherish the few moments you have left."

"Huh? Blood Curse!"

It was only after hearing Chen Hao's explanation that Duan Feng came to a sudden realization.

And indeed it wasn't even a moment later that he felt great pain sweep over his entire body, while from his forehead, to his face, a black crack appeared.

Until this moment, he regretted it!

Originally, nothing was wrong, everything was fine, and I was still Young Master Da.

But myself, why did I have to mess with this person?


He shouted loudly in pain, but with this shout, a boom sounded and he directly turned into a bloody mist that spread....

And this trace of blood mist floated in the air.

It was as if a few big words had formed in the underworld.

It swung in the heart of Yin Yang and that manager Wang: "Those who violate me, die!"

"Young Master Chen, spare me!"

Manager Wang kept kowtowing.

And Yin Yang was also trembling.

Chen Hao looked at Yin Yang and said, "Do you remember the question I asked you just now?"

"Remember remember remember!"

Shade nodded one after the other.

"Very well, repeat it and answer me!"


Yin Yang swallowed his spittle and said, "You ask how the title was earned, and you ask why I have succumbed to this Duan Feng!"

Shade wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued.

"Actually, it's only half a year after I became a cultivator that I gradually figured it out, Young Master Chen do you know, this world is really more exciting than we thought before, on Earth, there exists a realm of cultivators, no, or a world of cultivators, they may just live around normal people, or they may work and live like normal people, this is called entering the world! "

"Of course, the Cultivators control the order of the entire world, and they have many forces, but in order to control those with ill intentions in those forces, there is a joint organization called the Hall of the Multitude of Luo! Regarding the title of a monk's grade, it's the regulation put forth by the Hall of the Zong Luo that a cultivator has to use the power measuring divine stone and complete the true essence test to obtain a grade!"

"And now, I belong to the entry stage of becoming a realist, but of course, there is a little bit of my own selfishness!"

Yin Yang paused, looked at Chen Hao's face, and then said.

"These few days, Jizhou is going to hold an underground festival, and rumor has it that a folk organization has discovered a miracle, and miracles are often dangerous, but full of temptation, so I came here three months ago to find out what's going on, and you know that among the miracles, there might be a general magic weapon of extermination!"

The yin and the yang were revealed in their entirety, without any reservations.

Naturally, Chen Hao listened attentively and gained a great deal as well.

What Second Uncle had told him in the past was not comprehensive.

It seemed like it was the tip of the iceberg of the cultivator world.

Sister Ziyan didn't mention it too much either.

But now, it was considered a complete unveiling of the mystery to himself.

Second Uncle said that Grandpa had a big problem.

Was it that grandpa had already become a cultivator?

If that was the case, then everything that had happened in the past seemed to have been logical.

For some reason, Chen Hao's heart ached at the thought of this.

"Yin Yang, do you remember that your name is Lin Jiu?"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

"Yes, Young Master Chen!"

He was frightened.

"Since you want to live, and since I see that you have a hard-earned cultivation, I would like to give you a chance to live, but I hope you can convince me not to kill you with the simplest few words!"

Chen Hao said.

"It's Young Master Chen, if Young Master Chen doesn't kill me, Lin Jiu is willing to follow Young Master Chen's side and work as a bull to repay Young Master Chen's kindness for not killing me, I'm convinced!"

Lin Jiu kowtowed one after another.

He was now sincerely terrified and didn't dare to conceal anything in his natural language, simply because the youth in front of him was already much more terrifying than a year ago.

Against him, there was absolutely no good end to him.


Chen Hao faintly said only one word.

Lin Jiu was completely relieved.

"Young Master Chen, I'm also willing to be a cow!"

Manager Wang also kowtowed and shouted in fear.


Chen Hao stepped lightly on the ground, directly stepping on Manager Wang's head, "What kind of a thing are you, also worthy of following me?"

"Yes yes yes!"

Manager Wang cried out in fright.

"I ask you, how the hell did this floating dust come about?"

Chen Hao asked.

Where this Manager Wang still had something to hide, he said all of it one by one.

"This was given to me by a student, I had someone view this object, it's worth a lot, but he only wanted two million, you know, even if it was twenty million, I would have given it to him without blinking!"

Manager Wang relayed.

"A student? Do you know the identity?"

Chen Hao frowned and asked again.

Manager Wang paused and panicked.

"I'm also curious as to how this kid got this magic weapon, so I had sent someone to follow him, his name is Xiao Yan, he's a fourth year student at Jizhou University, from the second class of the Department of Economics and Management! The family isn't rich and the people have always been honest!"

"Xiao Yan..."

Chen Hao muttered faintly, but he already had a plan in mind....


Master Ghost Calculator was always calm and calculating.

Naturally, he couldn't simply throw away his own personal magic weapon.

Could it be that the Ghost Master had other intentions?

"Chen Hao, do you think this is a code word, or rather, a cry for help, that the Master has intentionally given us?"

At this time, Little Bamboo spoke up.

Chen Hao nodded heavily, "You have a point, the Master can foresee the future, I'm sure, he had already calculated that we would come to him and knew which day we would arrive! Otherwise it wouldn't have been, and the auction of his floating dust happened to appear in the past few days!"

"Never mind that for now, let's go to Jizhou University first, find this student called Xiao Yan and ask questions!"

Chen Hao said.

"Master, I used to study at Jizhou University, so why don't I accompany you, it would be convenient! You always have to keep someone by your side!"

Shen Piu Piu spoke up at this time.

"Fine, then you accompany me!"

Jizhou University.

I don't know why, but once inside the university, it always made Chen Hao nostalgic for the past.

Because it's been more than three years since he unknowingly came here.

And separating from Tongxin, it had also been almost three years.

But the previous scene was as if it had happened yesterday.

Time, it's always like this, letting you slip away suddenly and unprepared.

And Shen Piao Piao followed Chen Hao, seeing Chen Hao looking around the campus, in general contemplation.

And also obediently did not interrupt him.

She went straight to the Department of Economics and Management to search for that person called Xiao Yan.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was walking around the campus.

It felt as if every university was more or less the same.

"Oops! Watch out!"

And then, in the sky, a not-so-small kite descended from the sky and came straight at Chen Hao.

The ones who flew the kite were a few girls, who were all terrified at the moment.

They hurriedly ran towards this side.

And shouted loudly.

Flying kites is like that sometimes, once there is no more wind, the kite slides down so fast that it can't be stopped.

And Chen Hao was obviously paying attention.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand and pointed.

With a bang, the kite suddenly burst into flames in the air.

By the time it fell, it had already become ashes!


A few girls ran here and were both anxious and angry when they saw the kite that had become ashes.

"What the hell are you doing, we didn't do it on purpose, why did you burn our kite!"

These were four girls.

The bodies were all extremely slender, with shawl hair, and each had a beautiful face.

The remaining three bar, rudely pointing at Chen Hao and scolding him.

Instead, one of them appeared to be extremely quiet and ladylike.

But clearly there was also a small wisp of loss hanging on her face.


Chen Hao looked apologetic, which was why when nothing happened, Chen Hao always liked to turn off his True Qi, because unintentionally revealing it would always hurt others.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"What isn't intentional, you're too bad, the kite just almost hit you, and you're taking fire to us!"

Apparently, the girls didn't know how Chen Hao had burned their kites, so naturally, it wasn't their focus of attention.

"I'll pay you guys back!"

Chen Hao once again.

At this time, the elegant girl in the middle of the most was trying to wind up the kite line when her feet guessed a dirt pit and her figure almost fell over.

The entire person pounced directly towards the front.

Chen Hao immediately reached out his hand, grabbed the girl's waist and helped her up.

"I go, what are you doing, actually wooing our Xue'er like this!"

The other three girls were still furious.

Even more unhappy to see that Chen Hao was actually playing a hooligan in public.

"No, Xiu Xiu!"

The girl named Xue Xue wanted to organize the sisters.

But the sisters saw that Chen Hao had gone so far, where they were willing to let go ah.

"Xue'er don't be afraid, we're all here, I'll call right now, I'll make sure that this kid can't get away with it."

The sisters were on the same page.

"No, it's because I almost fell down just now, but luckily this little brother helped me!"

Cheryl rushed to explain.


The sisters were startled.

The gazes that looked at Chen Hao couldn't help but soften a bit.

Xue'er, in particular, was now looking at Chen Hao, and there was a blush on her pretty face for no apparent reason.

"Hmph, what about when he sets fire to our kite, he'll have to apologize too!"

A couple of girls.

"Okay, sorry about that!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

"Sorry and that's it?"

The one called Xiu Xiu held up the shoulder.

Cheryl pulled on Xiu Xiu's arm, "What are you doing Xiu Xiu?"

"Let's say, our kites are very expensive, do you know what kind of material this is made of, thousands of pieces of well, I see you dressed in ordinary clothes, if you really let you pay the original price for our kites, a little too difficult for you, let's say, for the sake of you just helped Xue Xue, let you buy each of us a cup of milk tea how about it? "

Xiu Xiu said.

Several of the girls shouted as well.

"No problem!"

Chen Hao laughed.

Soon, all four girls had a cup of milk tea in their hands.

"By the way, what's your name? Which department?"

As they were leaving, Xiu Xiu still managed to ask a question.

"My name is Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao didn't have anything to hide.

"Alright, I'll remember you, and let me tell you, one cup of milk tea isn't enough, the next time we run into each other at school, we'll have milk tea too!"

Then, Xiu Xiu dragged a few sisters away.

This was a small episode, and at the same time, Chen Hao didn't think that this was making things difficult, he just thought that these little girls were quite interesting.

Thinking that he still had important things to do today, Chen Hao hurriedly walked towards the Department of Management.

The other side.

A few girls had left as well, but the girl called Xue'er, from time to time, turned her head towards Chen Hao's back to sneak a glance until Chen Hao's figure disappeared.


Xiu Xiu suddenly growled.

It startled Xue Xue.

"Huh? What's going on?"

"I've just found out that something is wrong. How come you've become so different when you see that boy? Especially now, you actually steal a glance at him from time to time, could it be that, just a moment ago, he gently hugged you, you have that kind of feeling for him? It's not, is it?"

Xiu Xiu and the others were incredulous.

"No, no, actually, I don't know why, but I just saw him, and I... I..."

Snow swallowed and didn't know what to say.

"I what? Hurry up and say it, Snowy!"

Xiu Xiu and the others were anxious.

"Gee, I don't know how to put it, it's just Xiu Xiu, do you guys remember the fortune teller we met half a year ago?"


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