The Unknown Heir Chen 736-740


"What? You guys want to do it too?"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

The old man, supported by the middle-aged man, hastily stood up and bowed slightly.

"How dare you, sir is a proud dragon diving tour, how dare you be presumptuous like this!"

The old man looked crane haired and distinguished.

However, facing this youth, he actually whispered so low, causing many people present to feel incredulous.

Not to mention his precious granddaughter.

"Grandfather, what are you saying? Why are you being so polite to this Dengtu Zi, I just missed, let's see if I don't smash his face this time!"

The girl was first surprised, then furious.

And then she wanted to fight.

"Stop! Flutter, don't be rude!"  

The old man hurriedly scolded.

And even though Shen Piu Piu had a thousand discomforts, she was clearly just like this middle-aged man, who was extremely respectful to the old man.

Now she was really obediently standing to the side.

Then the old man laughed along with her, "Sir just asked my unintelligent granddaughter why we are kneeling."


Chen Hao nodded.

"The thing is, years ago, in Pan Long Ridge, there has always been a Ghost Master, who has a divine plan, and can cut people's misfortunes and fortunes, and has an unorthodox skill. Now there's another Grandmaster Chen, who draws talismans and saves lives, and flies with a sword.

The old man said to Chen Hao.

When he first met Chen Hao just now, the old man had felt the extraordinary aura of this young man, an aura that actually made him, who had been in the scene for a long time, a little nervous.

It wasn't until this young man had just revealed his skills.

Only then did he himself discover that he turned out to be an expert of experts, the unfathomable kind.

Making the old man frightened.

By being so respectful.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, took a look around, and sure enough, most of those kneeling were middle-aged people, plus a young child in this configuration.

Presumably, they were either here to seek medical treatment, or to seek instruction.

Moreover, this Pan Long Ridge was apparently occupied by a master surnamed Chen who had opened a school.

"What is this master's name?" Chen Hao asked curiously.

"The name is Chen, Master Chen Hao!"

The old man respectfully said.

"Well? Master Chen Hao?"

When Chen Hao heard this, he instead somewhat curiously wanted to laugh.

Could it be that this master who could fly with the sword had the same name and surname as himself.

In this world, there were very few who could achieve such supernatural powers as Flying with the Sword.

This person also had the same name and surname as himself, and Chen Hao really wanted to see what kind of supernatural power it was.

Right now, Chen Hao did not pay any attention to this old man and directly turned around to continue walking towards the mountain range.

And Shen Piu Piu was directly shocked.

Fuck, is he completely ignoring his grandfather?

"You're looking for death!"

Shen Piu Piu directly shrugged and then flew out with a kick that went straight for Chen Hao's back.

And it was already too late for the old man and the middle-aged man to stop it.

The two of them had already reached a consensus that this person, was definitely not to be messed with!

But Piu Piu she....


The old man watched, looking shocked.

Shen Floating was even more incredulous.

Because she was just a few centimeters away from this person's body, her own feet suddenly stopped.

It was no longer difficult to move one step forward.

How to describe this feeling, it was as if you had struggled to kick the Tibetan Plateau, trying to kick the plateau out of position, this feeling of ignorance, terror, had instantly swept the girl's entire body.


The next moment, swinging gently open, the girl was bounced right back.


The old man hastily pulled his granddaughter's hand in fear.

Looking at the young man in front of him, there was no longer respect, but a strong fear that arose.

"Not next time!"

Chen Hao didn't turn his head back and faintly said.

"Master, you want to go up?"

This old man asked.


"Master, you are magical, but this Pan Long Ridge also has many rules, if Master wants to go up there, why don't you wait a moment, it will soon be my Shen family's place in the queue, why don't Master come with us."

The old man suggested.

Chen Hao thought about it, this was fine, he wanted to see what level this Master Chen Hao was at anyway, following them would be much more trouble-free than fighting his way in.

Nodding his head now, he agreed.

"Greetings, Master, I am Shen Tian Gang!"

As they spoke briefly along the way, Chen Hao and the four of them entered the Pan Long View together.

No wonder it was so lively.

It turned out that not too long ago, within the business giants, there was suddenly a real video circulating of an old man flying in the jungle and the river with an imperial sword.

Plus, the old man personally healed a rich merchant.

This made him famous.

Later on, he accepted a few disciples into his family, and thus it was opened.

A few days ago, the old man claimed to take in a few uninitiated disciples.

That's why we have the current scene.

Most of them, had come to seek instruction and had been personally assessed by the old man.

"Go down, you have limited talent and a worrying IQ, you cannot be my disciple!"

Just went in just in time to see someone being kicked out.

A face full of decadence.

And the original Daoist Hall had become an assessment ground at the moment.

Inside, there were many young family children waiting for the assessment.

All of them were respectful.

"Piu Piu, you just come in! Come on over here!"

Once inside, a few young men and women greeted this Shen Piao Piao.

A few people naturally walked over to this side as well.

"Hello Grandpa Shen!"

They also had to greet Shen Tian Gang.

"It's too difficult, Piu Piu do you know, until now, none of them have succeeded in worshipping Master Chen, Master Chen's conditions are too harsh!"

Several men and women couldn't help but say nervously.

"And Piu Piu, who is this guy? Is that your boyfriend?"

Some of the girls asked.

Apparently they all knew each other.

"What are you talking about, of course not, he's trying to visit Master Chen!"

Shen Piu Piu said with some embarrassment.

"I didn't come to visit him, I just came here to check it out and look for something by the way!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

He had just observed this so-called Master Chen.

There was indeed a trace of True Qi fluctuating within his body.

But it was strong and weak all of a sudden, a strange phenomenon that was somewhat like those of the Secret Method Family, rather than a true cultivator.

"And just him, is he really able to do imperial sword flight?"

Chen Hao doubted the veracity of this matter and murmured presently.

"Hm? What's the racket?"

And at this moment, the conversation that Shen Piu Piu just had created movement in the hall, Master Chen coldly looked towards this side.

"I'm sorry Master Chen, it's this gentleman, he said he doubts your strength very much!"

Shen Piu Piu smiled proudly and pointed at Chen Hao beside her.

It caused Shen Tian Gang to look startled.

"What are you talking about, Piu Piu?"

Shen Tian Gang was furious.

To put it bluntly, just based on Chen Hao's performance just now, it gave one the impression that the strength was far above this Master Chen.

However, Piu Piu was really too capricious.

And Shen Piu Piu didn't care so much.

Hmph, you're awesome, right? If you're really powerful, come out and compete for real, and see how much you still have left to try your best in front of Master Chen, the master!

She thought.


"O? How dare anyone question me?"

This Grandmaster Chen's gaze gazed over, and he couldn't help but glance over towards Chen Hao.

At the same time, the entire hall, there were also many people who all looked towards Chen Hao in amazement.

Saying such words in this kind of environment, in the eyes of the crowd, was simply desperate.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, there was no need for him to look any further now that things had come to this.

He decided that it was better to state his attitude painfully.

"With all due respect, this Grandmaster Chen, your so-called magical powers are nothing more than some tricks, they are of no great use at all!"

Chen Hao.


These words directly caused an uproar on the scene.

Someone actually dared to question the Master like this?

You're going to get yourself killed, this guy!

Master Chen's eyelids jumped hard.

How dare he lose face in front of everyone.

Moreover, it was still the time for him to accept a disciple.

Presently, he slowly stood up.

"Look, Master Chen is about to make his mark!"

Shen Piu Piu was excited to see it on the side.

Although this young man was evil and much stronger than herself, as a peer, she was not at all convinced by Chen Hao.

At the same time, it also showed grandpa that this person you respected was not worthy of respect at all.

And Master Chen's actions also made many people's attention look.

"Who is this person? Silly, right? How dare you question Master Chen?"

"That's right, young man, you don't know how to die, like this!"

At the scene, there were even a few very old men who came out to rebuke Chen Hao for insulting Master Chen.

In short a sheet of curses swept over.

"Young man, I won't make things difficult for you, kneel down and kowtow to acknowledge your mistake, and go down the mountain here!"

Master Chen narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

"Master is so generous, but make sure to teach this brat some lessons!"

Someone shouted.

"What I have just said is the truth, this Daoist, that previous master, is the real master, as for you, I am disgusted that you are here, instead of insulting the word Pan Long!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Insolent, it seems that if this master doesn't take action to teach you a lesson, you really don't know the meaning of the word! Good, now, it's hard for you to get away even if you want to, and I'm going to let you get off the mountain!"

Master Chen was furious.

Now, directly raising his hand, a compass engraved with a golden dragon appeared in his hand.

Just watch as he mouthed the secret.

A Royal Decree!

The entire hall, abruptly, was windless.

The tables and chairs began to shake wildly.


A few old men's mouths twitched and their eyes reddened in direct shock.

"Ignorant little child, offending the Heavenly Master, why don't you kneel down!"

Several old men were frightened.

On the other hand, Shen Tian Gang and the others were also frightened by Chen Hao's methods.

They pinched a cold sweat for Chen Hao.

Chen Hao saw the situation, but he only smiled bitterly and shook his head .

"And what about Master Chen?"

He asked with a smile.

A smear of sweat appeared on Master Chen's forehead.

Right now, he wanted to make the scene a little bigger, but, with all his strength, the movement around this area really couldn't increase by half a point.

"Is this what you want?"

Chen Hao shook his head.

Then with a gentle movement of his hand, the compass in this Master Chen's hand had arrived in Chen Hao's hand.

Then, Chen Hao silently recited a secret.


This compass, suddenly glowed with golden light, sprinkling this hall with golden light.


Within the light, there was even a faint sight of a golden dragon roaring.

A hurricane was set off, and the wind and clouds were changing colors!


Everyone in the hall screamed in fear.

A few old men's eyes even nearly fell out.

Shen Piu Piu, on the other hand, covered her mouth in surprise, and what was happening in front of her was unbelievable.

"Fuck... fuck!"

Master Chen couldn't help but slump to the ground, sweating coldly.

And with a shake of Chen Hao's wrist, the golden light dissipated, and all was calm again.

This compass, Chen Hao could see at a glance, was nothing more than a simple magic tool with a decree that could be urged out to appear in some frightening scenes.

This Master Chen's Daoist heart was unstable, and he simply couldn't fully use this gadget.

That was why he made a fool of himself.

Chen Hao smiled faintly and tossed the compass aside.

Looking at this master, his gaze turned steeply cold .

"Who gave you the nerve to flail about here?"

This words was clearly addressed to Master Chen.

But it was the one that caused the entire hall to tremble.

"Don't be angry, Master, I... I was entrusted by someone to wait for a young man here, and I was asked to maintain the feng shui and fragrance of Pan Long Ridge when I cast my spell!"

This master poofed and knelt right down.


And at the scene, everyone took a breath of cold air.

"Waiting for someone? Waiting for who?"

Chen Hao had already guessed something.

"Chen Hao, a young man named Chen Hao!"

Master Chen hurriedly said.

"Who told you to wait?"

"It's Auntie!"

"What's her name?"

"Doggie Lee!"

Master Chen knew all about it.

This time, everyone was stunned.

While furiously looking at this Master Chen, they were also respectfully looking at Chen Hao who was like a heavenly god descending.

"Let these people all descend!"

Chen Hao commanded.


Li Doggy heard the news and immediately drove them away.

Soon, the only ones left in the hall were Shen Tian Gang and the others.

"Master, I have something to ask!"

Shen Tian Gang was incomparably respectful at the moment, and a walking old man actually poofed straight down to his knees.

Including the middle-aged man.

Chen Hao glanced at him, he didn't hate this old man.

Presently, he asked, "What is it?"

"This granddaughter of mine, although stubborn, has always had a heart for cultivation, but unfortunately there is no door to find it, and now that I have seen Master Avatar, I would like to ask Master not to discard her, but to accept this granddaughter of mine, so that she can follow around, serve tea and water, and wait on Master's left and right!"

Shen Tian Gang's eyes were wet red.


Chen Hao frowned.

Whereas Shen Piu Piu was still half of the mischievousness she had just now, what there was, there was only worship and respect left.

Seeing Chen Hao frowning, her face turned red.

"She's no good!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

This made Shen Piao Piao almost cry.

"Why Master?" Shen Tian Gang excitedly said.

"She's got too much Missy temper in her, so, no!"

Chen Hao faintly waved his hand.

"I can change! I can drop this lady's temper any time!"

Shen Piu Piu hurriedly spoke up.

"Change? Oh, good, I see you quite like to make things difficult for people, since you can put your head down, go to the square, learn how to bark three times, and if you do well, I'll take you on as a registered disciple! If you don't want to do it, get off the mountain before it's too late!"

Chen Hao had a hundred things on his mind right now, so he wasn't in the mood to accept a disciple.

If it wasn't for the fact that this old man was old enough to kneel down to himself, Chen Hao would almost never have said another word to them.

So, one could only let this woman retreat knowing the difficulties.

But to no one's surprise, after hearing the news, Shen Piufei only thought for a short while before running straight to the square....


Shen Piupiu actually barked like a dog.

This scene, but also let many people who were descending the mountain to see, Shen Piu Piu Piu with red eyes, really learned three sounds.

This took Chen Hao by surprise.

Originally, she thought that Shen Piu Piu was just a face-loving dude's lady, but he never thought that she could really put her foot down.

Honestly, this kind of insult was so excessive that Chen Hao himself could not even put it down. That was why it was used to make Shen Piu Piu back up.

"When I'm done learning, can you make good on your promise and accept me as a registered disciple?"

Shen Piu Piu stood back in front of Chen Hao.


Chen Hao hesitated for a while.

Shen Tian Gang, on the other hand, was holding his breath, waiting for Chen Hao's result.


Chen Hao nodded his head with some difficulty.

"Piu Piu, why don't you kneel down and pay your respects to your master!"

Shen Tian Gang was excited.

His own granddaughter has really grown up, just now, when he heard Master Chen making things difficult, Shen Tian Gang really thought that his granddaughter's temper would come up and offend Master Chen.

But I didn't expect that the granddaughter was really smart and really went ahead and did it.

In this way, Master Chen could accept it even if he didn't want to.

With this small act, he had befriended such an existence for the Shen family.

It was simply a great blessing for the Shen family.

"Master above, please accept my disciple's worship!"

Shen Piu Piu kneeled down, kowtowed respectfully, and even served fragrant tea.

Alas, could it be that this girl and I really have some destiny?

Chen Hao laughed bitterly in his heart.

And Li Tie Dan didn't dare to speak at the side.

Chen Hao asked him about that aunt of his.

He explained a bit, and then Chen Hao laughed.

It turned out that a few months ago, he had gone up to the mountain and ended up running into a ghost, and this ghost, naturally, was his aunt, and since then, this aunt had ordered him to do these things and focus on waiting for a person to come.

Naturally, this person was Chen Hao.

And the aunt, Chen Hao didn't even have to guess, it was that little bamboo.

It was the Little Bamboo who had told himself many instructions after the Ghost Master had left.

It turned out that she was fine.

Saying that, under the leadership of Li Tie Dan, Chen Hao walked to a different garden.

In the other garden, Chen Hao met Little Bamboo.

"Chen Hao, I never thought we would meet again so soon!"

Inside the house, the puppet made by Jade Bamboo was staring at Chen Hao.

"At first, when the Pan Long Ridge burned down, I thought something had happened to you!"

Chen Hao recalled that night when he was tracked by Yun Qing.

"Indeed, I was burnt to pieces back then, haha, but, I'm a puppeteer, I don't have any requirements for my body because my consciousness, after reviving for a while, can still exist!"

Little Bamboo explained.

"The Ghost Master, produced you, isn't the Master he also long ago counted me back?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Yeah, he instructed me to stay here, wait for you, and then go to him together, to rescue him to be precise!"

Little Bamboo.

"Save him?"

"Well, Master Grimoire has long ago calculated that he would have a great calamity coming, and Yun Qing's visit is only the beginning of this great calamity, the real calamity, perhaps it is already underway now, he has said that in the end he will live or die, and that right is in your hands!"

Little Bamboo.

"Okay, then do you know where the Master is now? If there's anything I can do to help, the best! I have come here because I have something important to request Master!"

Chen Hao said.

"All I know is that the Master has now gone to Jizhou Province, and if you want to find it, you have to go there! That's the Master's old home, he said, "Blessed Beginning Land Blessed Lost Land! He is going to be robbed here, and if he tells you where he is then, he fears that your presence will break the rightful destiny!"

Little Bamboo explained.

"Good, then it's not too late, let's leave as soon as possible and head to Jizhou!"

Chen Hao nodded.

Now, his own family was nowhere to be found.

The identity of his grandfather was confusing.

Sister Ziyan was also nowhere to be found.

Not to mention traveling to the Realm to find Tongxin's whereabouts.

So, now, while there was a second uncle who could help him with many of his worries.

Chen Hao must hurry up and find Master Ghost, who was now the only one who could help him solve some of the mysteries.

"Then are you coming with me?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Of course! Only by helping you find the Master will my mission be complete! To make it easier to carry, I have a dome hidden inside me, so you can put me in an elaborate rag doll and take me away as an ornament!"

Little Bamboo said.

Chen Hao: "Good!"


"Master Chen, you're going to Jizhou?"

When Chen Hao voiced this thought, Shen Tian Gang looked particularly surprised.

"Well, what's wrong?"

"Oh, Master Chen, our Shen family is located in Jizhou, and if you don't mind, my Shen family can provide a place for the Master to sleep in!"

Shen Tian Gang was overjoyed.

If that was the case, his relationship with Master Chen would grow with each passing day.

This is the blessing of the Shen family.

"Master, just stay at our house, it's also convenient for Piu Piu to honor you!"

Shen Piu Piu also begged.

Pan Long Ridge was the Taoist temple of Master Ghost Abacus, and by the looks of it, Shen Tian Gang, who was in Jizhou, did not know of Master Ghost Abacus' whereabouts.

Well, when we get there, we always have to settle down temporarily before we can find out about the master's traces.

This Shen family is also considered the local snake there, with them there, you can save yourself a lot of effort.

Sister Ziyan's whereabouts were unknown now, and her family was missing, she was also very anxious to see Master Ghost Abacus.

"Good! That's the arrangement!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Only he looked towards this Shen Tian Gang was about to say something.

Just look at Shen Tian Gang because of his excitement, his blood suddenly surged, and a mouthful of blood spurted right out, lying on the ground and twitching all over.

"Ah? Grandpa!"

Shen Piu Piu shouted urgently.

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, rushed to find medicine in his pocket.

"Master, my grandfather, what's wrong with him?"

Shen Piu Piu looked to Chen Hao for help.

"He has suffered internal injuries, injuring his five organs, unable to move his Qi, his Qi and blood have just flipped and his five organs ruptured!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

In fact, he had already discovered this problem, just now, right after he was busy, Chen Hao just wanted to ask him what was going on with such a serious internal injury.

Who knew that his promise to do so would instead make him sick with excitement.

"Master Chen is astute, the old man is indeed suffering from a very serious internal injury!"

Shen Tian Gang vomited blood from his mouth.

Chen Hao raised his hand and sealed a few of Shen Tian Gang's acupuncture points.

Strangely enough, Shen Tian Gang felt the original tearing sensation in his body dissipate in a flash!

"Master Chen..."

He was extremely surprised, and the awe in his eyes as he looked at Chen Hao could no longer be expressed with words .

Master Chen was so young, yet he never expected to have such a cultivation dao....

"Your injury is a shock from true qi, this kind of true qi, not like internal strength, not like a secret method, but actual true qi, there are very few people in this world who possess true qi, who have you met?"

Chen Hao frowned and asked.


"Master Chen, half a year ago, I did indeed encounter a tall man, the old family has always been martial and has a large group of brothers under me, and that tall man was invited by a rival force of our family, in order to defeat our family, they sent this tall man to assassinate me, he was simply too strong, my twenty or so experts under me couldn't even get close, he was simply miraculous! "

"Later, it was my son who fought with dozens of bodyguards to bail me out, and although I escaped far away, I was still injured by one of his true qi, which only lightly grazed me, but almost killed me on the spot!"

When it came to this, Shen Tian Gang's eyes were filled with fear.

Clearly, the events of that day had cast too strong a psychological shadow over him.

Chen Hao nodded his head knowingly.

It was true that people who possessed true qi were worlds apart when they encountered ordinary mortals.

However, there was often still an unspoken rule for those who possessed true qi, and that was to never interfere excessively in the affairs of ordinary people.

Like this, this was the first time Chen Hao had ever heard of it.

Earlier, Second Uncle had said that the truly powerful ones weren't these Secret Families, although the Secret Families were also powerful and controlled a region.

However, it was definitely not the end.

He had seen it before, and the world was infested with true cultivators.

And they were native cultivators.

They were the same as Second Uncle's True Qi, but they didn't come from the realm.

So ah, this world was too big.

Chen Hao wouldn't be as ignorant as before, thinking that this was the end.

"So Master Chen, our family estate was swallowed and I put all my hopes on my granddaughter, that's why I kneeled down and begged this Master Chen of Pan Long Guan to accept my granddaughter as a disciple so that she can become a true cultivator!"

Shen Tian Gang said.

"Well, let's take these things slowly, I'll help you heal your internal injuries first!"

Chen Hao was not lying when he observed his mind.

He must have been a miserable person as well.

Plus, after all, he had taken Shen Piao Piao as his disciple, so he had to give some face by saying so.

Right now, Chen Hao directly urged the Golden Eye to heal Shen Tian Gang's wounds!

The Jizhou Shen family was once considered a prestigious family in this area.

Only the turmoil half a year ago caused this family to wither away.

Now with only a few small companies left in its hands, it was an ordinary family.

Chen Hao and Xiao Zhu, after closing the Pan Long Ridge, came to stay temporarily at the Shen family.

Shen Tian Gang gave his all and took care of Chen Hao thoughtfully.

At the same time, he also sent all his men to find out the whereabouts of Master Ghost Abacus.

Chen Hao also went to look for him, and the entire capital of Jizhou was almost strolled all over, but unfortunately, no news of Master Gui Ya Zi was found.

In his spare time, Chen Hao was in the garden, guiding Shen Piao Piao Piao to cultivate, while also cultivating diligently himself.

At the same time, for some unknown reason, Chen Hao was surprised to discover that the speed of cultivation in his body suddenly slowed down.

And a very strange suspicion appeared that made him wonder.

"It has existed in his body for four or five days, what is this? If only Sister Ziyan were here, she would know!"

Chen Hao looked inside his body.

Just look at the dantian, five discs arranged in a regular circle appeared, five discs that were divided into five colors and looked colorful and bizarre.

Chen Hao tried to touch it with his own intent, and it did not react at all.

At the very beginning, only a few multicolored spots appeared in the dantian.

At that time, Chen Hao did not care.

But not anymore, they had clearly matured and developed some scale.

Of course, without Sister Ziyan by his side, Chen Hao himself hadn't been idle, but had been studying his memories in an attempt to search for answers.

He vaguely felt that his cultivation touching the ceiling again was directly related to these five-colored discs!

"Master, are you still practicing?"

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

It was Shen Piu Piu coming.

"What is it?"

"Grandpa said he found an important clue!"


Chen Hao opened his eyes, and he knew that something must have come up with Master Ghost Calculator.

Now, he walked straight out.

"Master Chen, this is the photo that my men brought back for me, look!"

Shen Tian Gang handed over a few photos.

Chen Hao opened them and looked at them.

It was something that was found in an expensive glass cabinet.

Inside, there was a floating dust lying quietly.

And this floating dust, Chen Hao's eyes lit up at the sight of it, it was the floating dust of Master Ghost Calculator.

"It's the Master's stuff!"

At this time, Xiao Zhu also spoke.

"Master Chen, you had given us photos of Master Ghost Calculator's costumed real face before, and when my men saw this floating dust, it looked exactly like the photo floating dust, so they took photos back!"

Shen Tian Gang.

"And it appeared at the largest auction house of the Jizhou grand event! Do you think Master Ghost is in distress, will he have trouble making ends meet and is selling floating dust here?"

Chen Hao shook his head, "How can this be, Master Ghost can take out any skill to eat, and definitely won't be reduced to selling floating dust!"

"Whatever, let's go to the auction first, we'd better find out the information on the provider, it's an important clue!"

Chen Hao said.

"Good, I'll immediately start making arrangements, the auction, is tonight, when there will be a gathering of powerful people from all over the country, if Master wants to look for clues about the Ghost Master, now is a good opportunity!"

Shen Tian Gang said.

Little Bamboo said that the Ghost Master had calculated that he had a great calamity, and that this great calamity occurred in Jizhou.

Is the appearance of this floating dust an indication that something has happened to Master Ghost?

To be honest, Chen Hao was a little apprehensive.

Soon, it was evening.

The group of people came directly to the auction meeting.

"What a long time to see you, isn't this Uncle Shen, Uncle Shen hasn't been out at an occasion like Jizhou for a long time, could it be that your Shen family has turned a corner, so Uncle Shen has the leisure and elegance to come to the auction to make fun of it!?"

Just as Chen Hao and the others arrived at the entrance.

A luxury car also stopped at the entrance with great fanfare.

From the car, a big young man in a white suit came down, followed by a pair of bodyguards, and as soon as he came up, he saw Shen Tian Gang.

And beside this big young man.

It was also followed by a black-robed man that gave people a weird feeling.

This person was wrapped in a black robe.

I don't know if it was due to too much information being instilled by this black robe recently, but Chen Hao's eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly, then he took a few more glances towards this old man.

To Chen Hao's surprise, there was actually true qi flowing on this person's body.

A true practitioner?

Chen Hao was surprised.

How could a hallowed Cultivator be willing to be a lackey for others?

But when Shen Tian Gang saw this young man, he instantly turned red-eyed.

"Duan Feng!"

Shen Tian Gang was extremely angry, but when he looked at the old man beside the white youth, he had a strong scruple.


Shen Piu Piu was also furiously walking to her grandfather's side, and was grabbed tightly by Shen Tian Gang's wrist, indicating that Piu Piu should never be impulsive!


"Young Master Duan, I only came here to gain some insight and to visit my old friend by the way! I don't dare to spoil young Duan's elegant mood!"

Shen Tian Gang swallowed his anger.

"Hahaha, that's good, but how I heard, since Shen Lao went bankrupt half a year ago, it's the search for famous masters around the world, I don't know if famous masters have been found, to be honest, the crisis that the Shen family suffered half a year ago, our Duan family has also been helping to find the culprit behind it, when the time comes, once our Duan family finds out, we will definitely take revenge on your Shen family! "

Duan Feng coldly smiled.

"Please do your best!"

The corners of Shen Tian Gang's angry mouth twitched, but he still endured.

"Hahaha, no strain, this is all due to senior!"

After saying that, Duan Feng directly walked in with a big smile.

The black-robed old man who followed behind Duan Feng, however, glanced at Chen Hao a few times intentionally or unintentionally.

Then he walked into the venue.

"I didn't expect to run into this person, and he's still here playing the good guy!"

Shen Piao Piao was furious.

It was this Duan family that had targeted their Shen family earlier.

"Is this old man the one who injured you?"

Chen Hao asked faintly at this moment.

"Master Chen, yes, it is this person, he is very powerful!"

Shen Tian Gang said.

"Well, he is a cultivator!"

Chen Hao responded and didn't say anything else.

And Duan Feng who walked in.

At the same time, he also turned back and faintly asked the black-robed man, "Master, your eyes just now from time to time looked at the young man behind that old immortal Shen Tian Gang, what, he has some history?"

Duan Feng's face was cold and stern, having long since lost his previous playfulness.

"Yes, there's a history!"

The black-robed man said with a pale voice.

"Could it be that Master knows you?"

"Yes, recognize!"

"And who is he?"

"An acquaintance of sorts, oh, of course, soon to be a dead man!"

The old man's voice was faint, but it was also cold, so cold that it sent chills down one's spine.

The auction, however, would soon begin.

Chen Hao and the others also landed at the relatively end of the place.

According to what Shen Tian Gang had said, the organizer of this large auction was Ji Prefecture's most famous and powerful force, the Wan Family.

Even the Duan family had to give a few points of face here.

At first, Shen Piu Piu was worried that Duan would find fault here, but Shen Tian Gang wasn't afraid.

Then, the auction officially started.

As usual, the auction started off with insignificant items at the very beginning.

It wasn't until later that it was auctioned until the floating dust.

Once this floating dust came out.

Naturally, it also made the surrounding spectators, suck in a breath of cold air.

"Destiny Floating Dust, it is a relic of the Warring States, and even more so, a magic weapon, the starting price is 80 million!"

The host shouted.

The words also created a big wave of rendering in the scene.

Because more people, though, could see that it was a good thing.

However, did not think that it could be worth 80 million.

There was a lot of discussion at the moment, but no one dared to shout the price.

On the other hand, Duan Feng and the black-robed man exchanged looks with each other, and after nodding now, he raised his hand.

"Ah? Duan bids 80 million!"

The host hurriedly shouted.

"Young Master Chen?" Shen Tian Gang looked towards Chen Hao.

"There's no rush, wait a little longer!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"Oops! Damn it, get out of my way, I'm delaying my photo shoot!"

Just then, a voluptuously dressed woman behind them shouted excitedly.

There were many men and women traveling with them.

Especially the girls, they were all looking towards the front row of Young Master Duan at the moment, simply as if they were fan girls.

"Ah! Our Duan is just handsome, and it's 80 million dollars right off the bat, so later on, we must go and take a picture with him!"

"Yes, Young Master Duan is truly worthy of being the second person in Jizhou besides the Wan Family, and his hand is just generous! I guess no one would dare to shout the price to Duan, right?"

Many of the women started to get excited and said.

It was like chasing stars, full of their idols, and in their eyes, as far as the others were concerned, they were just as stupid.

"Who do you tell to fuck off a little?"

And of course Shen Piaofu was furious when she saw them insulting Master.

"Let you guys, didn't you hear? Can't we be delayed from shooting our segment less?"

A few fan girls were hateful and angry.

"You really think you're rich, really, what's the point of pretending to be a match, you have the guts to compete with us Young Master Duan ah?"

A couple of fan girls scowled.

"You guys!"

Shen Piu Piu was about to die of anger.

"Forget it, let them say whatever they want? Shen, shout the price for me!"

Chen Hao saw that none of the crowd had raised their prices.

Now he looked at Shen Tian Gang and said.

"Master Chen, how much to raise?"

Shen Tian Gang asked.

Chen Hao raised his hand, gesturing to add a one word.

Shen Tian Gang frowned, "Sir, a million plus is no different than no plus!"

"Hahahaha, I thought it was so powerful, a million, I pooh!"

The little fan girls behind them went crazy all of a sudden and spat out Chen Hao.

"Not a million!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Ten million? Fine, I'll shout the price right away!"

Shen Tian Gang nodded.

"Not ten million!"

 Chen Hao said.

Making Shen Tian Gang swallow the words that reached his mouth.

"Then... how much is that?"

Shen Tian Gang asked in shock.

"One hundred million to start with!"

Chen Hao said.

In fact, recently Chen Hao had been having great doubts, why did money have to be based on Yuan, this made Chen Hao feel that it was too troublesome, if billion was used as the base unit.

For example, spending billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions, how easy it would be to calculate.

So, Chen Hao raised his hand to indicate that it was because he felt it was too troublesome to add money according to Yuan!

"Are you sure, Master Chen?"

Shen Tian Gang stared at them.

And those little fan girls behind him, they all dared not speak at this moment.

They obediently shut their mouths and looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

Immediately, they heard Shen Tian Gang shout, "One hundred million!"

"Fuck! What! Anybody bid a hundred million?"

The host was excited, I thought this was the end by the time we reached Duan!

But it was far from it.

And it was also this voice that made Young Master Duan's face stiffen, not expecting someone to dare come out and hit his face.

Still this Shen Tian Gang, simply looking for death!

Well, if we're going to play, let's play.

"Two hundred million!"

Young Master Duan was on top.

Shen Tian Gang was also shocked.

Chen Hao couldn't help but shake his head and laugh, this kind of money game was too boring: "One billion!"

Chen Hao said directly.

When Shen Tian Gang shouted out, the whole arena directly exploded.

"Damn it, I don't believe the Shen family can take it out in one breath!"

Duan Feng was really out of this world.

He was about to fight with the Shen family.

As a result, he was pulled by the black robed man.

"Forget it Young Master Duan, don't shout anymore, with him here, it's useless for you to shout for any amount of money!"

The black-robed man said indifferently.

"Master, then let them have this supreme artifact?"

Duan Feng was unwilling to say.

"Hehe, of course not, did Young Master Duan forget what I just said, that young man is an acquaintance of mine, and naturally, he will soon be a dead man too!"


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