The Unknown Heir Chen 731-735


A black mane instantly spread across the entire compartment.

This scene directly terrified all of the other Young Masters.

Some even began to scream in fear.

Because the sight in front of them was enough to make everyone hysterical.

"Little Hao, I'm sorry, it's all my fault!"

Fanny was also terrified.

Chen Hao pulled her behind him.

"It's fine, you hide behind me!"

Chen Hao said broadly to her.

And the black mane quickly dispersed and turned into three streams of light.

In the end, the three silhouettes stood directly in front of Chen Hao.  

It was two men and a woman.

One of the men, covered in black armor, looked imposing.

The other one, however, was wearing a tuxedo and had a thin figure.

As for the woman, she was a woman with long red wavy hair.

She had a sharp chin and a graceful posture, resembling a snake spirit.

All over her body, there was even a touch of bizarre charm.

These three people were all from the Nine Solomon.

One of them, Chen Hao, had already dealt with, the big man in black armor, was the same Black General who had almost crippled Chen Hao.

The three of them were collectively known as the Three Saints of the Nine Solomon.

They could be called the Nine Solomon King's right-hand men.

Naturally, the three of them also possessed their own abilities.

And this was the virtue of Young Master Ximen Qing Da.

In order to deal with Chen Hao, the Nine Solomon and the Ancient Family had naturally set up a heavenly net.

"Hahaha, how about Chen Hao? With these three friends of mine to entertain you, I suppose my scheme is very simple and crude? Even if you have two pairs of wings at the moment, you're stuck with them!"

Ximen Qing sneered.

At the same time an evil killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"After killing you this time, my Ximen family can inherit the Chen family in name only, half the world's wealth ah, hahaha, Chen Hao, I don't even know how to thank you, if it wasn't for you, just ask which family would dare to dream of so much wealth? And everything your Chen family has done, in the end, has been a dowry for our Ximen family!"

"I bet you're in a bad mood right now, aren't you? The more you look at me smug, the more upset you get, right?"

Ximen Qing lit a cigarette and raised his legs to ask with a sneer.

"No, I don't know why, seeing these three people at this moment, I'm suddenly in an inexplicably extremely good mood!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"O? You're not scared, are you? Tell me, why are you so happy?"

Ximen Qing asked with a smile.

"One of these three goods, I have a grudge against him, a grudge that I was wondering when I would be able to avenge, but I didn't expect that you would send it to me!"

Chen Hao pointed at the black general.

At first, this person had broken his hamstring and hamstring and was tortured.

Now standing in front of him, Chen Hao's time for revenge had come.

"Black General, he's talking about you!"

And that woman was now sticking her tongue out slightly, looking at the black general and said.

"Hmph, just a piece of trash, at first, I ruined him, now, it doesn't matter if I ruin him again, the master explained, he just needs to live, to give him breath I can still do it!"

Black General was cold.

Immediately, he was seen to slightly raise his palm, a pair of iron palms, which instantly became black.

It was like a steel fork.

"Young Master Ximen Da, this time you have made a first merit, master he, will reward you properly!"

Black General looked towards the Ximen Grand Young Master.

"That's natural, after our Ximen family has successfully inherited the property, I promise that you all will enjoy all the glory and wealth on earth and have whatever you want!"

Ximen Qing laughed excitedly.

"Hahaha, then Ximen, I want many men!"

The snake-like woman was laughing now.

"No problem, all satisfied!"

Ximen Qing also laughed.

The eye was about to chat with a few people.

Chen Hao could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile.

"Hey, hey, I say a few of you, you guys are too dismissive of me, I'm still here and standing properly in front of you, and you're already discussing dividing up my family's property without even saying hello?"

"Haha, Chen Hao, I see that you still haven't understood the current form, you've been caught in my scheme and are already in a desperate situation, I can responsibly tell you that you've been sentenced to death, that's life, although I'm not as strong as you in martial arts, but in the area of intelligence, I, Ximen Qing, have long been hard to beat!"

Ximen Qing smiled proudly.

"Young Master Ximen, no need to talk nonsense with him, bring me to arrest him, first waste his limbs!"

Black would finish.

The momentum on his body climbed steeply.

Then, the steel claws lifted, and his body even came galloping at a storming speed.

And when he moved, the surrounding tables and chairs instantly exploded, completely shaken by his momentum.

His current strength was only stronger, not weaker, compared to when Chen Hao had fought him before.


In the blink of an eye, his steel claws had arrived.

It was followed by a violent sound.

This strike was not on Chen Hao's body.

Rather... his body was actually a meter away from Chen Hao, and he was not moving at all.

He was simply unable to take another half step forward!


Black General was wildly horrified inside.

He clearly felt that he was locked in by a force.

The black-clothed woman and the man in the tuxedo's eyelids were also jumping wildly.

"A long time ago, I wasn't even a match for you!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"But right now, you are an ant before me!"

Before the words fell, a violent light suddenly shot out from Chen Hao's finger.

It was a sword mane.

It was too fast.

And it contained powerful energy.

A bang.

It split the Black General in half raw.

When the Black General's purple-black flesh was presented in front of everyone in a bloody manner.

Everyone began to get hysterical.

"Eh? So strong!"

The tuxedoed man and the woman looked tense at the moment.

"Dark Dance, you hold him up, I'll go call for help right away!"

Tuxedo sucked in a breath of cold air, he was very good at the method of light flight, and now his figure disappeared directly from the window.

Only the female was left in panic.

Trying to escape, but there was no escape at all.

Chen Hao's hands and swords fell, and the girl was instantly torn into pieces.

In just a few minutes, the form was suddenly reversed.

"This... this!"

Ximen Qing swallowed spit wildly, his pants soaked with fear.

"Young Master Chen!"

He went straight to his knees.

"You say you have a great IQ, which has been told to me by many people, but I actually wonder sometimes what you people have in your heads. Everyone felt super intelligent and full of confidence! In comparison, I'm not as good as you guys, because more often than not, I'm not confident!"

Chen Hao looked at him and said.

"Young Master Chen, spare my life, actually I... I was forced, now that man has gone to move help, the Nine Luo King and Gu Yuehong will come very quickly, then you will be in trouble Young Master Chen, give me a chance, I'll tell you the escape route! Please spare my life!"

Ximen Qing knelt down and kept kowtowing.

"Little Hao, that man he..."

Fang Hanan, however, is still worried about the tuxedoed man's escape.

Chen Hao, however, walked to the window without panicking.

"Inan, close your eyes!"

Chen Hao.

"Huh? Oo!"

Fang Hangsan immediately closed her eyes upon hearing this.

And Chen Hao also closed his eyes, and in a moment, he saw a golden pupil appear above Chen Hao's forehead.


A sound.

The entire compartment was instantly covered by an intense golden light.


Many people covered their eyes and began to scream in pain, and even more, directly foaming at the mouth and lying on the ground in convulsions .

Among the very golden pupils, a shockwave shot straight up into the sky above....


The man in the tuxedo is flying.

It's too terrifying, I have to get out of here.

Damn, I really didn't expect that kid's cultivation to be even more terrifying than his master's.

Fortunately, I was extremely quick!

Get out of here!

He roared wildly in his heart.

But at that moment, a scorching light instantly locked onto him.

He looked down, and a shockwave containing endless energy was hurriedly shooting towards him.


His eyes cracked open and he screamed hysterically.


With an explosion, his entire body directly became dust....

Inside the house, Chen Hao slowly opened his eyes, his golden pupils closed, and everything was back to calm.

And Ximen Qing's entire body had sweated profusely.

The stinging pain in his eyes was causing him a headache.

The person in front of him was simply a devil!

This terrifying pressure almost made one gasp for breath.

"Mercy... Mercy!"

He cried out.

"I once said that those who deceive my friends shall die!"

Chen Hao said.

After saying that, he raised his hand and a flame instantly enveloped Ximen Qing.

Disgusting oil explosions sounded, accompanied by his painful screams, and soon, Ximen Qing became a charred mess of rotten flesh!

Not to mention the rest of the people, right now, even Fang Hanran swallowed saliva in fear.

Even as she looked at the boy in front of her, the boy that she had been missing and loving in her heart, suddenly felt strange.

Two years ago, the scene of their first encounter she still remembers clearly.

At that time, he was pure of heart, kind-hearted, and had an air of simplicity around him.

Although he was noble as Young Master Chen, he did not have that arrogant and domineering air at all.

Even Fang Hanran had known Chen Hao before.

At that time, he was still inferior, somewhat cowardly, and even couldn't wipe his own face when dealing with many things.

Hehe, now that I think about it, Chen Hao at that time was really cute.

I was also always attracted by this trait of his.

But now....

He was too cold and ruthless, and yes, this Ximen Qing did deserve to die, and those people did deserve to die, but the way they died was too brutal, or even cruel.

Specially the murderous aura in Chen Hao's body, it almost didn't dare to let Fang Lunan get close.

"It's fine, shall we go?"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Go... go where little Hao?"

Fang Hanan came back and asked.

"Slaughter the ancient family!"

Chen Hao said.

Then, he slowly walked towards the outside.

At this moment, the Chen family island.

Now, the island had become a base for the Ancient Family and the Nine Solomon, as well as the Ximen Family.

Especially the Ancient Family, they looked at the vast area of the Chen Family Island, and their Ancient Family residence had already been burned down, and they already had plans to build this place into a brand new Ancient Family.

"Bah, you bunch of pickles, I originally thought that the Ancient Family was some kind of secret and famous family, but I didn't expect that it was just a bunch of bandits!"

Above the Chen family's square.

Chen Pingan was directly hung up.

The Gu family, who were active above the square, all coldly listened to Chen Pingan's angry scolding.

"Hmph, having done this, you still dare to speak out of turn, now, I will knock out all your teeth and see how you are arrogant!"

Some of the ancient family members coldly said.

After saying that, they were about to strike.


A cold drink came.


The ancient sons and daughters in the square were respectful.

It turned out that it was Gu Yuehong who had brought a group of people over.

"Stand down!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"A few years ago, a mysterious expert appeared in the world with the Hundred Miles Through Sheep Technique, and I thought that some new secret family had appeared, but I didn't expect that it was you!"

Gu Yuehong carried her hand behind her back and looked at Pingan Chen and smiled.

Not bad, the person in front of him was extremely strong.

But unfortunately, he ran into the Nine Luo King, and in front of the Nine Luo King, he was simply unbeatable.

"Old demon woman, cut the crap, if you want to kill me, kill!"

Chen Pingan coldly said.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll die sooner or later, but not now, and I see that you look very similar to someone, are you the second son of Dim Cang Chen?"

Gu Yuehong said faintly.

Hearing this, Chen Pingan's eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

"You know my father?"

This confused him.

"Well, and by the way, our Ancient Family, and your Chen Family, have some origins! And, I really didn't expect that old fox's offspring to be a top-notch hero!"

Ancient Yuehong said.

Although Gu Yuehong had directly insulted Dim Cang Chen, according to normal reason, hearing someone insulting his father.

He would definitely be furious.

But Chen Pingan just took a breath.

"What is his origin with your ancient family?"

Chen Pingan asked.

"Oh, indeed, this man, he can do anything, even his own son, in his eyes, is nothing more than a pawn, and he has coaxed you all into a mess!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"Well, for the sake of your dying person, I might as well tell you, so that you will know what kind of person Dim Cang Chen really is, and so that you will know that your Chen family, in fact, is a joke! It's a big joke! After hearing that, I think you'll really understand who the bandit is!"

Gu Yuehong laughed coldly.

Chen Pingan frowned as he just listened quietly.

"In your eyes, Dim Cang Chen is a businessman and a very strong and responsible father, right? Not really, he's a beast, a real beast. Moreover, your Chen family is not even a powerful family of the last thousand years! You have merely been lulled by him!"

"Because your Chen family, before the earliest days, was also a secret method family! And, it's the strongest secret family on earth! Your Secret Magic Avatar is fundamentally different from the rest of the Secret Magic Family Avatars, and in some ways, the early Chen Family is even close to the level of the Realm!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"The Chen family was originally a secret method as well?"

This made Chen Pingan extremely surprised, naturally, if you put it this way, certain mysteries in his heart might have been solved.

"Not bad, it's just a pity that by the time Chen Pingan was sixteen years old, your Chen family died out almost overnight, the only one to escape was Dim Cang Chen, naturally, at that time, the Ancient Family became the strongest mystery family on Earth!"

"Because the Chen and Gu families have been fighting for a long time, this old fox, who blames everything on our Gu family, has tried to come to seek revenge several times, and through various schemes and tricks, he has plotted against our Gu family's top brass, but unfortunately, his strength is far from reaching the level of the Chen family's early experts, and each time, he ends up failing! The last time, when he was trying to steal the Ancient Family's greatest treasure, he went so far as to slaughter innocent people from several surrounding villages in order to force the Ancient Family to come out, and in the end, he was besieged by the Ancient Family and fled with serious injuries!"

Gu Yuehong sneered.

Chen Pingan's eyes, at this moment, suddenly became a little trance-like.

"He knew that he was unbeatable, but he still went out of his way to sneak attack your Ancient Family, and your Ancient Family, by all accounts, was incapable of wiping out the original Chen Family, there's no way he didn't know this, my father! Why do you still pester you so?"

Chen Pingan pondered for a while.

"Hahaha, indeed, worthy of being the son of Dim Cang Chen, thinking just isn't simple, you're right, even a fool would know that when the heyday of the Chen family was destroyed, how could it be the work of the Ancient family, he was so bitterly pestered because, he had discovered a shocking secret..."


"What secret?"

Pingan Chen asked.

"I didn't know about it at the very beginning, but it's just clear that your Chen family has always had a supreme treasure called the Sun Map, it possesses the function of prophecy and at the same time it hides a wealth of cultivation methods, it's simply a treasure among treasures!"

Gu Yuehong said, "And he, with the help of the sun map, should have learned something, so he unexpectedly disappeared from our ancient family's vision, I had contacted many inner strength martial families to look for him everywhere, but all were unavailable! Soon, twenty years passed, and a Chen family suddenly appeared and owned half of Earth's assets and controlled the economic lifeblood!"

"At that time, many of us suspected that it was probably established by Dim Cang Chen, when we tried to find out, but Dim Cang Chen disappeared, the person in control at that time, was Near East Chen, and nothing is known about Near East Chen's father, O, of course, I want to mention in particular that your father, Dim Cang Chen, was not originally known by that name, his real name, was Long Chen! "

Gu Yuehong said with a bit of banter on her face.

"He, ah, is really an extremely clever fellow, if it wasn't for the fact that our Ancient Family got acquainted with the Nine Luo King later on, he would have really played a trick on us. Moreover, his ability to make up stories is simply too strong, Chen Hao's body has many secrets, I'm sure this is something that Chen Dim Cang knows a thing or two about, of course, I'm afraid that not many people in the world know what secrets there are, including us!"

She said.

Chen Pingan frowned.

If that was the case, then everything seemed to be confirmed.

Because of something that he had never mentioned to Chen Hao.  

That was when he was secretly observing Chen Hao, he discovered that a mysterious person was also observing chen Hao, and he didn't know how long he had been secretly observing him.

Until by chance, when Chen Pingan revealed his whereabouts, he prepared to confront that mysterious man.

And removed his veil.

Although he quickly covered his face, the eyes, the look, Chen Pingan could recognize with just a glance.


At that time, Chen Pingan's entire body was struck by lightning.

This man in black was actually his own father, Chen Dotsang?

Did I misread? I must have misread it?

He seriously doubted himself.

You know, father's skills were clear to him when he was young.

But he had escaped from the Realm, and his own cultivation had reached a certain height, but his father's strength was far superior to his own, how was this possible?

So Chen Pingan still continued to hide his identity, secretly investigating whether his father was good or hostile towards Little Hao.

This discovery came from his earlier discovery that his father had stabbed Chen Hao unconscious more than once, and had infiltrated Chen Hao's side and checked Chen Hao's body himself, and nothing had changed.

It is for this reason, and also why Ping An Chen hid the truth that inan's own face was not actually damaged.

It's just that I couldn't understand what Father meant.

Until this holy water appointment, many people died tragically.

The only thing that was missing was father's trace.

Chen Pingan only seemed to understand something.

But what was confusing, why was father so cruel? Why would he do that?

"How about this, now that I say it, you can understand who your father, Dim Cang Chen, really is, right? And I see you look like you've already noticed something is wrong? Hahaha!"

Gu Yuehong laughed out loud.

"I did find a hint of something wrong, but I really can't understand what all the conspiracies you guys have engaged in are for? And within this vast conspiracy, countless people are beginning to die! They're innocent too, so why should other people's lives be controlled by you playing with them?"

Chen Pingan said with a strong sense of indignation.

He, on the other hand, was no less than one of the victims of this huge conspiracy.

"Moreover, you just said that you don't understand the secrets on Little Hao either, but I've heard from Great God Ziyan that you do know, and Little Hao seems to be the reincarnation of a certain Great God!"

Chen Pingan said.

Gu Yuehong shook her head, "Luo Ziyan, the Great God of Nine Luo King, they say that Chen Hao is the reincarnation of a great god, this is just some rumors from the realm, the King of Nine Luo himself told me, this rumor has attracted countless people, but even he cannot be sure of the truth of this rumor, the only thing we can be sure of is that Chen Hao possesses a terrifying power, whoever can possess it, then It can traverse the three realms. Many realms refer to this power as the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit and add a wonderful rumor about him!"

"Exactly what the secret is on Chen Hao, this is unknown, that's why many powers, in recent years, started to target the Chen family like crazy, because this secret, may have been known to Dim Cang Chen and he took action! He knew he couldn't deal with so many forces on his own, so he hadn't dared to come out all these years! Not until now did I dare to show up!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"I see, my father once said that the sun diagram predicted that the Chen family would be annihilated, and that it was about these things?"

Chen Pingan suddenly realized.

"That's right, the Chen family is going to be annihilated, because all of this your Chen family will have to pay back sooner or later, and the price to pay is huge!"

"Of course, Dim Cang Chen, the old fox, knows this very well, and he's so far-sighted that he actually created two Chen families in order to divert attention from the others! And having many heirs with many women at the same time, imagine if it really was a hallowed family, have you ever met your second uncle? What about Uncle Sam and so on, or even that you've heard about your grandfather? Even your mother, you've never seen her, have you? This Chen family line of yours is huge, most of them are righteous sons who were collected by Dim Cang Chen, and only one of them, yours, is a direct line."

Once Gu Yuehong finished this sentence.

Chen Pingan was even more struck by lightning.

"Two Chen families? And she's right, he's never met her mother, much less heard of her!"

"How come there are two Chens?"

But even more frightening, is there another Chen family in the world?

"Well, this Chen family, it's only in the last few years that we discovered it, Dim Cang Chen is very powerful, he managed to divert all of our attention, when everyone was staring at the Chen Hao Chen family, that Chen family, had already developed and put our Ancient family in danger, if it wasn't for the intervention of the Nine Luo King, I'm afraid the Ancient family would have ceased to exist long ago!"

Gu Yuehong said with a hint of scruples on her face.

"So, we also have to get Chen Hao, get all the secrets on Chen Hao, and destroy Dim Cang Chen's plan, because we clearly feel that if he continue to develop, we'll no longer have the ability to defend ourselves..."

"Even we once suspected that Dim Cang Chen had been one step ahead of everyone else, communicating with the forces of the realm!"


"Where is the other Chen family?"

Chen Pingan asked.

As expected, things were far from as simple as one thought.

"And you said those forces, what are those forces?"

"It's unknown where the other Chen family is, all I know is that without the help of the Nine Luo King, our Ancient Family would have been wiped out long ago, because that Chen family is too strong, it's not something you can imagine!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"As for those powers, where do you think the highest peak is in this world?"

Gu Yuehong looked at Pingan Chen.

"I don't know, but I'm certain that the top of the world is definitely not a so-called secret family like yours!"

Chen Pingan said, "Because there are still many experts in the world, I have had the honor of witnessing one or two of them, and they are much stronger than you Secret Method Families, not to mention those Bloodline Martial Families, which are even worse than nothing! But each of you, calling yourselves the First Family, isn't that ridiculous?"

"Well, that statement, while it's enough to make you die a hundred times, you're half right. Because on a certain region, we are indeed the first family, but if you look around the world, the true order is in the hands of certain powers, and as you said, they are strong, while our ancient family comes from the protection of the Nine Luo King's soul! No one dared to shake it until the Nine Luo King's soul element, which was released by Chen Hao, increased the strength of the Nine Luo King, and with our ancient ancestors, we could have opened up another force to compete with those people!"  

"But now, before Old Ancestor's Soul Yuan could recover, his soul was broken by Chen Hao! So, Chen Hao will have to pay for this!"

Gu Yuehong took a deep breath and said sternly.

"Do those forces also include the other Chen family?"

Pingan Chen asked.

"Well, naturally including, these people manipulate everything, most of the innocent lives you mentioned were brutalized by these people, if you want to hate, it's only right that you hate them too!"

Gu Yuehong said.

"Of course, if the Ancient Family gets Chen Hao and becomes the one in control in the future, perhaps this situation will improve a lot!"

She rejoiced.

"With all due respect, with your strength, you are far from being the enemy of the current Little Hao, are you ancient family members seriously not afraid?"

Chen Pingan looked at Gu Yuehong with compassion.

"Oh, you want to scare me? Chen Hao possesses some kind of mysterious power, his soul power is certainly strong and he used it to break up the old ancestor's soul, but if he wants to match me, he's not even close, and look at this."

Gu Yuehong took out something like a ball.

"This is a formation made especially for Chen Hao, and then within this formation, it's impossible for Chen Hao to escape, besides, some of the rumors I've seen don't work on Chen Hao anymore! Trust this formation to help me!"

Gu Yuehong laughed coldly.

"What are you referring to by the rumors?"

Chen Pingan frowned and asked.

"That's the Ghost Flower, this wonder of the heavens and the earth, which specializes in restraining Chen Hao, originally, I've been using it against Chen Hao as well, but unfortunately, now that Chen Hao has taken away the Ghost Flower Mother, I think the Ghost Flower should be useless to him now!"

"Well, I hope your ancient family doesn't regret what you've done!"

Chen Pingan nodded his head.

"Imperial Grandmother, this person has belittled our Ancient Family several times, why don't you let me take action and teach this person a lesson!"

Some of the ancient family members were dissatisfied.

"As long as he doesn't die, you guys are free to do as you please!"

Gu Yuehong nodded slightly.

Yes, the Pingan Chen in front of him was not afraid of the Ancient Family even in this situation, making Gu Yuehong very indignant, as such, there was nothing wrong with giving him a lesson.

An Ancient Family disciple answered the call.

He was about to strike.

Suddenly a violent light shot straight through.

A boom.

This person's arm instantly exploded apart, and his entire body even bounced off and died in a heap.


The ancient family was all in shock.

They looked around in fear.

And Gu Yuehong's eyelids also jumped fiercely.

"What people?"

Gu Yuehong roared.


A loud slap smacked Gu Yuehong directly in the face, Gu Yuehong couldn't avoid it at all if he wanted to.

A solid slap to the mouth.

She looked around in panic.


Another loud slap, a direct smack to the head.

Teeth were scattered.


She roared.

The entire ancient family was also looking around in fear.

An unspeakable fear instantly enveloped everyone in the square.


And at this moment, the rope that bound Pingan Chen snapped in response to the sound.

Chen Pingan slowly landed on the ground.

And on the rocky mountain in the middle of the square, Chen Hao slowly fell down.

"Chen Hao!"

Gu Yue's red eyes were red and she looked at Chen Hao in surprise.

How was this possible?

I can't believe I'm not a match for him.

This made Gu Yuehong feel incredulous.

"Gu Yuehong, I heard you've been waiting for me to come, and now I'm here!"

Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you've become stronger now? Very well, and that speaks volumes about the power of fear in you!"

Gu Yuehong laughed furiously.

"Little Hao, be careful of the bead in her hand, it's a formation!"

Chen Pingan shouted.

And Gu Yuehong had already begun to push out the great formation.

Now, she was quick-eyed and threw out the great formation in her hand.

"Chen Hao, don't hurry up and restrain yourself!"

At the same time, she yelled out.

Just saw the round ball enter the air and instantly be infinitely enlarged.

And Gu Yuehong's face also began to twist in a hideous manner.

The hideousness was mixed with her endless excitement.

However, the hideousness and excitement on her face soon solidified.

Because this unfolding formation was instantly closed.

And then a light shot past, and this formation had disappeared without a trace!


Ancient Yuehong felt her scalp go numb.

Chen Hao had arrived in front of Gu Yuehong with a flash of his figure.

Looking at the sluggish Gu Yuehong, he could not help but frown and smile.

"What was that thing just now? Is it for killing? Or a toy for a three-year-old?"

Chen Hao asked Gu Yuehong in confusion.

"I'm so disappointed!"

Chen Hao said again.

"You... what are you disappointed about?"

Gu Yuehong couldn't help but fall back a step.

This was because the Chen Hao in front of her gave her an eerie feeling.

"I'm disappointed because I thought that what greeted me would be a very vast and large scene, you have carefully set up a mechanism for me, but as a result, I came and you just threw such a small toy at me, and to be honest, when you shouted at me full of confidence and didn't hurry up and restrain yourself, I still had a glimmer of hope!"

Chen Ge said, "I was hoping you'd come up with something real, but what I saw was actually this?"

" don't get too cocky!"

And Gu Yuehong, listening to Chen Hao's humiliating words, her face was instantly all the color of an eggplant.

She did not expect Chen Hao to be this strong!

"And I tell you, your power is soaring now, but your demise is not far off, I'm in your hands now, so kill me if you want!"

Gu Yuehong was full of temperament and said.

Yes, she threw out a smoke bomb first, telling Chen Hao that death was not far away.

Naturally, she would have the strength to deal with the next Chen Hao.


But what she didn't expect was that Chen Hao struck out with a finger, and the strong qi mane instantly smashed her heart.

Gu Yuehong spurted blood wildly from her mouth and flew out backwards.

Blood covered her face, she stared, she was horrified, she couldn't believe it!

Next, shouldn't Chen Hao be asking himself why his death is imminent? Then he would prop him up and wait for the arrival of the Nine Luo King, at which point, he would capture Chen Hao alive.

But to my surprise, he said he would do it!

Her own life breath was dying, and Gu Yuehong instantly felt that she had died a wrongful death, she should have known better than to beat around the bush!

A moment later, Gu Yuehong died!


The ancient family instantly trembled.

Pfft! Pfft!

They all knelt down.

"Young Master Chen spare our lives, we all take orders from this wife, it's none of our business, and Young Master Chen, we have something important to tell you!"

These people knelt down and begged for forgiveness, and at the same time, some even had a smart idea.

Directly saying that they had something important to tell, so that they could temporarily be spared a death.

This was how a man should be, able to yield.

Survive first, then wait for the opportunity to take revenge on Chen Hao.


"I won't listen! So you all have to die!"

Chen Hao only responded indifferently.


A matrix instantly enveloped the entire ancient family.

It was followed by the covering of the breath of death.

In this instant, they were frightened, remorseful, angry, in short, countless emotions were now mingling together.

However, Chen Hao would no longer be softhearted.

These people, if he didn't kill them, keeping them would be a disaster sooner or later.

The Matrix of Golden Purpose was released, and these people turned into dust in an instant.

Chen Pingan was even more shocked.

Little Hao's change could already be completely described as terrifying....

"Second Uncle, do you mean that Grandpa isn't dead? And that mysterious man who was spying on me, was it Grandpa?"

After rescuing the inan force tyrant and the others, Chen Pingan calls Chen Hao to the secret room.

After listening to his uncle's story, Chen Hao was really shocked.  

"Well! Yes, that's something I haven't said because I wasn't sure before, but now, I'm almost sure!"

Chen Pingan was in a complicated mood.

Chen Hao had only just remembered that at first, he had gone back in time and fought with that mysterious man, and at that time, he felt that the mysterious man was very familiar.

Combining what Second Uncle had said, he thought back.

It was really... the eyes of that person were simply like grandpa's eyes.

So, the mysterious man was grandpa? And it's possible that the person who destroyed his Dao Foundation was also Grandpa?

To be honest, despite the fact that second uncle said that he had prepared himself mentally, but when he heard the result, he was still incomparably shocked and felt extremely strange.

But when I heard this result, I was still incredibly shocked and felt extremely strange.

How could it be?

Grandpa he's kind and loving, and no matter how you look at it, you don't think Grandpa would be the one hiding his identity, he's manipulating everything.

But if you really want to say that grandpa has a problem, then those ghost flowers that grandpa once raised in the Hall of Souls can also explain some of the problems.

Those ghost flowers were definitely not for grandpa's collection!

"But even so, Uncle, we have to see Grandpa before we can say anything more, I can't believe it!"

Chen Hao said.

Chen Pingan nodded, "This is natural, everything, wait until you find your grandfather, as for whether there is another Chen family, I'll go investigate now!"

The uncle and nephew talked late.

Despite the talk with Uncle Ernie, no one wanted to admit that there might be something very wrong with Grandpa.

However, many facts were heading in this direction.

Grandpa knew the location of the tomb, and it was almost logical that he would enter the cave and kill the giant snake to get rid of Big Brother Ling Xiao's corpse.

Also, when Master Ghost Calculator had told his fortune before, he had warned himself to be careful of those around him.

He didn't care at that time, so could it be that he was already reminding himself to be careful of Grandpa at that time?

That's right! The abacus!

Think about it.

Where could he go when Ghost Calculator disappeared because of Yun Qing in the first place?

If he could find him now, he could surely tell himself some secrets!

According to Uncle's statement, Sister Ziyan had now gone elsewhere, and the Nine Luo King had tracked her all the way, so I was afraid that Sister Ziyan wouldn't be back for a while.

So right now, Chen Hao could only place his hopes on the Ghost Abacus.

Where his family was, what happened to his grandfather, these important clues, the Ghost Abacus would most likely help him.

Right now, Chen Hao had to find a way to find him.

Waiting for the next day.

Uncle and nephew discussed the next route.

Second Uncle helped himself to find out the whereabouts of Sister Ziyan and to search for Sister Lan.

Li Ba and the others would be responsible for moving the Chen family headquarters to Jinling.

Chen Hao himself, on the other hand, decided to go back to Pan Long Ridge first, at first, that little bamboo told himself about the Ghost Master's instructions, and he didn't have time to listen to all of her narrative.

Then Yun Qing went there, and I don't know if Little Bamboo is still there!

A few days later, Chen Hao arrived at this place, Pan Long Ridge.

Originally, he thought that this place was as desolate as ever, but he did not expect that when he arrived, there was a long line of people not to mention people.

It was a great scene of the past.

What the heck? Could it be that the Ghost Master is back?

Chen Hao walked towards the top in awe.

It really became more and more astonishing the more he looked.

In addition to the many people standing respectfully outside, there were actually quite a few people who were kneeling in the direction of Pan Long Guan.

The level of piety in their eyes was as if they were a loyalist who had received a thousand years of baptism.

It also made Chen Hao feel somewhat amused.

Now, he could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile.

"You stop!"

At this moment, a drinking sound interrupted Chen Hao's thoughts.

Chen Hao turned his head to see that it was a girl in her twenties with a ponytail, who was now pinching her waist and looking at him furiously.

"Hm? Miss, do we know each other?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"I haven't asked you yet, what are you laughing at when you see my grandfather kneeling here? And what's that look of yours that still expresses helplessness?"

The girl frowned coldly.

Actually, she had already noticed Chen Hao.

Look, everyone else is respectfully lining up at the bottom of the hill, either standing or kneeling.

As a result, this person was smiling bitterly with an indifferent look as he walked straight upwards.

There were simply too many mavericks in this world.

However, this kind of maverick was really the first time I had ever seen such a maverick, and he was above grandpa, so I got angry.

"I'm not mocking your grandfather, I just want to know why you are kneeling in this Pan Long Ridge when you all look like you are worth a lot of money?"

Chen Hao asked in surprise.

"Still speaking out of turn here, I think you're really looking for death!"

And the girl was furious.

Thought Chen Hao was mocking again.

Who do you think you are? I'll teach you a lesson today and see if I don't know how high the sky is.

Now, the girl's figure hurriedly, extending a fist and attacking towards Chen Hao.

The side of the kneeling old man was included.

There was also an additional middle-aged man.

At this moment, the two raised their eyes together, looking at the granddaughter's attack.

It was extremely fast, and although she was young, her own granddaughter's strength had already surpassed that of a dozen young men.

The old man smiled slightly, expressing his relief that this young man who didn't know the heights of the sky was going to be at a disadvantage.

"If you don't say anything, then don't say anything, why are you fighting!"

Faced with this punch, Chen Hao shook his head with a bitter smile, he did not return fire, did not dodge, he just leisurely turned around and continued walking.

Yes, all of this seemed so natural and bland.

But what everyone didn't expect was that the granddaughter's extraordinary punch could actually pass by his body.

It was as if a martial arts director had rehearsed countless times for this action with the same mastery and coincidence.


The girl was a bit incredulous as her punch fell short.

The old man and the middle-aged man, however, had their eyes widened more and more at the moment.

Breathing all became rapid for a moment.

"Sir, please stay!"


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