The Unknown Heir Chen 726-730


The two of them saw that the senior ** of the school all stood in a row under the podium.

It was as if they were schoolchildren being trained.

And there was a bald middle-aged man who was now kneeling next to a young man, with snot and tears streaming down his nose.


Xu Meimei stared, incredulous.

And that youth, who was gorgeously dressed, was actually the poor pimp who pursued Su Tongxin yesterday?

I'm not dreaming, am I?

By the way, her godfather was really unlucky, when he called to arrange this matter, it was just so that the superhuman Chen Hao could hear it.

So there was no problem, it was just a matter of minutes for Chen Hao to fix them.

"Fellow student Tongxin we apologize for what just happened, you actually managed to pull such a strong sponsor for our school, the school really doesn't Know how to thank you, and fellow student Tongxin, this Young Master Chen has something to talk to you about!"

A middle-aged man stepped forward and said.  

"Young Master Chen?"

Su Tongxin looked at Chen Hao, it was this strange boy again, it had only been a few days and he had actually changed so much!

However, it was the curiosity about these things, and the special feeling for this boy, that made Su Tongxin nod her head yes and follow Chen Hao out.

"What do you want from me? You're that Jinling Business Group's Young Master Chen, who likes a lot of girls, and I don't have anything good enough to deserve Young Master Chen's help like that?"

Su Tongxin got straight to the point and said.

"Actually, I have one thing I want to ask you!"

Chen Hao looked at her and said.

"Young Master Chen, what matter are you referring to?"

Support Tongxin asked.

"I want to kiss you on the forehead!"

Chen Hao said.

Seven days would soon pass, and there was no time for him to do anything at all, there was nothing more he could do but leave Su Tongxin's family carefree.

There wasn't even a chance to pursue Su Tongxin again.

So on this trip, Chen Hao wanted to kiss Su Tongxin's forehead one last time, one for nostalgia and one to say goodbye.

After he had awakened the Heavenly Dao, he would never be able to return here, let alone how long it would be before he could find Su Tongxin.

He didn't want to, this short opportunity that he hadn't grasped.

"What did you say?"

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, was so shocked that she instinctively took a step backwards towards the back.

Just as she saw Chen Hao flex his fingers, Su Tongxin suddenly realized that she was unable to move her body at all.

She looked at Chen Hao with some fear.

"Tongxin, there are things you won't understand, and right now, you don't know how deep my feelings for you are! I've been looking for you for a long time, but it's like you've mysteriously disappeared and I can't find you no matter how hard I try!"

Chen Hao came to Su Tongxin's side, gently pulled her hand, and spoke.

And looking at the infatuation in Chen Hao's eyes, the struggling emotions in Su Tongxin's eyes were suddenly much less.

"I came to find you this time to say a formal goodbye to you, after that, I'll be staying at Genting Mountain Villa all day..."

Chen Hao faintly spoke.

Presently, he gently held Su Tongxin in his arms, and then deeply kissed her on the forehead.

And Su Tongxin's body trembled slightly, and in her heart, it was as if she had instantly communicated with Chen Hao with some sort of medium.

Her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

She felt as if she knew this boy.

This feeling had been there since the first time she met him.

Moreover, it was as if she had an unusual relationship with this boy.

Because when she saw him, her heart would be inexplicably nervous.

Especially when he gently kissed towards himself just now, it made Su Tongxin strange.

Because, she was excited, yet a little sad.

That kind of inner grief, Su Tongxin had never experienced the same, and it was precisely this feeling of grief that made Tongxin shed tears, and her whole body seemed to be broken.

It was as if she had missed this person for a long time, and the two of them had been separated for a long time.

She missed him, every day, and also let's herself suffer every day.

God, what was wrong with herself?

Su Tongxin's heart was shocked at the thought, it was as if it wasn't even herself at this moment.

"Tongxin, the two things I owe you, I'll pay you back, with my whole life!"

Chen Hao said in the end.

And then gently, he unlocked Su Tongxin's acupuncture point.

Su Tongxin, however, was not moving, as her heart was aching.

Chen Hao's figure, however, had slowly disappeared in front of her.

Until it was gone.

"I... I miss you, Little Hao!"

Su Tongxin could hardly believe her mouth, she actually said this.

Why did this moment feel so unreal?

Meanwhile, in a certain luxurious room, even though it was already late at night .

But there was also a woman sleeping on her side, as if she was having a nightmare, and her body began to weep convulsively....

Nearly, the seven days were getting closer and closer.

Chen Hao had been guarding the side of the Zhentian Stone for the past few days.

And Shen Shen felt the intact Dao Foundation within his body.

Chen Hao understood that the day of awakening the Dao Foundation was coming.

This time back, to be honest, there were many things Chen Hao wanted to do besides awakening the Dao Foundation, but he realized that it was as if it was destined to be, each time and space had its own mandatory rules, and he simply couldn't do too much about it.

When he realized this matter, the first thing he did was to go say goodbye to Tongxin , as he didn't want to leave with any more regrets.

There was an earth-shaking sound!

The mountain exploded, and the members of the engineering team, made up of thousands of people, retreated to the side.

This was because the center of the mountain suddenly flashed with colorful colors and light.

It startled the crowd.

And the seven spots on Chen Hao's arm at the moment had disappeared to the last one.

Expanding his spiritual sense, while the mysterious man was watching from not far away.

You better not leave, at least I'll be content to see who you are when I'm leaving!

Chen Hao said in his heart.

Not thinking much about it now, he directly flew to within the mountain and awakened the Heavenly Dao.

And not far away, somewhere within the mountain forest.

A hooded black-clothed man with a lavender glow in his eyes was witnessing all of this.

"What's going on? What the hell is he doing? Has he changed so much in just a few days?"

The man in black was talking to himself at the moment.

His voice, a little old, but very loud and strong.

"Whatever, go over there and take a look!"

The black-clothed man's gaze was about to move forward.


Suddenly there was a snort in the air, as if an arrow was streaking towards them.


The black-clothed old man realized that danger was approaching him.

Not good!

He dodged the radical strike with a direct body flash.

But right after that, a black shadow swept past him.

He was not slow, and with one hand he withdrew his black visor.

And the two men, for a brief moment, looked at each other.

The old man was stunned and immediately covered his face and flew away.

And in front of him was a middle-aged man, but a middle-aged man with a scarred face, the middle-aged man wasn't in pursuit, but upon seeing the old man's face, he was directly stunned.

It was as if his entire body had suffered a lightning strike.

"How is it possible!"

He said in horror and incredulity.


The middle-aged man couldn't believe his eyes.

But he had to be sure, and hurriedly he traced the background where the man in black disappeared.

Boom boom!

And within the cave, for a moment, the light kept flickering.

It was the golden light coming from Chen Hao's surroundings.

"This is the true awakening of the Heavenly Dao!"

Feeling all over his body, every single cell, like a flood breaking the dam with vigor, the relief in Chen Hao's body was not to mention.

And surging-like power poured out.

What Chen Hao was considering now was not how to use this mighty power, but how to suppress it.

He felt like he was already invulnerable to a hundred poisons, and could break mountains with the flip of a hand.

It was too strong.  

Is this the true awakening of the first turn of strength for yourself?

Chen Hao breathed a long sigh of relief.

Thanks to the powerful imperial qi method within the Xuantian Gong, if not, he really did not know how he would be able to control this powerful strength.

Naturally, Chen Hao also saw that after awakening, the seven spots on his body instantly disappeared.

And the blue spots completely enveloped himself.

This was the rhythm of returning!

Chen Hao thought.

And now, he had fully awakened and completely possessed the talent of the first turn.

The increase in strength was also the reason why Chen Hao had the courage to go and see what the man in black looked like.

Seize the time!

Sensing that the man in black had fled, Chen Hao didn't dare to stop for a moment and flew straight up, turning into a streak of light and chasing after the man in black where he had been.

"Fuck, Immortal!"

The engineering team was scared to death.

In the blink of an eye.

Chen Hao chased all the way over.

And not far away, was seeing the man in black, fighting with his second uncle.

Obviously, the man in black wanted to retreat, but Second Uncle stopped him dead in his tracks.

But Second Uncle, however, was no match for the man in black at all.

The two of them were in the midst of a fierce battle, but they also discovered a change in the distant sky at the same time.

The black-clothed man's entire body was startled.

Hurriedly retreating.

Chen Hao struck out with a direct palm strike.


A strong wave of Qi swept over, and the man in black was unable to resist it.

"Today, I'd like to see your true face!"

Chen Hao's heart was cold and stern.

While the black-clothed man fell back.

Chen Hao raised his hand towards the black-clothed man's facecloth and pulled it.

He, however, was simply unable to block Chen Hao's current strength.

His eyes were suddenly filled with horror.

And Chen Hao also saw his eyes.

Right now, it just felt a little familiar.

Just about to pull the scarf down.


A smear of blue electric mane suddenly lingered around his own body.

Damn! To leave!

Chen Hao was anxious.

The instant it left, the enormous power of the Stone of Destiny also prevented Chen Hao from going any further.


A lightning bolt struck.

Chen Hao's entire body turned into blue patches of light and directly dissipated.

He went back to the original feeling of having only a vague consciousness and could no longer control himself.

However, that black-clothed man's eyes, Chen Hao could see clearly, and he could also see half of that man's face.

Indeed, he was very familiar.

And it was the person beside himself.

However, Chen Hao couldn't imagine who he could be!


After an unknown amount of time, a cracking sound suddenly came from Chen Hao's ears.

This sound woke Chen Hao up.

It was as if he had awakened from a sleep.

Chen Hao slowly opened his eyes.

Discovering that he was now on a sea island, an island that was surrounded by dense jungle.

Immediately expanding his divine sense to comprehend the surroundings, he vaguely sensed that there were still passenger ships passing by nonstop.

"I should be back now, but my location has deviated and I've come to a sea island!"

Chen Hao's heart was in the right place.

It was naturally not difficult to get to the South Ocean Chen family, and Chen Hao was thinking of flying straight back.

Because after sinking his mind and comprehending his Dao Foundation, intact, the Stone of Destiny could be considered truly wondrous.

He no longer needed to be afraid of anything now.

However, the problem that came right along with it also appeared.

That was the re-awakening of the Dao Foundation, which gave Chen Hao very powerful powers that were as if he was carrying a mountain on his body before he had the imperial Qi.

It forced Chen Hao to stop and digest these enormous powers first.

Chen Hao meditated on the spot and began to run his techniques.

Meanwhile, the Chen family.

A flash of lightning had just flashed past the Chen family.

But after it passed, nothing was left behind.

Chen Pingan was waiting anxiously at the side.

Now, he couldn't help but stare, "Great God Ziyan, what is this situation? Where's Hao? Counting the time, he should be back by now, right?"

Chen Pingan was busy asking.

"Well, but it's fine, it should be that the position has deviated, before Chen Hao left, he must have been moving her body quickly, causing Not back to where he is now, but I just don't know, what bearing the Stone of Destiny, has taken him to now!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"According to what you said, the awakened Little Hao's cultivation is already extraordinary, if it's any other location, it shouldn't take him long to rush back! "

Chen Pingan said.

"No, because after he awakens, he will gain too much power, this huge power that will be present in the present scene, so little Hao will take time to digest and integrate this huge power, because the gain and change it brings to him is tremendous! The! It may even cause changes in his body, so be sure to fully absorb and utilize it! He won't be back for a while, I'm afraid!"


Chen Pingan nodded, then wondered, "Then Great Spirit, what changes will happen to Little Hao's body? Could it be similar to gaining some powers like we did in the realm?"

"It's understandable, but it's clear that the abilities that Little Hao has gained are completely different from what we all have. His can't be called an ability either, but will open up a new Avatar! A very powerful Avatar!"

Luo Ziyan explained.

"Well, then, I'm really looking forward to what the final change in Little Hao will be like."

Pingan Chen could not help but rejoice.

And at this moment, Luo Ziyan's brows suddenly curled.

"Not good!"

She hurriedly said.

"Great God Ziyan, what's wrong?"

Pingan Chen asked.

"There's a group of people, they're rushing towards us, I can feel the Nine Luo King's breath!"

Luo Ziyan said cautiously.

"The Nine Luo King?"

Chen Pingan also stared at once.

"They eventually found their way here, we have to leave quickly!"

Luo Ziyan.

"It's not that simple to leave!"

A frighteningly harsh drink rang out continuously in the surroundings.

A gust of hurricane wind accompanied it.

It was the Nine Luo King.

And many experts, even more, followed suit to surround the entire Chen Family Island.

"Great God Ziyan, no, you have to leave first, I'll distract them!"

Chen Pingan said.

"No, you are Little Hao's second uncle, if you are in danger, Little Hao will be even more heartbroken, he doesn't have a family now !"

Luo Ziyan shook her head.

"In comparison, Great God Ziyan you are more important to Little Hao, my Chen Pingan's life is insignificant, you should leave! The Chen family has special secret passages, and if we delay any longer, neither of us will be able to leave!"

Chen Pingan tried hard to persuade her.

Luo Ziyan was torn for a while, but finally, she could only bite her teeth.

The current her absolutely could not fall into the hands of the Nine Luo King.

Otherwise, Little Hao would most likely encounter a different kind of danger.

So it couldn't be helped!

Luo Ziyan was still holding the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, and now she turned into a stream of light and hid in the Chen family's secret tunnel.

"None of you can escape, Chen Hao will eventually fall into my hands..."

Outside, the voice of the Nine Luo King was still whistling....


Luo Ziyan escaped after all under the cover of Pingan Chen.

But just as Chen Pingan had predicted, a step too late, he was already unable to escape if he wanted to.

The Nine Luo King as well as the Ancient Family's Gu Yuehong instantly gathered around.

Surrounding Chen Pingan.

For the past few days, the Ancient Family and the Nine Luo King had never given up on their search.

Now, Chen Hao had completely formed a relationship with them.

This was no longer just a matter of interest that could be shown!

And facing two great experts, especially the Nine Luo King pressed against him.

He didn't resist either.

He allowed the Ancient Family to capture him.

"Where is Luo Ziyan?"  

The Nine Luo King turned into a shadow and asked in a cold voice.

"Obviously, she escaped before you officially arrived, and it would be hard for you to catch her!"

Chen Pingan said with a sneer on his face.

"What about Chen Hao?"

Gu Yuehong, whose eyes were rendered red with hatred, now asked with red eyes.

"Oh, Little Hao is also long gone here, you have been so vocal, but you have pounced, and none of the people you wanted to find have been found!"

Chen Pingan sneered at them.


The Nine Luo King was furious.

"You seem to think that you're down to earth when the people we're looking for have escaped, but you're wrong, you're a piece of a Of important pieces!"

The Nine Luo King looked at Pingan Chen.


"Yeah, if we catch you, we won't worry about that Chen Hao not coming to us, you're Chen Hao's second uncle!"

The King of Nine Dragons.

"But when the little Hao comes, I'm afraid you're no match!"

Ping An Chen was still sneering.

But the Nine Luo King clearly had no desire to talk further with Chen Pingan, he had to go after Luo Ziyan immediately.

"Gu Yuehong, I'll leave this place to you for now, your Gu family will take control of the entire Chen family as soon as possible, at that time, Chen Hao will easily surface !"

The King of Nine Dragons commanded.

"Yes! Your Highness!"

Gu Yuehong replied.

By the time she raised her head again, the Nine Luo King was already gone.

"If Chen Hao is here, it will be hard for him to escape again!"

Gu Yuehong looked coldly at Chen Pingan.

"Moreover, the people who escaped from Tai City have all fallen into my hands, and Chen Hao will definitely come as well!"

"Yeah, and I know for sure that Hao will be here too!"

Ping An Chen did not expect that inan and the others had not made it back in time for so many days, but they were already in the hands of the Gu Family and the Nine Luo King.

In fact, a few days ago, Pingan Chen had already foreseen that something might happen to them.

But he didn't expect it to be the work of the menacing Ancient Family and the Nine Solomon.

And it was just as the Great God Ziyan had said.

When it came to a certain point, there would be many things where many people would become bystanders, and at a time like this, the only person who could truly step forward was Chen Hao!

And now...Hao, it's up to you!


Five days later.

On the sea island.

At this moment, the sun is shining and the waves are rolling.

A seagull that was foraging for food flew to the island.

It slowly landed on the top of a fresh branch.


Not long after, the island seemed to tremble a fraction.

Immediately following, this seagull's eyes reflected a shocking sight.

It saw that the island was cracking, opening up a wide ravine at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

The waves around the island, moreover, were like a tsunami suddenly descending and began to roar wildly.

In the sky, somehow, in a moment, dark thunder was rampant.

Lightning was rampant.

It was as if this seagull had an extremely frightened look in its eyes, and it trembled all over its body.

It then jumped away from the branches and playfully began to run towards the distance.

It must have seen something, which was why it fled in such a terrifying manner.


A crazy bolt of lightning directly struck through.

Immediately following, a light was seen, projecting from the center of this island.

The source of the light was a youth sitting on his knees in the center of the island.

This youth, though sitting in the middle of a deserted island.

The surrounding winds and waves, howling!

But around him, there wasn't a trace of dust at all.

His skin was incomparably fluorescent white, and his body was even filled with a regal air.

Of course, at this moment, if someone saw him, they would definitely feel scared.

It was because this person's forehead seemed to be a little too strange.

Not only was it glowing, but if it was hidden, it seemed as if a third eye had appeared, and this intense light was emitted from this third eye.

It penetrated straight through the sky and seemed to sweep away everything.

After an unknown amount of time, the eye on his forehead began to diminish its light, and the youth, too, slowly opened his eyes.

"Unexpectedly, the talent of the first awakening will actually bring me such a gain, this Cangxuan Heavenly Pupil is simply divine! It's mind-boggling!"

On the youth's face, even though it could be seen that he was normally a calm and steady person, at this moment, he was already full of horror.

And this youth, who else could it be if not Chen Hao!

It had been a full five days since Chen Hao had been here to digest these powers.

During these five days, in addition to the significant rise in his cultivation, that was three days ago when Chen Hao began to discover what seemed to be a magical change in his body.

That was that his forehead began to hurt slightly, gradually stinging, and then, it was a tearing pain.

In the end, he actually grew an extra eye.

And it was an eye that possessed magical powers.

This eye, had many functions, one of which, was information storage, he had already tried it, and after Chen Hao moved his divine pupil to sweep through it, as long as Think for yourself, and what's in front of you will be stored infinitely. There was also a self-warning function.

The second one, that had the effect of distant viewing, Chen Hao had just used his divine pupil to look directly into the sky.

The third, it possessed a special power, Chen Hao called it the Cang Xuan Force, the Cang Xuan Force that perpetually thought of the heavens, a power that seemed to bring the dead back to life, turning decay into magic!

The fourth, that was its strong attack power, with the attack energy, whether it was a long-range lock attack or a close-range attack, it could do anything.

And with this whiff of attack power, it was also able to form a strange formation.

Currently, that was all that Chen Hao had developed.

Especially the fourth one, it was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying existence this attack power would have to be if one's cultivation was constantly rising.

Now that Chen Hao had completely digested the power of the first turn, for now, he should be able to fight even if he encountered the Nine Luo King.

What's more, he still had the Cang Xuan divine Pupil's blessing!

Chen Hao rose with excitement.

At this moment, his own Cang Xuan divine Pupil began to flicker incessantly.

"Hm? This is the divine pupil releasing a danger signal!"

Chen Hao thought to himself.

He quickly even thought of the Chen family, could it be that something had happened to Second Uncle and the others?

Chen Hao could not help but ponder .

But thinking about the fact that it had been five days since he hadn't gone back, he did have to return quickly, so he cast a spell to hide his divine pupil, and his own image, which quickly dissipated....


South Pacific, Harbor Island Harbor.

Right now at this busy spot.

A lot of people are gathered around.

It turned out that there was a man who was crawling on the ground, causing a lot of people to gather around.

Everyone was pointing, but it was no one who would take a step forward to help each other.

"Fuck, isn't this Mr. Li Zhenguo?"

Finally, there was still someone who recognized the person in front of him.

Yes, this person was none other than the famous and famous businessman, General Manager Li.

My God, who is Li always, and how did he end up in this kind of situation now?

He was horrified.

And when he said that, many people took out their phones to take pictures.  

Because the Li in front of him, at the moment, his whole body is bruised, and he has been picked off his hamstring.

It was hard not to be sobbing.

"Mr. Li, why are you like this, I heard that you are now in Jinling, why are you suddenly back at the port?"

That middle-aged man obviously had a friendship with Li, and now sadly came over.

At the same time, he also hurriedly took out his own water and wanted to give it to the dry-mouthed Li Zhenguo.

The result was kicked away before it was put to his mouth.

It was a few bodyguards dressed in black who sneered and came over.

"Damn, dead fatty, if you don't want to die, get lost and mind your own business, or your life will have to stay here!"

The black-clothed bodyguard said coldly.

The middle-aged man wanted to retort, but seeing that these people were indeed bad, he didn't dare to stop them.

Now, it was only a matter of enduring the pain and leaving.

And Li Zhenguo wanted to take a sip of water.

As a result, the black-clothed bodyguards stepped on his hands to death.

Stepping on the backs of his hands to the point of blood and flesh, and still crushing them viciously.

"Didn't I tell you that you can't drink water for seven days, it's only three days, and you can't stand it! Damn, I thought you were a big shot in the Chen family and had someone give you water to tell you that the Chen family is now known as the Ximen family. You're all just Simon's dogs!"

The bodyguard drank coldly.

And Li Zhenguo was so thirsty that he was going to forcefully drink the water that was splashed on the ground.

"Damn, you really want to drink water, don't you? Hahahaha, then brothers, throw him into the river, if he can swim up alive, consider him dead, okay?"

The bouncers laughed sardonicly.


They responded in unison.

Plus, after Chen Hao left the island located in the Southeast Sea.

Passing by the Hong Kong Island, he was about to return to the Chen Family Island.

It just so happened that he happened to run into the scene in front of him.

Only at the moment, he didn't want to meddle in it.

Just as he was about to pass by.

When he heard Li Zhenguo's painful cries, he thought he had misheard.

Turns out looking back, it was really Li Zhenguo!

How is that possible?

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped wildly.

Presently, he appeared directly in front of these people.


Chen Hao shouted incredulously.

When we met a few days ago, we were still fine, and Zhenguo has been dealing with the asset transfer and people are in Jinling, what is going on?

And when Li Zhenguo heard Chen Hao's shout, his whole body trembled and he raised his head.

"Young Master Chen?"

Li Zhenguo was in tears in a moment.

It was as if in the darkness, he finally saw a straw.

"What's going on here?"

Chen Hao hurriedly asked.

"It was the Ancient Family and the Nine Solomon, who forcibly took over the Chen Family and handed it over to the care of the Ximen Family in Tai City, and they took away all of the Chen Family's property! I confronted them, and I got caught here!"

Li Zhenguo cried out.

"Eh? Who is this guy? Could it be the Young Master Chen that the Ancient Family is looking for?"

The few bodyguards beside them looked at each other, and now, they couldn't help but glow with their eyes.

Now the Ancient Family ordered the Ximen Family to torture the original Chen Family in various ways, in order to be able to draw this Chen Hao out and thus capture him.

Hahahaha, but now it's good that this person has actually been automatically sent to the door.

By then, the brothers would be rich.

"Who else did your Ximen family capture? Where are my second uncle Chen Pingan and the others?"

As expected, the Chen family was really in trouble.

And I didn't expect that the ancient family and the Nine Luo King had tracked themselves all the way to here.

Now, Chen Hao was furiously looking at the three bodyguards in front of him who were guarding Li Zhenguo.


And several of the bodyguards were laughing.

"Is this idiot asking us a question?"

"Yeah, and with an angry look?"

The bodyguards scowled.

And Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Now, he slapped down directly on one of them's forehead.

A thud.

The scene in front of him was like a mortar shell hitting a watermelon, the man's head, instantly shattered.


The people around them instantly ran away in fear.

The remaining two bodyguards, on the other hand, were instantly dumbfounded.

"Fuck! He's actually strong, so it turns out that we're not a match for this guy!"

The two bodyguards looked at each other.

Very frightened.

No wonder the Ancient Family had spent so much effort to capture him, he was so powerful!

"What happened? I will ask you one last time!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"Hmph, we are not going to say anything, if we do, you will kill us immediately, but if we don't, then..."


Before their voices could be heard, Chen Hao flicked his finger and their heads, directly exploded!

"Zhenguo, I'll heal your wounds first!"

Looking at the painful Li Zhenguo.

Chen Hao's figure shifted, and that was when he brought him to a forest.

Naturally, Chen Hao was now healing his injuries and didn't even need to think about the past.

At that moment, Chen Hao's eyes slightly closed.

Then, it was seen that above his forehead, the Cang Xuan divine Pupil gradually appeared.

A golden light instantly enveloped Li Zhenguo's entire body.

Following this, the wounds on Li Zhenguo's body healed miraculously at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

When the golden light disappeared.

Li Zhenguo felt the changes in his body.

Looking at Chen Hao, there was no more respect or awe, but instead, he looked at Chen Hao incredulously like a devil.

"Young Master Chen... you!?"

Li Zhenguo didn't dare to speak, as he was already completely fine.

"Let's talk about these things slowly later, what exactly happened to the Chen family?"

Chen Hao asked.

Presently, Li Zhenguo told the story in full.

It turned out that....

Five days ago, something happened to the Chen family.

Nine Solomon and the Gu family came to the door and captured the Pingan Chen CEO, as well as Miss Fang Hanan and the others, stripping the entire Chen family of their assets, and Li Zhenguo was caught in a confrontation with them.

And their puppet was the Ximen family of Tai City.

Now, the Ximen family was very domineering around Hong Kong Island.

All kinds of torments to the original Chen family.

"And, when they until Miss Fang Hanan was your fiancée, they were also sold by that Ximen family's youngest young man to a bar as an escort to humiliate them. Now, I've heard that the Ancient Family has set up a lot of traps in the Chen Family, just waiting for you, Young Chen, to throw yourself into the net!"

Li Zhenguo told all that he knew....


"What? This ancient family! It's long overdue for a fish-out-of-water encounter with them!"

Chen Hao clenched his fists tightly.

"By the way, where were they taking Inan to? Where's Uncle Liba and the others?"

Chen Hao asked.

Before the shuttle, Chen Hao had explained these things to Li Zhenguo, so Li Zhenguo also know them.

Presently, Li Zhenguo said.

"Nanny is being sent to the Emperor Bar on Hong Kong Island! The Second Master and the others, on the other hand, are trapped in the Chen family, where the Gu family has made ample preparations, just waiting for you to throw yourself into the net!"

Chen Hao clenched his fists tightly.

"You find a place to settle down first, I'll go save Inan first, you contact the rest of the Chen family, after I have an explanation with the Gu family, You wait for your chance to plan for later!"

Chen Hao commanded.

And Li Zhengguo, who also knew that he could not help Young Master Chen, only nodded his head.  

Chen Hao, on the other hand, went straight to the Hong Kong Island Bar.

Inside, it was already a pandemonium at the moment.

There were very many people drinking.

The youngest of the Ximen family seemed to be one of Ximen Yu's younger brothers, right?

Chen Hao didn't know who it was.

Once inside, he went straight to ask the waiter, "There's a young master named Ximen, which booth is he in?"

Inside the 888 private room.

"Hahahahaha, what a beautiful woman, I wonder what it would feel like if I could really have a good time!"

A young man, who is being surrounded by many people.

Beside him, a beautiful woman was kneeling with her hands on her shoulders.

This woman was none other than Fang Hanan.

"Young Ximen Da, since you like it, why not?"

Some people could not help but echo the question.

And hinted that Young Master Da, if Young Master Da had a need, he could provide some necessary help himself.

"Haha, if I wanted that, I would have done that already, do I need you to remind me? But that would be so boring, I'd like to see what it would be like if she couldn't stand the torture and rolled herself into my bed. Experience, hahaha!"

Young Master Da said.

"I'm telling you, if you have the guts to kill me, otherwise, Chen Hao won't let you go, you Ximen family is also really bold, aren't you afraid of the end of the world for you?"

Fang Hanran directly cursed.

"Hmph, Chen Hao? I'm telling you, the Ancient Family is preparing many agencies to catch Chen Hao, and to be honest, we're just waiting for Chen Hao to show up soon! Well, because the sooner he shows up, the sooner we can enjoy all of this for the Chen family with impunity! Hahaha!"

Young Master Ximen Da said.

"Chen Hao he killed Ximen Yu, he has a blood feud with our Ximen family, this debt, I will have to settle with her sooner or later!"


And at that moment, the door opened at once.

It was a heavyweight bodyguard who slowly walked in.

He had been in charge of Ximen Da young man's arrangements, or the Ancient Family's exclusive provision.

Now, outside of this separate compartment, there were nearly a hundred experts in charge of young master Ximen's security.

And this person, was the leader.

"What's going on?"

Young Master Ximen Da said.

"Today, someone is going to die here, and I hope that those who have climbed the Chen family and have nothing to do with it will leave!"

The leader of this bodyguard shuddered and said.

"Well? Ari! What do you mean?"

Ximen Da was not surprised, "Now Hong Kong Island, but the Ximen family is in charge!"

"Today, someone is going to die here, and I hope that those who have climbed the Chen family and had nothing to do with it will leave!"

The leader, however, didn't seem to have heard Simon the Great's words and only repeated them to himself.

At this moment, seeing this person's panicked appearance, everyone else in the house was also a bit unsettled.

A nameless and dangerous aura suddenly enveloped everyone.

It made everyone more and more nervous.

Leave! Probably the best, and only, option at the moment.

Thus, most of the people in the house all stood up and made their way towards the outside.

"What are you guys doing? At any rate, he's an existence at the level of a major youngster, but he's actually so cowardly?"

Young Master Ximen Da snorted in mockery.

And as soon as he spoke, all of them didn't dare to leave.

"What are you afraid of, I'm here!"

"Ari, what the hell happened?"

Young Master Ximen Da looked at the lesser bodyguard.

And then, this bodyguard suddenly trembled all over and lay on the ground foaming at the mouth, and not long after, he died!


The woman inside the box was now screaming in terror.

Young Master Da's face was also a little white.

"Who? Who the hell did this? Someone, someone, someone!!!"

He shouted wildly.

"You've really eaten the guts of a bear, you're a small family, but you dare to swallow a giant elephant by an ant, and that's fine, but you actually dare to treat my friend this way?"

At this moment, a sound like a phantom sounded from the surroundings.

It chilled the hearts of the crowd to the extreme.

But Fang Hanan raised her head fiercely.

Because this voice was far too familiar to her.

"Chen Hao!"

Fanny was surprised.

"What? Is it Chen Hao?"

Major Ximen's face was panicked.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

The rest of the great youngsters, too, looked at each other.

What's more, in the next instant, the space in front of them suddenly distorted, and Chen Hao ghostly appeared in front of everyone.

"Young Master Chen!"

Those youngsters naturally knew Chen Hao, and still couldn't help but be afraid when they saw him right now.

"Chen Hao!"

Inan Fang hurriedly ran to Chen Hao's side, the things that had happened these days had scared her so much that she had even thought of dying.

But to her surprise, right at this moment, Chen Hao actually appeared and stood in front of her.

"Don't be afraid! I'm back today, and I have a vendetta to pay back!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

This Young Master Ximen Da had clearly been sentenced to death.

When many of the remaining youngsters were kneeling down and begging for forgiveness, that Young Master Ximen Da was clearly going to die.

But right now, he was laughing.


Young Master Ximen Da tilted his head and laughed.

It made the crowd in the box laugh a bit.

"What are you laughing at?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Haha, I'm laughing at you silly!"

The corners of Ximen's eyes were filled with banter, "Chen Hao, when I heard that you were extremely cunning in Tai City, I thought you were extremely Brainy, I didn't think you were a fool, a complete fool, and I'm telling you, you've fallen for it!"

"Fooled?" Chen Hao asked coldly, "What did I fall for? What is this scheme?"

"Hahaha, don't you realize that there's some kind of coincidence from having you run into that damned Li Zhenguo on the street to you showing up here Relationship? In other words, Ben led you here step by step, and I knew you'd come running to save your lover first. So, I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

Major Simon said.

"Yes, it's a pretty good plan, but you wouldn't miss a step, would you?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"I know what you're trying to say, trying to say that I'm not a match for you and you'll kill me easily, hahaha, so here . There will be a special guest to greet you!"

As Young Master Ximen Da said, he clapped his palms .

For a moment, a black mane swept towards the compartment in a hurry....


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